Archery King

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•The World's #1 Archery Game - now in the App Store!•


Test your skills and play in one of the most competitive archery games ever. Master all locations and discover their secrets. Be the best archer and rule the rankings!


Mix and match different components to customize your bow and arrows! Create your unique gaming experience with hundreds of different combinations!


In Archery King you’ll always face new challenges. Play matches to increase your level and get access to new locations, where you’ll compete against the best of the best!


Archery King is more than just 1-on-1 matches. Play in single game modes, put yourself to the test and see how far you can go!

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*This game requires an internet connection*

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- Get rid of cheaters or atleast put them in private servers.

It’s fun but i keep experiencing these random people who have numbers in there name and they hit the center ever time they shoot and the last opponent i was up against had the beginner bow was all the way up in the rankings and was hitting 10 out of 10 so idk but that’s happened a few times. i wish i could report lol

- It seems cool

Is it multiplayer?

- Not a happy camper

Don’t waste your money on the spinning wheel because you WON’T get any of the better prizes that are on there, you will only get the lowest prize. When you attempt the extra wheel spin or try to get the extra coins for watching a commercial a screen appears now saying “No videos available try again at a later time” for getting the bonus coins. This has been happening for a couple of weeks now. I’m guessing they have locked me out of getting the bonus coins because I’ve submitted a very negative review.

- Un functional

I like playing this game but it always go off and loading. There is clip between each play and i have to turn off my device to get out of it. After accepting a new play and take to gold, it keep loading, no play and gold goes away. I’m thinking of deleting it.

- Three lives is stupid

I’m deleting it, tired of the stupid three lives then you’re locked out or pay more. Bite me! It was fun for a bit, so 2 stars vs 1.

- Why it sucks

I was checking my bows while playing and then it was not paused and I got more points then the other player and I lost

- Fun to play

After playing for a couple weeks I’ve enjoyed it. It lacks depth though. Once you upgrade a few things it takes weeks (unless you pay or are really awesome) to move forward. But that is a free game for you. Tournaments would be a strive to go somewhere. Rewards for that, etc. Otherwise, it’s just fun archery game that matters little. Not a lot of players online, end up playing the same people over and over again. Still fun though.

- Stop advertising every game


- Bad Game

If you play the rush game and shoot two perfect shots in a row it only tallies one of them. When it figures it’s your turn to lose it says you have a poor connection causing you to not be able to shoot. Don’t waste your time unless you’re patient with less than perfect games!!!

- Daily spin

Been playing everyday for a few weeks now and everyday I get 500 coins from the daily wheel and nothing else, please fix this

- Sad

I loved this game the first day I got it but now it takes FOREVER to load and now I have no money because I keep paying to get in then after it selects a player for me it just shows the loading sign but it takes the money so now I am broke

- Hey..

THIS GAME IS SO RIGGED.. NO STARS!! Have to give it one just to get this posted

- Facebook

I don’t want to keep on deleting the game and downloading it again to play on different Facebook accounts

- Really?

So I was playing a regular multiplayer round until suddenly some person somehow got 2 turns and I only had 1 turn that is very clearly unfair, Please fix it since that is unfair.

- Higher bet

It would be cool if you could put higher bets because it’s starting to get hard to get more money 😛😝

- Annoying

It’s a fun game when it works. More often than not, the game freezes when your trying to play, get coins, rematching etc.. I hope they actually pay attention to the reviews and figure out how to fix the problems,, if they did, the game would be great

- Steals The Game

Every so often when playing an opponent it will stop when it’s your turn to shoot and make you wait while “Waiting For opponent to reconnect”. Then you hear the time out buzzer and your opponent gets to shoot again. Rigged games.

- Great and addictive

Great game with an online and offline component. A lot of fun and quickly addicting.

- Archery king

After collecting a considerable amount of points The game will only let me play in offline mode can not connect. Not much fun

- Lag central

This game was amazing but during rush it’s so laggy- I was absolutely destroying a person on the London Rush setting and then I started lagging and it wouldn’t let me shoot anymore it just showed the opponent shooting...lost 125k coins bc of lag when I was winning. So. Frustrating.

- Not Impressed

So whenever the opponents internet connection is bad. You loose! The opponent can run out of time, but he still scores! Get your darn game sorted!

- Lag

Como es que siempre , no importa que tan bueno sea mi internet tengo lag ? Por favor hagan algo al respecto

- I Lose When I Win??

I enjoy the all the different games and I win (& not still lose enough so far that I still enjoy it). BUT... I noticed that in the Bingo game when I get a line my opponent also gets the point at the same time. So if. We are tied at 1 line each, then I get a second line, the game suddenly ends showing the final tally screen with my opponent getting the win. It costs 6000 credits to play the first level of Bingo! What's up with that?

- Great game

Great game to play, but such a money grab having hearts you have to buy to continue playing or have to wait 40 min for one more. 🤑

- Unfair game play

Really enjoy the game, but the fact that the in app purchases allow you to cheat on the “rush” game mode makes it very frustrating for other players also the game isn’t consistent

- Was fun for a while....

Was okay, but as soon as your competing against someone who can afford to purchase cheats like “bring target closer” its game over. Takes the fun out of earning your way, competing against those who can just buy it. “Top” players will be the ones most willing to spend the most $$.

- The game cheats.

As said, I know my let off point is not matching the hit point. Wind drift is not accurate or an issue at nil, still the shots are inconsistent. It could be a fun game. Better to get a real bow.

- Great


- Good

It’s a fun game. The only problem is that there are hackers in the game. One person I played against hit one of the black rings (which are worth 3-4 points) but was awarded 10 points. That person also hit the red ring worth 8 points, but was awarded 10 points as well. All I’m saying is to get rid of the hackers because there are some in the game.

- This game is EZ

I every time won and I never defeat please make game harder

- Scam- I want my 100 cash

This games option to get cash through offers is a scam. This is the only game I have ever seen that will not pay you the premium currency after completing offers. I wasted a whole evening trying to complete offers all for nothing. If I had to choose one word to describe these developers it would be. ... scabby.

- Want to win?...there is a strategy

THE BEST TIP TO WIN Im now (this week) 44 in canada cause I bet the max (850’000) to the bingo game .First you need to know that your fist goal is to make a « diagonal » line ,sarting by one of the fouth in the middle ,cause any numbers your opponent will shot will be arround your prepared diagonal line -if you are smart you have to think statisticly (even sometime I fake to miss cause statisticly you can help him to get a «3 of 4 »line... Enjoy -I promise you that I win more than the hazard can do!

- It’s great but

Love the game and always did but sometimes the opponent leaves and it take all my money

- Great game

In my opinion this is the best archery game in the app store so far. Challenges are great too! Only thing is...if you’re into upgrades and such it can get pretty costly unless you have a lot of time to devote to this game. All in all it is pretty awesome.

- Two thumbs up

I like this game been playing it for ever now

- Not bad

Hey it’s basically free. Watch out for the wind direction before you shoot.

- Aj

I like it

- Best archery app EVER!!!

I downloaded 15 archery apps and This is the only one i loved And got addicted to lol but seriously the 1 VS 1 Live competition is Teeth Grinding life like. I just love this app. BTW TYVM TO IT CREATORS while im here.

- Glitches galore. :(

Glitches where the target swings in the beer bottles are stationary, glitches for the little Chinese figurines, glitches on the speed round where it shows the arrow shooting off into the distance but also heading to target, many glitches

- Jeu

Le jeu est pas mal mais malheureusement trop de publicité qui fait en sorte que ça tue le jeu. Il va bien falloir remédier à ça :(

- Waste of time

If you like playing for hours to just get enough money to get into a good price level game, then lose and your back to having nothing, total waste of time

- Nice but

Nice but should be better to run in vertical and horizontal wat on ipad, thanks

- Arrow


- Quick Draw

Must be quick and moving targets are a real challenge!

- Really fun game I am enjoy it


- The game sucks!

This game sucks don’t waste your time on it.

- Arrangez les bugs!

Salut, je voudrais vous informez qu’il y a des bugs du genre « waiting for reconnected... »Cela m’insuporte car j’ai perdu un match à cause de ça! Un match de 1000000! Donc vraiment c’est injuste vis à vis de moi😤. J’espère que mon argent seras remis et que le bug s’arrangera!

- Good !!!!!!!

Good !!!!!!

- Crashing

Every time I try to play a game with someone the game crashes

- Game unplayable for iOS 11.2.5

Every time one tries to play the game just shuts down. I am very disappointed with Miniclip on this issue.

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- Crashed

Used to love playing this then just downloaded after a few year and doesn’t even load up past the 1st screen... dead and abandoned just like mixer

- IT KEEPS CRASHINg when I go online

FIX THIS I WANNA PLAY 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

- Rob

I see I have a update for this game, but I keep getting the message, unable to update at this time try later. I will late tonight to see if it works then, just thought I would let you know. Thanks. I do like the game

- I just got this game

I just got this game and when I tried to play online no matter what I did it wouldn’t load and even after I clicked off the game the music was still playing I’ve read some other reviews and apparently this has been going on for ages

- Online doesn’t work

So I just downloaded this game and I logged into my Facebook and then it got back into the game and it just froze, when I try going Online, it freezes, when I go on Offline, it works perfectly fine. I know it’s not my phone (iPhone 8+) but that’s all I wanted to say but apart from that, it’s a solid Archery game, 4 Stars. Edit: Same day, I’ve encountered a new issue, the wheel spins and then gets to 1/4 the way through and freezes, and it just randomly crashes, just fix these bugs, listen to you’re customers, 2 Stars.

- Connecting

Doesn’t load, so can’t play.

- Useless

Won’t even let me into the game

- OK game, customer support criminal

Game is good. I bought an add on pack for £9.99. Does not appear in the game, can not get a refund from Apple and Miniclip support is disgusting, nonexistent. Sent lots of mails, had one cretinous reply and nothing since. Now have to resort to making a chargeback with my credit card company to get my money back. Negligence bordering on the criminal! You need to get your act together Miniclip!

- I love myself

I love myself

- Constantly Lags

Constantly lags. Developers need to sort this.

- Broken

I can’t even play the game When it is loading it freezes I am giving it 3 stars because I youstoo like the gave before hand

- Archery king

I think it is a good game but when you press to play it the game doesn’t come on and when you swipe it away the music still plays I personally think it needs a big update

- Rubbish

Downloaded this game and all I get is connecting screen, not once as this game loaded in 50 attempts, deleted it now don’t bother playing or trying to play

- won’t connect to online

it’s an ok game but won’t connect to the online server...!!!!!!!!

- Poor

Not loading and just crashes on connecting page on iPhone 11

- Pointless

Just says connecting and doesn’t do anything

- Doesn’t connect

Absolute garbage! It connects 5% of the time and then it crashes. A complete waste of time. Deleted already!

- Connection issues

Game has become unusable, when it does eventually connect it constantly crashes, I’ve super fast fibre and all my other apps work seamlessly, I’ve tried uninstall and reinstall and tried over 4g but have now given up. App deleted.

- Please update

This game is good but dam it needs an up date

- It’s okay but bad

As you can see from my title I used to love the game but every time I go on online mode it cuts me off and it takes me off the game that’s y it’s getting a 2 I’m very sorry but I have to pick a two star rating SORRY

- Connection issues

Downloaded the app and it failed to connect consecutively. Failed straightaway and I lost patience and deleted the app. Not a good start.

- Awful

The worse game from miniclip Get 3 min to open the game Often after betting and start the game it closing and search for new opponents and you just lose coins 🤯🤯🤯 I decided to delete game If i play i want to enjoy and relax not to go crazy Even one star is a lot ( iPhone 8+)

- Who knows

May be a good game but just hangs connecting, either offline or Facebook lol

- Archery king

Crap game doesn’t load

- Rubbish

This game is rubbish. Lagging is ridiculous. Always freezing. Don’t waste your money buying anything. The developers need to get a drip. Avoid like the plague until the developers can be bothered to fix the multiple bugs within this game

- A few annoying things!

This game is amazing 🤩there’s so many different ways of teasing that teacher but I think there’s way to many ads like seriously 50 ads in just a few minutes maybe more! And there’s some levels you have to sign in and all that 😕.It’s very annoying for me cause I’m only 9 and a half and for teens they can just sign in and for kids👧🏻 need you need parents to do it! NOT FAIR 😡

- Definitely one of the better archery games but some snags.

I had to suffer a very long startup time today. No mention of whether it was updating or why. It would be nice to be able to avoid Facebook setting to start an account but you can play as a guest. It’s main problem are the low incentives to play. Progress is slow unless, of course, you’re prepared to buy your way through. Lacks fun factor.

- Absolute crap

Wouldnt load just played music and froze

- Wont connect

Was a fun game when I used to be able to play jt but on iPhoneXR it wont get past the loading screen. Shame really.

- Won’t allow single player

I’m not interested in multiplayer and this won’t allow single. Uninstalled without playing

- Game freezes on opening

Never gets past the ‘connecting’ page, just freezes. Crappy recommendation App Store...

- Will not run on the iPad

Just loaded the game on iPad. Is up to date and it will not connect so I can’t say if this is a good game or not as it will not connect

- Cheating

Players have figured out an easy cheat. If you are first player the opposing player will disconnect quickly and wait for your time run out for your loose. Then they reconnect, they effectively get 2 shoots while you get one. To a name a guilty player in Brazil going via the tag Hamilton . I want my money back

- Crashes and doesn’t load.

Crashes on IPhone XS and doesn’t even load up sometimes

- Can’t connect at all..

I can’t connect for the game at all the only way I can play is if I airplane mode

- Doesn’t work at all

I saw this advertised and hyped up by the App Store so got it. Waste of time. It doesn’t connect and start at all. I then read the other reviews and this is just a very common thing. Don’t waste your time and effort

- Un-installed

Couldn't wait any longer for game to load....

- Won’t even load

As the title says, it won’t even load. Icon spins round a few times then freezes... waste of time

- Connection error

Logged onto the game and it loaded in for a bit and it would just say connecting so I tried opening the tab and then closed it checked my internet and it still didn’t work big bug they need to fix

- Won’t open

This use to be good playing on my iPad mini 4, but now it just won’t open at all.....

- Fake players

Why. WHYYYYYY???????

- No connection

Game worked well until I get connecting (as stated by other users) which never resolves itself. Poor developer. Will delete. Don’t waste time and money

- Defunct app

No longer functioning. Don’t bother to download.

- Connection

Really good game but the connection really needs to be sorted out close to deleting the game

- So called connection issues

Like others, I bought an intro pack. Played last night and won loads of games. Then, strangely, today no matter what I get connection issues. I checked my download and upload speeds, which are fine (67MB and 8MB respectively). Yet continued to get connection issues during my games. I got bullseyes yet they didn’t register. I lost over 300,000 coins because of it. Shockingly poor bug, especially when people have paid for coins! I love the game, but this bug makes it unplayable and seems to have been there for well over 12 months! A case of take people’s money and not invest it back into the game to resolve this issue. DO NOT PAY FOR ANYTHING AS YOU’LL BE WASTING YOUR MONEY! ** UPDATE 07 May 2019 ** After writing the above review, I haven’t been able to connect to the app... totally locked out! I see “connecting”, it spins around a few times and then freezes. - no matter what time of the day I try. I guess they don’t like truthful reviews and I guess I wasted £4.99 on the starter pack! I will be reporting this developer to Apple. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but it still doesn’t work.

- Keeps freezing on start up.

Good game when it starts but that is early. Pretty rubbish and frustrating. Don’t bother.

- Doesn’t connect. Offline only!

This game won’t connect to the internet. Therefore only offline mode is available for me. Maybe others?

- Connection Issues

Does not connect when using WiFi, WiFi needs to be disabled in order to connect then reenabled. Also noticed hanging during rush games which have cost me the game so tend to avoid. Please fix these issues with an otherwise good app.

- Won’t launch

Great game, but over last few weeks it doesn’t get past the launch screen. Mid soft sort it out

- Needs fixing

App freezes and does not launch while connected to WiFi. Broken.

- Down server

Hi hi hi guys ....does any one facing a problem of server right now or it's just me ... I truned off my iPhone and chechk it again it's still have the same problem I check it with wireless network and on 4G is also all right so why this happining 👎👎👎

- Fun game

Fun game

- Sukhi424

Good game

- Fun

Good fun ;-)

- Good

Fun game

- Archery

Excellent game that increases reflexes concentration and time control.

- Ten thumbs up

Umm that last comment is a joke hold your finger down aim and shoot I can't believe players level 8 up can't hit a bullseye. Lots of fun for those who complain don't play simple

- Great game

One of my faves

- Very addictive game

This game is really addictive.

- Great

Great game

- Enjoyable Game

I'm really enjoying this game

- Archery King

Pretty cool and straight forward! Challenges are great! Good graphics!!!

- Awesome

Love it!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

- Awesome

The best Archery game I've ever played, with great challenges etc

- ace

great game

- Miss

The bow sways all over the place making it difficult to control and then often doesn't nail where the target was! Clearly rigged, even more so than 8 ball pool.

- Good game

Like it


Playing Online is honestly awesome!!!

- Player vs computer

It took me about 50 matches to notice/confirm that about 98% of players are the computer. The more money you have the better the opponent will be. I noticed because I versed a player, then I versed the same player with the same profile pic of them self, but with a different name. So the game is rigged. The game is ok but going against the computer doesn't seem fair.

- Something dodgy about Rush

This game is dodgy. It's been more than a few times now when playing 'rush' I can see my 'opponent' clearly hitting low scoring outer rings while I'm hitting 8s, 9s and 10s...yet they still win with an unusually large difference in scores. Rigged game.

- Pay to win garbage

This god awful cash grab is the easiest game I've ever played but any cheap gullible joe can fork out money an immediately have huge advantages do not support these games

- I'd give 5 if there were no glitches

I love this game but slow connections making me lose and sight difficulties disappearing from the screen is just plain annoying. Please fix glitches!!!!!!!!!!!

- Cool

Cool app

- Glitches ruin experience

The amount of stuff ups in the game seem to be happen more and more. Really frustrating...

- Addictive

Love this game, once I start, I can't stop

- Fun

Good fun

- Arch king

Amazing game. As a competing archer. This game is true to definition. Happy to give this one 5 stars.

- Badly rigged

I did write a good review but have to change it. I love the game play but it's very hard to win when you play rush and start on the right...if I play a bot I get to start on the left and usually win. Then I play a human and I start on the right and lose - almost every time. If it was random it would be ok but there's some algorithm at work and it's very badly flawed.

- archery king

very good

- Good but connection issues!

It's one of my fav but they gotta sort out the connection issues for the rush mode. It's lagging a lot lately.

- Premium spin Rigged

The game itself is nice. But the premium spin is a joke. The spin is the same price as the 100k gold you can buy, and you only get 99k reward from premium spin all the time. Complete rip off and only set up to give you the worst and not a proper spin. Can't stand apps that are too greedy and set people up to get ripped off and not matter of pure chance. For that I give you 1 star. I feel ripped off I had to write this and I never write reviews ever. Shame I liked the app.

- Great fun


- Good but issues...

When you start, you play higher level players but, when you get to a high level, where are the low level players like when I started! Also a MASSIVE glitch, when I manage to play a lower level player, 90% of the time the game freezes, not the game, just my game....and no it's not my internet because this happens 9 out of 10 times. Typical of a game like this. Good game but iron out the freezing up when playing lower level players and it's becomes awesome.

- Archery king

Great game I like it. Cheers Rob

- Good game

Great game

- Good


- Awesome

Its awesome but i wish it gets some updates and get cared of more 👍

- Awesome

Very addictive and challenging.

- Good

Good game

- Love it!


- Archery king

Awesome love it very playable

- Love it.

Love it.

- 🤗

Nice game

- Multiplayer with friends

How do i play with my Facebook friends? What's the point of logging in with Facebook if I can't play with them?

- Very good

Good game

- Pay to win

Avoid. Full of fake accounts that push you to pay real cash to advance. My last 15 games all opponents got nothing but perfect 10 each shot, sorry but that's rigged. Uninstalling.

- Fun for a free app


- Good Game, but....

It's a very good game and I would recommend you get it, however in the rush mode, if someone has faster internet than you they have the advantage. When the game says you have slow connection, the other player gets to shoot like 2 more arrows. Please fix.

- Great idea, Horribly developed!! :(

First of all, let me just say to all of those who have been complaining about fake accounts etc.. Maybe you need to admit you're just not that good at the game! I have played for about 4 weeks now and I've mastered the art of perfect 20-20-20 games!!! It's not that hard!! You need to understand how the wind works on each field compared to the distance of the target and calculate the angle you need to get the bullseye.... I GET IT ALL THE TIME. and clearly I'm not the only one who has mastered the game. • • • • • However, the creators DESPERATELY need to listen to the connection complaints. If I'm connected to a perfect internet connection, it STILL has an ugly habit of cutting out and taking too long to reconnect that by the time it does, it times out your turn. Same goes with Rush mode because if the Internet is slow, it doesn't allow you to shoot arrows consecutively, therefore allowing the other player to get more arrows in and add up more points. This game is GREAT but I constantly have to convince myself to play it because the connection is so so soooooo lousy!! You either need to change the server provider for the game because it clearly can't handle too many people online, or you need to update the gameplay so that if the internet disconnects both players receive their entry fee back. My husband deleted the app from his phone for this very reason. (HE GOT SO ANGRY IT MADE HIM LOSE 500k HE NEARLY BROKE HIS PHONE!!) If you don't do some SERIOUS updating, I'll also be deleting the app soon... I'm guessing so will the unheard players who have the same problem.

- Archer game

Good fun and addictive!

- Very amazing game

Some people are just too rich they make us struggle to learn aiming 🤣 And the hackers? Really? Dude stop hacking and enjoy the game😕

- Wow

This is so nice. Feels real... cool

- Epic

I love this game. Nice one Miniclip

- It's a blast

Love it like crazy

- Lawale

Best non-soccer game I've played in a while..

- Best game I've played in a while

Just awesome

- excellent

I love it

@BanditNanna @stuartparish @JimSchlongUn Been a Villa/north end Cartel from the start! Stock to archery in a field…

@sakuratree7772: King of archery #AyanoGo #MIU404

@VandanaJayrajan: From a very young age she received training in sword fighting, archery and horse riding and got private lessons at hom…

ngl wei wuxian caught me off guard but thank u king for showing us your archery skills

@ytsn303 it was so Random but at the same time i GET it let's go wwx archery king

@InsideArchery: He knows he’s king here. 🦌👑 #archery #bowhunting #deer #colorado #hunting #deerhunting

King of archery #AyanoGo #MIU404

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Archery King 1.0.35 Screenshots & Images

Archery King iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Archery King iphone images
Archery King iphone images
Archery King iphone images
Archery King iphone images
Archery King iphone images
Archery King ipad images
Archery King ipad images
Archery King ipad images
Archery King ipad images
Archery King ipad images
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Archery King (Version 1.0.35) Install & Download

The applications Archery King was published in the category Games on 2016-11-23 and was developed by [Developer ID: 337457683]. This application file size is 216.91 MB. Archery King - Games posted on 2020-07-26 current version is 1.0.35 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

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