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***Best Call Recorder is an innovative new app that provides unlimited, real-time recordings of incoming and outgoing calls on your iPhone***

It's never been easier to record and save all your phone calls. Whether it's just a business call, important legal issue, or job interview—all calls are recorded and saved for your future use.

Watch our one minute tutorial when you first open launch at the app.

How Does It Work:

Best Call Recorder essentially creates a conference call between you, your contact, and our recording service. Conversations are then saved on your iPhone, and can be played back at any time.

Best Call Recorder can be used in a variety of situations, including:

+ Business meetings
+ Job interviews—for employees or employers
+ Customer service interactions
+ Creditors or collection agencies
+ You can even record yourself to help improve your own communication skills

Key features: 

+ High quality recordings 
+ Record incoming and outgoing calls 
+ NO limit on length of recordings
+ NO limit on amount of recordings
+ NO additional fees
+ NO per minute charges
+ Recordings are immediately available
+ Recordings can easily be sent by email as soon as a call ends
+ Both national and international call support
+ Accessible, user-friendly interface 
+ Recordings can be shared on Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Pocket and more 
+ Recordings can be uploaded to Google Drive and Dropbox
+ Conversations can be labeled individually, making them easy to find
+ Fast, reliable, secure database and server 
+ No need for SIM card integration 
+ No SMS verification process

Frequently asked questions: 

We care about your experience and are committed to your privacy and safety. We are always available for any questions and concerns, and happily welcome your feedback.

1. How does Best Call Recorder work?
Best Call Recorder essentially creates a three-way call between yourself, your contact, and the Best Call Recorder service. It’s as easy as opening the app and pressing the record button. As soon as your hear the beep, the recording has begun.   

2. Where are my recordings being saved?
On our secured servers. You can delete your recordings at any time.

3. Can I upload my recordings to Dropbox and Google Drive? 
Yes you can! Simply press the share button next to each recording. 

4. Is there a limit on the recording duration?
No. Make as many calls as you need. We'll record them all!

5. How much does it cost?
This is a free version of the app allows you to perform unlimited calls and recordings. In this version, however, you will only be able to listen to the first 60 seconds of any recordings you made. You may upgrade your subscription to pro at any time—the recordings will then be available to play back.

A one-year pro subscription featuring unlimited recordings can be purchased for $7.99. Best Call Recorder will automatically renew your subscription annually. You can turn off the auto renew feature at any time from your iTunes account.


Privacy policy:
Terns of Use:  

Who are we?

We are a bunch of geeks sitting around in the garage who never stop thinking about how to build great consumer apps that can make our customers' lives simpler and more organized. We are excited to provide a reliable service with this app, which can help improve your productivity and communication skills. We consider providing this application to the world to be an incredibly important mission. In every way possible, we aim to deliver reliability and peace of mind to our users.

Stay safe. Keep it on the record with Best Call Recorder.

Best Call Recorder – Call Recording App App Description & Overview

The applications Best Call Recorder – Call Recording App was published in the category Business on 2016-07-07 and was developed by Ori Ardman. The file size is 24.62 MB. The current version is 1.18 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Hello to our community around the world!

In this version, we developed a much faster client to server communication that makes the app run much faster. We have also fixed bugs and improved the lines.

Like always, we welcome your feedback so please free to drop us a line at [email protected]

Stay safe - record your calls!

Team Best Call Recorder

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Best Call Recorder – Call Recording App Reviews


Worth the upgrade  Quirkynurse  5 star

Now I can prove he DID say the things he said on the phone!


WAS A GREAT APP TIL UPDATE  Fgradyyyyyy  1 star



Details are lies  CowsSayMoolll  1 star

It says that you can record for unlimited amount of time which is crap. Once you buy it, it tells you that it will only record for 60 seconds unless you buy the upgrade.

Deal lover2

Upgrade cost to hear more than one minute  Deal lover2  1 star

The description said unlimited recording but once you record after a minute then you have to pay an upgrade fee in accurate description.

Hasnat Faisal

Total crap  Hasnat Faisal  1 star

Do nothing‼


LOVE this app and terrific support!!!!!  GinaBMLM  5 star

I upgraded from free app to pro, had a question and the support was responsive and very helpful. The app is easy to use and navigate. Easy to label the calls for future replay and you can stop and start anywhere in the call quickly if you want to take notes or only listen to a particular section if your call.


Customer service is stellar!  Pixielayne  5 star

Had some questions and some issues with this app. Contacted them and almost instantly, my questions were answered and issues resolved! Much appreciated! All in all, good app and easy to use.


Great product!  cfsamurai  5 star

I was looking for a product that was simple to use and reliable. This app fits that bill. Before purchasing I had several questions and the support team was always quick to respond. I think you will be very pleased with this app.


Only 60sec of playback  coder4hire  1 star

Worthless for calls longer than a minute.

A victim lol

BE CAREFUL: This app is a trap & tricky  A victim lol  1 star

It makes you make your important call without any problem as long as you want. By the time you want to listen to it, it gives you only 6 seconds for free and the rest minutes will recharge you for it.

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