With substantial changes to the UI and battle system, we present you the all new arc, MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY: Warrior of Despair!!

■ A deep story and stunning visuals.
Experience an exciting story penned by Kazushige Nojima of FINAL FANTASY VII and FINAL FANTASY X fame, visualized with 3-D graphics never before seen in an RPG for mobile phones!
Each chapter release will be accompanied by grand in-game events adding new playable content and exciting customization items for your character!

■ A new and refined RPG turn-based battle.
Experience a new battle system specifically designed for mobile devices, creating highly tactical battles where each action flows into the next, chaining attacks and abilities in a rhythmic flow that brings destruction to your foes!

■ FINAL FANTASY's vaunted "Job System" returns.
Delve into a deep character customization system allowing for a near limitless number of combinations between job classes and specialized elemental abilities.
Choose your job, build your "deck," and destroy your enemies!

■Special Region: Limited-time Extravagant Events!
This special region may at times intersect with other worlds or at times hold limited-time events.

You can see precious side stories and obtain exclusive items here, so don’t miss out!


■Warrior of Despair Story

"The Warrior of Light shall vanquish Chaos, leading the world to Salvation."
Thus it was foretold in the prophecy...yet, that which came to pass was not what was foretold.

The Chaos which drove mankind to despair was destroyed,
but the hero who game them hope vanished.

Yes- by your hand.

It was you who ended the tale of "The Warrior of Light."
And so, the brave figure of "The Warrior of Light" - of YOU - has been forgotten by the world.

Their memory lost, the people whisper.

There exists the one who transformed this once beautiful, hope-filled world.

"The Warrior of Despair" known to none.

In an age now bereft of tales to be told, the world hungers...for a new legend.


■ Recommended Devices
iPhone 5 or later, 3rd Generation iPad or later, iPad mini 2 or later, 6th Generation iPod touch or later.

■ Operating System
iOS 8.0 or later
(Compatible with Metal API for iOS 8.0 and above)

* We cannot guarantee proper performance on devices other than those listed above.
Please confirm that your device model is listed before downloading this app.

MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY App Description & Overview

The applications MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY was published in the category Games on 2016-08-10 and was developed by SQUARE ENIX. This application file size is 138.78 MB. MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY current version is 2.1.106 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions.

■The Rift
A new Extreme Sicarius appears!
Prepare for the ultimate battle...!!

■The Hunt: Pandemonium
New monsters sighted in The Hunt: Pandemonium!
Magicite bonuses apply for a limited time when defeating newly introduced monsters!

■New Story!
Presenting a brand new story!
What fate awaits our heroes...?
Witness with your own eyes!

MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY App Tips, Tricks and Rules


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ZebraFlake   1 star

Crap compensation & bug fixes. Been playing this app nearly since it released and while scheduled maintenance USUALLY goes pretty smoothly. But when there’s a bug like there has been since 10/18/19, don’t expect a fix in a timely manner, or to be compensated adequately or fairly for any losses of in-game items, unless it’s losing them significant amounts of money from in-game purchases. Last bug wouldn’t let IOS users log on at all. It was almost a month before it was fixed for everyone (even though they announced that it was fixed on 10/31) and since it’s a game where you collect a significant amount of in game items for daily log in and tasks, it hits daily players hard. Best part, they officially said aren’t providing any compensation for those losses whatsoever. But since they still have their Steam and Android players to make money off of, you can see why it wasn’t a priority to fix, and since you can buy the things you lost out on you can see why they have a lack of incentive to provide compensation to catch up on missed game time. The support for this game is nauseatingly money driven rather than player service oriented. P.S. After it was fixed, I didn’t even get the 300 magicite that other players did when we all missed a minimum of 4,000 magicite with how long the game was down.

AngelCh.   4 star

Best App game for the phone.. This game is really unique with excellent graphics and gameplay and a great story with a nice touch of multiplayer. It’s perfect in every way. But my rng is really horrible, multiple times have I tried getting ex jobs on final (pity) pull for banners and nothing. I’m afraid to spend more money because of this. Don’t get me wrong though many others have gotten better luck than me and I have witnessed it so it’s definitely still worth playing.

Tythius   1 star

Can’t Even Download. I guess this is just another facet of how poorly supported this game is. This is a blemish on Square Enix’s otherwise mediocre reputation and for a company that rich, there’s no excuse for this level of incompetence. I had played this game some time back and thought to redownload it now that I have a better device, but to no one’s surprise even the download fails and just hangs at around 60-70%, forever. Good god, Square Enix, this is embarrassing and I am ashamed on your behalf.

Kushtify   1 star

😡. Ive played this game for three years. Actually had a lot of fun its a great game. However, support in this game is horrible. After just spending a hundred or so on magicite the game would not work on my iphone for a month. An entire month! Completely lost the usage of VIP status; lost daily log in rewards, lost magicite from the distiller, and anything else that happened as a bonus or log in perk. After finally being able to log in a couple days ago I received 300 magicite as compensation. Are you guys serious!? Ive spent a lot of money in this game I do not need a handout, but we are talking about an entire month of being unable to open the game at all! This situation has completely taken any interest ive ever had for this game away.

castiels   1 star

Almost a Week many players locked out. This is such horrible service/support for a mobile game. For almost a week as of now there’s been an error for a substantial number of players that won’t allow us to even open the game. I first got this game the week it came out and nothing close to this has ever happened. So glad I haven’t spent money on this for over a year. Don’t waste your time or money. EDIT: After WEEKS they fixed the issue. And you should still NOT play this game. People who spent $100s on this game and play VIP mode couldn’t play almost a month and got no compensation. This could easily happen again. Thieves.

Bangtan Sonyeondan : 방탄소년단   1 star

No code error 3 compensation. Weeks of not being able to login and square enix doesn’t give us compensation! Come on!

TaggerL   1 star

Can’t play. Pay to win.. What a poor game. Constantly undoing previous abilities or paid items to make the next paid item more valuable. As of now, unable to even log into the game thanks to errors with no response from the company. Save your money from this scam of a gacha.

MusicalOddball   5 star

Turn based awesomeness. Not only are the graphics, music, and story great, but the gameplay is classic yet fresh. It is approachable due to being turn based but becomes more complex and strategic in high level content. I would recommend the game to anyone who loves classic jrpgs.

[DreamS] Mrow   2 star

Fading.. Was excellent in 2017-2018 but stagnating and poorly supported on the back end. TFW there are memes about “intern-kun” running the company, handling the poorly written communications and consistent letdowns of issues resolutions - the latest of which a persistent error for 3 whole weeks that would not allow users into the game... pretty sad. Add in horrible microtransaction currency value on shop purchases... A lot of other games offer a better experience for players, more provocative story, less garbage power creep/game balance progression and better value on spending if players want to break f2p status. Makes me sad when Squaresoft and Enix put out some fantastic games throughout my childhood... but Square-Enix in the 21st century delivers either fanservice or flops for the $$$ grab.

Correllex   4 star

Finally able to play... but... After trying for feels like months, finally able to play only to be given a measly 300 magicite. Character name is Vores. Not sure if will continue, guessing will give a shot.

Cynothoglys8   1 star

Error Code 3. Don’t even waste time downloading. Error code 3 and it’s been ongoing since October the 18th. They’re not even trying to fix. Had it on Android but won’t work in iPhone 11. Lame.

CodeMonkey6981   1 star

Error code 3. Used to love this game, but can’t connect now. Its been this way for a while now. Fix it please, and I’ll change the review.

Jake9902   1 star

Ff mobius. This game was one of my favorites until it started giving me an error code 3. This is a known IOS issue in which they acknowledged as an issue but have not given any updates. I cannot play game right now.

ProfessorOwn   1 star

Login error. Can’t connect to the game for awhile now on IOS. The same is for a lot of people. Very disappointing

SirShitsAlot617   1 star

Error Code 3. This is the 4th-5th different iPhone I’ve tried to play this game on. Everything works smoothly till I start to get the jobs I want. After I get the jobs I want, I get a Error_Code:3 every time I try to load the game. Good game but until you fix this issue, -5 stars

BlueLaeDS   1 star

Error 3. Great game but they goofed will change to five once they fix the game

td855   1 star

Ok game. It’s an ok game. Pretty cool graphics. A dev team that has let the app be down for almost a month. Don’t start playing. Not worth getting sucked in and then having issues like that

GreekGuy81684   1 star

Error Code 3. Cannot connect for the longest time now. Square Enix insists the connection error is resolved while it isn’t.

rinharin   1 star

Error code 3. I’ve heard of this error on iOS for many weeks but fortunately I haven’t encountered it until today, when the buff go live, I cannot login the game anymore. Fix this SE.

Yomamasofathertaichitoosrow   1 star

A great game, broken.. This is not even funny, this company is terrible. There has been an error for a month where iOS and some android/steam users cannot log in. Instead or making this their priority, they decide to just keep releasing more content, leaving hundreds if not more players to fall further and further behind. Such a great game turned into trash due to the neglect and carelessness of this dying company.

Toddnpti   1 star

Love the game please fix it. Please fix the game. I can’t log in on iOS. I have to use a vpn. Fix your game please VPN now doesn’t work, two weeks and no fix. Fix your game!!!

elephantsallaround   1 star

3 weeks of unable to play and counting. Game doesn’t work on iOS anymore, customer support is terrible. It’s a pay to win game, only it’s so buggy that when you do buy cards they probably messed up on the banner and you can’t get the cards you wanted anyway

Ballinator   2 star

“Fixed” but not really. Says on there website the issue was resolved but it’s still there. Re downloaded the app and restarted my phone and still the same error even after the “fix”.

RAVENSTAR32   1 star

FIX THE APP. Is anyone going IThe game does NOT work, and it hasn’t for a while now. FIX YOUR APP !!,

John Gino   1 star

Doesn’t work on iOS. I enjoyed this game for 3 years until it stopped letting me connect to their servers. A bug is impacting many iOS users. It’s been weeks and no fix. Unbelievable.

Satanmichael   1 star

Will not even start. I love this game but I am trying to play on my iPhone 8 and keeps saying connection error WHY HAS SQUARE ENIX NOT KEPT US IOS USERS ON THE CONNECTION ERROR

Elchipino   1 star

No IPhone support over three weeks. Error code 3 was an issue over three weeks and I have not been able to log in during this time, this is a widespread issue affecting iOS users. It is absolutely unbelievable that this error has been able to stand for almost a month. What are the developers thinking?!

TommyPintong   1 star

Will change to 5 stars if I can ever log in again. Square Enix knows it has a problem with North American logins and has not fixed in the last 2 weeks. Bought magicite and VIP, and not expecting them to extend that even though I haven’t been able to play. I’ve been playing FF since The original, and spent well over a thousand bucks on Square Enix games in the last 20+ years. Even an update or explanation on what’s going on would be better than radio silence. Thanks for showing that same loyalty back Square Enix....

KentoMusashi   1 star

Unplayable. Game doesn’t work, I have full connection and it keeps saying I don’t. Boo.

GrungeyJeans   2 star

Can’t play.. I also have been experiencing the connection issue. LTE / wi-fi doesn’t make a difference, can’t play the game.

Advertorial    5 star

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Cirenus77   1 star

Error code 9. Now it doesn’t say error code 3, now it says error code 9, but same connection issue statement below. Does SE not care they are going to lose customers over a free app?

Kazami2001   1 star

Error code 3. Still getting error code 3 on iOS, no one in SE seems to care once player paid

HeadHunterZanko   1 star

Error 03. I keep getting an connection error message when trying to load the game. They really need to fix this issue. Issue fixed for me on Nov 1st of 2019. Finally I can play. Everyone who got stuck with this bug should be compensated. The connection error is back Nov 5th of 2029

Neil66   1 star

Connection error: code 3. App. Support shows that this error has been resolved. I am still experiencing this error. Obviously NOT resolved. Been locked out for a month now.

Miriell25   1 star

Good gane I guess?. It’s a great game...When it works. For the last 2 weeks, the game hasn’t worked on IOS. Square Enix doesn’t SEEM to care, as they don’t give any updates on the situation since they said the problem was known, no time frame to inform us when the problem will be fixed. Also, the game crashes often on iphone 6, don’t bother downloading it if that is what you have.

Keirbz   1 star

Can’t log. Games says my connection is not good since last update and won’t start : reality check guys, issue is on your side, so check your stuff. Btw, you guys owe me daily connects I paid with crystals. Oh, and awesome game, really. But fix your [email protected], and don’t blame us, that’s low.

Leechut   1 star

error_code:3. I’ve been constantly getting this error. I can’t log into the game. Running on an iPad Air 2, iOS 12.3.1.

CXFunkyman   5 star

Unable to play. Since the last update only revive error code 3 and I’m unable to play the game says to check connection but everything is working fine

verry upset   1 star

Connection error03. Impossible to connect since a few days..fix that please....i did all my update

LarryHolder   2 star

Connection Error. Ever since last update the game hasn’t worked, please update, I would like to continue playing.

alluvius99   1 star

iOS issues. Haven’t been able to log in in over a week. Keeps giving error code 3, but it’s the only thing I have - app or other device - that has an issue.

SilverDragon74   2 star

"connection error" 🤡. I haven't been able to go on for days because it keeps saying "connection error" every time!!! my connection is just fine.

SilverRoseCat   1 star

Doesn’t load. The game is unplayable and it doesn’t load. Update your App to be compatible to IOS 13.1.3

Archimedes Trajano   1 star

Crashes on startup. Can’t get to play this crashes on startup

Max Stricker   1 star

Bug. Please fix the constant crashing on the iPhone 6.

Ugh555   1 star

Crash City. No longer loads for my iPhone 6. Always crashes

Antheria   1 star

Landscape mode. They need to make landscape mode for iPhone XR -_-

3DPublisherIsAFraud   1 star

Crashes 100% of the time. For the past year or so the app crashed often on my iPhone 6. The new update doesn’t even let the app load to the menu screen and crashes before that. It’s literally unplayable now. Fix it!

VendettaJCC   1 star

Bug. The game crach every time I open it. Got a iPhone 6.

Caleb_TheKid99   1 star

Crashes. I’m on IPhone 6 and it crashes every time i start the game. I had this game before on an even older phone and it never crashed like this. What’s wrong?

emil68414   1 star

Crashes. I’m really disappointed, i like the game but it just crashes every time i start playing. I’m on an iPhone 6

NCTraining   4 star

Closes itself. What if the app always closes in my face?

Zenn69   5 star

Another Beautiful Game from Square ENIX. I’m not a big fan of pay to play, but this one sets a good example of what one should look like. You can easily play the game without dropping a single dollar into the in-app store and still have an awesome experience. The graphics and story are excellent, as well as the GUI. The game is not open world like final fantasy is known for, but moving around the map from point to point is not bad at all. It’s worth checking out. Especially if your a big FF fan. They have just about every character from the entire franchise in this game. All available to collect and upgrade.

Beta Mizuchi   1 star

Keeps crashing. It gets to the overworld/mission select/map screen, then dies.

Tenshi7   5 star

Very Enjoyable!. Yes, it has a gatcha system, but for the graphics and the story put into it - it is actually reasonable. I like to donate when I’m able and even very reasonable to new players. I love the events, especially for now as FFVII is my all-time favourite! Very well put together!

Tyung999   4 star

Gacha based, but reasonable.. While this game is ultimately gacha based, it is actually very generous to play even without spending at all. The game’s packed with nostalgic events and characters from FF’s history. Each monthly calendar gives you multiple events to look forward to; along with opportunities to earn plenty of rewards. The game is very grindy and will require you to save summon materials if you want to really make the most of them. However, if you’re looking for a nice visual game to pass the time, you’ll likely be happy with this one. :)

zak strife   1 star

Crashes. Same problem : I play one area and the game crashe. And when I open the game again, I move from one place to another and the game crash. Please fix this, I really like this game

CrunchyJoJo   5 star

The best mobile game ever!. It has the best graphics and gameplay! Plus the best storyline!

Kyle09866   2 star

Crashes too much. Good game but does crash a ton. I can’t beat the final chapter or first level of the new update because of all the crashes at the start of the fights. Did have fun when it worked.

Swags cope   2 star

Awesome game but..... It keeps crashing all the time and lags like Crazy I wish I could play it but even on the lowest settings it lags and crashes I may have a outdated phone idk but my iPhone 6 can’t seem to run this game really wish it would not crash even my friends who have iphone7 and above crash with this game

Advertorial    5 star

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Great white shnark   1 star

error code 3. Error code 3 Error code 3 Error code 3

Oscar_zhuo   1 star

Cannot connect for 2 days. Not sure what happens!

Juddy444   1 star

Crashes. Game continually crashes after finally loading to map screen if it hasn’t crashed at the loading screen.after 2 years of game play and good money in game spent, this is rather appalling coming from the house of the second greatest game of all time FF7, sorry only lost to Mario. So please rectify this major issue you have

potchoofer   1 star

Crashes. Crashes during first loading screen...seems to be an issue with a lot of the ff mobile games...

Sonic50056   5 star

This game is great. With a great cast. I was playing this game for abit. I liked it for my first hour or 2. And I realised the player character sounded familiar. I saw who voiced the player character. And instantly made this my favourite game knowing I’m playing a character voiced by Bryce. So. The game is great. Great gameplay and great cast

Solveria   1 star

Why I deleted this game.. Huge paywall. Without spending any real cash in this game, you WILL forever (almost) be stuck with the initial jobs that you had to begin with.

Virago55   3 star

Fix the crashing problem please. I’ve been playing this game for a long time but I’m ready to chuck it in. The constant crashes are driving me nuts

M3rgez   1 star

Supreme card draw odds disgusting. I adore this game so much, however I’m disgusted at the odds for a supreme support summon. I’ve tried 10 times and spent $60! Very disgusting. 😡

Neodragon666   1 star

I want to give this more stars. Have recently changed phone types (was on Samsung and now on iPhone) and had to do the save file change and was going well finally got a Supreme Card and now it will crash every time I go into the game now I can’t do missions I can’t upgrade my cards because it’s all a race against time and when testing out my Supreme card it just crashes when it activates and it becomes a cycle of activate, crash. I’ll only change the score once I can play a few levels on the maps without worrying it’ll just turn off when I make my first move but all in all when I was Samsung it was a great game I did kind of sway away from it but it’s enjoyable in every way

Shaunmasseur1990   1 star

🤨. Have iPhone 5s never had issues in the past but now it keeps crashing

Naruto☣   4 star

Game keeps crashing. After the latest update everytime I open up the game it just keeps on crashing on me. (Using iPhoneX)

Itsviders   5 star

Empty wallet. 10/10 would spend $300 on magicites again

King B-Lord   4 star

Awesome!. Great game, intense combat, keeps The Final Fantasy series running well, and makes the game more fun when it introduces events such as the VII event that lets you fight alongside Cloud Strife. Needs to make the game harder, as when you get about 5 minutes into the game, you get overpowered to a point where you can one- shot most enemies with a basic attack. Love the game keep up the good work!

leoturtleninja   3 star

Too many updates. Ive played this game for 3 consecutive days and im already sick of updating it: Download launcher/download game file/download after 1 world completion/update 1/update 2/ update 3, seriously?

Dante26473477992)4   1 star

I can’t play. When I open the game it doesn’t load and it says connection error but the connection works fine

Deks235   4 star

Flawed update cycle. Love the game but often get stuck in what I am calling the "Groundhog Day Update Loop" When I open the app I am told I need to update and forced to the App Store page, the page has no update and opens the game again... where I am once again forced back to the App Store. Every update this happens and instead of the one or two hour update time claimed the the Facebook page it lasts atleast a full 24 hours. That is not including the update downloads that happen inside the game itself that take an additional hour to complete.

Vector him self   4 star

HELP. I absolutely love this game. It is a masterpiece but I am unable to pay multilayer as it always makes my game crash. Can you please fix this? My customer ID is 20c7-0b11-7f53. Help!

Pokedes   4 star

Fun but always crashes. Can't stop playing it but it's a bit long to load and 80% of the time always crashes

cedricadagmAil   1 star

A generic mess. This game is a flurry of menus with too many options and a paywall that hits like a tonne of bricks. If you've played one game with microtransaction ruining it you've played them all. Its a good looking game, but the characters and story are ultra generic and forgettable. Cant you just make a mobile game that costs a set amount, plays like a traditional adventure and doesnt interrupt the player al the time with social integrations? Or better yet, release FFVIII on iOS.

Juni Aiko   3 star

Need to have female main character choice.. Presently only allowed to play as male main character

Joseph70013   5 star

App keep crushing. After updated the game app it went well awhile and sometime crushed at the middle of the games. Please advices or inspections the game bug and version update in the future.

Sarah55565   5 star

One word: HOW?!. How can one damn app be so addictive?! I can't stress how fun this game is, the graphics are amazing for a mobile game, the battle system is original but has a new twist to it, and well... the job system? Let me put it this way,I'm already Soldier 1st Class.

Zamel75   5 star

Awesome game. Awesome f2p game with great graphics. only downside is that it eats up your battery and all the premium cards are brought with real money

Kiz cat   4 star

Can't be a girl?. I'll give 5 stars if i can make my character a female don't like staring at a guy.

Scorned gamer   2 star

Failed system. Square Enix made a great game. The fact that it is so expensive to buy anything worthwhile though pulls it Down a ton. 70$ for a limited edition class is stupid and lowers my opinion a ton. Make paying money worth it and I will buy things as well as give my feelings on the game

ECSVentures   4 star

Overall good game. Overall it is a good game. It interactive enough without being embellished. The issue with the game is the drop out with connection. It is an issue that needs a little fine tuning.

Shinokawa   1 star

Great game unfortunately too greedy. Forcing loyal fans to pay $75 to get a job card is a bad move, new players don't bother downloading, eventually you will need to fork $75 for every limited time job available, grinding become pointless

mrwafu   2 star

Promising game undercut by developer greed. Initially möbius was a very promising example of how to do a free to play game right; no up front charges, and never a NEED to spend money on it- you could potentially earn everything if you played the game enough and had the patience to save for it. From job cards to ability summons, buying in-game currency is a shortcut, not a requirement... until now. With the release of the "ace striker" ability- modelled after the popular character Tidus from Final Fantasy X- you are required to buy AUS$120 worth of in-game currency to earn it, with no other way to unlock it. Unfortunately the developers have decided to change their business model and started hiding the most desirable content behind a very high paywall, and that doesn't bode well for the future of this game.

Fhisthisnicktakenffsihatethis   1 star

Too many downloads. I'm in holiday (wifi isn't the fastest) and I'm trying to fill out a day of rain with this game that I previously downloaded at home. Turns out that there's a 500mb update. I patiently wait and get it. After it tells me that I need to update the app. I do the update. Then it asks for another 150mb update... I'm still waiting it to finish hoping that there won't be another download... the game might be great but why don't they put the whole thing in one package? I'm so frustrated now

paddyo'paddy   1 star

Latest mission has bugs. You get killed regardless if you win

WhiteCopain   1 star

Devs don’t care about the players =/. Right now no iOS player can play and they’ve left it that way for a week without a single word. Stay away from this. I’ve played this for years, since it launched, it even I’m telling you that, should be evidence that it isn’t worth your time.

Error_Code   1 star

Error_ Code:3 unstable connection. Been almost a week now since this error code started. Support says it is a known issue with iOS and yet they still haven’t fixed it or... whattashame

Proooster   1 star

FIX YOUR GAME???. Almost been a week and SE has failed to fix the error 3 for iOS users to even play the game. If there wasn't a better time to quit there is now.

Niro~Defoe   1 star

Been playing Since the Launch of the Mobius App. But with the latest update, the login with the app start up is appalling always saying [Connection error. Pleas try again with a more stable connection] even with a excellent connection/ signal or internet service! This has to be rectified immediately or you will lose your most loyal supporters... if it isn’t fixed I’ll be the first of many.

mzerowing   2 star

error code 3 + already log in on another device. Normally this would be a higher rating but for about a week been getting the infamous error code 3. I've tried turning off my wifi, trying my brothers wifi network, going to just celluar data, and even work wifi. Same error code 3. So i decided to try a full restore, which also gave me error code 3 until today Oct 22. Using works wifi it finally connected and did the usual updating and such, but now it's telling me I can't play the game because I am logged into another device. This iPhone is the only one of my two ios devices that can handle the graphics of the game so I never logged into the ipad for this game. Please fix these errors it's getting ridiculous.

Bllix/Meja   1 star

Error Code 3. I’m having major issues connecting as the Error Code 3 states that i have poor internet connection. Which is impossible due to the fact that i have high speed internet with impeccable connection. I've tried everything on my end that i can think of...

spyro2105   5 star

There’s a bug. I tried delete it and reinstall it and it said it again:(

Kaptkenny   3 star

Connect error. I used to play this a lot but now I can’t even get in now keep on gettin a error code no matter what I do to try and get on

Allenore   4 star

Nonsense Error codes. The game has been showering me with error codes 3 and 39 recently all without a reason. One day it logs in without a problem, the other day it keeps giving me error code 3!! I know this error is supposed to show up when there’s an unstable network. But my net is absolutely fine and run other apps and games without a problem. Please fix this!

adriangg223   1 star

Error code 3 connection issues. For about a week now I have not been able to log in to the game, have played since launch and don’t know if there is a bug right now or not.. just irritating because I log in daily and just want this to be fixed already.. iOS user here

Monres69   3 star

Connection problems. Normally I would give this game a 5 star review. However I have not been able to connect to this game through my iPhone for over a week now. If it is a known problem for so many users then it should be fixed. I've been patient and waited long enough. There does not seem to be urgency.

bm2kx   1 star

Error code_3. Error code_3 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

Myh3m   3 star

Error. It’s not connecting anymore 😕

Martins1983   5 star

Connection Error error_code3. Ive had a connection error for about two weeks. I uninstalled and reinstalled and nothing. Any thoughts?

GetLite   1 star

Please fix. I see that a lot of other people have downloaded this game and also get the error code. I hope that you guys are currently working on this issue because I wanted to see what this game is like for the first time and I can’t get to enjoy it. Please fix otherwise a lot of current players and new ones like myself will never play.

Irontack   1 star

iOS user trouble connecting. This is a good game worth trying. Some guys are freaking out that they cannot connect due to some error with IOS users. Read up on the problem on Reddit. I hope it is fixed soon. 1st time in the game’s 3 years this has happened.

MirielKanan   1 star

What is this crap?. I’ve been playing this game since launch and have enjoyed it thus far, however I have been unable to log into the game on mobile for over a week now. Fix this, please!

wilfildrian   5 star

Please. Can you guys fix the game I’m trying to play for two days and I can’t because it said connection fail please and thank you

Aumon   2 star

Terrible connection issues.. I have been playing this game on and off for a while. I love it. But just this week I have been getting hit with a Error_Code: 3 and Error_Code: 9 which l state I need a more stable connection. I’m not sure how I can get more stable connection with over 70mpbs over WiFi. Seriously disappointed I can’t play. I was about to buy some magicite and get VIP status. Guess I’m not doing that now...

RaynathanZeldin   1 star

Connection Error. I can’t connect to the game even after doing all troubleshooting I could possibly do

WillVans07   3 star

Code.Error3. I was having a blast with this game and as of recently started having connection issues. No matter if I’m home with full WiFi connection or out and about and still have full signal. This started happening ever since the recent update. Not sure if it’s a bug in the game or the games connection problem. Once fixed, will gladly rate 5 stars cause this game is fun and I would recommend to everyone.

diggas1   1 star

Fix please. Game keeps saying error find a more stable connection please fix I love playing this game it’s awsome

Onny27   3 star

Why the error ?. I’ve been playing this game for a long time and now I can’t even play it anymore because an error saying i need a stronger connection. Believe me, i have a strong internet connection and my phone is up to date, I don’t understand I tried with wifi and it doesn’t work. FIX THIS!!

GaylordX   5 star

Why!!!. Been playing this game since release. Now I can’t play cause of error code :’(

newproductman   3 star

Bad update!. After the latest update earlier this week (mid October ‘19) all I get is error code 3: connection error, try again using a more stable connection. My WiFi is excellent. Square enix needs to fix this. When you can open the game, it is enjoyable playing it....but I’ve seen more glitches in the last six months than in the previous 18 months.

DarrylBrady   1 star

Error Code: 3. I guess someone decided to discontinue the game without explaining why we have connection issues for iOS/iPadOS. This is terrible, and I really miss playing Mobius FF!

Brooklyn954   1 star

😢. The game used to be fantastic. Now unfortunately every time I try and play I only get a error code. If the game actually worked it would be four stars

jonsnowball   1 star

Connection problem!!!. Been playing for 3 months now, suddenly stopped working due to error_code:3. Please fix!

La de da de da 0111   5 star

Fantastic FF Game. Best mobile game I’ve played to date. Graphics are outstanding. Enchanting original story supported by beautiful cut scenes. That being said you need a relatively newer mobile device to play. Reviews stating the app crashed should list their OS and hardware. I’ve got an iPhone XR, game works perfectly. I’ve got an iPad 2, game crashes. No big cause I play on my phone more often. Plus it’s on Steam. No hardware issues there if you have the requirements. NOT A PAY TO PLAY APP! You can earn everything by farming and grinding! Monthly special events where you can earn things you could otherwise buy. If you’re into spending real money (or giving the developers a well earned financial incentive to keep delivering new content) there’s lots of items/cards/characters to purchase, but you can earn them as well. Great balance. Thank you Square Enix. Another home run.

Hendel2131267   1 star

Unplayable. Download the app, open it, gets past Square Enix screen and immediately says “Find better internet connection”. Can’t finish download and even have my iphone xr plugged in. Deleting app!

LiQuiDG   2 star

So hard trying to connect. I'm in China, I know with being behind the GFW you need a VPN for most social applications, but if other games will run without using an VPN, then why can't this run without it? When connected, it's impossible to play multiplayer.. Which is another 30-40% of the game content I can't fully enjoy.. The game is awesome, graphics are great, For those who says it's not, make sure you've changed it in the settings.. It makes a huge difference. And the last MOST annoying aspect, the game exits by itself almost every 10 mins or so..... And with connecting back into the game will take another 2-3mins... Making it really hard to fully enjoy this game... Maybe this can be addressed in future updates.. But for the moment.. I can't play this any longer.. The frustration is just too much...

So0LReaper   5 star

AWESOME. Telling you it's awesome

Snowe890   2 star

Crashes in the middle of anything game. As the title says. Please fix that. It also takes a little too long to load. Other than that though the story seems ok as a start. I'm only starting though, so we'll see.

dont show   1 star

keep crashing. garbage

.tonyb.   2 star

Fun but issues. I really enjoy playing this game. Like all FF games there is a grind that gets annoying. The story here is a bit thin, perhaps due to the slow release of chapters. The worst problem is the multiplayer crashing followed by a looooong load screen. This has been a problem for me since March. Every MP fight crashes. I'm forced to play easy battles or by myself so I don't let the rest of the team down.

A common guy   5 star

5/5. Great music, great jobs. Truly likes the Red Mage appearance too!

Limit54   5 star

Very solid game. For a free iOS game this thing is insanely good.the battle system is very intricate and not boring.the story line seems very good and and all round good game.very high bidet which surprises me.i have a feeling it's gonna be very hard to progress without spending money but if u grind it out u don't have to i hope. I really like this game a lot.

Kagenyx   4 star

Great game but lot memories. The game is absolutely awesome, nice storyline, good battle and great graphics but it's take me A LOT of memory. The first installation take me 700~ Mo. After I finish a boss at the ruins whatever the name, they ask me to download another 700 mo of content ...

FawnF   5 star

Love the graphics. 2 minutes in and love this game

Big Boy1979   1 star

Crashing on iPhones. Keeps crashing.

Kehte   5 star

Pretty great for a free game. I'm a few hours in and really pleasantly surprised! Has a bit of a learning curve, but very entertaining if you stick it out. Battles are a blast. Love the graphics. Warning though: Updates are HUGE (close to 1GB) and I've already had to do a couple just in the week I've been playing.

HACKER5678   1 star

It sucks. It sucks takes forever to load

Iceflareks   1 star

Cash grab game. This game is a serious cash grab game, all game elements are taken from other ff titles with no further development (cheap). Items (abilities and jobs) even basic ones are locked behind RNG and Cash wall (basically gambling). Endless "limited" timed draws asking for more money. Poorly designed events reward items pretty much useless. I would stay far away from this game if I were you.

ygfggggg   2 star

game constantly crashes. it's a great game, but its been super slow and has been crashing for me every time i open the app ever since the new update :(, please fix!

DarkKnightDEO   1 star

Loading problem. Not loading in iphone 6. Please fix

nadozza   5 star

Wonderful game, love it for commutes. Really quite a bit of fun. If you enjoyed the mechanics of XIII or XIII-II then I'm sure you'll have a good time here. The added depth in cards helps the more long term aspects of the game. Daily logon bonuses and frequent updates keep this game replayable and fun. The team seems to update the game very frequently which makes it very engaging. I wish there was a bit less of a reliance on a network connection but the game is otherwise very enjoyable.

Valaenne   1 star

Error 12. I haven't been able to get on since yesterday due to this error

Charlcs Chen   1 star

Can't login game!. Error code 12. Please fix it!

Ghosthose   1 star

False Advertisement and Disappointment... Months ago I tried to get this and said my device wasn't supported, so I dissatisfied. I noticed people were already talking about this matter so I didn't bother reviewing. Months later.. Updates, "Device not supported". Welp I'm gone now cya.

Koletro   5 star

Fun. Really fun game, can easily play without paying a cent. Loving it.

Steven_Dean   1 star

$100 per character? What a joke. Horrible idea for this game. I understand that a free app needs to make money and there should be an advantage for pay to play users but basically charging people THOUSANDS of dollars to eventually unlock everything is a joke. They should have either had a $4.99 price tag per character to allow people to choose who they want and ignore the rest and offer a $99.99 full unlock offer which would unlock all current and future buyable content. When you can buy FF15 for cheaper than ONE CHARACTER in this game you screwed up. You are not getting a cent of my money in this or any other app or DLC ever again.

Azurelle   1 star

Paywall. I really enjoyed the game until SE hid a job that many players, including myself, want, behind a firewall of USD75. Unfortunately I don't have $75 for them every time they release a job I want (there are a couple down the line) so it's time to say farewell.

yibbiy   1 star

P2W. November update confirms that this is a money hole. At this rate the game will release "time limited" and to keep up you have to pony up at least $100/month. Stay away. October updates just ruined the game. Went from the best and balanced game for both free to play and pay to play, to a game where pay to win (and a hefty price tag mind you) is the only way to be competitive. Not to mention hackers are not banned from the events. To sum it up, don't waste your time and money with this "game". It is a very expensive eye candy where only way to excel is being either a wallet warrior or a hacker.

Krankit   1 star

Was a great game until it got crazy expensive. I've been enjoying this game a lot for a few months now: well balanced for all classes, some grind but balanced by events, regular (weekly) updates, nice multiplayer (even though not perfect). It was outstanding for a free to play game. Fun enough that I've spent a bit of money. However, now they just incorporated "buy only jobs". I hate the idea of having to spend 100$CA for a simple job & skin in a game. At that price, I can buy 1-2 40h+ FULL games like GTA V. If I'm going to spend 100$ on a game, I want it to be because I enjoy the game and want to play more of it. A single job for 100$ is just a plain waste of money compared to what else I can enjoy for that amount. SE, if you want your players to pay do it in an appropriate way. I feel laughted at when you ask me 100$ for an in-game job. You lost me as a customer for this game.

TheLibra   1 star

Going down hill. Starting to follow a new business model where it made legendary jobs (i.e. Jobs related to Final Fantasy characters) ONLY available to players who spend $100+ for the event. While these jobs are not game breaking, they are generally good or very good for their time, and represent the essence of the Final Fantasy universe. This $100 amount segregates people who pay a lot or pay little / do not pay and i really don't think it is fair. I think free to play players or people who are only willing to spend little should steer clear of this game because of its policy. You are not their target audience.

Ailanzz   1 star

Force you to pay for certain jobs. They just announced the Titus job but requires you to purchase $100 of in game currency to receive it. There is no other way to get it except to spend $100. Once cloud gets released it will be the same. I'm not looking to spend thousands of dollars for this game.

Shadowz_I   2 star

Was a nice mobile rpg with fair and balanced mechanic but fair doesn't pay the bills. The game started out fair and balanced. The game could be played completely free with slight difficulty but if you want to buy into the game, the prices were somewhat fair and not a necessity with the difficulty. The game just started introducing paywalls and more expensive optional cards. The initial cards were already quite expensive and the limited time content isn't 100% necessary (it helps though) but it's a worrying trend with how microtransaction is forming in this game. The multiplayer is also quite enjoyable with it being a cooperative rpg at its core in this mode. I say give the game a try as for a mobile game, there's nothing like it graphically... but come when that wall comes by you'll realise just how expensive they want to monetise this game. If I have a suggestion to give it is to buy an actual game. There will never be a mobile game that won't try to push you to spend 100$ a week and möbius is one that already thrown out predatory sales at 100$ every 2 weeks and it doesn't seem to be getting any better. Maybe things would change by the time you've read this review... Hopefully I'll update it by then but at the moment I'm planning to quit before the game really hits the metaphorical fan.

Inthisforthezen   5 star

Yas. Yaaaas

HirowHKF   1 star

Broken. Error message simulator

Drekrief   1 star

"Device not supported". I guess you can either only play on the newest iphone or on the ipad.

TheBestPumpkin   5 star

Great game!. Game is a lot of fun and they are listening to the community and changing things based on feedback very quickly. Great job Square, absolutely love the game and how you guys are listening to the community!

Hjffgjfjk Ffs   5 star

Wow. Wasn't expecting ff15 on mobile with touch control and didn't get it... Duh. What you do get is a great on the go card battle game with some strategy and character customisation along with the best mobile graphics I have seen yet (remember to go to setting and put resolution on high as it is default at medium). If you don't have patience to learn the tutorials of the game don't complain and give 1 star reviews, instead go back playing angry birds...

Stickybuns85   3 star

Average at best. Doesn't do anything outstanding. The writing is terrible, the battles can be automatic but the job changing can be fun and the graphics are nice.

Thien Balke   5 star

Awesome. The best Final Fantasy game on smartphone

Rephrayzer   3 star

Gets better.. Finally managed to get on and happy to change my review. Kind of enjoyable. Not what I expected from a Final Fantasy game, but I'm willing to give it a chance.

AAdd314   1 star

App hangs on load screen. All I can get is "an Internet connection is required to play this game. Wifi is recommended" on a load screen. Nothing else.

Blood wolf the third   1 star

Terrible. For an international gaming company renowned for fantastic gameplay and storytelling this game falls very short of the mark. It is just a recycled concept done better by other games by other companies. Don't waste your time. Square Enix, step up your game. It is no wonder you are almost bankrupt.

TrustworthyPerson   1 star

Waste of time. It's just another one of those auto-playing gacha games just with pretty graphics. Awful writing, awful play design, awful 'tutorial' that doesn't give you control until half an hour in. Skip it.

itsvia95   5 star

Fun. Cool game, I love it!

KingKyle74   1 star

Not for Me. Like many mobile tutorials, you still have no clue what does what, or what's going on. What should be simple is made to be complicated. Game is server based, so constant loading times whether long or short becomes tiresome real quick. I would say my experience wasn't a positive one. I just want to jump in and play, but with a poor and long tutorial system, with what appears to be a boring game anyway, I can't see me playing this. Deleted. You can keep the free launch gifts.

AnkupCuoq36   5 star

Great game as usual so far :). This new Final Fantasy game has so far has lived up to its reputation from the original developers. Still getting the hang of the battle systems with the various cards & jobs etc. Downloaded this hours ago BUT stuck at title screen... Seems that the start/launch is a few hours after this lol... The pre-game launch bonuses looks great!. Let's hope this game not become money/revenue hungry too much. So far the game looks great!. Keep up the great work!.

Johnnytjhai   5 star

First. First one?

LighttningFarron   2 star

For a 2016 IOS Game the Graphics......... So ive got no problems about this game besides 1 thing. So its 2016 and the graphics on this game looks like something from the 90s... Playstation 1 Graphics i mean cmon square you guys make good looking game why isnt this one like the others u made?....

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