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Finally, an easy way to find scholarships. Scholly has helped students win over $70 million in scholarships so far, making college affordable and dreams a reality.

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If you’re a high school senior, current undergraduate, or graduate student in the U.S., or an international student looking to study in the U.S., Scholly is for you. Designed to ease the scholarship searching and application process, our patented scholarship-matching engine delivers a smarter, targeted list of scholarships that are uniquely suited to you. The Scholly mobile and web platform turns the long months of searching for free money for college into minutes. To help you win scholarships, Scholly also gives you free access to winning scholarship essays and advice. This app connects you to the Scholly web platform, allowing you to access your account wherever and whenever is most convenient for you.

Scholly was created by Forbes 30 under 30 winner, Christopher Gray, who won $1.3 million in scholarships through hard work, grit, and determination. Realizing how broken and time consuming this process was, he created Scholly to make things a lot easier for you! Simply fill out 8 parameters, and our comprehensive and constantly curated database delivers a verified and personalized list of scholarships. Our platform also gives you access to management tools and essay resources to help you manage deadlines, track progress, and increase success.

Scholly App Description & Overview

The applications Scholly was published in the category Education on 2015-11-16 and was developed by Scholly, Inc. The file size is 35.79 MB. The current version is 1.7.1 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Minor bug fixes and other stability changes.

Thanks for all your support. If you have any feedback, don't hesitate to let us know at [email protected] If you enjoy the app, leave us a positive review below!

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One of the Best Ways to Find Scholarships  Sageinice  5 star

This has matched me up with a lot of great scholarships I otherwise would not have found by myself. I highly recommend.


Fantastic  Prince_Will445  5 star

This is a wonderful investment for every college and high school student.


Mandatory in app purchases  bcelliott58  3 star

Saw this on shark tank, when it was $0.99 for the app. I was willing to pay $0.99 for it. I can see how this could be useful for some, but I don't need a monthly subscription for an app I am only going to use once.(I'm headed into my senior year of my undergrad) If they wanted to entice me to make that monthly payment, they should show more of what I'm missing out on. I don't know what I qualify for if anything at all. I'm not locking myself into a monthly payment to find out. I'm out.


App broken  Jakebird7  1 star

App won't even load... just sits at the first screen and the gear spins...


Shark Tank rip off  colinpr007  1 star

Watching shark tank and saw this app bought by 2 sharks who didn't even listen to what the app was about. Downloaded it on a whim because I'm a 4.0 gpa college student who has no scholarships. App is garbage. Won't even open. I have a iPhone 6 that has NEVER had a problem with downloading anything so it's the apps problem. Good job sharks for giving away money. Should've invested in my education instead of this trash app. 😝


Shark Tank flop  EbnyQn73  1 star

I just watched Shark Tank and downloaded the app... it has been creating my account for 5min. All the Sharks except Lori &a Damian walked off the stage because there wasn't enough info about the app on the back end... where they right? Still waiting for an account!


First-Time Using Scholly Two Thumbs Up  EddyyCartel  5 star

This application seems like the way to find scholarships. Being an application it is at hand, at all times. Being - Scholly - as featured in ABC's Shark Tank it's a noteworthy idea. Being it isn't free is my favorite part. Thank you for Scholly, Eric S. Lucero


Love it!!  kand0909  5 star

As a junior in high school, I'm uber stressed about paying for college in the upcoming years. I heard about this app from shark tank and couldn't be more impressed! It's organized by date, shows the amount of money for each scholarship, and allows you to save the scholarships to organize them. I highly recommend this app to all high school students!

Hockey man 16

Scholly is very helpful  Hockey man 16  5 star

Scholly is very helpful and finds all sorts of scholarships by filling out a profile that will match you with scholarships. Some scholarships are ones you'd never think of searching up or thinking would exist! A little bit of scholarship money is better than paying it from your pocket


Amazingly Helpful  Psychobabble815  5 star

Coming from somebody who has an incredibly unique situation as a college student it's nice that you can customize your profile to include more personalized information.


I like the concept but app needs work  ZoBomb  2 star

The results are not matching the filter parameters.


Ignore the negative reviews  Deg147658  5 star

This app is great. It basically consolidates every scholarship out there. I say to ignore the negative reviews because it seems to some people that if you apply to a scholarship they have to contact you if the scholarship money wasn't awarded to you. And in reality they don't. If you want the money you have to look for it and fill out as many applications as possible. The process is not supposed to be easy because if it where people would be throwing money at you for not trying.


So good  pha243  5 star

Easy to use. I find it helps with staying organized and learning about new scholarships.


Wanting More  johnzoppina  4 star

I wish the database of scholarships was larger, but this does make it pretty easy to keep track of what I've applied to.


Not Good for Adults  LordandWells  3 star

I am a 26 year old trying to get scholarships to help me get back on track. Unfortunately, I did not realize the program doesn't offer much for students who are not attending a traditional school program. I believe if the scholarships are legitimate, it is well worth the money for young students who are seeking money for college.

Lochness 108

Great App!  Lochness 108  5 star

Considering that thousands of scholarships go unused and are forgotten each year, this app proves to be a great solution and outlet for students looking for scholarship money.


Doesn't work  alexmarques  1 star

Don't waste your time. Good idea, poor execution, it doesn't work at all. Trying to buy the premium access for 2,99 but it keeps freezing. Sent an email to the company and no response. They might have closed the doors. What a shame!


Has anyone received a scholarship from using this?  BethyLane  3 star

Got lots of matches, but I'm reading the reviews and don't see anyone post that they actually got any of these scholarships from using the app. Just wondering if it's worth the time to apply, or not.


Works well  KMBA_99  5 star

Pay $2.99 to use the app and you get to apply to scholarships that you actually qualify for but it is competitive.

Brian Shdbb

I'm from Shark Tank  Brian Shdbb  4 star

I needed this app

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