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For Young Women of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, complete your Personal Progress right on your mobile device!

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This app serves as a complete companion to accomplishing the Personal Progress program created by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Young Women should still use their Personal Progress books for parent & leader sign offs and to read the instructions for each experience. The app breaks each experience and project into manageable tasks such as Study, Journal, and Share.

**Digitize your Personal Progress**
There is so much to do in your Personal Progress! In Personal Progress Binder, you can do all of it right here. Type in your journal, contact your leaders, share your experiences on social media. And the best one...setup notifications to remind you to do things like say your prayers, pay your tithing, and help prepare meals. Then check them off in the experience!

**Track your progress**
Progress bars and charts are automatically updated for you as you fill out and complete different parts of your Personal Progress. This way you can see which values and experiences to focus on.

Additional Features include:
• Book of Mormon reading chart for your Virtue project
• Congratulatory badges for completing each experience to share on social media.
• Keep a Currently Working On list so that you can quickly get to the experiences you're focusing on.
• All scripture references and manuals listed in an experience link you directly to the Gospel Library app
• Link to directly to the Personal Progress book pdf on for each experience in order to read the complete instructions.
• Have you already started your Personal Progress? No problem! You can indicate what experiences you've previously completed and it'll be added to your overall progress bars and charts.
• View your Record Sheet just like in the Personal Progress book.
• Write your own custom experiences for each value.
• Complete your value project by documenting it with a photo, getting leader approval, and creating a to-do list.
• Export all your hard work to PDF that can be emailed or printed.
• Share your progress automatically with your leader by sending them a unique code and they enter it into their leader app.

The Personal Progress Binder is not designed to replace but to be used along with the Personal Progress books. Sign offs and instructions are still located and to be completed in the books. Journal entries and other sharing type activities can be completed in the app. This is not an official app of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Personal Progress Binder App Description & Overview

The applications Personal Progress Binder was published in the category Productivity on 2016-07-09 and was developed by Scott Daly. The file size is 62.77 MB. The current version is 1.6.6 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Updated for latest iOS software and devices. Also a few minor tweaks sprinkled throughout.

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Personal Progress Binder Reviews

Calli-O 3

This app is PHENOMENAL!!!  Calli-O 3  5 star

This app for personal progress never gave me any problems and I finished Personal Progress over the summer! The great thing about this app is that my goal was to finish this before school started up again to where I would forget to do my value experiences and projects. Luckily I got all this done in a timely fashion. It was so easy I might just do this all over again next summer!! : )


Good, but some bugs  L.i.z.z.i.e.  3 star

Overall a good app, really helping with my personal progress. But when I sign out and back in, it forgets the ones I’m working on. I have to keep a list in notes of everything I’m working on, so I can go back and find them. Hope that gets fixed soon.

Checker star

Can't custom set notifications  Checker star  4 star

My daughter and I love the app, but one flaw is you can't custom set your notifications. Or at least neither one of us can figure it out. I am doing my personal progress along with my daughter. I work from home early in the mornings and I get my notifications as I'm working and after I go to bed. I believe my daughter gets her morning notifications after she has already left for school. I wish we could customize them. I would give it 5 stars if we could. But it's a great app! I love seeing the percentages. It helps us stay on track!


I love it!  ldswaffle  4 star

I love this app! It’s so easy to use and motivates me to do personal progress.The one bad thing about it is that the scripture chart is glitchy and doesn’t work that well, but overall this is an amazing app. :)


The journal section is glitched  H+JB  4 star

Over all, the app is phenomenal, easy to use, and will definitely help me get my personal progress stop. There’s one problem, though. I try to write in the journal section but there is no entry box, so it says I have not completed the project even though I have. Interestingly enough, A handful of experiences worked with the journal. I haven’t checked them all, though, because I am trying to transfer what I have done on my paper book into the app. Thank you for a great app!


Can't use the app  thespian99  2 star

I started using it because I have a hard time keeping track an I'm 25% done and I can't use the app so I'm forced to set an alarm on my phone to work on personal progress and figure out how to read my own handwriting


Please make it Spanish  DRS23232  4 star

I really LOVE this app so of course I am trying to encourage all the yw to get it. But we have a Spanish section of our ward, and it would be VERY MUCH APPRECIATED IF THIS WERE MADE INTO A SPANISH VERSION AS WELL!! thx!


Lost all my data  Lp_12  2 star

It was working perfect!! Then they did the update. It’s been a while since I went into the app, so I tried to log in. Then realized that it said I needed to create an account. So I created an account because anything else that I tried to do to log in failed. Tried to reset password gave me an error. So I just created it. I get in. EVERYTHING IS GONE!! All of my journals my working on, previously completed, reading, everything gone. I have gone through and just done previously completed on everything, but all of my journals are gone. I loved the app but I hate this update. Please help me try to get my journals back. I just don’t even know what I could possible do...


Yes, but no  Crissine  4 star

This app was really cool, but it kept glitching out on me and every time I filled out my Book of Mormon reading chart it would glitch and all of it would be gone, so I had to go back and fill it out tons of times. That also happened with my finished experiences. I did love the way you could star the ones you were working on and how it had links to Gospel Library, though. If you’re not using it to track your Book of Mormon progress, then I just might suggest it. But if you are, then probably not.


AWESOME APP!  LW78910  5 star

This app has actually gotten me way excited about personal progress! As a Miamaid, sometimes things can get really busy. But with this app, I can do my Personal Progress anywhere I go, at school, in the car, even on vacation! This app is a total blessing.


So helpful!  Mathis58  5 star

This app has been what really helped me complete my Personal Progress. The reminders, working on and progress bar are all such great features. I would highly recommend it to any one, how ever far away you are from completing. It is still nice to have the book up and handy, though.


Glitches  Esnilo  4 star

The app is great but it crashes when I try to go to "Working On." It also won't show me my progress in the bar at the top on the main screen.


HUGE BLESSING  Autumnleaves236  5 star

As a member of the lds young woman's program I have had a hard time getting into personal progress. I really wanted to get my medallion but i had no idea where to start. I found this app not to long ago and it has been an absolute life saver! It makes everything so simple and easy, while still helping me absorb all the knowledge that i need to! I love using this app and it has given me a new desire to complete my personal progress! I highly recommend this to anyone who is in the young woman's program!


awesome app  dabelhouzen  5 star

I love how easy & user friendly this app is. It has been well worth the $5 spent. I reccomend this app if you don't want to hassle with paperwork. it tracks & stores everything for you.


Awesome  Jensamy  5 star

This is fantastic for keeping track of where my daughter is at and the reminders are so helpful!


I love it!!!!  #gummybear😎  5 star

This app is awesome!!! It is well worth the $5!!! If you are thinking about getting this app, GET IT!!! The app has a really nice set up and great colors.😃 I am definitely going to tell my YW, my YW leaders, and friends about it!!!


Mother of young woman  Tkp33  2 star

I was so excited about this app until I entered all the things I'd already accomplished and then the next time I looked it all reset but shows I updated everything where you update. I love the reminder texts. If they get the bugs worked out I'd give it a 5.

Mindy Robertson

So convenient  Mindy Robertson  5 star

I love this app! It has everything you need to do and for how long you need to do it with reminders!!! Very good idea:)


Worth it  Jcboase  5 star

When I bought this I wondered if it would be worth the $5. It was. I did nothing but personal progress for 2 days straight I was so excited. I am now 82% done and I am still a Beehive. Yup. My favorite part is the reminders. That is what held me back on so many other experiences. Get it it is SO worth the $5!!!


So convenient!  Lgtgirl  5 star

This is so great! Everything is in nice bite sizes, plus it's connected with your calendar to set reminders to keep your goals!

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