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Block ads, trackers, and any annoying web content. Based on new lightning fast native Content Blocking API, it doesn’t slow down Safari and can't know which websites you visit. We are supported entirely by our users, there’s no “acceptable ads” program.


1Blocker is the fastest & most powerful Safari content blocker. With over 40 000 preinstalled blockers, it's highly configurable.

• Save battery life, bandwidth, and data by over 50% (confirmed by multiple independent tests).
• Simply tap on any webpage element — like sidebar, site logo or subscription box — to hide it using our Safari extension.
• Whitelist websites you love.
• All your blocking preferences are automatically synced over iCloud.
• Create your own custom blocker rules (hide page elements, block sites, and cookies).


1Blocker is a leading content blocker for iOS and macOS. It has been featured in The New York Times, TechCrunch, LifeHacker, and many more. What our customers say:

• “Must have app for all iOS users.” — linzycumbia
• “Does exactly what you want it to do, and the customer support is fantastic. Highly recommended.” — Blocky McBlockerson
• “Since Sep 2015, I've tested *at least* 15 content blockers (iPad and iPhone). In my opinion, 1Blocker is the most effective, customizable, and feature-rich iOS Content Blocker in the App Store.” — reedrobertson


While most other extensions block content by filtering elements of already downloaded page, 1Blocker uses modern WebKit blocking technology to tell Safari in advance what should be blocked. This vastly improves efficiency and saves battery life.


1Blocker is not a VPN or proxy server, it can't see what web pages you visit and doesn't expose your privacy.

We are fully supported by our users — we don't make deals with advertisers or sell your data to publishers.


The free version of 1Blocker allows one group of blockers (e.g. "Block Ads" or "Block Trackers") to be used at the same time. So if you just want to block ads, you can do that without upgrading to Pro. To be able to activate multiple packages of blockers simultaneously, in-app purchase is required.


We love hearing from you! Send your feedback at @1BlockerApp on Twitter or email [email protected]

Block ads, trackers & more with 1Blocker App Description & Overview

The applications Block ads, trackers & more with 1Blocker was published in the category Utilities on 2015-09-16 and was developed by Salavat Khanov. The file size is 36.34 MB. The current version is 1.3 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Hello again, dear customer! In this update, we're excited to finally release a new feature which makes blocking annoying content on websites really easy. Right in 1Blocker Safari extension, you can now simply tap on any page element — like sidebar, site logo or subscription box — to hide it.

Customizing your favorite websites has never been easier.

Moreover, there are a few subtle improvements throughout the app which make the experience of using 1Blocker so much better. For example, you can now search rules not only by their name, but also by domains to which they are applied.

As always, we've also updated our preinstalled blocker ruleset and fixed many common issues with popular websites. Here are a few examples:
- Links on Macworld can now be accessed as normal.
- Comments on Trello and Airbnb are no longer blocked.
- Email subscription links open correctly in Safari.

Important: please launch the app to apply new preinstalled rules.

We love hearing from you! Send your feedback at @1BlockerApp on Twitter.

If you enjoy browsing the web with 1Blocker, please take a moment to leave a review on the App Store. Previous ratings are tied to app versions, so every review really matters. Thank you for your continuous feedback and support.

P.S. We have many awesome features planned for future versions of the app, stay tuned!

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Block ads, trackers & more with 1Blocker Reviews

Shane Leveille

Needs update.  Shane Leveille  3 star

There's lots of cool options with this app but I wish it did a better job. Websites are already starting to get around the app and there hasn't been an update for months. If they did I'd give it 5 stars but it seems the owners have abandoned the app and are raking in the cash...


It blocks!  Gregron  4 star

Great blocker that works as advertised. Only strange thing is that it randomly has some entire benign sites blocked like all of


Not adapting fast enough  Jackx36  3 star

Ads are creeping in all over. Developers need to step it up.


Safari whitescreen fixed  xjames212x  5 star

Still haven't fixed the issue of safari white screens, going on over a year. UPDATE: Haven't gotten a whitescreen in a month. Very happy with 1b now.


Best-in-show  dsposter  5 star

Great app; highly customizable and frequently updated


Don't Invest  Gonzo_909  1 star

I recently purchased the premium version of this app. I also read reviews raving how great the app was. I tested it against how well it blocked ads from common sites and it worked. However, when I tested it against youtube (the site via safari) it failed! I still saw ads and was very disappointed. I will not get my $4.99 back. Get Blockbear or Aqua for free since they will do a far better job blocking youtube ads. If by default youtube ads get blocked, the developers will redeem themselves and get a 5 star review.


I just can't get it to block anything  Andyr354  1 star

I have it enabled properly, but nothing is blocked at all.


Love it  mikazalita  5 star

Just what we wanted.


Had to reinstall  PonderingBob  4 star

Wasn't working. Reinstalled and it seems fine now.


Customization galore  0xFACEBEEF  5 star

1Blocker is amazing and gives the user so much control over the behavior of the blocker. Great work


carlos francavilla cafrancavilla 3 star

@firefox: Firefox Focus: so those shoes you checked out won’t follow you around the web. Block unwanted ads & their trackers! .…


Juraci P. Kröhling jpkrohling 3 star

@firefox: Firefox Focus: so those shoes you checked out won’t follow you around the web. Block unwanted ads & their trackers! .…


RockinSportz JamesDownie1 3 star

@firefox: Firefox Focus: so those shoes you checked out won’t follow you around the web. Block unwanted ads & their trackers! .…

[Name withheld]

Best in Class  [Name withheld]  5 star

This is a solid app and by far the most customizable ad blocker I have seen—with great support. Every time I send these guys a question I get a swift, detailed, and helpful reply. Be aware that due to Apple's laudable privacy protections, the API they provide imposes some limitations on how ad blockers can detect and block ads; however, 1Blocker seems to work hard to get as much out of this API as possible. You would be hard-pressed to find a better ad-blocking & privacy tool.


Stopped working  WhySoDevious  1 star

No longer hides ads.


Amazing  propx  5 star

Best thing after sex


Great App - New Feature Idea  Progcrazy  5 star

This functions great as a ad-blocker. It leverages the built-in iOS Content Blocker setting. Purchased once I saw how well it works. I would love to see if the developers could implement blocking rules for "Content-Types" so I could block specific content types (e.g. application/JavaScript) as a rule then white-list the domains I want to trust. Please implement feature.


Great blocker but new feature does not work.  BCap  3 star

Selected element to "hide" and saved. Pop up still there. Did nothing. Please fix


Most customizable content blocker  David_Burns_Red  5 star

I'm really impressed with how well this app blocks ads and other unwanted stuff. The customizable interface looks promising too. The Hide Page Elements feature is the greatest thing to happen to the web since Ad Blocker. Thank you so much!


Best Content Blocker with responsive developer  G77777777777777777!  5 star

Best Content Blocker with great responsive developer

Abe Rad

Great Update!  Abe Rad  5 star

Love the new "beta" feature to select page elements to block. Great Job!


Nice blocker, but bugs limit its flexibility  robotspacer  3 star

This app has all the features I want in an ad blocker. One of the best things is its flexibility—you can disable all the rules and then turn on only the ones you want. Unfortunately the "disable all rules on this package" option does not work for me in the "Block Ads" package when iCloud is enabled. The rules are briefly disabled and then all become enabled again. As a result the flexibility the app tries to offer is not really available to me.


Fantastic update  Holo_wolf  5 star

The ability to easily pick and hide elements in the latest update blows me away. I love it.

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