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Precision Ukulele Tuner - with Chords & Metronome download

Precision Ukulele Tuner uses your device's microphone and visual feedback to enable you to tune your ukulele with extreme precision. This dedicated, easy-to-use, and extremely accurate application will have you playing in no time!


Taking full advantage of the beautiful retina display, Precision Ukulele Tuner uses pixel-perfect vector graphics to provide you with an unrivalled visual representation of string oscillation.


Advanced low-latency real time animation reacts instantly to your input, and smoothing technology prevents any erratic behaviour.


Being able to tune to 1/1000 of a cent, this app is seriously accurate! The intelligent automatic string recognition provides a no-fuss solution to tuning. Additionally, it is possible to target individual strings when changing strings or tuning entirely.


Every single aspect of this app has been designed to ease the task of tuning your ukulele. Simplicity is key. Sporting a sleek, cleverly designed interface, the amount of screen tapping is kept to an absolute minimum. It is even possible to tune without tapping a single thing. Just open the app, tune, and play beautiful music.


Unlike a lot of other tab software, this app doesn’t rely on large pre-written databases, instead, it calculates and draws tabs in real time. Armed with knowledge of the human hand and musical composition, this newly built-in tab generator can create every variation of any chord in any tuning (this includes your very own custom tunings)! You will be shown exactly where to place your fingers, and the tab generator can even take the presence of a capo into account!


There are no in-app purchases - nor are there any annoying adverts. Instead, what you get is a feature-rich app!

11 different tunings are included that cater for the following types of ukulele:
• Sopranino
• Soprano
• Concert (Alto)
• Tenor
• Baritone

But if that isn’t enough, create and save your own tunings! You can even use emojis to make them more recognizable!

The app also includes a fully customizable metronome, a plucked string sampler, and a tone generator. The tuner itself is configurable in a surprising number of ways! This isn’t just a tuner, but an incredible multi-tool for beginners and professionals alike!


“Any and every ukulele player needs this app! It's phenomenal and tunes my uke perfectly every time!”

“My uke was way out of tune, and I hate tuning it because it always takes too long. But this app got my uke tuned perfectly in 2 minutes!”

“I just started to fool around with a ukulele. Couldn't find my old guitar tuner so searched for an app. Tried a couple before this one. Save yourself some time. This is the app you want.”

“I spent 12 dollars on an electric tuner and this app honestly did me so much better than that. It's totally worth it man just do it”

“My ukulele finally sounds great. Tried other apps and my ukulele sounded like my cat when she's hungry. Worth the money. Just buy it so you don't waste time searching through all the "really not free apps.””

“As a new ukulele player I need an tuner. I didn't want to spend to much so I looked for free ones. The best free app tuner I could find was great but it was almost always off and never heard the correct note. So I tried this one it was cheap so I got it. It was worth it my ukulele sounded perfect. I love it so much. I will never delete it ever.”

"Was dubious at first for having a tuner app, but this is incredibly accurate and does the job just as a clip on tuner would! Very pleased with it."

"This is one of those apps that just works. The simple interface lets you choose your instrument and tuning type, and the dial at the top lets you quickly home in on a perfectly tuned note. It also detects which string you are trying to tune automatically, which means you don’t have to touch your phone again while tuning."

Precision Ukulele Tuner - with Chords & Metronome App Description & Overview

The applications Precision Ukulele Tuner - with Chords & Metronome was published in the category Music on 2015-07-02 and was developed by Timothy Knight. The file size is 46.78 MB. The current version is 3.1.0 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Another huge update!

The new Tuning Editor enables you to create and save your very own tunings!

An intelligent tab generator that can calculate, and draw, every variation of every chord in any tuning (this includes your own custom tunings)!

The tuner now features a very handy ‘Left-Handed Mode’, and tabs can be inverted so that left-handed users can better assimilate them.

The new and improved noise mitigation system will now let you know if your immediate surroundings are too noisy for adequate tuning.

The microphone sensitivity slider now features a noise indicator; enabling you to home in on the ideal sensitivity.

To make things easier, tunings are now separated into their respective ukulele body types.

Not only has the interface improved visually, it has also had a few logical navigation adjustments.

Help popovers have been added to guide new users.

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Precision Ukulele Tuner - with Chords & Metronome Reviews


Great!  cftjxtrxh  5 star

I’ve gotten many ukulele apps and by far this ones my favorite!! It’s super easy to use and worth the download, 5/5 stars!


Difficult/not really worth it  Grace0078  2 star

I bought this app to tune my ukelele thinking it would great. Turns out not. It kept saying too high or too low and i would adjust it but it would never be perfect. It is so annoying to waste $2 on this app when it never tells me the strings are tuned perfectly. NOT WORTH IT


So handy!  ChubbyCyclist  5 star

I normally have my clip on tuner on hand, but not always. This works beautifully. I also play around with it to see if my voice is in tune. The Kala Waterman that I keep in my truck gets tunes by this exclusively. Great app.

Ukulele player 1234

Buy it👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻  Ukulele player 1234  5 star

It’s great this is the only ukulele tuner app that actually worked its worth the 1:99


It actually works!  EPartnow  5 star

Finally! I’ve tried several freebies and they all malfunctioned—if not immediately, soon thereafter. This one is solid.


Excellent Ukulele Tuner & More  dobrogator  5 star

I teach guitar and ukulele and other instruments. I used to use Snark tuners exclusively. However, since getting this app - I no longer use Snark. I always have my iPhone with me and battery charged. It is fast to open the app and have student quickly check and adjust tuning. As a BIG added plus - there are 100’s of chords shown on the app in various positions. It has a nice metronome as well to help student to use a nice steady tempo when learning new strum patterns or reading music with challenging timings. Great app with good visual and audio cues. Highly recommended!


Cute, organized, and easy!  04_stitch_  5 star

I love this app! I got a ukulele for Christmas, and needed to get a tuner on my phone, so I downloaded a bunch of different ones, and they all had ads, it wasn’t easy, and they didn’t have the auto tune where it knows which string you’re on. I decided to get the one that wasn’t free because it was probably better since it costed money, and I was right! Thanks for making this app!

Matt Turpin

Seems more precise than competitors  Matt Turpin  5 star

The tuner on this app really makes you work for perfection with minute adjustments, and the results are worth it. Other tuners will tell you you’re all set when this one would say you’re good, but this app has a higher perfect threshold that’s well worth aiming for. Best tuner I’ve tried.


Accurate and all around perfect  Karen&KC  5 star

When I first got my ukulele I had no idea how to tune it I looked through a couple apps and none were accurate or costed money then I got this one and my problem was completely fixed I HIGHLY recommend this app.


Awesome  Tonytytyty  5 star

I love it!

alec mack

No complaints  alec mack  5 star

Allows perfect tuning of any size uke. Works fine on my iPad. Haven't tried on iPhone yet.


Doesn't work  Gannub  1 star

Waste of money. Doesn't work at all

Ukee Masta

I paid and regret..  Ukee Masta  1 star

I just download and deleted.. can I get refund?


This app actually works!!!  _Happy_Dolphin_  5 star

I recently got a ukulele and didn’t know how to tune it on my own, but with the app its simple, fun, and easy! Now I can tune it without having to ask for help, and for only $1.99 its a really great deal for the quality it gives!


Crashing  Skyperrrrr  1 star

Keeps crashing. Can anyone help me solve this problem?

That Ray Guy

Uke App is SOLID  That Ray Guy  5 star

No frills app works well. Has just enough features to keep newbies going and experts happy. Very easy to use. No frustrations. Free is OK - but this is worth the very reasonable low price. Thanks programmer - you did good

Hello every won

I don’t know how this is supposed to happen  Hello every won  4 star

I kept tuning it up until I couldn’t tune it up anymore so please either coach me or fix your app I’m really trying to not be rude so sorry =(


Tenor tuning!  mvfkdo  5 star

I love to use this app to tune my tenor ukulele!

Huff Le Puff

Excellent  Huff Le Puff  5 star

I got a ukulele for Christmas and didn’t know how to tune or play it. I found the tuner helpful and the chords easy and fun to play. 🎼


AMAZING APP  Disneypincrazy17  5 star

i never write reviews but this app definitely deserves it!! i just got my Uke a few days ago and i was clueless on how to tune it. by watching a few YouTube videos, then buying this app, it finally worked. i’ve tried a few tuners before, and they didn’t seem to work as well. this is well worth $1.99!!

Lil Neeka

Amazing!!!  Lil Neeka  5 star

Easy to use and works amazing!!!!! Love it!!!

Peter Yorgin

Great app for my Uke adventures  Peter Yorgin  5 star

The tuner is very easy to use and arranged in a commonsense way. Found the cord information to be very helpful. I also find the pulse and sustained tones to be very useful in tuning the ukulele. It works well for my baritone and soprano ukuleles. An indispensable tool for ukulele lovers for $1.99. Great value, easy to use, does what it says - what more can I say?


Awesome  JulieGia  5 star

Works so well










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