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What is plenty of fish dating app? Plenty of Fish Free Dating (POF) is where singles have more conversations than any other dating app.

POF is more than just a dating app. It’s an experience.

POF is designed to help singles find happy relationships! We have the most FREE features including MeetMe, Livestream, Chat and more to meet singles and include unique icebreakers to start engaging conversations! With POF, you’re 2.7x more likely to enter a conversation within your first 24 hours! Join now, and start chatting with singles nearby.

With our new FREE Livestream feature, POF Live! you can now make more meaningful connections and meet singles near you.

We also have the most FREE features to help you start dating! You might know someone who's in a relationship/dating because of a match they found on Plenty of Fish. It's your turn!

- Swipe and Match with singles you like using MeetMe
- Browse singles around you for FREE and vote Yes on those you like
- Spark a conversation using unique icebreakers
- Send and receive unlimited messages for FREE
- Watch singles Livestream on POF Live! and make new connections with in-stream messaging
+ More features than we have room to tell you about!

Plenty of Fish is the preferred singles dating app because you can view matches AND communicate with them for FREE (unlike the paid dating apps). Unlike smaller dating apps, Plenty of Fish has the most users and thus, the highest chance for you to find your relationship!

The Plenty of Fish Dating App has the most users, generates the best results and is FREE. Tap GET and Join Now!

Happy Fishing!

POF is part of the Match Group portfolio which also includes Tinder,, Hinge, OkCupid, Twoo, Meetic, and OurTime.

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Plenty of Fish Dating Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Plenty of Fish Dating Version 18.0020 April 2022

- Enjoy POF with fewer bugs and improved stability.

Plenty of Fish Dating Version 17.6122 February 2022

- Enjoy POF with fewer bugs and improved stability.

Plenty of Fish Dating Version 17.2016 December 2021

- Enjoy POF with fewer bugs and improved stability.

Plenty of Fish Dating Comments & Reviews 2022

- Needs some changes

Couple of things, the Your Matches should not be showing me a majority of users that ‘Wouldn’t Date a Smoker’ when one lists that they smoke often. It’s a total waste of my time to be reviewing these profiles to find at the very bottom the person wouldn’t date a smoker. Not to mention, this information is hidden to non-upgraded users, so if one is not upgraded, how much time are they wasting for the other person sending messages to someone that would never date them? This should also be an option in the refine search. Speaking of the search, if a person puts in show me users within X amount of miles, don’t automatically expand the search if there are not enough users within that parameter. If I’m only going to date people with 25 Miles of me why would you expand the search and show me people 100 miles away?? If there is not enough users that fit my parameters fine, show me the ones that do and stop. Time is valuable to everyone and there are features of this app that waste a ton of it with results that just don’t fit what you’re looking for because you arbitrarily decide to mix in.

- Disappointed

I have been an on and off member for a while now of Plenty of fish on a friends recommendation. So I gave it a go not knowing what a mess I was walking into. Literally the only people I ever “matched” with were hookers or escorts. While the search wasn’t as bad as some it was kind of terrible. It never took into account where you were when looking for matches only where the majority of people were so if you weren’t in Seattle or Tacoma it would recommend a million people in Seattle and Tacoma because that’s apparently where everyone lives. It did give some recommendations near where I was but the digging I had to go through to find them was cruel. Then when you match someone and it could be a person! Nope, next thing you know your inbox is full of “hey sexy I’m an escort in your area!”... no just no while sending you your profile picture. And at least on the guys side you can’t get rid of your matches, I looked and looked and looked hoping to find where to narrow down my matches so it didn’t constantly say over a dozen, those dozen being the hookers that won’t go away. I know girls unmatched me but I can’t I match them so I’m stuck having to look at the escorts forever unable to delete them. And then as your going through the “meet me” side of it you decline someone and then three swipes later the same exact person appears in front of you. I just declined you? How many profiles do you have to show up that many times that quickly?

- The review

Where do I begin let’s start with your personal programs that you have added into your system with all the fake profiles the fake likes only to try to generate people to pay monies for things they don’t need like your meat meat program aside from that all of the prostitution fake profiles and your scammer profiles all from Guam and places of that sort or Ghana You also have a few people who try to put a party together for their local bar and a Call it a mixer for POF people however it’s a joke and 90% of the time it’s a sausage fest let me give me the first big reason why you put it in the slums of the city pub or a bar that has no class at all is it going to attract classy upscale nicer people people don’t want to go somewhere park the car and worry about it being broken into just to try to meet someone that you’ve never met before it isn’t worth the risk also you should have some kind a real program in there where people have to upgrade your profile at least monthly so we’re not having pictures from 10 years ago when they first joined this is just the beginning of My complaints as I’ve said in many of my messages I’ve sent to you to get people kicked off the site or even block them you should be paying me to help educate you on making your profile a true wonderful place to meet people because it’s actually more like a swap with all the fake profiles and the scamming that you yourself do as a company POF you should be ashamed of yourself

- Sorely disappointed

I'm a paying customer because it was the only way for me to see who were supposedly wanting to meet me. Some I've messaged to simply say hi and they are bogus accounts or fake people pretending to be the person on their profile. Also my messages don't even get sent out to people I actually do find interesting enough to message. This dating site feels like a scam.. I've been a member more than once in the hopes of meeting cool folks.. but I'm being showing my matches are people that are way too young, or the opposite sex, and the constant glitches are ridiculous the app works intermittently. Before being a paying customer I had all the people supposedly wanting to meet me.. now I'm a paying member and nothing happens., then you want more money for some other feature to be seen first... or more...Like really guys.., the key is to keep customers coming back or spreading the word so that you get positive feedback and more clients. My membership is over in Aug.. which I'm sure on my last date before it expires .. I will mysteriously get people wanting to meet me. This app is like a fake gas station.. you pay for services not rendered... some of us have no time to find dates on the outside and the dating site is more feasible... now I'm not so sure.. and I waited and put off many times to give a review because I kept hoping for a different outcome.. no bueno, I don't recommend this dating site unless you have time to chat with a fake person or looking to screw.

- Been using the service for 1 full year now.

As the title says, I’ve been using the service for one full year now and even have done so as an upgraded member (which I will not be renewing my upgraded status). I admittedly commend the POF customer service people for swiftly removing bogus profiles (there’s a disgusting amount of them). However, that leads me to point out one big flaw the site has, approving obviously bogus profiles. When you make a profile you have to wait for it to be approved making sure it follows the sites terms, however, a substantial amount of profiles breaking just about every rule in their TOS flood the site regularly. What is the point of the profile approval process if they don’t thoroughly review the profiles before approving them? It’s a good thing this site has so many features for free users that are lacking on competing services such Match, because without those the site wouldn’t be worth the time or effort to wade through all the profiles with “NSA/FWB”, or “contact me on KIK!” In their bios. All that aside, the app itself runs smoothly and I’ve rarely have issues being able to get where I need to or clicking on things. It has crashed a couple times and occasionally runs slow, but those are more or less minor inconveniences. The bottom line, do give the site and app a shot as a free user cause you’ll have nothing to lose, but don’t make the mistake I did and waste your money on being an upgraded user.

- Worst Dating App Ever

This app is so convoluted and discombobulated like no other dating app I’ve ever come across to-date! There’s so much going on in so many different areas and too many options that I don’t even know where to look for what or who half the time (and I’m a techie kind of guy); and I’ve been on plenty of the other dating apps before. Plus I’m in a major metropolitan area and the matches weren’t quite what I was expecting. It’s so bad that I even had two and a half months left remaining on my membership and I still deleted this app. BUT here’s another and MAIN reason I deleted it as well; there is NO option for you to delete your account at all. Yes, sure they will allow you to cancel your subscription... but that’s not the same as deleting your account. I didn’t want my account just left out there if I’m no longer using the app; I wanted an option to delete it like EVERY other dating app provides you with. So then (for me and my preferences), I had to go into each single area and put in different info and/or wipe out the info it would actually allow for. This might not be an issue for some... but to each their own. Two things I do not appreciate with any membership or subscription is: 1) You have to “call them” to delete your account (which POF doesn’t even do that) or 2) You do not have the option to delete your account from the app or even online. That’s a no-go for me!

- Complete waste of time.

I have messaged people on this app for a while now and received but one reply. This reply was from a bot trying to advertise. The time spent trying to create an account (putting your heart and soul into it) so you can hopefully meet someone that you would spend the rest of your life with is a waste. If you do not subscribe for paid services, you will be trolled by the app itself with random bot accounts. You will see people who are interested and want to meet but won’t find out that these people are obvious bots. Once you find matches you will go through an endless supply of “people” logging on to say they are interested and want to meet up but, they will never respond to your messages. The messages will go unread forever. This is Weird because if they were interested and wanted to meet then, they would respond. Also, I have been added to “people’s” favorite list at least 20 times over the past two days. Once you subscribe and try to find out who these matches are that found you so are let down because their account was deleted or removed by POF. Seems like a scam to give the perception that someone is always looking. If you want to waste your time and money....well really....your and pay for this app. I’m not sure what the legitimacy was given by the comments previous to mine but, they are wrong. Please don’t waste your time on this app.

- You will have to pay for this in time

THIS IS NOT FREE. You cannot do almost anything, see who likes you, click on profiles to look at those who like you etc. unless you pay for their service. This is set up so you can infrequently match with some locals, but inevitable need to buy a subscription to effectively communicate with anyone or even just browse profiles. Technically, yes, you can get away with doing this entirely free, but what really is free is setting up and having your profile. If you want to legitimately meet anyone, go ahead and just buy the subscription because you will have to, they make you. They even give people the option to only receive messages from upgraded accounts, which is pretty much all the legitimate accounts on here. While in the app, most of the functions lead you to a link to buy their subscription, and you cannot do anything other than watch people on live stream or browse through their selection of “potential matches” which 99% of the time will not include anyone who has already liked you, forcing you to pay for a premium membership just to see these members. I would give this app zero stars for misleading all of their users, but sadly I cannot. Outside of this huge issue, I would still only give the app 3 stars.

- God Awful App

This app is one of the worst “dating” apps, if you can qualify it as such, on the market. First, there are next to no profiles in my area. Most of the profiles that show up are for people in the next state over. On top of that, the girls on there are of about the trashiest quality out there. On the homepage you can see a list of possible profiles to look at down at the bottom, but in the rare chance you see someone interesting after clicking another option, when you go back to the homepage the list of profiles has been shuffled and there are “new” profiles to look at. On top of that, I never had a conversation with an actual person. If I messaged someone I never got a response back, and the only profiles that messaged me first were bots trying to get me to sign up for their porn virus link. There are so many bots. Developers, please find a better set of algorithms or whatever to screen profiles before they sign up. The user interface is ugly looking from a graphic designer’s perspective. Don’t waste your money on premium either, I thankfully didn’t as I could tell it was already going to be a waste. The only real benefit of premium is you can message certain profiles that have blocked themselves from being messaged by the basic free account I signed up with. All in all, don’t waste your time with this app, you’re never gonna find someone on it, unless you like viruses from bots.

- Website Not User friendly/terrible customer service

I started to create a profile on POF a long time ago but was stopped in the middle of the process and never completed it. Nonetheless I get emails from POF about new matches. One day, I decided to log back into the account and just delete it. My password didn’t work so assuming I had forgotten it since it had been a long time since I signed in, I used the option to reset my password via email. I received the email for reset, followed the instructions and successfully updated my password. However, when I tried to sign in with the new password, it said my credentials were incorrect. I tried to sign in multiple times to make sure I wasn’t mis-keying my password, but had no luck. I tried to reset my password again. No luck. I decided to contact customer service which is difficult to find out how to do. Contact for support is nowhere in their website. I reached out to them on Twitter and they said they responded to me via email. I check my email. They tell me the account is inactive and I need to sign up again. I try to sign up again. It says my email is already in use. I tell them this. They say I’ve updated my profile and it’s active but I didn’t because I was never able to log in and I couldn’t create a new profile. I try to reset the password again. Reset was successful again yet I still can’t log in. Still no resolution.

- Sort your life out mate!

Most things about this site are pretty good and standard. But there are a couple of issues I think need to be addressed. I have noticed that I just cannot send certain messages, or I cannot send messages at all, to certain people. Pof should, in no way, get to decide, or even provide provisions to not allow people to just message certain people. Just like in real life, people surprise you and turn out to not be what you expected and possibly someone you turn out to be interested in. The feature that prevents you from messaging certain people because ‘you’re not what they’re looking for’ should be removed. The people responsible for controlling certain aspects of this app do not have any interest in your personal endeavors and should not restrict the parameters of those endeavors as they are not aware of anything that pertains to a reasonable decision to act on anything more than the basics. You’re not Cupid’s or match makers.. you’re a bunch of people who know software enough to have that job. Therefore none of your decisions should play into any kind of restrictions placed on me or any other user. You’re providing a service. What good is your service when it prevents people from doing what they reasonably expected they could? Not good is the answer.

- Horrible and disappointing

I have used this app for many years and its by far the worst app i have ever used to start it kept deleting my profile out of no where so i would have to create a new one every other day so i had stopped using it i literally went 2 whole years without using it because of that i just recently created a new profile 2 days ago and the app still is disappointing first i got sever messages by the app its self saying my pictures were inappropriate when they were just regular pictures of me and they deleted my pictures off my profile because they also said that it was not me in the picture🙄🙄🙄 then i got another message saying that i got reported for harassing another member when i had just made the profile and i haven't even got a message or talked to anyone on the app like how is that even possible and also when i talk to some one we can talk but after a certain while it wont let me talk or reply to any messages it wont let me like people’s profiles or anything and if some one messages me i cant reply o say nothing to them at all the app does not let me if you guys really want people to upgrade and pay the monthly subscription to pay for the full POF app you might want to consider fixing all that before because i really wanted to pay for it but not if this continues to happen all the time its annoying🙄🙄🙄

- Deleted my account and won’t be going back!!

This site has went to pure $#!T. I deleted my account earlier tonight and I won’t be back. The # of fake profiles are astounding!! They used to REQUIRE your main photo to be a CLEAR photo of your face but that’s went by the wayside and so many women use signs, dogs, cars, scenery and all sorts of other things as their profile photo. Those women are STUPID!!! I'm a man and I've been a non-paying member for years. POF used to be a really good site, but over the past few years I have seen so many fake accounts it's not funny. Here lately I've been seeing all kinds of accounts with nude women promoting sex sites and it's disgusting. What used to be a good site has now turned to garbage. It's just a matter of time before this site loses its traffic of real people and just goes down. I have reported all the profiles I have seen and yet they are still there!! I thought profiles/photos had to be reviewed before they could show up!?!? Somewhere along the line things have changed and the ball got dropped and now you see so many fake/scam/porn profiles it's not funny. I won't pay for any personal site just because this is what seems to happen to everyone of them. I'm thinking about deleting my account due to all the fakes. The search/match feature is useless in my opinion. I put in what I'm looking for and get everything but that!!

- Lesson learned, don’t even bother

Been using POF for a few years now. The app works fine it’s the company that gets zero stars. 10 million active users is a lie, I’m guessing from my searches on the pc that tell you if they are online, online today, online in the last week, online within thirty days, then all the others. All the other profiles that have not logged within the last thirty days is absurd. It’s false advertising. Then the meet me feature, they send unpaid profiles, “me” emails that specially tell you who sent it. Then you go to the meet me part of the app, WOW they are either the first or second choice. You click on the meet me, another WOW you matched, ROFLMFAO, I have messaged several asking about their choice. 1 in 25 said yes, the other 24 never responded back. Now to the scammers, catfishers, prostitution, thieves, and liars. It’s just not worth the hassle. My suggestion, purge your inactive profiles, delete them, put a time limit on inactive accounts. That would not be good for advertising, that’s not going to happen. Instead they will have people like me that will no longer use their service, if asked will tell everyone to stay away. You would have more luck at a bar. I’m sure you have seen this, POF stands for plenty of fakes. That is a very true statement. I should have listened to my friends when they gave me the advice to stay away. Nobody is this lonely.

- My last choice for a dating site...

This site is full of trashy people. I used this site and app for a good amount of time, even when I dated someone for a period of months I kept my profile in tact until I felt things were more serious. Having said that, I have some time invested and this is my experience. My profile was classy and very clearly showed my intent for long term, and that I'm family oriented, yet.. -The site is full of obnoxious guys who were dishonest, fake profiles, or had plain disgusting behavior, and I constantly had to sift through this crap. -I received way too many messages from guys who were clearly looking for a hook up along with other inappropriate messages. POF doesn't seem to care that I had to deal with these jerks constantly when I'm not displaying anything to invite that kind of harassment. It is harassment and it gets old. -I finally got fed up and responded to the last jerk who asked if I wanted any D (you can figure this one out I'm sure), and I said, I wish you were dead. A week or so later POF appears to have closed my account. Wouldn't be surprised if that gross pig of a man is still active on there though. In the end, thank you POF for closing it. I signed up elsewhere and the difference in quality of people is significantly noticeable. I only regret that I didn't try other sites sooner. What a waste of a decent persons time.

- Scam scam scam

This used to be a pretty good site/app I met quite a few people on here in the past. This app has changed for the worse and keeps getting worse. I never wrote a review till now because I tried on and off hoping this app would go back to the good it was. It just never happened. People scammers I mean advertise pornography, prostitution, etc. First off that’s illegal second this was and is supposed to be just a dating site. That’s disgusting this app developer does not monitor that issue and ban these false advertisers for being on this site. The only reason I give this app a two out of five stars and not one or even zero is and was because I did meet people on here. Some good some not so good meet ups/ dates but that is dating and that is how this app used to be run. Either way I’m writing this review cause I did try this site a couple of times again hoping it would go back to the way it used to be but just did not happen. Anyone real in general trying to find someone on pof chances are very slim in my opinion because there’s a lot of scammers on this app. Will they fix it? I don’t know but I will not be back or try this app ever again. Plus I did have an upgraded account that I did pay for but again I got ripped off money wise, time wise, and in general of the purpose of dating wise. I will not be back on this plenty of fish app ever again.

- Scammer Central.

POF, by far, has the most FAKE PROFILES I’ve ever seen on a dating site. I’ve had to report 15 profiles in the last three days and I don’t think POF is doing anything about it. They reach out to you and send you weblinks to porn, or sometimes straight up prostitution. I made the mistake of paying for the service but will certainly it be renewing. Buyer beware. You could do better with another service. Update: Seriously, steer clear of this app. I just came back to update my review after a month of usage. I’ve had to report 22 profiles in the last 3 weeks for being fake, scammers, prostitutes looking for business, etc. I have sent several emails to POF about this, asking if they take down fake profiles and all I get back in a generic form email thanking me for reporting the issue. I checked some of the profiles I’ve reported over two weeks ago and they are still there. Also, it’s such a sausage fest, as a lot of these sites are apparently, that people don’t read your messages. I’ve spoken to women on the site that day they get so many messages, that messages they receive get buried. Even after you pay the monthly subscription, which I did, they tell you to pay more money on top of that to get your messages put to the top of the line. All in all, don’t waste your time or money on this. There’s much better ones out there.

- Too Many Scammers.

I get almost daily emails from women that state their age to be between 50 and 70 but their pics are of 20 or 30 somethings. Then their profiles are almost word for word the same. Bad use of words and broken English. They immediately request a phone number yo text. I've gone along with a couple of them and within 5 or 6 texts they're asking for money. Under my weekly matches there are rarely women that even come close to what I'm looking for. Under Want To Meet Me, well they rarely requested to meet me. POF made the request not them. Most of the women that are shown to me are from quite a ways away although my search states a max of 100 miles away. I'd say that 90% of the women that I contact don't answer back. They put their profile up and some almost beg for responses but if my profile doesn't fit their mold they don't answer. To me that's downright RUDE. And most of the women that do contact me do it with two words. HEY THERE, yet they want you to write them an essay......just for them not to answer. With all of that said I have been on a few dates from this site but haven't met my soulmate yet.

- An extremely outdated app

POF is a perfectly fine dating app. It allows you to sign up, search, message and pretty much use all aspects of the website/app entirely for free. The problem is the app hasn’t had an update in years (it’s the same app I used when I tried POF out 5-6 years ago). They may do updates for bugs but the general design looks like something out of a bygone era of geocity websites. On the website you can send any length message you want, on the app messages simply don’t send after 80ish letters, there’s no gestures for swiping back a page (the entire app is button press designed and it’s horribly dated), anyone you’ve messaged still shows in the search listing and you have no idea if you’ve ever messaged them before (this includes blocked members), the app is EXTREMELY slow (being it was optimized for an iPhone 4/5 and not current phones), the “whose online” search listing is completely inaccurate and will show members who are currently online sandwiched between members who haven’t logged on in years, the “meetme” is exclusively used my bots and blows your phone up with notifications from nonexistent users, notification settings can’t be changed in the app, etc etc etc. It’s a solid dating website that is plagued by an unbelievably outdated, unoptimized and extremely user unfriendly app.

- App Works Fine, Platform is Flawed

As an application Plenty of Fish does what you would expect. The notifications work properly, the user interface while nothing exceptional or noteworthy gets the job done, and performance is responsive the majority of the time. One major issue though seems to be consistency. Portions of the app have been updated to meet a newer era design standard while other sections of the applications still match the website which is quickly becoming archaic in appearance and function. However as a platform the site is deeply flawed and I cannot recommend it. As others have mentioned the search parameters are often ignored if the search does not meet a nebulous criteria for minimum number of results. Over time the amount and type of information the platform displays has changed with little rhyme or reason. One of the biggest problems I have encountered is the sheer amount of spam bots and false profiles. On average I would say 3/4 of my matches are with profiles that are not real users and rather just a bot designed to get you to click a risky link. This level of turnover is unacceptable and goes to show the lack of scrutiny on behalf of POF. Overall there are much better dating platforms out there. I would seriously consider one of them before coming to fish in this sea.

- Pointless

Basically if you aren't above a 7, have a robust lifestyle, have six figure salary, and a guy.. Don’t bother.. not even just for the woman who only seek superficial relationships but pretend they have integrity by lamenting that they don't want hook ups and only want a “real man”... yet still only swipe right on 7+s and men that either blatantly lie about their life for matches or just happen to be 6 foot tall etc. oh and 95% of your matches will be fake/scam/porn profiles ... basically if it looks to good to be true.. it is.. its actually quite pathetic though how far these scammers are reaching now.... now they are impersonating below average woman to make it seem more likely they’d actually swipe right... chances are they wouldn’t because most females on these apps have unrealistic expectations/standards... but then again, whoever manages this app virtually does nothing to exemplify this issue.. Ive been matched with the same person several times.. each time with a different name.. and goes the same nearly every time.. macro intro ...” whats up” “hey” etc. you say hi... and they respond with a PHONE NUMBER... then you proceed to text them .. then they almost simultaneously send you links to camwhore sites... just don’t waste your time here boys... females on the other hand... well guess that basically goes for every dating app and site in existence

- Over 1 Year User

I’ve used POF for over a year, and it’s well built and I have much more success building a relationship of any kind (friendship or otherwise) with the guys I find on here. I really love this app/site. It took a year for me to have a complaint. There is no way to contact them about a personalized issue that I can find. I just want to email them asking why they removed my main picture. The bot says it didn’t show my face, but that doesn’t seem to make sense to me. I know tons of people who have memes and stuff as their main pic, mine literally just had my hair covering one of my eyes. If that breaks the rules fine, but the real issue at this point is there’s no easy to find place for users to give detailed feedback to the makers of this app/site and dispute issues. And if you’re gonna knit pick girls profile pictures, please do that with the men too. Tons of them don’t have a pic of themselves, or it’s a chest pic which isn’t allowed, or they’re taking a pic with their gun or dead deer or something expensive car they saw in a parking lot, etc. which is clearly stated against the rules, unlike hair covering one eye.

- Tech gone wrong

I’ve used a few of these, including match and okc. I’ve found pof to have more real women on it that are looking to meet and not just have a text buddy while they hang around with their cats. It does have scammers that send you links but I kept reporting and blocking those and they dropped away pretty quick. The search function doesnt usually do anything. It’s really just random. I’m looking for women above 5’10 and it just sends whatever. The app loves randomizing what you see, like every window has a line of visible women in it. These reset on their own so if you saw on in the messages window and went to the message, any women you wanted to look at would be refreshed away. Stupid programming, it can be very frustrating if you see a woman and it deletes her. Bet you’ll never see her again! It also definitely is sending me false “she wants to meet you” pings. Lol you can see on her profile she never viewed you, or she hasnt been online in a week, and women arent sitting there swiping right. I paid to meet real women and that’s fraud. In conclusion the pool of cis women looking to meet is better, but like most things now the app is rendered near useless by faith in garbage algorithms and stupid marketing strategies.

- Hacked

I haven’t used my account in probably over a year and I randomly got emails that I got a message. (A lot of emails that I am still receiving saying the same thing in fact) I figured I must be hacked so I tried logging in to an account who’s information I have long since forgotten but I was able to change my password at least. Then when trying to log in with the new password to see what the heck is going, on it wants me to verify my phone number, but the number was not my own which confirms to me my account has been hacked. I tried to just delete my account from their website that isn’t working either saying I input the wrong information. I’ve tried reaching out twice to the help page regarding the problem of which I received a generic reply saying “it seems like I can’t login” and gave me instructions on how to reset my password. I responded to that reiterating my problem and didn’t hear back. I filed another request for help explaining the problem again around three days ago and again, still haven’t heard back. The lack of haste regarding the issue of my personal information being hacked is unacceptable, I’m an easy going person and almost never leave negative reviews. But a company that has left me feeling violated with still no solution is not one I would recommend.


Please help to end discrimination towards Trans Men or Women on the site- deleting and blocking their accounts is unfair. Find a better way to resolve customer issues and allowing customers to know that their issues will be addressed. HELLO ALL! I am not yelling but want to bring importance to my concerns. THERE ARE SOME MEN on there who have hatred or discriminatory behaviors towards Transgender women, my account was blocked user or reported so I was removed. I ASK that you review and change the conditions of which blocking a person or lying to say something that will cause another’s profile to be deleted to be CHANGED. It is utterly inconveniencing, unfair and a loss of money for upgraded users to pay for services on your site and be removed for non legitimate reasons. If possible may you please change how accounts are DELETED AND RESTORE MY ACCOUNT PAGE! Please also- can you all add a sex selection for TRANSGENDERED individuals so that they may freely express themselves and choose who they really are. PLEASE HELP US ENJOY THE SITE LIKE EVERYONE ELSE AND AS PAID ACCOUNT USERS BY THE WAY. I hope that these recurring issues will be resolved.

- Long list of issues

To start the latest update keeps saying that I don’t have internet access when I do. Can access internet through browser, get on yt etc but the app doesn’t seem to connect!? As far as the app when it does work, it’s gone downhill fast. Most profiles that use the meet me part are all bogus accounts trying to lure you to bs websites. Can’t turn that part off either, the notifications are annoying. Now also seems to be lot of profiles that require you to upgrade to be able to talk to them. Not sure why but that seems like a scam to get you to upgrade. The quality of people are questionable to say the least. I’ve been contacted by prostitutes, people wanting to score drugs and people wanting money, rides or a place to live. It’s like being in a virtual trailer park at this point. Guys are at a huge disadvantage (as on most sites) because the women have a smorgasbord of men to choose from. So unless you have some killer first line then you will never stand out. It’s better to go out and meet people doing real activities rather than sit online and deal with screwed up individuals that lie and hide things about them. No longer worth the hassle considering app doesn’t work and the annoying scam profiles.

- Idk what happened

I used to love this app, it was my go-to dating app. I deleted it for awhile because I ended up getting into a relationship with someone I met from the app. The relationship ended so I decided I would give the app another try. First it wouldn’t let me use my old account because it was saying my information was, which could have been true. But I try to use the ‘forgot password’ link and after I put in my email, it says it will send me a link to reset my password and I never get an email. I check through all of my folders and spam and it’s never in there no matter how many times I request to change my password. So I just figured I’d start over with a new email address. I get logged in and my profile all set up and it’ll work for about an hour. Then I’ll go back in and it’s logged me out somehow. I try to log back in and it tells me my information is incorrect, it shouldn’t be since I just made the profile, I know what my information is, but I try to reset my password on my new account and it does the same thing. I never get an email and it won’t let me access my account. I really wish they would get whatever is happening fixed because I would like to continue using this app.

- The "SEARCH" feature could use a little tweaking

Overall POF isn't too bad as far as a dating site goes. My biggest aggravation with POF however is the "Search" feature. Seems like whenever I try to narrow down my search filters to meet multiple parameters within a closer proximity, like anywhere between 5 to 50 miles, it always reverts back to 100 miles. So I can NEVER see anyone who meets my parameters near where I actually live. The "Search" feature will only let me narrow my distance parameters from where I live to 75 miles.... which to me is still a little nuts. Now I know for a FACT that some profiles MEET my expectations within the closer proximity range. I know this because I have seen them when scrolling through the pages and pages of noise. But POF wont allow the simplified search using multiple filters combo'd with a short distance to my given location. Why? Perhaps the reason it doesn't work for me is because I live in a rural area and POF's programming tries to find me more than just a handful of results. But that'd actually be better for me to view just a handful of results. I'm sure that this aggravation stretches far and wide for others who live in more rural areas as well. Please say you'll make it happen POF.

- To many Fake profiles

I’ve been using this app for a while, and there’s a number of issues that I think need to fixed. 1st the pictures. The profile pics have to be with in a certain guideline. Which a lot of them are not. Example your profile picture has to show your face with no filters of any kind. No topless body shots either. Well that’s what you see in a lot of these, phones covering the face body shot and no shirt 2nd I get messages from the “same” person all the time. But they magically don’t remember either. Even though they sent me a message from a different profile name not more then a minute ago. There a lot of fake people, half the profiles on this app are fake. 3rd to much phishing, no pun intended. Most of the fake profile are sadly posing as military. Example: I’m over seas, and I wont be back in the US yet. But I’d like to know more about you. The question they ask could easily be used to steal your identity. But the icing on the cake, is when they ask you if you have kik or whats app, to get to know you better. Because they are to busy to keep messaging you on the app. both kik and whats app are bad apps and have been used in trafficking. I’m not telling you shouldn’t use it, because I have meet some nice people on here, real people. I’m just saying if you do use it be careful.

- Male review.

They do a good job for a free site. It’s like others, ladies putting up old pics and saying their recent. Some are extremely demanding cause their pretty or whatever. I have been bold faced lied to way too much but that’s what you get for free. Hint: see who’s viewed you after you viewed them first try writing them. Suggest all pics should be 2 yrs old or less as a selfie is pretty easy. When I see 10 yr old pics posted I write them n say take them down, nobody cares. They always have excuses. Look at their worst pic and that’s closest to how they look now. Usually the last pic on the right. This site should push for current pics only as were on an honor system. Try to write a few times, suggest one shorter phone call and then you will learn a lot more if you ask 2 or 3 questions, then maybe a meeting for coffee or lunch. Some are out for a free lunch only and their the liars about the pics. Ask how many meetings they have had too. Ask if they meet Mr right will they eventually move in with him. If her place is full n small then no room for you. Ask yourself if you have room too

- Do not use. It will get hacked!

TLDR; got hacked TWICE and a bot sent a message to everyone in my messages to upgrade the app. I downloaded this app on a Wednesday. I checked it out and I wan’t a fan of the old school layout. It reminded me of an app you’d find in 2007. I checked it out a bit that night. And in the morning when I was back the next morning. My account was gone. Like it never existed. Strange! So I thought maybe it was a glitch. I kept checking in on the app but my credentials weren’t working. On Friday. I decided to try to create one AGAIN. using the same user name and email to see if I was blocked. It let me create a profile and I didn’t think my much of it. Throughout Friday. I checked in on the app and I noticed it said I reply to every single message I received I thought that’s weird I haven’t even opened half of these. I kept trying to check to see what the message was and when I finally found an account that I wasn’t blocked in it was a link that was promoting people to upgrade the app. It sent an automatic message to everyone in my messages which caused people to block me and I lost my account. This happened twice already so be where I wouldn’t download this app if you want your stuff to be hacked all your photos to be erased and for people to block you.

- Too many bots and scammers

A month later site has many naked pictures from bots and duplicate profiles. Scammers are all over the place. The names is a dead giveaway. They have 5-10 numbers behind their name. Women that do not speak back should be kicked off the site. People that haven’t logged in 30 days should be deleted. Better yet delete all and start fresh to ensure each profile is legit. The admins done gave up on fixing these issues. No password retrieval. Same old updates that doesn’t fix old issues. Why pay when it’s so many bugs. Please delete all profiles with ———In headline. Those are bots. You can do a search in database. There are also profiles missing descriptions that should be deleted. Site should start with these modifications to improve. Women blocking men jus for saying hello shouldn’t be allowed. If the person doesn’t date a certain height, race, etc then those should come in the search! A lot of these women should be kicked off the site for not completing profile not speaking! It’s a waste of time! Once account is flagged many times Remove them! Add a new complaint for lack of communication since this is a dating site!

- Homophobia and False profile deletion without reason

God I have so much to say it doesn’t even make sense.... so let’s start from the beginning, I have been with POF for 3 months now and for some weird reason my profile keeps being reported for sexual harassment, and when I emailed POF they told me they can’t give me information on as to why my profile was deleted. So that’s been a constant battle since January. Then not to mention it’s MANY profiles on there who show naked butts, private part prints, homophobic comments or slurs, I’ve even reported people WITH inappropriate photos as a profile picture and nothing happens yet I post a picture of me with a dress on and it’s an issue, standing by a car is a problem for them As well which makes absolutely no sense, I go on that app to get away from the world we live in and the times were in as of now, yet I can’t even live on an app to express who I am and find love because I’m constantly being attacked, not only by the people, the owners themselves. All I’m going to say is this, don’t make an app where people are allowed to be themselves and try and use “community standards” as a way to bully or antagonize or dehumanize other people to make everyone else feel comfortable. THAT goes against MY community standards of bullying and harassment.

- Filled with spambots and very unsafe

I’ve used POF many times on and off through out the years. Just recently when I joined again I noticed all the fake profiles, spambots, cam models. Every week I’ve been getting 15-30 fake messages from spambots asking me to click on links, message them on other sites, also soliciting sex services as well. Their profiles you could tell are fake and not real members. Then this past weekend I noticed somehow my account was hacked and whoever took all of my pictures down and added up pictures of a lady in revealing pictures and then they also messaged a ton of guys, also I saw I received 25 messages from guys as well. I immediately deleted my account and I’ll never use POF again. It’s very unsafe and turned into a very sick site. Just this summer I saw people were posting up pornagraphic pictures with websites and also numbers in their profile pictures as well. Here POF never removed them or anything. I never give out my phone to anyone or any of my information nor do I ever use somebody’s phone or computer and use it to log on. My profile definitely got hacked by a sicko. With all the spambots and catfishing and fake profiles on it it’s not even worth it. The moderators just don’t even care and don’t take it down

- Don’t pay for the app

Hey everyone, you will get a decent review from me. I signed up for the app after a breakup. I’m a male 33 years old. I signed up for a few dating apps after a bad breakup. One thing that I have noticed especially with POF is the fact that they don’t verify people that sign up. When this happens you will notice HUNDREDS of fake accounts. You notice it when people message you and they are very “robotic” In their responses. I wouldn’t pay for this app at all. DONT PAY for it. Use it for the free version but paying will NOT get you any further. They don’t regulate these fake accounts. As a matter of fact I’m almost convinced that it is the app themselves that make these fake accounts. I did a few image searches of the profile pictures and they are literally other people from other countries etc. you might stumble on actual people but they have been bombarded with fake profiles to the point where 50 % of the conversation is is trying to make sure we are talking to a real human being lol. Other than that the developers can make a conscious effort to regain the Integrity of online dating. They need to crack down on these fake profiles. And people promoting there “only fans” or their “snapchats” etc.

- Scammers

To all the women out there, you have to be really careful I was scammed and it was horrible it was the most humiliating embarrassing situation I’ve ever had in my life I don’t blame POF for that I blame the scammers that are out there every day looking for women any women old young fan fat ugly it doesn’t matter to them they just want to scam you they want to take your money from you they tell you they love you they can’t live without you and that’ll go on for about a month and then they start asking for money little bits at a time, And I got suckered in to $1480 he sent a companies check that was bad deposited into my account through wire money it was a week before the bank even notified me then I had to pay the bank back the biggest thing about it was there there are lots of ladies out there and men that are being scammed every day by these horrible people. I think God every day that I am off the site and not interested anymoreI hope you ladies listen to my letter I don’t blame POF but I do blame the scam that’s out there Wise senior lady

- Hope taken away every time I login!

Absolutely filled with fake accounts. Clicked on multiple profiles with the exact same bio, heading, and even water marks on photos. (Some of which ask you to upgrade your service to message, and they are fake profiles. Pretty scummy) It’s like they don’t even try to filter these profiles out. In the meet me, I’ve swiped left on multiple profiles and weeks later they are back on my recommended matches. It’s like that whole feature completely disregards your choices. There’s no way to see the last time someone has even been active unless you pay. I’ve paid for the service in the past and got nothing from it. I don’t appreciate doing that and then when I decide to try the free route, I’m being pressured into paying again. This app really only stands out because it’s one of the very few dating apps that will allow you to interact with people without paying. If it wasn’t for that alone, I don’t think this platform would really be worth the effort, or the money....also when I paid I never saw a feature to only interact with others who pay. So I either missed it, it’s only on the females side of things, or it’s a complete scam to entice people to pay. Which would be pretty bad if so.

- No good....

I’m just saying, like most of you reading this if you care enough about reviews on a dating app..... then read on. This site was amazing years ago... actually worked and made actual relationships. I’m tried and true. Batgirl, Red, Glasses, I’m talking to you! But then.... POF went another companies route. There’s what seems to be an algorithm that when you make a “friend” that’s not a real one (you all know what I mean if your even still reading this) that I’m sure gets sent like a spam from your favorite company that you ordered something from, you all of a sudden get flooded with other “interests” liking you. It’s funny how I get one a month when I’m not using the app and soon as I log in I get about 30 over the next week or whatever. This isn’t rocket science folks. It’s fake unless you are really dedicated to finding someone and can get through the $$$ smokescreen. I have and it’s possible, but they won’t make it easy on you. Just my personal opinion and observation over the years. I miss the old POF, a real dating site.

- The little site that could, but didn’t.

Unfortunately the times that we are living has been influenced by people that feel that are untitled to the top 20%. And everyone else is beneath them. SMV (sexual market place value) is being ignored and because of this there a lot of lonely people out there. If your reading this just know education doesn’t mean intelligence. There are people out there that believe that if your well educated that you will find someone as educated or more that yourself. I believe the saying is water finds its own level. Unfortunately that’s not the case. Just know a man looks for different things that a woman does and a woman looks for different things that a man does. But now women act like men and men act like women. The hole situation is upside down. There’s no more ying and yang. No more complimenting each other. It’s much more about selfishness and resource Acquisitions. Maybe one day people will see each other as the complimentary to each other. But I will continue searching for the elusive unicorn. Maybe there’re out their. But if this elusive isn’t found it will be ok. I’m fortunate to be surrounded by friends and family. I’ll never be alone.

- Let’s talk !

I am a single 64 yr old beautiful woman with plenty of life in me. I love to have fun and be happy. Ive had my share of bad relationships. I gave up for a long time. Then thought I met the right guy. What a joke that turned out to be. All he could do was tell one lie after another. Then after 9 months of ups and downs I caught him in the lie that put him out of my life completely !! I WOULDNT normally even give this site a chance but here I am just praying there’s some man out there who is honest and a good man. I am a very honest good woman. Yea I know they all say that. But I know what I am. I love animals of all kinds. Love long walks in the park. Bowling. My favorite thing has to be dancing. I use to go dancing with my best friend every Friday night until this COVID started. I will tell you I have a hard time trusting. Thanks to the last jerk I was with. If I wrote everything about myself I would be writing a book. If you want to talk and find out more about who I am just get back to me on this site. Let’s talk !

- Plenty of fakes

I used to use this profile years ago and it was okay. Plenty of people to message for free, searches yielded a large number of women, thorough profiles etc. Now, this time, my phone blows up every time I open the app, but not from legitimate women interested in my profile, or real messages, but fake profiles liking me, sending repeated messages “hey there :)” and what’s even worse is there will be multiple fake profiles with the SAME PHOTO messaging or liking me!!! I really think plenty of fish has fallen off the dating list in my opinion. I also use ok Cupid, and this is NEVER a problem. My suggestion is to go with the odds and the masses and just use tinder for its sheer popularity, or ok Cupid for its effective filtering of the click bait that POF has been infested with. Save your money and go with the free version, believe me...I even regret the three months I paid for already UPDATE: now they have a feature that doesn’t let you message, I’d say 90% of members, with a prompt that comes up and says “this member prefers to only be messaged by upgraded users” plenty of fish is officially not free anymore. Total waste of time. You read someone’s profile, like them, MATCH with them, get your hopes up, then this comes up and ruins it. Nice job POF.

- I am not going to do it, but look at all those that are beautiful and cannot get dates, either :-)

POF is nice that it's free to reply to messages. The initial sender of the message us to pay the monthly fee. so if a person on the free account once to show interest, they view the profile of the paying customer, causing them to appear upon the who viewed me list. They might even be able to send a wink. If they are really interested, The free customer simply means to view the profile of the person they like, every day. Their face will become familiar to the pain customer, and will always be near the top of the list when the paying customer sort by date, in their viewed me. So actually, that is like real life! OK yeah that should be like four or five stars for the POF rating. I still have never gotten a day off of POF though. I am a paying customer this summer, so may have to pay for professional profile help. I spent $600 last Tuesday and $400 last night at the Gentlemens club, just for lap dances so I can hug and caress slender women. I think most of the girls on POF that actually date, date those exciting guys who don't have any money and don't have a car and probably don't have a job. Therefore it is a societal problem, not really a problem with me.

- Avoid this app

So I’ve been visiting different dating apps for a while, about half a year now, and I have to warn people. This is one of the worst I’ve come across. I’m a guy, and I can’t speak for the girls review but for the guys, about half of the female profiles are fakes, scammers or secret porn advertisements. I’ve never seen so many fake profiles before, and it’s obvious they are computer generated with similar names and intro summaries etc. anyone could pick them out. Obviously PoF doesn’t screen anyone or provide a suitable dating environment. Aside from sifting through hundreds of fake profiles, you don’t know who is real or not. I didn’t have a single message or message reply, most of the messages I sent were (unread-deleted) without anyone even viewing my profile, so I’m not sure what’s going on with that but it’s highly suspect. Also, the distance and age you place on filters is completely ignored. From my perspective I think PoF purposely adds fake profiles to boost their member numbers, and ignores filters so you gain more meetings, etc. because the number of real users is pretty low. To say the least, stay away, you won’t get anywhere or meet any real women. Literally, you have better chances with any other app out there.

- Terrible customer service

Been using the service for a few years, and a week ago my account got hacked (even though I never give out my login info and never click on junk email)! I can't reset my password because the hacker changed the email for my account. The help section on the web site has NO information on how to contact them. There's an email address they list to remove from your spam filter, but it's just a return address - no one answering emails, not even an auto-responder. The only legit seeming email I found was in the forums. I sent an email and got an auto response saying they were experiencing high email numbers and would get back to me as soon as they could. That was a week ago! I still don't have access to my account, and who knows what crap the hacker is doing in my name! [Update] It took a complaint to the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and waiting another month to finally get a response from these people, and all they had to say was my account was closed for violations of their terms of service. So I don't get my account back, hell I don't even know if they still have my pictures and info still on their servers! Stay away from this app unless you're ok with rolling the dice.

- Land of the fake profiles

Last time I was single I enjoyed using the Plenty of Fish (POF) website. This time around not so much. About two thirds of the profiles are not real people but rather photos stolen from somewhere on line with profiles written by poor destitute people in either West Africa or Russia. For many it’s a quick one two hustle from an introduction to them trying to get you to part with your hard earned money. Their command of the English language is pigeon English at best. All proclaim to be Engineers yet can’t construct a proper sentence. All the men are widowers with no children (I guess it’s easier if the story isn’t complicated). All and all a waste of time. I can see this site going out of business if they don’t do something soon to correct this issue. I will add paying for “premium membership” doesn’t help either unless you select the option “only responds to other premium members” in which case you will be limited to a few dozen people. I can’t help but wonder why the owners of POF don’t just invest in some better firewall protection. Dating sites are a multi million dollar business but not when those users can never actually meet real people.

- Ok....just wow

Okay gentlemen, let me be frankly honest with you. If you’re thinking you’ll have a bit of luck without the natural physical traits, you might want to redirect your attention to another app or rise above that storm by jumping out there in person instead of using an app with a bunch of shallow women and spam bots polluting the app with their garbage. This app used to be amazing and people actually RESPONDED!!! Now you dont get a single word from these people because either they arent interested or the bloody automatic filters is so strict and ridiculously unrealistic that the messages wont even go through and it doesnt matter how modest or clean you are. When you do get a message its only a simple “hey :)” literally you’ll probably get a crap ton of those though. Anywho It appears these people are more concerned about looks than anything else so theyll easily swipe right passed ya youre just a toy they didnt want. PoF appears to be so lazy to fix their gosh forsaken app and get rid of these sex driven robots and add insult to their app by posting other dumb robots claiming that the “user” only wants messages from a paid subscriber. Anyway if you somehow manage to get past all that and you find yourself in the 3% category of the successful people, congrats.

- Welcome to this dating game of chess it the same as all the rest but!

Like any dating site you need to be ready for a relationship and if you just almost not quite finished the end of your long term relationship you should be focused on yourself before starting another relationship and the reason you don’t is you think you need to show everyone you are a hot and popular person and moving into a relationship before you are ready is called Rebounding and this is we’re you get taken advantage of by the predators that are on all dating site. So when you get your head together and grounded you won’t fall for all the slick talkers on theses sites and this will be a great way to meet people, the man that started this dating site only wish was to get people together and be happy so have your life together before you move Forward not move on and you will find someone. Thanks to the owner of this Free dating site and his true meaning of helping us in the search for that special person, Thank You.

- Banned for no reason

This company loves sending automatic emails saying “If your account has been banned it’s because you’ve violated the following terms” LIES I dare you all the contact me through a REAL live customer representative and have them review my entire account. Because I guarantee you I haven’t violated anything. I have only even messaged 10 people and all whom messaged ME first. Secondly I only have 3 pictures on my profile all which have been taken from the shoulders up, no filters no nudity. Secondly my bio and summaries are each one sentence saying “Heyy I’m Ari” there was absolutely nothing about my account that was in violation. And it’s funny how I look this up and found thousands of other people with the same problem saying how they got banned out of the blue for no reason. What kind of service is this? There’s actual men on there who sexually harass women and get to keep their accounts yet you all ban the users who have done nothing wrong. I wish I could rate this less than one star because your app deserves none. What a waste of my time as well as all the other innocent people you have stolen money from. I will be sending in a report about this company. You all will not get away with theft.

- Garbage wasteland of an app with people the like

A gave this app a couple of tries, and each time I regretted it immensely. My account got hacked and that was the final straw. I’ve never had to deal with ANY account of mine being hacked anywhere. The lack of customer service, ignoring customers across social media platforms and lack of access to getting assistance/a resolution made me completely say I will NEVER use this garbage app ever again. My personal information, my PHOTOS are floating around this app, with what I assume a scammer is using to harass other members. It disgusts me, the lack of security on the site, responsibility and disregard for people’s information and pictures is baffling to say the least. In most reviews across social media platforms, the users are what most people speak of being mediocre, but when it’s the actual site itself and lack of security? That’s completely unacceptable, hope someone shuts this site down. Don’t even waste your time, if you value it, your peace of mind and your sensitive information and pictures. Don’t get this app or make an account EVER. Just look at the reviews across the Internet, speaks volumes, while POF doesn’t even make a whisper about these issues.

- Customer Service and Support was horrifying.

The customer service for this company is the worst I have ever been involved with. I actual felt helpless and that I have made a huge mistake. I don’t believe I have ever written a review before. The customer service department is in India which doesn’t really matter but they just don’t care and they are very hard to understand. The call center is extremely loud. I had to call them three times and I will never call them again. It’s unfortunate that I spent $77 bucks for the premium package because it hasn’t help and it did no improve their support. If I need support again I will just stop using the app, I will never call customer support again. When I ask him why they didn’t care he told me he didn’t like my attitude and that I wouldn’t listen anyway. I ask why they didn’t care and why they wouldn’t want me as a customer renewing my premium package and buying tokens and they said it doesn’t matter POF has millions of customers. If you don’t believe me spend 5 minutes reading their customer service reviews or any reviews for that matter. They also denied my request for a refund, one day after I purchased it. Don’t waste your hard earned money. Best of luck.

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- Good app👍

This is a good app with an easy to navigate user interface, clean and clear design with an uncluttered view. The design allows you to view each contact's profile and have the option to add them to your favourite straight away or click the "flirt button" to get a member's attention. The advantage with this app is that the free version allows you to effectively communicate with your contacts and the paid version just adds extra features that don't leave you feeling like you are missing out on anything if you are on the free membership. The only thing that would make this app go from a four star to a five star is if the app can update its real time notifications on the app itself. Whenever a contact sends a new message you cannot tell which contact sent it unless you click on another tab then back onto the contact tab again then only it refreshes itself. I would recommend this app for first time members who are new to online dating. It provides a safe environment.

- Starts good but poor functionality

Although inundated with notifications at the start, these dwindle away and difficulty trying to conduct a conversation frustrated as the app doesn’t update messages, unless you go out of messages and then back in. This causes unnecessary delays and isn’t conducive to connecting with a potential mate. Additional notifications include every time someone ‘views’ you. A waste of time if there’s no communication as you can’t click on the person who viewed you without paying for an upgrade. Although better than Tinder as people need to complete some questions which gives an idea about the type if person and what they are looking for, when swiping you only see an age and the location they have nominated. Often a name can indicate if someone is serious or not. Alternatively being able to swipe through people who tick the boxes for you would be an improvement. POF also takes more time to scan through the answers most relevant to you, contrasting colours would make it easier to quickly scan info to find out if someone wants children, for example, before swiping left it right. The idea behind POF is good and makes more sense for someone looking for a relationship, compared to Tinder. That they have to enter some basic info about what they are looking for and about themselves puts it a long way ahead. However, the app requires much more development to improve the user experience.

- Another Not-So-Free Dating App

It doesn’t take long to figure out that these “free” dating apps are only free until you actually want to use them to meet people. 5 minutes after I signed up, I get a notification saying 8 people like me... already? Wow! I should click to see who likes me, right? ...and there it is, the payment plans to choose from before you can see these 8 people who “like you”. Then there’s the upgrades to “prioritise your likes” for even more $$$. POF is no different to Bumble or Tinder.

- App is fake & full of bots!

I understand every app needs to make money to survive. And most apps/games method is somewhat not considerate but acceptable. However this app straight deceives you. Bots will send you request to meet up but in order to see who they are you must spend. To me that’s acceptable as long as it’s true. After payment open the list of all the request only to find out every person has closed their account. DECEIT. You get a lot of people wanting to meet up (fake) I think there’s a 10min refresh, all the requested meetup are deleted and app says don’t worry they’ll be plenty more later on. Fake fake. As for the Last fake I still don’t know if it was real person or bots. But story goes girl starts initial communication and only 5 in she wants to videocall. No hot girl willingly to videocall after 5 min delayed chat. She insist and kindly helps you setup video( additional cost on top of monthly fee) I didnt buy had feeling fake. I’m saying HOT! Personally I think they’re real people hired to lure people to activate videocall. This review is made from the perspective of a person who has only used this app for 1 day. But rarely am I wrong.

- Has potential, but not sold on the app

Some accounts msg you and disappear. Lots of dodgy accounts. I guess that’s one of the issues with anyone msg you. Other apps it’s not so in my face as I control who I match with and only match with people who’s account seems genuine. So many fake accounts on here. Have had a couple of conversations with potential. But the app has lots of glitches. I can no longer view my msgs - shame as we had a date penciled in. A workaround is that I can see them on the browser version, but can’t msg them. As a female I’m careful with my number until I’ve met the person. I now feel pressured to give out my personal details because the app no longer works. There is no easy way to report the issue to the developers. On the plus, it has been nice to get feedback on my profile I usually wouldn’t. I put thought into my profile and with extra msgs I get feedback on how people see me. It’s nice to know the msg is generally getting across. Even if the number of msgs can be overwhelming.

- Load of nonsense

If you pay for an app but have no options. Want to send a message to mutual likes or viewed profiles a pop-up window appear and re-direct you to their matches not yours. What is the use of being on a dating app but you cannot select or choose what you like. Worse part is most features are not available if you don’t pay and then still you don’t have a free choice to choose or make friends. The matches the algorithm chooses is people you will never consider hanging out, its a cheap way of matching people who says “I like sport” now your a match. Needles to say I tried this app 5 years ago and only recently went on it again, the algorithm matched me with profiles with exact photos and people 5 years ago and still I don’t have anything in common or viewed or liked them. This app doesn’t deserve to be out there it’s false advertising and a waste of money. Even after you buy a membership this app still directs to buy tokens for more features that doesn’t support your interest.

- Account deleted for no reason

I have used POF on and off for years, most of the time I’ve been a paid premium member. This time I went on, it was great, I was more popular than I’d ever been and although I’d only been signed up for a few hours, had started talking to some great guys. The next morning I went to go and log in and couldn’t. I thought I must have messed up my passwords when signing up so requested a reset and got nothing. I thought the system was down until my friend texts me asking why I deleted my account so quickly. It appears that admin have both deleted my account and blocked me from ever signing up again. For no reason. They have rules on when they will do this but NONE of these had I breached in my profile or messages. My only thought is that someone that I was not replying to reported my account for a bogus reason and admin just deleted and banned me without looking into it. I’m actually devastated about this POF and if I knew how to find someone to talk to, I would take this matter further.


This app has so so many security risks, so many opportunities for women to be completely exposed. Way too much info is visible, Men can message you directly without you matching, send photos and gross messages without an easy way to block them. Simply deleting their message doesn’t work, they can message you again and boom they are back in your inbox. It’s extremely difficult to delete your profile and your email inbox is spammed with every like, message or notification. Trying to block someone or report for offensive messages is also difficult and hard to navigate with justification needed and an explanation. Girls, women, protect yourself and your information and I would have to say use bumble or tinder. This app is built by men, for men, with no thought given to the security or safety of women. They know exactly how far away you are, within 500m. They know everything about you and your profile can not be hidden. You information should be your choice to share. Avoid at all costs to your safety.

- Unexplained changes

Please tell us what you are changing with these updates. It feels very deceptive and we think a feature has been removed, only to discover it elsewhere. Or some have been suddenly removed - for what purpose? I doesn’t appear to be for people to connect with each other. Please improve the quality of profile images, blurry, sideways, faces out of the picture, rude pictures etc etc. Turn off the ‘blue eyes wants to meet you’ notifications- they are creepy and feels like porn. The search feature is crazy, no matter what parameters are entered, it just makes up its own!!!! This needs to be fixed!!!! Profile appearing in the feed don’t even meet our search criteria and just wastes our time. Seriously guys, this app needs serious work! Cut out / block the scammers - we can pick them just from their profile - why can’t you? Why do we have to pay to see a list of who ‘liked us’ when it’s free to send them a message when we see their profile ? The whole site and business model needs a clean up ..... where’s the integrity, quality and genuineness?

- Fix the site

I’ve paid to upgrade in the hopes of weeding out the fake profiles and to have a better experience with further options available with membership only to find that the websites information isn’t even correct. One persons apparently viewed me an hour ago yet it also says they haven’t been online since Monday. Another profile says online November but upon opening their profile it says last online February 11th. In messages it says message read however when I open it it says not read. So is it read or isn’t it??? I’m also constantly being matched with people in Perth...I’m in NSW Constantly being matched with drug users...I’ve stated I do not wish to date them in my profile. And this is just the start of the issues. Please fix the app ASAP or I will be seeking a refund

- Worthwhile

Although meeting someone is a definite possibility and I do recommend the app, the app is consistently making false notifications, doesn’t actually hide the people you’ve blocked, is plagued with fakes and scammers, and messages are too heavily censored without letting you know that your message wasn’t delivered so you could be waiting for a reply without either party realising the censored message wasn’t sent. If it can detect a censorable word, then why not just deliver the message with the word redacted. Fake profiles are quickly removed once reported though. I would also just stick with the free version. There’s no real benefit paying for any of the so called extras, but having said that, some people that you would like to message only accept messages from upgraded members.

- Good but needs improvement.

I enjoy the app and it has some great parts, but as a first time user. It’s a little complicated, for starters a lot of stuff is blocked off by a premium mode. But every time I use the app I’m constantly being bugged about updating, which makes it hard to use. I can’t seem to find age settings, to change what ages people appear to be. And if they do it’s really hard to find, and it’s frustrating. You can see who views your profile which makes things really awkward, along with the age settings parts of the app are hard to use. And they use a tinder style slide for part of it which feels slapped on and u can’t even fully use, unless u upgrade. In short the app is fine and I enjoy using it, but there’s annoying things I notice.

- It’s not bad

I’ve been using this app on and off for the last few years. Can’t say that I’ve had a horrible experience here, but I neither can I say I’ve been super successful. Few issues I have are: way WAY to many fake accounts. It’s beyond palpable that this happens. Makes it difficult for you to enjoy it. Money, money money... yes this is a business and like all businesses in the dating industry they thrive on “pay for love” and if your a Male, get ready for a paywall everywhere you navigate. Want to upload or change your pictures? Gotta pay to have that privilege. Overall it’s a well balanced app, great UI, all be it slightly laggy from time to time. The only let downs are fakes, paywalls & many many people pretending to be something they’re not. Use caution when dating online. Good luck!

- Friends first.. then anything is possible 💙💕💙

I love this site/app for its ease of use, low cost & the interaction it lets us have with others who find themselves walking the beaches on their own. We all need spice & chemistry with our soul mate but building up the solid blocks of friendship on here gradually allows the foundations of a great friendship or even relationship form. Being able to see what a person is about, physically, their interests, socially & personally at a quick glance saves lots of time. Thank you Marcus! And well done! We all deserve to grow old walking the beach holding hands with our significant other! Xx 💙💙

- App review, not online dating review

Free App works, is stable, allows plenty of browsing and searching in the free version, shows what capabilities can be used if upgrading to paid version, paid version upgrade is a single transaction (ie not buying tokens or messages). Seems reasonably self-governing regarding spamming, prostitution - even has guidelines on clear profile photos (you can report crappy photos or dickpics) Can search on a number of parameters: distance, personal attributes, recent activity. Can customise notifications and email alerts. Can 'favourite' other people without matching or liking. Can message others directly without previously Liking (so can get busy/noisy)

- Great App

I have tried lots of dating apps the worst being tinder as they ban you for no reason and have no support base. There just taking people’s money they don’t care, but POF has great support when it comes to any issues you may or may not encounter. I myself have not had any issues with the site and have met some nice lady’s here. It’s run professionally and you can tell it is after familiarising yourself with the site and not giving up after a week lol. Sure you have the usual time wasters and woman who don’t reply but you will find there the same ones that never leave lol. Be patient and you will meet someone genuine.

- Fake & scam

As far as the app goes, it’s clunky and could do a lot better, although it functionally works (barely). So far as the membership base goes, it is full of scammers and fake profiles. While you’re a standard user you are very popular to lure you into signing up. Once you’ve paid the money you realise all the profiles are fake or scammer cam girls. After being signed up for a month or so the scammers give up on you and you’re left with a massive database of non responsive profiles. I cannot actually remember having even a single conversation with a real human on here. This app is a total waste of time and money. The POF people as a company should be totally ashamed that they are selling such a blatant scam ripoff service. Apple should should be ashamed to let such a terrible app on their App Store.

- Bots and fake accounts galore

Go ahead and fork out money to subscribe if you like the idea of being inundated by fake accounts and bots wanting to “meet you” or send you messages trying to get you to go to a malware or phishing link to “enable video calling” in POF. I spent all my time just deleting email notifications from scam accounts that disappear and checking meet me requests from obvious scam accounts written in broken English where every “woman” is completely subservient and just wants someone to cook and clean for. Biggest waste of time and money. There is obviously no checking of any kind to ensure anyone signing up is a genuine human and in the location they claim they are, and security is so poor that it’s obviously a simple matter to hijack accounts and repurpose them. Stay well clear.

- Site run by armatures

Got IP banned for literally no reason? I don’t know what I did to get an IP ban I can’t create another account it just get automaticity deleted I had one photo up that was just a normal selfie didn’t breach any rules and a lot of good conversation with other users never harassed anyone on POF in ANY way and I had the account active with on and off use for 6 months with out a hiccup. So what gives? My guess is it only might take a report or two against your account for an algorithm to kick in and perma ban you with out any fact checking by a staff member.

- Ok but beware scammer

With POF you basically get what you pay for. Which for most people is nothing. The App itself is ok and an improvement on what was available only a few years ago which were truly awful. The biggest issue with POF is the sheer number of scammers who’ve managed to create profiles on here using fake pictures borrowed from Instagram or by googling images of models. You have been warned. If it looks to good to be true it probably is. I’ve had three scammers in the last month contact me. If you are unsure download the persons picture and use the Google Reverse Image Search function to search for similar images. If they are scammers report them.

- Feel for this app hook line and sinker

With the way technology is these days there are new dating apps popping up frequently but only a small handful of them are actually worthwhile. I’ve used POF on and off for the last few years and have made some amazing connections and have had 2 serious relationships from this app (still in the second one). I always recommend this app to all my single friends. If I am ever unfortunate enough to be single again I would definitely download this in a heartbeat

- Changes needed with Safety ideas

Hi. This is for the person(‘s), who put together the Safety guidelines. If you read through the points that you should be aware of to stay safe. Most points are very good but a few are not explained well and could put people off other genuine people. They are: Warning against people who talk about losing a partner or recently widowed. What if this is true? How about explaining fully what you mean and including it could also be true. Next “Talks about Destiny or Fate” - I know a lot of people who talk about that. Each to their own but once again I think you’ve gone overboard with this. A much greater explanation is needed to be fair to those that use these words. Personally I don’t but a lot of “hippies” do use it, especially if grown up during 70’s. Please feel free to contact me if you want to. Overall your helpful postings are great. Warren Thanks

- Another crappy dating app

This app seems to have gone the way of Tinder and the rest in that it is filled with fakes and bots and the genuine matches can only be accessed by wasting money to upgrade. What’s more you can’t control your preferred age range, I was always being matched with highly unattractive women 10 years older than me. These were once good apps but have now been taken over by greed and robots. Don’t bother. Also if you want to delete the app for whatever reason, firstly you can’t do so within the first 24 hrs of creating it (terrific security right there) and also u can’t even delete it from the app they make u go to some website to do it.. garbage site, bumble is much better!

- What about the bi people?

App works pretty good. Pof has always been my go to. I’ve sent them feedback through their site to express my disappointment at there being only one option to choose when selecting the gender you are seeking. As a bi woman, it’s frustrating to have to limit my options. I just got some generic response but it doesn’t appear to have been taken on board. How hard can it be to change? I’m sure I’m not the only one to say something.

- Room for improvement...

The app/site offers a great selective search function, unfortunately it’s useless as it automatically intervenes and decides what you will search for instead... There’s a lot of reading between the lines in profiles, the messaging I would call “clunky” it gives you notifications and messages for pointless events and at least 80% of the girls either aren’t active, or despite the most creative of messages won’t even bother to read your message let alone reply. Also for a “mobile app” it won’t update your location, so you have to google the postcode and then manually update it every time you travel somewhere

- Don’t waste your time

What a horrible app. There are no real girls on this app. After installing the app, filling up an annoying for and uploading some pics, you’re ready to go. After 10 minutes I was inundated with heaps of notifications about girls wanting to meet me as well as some messages sent by these girls. At first, I thought this would work, but after replying to some of these girls, they messaged me back with links about se x webcams, scor ts and spam I don’t care about. I spent around 40 mins trying to see if there were actually real girls on this app but nothing. I got like 30 messages from this bots, sending me links and bs. So I deleted this crappy app straight away. Do not waste your time, You’re better off using tind er

- Hitlers Dating App

The app only lets you meet people that the designers think you should and it forces you to either lie, or enter personal details that you don’t want to share. Search filters automatically reset to the app defaults, limiting who you can actually find on the app. Then there’s the stupid “prefer not to say” response, which in 99% of cases implies whatever response is perceived as negative. How about you give users control of what personal information is visible on their account? E.g. Body type. If a user selects “prefer not to say”, then why make the body type field and response visible? It doesn’t change anything, except removing the implication that the user is fat or ashamed of their body in some way.

- Best emojis ever!

I am on POF because I like texting, and it seems that men are the only people who still will. I did want to find a forever love, but as a fat woman I seem to have Buckleys of that in this forum though, because dating websites have spoilt men (and women) for choice. I think it has made it so that no one gives people time to build a relationship anymore- it's all just an immediate yes or no. It's a shame because it has made it so superficial. Oh, and fellas- what's this thing with the automatic blocking? It's unnecessary and disrespectful. You can be assured that just the "no thanks" text gets the message across

- Be wary

I think this is the same concept as most other dating sites, but to me this method of dating doesn't seem very 'organic', or very safe. I started using dating apps as a teenager and continued into my early 30's but it is a huge risk to a woman's safety, and I seemed to be only given the option of men who were ironically either criminals, military men or police. Men also scoped me out just to say something about mental health, as if that was all they matched with me for, and that started when I was only 19 and flared up again for me at 33 years old. I never said anything out of the ordinary, or anything at all in some case before they started mentioning something about my sanity.

- Very poor matching system

I’ve been using this site for a while now and my search parameters are set to strictly non smokers and to within a certain distance from my postcode. It’s a pity the matching system keeps matching me with smokers and people outside my my preferred distance. I don’t know what or who sets these matching algorithms but they are rubbish. I think that the search parameters should be extended to allow other options such as personality type among other. It seems to me POF are more than willing to profit off us single people but not improve your site. Come on get your act together.

- Reality

I seem to be having trouble with the app it keeps telling me I’m not logged in it can be frustrating plus I seem to get mutual matches then I’m not allowed to send them a message the site tells me they only accept certain types of people ( I wonder why they matched with me in the first place 🤔)it could well be that the site sends me fake matches hoping I will pay to become an upgraded member to meet said matches . I’m unsure however it does appear I’m somehow being scammed or at least an attempt to scam me is being made

- Great way to meet people, but a little pricey..

This is one of the better forums for meeting single people. Although it is very pricey. Three months is a lot to commit to for any dating site. What if I meet somebody within the first month. And I want to close down my account. I know that websites have to make money somehow. But, I think committing to 3 months upfront for $60 is a little rich. It would be quite nice if it was maybe five dollars more expensive a month, but you could opt out after one month. Just a thought

- Some areas to improve

Chatting is difficult - the app doesn’t refresh unless you move from one page to another so you don’t always see new chats unless you constantly refresh. Lots of random questions in the profiles - who cares if someone has a car? The descriptions of personality types have no meaning. People are constantly commenting that their details like age are incorrect and yet it cannot be updated. Cannot block someone unless you chat with them first. If you see the profile of someone you know - and do not want to interact with, you shouldn’t have to talk to them in order to block them. This seem like a basic self-protection requirement.

- Great app.

I’ve had a change Hart. It works well. I signed up paid 12 months subscription but some scammer hacked my account and used my profile for about 24 hours. I got in touch with POF team they resolved my issues they have a number to call. As there are so many members but the only catch is you have to guard your account. If any of the scammer member they ask you the get verified or send you a link to fill out your personal details. Immediately block that person and report it to POF. I still use POF and hope to meet my beautiful women here.

- Plenty of Catfish, trash app.

If you're male, don't bother. You'll get 4 or 5 fake profiles a day, wanting to 'meet' you. What they really want is your email. If you have a brain, you'll work this out pretty quickly. The whole 'free' thing is rubbish. Paywalls everywhere. Most(real) women, who are very far from perfect, will encourage you to contact them but won't respond if you aren't Mr. perfect yourself. If you want to free online date, stick with Tinder, this is a demoralising, depressing waste of time(& money, if you are a bit naive & believe their constant, pushy claims that throwing down some cash will give you a better chance, I didn't but I guarantee it won't). Don't waste your time.

- Your site

I’m temporarily ban for a violation of your site , I never knew it was a violation to say hello to someone , that someone needs to be aware of the blocked button easy to block me instead of ridding me from the sites , please make this aware to the person I said hello to that it’s simple to use the block button or simply don’t reply as I’m not a person who harasses people, I’m educated an attent church every Sunday

- Notnwhat you tv ad portrays

So many people on here still after having a break for 12 months that were hear 12 months ago that are still online looking for that “someone” special. So many fakes, superficial photo gorkers and liars on here that it makes it obvious that online dating is for the glamorous, or the pathetic, or the game players that pray on honest people looking for that someone special, which, online are very fee and far between. Then on top of that the profiles pof approve that are fake adult sites. In total is a good idea but with very little way to stop that idiots from stuffing it up for legitimate singles wanting to find something more meaningful and long term

- Fake profiles

App is ok, but there’s too many fake profiles! I keep getting notifications saying so and so wants to meet me. I obviously can’t see the persons profile unless I pay for a yearly or monthly subscription. But looking at the names of persons that has “liked” my profile, it goes like this; kinky_jade04, tara_jade04, alma_jade04 etc.. it’s pretty obvious they’re fakes to lure people to upgrade their profile to a paid one? Disappointing..

- Too much porn advertising

Over the last few months the app has unfortunately become a lightning rod for porn advertising. While I find the functionality of the app itself to be quite good it’s just unfortunately become routine to block the endless messages stating “hi there :-)” knowing they are bots. While POF does a good job deleting those fake profiles it would be good if more work were done to prevent them to begin with. For instance bot tests for sending messages or even creating profiles are pretty commonplace.

- Possible scam!

Using the app and the website at the same time, I noticed that I would get countless notifications on my phone telling me I’d received likes, but even after refreshing the website those same likes were never present! If I was fast enough to click on one of the phone notifications as it popped up, the profile was deleted before I could see it (not humanly possible)! Now think! What would a scammer get from fake liking you then deleting the profile? Nothing! What would a catfish get from fake liking you then deleting the profile? Nothing! What would POF get from fake liking you then deleting the profile? You signing up for premium because you think people are interested in you! I emailed them about this and they did not respond! Apart from the above, the site has a lot of scammers trying to get your information. Happy to change this if POF can offer an explanation.

- Deleted my account for no reason

I’ve had my POF account for about 6 years and use it on an off. A few days ago I tried to log in and my account has been deleted without warning and I’m unable to sign up again. I have no idea why. I followed all the guidelines, photos are appropriate, i have not been harassing anyone, hell, I haven’t even messaged anyone in a long time AND my profile was hidden! I have emailed them several time but have only received a generated replies. I’m really not happy about it. I wouldn’t recommend to any of my friends and I’ll be taking by business else where.

- Too many fake accounts

The amount of notifications you get for the “meet me” section is a joke.... 99.9% of the notifications get removed because they where a fake account..... messages are also fake with the standard message being “hey there :)” or “hi babe”.... female accounts have next to no details to what they want.... need to have some way to show legitimacy of accounts!. My honest opinion, only pay for an subscription if you want to see if they have read your message or when they where last online.... any other reason is pointless.....specially since the meet me section is just for the fake accounts to use.... *** if you are a guy and thinking of paying for a subscription because you keep getting notifications that girls are saying meet me to your picture DONT! They are fake accounts used to lure you in!*** Don’t know what it’s like for a female user but as a male user plenty of fish is a complete waste of time.... 0/5 stars!

- Dont upgrade to premium and my account got deleted for no reason

Last september i bought one year subscription on this app and someone from POF deleted my account last month . I contacted their so called customer care and they are saying that they deleted my account on error and they cant refund my membership subscription or transfer my membership subscription to my another account. Such a new way of scam . Even my friend had the same problem and probably they are doing this to many so that they can earn more money . Such a beggers. Go and get a life you beggers.

- Decent app too many bots

The app itself is easy to use, and intuitively designed. However the POF vetting process needs work - way too many spam bots can easily create accounts every day. All the bots seem to have numbers at the end of their profile names. The vetting process on bumble or tinder is a bit better, and there are less bots. Messages go missing, when trying to go back to older messages you get the error ‘this user has closed their account or had their account deactivated’ even if you were talking to them just hours ago.

- Profile pic

Am writing to complain that my profile pic of scenery was taken down yet i see mostly pics of scenery, torso's, celebritities...everything i was then told i cant put up. But mayb what you dont realise is that i actually had a better response from no pic, due to what i wrote on my profile, because then guys were interested in getting to know me. I have not had fake profile or as many unsavory unsuitable guys bothering me. As adults you think we should have the freedom to show a puc of outselves or not & let others decide if they want to contact us or not!

- Be careful of the fake profiles.

I’ve been using the service for a while now. I’ve met some nice people on here. But there seems to be a lot of fake or “ hacked “ profiles. I think they are an online syndicate of prostitution using fake photos probably stolen from unsuspecting Facebook profiles. I know this because I have seen one with photos of a friend of mine. Which probably leads into scammers lurking in the background as well. Just be cautious of who you are talking to on here.

- Pof review

Think it’s needs some improvement needs to be more specific on what you are looking and can choose for example height, age, race, hair type for eg colour bald etc also body type a lot of the times people put there athletic or thin and there the opposite these options need to be better policed so you get what you put in as options!!! also need to police fake profiles there are a lot on here!! And also when it says they said yes not always the case. Because they haven’t necessarily looked at your profile or responded! And costing is a little pricey!!

- Not usable.

I have never known a dating app to ask so many personal questions. Asking what your income is could turn out dangerous for the woman, there is a thing called scammers! And what business is it of your companies or any other person, whether my parents are still alive or dead, married or single? And after answering the questions without trying to give too much. personal information, I was greeted with, sorry we cannot create your profile right now, please contact customer support. Contacted customer support and still nothing. Hopeless app.

- Recent update is horrible

I had my account hacked by a scammer and found I had chatted to about 100 men asking for personal details. Luckily I was alerted to this early. I reported the problem to pof via their email (you can’t call them ☹️) and I never heard anything back. No contact was made by pof. They don’t care that their app is full of scammers and bots. Be careful. This is one of the worst dating apps out there. Recent update which changed the format is difficult to use. I no longer know how to search or where to mind my matches. I won’t be renewing my subscription. I’m out.

- Bots, so many bots...

In the first half hour of downloading the app, I got over 20 messages, all saying essentially the same thing, “come see this website” or “I don’t talk here much, come talk to me on kik”. Now, there are obviously some real people on here, and I’ve had the app for a week, but filtering through the bots is tedious and I just don’t have the patience for it anymore, hence I’ve deleted it. If you have the patience to figure out where the real people are, I guess the app is alright, a few other things to improve would be refreshing messages and maybe a little bit more direction as to how things work.

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- Easy way to meet locals

I’ve been on POF for about seven months. Overall it’s been a good experience and I’ve met up with lots of guys in person, 95% are nice and normal, you just have to ignore the creepy sexual messages from others. I am the type of girl who goes to work and straight home, I don’t go to bars/clubs, so it’s a good way to meet people and plan dates. I have met some quality men on here and am confident I will find a life partner on POF.

- My account was Deleted

My account today was deleted for no reason. No warning, nothing. I just can't log in anymore. You won't send me a email to retrieve my account. On the Good side, good Lord is your app full of fake accounts that try to attract you to pay for premium stuff that doesn't do any good to anyone. Garbage website and App.

- Good but too many fake profiles

I report fake profiles immediately. They are super easy to spot after a while. But I find that they aren’t taken down. When I hide my profile, I would prefer to have the choice to hide it from everyone including people that I have already had contact with. Profile pictures of flowers and sunsets should be eliminated. There should be a way of reporting that to help with it.


This site is full of ladies who are nit in here to actually meet - it’s a social media outlet for these unhappy married women who just want to play a game with people .

- Plenty of spam

So many robot I though I was in a coma an woke up in 3019.

- Terrible App

Terrible app, banned three times in a row for no reason. Read every guideline available and didn’t cross any of those. Wouldn’t recommend to anyone.

- Data Miners and Perception Managers

This app (since its inception) is a predatory app. It houses paid employees, bots, shills, gatekeepers, agents (military and government) and other orders (Freemasons, Jesuitical and RCC) who insidiously sit on this site and poach real unsuspecting people. There’s a reason why everyone is looking for sex, no one can meet up, most are illiterate, and plenty of profiles regurgitate leftist liberal Marxist socialist ideologies and mantras. The sock puppet accounts will use perception management, and Neuro linguistic programming (NLP) to control people and sway their opinions or emotions based on nonsensical rhetoric. It’s basically mind control. Fake accounts are easy to spot; some have the same pictures up for years... but they play their scripts well, and deflecting as much as possible. Many accounts will make people think that they have a problem, through there “role playing”. And so, by demoralizing people through shame compliance or guilt compliance to act, behave and surrender to the will of the corrupt world. Divide and conquer is a strategy also employed by the agents on social media sites like this. As well as gang stalking, harassment. The theft of personal photos to be used by agents to perform their black operations is also in full swing, as many profiles have been spotted in other countries, especially dead soldiers from the military. POF plays on people’s insecurities and dangles the carrot in the face, all in an attempt to get information on people, and log it. It uses false accounts to create artificial popularity and then targets people for profiling. Basically, it’s the Catholic Churches modern day “confessional” like all the social medias they own and oversee. POF is corrupt to the core. Any real man or woman wouldn’t dare set foot on it. If you do, you get what you deserve for your ignorance and blindness.

- Looking for love 120 km away??

Put your preferences in the search function and it automatically increases age range and distance because there are not enough matches. (I’m in a city of 500,000.) Thanks, but I’d rather see the five 30 year olds in my city than the 20 50 year olds 200 km away. I’m not even exaggerating.

- Plenty of fakes

I log on for 2 seconds and I get 5 fake profiles liking me and messaging me. Every god damn time for the last 4 months at least. Like you think pof would've caught on by now...

- Be aware

A lot of frustrated men who insult women for no reason

- Not impressed

My first account was hacked and my profile was marketed as offering online sexual services. My second account was taken down without reason. It’s incredible to me that there are tons of people breaking guidelines on here, and EXTREMELY abusive users, and my account is removed for doing nothing wrong. This app has been an absolute headache and waste of time, I don’t recommend it whatsoever. I’ll never pay for a membership here and will use other online dating services going forward, this isn’t worth your time.

- Pretty cool

Lots of variety

- More discretion and patience

it does take patience and discretion if you are looking for serious relationship on POF .

- Pof bad date experience

I went on this one date met this woman talked and stuff then she starts bagging for cocaine many times through the night and trying to get me to purchase and join her on her drug addiction so ditched her and left her then she decides to file a complaint and ban and block me anyways enjoy your plenty of whales app you can have em loool

- Too much questions

Too much question during signing up, It seems as a spying app for collecting data. Why should I enter my parent marital status or my siblings count? Why should I indicate my income?

- way to ruin an app

This app worked until you brought Lives in it from Skout and MeetMe. Now you removed the favorite profiles feature allowing us to see which DATING profiles we prefered rather than just favorite streamers. And since the last update it says all my messages haven’t been read (I’m premium) and it says I got new messages when I don’t and keeps having lag and connection issues. PS: It keeps saying that “*match* is looking for other types of people, so why not message one of your matches instead?” when SHE IS A MATCH?!?!

- Prevalent scams.

1st 24 hours I had at least 4 scammers trying to take my off site to get my credit card info. Be very cautious. If you use this app. Or better yet don’t. It is also impossible to get ahold of them to get a refund. I asked after 24 hours and all I got was an e-mail confirmation that it was sent received and a code to say it was getting looked at. Legally they have to refund but it didn’t happen. So stay far far away from this app. Don’t waste your time or money.

- Privacy harvest app

Will ask for every detail in your life including your address and income. I registered with a dummy new email and sure after I started to receive tons of spam emails. Move away from those app for your own privacy and security.

- Bots bots bots

Tired of all those regular dating sites witch actual people on it? Yuck! Then look no further! We promise there won’t be a single living thing in this site! And as a bonus all the bots would love to see you right now! Just follow the link they send you and you’re off to the races! No need to make pesky small talk just give them you’re credit card info and hop right in. :)

- Don’t report people

They have this new thing where every time you login on your phone they ask for your feedback...after seeing it 30 times I decided to give feedback on a guy that had a fake profile and when I asked him about it blocked me (which is very typical for fake profiles) the NEXT day my account was deleted! I’m the most respectful person and nice. The filthy things men have said to me and they stay on the site. UNBELIEVABLE.

- Can’t post pics that are within POF rules

Worst dating site. Have not evolved like the rest. Now I know why ppl make fun of POF “That’s so 2011!” They are correct

- Age discrimination

This app was better last year when I first joined. I found someone in the my preferred age group and we dated for a bit. I came back a second time and they have changed the age criteria. I can no longer search for someone who is 10-15 years younger than me but it sure as hell is showing me people who are 10-15 years older than me. It’s just not for me. I also found that people put different ages in rather than their actual age because they know how this site changed the criteria. I emailed them regarding this and got nowhere. C’mon POF! This is ridiculous!!!!!

- Worst thing since WWII

POF is the worst thing that has happened to personal relationships since the government drafted men and sent them to war to be killed.

- Trouble

I am having trouble logging into my account country1966girl.😕and I paid to meet my Mach and I can’t log on to my account, if it is not fixed so I can log on then I should get a refund. Bonnie

- It’s changed

POF has definitely changed over the years. I miss the days they had an instant messenger built in, was so easy to get talking to people. More and more options are getting hidden behind a pay wall these days. Everyone just uses the Meet Me feature which is not free, people just want to swipe right on all the studs with washboard abs and not much else. Tinder really killed POF

- Can’t message people back

I try and message guys back and it never actually sends.

- Bugged

Can’t change the age on the search filters. Pretty fundamental problem. App is trash without that.

- What’s with the update

The latest update doesn’t allow to log out, constantly shuts down. Please fix!

- Your app should be totally free

Your app should be totally free meaning shouldn’t shouldn’t cost anything to try to get into a relationship

- Restore Purchase DOES NOT WORK

If you delete the app from your phone, you cannot restore your purchase when you reinstall. AND there’s no customer service!!

- Can’t Create a Profile

The app is useless if it won’t let me create a profile. I have old ones I could also use, but there is not option to log in, only to create a new profile.

- Annoyed

Messages are not sending at all

- Painful app. Full of bots

Ridiculous app. Don’t pay a cent. You’ll regret it

- Pof

A lot of fake accounts and scammers

- Good but could be better

You should add a feature to turn of recurring billing. Almost every other app has that option. Should be able to get 6 months with one time payment.

- I’m actually not gay

Yeah no matter how many times I set my preference to females it only shows me males. I’m not gay, so this is a pretty big problem for me on a dating app. So yeah thanks I’ll be deleting after my hour long profile set up

- All round good app lots of ladies to choose from

Just all puns

- Terrible dating app

Plenty fish may have been here for some time but definitely not a good option now. Full of scammers and other unsavoury people. Not worth the money. It keeps erasing my bio info when indicating I do not give consent for using any of my info or pictures. It’s actually zero stars.

- Worst site ever

Worst site ever

- Hacked and cc data stolen

Brutal. Within three days on being on my profile was hacked. My photos gone. No idea where. Some one else’s photos and details. My username and login. I deleted everything. Within a week, CC had fraud charges. Be careful totally unsafe app.

- Pass reset

Your password reset doesn’t work so do I just have to make an account all over again? Why bother having the option to reset?

- Compliment

I have actually found more women in my area. But I do need help with one very important feature. I cannot upload pictures of any kind. So please and thank you could you maybe fix the problem. Thanks. Marty Green

- Happy

The best website

- Restrictions

Age is a big issue...also, there is not a basic information for gays. Top, bottom or versatile...

- Perfect site

Awesome site

- Upgraded and I can’t use the upgraded features

I have upgraded my account and now I can’t use the premium membership features and I want my features that I paid for or I want my money back, you do not have a contact support feature to handle this and I’m quite appalled right now because it used to automatically switch over now I want a rep to get a hold of me now!

- Wow, Negative reviews!

Was going to downtown this app but the negative reviews are massive, scammers,, Trolls, fake accounts,, overcharging,, deleted profiles... wow the list goes on.. how can this be possible?? 😯 amazing how hundreds of paying customers are venting their frustrations yet the app presenters are not answering to 95% of the customers?? 😯 update:: downloaded the app and couldn’t execute the process of actually using it, they were asking very personal questions like “ what’s your income” then they want to know your address and telephone number 😂 other dating sites are just a few clicks and your in without private information such as these guys require 😜

- This dating apps a totally fake app

I don’t trust this site

- horrible app

I got removed for absolutely no reason. I barely even go on the damn thing, I was trying to report someone for sex trafficking and right after I sent in the report my account was removed. wouldn’t recommend

- Keep showing males profiles

I can’t change it

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Welcome to Plenty More online that is fish dating lots of Fish Reviews

Healing 🙏🏾💓🧘🏾‍♀️💫

I don’t know how y’all be dating y’all friends old thangs or boyfriends even if it’s been plenty of years I just can’t. It’s more fish in the sea ALWAYS.

Hor$y the Mandalorian

@Pame_Iaa_ Plenty of Fish, a dating website

Your Coup is Bad and You Should Feel Bad

@jaketapper They say that there are plenty of fish in the sea. So by creating a dating app for ppl with “ridiculously high standards” they’re putting together a right-fish salad.


@Cuvington A few to many sex tweets bud... I think you need this


I stumbled upon by accident on a website called Plenty of Fish expecting some kind of fish collecting community. It turns out its a dating site. And the worst thing, its not even a dating site for fishermen!! What a missed opportunity!!!🎣🐠🐟

Guy Brasher

Is the dating app for single penguins Plenty of Fish?


How to Search Other Countries 🗺 on Plenty Of Fish 🐟 Dating via @YouTube

Alyx Holcombe🤘🏼⚡

I've found something worse than Plenty Of Fish... Facebook Dating. Throwing my phone into the nearest bin. If you need me I'll have my head down the toilet screaming x

// Venny //

I’m really sorry to say this, but Plenty Of Fish is a dating site for ugly people. I don’t care.

camiseta armani con pantalones negros

Im tired of online dating, never have I ever been a fan or it but given the pandemic circumstances... NO there isn’t plenty of fish in the sea like they say, there’s a lot of trash in the sea and that’s a fact.

Erica Monberg

This one time I hit the button to signal oblique interest on a Plenty of Fish dating profile of someone who seemed out of my league (he was) and this somehow turned into a five-year stint at .


Do not trust this number; +1 (562) 419-2590. Claimed to be with snoop_christmas on Facebook. Now I lost access to my cashapp. They also tried to sign me up for Plenty of Fish, a dating app. @SnoopDogg

Global Dating Insights

ICYMI: The GDI Podcast 2020 Roundup! 🎙️ How @PlentyOfFish LIVE! Is Helping Lockdown Connections! 🐠

Plenty of Fish Dating 18.00 Screenshots & Images

Plenty of Fish Dating iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Plenty of Fish Dating iphone images
Plenty of Fish Dating iphone images
Plenty of Fish Dating iphone images
Plenty of Fish Dating iphone images
Plenty of Fish Dating iphone images
Plenty of Fish Dating iphone images

Plenty of Fish Dating (Version 18.00) Install & Download

The applications Plenty of Fish Dating was published in the category Social Networking on 2010-09-17 and was developed by PlentyOfFish [Developer ID: 389638246]. This application file size is 247.87 MB. Plenty of Fish Dating - Social Networking app posted on 2022-04-20 current version is 18.00 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.pof.mobileapp.iphone