Chick-fil-A [Food & Drink] App Description & Overview

Welcome to the Chick-fil-A® app. Earn points, redeem available rewards of your choice and reach new tiers with increasing benefits.

1. Mobile ordering – Place your order through your phone, choose your preferred pick-up method, and let us know when you arrive.

2. Earn points – Earn points with every purchase by scanning your QR code, paying with Chick-fil-A One™, or placing mobile orders at Chick-fil-A.

3. Redeem rewards – Use your points to redeem available food rewards of your choice.

4. Customized menu – We’ll remember what you like and – even better – how you like it.

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Chick-fil-A Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Thank you for downloading the Chick-fil-A app! - At participating restaurants, Customers will now be given the option to place an order for delivery through one of our partner services. - As always, we’ve added other less-visible bug fixes and performance improvements to further enhance your app experience.

Chick-fil-A Comments & Reviews

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- Why don’t u have Apple Pay ingratiated

Integrate Apple Pay

- Awesome App

Love this App

- Closed on Sunday

You my Chick Fil a’

- Great app

Best chicken great app !

- Great Service! Great Food!

I love this Chick-fil-A! Always a great experience!

- Doesn’t work on 11 Pro Max

For two weeks now I’ve been trying to mobile order and contact customer support to get this resolved. They have no answer other than a supervisor may contact me. Logged out and in, deleted and reinstalled, check my software version, yeah was asked if I was on iOS 7... haven’t been on iOS 7 in god knows how many years but I’m up to date. Due to the Covid-19 virus, I can’t even leave my house so delivery is the only option. My wife says let’s try it on my phone and it works. Regular iPhone 11, non pro, non max. Why is the latest and greatest apple has to offer not working? Unbelievable that I pay $1400 for a phone and this app doesn’t work for it. Guess I’m not the target market...

- Crashing

Updated the app & now it’s just crashing!! I really wanted chic fil a today

- Great App

The Chick-fil-A app is very easy to navigate and order.

- Amazing App with incentives!

I absolutely love the app for in store pick up or quick grab and dine in. It makes it so much easier for ordering with kids. We can order in the car and then head in to grab food and sit down or grab food through the drive through. Food is always ready and hot! I have never had an issue with an order and every order helps to grow my points to gain more points and earn free treats. Every once in a while locale CFL locations will give free food for fun. I love the app!!

- Excellent!!

Best customer service, fast and the food is great!!

- Great


- Doesn’t support Apple Pay

App doesn’t support Apple Pay even though you can use it in-store. That’s absolute 💩. You need to update the app to allow Apple Pay as a payment option. It’s 2020 for crying out loud!!!

- Chick fil if you see this make a restaurant closer tonme

I like chick fil a but I have to drive to far

- Forced updated now won’t open

Force to update a working app now app won’t open

- heaven

the single best fast food i’ve ever eaten

- Can’t Verify Account

I have tried multiple times to verify my account so that I could mobile order, but the emails don’t get sent, they are not even in my junk mail. Tried with a different email, the same problem happened. Nothing can be ordered and no points can be accumulated until this is done, making the app worthless.

- Best of the best

Best food Best service Best staff Best App Best Delivery

- Mobile Order Changes

They changed the mobile order process so now you actually have to be at the restaurant for them to start preparing your order, which makes wait times unnecessarily long.

- Happy Place

Such great people always smiling! It is “my pleasure” to eat at Chic Fil A!Thanks!

- The best

They are the best ever

- Mrs.Tee

#1 favorite app period

- Overrated

I have used this app a number of times over the last couple months for curbside service. I have found that despite ordering before arriving, and clicking “I’m Here” before actually arriving, the curbside service still takes longer than the drive-thru with no app. It leaves me wondering what the purpose is for the app. I am sorry, I had hoped this would have saved time but it doesn’t.

- App never works when ordering

The app never works at the chick fil a in Santa Clara. Frustrating I can never redeem my rewards

- Love

Everything about this app is amazing

- Can’t sign in

I got a new iPhone and it will now not let me sign in anymore to my account because it says I’ve reached my limit of accounts on a device!!!! No one will help me get this fixed either! So frustrating. Otherwise I loved using the app.

- Great

The best fast food restaurant ever! The best customer service ever

- Needless additional app

Why can’t I order off the mobile website? I’m forced to download yet another app I’ll rarely use. And no Apple Pay?! So I have enter my credit card info all over again.

- Great service, great food!

The staff is always clean, fast and accurate

- Food

We love the dood and the service

- Awesome Service

Highly recommend our Chick Fila at Westchester Commons! Great customer service!!

- Amazing

Love it

- CFA Withdrawls

Chic Fil a withdrawals are real. I haven’t had CFA in at least 2 weeks since the Covid-19 has put us all in limited movement. So today my son and I are making a special trip to our favorite Ortega-Roosevelt Blvd location to get us the famous CFA sandwich. May God continue to richly bless this you all for serving your communities.

- Not user friendly

The app is not updated for services at each location and if you have to change your order it deletes your order.

- No Apple Pay

Please add Apple Pay. Thank you.

- Easy, Fast, Convenient!

Chick-Fil-A has always been super fast and convenient and you can’t beat the food but, the app has been a game changer for me! Plus it’s great that I can earn points towards free food that I love and am already going to purchase. The system works so I can order easily, my food is fresh, and I’m back on the road with my food in seconds. Best food app I have!

- Review

Chick fil a is my favorite. If I could eat it on sundays i would.

- ❤️🙏🏻🌈

GOD Bless You ❤️🙏🏻🌈

- Used to work fine. Now not so much.

I have had the CFA App for many months now. I would have given it 5 stars had I rated it months ago. But in the last two months, CFA has placed a free reward in my acct. twice and I have had trouble redeeming both no matter which way I try (on the app, in store, adding to my cart, scanning the code at the counter). Both times what ended up happening was I paid for the free item with my app balance and was reimbursed in cash. Both times it was not known until the receipt printed that the app did not redeem the free reward. Yet I earned no points from these purchases either, despite also buying other items. CFA customer service has not been helpful. The first time they didn’t fully answer the questions I had, and said I’m SOL on the points I should have been given. The second time I was told to delete and reload the app to my phone. And lose all the points I’ve racked up? No way! I updated the app, and will soon find out if it will let me add points-based rewards to my order and actually be able to redeem them. Otherwise, when just placing a basic order on the app (no rewards involved) it works beautifully. What’s up, CFA? Fix the bugs!

- I love it

I love the app so much she have easy access to which store is the closest to you order your food paid in game free items you can’t beat it with stitch

- Won’t let me online order

When I go to check out, a window pops up saying “Sorry! We’re having trouble serving you. Try again later” I’ve added a gift card and when I went to pay the rest with a card, that same thing pops up. It’s been three days. I’ve never had this issue before. 😭

- I love chicken nuggets.

My grandson and I buy chicken nuggets about twice a week.

- Good One

I have always enjoyed using the app, no experienced issues

- Best app ever

This app is the best! Easy to load gift cards on, use rewards, order and curbside pickup.

- ;)

Great place good food

- Awesome

Great app

- Great!


- This app man

This app hits different. I love this❤️

- Yulieth Romero

Sandwich spice

- Awesome

Chick fil A is consistently excellent.

- App lies about end dates

Don’t trust when the app says your status will expire. If you want to plan on getting silver or red, don’t, the app will tell you that you have so much time to reach red status, then once you are close, will change the date for when you have to reach that status so that you don’t.

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- This app does not work in Canada 🇨🇦!

This app does not work in Canada!

- Beware

Every time you give this company money.. the company pays a dividend to the owner . The owner seems to contribute to kill the gays and keep non whites in their place.

- Doesn’t recognize their Canadian locations

This app is just for locations in the US and does not work in Canada

- Get free items FAST!!!

This app is amazing to use. Rewards are great - better then any other fast food restaurant. Love Chick-Fil-A and love this App.

- Excellent-Download This App!

The Chick-fil-A app is intuitive and has a very friendly user interface. The Team at the Cheektowaga location where we picked up our order was; quick, polite, kind and enthusiastic. The food quality was incredible. We had a chance to meet Cassandra the operator, she took time to greet us and have a nice chat. Great job overall! Thank you and God Bless :)

- Easy to use

Easy to navigate!

- Nice

Love it

- Great app, great food

Easy to use app let's me find the nearest Chick-Fil-A when I'm travelling.

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- Great App - Still Some Minor Issues

I love the Chick-Fil-A App, but it seems after each update mine wants to stop working. A few days ago the app wouldn’t locate a CFA near me, all my rewards points were missing, and it changed me from being a Red Member to being a Member. It finally started working again and all my rewards points were there, I was showing as a Red Member, and location search was working. Now after this update the location search isn’t working again and I can’t redeem any of my rewards points, it shows I have rewards points but the options won’t load. So, I can place an order through the app or use my points. I can still add funds to my account and use the QR scan but it easier and faster for me to place my order through the app.

- Great, but..

I use the CFA app every time I visit. However, I would like to see a way to label the different credit cards on the app. I have 3 cards & I can never remember which card is which! It’s not unbearable but it would be nice to be able to name the cards on the app.

- Amazing place

Love love Chick-fil-A The food is always fresh and delicious The app allows you to collect points and use them for rewards Who else does that Also I occasionally get a reward from the owner of the two locations I visit most I have yet to receive anything from the other fast foods I visit Now we know why there is always a line

- Best place ever

Best place ever



- The best fast food!!

Love the free food all the time and how easy the app is to use

- Love it!!

Very convenient

- Chickfila is supreme

Love everything about chickfila

- Love it.

I love this app

- LOVE Chick fil A ❤️

Love love love this place!

- App, glitchy and made me waste 30 mins

I just made an online order thru the drive thru (it was confirmed and I went to the window) they said all set. Got to the window and the order apparently wasn’t correctly. So I had to walk inside.

- Rewards can not be redeemed

I work in a mall that has one of your store in it. I can not redeem rewards on orders anymore. The app doesn’t even let you know you can’t redeem the rewards anymore and just lets the points be waisted cause you can’t refund them. I am incredibly disappointed in the company and the app because this has lead to me paying them more money on what I thought were rewards. I felt like I was stolen from.

- Easy and convenient

This app works seamlessly and helps you bypass all the long lines. Not to mention there are occasional special rewards gifted to you. I can’t think of one of other fast food restaurant that gives free food with no strings attached.

- Problems Last Night at Bloomingdale Location

We decided to go to your resturant and trust it would be as good as always. Not to be.Disappointing. Extra large fries we always share we half full. I had to wait when I went to the cashier to get 2 wipes and some salt. By the time I got back we ate some cold chicken. Bad. We tried to get our drinks refilled and we were told no. We decided not to purchase more. Horrible dinner for loyal customers. Cannot believe it. CUNNCC



- Pete


- Account issues

-This app will not let me sign in to my account. It will not let me create an account. Worthless. -If your phone is used and someone had an account before they gave you the phone, if you let a friend sign in to the app, or if you forget your log in and try another one, you are screwed. There is absolutely no way to get in to your account or open a new account. Their info is forever tied to the phone. This is what “customer service” tells me. So it’s been a year and I still can’t get into my account.


I’ve never been disappointed by this place! The app is awesome and my food is always fresh🥰

- Requires Phone Number

Love the rewards, but it requires a phone number for no legitimate reason. Plus about every other time I go they’ve raised their prices again, which are already ridiculous, especially considering how small the portion sizes are.

- Love Chick-fil-A

Always love Chick-fil-A. Always super friendly service and great food!

- Terrible app

Doesn’t work like it used to. I can’t buy on app anymore, ALWAYS says there is a problem at checkout no matter what city or phone I am using. Takes forever to load so I have to let people pass me in line just to get app open. I have an iPhone10 so it’s not my phone...

- Offer Coupons!!

Offer coupons on food, instead of having to spend $50 for a medium Shake or whatever it is.

- Favorite place ever

Love this app it’s very useful for people like me who come here everyday and can use those points bc things can become expensive fast!!

- Whe tf am I going?

I’m so sick of these stupid apps where you order thinking you’re going to your usual restaurant and then the app send you on a goose chase 20 miles out of town?!?!

- Survey

Took all of my rewards after I did a positive survey.

- Awesome App!

This app is really helpful!

- Perez

Love the Chick-fil-A sandwich!

- The best food app

This app is the best it is very easy to get stuff for free just by going to eat

- Best fast food app

The best fast food app from rewards point , to easy ordering and free food .

- Easy to use, effective

I work in a mall, and I order food through this app almost every time I’m at work. The staff delivers quickly, and i have never had an issue with this app.

- Love it

Easy to use and works well!

- Gift Card Money Limbo

Please allow us to use a combination of payments. I currently have .57 on a gift card. I can't use it for anything. If I could use that 57 cents with a debit card that would be great!

- Difficulty with connecting

App works great when previewing menu and ordering but when arriving to the facility, app no longer functions and rewards are hard to claim.

- Love It

I enjoy the ability to redeem points for menu items. With prices going up, it feels a little better with the app.

- Can’t open app with the new update

I updated the app March 2020 and now I can’t open the app do an order or scan. I was loving it so much before.

- Best Fast Food Rewards app

Just amazing

- Ease of having good amount of items.

From the Waffle Fries to shakes and frosted drinks, to Spicy Sandwiches and Salads, this menu is amazing. It also tells me when breakfast is ending soon on a timer so I know when I can other either one of breakfast or lunch.

- Long line

But they rocked it!

- Can NOT redeem points

fix this ASAP

- Love it!

I really like this app! I also Love Chick-fil-A!

- Mad

I didn’t get a free sandwich when the Celtics scored 10 3s😭😡😡🤬

- Do not update

I used the latest update and now the app will not even open. When I spoke to an employee at the local store I was just told, “yeah the app is having serious issues.”

- Bbsoblessed

The app is not working. I have uninstalled it twice and the problem has not corrected. The app will not open the “C” just spins.

- The best

I work here and I love it

- Haven’t been able to use for months

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app multiple times. My device is up to date as well. As soon as I open the app it closes itself out. My local CFA suggested I do everything I’ve already done-I told her ive already done that. She suggested I save my receipts and scan later-but for what use if I can’t ever open the app.

- Chic-Fil-A

My favorite restaurant!!

- App even work?

Every time I order from the app they always mess up the sides and never give any sauces or salt and pepper. I stuck either believing it’s a bug with the system or poorly trained staff will not take 2 seconds to read and put some sauce in a bag. Not once not twice not even just 3 times. Every time. Come on now no one wants to hold up the drive through and empty their bags to see if the staff is competent enough. Only reason this has any stars is the food is good. Train your staff..

- Luv it

Luv it!!!

- Best Fast Food App

The Chick Fil A app should be the standard for all fast food apps. Way to use with clear instructions! Great rewards too.

- No app take backs

Move the app, just don’t like the fact you can’t change your mind once you add it to you rewards.

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- Mobile Order

The mobile order system still has a few kinks, but the staff handled it well.

- Nice , not more

I saw better ones for ordering , easier and clearer.

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Chick-fil-A iphone images
Chick-fil-A iphone images
Chick-fil-A iphone images
Chick-fil-A iphone images
Chick-fil-A iphone images
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Chick-fil-A (Version 2020.4.1) Install & Download

The applications Chick-fil-A was published in the category Food & Drink on 2011-12-16 and was developed by Chick-fil-A, Inc. [Developer ID: 529598543]. This application file size is 46.89 MB. Chick-fil-A - Food & Drink posted on 2020-03-20 current version is 2020.4.1 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions.

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