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BeerSmith Mobile Home Brewing [Food & Drink] App Description & Overview

Do you want to create great beer recipes on the go? BeerSmith 3, the world's top selling home brewing software, comes to iPhone/iPad. BeerSmith Mobile gives you all the tools to design, edit and brew your best beer from your phone or tablet. BeerSmith mobile is tightly integrated with our recipe cloud service and desktop BeerSmith program making it easy to create recipes from your desktop computer or phone and share them transparently. Save a recipe on your desktop cloud folder and open it on your phone. In addition our BeerSmithRecipes search function puts thousands of new recipes at your fingertips. An integrated brew day timer with step by step instructions, brewing calculators and tools for converting units rounds out this great app!

The ultimate app for BeerSmith users - create a recipe at your desktop cloud folder, walk our the door and edit the recipe from your phone or tablet!

- BJCP 2015 Beer Style Guide included, plus mead, wine, cider guide
- Ability to fully edit recipe and brew session data
- Editing of ingredients including hops, grains, misc, water, and yeast
- Full edit of profiles including equipment, mash profiles, aging and carbonation
- Functions to scale a recipe by equipment, alter color, original gravity or bitterness
- Ability to save profiles or ingredients from an existing recipe to your phone database
- Search, view and select from thousands of recipes on
- Brewday timer for steep, mash and boil with notifications and alarms
- Ability to store recipes you find locally or to your cloud account
- Full integration with the desktop version of BeerSmith via your cloud folder
- Any recipe you move to your desktop cloud folder can be used in the app!
- Full beer style guide in app for reference
- Seven calculators including: hydrometer adjust, infusions, alcohol/attenuation, mash adjust, weight/volume, refractometer and carbonation
- Five unit converters: temperature, gravity, weight, volume, pressure

What's New:
Version 3 of BeerSmith adds:
- Support for mead, wine and cider recipes (as well as beer)
- Local and cloud based recipe folders for managing your recipes
- Water profile and mash pH tools integrated with the recipe for beer brewing
- Updated ingredients, profiles and style databases including hundreds of new ingredients

Build 3.0.10 Adds:
- Added new provisional BJCP beers styles to style guide
- Corrected issues with adding juices to some recipes
- Corrected wrong units on some fields in session page
- Corrected issues with some recipes being downloaded from cloud correctly
- Corrected issue with brewday timer not displaying correctly on some recipes
- Corrected issue with not being able to edit yeast tolerance for yeast items

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BeerSmith Mobile Home Brewing Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Corrected problem with brewday timer where ingredients could be shown out of order - Corrected issue with using comma as decimal point when entering numeric fields in Europe/other countries - Moved to SQL based database (3.1.8 and higher) - Popup menus and revised menu system (3.1.8 and higher) for improved navigation.

BeerSmith Mobile Home Brewing Comments & Reviews

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- Useful, but could use some updating

This app has been central to my homebrewing career and has resulted in two satisfactory beers and dozens of brand-new ideas and concepts. However, there are many ingredients and new hop varieties that I wish would be added to the database. For example, my most recent recipe used Mandarina Bavaria hops, a newer variety not listed in the app, and others such as Lemondrop and El Dorado that have become popular as of late in microbreweries. Adjunct-wise, I'd like to see hibiscus listed and allow a visual estimate of how much of the red hue is given off. Otherwise, this is a pretty decent app.

- Finally! My Five star review!

I updated this morning. I immediately went to see if BeerSmith added 10 key entry to numerical fields… YES! My previous review held back giving it one star for this feature alone. As a regular user of this app before and on every single brew day, the lack of 10 key entry made it cumbersome and annoying. No more! Five stars! My next brew day just got a little sunnier.

- The default Standard

I have used this app since I started brewing ~5 years ago. Works great, no complaints.

- Excellent Initial Release

I've been using BeerSmith 2 for Mac, and BeerSmith Light for about 8 months now, and this full version release for my iPhone and iPad has been greatly anticipated. It works VERY well. I have not had any issues opening files on My Cloud or creating new recipes. I would STRONGLY recommend that users of the LITE version head directly to the "Help" on the bottom of the main loading screen. It will walk you through where the "add" buttons are so you can bring your Equipment Profile over, as well as all your custom Adjuncts, Hops and Yeasts from your desktop. It does not automatically bring everything over. You will need to do it yourself manually, but once it is finished you have access to them. Hopefully it will be automatically done one day, but as this is the initial release of the program I was pleased that it worked, I was pleased that I could alter recipes on my phone, and I was pleased that I can create new recipes as well. If you use BeerSmith, you would be advised to get this program. Brad Smith has always done a great job of adding new features to help keep this program in the forefront of HomeBrew programs, and I have no doubt this one will continue to receive improvements and bug fixes. But, as I stated in the beginning, I have not seen any major bugs and the program runs great. It was worth the wait!

- Awesome support from the developer.

When iOS 9.0.1 was released I naturally updated my system. When I next attempted to use my BeerSmith app on my iPad, I found that it would freeze when I tried to edit any of my recipes. My natural instinct was to contact the developer, Brad Smith, which I did. In less than a day, and on a Saturday I might add, I received a reply from Brad Smith. Brad said that he had worked hours getting his BeerSmith app ready for the new iOS 9 release. The app continued to work seamlessly with the new iOS 9 release. However, when Apple released a quick fix to their new system, iOS 9.0.1, they failed to give app developers like Brad, a heads-up. As a result 9.0.1 caused operational errors with the BeerSmith app and Brad was caught unaware and had to scramble to make the necessary changes to his app so it would, once again, work with the newly released iOS 9.0.1. Cudo's to Brad for working so hard to get this problem fixed so quickly for home and craft brewers like me who depend on BeerSmith as our go-to platform to store and develop our home brew recipes and configure our brews. I am especially impressed with the speed with which Brad personally responds to questions regarding this brewing software. I've used at least three other systems and this is the best software out there in my opinion for brewing.

- Great app, but needs just a tad more...

I love this app, and I use it a lot when I'm at work and have an idea for a recipe. That being said I can't always make the recipe I want because the mobile app doesn't always have an ingredient that I want to use. I wish there was a way to do the add-ons like the desktop version. I know there is a work around to get ingredients and profiles on the mobile app by saving them from a recipe made on the desktop version, but that is a pain and doesn't mean I will have an ingredient I want in the future. As of now I have to write in the notes section to add a missing ingredient to the recipe when I get home to my laptop. If there was a way to sync ingredients and profiles from the desktop to mobile over the cloud server that would be great, or an option for add-ons in the mobile app. If the session data was as in-depth as the desktop version and I could match the add-ons to my desktop version easily, this would be a 5 star app for sure. *update* Another set of features that are on the desktop that would be great to have included on the mobile app is the shopping list and inventory. Making the shopping list and inventory sync to the cloud so they are available in your pocket when you are out shopping would be extremely helpful.

- Wonderful!

I bought the Windows desktop program first, and I was blown away by it. It figured everything including my refractometer readings with alcohol (Did you ever see the actual equations for a refractometer alcohol correction? There are math symbols in that equation I have never seen). I found myself constantly walking downstairs to my computer updating and altering my recipes. I bought this app because it integrates with my Windows desktop program, and it delivers in spades! I just drag my recipes to the cloud folder and they're shared between my iPad, iPhone and Windows computer. No more walking downstairs to the computer as I alter and create recipes in bed now. Today, I was able to use the brew day timer for the first time. I created a recipe on Windows and started the timer on my iPhone. I was able to do other things around the house, and have my iPhone chime and remind me of the next step in my mash and boil. Few programs impress me, but this one certainly does. It delivers on all levels.

- Terrible desktop integration

This is basically a stand alone app. What I wanted (and thought this would be) was an app that syncs with the computer version through the cloud. NOPE! There is no easy way to sync anything. You need to create your recipes and save it on your computer. Then copy that into the cloud. Then go to your phone, find your recipe in the cloud, and then copy the same recipe onto your phone for offline access. Now you have the same recipe 3 times. Once in the cloud, and once locally on each device. If you are offline, and make a change, you have to manually synchronize the other 2 recipes. You must manually transfer over your customers equipment profiles, custom ingredients, fermentation profiles etc. Do you have customs grain absorption for BIAB? You’ll have to set all that up manually again. Nothing is automated. It’s pretty poor. What this app should do is allow you to CONNECT all your devices through one account. Then any device that has the app (mobile or desktop) will automatically sync all the recipes, profiles, styles etc. Then, when a change is made, even offline, it syncs across all the devices once a connection is made. You know. The way it works for virtually every app. Make. I mistake. This app is fine on its own. The desktop version is better. But as a “compliment” to the desktop, this falls woefully short!

- Outstanding, but...

I have been using iBrewmaster for roughly 18 months. Frustrated with the constant inconsistent statistics and lack of adequate response from customer support, I decided to change. BrewSmith 2 is simple and comprehensible. Works very well. The best part is Brad Smith, the creator of BeerSmith, corrects serious issues very fast. Since I started using BeerSmith, I have stopped using iBrewmaster. BeerSmith is an outstanding app, but... It needs to do a better job with water profiles. It also needs to elaborate a bit with the grain choices. It also needs to allow the ability to arrange ingredients in the order you want after the ingredient has been selected. It also need to offer the ability to print a recipe!!

- Great update to 3.0

However there are some bugs to be squashed. I primarily find issues when I go to install the add ons. Sometimes (not all) when I go to install them they say that they have been installed but then the display will say something like “0 items installed” even though the display says they’re 12 intense that could be installed. So uninstalling it and re installing it seems to fix the issue. So I would definitely check those items. Otherwise this app feels familiar to what were used to in UI and GI design which isn’t a bad thing, but I was hoping for something a little more updated. “Modern” looking. But familiar isn’t bad and the update is free which was a nice touch.

- It does a great job

The Beersmith App is a great tool for this very long time home brewer. It’s not a desktop application but it is very powerful and accurate. I can modify or correct recipes that are stored in the Beersmith cloud. I always have access to my recipes wherever I go. Develop your recipes on the desktop use your iPhone or iPad during the brew session. Needless to say I highly recommend this app. Take time to learn it’s full capabilities and you won’t be disappointed. It is regularly updated and support is great. Is it perfect, no. Is it a very powerful and low cost tool, absolutely. Bob

- I'm Impressed

Once I saw this was available for the iPhone/iPad I went right over and bought it. After creating a cloud account it was quick and easy to copy recipes to my cloud folder and retrieve them on my iDevice, both. It's easy to modify recipes and save profiles and ingredients that are part of the recipe. Creating a recipe is a snap as well. I haven't experienced and abends or hangs and find it quite responsive. I don't like the way Brad handles trub in the boil kettle but he has done a great job with this app right out of the gate.

- Updated after further use and research

I gave this a pretty low rating upon initial use, but discovered after a bit of research that additional functionality was available and that I did not fully understand how to take advantage of add ons, etc. I do think that is still a challenge for new users and is why I continue to deduct a star, as ideally this could be made more user friendly, but it does have much of the functionality of the desktop version, which also has its quirks.

- A must have for brewers!

This app is fantastic. The entire suite of software and apps are a must have for ANY level brewer. The 'cloud' account integration is flawless and a dream come true. My 'cloud' is connected to the iPad mounted in the brewery, my MacBook Air, and my iPhone. I can edit my recipes anywhere, anytime. Keeps great inventory for those who need it. I had a spreadsheet inventory for years. No longer needed. Other brewing apps have great features, but this is the one I needed. Primary Reasons: 1. Price. The price is amazing for the entire suite of software/apps/cloud account. 2. Multi-platform. Many of the other brewing apps are not native to the iPad. This honestly surprised me. 3. Ease of use. Once you dive in, all features are easy to pick up. This is a slick app. Very glad I took it for a spin. Thanks to the developer(s) and keep up the good work.

- Great tool with a few missing features

This is a one stop shop for home brewing, and a steal at this price as it's nearly as capable as the desktop app. Made my first all-grain brew day even easier than my previous partial mash brews where I worked off a paper recipe and hand calculations. A few things I'd like to see, though, that would make it 5 stars and worth easily double: - Become a more iOS native app. Specifically swipe gestures for faster navigation, split screen support on iPad, and better use of landscape orientation on iPad. - A brewers log function, to keep notes on brews after brew day. I use a Numbers sheet for this now, but it would seem to fit well in this app. - A shopping list or a way to export ingredients lists to Reminders or something similar.

- Average at best

Highly anticipated mobile version of the popular desktop application, but is lacking a large number of features. Compared to other brew apps, this deserves a 2 star. Compared to the desktop version, this deserves 1. Most used items are in odd or hard to find places, efficiency is not available, and it seems the dev is over his head with all he does as his support is far and few between. The most frustrating part, for me, is the lack of cloud syncing outside of the devs cloud. I am very much waiting for this app to at least get on par with all the other online, desktop, mobile app brew calculators.

- Thanks, Brad!

This is a fantastic app for home brewers. It allows you to completely design your beer before brew day. This is the most complete brewing app by far. I also had some trouble losing my recipes at first. Brad Smith has some excellent tutorials, and I realize I was simply not clicking the right upper hand save button. I just made my first all grain recipe yesterday, and I nailed all of my gravities as expected. It is super easy after a little bit of learning.

- No desktop sync

This app gets dinged heavily for not having any sort of sync between the desktop version. Yes, there is a cloud feature, but is is expensive (the free version only allows 15 recipes). For the same or lower price there are other solutions that allow you to easily keep every device up to date. It’s too bad, because BeerSmith is so widely used and provides so many useful tools. The other issue is that it just looks odd on iOS. (Same on the Mac). Understandable because it’s cross platform, but I wish there was more of an effort to look native.

- Advanced Brewers: DO NOT BUY!

This app is perfectly fine for designing recipes. But without the advanced features of the desktop version, this app doesn't cut it for advanced brewers. Example: there is no check to ensure your mash water/grain amounts don't exceed your equipment capacity. Another example: there isn't a yeast starter tool!!!! For me, the lack of those two features alone makes this app worthless. I can make a recipe of grains and hops on paper. I need more than predicted OG and IBU values. I need real tools to manage an all grain brew day. Advanced brewers: save your money, use the desktop version.

- Home-brewer, Student

This app is extremely handy and nice for those quick recipe changes, timer for brew day, simple calculations and a whole lot more. Brad Smith did an excellent job with creating such a powerful home-brewing software! I can say that Brew Smith is hands down the best $10 I've ever spend on an app and one of the best $10 I've put towards my Home-Brewing Adventure! Thank you Brad Smith and have a Great Brewing Week to EVERYONE!!!

- Compliments Beersmith Desktop Software

This is a great compliment to the Beersmith Desktop software. I can create my recipes, do my calculations on my desktop then upload them into the cloud folder. Once, there I can carry my iPad out to my breeched and follow my recipe. The built in timers are really helpful so I don't need to switch between apps. This app doesn't do everything that the desktop software can do, so think of it more as a "companion" app. ( in my opinion)

- Much improved still needs something

I got this app when it first came out and I was very disappointed with the lack user friendliness. Customer service was great and returned my money. I decided to give it another try and I am very happy with the changes. BeerSmith mobile is seamlessly integrated with the desktop version and allows full recipe creation and editing on a mobile device. The cloud sharing is great. The only thing I wish this app had is a way to track batch stages, something that showed a calendar that would notify you when the stage (secondary, cold crash, carbonation) is due. Competitors have this function and it is the only thing that they do better. Great job beer smith!

- Great idea slow implementation

I was so happy when I saw this app was coming out. I have used the PC version for awhile now and really like it. This app is very easy to use, when it works correctly. I seem to have horrible freeze problems with this app. I have even deleted and reinstalled it n my iPad 3. It will work as designed on reinstall, then freezes on second use. It lets me press buttons in app, but that's all it does, no response at all. I wish the silly thing would crash so I could send a report. I'll keep trying due to the ease of the PC version in hopes that an update gets this right.

- Broken navigation

I use desktop version of Beersmith for every brew, listen to the podcast, and even subscribe to, and read the newsletters. So I am usually a fan. This is why I ignored the bad reviews and dropped $8 on this app. While exploring I went into settings and there the program remains, stuck due to a malfunctioning Back icon. Even after shutting down and coming back, the program is locked in the refractometer page, rendering the app useless. Take some time and fix this Brad. It mars an otherwise brilliant suite of apps. "I want my $8 dollars", screams the paper boy as he chases John Cusack. But seriously, fix it.

- Update has too many bugs

Thank you for fixing the bugs! Much better… Was happy prior to upgrade. This version has too many issues. Top of app buttons are hidden behind the iPhone battery, signal bar, etc. App seems to lag significantly. Hope there a fix soon! Want to love it, but probably going to revert back to previous version.

- Very very cool!

I started with Beersmith on the PC. Initially a little overwhelming but soon it all made sense. Then came the Lite version and using it to brew from the phone was awesome. Now I've purchased the full blown app and I love it already. If you have the lite or desktop version, you will quickly see how the full version is a really excellent app and easy to use. Thanks again Brad!

- No where near the desktop app

I use the desktop app every brew day and bought this app think it would be good to make recipes while away from my desktop. This app has a long way to go to be a companion to my desktop. For example my grain and hop profiles are not in the app. You would have to have transfer all your recipes to the cloud to edit them away from your desktop. Now that may sound petty but I would expect a more streamlined experience where my desktop software's profiles and recipes were linked between this app and my software.

- Good combination

I use both the mobile app and the desktop version. The app is great for when I actually brew, on brew day. Using the timer, keeping track in general. Not as great for creating recipes, but it does the trick (again, app wise). There have been a few issues with the latest IOS, but the developer of this app is always very helpful to answer questions or concerns.

- Pleased overall

The de facto home brewing app. I just wish you could search your own recipes by grain or hop. Many of us who store our own grains and hops would like to find recipes based on ingredients we have on hand. Throw in that feature and I'll add another star. Apparently people have been requesting that feature for years so I won't hold my breath.

- Squash the Bugs

I’ve enjoyed using this app for recipe development and actual brew days. However, with the newest update came a few bugs. I am no longer able to view or select a yeast when creating/editing a recipe. Even under “ingredients,” I am unable to see the various options for yeast. A window pops up saying there is a “java script error...” I would rate this app higher, but this error is a “thorn in my side” at the moment.

- Not worth $8

I bought this so I could use timer for brew days and take with me to local home brew store (LHBS). Three main tools I need are none existent on the mobile version. 1) A yeast starter tool is a must have when going to the LHBS and determining if the yeast they have is viable. 2) Ability to change and save grain steep time for extract brewing. 3) Ability to install add-ons for grains, styles, receipts, ect like on the desktop version. 4) It would be nice to have a hop/grain recommend replacement tool for times when LHBS doesn't have my desired grain or hop. While I will use it, I wish that it had a few more essential features, especially since it is carrying a $7.99 price tag. I love the desktop version but would skip the mobile if I could do it again.

- Great app, issues fixed

Update: issues with iOS 9 have been fixed and the buttons all work again! I love this app and have used it for numerous brews. I think the price tag is a little hefty considering you already pay $30 for the desktop software-but nonetheless I bought it and love it.

- Convenient

I don't plan to generate recipes on my iPhone, but it looks like it could be used fairly easily considring the small interface. The main draw for me is that I can generate recipes on my PC version of Beersmith, upload the recipe to Beersmith's cloud service, and then retrieve the recipes on my iPhone so that I can buy the ingredients at the homebrew store.

- Great app and excellent support

Love this app and have been using since the initial release. I feel it has more than paid for itself by reducing brew day stress and letting me draft out new recipes from the office (or wherever beer is on my mind). The developer was quick to get the needs iOS 9.0.1 stuff ironed out!! Keep up the good work!!

- Cannot change OG

2 stars only because I like the idea. Cannot adjust Gravity at all for a new recipe. Defaults to 1.000. Makes it completely unusable as a recipe creator. The cloud idea is great to be able to share recipes but it would be much better if I could sync my settings (mostly equipment settings and efficiency) from the computer. Right now I would have to manual match settings on the iPad which is limiting and really only allows it to act as a reader for recipes made on the computer.

- OK first effort

This app is mostly just a recipe entry and brew day tool. There is no ability to store an inventory of your ingredients or track the progress of your batches. The GUI looks very nice. The program is a bit tough to understand. You need create an equipment and mash profile for your setup. This is a challenge. Beersmith uses a different efficiency metric than most brew apps. Beersmith uses brewhouse efficiency based on the volume of wort in the kettle. Most apps use mash efficiency based on volume of wort in kettle after boiling. This difference is fine but the app doesn't calculate efficiency for you so you have to guess what yours should be. Overall Beersmith Mobile feels like a companion for the PC Beersmith. Hopefully this changes overtime since I don't own the PC version!

- Not a bad app

Overall it’s a pretty handy app to compliment Beersmiths3 desktop app. After reading the help section I found out how to transfer equipment profiles in special ingredients to the app. The one thing I would love for them to add is inventory, and shopping list cloud integration. That would be fantastic for when one goes to the brew shop.

- If you're a homebrewer, you need this app!

Not only does it have the 2008 and 2015 BJCP guidelines, it helps you build your own recipe to the guidelines. Can't find an ingredient? You can input its parameters yourself! Looking for ideas? You can search a ton of recipes (all grain, extract and partial mash) submitted by fellow homebrewers. This app is the bomb!

- Easily the best beer app, but needs a refresh

Beer Smith is a great tool with knowledgeable active developers, but no designers. The fact is, at this point, the biggest challenge to usability is the UI. The tools work but the icons are meaningless. The information is actuate but the layout is labyrinthian. And that doesn't even get to talking about the fact that it's still sized for an iPhone 4... Good tool, needs a full usability overhaul to be a great app.

- Essential Tool

I don't normally write reviews, but I must for this app. I have been using BeerSmith since I started Home Brewing. The app is loaded with essential information. Nearly a one stop app. Brad, the author has ported a mountain of knowledge into this app. It's a bargain for the price. It helped me better understand the numerous variables in brewing. Cheers!

- Very Handy!

Love playing around with this software! It's so much fun to create recipes with it. The only thing I would change is to have a separate section for recording brew data or at least be able to access and edit brew data without going into the editing of a recipe.

- Wow! Awesome support for a great app!

Yes, there were a couple issues in the last update, which was released earlier this week, but the creator fixed it immediately! This is a handy app, and I think it is easily worth the small price asked for essentially the full Beersmith 2 app. I love it, and I'm grateful for the great support.

- Many bugs, minimal support

Have used this for two days, excited about the possibilities, disappointed in the performance. This program randomly drops manually entered recipes, creates duplicate recipes for no apparent reason, and will eventually completely lock up and become unusable. Support consists of how to videos and a user forum. Cannot even backup recipes to iCloud, signed up for all the appropriate accounts but beersmith will not connect. This app is neither effective or efficient and I cannot recommend it.

- Great support app!!!

Want the best homebrew software? Do yourself a favor, get the beer smith 2 pc software, and then use this app for your shopping for supplies and on brew day as your recipe base as well as timer!! Use the IPad app every time I brew, so much more out of the way versus being stuck by a pc or having your laptop!!

- You need this in your life

This program has completely changed how I make beer. I recommend the desktop version to compliment the app. Go to their website and sign up for the podcast and newsletter too! Can't say enough.

- Missing some important things

Overall this app is okay... but it's missing some of those "no-brainer" type things that should absolutely be included in a mobile app. My biggest issue: why is inventory and shopping list not available? I would think that would be one of the most beneficial things to have on your phone. I'm out at the Homebrew shop picking up some stuff... and I forget if I indeed have that 8oz of specialty malt I need... this app is entirely useless here.

- Fabulously Functional

I felt like this app--long the leader--was caught by it's competitors. If that was ever the case, it's out in the lead again with the latest additions and proved cloud functionality. Worth every penny of the $10 if you're looking to brew consistent batches of your favorite recipe.

- Doesn’t Sync Across Devices

I intended to use this app on my phone and iPad and switch seamlessly between the two. But I am unable to save recipes from the cloud from either device. Apparently, you must have the PC/Mac version to actually save recipes to the cloud, and then they can be accessed from the iOS devices. That is not a useful syncing function to me. I wish that was clear before I spent the $8 on this app...

- Great app. Works wonderfully

I have been a home brewer for years. This app really does the job. I wish the developers would add a function to add pictures. I do a lot of documentation with pictures. And to have it built in the app would be great.

- Can't create/edit new recipes

Wish I could get my money back for this purchase. Within one minute of purchasing this app and attempting to log my own recipe, I realized I made a mistake. If you try to change/alter IBU, SRM, and OG inputs, it does not store them/save them. I didn't even bother exploring the rest of the app due to that frustration. For the money , you'd think they have little things like this worked out. Especially since they recently released a updated version.

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- Awful

Really small set of features compared to the desktop app. UI is just as awful as the desktop app. Doesn't sync well at all with the desktop app. Would not recommend anyone to buy it. Just a waste of money.

- No calendar

I have been brewing for about 12 months and was previously using ibrewmaster 2 (ib2), bit the bullet based on numerous reviews and forked out another $12 on this app. Fairly intuitive (ib2 probably a little easier, but I'm also more familiar)and has more Australian ingredients loaded. Brew day timer is great, but it lacks a calendar or alerts that let you know when your batches are ready for dry hopping or other stages in fermentation which is a real feature of ib2 as I typically have 4-5 brews on the go at any time. There is also a problem with the coopers ingredients and their colour and bitterness stats that requires a moderately lengthy override. This problem and the calendar have been reported on several blogs but not addressed by the designers which is probably the most disappointing aspect. In all serviceable, not worth the second purchase, don't use any of the PC cloud stuff, maybe if you're in to that. Okay

- Great application

The application is easy enough to use, logical and scalable same as the PC version. Tried it on iPhone, but its just too small, on the IPad it works very well. One feedback thought, it would be a good idea to be able to photos and attach them to the recipe. Just thoughts.

- Beersmith 2 mobile app

So far love the app. Easy to edit recipes just the same as the computer version.. Tried on iPhone but believe it will be better on iPad.

- It’s ok

Couple of issues with this app. Firstly converting from US imperial to metric has some flaws as some weights are left in ounces & obviously teaspoons & tablespoons are different size as well. Secondly you can no longer seem to search for recipes in the app?

- Bad design... Not worth it

Really average program. Interface is clunky and not displayed in a very logical order. Expected a lot more for the price. Ended up paying twice as much for brewmaster2 app, but it is what I thought this app was.

- Clunky & Old

Okay functionality but feels like a VERY old app, especially considering some of the competition. Last update was 7 months ago. Have to go elsewhere.

- Unusable

Love the PC version of this software, but this app is unusable, it's buggy as hell. The buttons are not working and I have to force quit to get anywhere. Waste of 10 bucks

- Nice if it worked

On iPhone XR iOS 12 doesn’t let save anything. Really could use ability to remove equipment from recipe

- Not for metric fans!!!

The tools or advanced settings do not change to metric when changing from imperial to metric

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- Unable to scale recipe or create equipment profile

This is a very disappointing app if you want to scale to a larger volume that's greater than 10 gallons. I tried everything I could to build a larger equipment profile to match my 27 gallon system. The software allowed me to create a new profile but it always defaulted to a 5 gallon batch even after entering 27 gallons.

- Do not get this app

Paid for Beersmith 3. It worked for 6 months then stopped. Tried for 6 weeks to get it resolved with Brad to no avail. He would answer me like once a week. Horrible customer service. Stay away.

- Can't track actual batches you've brewed.

The app is good, but needs a few more features. You should be able to start a brew session, and then track and save it right until the end of the process... Brew, ferment, bottle/keg, tasting. And save note per the particular batch. Not just notes on the recipe. It would help when you discover you've tried a different process at particular step. You can then say that made your brew better or worse.

- Needs a lot of work

It’s fine to just quickly make a recipe I guess but the cloud sync functionality needs a ton of work. I can’t see why anyone would pay money for more cloud space when the recipes and custom equipment profiles sync poorly at best. The app has lots of good recipe generation data but the user interface need to be overhauled frankly

- BeerSmith developers please read this!!!

I love my beersmith computer app it has advanced my brewing exponentially. However why, in the age of modern computing, in an app i paid for, do i have to exit the session i am working on, then exit the recipe i am working on ,then find a calculator, all to adjust my hydrometer reading. Can this not be built in to my session. You input your current temperature, hydrometer reading and calibration, and voila! A correct reading. Seriously its easier for me to exit your app and go to the other website.

- Good app!

This app seems to work well for homebrewing. It appears to be missing an export feature so your brew sessions can be exported into a format for storage. If that feature gets added I’ll update my review to five stars.

- Manque des options

Il serait intéressant d'avoir toute les fonctions comme le programme sur ordinateur pour avoir le suivie de l'inventaire!!!

- Nice but...

After using the software for many years on computers, the mobile version leaves you a bit stranded. There are many options missing, such as, exporting and sharing. This means that if you have a Grainfather System for example you cannot export to the software directly. You need to go through hoops in order to get recipes to the other software. This needs to be fixed ASAP.

- Should be much better

Powerful app but difficult to learn (and I'm not new to brewing). Slow and confusing recipe entry process. Great that there is access to recipes.

- Indispensable for those who want to make their own beer

Easy to use, this apps is essentiel to any homebrewers who want good results!

- Update anytime soon?

Having a hard time using Beersmith since iOS9 update; lots of buttons arent working anymore (most notably the "back" and "save" buttons). I do hope there's a patch coming up since I cant use Beersmith as it is...

- Low ABV

It's a lightweight version of the desktop program. Needs an update to reflect current BJCP styles

- No log of batches brewed

The recipe portion of it is great, but what good is it without a log of batches brewed.

- High hops not fulfilled

I had high hopes for this app. The back bone is could be great. Its just slow when you click buttons like edit and save etc.. And it is twitchy, resulting in lost recipes. Im back to excel spreadsheets now.

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- Inventory and Print functions needed

Love BeerSmith. I hope the next release will have inventory functionality and the ability to print right from the phone. Other than that, I really like the program.

- Latest version is not good

The previous version of this app was well worth the money. The latest version is horrible and practically unusable on the iPhone. It lags and bleeds into the top of the screen with the cell signal and battery indicators. The nav buttons at the top have to be pressed several times. It seems to work better on the iPad. I hope there is a another update soon!

- Meh

Not bad. It would be nice to have an inventory section to track what I have on hand. The water chemistry tool that is on the desktop would also be a good addition. It is nice for sitting around and creating recipes. Could definitely use some updates to make it more convenient to really nail down its intended use.

- Works for me!

I use this app for every brew. The trick is to set up your profile/and equipment first. Recently switched from “pot and cooler” brewing to a Robobrew set up. The change over was easy on the app. I find BeerSmith to be a useful tool-

- Became my main brewing app.

I was a big fan of the PC version, but now that they are having some frequent development and debugging on the mobile app, it's now a pretty solid, competent tool. Thanks developers! Well worth the price.

- Frustrating

This is really just a badly packaged web site as an app. Nothing native about it, and extremely clunky to use. If you're the biggest brewing software overall you should be able to write a real app. I find this software disappointing and extraordinary frustrating. Does a good iOS brewing app even exist?

- Fantastic to use on the fly

Very excited to have the mobile version of this software. I'm able to make recipe updates and changes on the fly while at the LHBS buying ingredients. It's great having everything update across my devices in the cloud. I always have my phone with me, so I'll always be able to create and store recipes wherever I am. (Long boring days at work) I have not experienced any problems using it several times, as others have mentioned. Cheers!

- Easy, yet limiting

Great, easy to use mobile version of the great desktop application. Some limitations to what you can really do, with my least favorite being limited to 10 recipes on the cloud.

- Great...When it works

It's a great tool for brew day...that's probably about it in its current state. I had a folder filled with recipes that just vanished. All I did was hit the back button to go to the previous folder and it disappeared. Probably about 10-15 recipes just vanished. So I Madea new folder and started adding to it...same thing happened. Until this is fixed I'll be using Brewers Friend. So disappointing.

- Update killed my timer function

The update looks great but when I try to access the timer, it throws up a JavaScript error and then I can't do anything else in the app. I'll close it out and try to do it again to no avail. Turned my phone off and back on and still gives me errors. Can I revert back to the old version?

- Setup Properly

This is a great app. Just as comprehensive as the desktop version. I think if you setup your profiles properly, you won't see any disparity between the two versions.

- No desktop sync 2

I work in a production brewery that uses desktop version. There is no way to access recipes created on the desktop version. Or be able to share those created by the app. Totally useless to our business. I hope other businesses that read these reviews are able to see this and prevent them from spending the $ on this app.

- Not Polished

What makes this app tempting is that it syncs your cloud recipes from the PC version of BeerSmith 2.0 and let's you edit them on the fly. However, this app is unpolished and buggy- not worth the premium price being charged for it. I'm hoping that this app will be fixed over time. If it is, I'll definitely improve my rating. If not, I'll lower it.

- Great Potential

I really love the app and the cloud service. My only complaint is that it needs to be more similar to the desktop. I have had the desktop for years and love it, especially the newest update. Please update the app to be more seamless to the desktop version.

- Needs an update

The buttons sometimes stop working...for example the back button when you go into a recipe, so you're stuck unless you exit out and restart. Got stuck when I saved a recipe locally, it wouldn't go back. So far a frustrating app. Needs some real basic updates.

- Best Brew App Out

This is hands down the best mobile app on both *droid and apple. It's easy to use and easy to follow, especially when shopping for materials. Highly recommended!

- Needs some tweaks

It would be nice to sync to the desktop version through WiFi. Also would be nice to have it default to numbers when you are in a numbers only field. Otherwise it it very useful out in the Brewery.

- Good, but disappointing

I like how you can store different versions and easily scale recipes. I couldn't tell if I was setting up my equipment profile correctly, or if the figures were adjusting based on my changes. Disappointed there was no pitching calculator built in to tell me how many cells were needed or how much slurry to use. You also can't store recipes on one iOS device and access them on another device. It seems that feature is tethered to the desktop software. I do agree the layout is clunky, but it is workable.

- Works great

The only thing missing IMO, is the ability to track inventory and sync shopping lists with the desktop version. Otherwise great app that allows me to leave the laptop at work.

- Lost Recipe

A confirmation page when hitting back to the main screen would prevent many frustrations.

- Good app but bad water chemistry calculation

I love the app. I’m a first year home brewer, I really wish someone can make a simple to use water chemistry calculations, as in helping guide on on what water profiles we trying to target for a specific brew and if we building from distilled water what needs to be added to get those calculations.

- Do not buy this app!

This app is nothing like the PC or Mac version not even close. The worst thing is that I plugged in all my information and set up a whole entire recipe and then there's no way of printing it to keep a hard copy for my files... awful awful awful awful...... I guess I expected way too much from Brad Smith that is very knowledgeable in this field

- Clunky

Pretty clunky, seems just to be an adaptation of a desktop version. The equipment set up options are very limited to only a couple styles. I use a mash tun and lauter tun, but the only option is for a combo unit that doesn't go less than 6 gallons. Also, very frustrating to have to hit save all the time.

- Awesome but I have a suggestion

You should put a feature / option that automatically chooses the closest style of beer to your recipe.

- Dumped all my data

First BeerSmith experience. I bought this 2 days ago. I used it to record my last 2 brew days I did an American IPA and a British Ale. I opened the app this morning to review my data and got a script full error and all my stored data was gone. Waste of $8 and 2 brew days of data. Please fix or give back my money. Garbage review until it gets fixed.

- It used to work.

I bought it and used it for quite a while. Now it won't work. They need to put out an update for iOS9 that actually works. Tried deleting and starting over. Lost all of my recipes. Do you think I might be a bit angry? Find something else to use until they figure out how to fix it.

- Good but

Needs better batch scaling. Also I put the same recipe in the mobile and desktop and got different results (slightly). Some settings difficult to figure out. Telling me I need 4 oz of hops on a one gallon batch that only calls for 2 oz in the 5 gallon size (not a hoppy beer).

- Can't save recipe changes

Tried to create my own recipe to scale up for a full boil vs partial but you can't update the gravity, bitterness, or color. Every time I update them and hit save they reset to the default number on the recipe page. Hopefully with the next update this will be fixed and I will find this app much more useful

- Needs a fix

After updating to this last version I'm unable to use the back button on a recipe. It doesn't highlight the button on my iPhone 6!???!! Have to close and reopen the app. PLEASE FIX

- Great job!

Great job with smooth function. Seamless integration of beersmith recipe cloud. Very quick performance (iPhone 5). Looking forward to using on next brew day.

- Lots of Potential but...

I have several brewing apps and wish one would push themselves to be the best because all are lacking something. Strengths: Great for recipe design. Adjustable parameters to dial in predictive brewing. Weaknesses: Poor app for the brew day to take you through the process. Poor brew history logging. It should be automatic rather than a manual clunky process. The bottom line is the app needs a total makeover. The developer should hire someone in the biz to make the app intuitive.

- Can’t use it without the desktop version

Works fine for storing recipes. Timer is good. But it completely lacks basic features that exist on the mac/pc version and so is useful only for recipe storage and the timer. Quite disappointing. Does the v3 address this? Nope.

- Very nice

Great app with lots of features. Great having all my cloud recipes with me Latest version isn't saving notes to Cloud recipes though - frustratingly lost some brewday numbers because it appeared to have saved but didn't :(

- Missing some key features

I do like the ability to add my equipment profile. The Mash profile is very well thought out and detailed. The Cons: No way of changing the order of grains and hops after inputted. I can't seem to print, email or share recipes. Big deal breaker for me.

- Needs some improvements

I love using BeerSmith on my Mac, but the mobile version really needs some more of the features that are only available on the computer version.

- Brew day timer silent unless app open

The app is just okay. No where near as nice as the desktop app. My main complaint is that the timer doesn’t go off audibly unless the app is open and your phone is unlocked. It defeats the purpose of a timer.

- Great App, update lost all my recipes 😢

About four years (about 4 brews a year) of recipes lost. The recipe shells are still there even, taunting me. But BeerSmith apparently updated at some point and removed all the ingredients I spent so much time tweaking after brews. Now I’m just sad.

- Bugs fixed!

Thanks for the update. BeerSmith works again. Apple was the culprit. iOS 9.0.1 rendered a couple of other apps useless.

- More for quick 'cloud' usage

Lacks basic calculators like water need tool. Was looking for an all-in-one, this is not it. Description was not clear that ISO version is meant more for 'cloud' linkage to your PC/Mac. PC version has all the tools (calculators) needed to brew, not this. More for on-the-fly recipe ideas.

- Please update ASAP for the iPhone 6s

Please update ASAP for the iPhone 6s. Having trouble adding stuff and back buttons don't work.

- Doesn't save edits when creating recipes

Lots of neat feature but to use as an iPad app alone it doesn't work very well. It won't save any adjustments you make such as setting the OG when creating a new recipe. I don't have the desktop version... Not sure if it works better but I am displeased with the app.

- First review

So far the ap is buggy. The home page is behind the iPad symbol making it difficult to hit. I like that I can sync with my laptop and store in the cloud.

- Great app

Great job Brad. I like this app better than the desktop version. Very handy and packed with information.

- Perfect

This app is perfect for advanced Brewers, if you need a check program your a half wit. Great for mashing, and recipes.

- Go with the desktop version

Disappointed. Lacks too many features compared to the desktop version. Unable to complete recipes due to the lack of add one.

- Awesome app and support!

Amazing brewing app full of great tools for brewing calcs and recipe creation. I don't think I could live without it.

- Must have

Solid products that are very versatile. Must have for every brewer.

- Great app

Needs a fix! iOS 9 compatible issues, back button, delete, and edit , cancel buttons not working leaving you stuck on page

- Fix problems it will be great app!

This app is good but there are several things that are frustrating. -I can't edit a recipe. When I make changes and hit save it does not save -Ther recipe search is so basic and there is no ratings or reviews of each recipe. I would want them to be ranked and be able to read other peoples reviews. -for $8 I would have expected to have cloud access to recipes. -please fix these ASAP

- Broken

App currently doesn't work in iOS 9, though an update earlier this month claims to have fixed it. App freezes up after selecting one item and refuses to acknowledge any further button presses. Completely unusable.

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BeerSmith Mobile Home Brewing 3.1.09 Screenshots & Images

BeerSmith Mobile Home Brewing iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

BeerSmith Mobile Home Brewing iphone images
BeerSmith Mobile Home Brewing iphone images
BeerSmith Mobile Home Brewing iphone images
BeerSmith Mobile Home Brewing iphone images
BeerSmith Mobile Home Brewing iphone images

BeerSmith Mobile Home Brewing (Version 3.1.09) Install & Download

The applications BeerSmith Mobile Home Brewing was published in the category Food & Drink on 2013-05-06 and was developed by BeerSmith LLC [Developer ID: 566379732]. This application file size is 28.53 MB. BeerSmith Mobile Home Brewing - Food & Drink app posted on 2020-10-11 current version is 3.1.09 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.beersmith.beersmith2

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