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Relax as you easily uncover beautiful art with mystery coloring. Coloring has never been easier, more relaxing or inspiring. Follow the symbols to add color and turn a blank screen into something stunning then share the timelapse of your work to amaze your friends.

Unlock new designs with our magical color capture experience. Access 100s of artworks and colors with no subscriptions!

Bloom is brought to you by the team behind Peak – Brain Training, the App Store’s favourite Brain Training app, with more than 25 million downloads. Take some time out, get creative and relax with Bloom’s unique coloring experience.

• Incredible Mystery Coloring library! Reveal beautiful hidden art!
• Amaze your friends with your skill by sharing timelapses of the art you color.
• Unlock premium designs with just your camera.
• Incredible designs. Amazing tools. No subscriptions.
• More than 600 designs to color with new books added every month.
• Experience the world in full color by collecting colors outside.
• Personalise your experience by coloring your avatar.
• Our designs are unique and exclusive to Bloom. We never use stock because we believe art matters.
• 100s of colors to choose from.
• Tools to help you make each design uniquely yours.
• Works offline!

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Bloom – Mystery Coloring App Description & Overview

The applications Bloom – Mystery Coloring was published in the category Entertainment on 2017-08-22 and was developed by brainbow. The file size is 269.88 MB. The current version is 2.1 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

We've added a brand new category of Mystery Designs: Mandalas! Color them to reveal some beautiful patterns and create amazing timelapses.
As always, we've also worked hard to squash bugs and improve performance.

If you enjoy using Bloom, please rate us and review us. It really helps other users find our app. If you have any comments or questions, please email [email protected]

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Bloom – Mystery Coloring Reviews


Love this app!  jes120415  5 star

It’s a lot of fun there’s are no other coloring apps like it! 5 stars!


Best coloring.. and my new favorite game!  SandraSC  5 star

Not only is Bloom my favorite coloring app (and I’ve tried out a bunch!); I am OBSESSED with their “mystery” feature. I find it so much more engaging and fun to be coloring something I haven’t identified yet, and progressivelg discover it. It definitely brings back that same childlike wonder I had when I was an actual child doing connect the dots... but this is way cooler. In fact, this is my new most exciting thing to do on my phone.


When are you going to release new mystery pictures?  deann1073  4 star

I’m totally addicted to the reveals pictures and I’m done with all of them already. Also, why can’t we use drops/watch a video to unlock the color pallets the same way you can unlock a picture, unless you are waiting until the October changes?


Wish there were more reveals  Shayjlf  4 star

I love parts of this coloring app, but l wish there were more Reveals. I don’t care for the regular coloring parts of the app.


Colors  pad8926  1 star

I am new to this game, but I have a problem getting the colors. When I touch the color & hold the button it says I already have that color when I haven’t even got a color. Confused.


Really interesting twist on coloring apps!  JennTheGamerMom  5 star

I love the time lapse especially!

Marie❤️'s Andrew

I Love This!!!!  Marie❤️'s Andrew  5 star

This is definitely an Amazing Coloring App!!!! It’s different from the color by numbers apps that are out there but it’s similar enough so I can get into it!!! I Seriously Love This App!!!!


Bloom coloring  BeckyIB  4 star

Enjoy this coloring app immensely. Finding the three colors a day can be entertaining. Completing the mystery image via paint by number is restful and somewhat mesmerizing. But, Bloom, why did you switch the final product to an animation? Noooooooo. I much preferred when we could choose the animation. How to I capture a final photo of the work I just colored?!? Annoying. Change this please and you’ll go back to a 5 star rating.


Requires camera to work  DragonShot43  2 star

I never actually got to try the app- as my camera is broken and this app only lets you color after getting colors with the camera.


Best coloring app  Joeyyyyyy2014  5 star

It's so easy to learn, and you get better as you go. I love that you DON'T have to get a subscription with this app. THANK YOU, so much for this app. So many pictures to choose from. I've already sent this to 2 friends.


One of the best  larushkina  5 star

Doesn’t show that I’ve coloured the ones in the gallery unless I click on them and then it loads.


The colours are rubbish  M15851wr  1 star

In the get drops tab, in the earn drops tab, the Challenge Bonus section is really a waste of time because the colours don’t turn out the right colours. For example l was trying to get the colour pink and this was a waste of time. The colour is pink but the colour would come up the Beige.


Okayish  Bolkisut  3 star

This was a really fun app as you could and still can do a lot of different fun activity’s but after about one year of colouring when I went on I saw that it had deleted all of my works. I had done about 20 and it took me a long time to do and to see them gone was really irritating 😠. If I was the developer I would definitely fix this error.


Surprised  ssetR84  4 star

Unexpectedly addictive!

Bethany has landed

My thoughts  Bethany has landed  4 star

I think that u should have endless colours so that we can play for longer and have more fun


Different and very enjoyable  tgy77  4 star

I particularly like the ‘Mystery’ feature- it’s great seeing a detailed image appear as you work!


Misleading.  Accismus  1 star

When using to colour there is only a fill tool which means you tap to fill. When attempting to use a pencil it is locked. So I purchased it and all it does is fill with a pencil effect. Basically not a colouring pencil.


Bloom  Djdrey909  5 star

I like the unicorn


Great fun!  Jonedo25  5 star

Great fun. Helps when you need some time to chill! My only complaint is that there are not enough mystery puzzles. They’re the most fun and I’ve completed them all. More please!!


Paintings worth a little too much  TurtleSuit  4 star

You need to collect too many raindrops, and I don’t see a point of them, in my opinion I think the paintings should be worth less raindrops.


Awsome  Crazymommyof4  5 star

Awsome coloring designs 🌸🦄🐼🦋🎀🎀


Love it!!!!!  Leilani97  5 star

It’s so relaxing and I LOVE the variety of different pictures they have!!!


I haven’t even used this yet  Naomeri  1 star

Can we please get an option for landscape mode? It’s not relaxing to have to hold my iPad in portrait mode.


No monthly subscription  E4531  5 star

Thank you for providing a coloring option that doesn’t require a monthly subscription to open the good designs. The fees are reasonable, the pictures are gorgeous, and I love it!


Great app!  Jules509  5 star

I personally love this app because I can color without having to pay weekly. I just have to spend money to buy more drops. Which have to buy about every week.


Bad  hygvbjk  1 star

Try to match the colors and the color you used before doesn’t come up. Try to put a color in a blank spot and it won’t let you - touch touch touch touch and nothing happens. This is a bad one. There are better ones out there - keep looking.


Good app if you like wasting time  Mustangof2013  1 star

I had been working on a picture for about 30 minutes when the whole app just went to the main screen, no warning. Went back into the app only to find the picture I had been working on for the past half hour was gone. Of course, my money was still gone and the picture was saved, but all the color I had put into it was gone and reset back to white. I’ve noticed the app closing before, but I wasn’t doing anything but looking through the pictures so it wasn’t as bothersome. Never thought about it possibly happening while I was in the middle of a project. For future reference, whenever you start on something, always save it after a couple of minutes. That was my fault, but because production of the app was so carelessly put together I’m deleting it. Nice idea for a future bug free app though.


Ãwśōmę  māñåv  4 star

Į rëãrłÿ łïkē ìt🤩


Android phone’s?  TgK721  5 star

This is a really great and fun app, but most of my friends have android phones, but it would probably be more enjoyed if you made it for both iOS and Android


“Drop” issue  Chevy_454  3 star

Every time I do the “capture” challenge, all the points I’ve earned disappear or the app crashes!!! 🤬 Otherwise I like this app! It’s my favorite coloring app! Fix this please!


It’s amazing  Nicki's  5 star

This is a great app u don’t have to pay for anything and it’s very easy to use 💖💖💖


Pay  P_girl1275  3 star

This app was good until the last update making people pay for drawings


I love bloom  sophiamccool  5 star

I love bloom Cause I can't pet for things cause my dad doesn't let me but I love the free images


Second time today.  pikkiebrad  1 star

So this morning i wrote that my points disappear . Checked 6 hours later and from 259 now have 212. WTF. I dont even use my points.


Amazing  Cngkvkfdkd  5 star

I love this app its anti stressing thanks for making this app

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