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Add color to your life, engage your creativity and relax by making beautiful art with Bloom. Get access to over 500 exclusive, unique designs, each one made by award-winning artists from around the world. Unlock new designs with our magical color capture experience. Access 100s of colors and use incredible tools to create the effects you want and make each design a unique piece of art.

Bloom is brought to you by the team behind Peak – Brain Training, the App Store’s favourite Brain Training app, with more than 25 million downloads. Take some time out, get creative and relax with Bloom’s unique coloring experience. We’re with you throughout to reward and motivate you through your creative adventures.

• Unlock premium designs with just your camera
• Incredible designs. Amazing tools. No subscriptions
• More than 600 designs to color with new books added every month
• Experience the world in full color by collecting colors outside
• Personalise your experience by coloring your avatar
• Our designs are unique and exclusive to Bloom. We never use stock because we believe art matters.
• 100s of colors to choose from
• Tools to help you make each design uniquely yours
• Works offline!

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Bloom - Coloring Book App Description & Overview

The applications Bloom - Coloring Book was published in the category Entertainment on 2017-08-22 and was developed by brainbow. The file size is 227.33 MB. The current version is 1.5.1 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

Bloomers! We've listened to you and made big changes in this version that we think you're gonna love.

Drum roll please....

We're introducing Droplets and the Droplet Store! That means we're saying farewell to subscriptions and, instead, you will now be able to unlock any design using Droplets. You can earn Droplets every day by completing the colour capture challenge or by watching a short video.

As always, we've also worked hard to squash bugs and improve performance.

If you enjoy using Bloom, please rate us and review us. It really helps other users find our app. If you have any comments or questions, please email [email protected]

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Bloom - Coloring Book Reviews


Everything is based on money  MarYoung  1 star

Everything is based on these paint drop and u only start off with 100 and u don’t get anymore but there so only a sort amount of things u can do but everything u have to pay with paint drops I don’t recommend this app I recommend colorfy or any other apps besides this one.


Crooks  All-Killer-No-Filler  1 star

After my free trail expired, they kept billing me without my authorization, I have made several attempts to delete, unsubscribe, but they still BILL ME. Wish I never came across this app AT ALL!


Great App! Small issue.  LalalalaLinh!  4 star

I really like the app! Sometimes I like to use it right before I head to sleep or in-between my classes. My favorite part of coloring is the end result!! One issue with the color by numbers (or shapes?) is when I’m almost finished coloring the image. It automatically finishes my image even when I’m not done coloring. I’d like this fixed so that I can finish coloring in peace. Besides that — I love it!


BAD TRANSITION/customerservice  ~marooka~  1 star

I typically write good reviews and would have before as a subscriber liking the app for the most part; however they CHARGE MULTIPLE TIMES in one month for one months charge and CUSTOMER SERVICE DOES NOTHING! Also this transition of them canceling subscribers is great only after they did it... they continued to charge me without benefits to the site AND HAVE NOT REFUNDED ME! In addition I’ve PAID FOR OPTIONS AND TOOLS ALREADY AS A SUBSCRIBER AND AM NOW BLOCKED FROM USE because of the tradition they WANT ME TO PAY AGAIN FOR USE OF THESE TOOLS!! Or get drops by PAYING or long term collection over time (fair, I think not) either way it’s PAY PAY PAY WITH THEM AND NO REFUND EVEN AFTER THEY STOP SUBSCRIPTIONS! So yeah if I could give them less than one star I would! I’ve never been so unsatisfied or unfairly treated with an app, it’s developers or Whomever has decided to RIP OFF HE PEOPLE WHO LIKED THE IDEA OF IT, wow WHAT A SCAM!


Love this app  emoji5292🤪  5 star

I just think it is so cool that you need to earn the drops instead of having a V.I.P account that’s so much better than any other coloring app! It is so fun to choose any picture you want to color without paying I love that you don’t have to pay! 🐳💩🦄 P.S love all the apps by this developer!

Minnesota wonder

Wish I could turn off noise so I can listen to music while using app  Minnesota wonder  3 star

And that purchased pictures would automatically show up in the me tab.


Mystery Puzzle Buggy on iPad  JueJuey  2 star

Now that I have an iPad I was looking forward to using this app on the larger surface only to have it repeatedly crash the minute I apply a color to a mystery picture. Buzz kill for sure!

Sean Garland

Good app, please fix the sound hijack  Sean Garland  4 star

I like to use this app while listening to music. Occasionally this app will hijack my streaming radio app and kill the sound. Please allow us to listen to music uninterrupted while using your app. Thanks!


Subscription  Jackie_Hamer  2 star

I paid for a subscription for this application and I do not feel that midway through my subscription this application should be changed. I really enjoyed using this application. But now I’m not getting my monies worth as I either have to do the scavenger hunt to get droplets or pay MORE money for droplets. Use droplets to get different tools i already is accesss to. I think the app should of stayed the Same for those with a subscription or we should we refunded. Not a happy bloom user.


Question  [email protected]  5 star

How do I get more mystery designs?

Anonnimois Player

Interesting  Anonnimois Player  4 star

With most apps you can’t really move around my but with Bloom you not only have to walk around so it gets your moving but also allows you to stay out and enjoy colouring a beautiful picture. Sometimes in other colouring apps that I have been involved in playing, When you use the wrong colour or forget to colour something that has a colour theme for all of the other versions of that you can forget or loose the colour but on Bloom it had a section just for colour that you have used or recently stopped using. To further improve maybe there should be a choice of two seperate and different versions of the colour to find of that day and there should e the regular three colour one and then a six Pearce colour find one and you can get to choose which one that you decide to do the easier one for just a daily or the harder one for a sneak peek of tomorrow daily or another bonus on the app. Regards Anonymous Player

Eheh bleh

Yes  Eheh bleh  5 star

Helping my relax and get through some tough times. Good designs and very enjoying. Want more Buddha’s if possible.


Great! But has flaws...  AlmostAlex  3 star

I am loving this game!! But more and more pictures seem to have gaps in the lines so you end up colouring in parts you don’t want to (eg. eyes getting coloured in skin colours, jackets coloured in hair colours)


Bloom  Lingy106  3 star

My fingers keep undoing what I have already done which is a little frustrating! I am loving the app though.

Catey Pop

SO MUCH FUN !!!  Catey Pop  4 star

This game is so much fun. I recommend it to anyone who loves bright colours (which it has a lot of ) and colouring. The game is easy to use and l love getting a free colouring page everyday. The "kapture" the colours part is not to hard but not to easy. By: Catey Pop

30words only

Make more things free  30words only  4 star

It really good the only problem is that you should make more thing free

Mutated Cow 😈

Meh...  Mutated Cow 😈  3 star

This app is great, and from what I know of searching for colours is a original, awesome idea! But, there are some problems... a. Pro is expensive b. If you can't, or don't want to buy 'Pro' the game is useless after a month c. Whenever I load the game up I get stuck on the Library screen, I can't swap to 'Me' which is very frustrating and time consuming. I would love to give this app 5 stars but there are just too many bugs!


Amazing  JessicaMac07  5 star

This is so great love it

A really angry guy

Straight out stealing.  A really angry guy  1 star

After this app was updated and name changed I have lost access to the pro version and am still having my money taken. There is no option of cancel subscription and I'm sure as hell not paying two lots for pro.

R p Singh

Review  R p Singh  4 star

This app is great but there are a few problems. Firstly the app needs more unlocked colouring sheets for people to use without pro and to be able to unlock more than 3 colours per day. Otherwise I love this app and think after these few situations are resolved it will be worth 5 star ratings.


Pay  P_girl1275  3 star

This app was good until the last update making people pay for drawings


I love bloom  sophiamccool  5 star

I love bloom Cause I can't pet for things cause my dad doesn't let me but I love the free images


Amazing  Cngkvkfdkd  5 star

I love this app its anti stressing thanks for making this app

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