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What is alliance of glory app? "Warfare between humans and Orc! Conquer the City and gain glory!
-Real-Time fantasy strategy clash war conquers game. Choose between two races with different graphic art styles kingdoms!

Alliance of Glory is a multi-heroes SLG mobile game that focuses on real-time alliance war battles with the clash of two races. You will be fascinated by the delicate and genuine visual art effects on the world map and you can feel free to order numerous soldiers which can make you truly become a glory king.

Have you heard the dragons roar on this Treasure-rich lands? The thrones of the dragon have fallen, two races join the battle across the continent as an ancient evils rise once again. You have been chosen to conquest and protect the land full of blood and fire, lead your army through these dark times and into the light.

Unique Features

-Cross-Region Clash War!
Real-time combat across up to 10 Regions clans. Will you be the true King of Arthos? We shall see!

-Ally with Fellow Players!
You play with your fellow players, building your own kingdoms and training for battle troops of the two races in different clans: Orc and Human. Recruit and order classic heroes, gallop on magnificently diverse landforms and obtain rare ancient relics on clans, making your kingdoms truly eternal!

-Interesting Puzzle Gameplay!
Have you ever try puzzle gameplay in your grand empire? It's time to complete challenging goals in 20+ New puzzle dungeons! Using your strategy brainstorming to save all the heroes and kill enemies right away!

-Diverse Game Strategies!
A variety of clash battle lineup combinations from 5 troop order types and more than 20 heroes! You cannot miss this if you are a true strategy war game fan who also wants to be a king!

-Conquest Empire
With innovation strategies, conquer an empire and strike your mafia enemies. Sweep the battlefield or vanquish roaming monsters for their treasures. Your civilization will be built, your revenge troops already stood by. Fight with the worldwide enemy to be your initial Sultans thrones.

Facebook fan page:

NOTICE: Please have the rise in attention that Alliance of Glory is a completely free-to-play game, however, there are some game items that can also be purchased for real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings. Also under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play or download Alliance of Glory."

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Alliance of Glory Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Alliance of Glory Version 1.0.4931 December 2021

1. Add New Year Activities.

Alliance of Glory Version 1.0.4325 October 2021

1. Add new October activities 2. Improve loading speed.

Alliance of Glory Version 1.0.3631 August 2021

1. New Alliance Technology 2. New September Activities 3. Improve loading speed.

Alliance of Glory Comments & Reviews 2022

- Lots of different puzzles and goals.

Keeps you engaged through multiple gaming options. Great graphics.

- Money Hungry

I've played ALL (yes, ALL) of this developer's games and, while similar is most aspects with different changes, this one is by FAR the worst! In Evony, Plague of Z, etc, I could spend $30 (still expensive compared to other games) but still get by and reach decent progress, such as Level 21 and up. I spent over 90 bucks on THIS GAME and I couldn't even reach Level 14... I even maxed my construction speed. It's THAT bad... and greedy. This game is also the laggiest because it's constantly losing connection and makes my phone restart because it can't handle the game... but the developer's other games are much better at this. Why? The other games were also decent and okay to play. This one isn't as fun. I apologize to the devs that worked hard on this, but this one just feels like a cash grab.

- Broken game

I would love to give my favorite game 5 stars, but I have lost so many top lvl alliance members due to the incredible glitches this game experiences. People get sick of it and just quit. My #1 member is currently stuck as if he is in battle and has no use of his troops. He can’t collect rss, fight, defend, nothing. I have written so many emails, he has written so many emails, our other members have also reached out. Not one response and no repair so far. Since this is how your top spenders are treated you get 1 star, and I wish I could give you 0. To clarify; he has restarted the game, reinstalled the app, we force ported him several times. This issue is at the server lvl. Please fix it. I don’t want to lose my people anymore.

- Fun long play game

If you like games that play out over extended time this one is worth giving a shot. Definitely some aspects that could use some improvements. Means of communication definitely could use an upgrade.

- So far so good

I’ve only just started playing, but so far it seems like a pretty good game.

- Attacking

There should be an alternate way to attack the enemy without having to build a lot of unnecessary flags.

- Fun

A little more complex, am mainly looking for puzzles.

- I can’t log when the new update release

I re installed the game almost 10x and I cannot log the game almost 4 days now..... I’m in bud alliance my account name 88KONGninja88

- Addictive

Very addictive

- Not opening

When I open the game its just stop in the first picture??

- Just learning


- Need to Fix

Game been lagging for 3 days

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- Brilliant game with one terrible flaw

This is a terrific game - great graphics, fantastic concept, addictive gameplay, etc - with one terrible flaw. There is next to no help or tutorials. How, for example, do you change regions? What happens when you join an Alliance in another region? What is an Alliance Territory Transporter? How does a Resource Pile get created? What is a Rune? None of this is explained and users have to rely on the sometimes wrong information in the chat. Two stars that would rise to five stars if it had a half decent wiki. Other games manage it, why not Alliance of Glory?

- Need to improve and refine.

Not enough things to do! To many slow periods with nothing but waiting. Not enough ways to get Stone and Ore, unlike Food and Lumber that on Ancient Relics. Troops get injured to easily by monsters and take too long to heal. Troops have been trained to at least kill monster!!!! Should be able to have more than one character in same server!

- So bad

At first, it felt okay, but in the updated version, you will find that the level 10 boss, the original level 15 heroes can be killed in seconds, and now the two teams are still defeated at 18 levels. The upgrade will lack resources. More and more boring.

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- Great game!

My favourite mobile game! There are those that pay to win, but you don’t have to pay to win! You can win for free! It has its issues, but the devs are dedicated! Come have fun with us!

- Not what the clip shows

If you are going to offer a game… put a video that shows the real game…. not something you might see in the “real” game. Unloading this garbage off my tablet.

- Awesome puzzles

The puzzles are a fantastic element of this game!!!!!!!

- Game

So far pretty cool

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@Nigel_Farage You had your glory when your Eight-Nation Alliance invade China/kill/burn/taking land, and you still stir blood in places like Hongkong and Tibet. Now only way to battle China is form new alliance and prepare millions of body bags.

DWC Marshal Arts

@Thatoneguy443 Vaster Hieron is an early officer in the SHARDs alliance, and serves under Ezo in the Terezi ctampaign. Hieron becomes a significant character in the final installment, Stardust, as the c.o. of a Free Systems Coalition ship, the PNV Glory.


The Alliance warmly celebrates with the brods and sisses as another chapter of their life this month unfolds. Wishing all of them the abundance of joy and glory. Happy birthday!

Gloucester Bot 🌹

Ruin to the Empire! Glory to Faerghus! Of course, to be perfectly honest, I would have much preferred to march against the Empire at the head of the Alliance. But I suppose I have Claude to thank for denying me that satisfaction, don't I?

Philip Brown

@jonworth Actions of Labour are not of a party intending to go into the next election on a platform offering a progressive alliance or electoral reform, but one attempting to relive its glory years. The votes in support of a deal are a gesture to the "red wall", ignoring everyone else.

Unsanctioned News Newtork⚖️

@PorcupineReport I don’t know I play Guns of Glory and the only reason there is a NAP that people abide by is because I’ll burn their whole alliance until they quit lol

California Sports Club

Step forward @CoreyGrimez_ He won’t get the most eliminations (although we may be wrong!) but he will at least go far, and if the White/Page/Draco alliance can be broken early on he stands every chance of catapulting himself to instant glory here in @calisportsclub


@TSM_ImperialHal @LiquipediaApex @iShiny @ReptarRB @TSM_Reps @MonsoonGG @ImMadnessTV @Vaxlon @TSM_Albralelie @Alliance_Hakis @Alliance_Vaifs Apex Pros in 2021: Tournament wins are advertisements for the individuals success which can be parlayed into more viewers + ad rev + subs on twitch and views on YouTube. CompApex is for content, glory, and a lil bit of cash.

hellmans mayonnaise

count gloucester seems to throw in w whoever has the most power, whether that's the empire or alliance; he's for his own preservation & the glory of house gloucester above all else & does some rly shady shit, but pulls out if things start looking bad, it's greed but not idiotic

Alliance of Glory 1.0.49 Screenshots & Images

Alliance of Glory iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Alliance of Glory iphone images
Alliance of Glory iphone images
Alliance of Glory iphone images
Alliance of Glory iphone images
Alliance of Glory iphone images

Alliance of Glory (Version 1.0.49) Install & Download

The applications Alliance of Glory was published in the category Games on 2020-11-04 and was developed by TOP GAMES INC. [Developer ID: 1050386041]. This application file size is 570.23 MB. Alliance of Glory - Games app posted on 2021-12-31 current version is 1.0.49 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.topgamesinc.zeus