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What is evony app? Evony × Napoleon!
The new general, Napoleon, and the beautiful Josephine make a stunning entrance. Travel through the annals of history, experiencing the grand impact and engaging in an epic strategic duel.
Brave the unknown, embark on a legendary adventure - don't miss this heart - pounding epic spectacle!

Build your cities. Train your troops. Solve Puzzles. Expand your empire. Be the King of 7 kingdoms!
All in Evony: The king's Return, the hottest real-time strategy MMO of 2024!

Multiple Gameplays:
◆ Various types of puzzles
◆ 1000+ puzzle levels to challenge
◆ Brain burning puzzles, challenge your IQ
◆ Interesting and varied puzzle scenes

◆ Choose from 7 civilizations to customize your game’s architectural style: American, Chinese, European, Russian, Korean, Arabia and Japanese!

◆ YOU ARE THE DIPLOMAT! Join a strong Alliance where you can make friends, communicate in real-time via voice and text with auto-translations so you can improve strategies and win epic battles.

◆ YOU ARE THE WARLORD! With over four types of troops to select and train from ground-pounding infantry to massive siege engines; wage epic wars, fight against your enemies and see the battles happen all around you in real-time on the stunningly animated World Map.

◆ YOU ARE THE GOVERNOR! Administrate your cities in your Empire and use your leadership skills in managing resources and research improvements to gain strategic advantages.

◆ YOU ARE THE MONARCH! Recruit famous Generals of history to help with battles and city development. ABRAHAM LINCOLN, GEORGE WASHINGTON, KING ARTHUR, CHARLES THE GREAT, JULIUS CAESAR, GENGHIS KHAN, ODA NOBUNAGA, YI SUN-SIN, and more await you to explore. See them battle across the world of Evony in real-time, capture enemy generals and use them against their own leaders!

◆ YOU ARE THE PUZZLE MASTER! For each Keep Level-up, you can solve puzzles and earn awesome rewards!

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NOTICE: Evony: The King’s Return is a completely free-to-play game, however there are some game items that can also be purchased for real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings. Also under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play or download Evony: The King’s Return.

Do you want to be the king of 7 kingdoms?
Join now with your friends in the highly addictive RTS/SLG game NOW!

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App Name Evony
Category Games
Updated 26 March 2024, Tuesday
File Size 893.03 MB

Evony Comments & Reviews 2024

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Don’t play this game, its a trap. This game is a trap do not start playing it, save yourself thousands of dollars. I have been playing evony for over almost 2 years and have spent a lot of money on it. Evony customer service is horrible and the game is very unfair, if you want to be a top player you will have to spend over $50,000 or more. I have been debating with customer service for over 3 months for compensation because the game glitched on me during an Allstars tournament and I lost over $1000 worth of resources trying to overcome the glitches. I provided video evidence to support my complaint but they still denied my request without providing any evidence against it from their IT department. They sent me compensation that was equal to about $5 worth of game purchases and told me I should be happy with that, which was insulting. Even if you are willing to spend a lot of money it is still a bad investment because Evony does not care about their customers. I am a big player on my server and VIP 18 but they still do not care, so trust me even the coiners get screwed on this game. This is my warning to you, don’t start playing the game, if you do they will trick you into thinking you can be a top player but they are always adding new features that benefit major coiners and unless you spend a $1,200 or more every week you will always be behind and lose in the end.

I’m still and still begging you guys to revive, restore and return my Evony war game….. Oh, hey. It’s Brian again. I’m still waiting and waiting for my recently deleted Evony game to come back on my Home Screen, but it’s still not available and I’m getting impatient. What’s taking you guys so long? Put it back. I am waiting to play it again due to my brother accidentally deleted it by mistake…. As I even don’t see it anywhere on my iPad Pro Home Screen, but I would appreciate it if you guys can download it on my iPad Pro again, and why does this happen? It makes no sense whatsoever to me because I need my Evony war game back and I want to play it again…since my brother accidentally deleted it by mistake, so I was hoping if you guys could revive my war game for me, so please put it back on my Home Screen so I can know where it is every day along with my other games….I’m begging you guys, please revive, restore and return my Evony war game back to me as soon as possible….and I need it back immediately….please….🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🥺🥺🥺🥺. I’m absolutely positively still waiting for my accidentally deleted Evony war game to return on my Home Screen once again. Please bring my game back to me immediately. And I need it back immediately….please….🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🥺🥺🥺🥺.

False Advertising. Update: please see the completely tone deaf developer “response” to my complaint. Perfect example of their customer service. I’m keep level 32. I know what kind of puzzles upgrading offers. They are still nothing like the advertising. It’s just a bunch of lies. This game has no business in the Apple App Store. Top Games is just lying and cheating to get $$$. Not only are ads fake, the preview right here in the App Store is fake. You will NEVER see a single puzzle hat looks like the puzzles advertised. What you will see are the same 20 or so puzzles over and over and over. I can practically do them with my eyes closed now. That’s not the worst part of the game. It runs poorly, crashes and is constantly being updated to fix the previous update. If you think you will get help from customer service - good luck. I’m fairly sure the entire customer service department is one guy in a basement. 99% of the time you will just get an automated response and nothing more. WORST. CUSTOMER. SERVICE. EVER. Evony claims to have rules. That’s a joke. People cheat with little to no consequences. Big spenders rule over everyone else and just bully other players until the smaller players quit. It’s actually quite disturbing that Apple allows this game on their platform considering how poorly evony runs their business. Don’t download this game. Spend your hard earned money elsewhere.

Unplayable. UPDATE: This game has become so bad that it is unplayable. Real support is non existent. Testing done in production environments. Failure to provide timely resolution to anything. Server reboots without warning. It is a waste of time and money. If there were negative stars I would give them. The only thing good is the players. Update: I have issued 7 tickets and no real attempts to address the problems have been made. Within 24 hours I was asked to tie my user id to my name and email account, which in some countries is a violation of privacy rights. The responses provided are not responses and are largely ineffective . The platform is very unstable and and cause significant real losses to those who have paid for in-game enhancements. I will not adjust this review until the ticket backlog has been meaningfully reviewed. I would also encourage those who have suffered losses to do the same. The negligence of the support team and defect rate in game is so high that the game developers should start over, or fairly compensate those who have suffered losses. Update 2 weeks and now have 13 unaddressed tickets relating to in game losses. All I have received is bot generated responses. These are sent daily around reset. At best I would would never spend a dime on the game and at worst not play it at all. I am only on now to await resolution to inform other potential players.

Developers are thieves. First off I would like to say I love the game. I have been playing for over 3 years now and am part of one of the best teams on the game. We work hard at building our alliance and cities. As usual the more you spend the stronger you are but there ways to play that are fun for people who spend a lot, little or none at all. Until you get a message stating that you violated the terms and they steal your hard earned resources and many other things. I got this message today and found out many items have been stole from my account. And the term that was cited relates to use of third party services to run an account. AKA mining, AKA boting. I have never done this once. I know many that have. They stole about 5 months of savings from my storage of resources and do not have and will never have any proof of a third party service connected with my account, because there has never been one connected to it. The developers have gotten so greedy that it is pathetic. “It is our pleasure to bring to you another 11 days of ultimate ways for you to spend all your hard earned money on our never ending game that costs stupid amounts of money to be competitive!” I mean they word it to make you soooo excited to spend all you can on their crap! Then they steal it from you for no reason! If i continue playing this game, I will never spend another dime on it! You have been warned!

Pay to play. This game used to be fun and now if you don’t pay to play it is pointless in even trying to start out. I’ve played for almost 4 years and every time I get within reach of being some what competitive the developer adds pay only content that is pointless to play if not having. I spent quite a bit on this game but obviously not enough. The newest update that is gonna be released is the last straw for me. Evony and top games are gonna see a mass exodus from their platforms over the money grabbing content. If you want to spend 1000s of dollars and still not be competitive then this is the game for you. F2p is non existent in this game unless you just want to socialize, but in reality who really wants to play a game where all you do is complain to your friends. This game will be off the market within a month due to poor customer service, lag, glitches ( that Evony creates but punishes players for). Above else read the Terms of Service before even deciding to play this game. If you break the terms expect to be punished. If Evony violates their own terms of service (which they have multiple times) nothing happens. I’ve met lot of great friends but now is the time to leave. Not one more $ from this player and I’m sure many more will follow.

Does not value customer base. I’ve played Evony for over a year. This game has a PvP feature called Battlefield- Battle of Constantinople which becomes one of the primary competitive aspects of the game. Players spend thousands of dollars to try and be competitive. Unfortunately, for up and coming players trying to compete with mega coiners, the All Star battlefield gameplay experience is riddled with gameplay issues, lag, glitches, etc. I’ve been to multiple All Stars and after the Season 9 experience, I’ve decided to stop spending money and considering leaving the game. After attempting to work with their customer service, where I provided in game screenshots of issues I experienced which included being locked out of the game, unable to load back in, heal glitched just to name a few, they repeatedly send automated responses that won’t acknowledge the proof provided. Other players receive compensation for these issues and there seems to be no logical rationale to support who gets customer service and who doesn’t. I enjoyed the game for a while and I wished that the developer team would fix the issues and the customer service department made a real effort to preserve the satisfaction level of paying customers. Be careful with managing expectations of this game. It demands a lot of time and the return isn’t worth the investment when you’re getting screwed out of rewards.

Not what they advertise….. The cool pull-pin puzzle games they advertise, or the walking shooting game they advertise, and even the fact that they say “Don’t you get tired of games that advertise one thing but the game is completely different?” is ridiculous because that is exactly what these people do!!! These are not the puzzles you play in the game. The pull pin ones look way more fun. You can never get a hold of customer service, the game lags and glitches in crucial battle times resulting in the player losing resources that are not paid back by the Evony makers, the maps don’t populate quick enough so many times you are looking at a blank field until the slow server can catch up, the app updates sometimes lock you out of your game, if another player is being aggressive toward another player or threatening other players evony does nothing to help and just tells the player to call the cops. So the game is so-so but the developers need to use some of all that money they make off of a so-called “free” game and put it back into the game for the customers. You can play for free but you will get no where fast. Most players pay around $25-$50 a month. Some spend thousands of dollars on this game just so they can rule the server. This game growth is about how much money you spend, not how skilled you are at managing your own city.

Amazing game! Questionable support.. Let me start off by saying I have been playing this game for a few months. I love the ideas and principles of the game! Keeps you entertained for weeks on end and constantly has new events so that the content does not get old. However, when a problem arises, don’t expect support to be any help. I have had a problem where my general Hun Xin can not Star any gear of any quality for whatever reason. Over a week ago I contacted support to try and get the bug cleared up, and have been trying to get them to believe me since. The first support technician was going to check the logs to see what was going on, and that was on day 1 of the ticket. I am not currently on day 8 of the ticket, have sent screenshots, have downloaded the game and uninstalled it twice to try and fix any bugs, and can not get a response now from support. I wish they would have just told me a week ago to uninstall and not waste my time trying to fix the problem. Until they are able to hire additional service employees( if workload is high) and/or get better in the service department, I am going to have to take a hiatus from the game. I hope that they make a turnaround as this is one of the better games on the App Store if they would just put everything that had into it.

Coiners. If your not a coiner you should join active alliance. There are no lone wolfs in this game unless you have billions of power. That may not save you either lol. The more active your alliance and you are as a member the easier bubbles are to buy from alliance shop. You don’t have to coin to get bubbles just have to be in good alliance. This is definitely a game you’ll have to put time in to level up. Game is made for players who pay but if you join them you can benefit from them. Join there rallies to kill monster it would take a non coiner years to kill. I’ll be honest chances of a non coiner making it to keep 32 is almost impossible. Lol it’s impossible unless you pay at least a little. Best way to get rss is to never open anything ever. Untill you are going to upgrade buildings or make troops, traps. The better your alliance the faster you’ll grow. Battlefields are unbalanced. So one week your alliance may win easily next week your alliance won’t stand a chance. Svs is worse because of coiners. You would think say sever 150 would dominate sever 230. Lol not how it works in a game that is pay to win. This game would be awesome if there was no paying at all. If everything could be earned by simply playing. If you have hope of reaching keep 35 without paying don’t bother never gonna happen. Your life would be evony and you still won’t make it to k35 without paying.

Extortion. This game by far has the worst customer support I have ever seen in my life. In order to advance further along you have to spend an ungodly amount of money to be able to compete in any event they put in front of you. It’s definitely a huge money grab. I recently had a lot of my “Resources and gems” removed from my account that you literally need to use to grow with and then a week later I had all of my high tier 14 troops removed from my account a week later. I contacted customer with my dilemma and they continue to fabric a story that I used stolen credit cards to purchase my in game packs. That is a lie and when I tried to put forth all my card statements aNd Apple Pay purchases they told me I had a “balance” I needed to pay off before my stuff would be returned. A balance of $8500. That is just blasphemy and out right extortion. I have tried contacted them several times to receive proof of this “stolen credit card” claim and they just ignore me and Then only respond with I must pay my balance in order to receive my removed items. I definitely do not recommend anyone to spend money or energy in this game for they will just rob you of your things and hold it ransom in order to make you pay ungodly amount of money to get it back. All I wanted was my things returned back to me and they refuse to answer any question I have accordingly nor provide any proof of their accusations. Be careful how you deal with this game. They are professional extortionists.

False advertisement. I hope the 0 stars shows, anyway this game was all about puzzles and yet they never discuss the entire clash of clans thing to where you gotta upgrade soldiers and stuff in order to unlock these puzzles, I have to get to basically town hall 31 in order to enjoy the puzzles and it’s hard considering the materials are in the million zone. Second the player base is just a joke, we have people dedicated to wipe new players out, people who judge others about activity on a mobile game, no offense but I like to touch grass now and then however people take it very seriously. The power system is a joke by itself because you need to gain power to gain materials in order to get 1 upgrade on your town hall getting 6 puzzles tops, the developers need to just make a puzzle game and it will sell wonderfully. The real reason many people downloaded this stupid game is to simply solve puzzles, the fact that this game uses false advertisement to get you to play is simply terrible on its own. Please whoever sends a Support person saying “ dear player “ give me a valid reason on why the game lied to everyone who has ever played it forcing them to play something completely different instead of a puzzle game and if you send an AI or normal response then like I said this game deserves 0 stars for the unreasonable prices on things you need to buy to have fun, the player toxic community, the false advertisement and etc

Good graphics, but not what I expected from the ads. I downloaded this because the graphics and puzzles looked intriguing, but it turned out to be just another war/battle game, which isn’t my kind of thing. Yes, the pin puzzles do exist, but you have to spend most of the time doing irritating tasks to get to the few puzzles that exist. Also, maybe it’s just me, but choosing “American” culture and having all the NPCs call me “My Liege” is…disconcerting. Note to the marketing department: Your ad blitz is going to result in a big drop in your ratings. You have only yourselves to blame. Puzzle gamers and battle gamers are two very different groups with not a lot of overlap. You’re targeting puzzle gamers with ads that claim that this is a “real” puzzle game. Of course people are going to be angry when they download it and find that it’s the biggest bait-and-switch ever. I’d rather have a puzzle game with bad graphics than a battle game with good graphics, and I’m not alone. Edit: From the developer response, I don’t think they’re even really reading these reviews. I acknowledged there are puzzles in the game. The problem is that they lied when they said it’s a “real puzzle game”. It’s not. It’s a war game with the occasional puzzle. Why would I want to play a game I don’t enjoy at all when there are, in fact, “real puzzle games” out there?

Great game. Only small issues. The game is great. It’s fun and addictive. If you are proactive you can actually end up with a community of players that become a digital family. I have. Have an amazing time playing. It is very addictive but almost anything is if you like it enough. The only issues I warn about are these. If you reach out to the tech support team they may or may or respond to you. There are some glitches. The worst ones are the ones that cause you to get locked out of the game temporarily and then you get hit in a attack that causes you to lose everything. Especially if you actually buy upgrades and packages . So beware of what you spend and the fact that you might lose it and not have any control over how it’s gone. I lost a lot of my spending during server issues and when I reached out to tech support, they asked me for screen shots of the server issue and when I was attacked. I don’t know how you would predict that you would need to take a screen shot until after you have the issue, but either way, they didn’t help me at all. So be warned, support will just ignore your requests for help.

Buggy and a cash grab. This game has always had ads literally everywhere, popping up constantly and all over the screen. Playing longer than 5 minutes you get the point, you know where to go to buy things with real money, repeating it constantly is annoying and excessive. You’ll make a lot of money with micro transactions regardless of the million shiny buttons and banners to direct players to the store and the incessant pop up’s that actually drive people away. Second up, constant bugs. Your marches get stuck at 0:00 for ages, the game lags out and doesn’t do the things you triggered, crashes, events not working as planned/announced, and just now today it won’t even load because “your device doesn’t have enough space” when there is 30gb of free space on my phone! Is anyone testing your releases? Every “fix” pushed breaks even more things. Overall it’s a decent enough time killer if you’re willing to have micro transactions pushed down your throat and deal with the bugs. Rather complicated to learn everything at first and you’ll still be finding out how the game works for ages. Eventually you level up enough that it’s a push things a few times a day and wait ~3 days to several months for something to upgrade so it gets pretty boring unless you’re active in an alliance doing rallies.

Fun addicting game but false advertisement. They make you think you’re downloading a puzzle game when it couldn’t be farther from the truth. There’s a few puzzles but they are a very minor part of the game and I still haven’t seen anything close to the puzzles they’ve advertised. The game itself is an empire building strategy game which requires a lot of time and effort to ascend the ranks. It’s got a fun social aspect to it if you join an alliance. I like that it’s challenging and you can grow pretty quickly without spending a dime and compete against the people who are spending lots of money. My biggest gripe outside the false advertising is the lack of information on how to play the game. There are tons of things to learn and the game itself barely teaches you any of them. Most of it you have to pick up from the chat/alliance or searching the web. I think the developers do this on purpose so that you make bad decisions early and then as you learn you are more likely to spend money to fix your initial decisions and get caught up. They are very sneaky that way. But if the game adds a ton more info and tips then I will move my rating up to 5 stars.

Fun but no support. If you like growing your city and the thrill of war then this game is for you. However, plan to spend some money ($10,000to $100k USD) if you want to actually compete otherwise expect to play for years and years or get crushed by much larger players. In addition, there are several frustrating glitches in the game that will cause you to lose a battle or wipe out your resources. Don’t expect customer service to reimburse you or even respond in any timely manner. In fact, don’t expect any customer service at all. To be transparent this is my main reason for the low rating. Timely manner definition to everyone is all relative and may vary. My example is 1 month and still no resolution to the server glitch that caused my problems. Customer service responded in a week and half after I wrote to them but only stated that the “developers” are looking into it, however no resolution or judgment for my situation has been addressed so far and I don’t expect in the near future for this to be resolved. Several members that I played with have quit this game in frustration due to Evony glitches and lack of support. Some members have spent in the range of thousands of dollars. Just know what you are getting into before investing time and money before you start playing. Happy hunting to all.

The FUN stops the first time you get attacked.. I was enjoying this game, building stuff and making an army, sending my units out to collect resources and attack bandits and other npc units. I spent mist of a day working my keep to level 6 and researching and upgrading support buildings. Then I was attacked and I lost some resources, which is fine, but I lost the army I had been amassing all day in one attack. No thanks. That’s just not fun. On top of that I noticed global chat saying support for this game was garbage.?and soooo many things pushing you towards micro transactions. But really, I wouldn’t have deleted it except for my entire army getting wiped out by a much much stronger player. That just makes it pay to win, pay to shield etc… Clash of Clans is way more rewarding, even if you never buy ANYTHING, you don’t lose your army when a bigger player attacks you. So, I gave one extra star for the fun I did have, but getting attacked and losing your ENTIRE ARMY is not fun at all. Plus, too much micromanaging, why not have an auto train so I don’t have to log in to collect my rss and build my army… having to constantly harvest and click to make troops becomes a chore instead of being fun… though I might have held out longer if my army hadn’t been demolished by a much stronger player.

Pretty good. This platform is similar to GOW. Progress is slow and steady. Server selection is key to fast growth as well as the alliance you choose to join. I hope players have a thick skin. What you need to remember is that it is a war game! You will be attacked and lose. It happens and you will lose all the effort you put in. Player who participate in kill events and server events get the best prizes and have the most fun. That is the purpose of the game. The puzzles in the game are challenging and get harder as you progress through the levels. They are fun and also rewarding for decent prizes and faster progression up the levels. But it is still a war game. You will get upset and be unhappy with other players. They do not owe you, and they do not know you. Choose your alliance wisely and read how to score points in the events. The Ebony team does a fair job of providing instructions and assists with issues if you have them. I just wish I didn’t have to uninstall and reinstall the game at times. It does take space. Updates with bug fixes make sure you contact support. They are fast and good with resolution and compensation if power or points are lost due to issues on their end. xAugustx

This game is 100% pay to win. Don’t get suckered into it. I started this game thinking it was a puzzle game. It’s not. The puzzle part of the game is less than 1% of makeup of the game itself. It’s a castle building PVP game that makes it super easy to get to level 20. But then each additional level exponentially costs more in game resources. For example. My level 30 keep requires 136days to complete. But there are daily packages that can help you buy speedups. So playing the game without money is possible if you don’t mind taking months to grow a single keep level. Meanwhile the game has server vs server battles. While it sounds fun, it’s super broken (I believe intentionally). I belong to server 1008. We were matched up with server 800 something. What does that mean? This server has several months head start. One alliance on that server has more troops and power than our entire server. That’s fair right! Many people on our server were zeroed (all our troops destroyed, costing months of time and resources). But that is what the game makers want. They want you to buy more resource packs to rebuild. It has been fun, I can’t deny that. But this current match up opened my eyes to the reality that this game allows you to enjoy it if you continue to pump hundreds of dollars into it to “pay to win”

Don’t waste your time, I urge you not to.. You’ve probably seen the ads where they say that they hate false advertising in ads. Well, to a huge degree, those ads are ironically false advertising. First off, the ads act like the puzzles are a big part of the game. They really aren’t. The game is more focused on being a “build-a-civilization” type game, which I get there’s a market for, but it’s never advertised. And then we get to the puzzle levels. One noticeable thing about it is that the graphics are way worse than shown in the ads. The graphics don’t use 3D rendering but rather pre-rendered 3D images that are given low-quality animations. Most of the puzzle mechanics in the ads aren’t even in the real game. There are no enemies or lava. There’s pin pulling, sure, but it’s not as good as shown in the ads. If you’re gonna say that you hate false advertising, then at least live up to the ads and not lie. Also, any time someone calls them out on false advertising, they reply to the review with the same bot that says “We have the same content as advertised” and tell you it appears later in the game, but it doesn’t. They just can’t take criticism, and it’s probably gonna stay that way when they’re sitting upon a load of undeserved money.

Terrible - False advertising. I kept getting ads for this game. TONS of ads. After seeing the same ads week after week, I decided to try it out, because the game looked fun. -That game, being what appears to be a man trying to get gold, while avoiding lava and animals, etc. Pulling levers to make sure he gets to the gold, and avoids the hazards. I downloaded the game from the ad, and couldn’t even find that part of the game anywhere. I thought it was maybe just a small part of the game, and tried to “play” to get there. After a while of not knowing what I was doing, trying to find a point to the game, I gave up. There is nothing else shown in the ads, and I previously assumed that what I was shown was the main game. But the game in the ads is something I couldn’t even figure out how to do after some searching. Everything is super complicated, and therefore really disappointing. If this game isn’t about trying to get gold while trying not to fall on spikes, get covered in lava, or attacked by a big cat, then why is that all the ads show? I was tricked into downloading this game, and I’m not happy about it. Make the ads show the real game, not something completely different. I know I’m not the only one who downloaded this game, assuming it would be the game in the ads. I’d give 0 stars if possible.

Ruined But Fun…?. I’m not being potentially selfish right now but I’ve been playing 4 a while now and you really need to ruin this game for paying to play? Other than that it’s great fun and tutorial led me to level by level and add more too. This game is amazing with twists and you really need to think before u do your action. I’m not reassuring you to change this game completely since basically this game is just a money maker. You didn’t have to ruin this perfectly fine game by paying to play and I’d rather lose my progress than spend money on mind thinking games… what a mind tricker this game is. I’m telling you guys before download, if you guys aren’t spoiled or have any money to spend than maybe this isn’t the best choice for yourself. This game needs some changes immediately, and please please make this game not so selfish to take ones player money. These moderators actually need to read our reviews and fix these problems before I delete it… losing one player isn’t bad. But risking others is worse. Also not to complain about bugs for free stuff you just need to think before you download because this is probably my first ever game to have so much additional in game-purchases. But fun. You guys developers have to fix things and make games funner and funnier…

Overcharged multiple times, cash grab.. Rating this five stars so that it doesn't go to the bottom. It is a one star review. I have played on several servers. One several of us were stalked by a player who was mentally sick. I reported him with the function in the world chat, sent tickets in but there was zero concern. Customer service keeps tickets open for weeks and then closes them immediately. This is a pattern for customer service. I have asked the same question now three times since mid October with no response. They just close the ticket, costing me lots of rewards. This is touted to be a f2p game. Sure. It can be. But you will NEVER be competitive in this game. Never. You can never gather enough, rally enough or get enough gems from the wheel of fortune to pay for the insane amount of refinements it takes to bring a general up to speed. It is a crapshoot on what you get in refinements, and it is so easy to blow through 200,000 gems in one sitting. Pfftt. Anyone that says this is not a rich man's game is lying. I'm embarrassed by the amount I have paid those rich buggers that own it. You would think they would at least provide us with decent tech support.

Fun if you like glitches. I have been playing this game for almost 6 months. When I first started playing it was amazingly fun and addictive however, since the very first SvS (server vs server) war the matchups have been ridiculous. When you put a server that has only been around for less than 4 months at the time against a server that is almost 2yrs old that is the fastest way to kill a game. I am a spender but because of the uneven matchups I have cut my spending down to less than a quarter of what I would be willing to spend on a game that actually gives you a fair chance. Every SvS is the same the designers/mods pair new servers up against servers that are years older and more advanced. This is not how you get spenders to spend money. So that’s the uneven pairings rant. On to the glitches! The glitches are bad!!! Every time they release a new update the game won’t load properly for days. You send them messages/mails and you get no response for days. In between updates the game will load intermittently and then they put out another update (always the day before either a Kill Event/KE or SvS) and that means you come back in to a burned out shell of a castle unless you spend over 100k gems for a 7 day shield and put it on the day before. It’s ridiculous and short sighted. Unless you like glitches and wasting your time and hard earned money DO NOT download this game!!

Customer support. Listen game is cool, customer support is slow to non existent, if you lose something good luck getting it replaced , their standard saying is best regards after driving a knife through your rib cage telling you that your imagining things as your stuff did not disappear or mess up. Event packages..... good luck getting the items after you buy and you actually did not get them lol , EVONY Customer service is a joke however the game is cool but yes it does MESS up regardless what they say. Why would I give you my account for retaliation.... it’s not as if you couldn’t figure it out anyway... your latest response to me is a total joke , I send you a pic stating I did not receive 9.99 event pack I purchased on Dec 1 , you wait until I purchase another Last night Dec 5th to answer , then answer and say you received your items at 11:38 gmt time 😂 time... complete JOKE of a customer support .... and still never address missing troops .... Don’t waste your time on this game if you do , eventually you will need customer support and you will get told your fault best regards evony ... that’s after days of no answer and they investigate the wrong thing on the wrong day at the wrong time 😂 Furthermore I have played this game for years now and spent money on it daily ... to be treated the way I have over 20k troops and a ten dollar event pack is unacceptable when I have spent thousands on this game , but I assure you I will not be spending anymore ......

Greedy game doesn’t fix glitches. This game is just to get you to spend and spend and spend and spend. If you don’t feel like putting tens of thousands of dollars into a game I would suggest not starting this one, because without that money you won’t be able to compete very well. Also the game is riddled with glitches that their so called “support” does nothing to fix. Every attack against players or monsters lags when the counter reaches zero it sits there for at least 8 seconds and sometimes as much as 30. This allows others to take the monster you are trying to kill and the player you are attacking to ghost or port and if you are waiting for your troops to return so you can avoid an attack it sticks you as having a march out and you get hit. Plan on taking constant screenshots of everything you do just incase there is a glitch that costs you troops and resources because if you don’t have them support will just tell you that their records show nothing happened and if t Oooh do have them they will still say their records show it wasn’t an issue and if by some miracle they actually admit it was their fault the pay back is ludicrous and the only way to fix it is to spend more. All of this makes a game that would be fun unbelievably frustrating and exhausting. If I could give it zero stars I would.

Love/Hate Relationship. I played Evony for several years and enjoyed the gameplay as well as conversations with the online friends I made there. However I gave away my castle, quit playing a deleted the game a couple of years ago because I got sick and tired of spending money in the game (prob about $100 a month) to build my castle to max level and then as soon as I would do that, new levels would be released and there were plenty of people willing and able to spend the hundreds of dollars it would take to upgrade instantly to the new highest level. All of a sudden my powerful castle was useless. One of those new mega powerful castles would come wipe out everything I spent REAL MONEY to build in seconds. After having this happen to me enough times I quit spending money and the pace of building up to something powerful enough to use was so slow it became boring. BOTTOM LINE FOR THE DEVELOPERS: I would consider coming back to the game if ONE of the three things (or similar ideas) were implemented: 1- make safe servers for those of us who want a more casual game 2- Limit the damage a higher level castle can do to lower level castle based on a percentage or the size difference perhaps. So a level 50 or whatever level you guys are up to nowadays could only do the same percentage of damage to a level 10’s power as it could to another level 50. 3- Make ALL fighting only during scheduled wars so smaller castles can reserve their bubble shields for when they know they need to use them.

I should have read the reviews first. Worst customer service I’ve ever experienced for a game. I should have read the reviews first before I spent my time and money on this game. Fun at first but something weird happened with my account. I spent some money in game to heal some troops to get my power level back up. When I logged in the next day my power dropped substantially with no reports of an attack on my keep. I thought it was weird but figured maybe I missed something? Maybe I didn’t bring my power back up to where I thought I did. So I spent some more money for resources to heal my troops again, this time bringing my power to over 1 billion. If you’ve played the game, you know that’s quite a bit. When I logged back in the next day (I only logged in to heal my troops and then I logged off for the day) my power level was back down under 1 billion. That’s when I realized something fishy was going on and I just spent a lot of money for those resources all for nothing. I contacted support and sent a screenshot of my power level and asked if they could somehow look back at my account activity and see what was going on…I haven’t heard from them since. They make plenty of money with this game so you would think their support team would be on top of something like this right? Wrong. They make plenty of money from this game so why help some random player who’s complaining about a glitch. Don’t waste your time or money and I hope you read these reviews before you download.

Fair Assessment; no bias!!! (Mobile Device User). The game is addicting and can help you to get through boring situations with ease. However if you want to be a stand out or at least formidable you’ll spend thousands. With that said, there are things in this game that they need to fix. 1) Lag 2) march speed button glitch around temples, buildings. It’s not visible once march starts or is off screen. 3) warning bell display glitch. Often red screen goes on longer then the scout or march. 4) the occasional inability to post battle reports in world chat. There are rallies from an unknown player not on any server competing yet being displayed in the watchtower bell area. 4) updates don’t change anything but events and sales packages. 5) they delay giving you consume rewards or achievement rewards and at times limited promotion rewards in order for you to spend more. At the same time, The same issues are always here. For example, you’ll receive teleport failures on an empty spot on the world map where you should normally be able to advance teleport to. With the amount of revenue this game receives you would think that you would fix these issues. And if you actually did youd make way more money in the long run. Keeping the glitches in order to motivate people to spend more due to a mistake or loss that occurred by no fault of their own is crooked imho. Thanks for hearing me out!!!

Low RSS. I agree with HemiJGetMoney all the way! You spend all this money on the game and come SVS you’ve lost everything with basically no way to get your troops back without continuing to spend $. You get K28 and everything slows down building wise. At that point you are really in the middle. Your not strong enough to play SvS effectively, you can hit all the small keeps. That’s it. That’s not really that much fun for no rewards. So your caught in the middle. You have to spend large amounts of $ to grow any bigger, therefore most people stop playing. You choose to play for the long haul or not. It’s basically impossible to grow after that and have fun being competitive. If you join an alliance, which you must, they make it better but the ‘big cheeses’ dominate the game and that’s not fun either. The lack of RSS is stupid. And if you don’t continue to bubble 24/7 you will lose everything! They make it too expensive to do that for too long without playing it every-single day! For those of us “middle class” who have JOBS that demand attendance (how dare they) makes it virtually impossible to keep playing. If you aren’t going to give us RSS, atleast make LONGER bubble times easier to get and less expensive!

Cheating. As you get further into the game I noticed that it started cheating me and I was like what? I really could not believe that a game could do that but yes it actually does! I know in my server it was the same winners every week! Like in the city development competition how can a level 38 possibly win that? That’s just common sense! Also in the treasure hunt event it cheats and when I started winning it sent someone to attack me every time! The game is fun but don’t plan on winning anything! Maybe if you pay lots of money you might win but who wants to do that? It seemed like the more power I gained in the game the more people started to not like me like in the world chat and the more it cheated to not let me win! I had like 5 or 6 people harassing me daily on the world chat and I never did anything to these people! I pointed out that it was cheating and the people in world chat jumped all over me! They must work for evony or something! Something definitely not right about the game! Then when I tried to restart my game I cannot log on now cause it asked me to give a good review of the game but I’m not going to lie just to play! I read another review before I started playing that warned me of cheating but I did not listen and I got burned so be careful!

Fake ads, lame game, money grabbing. It’s funny how they have all these ads saying “don’t you hate these fake ads for puzzle games.” But that’s exactly what this is. The game is nothing like the ads. Even after you unlock the stupid puzzle portion of the game it does not look anything like the puzzles in the commercials! This game is lame. It’s just another city building war game PVP trying to grab your money, trying to encourage you to spend money to be competitive against other people who spent money. It’s boring. It’s derivative. It’s completely unoriginal. And it’s absolutely trying to fake you out with fake ads that don’t look anything like the game using ads that say “don’t you hate fake ads that don’t look anything like the game!” Yes I hate the advertisements and ad writers of this game way more than I hate the boring, unoriginal hacks developing this game. I would rate it zero stars but that’s not an option. I’m willing to bet most of the 5 star reviews are fake. Take a close look, many of the reviews show 5 stars but the txt of the review says it’s false advertising and a money grab. Yes, I hear you saying “be patient, it’s an unlockable mini-game within the main game.” But that’s just It. The puzzle game is an unlockable mini-game, and your advertisements literally lie and claim it is the main game. And the puzzles don’t look anything like the animated puzzles in the advertisements. Stop lying!

Game needs a few tweaks. Great game but for the people who spend thousands of dollars there should be more benefits. For example resource spots 15+ should only be accessed by k30+. By the time u reach k30 most construction upgrades cost 100million 200million 300 million + for each resource when upgrading buildings. It cost a pretty penny to get to k30 and above. The new updates are making it easier for people who don’t spend as much which is fine. But please cater to the big spenders as well because we k30 and above are mostly “middle” class as far as strength goes on the game. Most of us have spent thousands of dollars and are stuck in between being weak and strong. Simply because the game gets more expensive to increase power once you reach k30. Source of life also cost too much and are too hard to get. You spend 5k on the game then get beat in svs and can’t recover because you’re a rookie and don’t have strategy like bet players. Next thing u know 5k down the drain and nothing you can do but slowly build your troops back the slow way and get beat up every svs or be forced to bubble. That’s no fun especially when you’ve spent big money. Make some benefits and incentives for people who spent money especially those $99 packs! Thanks

Beware: Buggy app just caused significant loss of money. Evony just cost me a lot of money and has potentially caused my server consisting of hundreds of other players to lose a tournament against another server because of their buggy app. I was facing off against another player during a biweekly “Server War.” I attacked my opponent and then tried to use a “truce agreement” (a bubble or dome plsced over your city to prevent others from being able to attack you). HOWEVER, Evony’s buggy app wouldn’t allow me to use a truce agreement. Because I couldn’t raise my “bubble,” my opponents were able to hit me and 1) killed all my troops, and worse 2) turned my server from being the winners of the Server War to being the losers. This issue has also happened to other players on my server. There has been widespread discussion of this and other issues. I’m posting my problem here because when I’ve used their ticketing system in the past to report issues, I’ve either gotten no response or very very late responses. It’s also well known that when issues like this happen, Evony will not properly reimburse players for their losses. And the problem with Evony not replacing reimbursing losses, you see, is that this is an incredibly expensive game to play. I have spent hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars $$$ on this game. EVONY: WILL YOU HELP ME THIS TIME? I EXPECT A FULL REIMBURSEMENT OF THE RESOURCES/SPEEDUPS USED SAVE MY TROOPS AND A POINTS READJUSTMENT FOR MY SERVER.

Fun waist of time and free to play.. I love the speed ups and the overall feel of the game. Beautiful graphics and lots of ways to level up. I’ve spent no money as of yet. However, if you want to, they offer some really good packages from $1 to $100 and each offers different items for how you play the game. Use your initial free time to upgrade your resources, defenses and attacks, then check in a few times a day and get rewarded for simple things to do. Mistakes will be made as you learn what to do. However, don’t let it stop you from trying new things out. PvP attacks will happen, just move along and put it behind you. Remember, one day you will be the aggressor, so take your licks and let it go. My best advice is to make sure that when you’re not playing, always have your builders building, your resources collected, troops being trained, and your research actively making you stronger and able to learn special abilities. Don’t forget to check your forge to, chances are you can create a new item to help your Generals fight harder AI Bosses or another player. There’s always something to do with each login.

Evony not a strategy game. This was a really entertaining game for a short while. While it’s fun building up your city and joining an alliance, you will quickly find out that Evony is not a really a strategy game. This game is a numbers game that pretends to be about strategy. For example, if you’re city is a level 10 it can easily be over powered by another opponent as long as they are a higher level than you. Unless you spend real money to purchase truce agreements your city remains vulnerable without a shield 24/7. This proves extremely frustrating especially when you spend money on packages that contain city clues. If you’re working on collecting items like this, it’s not worth it. If you activate a key it alerts the entire server so an opponent that is a higher level can come in and take your city that you worked hard to obtain. Unless you spend real money to level past them, there’s absolutely no strategy you can come up wit to win your resources back. It’s similar to s pyramid scheme than anything else. If you have lots of money to continue purchasing truce agreements, you’ll continue to get raided by opponents with a higher level than you. Good luck!!

Grand Old Game In Decline. I have played Evony since Age 1. In that time, I have loved and hated it for many reasons, but I have enjoyed playing. I was very excited when the IOS release came. In those days we were all peers, all learning and growing together. Now, though, starting a couple of years ago, the joy is fading. Why? Quite simply because the bugs and glitches are becoming unbearable. Sometime it takes two or more attempts (my personal record is 5) just to connect. Game crashes are more frequent, especially during contest periods where one is scrolling over the world map, and even in city view. During monster kill, for example, the game will crash every 5 to 10 minutes. Combine that with the login issues and it makes for a frustrating time. There is a puzzle game within city viw which can and does lock up, and the only way to deal with that is to reboot your device, often gphacing to deal once more with the connection issue. I still like the game. But new players should be aware that they will face the issues I describe. So far, Evony support has been unwilling to correct these flaws. I have played other games for years, game which may suffer a rare crash or a minor glitch once in a blue sun. Evong crashes and glitches abound.

Great game!. Great game if you want to spend thousands! This game is not what advertised, the puzzles on their ads don’t even appear on the game. The game is all about making you spend money to grow just to get wiped out by someone that spends more money than you. They proclame they promote a fair game policy but allows big money spenders to cheat using bots while they go after the non spenders when they try to use a bot. It’s so bad that even some of their developers build bots to allow players get resources and sell their services to people in the game. Bottom line, it’s a game that is downloading your personal data on the background while you spend thousands of dollars trying to be competitive. The reason the game takes much space and has to update constantly to keep up with security updates from supporting platforms is because is stealing all your information. Supporting platforms like Google and Apple will not do anything about because they make money with the transactions. The game now move to computers to steal the information from your computer.

Awful customer support and will flat out steal. There was a glitch in the game while I was buying packages, never received the packages, but was still charged for them contacted their so called customer support only to be told after about a week and the payment being fully processed to contact apple for refund (not sure why I would contact 3rd party to receive a refund,)but I did as they suggest only to be told by apple that those items are not eligible for refund. After telling this to customer support and providing them with the receipts for the items that were paid for they told me that they have no record of the transaction (obviously since I didn’t receive the items) and they once again told me I need to go though apple. Long story short this game received payment for over $200USD worth of packages, did not provide the packages even when I told them if they can’t do a refund just give me the packages that I paid for. This is the definition of fraud taking payment for goods/services and not providing goods or services. I have photos of the receipts and all the correspondence between myself and their customer service representative that has been going on for over 45 days now and they still won’t provide any solution despite the fact that in less then 5 months I’ve spent over $5,000USD on this game. The game is fun however the company is crooked and is just wanting to take your money.

Game needs better customer service. I had been and still am having trouble just accessing the game. Now I’m in trouble of loosing everything I earned in this game is about to be destroyed over this weekend all because noone has gotten my messages or has chosen to ignore my problem which is about simply being able to access the game . It loads and the gets to the very end with just a tiny bit to go but instead just keeps saying it is loading for hours at a time. Because I can’t get in the game I can’t email or get on to send the ticket stating that I have a major problem. I have not had any way to access the game o be able to file a complaint. The only access I am here but not able to share that I am having a major issue because I cant access the game to complain because that place you go to share your complaint is also being blocked so I have had to ask other places to even be able to let those who fix the game issues know I have a major one. I have no access to anything any part of the game and it won’t allow me to file a complaint. This is the most stupid thing I have ever seen and if I could I would sue to get all my money back because I am starting to hate the game but a friend of mine filed a complaint for me we will see if I get anything I’ve lost back and be able to have access to any options within the game because the problem is the game will not give me any access. Sad garbage madness it deserves a negative star

Loopholes that only financially benefit the maker. So the game is based on rules that players are supposed to follow. Rule breakers can be judged as “kill on sight” by the king. However, some clever rule breakers exploit loopholes in the game to avoid judgement and keep breaking the rules. They can still use “truce” agreements and after illegally attacking other players, quickly bubble up and teleport to avoid the consequences. While lucrative for the rule breaker, the person attacked is left with the damage. Financial damage actually if thei either lost resources they paid for or have to spend money to recover from the illegal attack. Even worse, a player that feels safe when using a truce agreement to protect from attack, can still get illegally attacked by the rulebreaker on resource tiles. Makers of the game, until you fix this and extend the truce agreement to a players troops wherever they are, resource tiles, relics etc. so they can be fully protected, I have to consider your game fraudulent and I will complain to Apple and my credit card company. And while you’re at it, anyone designated “kill on sight” / kos by the king should not be able to enjoy protection from truce agreements or teleports. This is taking the fun out of the game if a few rotten apples can spoil the fun. Looking forward to your response, my next call will be with apple and my credit card company.

Piranha. This game is designed to exploit human vulnerabilities and monetize on them. The make it impossible to grow in the game if you don’t pay. They also don’t offer in between packages, you either spend 5$ or 99$, in order to get anything in between you have to buy multiple packets too. Once you have invested enough in this game you feel trapped as the game depends on you having on a protective bubble otherwise there are always players bigger than you that will set you back and recovering is only possible by spending more money. Boss monsters rarely drop what they advertise and any special event monster higher than lvl1 requires keep 32 or higher and over one million troops which require BILLIONS in resources to upgrade. A 99$ package only gives you 750million for perspective. Also if you pay for items you should be able to give them freely to other players but Evony doesn’t allow you to gift most things in the game. If you like wasting money then play this game and don’t look back otherwise there are healthier games out there that are better for your mental state not to mention your wallet. *UPDATE They just recently had a server wide black out for most of the day, on the last day of the most important day of server vs server war. Many lost everything and not one word of apology. Worst game ever I wish I never started, I pray for the day I get zeroed and don’t have the resources to rebuild my city.

Not as advertised. It isn’t just the puzzles like the ads say. I don’t want to build cities and troops just to solve a couple of puzzles. Once you complete a few puzzles, there is a time out. It was a 7 minutes countdown. 30 minutes later, it was still 5 minutes to go. I didn’t bother looking at it again until the next day. Update: I continued playing and trying to figure it out. Saturday I was attacked even though I had a truce agreement in place. I contacted customer service and have not received a response. I haven’t been in the game since Saturday. There is no way to accumulate resources needed to get to higher levels if you can be attacked while a truce is in place. You cannot get to new puzzles without achieving a higher level. Not to mention that it can take days/weeks to get to the next level and new puzzles. I am done with it. Back to searching for a game that actually works as advertised. UPDATE- after two weeks I heard back from customer service but they did not remediate the issue. I replied that I had provided proof but received nothing back. I deleted the game from my iPad. I can think of better ways to spend my time and money.

Fun people, bad coding, & expensive. First: I love my alliance members. They are the reason I stay in the game. The game is absolutely full of bugs and bad coding that can come up at the worst possible moment. If you get what players call “red wifi” in the middle of a battle, you can lose EVERYTHING in the time it takes to reboot the app. If my alliance were to fall apart, I would probably bounce. Or would I? I am almost ashamed of how much money I have spent on this game. I kinda have to treat this like an investment now. If I were to leave… I cannot. I just cannot. At the barest minimum of time and effort, I would still maintain a force field/“bubble” at all times - to be exposed would mean getting attacked and having to walk away from obscene numbers of dollars of upgrades. The game is a very beautifully designed system of timers. Everything takes lots of time. There are always greater and greater goals that take longer and longer to achieve. The fastest way to bypass this is to pay real money. The developers will reply with something like, “There are lots of opportunities to play for free.” Sure, if you want to spend LITERALLY 18 months on a timer for higher level main city upgrades. Without exaggeration, there are world class players who are in the upper echelons who have spent enough money to buy a house. A literal house. So be careful of what you sign up for and commit to.

Fun, but ultimately frustrating.. Like most others I downloaded it because of the puzzles, which are fun. But you immediately realize that the puzzles are only there to get you to download it. They’re janky. But the real game was pretty fun. Building up your city, choosing where to put resources and research into…but it has zero balance when it comes to the pvp aspect. My realm was actually pretty cool in the sense that the king and its alliance actively enforced a no-kill pact against people that changed their name from the default, and were in an alliance. Which worked well. It helped people to build up their power. But every week for THREE days there’s an event that rewards players for attacking others and for this you either bubble or get attacked. It’s actually not too bad, until you get annihilated by someone who pulled out the visa and is 20x your power. They absolutely need to do something about this because unless you pay you’ll never do well during this event. It is 100% a money grab. You either pay to be able to buy the bubble you need to protect yourself, or pay to be somewhat equal in power. Which is really tragic because the rest of it is a pretty well thought out and deep game. Uninstalled after 3 weeks.

War Games. This game has many facets. Puzzles, Engineering, Kingdoms, Armies, Generals, Buffs, creating your kingdom from many parts and balancing their alliances, power and other players who war like you to become a hive of players to protect one another from other players who will try to plunder your resources and armies. It takes a certain amount of skill, intelligence and luck to succeed in this game. Customer Support is almost nonexistent but they appear to pass along information to the developers. You can spend a great deal of money on this game to grow quickly to a superior kingdom, but know this, if you do not have the skill sets to wield this kingdom you will become disappointed and quit. If you take your time to grow your kingdom, you will develop the skill sets needed to have a great deal of fun and meet many other great players who will share their knowledge of the game with you for free. This game is played over several years. If you do not want to pursue that type of involvement, do not play. I hope to see you someday on the battle field.

This game is a fraud. Update 2/2/23: Customer Service continues to change its story and marginalize the losses caused by poor network services as well as any issue with the false advertisements. If I could give negative stars, I would. I want my money back! This game should be removed from the App Store. After a more than a year of playing and building and spending thousands of dollars, none of the puzzles you see advertised anywhere are actually in the game and network services are so bad, the game is completely unplayable at times (especially during battles). This results in losses to in-game assets which usually costs money and cannot be recovered due to customer support who seemed to be trained to lie and marginalize players. Random glitches and network lag also cause losses to in-game assets which you pay for, but cannot recover. Further, the developer is constantly producing ways to dilute the value of in-game assets by reducing free rewards and content that players thought they would always get before spending money. They also produce new premium content that outperforms old premium content many players spent money on and cannot be upgraded or redeemed (generals are the shining example). Some of the statements and nearly all of the images you see in the description are blatant fabrications and/or fabrications to get people to start playing and spending within their game. I can’t believe Apple would let this type of fraudulence continue in their app-store.

Save yourself. Do yourself a favor and don’t download this game. I have been playing for about 27 months now, and am still an active player. That’s what this game is good at, getting you hooked through feelings of accomplishment whenever you upgrade a building and failing to realize you’re digging yourself deeper and deeper into the whole. This is a pay-to-play game, anyone who says otherwise is wrong. Yes, there are players who don’t spend money, but they aren’t actually playing the game. You’ll notice after each update to the game that the developers and company only care about making money through macro transactions and continuously widen the gap between players who spend thousands (yes thousands) of dollars and players who spend 5 or 10 dollars on the weekend. There are so many flaws left untouched, yet they keep adding new things for players to spend money on and further the gap. This gaming company also has the worst customer support I have ever experienced, and I have played a lot of games. The game quite literally steals money from you. They also make it their mission to keep as much information from you as possible on how things work in the game, that way when you make mistakes, you have to pay to correct them. Sooner or later, you’ll realize you’ve invested so much time and possibly money that you just got to keep going with it.

Be selective about your server. If I could give them less than a single star I would. I’ve been on two server’s now, both with their fair share of egos and bullies. The second sever is worse because the bully is a huge coiner. 5.3B to be exact. Server rules are NAP, but they don’t apply to him, or his alliance. This game is becoming increasingly difficult to play without coining. So if you aren’t willing to drop 2k every 2 weeks, find a NAP server where the top players are a peaceful bunch, and want it to stay that way. Evony is nickel and diming everything in game. The good stuff in the alliance shops are now limited on quantity. The game is being catered to large coiners who will drop anything to get ahead. The rewards for svs, battlefield, aren’t worth the costs to your keep. Players drop a few hundred easily to prepare for chalons, and the payout is horrible. The discrepancy in game play is unreal, and only getting worse. Also, don’t bother sending a service ticket. They rarely answer, and they definitely do not care if there is a bully on the server. Which is sad, it’s a game, but there are real people behind the keyboard. They have feelings, and I’ve heard some horrible things that have happened because a player lost everything. I suppose the moral of the review is be extremely selective, or don’t bother.

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Misleading Ads. The ads literally say that this is an actual puzzle where you need to save the king or something or solve and unlock new challenges but thats completely false. I had high expectations at first because the ads included that apparently the game wouldn't be a "totally complete different game" unlike other mobile games... but some things are too good to be true so obviously it's just an attention grabber for people to play their game. I mean its quite clear at first but the way they market their game is just.. like come on dude. I would really enjoy those types of puzzle games if it werent for game developers faking their ads .

Looking for a new game?. Keep scrolling, this is possibly one of the worst games available in apps. Even the whales hate it but won’t quit hoping the nerfing and mechanics will be fixed, have been hoping on this for 12 months and counting. The developers are on a par with camel and that horrendous group that gave us GOW and MS, there’s much better games out there, try ROK or their newer game call of dragons. $20k gives you a sub par account in this game that is zeroable in one hit costing you thousands to heal, so everyone permanently shields. If tile hitting is your jam this game is for you. And reading the reviews about copy paste responses in customer service I’m laughing real world reading their same cut and paste responses here. Pathetic.

Servers full of bots. The only way to get ahead is to run bot farms. I have been trying to grow by farming and joining rallies but everywhere you turn it’s monster’s being taken or rrs spots full of automated accounts. Then you get alliance r5’s going off in world chat about who they are so good due to their bots supporting their massive growth. I have spent money (more then I should ) to of got where I am others have spent more a lot have spent less One of the worst offenders for bot farms is fba alliance on server 493. One of the main accounts launches a rally and all the bots join at the same time. It’s not one person jumping between acct it automatic. But like anything nothing will be done.

Not happy at all. Right so I had the game and was playing all good until lvl 23 or so mind you had to spend money to get there so got attacked several times and picked myself up and went on about it so I get the truce agreement and soon as it finished got attacked had enough of it and deleted the game advised my alliance about it and left the game get this 5 days after leaving had a bill for two items purchased that I did not make now I’m trying to dispute this and do not know how to contact developer as I thought this was a no subscription game what the hell man how do I stop this I can not keep going like this someone get back to me I have removed the app and still get a bill for a purchase I did not make not happy guys

Play your own game.. Lots of negative reviews here, I’ve been playing for years now and I don’t “pay to win”. It just takes more time and effort. Be careful, watch your shield doesn’t drop and build up ... if you do get attacked you need to remember it’s a war game, that’s the point!!! Don’t whinge, build up and get even!!! There are lag issues that are frustrating but it’s something they are working on fixing. The “bigs” problem is going to happen no matter what war game you play, my advice is be friends with the big guy and he will keep you safe, play smart !!! Overall a great way to pass time and chat with people all over the world.

My review. Absolutely no and I mean no customer service. They have a cut and paste policy to their answers for your questions. That’s usually answered within 2-3 weeks and sometimes never. Make sure you take plenty of pics of your problems or queries as that’s their answer to everything. I like the game, however it’s a little repetitive but the only way to get anywhere is to spend. Ironically, Evony live by the creed they want to keep this a fair playing field for all!! You can play by not spending but be realistic as you will always be in the bottom of everything. Their server is woeful with constant drop outs and as they don’t test the new updates you can be assured of problems in game play once you have updated to latest.

Careful for the wifi lost fraud. I was addictive to this game till the wifi lost signal “ate” my over 30,000 diamonds, or maybe more than that. It’s not new for me that diamonds disappeared while being used to upgrade something, happened so many times, I didn’t make screen shot and got no idea about the lost amount before, earlier today, I charged the diamonds with several 5000gems packages try to speed up sth, the big red no wifi signal showed up, my gems suddenly became insufficient, then I charged again, and made screen shots before I started to upgrade, poor me, they got me again, this time, as a big game fan who spends tons of money on them, this game really destroyed my interest. I’ll keep these two photos and wait for in game customer support to reply my complaints, if they still deny and show me that no records of consuming gems in my account, I’ll do what I do, it is my customer right, no one deserves to be treat and fooled like this.

Same as other reviews - customer service terrible. Same as other reviews - it’s a bit of fun for a while. But it’s not very creative and lame in the end. Customer service is not just terrible - it is criminal. They take your money and just do not care. This game can be addictive and there are plenty of others getting hooked, so they don’t care about you. If you spend your money, you will lose it. Server glitches means you will be locked out at some point and you will be attacked and lose your stuff. All the five star reviews must be robots that never dealt with customer service. Have your fun and then get out.

Great game but Cust support lacking. I’ve played a few years had normal issues lag, bugs etc same as all games. Recently due to Evony tapping into my card 3 times instead of 1 I’ve had to use the customer service. They pretty much blow you off, I was told to provide receipt I did then they were like if you got an issue talk to your payment provider. Mate you have my money? Either give me the goods or you refund me. So beware the customer service really is a don’t care kind of deal. The game itself is fun, lot too learn but if you grind you can be ok without coining. You’ll never be topside without it though there’s just too many that coin. Also once a ton reach the new level of k40 they will expand again make more money. It’s an evolving game has a lot of working parts but seriously the game itself is good. Just pray you don’t need to raise a ticket, the service is terrible.

Absolutely disgusted in the morals of this developer. Without word or warning I have been blocked from accessing my account without it even being discussed with me as to why.. I have put money and a lot of time into this game and want my money spent on it back immediately. Do not under any circumstances download this game as they are frauds and cheats and steal players money at a moments whim. I will be joining others in a group action against this company and hopefully legal costs for them are so extreme they will think, before doing this to those players who have been loyal players for years. Shame on you and shame on Apple for supporting and carrying this app in their store. PS I never purchased the pink gems or used any outside vender to purchase packs. I will now also be making a claim to recover pack purchases from google.

Greatly Improved. It may have taken a while, but Evony TKR have stepped up their game :) CS have been responsive, and helpful, when I’ve launched tickets. The new game content is interesting and its great to have new content! If you’re someone who hates P2W, game grinders, or is faint of heart- don’t play. Wanna have fun in a strategic war game, incredibly competitive & make good friends? This is a good place to start 👍🏼 Keep up the great work Evony! I’m glad to finally be able to give you 5*

Player Beware. Yes it’s fun and interactive. It’s also addictive! Developed to entice you to spend more and more. I’ve played for 12 months and watched my team mates spend thousands on this game including myself. The game glitches regularly. The latest glitch removed 5x what I spent from my bank account. I purchased 1 pack and received goods for 1 pack. I was billed for 5! Customer service is disgusting- and I am not expecting to receive my money back. They pretend they don’t understand your complaint though a look online shows this happened to many others. They know exactly what is going on. I would just avoid this one….it’s a trap.

If you like glitches and no developer support. A great game when it WORKS. If you can handle constant glitches, malfunctions and a game with zero support from the developers when things don’t work - this is a great game for you. If you like throwing money at a game to gamble if it’s actually going to work - this is a great game for you. If you like getting the same cut & paste response from support regardless what issue you raise - this is a great game for you. If you like lag which then crashes so you lose everything and can’t compete in a battlefield - this is a great game for you. If the developers / back end support actually handled issues properly and fixes things rather than constantly attempting to get more money out of the players - the game would be sensational and in some form competitive on all levels. It can be a great game with a great group of people but again depends if players are kept account for their behaviors etc.

Falsely advertised. I’ve seen this game advertised on a lot of different platforms and it’s pushed as “the real thing” as a lot of games falsely promote that they are primarily a puzzle-solving dungeon game which in the ads, laughably does not exist when you download. The biggest contenders are those mafia games, or especially that garden game that’s a reskinned candy crush color matching based game. Ironically, marketing team of this game has attempted to do the exact same thing but state publicly that they aren’t, when the harsh reality of it is that this is yet another empire/clash cheap mobile game that’s designed to take money from kids and the mechanics promoted in the advertisement are the secondary part of the game that’s soft locked behind paying for bases/buildings to upgrade. You’ll have around 10-20 minutes of gameplay before they start asking for your money to “skip through” as the game relies on P2P based progression. This is completely manipulative and reading through the reviews you’ll find many of the same complaints.

Evony. I have been playing for a very long time and even though there have been glitches before I have stuck with it I grew and went up the ranks! I log in at least 6 times a day, early yesterday there was a notice that there was going to be an update and it would last a couple of hours so from 3pm local time I was not worried I was also protected but by 2am local I was still not able to contact and play yet this morning I went to log in only to find the app had disappeared! It is only a game however we meet other gamers online and it is enjoyable, IT IS ONLY A GAME BUT I WILL MISS IT! What have you done?

DO NOT DOWNLOAD. ‘Evony is a LEMON ….” On every level! This isn’t a puzzle game, its a WAR game. All the developers want is your money. They don’t care about you or any problems you may have in the game, customer service might as well be non existent for the response you may be lucky to get from them. If you don’t spend you will be killed. The developers find every possible angle to make you purchase and if you don’t, well sadly ABSOLUTELY no point in playing at all! Having played this game for the past 5 years, the change in the money gouging is outrageous. It’s only competitive for those with deep pockets. Evony doesn’t want you unless you spend and spend BIG!

Good game bad updates. Why is it with every update the game gets worse and worse, the glitches are getting to the point it’s actually painful to play and ready to give up, two maintenances in a row today! It’s bad enough that you make the events more complicated than they need to be, you haven’t got a good set up for the chats as in a chat room for the R4’s and R5,and you censored the private chats but not the main chats?!? What is up with that?!? Seriously go get someone on your team to have a look at the set up in TopWar and do your market research better cause if you want your game to survive and actually have people stay and put money into this than you need to fix your issues and you have major issues!!

Long time player. Never respond to questions never fix problems every time I log in I have a 560meg download patch every single log in cost me all my data. repeated in game messages sent not a single response negative or positive you think they would see money not being spent on the account no be able to work out why . If your to start a new account everything works perfect until the day you stop spending money. Then you start to have all these log in and bubble popping issue and zero responses to messages. Went from a great game to a complete Rort would not recommend to anyone until there response time is fixed

Addictive but expensive. It’s a great game but you pay to win, the service I am on is small and new so there’s only really 2 big alliances and there’s constant politics between the two. I hate how much you have to spend to get anywhere. The lagging is pretty ridiculous too. The few massive players on the server zero everyone as there’s no policing in what power/ level can attack another. There’s dead accounts everywhere too which is just a waste. I do enjoy the events but I think there needs to be more affordable options to play an make more generous gifts to keep people playing. A level 34 player should not be able to attack a level 24 player it took me months to get to my power of 41m and then 1 hit from one of the big placers and my power went down to 8.7 power - that was enough for me to quit the game.

Worst game now. I used to enjoy the game and trying to be competitive. Now, I don't know how to describe it. Upgrading a building alone will cost you heaps. This game will no longer be fair and competitive, it's going to be a game for major players only and the rest just spectators waiting to be plundered and zeroed in.........another unhappy active player Really more upgrade! For a business point of view you will run out of players and people buying packages. There are still a lot of players struggling to reach full upgrade to level 30 and now your going to introduce higher levels. Who will play this game now, rich and other players who probably works under your payroll. Well good luck!

This game is only for the rich. The puzzle advertised in this game is only a minor part. The main part of this game is a PVP war game that will cost thousands per week if you want to be good at it. Bought packages are needed to improve your castle if you want to be useful and pack levels are level 1-5 with level 5 packages costing $174 here. Multiply packages are needed per day now to keep up. You can play with no money spent but your usefulness to alliances will be limited if your allowed to join one. The old server I played on was very supportive and everyone worked to grow as a server, but now after we were forced to merge with another server, we are constantly attacked by our own server. Bubble or burn is the policy now. The fun has died in this game but I will stay for the friends i have met.

Customer service joke. Don’t spend money on this game, customer service is a joke, when the game breaks they simply give the same response regardless of the issue. Occasionally in the game they offer double up tokens and some weeks ago it simply didn’t work. They identified the issue and gave two tokens, however I had used four, I have now been going backwards with the customer support team for weeks asking for the items I was meant to receive. The response they give is the same very time. The responses they give to these reviews are identical to the responses they give when there is an issue, they simply don’t care.

The add is nothing but Lies … it’s a simulation game. Omg really developers you wanna msg me to say it’s the same as your add???? Your add shows nothing of the actual game only your mini games that are throughout your main game yet your advertising it as if it’s THE WHOLE GAME…. We both know it’s not like this at all your lieing to customers through your add then when people download it makes your download numbers look better…. Let’s see what the numbers are for download n delete!!!!! You wont do that cause you know I’m right and your using your mini game to fool people then they realise this n delete your bs life simulator game……They lie in the add it’s really a bs game with these mini games thrown in. Once you actually start to play it’s nowhere near like the add you don’t just go through levels killing things n getting gold that’s what they want you to think so you download just to find out it’s the same as every other game like it for example fishdom

Game is as good as the server. It’s a pretty addictive game that (in essence) is very repetitive. Takes a lot of daily time and in the end gives you little joy. I currently have a fairly decent account but I am stuck on a server that I am not enjoying. Would be great if you could migrate servers. I am at the point that the game brings pleasure than pain so I am going to quit (unless I could join another server and meet new people). Evony really needs to think about providing an option to keep things fresh. Server mergers is not the solution as you get stuck with another bad server and you will have more people quitting. They should allow X number of transfers (power wise) to other servers rather than do a merger. Would be some much better. Servers can then compete for people to join them. Evony are not smart and don’t realise this would make them soooo much more money.

Read this before buying!. There are many games advertised everywhere, and this one is no exception. It's advertised as a puzzle game, but in reality, it's a clash game. You should change your advertising to match the actual game more, and also change the images. However, there ARE minigames which are in ads, but they only occasionally appear while playing. The minigames are the puzzle you see in the ads. However, there could be other minigames unmentioned. Hopefully i'll try it out in a few weeks or so!

I hate this game and it’s advertising. Never has advertising for a game so completely devoid of any enjoyment been some how more painful than the actual game itself. The company thinks it’s being clever by commentating on the typical mobile game ads where take some who’s been huffing leaded gasoline in a hotbox and ask him to do the puzzle equivalent of wiping, as well as the adverts showing a game that doesn’t exist and is not represented in actual gameplay. But somehow they’ve made me want to cave my skull in even more than before, having to wait an endless 5 seconds before I can skip, which is 5 seconds more than I need to see. In short, I hate this company, this game, and it’s advertising, and I feel sorry for anyone who had to work in this to make ends meet.

Fun game but………. Really fun game. Biggest problem is that even though it’s great to grind away and progress , the balance has now swung to a money earning game for the developers. Unless you spend thousands of dollars, you will never be strong. Worse still, if you request support for game glitches, which are frequent, the game developers seem not to care. There is also a culture if online bullying and harassment on some servers. Numerous complaints gain no support from the developers. Join Evony at your own peril. Newest update now requires a player to spend even more thousands of dollars to progress. You simply cannot keep up without spending. I’m quitting after 3 years. Cannot stand greed.

Disappointed. The game at first is not what is previewed in the photos. The game requires a lot of time and for you to be spending each day playing it. Overall has a good system but the amount of work you put into the game can be taken away in a second by other players. Do not download unless you’re expecting to p2w. I don’t care if I get a comment back from the devs stating some bs comment. I believe this game is a waste of time and should be advertised as it really is not as a puzzle game. I’ve played for a month & I’ve logged in every day for the last month. I’ve only gotten to 1M in power until a KE event where someone decides to just target you and you lose all power within seconds. Then once your general dies you lose even more power. It’s ridiculous, I find this game as a dud! No good

It’s a good game. This is a good game and one that does reward vigilance. There is a lot of depth and things to join in on or not depending on your style of play. Yes, you can get attacked but you can prevent this with vigilance and staying on top of what is going on. If you expect to be able to put it down for a week then you can but it costs gems which you can get for free (slow) or for $7.99. The ads are a little deceiving in that they imply this is a puzzle game, it’s not really….yes they exist but it is really a war game or a farming game if you stay under a shield.

Full of online bully’s. Was in a group that then decided to align with another group (the decision of the leader). The new allies kept attacking my keep and stealing my resources. I mentioned this to our leader that was supposed to stop the attacks on my keep, but didn’t. When I finally retaliated and attacked back, I was kicked out of my group, then my former team mates started attacking me also. Had to keep moving my base all around the map to try to stop the constant attacks. Until I eventually gave up and deleted the game. Would love to meet some of these cowards in person to see what explanation they have for their bullying & cowardly behaviour.

Beware. This Game has too many glitches, bugs and their biggest events remain full of Lags and Issues where the game literally is unplayable for most people and the dev simply always chooses to ignore feedback and constantly releases features/pay to play modes that makes it almost impossible to sustain. The availability of features are not equal across all servers, at all. The game also is falsely advertised as a puzzle game, where it is simply a war game and is mostly a D measuring contest. And if their glitch cost you time effort and money. You better SS everything. if their glitch (error in price tag) made them lose money, you better expect to pay them all back.

Needs more work. It’s an OK game design, but is let down by poor operational management. Glitches, lag and game crashes are at unacceptable levels, especially in a game that involves pvp where a couple of seconds delay can cause a player to get wiped out (and it is rarely a couple of seconds - usually requires a game restart). It’s always been pay-to-win but is rapidly turning into pay-to-play for anyone who wants more than the most basic play experience. They also seem to be developing a bad habit of taking money without delivering the promised package. Top Games needs to put less time/money into introducing new shiny stuff and more into improving the reliability of what they’ve already got.

Yet another strategy idler. You know the type, build a forge, wait 3 days for it to upgrade before you can do anything else so it can generate 60 more metal in a day. And about 40 other options and upgrades that make no sense. Designed so you get tired of waiting and purchase the currency to skip the waiting period and get the game on track to do something remotely interesting. And those puzzles you see in the ad. They’re so mind numbing basic and completely idiotic. The only reason for the download was to see how entertaining those stupid puzzles can be, and well, a one star review was all i could give. Now I wish that since I’ve actually downloaded and now reviewed the ‘game’, that all the ads that they’ve spent most their budget on can disappear. Your game stinks, it’s unoriginal, and not in the least bit entertaining. I feel sorry for anyone who was forced to work on it.

Not what the pictures suggest. So you start with a few puzzle games which quickly get boring then you get to what the game is actually about which is a war based game. It is very slow to start with and you have to go so slow which is super annoying. If you spend money you can get through the rubbish quickly but if you’re not paying you have a grind. The only way to succeed is through joining a big alliance. Then you can get decent rewards and increase your level to a stage where you can actually have some gameplay. But even then, there is always people who pay and you are no chance against them. They have stronger armies and you can’t compete. Overall, you can waste some of your time on this but if you aren’t bankrolled you aren’t going to reach the heights and after a while you just do the same thing over and over with little hope of anything new. You can’t win the prizes, you will lose if you try to battle and in the end the dollars win.

Customer Support - terrible. I actually like this game, however, I am not happy with customer support. The other day my game became unlinked when I tried to get my brother to look after it due to work. I asked for support and it took 24 hours to get a response, then I followed every step that the support advised to relink the account, which was never followed up. After a number of months building the account I was not happy. I have made a number of attempts to communicate since and have been ignored. So in short, I like the game however the customer support does not exist and is terrible. That is my honest review.

Non Support from Customer Support Team. While I have enjoyed the companionship and content of the game they have real issues with Customer Support Services and some Programming errors that make the game glitch causing all sorts of distress to their inexperienced users … Customer Support loves to send you round and round in circles asking for a response to their unresolved issues until players just give up asking … seriously an audit of your Customer Support would show you many flaws and disregard to the actual questions that have been asked to this team … it makes us players feel disregarded, unheard and a source of income for your game without true regard for our ability to have adequate solutions to our game challenges … a solution to my current enquiry was even offered in every email … yet the team continues to say the information is where it actually is not … bad customer management and support in a great game 😳

Not worth your time. If you want to be bullied and enjoy wasting your time and building up so that a selected few can attack your city and plunder your keep then this game is for you. There is no rule other than the selected group rule. An anxiety provoking game! The server 684 has a group by the name of of United beauty UN1. This group attacks all the other players in the server and plunder their keep. This group’s members protect themselves and pick on the other players in the domain. Within one day my city was attacked 3 times by these members and I lost everything. This happene d every second day UNTILL I gave up and deleted the game altogether. If you want other players to become sacrificial lambs to this MAFIA group, this is your game. Prepare to be sacrificed and loose everything.

Play at your own risk. I am writing this review because today is my last day of playing this game. I have been playing this game almost a year now. I am a big spender to this game. Build my city and grow it fast. The good thing about the game is the puzzles as it was also the reason I played this in the first place. Other than that, it is depends on the people in your server. Yes, this is a war game but war have rules. During Server vs Server time, my server kills their own server players instead of enemy server’s. They also use the opportunity to steal your sub cities when you can’t bubble as you are fighting other server’s enemy. Not only that but in this game, I see the worst personalities of people and due to inflexibility of the game to move server, I am only given choice either to quit the game or continue with the madness. Think carefully whether you want to play and invest your time and money only to find out you are in a bad server with people that has no ethics or moral playing in your server.

WORST CUSTOMER SUPPORT EVER. I love the game and have been playing for around a year now. I’ve spent a few hundred dollars over that time to help grow my city and troops, a few weeks back I was locked out of my account and after 5 days of back and forth with customer support (it took them 4 days to reply) to get my account back I’ve lost over 55 million power, 100 million of each resource and of course the majority of my troops. Especially my t11’s, I’ve managed to grow back a little but I’m as weak as I was 6 months ago! I’ve asked to be reimbursed and sent them all my account details and screenshots of the attacks on my account whilst I was locked out as they asked. But nearly 2 weeks later and I’m still waiting to hear back from them, why I ask? They’ll take your money, but when it comes to compensation for their mistakes they don’t want to know you. It’s absolutely disgusting and I won’t be spending another cent on Evony, I hope most of you don’t either.

Long time player. I’ve been playing this game since Evony age 1. It’s not a puzzle game as advertised but a pvp war game. It still involves using your mind to work out how to grow and attack well. You can play without spending money. It takes longer to grow and you may never be as big as the biggest players but if you learn and put the effort in you can still be quite successful. Its quite addictive and like a lot of things in life the more effort you put in the better you get.

Evony. Great game and costly but customer support and the programming of this game makes it terrible. If your looking to start this game I strongly suggest to read the reviews and do your own research because it’s probably not worth your while at all. I see a lot of reviews how terrible customer support is and they are 100% correct. I have put quite a few tickets in and usually get a response in no less than 3 days. The game knowledge of customer support is way below standard. The programming glitches recently in the last two months has cost me millions in resources and all I get in return is about 10% compensation and the response from support turns it back on me as to be my fault which I can guarantee it isn’t as I’m seeing faults in the game you normally don’t see and I cannot explain why it does what it does as I’m not a programmer. I have spent a lot on this game already and I’m not spending another cent and will probably quit unless I’m compensated completely for the games errors / glitches. Profit before customers seems to be the companies motto. Do not download this game.

2% Puzzles, 98% spending money to make a difference. Advertising stating that this is puzzle solving raised my interest, however the truth of this that it’s simply a game where you combat with other players, forming alliances etc. interesting game but overall it’s falsely advertised with the few puzzles which drew in all the little kids who are virtually toxic in the zone chat, this needs moderation. Heavy game imbalances where players who level 20 plus run roughshod over lower level players, suggestion would be to put a level limit in for example a 5 level difference between opponents. Extremely heavy money based game. You have to use diamonds to retrieve your catapults instead of allow other healing mechanics, simply it is made for the player to spend loads of money in the game to be competitive. I cannot recommend this game at all. You can play with out spending as you can get a few diamonds through your monster kills and achievements but overall the amount of advertising and best buys now are overwhelming. It’s just not worth getting involved with. Just remember the game is PvP and you will need to be aware of that from the get go.

Wow. The game is great, when you can get on! Three lots of maintenance downtime in a week, lousy compensation, continuous crashes, and laggy slow servers. The game itself isn’t too bad, but when you have an issue, customer service give you the run around, and you end up with no answers! I’m seriously thinking of giving the game away. There is no joy in trying to play and constantly getting booted, or things taking forever to load. Get your act together evony! Lots of people spend good money on this game, only to be disappointed day after day. Instead of fixing the lag issues, you just create more servers to say your greedy selves, you don’t care about the players. Never in all my years of gaming have I had crash and lag issues like I do with this game, and the more servers you make, the worse it gets! Shame on you 😡😡😡😡

Evony new. I like the game only started playing because of the puzzles That was the hook then you couldn’t progress unless you reached a certain lvl then after lvl17 Viking it just said coming And for the kicker you get a message saying you failed to finish in the allotted time bit of BS if you ask me To progress and not get killed you need to spend money or end up as someone’s fodder..Don’t get me started on the “Kings Rules” that appear to change and are only used so they can bully the server no wonder so many stop playing at about lvl7 on ave.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT IS TERRIBLE. I have been playing this game for over a year, I enjoy it but customer support is terrible. A week ago they did an update which caused my game to crash unable to shield and everything got wiped. I spent over $100 on this game last week and all I requested was to be reimbursed the resources I lost and the resources and speed ups needed to heal my troops. They’ve done an update and fixed the issue but I have been contacting them for a week unable to participate in any events and they have done NOTHING! They take your money and don’t even fix things that are their fault to begin with it’s not right. Since writing this review they have closed my conversation as if I have never contacted them but I have screenshots. Absolutely disgusting

Walk away now… in fact run away. I gave 1 star because zero was not an option. The game is very unstable and evony is misleading and doesnt deliver on some in game purchases. Recently I purchased the ability to play an event for the next 2 weeks and the event just disappeared. Multiple tickets all closed without resolution and weeks later and nothing (as usual)!! While it appears a fun game on the surface and gets you hooked quickly, you then get mislead and not delivered what you expect or what you pay for. Support generally is script then close ticket without resolution. Dont waste your time or money here! Waste it somewhere else lol Run now… run fast!!!! To add to review …. Next event and of course it doesnt work either!!! What a completely cr@p game!!! Unfortunatley i invested in game so hard to walk away. DO NOT get this app. You will regret it

Really BAD customer service and mega expensive!!. Do not download this app…. Not only a RIP OFF, ATROCIOUS CUSTOMER SERVICE TO BOOT! I’ve been BANNED due to customer service representatives of this game not understanding English diction! If you’re in the game you’ll understand what I mean. In laypersons terms while based in the states the customer service people are unable to not only read emails properly, they choose to BAN you and accuse you of utilising a 3rd party app to have multiple accounts running that you are not aware of!!! To the app creator: how dumb are your staff?? You can RUN at least TWO accounts per device!!!! Your employees clearly non Evony gamers which would explain the generic responses we get to our emails. It’s obvious the app creators are using cheap labour while asking ASTRONOMICAL costs for advancing your castle and troops! Get over yourselves. Your game is constantly glitching, you condone bullying and should use a better translating service for your game Nimrods !!!

“It’s like in the ads”. That phrase can be misleading, only the puzzle portion of the game is shown in the ads and the in game version is down right horrible with what seems like 240p sprites, the game is obnoxiously crowded which makes it really hard to understand I only played this game for about a minute and I was bored if you feel that is way to quick to judge the game then don’t listen to this review. And also game developers. Stop with the abundance of ads, I get it you want us to play the game, but all your advertisements are just making us hate it more, thank you for your time. (Edit) wow an automated reply in the “flesh”, such a embarrassment

Lagging issues. At times I get frustrated with the game continuous lagging issues. Turns out that the problem may be due to the iPad that I am using. Different models behave in certain ways. The game freezes after about 10 seconds. Developers need to contact apple to ensure that they are providing the best performance settings to the game for all devices. Just like floppy disks, lagging issues in games should be a thing of the past.

Latest changes are bad. You used to be able to get truce agreements from the alliance store. And tributes and VIP points. Now the tributes and VIP points are capped and no truce agreements. Game is no longer accessible for F2P Update … so now Truce Agreements are in the Alliance Store but only once a week. And they are removed from the weekly shopping spree which is no longer gems. Also, my server has a bot player which is against TOS but despite multiple reports from many players in the server, the player continues their activity especially during Ymirs. Customer service is unresponsive. Bot player still plays 🙄

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The adds are wrong. It’s sucks what the hell

Can’t trust this developer. Like so many mobile games today, the ad shows something completely different to try to get you to download the game. In normal markets, this is called “bait and switch”, and it is illegal in many countries. If they lied in the ad, imagine what other unethical things they will do in the game to get you to pay. Evony has a long history of this. Their web ads for the web game pretended it was a sex game to get people to click. It was so nototrious that gaming press outlets ran stories about it.

fraud -never install. worst game and its a paid game.dont install

😫😫😫. This game 😎 helped me cope 🥶 with my crippling 😱 depression 🤓 induced by 😭 5 years 🫥 of getting 🤔 beat by my 😢 mother 🧍‍♀️and father 🧍‍♂️

Just creative theft. Evony is a very creative way that a company came up with to legally steal people’s money. If you buy a new TV from a store and they break it while bringing it up to the cashier, they go get you another TV and eat the loss. Here is how Evony would handle that: You buy a new TV and they break it while bringing it up to the cashier. The devs will offer you $100 back (if the TV cost let’s say $5,000) and tell you that if you would like you can buy another one while proceeding to load up your broken TV that cost you $4,900 after the ‘compensation’ without even batting an eye. They also won’t be able to wrap their heads around why you don’t want the broken TV and $100 back and just want what you paid for before they screwed up lol!!!! This in a nutshell is what Evony does on a daily basis to 99% of its customers.

Support Doesnt Care for Non-Pay2Win Players. A player was selling out the entire server to the enemy server during Server Vs Server event by telling the other server what the tactics and plans are and this is considered cheating based on game rules however because the player doing this is a Pay2Win player, support/game devs dont care that the game is ruined for the rest of the entire server!

Different from advertising. Just wanted to solve some puzzles like in the advertising, however it’s a different game looks like a strategy game . Uninstalled

Ads always lie. So it’s like that ad like “this game is actually what it is in the ads!” And I was like “finally a game like that to play!” And then you download it and it sucks and it is NOT what it is in the ads

This game is too much based around spending money. This game is hard to play if you don’t want to spend any money

If you enjoy dumping $ into a game THIS IS IT!. The game is pretty unoriginal. Same as any other of the same model. Give you just enough to get started but leave you in a position where you NEED to buy packages in order to progress. Once you are past the protective status of the lower levels, prepare your self to be raided constantly by players of higher levels. There is nothing stopping a player any level higher than yourself from raping and pillaging your base. It is a game that lacks strategy and relies completely on the player purchasing packages to survive. The little battles that one does daily to earn some of what is found in the ‘in app purchases’ is never enough and is (IMO) set up to push you to spend $. Now of course, you are able to play without spending a cent; but be prepared to lose everything and not be able to compete for literally days while your troops heal meanwhile your equipment (such as catapults and the sort) requires obscene amounts of gems to repair so good luck if you don’t have gems. If you enjoy spending unlimited amounts of ca$h to level up and/or protect/attack then this IS the game for you.

Misleading ads. ”Those fake ads really drive you mad dont they?” BRO THE ADS HERE ARE FAKE TOO LMAOOO

Reviews are done by Bots. Be Aware, review seems to be done by bots, alot of 5 star with generic name and empty word. this is a intense Pay to win game, period.

NOT AS ADVERTISED. The game is advertised like a pull the pin type game but the game play is nothing like that and in the adds they say “you know those adds that are nothing like the actual game” that is literally this game DO NOT DOWNLOAD

Not as same as in the AD. Just make a good simple puzzle game. You will get so many users . We just need a simple puzzle game . That’s why we downloaded it. It is not what we see in the ad. . In our busy life we don’t have a time to play full game just to get to that puzzle game as I am 35 years old and need something simple that I can play in 2-3 minutes everyday. This could be a awesome puzzle game but you made it so complicated for everyday user. If we really need to play that big building empire game , we could have played it on pc. Not on mobile small screen. Your puzzle game looks awesome in the ad . I repeat “WE NEED ONLY THAT PART” I am sure most of the users also agree with me . Why don’t you make that one? You are losing millions of user because of that. Anyways Uninstalling this one . thanks.

Another Chinese switch and bait. This is not a puzzle game. Another switch and bait. Ancient feeling graphics. Standard grinder kingdom building. Boring. Glitchy. DISHONEST. Re:developer response. Another lie. Your game screenshots AND video only show puzzles while the boring grind is actually 90% of the gameplay. Deceptive. Try again Sparky.

Systemic Racism in Gaming. The game has no civilizations from Africa. I’m tired of this. Deleted immediately

Illegal false advertising. Well, given that the game is free, it’s probably not illegal. But NOT ONE SCREENSHOT on this page is actually in the game. NOT ONE! But, as far as MMO city-building games go, this one is active and well-made!

This is all fake.. The ads are fake and I have played the game for a long time and no where do I see anything close to what is happening in the ads. The developer will probably respond saying no but cmon we all know it’s using bits for good reviews. Also if the developer responds: he is a liar and should not continue making this horrible fake game.

Support is slow. They are very slow to respond to reports of players using racist, inappropriate or adult/mature remarks, comments and chatting on their chat system. They claim to have a system to investigate but allow the offending player to continue violating the rules while they “investigate” as opposed to lock their account while investigating. Do not let your children use this app until they can improve this process. UPDATE: it has been over a week since I reported several players using very racist, mature, and inappropriate language in the chat as well as engaged and behaviour that goes against the terms of service of the game yet the developers refuse to take action. I guess profits are more important to this developer than ethical action. NOT SAFE FOR CHILDREN

Lame, not as shown, etc, etc.. I saw the ads for this game when playing a different game-didn’t we all? Anyhow, I figured that the game would most likely be entirely different from how it was shown and a borderline scam. But I like reviewing games (especially less-than-perfect ones), so I figured WHY NOT. The first thing I noticed was that while the puzzles shown in the ads are (sort of) part of the gameplay, the quality-even on the highest graphics setting-is waaay worse than shown. The puzzles are also either way too easy, or a pain in the backside. There are flash games that are better. 5/10 for graphics (Worse than the ads) The *actual* gameplay (upgrading stuff, fighting, etc, etc) has (IMO) way too many different mechanics and gets super confusing. The voices for the NPCs are really creepy ngl; they seem like they are tts bots. 4/10 for gameplay. (Boring, confusing) And don’t get me started on how dang infuriating it is that this game wouldn’t mute the freaking volume! When I mute my sound, I expect to hear nothing, so why was I hearing (seemingly full-volume) game sounds??? 2/10 for audio. (Wouldn’t mute with Bluetooth headset, derpy NPC voices) Okay, now, the (second) elephant in the room: bot reviews. Yeah, it’s really obvious. Next to nobody uses their real name in App Store reviews, but all the bots do AND it’s always a first and last name AND the names are always properly capitalized. Admittedly, whatever AI writes the fake reviews is pretty well done, so props to whoever wrote that code. 1/10 for coolness level. (But 8/10 for coding skillz) Also: scamminess level. (Idc that that’s not a word.) Medium-High. It wasn’t too crazy, but did try to trick me with sneaky wording sometimes. Be on your guard. Too long, didn’t read: 5/10, lame, don’t waste your time. EDIT: ok, nvm, the sound not muting isn’t a problem with the game, it’s something else. The NPCs still sound like evil robots, so my sound rating stays.

Fake Game. Always love having my time wasted with a fake game 😅 The game you watched in the preview is a mini game within a cheap game.

WoW. Gréât game !

Fake ads. They make ads of puzzles but then when you download it, it’s a generic base grinding game (like those zombie apocalypse games or clash of clans).

It’s a fun game but not what the ads say. I downloaded this game over 2 years ago because of the amazing looking puzzles in the ads. While there are puzzles and they have now added more this is not a puzzle game. You build your keep, harvest, kill monsters if you find a good alliance it can be a lot of fun but it’s hard and takes a lot of time especially if you don’t want to pay. I play more for the social aspect than anything and I do really enjoy the game but if you go in expecting a puzzle game you’ll be disappointed.

So much games like this and it’s not any better. It’s funny because I stopped playing once it started

Not fun if you want puzzles, or don’t like PvP. The ads promote the puzzles, and there are some to start but after about a week there are no more puzzles. The big downside of this game is that is really no way to not participate in the PvP aspects of the game. There are days where you must attack other players to gain points. If you are a minute late in renewing the truce agreement that prevents PvP then you will be attacked by other players. If you don’t like PvP this is not the game for you.

customer support. I had a really bad experience with customer support they weren’t understanding and they do not answer in reasonable time . Somewhat really disappointed for a game oriented on is community and the people that spend on it. I feel they really let us down. I would not recommand. I have played other games that are similar and this wasn’t an issue My player ID is PapiChummy

NOT AS ADVERTISED. In the ad it was a puzzle game and that was not true, this game it a pile of burning trash!

Deceiving Game. The ads for this game show puzzle solving and interesting content, it’s not. You have to build your city, join an Alliance and hope that a bigger city doesn’t destroy you. Not as advertised.

Customer service is poor. Kind of scam in the way.. The game platform has a lot of glitches. Gamer suffering big loss because of it as it is a paid game. Purchase package got double billing. Talk to customer service, always claim needs more investigate. No answer or resolution. Problem never solved! Rewards from spending not get delivered. Just a scam gamer’s money. Got double billing again today! I received a bill with three charge for two item I purchase on the same day. You use four different days records to make up that invoice charge? Come on! Based from your reply. The situation is even worse! I have been billed individually for those packs on the same day or the following days. Apple state that they don’t send invoice/billing until push though from your end. So who is responsible? Same issue happened in PayPal as well.

Do not waist your money. This games is very expensive and the rules are crazy. I have spent a lot of money on this game stupidly probably around $200 and they have set it up so you vacantly lose a massive amount of your wealth if you are attacked and to heal troops they want you to use the rest of your resources. It’s insane to spend so much money for such little return. The game also constantly crashes or freezes.

!!!DANGER!!! Do not purchase. This app seriously messes up your phone. HUGE download when you first open it (very suspicious) Everything on my phone is slow ever since, even after deleting app.

Don’t Play This Bad Game. The program is buggy and is designed poorly. A recent city contest bug and many players got screwed by developers. Developers chose to NOT do the right thing to correct their mistake. Terrible customer service. Horrible translator interface. Greedy developers just want money. They will reply nicely to this review. It’s fake. They pretend to be nice because they know you read this. They don’t care. They want your money and if there’s a problem caused by them, too bad for you.

Same old, same old. It’s an ok game it’s just more of the same thing. Build and collect and wait, and wait, and wait and then get destroyed by someone who loves spending tons of $$.

Not a pull the pin game. This is a build, wait, collect, battle game with a few puzzles. The devs will tell you it’s a pull the pin game and if you complain about that they say that pull the pin is in there. Which it is, barely. So I downloaded it just so I could say, IF YOU WANT A PULL THE PIN GAME, SEARCH PULL THE PIN IN THE APP STORE. ITS THE EASIEST WAY TO GET THE GAME THEY HAVE ADVERTISED. I just see so many complaints and although I don’t play either of these types of games the deceptive adds drive me up the wall. Why would they not just advertise what they have because they might actually interest people who might actually want to play their game…

PAY to SURVIVE. Unless you plan on spending $1,000s of dollars; you will NEVER be strong enough to get ahead in this game! There are many ways to spend your money. Most powerful items are ONLY available if you purchase packages. They have to keep merging severs because so many people quit after they realize they can’t afford to compete.Yes you can play for free, but you will never compete!

Critique. On s’amuse bien

Another Bullying Game. It’s another disappointing game where you enjoy building your game and then get destroyed by bullies with bigger cities that destroy what you’ve taken time to build. Creators should institute limits where you can only attack a city within the same rank so there is a chance for each to survive. Deleted!

Stealing money. Paid for a speed up package... took my money, but never gave me the speed ups!!! That’s called theft... fraud... not okay... has ruined the whole experience of playing the game. Before this occurred, I would have given five stars, but this is not okay. Give me what I paid for!!! It’s been days and I’ve been given the run around by customer service. Update: got a response from developer, but it was useless... nothing being done and pretending they don’t know anything about me... bs... total rip off... this game steals money!!!!! They have everything to correct this and they refuse to refund me my money or give me what I’ve paid for... theft... fraud!!!! Update: what a joke! They are lying about giving me what I paid for. I’ve given them proof of my payment and I’ve asked them for proof of giving me what I paid for... It’s been 11 days and I have not seen anything yet of what I paid for... scam, fraud, theft! Don’t play this game... they’re lying, stealing fraudulent developers with no respect for the players. 😡

Poor poor. Did I mention poor Customer service. These people don’t know the meaning. You put dollars into this game and when they screw up and it happens far to often...glitches. They ignore you. Stay away. Do not put in money. Money Pit

Evony stay away. This game is horrible because the developers just want your money they do not care about the hackers in this game your account will be hacked your Facebook account will be hacked your info will not be safe.....

No where near as advertised.. The pictures in the advertisement should include monsters, burning Castles, farming and castle interior because building, farming and fighting are the bulk of this game the puzzles don’t even amount to 1%. Don’t try to pretend to be something you are not. Own it and advertise accordingly. Misrepresenting the game just causes countless numbers of empty and abandoned players all over the servers.

Not as advertised !. Your trailer is nothing like the game play. Why would you lie ? I hope you go bankrupt and become homeless.

Luck of the draw. If you get on a good server and find a good crew you'll have lots of fun. There are so many games just like this one though and this one does allow server bullies who power up huge and just wreck everyone else endlessly. Ruins the fun and unless you're willing to pay big money, there's nothing you can do about it. I'm waiting for the 1000 and first game like this, that forces big money players to move up into a likewise server so the free players don't lose their will to keep investing time to be fodder for the rich.

DO NOT DOWNLOAD. This game is garbage I saw the ads and it said that there were no real puzzle games in the world and that there’s were, but when I downloaded it it gave me one puzzle and then it made me build buildings and level stuff up and when I kept playing, the second I restarted it it tried to make me spend money it’s all the same garbage as the other games just like this, the game is 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

bruh. imagine saying that you actually have the game in the ads to get money these guys tried to add a youtuber markiplyer and the quality isnt the same in the ads

False ads. False ads

In game charges multiply by 4. Be wary of their In-Game charges for every 2nd time that I buy one set of gem package they have billed my account 4 times. I enjoy the game but not when it feels like you have a car payment... I mean really this is outright fraudulent thievery.

This app should come with a warning label. Be careful giving this app any of your money. They take their time fixing problems and just continue to pacify you with Emails.. still waiting to get what I paid for and it’s been over a week.

FALSE ADVERTISING! Nothing like the ads. We have laws in Canada about false advertising. Reporting to on the store and the Federal Government for breaking “Truth in Advertising Laws” in Canada.

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Free to play but you must pay to win. This game and the developers are nothing but modern day thieves…Evony will steal your time, your money, and your joy. At first you’re drawn into the game under false pretenses with ads that do not accurately represent the game you will play. I’ve played Evony for almost three years and most of the friends I’ve made during that time have quit the game due to it’s never ending requirements for invested time and money. Yes you can play for free, but you will never be able to compete against those who coin. Like ever! Even if you spend 12-18 hours daily on the game you will still be obsolete and of no competition to those who coin heavily. Customer service is practically non existent and the developers DO NOT CARE about you. I’ve witnessed first hand live calls between developers and their elite customers….complaints are ignored or answered with more ways to steal your money. More perks and advantages for paying players, but only if you spend thousands on top of thousands. Every month the cost to succeed in Evony increases. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP!!! If you have become trapped in this game then stop coining. Don’t give them another dime. Ever. I know I won’t.

Good game buts not what you think. Most of players install this game thinking they are going to solve puzzles, but that’s not the case, puzzles do exist in the game but they are BAD, this is not a puzzle solving game, this is a war game. I don’t understand why the developer has to do the fake advertising of puzzles, the war gaming experience you get here is good, if you like these kind of games. The costumer service is bad, if you are a free to play player costumer service won’t pay attention to you, as usual there are whales in the game that will win all the time, no matter our skills, cash is king here. It’s expensive game, if you want to be competitive you will need to pay packages, big time, somewhere between $6K a month or you want to be elite player. Not worthy at all, but still there are players who invest on this game. I’m a free to play player, I have never paid a single penny, I have fun playing but I’m aware that there are features in the game I won’t have because those are beyond the pay wall.

Used to be fun — Customer Service is terrible. The game used to be fun but the amount of glitches are terrible. This game can be free to play however it is definitely focused on pay to win. To be honest I spend a good amount as I have found this game enjoyable but the game play has gotten stale with repeat events and ridiculous cultural appropriation for events that are focused around getting you to purchase packs for advantages and items in the game. Some are so outrageously priced and won’t even guarantee you the item/general but a “chance” to get them. The chance probability was just recently added to the game but it is very far from being transparent. Transparency is not this game’s strong suit. When you inquire with customer service about discrepancies in the game or issues you’re haven’t customer service will most likely not have an answer for you and that’s if they choose to respond to you. I continue to play the game because of my alliance but the route this game has taken over the last 6 months is just so off putting. Although I’d like to continue to play the game, the developers keep giving me reasons not to. Do better Evony…

The ad is not completely true. Looks untrustworthy. So the puzzles as you would imagine are really easy and stupid. The guys animation is pretty terrible when he moves. The ad puzzles are more interesting. It seems it is not as advertised. You have to wait so long for things to upgrade so you can play the game it is like they don’t want you to play it. Reading reviews it is almost as if a fake account has made some and the responses are very interesting and helpful. The customer service seems to be lacking and takes so long for responses. I would not recommend this game. Boring and super complex. Also I am impressed they respond to practical every review. However I think the one review might be right. the one review is right about breaking ToS agreement and allowing awful language and selling of resource. Sounds shady to me. I hope the person/bit can respond to my concerns so I can feel comforted in knowing it reads reviews and sends out per made messages to you. I think they should refund money and put less ads out they are very annoying. I test my hypothesis and hope the bot accounts find a way to stop and respond because of hateful speech.

Boring and repetitive. Game is doing the same things over and over again. Build, train, research, recruit, rinse and repeat. Oh, and every now and then, someone who has been playing longer, has more troops, better generals and stronger troops attacks you and half of what you have done gets obliterated. There is no tutorial, in game chase events are designed to get you to spend actual cash so you can compete. Every screen change an ad pops up for what ever “great” booster pack you can purchase. If you are not strong enough you can’t get into an alliance strong enough to help protect you. So you get the snot kicked out of you some more. And game is designed so you have to attack other players to get full rewards. The further along you go the longer everything takes. Building a “KEEP”, the key to being able to build everything is fine, but the upgrading is ridiculous. To go from level 15 to 16 takes 3 days, 16 to 17 over a week. Not staying around to see how long it would take to get to level 40. (Highest available right now). And you have to do this with every other building, farm, mine, and quarry. Too boring.

Disgustingly unabashed deceitful ads. This game actually has multiple ads talking about people being unhappy about downloading a game and having it not be like the ad and then this game is the prime example of that! This is not a puzzle game but a battle and world building game with puzzles to try to draw people in to download it! Then I received the pathetic response below from the developer. Remember, they market this game as a pull the pin puzzle game with absolutely no indication that there is any part of this game that is not a pull the pin puzzle game. It may be a good game. I don’t know because I have no desire to play that sort of game just to get to the game that I want to play as a reward for playing the basic game which has no interest to me. All I’m saying is that the developer should not be such a hypocrite and talk about all those other games with deceptive ads as every ad for this game is utterly and completely deceptive, marketing it as a pull the pin puzzle game. "Dear player. You will find many puzzles when you upgrade your Keep to certain levels. It is a strategy game, so it needs some time to explore which should be fun. Thanks for playing."

Really not that great after a little bit. The puzzles are fun, but different kind of game than what the ads showed. I haven’t spent a dime, but the experience for people who drain so much money into this game vs people who don’t and try to keep up casually is too different for this to really be worth the time and energy. Community reminds me of those middle school bullies where if you don’t become a part of their clique, they really give you no chance to just enjoy the game yourself. Being a war game is one thing, but putting others down in the chat and teleporting multiple times just to constantly attack when their power is millions ahead of yours, which then you have to either spend money or way too many resources into reviving your troops and even hope to get back to where you were, isn’t worth it for just some puzzles. Unless you’re ready to dedicate a bunch of your money or all of your time and energy into this, there are other puzzle and strategy games out there. Don’t make the same mistake I did thinking you could just play and do puzzles :)

Not for free players. This game is a pay to win model, they advertise it like it's for Free players but it's really not even close to it. If you want to be competitive and have the things they offer to improve your account overall it's all 💵💳$$ driven. You can join a big alliance but if their not competitive enough to rank and get rewards, a few player cannot get the things that a paying player would receive unless it's after 4-6 months of saving. For example the cheapest dragon isn't free, it costs 300k gems and at best in a week a free player has the ability to gain maybe 30k at most a week from a top tier alliance but if you were going to pay to get that dragon it would equal to about roughly $200 usd using double down tokens. When they compensate you for mistakes regardless of your loss, it's literally pennies on the dollar which is very much shady business. They like to penalize the spenders by coming up with different things they can't do. One thing I can tell you is this I have a screenshot of every page of the terms of service from 5yrs ago and it's NOT word for word how it states today. ****food for thought **** EVONY is not worth getting into unless you got 💵💵 to burn.

Pay to play. This game used to be fun and now if you don’t pay to play it is pointless in even trying to start out. I’ve played for almost 4 years and every time I get within reach of being some what competitive the developer adds pay only content that is pointless to play if not having. I spent quite a bit on this game but obviously not enough. The newest update that is gonna be released is the last straw for me. Evony and top games are gonna see a mass exodus from their platforms over the money grabbing content. If you want to spend 1000s of dollars and still not be competitive then this is the game for you. F2p is non existent in this game unless you just want to socialize, but in reality who really wants to play a game where all you do is complain to your friends. This game will be off the market within a month due to poor customer service, lag, glitches ( that Evony creates but punishes players for). Above else read the Terms of Service before even deciding to play this game. If you break the terms expect to be punished. If Evony violates their own terms of service (which they have multiple times) nothing happens. I’ve met lot of great friends but now is the time to leave. Not one more $ from this player and I’m sure many more will follow.

Support. I enjoy the building and strategy but the game has a lot of bugs and issues that have persisted throughout the year and a half I’ve been playing. The support team is slow to respond and try to clear their tickets before any answers or resolutions are made. Every time there is an update my ticket gets cleared and I have to fight with support all over to get an answer. After this last update someone in support said they would find my ticket and then work with production for compensation, we are on day 16 of the event and still no resolution or compensation. I have to take a screenshot before upgrading or making anything to show I have the requirements because of a connection error that happens after hitting that ‘upgrade’ button and suddenly I no longer have the items or resources and the upgrade has not been completed. They have a battlefield event which is sometimes fun but it’s 2 hours long. You can’t leave or you do not get rewards. One bug made it so that we could join battlefield but the map wouldn’t load, no one could move, and we couldn’t leave so we had to sit frozen for 2 hours. No compensation.

Good Concept, Poor execution. When I began playing, the game was entertaining and addictive. They began adding more and more bells and whistles in the late fall of 2021. Cool stuff, but they do not appear to have realized how much additional infrastructure they need to support the enhancements. Recently, it has become very slow and you frequently end up timing out and getting red bars. Unfortunately this typically happens when you are in the middle of an attack, so you end up losing resources and troops. Customer Service is unable to provide information or correct problems. Their response is usually to ask you to provide proof. Yes, I frequently record every step that I take in a game so that I can go back and see when I built troop 2,647,812… If you start playing you may find yourself spending more than you ever thought you would. I would suggest that you wait for at least a month or two (from February 2022) to see if they have figured out how to make the game run more smoothly. It is a great concept, they just have not dedicated the resources to make it run smoothly. Reduced the rating because Customer Support has gotten even more ridiculous with their requests.

Do not get sucked in. I’ve played this game since the original PC version (which was better than this). It can be a lot of fun, and is very addictive. Unfortunately, as with similar games in this genre, they have gone from “pay for advantage”, to “pay to win”. There is no point in playing this game anymore, as it is basically a mirror ranking of whoever has the most money in real life to spend. One person who doesn’t mind blowing tens of thousands of dollars will dominate the game against thousands of other people, and there is nothing you can do against it. There are no game mechanics being built to counter the $ spent, in fact the recent updates have taken the game even further down the pay to win format. They make game changes to milk money from those few players spending thousands, to the detriment of casual players and quality gameplay. Every change puts spenders further ahead, while more casual players quit. Highly advise people to stay away unless serious changes are made. Find a game that is “pay to play”, not “pay to win”.

Ads lie! It’s not what they claim!. All I want to do is solve puzzles! I don’t want to build farms, academies, cities or alliances. Not interested in battles or heavy breathing cowgirls in shorts! I just want to solve puzzles! The ads don’t show you the truth…as usual. By the way, why is that all monsters in every game look like they are out of breath? and busty women look like they have COPD and likewise can’t breathe properly either? Extremely annoying! Dear Developer: Your canned response to similar reviews like mine is not only more annoying than the game, but shows that you are not understanding the complaints at all! Your ad shows ONLY PUZZLES (pull the stick) and nothing else. We find out out at download that we have to “explore the game or we miss something”. I DONT WANT TO EXPLORE THE GAME! I ONLY WANT TO SOLVE THE STICK PUZZLES. Which words are you not understanding? There are tons of reviews here from people who are NOT INTERESTED IN ANYTHING ELSE BUT THE STICK PUZZLES! Again, you ad about other misleading ads is also misleading by not telling us that we have to do other stuff we are NOT INTERESTED IN to unlock the puzzles! Please respond more intelligently, no canned response again, okay?

Don’t waste your time, I urge you not to.. You’ve probably seen the ads where they say that they hate false advertising in ads. Well, to a huge degree, those ads are ironically false advertising. First off, the ads act like the puzzles are a big part of the game. They really aren’t. The game is more focused on being a “build-a-civilization” type game, which I get there’s a market for, but it’s never advertised. And then we get to the puzzle levels. One noticeable thing about it is that the graphics are way worse than shown in the ads. The graphics don’t use 3D rendering but rather pre-rendered 3D images that are given low-quality animations. Most of the puzzle mechanics in the ads aren’t even in the real game. There are no enemies or lava. There’s pin pulling, sure, but it’s not as good as shown in the ads. If you’re gonna say that you hate false advertising, then at least live up to the ads and not lie. Also, any time someone calls them out on false advertising, they reply to the review with the same bot that says “We have the same content as advertised” and tell you it appears later in the game, but it doesn’t. They just can’t take criticism, and it’s probably gonna stay that way when they’re sitting upon a load of undeserved money.

Crappy server 877. In the beginning, I started playing this game because of the puzzles not knowing the magnitude of what I was getting myself into. I am not a big spender on the game I join in alliance and collect resources and speed ups by defeating various bosses some of the things I do not like about this game or should I say server you have players who have coined their way to the top and use their power to control the server. Rules are made and not followed because they are the powerful ones on the server and no one can stop them. Another thing I don’t like it when a server update happens you can’t log into the game for an hour if your bubble is dropped your free game to be zeroed, so I will no longer spend money for that reason. This is probably going to be my last time playing but good luck to those of you who have the time and energy to deal with idiots on some of these servers. I get it, it’s a war game, but again there a rules set by what I call the sever demons, and everyone does not follow those rules so beware . Also be aware of spy accounts.. low life’s with nothing else better to do than create an alternate account join your alliance and create chaos for the server.

False advertising, bait and switch operation with horrible customer support. This game has taken a turn for the worst as they have begun not delivering to paid customers what they promise, send copy and paste replies from customer service that do not address the issues brought to them, and are dishonest about their in-game experience, rewards for certain accomplishments, and so much more. They also put no effort into maintaining infrastructure as the game is so glitchy and laggy at times it is unplayable. They only care about taking your money and not about fulfilling what they say they will provide for that money. Steer clear and find another game not owned by Top Games. *update: they responded with a comment that doesn't even address any of the issues and yes, you can get red wings when you are top 100 in a season of boc, but one of the issues was they weren't giving them to the people who HAD done that until a mass email and social media campaign with countless screenshots and many negative reviews were going to effect how much money they made so they finally pushed that to the people that had earned it. All my comments in my review are just as valid and the game is still as glitchy and lags just as badly as ever.

Buyer beware. So I’ve been playing this game over a year here’s my opinion and advice. The game is fun but as with all multiplayer games there’s good and bad. The game has costs and rewards the costs are time, in game materials like gold, gems and speed ups. Everything takes more of these than you have so you must play the game and gather resources from tiles. Beware the developers use excessive superlatives like “large, huge and massive” and nothing is ever “large, huge or massive” except maybe for how much of something you need to advance build and grow. This is however a war game and many players only attack and steal from you so most new players quit before the grow enough to defend themselves the solution is to join an alliance that will guide and protect you as you grow. Be aware the game is full of bugs at least for me it is as 80% of everything doesn’t work or you don’t receive the rewards you have achieved like spin the wheel of fortune and never see the winning items in your inventory. All in all it’s a good waste of time, fun but frustrating as there’s no actual help so don’t bother asking all you get is canned responses and echos.

Pay to win. Scam customer service.. The game can be fun and addictive. But you need to understand that the developers only care about taking money and not retaining customers. They don’t value your business. If you contact customer service they will not read your problem and send you generic instructions to make you jump through hoops and never get reimbursed. For example, the standard customer service response is to request a screenshot of your issue before it occurred. No one screenshots their game a hundred times a day to keep a record of when the game glitches and steels what you paid for. If the game glitches and you loose countless hours of work or money spent, you will not receive customer service or any use. This is a pay to win game designed to encourage spending. They claim there are ways to pay for free but you will never win without paying. Any developer who says you will be powerful without spending is manipulating you with their definition of powerful. Play this game only if you can afford to pay for your ability to win and don’t mind loosing money to glitches with fake robotic customer service.

VERY UNHEALTHY, ADDICTIVE GAME!👎. At first u think it’s about puzzles, then you find it is nothing about that. You try to build a city that is easy at first then you get to a certain level that if u want to grow faster it’s gonna cost you along with living in a bubble! After playing on two alliances in two different servers the cycle is the same, you find yourself getting lured into a game that lets you talk to others in your alliance chasing the endless rabbit down the hole, trying to become bigger. While the whole time you see people including yourself playing several hours a day some seem to never check out at all. The game developers made over $230 million in 2021, I talked to players that spent several hundreds up to $1K to grow in the game. I choose to play for free but my time can’t be reimbursed, for that is gone and wasted. Before you know it your real world is gone being consumed by this game and living in your bubble world! If you Google Evony reviews on the web you will see more articles and horror stories about this game! So do yourself a favor and don’t fall into the trap of this game, get up and get your life back and go enjoy the real world! 😁

Worst Customer Service. I’ve had numerous complaints gone through to customer support ranging from locked accounts, to timing issues that require compensation of the game’s end for their bugs, account getting hacked and troops getting dismissed. All of which have had solid evidence for and have not been compensated for. If you read in their user agreement, they are not required to give you any compensation (in game or real compensation) for any losses you may incur so that gives them all the flexibility to get away with whatever they want. Whenever I’ve put in these complaints, the customer support staff never seem to actually understand my concern or what I’m actually talking about. It seems they don’t actually understand the game and/or have terrible communication skills and as a result give poor treatment to their customers. Not only that, the customer never gets compensation for any losses that fit into the above mentioned criteria. YOUR ACCOUNT AND PROGRESS IS NOT SECURE IN THIS GAME. In a game that is so pay to win heavy, I would expect better service but that is not the case with Evony unfortunately. I would highly suggest you turn away from this game immediately before you get sucked in to this money making scheme.

Rich man’s game. First, I have played Evony for a year and will continue to play it. I spend maybe $5 to $20 per month just for the fun of getting extra stuff. This is only enough to be a medium to small player on my wonderful server. To be one of the top 10 players on my server, I would have to have spent $1000 to $3000 per month. But I have found my social niche in being entertaining and a good friend to many people. Like most other people on the game, I started playing it for the puzzles. I really wanted to solve the actual puzzles advertised. But those particular advertised puzzle are not in the game. My biggest gripe with the game is that I never got to solve those super cool looking puzzles. The ones you do get to solve are rather dull and repetitive. 6 puzzles per day are available to play, but most people stop bothering with the puzzles after a month. Because…. It isn’t a puzzle game!!! It’s a social war game! And advertising it so heavily as a puzzle game is very very false! Also the customer service is awful, and the “red Wi-Fi symbol” glitches can make a person lose troops worth $thousands$ in an instant. It happens over and over, and complaining about it gives you little to no response from customer service. I can only surmise that they want you to lose it all, so that you will spend money to get it back. I have made many friends on Evony and will continue to play, and spend a little bit of money, just for them. -Chooka Bear

Great game, but…. Nothing is really bad about the game, its probably really fun, but the way you market the game and the way you show the game off in the ads is completely wrong. I’ve come across an ad of your game multiple times that talks about how some games advertise a certain game as something that it isn’t and then it went on about how your game is everything that you say it is, when you only show a small amount of what the game is, it’s NOT just a game about solving puzzles to get gold, it largely includes building a kingdom and defenses, which, by the way, some people would actually enjoy! There’s nothing wrong with that type of game! But you’re advertising to to the wrong people, your advertising to people who don’t want to play that game, because you’re lying in the ads when you don’t have a reason to. It just lowers your ratings. So please, either make the game what the ads say it is, or change the ads to fit the description of the game. P.S. This is coming from someone who hasn’t played the game and is just giving it the benefit of the doubt. I only downloaded it, realized it wasn’t like the ads had displayed and deleted it.

Technical issues. The game is really fun I have enjoyed playing it for a long time now and recently ran into some issues where my construction time would be stuck and any kind of upgrading would get stuck unless it was under one day I contacted top games I made a ticket actually quite a few I sent in the video of what was going on where my construction was stuck I sent in two or three videos and continue to have these problems after a week of issues with this and fearing that there would be no advancement for me in the game I sadly had to quit unfortunately they did absolutely nothing to reimburse me for my jams that were spent in all of my speed ups that were spent in wasted on construction that simply will not move it was not my fault that that happened and the fact that they stopped correspondence with me after I did everything they asked really upset me so now I’m trying to restart my whole game and if it happens again I will never ever play any top games again because it’s really frustrating and rude maybe I can get it to work the second time around.

disappointing. This game has shown tremendous promise when I saw the advertisement while playing another game. The premise seemed fascinating...you solve pin pulling puzzles and earn material to build a kingdom. I was particularly interested in these puzzles. After of few of these levels I was enjoying myself. Suddenly I could not access any more levels until I preformed a series of tedious upgrades. Obtaining the materials is redundant and boring. Finally after mustering enough "materials" to unlock more levels the game only gave me access to a small handful of levels. The pointless and boring cycle of acquiring more materials repeats. This mind numbing exercise in futility has caused me to delete the game. This evening I saw a new add featuring those same puzzle levels. The premise of the ad was to say the game you see advertised was the game you get to play. potentially excited about this I immediately downloaded the game again onto my phone. unfortunately, it was the same premise as i stated before. i will be deleting this game and making a formal complaint to the apple app store. perhaps if you were to allow us to actually play the game you advertised customers like myself would not become to frustrated.

Money Pit crap service. This game is most unhealthy and can be addictive. It draws you in as if it’s a puzzle game. It is NOT! Except for the first 10 minutes of setting up a new account, you can FULLY ignore anything to do with a puzzle because it will do you zero good. It’s imperative to join an alliance BUT!! Scope out how crazy whatever server you are on FIRST before you grow too big OR 3 days time. THEN you are stuck on whatever craptastic server you land on. Ooh and now the $$$$ because try as you might. You will NEED to spend OR play 24/7 to keep up with competitions and HOPEFULLY win.. a few gems or enough to at least buy a bubble for KE/SvS weekends. Beware!!! The game generally CRASHES on the weekends.. so.. if you don’t have a bubble or DARE to you know PLAY this war game.. if you’re caught when the game “glitches “ you can kiss your investment goodbye. And guess what.. you probably won’t get compensated. The devs don’t give a crap. They keep releasing more and more “updates” but NEVER fix the myriad problems that happen constantly. Don’t get invested in this game unless you have pots of cash and/or VERY strong mental health. It’s not for the weak of spirit, some of the players are ruthless and will say and do anything. NO whiners allowed.

This game is a huge scam - stay away. Evony made over $200 million USD for its Chinese parent company last year. Don’t believe in all of these fake ads about the game being free. Customer Service is a joke. Be prepared to spend lots of money and experience lots of glitches and then be completely ignored by Evony to get any compensation or resolution. All of the responses they seem to post here to players sharing similar information and acting surprised is all fake. Most of the positive ads on here are all fake and have been posted to boost Evony’s ranking. They try to create this façade of being a great game with great customer service that is free and it is all fake. It’s just one big scam. I have played the game for several years now and am a VIP 25, the highest level you can reach in the game. They’ve done a very good job of making this game addictive like any drug. Watch videos online of some of the biggest players in the game like King Singh, and you will see the truth. I would rate it as zero stars except I have to put at least one in order for this review to post. If you read elsewhere online, you will see that the addictive nature of this game has destroyed many lives. Stay away.

Not a puzzle game + kinda sexist. I downloaded this game for the puzzles they advertise but 90% of it is war, building things, waiting for dialogue…. And very little puzzles. Maybe it was the culture I chose but every person in the game refers to me as “my liege” and I got tired of that bc I’m a woman. Would be nice if the game didn’t assume I was a dude. Played for a couple of days and deleted it. Don’t waste your time. Unless you are a dude wanting a game about war and building things, and don’t mind supporting an app that’s sexist and employs false advertising. They even had the gall to run an ad saying they aren’t “one of those games” that isn’t what you expect when you download it, while showing only puzzles in the ad! Edit in reply to Ebony’s response: I’m not talking about in game ads, I’m talking about the ad you run where there is literally a guy saying this isn’t one of those apps that isn’t what you expect when you download it…. And then it is literally one of those apps. False advertising. Like I wouldn’t even be mad (outside of the casual sexism which you didn’t address) if the game advertised itself as being what it is, showing the battles and building etc. but it doesn’t - it advertises as a puzzle game which it is not.

Pay-to-Win, Run by Literal Thieves. Two years ago, in the midst of a global pandemic, my wife, son, and I downloaded a “puzzle” game to pass the time in isolation. Big mistake! Do not be fooled by the false ads and words put out by this company of scam artists. I was fooled, and idiotically spent thousands of dollars somehow, because I rationalized it as a “nice set of digital golf clubs”… I was interacting with folks around the world, learning about cultures and current events. There were ways to make the game into math, language, and historical learning opportunities. But then, things changed. About 1 year into the madness, Evony decides that power is indeed limitless, and that expensive set of golf clubs quickly became outdated. “No, Level 35 is no longer the strongest,” they said. “Now you can grow to level 40!” What happened like a year after that? That’s right, now you can grow to 45! All of the above I could somehow deal with, but just yesterday the game (Evony itself) took administrative action against my son’s account by stealing all of his resources with some vague justification that he had broken rules. Can you imagine stealing a toy from a child? Shame on you, Evony!

War Games. This game has many facets. Puzzles, Engineering, Kingdoms, Armies, Generals, Buffs, creating your kingdom from many parts and balancing their alliances, power and other players who war like you to become a hive of players to protect one another from other players who will try to plunder your resources and armies. It takes a certain amount of skill, intelligence and luck to succeed in this game. Customer Support is almost nonexistent but they appear to pass along information to the developers. You can spend a great deal of money on this game to grow quickly to a superior kingdom, but know this, if you do not have the skill sets to wield this kingdom you will become disappointed and quit. If you take your time to grow your kingdom, you will develop the skill sets needed to have a great deal of fun and meet many other great players who will share their knowledge of the game with you for free. This game is played over several years. If you do not want to pursue that type of involvement, do not play. I hope to see you someday on the battle field.

Suggestion for improvement. Evony is a great game with addictive gameplay. However, there are a fewthings I've found frustrating. First is the Alliance Help icon that appears above a building when you begin construction. I find it annoying that when I check to see if a building has any construction speed-up the Alliance Help bubble is triggered and notifies every member that I need help with a building. I upgrade many buildings all at once and don't want to alert my alliance members about every single building that I upgrade. Second, progression at higher levels seems to require spending real money (likebuying gems), which I think will make many players quit. Third, the game can be sexist and racist with male and European/American generals overpowered snd female/Asian/Middle Eastern generals under-powered. African and Indigenous leaders are almost non-existent. How could you assign Wu Zetian, a female Chinese emperor with a successful 50+ year reign and who won countless battles, to specialize as the mayor of a subcity while Queen Elizabeth I gets buffs as a primary military leader? If you insult your Asian/Black/Middle Eastern/female players, we won't want to play this game anymore.

FALSE ADVERTISING!!!. Kind of funny when the entire premise of your ad campaign is “Tired of games not being like what the ads show? Well I found a game that is exactly like the ads…” this game isn’t AT ALL like the ads show. The ads show a character trying to get a treasure without getting burned or drowned or slashed by some monster, by having to solve puzzles but inevitably make a stupid decision and ends up losing said treasure or dying. Towards the end of the ad dozens of different scenarios flash through the screen. That portion of the game looks fun and challenging and is something I’m interested in. What I’m NOT interested in is a game where I have to pick a side and build up an army for conquest, an aspect of the game that isn’t shown in the ads IN ANY FORM! And if this game is like every other game promising challenging mini games, those shown mini games aren’t even present or impossible to get to, or you have to pay real world money to access. I downloaded the game and immediately deleted from my device when I found out what type of game this is. And have tried for three days to post this review but had to do it from a different device.

Don’t bother. This game has a real problem with its basic set up. Mainly, anyone can attack anyone no matter what their power level difference. Today alone I was attacked 9 times by a group where just ONE of the members had power of 65million, while my power is just 400K. And there were 3 others attacking too. Since I’ve only been playing a couple weeks I'm a newbie, but I end up spending all my time, money and resources fixing my city and healing troops. This same type of attack happened a few days ago and I spent 2+ days healing my troops, then I finally get them going again and somebody else annihilates them ALL. What’s the point? I’m part of an alliance, but these MUCH bigger alliances just slaughter all the newbies. The weird part is that they don’t really even get much reward because we don’t have anything to steal. It’s like a pro boxer beating up a 5 year old and stealing his half eaten sucker. I guess if you hang in there long enough, you too could become a newbie killer. Aww...such a lofty goal!! Okay, I’ve ranted enough. If you’re the kind of person that loves to burn ants with a magnifying glass or pull the wings off butterflies, this game’s for you! For the rest of you, I’d look elsewhere.

Customer support will ruin it for you. Been playing this game since it was on PC years ago . And it’s addictive and fun when items you work and/or pay for, aren’t disappearing. Customer support for this game really ruins it. They are not in any way shape or form likely to fix or resolve any issue you have. They treat every issue as if you are trying to screw them. Even when you have screen shots of items you previously had that disappeared or if items you earned did not appear in your account , even with screen shots as proof , they blow you off and basically say too bad. Which if these items actually cost them something and I didn’t have proof, I could understand. But these are fictitious items that cost them Nothing to replace . They also love to do updates during large events such as server war, which usually screws everybody up. If customer service would get Their craniums out of their Southern most Hemisphere , this game would be awesome. Recently they raised the difficulty across the board. They did not increase the value of the rewards. It’s all about trying to get you to spend money.

No puzzles, takes too long. If I could, I’d give this game zero stars. Nothing against the actual game, but the advertisements are saying one thing, and when you play, it's entirely different. I want what the ads have to offer, not something deceiving. The game itself is very cool, however I wasn’t downloading the game to play a strategy and war game. I downloaded it for the puzzles and only the puzzles, because that’s what was advertised. I appreciate the thought put into the game, but it takes so long to actually play. You have to wait a certain amount of time to do anything, and then when you can finally do something, you’ve already been demolished by another player, especially when you are first starting out. If you don’t want to wait, you have to pay. And yes, all games do this. But the part that upsets me is that I more or less lost all of my advancements and stuff because I wasn’t willing to pay. This game was falsely advertised and took up too much time (at least for me). I try and give all the games I play a bit of time, regardless of how I feel, because sometimes the beginning is boring etc. But these are 2 months I’ll never get back.

RIP Evony. It was fun while it lasted. Evony died today for most users. It was inevitable. As a pandemic distraction it’s been great. Immersive and community based, with opportunities to chat with alliance members all over the world. While the most powerful players spend literally thousands of dollars, it has been possible to strategically carve out a role without breaking the bank. No more. As the arms race progressed, the biggest spenders have maxed out the game and achieved parity. Top Games has done the only logical thing and added a new level, one that will require more than double the resources of the previous maximum level, literally 5-10 thousand dollars, to attain quickly, and some will do that. Once they do, they will be able to smash any other player without concern for consequences and inflict damage that will cost thousands of dollars to recover from. If this sounds like fun to you then have at it. Most players I know aren’t in a position to spend that kind of money. I understand the strategy, and Top Games’ attempt to extend the life of a highly profitable revenue stream, but sometimes it’s just over, and Evony has reached that point.

They won’t give me back my 1B account. I been playing over 2+ years. Was on my own Keep 34 game. I’m PaPaBlaze on server 299. Went to bed closed game got up in the morning and opened my game I was on some ones account. Sent in a ticket and email. Asked them to fix it so I would be e on my own account. Had me start a new game still waiting on them to fix the problem. It’s been over a week now. I tried to log on my game on a laptop a computer a tablet and my iPhone. There site said my email is not found. Still I can play the new game on my iPhone. With no problems. Can’t play it on anything else. They emailed me back said I need to stat a new game. Link it same way as before but I may lose my PaPaBlaze and the new game. This is so not right I did nothing wrong. And have 2 plus years into my gams. I’m not a coiner. I only have $30. In the game it’s been all really hard working to achieve what I have. But it can be don’t. It’s not Right What They Did And Are Still Doing To Me.

Do Not Spend Money on This. I was quite enjoying this game until a few moments ago. An opposing player literally one billion times stronger than me utterly wiped me out. This is not an exaggeration. My strength was 1.4 million, the other player was 1.4 BILLION. Therefore anything you spend improving your position in the game can be wiped out, and probably will be because of this inequality. I don’t expect to win all the time, but a disparity of one billion is beyond the pale. This cannot possibly be defended on any grounds resembling morality. This is naked, vicious greed on the part of the developers. Spend your money at your own risk, and do not say you were not warned. UPDATE : As you can see from the developers non-answer, put money into this game AT YOUR OWN RISK. Despite the allegation from the developer, I have spent money on this game. This is why I was furious at having it wiped out in an instant from an attack from which there was absolutely no defense and no way to mitigate. There is no moral or ethical defense for letting such massively lopsided attacks happen. I will be deleting this game from my devices and it will never be reinstalled. You would be wise to do the same.

Cheats paying players. Follow up: after my review I received a response saying to contact support. But as everyone else reports, support lies and does nothing to help. I have requested support and they do nothing but lie and blame others. Do not trust this company. This developer cheats players. Be warned. After investing a lot of money and time building my city, a flaw in the game allowed me to lose everything. You rely on buying "truce agreements" to protect your city & troops. They expire & you renew while building strength. I renewed my agreement, received my confirmation mail, confirmed it in my city and was safe for 3 days. Or so I thought! While afk, just 7 minutes later into my 3-day truce, the game dropped my agreement and everything was destroyed. I reported the issue immediately. All I asked was to have them reverse the illegal attack against my city. The developer lied, blaming me, of course. I sent screen shots of my evidence and now they ghosted me since they know I’m right. They allow these flaws to exist so you have to pay to rebuild. What a scam! This game has so many frustrations already, but this type of outright cheating from paying customers is disgusting. They have lost a paying customer for good. Be warned.

Unfairness in game. Evony could’ve been a good game if the developers put a little more effort into it. The game is coin to win, which is the basis for all games nowadays so that’s okay. What isn’t fine is that after you spend $200k in this game the customer service support is close to non existent. We are currently in the season for Chalon and evony just fked out chance to qualify for top 16 because they do not know how to run a tournament. To qualify too 16 the team would need to win all their match ups and have enough points, but When Evony give you poor weak match ups you will win but you will never have enough point to qualify for top 16 which means you lose your chance to fight in the finals. People have spent hundred thousands and are capable of qualifying to fight with the top teams but because of Evony’s incapability to run a tournament most of the top teams who’s spent a lot of money can no longer fight in the finals. I don’t recommend anyone new playing This game because it’s an endless pit and you’ll be spending more money than you ever think you will. And on top of that Evony opens a new server like every other day and completely forget about the older servers so Better to stay away

Fun BUT.... I've been playing evony for almost 2 years. I was a low- mid spender, but I quit giving them a dime when I realized that they were never going to fix the issues that the game has had for the entire time I've played. I've sent multiple tickets on many different issues and gotten no response or a response where it was obvious that they had never actually read the ticket. The goal of the designers of this game is to get you to spend money at all costs, and they keep adding new features that will cost thousands to complete, not to mention what it costs to recover after one of the many game "glitches" costs you all your troops, or a bunch of lost resources. The game itself is very fun, and takes a lot of thought and learning to be able to build for your style of play. The problem is that you can't rely on the software to work the way it is supposed to, or tech support/ customer service to be any use when there is a problem. I have friends who it took 6 months or longer to have issues resolved by customer service. I personally have tickets that were closed with no response, or still haven't been responded to after 5 months.

Oh its the puzzle game alright-. Yes oh my gosh! The puzzle game you all have been waiting for! ….the adds say. Boy oh boy it was none of that, its so funny to me how bad the animations are! GOD don't get me STARTED on the red hot killing slime bought right from nickelodeon on eBay itself. You can even tell they have been clipped out of something! I don't mean to be rude, because the game isn't that bad, but the fact that nothing has a animation of its own and that its all images, and i get everything is a image everywhere, but i feel like this game said “good enough” and left it there. I didn't understand the beginning but while i was watching it I was like meh- looks good, I’ll try it first i guess, but the fricken animation though, also the different locations don't really do anything, cant really tell, they just look different. Im just begging, so much more detail PLEASE! Every character gets its own animation! Also when the player touch the spikes, i know it’s supposed to look like he is falling on the floor in pain, but when he grapples into it, by god its Jesus himself. I feel like the game would be a lot more enjoyable if it was better detailed better animations that don’t look like they were made out of paper! Please. thank you if you read this.

Cool game but a few problems PLEASE READ. Ok this game is great, puzzles are brain challenging and running your own kingdom is fun. This game is cool, but there are a few problems. 1. It’s kinda inappropriate because there avatars of women that are very revealing so this game is for older kids. 2. You can basically chat with anyone there is a worldwide stream. I do admit, it’s really nice that Evony has a translator on it, it translates wrong. While it’s really cool to chat with everyone, it’s pretty annoying because after you chat in it people try to friend you and when you except it they send you weird messages. A pro is that you can chat with your alliance and it’s kinda cool because you can collaborate. 3. I’m kinda bummed because it stops you after you play a certain amount of puzzles. What I do like is that there aren’t ads. In some games it just spams you with ads but in this game I haven’t seen any (or if I have I forgot😅). In all this game is fun just a few elements that make it hard to play.

Misleading advertising/Devs pls respond to this review. You most likely found this game from an ad. That ad most likely displayed you solving puzzles. While you really don’t come across any puzzles in the game, the devs keep replying to reviews from individuals saying that they didn’t have the patience to play through enough of the game to reach the puzzles. To the devs: If your ads are going to contain only puzzles and no actual gameplay from the main part of the game (which is similar to clash), then why do you tell people to keep playing the game because they are impatient when you don’t have any puzzles in the beginning of the game? Or, why don’t you have enough puzzles throughout the game that’ll please the consumer? If y’all can spend absolute bank on ads, y’all can make a better game. (This is just an example) Even if you incorporate micro-transactions on the puzzles (if the puzzles are already appearing more often than now) it’ll keep players happy knowing they got the game they paid for and should stick around longer, AND it puts more money into your pocket! I mean, everything business after all. Just food for thought. But to wrap it up, it’s misleading advertising that’ll make most people delete the app shortly after downloading

Puzzle game….. think again. I’m on this game everyday. It’s a love hate thing. I have spent a lot of money. This game is not free. And when I first starts playing this game there was a chance for you to get almost everything free, now?? Everything cost money. Refining stone…. Probably one of the most expensive things in the game and they made refining harder. Unless you want to pay these game developers a mortgage or buy them a new car… don’t start this game… update, 3/9/23 So I left this review and I got a message from the developer asking to give them details about my issues. So in my emails I wrote them many times telling them that the game update they did is making it so when I’m refining I get no gold numbers and they made it limited on purpose to how many stones your can get from monsters. If I only way to get what you need is money. Besides the fact that you no longer can get ALL Civilization Gear for free. In Order to get a pointless piece, it cost $350 dollars. To get castle decorations and the best civilization gear you MUST spend $2000. They are making it so there is no other way to be part of this game unless you spend money. You can not spend even 10 dollars anymore because it does nothing. You need to spend at minimum 100 dollars a week.

They hooked me. Yep, i saw the ads that the puzzles are there. And they didn’t lie. The puzzles are there. 6 puzzles every day but it takes 15 minutes to actually get to all of them and they are repetitive- nothing new on daily puzzles. Then each time you upgrade the keep you get a few more new puzzles but they are all so similar- no challenge there. Plus it takes longer and longer to upgrade the Keep. To get to keep level 23, you have to upgrade walls to 22 which took at least a week. Plus barracks to level 22 which took me a few weeks. Then with 17 plus million of food, stone, lumber and metal, you finally get to start the keep upgrade which took over 44 days. After all that, you get to spend an exciting 5 minutes or so solving puzzles. So time to delete this game and live my real life. The other parts of this, battles, killing monsters etc are too time consuming to learn. I wish you well. I just want to add that this is a very sophisticated game. If I was younger, I would probably join an alliance and have a great time. At my age, i just enjoy puzzles

First of all….. I downloaded the game and it was horrible, not only was it extremely slow, but the graphics were, shall we say, horrendous down right horrible and should have been better, and you levels…. The levels are not entertaining in the slightest, it was addicting at first, but then it became annoying and boring. Since I’ve had it, every time I try to play one of my free, non-wifi-needing games, the first ad that comes up is this game, i have also come to realize that you use your OWN ads to back up some of your newest ones, the “guys I finally found a game that is really as the ads show” play your old “ughhh, I want that treasure, no no no my treasure” in the background. All I’m asking is that you make your ads less stupid, and give some real evidence, like one of those zombie and puzzle games that are nothing like the real things….(I think that illegal but you don’t have to put that in) also your players need to know first hand that they are playing a civilization building, puzzle solving, games. The game itself I know y’all can fix, but I know that other games never get rid of their crappy ads so I wanted to address this. -not that much love, a player of your game<3

Cash grab (READ BEFORE DOWNLOADING). This game explodes human nature and monetizes on it. Let me explain. You are put with players who spend money on the game. These people are called “whales”. Yes, the mobile game industry uses that term. Know where that term comes from? Gambling. Snd say you become a whale. You win a few matches, and get put with crazier whales. You could argue that purchases are your choice. Sounds crazy, but it actually isn’t. You are greeted with a pop up at the start of the game that has cool stuff, but is kinda expensive. You can play the game like normal for a few matches, and then you play with whales. A free player doesn’t stand a chance against a player that spent money. Then, a new pop up. Its the same or better as the first one, but far cheaper (or just far better value). You will most likely buy it. This is called the first buy, another gambling term used by the mobile game industry. This means all your spending barriers for the game are broken. And this happens to more people than you would think. Choose not to spend? Have fun being absolutely dominated by whales. So by all means, get this game. It takes thousands of dollars to become a super omega whale above all others, then come ai. So yea.

They Lie Puzzles and Money Issues. I came to Evony for the puzzles, but the type of puzzles shown are not in the game. The game is a PVP game with SIM. You build a castle, get troops and attack both monsters and other players. The problem is although this can be enjoyable, you will never be a competitive player unless you literally spend $100s of dollars each month. Numerous plays just on our server (one of thousands of servers in the Evony universe) have spent over $10,000 on Evony just to be competitive! The Evony Programmers make it impossible for a player to be even slightly competitive unless you are a serious coin player. On good online games, significant time playing the game more than makes up for spending a lot of money. Not with Evony! If you just want the SIM aspect of building a castle (but getting constantly attacked until you become powerful enough to continually purchase a one or three shield) this game can be fun. Otherwise players leave the game disgruntled for constantly being attacked and having their resources stolen. Probably over 2/3 of the “players” on my server are now NPCs whose players have left the game, and their Evony avatars remain doing nothing and these NPCs are not replaced with new players.

Major bug & In game lawlessness. A- The bug makes the app shutdown after 5 attacks. Be it monster attacks or pvp. So imagine being in enemy server during svs and ur app shuts down! Needless to say , I was annihilated on one occasion during the 2 minutes I went off game! B- The game is lawless. Rules are made up and broken by the most powerful players. Flagrant breach & contradiction of rules. Also, players can behave and speak very inappropriately. Including profanity and racism. Including trolling. Actions which need to be penalized and have players banned. There’s also the issue of Sub City stealing! How can the developers of this game allow a player to steal a sub city, which was just won by another player , who likely bought many packets to find the clues. This is real money we’re talking about . In some cases players buy several hundred dollars worth of packets. Why is the Sub not theft proof? And if a player steals it , why are there no actions taken by the game itself? Why are there no moderators? The powerful players are running amuck without any accountability. How can the game place all the trust in players hands ? Isn’t there a time when the developers should intervene? We’re paying your salaries !

I’m enjoying the game, but…. I’m enjoying the game, but I have a couple of criticisms. First, there seem to be no instructions. I’ve been playing for over a month and am still flailing around. Second, a great deal of the game deals with empire building, although that isn’t explained in the ads, but I’m enjoying that part, to my surprise. A huge part of that deals with battling monsters and engaging in various contests and battles, none of which are explained. Plus, beginning players are put in teams that can’t participate in battles or alliances, which form a large part of the action, but there is no information how to remedy that by either changing teams or bettering the current team. So, for the time being, I will play incrementally and try to figure things out. I did get to battle (and defeat) my first actual monster today, as opposed to just defeating roaming bands of disgruntled humans, such as “dark warriors” or “bandits.” Of course, it was just a Cranky Snowman and I can’t defeat a level 4 Snowman without an alliance, which I can’t get, but, still, an improvement.

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 12+ years and older
Current Version 4.69.3
Play Store com.topgamesinc.evony
Compatibility iOS 9.0 or later

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The application Evony was published in the category Games on 27 April 2016, Wednesday and was developed by TOP GAMES INC. [Developer ID: 1050386041]. This program file size is 893.03 MB. This app has been rated by 122,285 users and has a rating of 3.9 out of 5. Evony - Games app posted on 26 March 2024, Tuesday current version is 4.69.3 and works well on iOS 9.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.topgamesinc.evony. Languages supported by the app:

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Evony Game Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Bug fixes and improvements

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