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What is plague of z app? Zombie siege, recruit survivors, lead your army to survive, break through the siege, and find a safe place.

It’s an abandoned city, and you need to lead your army to build it to resist the attack of zombies. Sometimes zombies will attack you in the sewer, please be careful. In an environment of scarce resources, train your army, upgrade your technology, and find other survivors to lead the light.

### Features###
Build abandoned cities, protect yourself and the army, recruit survivors, find heroes, and fight zombies together.

Warning! There will be zombies in the city’s sewers at any time! You need to destroy them and protect the residents.

Resources are limited, would you choose to share it with other survivors or grab them?

Zombie mutation, destroy it with other survivors!

Found a new refuge with limited capacity. You need to cooperate with some survivors to defeat other survivors to get more resources to survive.
And more…


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How to contact Plague of Z (TOP GAMES INC.)?
Find this site the customer service details of Plague of Z. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

Plague of Z Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Plague of Z Version 1.36.010 May 2022

fixed some bugs..

Plague of Z Version 1.30.225 February 2022

fixed some bugs..

Plague of Z Version 1.26.007 January 2022

fixed some bugs..

Plague of Z Comments & Reviews 2022

- Fun game

It’s a fun game there’s lots to do .

- Not worth putting money into. Glitchy

I’ve been playing for a couple months now. The game has been glitchy from the start and I can say not worth putting money into. I’m not sure how it has 4.9 rating. 1) there will be times the game won’t connect to their server. No response from customer service. 2) game will freeze for no reason when you move from the settlement to wilderness view. 3) targets you try to attack (monsters and bosses as well as resources) will disappear in the middle of a March. 4) in-game translator and autocorrect are always making mistakes. 5) no consistency with how rewards are issued after events. Some come to your mail, others have notices telling you to visit the event to collect, and some give no notice, so you have to remember yourself. 6) matchmaking for battlefield is one of the worst I’ve seen. Always results in a mismatch blowout. 7) there are events being generated without a chance to achieve milestones. 8) game features remain incomplete, even after months of gameplay.

- Don’t bother, unless you’re willing to pay

Before starting this game, be forewarned; it is an absolutely pure player-versus-player platform, which means there are zero game-imposed restrictions upon who can attack who. So unless you’re ready and willing to max out your credit cards, be prepared to be treated as resource fodder by many established players who have already spent prodigious amounts to grow their capacities. The game’s business model is designed to heavily reward big spenders to the exclusion of all other factors, so don’t expect moderation in the game environment any time soon - if ever. Side note: abusive behavior is not uncommon in either the game or chat sections of the app - but if the perpetrator is a big spender, don’t expect their antics to be addressed by the support staff.

- Glitches

The game is fun, but there are problems. The puzzles that are in the advertisements have been down for about 2 months. The alliance vs alliance battlefields don’t work at all. Two armies attack each other and attempt to hold buildings. After the 2 hrs run out the score is tied 0-0, and both sides are credited with a loss. However after the last update I’ve noticed the game doesn’t crash as often as it used to.

- Playable but Not that great

Full of glitches , zero support on critical issue, friend filed a complaint was told by support “ don't like it leave” so don't expect any support, game is made to favor pay to win players that can spend tons and be obnoxious rude and flex their credit card look at my base

- Chicken or the egg?

Basically is just a doodoo water re-skin of their other game Evony TKR. Would be lying if i said i didnt have any fun playing but maybe add more detail to troops.

- Amazing game!

This game is absolutely incredible! The graphics are stunning and the gameplay is very detailed! :D

- Cannot use after update and no response from support

Cannot use after update and no response from support

- Problem right from the start

Not able to play. As soon as I open the game the screen turns black and stays like that...

- I hate this game it is so boring

I hate the game so much because it keeps brings me back to my home screen and how ever made the game please fix the game and I just want to play the game

- Game Breakdown

I have been trying for 3 hours to get into the game before and still can’t get in help

- Not an interesting game

The gameplay is not very joyful.

- Fun but not enough

I have fun playing this game but the puzzle mode is not up to date .

- Fake Reviews!

This is a ridiculously stupid game. Any 5 star is a fake review. You can down it, but it’s just dumb and a waste of time.

- Fix

Fix bug thanx

- Vertical Oriented, not for iPads

Graphics are outdated a bit

- Zombie version of Evony.

This game is just as bad as Evony. Super slow gameplay, and the same lame puzzles that Evony has.

- Good game

This game a good game but the puzzles to hard

- Fake reviews

All the good reviews are with in 5 days in Dec. Fake

- This game is the worst game ever, I regretted downloading it

Do not download the game

- Tedious...

... format and dated graphics The puzzles are dumb.

- Fake Reviews Warning!


- Desperdicio total de ancho de banda

Descargue la app y solo sale una pantalla negra no muestra ni siquiera un mensaje de error

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- Kitty

I love this game but there I go to get pet

- All the same gameplays

All the war and zombie games have the same style of gameplay. When are we going to get a game that plays like the ad video suggests the game is like?

- Plague of Z

This game does not upload on IOS. I have downloaded it 3 times and each time it does not upload. Downloading the app is fine but not the upload

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- Bugged

Many bugs and just a re-skinned version of Evony Even says it on the home screen and many times throughout the tutorial

- Ne démarre pas!

Le jeu nous laisse avec un écran noir. Fuyez!

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bruh your country is literally dying of a plague or starvation... delete this.


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Jim Z

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Abacha's Grandson...

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2. My last [creative] and I had a fallout, they were [x, y and z] These types of clients tend to be amazing gas-lighters and if it doesn't feel right, you should avoid them like a plague. Ask who the previous creative was and if you can speak to them just to test the waters.

Jackie Daytona

Its hard not to read this piece and not think of @maxbrooksauthor's World War Z: especially the first act when the governments of the world bumbled away their chance to stop things


@PlagueofZ Plague of Z gameplay here


@PkdYourItems Disagree. With the pk scripts that plague edge pking and auto prayers / spec in bridding. Team wildy pking is the only form of pking that’s not riddled with cheating.

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The applications Plague of Z was published in the category Games on 2020-12-15 and was developed by TOP GAMES INC. [Developer ID: 1050386041]. This application file size is 743.43 MB. Plague of Z - Games app posted on 2022-05-10 current version is 1.36.0 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.topgamesinc.zombies