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Kings Legion [Games] App Description & Overview

What is kings legion app? Are you ready to play Kings Legion with fellow players worldwide? Save the Nasland from the dark forces and recover the order of the world! Summon your favorite Heroes, select your Faith, and train fearless troops for the establishment of your own empire!

Unique Features

-Ally with your friends
Create or join an Alliance, unite your allies and rally into the battlefield together!

-The Llivia Gate!
Got confused as a newcomer? The Llivia Gate leads you to the secret place of Nasland, where you can learn about the magnificent history behind it and get well trained!

-Powerful Heroes
Recruit and upgrade heroes from Nasland and let them help your kingdom all the way to achieving the glorious throne!

-3D Camera Switching Battle Scenes!
Experience the unprecedented battle scenes where you can freely switch between different camera positions in 3D reality!

-Choose Your Faith
Are you a military genius, an economics talent or a research counsellor? Here, you can choose your own faith and decide your path of development!

-Diverse Game Strategies!
A variety of battle lineup combinations from 15 troop types and up to 35 heroes! You cannot miss this if you are a true strategy game fan!

-Unlimited Market System!
In need of legendary weapons and resources? Go shopping in the Nasland’s Market System and trade with global merchants to meet all your needs!

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How to contact Kings Legion (TOP GAMES INC.)?
Find this site the customer service details of Kings Legion. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

Kings Legion Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Kings Legion Version 1.2.30923 May 2022

The second anniversary celebration of the "King's Legion" will officially start on May 25. Thank you for your support and enthusiasm for the "King's Legion". We have prepared rich and exciting information about the second anniversary activities for you. Please go to the activity interface for more wonderful contents! 1) The new Mythic Hero "The Elder King - Arthur" is about to land on Nasland; 2) On the second anniversary, the limited City Skin "Noah's Ark" will be launched; 3) Exclusive Sign-in: continually sign-in for 7 days to receive 120 Lottery Tickets and the new hero "The Elder King - Arthur"; 4) Anniversary celebration: complete the quest continually sign-in for 7 days and recieve anniversary great rewards; 5) Collecting activity: during the event, collecting or gathering any resources or defeating any monsters to collect limited items; 6) King Arthur: collect fragments and get "The Elder King - Arthur"; 7) Lucky Wheel: Summon "The Elder King - Arthur" to serve you; 8) Firework Celebration: set off celebration fireworks and have the probability to get previous limited skin; 9) Birthday Cake: participate in time limited Battle Pass and win limited gifts; 10) Supreme Power: improve the power and win the limited Castle Skin..

Kings Legion Version 1.2.30617 March 2022

1. Added Skin Shop. Use specific items can redeem limited Chat Bubbles, Avatar Frame, City Skin and other rare resources. The Skin Shop will be opened at the next festival event. More info will be posted, please pay attention. 2. Bugs Fixed and Optimization 1) Adjusted the on-shelf conditions of tradable items in the Auction House; 2) Adjusted rewards of some events; 3) Adjusted the location of the NPC Merchant and Ruins on the main screens; 4) Adjusted the City Wall guide. The defence formation will not be locked to the current formation by default; 5) Fixed series of Bugs; 6) Optimized some UIs and graphics..

Kings Legion Version 1.2.28614 January 2022

1. New gameplay - Historic City Tokens Escort 1) NPC in the main city will issue tasks of escorting Historic City Tokens regularly every day. Finishing the task will receive BUFF or other rewards; 2) Special monsters are refreshed regularly inside the territory of Historic City. Killing them will receive lots of EXP and rewards. 2. New Features 1) Added previews and pop-up reminders for some events; 2) Added interface of 7-day's event in new servers; 3) Added pop-up for automatic daily sign-in and claim; 4) Added new character activity chest event. Players will receive rewards based on accumulated online time; 5) Added pop-up when the remaining building time is insufficient. 3. Optimization and Adjustment 1) Optimized the layout of battle damage information in the battle report; 2) Optimized the performance of the Lucky Wheel; 3) Optimized the Monsters' Levels on the World Map; 4) Optimized the pop-up interface of area unlock; 5) Optimized interface of Technology; 6) Optimized the soldier's avatar to change based on level; 7) Optimized the icon style of the Setting interface; 8) Optimized the interface of Calendar; 9) Optimized the display of heroes' usage conditions; 10) Optimized the special effect of newbie sign-in icon and countdown; 11) Optimized the sign for in-marching dragons in the dragon layout; 12) Optimized the troops' healing status. The amount of troops will be converted based on battle power after the troop technology is upgraded; 13) Adjusted the cost of Potions used in forging advanced equipment; 14) Adjusted the contents, orders and display conditions of some main quest; 15) Adjusted the opening time of some events in new servers; 16) Fixed the issue of collecting BUFF of holy water and fur appeared when forging equipment; 17) Fixed some display errors of the Expedition interfaces; 18) Fixed the issue of being unable to claim rewards of main quests; 19) Fixed the issue of no items drop from some monsters in Doug's Challenge event; 20) Fixed the issue of being unable to claim reward hero in the Puzzle; 21) Fixed the issue of auto rally repeated hero troops; 22) Fixed the issue that the unlock level condition of the auto rally is shown differently from that of the VIP interface..

Kings Legion Comments & Reviews 2022

- 5-Stars no doubt

Great game, lots of activities to do and able to meet a lot of people from all around the world. Would recommend to anyone. There is one thing I would like to bring up, so after completing your whole art gallery what are we supposed to do with the items we receive from killing monsters. Just collect in our inventory? Wish there was a way to sell them or trade them in for stuff. Maybe an idea to think about.

- Used to be good, but needs changes

This might sound like a complaint, but just honest feedback. The game used to be very well-made challenging and the efforts worked, however on all the servers certain alliances are just too over powered therefore does not allow members of other alliances to grow. Each server has 2-3 alliances really that control the map while everyone else that’s trying to build an alliance has no chance so there’s no point. It just really comes down to the fact that you very quickly will lose interest knowing there’s no competition amongst alliances/competing territories, therefore really no point to the game. Adding to that, for those trying to grow their alliances as best you can, by fight tribes and such, that ability has now been taken away having to rely on rallies (which with all the people disappearing from the game has made it far more difficult) and thus crippling the smaller teams further.... terrible update! As I said again the development and the side quests to the game are great, so that’s why it’s rather unfortunate that the alliance structure and the war structure is so lopsided rendering the game pointless

- Updates

You guys messed up a good portion of your game with the last few updates. You’re gear selection and equipment page is completely scuffed. When I put in a trouble ticket your answer was click on one hero then another then go back to the original hero just to see what they actually have equipped. That makes absolutely no sense the equipment page was fine until you “updated” it. Also your new notifications pop up takes more effort than what you originally had you only get 3 pop ups in game why combine them into one window that sometimes doesn’t even show up or causes the game to freeze at times. I also have another trouble ticket that’s been sitting unanswered for almost a week now because since you upgraded the equipment page multiple people from my alliance including myself have just had gear removed from our bags.

- Dead game &

And when I’m running out of resources before I hit Castle 10...that’s not a good sign! most games you make it to least level 21 give or take and that’s whether you gather or not! this game is way too dead to also be charging the prices that they charge for some of their packs! This game is nothing special.. it’s like all other castle builders but the game is cool don’t get me wrong but I can tell it’s an all out cash grab or will be! The server I’m on there’s some jokester name Horney or something, that’s probably spent over a grand on this game all ready! freaking idiot! and I’m a spender but not on a game like this! And I can tell it’s a dead game because I’m not even shielding and I haven’t been attacked once haha not complaining but that’s a bad sign! Stay away! Jrock review!

- A game I loved being destroyed by greed

I’ve been playing this game more than 200 days. I’ve loved it, the challenges, the million ways to improve your power, but recently every update has done nothing but take things away. I’ve never encountered this before. The last several updates have made everything harder and more expensive. They now take 30% of your troops when you upgrade. They take the opportunity to earn heroes through play and change it to a money only purchase. They make daily tasks more difficult. And they ruined the Gold card, which is a money purchase but you used to get a lot from it, including a hero. Now- it’s harder to complete and no heroes. So why would I continue to buy it? I’m seriously questioning my desire to play the game at all.

- Horrible customer service

Well the game has loads of bugs. So many im not going to take hours to write them all. Simply put this could be a good game if they cared more. Iv sent to complaints about events and such and I get a 3 word response (“update your game”) well I’m as nerdy as it gets and I have the newest version with a brand new phone. Doug event will just stop giving you boxes. Arena event you can be top 10 in the server and loose to a person not even on the leaderboard. I’m sure they have some excuse for it. You get chat notifications all day and cannot shut them off. I could go on and on. If you play this game don’t spend money. If you like war. Everyone here is farmers. Best of luck to you. I doubt this will even be approved.

- Amazing Game

So picked up this game about 3 weeks ago and played it completely free and was able to progress at a good rate. There are many events and if you join an active alliance, you can participate in all the events which progresses you pretty quickly. Very impressed.

- Interesting game

This combines the game mechanics from several different games I have enjoyed. It is well drawn and nice looking. Some things don’t seem to work. For example, I am not able to add the higher level units I have trained to battle. When I try, there is an error that I don’t have the right level barracks, but obviously I do, since I trained the troops. Random things like that keep happening. It’s not enough to make me quit, but I won’t be spending money on this game until it works correctly.

- Full of bugs and hacker friendly

The best way to summarize this game is buggy and poor coding leading to multiple hacks. Will seriously recommend to think 100 times before putting a single dime in this game as you never know someone will hack around the game, get power in no time and screw you over out of blue. The perfect icing on cake is developers response being next to cold on all these complaints and issues raised with proofs. On pretext of beta version features, they are trying to screw people who are spending money so they pay more money to get their accounts normal again which is a screwed up approach in my view.

- Updates

I was beginning to understand the game. Alliances pounding on relatively inert players to scarf kill points is probably where a lot of the complaints are coming from. Really not liking that the mythic potions are now required to forge items but you don’t give any indication of how to acquire them. If it’s something I have to buy, I’m going to be even less interested in the game. Looking over the reviews this seems to be a frequent occurrence.

- Fix Notifications

Good game but problems with notifications. It will spam 4 times that “building is completed” when nearest one to completion is still a day away

- Good game so far but...

I actually like this game and would give it five stars except the fact that every few minutes I have to restart the game. I even tried to write a review through the game itself and I didn’t even get to write it because I was kicked out and had to restart it. Please fix your server issues or I will delete this game and not come back.

- Customer service issues

WARNING: This game is decent to play but be warned, there are so many bugs and issues that cost you in lost rewards and interruptions to game time and quality. The BIGGEST PROBLEM is that the customer service is AWFUL!!! They say they are forwarding it on to developers but nothing is ever done. I have sent in many that are never fixed or compensation given. DO NOT spend money in this game

- Major issues

I’ve enjoyed the game for a couple months now & look forward to playing everyday. However, recently it seems with every update there are issues that make the game hard to play. Now, I can only assume the issues are server issues. The game won’t load past a certain percentage and is virtually unplayable at this point! This is a server wide issue, please fix the game or you are going to have a mass exodus from the game!

- Game Glitch

Game was great until a glitch on event cost me every troop I had. They sent a very small resource pack to everyone saying they had compensated everyone for what happened. What they sent would even give me 10% of my troops back much less all the resources that I lost to the glitch. Don’t waste your time with this game because they cannot fix problems they create. I guess they don’t have the technical capabilities that they should have as devs.

- Interesting game when server not overloaded

Horrible server support. Gross overloads can cause server disconnects up to 100 times per hour d we pending on time of day. Makes the game unplayable for up to half of every day. When server is working, the graphic and interface dysfunctions in the design of the puzzles make that portion of the game a nightmare. Overall design is far too complex for the poor implementation which cripples the performance.

- Addictive

Fun game. Enjoy accomplishments and rewards (since there are so few in real life!)

- Glitch Central

This game is really glitchy each time a new event is rolled out. Buyer Beware! They compensate, but no less frustrating. Being down a double-point hero and a whole Army slot for 24 hours because of a glitch deserves more than the standard compensation rate.

- Play at your own risk

Too many Server Issues. Puzzles are ridiculous! Drag time is awful trying to complete the puzzles. I can certainly see you why there are so many abandoned accounts! Get it for together guys. Your game does have the potential to be somewhat challenging & entertaining

- Bullies and bad words

Our server is run by bullies and chat is full of vulgar language if you are unlucky to hit the translate button in chat. The developers purposefully have battle events so you must buy items to heal and revive. Evony has the exact same issues. Complaining to the developers is a waste of time. Find another game to play. One that rewards for good play.

- Fix the recent update!

Newest update had made it so ever time I try to collect at a resource spot the game freezes and I can't collect. Only way to unfreeze is to close completely out then reopen. Making it impossible to collect resources!!!

- No a great experience.

Game was fun but after time there was to much lag, I couldn’t even login in the game most of the times. Lost a couple of gems and they never return the full amount of it (only 2% of what I lost with the glitches, no response at all from developers in game. Really disappointing... I don’t recommend this game... it wasn’t the best experience.

- Game designed for griefers

Played for about 10 days and was enjoying it, then I was attacked by someone who had been playing much longer than me and within 6 minutes destroyed 10 days worth of troops. I was attacked 19 times in 6 minutes killing most of my troops that took me 10 days to build up. Game is designed for griefers.

- Developers are making good items purchase only

I love this game. However. Developers need to listen to their players and allow good items to be earned !!!! Not have to shell out big $$$$. Everyone who plays ....send them emails. Oh and I want my 2000 gems back I invested in the bank. You developers removed it and I want my gems back !!!!

- Review:ok

Ok I get lots of games but when I tried this one u could enslave people I thought dis game was kinds racist and there’s ton a bugs to my kid loves but not me also lvl 1-8 is impossible and it’s unbearable when u gotta wait to upgrade yeeeah no. Fix this!!!

- I can’t even open the game right now

I can’t get the opening screen to load past 42%. Once in the game for the past two weeks I haven’t been able to get my armies to farm without the game freezing and or restarting. I am getting very frustrated with an otherwise awesome game... when I can play it.

- Hard puzzles

The game is good overall it’s just that the puzzles are too hard and maybe we should have more hearts.

- The bottom line

Kings Legion has some good points. I get to play and chat with people from around the word. One point that we all agree on- it’s become evident that the changes to the game have become more about the developers financial gain than good game play. I stay for the friends I have made.

- Game advertised is not what you play

I’m not sure if there’s a glitch in this app or something, but after downloading what I thought was a puzzle type game they had me building huts in a village and defending it from a giant monster😂 not the game the advertisement showed at all. That is the reason for my one star.

- Not as advertised

Advertised as a rescue game. Not only was it not that, but I had to endure endless minutes of trite ‘hero’ music and dialogue that I couldn’t silence or skip. No controls for sound or anything else ever appeared. I have no need to be inundated with nonsense by programmers who seem to think they know what I want or need.

- Might be fun for a child.

So the puzzles showed up on my Instagram and it looked fun. But it’s 1% puzzle and the rest is just clicking where it tells you to click and listening to some stupid talking. If it were just the puzzles it would be fun. But it’s so much boring non puzzles

- Coool

This game is so fun and it’s little challenging but I like it so try it and let’s play

- Awesome

It’s an awesome game I absolutely love it Make sure u download it

- Really ?

It takes a bit to figure out all the tricks tips to play and it is enjoyable until they do their monthly update and decide to STEAL EVERYTHING that you spent your time, and yes money as well by making changes that FORCE YOU TO SPEND MORE MONEY TO REDO EVERYTHING YOU HAVE ALREADY Done.

- Too many bugs

It’s a great, fun game. Though I don’t know how new this game is but it has too many bugs that is becoming annoying.

- Review

I think this app is very good but I think it is worth 3stars because it’s really hard after level 1and2

- Nerfed

The recent update nerfed us, it’s bad now very bad. You put in all your time, effort, and money then they reward you with weaker troops, slow march times, and overly strong in game enemies. It’s not worth it to play this game. Don’t bother giving this game a try.

- Another fake

Another game that is so awful they don’t dare show you the real game. Don’t waste your time downloading they are just lies and will then try to con you into in-game purchases that who knows if they will even honor

- Better be ready to spend money

Can get absolutely nowhere without spending. I thought I might be able to play, albeit slowly, without spending but alas, you cannot. So now I uninstall. Have fun all

- Stay away from this game

The developers let hackers kill the game for the rest of the legitimate players. It seems like they care less about fixing this issue.

- Different from ad

Like many games, the game play is completely different from that shown in the advertisement. Why do app developers do this? Just advertise the actual real game.

- Worst programming

They put updates without testing. Which Fs the game up. Recently I lost more than 100k in troops for no reason alll that work. DONT INSTALL Their response reinstall Really with all the money I invested in the game

- Not Really A Puzzle Type Game

I, like some others, saw an ad positioning this game as a puzzle type. That proved to be extremely minor part of this game. I can’t believe the inflated reviews saying this game is “awesome”...

- Not the game you think it is

Based on the ad, I thought I was going to play a puzzle game, but the topic of the game was completely different: I gave up immediately.

- Not fair

Don’t get this game i tryed too use NY Special ticket to get a super bood Guy But game kicked me out while iT was loading

- Great

Amazing I love it but needs a update

- Thanks

I finally didn’t get rick rolled THANKS

- It was fun..

This game was amazing... WAS amazing. Customer support is non-existent, the game lags for 20hrs of the day, I have requested a refund about 36hrs since posting this and still no response. TOPGAMES are just some top crooks.

- Devs cheat! Game us hacked

Server 6 pig alliance top guild benefits from massive hacking and it cheating. People quit on a large scale. First it starts with game crashing only when attacked only our guild is affected. Battles reworked causing one sided losses. Player Joan etc Do not play do not spend money. Pick anything else. Hell pick your nose and you’d have a better chance of winning.

- Not a fun game

They show a different game in advertising then is too much crap with other type of game, do not download it! Not worth it

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- Freezing

This game is awesome too play it has upgrades every 2 weeks. My games keeps freezing every time I try to get resources on map hope someone fixes glitches. I am getting alot of stamina and wisdom tomes an not mobility to get monsters or rally’s. Mine still freezes when I try to get resources and then game only lasts 10-15 minutes then I have to start again and again but compensation should be game is fixed and not on going problems please please fix this game. How do I use Territory Teleport cause I have 17 off them and they done work. We all need mobility to get resources monsters , Halloween events and mission completed. I am on server 5 fix it. But I am hoping that they will fix the problem. Halloween skin for my castle does not work I have completed it and still got 51 pumpkins leftovers not sure how much money I have spent on this game but it was fun this is last message I will have a garage sale now Good lucky if you fix this game but I have finished.................

- Review

Really liking the challenges

- Don’t spend your money

Developers play this game and amp up alliances so you have to spend big to keep up …. So if you join make sure you’re in one of those, then you can bully everyone else. If this wasn’t then they would kick all the cheaters but they don’t! Thanks for your reply but it’s been brought to the developers attention numerous times and their response is “we’ll look into this situation” we’ll it’s been months now!

- Addictive game


- Donate Technology points didn’t counted in task.

Everyday task need donate technology 20 times but it didn’t counted in my task even I donate 20 times. I almost lose it a week. Please do update.

- Review

Keeps on cutting back to home page all the time

- Not what advertised

I wanted to do what was advertised not set up villages and battle things.

- Ripped off

Invested gems ...... gone! Very slimy deceptive business model.



- Missing Items

Posted: 24-03-2021 Device: iPhone X Title: Missing Items Rating: 2 Stars App Version: 1.2.165 I just downloaded this app an hour ago and have already encountered problems with paying real money and the items not appearing or disappearing. EG: I had acquired 9 legendary summon cards through various in-app purchases and then purchased another pack for gems, I then used those gems (360 to be exact) to buy another legendary summon card - this should make 10 legendary summon cards but when I checked the bag, I had 0 cards. This app seems to be quite suspect - I’ve sent an email to support and I have a feeling that they’re going to play games because they don’t want to return anything. If that’s the case, then I’m sure the developers know they’ve committed a crime and have ignored Australian laws and legislation that does not allow this!

- Game boài

Admin súc sinh .

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- Alliance Not Working

I Have 1,000 Gems I Put In The Name Logo Announcement and ect, I Press Create And The Alliance Has Not Been Created, But The Game Is Great They Should Just Fix That.

- misleading ad

The main focus of the game is not what the ads show you. Although they did it kind of smart; you can play those mini games but n between, but the game is NOT about those mini games you see in the ad. Not sure if the game is good or bad, but the ad is enough to earn them a 1 star. If I’m trying to buy an ice cream and you have me bread, I don’t really care if the bread is good or bad.

- Game doesn’t work

Game doesn’t work on my iphone

- Misleading.

I saw the add playing among us and thought, WOW, THAT LOOKS FUN!! But what I saw when I downloaded the app, was not pleased. FAKE!!! NOT WHAT I CAME FOR!! Sorry, lost it. I guess there are some of it in the game, but I wanted it to be the hole entire game.

- Mensonge

Vous dîtes langue « français « mais c’est totalement FAUX!

- Poop

Absolute garbage

- Great game

I enjoy Playing

- False advertisement

Where are the puzzles. Annoying, I want the puzzles

- Incompetent support

I have sent messages to support several time to get my data deleted they refuse to do is my right to delete my account under the law and yet they still don’t delete my account.

- Horrible Customer Support

Enjoy the game but Support does not help at All. Have lost tons of resources to bugs without any compensation after sending several e mails. Replies from support are always one sentence asking player to delete and re download game. Obviously never works and nothing gets resolved. Developers have not replied to any messages and no issues get addressed at all. Support is completely fake and misleading.

- Chats

I’ve lost all my chats to a blank screen for days and no one gets back to you. Support is terrible!

- Good good game

Tanks for creating this game,it's really great

- Arena can’t join

Well love the game downloaded it on I phone can join in any arena fights which sux lol in a way but all else works hoping that bug can be fixed good job with the game ty Marc

- Hackers

I just posted a comment on Facebook: Please stop Metal & Co. destroying the whole server 15. They continue creating new fake alliances and accounts. We have no chance to stop these cheaters on our own with their 100000... farm accounts. I lost the count of all their new alliances. C20, KQ and DLD were just the beginning. It's a never ending war making it impossible for all the fair players to enjoy the game, even if they invest a lot of money. If you don't intervene and remove the cheaters from the server, soon we all will be forced to quit the game. Sorry for all the players playing on this server and all the fair XV players being under attack because of their cheating leaders. We love you, guys, but have to stop this madness somehow. SOS!

- Kickeds me out

This Game kicks you out on iPad 😡 it’s awful!

- Could be fun, but it’s fixed

I have Played across multiple servers. Every one has one person that is so much more powerful so fast that they are either cheating, or obscenely wealthy. The one that I am referring to went from a level 21 to 25 in a matter of a week. This has been reported by multiple people in multiple servers to the developers. Nothing but crickets. There has been a suggestion that these people are developer plants to entice people to spend money. Walk away before spending your time and/or your money. It’s all rigged.

- Too difficult, where is support?

I could not find any way to contact support within the game. Buttons that appeared to be relevant did not work. The "App Support" link here in the App Store just displays a page that brings you right back again. Very confusing.

- Downloaded was long

I got so mad this game is not loading in 1 minute,it took it 1 hour to download

- Ne fonctionne pas

Ne fonctionne pas sur iPhone 7 mais fonctionne sur iPhone xr

- Won’t load on ipad More than 99%

Game doesn’t work

- Downloading sucks!!

It takes forever for this game to download, and it will just pause for no reason.

- Ipad ne load pas plus de 99% et nous laisse poirotter ...

Ne load pas

- Bug ?

Sa ouvre pas sur iphone !!!

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Daddy G.O (God’s Ordained)

Damn! A mosquito can sound like there’s a legion of them. No matter how tired I am, put one noise making mosquito in the room and I’m never getting a sleep until I get rid of it.


GOTY List 2020: 1) Crusader Kings 3 2) Fall Guys 3) Valhalla 4) Legion These are the only 4 games released in 2020 I played


3. It's between Band of Blades and Zweihander. They're *very* different experiences, but both wonderful ones. Our Legion survived the Cinder Kings onslaught, and the City of Pearls wasn't consumed by a greater demon of Change.

Glen (Not Glen)

@LadyHarknessXXX I'll probably play it again at some point along with Fallout 4. But still playing Assassin's Creed Valhalla and I've got Watchdogs Legion to play and got Crusader Kings 3 for Xmas.


my 2020 Game of the year list 10 - Assassin's Creed Valhalla 9 - Ori and the will of the Wisps 8 - Final Fantasy 7 Remake 7 - Hades 6 - Crusader Kings 3 5 - Wasteland 3 4 - Ghost of Tsushima 3 - Watch Dogs Legion 2 - Cyberpunk2077 1 -Yakuza Like a Dragon #GOTY #GOTY2020


our very own in-clan multiplayer TOURNAMENT is happening tonight!!! who will be victorious? Kings Legion Phoenix Apex four teams, only one winner best of 5 games. STREAMING LINK dropping at 8’30pm!!!

Eddie Merrick

@kirkbrandon I bumped in to you as you were walking up the Kings Road in the winter of ‘81. On the strength of 2 gigs, The Pack and the Legion single I said I thought you would be King....


@jebus911 Space Stuff Artemis - Andy Weir We are Legion (We are Bob) - Dennis Taylor Nonfiction Leonardo da Vinci Skunk Works Elon Musk High Fantasy Way of Kings (long, and a steep learning curve)

Kings Legion 1.2.309 Screenshots & Images

Kings Legion iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Kings Legion iphone images
Kings Legion iphone images
Kings Legion iphone images
Kings Legion iphone images
Kings Legion iphone images
Kings Legion iphone images
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Kings Legion (Version 1.2.309) Install & Download

The applications Kings Legion was published in the category Games on 2020-05-24 and was developed by TOP GAMES INC. [Developer ID: 1050386041]. This application file size is 842.91 MB. Kings Legion - Games app posted on 2022-05-23 current version is 1.2.309 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.topgamesinc.hs