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Clash of Clans [Games] App Description & Overview

Join millions of players worldwide as you build your village, raise a clan, and compete in epic Clan Wars!

Mustachioed Barbarians, fire wielding Wizards, and other unique troops are waiting for you! Enter the world of Clash!

New Features:
● Roll through enemy villages with the Log Launcher, a brand-new Siege Machine!
● Introducing Super Wizard and Ice Hound, the latest additions to the Super Troop line-up!
● Update also contains a new, must-see Spell, fresh Town Hall 13 content, neat quality of life changes and much more!

Classic Features:
● Join a Clan of fellow players or start your own and invite friends.
● Fight in Clan Wars as a team against millions of active players across the globe.
● Test your skills in the competitive Clan War Leagues and prove you’re the best.
● Forge alliances, work together with your Clan in Clan Games to earn valuable Magic items.
● Plan your unique battle strategy with countless combinations of Spells, Troops, and Heroes!
● Compete with the best players from around the world and rise to the top of the Leaderboard in Legend League.
● Collect resources and steal loot from other players to upgrade your own Village and turn it into a stronghold.
● Defend against enemy attacks with a multitude of Towers, Cannons, Bombs, Traps, Mortars, and Walls.
● Unlock epic Heroes like the Barbarian King, Archer Queen, Grand Warden, Royal Champion, and Battle Machine.
● Research upgrades in your Laboratory to make your Troops, Spells, and Siege Machines even more powerful.
● Create your own custom PVP experiences through Friendly Challenges, Friendly Wars, and special live events.
● Watch Clanmates attack and defend in real-time as a spectator or check out the video replays.
● Fight against the Goblin King in a single player campaign mode through the realm.
● Learn new tactics and experiment with your army and Clan Castle troops in Practice Mode.
● Journey to the Builder Base and discover new buildings and characters in a mysterious world.
● Turn your Builder Base into an unbeatable fortress and defeat rival players in Versus Battles.
● Collect exclusive Hero Skins and Sceneries to customize your Village.

What are you waiting for, Chief? Join the action today.

PLEASE NOTE! Clash of Clans is free to download and play, however, some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings. Also, under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play or download Clash of Clans.

A network connection is also required.

Player Reviews: Clash of Clans proudly announces over one million five star reviews on the App Store.

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Support: Chief, are you having problems? Visit or or contact us in game by going to Settings > Help and Support.

Privacy Policy:

Terms of Service:

Parent’s Guide:

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Clash of Clans Customer Service, Editor Notes:

2020 is no year for an ordinary Clashmas - the Logmas Update is here! ● Roll through enemy villages with the Log Launcher, a brand-new Siege Machine! ● Introducing Super Wizard and Ice Hound, the latest additions to the Super Troop line-up! ● Update also contains a new, must-see Spell, fresh Town Hall 13 content, neat quality of life changes and much more!

Clash of Clans Comments & Reviews

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- One of the Best Games

I have been playing Clash of Clans for almost as long as it has existed. The game is one of the best you'll find. There are absolutely zero ads, you don't have to pay anything to progress through the game, and the game itself is one of the most fun to play. The clans make it easy to have fun with friends and to make new Clash friends which you can dominate war and clan games with. The Supercell's customer support is top notch they always got people to answer questions, listen to concerns and suggestions about the game, help you with any bugs or problems you have. As an example, one time I lost my village with all its progress for some reason. (This happened to several games) I told Supercell about it and they found my village and gave it back to me right away. The only move I have ever really disapproved of was removing Global chat. Global was a great way to chat with people outside your clan and also the best way to recruit. The new recruiting system they added to replace global is trash. I can't get anyone good with it. On global I used to build clans from scratch in a day. One time I recruited 20 people in a day to my clan. I was only TH 10 at the time. I understand why you took it away Supercell, but would like to see (a) it come back (maybe find a better way to do it) or (b) come up with a new recruiting system that works better than the one we have. Other than that, absolutely brilliant game I love to play. Well done Supercell. 👏👏

- My Favorite Game, but one thing...

Ok, so first I would like to start off by saying that your game is absolutely awesome. I play at least an hour a day every day and usually more. It combines fun, strategy, resource management, and action all in one magnificent bundle. I myself am a Town hall 9, but I rushed through the game way too fast and am very behind. Despite this, I love this game more than any other mobile game I have ever played. 10/10. The issue, however, is not how expensive upgrades are or how the game is super pay to win (it’s not). My issue, is the time. I don’t mind saving up my gold to strengthen my defenses, or get a exciting new building, even if it’s really expensive. I hate it when you finally get the 2 million gold for an x bow, and it makes you wait 3 days on top of that. It makes the game so much less enjoyable. Same goes for training troops. I love attacking and forming strategies with my troops. But it is kinda annoying that it makes you pay for the troops AND wait an hour and a half to even use them. I don’t mind some of the waiting, but waiting for more than 1 day for a seven dps upgrade that also costs you 1.5 million gold is ridiculous. I’m not saying remove the wait time, but definitely cut down on it by quite a bit. But anyway, this game is super awesome and I don’t mean to make it sound as though it’s a bad game. I really do love this game, it’s a brilliant work of art.

- Amazing game, only one fix

I got this game back in 2014 and have deleted and re-downloaded it as I have time to play it. I’ve always loved it and have enjoyed going through all the new updates, from the introduction of clan wars all the way to the latest super troop update. My favorite part of the game was the community you could find just by going into global chat and talking. You could meet people from all over the world, compare bases, brag about your clans, or just get to know each other. Upgrades and troop training take a long time, so to pass that time I’d just hop on global since you could always find someone to talk to. I just got back on the game after a year long break however and was amazed to see they had REMOVED GLOBAL CHAT. That was literally the biggest reason I played this game as opposed to other knock offs. I really miss it and know that the vast majority of players do as well. I know it saves money and work to have it gone but maybe they should consider having a paid version of the game that includes the global chat or even a subscription bc I would literally pay to have it back again. Other than that failure of a decision the gameplay is great, well balanced and entertaining. Every match feels like I’m playing a match of chess and getting three stars against a town hall above me makes me feel like an absolute legend. TLDR: Love the game, plz bring back global chat!

- Battle Machine AI needs work

The game is fine and i’ve been playing it for years but never really payed much attention to the builder base until recently. I was so excited to finally get the battle machine and use it in my attacks until i started noticing the really bad targeting it has. I tried using funneling strategies to try to get the battle machine to attack where i want it to go, but it will choose to go towards the most useless buildings every time. I try to funnel it to go directly for the builder hall, all other buildings are destroyed, the path is clear, but it decides to go for the army camp way in the other side of the base instead. The most apparent problem it has is that it will target the guard post troops even if they are way out of range. If anything, the regular troops like barbarians and archers should be the ones to target them while the battle machine does the damage, but it’s the other way around. Even if the guard post troops are way inside the base and the builder hall is right in front of the battle machine, it will still go for the troops and die immediately because it’s surrounded by literally every defense, and the attack just goes downhill from there. A similar thing happens with the archer queen since it’s a ranged hero but it’s not as bad as the battle machine. It’s pretty much useless most of the time. If that could just get fixed, attacks would be much more successful.

- If you’re looking for a great game, you found it!

I would first like to say I have never left a review, or at least that I remember I never left one but this game is something else. I have nothing negative to say about this game. I downloaded this years ago, it was honestly one of the first apps I got. I’ve played it and I will be honest, I also have taken some breaks. To this day it continues to be my favorite game and my friends and I have invested a lot of time into clash of clans. The way you you can design your base and think strategically is absolutely perfect and Supercell continues to add great new features and balances to the game overall. I am always excited for another update and I’m proud that supercell keeps coming up with good ideas and that they listen to their community. Supercell does not push sales on you though when you do make a purchase it’s actually worth it unlike other games. It’s especially worth it for when you’re a daily player and you buy the season pass. If I had to make any change to the game at all I would have a feature to attack your own base so that way you can pin out some weak spots while designing a new base. Other than that the game is amazing and if you never played it before I totally recommend you give it a download. I just want to warn you, it’s quite addicting!

- Good game, but...

I really enjoy the game overall! Nice mixture of strategy and base-building. But a couple of things... First off, I’m only town hall 8, and I’m already complaining about how ridiculously long upgrades are. Whether it be troop upgrades or building upgrades, them taking days at a time is really time consuming. So is the troop training times, even when I have maxed barracks! The game is fun at first when you start playing it for the day, but once you get those two maybe three battles in for the home village, I end up relying on my other games to entertain myself. Troop training takes a little too long😬. Please shorten those times. The other thing is global chat...I understand that people were being mean on it and so you took it away. But the thing is, one of these days I’m probably going to want to start my own clan. Global chat would really help with that. I think the punishments will work just fine for people who are mean. People might mute them, or y’all will ban them. As an example, when I was cussing on the clan chat with my friends, the next day I find I’ve been banned for a couple days, and that future actions would lead to a permanent ban. Trust me, that shut me up QUICK AS HELL. Perhaps you can make new punishments as well, like losing gems or resources maybe as an example.

- This is about clan leagues

So i dont wanna give this 1 star just because im mad, because its a great game and even the leagues still work well. The problem is how there is not a very clear explanation of starting one. So im the leader of a clan, and i have a couple cos who were in the last league, and they saw you could change the members before a war at any time. Let me just say that starting league looks very similar to starting a normal war, so when one of my cos saw the menu of who to add to league, they thought it had to be either 15 or 30 depending on the league type they chose. Because normal wars you cant have any extras it has to be exact. It also tells you how many people youve selected at the bottom. So they selected a random 15 just to get league started thinking that they could just change it later. But now theyve started league with a random 15 players and we have no way of canceling or changing people out, even though preparation day for the first war barley started. Now 60% of my clan cant participate in league and we cant do anything about it. I would just like to see this changed in a future update. Like if you can change the members at anytime before a war, why would they make it so you are limited to those you selected before hand. It would make more sense just to let you change out the participants with anyone in the clan.

- This Game WAS Good

I’ve never stopped liking this game ever since I got it 3 years ago. There has been so many different things that they’ve added to make the experience a whole lot better for everyone. I remember when I was in a huge clan and all of us would have lovely conversations about our days and how we were fighting in the next war. This game has made so many GREAT memories for me that I’ll never forget. But that was all in the past. The past updates that have been happening recently have really started to change the way this game makes itself original entirely. They’ve added a “Battle pass” sort of thing to try to trend with all the other games that have one like Fortnite. But in turn, it started being less creative and just boring, like ALL the other games. Making a game fun, in my opinion, is having it stand out from all the rest. Which this game is starting to lose. They have even removed World Chat, which I know some people don’t like. But World Chat was how random people bonded and became friends, and was the easiest way to get new members for your clan. Now all you do is invite people on a list and HOPE they join you. This game was at it’s peek around 2017 to 2018 but after they started adding so many things that made it unoriginal, it started to fall apart.

- a Absolute Mobil Game Trend Setter

Clash of Clans is a game best played with friends. People will constantly say stuff like MicroTransactionMania but this just is not true. Yo can easily get gems in game, sure you might speed up the process with MicroTransactions but I never felt like they were a huge problem. The biggest problem this game has is what I call the silver crisis, this happens around silver league 3. At this period you hit a natural road block at which many people seem to quit. This road block being that once at silver 3 you will encounter lots of people with higher skill than you. This will lead to you attacking much higher bases than yourself and failing some people do this cycle of over confidence and failing will lead to some players to quit the game. There is also a issue with the walls being over priced playing some of the top single player missions and getting millions of gold will only allow you to upgrade a couple walls to level 12! And if your wondering at the time of needing to upgrade walls to level 12 you will have around 250+ walls! Another thing great about this game is the fact that it’s free game. It’s also been a around since 2012 and right now it’s November 2019 and there are still 100 million players that get on a day. This game is the best Mobil game in history.

- Idk...

I’ve been playing this game for years... and there is a lot that has changed.. I think the worst part that has changed is the global chat. That was prob the best part. You got to talk to all kinds of people. Talk about their clans and how things ran in them. But now you just have to guess and pick a clan. Don’t know if they speak your language or around your age. If they talk a certain way in their. Who knows?? You just pick one and go with it and keep jumping till you find something. Then the time wait on stuff is crazy. The best part is the new challenges you can do to earn rewards. Since everyone is most likely broke as mess since everything costs sooooo much. I’ve even spent like $5 on this game and that barely put a dent in what I needed to upgrade. It is a fun game to play and talk to people in but that part is cut out for some reason.. literally the best part. It made clan finding easy! Also I don’t really care for the other castle thing over the sea.. a lot of people don’t care for it since they are grinding their main base all the time. It was way better when it was simple. Just a base, clan, clan wars, clan chat, and global chat. But the loot after you get raided is nice! Really like that feature! The others people don’t really do except clan games. Great rewards in that! That’s it for right now I think. Well time to go hop in and out of clans all day to find a decent one I fit into and like 😒

- Walls aren’t overpriced

Hey guys. I’ve been playing this game non-stop for 2.5 years and I still love it just as much as the beginning. I have 3 accounts with the biggest being a maxed th9 about to be a th10. Clan games are interactive, wars are fun and genius and attacking is practical and requires strategy and tactic. The reason i think people think walls are overpriced is because people focus too much on progressing the base and getting bigger and less about the teamwork that makes clash stand out from other iOS games EVEN clash royale. Supercell did an INSANE job at matching up the amount of elixer needed AND gold needed to build and max ones base. If walls were any cheaper, Wed see massive stockpiles of gold on people bases when u try to attack a near-maxed TH. My th9s troops and walls are going to max AT EXACTLY THE SAME TIME. After about th8 it mostly becomes a focus on getting into a clan that suits you and trying to build a war streak with other buddies. It’s really the construction of a strong clan that makes the game fun. U can do that at most any level. Not good at wars? 1. Get better, 2. Clan games! Everyone can do those and they make the clan look good. If ur impatient, we’ll that’s why they made clash royale. If ur a strategy and businessman like me, this is the game for you. Thanks for reading!

- Clash Of Clans Review

Well I had downloaded the game because my friend had recommended it. I had often played it but didn’t enjoy it or understand it while I was a beginner. Eventually I had become more familiar with the game and started to enjoy it, and had played for hours every day. Then I had stopped playing as much and had deleted the game. I redownloaded it awhile after that; but yet again deleted it. Recently my friend asked if u still had it and I didn’t at that time. He had said I should download it and eventually I started to begin to deeply understand the game itself. He had got me into the a clan and it was amazing. The clan was friendly and almost all the time someone was online. Then I had my home village redone by my friend and then like 2 weeks ago I had it rebuilt by the clan leader. He was really friendly and had make me Co-Leader for trusting him. Now I play everyday for hours and cannot go a day without it. Although it seems as I’m saying it’s bad it’s not because I play everyday for maybe 2-2 1/2 hours combined each day and enjoy the game so much. My point is it’s overall a great game and very friendly, and I would recommend to anyone who needs and new game to play. I think the game was thought over well and have no concerns with anything.

- Awesome game, one problem.

I love this game. It’s super fun and super addictive! I started playing it a couple months ago and I’d recommend it to anyone! Some things get pricey as you get to the higher levels and that slows progress but most games are like that. The only problem I have had with the game is Supercell’s customer service. They are absolutely terrible. I just had an incident where I upgraded to a new phone and had problems loading my village to my new phone. First of all, they won’t let you call them. It’s email only and they take days to respond. Secondly, they told me they found my village and that I would need to answer 10 questions in order to verify. I answered the questions and thought ‘great! I’ll have my village back in no time!’. Man was I wrong. They told me that my answers were precise enough and that they wouldn’t give me my village back. I went back and forth with them for days. With them continuously telling me that they can’t help me and that I couldn’t have my village back. I finally just created a new Apple ID in order to re-save my old village on my old device. It was all such a hassle and they didn’t end up helping me at all. 10/10 would recommend the game but know going into it that the customer service is completely terrible.

- Played since 2014. Great game but someMAJOR issues.

This is by far one of my all time favorite games. Mostly everything they have ever done to the game is well thought out. However there are issues.1. The walls are too expensive for what they do. Nowadays everyone uses balloons, electro dragons, baby dragons, and miners. Walls do nothing against these troops. NOTHING! So I just don’t understand why they cost so much. I understand that there is a 20% off builders that can be earned through the season pass but upgrading walls should be able to be accomplished without spending 5 dollars every month.2. There is basically nothing you can do against miners. The best weapon in my base is the giant bombs against them. They either need nerfed or there needs to be some sort of weapon against them. 3. There needs to be more builders. The new Otto thing that was added is cool but this can only be earned from doing outrageous amounts of work in a separate village. One that I have no interest in whatsoever. There should be the option to buy more than 5 builders in the home village that I would gladly buy with gems that I have earned through achievements and clearing obstacles. That is all. These issues are a simple fix and would make the community as a whole a lot happier thank you.

- Fun game? Why not?

So yes, I’m a gamer and seeing this game just gets you hooked and people could go on and on about this game and how it can be improved and why they like it. But with all these updates, how can people just starting the game keep up with the updates that were there for years such as a TH1 trying to become a TH5 in a month or so without using gems and lots of time? So what I’m saying is, as you progress through the game, thinks should be cheaper and less time, Tesla’s in builder and home village should be reduced and same and everything should be equivalent to the other. And not just that, things like the decorations should also get things added weekly or monthly with new things and should be obtainable through many ways just like challenges. And as you guys continue the Season pass, the skins should be a little easier to get and if you do manage to obtain them, equipping the skin should also change the hero’s throne/building to match the skin. And lastly, their should also be a new thing called backgrounds where you can obtain them through the Season pass *along with the skins* and have them forever. It should be based on certain things. Thank you for listening and making it possible to have fun, Your COC gaming kid

- Great game, but fix the AI and the clan matchups

The game is great: fun, interactive, and more. But when I attack sometimes the Ai in the troops doesn’t make sense. It might just be part of the game, but the Ai should at least follow some common sense. For example, if there is a giant, and he is 5 tiles from an archer tower that is surrounded by walls, but 15 tiles away from another archer tower with no walls, the giant will go for the archer tower with no walls, regardless of wall level or archer tower level. If there is a closer object, those troops should target that object, such as in the giant example, where he should have targeted the archer tower with walls. Second of all, the clan matchups are not balanced. I am in a lvl 3 clan with decent players, but we only have around 5-7 players th 9 and above in wars. We get matched up with clans that are lvl 8-10, with almost all player having a th above 8. In the matchups, the war is already won, before anyone even battles. The wars usually end up either us demolishing the opposing team or vice versa. There was never in an inbetween where the players are tied in stars. My recommendation is to match up the clans based on a win-loss ratio. For example, a clan with 50% win rate might get paired up with a 45-55% win rate clan instead of a 30% or 85% win rate clan. Anyways, this is a great game, but some things can be really frustrating.

- Love the game, one small problem.

Ok, I know everyone else is like this, but this has nothing to do with the gameplay. Every part of this game is perfect, the upgrades are balanced, and it’s not pay to win. The one thing about this is that my sister has a townhall 5 and she never plays. I have another account besides my townhall 9, because I logged in with supercell ID, then made another account. That account is now at townhall 6 and my sisters is still at townhall 5, and ever since I started on my other account, something would pop up saying Would you like to load chief super nova clans town hall 5? And I don’t want to. I have to press cancel every time and it’s getting annoying. The only thing I haven’t tried is setting up a supercell ID on my small account. If you could make something that can say, Don’t show this message again as a checkbox, that would be fantastic. I know some other people have had this problem, because I looked something up for how to fix it and it stayed basically what I’m saying. Every other part of the game is perfect just the way it is, and I respect your guys decisions on doing stuff like removing global chat and adding season pass. Much love, BeaconXp/I am Awesome! These are my usernames if you were wondering.

- The memories

This game is just a trip down memory lane. Just to let you guys know, I’ve been playing the same game, same account since 2012 so about 6 to 7 years. I haven’t played this game daily but once in a while I’ll remember this game and redownload it and connect my account and then begin to play for about 3 to 4 months. This only happens about once or maybe twice a year and I love it. Just the music brings me back to when I would wake up every Sunday morning and have that music play on my couch for hours just sitting there. Those were the good days. So anyways I’ve been playing this game for a very long time and a lot has changed. New troops, defenses, even a whole new location to build a village as well as townhall levels and many more. A lot of the time how ever it is very upsetting to see just how much has changed. I loved the old look of the villages townhall 10 meaning you are like a god. I love those moments and I do not want to forget them. This is not a problem but I just want to share it with you guys because this game is very important to me because it definitely shaped me when I was younger. Ps. Ive been playing for 6 or 7 years now and I’m still only a town hall 9 so it’s ok if you think your behind.

- Teaming with clans

I love this game! I have played it for about 5-6 years. I love it. I remember when th10 was impossible. Now I’m th10 and wonder what was the fuss about? I think there is a couple of fixes that would help. Here is one of them. I think there should be an update where your clan and 8 other clans similar to yours combine. You would still be leader of your own clan but all the non leaders vote for a leader out of all the 9 leaders to kind of run them all in a way. They can’t do anything major like kick someone out of another clan unless permission by the leader. Unless they break a rule. There should be another war where it is every other month, right after CWL. The ‘president of the clans’ can select 100 members from any clan to participate. Every year, they can vote on a new president. I know it sounds stupid but think how cool it would be to team up with other clans for wars. It could be called whatever supercell wants. But I’ve always wanted to combine with clans without leaving my clan and giving up leader. Also, you could donate and receive troops from the other clans, and could have a group chat with all 9 clans. This would make the game so much better and I think other people would say the same.

- Decent game, one glaring issue.

Clash of Clans is an alright game, with some fun, albeit unoriginal base building and attacking gameplay. It has a fun art style, and some nice animations. If you reach some of the higher leagues, sure, it becomes grind for 3 weeks or pay to win, it is still a nice competitive bracket. The main issue I have had with this game is the servers. Supercell has the insane amount of players playing this game on just a set of relatively cheap servers. Connection is honestly never stable, they do not allow client side modification, and the servers cannot properly handle the amount of players on at any one time. From personal experience, this device loses connection to the servers at least every 6.5 minutes the app is active. This is not ok. I do understand that setting up new servers is expensive, could shut the game down for a few days or weeks, and may have them lose some money they could've made during that time, but I believe it is the best option for the longevity of this game. They probably don't care, because no matter what people will keep paying them for gems or loot, but if they actually care about having an enjoyable game with minimal issues, I think something has to be done. Apologies for the rant. TLDR; Decent game with nice graphics,not quite original gameplay ideas (fun nonetheless), servers are not good enough for the amount of players.

- Great Game But.......

Yeah this is a great game in all, but there are a few problems. Number one. When your phone or iPad or whatever you’re playing Clash Of Clans on shuts off because you haven’t touched it in while, and you get back on.........and the game took away at least four-thousand of your Elixir or Gold. Then you can get frustrated. That’s only one problem. Number two. Yeah ok most people may not want to change their name in the game but some people do. So you should have a button to rewrite your name because you don’t like it. That is problem number two. Number three. The last problem. The clash of clans flag for your clan on the left side of the map for your base, and to upgrade to the next level for your clan. Yeah I know probably half of the people who play this game would know how to level up. However probably half of the people who play this game don’t know how to level up. So you should have kind of instructions on how to level up. That’s the last thing. Other than that the game is perfect there is no glitches and it doesn’t blur and the game crashes sometimes but not all the time there’s good graphics and details on the pictures of the game I play it every day and it gives me joy thank you for making this game it is perfect! That’s my review. Thank you for reading!

- It’s great until...

This game has been my go to mobile game for about 4 years now. I’ve played on and off in those years, and in that time I’ve gotten myself to level 102 and about halfway finished maxing my th9. This and Clash Royale are my all time favorite mobile games, and I have nothing but positive things to say until this. When you get into a high level clan, you will inevitably have some guy’s level 12 little brother in the clan with you, who will always wanna be giving you troops. It shouldn’t have to be said that when I request for balloons, I’m not asking for your little level 2s. But the kid won’t quit and no one will ever say anything cuz they don’t want to offend his level 135 brother, who happens to be co-leader. Supercell, I’m begging you. Put in request settings. When you go to request for troops, rather than typing up what you want in the box, I would like to see something where it just pulls up the little menu that has all the troops (sort of like when you are training troops) and you just tap the troop(s) you want, how many of each, and then maybe have a little slider bar with the minimum troop level that you will accept. This way people can’t troll you and give you stuff you don’t want.


Overall, this game is one if the best games I’ve ever played. I love the idea of attacking, upgrading, defending and the clan wars/games. And that you can have two bases in different places. It’s a really well designed game. But I have two ideas that I would like to see added to this game and that would make it even more fun. I find it very enjoyable to be able to start over whenever I want if I’m rushed or just needed a fresh start in other games. I think it would make a difference in how many players enjoy the game when they know if they make a mistake they can start over but still be in the clan they were in, and still have all of the friends they had before not having to wait for supercell to delete your account, like I did, for one month. The second idea I had was being able to donate recourses such as gems, gold, elixir and dark elixir. Now this would make it a lot easier for clan members/friends who are about to upgrade something really big, and then they get raided and need to save again. I think it would greatly impact the way people think of this game and how fun it is. I hope you will take these ideas into consideration. Thank you for taking your time to read my review.

- Nearly perfect

I have been an avid fan of this game since 2013 and although it’s one of favorite mobile games of all time it still can never truly be great. The game is completely pay to win and everyone knows it, I just got back into it recently though and started a new base. I’m only at TH8 and it’s already bad, leveling up hero’s is awful and not rewarding, it’s literally impossible to make it onto the leaderboards without spending absurd amounts of money, and the attacking system although fun at lower levels one your maxed its boring since there’s no more new troops or strategies to learn. Something I can praise the game for though is that when I initially played the game the only way to get resources was attacking, the campaign, wars, collectors, and your moms credit card. Now there’s tons of ways to get all resources, but the main reason why this game can never truly be great is because you can’t play it for long. Sure you can spam gems all day but unless your Jeff Bezos it’s impossible to keep up. The game is a giant money scheme with the front of being a fun casual mobile game, and even though it is fun at times, it isn’t fun when it takes 4 days to upgrade 1 singular mortar to do 80 more damage. I would rate this game 5 stars but I have to go get 28,000,000 gold to finish my walls (I’m not kidding).

- Builder village

Clash of Clans is one of the greatest Mobile apps you can find with this type of gameplay yes, but the builder base clashing system is broken. The AI and the match-making system is absolute garbage. Playing as a builder hall 5 I am consistently up-tiered to builder hall 6 & 7 and it is completely unfair. When raiding a village at the normal village you can get maybe 1 or 2 stars against a higher town hall but when the amount of damage you do is a deciding factor if you win and the enemy has a stronger army and stronger base, then it’s mostly impossible. Sure, you get the inadequate player who is either rushed or just plain bad, but the advantage of having a higher base over your opponent is making it almost unplayable and the opposite of fun, frustrating. The AI is also complete garbage as most of the time you’re stuck wondering, “WHY ARE YOU GOING THAT WAY!!!!”. But both bases have that problem, but the wall breakers took a complete step backwards because they still target wall spikes. The AI also decides to run straight past other buildings to get to the building that was across the wall, which is stupid because none of them have enough health to run past three defenses. I’ve had cannons go past the town hall to attack buildings over a wall too. The AI is completely unprepared for handling walls and the match-making system is completely awful.

- Unbalanced/Wants your money/don’t waste the time

This game is gosh awful there a a few reasons, maybe the fact that if you don’t pay it will literally take 20 years to unlock and upgrade everything, maybe there “new” season pass which hardly rewards people who don’t pay and is another money pool for kids with their parents credit card, maybe it’s the horrible pvp system that can never find a accurately fair fight. Usually paring your town hall with higher level ones and ones that have 0 loot. But the biggest and worst part I’ve found is the “builder base” essentially you’re allowed 3 attacks a day that’s it and these attacks are the ONLY way to progress pass like town hall 3. Trophies from winning will decide how much money you make out of winning these attacks so fair matches and winning these 3 attacks you get a day practically determines wether or not you can upgrade ever again. Also even if you win all 3 it usually won’t even gain enough to do a single upgrade. Once again the pvp is horrible here I experienced a entire day trying to do my three attacks and lost almost 1000 trophies because the game in its amazing 5 star quality kept pairing my town hall to players with ones 2 levels higher and with way more trophies, thus they where better at the game then me because they had way more defenses. This game is a pitiful excuse for money and hasn’t changed in the 8 or so years it’s been out if you want a game to waste time get literally anything else

- Love this game!!! But Global come back please.

I’ve had Clash for years now and I love it. It’s a really great game with interactions online and you get to meet some awesome people. I met someone that’s I’ve known for over a year now, and now he’s one of my really good friends. I love everything to do with this game, but what happened to the global chat? Not that I ever used it, but where’d it go? I like that you can now use tags and stuff to show other people what kind of player you are. It really helps find the perfect clan. I’ve been in my clan for over 5 years, but some we’ve found some people that hadn’t had a clan, but where really good. They’re awesome people. Thanks SuperCell!!! Love this game so much!! I love the fact that when people donate, it’s usually out of the goodness of their hearts. My clan has a rule that you have to get 10 donations per season, but most of my clan members have over 2,000. Again about the global chat, please bring it back. I’ve had a lot of people that joined our clan with the tag thing upset because they’re used to finding a clan in global, but not just randomly. There are jerks in global no doubt about it, but some people have found their forever clan from it too.

- Wow... This is GREAT!

I don’t typically leave reviews. I use to play this game alone time ago and got to townhall 8. I lost all my progress because my device was broken and i didnt have the game backed up. I got back into it 6 months ago and I absolutely love it! All the new changes is what brought me back! It is so much fun! I use to feel like i had to spend money to get anywhere but now there are so many cool perks to speed things up and with the builder hall on the side you always have something to do! I pay for the season pass and the $4.99 a month is soooo worth it! It speeds things up so fast and you get so many perks! I dont like spending money on apps but this is %100 acceptable and worth it! I feel like before all this new stuff clash was kind of dying out and then boom!!! Blew my mind. This game is definitely going to be around alooong time if not forever! If you dont know if you should get back into it because your returning or a new player, do it! Its not too late! Once you get started you will have a blast! And I recommend getting in a clan or starting one! It also enhances the experience with so many perks and extra troops! This game is putting my iphone xs max to good use! LOOOVE IT!!! Cant say it enough..

- Need Donation Receipts

So I’ve been playing Clash for a number of years now, almost since the beginning, and the game has come a long way. Love the community and the moderators/programmers. But if I could make one simple suggestion to improve the donations system it would be to add donation receipts. All too often players receive and or donate wrong troops and spells, and although this may not seem like a big issue it becomes increasingly important at higher levels and with more competitive players. It’s great to get a little pop-up notification letting you know who donated what, but it could be improved. By simply adding a donation list that states who donated what the last few times in the Clan Castle information page it would deter players who continuously choose to donate wrong troops/spells. Knowing there is a list recording donations, players could be better held accountable for their wrong donations. When taken into consideration that at higher levels/TH every single attack counts and even more so in wars, and that Clan Castle troops are part of attack strategies, you can then understand how wrong troops effectively sabotage these attack strategies. I hope to see some improvement of the donations system sometime soon.

- A response to haters

In Clash of Clans, there are some haters of the game mainly because of the AI or the upgrade time, and some even hate the game just because of wall prices. I’m the leader of a level 11 clan, and I’ve played the game for almost 5 years. I love everything about this game, and have two accounts, a max th11 going to 12 right now, and a th9 that I’m playing on for fun. A solution to the AI being annoying sometimes, like your queen going for a random storage while a single inferno is right next to her, is to funnel. I used to be horrible at funneling, and I could never understand why my troops wouldn’t go into the core of the base. Once you learn how to funnel effectively, getting those precious stars and loot will be much easier. The next point is about upgrade time and wall prices. Sure, not everybody loves the time it takes to upgrade an inferno tower, but that’s the reason why you want to log on everyday. Finally, the wall prices I won’t rant on much because the argument over the walls is a two sided thing. Remember, though, that they’ve already been halved, which is good since I hated having to spend 1mil on a single lvl 8 to 9 wall. Thanks for reading my review!

- Great game but customer service isn’t

Amazing game, don’t get me wrong. I’ve played it from 2013 to now and i’ve has lots of fun with it. I got up to town hall 8 with my original village, but when i returned earlier this month, my account got removed from my icloud. I was greatly disappointed and saddened from this, so i contacted supercell through the app and got some amazing help IN THE BEGINNING. It was all going swimmingly when i was informed they couldn’t recover my old base. I was not angered at this because i had already made good progress on my new account and had spent money on this account. Earlier this morning however, i woke up to a message from Supercell saying “i see you have logged on to your missing village! Congratulations!” But i hadn’t. I was confused and said i didn’t have access to my first account with the correct download receipts from 2013. I knew my old account wasn’t coming back, but i had spent 10 dollars on my new account and mad really good progress, so i was excited to be back into the game. About 2 hours ago i logged on to the app to see I was Banned for “Account phishing”. I now have lost 2 accounts, both dear to me and am very unhappy with the service i’ve revived. Gameplay wise, it’s incredible, but just make sure to connect your account if you don’t want it deleted or banned.

- Really good game, some things need some work...

I love this game, I’m a town hall 11, and the normal base is super fun. With the diversity in ways you can attack, and the fact that a lot of this ways can work and no troop is absolutely useless is really nice, and I have little to no problems with the main base (except maybe it could take less time to upgrade things...) however, my problem lies with the builder base. The separate town hall on a different island has introduced several new defenses, and is mostly fun... mostly. The problem I have is how busted the crusher is. As a defense in the game, it’s cool, but the fact that it three shots troops that are supposed to be tanks is kinda busted. And it’s not the fact that they exist, because normally you could at least try to avoid them, but for some reason when you want a troop to break a wall, they travel all the way around the base to the one little opening that someone has both their crushers. It makes it hard to attack when you constantly get troops dragged to where the crushers are. And I know there is bombers and stuff, but they take up an entire army camp so I lose so much space for actual troops. I just dislike how the builder base attacking has a lot of changes needed in my opinion, but other than that it’s a great game...

- Great Game! But, One Problem

I love this game to be completely honest. It has a great sense of progression with you upgrading your base over time. The upgrades are for the most part, balanced. The addition of Builder Bases was a great idea. Although I feel there are several great things about this game, there is one problem. This is, the people who you are matched up against in Builder Base battles. I upgrade all of my defenses and yet I am still being beat by people who are an entire Builder Base level higher than me. This gives them an upper hand. People should be matched against people of the same Builder Hall level so that everyone that is matched together will have the capability to get all upgrades that your opponent has and there is no advantage. This would make it so that you aren't being beaten by someone who has things you don't have access to at all. With this also being your main source of resources, you can barely upgrade due to the rare wins. Even when adjusting troop setups and strategies, I can't get a success. Now don't think I all of a sudden hate this game for that. It's a great game with one problem that doesn't even affect the entire game because this only affects your Builder Base and not your main base. Overall, I love this game.

- Great game. A few suggestions...

I think clash of clans has held its own over the years as a great game; I’ve been playing since 2015. But, i think an update that would have people log into a new updated server where only confirmed accounts exist and all forgotten ones are left behind in the old server. This wouldn’t delete accounts, but rather weed out many, many dead clans and dead accounts from the actual area of play. And say after 60 days of inactivity an account is moved back into the old server, and when everyone in a clan hits 60 days of inactivity, the clan is moved as well. Maybe you guys already do this, who knows. Also bring back the global chat - but maybe put an easy on/off button for it for those who don’t want to participate. Or a parent passcode if parents are concerned about their kids being on the global server. Also clan chats are dead, can we create incentive to make people talk? Or like redesign the chat thing and merge it with the “search clans” area? I think it needs to be easier for people to connect - it feels pretty lonely after like 10 mins. And people just keep joining and leaving clans like its nbd. Maybe add an in-app forum area. I know I’m throwing a bunch of suggestions but they’re just ideas, hopefully this helps.

- Game is fun, but needs improvements

Hey guys, hopefully this review will make it to the supercell team. I have played this game for awhile and as a player I’ve noticed the dificulteis it is to climb to the top. To start with I want to talk about upgrading the walls. I’m at a point where my next walls upgrade will be 4mil per wall. This seems very unbalanced compared to what it costs to upgrade the buildings. I do want to say tho, thank you supercell team for coming out with the magic books!!! I just couldn’t bear the idea of waiting a month for a TH upgrade! Anyhow, the walls, way too expensive to upgrade, 4mil for a single piece of wall when a defense building costs only about twice as that, “maybe a way to add a less expensive way to upgrade the walls if you choose to let your builder work on it for awhile? Just an idea!” Many players have very rushed walls and it seems like a general issue. Another thing are the heroes, I mean, come on, 3 heroes, and my queen now costs 90k DE to upgrade. It would be fine if it was 1 heroes, now upgrading all 3, plus the lab troops with just a couple DE colector. By the way, thanks for adding the boost for 1 gem only for the collectors!! Overall I think the game is cool, but the people at the bottom are struggling to get to top, need to ease a little on the costs of these things. Thanks for reading!

- Sumbum

I love clash of clans. Everything in it is so clever and everything. However. I took a star off because of this: global chat. You removed gobal chat. Today I found out and let me tell you a story. I was trying to find a new casual clan. I put in my outputs and such but in the end, i couldn’t find one. I ended up realizing that I couldn’t ask 50 people because global was gone so I can’t ask for advice. Global chat had spread clans and friendships that will now never happen because players will never meet. I myself met a player 4 years ago and once I got back into the game I’ve been looking for them everywhere. I ended up making a new clan that was for casual players and then I came upon deja vu. I can’t advertise my clan in global. Hundreds of clans have died and because they can’t get new members because members had to come to them. I understand swearing and everything but you can just figure out a way to censor that and things. Removing global entirely hurts the reason the game because so popular in the first place. It’s in the name of the game. Clash of CLANS. CLANS. You can’t have a clash in this game without a clan. I really hope you read this and that it changes something. Let’s be real it’s probably it going to happen.

- Good game bad guild lines

Game is good and gets better the more time you put into it ,but if you started playing this game in its first few years you know they didn’t have supercell ID. I had a town hall 10 that I invested money and hours in a long time ago and I recently tried to recover it . I now have a new town hall 9 account that I made a year or two ago that I have invested time and money into as well. I contacted supercell help and I tried answering their recovery questions as best as I could but I don’t know who would remember exactly what device month and year they originally downloaded clash of clans on. At the end of the questioning I was banned on my new account for account phishing my old account that is in my original clan made by me and friends. I was even in the clan and doing war with my new account in that same clan. I had just bought the October season pass. I messaged supercell again and tried to see if they could unban be because the information they were requiring to recovery my old account was crazy, but they said bans are final they won’t unban anybody. I had no history of account phishing or any misconduct before and they just terminate my account like it’s noting. Now I have two accounts that I’ve put hours and tons of money into that I lost. Makes me want to stop playing.

- Biggest cash grab on the App Store

I’ve played clash of clans for roughly 3 years. Multiple times I have maxed out almost everything. This means that multiple times I got to spend all of my resources on maxing an item out. Why multiple? Because Supercell decides to update their game every few months and add in more levels to everything. For the people who have already had these buildings or troops maxed out get to pay the same amount of resources to upgrade it again. When Supercell adds new levels they reduce the cost of previous levels. However, to the people who already have the highest level this means absolutely nothing. You get to spend the same amount of resources to level everything up again when you already spent more than it is currently worth. Perhaps I wouldn’t have an issue with this if supercell gave back to the players who already paid more for an upgrade than its now worth. This has happened a handful of times throughout my history of playing this game, and because of that I’m done with this game for good. If you wanna put hours of time into this game to see your progression mean absolutely nothing then continue on with this game.

- I wish I could give it 5 stars

I love this game. I’ve been playing for a little while now and is town hall 9. One big flaw about this game is that yes, it’s extremely balanced in town hall 6 and up, but it’s super slow and hard to grind trophies in lower town halls. There really aren’t any amazing spells at town hall 5 and even though there’s the heal spell, it’s just not that worth it considering the amount of elixir it cost and how much resources you need at low town halls. The trophie system is also super uneven at these town halls because, I’m on town hall 4 on my second account and I’m trying to push to 1250 trophies so I can get the achievement. But it only gives me 15-17 trophies for town hall 4-5 with about the same defense level as I do so it would be “even” but if it’s like a max town hall 5 or town hall six, that’s the only time I can get decent trophies like I do in nearly every game on my town hall 9 account. It’s super hard to get good trophies unless you have good clan castle troops. Giants get destroyed by wizard towers and mortars at low levels. Balloons get nearly 1 shoted at low levels. There aren’t any spells to play around with at these town halls so it’s basically you place your troops in your order and hope they don’t die

- Requests

I love the game! It’s been a joy playing the game, honestly it has, I’m just here to make requests to the developers, maybe give them some ideas for what they can do for the game, what I was thinking was to make a king or a queen for all the troops, and once you get to certain town halls, you unlock new hero’s for a troop, but what would he cool would be like you could buy hero’s, or levels in the store with gems, and like every 24 hours they can switch the hero’s that you could buy, and they would also have restrictions for defending and fighting in battle, I was thinking that you could just tap on the hero alter or whatever it’s called, and switch out three hero’s of your choice, (because grand warden, archer queen, and barbarian king are the main ones) I’m just making requests like that because I think it would be cool, and you could maybe even create a whole new currency for new hero’s or something! Or still just use dark elixir, because they may not be very much max the 12 town halls, but there still are some! And they need tot spend the dark elixir on other stuff besides training dark barrack troops, but that’s all, I just think they should add stuff like that!

- Great game! Just a few issues

I enjoy this game a lot since it really does give me a fun time and a good experience! Most the time I would build something new and find out what it does to use it effectively in defense. I also enjoy how some defenses have different effects on certain troops. Like how the Tesla does even more damage to a Pekka or that a goblin cannot trigger spring traps. It add a lot of strategy to the way you design your base! My only main issues I really have is even though that I do understand it’s supposed to be expensive to unlock new things a have to say that some things cost way to much gold or elixir. Like that the air sweeper costs 150,000 gold even though it doesn’t to much damage and only blows enemies back a certain amount. Maybe make it cost 80,000 or at the most 100,000? The other only main issue I have is that the order you unlock new troops in the barracks can be a little odd like that the giant comes before the goblin. I understand that the goblins really fast and aims for loot but the giant seems way better once you get him to a good level. However overall I give this game 5 stars! You deserve it!

- Fun and addictive

I first started playing this game in around 2014 when I was still in elementary school, and on and off over the past 5 years I’ve played. This game was so fun and addictive that back in the beginning I also made a second account to play along with my main. Around 3 years ago I stopped playing as it became boring. But recently I’ve become addicted to playing this game again, and when I redownloaded the village that it used was my main much higher th. And after playing again for around a month I decided I wanted to try to get back my other village. At first it was a struggle as I didn’t know the information for it as I created it before supercell ids and hadn’t played since they were added. The support team was very helpful in regaining control of my account that laid dormant for years. They were very nice and easy to work with, as I hadn’t used the account since middle school and am now in 11th grade the information they asked to verify was a bit fuzzy. But with their help I got the village back and am now very satisfied and even created another village to play. Definitely will not stop playing anytime soon.

- Clan Versus Challenge Settings

I am an avid player and love the game. You all have done so much good for this game over the years and have created something special. But PLEASE GET RID OF THE 24 HOUR WAIT PERIOD FOR IN CLAN CHALLENGES!!!! Part of being in an active clan should be the ability to challenge and critique your clan mates bases. To me, and the 30 some other members of my extremely active clan, the ability to attack and defend against others in your clan is how you get better at the game. I understand that this method of attacking doesn’t generate revenue for y’all, the developers. But taking away the 24 hour wait period after you’ve changed even one piece of wall in your base won’t change any revenue stream. Please oh please get rid of that wait period!!!! Also new idea!!!! Allow multiple builders to be put to work on a single building. This will reduce the speed of upgrade and building. Allocating multiple builders to one building would make this game more enjoyable and one would be able to get a building done in time for war. 2 builders on a building wouldn’t need to be 2 times as fast but it should be close.

- Game is decent, Supercell support is horrible

I don’t want to incorrectly rate the game, as it is fun to play. However, I feel Supercell should be involved in this rating as well. Their support system is HORRIBLE. My friend tried to recover an account that had been dormant for 8 months or so. Upon trying to enter his information he was banned for phishing. Therefore, he emailed Supercell support, who only responded around 4 am. Despite this they always told him to produce an ‘in-game ticket.’ However, it was literally impossible to get into the game to do this because he was banned. At one point he was even able to get into the game, submit the ticket and was banned again. Therefore, I contacted them on his behalf, simply asking what he could do. They recommended he get into another device. Therefore, on my device (the only one we had) he tried again to submit a ticket, including a special referral number one of these “support agents” provided, and my account was banned as well before anyone even responded. Supercell is crazy about instabanning you for trying to recover an account. They have horrible customer service. The “agents” try to answer your question in one message and will end the chat after, and you can be waiting for hours to even hear a response in the first place. Overall this has been a ridiculous experience and I hope this turns some people away from this company.

- Great game, yet som issue

I love this game, I left the game after rushing some years ago but returned to find a game that I would eventually play a lot, yet when I got to a certain point it became evident that the game was sending town halls above mine to attack, while this is some sort of just me complaining that I am sort of bad, it came to my attention when a guy with a barbarian king attacked me, even though his upgrades where way higher than mine and his town hall was a higher level, then I went through the battle thing and found multiple users that had way lower upgrades than me and lower town hall levels that I could freely attack and make a small profit while the person who was being attack could not do a thing, this got me thinking, huh, that’s not right. But other than that I love the game, the strategy and feel of the game is amazing, the game is a perfect game and is one of the only games that I can think of that does not just shove ads down your throat every step of the way COUGH voodoo COUGH this game is not a pay to win or a ad above, which makes me love the game a lot. In my opinion this game is a perfect game, could use some targeting aI tweaks and some battle tweaks but all in all this is a perfect game.

- Worst service ever

I use to play clash of clans back about 4-5 years ago and really enjoyed it but just got tired of it at the time. Here recently I had some buddies get back into the game and I downloaded clash of clans thinking I would still have my same village. When I started the game my village wouldn’t come up and was having to start over and after doing some research found out you can message clash of clans support system. I was really excited thinking I’d be able to get my game back when I talked to this one person named Karen she was being kinda helpful just said I needed to write down my information. I did mess up at first and typed one wrong number for village tag. Once I fixed the mistake and another thing they wanted to know my clan names no way I could remember them being that I hadn’t played in over 4-5 years. So once I fixed my mistake another person message different from Karen on the support system and asked me some more questions I answered them the best I could remember. The next day I try to log on and found out I had been banned from the game for good. Saying I was trying to phishing a village, when in fact it’s my village. Basically I’m being punished for other ppl doing the game dirty when I’m just trying to play the game with my old base. The support never gave me any warning just went straight to banning. Do better clash of clans

- Don’t ask to delete your account

The reason I give it a one star is because it has been EXTREMELY frustrating. I say this because the last time i played was about a year ago and i wanted to delete my account. So since I linked my account there was no way to do that, so I ask supercell. At first I get there robot that asks if I want to restore my account and I tell it I want to delete my account and it asks questions about my previous account? Ok but then I get a real person after 3 days and then they ask am I sure i want to delete my account for 2 days. But by now I didn’t talk for about 3 days and they closed the chat, so I had to wait another few days with the robot and another person. Finally though when they realize that I actually want to delete my account it asks two weeks. Now I do understand the wait period, so if you wanted to you could ask to have your base back. Now I wait the two weeks. So two weeks pass and I log on and I get a message “your account will be deleted soon.” So I wait so I come back on a week later and it STILL tells me my account will be deleted soon so I wait again about a month has passed since I asked for my account to be deleted and they still haven’t gotten to ACTUALLY deleting it and I have tried deleting the app and redone loading but I didn’t work. I don’t know what to do but I am VERY annoyed. Thanks for reading

- Fantastic one thing could make it better

I loooooove playing this game and the updates are fantastic I even play hay day and other games made by this company. Although there is one thing I think would be nice. It's not global cha I'm okay with that not ever existing again. It's just I like having not a hard time upgrading things in builder hall 6. They are all very expensive and see why defensive would be but how about other things not costing so much. Also for the clan castle when people attack if you watch them attack can you use one of the spells in your clan castle? Like that would be so cool and I get notifications if someone attacks me. I love the game though it's fun and active and people are very nice and it's easier to report now. If you want to play this game please do it's so awesome and fun I love almost everything about the game. I especially love clan games! They are the most fun the ever to play and maybe we could have them more often? Whatever is fine and I can't eat o see new updates for the next town hall. Maybe purple would do like purple and blue and make achers' hair light blue? That would be awesome. Thanks for making this game!

- Deep pockets vs. Skill

Supercell, makers of Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, Hay Day and Clash Royale seem to have a problem with Americans. They are based in Europe so I suppose they are catering to the home team but its also apparent they really like the Asian countries as well. I happen to be a night worker, so I’m up all night regularly and have noticed that most special events that bring extra opportunities for stars, points, gems, etc., always seem to start between the hours of midnight and 4 AM in the U.S. This is prime hours for Europe and Asia but most Americans are sleeping. So, of course, this gives an obvious advantage to Europeans and Asians. Maybe this explains why the top clans and players in the world are always from China, Japan and Korea with a few Europeans . No big deal since these games are becoming boring and repetitious but after building your bases and developing your troops over several years to then be stomped on by some short timer from China who bought his base and maxed it out takes the skill out of the game and replaces it with whose daddy gives the biggest allowance. Too bad. These were great games at one time but the endless procession of pointless upgrades, designed to force you to keep spending money or get crushed, has caused the SuperCell games to become predictable and reward those with the deepest pockets over those with skill.

- Tragic ending.

I have been playing since September 2014, and the game use to be great. Now it is good; except, everything takes almost three times as long to acquire, and the only people left playing are also from the beginning of the game. Everyone is matchmade with the top %35, even if you’re in silver or bronze. The community deranks purposely. They had to remove the global chat even, due to it being so common. They added Dark Elixir, and other new currencies too. Unfortunately there are only one way to gain these resources, unless you’re often attacking and playing aggressively, but that costs all your regular elixir to train armies, and you don’t gain an even amount when it is all done, usually your army is worth more than the loot. Upgrades for some of these new “resources” are outrageously priced. Anywhere from 30,000 dark elixir for level 2 up to 140,000 for level 8. They’re so many things to pay for, when you only gain 200 elixir an hour, and every upgrade is this cost or greater. Everyone is broke, because we are being farmed by the top %35 of players. Data publicly available from Tencent games shows that fewer and fewer people are playing this game, while those of us who do, are left in the dust. I would have use to recommend this game to everyone, but until they fix the games core problems, it’ll never be good for anyone.

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- Multiplayer battles

This game is a perfect game to play in your free time. But there are some things that annoys me. I do wish you could control your troops and where they move and what they should attack. Sometimes I plan an attack on someone but then my troops do the exact opposite of what you’d like them to do. For example earlier I was attacking someone then half my army get destroyed by my opponents clan castle troops. I still had a few other troops alive. There were wizards that were going around the base, three barbarians trying to get in the base then there were my healers. My wizards were dying from the defences from the outside layer of the base an my barbarians were getting hurt by a mortar and my healer was healing the barbarians when my wizards needed it more! I recon I could’ve won the battle if I could make my healer target my wizards. Oh even though this isn’t about multiplayer battles I do wish walls were a bit cheaper. It takes me forever to upgrade all my wall and now upgrading 10 walls takes nearly all my gold when I could have upgraded something else. I did rate this a five star because this is an amazing game to play but this are request just for improved gameplay and to make the game more fun and enjoyable to play and a tiny bit more easier too. Thanks:)

- Don’t rush my attack!

Hi been a long time player in CoC the game is great. My review is on that of the attack summary after a builder base attack. Now we get 60 seconds to quickly scope opponents base and then at least 3 minutes for the attack once a troop is placed. To win the round, one has to get more stars, if same amount of stars then more percentage of overall damage to opponents builder village. If same amount of stars or damage occurred for both players there used to be a tie. But now it’s rated on how ‘fast’ the attack is done. I say again DON’T RUSH MY ATTACK please. It’s fair to have a tie if both attackers get same overall. How does time make it a better attack? It’s got nothing to do with winning. Slow is smooth smooth is fast. Just because their attack or my attack took less time but same overall damage should not negate a victor here. What about the strategy used by players and the use of different types of troops? One might have four different types of troops and the other might just be one of those night witch spam attacks with no skill or creativity as to how they are performing their attack. Other than that I really like the game but if you start rushing me supercell because of other people are impatient then I’m not going to like this game anymore.

- Gameplay & Function

Everything about this game is practically flawless. It's more than worth it to get as a game it's like a funny fun version of age of empires. Would be nice if you could choose to fast forward the battle and have 1-4x Options. Each time u click on this button time goes faster and the button number goes up until 4x then resets back to normal speed of the battle on the next click of the button. Also now that I've seen the Hog riders commercial I reeeeallly would like to see a FPS version of this game. One that dabbles both in fps view and 3rd person and even possibly Birdseye view and u can choose to play as any of the units. Or simply just play as a hog rider and have an fps game only based on Hog riders. That u can upgrade. U can customise ur Hog riders look and ur hogs look. And as a Hog Rider u can complete quests such as pick up and drop off quests racing quests, battle quests, training quests, eating quests like the one in castle crashes but 3D, group quests, and then online play to match the single player game play.

- Clash is a good game

Clash is a good game overall but the whole thing where you have to wait up to 12 days for a single upgrade to finish isn’t good. I’m currently town hall 13 one star and I’m finding it very difficult to max. Prices are to high for a start, my eagle artillery is max level thanks to a book of building and the end of season bonus loot but I think the upgrade was taking about 14 days to finish if I didn’t have the book I would probably be still waiting. On to issue 2 walls, they are the most expensive thing in the game overall I have a lv 11 wall here and there but they are to expensive to upgrade, personally I think if they halfed the price it would still be to expensive. On to the last issue heroes ad troops, heroes cost to much to upgrade full stop. My barb king is lv 29 and I’m th13 come on it is that expensive and (I know this is gonna sound sad) but my grand warden is lv7 as for the troops I’m currently upgrading loons to lv8 it cost like 10 mill elixir and is taking about 12 days both of those numbers are to large. I think I’m just focusing on the bad stuff to much. Anyway I am so rushed I had to start another acc and max it th by th I’m only a max th5 so far tho and even now the costs are to high. I quite like the game overall it is a good game to play if you have lots of time as it requires a lot of attention.

- Skins

Clash of Clans I think this is the best game I played so far a thank for this amazing great game and please do not shut down decrease on the top 10 and Clash of Clans is really popular in my school all my classmates are obsessed to this great app and the graphics and the music �� and all the other stuff about this amazing �� game the you epic game for best and enjoyable and endless games we all of these updates and the season 1 was great and fun and season 2 was great and amazing and don’t get me even started on season 3 it was terrific amazing and even interesting and more people who love this game great game just watched people play but you all of a sudden let iOS and phone �� and season 4 that was incredible outrageous that was a good season and season 5 that was great I loved it thank you epic game for this amazing and awesome adventure game of the map and seasons looks amazing the graphics the texture and good look for season 7 and season 8,9 and 10 good job epic game thank you for this game creators for creating this amazing game❤️������������������.

- Really Great but 1 request 👏🏻☝️

I really think this is a really FANTASTIC GAME but I have one request. I go to school and during this time I start some upgrades but lately I’ve been experiencing a really hard time to upgrade something. So when an upgrade finishes and I am not able to play but I have enough money for an upgrade. I wait tell I can play. But..., lately I get raided a lot and I loose tons of money that makes me really frustrated when I do want to upgrade something. So, I would like a option in the game where you can list the upgrades you want to upgrade while you are not playing and then it would upgrade when there is a free builder and enough gold/elixir/dark elixir. I even came up with a name for this option, I name it Quick upgrade. I think it should start from town hall 5 tell the end. I would really appreciate it if this upgrade is possible. Because it would really solve a lot of problems lots of people experience🤗

- Good but lost my old acc where I spent money

It’s a good game and I could sit down and play it for 5hr or play it for 10min there is so much to do like create an unbeatable base or attack somebody else’s base and try to get all the loose while also getting a 3 star. But I lost my old acc I use to play it when it first came out and I spent about 30 dollars but I lost that acc and now I’ve made a new acc and I’m already back to th9. also with the new updates it’s getting easier and easier to upgrade and expand I think that Supercell should slow it down and make new fun events and new characters. I also think that should be a new hero and it should be a new hero a flying hero would be cool dragon or E-drag. A few new troops Wrecker-he hold a mace and deals medium damage has medium health and has slow speed he troop space 6 Giant v2- giant v2 would be an upgraded version of a giant and would have double damage but the same health he would be 15 troop space and would be faster then the previous giant Tumbler- the tumbler would roll around the field when rolling he would have a shield where he only takes 10% of the damage but he has low health so he can die quickly he would have medium damage and for his attack he would roll into defences his speed would be fast. Thank you for reading this I hope that supercell can read this and make improvements to the game.

- Global Chat, Upgrades, and Attacks

I’ve been playing this game on and off since about 2011. I recently started playing again and was extremely disappointed to see the global chat feature is gone. I’m not entirely sure why it was removed, but this was a core aspect of the game. It allowed you to get advice from other players, and was a great way to find new clans and made it easy to start your own and build quickly. Without this function it is hard to build a new, solid, clan. Additionally the wait times need to be improved for upgrades as that’s what keeps driving me to stop playing, the wait. The introduction of magic items and the ability to have a gem mine in the builder base does help somewhat but not much. Obviously you don’t want to have it so people can progress too quickly because otherwise people will stop playing the game, but I feel max 2 days for building upgrades is enough, especially when you have multiple buildings, plus new ones you need to level up when you upgrade your townhall. The clan games and challenges were a good touch and I think that will help people not get so bored so quickly, and the new practice attacks are a great way to teach people how to navigate attacks, however I do feel it would be far more fun if you had more control over where certain units will attack. Overall a great game that I keep coming back to and have thoroughly enjoyed on and off over the last 9 years.

- This game is addictive

I’ve been playing this game for over 6 years now and I have made plenty of accounts over this period of time. I love Supercell so much and I’ve played Hayday, Boom Beach, Clash Royale and of course Clash of Clans. I would highly recommend this game for anyone of any age group because you feel accomplished whenever you see your base grow. I love to play these games because I get to interact with others and I generally like strategy games. This game is also the best because it is not pay-to-win. Obviously, paying helps you to advance faster. However I don’t pay for the game, yet I still have 4 builder huts which is considered good and I am only currently at Th 6. At the moment I am playing intensely on Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. I wrote this review to show my appreciation to the Supercell team and I am glad that you guys made Th 12. When I started the game there was only Th 9 max and now I am glad to see how far this game has gone. I think the best thing about the game, “Clash of Clans” is the fact that you can join clans to further progress in the game and help others along the way. I am very impressed with features such as Clan war and the Clan games. However, I am not a big fan of the builder base, but I respect that other players may enjoy it. Overall, this game is a masterpiece, it has its flaws but its pros far outweigh its cons. Kind Regards, Boo

- Great Game

Clash of clans is by far my favourite mobile game. The game is very time consuming and there is a lot to do. However, I do feel like with the newest update in March 2020 has annoyed many of the more experienced town halls including myself. All the th8, th9 walls have been cheapened which helps the lower players. The new update does not help th12s or th13. I feel like all the hard work I went through to get those walls done is wasted by players now getting it easier. Another issue I have experienced in this game is the recruiting tool. Whenever you go to invite other players their inbox is always full. To fix this issue I really think they should bring back global chat where you can actually talk to the players. Global chat was by far one of my favourite features In the game and has been removed. Overall, clash of clans is a great game and I do not plan on stopping playing it anytime soon.

- What Parents need to know

WHAT PARENTS NEED TO KNOW Parents need to know that Clash of Clans is a strategic action game that pits players against both artificial-intelligence characters and real-world opponents. The app's license agreement requires all players to be at least 13; teens 13 to 17 are supposed to have a guardian agree to the terms, but it's on the honor system. There are frequent battles with explosions and the cries of defeated soldiers, but there is no graphic violence. The game's core component is its multiplayer mode, wherein players can attack the villages of other players (and defend their own), but they don't communicate with each other directly when these attacks occur -- though there is a global and intra-clan chat functionality when players are in their own villages. Fortifying a village and building an army cost money, and the game uses in-app purchases to help players buy in-game currency to upgrade quicker.

- Clash of clans rewiew

Great game and all but is lacking stuff for lower town halls. We can fix this by... Letting lvl 4&5 town hallers do clan games, making builder base unlock from lvl 3 and up, allowing people score as many points in clan games as they want and that there is unlimited prize tiers so there is more rewards for the more active the clan is. Also buying potions is trash and we should have another village where you can focus on brewing potions and have some fun on it instead of focusing on defence. Also clan war league should be done every second week instead of once a month and everyone should get an equal amount of rewards from it. Also in multiplayer battles there should be more gold and elixir rewarded from battles especially when you attack people Who have less than 100,000 gold and elixir which you can’t even train another army with that.

- Trophies, Builder Base and Wall Price

The game is great, but in multiplayer battles there is a scuffed thing with trophies. I’m a TH8, and I might find a TH7 for 30+ trophies or I would get attacked by a TH9 and lose 30+. And before someone says it has something to do with the trophies you already had, the TH9 often have more overall trophies. Another problem is that in the beholder base, I might 2 star someone for 57%, and he/she would do the same overall attack, so technically it’s a draw, but it goes of the faster attack. I think that Supercell should remove that feature and leave it as a good old fashion draw. I did the maths and if you upgrade for a maxed TH7 with maxed walls to a TH8, you have to spend over 33 Million Gold, and that number will increase every TH you go up. Walls should either be lowered in price or gold mines/elixir collectors should produce at least 3x the amount they currently do. That will be all Supercell please make some changes.

- Fantastic casual or competitive strategy game

I’m only writing to clear the water for a negative review. The person who wrote a one star review and complained about “unfairness” is just upset he/she is bad at the game. You’re placed around people your trophy range, playing someone lower level gives you an advantage, it just means they’re skilled by being in the same tier as you. Yes, you can buy things to improve progress but it’s really not very significant. I’ve hardly spent money on this game and I have 3600 trophies as a level 10. As for connection, I’ve never had a problem with their servers (unless they’re down for updates) so if you’re experiencing these issues, it’s probably your internet. It’s a great game but just like all games you take slightly serious, it can be frustrating. That’s no the developers fault, the game is balanced quite well in my opinion.

- Amazing Game

This game has to be by far one of the best I’ve played on the App Store. It is strategic and requires skill and at the same time is fun and addicting to play. These all make up to create the game we have today, known as Clash of Clans. I have recently found an interesting review, talking about an idea the reviewer came up with, and called it “Quick Upgrade”. They explained how quick upgrade is where you can “queue” upgrades to automatically start upgrading once a builder is free and you have enough resources. In my own opinion this is a great idea. This “Quick Upgrade” could be something only accessible for people with the Gold Pass, which means only people with Th7 and above can access it which is a reasonable Town Hall level. Supercell probably won’t see this review but I just thought I would like to share this idea anyway.

- Plane Crash (Metaphorical)

The president (CoC) and his wife (CR) were in a plane (supercell) and the pilots were these great people who wanted something great and so they did. They flew to an unbelievable imagine but then one of the staff wanted a go at flying and so they let him at the safety of him being in the co-pilot seat... 2 Hours Later ...A staff member (NickAtNyte) and a friend Molt) of his were in the cockpit flying on auto pilot trying to make it seem like everything was under their control and they were so gullible they believed themselves but with no proper pilots around and some of the most important and famous people aboard the chances were slim for things to go smoothly and they found themselves headed straight for the ground. From aboard the plane you knew what really happened but from outside you only thought that they had an unfortunate end and people slowly began to lose faith in these amazing people. While this both metaphorically represents supercell I think I might start making a book somewhat like this. Thanks for the Idea... But really Supercell isn’t farting rainbows anymore!

- Amazing game!

You have to admit. Most of these reviews are just ridiculous. It’s easy to point out most of ‘em. Firstly, there was this guy who said he started playing in 2013, so lets assume he was 9 then because this game is 9+. He must be 16 now, but that lack of grammar and punctuation shocks me. But then again, some Americans don’t get proper education. Secondly, his story was all over the place, “ I broke my phone and then no device for a year and then I got a ipad and a phone and then I broke my phone again and then 2 years later I got another phone and thought clash of clans was pay-to-win.” It’s either this guy is a real clutz and doesn’t care about expensive things, —usually a spoilt kid which doesn’t mix with his age— or he’s lying. Why would anybody make something up to put shade on such a brilliant mobile game! Thanks for reading!

- The best part

You have the right time and I have a feeling your pain has gone through your mind when you're trying and hard for your mind not even on oooa or oooanything and that makes sense and is ooonot and is a good thing for a woman to know about her own mind to her or to make a good woman or the mind and mind the way the light and airy are a lady or something or who can do the things we can be with them for a long long life to a great time to make a difference for a good time with your own life but I am sure there are no reason why it was the case of course it would make a woman a better person and a better mind and she could make the best decision and the ability for your life is not your life without any other life that can make sense and sensibility your life and is a

- Disappearing ground troops

I think clash of clans is a good game though I think i agree with another review I read about the upgrades being shorter and less expensive. 12 hours max I can live with but 3 days for a builder hall level 5 mortar?!!! Like, come on. Also the reason I’m a writing is review is to complain about a glitch I think u need to fix. I can’t see ground troops. Wether I am battling with them or there on a tower (wizards and archers and bomb skeletons). I put up with this a t first but then it got annying. I had high hopes for unlocking a new troop (the golem) and always was excited to see a new cool troop walking in my army camp. I also was really excited to see when a wizard tower had finished upgrading coz I liked to see how different it was from the last time and how my village had grown. But I can’t see them now so it’s a real bummer and a frustrating thing to deal with. Pls fix this.

- AWESOME!!!! 2 problemos though.

This game is awesome and has no ads! That is a extra bonus! There is only TWO things I have against this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is the waiting time of upgrading and training troops! If you are removing things then that is going to be 10 mins MAX. That is alright but most (more then half) is going to take and hour +. The troops also take quite a bit, for wanting to battle after your last (There is a thing where you can get them loading while battling but that also takes to long) If they could change this then I would only have ONE thing against it, bringing me to my second thing..... WHY DON’T YOU HAVE PENGUINS!?! THEY ARE CUTE AND CUDDLY! This have more meaning then what you think. I believe if it would be cool if we could have animals, like dogs and bears, stuff like that. Besides that I really think you should play it as it is an amazing game!😇😇

- Something new?

I've played this game for along time now and even though they added a master builder village not long ago they should bring in another village or something that you can do with your friend like a clan village that everyone builds together or a village you can build with just one friend or two. But these villages have their own achievements and own features to make them a little different. It could still have the normal buildings but it could have its own little twist like ready cool spells or something since the mater builder village has cool troops. I know you probably won't read this or take notice of this but I think it would be cool if the game could be played with a friend. I think it would also be a great idea because no other games has a feature like this in a build and defend type game. Thanks for reading and maybe considering my ideas.

- Really good game use to play it heaps

I’ve played this game since I think 2015 or 2016 and I found it amazing. Played with my freinds and other poeple I found online using global chat was kinda disappointed once that was removed. I lost the account for a while as I had lost the device it was on and didn’t back it up to a supercell id. I found it again and I switched over to my other phone (iPhone7) and I’ve found 1 major issue I’ve been having I tap on the game to open it and the loading bar will get to about halve way which may take a few second or 5 minutes, once it reaches halve way the game suddenly goes black and closes down, it then won’t let me load the game back up and ile have to try another day. So idk what’s happening whether or not it’s my phone or something else but other than that amazing game highly recommend.

- Good, but walls are too expensive

Clash of clans is so fun, but upgrading walls is just way too expensive, if they lowered it down a lot it would be so much easier, ranking up is a lot harder now since everyone are really hard too play against, and if you’re a th8 - and over, getting gold is quite hard, and they’re even expensive when your town hall is very low, th6 -th7 walls are still way to expensive.. when the walls used to be like 30k each it was so much more fun to play and easier to rank/ level up. But now you have to put so much effort into upgrading just one wall.. at around th10 and over, walls are like 1 million each, and having like 200+ walls takes so long. So I just think the game would be so much better if they lowered the price of the walls, either than that the game is amazing :)

- Meh

This game is great. You do have to wait a lot but it’s mostly worth it also I recommend don’t waste your gems at the start because I accidentally did not knowing I can get really good and important stuff but I wasted it on buying coins and elixir and buildings and troops. You can attack and make sure you always upgrade stuff like defenses and recourses. I honestly love this game you have to be patient sometimes because upgrades are not so easy to wait/ for and it gets to people a lot because the reviews mostly talk about how the prices are to big or they have to wait a long time so yeah. You have to be patient and save money but spend a lot too because people will attack you and they take all your money. Best part though is you will have everything back.

- Getting this app was a great decision

When my friends told me about this game I downloaded it the second I got home from school. At first I wasn’t sure about the game itself and I rather liked the social aspect more, but soon, I began enjoying the game as a whole and I think it is one of the best games I have ever gotten! I would definitely recommend this to anyone who asked me and I would give them my complete honest opinion. Thank you to Supercell who keep making this game better with each and every update. Some people don’t appreciate it but I know there are many that do. Keep up the great work! Thanks for taking the time to read my review, and I hope your experience with Clash of Clans was as positive as mine!

- Globallll :(

I believe you shouldn’t have taken off global cause this makes recruiting harder for clans. Global is a great idea where people from different clans especially high ranks can help and give advices to people who needs help! Global was the highlight of the game where everyone could talk and communicate from different parts of the world that they would never expected. Sure, people can be really toxic but there’s a report button for a reason but global is one main reason why clash is fun! Since the new update, I noticed a lot of people is starting to stop playing because it’s getting boring and well global is gone. I think you should have made different globals for different languages, which could help people find the right players and clans, because one of the main reason of getting is negativity between different countries like Bangladesh. This why I think you should get global back and just add different language globals!! :)

- Clash of clans

Amazing game to play with your friends and in your free time. Personally been playing this game for 4 years and still haven't gotten sick of it due to the regular updates throughout the year. The addition of practice mode is very helpful as not only does it help you improve your attacks for war, clan war,multiplayer and single player it also provides you with many resources to improve your village with. Although I do think that the addition of a online mode or way to play the game will be an amazing addition to the game. In conclusion this is my favourite Ios game and I highly recommend it for all users no matter when age but I strongly believe that a offline mode/ way to play the game will be if it the game for the better.

- Global chat

Hey guys and gals I’ve been playing this game for. Years I really enjoy it overall but about 12 months ago I just stopped playing it as you do but when I got back I noticed global chat was gone which makes things difficult while just getting to know different people or adding people to your clan to help build it. And yeah I guess the reason for it being deleted was because people were swearing and bullying each other but there where the reporting rules which helped out so I think that you should bring it back to help the clans get people back and just so you can go on there just for a chat with random people anyway thanks any way everyone your still doing a great job keep up the good work

- Improve server and less bugs

Dear developers of COC, I have been really enjoying the game and I still am. Today, I found a loot cart that had 10mil gold and elixir and 100k dark elixir. I got so excited and confused as I am only town hall 8 but I didn’t really care and just assumed I was lucky. I didn’t have all the storage to gather all the resources but I knew the remainder would stay in the loot cart. When I collected it, it told me to reload as I was apparently out of sync with the server. I closed the game, and brought it back up, it didn’t save me collecting the loot so I tried again. Again, it told me to reload and no matter how much I tried and tried, it doesn’t work! Please fix this bug as I am very looking forward to the loot. Thanks

- Engineered Bases

Although you guys have made efforts to stop engineered bases doing wars it doesn’t stop those who already have the accounts only to pull in lower bases as there match up I’ve now had two clans in a row in CWL with at least 2-3 engineered bases so it’s impossible for lower players in the clan to even get the two star let alone get the one is it that hard to make it so that if everything on your base has to be placed down before you could war that would change war weight so it makes it even and so a th11 with barely any defences doesn’t get matched up against a th7 even worse when he’s number 14 in there CWL and then on top of that there number 8 can three star our number 2 this isn’t 15 v 15 th11s we have a mixed but they have a major advantage before we even attacked

- Global was important

Please consider bringing global back, it has killed so much of the life in the game. I’ve been playing this since I was a kid and I’ve grown up with the game, throughout all updates this may been the most harsh to your player base. I think everyone if fighting to stay with the game right now, but slowly clans are dying. Yes you may have had problems with global, but that is outweighed by the amount of good times and friendships made through that system. Recruiting does not work, a simple invite is not enough to show someone why your clan will suit them. Please listen to your community, this could be harsh. - To the future of a game we all love and have invested years into, I hope we see better days...

- Clash of clans

Clash is a great game, almost flawless. Almost. The time it takes to upgrade one thing and the gems it takes to get another builder is crazy. Some upgrades take 10 days and the 5th builder costs 2500 gems. Also, the time is takes to train an army is ridiculous. Some army’s can take 2 hours to train and even more if you only have 1 barracks upgraded to that lvl. E.g 1 barracks has edrags the rest don’t, it takes 3 hours and 360 thousand elixir to train. But all in all it is a great game where you can make friends and compete online, and I would recommend it to everyone and every age. Supercell I want to see you take action on these flaws and I guarente that everyone will enjoy the game more if you do.

- Possible update options

I am sure that many people have lots of gems. For example: Youtubers or top players. However the lower people or people who don’t want to spend the money don’t have as many so I suggest that you can steal gems from other people while attacking. For example you can destroy their gem boxes while attacking and receive the 25 gems for yourself instead of them gaining them. You could also allow people to steal gems from the gem mine on the builder hall base while attacking. Also I propose that the gem mine is easier to max out and that it makes 10 gems a day to get you through. Please consider the following update suggestions and possible follow through. Thank you supercell

- 😮🤯😆😤😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😤

It’s horrible I wish to give zero stars my parents place and say it’s good but it’s horrible but I guess if I give zero stars I won’t be able to write this review maybe one and a half stars would do all you do is try and attack check your stuff and then do it all over again I want it to be more interesting and then we got no Internet it’s horrible it can’t even say normal for one second it’s just not right me that’s why I don’t play any more but I still keep it on my iPad I keep it on my iPad because my parents like to use it with my other small iPad is out of battery that’s why I like my other game called school of dragons and monster high Beauty salon or something so please follow these instructions or ideas or something it would make me really happy and I might start playing it again

- To supercell

I think you should be able to put multiple builders on one building cause it’s taking me a really long time to max out I am also very busy so I can’t really play other than that the game is great there are many buildings to place and could you please lower some of the prices of buildings to like 25% or 50% 🙏 I am getting kinda tired of waiting like 5+ days for upgrade to buildings and I really feel that you should be able to upgrade walls with elixir in th8+ and maybe add more troops to the game that would be super please do wait I am requesting cause I am not tryna be rushed in this games it’s just taking me forever I have been playing for 3,4 years but nowhere close to max town hall

- Amazing Game

Just want to say this now, clash of clans is an amazing game. I love how the developers continue to create new content for us, and make the game enjoyable. I am currently Th 10, and I have been playing for a long time (just getting back into it again!) Thankyou for creating something fun, entertaining and strategic. Also, I love the new hero skins you have added, however I missed a few opportunities for the season passes. I feel like this would be a very good suggestion but having a New Years event, where you can buy all the previous hero skins (the ones you missed out on) for the same price as the season pass, would be amazing. It would allow players who missed the opportunity to purchase and play with there favourite skins, making the game much more enjoyable for some. This idea would be perfect for New Years as it would act as a rewind for the previous year. Anyway this is just a suggestion but it would be a cool thing to do :) Thankyou supercell, once again for this beautiful game you have created. It continues to provide me and many other people with enjoyment, even after those 7 years have gone past. It is a true masterpiece

- Perfect game

Been playing for like 6 years or so, coming and going, love it. Yes it takes time, but tbh they’re constantly lowering the price of everything and the time it takes for things, kinda annoying when u spend all this time maxing out th’s only for everyone getting into it having to only wait like half as long and pay like half of what I’ve been thru.. Just leave it all and make people actually grind. I’m a max th10 and in the next update they’re lowering all these prices and wait times and it’s quite the slap in the face. If it’s taken me years to get to this point I don’t want people playing half as long and getting to this level.. just my two cents. :)

- Great game but some issues

Great game, fun to play and addictive. But i have 2 issues. 1.) When you leave the app for only a few seconds and then it says "connection lost". I am only checking something for a few seconds and then i have to restart the game, its so annoying. 2.)The Builder's Base. I have multiple issues with the builders base. I hate the fact that you can't choose who you are versing which can be very unfair either for you or the other person. You either just keep winning or keep losing and theres nothing you can do about it. I understand how they want to keep the game "fresh" and add a new playing style but its just stupid. I also hate how there is only 1 builder which makes things take a very long time to upgrade.

- I’m impressed. You outdid yourself SUPERCELL.

I really can’t believe how they managed to make this game and have all of its creative town halls. Including when the first two heroes, archer queen and barbarian king, they were both based on the first two troops. The units usually anyone would use as they moved up. (Well except me.) There are only a few flaws in the game, like the wall glitch. Sometimes it sticks to the one area and won't move at all. My favourite troops at the moment are witch, Valkyrie, and the archers and barbarians. I believe this game will grow to become better than other war games. To stand alone, I really appreciate that I was able to interview your game. Kind regards JonnyBNinja

- Bring Back Global Chat

Clash Of Clans is a very good game but when Supercell got rid of global chat it made recruiting and finding a clan to join much harder. Global chat is also good to meet potential friends and clan members. If you bring back global chat then it will make recruiting easier, finding clans easier and finding friends to play with easier. Even though there is always going to be that one annoying person who ruins it for someone else and that’s why there is a mute and report button! Please bring it back because I’m sure loads of people like me want it. Thank you for this amazing game and it is practically flawless. So please consider this Supercell.


To thus, we shall wish a farewell to an incredible game! Had many great memories playing this game over the past 5 - 6 years but the removal of global chat is a complete game changer and ruiner of the game for me :( no longer can I jump to different clans with global chat telling people what sort of clan I want and being able to skip to global during clan wars for maxed out troops because every time without fail the community just gives and donates if you ask! This is a sad and dark time for such an amazing game :( give us back the chance to communicate as a community over this amazing game, and to socialise together again! Don’t let this be.... THE END.

- Great game

This a great super awesome game. It is my favourite game. It has very few flaws but the ones it has are a bit annoying. First the matchmaking in builder base it is very annoying I am a builder hall 6 and I get builder hall 8 and 9 sometime and there are no chances of me winning. Another thing in builder base is the little barbs and archers that defend. They are a waste of gold to upgrade and are a real pain in the neck when attacking everything will get distracting. The only reason I think they made the troops go for the archer and barb is so they actually do something but I think you can get rid of it in general. But other then that there is not her else it is a fun enjoying game.

- Great game ideas for updates

Maybe you could have like a jail feature we’re if you 3 stared in clan wars you can hold the best players hero’s until they donate clan castle troops or Pay in game currency or something like that but otherwise amazing game! AND A PRISON!!! ALSO maybe you guys at supercell could add a feature we’re if you have 2 army’s trained you can have a button we’re it switches the army’s around because say I have both my war attack and my farm attack but I need to attack in war first but your farm attack is in the camp but there is only I few seconds till war ends and you fail the attack because you had the wrong army on the camp

- Honest review of clash of clans

I’m deciding on whether or not I should be giving a 3/4 stars but for now it’s going to be a 3.5 I think clash of clans is a good game yes it’s a Grindy type game but I think it’s better then clash Royale since the best cards are locked behind a low drop rate or spend like 30 bucks this game troops are locked behind progression witch is fine the only gripes I have are people using stuff like electro dragon and stuff that’s th 9+ on a town hall 7 and how stupid the ai is some times the ai instead of taking care of the last wizard tower witch would get me the 3 stars they would rather go for a campfire and getting themselves killed that’s why it’s not a 4.5 or even a 5 star but if your looking for a decent strategy game with a all around good community I’d download it

- Somethings Wrong

I have been playing this game for a very long time and I recommend playing it, but for some reason every time I try and go onto the game it lags out in the loading screen I have tried many things to get it working including uninstalling please fix the is problem and my phone is perfectly fine. Also people fix you trophy pushing system. I was nearly in crystal one at townhall nine and I am now nearly being demoted because I can’t find a attack where I can win or even get a star and I’m getting attacked by max townhall tens and they are getting 20+ trophies from the attack so please fix trophy phushing.

- Amazing. Just a little inconvenience.

Starting with inconvenience, I got a new device and I couldn’t download my th8 account onto my new device. Secondly, I believe you should add like a wedding for the king and Queen at level 30 so they have two abilities. One each and one together and for the together ability they should summon double the amount that they summon in there original power. And the strength is also increased when the get married until they are maxed out. Then there is a Baby king and Baby Queen when they are maxed which takes elixir not dark elixir. Overall: I recommend this to everyone and this is a great app. Merry Clashmas!

- Th9 walls

Hey Supercell, this is a great game and is one of my most favourite mobile games out there right now. I have 4 accounts, th5,7,8 and a 9 which really shows my love towards the game but right now I’m having a bit of trouble with walls within the game, especially th9 walls. I am very close to leveling up all my walls to level 9, the problem is I maxed everything else in the game and since there are two versions of walls to upgrade, their costs can be a little expensive going from 500,000 to 1,000,000. I’d really like to see them at a more reasonable price so that my other 3 accounts have a chance at catching up. Thank you!

- Awesome game, but a few requests

I reckon it’s an awesome game, but I think there should be super versions of everything, like the pekka. Also, there be a clock tower in the normal village? And I reckon you should be able to donate resources, but I also have another complaint. The season rewards. I was trying to upgrade my pekkas to level 6, so I was trying to get that 1.5M elixir reward. Finally I got it, but I just didn’t have enough storage space, so instead of getting the resource, I got 5 GEMS instead of 1.5 MILLION ELIXER. Could we perhaps get a greater amount of gems the greater amount of things we don’t have enough space for? Cheers.

- Excellent Game

Clash of Clans is an extremely competitive strategic game, which was an addiction. This game includes all aspects a good game should have, except the fact of the upgrading time. It took me 10 days just to upgrade my healing spell from level 6 to 7. When you become a pro, it will take a minimum of 5-6 days to upgrade a certain building or defence. Supercell, please fix this issue, and increase the raid spell level. The max should be level 6. But, anyways it’s an excellent game which has brought me back. Supercell, change the skins, because there’s no point, and please change the money rule for the Gold pass. I could have so many rewards, but because of this, I can’t.

- Trouble with the following

I just started playing clash of clans and it asked asked me if I wanted to get to level 2 (something along the lines of that). I wasn’t sure so I pressed “okay” and everything completely changed and as I’m new, it changed to a higher level which I did not understand. Not to mention, it also asked me that whilst I was learning it, so leveling up made me lose my guide and now I have no idea what to do. I wanted to try reset everything so I can start over again and realized that I couldn’t do that and had to either reset my WHOLE phone or change to a different game centre account. All my friends play this game and now I’m disappointed because I can’t learn the game properly now due to the way the question was worded as well as the fact that you can’t reset anything. I’m frustrated.

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- The Truth

Super fun but will take months to be good unless u buy gems

- Great game

Been playing this for 3 years - still fun!!

- Terrible update

They have destroyed a game that everyone loved to play. Now only players that want to spend money can improve. Lower players can't farm anymore, that was the main reason why I enjoy playing. Now you can't even do that. Why Supercell why.....? :(

- Good game

You should make it so you can restart your progress

- Great game

Absolutely love this game. It is an essential and I play it every day. Keep up the good work!

- Rage quitting:Bring global back!

Okay i have been playing since you guys started. Since i had this we had global, really no issue other than racism, inappropiate stuff being said and bullying, so on so forth.. I actually liked global and did not realize this until it was too late. So pleaseee bring global back! I'm telling you, we try to recruit and "inbox is full" it would take months and months(trying to get people hooked on the game i know.. money blah blah etc) to build a clan when you are in silver and gold league. It took me 7 years on/off to get to gold 1. That was rushing to th5 then i maxed everything out from there(little things are whatever as of right now) now im max th8 and miss global. Point is, lower th's will not be recruited unless one small clan here and there, bad recruitment idea. I'm telling you there will be many more complaints to come from Leaders of high level clans such as level 7+. We are struggling to keep people in the clan as we do clan wars, cwl, and clan games. We keep everyone involved and we are a level 17 clan that was established in 2014 by Demonous. As an elder and a player that has been here since day1.. I say bring back global chat! You kept it gor 7 years, you can still have it now, minor problems to fix but thats it. You managed to keep up with everything so WHY NOW?bring it back.

- The game is digressing

I’ve been playing this game since it came out and I meet most of my good friends on the game trough global. Since 2012 every update has improved this game with a few bumps here and there but taking out global makes all those updates feel like nothing. I get on and I feel alone half the time when it used to be so lively and fun. Global was a place where I could show off my achievements in the game and how high I could get. Now I feel like there is no point to pushing and now I just sit stagnant wondering if I should delete the game or not.

- Clash of clans

Gets boring after awhile but other than that it was fun while it lasted.

- Good game

You should make it so we have the choice to restart all our progress and account levels

- Bring back global

Ita been hard to recruit people for clans now without global because the new system doesn’t work good it find good th but all of them are ALREADY IN CLANS bring back global or I might just delete the app

- Great game

This game is awesome but almost everyone who played when global was around wants it back, I do highly recommend this game but one thing I would like changed is that global comes back to us. We all miss it dearly.

- bring back global chat

never been so disappointed when i saw that global was removed. been playing since the first year it launched and i’m gonna delete it. this game is dead. they keep adding features that doesn’t make sense. why ?

- awesome

great game..keep it up:)

- Rip CoC

CoC dead after global got removed

- One of the best games

I have been playing for about 2 years now and people are saying that it takes too long to upgrade things, they’re complaining about how it’s pay to win, not true at all, I haven’t spent any money and am a TH13 with all buildings, excluding walls, 2 levels away from max... great game supercell, keep it up

- Global chat :(

Your game is already dying and what do you do remove the one thing that is keeping alive global chat I met every single one of my friends on there and your removing because of spammers and scammers? We already have a mute button and you can’t curse at people on there people have to be more smart online and now your punishing all the others players that used global chat when nobody in your clan was on or if your troops were cooking and for new players their not going to have any fun new players always would go on global chat and talk to clan leaders and then get into the clan and now that’s going to be hard just because you guys add a new feature to find clans that Doesn’t mean anything people like to talk to new people all around the world interact with people virtually and now you remove all that. I’m done with this game and Half of your fan base is too your remove the only good thing in the game it’s over your game is dead. Give it 2 months unless you add it back your game will stay dead farewell.

- Gems are to expensive

Gems need to be lowered by 40% to make afordable for kids but otherwise it's great please also keep battering rams

- Glitchy

I go to fight battles and all of a sudden all my troops are randomly placed while I'm fighting and it sucks

- Guys who put 1 star for dumb reason

First lesson : do not put 1 star if your lose your village its your fault its easy to create a supercell account and it will save all your progress forever. Second lesson : there was a bug with the 15M loot chart and they fix it and they said why you cant get it and they said that it was a bug and you cant even get a max loot chart Third lesson : dont rate the game 1 star only because they removed the global chat , i know that its hard to get new people in your clan because of this but they add a new nice method to add players in your clan or you have facebook group or there is a lot of website where you can recrute people Fourth lesson : I know the game take a lot of time to complete but its not a pay to win , If you play the game everyday and grow up like this you’ll pass th faster than if you play like 1 time per 3 days or something like that , i have my village since 2016 but im only th9 maxed and its only because i was not active and i stopped to play this game like 2 years and then i came back and now i play everyday and i was th8 when i restarted and it took me only 1 month and a half to pass th9 so its not that long if you are a good player and have patiance. Thanks SuperCell for this game Thats the best game ever :)

- Money grab company that has zero concern for its fan base

Been on clash for five years off and on and have never once had proper support or service. All you’ll get is I’m sorry there is nothing we can do if you get ripped off on purchase items (and it will happen trust me) but if they can squeeze a penny boy will they try. Game is good but supercell has zero soul and could careless and f you died as long as you buy a gold pass. Updates have zero character or new gameplay, but just recycled ideas or minor upgrades that will take over two weeks of build time for little to no payoff. Save your time and money and invest in a company that will actually care about its players as much as the player will play the game. Supercell is horrible. Always has been and always will be

- Not spending another dime here

They remove global chat because it’s too expensive to moderate? Are you kidding, so how does do the other way smaller games manage like runescape. What about clan chat? Going to remove that next to “protect” children from bad language and grooming? If something like that is going to happen it sure as hell won’t be on global which is full of randoms, it will be in a clan chat. Such a stupid decision. As if Supercell doesn’t already make enough off the game to support 🤣1.6 billion revenue and 635 million profit, yup can’t afford global chat lol

- Great game

My friend introduced me to it and now I have lots of fun. This game has no blood or gore and requires very little time. Collect your resources and train your troops and then check on it when the troops are done and you will be able to play a battle. High level upgrades take hours so play a different game or do something else until it is done.

- 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡


- Trash

I can’t open the app

- Duck troop

You should add a duck troop into it

- World chat

Can you please bring back world chat it’s much harder for me to find a clan that wants me. It also made the time pass while troops are training, or waiting for a build to finish upgrading.

- Book Selection

There is nothing wrong with the game except for the fact that we can’t choose which “Book of” we want to use. Let’s say I have a Book of Heroes and a Book of Everything. But I also have a book of everything in the clan games. But to spend my Book of Everything, I have to spend another book just to be able to spend a Book of Everything, wasting the book before. All I’m asking is for you to make a tab where you can decide which book you want to use on a upgrade.

- Bring global back

I don’t really care about the new changes to clash but taking away global is taking it too far so bring back global


so went to recover my account and i couldn’t remember everything to the exact date now that account has been permanently banned and i can’t start a new base on my phone

- Add global chat back

Pls add global chat back its so hard to find clan members

- The end

This is the end of this game, after years Supercell started to closing accounts due to they are expecting more income

- Crashing

The new update will not allow me into my account at all. It crashes at the loading screen. :(

- Not fun

I have played this game for about 8 months and when I recently moved up to th 12 I was cut off from any chance to win. I’m not going to waste my time or money on this anymore cuz why play when I can’t even play? I went through hundreds of bases today and lost every single time, unless I won a tiny percentage of what I lost and so ended up demoted and with no hope of getting even. I don’t play to waste my time on endless searches and daddy’s money for stuff that just wastes more time. Definitely no good. Sucks the big one. Sincerely, Poppy

- Sad

This game used too be fun specially with global

- No farming

U can’t farm anymore ;(

- Lost account :(

Great game, but I recently got banned for trying to get my alternate account back. ITS MY ACCOUNT AND I CANT SEEM TO GET IT BACK BECAUSE THEY ASK RIDICULOUS QUESTIONS!! Moral of story, back up your game with supercell and avoid getting new phones.

- Lousy support

Could not get out of a loop. Update then tried to open clash but only went to update available .absolutely no useful help from game developer web. Since it was impossible to get on game. Wasted 4 years of improvements !

- Stupid new clan wars!

I wish I could give a negative star if I can. Whoever developed this NEW clan war should be fired ! So the system recognize the clan that collect all the trophies first wins, you do know ppl sleep at different times right? how is this make any sense when I wake up, another clan wins already and I still have 4 wars to fight? Also the 15 boat defences, everybody can deploy there defences even a new guy just join the clan from the battling clan . How stupid is this!!!

- It’s good

This is game is really good but it has too many micro transactions.

- I got banned permanently

I tried to switch my device from my old iPad to my phone and they asked me unrealistic questions that nobody should know if they haven’t played the game in three years then said I was trying to steal a account and banned me for life this was my favourite game now my phone is boring

- Haiti Flag

I would've given it a 5 star review but after doing some investigations I discovered that supercell does not have a decoration in the form of the Haitian flag. Horrible. We need the Haitian flag in the game to support Toussaint Louverture. He was a Haitian general who led the Haitian Revolution and freed the Haitian slaves. He was a great man, may he Rest In Peace. We need the Haitian flag to honour his amazing works.

- 5


- Good and all but.

I love this game it’s a lot of fun but it’s lonely and I can’t challenge my friends and if I really want to battle them I’d have to join their clan and that kinda stinks because I love the clan I’m in and if I leave I get demoted. You should make gems a lot cheaper because I’m broke and to be really good you need to pay. I don’t pay for the game but I still have a good base and all but I always lose and get paired with better bases. It’s still fun to play but please consider my ideas or fix them. Thanks.

- Good

It’s good but once you get high it’s just so boring cause everything takes forever to upgrade and it ruins the fun. Should make it way less to upgrade stuff and just cost more to do instead of what it is right now which just makes me want to stop playing all together.

- It’s a really good game

It’s so much fun every update brings so much new stuff and it gets updated every single month in the bad wing is so much fun in it’s just a really good game

- Game Crashes Since Update

I’m not sure if it’s only on the iphone 7(my phone) or on others but since the latest update the game hasnt been able to launch. Every single time it gets to the 85% point of the loading screen, it crashes. It’s ruining a lot of things like the battle pass points i need to get, challenge timings, people raiding my base, etc. Great game other than that.

- Game crash

I really enjoy the game, but since the newest update I haven’t been able to open the game. It’ll go to the loading screen and right before the loading is complete it’ll crash. Would you be able to fix that?

- I can not play a game

Why does it keep saying villagers need rest and when it takes a rest a play a game but it kicks me out? Fix

- Banned for nothing

They banned my account for no reason I just beater their Island and their mad about it and u guys banned me that makes no sense I’m just improving the game and beats a lot of players. And I don’t even wanna play this game anymore these people ur so dumb and so selfish

- Gems

I would say I love this game but one time I bought something from the daily deals by accident so I thought I would sell it, I bought it for 115 gems and sold it for 10 gems. I want my gems back! I was going to by some gems but not any more. Can I have my gems back please?

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- Clash ideas

I’ve had this game since spells costed coins on my old account but this has came a long way from hogs to town halls to another base and with that base there should be a builder war. The way it should be done is that there are 10 v 10 and the people must attack there mirror and the player with most stars or percentage wins and that win goes to the win count which is he star count in regular wars and secondly thanks for decreasing time and cost that made it much easier to upgrade and fair to make it a need to raid. The season challenges are fun but add a bit to cost for try hard s bc if war cwl clan games other events it just is so costly during those things I think that this game hasn’t even scratched the surface with its potential in a good way. One thing I need to say that a lot of people I know complain about is golems being so weak that the walls are the worst thing to deal with. And I know that I can use a jump spell and I do but it’s to get to the core and destroy the th. I’m asking to buff the damage of golems only on walls like a x2 damage on walls or something. Thanks for reading my review supercell if you did

- Nothing but clouds

So I’ve been playing COC for the past 5+ years. I’ve never wrote a review because I never had anything great to say because like anything there could be a few fixes but nothing bad to say because the game had always been great but now I got something bad to say. It seems that when you get to Legend level The COC team wants you to pay them money. How so? Well, when your in legend expect to wait a good 10-30 minutes, and if you happen to wait those 30 minutes while your guard is about to expire and your village goes into “break” mode then consider yourself SOL. As soon as the game kicks you out guess what... you get attacked and all the hard work you put in to get a few trophy’s just went down the drain since the player that just attacked you hit you for 20+ trophies. So I contacted the COC team with my concern and their response is what really surprised me. The associate that responded suggested that most players in the top league basically spend money and buy shields. To me that sounds reducidlas. So what their saying that out if the millions of players on COC I can’t find a decent attack because their all buying shields. This is crazy COC team, I’ve been a loyal fan for years but this has me wondering why I’ve spent the last 5 years on your game. I hope you fixed this...

- Racist company

I would like to start this off by saying my gameplay experience was fun. However I have been banned for life after being called a racial slur. This slur starts with an “N” so you do the math there. I was so disgusted when it was said to me that I reported this individual. The individual received no punishment and continued to use this slur against me. I told them to “get the F out of our clan as we don’t have space for people like them”. That was the extent of my response and we kicked them. I was shocked to wake up the next morning to a life ban for defending myself from racism. In today’s society everyone should be treated equal. I brought this to Supercell’s attention in hopes of having my ban lifted however they sent me a form letter back in response stating they believe in a welcoming environment for all and bans were final. I replied back with how this impacts me and how I was not welcome but I am punished. I have received no response. I was and still am facing blatant racism from this company. The player who used these slurs against me faced no ban. My own clan mates reached out to Supercell themselves to attempt to clear my name but received a similar response to me. I don’t know what more to do. I guess my Clash days are over and I have faced discrimination again in my life. I hope this review deters you from playing this game and spending any money with them.

- Clash of clans, Clan System.

For those of you who don’t know I have been playing this game since it came out and I am telling you right now don’t get this. You build up a base and you join clan members sounds enjoyable right? But grinding to get a decent base and strategy for a game that you only play for like half an hour every so often is not good. Not only that but a clan I was in didn’t like the strategy Or the troops I would try to play in the wars and tried to coach me about a game that I barely spend time on. Also the leader of the clan allows a person who has other accounts to take over the wars with those accounts. FIX THIS PLEASE!!! It’s unfair to the other team if that one person has a better strategy than other clan mates and uses that same strategy on other clans that are the same level. I was kicked out of the war and heatedly talked to the leader about this. The leader clearly tried to defend themself saying that they were giving me a tip about strategy which I retorted back that I only play so often. He then further argued with me which then led me to get kicked out of the clan. If you want to play this fine, but heads up for clans that will have duplicate accounts and will defeat your clan in a blink. And also the leaders are try hards and are at the highest ranks who grind for trophies.

- Awesome and Super Fun Game

Clash of Clans is a unique, awesome, intriguing, and super fun game. I started playing it in the early days of its release. I’ve never stopped since. While this may sound like addiction, it’s not. I did not play daily and every hour of the day like streamers and others play Fortnite or Apex Legends 24/7. Now let me get into the specifics for what make it such a good game. The graphics are phenomenal. You may not get a super close view or a 3D simulation or something like that, you get great animations and phenomenal graphics. The social perspective of things is smooth and successful. People make friends, hang out, and it’s fun to talk on the chat with others. I personally enjoy it very much. The content and idea of the game is clever, smart, and awesome. It is fun to work to get your Town Hall up and upgrade all of your base. I really enjoy it (probably more than Fortnite). The clans are also very fun. I enjoy it to fight other clans and battle. The competition levels are high and fun. Also as a little perk, the music is really catchy. Overall, it’s a super fun game and I recommend playing it (even though not a lot of people play it anymore). -HugHead

- Possible solution for some of these other reviews.

Great strategy game. I have a max th10 and near max th7. Definitely get in a clan as soon as you can if you’re new and communicate with the other members. I’m a co/former leader of a clan that merged back into our diminished “old” clan (long story). Been warring with the same group of guys for years, 500+ war wins with a little over 100 losses. Stop by and check us out, DOOM, lvl 14 clan. So.. for the point of this review, I’ve read a few that don’t like losing their troops after successful raids. I’ve always thought it’d be a good idea to have a “donation pot,” call it whatever you want. But the point is for players to be able to go to a screen where members have donated troops and pick out whichever ones are available instead of requesting troops. Obviously requesting is still an option. It would be good for members who have a bunch of troops queued and no where to send them at the time. So to kind of please the people who lose troops at the end of the raid, it’d be cool to dump all those troops in the pot too so they’re not completely lost. Very good game, and the latest update was great 👌🏼

- Love the game but upgrade cost and times are CRAZY

I love the game and play it everyday at least 3-4 hrs a day, if I’m off work then some days most of the day. Would be nice to be able to have it changed to be a more playable game for hours at a time to keep people busy being able to do things in the game. I mean seriously if you were to make it a place for people to be able to play hours and hours at a time I’m sure the purchases would go up as well. Could be to your advantage and there for more money to make the game even better. Also the amount of coins and elixers it take for upgrades... once you start getting to th9-10 it’s gets very costly and I know your lowering the cost a little in the spring update but I still feel some of it is still very expensive. All in all I love it just wish some of this would be addressed so people could enjoy the game for longer time. I have clan mates that won’t even play if they have troops or hero’s upgrading and I hate it cause it’s affects our clan and donations also clan game help.. Thanks for the game hope to hear something from you all on these issues.

- Pls undo clock tower nerf

The builder base update was so sick. It brought me back to playing clash and I've enjoyed it. That is, until the clock tower nerf. It ruined the ability to get a consistent three wins when I have the time to boost. The nerf not only slowed the speed multiplier, but also drastically reduced the length. At lvl 5, I would've been able to attack at maximum time for all three winning battles. The problem is that (especially in higher tier battles) they can last up to the max time. That means I only get the boost effecting my training reducement once. This has ruined the fun of getting the attacks and made me less active once again. At least reduce the cool down time between boosts by more than one hour if you're going to cut the lengths of the boosts in half. Or just return it to the way it was. Also, add a give up option for versus battles when I know I’m going to lose. I’m tired of watching someone use all 4 mins of their attack when they beat me 1 minute and 30 seconds into their attack. It wastes my time and the already nerfed clock tower boost which, currently maxed, is only 9 mins. 9/4=2.25, meaning my boost could be wasted by only two attacks.

- Ok some of you guys need to chill

Clash of clans isn’t purposefully making it unavailable to “iOS 10 and over” all apps do that. Look at Minecraft: one of the biggest games, it is only available to iOS 8 and over because it is compatible with that. When fortnite was available only people with iPhone 7 or later could get it and people with iPad Air 3 or later could get it. Stop criticizing Supercell as they are just trying to make a fun app. You guys forgot clash of clans is FREE. Name one time you’ve seen a clash of clans add. Supercell is not “discriminating against the poor” because guess what honey, if you have WiFi an IPad and have spent money on the game, you ain’t poor. Then to write a review on a 4.8 star game mad about it not working sounds like first world problems. I know you have a phone just play on there. You can make a account with supercelll so if you lose you’re account it will be safe. One time on my old phone (4 year old iPhone SE) it just shut down and I lost everything on my phone but I made an account so when I got my new phone I was able to recover my Clash of Clans base so thank you supercell.

- Needs some work

This game is great. Lots of fun. But you guys still should put some more work into ideas. I know you Supercell guys are super smart and fun but this game just isn’t meeting the standards in some parts. I think that some ideas have been missed. One the grand warden. Cool abilities but just not cool enough. What about “race against the clock?” Every 5 levels the grand warden can rewind the time by 5 seconds. That’s pretty cool right? Another one, Archer queen. What about “x-bow mania?” The queen should be able to shoot much faster but loses much of her attack damage. This is very good for cleanup. Every 10 levels she goes an extra times faster. Start at level 10-2x faster at 20% damage for 5 seconds. Every 10 levels increase the times by 1 while also increasing the damage per second by 1. Also it would be nice to have a regular “warden as a troop.” Since these guys are the “smart wizards” maybe they should be shielded from splash or single targets or “ you get the idea.” Other than that this game is the best game ever. These are just some ideas. If you don’t like you don’t have to even remember them. But just take a peak at the complicated stuff about this. Like coding and that stuff. Thanks so much for reading and for a really fantastic game!!

- Dope

Two years ago I was in the darkest time of my life. I was searching for a purpose in something, but nothing worked. Not school, not drugs, not my girlfriend; I even did alcohol, but that just left me feeling even more lonely. After that I thought I would branch out, so I got involved in a Jamaican dog fighting circle, but I soon learned that that was bad news. I was lost. But it was in this pit of despair that I discovered the thing that changed my life forever. I downloaded Clash of Clans. At first, I was a casual Clasher. But as time went on, COC began to take on a deeper meaning. A raid at 11 pm on a Friday night meant something completely different than a raid at 9:30 on a Tuesday morning. It became something special, something meaningful. Clash of Clans transformed my life. It taught me what it meant to be a father, how to take out a bank loan, even how to talk to people without violently vomiting. I would not be the man I am today if it wasn’t for COC. Now to you out there, reading this review, thinking to yourself, “How could this stupid app ever be useful?” Give it a try. I beg of you, take a chance. You won’t regret it. Thank you, God Bless You

- Absolutely Amazing!

I’ve been playing this game since like 2014 and I haven’t seen it getting old yet! I’m currently a TH8 and have lost 2 high level accounts and I started back from scratch. Not a problem by me. Most of the time, I absolutely despise micro transactions in every game nowadays, but this is probably the only game that I’m absolutely ok with the micro transactions! It doesn’t give you an unfair advantage against opponents. You’ll end up facing harder opponents as you progress into this game. Clan War League was such an amazing addition into this game. It’s helps out so much getting quest points to boost your account. Supercell has done a great job with this game in the past year. I definitely recommend this game to absolutely everyone! It’s very enjoyable to get better, play with friends, and have fun! This game is gonna continue to get better. This is the only Supercell game that I enjoy. Clash Royale is an unbalanced mess, Boom Beach is fine, Hay Day is good as well, and Brawl Stars gets pretty boring pretty quick. I’ve had this TH8 account for like a month, and have yet to get bored with it.

- In response to broken meta

It’s obvious you just don’t know how to build bases this game is amazing the meta is far from broken the meta is great u can use any troop in the game if u want to and know how to use it to 3 star a base I’m a maxed level player been playing for 5 years and honestly this game is at the best I’ve ever seen it I love the game they have made so many new introductions to the game to help people level up so much faster and ways to to learn to attack now with out losing ur troops or resources by doing so but u actually gain resources from the attacks you can do to practice with, and again if you know anything about attacking and troops then u can easily build a solid base to defend I do everyday and rarely and I mean rarely do my bases ever fall to a 3 star attack why because I understand the game and how to use my defenses and everything else to help defend that’s why it’s a strategy game I have to use ur brain to build a base anyways supercell I love this game and everything your doing to make this game great and to keep it great and the addition of it now being a esl game u can compete in tourneys omg keep it coming please

- Love the game but needs...

So I’ve been playing Clash Of Clans for 2 years. I’m currently a new TH9. I love the game and it never gets old, but their are some problems that just makes it not as fun. So the first problem the goblin bases. I’ve been stuck on a goblin base that has all maxed th10 defences and more than a normal base would have. How is this fair for people? The second problem is the time it takes to build. For a max TH9 air defence is takes 3 days and 3,000,000 gold. The Town Halls take weeks to upgrade, and everything makes the game “slow”. My last problem is clans. To be able to join a clan you have to have a certain amount of trophies. Even if u have that amount if their in CWL you can’t join unless you have the clan leagues trophie amount. I get that this prevents low level people from joining the clan but this affects the members and who is in the war. Some clans might only have 20 players and some be Bronze III or silver II. Those players are generally way to low level to be good at war. I feel like you shouldn’t have to buy a clan castle, and you should earn it by getting the Gold III.

- This game used to be fun but now...

This game was great a long time ago, but the endless parade of changes in the name of “support” have ruined it. You work hard to achieve maxing the game then when you do the goal is to try to be the top trophy winner, but there’s seemingly an unbalanced system for top players. You spend hours, literally, not figuratively in a matchmaking waiting screen to attack someone for a paltry number of trophies and then when you’ve done this 2-3 times the system allows some equivalent leveled player from a lower league to take more trophies than you’ve earned in your entire day forcing you to play twice as much to make up the difference. The only way this is sustainable is how the players in the top clans do it, by having multiple people playing a single account, or to have no life outside the game. I’m afraid that there’s no incentive to actually reach the top in this game. It’s only fun when your level is low. Addressing Clan wars, there’s no way to win at those either because either you’re up against clans engineered to win by exploiting the matchmaking system or by cheating in one of several ways making you wonder how your top ranked clan just got entirely wiped out by an entire clan. This game used to be fun, but now it’s just stressful.

- Needs a Lot of improvement

Ever since the new builder base update the targeting system is Horrible. You place down troops and they go all the way across the map, and end up getting 0%. I seriously am thinking of deleting this game. And ive learned that the developers are just money hungry. All they want is you to spend money on this game and you keep doing it and they want you to do it more. They love when you pay real money just for the game. But than you realize i just wasted all my money and now im poor. Thats what im dealing with here. The targeting is horrible, the matches are horrible too. You can be a TH7 and match with a TH10 on your village base. And also the crusher is too good, because you place down troops hoping that they win it for you. But instead you get a loss. You dont really need a strategy, since your troops just do theyre own thing. You want them to get the TH they get a builder hut. You want them to get the loot, they get barracks. I really am mad at this game, ive spent lots of time trying to get maxed out an etc but end up losing all my loot and trophies to get in a new league. Im very mad at this.

- Amazing game, but some things could be improved

I love this game, it's one of my favorite games, I love almost everything on this game, but there are a few things that could be improved. For one, in donating you either spend a lot of gems or mess up your troop training. I always use quick train, and if I donate troops from my camps, it messes up my whole entire quick train, and I don't want to spend all my gems just to give someone a couple troops. I think there needs to be a separate army camp that has a barracks attached to it, and you can train troops to fill that army camp, you also can't use the troops from that army camp to attack, you can only use those troops to donate, the barracks attached to the camp is always at the same level as your highest leveled barracks you have. I also think that when you invite people to your clan, you should be able to send them a message, and they can see the values of your clan, if they just see, “you’ve been invited to...” they won’t know the values of your clan. I hope you can take these suggestions into consideration. Thank you.

- Frustrated but good game

I played for years. From 7 till I was about 11 or 12. I stopped playing out of boredom and moved on to instagram and other social networks. Nothing was wrong with the game, I just exceeded my limit. I tried getting back on a year and a half ago and realized there was something new called a Supercell ID. I didn’t have a supercell ID so I emailed support and after a week of emailing back and forth, I was given my account back. I was happy and I played for a few weeks. I soon got a new phone and completely forgot about it once again. Now, I tried logging into my account with my Supercell ID only to find that I have been permanently banned. I’ve contacted support many many times. Probably around 10 times. It’s now automated support so they just tell me that my request may or may not even be viewed. I am very frustrated with this. I can’t find any other way to contact them. The last thing I noticed, global chats are gone?? That was the main source of entertainment and they’re gone. Dumb decision on that. Everything else seems the same and just as fun as it’s always been. Only now, I don’t have my account and with the lack of customer service I’ll probably never get it back.

- Frustrating Customer Service

I used to love playing this game as a child. I was a very dedicated player and even poured over $200 dollars into the game. Many years later, I just wanted to get back into the game and admire my old base and the countless hours and hard work that I devoted to this game. I found that I lost access to my account since I didn’t link it to a Supercell id and tried to contact their customer support to no avail. News flash, their support options are horrendous; their email was very difficult to find and offered no help (it referred me to the in-game support). To make matters worse, I can’t even use the in-game support because they banned me for phishing when I was trying to get my OWN account back! I even play their other games, Hay Day, Clash Royale, and Boom Beach, and yet they still suspect me to somehow be suspiciously trying to access someone else’s account instead of the logical explanation of trying to access my own account. To think that an enormous and successful game company such as Supercell has such an atrocious customer support system when their players are paying so much money to them is abhorrent. Shame on them for not putting their players (and customers) at the forefront when we are the sole reason that they’re making money! Sincerely, a frustrated and disappointed former clash player.

- Broken meta filled with game exploits

Supercell has officially broken clash of clans meta. Clan war leagues was introduced as a new type of week long war that would pit players against more even matchups and in doing so make the game fun and fair to play for everyone. Months later we are finding out that is as unfair as ever. Players exploit the games war matchmaking system by obtaining the highest level TH, then only upgrading critical defenses (inferno, crossbows, EA.. etc) and their armies. This confuses supercells matchup algorithm. Basically they are keeping their war weight down so they are matched against players at a lower townhall that can be easily squashed with their max level armies and can’t compete against their maxed level critical defenses. Defense and army levels unobtainable by the lower level TH victims of their game exploits. When confronted with this fact, supercell employees claim playing this way does not violate their terms of use. So basically they are condoning this unfair way of playing. Possibly an attempt at an aggravation factor to pressure fair players into buying gems. Unfortunately, I am considering quitting the game after 5+ years of playing because of all the horrible updates like this geared towards favoring pay to win game exploiters and frustrating game mechanics fueled by greed.

- Dear supercell

So I’ve been playing clash of clans on and off for around 2 years and I’ve actually put effort into the game and I’ve noticed some things that get on my nerves well one collecting recourses isn’t hard it’s a strategy game there are many many ways to collect recourses not only from you collectors and some upgrades are costly but my problem is the time it takes to upgrade things.. now I understand the more time clash consumes from us the more money you’ll make but as a rushed townhall nine say i wanna upgrade a tower 4 days upgrade a cannon that’s a few days everything is days with extremely gets on my nerves but I completely understand why it’s that way and second I wanna talk about the builder base you could have added farms trade villages or extra things to collect recourses with But no you decided to add another base to the game to basically trash all of our hard work and time on our main base and for the fact there’s only one builder Cmon clash the gem mine is also cool but 3-4 gems every 4-5 days is outrageous but other wise than those thing I love clash of clans :) 💕

- Story about how I got wrongfully banned...

My friend recently tried to get me back into my this game after a bout a year of not playing it. On attempt to get back into my account I realize it signs me into a account from my old IPod. I then search my account to make sure it still exists. To this point I have found no way to get back into my account. So I message support (after checking help and support) and wait for a response. Finally support gets back to me and asks me for information about my account to verify that I am really trying to get back into MY account. This questions consist of all things I can answer truthfully. Then it comes to when I created the account. They asked for “month/year.” I am a high school student so I am often busy and lose track of time. I know the year I created the account but not the month. They repeatedly ask the same question over and over again and I continue to respond with “2018.” This answer is not a wrong answer because they put month “/“ year. The / indicates that it is an “or” question. After 4-5 times of answering this question with “2018”, I open the app and find a message that says I’m “banned permanently for Account phishing attempt/s.” I got banned from Clash Of Clans for trying to get back into MY account. Supercell this is not cool.

- Have played for a couple years

I’ve been playing this game for years. I can’t stay away from it. It hits dry repetitive phases but something will get updated and that love to grind comes rushing back in. Right away you should know this isn’t a game you can just get on whenever and progress. You do have to get on every day or two to progress. I feel like that’s why most people quit. They get through the first few town halls thinking it’s easy and then get frustrated when you have to start saving for upgrades. So if you like a challenge this game is for you. There’s just so many things you can do, attack strategies to learn, base load outs to create. Endless possibilities. The only complaint I have is builder base. I feel like it was unnecessary. I only really use it for the gem mine. The fact that you can’t get loot every time you raid keeps me away. Hopefully Otto getting added will help me get back into it. For that extra builder I mean. Also maybe not have builder wack on a glass storage container with a hammer?😂 lol anyway thanks for the memories supercell and happy clashing.

- A great game but just a few flaws

I think that clash of clans is a excellent game but there just one serious problem recruiting. When we had global chat we could of talked to players and convince them to join our clan and now you can’t do that you either get lucky or you go on a another website and advertise there and still it takes a while especially if your a newer clan with just yourself because most people like me are going to join the bigger clans the clans with a lot people and not give the clans with 10 members or less much thought but when global chat was a thing lower level clans could convince people to join them because they were saying the benefits of joining and why there clan was great and when global chat was a thing I gave these lower level clans a chance but now it’s harder to give them a chance because all you get to see is the description and some clans you can’t even find.I understand why you removed global chat but you should make it so you can disable it or enable it. It’s not the best system but I’m sure you could make it work. I hope you can take my idea into consideration.

- I would give it 5 stars but no I have one problem

Whenever I raid. I am in my room with my door closed. The orange WiFi bar of death pops up and screws up my raid. I am full of wifi bars. This only happens when I use wifi. When I use cellular it doesn’t happen. Please fix this glitch. I really have 4/4 wifi bars and I get a 50 something 2* and then I log back on and I see that I got a 30 something 1* please. I don’t know what do do if this happens. It happens almost every time I play this game. When I am doing a war attack, when I am doing a multiplayer attack, when I am constantly looking a replays, when I am making a new base layout. I really spend a hard time making base layouts sometimes, but as a town hall level 10. A slightly rushed town hall level 10 with very rushed heroes. When I log back on, I see that some of my base that I worked hard on was not there. I don’t know if it is my wifi or what. But I really want this to stop happening. I lose trophies almost every time I raid when the wifi bar pops up. I always get my war attacks ruined from this, and my base layouts that I try to work hard on are incomplete.

- You need to fix this ASAP, however...

I was attacking in a clan war, when all of the sudden, it decided to not count any of my attack. It showed up as a slow internet connection icon in the middle of the screen, it let me finish the battle(the icon was present throughout the whole attack) and I got a 3 star, and screenshot it. Then it proceeds to say internet connection failed and I needed to restart(note I am using data and have been playing the game for 30 minutes before this point). So I wasted an attack, and while My screenshot shows a perfect 3 star, it counted as 14 percent in the war. Not only this, but I was talking with another clan member, and it happens to them too, I have put up with this issue for far too long(since I started). I have played it on an older device and it seems to do it more often. Maybe it’s my phones age, however I promise it isn’t an internet issue. Please fix. Other than that it is a very fun game, and I enjoy playing it. I have been playing since 2016, haven’t regretted any point of it. Just a tad bummed that my 3 star didn’t count. I will give it a 5 star when the bug is fixed, thanks.

- One very very minor thing

This game is amazing and I love it in every single way. I just recently upgraded to town hall six and it has been awesome making a new base with new defenses. The builder base is awesome in the same way with me being a builder base four. There is only one very very minor thing I would like to see. I run a clan with a few of my friends and it’s going great. But recently I noticed that I lost a defense by a very slim margin. So I checked the replay and my clan castle had been filled with barbarians. Now in my clan you have to give what is asked for in the request or you don’t give that person troops. This was stated in the clan description under RULES so no one could miss It. So I immediately knew that someone was trolling and needed to be kicked from the clan. Now I know that some script comes up on your screen when someone donates to you but I was offline when he donated to me. I would like to be able to see a like donating record for each person in the clan that would show you what they donated, who they donated to, when they donated, and what the request was.

- Great game, but global should be back

Hey there! I played this game in 2015 and was at th9 but I lose everything when I got a new phone in 2017. Boo hoo right? Well I came back 2 months ago on a new account, just before Global was Scheduled to be removed from clash. Now I know I have been inactive for 2 years but I remember vividly that global was a great place to be. Honestly there weren’t that many scammers when I played, and parents should be more careful with their kids if their kids are going to random websites. They shouldn’t ruin it for us older guys. Global was an easy way to recruit and an easy way to make friends. ALSO this is very important, maybe try to isolate higher th levels from attacking lower levels. I am currently th6 (going into th7 as I write this) and It was extremely difficult to get loot when you are being absolutely rekt by dragons. And you can’t really get revenge against those people because you are stuck with giants and balloons that get mowed down by their higher tier defenses. Great game, bring back global pls, and isolate th levels to each other. Thank you.

- ***Worst experience ever READ***

Absolute worse experience with customer service i have ever had. I started playing back in 2014 and took a break around 2016. Recently i tried to log back into my old account that i spent 2 years of time developing. During the account recovery process i provided all the required information, facebook used, checking account used for in game purchases, first and last purchases, all phones used during that time. It took 4 days of myself actively trying to communicate with the staff. Customer service only responded to me between the hours of 12:30am and 1:30am, with each response was a new customer service agent requesting the same required information. In the meantime of waiting for a response once every 24 hours, i was playing a fresh account just in case something would have happened. On the 4th day i responded requesting either email, phone or someone closer in to my timezone so i could possibly be reunited with my old account and pick up where i left off, basically th10 but basically maxed th9. After again another 24 hour wait i woke up to my account being banned for “Phishing”. Granted it was only a th5 acc with 4 active days of work its still the principle. You shouldnt want to participate in a company that doesnt support its customers or members.

- Air troops r crap

So I hear a lot of people complain that theirs so much ground defense when it comes to coc that u can’t do nothing unless u attack from the air and that theirs not enough air defenses available for your bases that I agree with but not being able to attack on the ground that just isn’t so I’ve been playing this game about 4 years now I don’t think I’ve ever used air attacks I use the same troops and spells every attack for any base all valks about 5 giants and about 9 wizards and 1 pekke I use 4 quake spells to take out their outside wall spread the giant along that wall to take fire then spread wizards out to take out any out side obstacle when their cleared I drop my pekke then about 18 valks in a single file line the i non stop drop my 4 rage spells plus my one haste spell ware the hole base is covered in about 30 seconds I wipe out maxed out town hall 11s i 100% them about 15% of the time the other 85% I take out about 90% of the base if u get used to using this troop method I promise u will never look at any other troops again I’ll 2 star a maxed out th11 with this method 19 out of 20 times every time and I’ll get 1 star on #20 I never loose

- Supercell plz fix this I beg you

I'm sad because I have a ios 5 iPad and I can't update it any ,ore so now I can't get in flash of clans and I was a th7 and it took me a whole year to get this far and I don't remember any of my clash clans information to link the device or put it in my new phone :( I think I need to star all over but them it is not fun anymore because it's not my first base I built and I'm just so sad because m sitting here thinking did i really use all those hours that really just got wasted in my life if there could please be a update or something to allow you to play clash of clams in a older version please and I bet there are other people just like me in my same position except they have an even height TH and mabye they played since then game came out like three years ago and they probably hade a I pad like mine and now guess what they go into clash of clans and they find out the cant get in and they wasted all those hours and time to get that it's a horrible feeling and to those people in the same position as me I just want to say your not the only one that is feeling the pain there many other people In the same position and plz supercell I just hope you can fix this that would not only help me but other people. Thank you whoever read this review.

- Future ideas

This game is very good but we need updates for the future. The 1st thing we need to have for the future would be another new island. The island would be a tropical clash island where there could be new troops and where you can attack by using search to find an opponent with gold from that base and defend your tropical base and the ship should have blue sails and is bigger than the master builders ship and you would still have gold and elixir and you would have an islander builder. There should also be a hero called the volcanic wizard for the tropical island clash base. You have to unlock it at town hall 6.The 2nd thing we need is a sea trader that would give you gold, elixir and dark elixir and would arrive to your village at town hall 6. The 3rd future idea would be a clash TV where you could watch someone attacking a base and it should also be seen in builder hall and your village. The final idea would be to add royal barracks and it can be unlocked in town hall 5 and it would have royal troops like the knight,prince,princess and more as well as the rascals. Hopefully you read this.


I have played this game 2 separate times first reaching max th7 second reaching max th8 I lost access to my th7 over a year and a half ago after switching iPhones and I emailed supercell about it yesterday. Worst mistake ever!! I didn’t have the ability to access the Apple ID for purchases or the Game Center to log in all I had was the player id and because they need the other info to correctly identify that it’s you it was incorrectly thought that I was account phishing I am now permanently banned on my max th8 account and don’t have access to my max th7 I am very upset because I absolutely love the game but I don’t want to spend the time or money on the game unless I can get my account back (max th8) I clearly cannot access my th7 but I have all the information for the th8 but.. what’s worse, the supercell customer service I understand that they are working on new Ames but when I try to contact you all I recieve are the same robot responses “hi how can I help you) then it gives different option of what happened so I click other but when I explain what happened it say “we have information that shows you went against terms of service and your account is now banned” I need help ASAP or I will not be playing the game anymore -a very upset customer

- Wishes

I have loved this game for years and still do!! I play it everyday and I will do for a long time. But there are still some flaws about it. BUILDER HUTS... I wish that you could be able to power up the builder huts so that you could get double the amount of builders but it would cost a bit more than powering up collectors. Or you could just make it so we can level them up to a max of like 2 or 3. ARMYS FIGHT BACK... I wish that when someone attacks you that 1/2 of your army would fight back, or even 1/4 if you will. It would make the game more of a challenge and you wouldn’t always lose so much trophies and gold/elixir/dark elixir. DARK ELIXIR AND COLLECTOR.... My one pet peeve about this game is how freaking hard it is to get the Dark Elixir! I wish that you could make it so that the Dark Elixir is much more easy to get. I am finding myself 9/10 times losing it then gaining it. I am always frustrated because it will take me 15 billion years to get the Barbarian king and eventually after that, the archer queen and Warden... It is a process that you need to fix!

- A Fun Game but needs work

I’ve been playing for about three years it’s a fun game but ever since they took out global you can’t get good members any more the ai in the builder base needs to be fixed it drives me mad to watch all my troops right next to the builder hall and decide to hit a wall to leave the builder hall and war omg something always seems to go wrong either troops act stupid or the heroes do and I think attacking with only a min left should not count as a full attack is three mins and people who only get 100 points in clan games are very annoying you should allow clans to pick how many points people have to in order to collect the rewards it definitely would make clans more easier to manage we have herd every excuse in the book that’s for sure and as far as the townhall weapon goes I hate it it’s way to over powered and makes no sense to me as when I attack I will have a large portion of my army hitting the town hall and more then half the time they will all die even with using a freeze or two on it and when I’m being attacked it’s seems like they have no problem even though my weapon is maxed on the town hall I loved the game I could be on it all day but no longer fell the same way due to all the issues I have said I don’t nearly play as much as I did before th13

- Banned for no apparent reason

I am one of the people who started this game early, so I made my first account, I got to Town Hall 9 over the course of a few years. Then my phone breaks, it is not backed up on Game Center (I don’t know why it wasn’t). So I got a new phone, and tried getting it back once a few months ago, then stopped because I decided it wasn’t worth the attempt. Now I finally try to get my account back, since it has been a few years, and obviously since you can’t remember all information accurately, I got some information wrong, and I wanted to try again. The catch is that I log on today to find myself permanently banned for phishing, which if you don’t know means that I am trying to pose as the some random person and trying to steal the account. I just wanted to get back into a game I played a while ago, now I lost my new account as well in the process. Supercell has many many problems, to their lack of legitimate help and support, their strong abuse of power, and their carelessness when it comes to actual problems. I would never get this game again, and I strongly suggest that anyone playing, should watch out, because if you do something wrong, Supercell is coming full force at you, like a meteor on a collision course to earth, their is no stopping them.

- Great game! Adaptable as always!

Great game very great energy as long as you join the right clan the concept isn’t at all unique but the twist to the concept of a strategic base building game done by supercell make it unique within itself and that aspect draws my attention although the game is very fun and challenging in many forms it’s still proposes as a very time consuming game it is almost as if it too strongly encourages the spending factor to create in a sense a pay to win type of game but even then the ranking system makes for a good balance to counteract that point of focus I do in fact wish times for upgrades were shortened but it would not make the game a strive for success as much as it does the way it is approached now but overall this game is fun, delightful to play with friends, very very strategic, and also easy to use and I enjoy the gameplay despite the flaws but you know what good game doesn’t have its kinks to work out and supercell does a great job of listening and working on all problems to further increase the gameplay in itself!😇

- Bad support

First they either barely or don’t text back at all when it comes to contacting them. Second, I was trying to get my account back that I haven’t used in over a year and they give me the most unrealistic questions such as “what was the last building you upgraded?” “What walls did you upgrade?” Etc. then after hoping I’d get it back, I get permanently banned, like what the hell supercell? I get it you’re trying to do your best to keep other crappy people from stealing accounts and such, but I basically gave whatever info I knew and I get permanently banned without question. Then after trying to contact them through email since I wasn’t able to contact them through the phone anymore, I get one unhelpful response of “I would love to help get your account back but your actions may have led to...” them the person never responded back. Also don’t even know if you’re able to contact them through a phone call (which I would prefer more than having to wait a log time for a crappy response back) I spent so much time on it too, TH10 to be exact, now they’re banning me for trying to claim my own account 😂 overall, horrible support. I’m sure no one else has tried to claim my account that has been inactive in over a year now as well. There ya have it tho.

- Needs to fix some issues

First of all this is a great game and I really like playing it. Here is an issue I have though. So my friend is a town hall 7 right and he’s trying to get barbarian king like any other player needs to do to get to town hall 8. The only problem was he couldn’t play a lot and as soon as he had around 9,000 dark elixir he couldn’t play for a few weeks. When he finally got back on, he discovered all his dark elixir had been stolen because around 20 people had raided his base, and he had to save up dark elixir all over again. So I am asking that you increase the amount of resources in loot carts because when someone takes 100,000 gold from me I only get 8,00 back so please fix that. Another thing I am seeing is that people are getting banned while trying to recover their account. I think supercell should just put in the time to help people recover their bases instead of banning people just because they don’t think the account is actually theirs. If I had to choose between which issue you should fix first I think you should fix the account recovering one first.

- Game doesn’t make me moist no mo

Let me first start off by first starting off that I am a well versed Clash of Clans gamer who is well versed in all aspects of Clash of Clans. In order to succeed in this game you have to play it and put forth the effort to succeed in the game. The game has had many changes over the years that change various styles of gameplay which will change again. So, be prepared to be unprepared as this game will continue to be modified as time goes on the game will be modified into something you will not be happy with. The game will be updated in hopes it can entice and lure you into spending real world money. Nothing in the game is concrete either. You can spend real money on something in the game, then when there’s an update in a few months, the changes could affect that very attribute you spent money on a few months earlier, making what purchase you made worthless. Lastly, my last final comment about the game is in regards to developer/end user (the gamer). If they tell you something in a blog or other form of media which they communicate their stuff and transmit it through the World Wide Web, to a location online allowing a general public audience, they do not care about any of your beautiful ideas and handsome thoughtful verbiage you may or may not use. Cheers!

- Bring back hero graphics, frustrating update.

I’ve played clash of clans for a while and it is fun for a mobile game. However, the latest update has been disappointing for many reasons, particularly with the appearance of the king and queen. The new design looks terrible and unfinished, completely out of place with the other graphics. The hero animation is also pathetic, even less fluid and jerky than it was before, which looked fine as it was. Please change the hero graphics back to what they were. You can implement in the new skins with these graphics easily. I would also ask that you change the new rewards system which appears to charge players to get temporary building and resource boosts instead of changing build times permanently like you said you would. This makes a lot more sense and would appease a lot of frustrated players who don’t want to spend five years trying to max out their base because everything is so ridiculously overpriced. Please consider these changes, and I believe CoC can continue to become a better game while still allowing you to get paid.

- Awesome

This is the only freemium game that really don’t have to spend real cash to play grow fight and have fun. In 4 years of playing I have spent $20 and I am at level 11 th plus my troops royals and others Hingis are all coming along very nice a bit slower without spending but still it is playable. And I get so much free in game currency that I can save up and buy things if I need. The have war games now that allow you to win items as a clan and the other games that you can win more items as a clan. The game is great. So is clash royale. Once again you don’t have to spend but you can. I almost feel guilty not spending money on the game because I’ve played blood sucking games like game of war fire age that I’ve seen people spend literally over 100k real American dollars to get the power they have. Others have spent even more than tht but super cell is very fair and they help a lot. Even if you write to them about a game issue they get back to you within 24 hours. I would give any supercell game more stars if I could. Love them

- This is EXTREMELY frustrating

I’ve been playing clash of clans for a while and I’m writing a review because I’ve had it and am very irritated by this. I have started to work more frequently on my builder base and what I have noticed is that as soon as your trophy count is about to reach another thousand, the game will purposely match me with a player with level 12 troops and a level 7 battle machine while I only have level 10 troops and a level 4 battle machine. Mind you my builder hall is only a level 5 while the opponents hall is always a level 6 and occasionally a level 7 which is obviously just setting me up for total destruction as I don’t even have the same amount of defenses as my opponent. And as I get 3 starred right as I’m at 1997 trophies my opponent claims 30 and then I get brought back down which is very frustrating. I know you want people to purchase gems and other items to boost upgrading but you can do it in another way, purposely matching players up with opponents they are obviously going to destroyed by and driving their anger level up just to get them to buy stuff from you is sick. The game is great but that aspect brings it down.

- Clash fix this PLZ!

So I have been playing this game for about 3 years now and everything feels the same the only thing that really changed it the global chat. The game used to be a game of defending your base attacking others joining a clan and helping clan mates. Now that global chat is removed I feel like clan finding is just hard now. When you join you don’t know what type of clan they are nor do you know if they your age or your language. I think that clash was a better game when global chat was a thing because it made clan finding soooooooooooooo much easier. If clash beings back the global chat I think the game would get a lot of it’s player back since most people stopped playing because global got removed. I play this game daily but at one point I took a break for a year because I was mad that global chat was removed. The reason I don’t rate this game a 5 star is because of the global’s absence. The game feels more empty 😕. I just want global chat back and I know for a fact a lot of others want it to be apart of the game again. So clash PLZ bring back the global chat 🙁. By:KILLEROVERLORD!

- Awesome Game, Stupid Bots

All the troops are awesome and very fun to use. It takes a long time to get good, but im more concerned about all the bots that come in your clan, give you a “free gems” link and leave. And then 1 minute later another one comes. This has been happening less lately since i have been fast enough to kick them or report them before they leave, and also ive been playing for 5 years, but other than those dumb bots its a great game. I play it about 6 times a day, 3 hours total but still only get around 500,000 gold and elixir each day. Since some of my upgrades cost 7 million gold, and i get about 250,000 gold taken from me every other night, it takes almost 3 weeks to get a single upgrade. Another thing i want to see change is the barbarian and archer queen costs. It makes sense because they are the best troop that they would cost the best currency, but the archer queen cost is straight up stupid. It costs 40,000 dark elixir to get archer queen, but 10,000 to upgrade her? Like seriously. Other than that, very addictive in a good way, and a fun way to spend some free time.

- Longevity means nothing to supercell

I’ve been playing this game for about 5 years, majority of the time I’ve been in the same clan which was like a family. Our co has been inactive for quite some time and more than half of our clan is full of inactive co because some guy joined and got co somehow and invited/promoted anyone and everyone. Long story short everyone who was once a family and left and gone there separate ways because super cell REFUSES to give someone else leader ship due to the fact that there are still co leaders in the clan who lime I said before are inactive. Even if we were a full clan we would only be able to do 15-15 wars due to the fact of inactivity. I have tried to message supercell a few times about this because I am the oldest member of the clan and would like all of our hard work to be for not. They will not help and I have had a few of the customer service representatives close the conversation before I even have a chance to talk to them about concerns and needs. All in all this isn't a bad game but you can tell the people who run it only care about you spending money on their game. You would be better off investing your time on literally any other game because in the end, whatever you’ve put into it, SuperCell doesn’t care.

- Pretty cool game

I have to say this game can be addicting and I agree with others who say that once you get to the top levels it does get expensive. I do love it when the developers give us days to boost for 1 gem and also when they give us days where troops or potions are cheaper THANK YOU. The only reason I have it at 4 stars is because if the developer reads this I would like them to know it’s a good game one, and two please let us keep our surviving and victorious troops after we get 100% victory in a battle. I kind of made up my own thinking when my king survived but was sleeping, my thinking was that he needed rest... but now that I’ve read what others have to say, I agree that those troops should be ready for next battle. Esp with how expensive it can be in the later levels. I want to max out everything before moving up a town hall but to be honest it seems like it would take forever. But I have plenty time. I usually play the game when I have 5 min in the am and before bed. Battle until I can’t cause I have to wait for troops and potions to train/be ready. Overall pretty cool game.

- Great game, completely free to play, minor issues

I got clash of clans at least two years ago, and I love it to this day. The strategies are good, and the game has something that all the copies don’t. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have problems. I am currently play on a different device that I started, due to kindle fires not having a backup to stop you from losing all progress after updating. However, that is a simple problem to fix, just don’t play on a kindle fire. The next problem it has is the extremism prices of walls. When you get highs level in this game the wall prices exponentially skyrocket, costing millions of the in game currency to upgrade just a single wall segment. Then the finally problem is how long it takes to get high level. It can take years to get into the higher level ranks, and by then most people stop. However, I think these problems are out weighed by the game’s style and how it never asks for money to play. It’s graphics, play style, and community are amazing. Thanks for reading this mega review. I think I took too much time out of my day to write it.

- New to the game

So I’ve been playing for a few days now and I know, there’s more to the gameplay so why write a review if I’ve only played the beginning. Well it’s really just to point out this huge flaw in early game battles. I went to bed and woke up to my town destroyed, normal until I see how he did it. His clan donated him 2 level 7 balloons and cleaned house with me. Easily. Losing everything doesn’t matter, that can be made back. But the fact that anyone can donate these high level troops to low level players, it’s unfair. That level should be for new players to learn the game together, not get donated strong asf troops just to trophie farm everyone else at that level. All I’m saying is I recommend making it so that if you’re donating troops to another player you shouldn’t be able to donate troops higher than that persons troops. If I just unlocked level 1 balloons I shouldn’t be able to ask my buddy in clan chat to give me some level 6’s so I can clean sweep my competitors at less than 400 trophies. Put a cap on it or something because I’m tired of waking up to my stuff being gone because the guy that attacked me has friends in high places. 2 level 6 balloons and 20 archers, that’s unfair for a TH 3 to have.

- Clash Of Paychecks

I have been playing this game since it came out. I am strongly thinking about deleting this game. Yes, it looks good and the game is good but you will have zero enjoyment playing this game because everyone you play against dumps thousands of dollars in real money into this game. This game is not worth even spending fifty dollars on. Do yourself a favor save your money to buy real life things like food and clothes and just use this game to pass the time if you must other than that delete it. The matching system is way off. Another way to get you to spend money. Again use this to pass the time or just delete it Game play is increasingly worse across all of the supercell games. All they want is your money. They don't care about your game experience. In fact they want you to get angry so you spend more money. The targeting of the troops is all wrong. Troops target buildings that make no sense for where you dropped the troop plus dragons go after the ground troops in the builder base for no reason and avoid going after the air defenses. This is all for one reason so you loose the battle get mad and spend real money. Super cell does not care about making this game make sense nor care about your experience they want your money.

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Clash of Clans - Finish Battle (Town Hall) [2] in 6.585 by kazu107

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Do you play Clash of Clans? Well if yes and you want to join a friendly,fun,nontoxic clan then youre in the right place! Join our clan Donation101!

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Clash of Clans 13.675.1 Screenshots & Images

Clash of Clans iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Clash of Clans iphone images
Clash of Clans iphone images
Clash of Clans iphone images
Clash of Clans iphone images
Clash of Clans iphone images
Clash of Clans iphone images
Clash of Clans iphone images

Clash of Clans (Version 13.675.1) Install & Download

The applications Clash of Clans was published in the category Games on 2012-08-02 and was developed by Supercell [Developer ID: 488106216]. This application file size is 247.12 MB. Clash of Clans - Games app posted on 2020-12-07 current version is 13.675.1 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.supercell.magic

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