Hay Day

Hay Day [Games] App Description & Overview

Best. Farm. Ever. Welcome to Hay Day, the most popular farming game on mobiles and tablets, number one in 122 countries.

Learn the lay of the land, tend to your crops, and trade goods with neighbors and friends. It’s a real special place where the crops never die even though it never rains. Sharing the farm with our quirky animals only makes things more fun!

PLEASE NOTE! Hay Day is free to download and install. However, some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this feature, please disable in­-app purchases in your device's settings. A network connection is also required.

* Grow and customize your farm
* Trade crops and fresh goods with neighbors and friends through your very own roadside shop
* Fulfill orders with your truck and even by steamboat
* Repair your dock and cast your lure to fish the waters
* Build your own town and welcome visitors


Hay Day‘s presentation is fairly cinematic for a mobile game. It’s eye candy. The controls are also smooth, non intrusive, and use the iPhone’s touch screen well.


Watching your crops grow and your twee factories spew out products is a quietly pleasing experience.



5/5 The artwork is phenomenal, clear, missing no details and certainly comical.

5/5 The animals are super cute and nothing ever dies. No pressure if you can’t play for a few days.

5/5 I love this game I play it everyday to build my farm up. I love how it branches out from just a farm to fishing and mining. Overall very fun game :)

5/5 Great game. Love the options!! Got this game for my iPad and it out does any other farm game I have played. Wonderful design and thought process.

5/5 A “happy feel good” game! 6 stars from this girl!


Neighbor, are you having problems? Visit https://supercell.helpshift.com/a/hay-day/?l=en or contact us in game by going to Settings > Help and Support.

Under our Terms of Services and Privacy Policy, Hay Day is allowed for download and play only for persons 13 years or over of age.

Privacy Policy:

Terms of Service:

Parent's Guide:

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Hay Day Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Get ready for our big summer update, just in time for our 8th birthday! Introducing: Squirrels! • Welcome the furry little squirrel friends in their cute little treehouse! • Squirrels collect peanuts from peanut bushes on your farm. • With peanuts come new products: prepare peanut noodles, honey peanuts, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches! Community Requested Features / Improvements: • Cuteness explosion: Baby Zebras have arrived to the Sanctuary • The new Deep Fryer makes crispy dishes: fry up some bacon fries, hand pies and chili poppers. • Get ready to customize the new Pedestal decoration! Discover all the beautiful possibilities as you upgrade it! You have a chance of winning one of the three custom decorations by placing top 3 in the Derby. • Less demanding townies: town visitors now ask for fewer high-value products • A boatload of bug fixes and smaller improvements Don’t forget to connect your game to Supercell ID to save your farm progress! We love reading your feedback! Visit us on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and YouTube, share your thoughts and help us make Hay Day even better!

Hay Day Comments & Reviews

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- Best Farming Game

I love being part of a neighborhood, all of our group participate in group activities like the Derby. Everyone is kind and sharing. Couldn’t ask for a better game or group.

- Fish

Still would like to be able to buy and sell fish Lourdes, lobster baskets, fish nets, and duck swimmys.

- Crashes a lot

I only gave this app 4 stars because of the constant crashing, otherwise it would be a five.

- Game crashes

It crashes a lot. I would tap a building randomly and it would crash suddenly.

- Best game ever!!

I have played hay day for three years now! I love this game! Just wanted to take this time to thank the team members for all they do and to wish you guys a happy birthday!

- Village

I love this app sooo much but every time I try to go on the village my app closes down. Otherwise it work amazing!

- Best game ever

Really enjoy this app it’s so relaxing 🌸

- Necesitamos actualización

Por favor para la nueva actualización pongan llamadas y notificaciones cuando un miembro hable porque aveces necesitamos ayuda o estamos buscando una conversación y no podemos porque no nos llegan notificaciones de mensajes del equipo y más cuando vas a estar en un grupo con tu familia o amigos las llamadas aunque sea de voz son necesarias y harían el juego mas divertido

- Crashing

Just downloads the new update. The app won’t even load, it keeps crashing. Please fix this issue.

- Great Game!

Hay Day is a great game and is super fun. I love that there are no ads. The only bad thing about it is it keeps crashing. I’ll go to fill an order of even to feed my animals and it will crash. If I could change one thing about the game itself, if would the wait times. They should be shorter, or we should have the opportunity to watch an ad to cut the wait time in half. Other than that, it’s a super fun game!


I have been playing Hay Day for 10 years and I really love it.My sisters love it, My cousins love it too. I’m just guessing people should make more games like Hay Day the best game I have ever played for 10 years.

- Trouble

I’ve played this game in the past and didn’t have a problem but recently I just decided to play again and it crashes on me quite often.

- Great Game For Quarantine

This is a great game for when you are stuck at home during the pandemic. It’s really fun and easy to use!! The animals are so cute, and you can chat with your “neighbors”. I think everyone should have/get this game. P.S. Be safe during COVID-19! 😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷

- Great but has a few bugs

I love this game! However, whenever I close out of the app, the bees don’t continue to collect nectar to make honeycombs, and the squirrels don’t collect peanut pods to make peanuts. It’s inconsistent with how the machinery still makes products even if the app closes out. I know this never used to be a problem but it has been since the last update. Thanks!

- Great game

I am updating my review of this,,,,,once wonderful,,,,,game that is NOT wonderful any more!!!!!! It was a solid 5 star game for years,,,I recommended it to all my friends and family,,,,but now most of my circle have become disgusted with the level of greed displayed by this new management and have quit playing! I am rethinking my level of participation also, even though I am a member of one of the top 300 derby neighborhoods on the server. The in game demands to stay on top have become “””PAY TO WIN””””rather than great team work and stellar strategy. Developers have changed the code so much it is almost impossible to win derbies unless every team member shells out huge amounts of diamonds every single derby! It is ridiculous!! My family and I have played for 7 years now and loved it. All my grandchildren have farms and we could play together no matter where in the country we were,,,,it was great!! Then,,,China bought the game out and it has turned into a terrible “”pay to win”””pay to play”””situation, in all but the most basic aspects of the game. They have become increasingly GREEDY, and even simple laid back portions of the game like the valley have become a pay to play part of the game! Derbies are totally insane and stressful, boat orders ridiculous, town orders stupid hard, and truck order requests increasingly difficult to fill. In every aspect of the game now, HayDay makes it difficult to play without spending diamonds multiple times per day! Tech support used to be helpful and listened to player concerns,,,,,no more,,,,you get these stupid canned answers to real concerns and BS about the randomness of tasks, everyone having equal chances, and recommendations to try speeding up the task board to get more 320 tasks, but of course,,, that costs diamonds too,,,,etc. New management has ruined a once great family game !!!

- So Fun!!

It’s so much fun to play and it is the best farm game ever!!

- Good

This is the best, most beautiful farm game I've ever played. but unfortunately it is no longer released in Vietnam. That is a huge disadvantage for players in Vietnam. I hope the game publisher will come back to Vietnam soon

- Really good game

This game is really good because you have to feed all of your animals and if you have to much of something you have to sell it

- I love this app but...

Don’t get me started on this app, it’s the best and I love it!! But I have a little suggestion. When buying an item, for example, carrots or cotton, or any item in hay day, when ever you buy an item from a roadside shop I think you should add some progress to level up, why you ask??? Because I always have trouble leveling up. I also have a problem, but this is my mother, one time we were on a trip (I get on hay day every morning) and I asked her if she could buy my stuff from my roadside shop but then she said “it keeps crashing” so she showed me and it crashed again,I do not know why it crashed but can you please fix crashing??? Anyway I love hay day and the update, I love this app be safe and wash your hands!!!

- This game sooooo goooood

I love this game so much

- Question

What in the world is the highest level on this game? My (real life) neighbor downloaded this game sooo long ago and he’s at such a high level now and i was just wondering when it stops because i know this blew up in the candycrush era and my mom cant stop playing that game and im pretty sure its just a big randomly generated server that sticks with the level and theres no way in hell one person designed all those levels because holy crap it never ends. But with hay day its not just level of going to the next puzzle, you actually have to earn a certain amount of experience, and then gain stuff apon completing that level. So theres no way for that to be random and someone or someones had to write the script for all of those levels and i just wanna know when it caps or if it dont at all. Thank you

- ستايش مشعوف

عالى خوبه 5تاهم كمه براش


I’ve been paying this game for years now my sister and I have gotten friends and family to play it also. This game is sooo addictive and super fun! 10/10 recommended you won’t regret it!

- Wish it would stop crashing!

Great game easy to play. Quite the change coming from the clash universe. Just wish the game would quit making me crash. Please please patch this bug supercell.

- Need a new machine. Blacksmith

Wish there was a machine to make tools like saw and shovels extra

- Low battery Glitch

Don’t get me wrong really love the game andIt is super fun but wheneverMy phone is at low percentage it just glitches me out could u please fix that ?

- Impossible to recover accounts

Iv’e been trying to recover my old account for a couple days now and it is near impossible to do if your account wasn’t threw Facebook it would be so much easier to recover if their was a way you could send it to your email or whatever your account was created with. If It already is possible please explain how

- Best game ever

I’m not a fan of games and never play any games but this one...I’m playing since 2012 🙈

- Hard to log in

It’s been doing that since the new update I can’t log in to my farm

- Auto Exit

Yeah okay I’ve really just been trying to get over it but the fact that I keep losing inventory because the app keeps closing automatically is stupid. I’m thinking it’s my internet because the screen won’t load or it will lag as well?? Never had these issues before but it’s been a minute since I’ve downloaded this game. Honestly if it doesn’t get fixed I’m just not gonna play anymore. I’m soooo sick of my app closing every 2 minutes or after I make a purchase and end up losing it because the game didn’t read it before it closed. I lost a lot of money because of this. FIX THE GODDAMN APP !

- Hay day 1 problem

I love this game I have been playing it with my family ever since it came out it’s great! But recently it has been crashing often, every 5 minutes I’m in the game checking my farm I get loaded out so if you could read this and fix the problem it would be greatly appreciated. 😀😃😁

- Great Games But Now Have Some Bug!!

Hey Hayday Company I Love This Game Soo Much But Right Have Some Crash Bug Please Fix And I Used IPhone 7 32Gb When I Open The Game It Will Be Crashed In Loading Please Fix It Please

- Won’t stop crashing

Hello! I’ve just got this app recently and I’d rate it five stars if not for this inconvenience, it constantly crashes... Thank you

- Keeps crashing

I love this game but it keeps crashing on me

- Crashes too much and stop giving me derby tasks

I loved this game. I played daily. Then poof it won’t give me any derby tasks. It tells me have none available but I can purchase one. I am also tired of it crashing all the time. 2 or 3 times a day

- Can I get help finding my old account?

Hi! I’m a longtime player (I think I started back in 2014?). I love this game. Unfortunately, I lost my old account and had to start again (I think the name was Indigo Farms). I’m not really sad that I had to restart, it’s more that this game is nostalgic for me, and I with that I could recover my old account. Besides not being able to find old accounts, I love this game.

- Complaint

My hay day keeps crashing and kicking me out of hay day and then I loose all my progress and I have to load back in

- Won’t Stop Crashing

Fun game but the constant crashes make the game nearly unplayable

- Worst Farm Ever

Purchased 2 separate diamond packages in a few days. Hay Day charged by card a third time unauthorized. Apple was gracious enough to give me my money back for the third time since it wasn’t approved and I received no diamonds from Hay Day. Hay Day took all of my diamonds away and left me in the negative. Told me there is nothing more they can do. So it cost me $38 to be in the negative. Smh

- ^ ^^ ^

I absolutely love this game and I just wanted to recommend something for the games next update. I was thinking that maybe there can be another roadside shop but instead of selling things for coins they would be sold for diamonds.

- Closes on its own

Good game, but the app closes out on its own after being open for 5 minutes. Makes it difficult to play for longer periods of time

- Awesome game

The game is absolutely wonderful. There’s lots of things to do, and it’s simple. I would whole heartedly give it five stars but it keeps crashing I don’t know if it’s the game or just my ipod but it’s really annoying. I’m also very happy to say that the only thing I don’t like about the game is that it crashes. I spend lots of time playing and I think that it is the best farming game I have ever played. Supercell did a very good job on this game and all there other games. If your reading this and don’t have the game yet you should get it immediately.

- Glitch

I love playing hay day with my friends, but the has been glitching out a lot, and taking me back to the home screen on my iPad. But I still love playing the game!

- Good game but never seems to load

I really like this game but it NEVER loads. I only get in like once a week and I try multiple times a day. Other than that I’m addicted and I really do like playing when it loads.

- Sorry can you corect mistake i can’t play “dalina”the game throw me out

Меня не пускает в долину и выкидует из игры

- app crashing

app won’t open anymore, every time I try to open it, it crashes....

- Great game! But could use a better character artist.😕

I’ve been playing this game for years, and enjoy it very much. However, recently the new updates have been giving poor character designs. In particular, I think the muddy elephant and the sunglasses on the squirrels isn’t cute. They look really dumb! Hope you will here me out and that some agree. Thanks! ☺️

- Crashes after update

Would have given this a 5 star, but the latest update 2 days ago has ruined the game for me. It crashes or freezes every minute. I can’t play and it’s frustrating as we like to play this game with our kids. Please fix the problems.

- Upset with customer service

I’ve been playing Hay Day for 8 years and have always loved it. However, their latest update has locked me out of the Valley, and when I asked for customer support, I was told there was nothing they could do to help me and to wait awhile before I contacted them again. They also have added 20+ expansion land plots, they want 12 permits just to open up one, but only give you an average of 2-3 permits/month, meaning it will take years to open everything up. I’m really disappointed in the direction Hay Day has gone.

- Bugs

This game is very fun, but it has a little bit of bugs, like when I’m playing my game just crashes, like out of nowhere. It happens every about 2 minutes.

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- Tom’s hired diamond is too much

We don’t get enough diamonds and storage tools

- Complaint

Hayday doesn’t listen to people’s suggestions, anytime I try to suggest they would write pls choose another topic, l don’t like it

- About Tom

Tom’s resting hour is too long please reduce it🙏🏻 Thank you

- Anud

I Really Love Your Game Coz Its Amazing,Direct,Smple And Well Designed.This Is The First Game I've Ever Played Online God Bless You Guys One Love ✌🏽

- Hay day!!!! I love it

We should be able to grt our silo and barn upgrading tools easily pls

- Arduous game...boring!!!

Been playing for nearly three years but have spent nearly a year on one level. It has become arduous to play since you can't easily expand land space and there are no deeds anywhere. It's not so fun given the monotonous nature of the game generally. There ought to be newer features. Selling and buying should be made easier too. I'm fed up with it and will retire soon.

- Hay day

Best app ever

- Mr

always want to play

- Lovely game.

More fun updates please 😉

- Fantastic game

Great game,can't just stay away... Keep d good work up

- Superb app

It gets so exciting as you progress through levels.Purposely gave a 4 cos I know the suspense continues

- Hay review

I am totally addicted to this amazing game hayday

- Intresting but not as addictive as clash of clans

Clash of clans is better but this isn't too bad either. Thumbs up!

- Fascinating

I rly like this app all the best to the person who ve created this app keep it up!..

- Good

It's educating.

- I wish it was offline

Yeah yeah I agree the came is ok but I wish it was offline

- Perfect

It's great, like playing it and i will keep on playing....

- It is fun.


- Excellent


- Fantastic

This is a very nice game. I like it. Good for those time when you have to wait. Killing the time is what this is for. Very nice.

- Fair

Not bad at all

- Hay day is fun

I loved hay day. Until I began to select some stuff I did not want. For example I never appeal to giving diamonds but sometimes I select the wrong icon. And hay day does not give the question "are you sure"? So obviously I am losing a whole bunch of stuff on the game, because I make that mistake A LOT. But apart from that its really fun. The person that made that made this game is really creative especially at the fact that it does not involve skill. I love hay day and no matter how much it pisses me off I will always continue to love hat day. Kani18

- 👍👍👍


- Awesomeness

I really really love this game. So much fun.

- Hay day

Really nice game!

- Mr

I love this game

- My view

Am so addicted cant stop now just wish I can have al the time to play it ... Luv ya

- My Addiction!

I'm so addicted to this game... Totally cool... Once you start, you just can't stop... I absolutely love it!!!

- Beautiful

I am so addicted to this game. Beautiful one and engaging too. Please do work with service providers in Nigeria so that I can make purchases through them like it is with green Farm 3. Thanks. Keep up the good work guys. Blowing you all kisses.

- Lovely game

It's a nice game, very addictive.

- Game

I love the game

- Kay

Help!!!!i am getting addicted to this game.....need therapy Asap!

- Love this app

I am an addict to this game, I love it so much since I am a farmer to begin with. Thumbs up👍 to you guys

- Nota

Esto es muy genial hacer juegos así es muy bueno para la gente d todas las edades

- Rvw


- Awesome 👍

Really really cool.

- Addictive game

It makes me enjoy my phone more than Eva,bt mks my btery run down quickly

- 很好玩!


- Fun

It very cool but sometimes i use diamond unknowing

- Hay

Well it's a good game. Keeps me glued to my phone but it makes my phone hot

- Miss

I love this game. But I think you should make the diamonds more secure,maybe a prompt so that one won't use the diamond unknowingly

- Fun

It's really cool but It doesn't work offline which is baaaad

- Sino

What a game!!!

- Cool

Its an addictive and fantastic game

- Mr

Important game. Keeps me going

- Greatest game ever played!wow I like it.

This is gorgeous, really very interesting!

- The best so far

Thanks to the team that came up with the game. We really appreciate🙏

- Good


- Great app


- Hay day

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@HasaanSaeed Sir aaj bohat 80's type day chal raha hay, simpler type

My grandfather has 33 million coins in Hay Day. 💀

@flintoff11: Not even in my drinking hay day would I go near a pub at the minute , I fear for the weeks ahead 🤦🏼‍♂️

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Hay Day 1.47.96 Screenshots & Images

Hay Day iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Hay Day iphone images
Hay Day iphone images
Hay Day iphone images
Hay Day iphone images
Hay Day iphone images
Hay Day ipad images
Hay Day ipad images
Hay Day ipad images
Hay Day ipad images
Hay Day ipad images
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Hay Day Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Hay Day (Version 1.47.96) Install & Download

The applications Hay Day was published in the category Games on 2012-06-21 and was developed by Supercell [Developer ID: 488106216]. This application file size is 179.82 MB. Hay Day - Games posted on 2020-07-03 current version is 1.47.96 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

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