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What is microsoft onenote app? Capture your thoughts, discoveries, and ideas and simplify overwhelming planning moments in your life with your very own digital notepad.

With OneNote, you can plan that big event, seize that moment of inspiration to create something new, and track that list of errands that are too important to forget. Write memos, make a digital sketchbook and save notes right on your phone.

Sync your notes via OneDrive to access them anytime, anywhere. Whether you're at home, in the office, or on the go, your notes are available to you across all of your devices.

Get the complete Microsoft Office experience when you sign in with your Microsoft Account. Take notes, share ideas, organize and collaborate when you download Microsoft OneNote today.

Capture Anything:
• With OneNote, you can plan that big event, save ideas to create something new and track that list of errands that are too important to forget.
• Save pictures of whiteboards, photos or printed documents in your notes with Office Lens. Quickly take a picture, automatically crop and insert the image into your notes.

Organize, Search and Secure:
• Quickly organize your notes in a way that works best for you with powerful organizational tools.
• Find your most recent notes quickly and pin the pages you use most.
• Secure your notes with a password and use touch ID to quickly access them.

Sync your Sticky Notes:
• Quickly save your thoughts and ideas with colorful sticky notes on the go.
• Sync your sticky notes to access them from anywhere on any device, anytime.

Save, Share, and Collaborate:
• Save to the cloud (OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, and SharePoint) and access your notes on anytime and on any device.
• Collaborate and work together in a shared notepad.

Write & Draw on iPad:
• Use a variety of pen colors and settings to create beautiful handwritten notes and drawings.
• Draw with confidence with "Convert to Shapes" mode: OneNote will automatically convert hand drawn shapes into crisp, perfectly regular polygons and circles.
• Use a stylus or the touchscreen to write notes or use OneNote as a sketchbook.

OneNote is free on iPhone and many other devices. Get started today! Download OneNote and sign in with your Microsoft Account or the account assigned to you by your work or school.

Monthly Microsoft 365 subscriptions purchased from the app will be charged to your App Store account and will automatically renew within 24 hours prior to the end of the current subscription period unless auto-renewal is disabled beforehand. You can manage your subscriptions in your App Store account settings.

This app is provided by either Microsoft or a third-party app publisher and is subject to a separate privacy statement and terms and conditions. Data provided through the use of this store and this app may be accessible to Microsoft or the third-party app publisher, as applicable, and transferred to, stored, and processed in the United States or any other country where Microsoft or the app publisher and their affiliates or service providers maintain facilities.

Please refer to the Microsoft Software License Terms for Microsoft 365. See “License Agreement” link under Information. By installing the app, you agree to these terms and conditions.

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Microsoft OneNote Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Microsoft OneNote Version 16.6910 January 2023

This month’s update is bug fixes only. Thanks for using OneNote! We listened to your feedback and updated the application with optimizations to help improve your note taking experience. Having trouble? Send feedback in the app (OneNote->Settings->Send Feedback) Have an idea? Add to our feature suggestion box at

Microsoft OneNote Version 16.67.115 November 2022

This month’s update is bug fixes only. Thanks for using OneNote! We listened to your feedback and updated the application with optimizations to help improve your note taking experience. Having trouble? Send feedback in the app (OneNote->Settings->Send Feedback) Have an idea? Add to our feature suggestion box at

Microsoft OneNote Comments & Reviews 2023


I am an iPhone user who first used OneNote at work using Microsoft. I loved the organization of it better than the systems I’d used before. I then migrated my notes from elsewhere. I recently got a tablet and stylus and OneNote has really leveled up in functionality. Now I use OneNote and Apple notes exclusively. Two of my favorite recent uses: 1. I was watching a master therapist working on a training film with friends. There was a transcript for the video. I uploaded that into a note in my experiential family therapy section. Then I got to sit back and enjoy, and take notes directly on the transcript without feeling like I also needed to pause to write out some key sentences I would have wished I could quote if not having the transcript. That thing you get to do with a paper copy: doodle, highlight, jot words and phrases, exclamation points. All there. But no various notebooks to carry around and make sure not to forget when coming to an event like that. 2. I draw tarot cards most mornings as part of a daily/devotional practice. I did this before the iPad and Apple Pencil, but I wrote notes in a paper notebook. NOW with those tools and OneNote, I can hold up the tablet, snap a picture of my spread, and write notes directly around the image of the cards. Because of this, I notice I am learning the card associations more quickly.

- Using it for years

I tried many other apps to track and manage all the minutiae I need for my varied life family work health ministry spiritual life and entrepreneurial issues. I tried others because they had just some advantage in one way. I would wish One Note could do this one more thing. Now One Note is everything I generally need in one place. The only thing more would be a mind mapping app type feature like Lucidchart. If Microsoft added that to One Note WOW it would totally rock. THE best part of One Note is that over many year and many devices and computers my notes have never been seamlessly picked up in the new device. The least stressful app I ever owned. Exact opposite actually, it makes me relax once I capture my thought in One Note. It is like extra raw memory power in my brain. It saved me from loosing a good detail idea for a particular client many times. I stress much less taking notes in One Note knowing I will always see them again no matter what happens to my device. Backups don’t work as well as that... l mean if you have 30 clients and you have quick note to make on the job and then over the phone then a photo to add or screenshot with weblink to a supplier or pdf One Note does it like nothing else can.

- Great App!!

I honestly didn’t like it at first, but I have grown to like it. Some features that people will want is an audio recording function to play back lectures. Notability does a great job at that, Some improvements for example is one note is the lag between writing and typing. It just doesn’t feel smooth sometimes. Also, lag and exporting of images is not good. I want to move images freely, spin them around, zoom in and out without any hassle. Last thing, is the paging of it. *IMPORTANT TO HIGHLIGHT*-The paging of one note is weird that I wish it is like notability and good notes 5 like page 1, 2, etc of page breaks. Then, show the pages like 1-10 on the side that I can find, instead of me scrolling down to find that particular page. **IMPORTANT TO HIGHLIGHT*-The “endless page” feature is a pain to deal with then being a perk. The pages never end or break like notability. Especially when I need to export pdf’s or print one note notes. When I go print the pages as review to see physically the format is messed up. I hope one note fixes this issue. Also, split screen should apply to OneNote like notability and goodnotes. There should be rulers, or the straight lines or straight shapes feature. If one note has the same features as one note it surely will be the greatest note-taking app. The syncing is amazing though.

- Awesome but needs work!!!

So Many times have images not show up or show up extremely distorted across devices. Several of my professors prefer to post pdf files of their PowerPoint lectures instead of the PowerPoint itself. These lecture notes are extremely long sometimes 108 slides so I usually download them and use my laptop to insert the pdf files to onenote and then use my iPad to take notes. The converted PDFs sometimes show up extremely distorted on the iPad making it very difficult to annotate and take effective notes. Please fix this issue and make life easier for us college students. One more thing, when I insert a PDF file with several hundred pages and make notes next to it. When I want to print the notes out on a regular A4 paper. Onenote shrinks the pages so much that the hundred of PDF pages fit on only one single A4 paper making it completely unusable. I really really would appreciate having proper page layout options in the touch version of onenote to set strict borders to have specific page size like A4 so that both the inserted PDF pages and my notes next to them will both show up on the A4 paper and not shrink to extremely tiny size.

- A Fantastic Notes App on iPad, but Mouse Support Needs Work

OneNote is a great app for notetaking on iPads, whether via typing or handwriting with a compatible stylus. Both can be used together interchangeably to create a remarkably versatile workflow that syncs seamlessly across devices. It’s an extremely useful tool for college notes that I come back to often. There is one issue with the app that frustrates the experience a bit, however, and that is the clunky mouse support. With other Office apps being able to take full advantage of the fast-highlighting features that iPadOS has brought to the table, being unable to quickly highlight and format text the same way in OneNote makes the experience more jarring. It takes a double-click to initiate highlighting mode on a word, as the pointer does little more than emulate a finger at this point; from there, the highlighting start and end bars have to be moved around, then formatting applied. It’s not a deal-breaking issue, but it can be an impedence to a note-taking workflow which makes it a bit harder to be swift and organized with color or other formatting compared to a PC. Aside from this, the app functions incredibly smoothly, and is a great, free all-rounder notes option for all sorts of different applications.

- IPAD users beware

Unbelievably frustrating. Super glitchy (sometimes the drawings jump around, images dont show up etc) and crashing CONSTANTLY (either just exits the app and forgets the last 30 seconds of work, or suddenly doubles its storage size on my iPad and locks me out for minutes at a time stating "One Note needs at least x amount of storage to operate"). Started happening after a few months of notes. Takes up an egregious amount of space, even with class notebook that stores old notebooks on cloud. Also has ridiculous syncing issues: just about every single one of my notebooks has a syncing "error" attached. If these issues were to resolve I would have given the app 3.5-4 stars because overall it go the job done and was simple to use once I learned how to use it. ALSO: your capabilities are very limited on iPad. There is not much you can do in terms of saving the information on an external hardrive, sharing the files, etc. There are not many setting items that you can mess around with either. Pretty annoying for troubleshooting issues. Normally dont write reviews, but I felt I had to considering the amount of time I threw into this app, and how disappointed I was in the end. (I was very happy with it in the beginning). Would have been worth it to buy another app specifically designed for Apple products.

- Missing critical features specific to the iPad

OneNote first off is wonderful. I’ve been using it for a long time for school and it is very good. With such good integration with Office and other apps there’s nothing else like it. The drawbacks of this app though are pretty severe. You cannot use 2 OneNote applications in split view, only one so you cant have a note open on one side and another on the other. This is such a productivity killer and needs to have that feature implemented; other Microsoft 365 apps have this for the iPad already. The next drawback is that ALL Microsoft 365 apps use iOS 12’s text edit touch tools as opposed to the new features implemented in iOS 13. You cannot hold the cursor down and drag it, instead, iOS 12’s touch controls bring up the ancient magnifying glass which is honestly a nightmare. Connected to this problem is at the Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro almost has no support for text editing. It feels like I’m just using a finger as opposed to hovering over text with the “I” like on other documents. This is due to iOS 12’s touch controls that need to be updated. The current iOS used when writing this review is iOS 14. I cannot select individual letters without having to hold down left click and wait for the magnifying glass to come up. It is very annoying and Microsoft please fix.

- IPad/Win10S versions need lots of improvements.

Crashes all the time. Slow as a crawl when handling large notes, try undoing something! Cursor positioning is erratic. Search function is also erratic and clicking on the”next find” or “previous find” buttons often misbehaves, especially after some editing. Draw needs a lot of additional functionality: ability to erase parts of an object, ability to choose adequate erasers, ability to draw shapes without needing to use the primitive “ink to shape” facility, ability to fill an object with a color or pattern, interference between draw and text, inability to peg text to a specific place in the drawing canvas. Try for example something as simple as to draw a chessboard! Inability to create links to locations in the same note or in other notes. Missing menus and features when compared to PC or Mac versions. No recovery from data accidents, I lost notes more than once because of sync issues. Inability to store notes in the Apple iCloud. Poor integration with phone/tablet hand and pencil gestures. Inability to save drawings and text together to the same PDF. No diff feature. I could go on. And ah, an unresponsive development team, I have seen Internet traffic on some of these deficiencies dating from years ago.

- Please turn off automatic capitalization

Thank you very much for your service. I have recently begun to write more notes for work and school using OneNote. I typically write from a mobile device, on which I definitely have auto-capitalization set to off. Unfortunately, OneNote continues to automatically capitalize my words, even upon review. I deliberately edit notes differently and often do not want capital letters at the beginning of each line or elsewhere. Moreover, I also write in multiple languages, but OneNote seems to have trouble recognizing it and will correct my writing much more frequently than other apps, becoming a great hindrance at times. Please adjust these settings or allow specific control from your application. I do actually have auto-correct and auto-capitalization set to off in my device settings. As a bonus, it would be wonderful to have additional possibilities with regard to editing the text appearance (font styles, sizes, highlights). Thanks! I appreciate your incredible work. Update: I can now expressly adjust settings for spelling and automatically capitalization within the app.

- Excellent for work and school

I’ve used OneNote for many years now and find it very helpful for organizing my work and educational notes. I use it across PC, Mac, iOS and iPadOS. It is great to have access to notes on all devices and combines written and typed text, hyperlinks, screenshots, attachments. The writing is natural and smooth. The biggest shortcoming for me is the poor printing or PDF export capability. OneNote treats the document as one continuous document. This is very nice for restriction-free notes, but when it comes to printing or exporting to PDF, there should be some flexible page set up option which aren’t there. Because of this, for submitting written homework or saving notes to share with others at work, I find that I need to use other apps to get the job done with reasonable formatting. It also does not play nicely with formatting when pasting from OneNote to other Microsoft products. These haven’t been fixed in sometime. I hope this review/suggestion is read by the development team, because it would then be a very complete tool for me. Another more minor improvement would be the tables, which are self-formatting. Some improved control over those would be helpful.

- Good for notes but always stops working

This is the first semester using this app and I like it a lot for writing. But, just out of no where when I’m writing or erasing, it just stops working and that loading icon just pops up and it keeps going and going no matter how long I wait, so it just wasn’t doing anything. I would have to keep exiting out and refreshing the app, but it keeps happening. This happened before but I had to delete the app and redownload it. I’m not sure if it’s because I have “a lot” of information stored in the app but I did have to delete most of my notes the first time it happened, and I don’t want to keep deleting notes. Another problem is not being able to switch through notebooks or pages. It’s usually stuck on one page and even if I tap on different different tabs, it’s still stuck on one page. I offloaded the app and deleted it so many times, even restarted my iPad but the problem stays the same. I have all of my handwritten notes in the app and I guess the app can’t handle more than 5 pages of writing. There is almost always a sync error which is confusing since I am connected to my internet which is perfectly ok. Even when I try to sync it, it apparently just doesn’t sync so that error is there all the time. I thought an app like this would work better with tablets.

- Excellent program and app, but...

I have used OneNote for a very long time on my PC, and I’m thrilled that there’s an app! However, the last update has spoiled my workflow. Every time I want to add a new section or note I have to dismiss the ribbon at the bottom of the iPad. I use a Logitech keyboard case with my iPad because I find typing onscreen cumbersome and slow. There’s a ribbon that shows onscreen at the very bottom of the window. This ribbon contains predictive text suggestions, style options, etc. I have tried closing the predictive text in settings, but it does not remove the ribbon within the OneNote app. Before this update the new page/section button was at the top of the window. It now resides on the bottom - causing two problems. The first is that it is covered up by the ribbon I mentioned above. The second problem is that new iOS feature that you can access other apps by tapping the bottom of the window. THAT thing pops up if I am off a fraction of a hair from the button, also frustrating my workflow. Please find a way to put the buttons at the top of the app again to resolve this problem. Otherwise, GREAT app!

- High functionality

This is a flexible app, as it works on every device I need (Microsoft and Apple) with high updating speed in real time so long as there is internet connection. I also have the ability to organize my notes sufficiently as an attorney, and I love that I can have multiple email accounts associated with different of my notebooks so I can access personal and work notes in my device but only my work or personal notes when logging in to my notes in the appropriate account online. Note search function will soon become invaluable. I do wish there was a broader, long-term sharing ability so any of the law clerks or attorneys in my office could see and edit notes without me having to share a notebook each time, but that might be solved when the office totally transitions to electric and we possibly have a singular work account. And I wish I could have the notes appear in certain folders (client folders) I’ve saved and organized in one drive so ALL the client info could be organized in one place instead of opening up two apps. But other than that, I really enjoy OneNote for typing, drawing, and all the other little functions as I discover them.

- Awesome app

As a college student, this app has saved my life! It’s so much better than the note app that came with the iPad and unlike so many other note taking apps, this is free! It allows for so much more personalization and manipulation of your notes. For example, the apple notes app only has like 5 different colors you can choose from, and 2 of the colors are too light to be note taking colors. But with OneNote, you can customize any color! It comes in very handy because I organize the different sections of my notes by different color writings. Also, it allows you to zoom in and out of the page when writing, which is so cool because I can write really small fonts by zooming the page in and then zoom it back to regular size to have very neat and clear small writing. With other note taking apps, if you want to write very small you just have to pray to god you have surgeon steady hands that won’t make the writings ugly. The one thing I would suggest is to add a ‘pencil’ feature like the notes app because sometimes when I draw math models or graphs, I don’t want every line to be a opaque ‘pen’.

- Add Miro canvas features to OneNote

OneNote’s canvas leaves a lot to be desired. What was once a revolutionary and leading software for notes (10+ years ago) is now stale compared to other tools out there. It’s clunky and difficult to spatially organize information on a page. It’s not very agile. Please bring the new and rich features from Miro into OneNote: Grids, frames, text boxes (that aren’t a pain to move around), snapping, arrow system, grouping, tables, mind maps, cards, etc. OneNoe’s section and page system is currently the only feature that beats Miro when it comes organization. I’ve personally started pay for and use Miro as my main note taking app. I’m transferring everything over to it with the hope that they add a section/page system. I’d gladly keep using OneNote if the pages were as feature rich and capable as Miro’s, but at this point it doesn’t really get the job done for what I need to do which is take notes for 3D art techniques. I use a lot of pictures and things get moved around a lot as new information comes in. I like to go back to notes and make updates when new techniques are found. OneNote just doesn’t allow the information to evolve over time as well as Miro

- My Main NoteTaking App

My favourite part about OneNote is that it is easily accessible on all platforms. It has an easy to use interface, spell check, styles and other essential features from any Microsoft Office product. I enjoy the ribbons, the to change the backgrounds between black, lined and grids. I love taking notes on my iPad, then adding more to the notes on my Mac. Although Mac continuity features supplement the copy and paste between the two devices, I still love being able to edit my notes on both apps. Sadly, that’s where my love for OneNote ends. The UI is slow to update, there are still many glitches in OneNote. For instance, if I try to write with my Apple Pencil where there is text or an image, the page jumps around. This makes annotating notes and PDFs in OneNote difficult. Another feature that has been missing in OneNote is the addition of a dot-grid background, isometric background, or custom backgrounds. Sadly, OneNote is often slow to update and catchup on features present in other apps. I’d still recommend OneNote as one of the best free options for NoteTaking apps, but I would strongly recommend looking at some of the other NoteTaking apps available for purchase.

- Changed to 5 star, thank you very much for the prompt fix

(For iPad) New Review: Wow, within 1-2 patches after my first review, not only was the very niche issue fixed immediately but the new animation slaps. I had a sneaking feeling that Office support would be speedy, but wow. Thank you for giving me a fantastic reason to continue buying MSFT shares. Old Review: I appreciate all the work that has gone into making OneNote a native-like iPad work and I use it everyday at work. My only quip is that the “lost connection” notification at the top of a notebook scrolls the rest of the notebook page down, decimating whatever poor letter I was writing with the Apple Pencil at the time and then predictably again when I regain connection. For a few seconds at a time, I lose connection at least 20 times per hour while tethering from an iPad2021 & iPhone 12. I am glad the notification lets me know my notes may not be saving, but it would be fantastic if it did not interrupt writing or stylus input. Thank you.

- Slow and clunky, with bugs

Slow, clunky, and after a while you really start to get annoyed with this app. I used OneNote for the longest time on my computer, so I was excited when they made an app. I use OneNote for quick and simple note-taking, usually just for jotting down ideas. But for that, this app fails. It always takes several seconds to open, in which it shows you the purple landing page. Often I wonder if it's going to open at all. Switching pages takes time as well, and there's these weird bugs where the page won't load correctly and will just look weird. There's also a personal annoyance for me that you can't switch off Auto-Capitalisation. It's already off in my iOS settings, but OneNote overrides it, and that's annoying. Finally, every time you exit the app, let's say to go to another app that you were using, OneNote will close the keyboard automatically. I often switch back and forth between two apps and that is really annoying to me. I know all of the above sounds like petty things, but after using this app for a long time, I have decided to move away from it to something like the in-built iOS Notes app simply because it's faster and it doesn't have any of the annoyances of the above.

- Amazing. Especially since it’s free. But there’s one thing...

This app is awesome. I actually deleted by other note taking app that I spent money on to switch to OneNote. But there is one thing that I have noticed that I believe can be easily fixed. The app tends to have lots of glitches. Things that were erased are appearing again, entire notes that were deleted and back on the app once I have returned to the app after closing it, and there are even white streaks that tend to appear on the screen as a write. Another thing that happens is that when I am using the undo button, the page automatically jumps to the top of the note and I lose my place. I believe this is a simple big issue and I can’t wait for a seamless experience in the future. Please, please, please someone fix this! Sometimes it gets a little embarrassing when my friends are impressed how I manage to do everyone on the iPad, but when these glitches pop up they seemed to be turned away from the idea entirely. Thanks so much!

- Terribly slow on ipad

I have used the Onenote the most in my life among all other apps. And finally transferring my notes to Apple notes and Notabilitiy. This is unbearable for how they are caring for their Apps. ios Onenote has been like this for many years and my patiences have ran out. It’s obvious this lack of performance is intentional. There is no way ipad can’t handle few notes displaying and typing and gets this slow. Wake up this is 2020 and the one of the fastest device on the market can’t even handle writing mostly a text notes right. Bye bye shabby business for causing pains to every regular people’s life. you’re not helping but causing pain. This is why more people are running away from the Windows. As for a note, all of my outlook accounts asks to reenter password so much more often and it doesn’t even acticate apple keychain during that process. It’s painful to copy and paste my passwords for 5 different outlook account once every few days. Funny thing is that if I use their app, it just works fine. They can claim it’s Apples fault but even when it is, if they care for their own app, they have to find a way to make it work. So shabby and shoddy. People know who’s the most mean company. It’s probably among MS, Google and Apple. Don’t be the first one.

- Very Glitchy, Too Risky

I’ve used OneNote for the past 3 or so years. My primary use is for taking notes and scratch paper for homework. I’ve always had issues with the app freezing, glitching, and crashing but I usually found some workaround to get it working again. I only use this app because of my school’s integration of Office365; other than that it has no further benefits. After this last update and iOS 12, the app has become unusable. The keyboard frequently (twice a minute) pops up while I’m writing. The pen can’t be reselected after the keyboard pops up until I select the eraser or another color pen which lag behind. The app freezes after it feels like I’ve written enough, which is constantly. Notebook, section, and page graphics constantly scroll and bounce when I’m trying to work with them or add more. I’ve tried restarting my device, reinstalling the app, removing and adding notebooks, and contact support multiple times with no success. These issues cost me time and effort, and when fast pace notes and homework are involved, this app becomes too much of a risk. Just pay for GoodNotes, like me, or just use the Apple stock Notes app, either is at least 100% more reliable. Best, your University student, BS Mechanical Engineering.

- There are no clear instruction or Tutorial

There are no clear instructions on how to show student to work on there OneNote pages (that are not Word Documents- no self-respecting math teacher is going to do all of their student assignments in Word.) I need graphs, I need to use the “Line Tool” under the draw feature. I have gone through hours of Tutorial Videos on “how to..” but none of them have show me a student perspective so I can explain to the students how they turn their assignment and correctly link it to their OneNote Page. (My students are all using a new 7th generation iPad.) OneNote may have done some updates in the last week or so, so I found how the teacher can assign and Link a OneNote page to the Assignment Tab in Teams, but the students cannot write on the page, even though Teams indicates that each student can edit their OneNote Page. I want my OneNote Assignments turned in in Teams and I want to use the “Grade” tab/menu in Teams to grade the assignment. The Grade tab give me the perfect way to open each assignment, write comments, or mark up the page, then return it to students with my comments. Why can’t there be some clear instructions on how to do this using iPads, OneNote, & Teams.

- How I Benifit from One Note

I keep personal notes, business notes & Convention notes I use the copy & paste features when I study my Bible. These are helpful when sharing with my Congregation, the points or qualities I have noted about the characters involved in the reading as well as the attributes of our Creator, Jehovah God. I especially enjoy using the colors while note taking as well as the Bold feature, perhaps to indicate a lesson learned. I also use it for the names of new friends I have met. Thank you for always improving One Note & giving choices for the size as well as the type of Script we can use. Again thanks for your brilliant work!!👍 I totally agree with the first paragraph, I wrote above for your last survey.I am enjoying all your nice features every morning. Pus I use it for special lectures, & Conventions. It is a very useful tool for notes. Thank You again for using your skills to make our lives more accurate & simple.

- An Unbridled “meh”

The default notepad on iphone is just fine. I downloaded this because the app store on apple watch made it seem like i would be able to take notes on my apple watch and sync them to the phone which in turn would sync them to the cloud etc. Nope! You can only make them on the phone and then sync them to the watch and cloud from there. You can view them on the watch but everybody’s apple watch notepad app does that, so who cares? This is like getting offered a free ride in a Porsche by your rich buddy. however; upon getting in you find out the seats are not the “bucket seats” your friend talked up, but are instead actual buckets turned upside down and nailed to springs. Also the seatbelt has been cut out so he can only drive at 3 miles per hour for safety reasons. In short: underwhelming disappointment from what a software developer that is the biggest of the big names. Like going to the store to buy cheese and finding one you haven't had before but its from a maker you trust but when you get it hone and take it out of the package its just a pile of rotting leaves and melting wax that has been painted to look like cheese. But then again why am I complaining it was free after-all, but then again most compost is

- Multiplatform, Powerful, Quick, Versatile

OneNote is a great way to share notes and links between iphone and windows, especially w/ Quick Notes builtin handy default location. I also use it on iPhkne and Windows to track investing ideas and research. I do different types of research on both platforms (more in depth on laptop, more news and light fun reading on iphone. Surprisingly full featured on all platforms, yet light weight. The way OneNote allows entry of text or pictures is clean and simple. I have used commercial and opensource note taking apps for years (other good ines inckude keepnote, quiver), and no other app handles allows such free form entry in flexible and intelligent cells. I can paste pictures and include text and if i want can turn it into a cell and move it around or cooy between. Only feature i miss in OneNote is a multi-level folder structure. Handling folders should be as easy as using a browser's bookmark manager, or Windows Explorer.

- Graduate student tool

As a graduate student who works between a few devices, I hesitated to purchase an iPad in place of a laptop for my classes because I didn’t know whether I could keep everything straight and synced. However, OneNote works perfectly — If I change a note on my iPad, within a minute the change is seamlessly reflected on my computer, which makes note-taking and paper writing a breeze. I’ve found note taking with my Apple Pencil to be really enjoyable, and better than competing note-taking apps (or the default one). Being able to search handwritten notes is a feature which I never thought possible, but has made my life infinitely easier. For my student friends — a combination of Adobe Acrobat, Dropbox, Google Docs, and OneNote have streamlined my workflow in a way I never thought possible. Now, I can take my iPad with me to class or when running out of the house and I still have access to all my materials.

- Great but needs work

If Microsoft had a best-kept secret, it would be OneNote. Although backed by the world’s biggest software publisher and included for a decade in most versions of Microsoft’s mighty Office suite, it’s still often upstaged by other note-taking apps, such as the ever-popular Evernote. Yet OneNote has evolved into a powerful information capture, management and sharing application that can be used for a wide variety of purposes. It’s available for just about any recent computer or mobile device – and best of all, it’s free. An example of its potential can be found in the education sector, which uses OneNote tools to create shared notebooks with lessons and homework for classes, and to integrate with learning management systems. It can be also be a very useful business tool, as the following seven tips reveal. More than a note-taking app OneNote uses a simple notebook metaphor, allowing you to have any number of notebooks, tabs within each notebook and pages within each tab. But it’s not just for taking notes. OneNote has rich editing tools that let you format text, add pictures and tables to each page, attach files, draw illustrations and link to other OneNote pages. You can also add to-do lists that can be easily turned into Outlook tasks with reminders. OneNote includes a range of templates for quickly creating more complex pages, such as project tasks and meeting notes, and you can create your own templates.

- OneNote App- Not compatible with Mac. Not able to create new Notebook Accounts.

Not compatible with Mac. However, it states it is. Too difficult to create other Notebooks (not sections). I called for assistance with this (I received really kind & good customer service) just to find that this program is not compatible with my new MacBook Air. Although, this program’s website states/stayed it is compatible. I’ve been using OneNote for years. Originally, with a Samsung using Windows 10, in which it worked just fine. However, I was still unable to create an entire new Notebooks/accounts for separate use (i.e., for education, personal, & professional notebooks) to allow me to switch between notebook accounts (without the program automatically syncing the same notebooks/sections across all Main Notebook/accounts). Other than these very important key points, it would be... ONE OF THE BEST APPS, PERIOD! Perfect for writers, students, organization, sharing, creating documents, business, the list goes on.

- Good, but missing features…

As an iPad Pro user, the iPad app is good, but missing key features that collectively make the App far less efficient and useful. All of these missing features pertain to the draw function. On Desktop, you can convert Ink to Text and Ink to Math. On the iPad OS version, you can only convert Ink to Shapes, which, for the business professional, is entirely useless. It is my understanding that the Ink to Text feature has been the number one (by far) requested feature for the iPad OS version of OneNote for YEARS, yet Microsoft has yet to add this functionality. Why?? The Desktop version is fantastic, as it offers essentially every functionality you could ever need or want in a digital notebook, and that’s why it has historically reigned supreme to its competitors. It’s absurd to have to use the Apple Notes app, which offers Ink to Text functionality, then copy over the converted text into OneNote… Why can’t Microsoft afford the same plethora of features offered on Desktop on mobile??

- Fine if you have 365 from work or school

It’s a decent note-taking app with some good functions. I have two main gripes: Wildly inconsistent syncing, and a bug that randomly scrolls the page to the very top while not-taking. Every study session, a gray bar pops up that says it couldn’t connect to the server and my notes aren’t syncing. Also, forget about syncing large notes on a single page - I had two pages that had a chapter’s worth of notes on each page that ON would not sync at all. It was only when I meticulously copied and pasted sections of those notes one by one that I could access them on my other devices. As for the scrolling, any accidental touch of the blank space in the ribbon will send you back to the very top of the page, very frustrating to have to scroll all the way back to the bottom when all you wanted to do was change the pen. Fix these issues and add handwriting recognition and you’ll have a 5 star app. If you get office 365 for free from work or school I would use this app, otherwise notability or GoodNotes is probably the move.

- A nice one stop note app that can do a lot but somethings could be better refined.

A great app that seamlessly syncs between devices, stores a lot of different file types and makes note taking a breeze. However, there are few things I would love to see in this app that would take it to next level. List of expected features is as follows: 1) Pinning note/chapters on top for ease of access, currently its has to be through finding the notebook/section/ sub section / Page. Which is distracting if you are actively working on a certain section and need a quick access. 2) Ability to hyperlink other pages/notes for definition, details etc. and ability to have a quick preview of those notes without leaving the current note. 3) The ability to select page size for notes, this is particularly important if the notes ever needs to be printed of shared as PDF. The current infinitely extending page is great for brainstorming but makes it a pain to print or share the idea through other apps like an email. 4) The lack of inline support for latex modes (How difficult is it to make a latex text box that compiles into a beautiful math equations) makes note taking of math equations a pain. Apple Pencil can only be used after selecting draw mode (its been years since this app is on iOS, is that apple not allowing this feature or developer not implementing?)

- Great app for School and Personal use

I have used this app since college and am in Medical School now. Me and a large majority of my classmates use this for note taking in class and outside. The app lets you download/print out the various power points into the app so you can directly annotate them. Very useful for school. You can password protect various tabs, etc. very customizable, I have not even explored everything it can do yet, but for example, I wanted to record my lecture so O found that you can actually insert a little link and file of a video or voice recording right from the app itself. Very cool, don't know of anything else that does that. Syncs with OneDrive, so I suggest you get a OneDrive account (usually schools have a deal to get you like a TB of storage or something of the sort through Office 365, so ask you IT department before buying anything out of pocket-if you aren't a student Microsoft offers 5 GB free of the bat, so there you go).

- Search function doesn’t work

I use OneNote for school. About a month into using it, the search function just decided to not work properly. If I search for something it’ll do one of three things: 1) give me results from only a few places, 2) give me results from just the first few months of notes or 3) say no results can be found even though I am physically looking at the word on my screen. It’s a great note taking app, but this issue seems to be very common. I tried every method I could find to fix the issue but nothing works. And when I looked online for solutions, it looks like Microsoft doesn’t even know how to fix the issue and they just give answers to other people that give them the “run-around”. It’s not just an iPad issues either. The search function doesn’t work on my HP laptop or my iOS devices. Other apps have great search functionality and Yet Microsoft being the great company they are, can’t even fix this issue? Advice...unless you won’t be using the search function for school then this app is great, if you will be using it, I’d suggest finding a different note taking app.

- Mostly just suggestions about the app

I have been using this app for I think a year and a half. It started out rocky because I was trying to use the app on my iPad and then try to use the same notes on my Mac and if I added anything to the notebook from my Mac it would not be able to sync. I tried contacting support but all they could say was delete everything and start over. Instead I just stopped using my Mac. So one feedback would be to figure out why you can’t go back and forth between the Mac and the iPad app. Why can I access it but not change anything. Another suggestion would be to put in a feature that locks the size (width specifically) of the screen. When using my Apple Pencil I sometimes accidentally zoom in or out because my hand touches in 2 different spots. And that can be very frustrating when you are trying to keep your notes cohesive and the same throughout. I would also like to suggest the ability to voice record and take notes at the same time.


I have been using this app for many years now for pretty much anything and everything— it has also been my journal for 5 years and got me through a devastating loss when my boyfriend passed away 5 years ago. The other day I realized many of my notes were not syncing and in an attempt to fix the issue I deleted the entire notebook from my iPhone with one click. I thought nothing of this because I assumed it could easily be restored. Apparently that was not the case. I am very upset that Microsoft office OneNote would not make it more difficult to delete a notebook if it is permanent and can’t ever be recovered again. I was in a hurry and just wanted to resolve the problem and all those years of my heart and soul and journey to recovery after loss are FOREVER LOST. Please Microsoft One Note Support: PLEASE FIX THIS FOR US. I don’t want to see someone else go through the pain and stress it causes to lose something so important. I had no idea that clicking that button meant I would never again get to recover my notebook. I thought it would be just like an app on the phone. Something that can be deleted and brought back to life to get rid of the glitches. ATTN MS ONE NOTE SUPPORT TEAM: If there is any way that you know how to recover this I would appreciate if you could reach out to me to walk me through the process. It would mean the world to me!

- Needs improvement

When you do highlighting or drawing to underline some thing if you go back and modify anything that occurred prior to that then do you highlighting or the drawing ends up moving and not staying with the item that you were highlighting. Likewise when you highlight something it would be nice if it would sense that you were trying to highlight an item and that it would put a nice highlighted straight line on the item, thus as you draw your finger across the word or words, it would simply be a starting point and ending point but the rest would be controlled by the program and be a perfectly straight line. Another thing is that it’s difficult to get to the beginning of a line because it is up against the edge of your cell phone screen. Unfortunately the screen moves because it thinks that you are trying to flip the page back to a different page, that is not the case, you are simply trying to start at the beginning of the line. These things need improvement

- Excellent across ALMOST all platforms

I have been using OneNote for several years now, at first in a work environment, later for personal use. In my work setting, using OneNote harkens back to the old Briefcase from Windows 9x era, the ability to have a ‘binder’ that is organizable by subject, tabs, etc. Different topics ordered and organized in a way that give peers easy access to useful information. In personal use, I’ve found the ability to markup documents and images and rearrange my thoughts in blocks quite useful. It’s great for brainstorming on the fly. Used on an iPad with Apple Pencil is smooth and natural, the tools, could be improved upon, but with recent updates for Dark Mode, progress is being made. My one complaint is OneNote on the MacOS. There is no way to store the OneNote binders locally due to Office365 integrations, the dependency on OneDrive is frustrating and locks you into the MS ecosystem. If not for the slow growth in tooling, and the lack of proper MacOS support, I would definitely award this five stars.

- Great for iPad, but missing features

I rely on one note a lot, especially across platforms. Most of my remote work is done on my iPad though, and it bums me out that there are certain features missing on the iPad version of the app that are included in the free Windows 10/11 version on the desktop. In particular I hope that we get functionality with the Apple Pencil, especially ink to text. It exists in the windows version of the app, but bizarrely enough not on the iPad, despite there being settings for the Apple Pencil. Also, and this is more of a general thing. Custom tags don’t seem to carry over from the desktop version, which sort of locks me out of using them since I switch back and forth between the two devices quite frequently. I’d like to organize everything by custom tags, but if I can’t search by them or create them on my iPad, then what’s the point? 🥲 Otherwise, great app, not sure what I’d do without it. 😅

- Wonderful app (better than Evernote)

Truth in advertising: I used to work for Microsoft and was an internal “dog fooder” for OneNote back in 2002. Having said that, I will say that I left the OneNote world for many years, becoming an ardent user of Evernote. What I found, over time, is that OneNote made significant leaps and bounds in the user experience, particularly with respect to pasting in text/data from web pages. I became an exclusive user of OneNote (again) starting in 2014 (although I visit Evernote from time to time to see if it has blown past OneNote — I’m ex-Microsoft, but not “hard core” Microsoft. The trick to OneNote (or similar apps) is to establish a pattern of organization for notebooks, sections, and pages. Moving things around is easy, and OneNote’s integration with OneDrive makes things extremely easy. I now write books and articles using OneNote, as well as use it to casually keep quick notes/reminders.

- Apple Pencil Stroke, Search Feature, and Pages!!!

I love OneNote BUT it needs some extra work to make it perfect. I use it for all of my classes as an undergrad student in college. I’m currently on an iPad Pro with a 2nd gen Apple pencil. My biggest issue is that with the Apple pencil the calligraphy feature automatically turns on mid note taking depending how much pressure or how I hold the pencil. PLEASE MAKE A TOGGLE FEATURE TO TURN THIS OFF!!!! I hate when the writing looks bigger sometimes and normal other times. Next, please make an option to make the page printer size so I can print my notes! I love being able to free form note taking but not always!!! Same goes for importing documents and PDFs — please make it option where it fills the entire screen rather than just pasting on top of the page. Lastly, the SEARCH FEATURE needs to be able to search more than one word and the option to click through like ANY other CTRL+F/CMD+F feature. These simple fixes would be life changing for me as a student.

- Love using this for note taking but has a big issue...

I LOVE this app for note taking. I do mainly hand written notes since I have the Apple Pencil and both the app and the pencil work great together, and also I don’t type fast enough to take notes. I love the current features, I love easily adding shapes and arrows. Adding different pens to be available right there and then is awesome. Most of this app is great. I mainly have one issue with this app and it’s a big one for me. The entire eraser tool. When I use the eraser it will erase the letter that I just wrote down which is what I want buut it’ll take other things with it. Some times it’ll take more than one letter away, or parentheses and other symbols. This is a very frustrating issue with both the regular eraser and the stroke eraser. It’s annoying, please fix that. I want to be able to delete one letter at a time with one tap on the desired letter to be deleted. Not one tap equaling multiple letters or symbols being deleted. It’s also annoying that you can’t adjust the size of the eraser. You can with all the pens but not with the eraser?

- Beware of syncing problems

Just bought an iPad for grad school to complement my MacBook. OneNote was fine on the MacBook, not great, still had minor issues here and there regularly but fine. Then I got the iPad. Things were fine for a week and then I started having syncing issues. My iPad couldn’t sync in real time. Then one day it stopped syncing altogether. I tried everything to fix, exited OneNote on both devices, tried restarting both, logged out and in of my account in OneNote on both, and finally uninstalled OneNote on the iPad to try and get it to sync. That was the final, wrong step. I now can’t access my notes on either device AS WELL AS online where they were supposed to be backed up to. All of them just say “content not yet available” even on my iPad where the original notes came from. So essentially my notes are now lost forever. SO moral of my story here, if you are going to try OneNote, back up all your own notes daily don’t trust the upload to OneDrive since it also has the potential to glitch and screw you over, and don’t expect syncing to be in real time if you have more than one device.

- Best thing I've found to organize busy law office

I have search wide and far to find something that would allow me to keep my law practice organized, and onenote has taken the cake thus far. My main goal is simply to keep a cohesive list of things to do, and calls that come in, organized in a manner that allows my team to all be on the same page, and for messages to not slip through the cracks. Other to do lists did not suffice, and I literally tried them all. The main reason onenote works bets is because it allows me to set everything up in a format where there are tabs for each area: to do list, calls, notes, etc, and everyone can see everything very clearly and maneuver between the easily. My only complaint is that there doesn't seem to be the ability to create a checklist where items disappear after ticking them off.

- I’m in love.

After having OneNote for over a decade, I am just now FINALLY discovering the incredible capability and possibilities of this program. I did run into some trouble setting up, due to issues syncing with my workplace business drive, personal devices, and different versions of the program. Major headache. So, I decided to just sign in with a fresh personal account and now am thoroughly enjoying getting my new system dialed in! I continue to learn about new features. I especially LOVE the To-Do flagging function and the ability to assign codes for different items. It is wonderfully helpful and convenient to be able to create pages, and sections with detailed lists on my laptop and then access and check them off on my well as share, print, etc. I’m eager to keep discovering! Highly recommend.

- Missing good sorting and search. Not free if syncing > 5 GB

I tried switching from Evernote and like OneNote but like its mac version its ability to sort notes is non existent. A app designed to hold hundreds or thousands of notes should be able to sort by name or date for each section. There also needs to be a way to act on search results. For example, search all notes with word xyz and be able to grab them and move collectively to another section. OneNote is also directly tied to OneDrive. You can not have notebooks on iCloud or Dropbox. If you use the mac version, you can not store notebooks on a local or shared drive. So, take all the claims about FREE with a grain of salt. OneDrive only gives 5 GB free to sync your devices so plan on an office 365 subscription. Syncing can also be slow and problematic. I pulled in thousands of notes from Evernote using Microsoft’s importer on my mac. I had to break the notes into a couple dozen notebooks so they were small enough to be usable. Also a warning. The import is a mess. I had a notebook from my MBA classes with a section for each class in Evernote. The sections all got blended together when importing putting notes together that had the same tags into a section with the tag name. Tag support in OneNote is horrible. Overall, despite past issues with Evernote it has been improved and is so superior to Onenote for sorting, searching and tagging that I will stick with Evernote.

- Been loving it for four years! Just one request!

I love the OneNote app... and even traditional OneNote itself. I’ve been using it for four years and, by far, my favorite feature is how I can access my notes from anywhere and any device as long as I login to my OneNote account. I love that you can create different folders and have different notes inside of each folder. I love the basic customization features such as being able to add a little color to different know for organizational purposes. My only request is that some features be added that are geared towards poets and/or writers. I switched to OneNote years ago after seeing how practical it was for storing my poetry and also loved the fact that I could lock certain notes for privacy. I’m not going anywhere as it is, but adding some writing/poetry geared features would definitely make me love this app for life! Just putting that out there! Thanks anyway!

- Love it until recently…Needs a serious bug fix

I love this app!!! I am in graduate school and to be able to seamlessly view my notes between my tablet and then on my phone while driving is essential! The immersive reader is amazing! Such a lifesaver and definitely gives it a significant edge over other competitors (Evernote, IPad notes, etc). However the latest bug is upsetting and really annoying. My notes won’t sync if they were created in an older version of OneNote. If the app gets updated, which is a must to keep it running smoothly, then the versions will be older. That is common sense. Not sure what this big issue is but please resolve IMMEDIATELY!! There is no way I am copying and pasting multiple pages and multiple sections to keep this updated myself. This would render the application useless in my opinion. I can currently view my notes on my tablet but they no longer sync on my phone due to this error message.

- Feature-rich note or diary app accessible from iPhone, iPad, and windows PC

Especially useful for a PC user with an iPhone or iPad, he/she can maintain the same set of notes or a diary from all these devices! This has the identical advantages that Apple users have come to appreciate from the content sharing across Apples many device types. Onenote supports a broad range of rich text features and Microsoft continues enrich and extend its features. Onenote content is saved on Microsoft’s cloud, OneDrive, and offer free storage on OneDrive for the first 5GB of content, which going a long way for user-written content. ( 5GB will hold 5 billion characters; assuming 1800 characters to a page, 5GB holds 2,777,777 pages of simple text. Rich text might quarter this count. This a lot of personal note-taking for free. And would can rent more space as needed. )

- Good evernote replacement

Like many, I fled Evernote for Onenote when the former’s free version became too stingy. Onenote is definitely a notch down from Evernote in terms of general smoothness and integration of complex features like OCR or tagging. But, once you get the hang of navigating ON’s many features, you’ll surely find some that will help you get through your day. I particularly like to scribble on pdfs with my Apple pencil. ON is excellent for that. On the other hand, Onenote’s help materials and internal guidance both claim that it automatically scans handwritten notes and converts them to searchable text. I have turned the function on in the appropriate place but I have no idea how to use it. None of ON’s searches includes my handwritten notes and I can’t find any way to ask the program to do the promised text recognition. That’s typical Onenote. The feature is probably there but you need to call tech support to figure out how to use it!

- Little things

I like all of the Office products and use them on PC and iOS. But OneNote is the worst out of all of them from a glitchiness standpoint. Lots of synch issues and telling me to log in when I already am. This holds true across both operating systems and updates. There are also just some dumb things that seem to be purposeful “features.” I take a lot of one page notes under an ideas section and I often look back at them. To look at recent ideas I start at the bottom and work my way up the list. Each time you click “back” after looking at a note the whole screen slides up a few pixels. I’m constantly fighting to maintain my frame of reference and go up the list. This inconvenience isn’t really worth posting a review...but I’m irritated. I’ll continue to use OneNote because I pay for all of office but I just wish that Microsoft would use there own products some and think more logically.

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- Placement of Notebooks, Sections and Pages AND Tag functionality

I would really like the OneNote 2016 functionality to be on the ipad and office365 versions of onenote - The concept of Notebooks on the Left, Sections along the Top and Pages down the Right (or Left) hand side please. The current approach is really annoying. I have been using OneNote since inception and coming up for 20 years. Also, please let me customise my own tags - I usually run around 30 -50 customised tags. These tags are split between People, Companies and Projects. This way, I can run a search for all actions that need to be performed by a Person, Company or Project…. If you don’t reinstate this functionality, then you are no better than all the other note taking apps and I might as well review contemporary ones that are now available. I used to show people how I use OneNote and within 30 minutes, I could convert them from Paper based notes to OneNote digital note taking. Cheers Brian

- I like.

Edit - 24 Jan 2021: I don’t know why you want reviews when you don’t seem to take notice of them. Anyway, this is not in reference to the draw function in OneNote but to the ability of OneNote making use of the iPad wit Apple Pencil scribble feature. Will OneNote support the write to type feature? If so, the sooner the better, in my opinion. Leave draw features as they are because hand writing has its uses. But, when not in the draw section, set OneNote to make use of the iPad Scribble feature. Original review: I do love this app. As an author, I didn't want to spend money on one particular program when I had MS Office; so I'd started teaching myself how to use OneNote in conjunction with Word. I'm enjoying it. The fact that I can open a file on my iPad that I'd created on my computer, makes things so much easier for me when I want to work but can't be at my computer. The ability to swap between computer and mobile devices and seeing all updates in place, regardless of the device used, is fantastic. I also love the automatic save (not to be confused with Word's autosave) and think that should be a feature across all the programs in MS Office. In regards to adding lines to the pages' looks, I would like to see the option of dots to select from as well.

- Great, but very glitchy

OneNote has been an awesome note taking tool, and I absolutely love that the pages have no edges which is a really handy feature for ad lib notes, but I must admit after using it for a few months the consistent glitches are getting really annoying. Randomly the pen stroke thickness will double the width I have selected, usually following an undo or eraser function, which means I have to stop, erase it, try again and again until eventually I click on and off enough times that it gets back to the right thickness that I have selected. This happens a lot, very annoying and disruptive to work. I have also noticed when I insert a photo and draw over the top of it the app starts to lag and sometimes when I go to draw with the straight line tool it goes nuts and randomly draws it somewhere else. Also, occasionally when I switch tools or hit the undo button the page will refocus at the very top of the page meaning I lose my place on the document I was working on. Apart from these few complaints it’s really great! Just wish the glitches weren’t so disruptive and could be patched out, it would improve the overall experience massively!

- Ongoing sync problems

I really like using onenote and have been using it for a couple of years now however i experience ongoing problems with syncing between my Mac and IOS devices. I follow the guidelines issued by Microsoft and the problems still occur. There is no way to fix them if i want to keep using the notebooks other than to waste another hour or more of my life revisiting internet guides on how to fix the problems, deleting the app, recreating notebooks from OneDrive addresses etc until it all works together again and until I inadvertently use the app on my iPad when it is still open on my computer or the other way round and although i constantly try to make sure i sync notebooks when i have finished ... the problem inevitably occurs again with annoying regularity. It appears that syncing between devices is not straight forward and requires an attention to detail that inhibits flexible use between eg computor and ipad. Maybe this problem is specific to using the apps on apple devices however there seems to be no acknowledgement of a problem - i have never had a response to feedback or queries from Microsoft So despite one note being great to use this really spoils it for me and am moving away from using it.

- Generative Learning tool

In my Art/Science Medical sales profession- persuasive scientific communication- I succeed by discovering and developing my own One Percenters. Discovery only comes through systematic written reflection. Period! The rules of thumb in my profession primarily come in my ‘reflective laboratory’ using a versatile, iterative documenting tool, particularly MS OneNote, or similar similar advanced e-notebooks. In my medical sales world, I have to 1) say things more accurately and more succinctly that I can never truly outsource; and 2) discover and refine new heuristics/rules of thumb, from customer accessibility and profiling to producing engaging, influencing storyline’s. A line of sight recording tool is a major catalyst for my continued self-development- from the laboratory of reflective notes to the coal-face with the customer. It allows me to offer continued added-value to each customer. I can even use it on a hand held smart phone. That is scarily good! Thanks Microsoft Team for allowing me to do my Grunt Work on MS OneNote. Blessings.

- I cant live without it..

I didn’t know i needed it until i started using it all the time at work. (Where i have multiple OneNotes for different areas). It is my virtual filing cabinet and it is expandable to whatever size it want. If i want to rearrange things.. i can start a new OneNote and move single pages, or sections or even section groups. I can search for anything over ALL the notebooks. I can move backwards and forward easily. THEN i discovered i could use a cloud onenote on my home laptop and view or edit on my phone. Enter my shopping list easily via my laptop and use my phone to access it when shopping. Yep.. i am a complete convert to OneNote and I have encouraged staff to use it after which they then become converts too. It is essential for my day to day everything...

- Insert space

There are a lot of handwriting notepad apps and I have paid for and used most of them. OneNote’s tans are clever but complex. It really only is useful inside OneNote. So my conclusion is if u can live inside OneNote for all your note taking it works. But I generate a lot of notes for different meetings so my plan is to keep the file structure simple and export pages to PDF and store them in a cloud drive. PDF enables me to read them anywhere. I just have to keep the content to one page. The feature that really works for me is insert space. In this age of digital handwriting you should be able to go back to a previous paragraph and add some more notes. Very few apps have this feature. It the reason I will give OneNote a go. Main limitation i can see is creating a to do task only is readable if it is on text. iOS has very limited ways to view your to do tasks. It’s only really on the windows 10 vs under 0365. If can’t see an organised list of my tasks on iOS this feature is useless.

- Useful but glitchy

I’ve used this app for around a year for work and it’s been useful as it syncs and allows for easy organisation of notes. The issue is that when you move the cursor using your finger (as you would in any text based app on an iPhone) the cursor seems to mis-click and goes right to the bottom of the note, causing you lose your place in the note and often the associated thought that went with it. As I use this app for note taking on the go it’s really important that I can move up and down the document easily and add/remove elements. It’s disappointing to see that many other people have this issue with no fixes (a quick google of the issue finds plenty of others experiencing this or similar). Additionally many of my colleagues using a variety of models of iPhone and iOS have the exact same issue. I end up writing notes in the iOS Notes app and then pasting it across it’s that frustrating. Please fix this issue and you’ll have a great app!

- Countless syncing issues

I’ve been using OneNote for a few years, and every few months it tends to have some syncing problem or another - and it takes me ages to figure out how to get it to work again, because all the go-to methods never seem to work. I also almost lost all of my notes at one point - but luckily they were all backed up on OneNote online (through my browser) but now I have the opposite problem - all my notes are on my phone, some are on my desktop app (but it hasn’t synced the updates from my phone) and OneNote online has absolutely nothing on it! I’m tired of having to troubleshoot it all the time and scratching my head over what’s going on. I’ve also heard stories of people losing 5 years worth of notes and going to Microsoft for help, but never getting any resolution. Microsoft would benefit from having a better customer response team, because it isn’t intuitive to who I can contact for help. It’s a great app… when it works.

- It’s the ultimate note-taking app for all devices (Mac, IPad, andriod etc.)

I think its suffice to say its has features most note-taking apps don’t (in the App Store). My favourite features that are the wide spaces to jot down notes, ability to sync over all devices whether Apple devices or other OS. There are still some teething sync issues but with features like those Ive describe, the benefits probably outweigh the shortcomings. One of the defining feature that I love is the wide space to type or write your notes. Unlike many other apps, which restricts note-taking to the screen of your iPad, OneNote allows you to go beyond them, allowing more notes within one page. Clearly this is a winner, although some other apps may allow you to search your handwriting, I think it would soon be updated to support that.

- Paperless Uni Student

I went into Uni with the mindset of not having to bring any books or pens or erasers, this was the solution. I’ve spend 2 weeks now using the iPad as my source of note taking and this is the perfect app for it. It syncs relatively well with my laptop and my pc so I always have access to my notes. Everything is organised beautifully and the pure writing experience with the apple pen makes note taking genuinely a fun experience. I have one suggestion though, please make It so you can drag slides and pages of PDFs instead of needing to insert the entire thing in. I’ve had to screenshot my screen and then insert the photo and crop the slide into my page just so it’s there. Pretty annoying, other than that, great app.

- There are better alternatives

[Context] I’ve used onenote daily for my engineeering degree for past 6 months [Review] The one thing I like about this app is that you can easily access your notes on all devices and folders are logically organised. But that’s about where the praise ends. This app inconsistently drains more power than other note taking apps, on average I get about 6 hours on my new M1 iPad Pro before I run out of charge, even with sync turned off. At times it gets uncomfortably warm during use so it explains why. I get around 10 hours on other apps. The performance is also inferior, the responsiveness when writing is halved when compared to other apps. When I double tap for eraser it takes longer to respond and sometimes doesn't at all. You can run a quick test and scribble on onenote vs other drawing apps and you will know what I mean. The sync doesn’t even work half the time. There was also this one time where it didn’t sync AND I LOST AND ENTIRE DAY OF WORK. I was connected to wifi the entire time. When I uninstalled and reinstalled the app too, it took ages to sync everything over. Overall the app is okay, but there are better note taking apps such as Goodnotes, or Nebo if you want infinite pages. Solves all the problems I mentioned above.

- OneNote to rule them all

My wife has been using OneNote for her classroom for a while now. I was using GoodNotes, Evernote and nearly every other app I could find. I thought I would give OneNote a go this year and I’m glad I did. Being able to organize notes into sections, pages and pages gives me all the hierarchy I need to catergorise all the notes for my different businesses and interests. I particularly like the real-time sync on the iMac which would be great for presentations. Being able to set up templates on my iMac then write notes on my iPad Pro works really well. I have now consolidated all of my notes from the other platforms onto OneNote. Highly recommended.

- Unbelievably unreliable

Onenote on face value seems to be a wonderful solution to note taking, promoting cross OS compatibility as a main feature. Three times in the last month onenote has failed to sync to the internet and then deleted my pages. I managed to recover the last two after several hours of searching for resolutions which is made all the more difficult by MS releasing a plethora of different versions all under the same name. This last time seems like it isn’t recoverable as it’s on iPad instead of PC. What seems to have happened is the iPad failed to sync and the next time it connected it overwrote the page with the old page from my phone. Great job. Now I have to sit through a two hour lecture recording again and retake all my notes. What a colossal waste of my time for something that should have a built in failsafe. Will be looking for alternatives as I don’t need extra stress like this on top of anatomy exams thanks.

- It works better on a computer

I have used OneNote since I was in Year Four and it hasn’t ever let me down, though the thing is, if you were to download it onto your iPad or iPhone you may experience some troubles with uploading videos or creating recordings. If you were to install this app onto your LapTop or computer you wouldn’t have to deal with these situations. This is extremely hard at the moment because during one of my classes in high school, we are required to upload a video of our lego robots walking around but are unable to and instead have to show the teacher manually instead of him checking our OneNote pages himself. All in all, it is a great app that you can use even without an Apple Pen or special pencils. 7/10 for the iPad version.

- Catching up with Evernote

I was a huge Evernote fan for years, and converted hundreds of my students to use it - but couldn’t stand how they combined a price hike and severely limited the free version at once, making me feel like they were holding my years and years of data to ransom. So, to OneNote. There are many things that bug me about it after a year, mostly structural (Urgh, moving notes between notebooks, *so* slow; poor support for tagging; limited levels of Notebook > Section > Page > Subpage which I assume is kept simple for simple people, but is limiting), but it is chasing Evernote well feature for feature and bang for buck there is now no competition. If there’s one feature that might force me to consider another solution, it’s how incredibly the app is to load on both MacOS and iOS (and lack of quickotes on Mac). The most important thing of ANY note taking app is that YOU CAN TAKE A NOTE(!), as soon as the thought etc. occurs. You DON’T want to be waiting even 2 or 3 seconds just to write a few words. I’d really give this 3.5 stars but since I can’t I’m going 4 just to spite Evernote and their ridiculous $$$ grab.

- University notes

I chose OneNote as an alternative to paper notes for my recording notes during lectures, I am not a quick typer so much prefer to write down my notes, which OneNote has made possible. I use this app with my IPad and Apple Pencil, i can write everything down just like i would if i was using a paper based notebook, additionally, I can also take photos of the lecture slides and effortlessly incorporate them into my notes and draw/ highlight over the pictures. You can also type into OneNote, but i much prefer to hand write, would recommend to any University students :)

- Does everything I want and then some

Having seen people using OneNote around the office for a while now, thought I would give it a try. The desktop version is great! Really improved my workflow and organising lots of small pieces of information. Then someone mentioned there’s a mobile client too. Didn’t have high hopes as mobile versions of desktop apps are often done poorly. Boy was I wrong. This is executed BRILLIANTLY. Everything is where you expect it to be. It syncs with my notebook stored in the corporate OneDrive reliably. It can even export to PDF then email right within the app. Super handy, super convenient, well done Microsoft. Big thumbs up.

- Just needs two more things

Number one: it needs dark mode. Apple has the smart invert function that kinda works, but the toolbar at the top gets ruined and becomes even brighter colours, so that ruins the point of dark mode. Number 2: Zoomed up writing. A lot of other note taking apps (including free ones like this one) have a zoomed up writing function where a seperate box come up at the bottom, and it is a zoomed up area on where you are writing. Above the box at the bottom you see the page and a smaller box up there that shows where the box at the bottom is zoomed up on. You can mover the box at the top to write at different spots. Hope that made sense. Besides that very handy app.

- Teacher bliss.

I use this all the time for lesson planning, delivery, and evidence for what I’ve done. I love how easily I can switch seamlessly between multiple platforms. For instance, l’ve been able to design a lesson on my phone while drinking my coffee, and then pulling what l’ve compiled up on my smart board in my classroom. The delay between platforms (writing something on my iPad, and having it show up on another device) is like 1 second, which is pretty impressive. This software might make your life a lot easier…

- OneNote review

I have been using OneNote for about three years for school work, it has always been a bit laggy but is pretty easy to use. But I do have one big issue that started a few days ago. I had needed to get my iPad repaired and when I got it back it wasn’t too different. The only problem is the drawing feature, e.g, if I needed to write an answer to a question with the drawing feature almost all the time it would only show half of what I had written. And when I rubbed it out, it would show as two different drawings instead of one. Please fix this problem soon, if not I may just switch back to using that app Showbie for my lessons.

- Just gets worse and worse

No ability to webclip from Safari, not smart enough to fetch a webpage based on its url from within OneNote, strange reliance on weird app interface and colours without regard for your chosen system colours. Microsoft Office just gets weirder and weirder. If you imagine they’ll fix things anytime soon, don’t hold your breath. It seems obvious their apps are just teaser versions to attempt to lure users to their “full” Windows versions. They are forever promising to bring features in line but year after year it never happens. They rely on keeping Windows users captive and will never bring other versions of their apps to match features. This is especially true of their more business focused apps, such as Excel. It’s surprising Apple doesn’t invest in getting apps such as Numbers to properly tackle Excel with professional features such as pivot tables, and even basic features such as the ability to protect cells in sheets loaded with formulas, rather than focusing on cuteness. Apple’s Notes app should feature a webclip function. Apple should strive to release Microsoft’s captives. Break the chains.

- Great app but feels like I’m a prisoner

It’s one of the best note taking apps out there but I feel like I’m a prisoner to OneDrive. OneDrive has numerous issues least of all its seemingly inability to correctly sync. Also drive space restrictions means the number of notes I’m able to take are limited. As a student this is unacceptable. Whilst one can import notes say from local or other cloud services, one has NO CHOICE, but to save these OneNotes to OneDrive. Word, excel and PowerPoint allow saving to other locations, and, in my case as a student with free unlimited google drive space, they sync perfectly fine with google. Edit a document on the iPad whilst having open on my PC or Mac and google alerts that an updated version is available, refreshing on PC or Mac brings up the changes made on the iPad. Great for drawing pics and making annotations. But no such facilities exist for OneNote. Which is sad. As I can only keep a couple of subjects notes at a time. OneNote used to allow save as to alternative location, time to bring that feature back. Give users freedom, don’t keep us prisoner to a failing OneDrive. #setOneNoteFree

- Poor excuse of a version of OneNote

This is by far my favourite app... on windows. Unfortunately, that has been severely tainted by shocking attempt at a Mac version. Not only is the Mac version below average with a lot functions missing, but the iOS version makes the Mac version look like a Megan Fox in Transformers. The lack of functions the iOS version offers makes it nearly unbearable when coming from a windows device. Please, for the love of God, if you’re going to make a Mac or iOS version of a windows app, have the decency to actually make it the same app, rather than a completely trashed down version that happens to share the same name and logo. Otherwise, do us the courtesy and just don’t release the app at all. Thank you for coming to my TedTalk.

- Apple pencil and formatting

I really enjoy using this app, able to access very easily across my iPad, MacBook and Windows PC. However, my main flaw with this is the lack of “convert ink to text” feature that’s only present on the Windows PC version of OneNote rather than iPad and MacBook. It makes the most sense to add this feature to the iPad version of OneNote and not make it PC exclusive. Or else I’ll have to wait till I get home to switch my handwriting to text in OneNote. Formatting on OneNote seems to be very slack. Word and Excel and other various apps have very great formatting options for the document but there is very little formatting options in OneNote

- Mostly useful except random tab order and colour

It would be useful if the index tabs could be ordered and colour coded by the user instead of being random. It would also be nice if the viewing order of entries by date could be flipped so that most recent were at the top instead of at the bottom. Annoying how updates mess up our system Annoying how it generates random new pages in our documents. We keep using it because of lack of other options

- OneNote, Many issues

The program is good, and it works well when it does work. Unfortunately, on many occasions it runs into trouble syncing between iPhone and Windows devices. This happens regularly, and with no apparent reason, and the corresponding error message is useless in sorting the issue out. Often it leads you to a non-existent web page. The search feature is also a big let down and despite numerous complaints by users, it doesn’t look like Microsoft is interested in correcting the issue. In recent past, a simple copy & paste operation ends in a crash on iPad & iPhone. Unbelievable....

- Great filing system

A really easily accessible app that has a visually appealing interface. Easy to work with and has a faculty to allow you to copy anything from anywhere online directly into OneNote as it provides that option when selecting COPY on any website. One suggestion for improvement though...allow pages within each tab to be arranged ALPHABETICALLY. IT is annoying when searching e.g. for a recipe within a folder/tab and pages are not in alphabetical order. Otherwise, a great app!

- I Just Wish It Would Sync

This is a great note taking app let down by the lack of one primary function: It’s inability to automatically sync and the lack of a method to Force Sync. I’m continually having to log out and log back in to force it to sync. I use this app for business: recording and collating information from construction sites for use in site documentation. A fair bit of travelling is required to get to these sites. It’s scary frustrating when you arrive and start work and find that OneNote has not updated. OneNote is a good product but I will dump it as soon as I find a more reliable app with the functionality and cross platform support.

- great app but have a few areas to improve

1. Writing experiences. Please improve this cause it just doesn’t feel as smooth as notability or good notes 2. Add a audio recording feature that is like the one on notability, this would help ALOT of the peoples, I’d really appreciate it if you guys can make that into a feature 3. The lag when u import an image. When you import an imagine, move an image, the lag is just ✨astronomical ✨like it’s even laggier then trying to run Mc on intel i5 without graphics card. 4. Pages not showing when you scroll fast. When you scroll down or up just a little bit faster, it becomes incredibly frustrating, the pages turns white and you gotta wait for a while before keep scrolling down, makes it super hard for me to find the part that I want 5. Multi task functions. If it’s possible, you guys should make it so you can open two pages at once, side by side, this is literally gonna help liek SOOOO much But yeah this app is really great in my opinion

- Life changing

Once you get the feel of how Onenote works and what its capabilities are, you’ll get how much of a game changer having a searchable, annotatable, cross platform & cross device personal knowledge base is. Whether for work life, personal use or both, this app can serve as your note taking, document library, scrapbooking hub; accessible from any device. Has its limitations... every app does... but even if it was a paid app it would be beyond amazing... BUT ITS FREE. Of all the MS apps... this is the one I couldn’t do without. (Well... this and excel..)

- Still not stable

The presentation and structure of this app is very good compared to other note taking apps, but frustrating given the scale of bugs which constantly undermine it. I have dropped the use of this app twice and gone to other apps like notability but back again due to its classification ability for a further try. This is my last attempt at trying it out but already get unexpected app shutdowns mid-edit. Difficult to take it as seriously as you need these apps to be as you don’t know when it might let you down. Still staying with it for another 2 weeks, hoping !!!

- Nearly perfect

Love OneNote. Use it all the time for day to day notetaking. Have done for nearly a decade. The only issues I have are the text boxes (they are so annoying visually distracting and I wish there was an option to turn them off) and the fact that some fonts are not true fonts for example times new roman doesn’t show correct apostrophes it quotation marks for times new Roman. If Microsoft fixes those things then I’ll give a full stars rating. Nevertheless I still cope without having OneNote there to joy down work and personal notes every day.

- A clunky, buggy mess

I rely on OneNote for so much of my life and the Windows 10 desktop program is snappy, reliable, and all around fantastic. All I want from a mobile version is to be able to quickly jot things down or update existing notes. A few months ago, this app was so broken that you couldn’t even hit return twice without the text field breaking. That’s been fixed, but there are still are sorts of odd sync issues and crashing when opening/closing notebooks (granted, not something you do every day). It still feels incredibly clunky and unreliable for quickly and reliably taking notes. I love OneNote. This app makes me seriously consider taking a look at other note-taking platforms.

- Great app-missing small feature

This app is great and syncs so quickly between my laptop, iPad and phone. The only frustrating thing is that on the iPad, OneNote mirrors the display settings of the iPad itself. I had my iPad on Dark mode, which rendered my notes difficult to read. I couldn’t fix this without switching off dark mode altogether for the whole iPad. Hopefully this can be fixed as it’s not a problem on the desktop app

- Navigation Bar

I am a leftie, and I find on the IPad when using OneNote as an app that my hand tends to touch the navigation bar. This is really annoying as the page that I am working on is suddenly changed to another. There needs to function to completely close the nav bar like there is on the online version. I love the app but this really needs to be changed, or made more clear how to change it.

- iPhone version has needed updating for years!

Multi platform note taking app. Only 3 stars because the iPhone app is so limited in comparison to what Microsoft includes for OneNote on other platforms and even in their other apps for iPhone (eg: drawing, styles, date stamp, highlighting etc in MS Word). As a note taking app using an iPhone it is surpassed by the basic Apple Notes App. For those of us who use multiple devices for different situations and have a Windows 365 account, it is a poor offering, despite multiple recent updates - which have added no obvious features in terms of functionality

- Lost important notes

I use OneNote for work, and it was working well up until the past fortnight when it stopped syncing properly. Since the issue has started, I have lost several notes that I have taken. I have raised this with the community but after nearly a week of troubleshooting, I have not yet come to a solution. Only the administrator of my account is able to speak with technical support, which would require me to give my iPad to them overnight since technical support is not open during normal working hours where we are based. I have had to resort to paper notes during this period so prevent the loss of further notes and it has slowed down my productivity greatly.

- Please make light/dark mode changeable in the app!

The app is generally very good for making notes, despite some minor flaws. The one big issue I have is that if I want to use light mode or dark mode, I have to change my entire system setting, rather than making it app specific. This is really annoying as when writing on a white document in dark mode, it will appear as white on my computer.

- Improved with better Apple Pencil recognition

The latest update has considerably improved the recognition of writing with the Apple Pencil. There are still a few issues with hand detection when writing as the page will occasionally change zoom. Please Microsoft make the option to start all new notes with ruled pages standard in the app, not just the desktop software. The app is where this makes the most sense. The rest of the app is standard OneNote. Which means it’s firmly my favourite note taking app.

- OneNote solves my tasks

Take the time to learn how to use OneNote, the my I use it the better it gets, I use it to store emails, tasks, notes, etc and place a check box against items that I need to follow up, search on my check boxes and have an instant task list that I can work on. Being the highest selling sales person in my field in South Australia I need something that I can have access to on my Mac, iPad, iPhone and windows computer and one note is fantastic for this too.

- Does not work since iOS11 updates

This is used to be an amazing app. Since the iOS11 updates many iPad Pro users find that the content of notes cannot be displayed. All notebooks can sync, but only blank pages will display. If you read through Microsoft Community forums you can see Microsoft cannot provide any response to this and so far don’t seem to care. I would suggest all users avoid this app and use Evernote until M’soft fixes the issue.

- Great App, Minor Issues

One Note helps me keep organised. It is very easy to use and has features such as drawing tools and folders which enable multiple people to view the content, and the app enables you to document anything in an orderly manner. The only issues are occasional syncing problems and sometimes when I am typing something, it will not work and will take ages to catch up to what I am doing. However, this occurs rarely and 95% of the time it is fine- the easiest way to organise work. This is an amazing app.

- Almost there

OneNote is a reasonably flexible tool for managing work and personal information. It includes smart clippers and integrations for easily transferring data into the notebooks. The backend folder structure is a little clunky requiring you to select required folders to display on each of your devices and ensure your searches include all data. The biggest gap is the lack of reminders within the app. While there is the option to integrate with Outlook tasks, this does appear to work with iOS devices running Outlook (no Tasks). Evernote’s integrated reminders provides a simpler experience.

- Slight lag with Apple Pencil

Really love OneNote for all of my university notes due to how easy it is to use between devices, however since I have purchased the 2018 iPad and the Apple Pencil I have noticed that there is a slight lag between the writing and the pencil touching the screen. I have other note taking apps such as notability that I have found eliminate this issue, however as a long time user of onenote I would prefer to continue with using it provided this issue is resolved. Pressure sensing strokes would also be a bonus to make the pencil really feel like actual handwriting!

- Love/hate

I hate the sync issues, and not being able to easily backup to an alternate location for safe keeping. But I LOVE OneNote, and rely on it daily to sort out multiple client sites and sundry settings unique to each. All of my colleagues use it to. I even keep my personal gardening and renovation notes in individual one notes, along with study materials etc. can’t live without it really.

- Essential App

OneNote is the app I use most on all devices. I use it to keep all my personal and work notes and URLs handy. Unfortunately search is poor on desktop and almost useless on mobile because it does not go to the specific text in the page. On desktop, searching for a phrase, after putting quotes around it, search in all Notebooks or current Notebook then the current page is the process most likely to be successful.

- Great in theory but plagued by bugs.

Please focus on stability and sync issues. The functionality of this app across devices has become indispensable to me, so it’s a shame how often it makes me want to take a hammer to it. Just some of the issues that I frequently run into: - Broken pages created in PC version that aren’t load able on iOS. - iOS version sometimes gets stuck in one page and never loads any others even after you click on them. - Infinite hang and eventual crash when loading the pen tool in some pages. - Document import/printout doesn’t allow resolution to be set. So a document readable on PC may be illegible on iOS. - Undo sometimes takes an eternity. Have to turn off network connection to be usable. - Pages with large amounts of pen notes become unusably slow. I really don’t care about new features, please just make what’s here work properly. Thank you!

- Syncing issues on iPad and crashes on iPhone

I’ve used OneNote for nearly ten years and it was once a pleasure. The interface is user-friendly, nice to look at, and I loved having an app that synced seamlessly between my iPad and iPhone. However, since early December OneNote no longer works on my iPhone. It opens normally and operates for a short time (anywhere between 10 seconds and 2 minutes, it’s a gamble every time!) before crashing and losing what small progress I’ve made. I can still access OneNote on my iPad but I’m constantly assailed by sync errors. I’ve tried updating the app and my devices several times but have had no luck. I’ve tried to troubleshoot with Support and found no answer. Some people with similar problems online seemed to have the issues solved by reducing the size of their notebooks. I tried this a few weeks ago and it has not helped. Hoping Microsoft comes out with a solution soon, but by the looks of things online, people have had this issue for years.

- The Best Microsoft App

This app is very good, but far from perfect. Best in class. Hopefully Microsoft will aim for 5 stars, so I will wait until they achieve this before I rate them as such. Undelete and syncing problems need ironing out. The Win 10 mobile version is basic and lacks most of the editing tools of the other platforms, so I have to use it only to view notes made on other devices. Annoying but not unexpected. There’s work yet to be done. On the complementary side, the updates are progressive and constant.

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- Great, but there is room to grow.

Great app. Very good Apple Pencil integration. My only issue is not being able to delete notebooks.

- No audio recording for iPad

I take my notes on my iPad for school. It is really odd that OneNote doesn’t allow to record audio while typing/writing your notes. I like the layout and organization of this app but the audio is really a make or break feature. I will use Notability instead of this app because of it.

- Constantly have to resign in everyday

Everyday I get a message saying I am working offline and have to sign in again.

- Would be incredible if it wasn’t so laggy

On an iPad it works smoothly until you try to move around notes within sections or notebooks, then you’re crossing your fingers that it doesn’t crash. The lagginess is definitely better on the iPad than it is on the computer but still significant enough to cause headache. If it wasn’t for the lag and crashes, this app would have a five star rating. No other app thus far has the key feature of being able to import multiple pdf’s into one note for annotating and giving an open space so you’re not limited to the edges of the slides/pages on anything you import, or the plain page of a note itself. I use OneNote as a medical student so these features are crucial, I love being able to have an open canvas, take notes on top, beside or wherever I want on a PDF, then import photos (useful for importing pics I take of a presenter’s missing slide into the note and placing it next to the slides before and after in the series, I can do this quickly while in lecture), create summary note pages on an endless canvas, and also organize notes into sections and notebooks If only notability had the open canvas thing... would so quickly switch since the lag is killing me. Will put up with lag for open canvas but can a developer please make an app that doesn’t require the sacrifice?

- Functionality

They keep removing tools!!! Like arrows and shapes! What the hell man.

- lost my data

Used it for half a term. It starts to crash and lose data!!!

- Latest Update Sucks

Latest update removed the ability to double tap the Apple Pencil to switch from eraser to pen. It works fine going pen to eraser but won’t switch back. Needs a fix ASAP.

- Needs A4 Template

I love the syncing between devices and the organization of notes, but I can’t seem to set an A4 paper size within the iPad app, which makes it difficult if I ever want to print out any notes for studying.

- New iPad Pro screen

Plz adapt to the new iPad Pro

- Great for cross platform sharing and sketching

But why can't I delete notes from Apple devices?

- Page stuck at start

This issue persists through the last several updates. Whenever I start One Note, the page prevents me from scrolling up/down until 1-2 minutes later when the sync is finished. This is insane!! Please fix. Another issue is the drawn letters will shift downward slightly once the input is complete. Not sure if it’s due to the input accuracy or the input lag.

- A lot of bugs!!!

I have been a long time OneNote user on my iPad Pro. The more I use it, the more I see the clear bugs and glitches. Couple that with many features missing from the app, Goodnotes is clearly a better option. For instance, the ink to shape does not work 75% of the time. I am drawing a line with a arrow head but the app does not seem to recognize it. Just the overall user experience is not up to par with what I associate an iPad app to be. Developers if you are reading this, I would urge you to look at your competition and see what things you can do better and try to implement them in the app. Thanks a ton!

- Bugs on iOD

It still has bugs in iOS, they’ve been there for years. Can also be slow to sync with some random syncing problems

- Glitchy af now

I used this app frequently for school, but recently it’s been super glitchy. Every time I uninstall and download it again to my device, a new glitch pops up (1st: was deleting random notes or not syncing properly/consistently, so I lost tons of work. 2nd: wouldn't let me “draw” - would switch to “text mode” no matter what on the draw tab. 3rd: a) won’t let me change my drawing pencil or select *anything* in draw tab - doesn’t allow me to select pencil or eraser drop down either. b) won’t allow me to select *anything* on the insert tab so I can’t insert anything.) Go back to the drawing board fellas 😜

- Strokes vanish randomly when writing with Apple Pencil

When use Apple Pencil in drawing to write some text, some strokes are preserved, some just vanished randomly.

- App crashes after a while - frustrating

I loved the app when I first started using it but now I cannot use it because it keeps crashing for some reason. I cannot sync my notes either which is even more frustrating because I need to study for finals. I loved it at first, and then this made me change my mind about the app. Please fix this issue. Thank you.

- Won’t sync

Worst app ever. Not syncing neither on the app nor on web despite whatever you do.

- Terrible Sync, Can’t add page within a note

I recently lost my note for almost the entire term because if you write note without adding another section, it’s a huge page of pdf. But I want to view my note in one file…. And the sync is terrible. The last time it succeeded to update data to my computer was half year ago….

- Not worth downloading and using this stupid app

Useless app. Doesn’t sync with other devices and keeps deleting notebooks automatically.

- Sync is buggy

Used on iPad the sync function messed note book. Disappointing cause I spent time trying to recover the lost notes. Now I don't trust it. Will be doing backups or looking for another platform

- Apple pencil sucks with this app

Apple pencil has delay and feels terrible with onenote. Very frustrating.

- Cant undo, can’t export/ save file

I enjoyed it at first but then realized I can’t press undo so accidental deletions or improper placement of items are permanent and I have to deal with fixing it to get it back. Secondly, I spent a ton of time creating a document that I’d need to download and then share as a non- one note document but it seems the app doesn’t allow for that. I was not able to download the file and instead spent quite some time copying and pasting parts of it at a time. Do not use this app if you need to export or download the document.

- Great app for organizing. One fatal flaw

I’ve only been using for a couple of weeks and I love the app and how I syncs across devices. Wonderful ability to help prioritize. Fatal flaw is the accidental deletion of notes are unrecoverable. I lost a critical dictation by accidentally swiping the screen and it’s gone forever. NEEDS to go to a deleted items folder, like email or Apple Notes does. I can’t use this app for risk of that happening again, unfortunately.


This app gave me awful headaches

- Importing function needs to be improved

It is inconvenient to import pinouts (PDFs or .pots) from the safari browser. I have to import the lecture slides from my PC.

- Crashes

It started to crash after the latest up date Not sure if my large PDF is the cause of its crash please fix

- Requires a Microsoft account

No option to work locally. Requires a Microsoft account. So no good for medical, legal information.

- Great app not without its issues

So overall I love the app, but it has syncing issues. Sometimes I finish something on my computer, and come on my iPad a bit after to continue working, but the images haven’t synced. My iPad is always connected to the wi-fi and the signal is great, and also the Auto-sync option is enabled, so I don’t know what the problem might be. Also, this is not that big of a deal but I’d like it if there was an option to always see the sections like on PC, so when on a page and want to move to a different section, we could just click on it instead of clicking on the arrow and then selecting the section. Other than that, great app!

- Never use a paper notebook again!

I almost NEVER wrote reviews - but this application is hands down the best thing I use every day. So much so that I've made it a standard in our company, it's INCREDIBLY useful and truly better than anything else. Also, It's ironically better on iPad than on a Windows device too! Worth the 365 subscription cost on its own.....

- Do not get if you have an iPad Pro with Apple Pencil 2

Erasing any drawn text is excessively laggy and will heat up the device and drain battery excessively. Writing is laggy when compared to my other app I use the pencil with. All in all, Microsoft appears to be sabotaging the OneNote Apple experience.

- Love it, but..

I love OneNote but it needs dark mode!!!

- Great. Simply great

It’s a little quirky but once you master it.... great product. Thanks.

- Syncing issues

I used OneNote on my Mac and iPad and there are constantly issues with syncing the changes I make to notes on either device. Very frustrating. Also one note on iPad should allow for audio recording while typing/writing.

- Does many things well...but

This app has been great for me. Works excellent with Apple Pencil 2 and iPad Pro. But...would really help if some basic features could be added that I have on the windows version 1: back button. (Go back to page I just came from. 2: skip to next or prior page in section. Please. 3: changing font size or font when typing text. Thanks

- Deleted notes

Please add a feature to confirm before deleting notes or notebooks. Or a section where it is possible to recover lost notes. Accidents happen.

- Notes that I’ve typed out on my computer won’t show up in the app.

The title says it all. I’ve spent long hours typing out notes on the OneNote website, but they’re not showing up on the app. I’m not gonna spend all this time re-typing my notes out.

- Loved it until

Now I have to work off line, and it won’t sync anymore 😕

- Needs some work

I switched to Notability: 1. Annotation glitches. Multiple times I have had all my annotations move down by about an inch. This can be hugely problematic for some projects 2. Annotations consistently move slightly between where they are on my iPad and where they are on my PC 3. No double tap support for Apple Pencil 2

- Almost there

It’s missing many features that I would argue, as would most of the internet from what i have read, are key. There is no ruler function and the drawing to shape function is unreliable at best and is not a suitable replacement. There is no writing to math or writing to text as there is on the desktop version even though those are features that make far more sense on an iPad. The eraser is very buggy always delayed compared to the pen, and the stroke eraser is not resizable which is annoying considering that the bubble it displays is not a good indicator.

- New update made it stop syncing!!

I’m in the middle of university final exams Microsoft! Can you please fix this ASAP and NOT screw with students during exam times! Why must you constantly push broken updates..... :(

- Why’d you change it?

I’ve been using this app since January for school. It used to be easy to graph with it with the grab and rotate lines. now when you try to grab the line, a quick tool box pops up with the rotate option, but does nothing. Give me my rotate back!

- Audio recording

Can you guys make an option where I’m able to write even while I’m recording on my phone. I want to do side notes while I’m recording instead of having to use apple notes and the audio recording gets cut off so I lose most of what I’m supposed to be recording. As well as the option of drawing via iphone

- Sync

It looks like the sync does not work very well. I have a message popping and tell me that the sync is not completed for a year now.

- can’t change size of notebook

they need to integrate a feature to be able to set dimensions

- Great but

This app needs a ruler

- Could have more space for much more improvements

All and all this app is great, but the lack of tools and layout setups, etc. makes it limited in some perspectives First of, there need to be an an option to change the unlimited canvas in multiple sheets of A4 (and other sizes) paper layout, this would help printing the notes be easier. A ruler should be added to improve note makings. And lastly, since there is a new double-tap feature on the apple pencil 2, it would be nice if Onenote support that function.

- Amazing, but it’s missing some features

I’d love it if I could change the color of the what I write by selecting the words with the lasso select and choosing another color. This feature is available in the laptop version. Plus, it would be nice if it had a sticky note function, or like a note that I could just place over my normal sheet and write on that and move it around.

- Great!!

This is my go-to app for taking notes since I have a Windows laptop — absolutely flawless sharing and easy to use. Some suggestions would be to allow for customization of shortcut tools (ex. Choosing highlight color), allowing voice recording while taking notes, and customizing headings. Otherwise, beautiful integration between devices and overall fantastic application.

- Bon mais...

Lors d’une recherche, ne place pas le curseur sur le mot trouvé dans la note Il manque la recherche à l’intérieur d’une note Il manque l’annotation sur image ou ImpÉc comme dans Evernote Bug récurrent en voulant rajouter du texte à la fin d’une note: le curseur « saute » au début de la note

- Awesome!

OneNote has many values. Have put many, many recipes in OneNote that our family has at their finger-tips and we all love it!

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Microsoft OneNote 16.69 Screenshots & Images

Microsoft OneNote iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Microsoft OneNote iphone images
Microsoft OneNote iphone images
Microsoft OneNote iphone images
Microsoft OneNote iphone images

Microsoft OneNote (Version 16.69) Install & Download

The applications Microsoft OneNote was published in the category Productivity on 2011-01-18 and was developed by Microsoft Corporation [Developer ID: 298856275]. This application file size is 213.89 MB. Microsoft OneNote - Productivity app posted on 2023-01-10 current version is 16.69 and works well on IOS 15.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: