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**Supported Devices: iPhone 6, iPad 5 (2017), iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 4 or newer devices. iPod Touches are not supported**

Life Is Strange is a five part episodic game that sets out to revolutionize story-based choice and consequence games by allowing the player to rewind time and affect the past, present, and future.

Follow the story of Max Caulfield, a photography senior who discovers she can rewind time while saving her best friend Chloe Price.

The pair soon find themselves investigating the mysterious disappearance of fellow student Rachel Amber, uncovering a dark side to life in Arcadia Bay. Meanwhile, Max must quickly learn that changing the past can sometimes lead to a devastating future.

- A beautifully written modern adventure game;
- Rewind time to change the course of events;
- Multiple endings depending on the choices you make;
- Striking, hand-painted visuals;
- Distinct, licensed indie soundtrack featuring Alt-J, Foals, Angus & Julia Stone, Jose Gonzales and more.

Exclusively on mobile, the game comes with Life is Strange iMessage stickers. Additionally, you can seamlessly share your progress on social media, and compare your own story choices with friends. An all-new photo mode allows you to take pictures like never before, modify them with filters and easily share them.

** Reviews and Accolades **
Life is Strange, People's Choice Award winner at the International Mobile Game Awards 2018
Mac Game of the Year, United States
5/5 "A must-have." - The Examiner
5/5 "Something truly special." - International Business Times
"One of the best games I've played in years." - Forbes
10/10 "An impressive coming of age story." - Darkzero
Life is Strange, Game Artist Award winner at the International Mobile Game Awards 2018
8/10 "Rare and precious." - Edge
8.5/10 "OUTSTANDING." - GameInformer
90% "Dontnod have clearly put a lot of effort into the little details and it’s worth your time paying attention to their work." – Siliconera
8.5/10 “The climax of Episode Two is one of the most compelling — and devastating — things I’ve ever experienced in a game, because it’s so real, so understandable. Dontnod nails it.” – Polygon
4.5/5 "life is strange has me hooked" - HardcoreGamer
8/10 ".…has the potential to outdo both Telltale Games and Quantic Dream." - Metro

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Life Is Strange Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Version [2.0] includes improvements and fixes game bugs. Let us know what you like and what we can do even better at "". Fixes : • An issue with the “Skybox” is no longer occurring on the iPad Pro 11’ (2020) and iPad Pro 12.9’ (2020) and doesn’t occur on iPhone SE (2020).

Life Is Strange Comments & Reviews

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- This is my FAV game, but a bug has me stuck in Episode 4, end of 2nd to Last Chapter!

Love this game. Played before the storm, too. This ones better. Played great my first time through. I’m having a problem playing it the 2nd time through... making different choices and having the story play a bit different. The game way playing great until the 2nd to last chapter in episode 4 of the dark room. I’ve now restarted the game about 6 or 7 times. Every time I click on leave the party, Mr. Jefferson is announcing the winner and right before he does the game completely shuts down. It didn’t do it the first time I played the game through.. but it is now. Because I made new choices.. I want to see the new ending. And because I’m not playing in collector mode.. I can’t skip through to the next chapter. It’s only a short chapter that is mostly narrative, but if I go to episode 5.. the bonus.. it’ll take me to how I finished the game the first time. I offloaded the app. And it’s reloading again now. It’s my last hope for the game to fix. I wish there was a way to get a response through my email or on the App Store about how this could be fixed.

- Almost Perfect... Almost

This game is beautifully written and put together in a very good way. So far, I’ve only played episode 1, and I’ve had no technical issues or glitches. The character development is perfect, and the visuals and story are breathtaking. I love how your decisions affect the game, and even the music is great. The game is overall amazing, and I plan to buy the whole thing on PC if that’s possible. So why is this a three star rating? The game is filled with so many curse words and vulgar speech that I can hardly breathe. Maybe saying stuff like that is more “normal”, or “in style”, but some people don’t want to hear that garbage. You lose more players from putting it in there than if not, so why do it in the first place? If there was even an option to turn of the strong and pretty much constant foul language, the game would be, by all means, perfect. It almost hurts not to give such an amazing game a five star rating, but I just can’t stand that gaming companies are always making stupid decisions like these. Could you be bothered to add an option to turn it off? Other games pull it off. Pretty sure you could too if you cared. (Not that you’re ever going to read this review, given that this game is made by big-name companies and typically they don’t want to/don’t have time to read the reviews, but I decided it would be a fair warning to anybody who wants to get this game.)

- This game is REAL!

When I first started the game I had kinda low expectations but after half an hour of playing it, I couldn’t stop. Everything from the commentary, to the soundtrack is spot on! As for the story it’s awesome that you get to be a part of it. You have the complete freedom to make the choices you want in extremely dire situations, like pulling a trigger or saving someone’s life! Also, it’ll make you think hardcore, to find solutions to some crazy problems. I really love how this game points out to the player what kind of morals they have, and how good they are finding solutions. Even though the game is virtual it’ll pull you in and make you feel like you’re really doing it in real life. I promise this game with all its five seasons is totally worth the price and will get you feeling like you’re on an emotional roller coaster. If you have a pretty boring life (like me) and want some crazy drama, this game will give it to you! I just finished it and I’m on my way to play the next “Life is Strange””Before the Storm”, and I’m sure I won’t be disappointed. This game is REAL and you’re gonna love it! I promise. Just try it out ( the first season is free) and you’ll see what I mean!

- Riotously infuriating update - PLEASE READ

First and foremost—this is a beautiful game. I love absolutely every aspect about it. It is nearly perfect in every way. You’re probably wondering why I gave it two stars now. A few months ago, it said an update was required if I wanted to keep playing. When I tried to download the update, it wouldn’t work. I tapped it, an arrow orbiting clockwise appeared, and then the exact same thing popped up—an update is required. I went from place to place—at home, at Walmart, outside, in the passenger seat of a traveling car, and nothing changed. I made the conclusion that I should probably delete the app and then reinstall it, and that should reset whatever is wrong, so I did. But when I try to download the game, THE EXACT SAME THING HAPPENS. And now, I can never play this game again. What’s worse, I BOUGHT the second episode (the first one is free) before the update, and never got the chance to finish it. It’s been like this for a few days now, so I decided to edit my previous five-star review. I warn you, if you play the first episode of this game, you will be hooked, and you WILL download the episodes after (I only had enough money left in my iTunes account for one), but if you encounter this fatal flaw, you can kiss that eight dollars goodbye, because that’s how much you’ve wasted on absolutely nothing.

- Great Game, but I got stuck in Episode 2 due to bug

I purchased all episodes and I got stuck in Episode 2 after Max took the shower, listened to the conversation of Victoria and her friends and then needed to get back to her room to get dressed and pick up Kate‘s book. My problem is that I am unable to enter Max‘s room. The room is not activated. It does not show that it is Max‘s room (no white arrow saying „Max“) and there is no function to open the room. It looks like an inactive graphic. It is definitely Max’s room (room 219 with the white board saying „Max“). I tried to rewind time, I tried to go back to the last checkpoint, I quit the game and restarted it, I restarted the iPad, I even uninstalled Episode 2 and reinstalled it. Nothing helped. When the game continues at the last checkpoint I am standing in front of Max‘s room but I cannot enter it. It is obviously a bug and I can’t proceed, because I need to get into Max’s room before the game lets me leave the dormitories. Its a shame, because I would like to play the game over the X-mas/New Year break. I wont have time for it after. I contacted the developer and now I am waiting for a response. But my fear is that they are on holiday break as well. Keep you posted. Update. Did not receive feedback from developer yet. I will have to claim to get reimbursed, because I can‘t continue playing the game. Stuck in Episode 2.

- One small problem!! help!!

I absolutely LOVE this game. i’ve probably played through it at least 3 or 4 times on PC. When i realized there was a mobile version, i downloaded it right away. I was SO excited to play. the only thing is, there’s a problem with the size of the game screen fitting all the way on my phone. I have the iPhone XS Max, which the details say this game is compatible with, but the entire game is not fitting on my screen. and because of this, i CANNOT EXIT THE JOURNAL. the tabs that should be on the top to exit and turn the pages is not on my screen. and because of this, i cannot go any further in the game then right after the choice to tell the principal about Nathan and the gun, because it forces me to open the journal to read Warrens text. I really hope you can fix the screen sizing so it works with all phones, i know some other people are having this problem too. i hope you can fix it and i can continue playing soon! otherwise AMAZING game.

- Incredible!!!!

At first, the ads for this game made it seem like the main character, Max, was a male, so I’d skip it, and move on. But as a was looking for new games to play I came across it again, and decided to play it, you know, give it a shot. I was immediately obsessed! I couldn’t stop playing! The characters’ stories are put so perfectly, and it’s so clear to see the relationship status as the story goes on between all of the characters including Victoria. I was so sad when I finished the first episode, but my dad knew how much I liked it, and let me buy the rest of the episodes. The story line was perfect, the detail was perfect, the one thing that annoyed me a teenie bit was that the hair didn’t move. It could be wet, it just didn’t move. I think the first episode of Life Is Strange 2 comes out today, and I am so pumped!! I was literally in tears when I finished the game. If you don’t want to read the whole thing, come here! It’s an incredible game, and I wish I’d had it sooner than I did! It’s just the game I was looking for.

- Not Compatible with iPhone XR (FIXED)

I was really enjoying this game until I was unable to exit the journal.. I have seen some of the other reviews of other people with the newest iPhones, can not exit the journal. From looking at the dates from some of the comments, I figured that the developers would have done something to fix this issue by now.. OR at least made some sort of announcement that they were working on it. This is a really fun and unique game and I enjoyed playing, what little bit I could, but if I can’t even get out of the journal to proceed with the game, then there really isn’t any reason to keep the app on my device anymore. It’s a little sad and disappointing... Maybe the developers can fix it at some point and I will re-download, but they are going to lose a lot of potential customers with all the new iPhone users that can not play the game. Update: Thank you so much for addressing this issue.. I really enjoyed playing the game. I have changed my “2 stars” to 5! Thanks again

- Not compatible with iOS 12

This game is amazing. I don’t normally play these types of games but I thought I would give it a shot based on all the reviews and awards. I got immediately hooked on it. It’s like reading a really good book. You can go at nice relaxing pace. The graphics, music, camera angles are very beautifully done. The characters are so well developed - their subtle expressions and uniqueness make you feel like they are actual real life people and you can really relate to them. This game will make you feel emotions on all levels. You will laugh, you will cry, you will get angry, be sad, be happy, be scared.. It’s definitely a masterpiece. The only thing now is that I played it all the way through on iOS 11 which worked wonderfully without any issues at all. Recently I upgraded to iOS 12 and wanted to replay the game but there’s a lot of glitches in the graphics like flickering and extra random pixels in the scenes which takes away from the beauty of the game. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

- Wonderful Distraction

Just what I needed in these crazy times to distract myself when feeling stressed by the state of the world. It was a nice balance between something like Second Life or Animal Crossing which is way too involved for me with a whole social network and economy and something dull like The Sims with no plot or real engagement. You get some choice in the story while still being taken on a journey. The graphics are beautiful! I'm not big into games so maybe its normal, but I thought the attention to detail was incredible. I could see it being boring or silly to some people who like a faster pace and more mature characters. I was excited that you could do all sorts of things, sometimes mundane or unimportant like turn on music or take an unneccessary photo, other times integral to the plot. I was also happy the story and characters had a little edge and darkness. Was like a game version of an intriguing YA novel. Not to say adults cant enjoy it. Im in my early 30s. Hope to discover more games like this!

- Developers please read. guys. What the heck?!??

POSSIBLE SPLOILERS Ok so I started playing this game over for the third time, got to episode three where Chloe and Max just broke in to the principals office, and somehow I’m back to another profile that I already played??? I went to saved games to try to switch over to the profile I’ve been playing and it’s saying I’m on episode four? WHAT. No. Please no. I literally just replayed everything up to this point which honestly takes a while and now all my choices are gone so I can’t just pick up from the beginning of episode three and go from there?? Ugh. I’m so disappointed. If any developers read this and can help, please let me know. This is so frustrating. I’ve already finished the game twice, I don’t want to have to restart from the beginning but as of right now I would have to because it’s only showing the choices I made the first time around. Please let me know what I can do. I’m super bummed, I love this game and the last time I played was just a few hours ago, I don’t understand how I am now at episode four from a previous save when I was just playing episode three from a newer save. PLEASE HELp!!!

- Amazing. Breathtaking. One of the Best Games Ever.

I will never be able to forget this game nor will I want to. Words cannot describe the true beauty of this game. From the amazing plot and beautiful graphics to the incredible character development, this game deserves a spot among the top 5 best games ever created. The storyline and dialogue was out of this world amazing!! Chloe and Max made a great team that you automatically ship, and I hope you make more adventures with them. Episode 5 was a tear-jerker. I haven’t even played the entire game(I watched Pewdiepie for most of it) and now that I have played it, I feel this game is a true masterpiece. I can’t even describe my feelings for it. I wish it had never ended😥. WARNING! SPOILER AHEAD. Great idea with showing reality falling apart and the “alternate realities” that Max had to go through in the very last chapter. While strange and kinda disturbing, it portrayed the butterfly effect beautifully. Keep up the amazing work and I look forward to playing more of these types of games.

- iPhone 11 journal

First off, I have played this game on ps4 and I loved it. The graphics on the iPhone are shockingly just as good as they are on the ps4. That being said.. I downloaded the game a few months ago and noticed that when I open the journal, I have to force close the game because there is no button to leave the journal. I decided to give it a chance to see if I would be able to close the game and end up back where I was in the storyline and that didn’t work. Still I kept playing, until I got to the point after the fire alarm where Max has to go outside. She gets a text message. I decided I won’t click it so that I can keep playing and not get stuck in the journal. Nope. The game forces you to read the texts.. therefore leaving me no choice but to exit and go back into the game basically stuck. I read some reviews to see if anyone else had this problem and one person actually changed their rating because they say it was “fixed.” I’m looking for an update button or something, tried to reinstall the game but still have the same problem. I will be deleting this game until the problem is ACTUALLY FIXED. Really sad, because I do love this game. :(

- Beautiful to put simply...

I played this game years ago but never finished. Since quarantine I had more time to. There’s so much to say about this game. It’s so immersive. The characters each have their story which intertwines with Max’s. The art is comforting and gentle and contrasts with the gradual deep plot. The little aspects from saving Alyssa multiple times, taking photos, sitting down with yourself (as Max) listening to her thoughts, and the small dialogue with side characters. The whole meaning of the story to me is that some things are just meant to happen. Such a simple but difficult phrase to really be comfortable with. The whole story is refreshing. The only issue I had with the whole story was lightning, at some points it was so dark I couldn’t figure out how to get places. All in all, I love this game and recommend it to anyone interested in time travel stuff haha.

- Hey can you buy me some tissues?

I had started but never finished watching a play through of this a while ago but never finished it. I had liked the game so much and wanted to play it. When I saw it was in mobile I screeched. I started playing it nonstop. Then I did stop because I didn’t want to finish it in a short time. I finished it yesterday and oh my God. I’m a tough person I suppose. I don’t really cry at emotional things, even when they’re in real life. At the very end I was full on crying because of how much this game hit me. Towards the end of the game when it was very hectic I was like “Woah this took a huge turn.” In the last scene of Polaroid I was in tears because I didn’t want to make a sacrifice. You really went all out on the emotions didn’t you? Thx for making me cry at 2am guys. That’s a good thing. Your game must be pretty good to have someone up at 2am playing it, and it must be award winning if it makes me cry. 5/5 Love you guys❤️

- The best game I’ve ever played

Disclaimer since I actually played this on PC, not iOS. But honestly that’s not going to make a difference, because the story and characters are just that good. I wasn’t even aware that this genre of story games existed before I played this, but now I am — and I wish I could erase my memory so I could play it again. In the beginning it looks like a typical stereotypical drama, cringey slang, etc. — but it quickly draws you in and makes you extremely invested in the characters. The whole mood, from UI to music, is done right. Tbh I don’t even know what the top reviewer is complaining about. Taking away two stars because the characters curse too much...this story is set in a high school? Like girl how boring must your life be if you’re truly offended by language? How about the effort of the developers, the writers, the voice actors, composer, etc.? Smh, this reviewer clearly has no idea how much effort goes into making a game of this caliber. Nor do they have any idea, apparently, of what big ideas and idealism are — they see one curse word and decide to let it ruin the big picture of the story. To be totally honest, as a game, you really should evaluate it from the message it’s telling. Which in this case has very little to do with the curse words in the game. Clearly this games message of love and idealism was lost for the top reviewer.

- Tears your heart in two!

Wow. Honestly, this story was amazing. I’ll put out a strong warning for the content - harsh language, and some dark themes. Maybe don’t let your kids play it if they’re too young. But with the adult content, hope that rises with the story, and the connection you build with each character is absolutely stunning. This is an incredibly well put-together story, with a capturing plot that kept me up much later than I should have each night. I never buy anything on the AppStore, but this was worth it for me. I feel like I really know, even am the main character. I have no criticism for it. The language was strong, but when you understand where the characters are coming from, it fits their personality in a way that ACTUALLY matches, unlike many films or books today that just throw it in for no real reason. 5 out of 5. It was worth every second.

- Breathtaking💖

This game is like no other I’ve played, I wouldn’t even characterize it a game it’s more like a interactive tv show where you are the director and producer all at the same time controlling what happens next in The eyes of the main protagonist. The plot of it is cynical yet endearing, mysterious but captivating. . I also really liked the how the story played out in the end And the events that happened really did go well with everything and there are a lot of good life lessons that even made me emotional.I was kind of confused about the ending but I think their main point in making it was to show the destruction and chaos in a more visual manor. While we’re on the topic of visuals that is what really brought the game to life. I really wish they make more episodes soon! and I would totally recommend this to anyone that likes games with deeper meanings behind them

- Bugs and problems downloading

Episode one played well, but was annoyed with how much progress was lost if I switched to another app for more than 30 seconds. Episode two was were I am now stuck. Experienced segments of the game playing out before the story had progressed to that point so I was left having dialogue with empty diner booths and getting stuck in interactions were no solution could be found because there were no characters present and clicking on a prop had triggered events that weren’t supposed to have happened until other steps had been taken first. I rage quit and waited for updates so I could play the game. When I opened the game today episode 2 wasn’t even downloaded! Downloaded it, and continuously was asked to install the game, after the download had supposedly finished twice. Super confused and would love these issues to be addressed as I am looking forward to playing the rest of the story. If bugs are fixed I will by all means leave a positive review in the future!


I’m not like a hardcore gamer, but I do enjoy a good game on my phone. And this one is by far the best game I’ve ever played. Don’t worry, no spoilers in this review. I downloaded all episodes and to me it was worth every penny. Most of the episodes are quite long so I think you get your money’s worth. Not to mention that the graphics are pretty awesome and the music they sometimes play is chill. You get various choices to choose from. And the story itself is worthy i think of it being turned into a movie. It’s crazy good. It’s maybe not for young children I don’t think because of some of the messed up stuff that happens. And perhaps the profanity is also not suitable for young children. But I don’t have kids so parents can be the judge. Overall, hands down the best and I wish there were more games like this out there.

- iOS 12 causes glitches.

I love Life Is Strange. It is one of the most in depth, amazing, and thorough games I’ve played on my phone. The only issue I have with the game right now is that it is currently not compatible or is having issues with iOS 12, the sky is always flickering in my game and sometimes, it just shuts out on me. This can be frustrating when I’m trying to progress through an episode and I’m forced to restart at an earlier load point. It’s also disappointing because with such a visually aesthetic game, the update is causing me to lose out on some of the scenery and progression. All in all, despite the iOS 12 issue, I highly recommend this game. You get a bit of everything. Be warned, you WILL absolutely get emotional, and don’t forget to water your plant!!!!!!!!!

- Instantly hooked but unplayable on iPhone XR

The game had me instantly hooked and I was loving the story but as soon as the game forced me into opening the journal I am unable to exit it. I’m permanently stuck. The only way to close it is exiting the app but then when I start the game again I just have to replay the part until I get forced into the journal again. I have an iPhone XR. So I cannot continue any further in the story. I was going to give it 1 star but decided on 2 because I did really enjoy the 15 minutes I got to play. From what I’ve read on the new iPhones the top of the in game journal is cut off by your screen and that’s where the exit button is at. Hopefully they fix this. The landscape also glitches like crazy but at least that doesn’t make it unplayable. I’ll probably just buy this game on console because it’s that fun. It’s like a movie except you control the main character and make choices the change the entire outcome.

- Wish this were a graphic novel

Initially just got a black screen. Thought it wasn't going to work but clicking Open from the App Store worked. Loading new scenes was appallingly slow. Since I had initially just gotten a black screen, the "working" animation was not standard (or obvious), and I had not seen any instructions yet for how to play, sent a long 30 seconds jabbing at my iPad! When the game finally started, I was immediately pulled in. The drawing is beautiful and the story intriguing. Unfortunately, while I really wanted to learn the story, the interminable loading times, the general slow pace, and the awkward controls caused me to delete the game before I finished Chap 1. Or maybe I did finish Chap 1 and it was so slow because it was searching for Chap 2. I don't know as I gave up waiting for the scene to show up. I wish this were simply a graphic novel or movie. I'd love to read/see it.

- Kinda disappointing

I got this game because honestly it was awesome! Graphics, story line, game options. GREAT. So I went ahead and paid the money to download the full story bc I was hooked and I really wanted to keep playing... well I lost my money bc the game keeps crashing and not even downloading. For the past few months I’ve tried on and off to download it even completely cleaned out my phone thinking that was it ( I sat down and deleted stuff for hours bc that’s how much I wanted to play this game. ) but no luck... just money down the drain and a game I’ll never get to finish. Sad part? I still really want to play this game. But I guess that’s just my luck I’ll never get to see what happens in the story. The creators of this game are awesome tho they did everything right plot and story game wise so I’m not going to bash the game itself because i would play it on my console if I could. Just disappointed the game app never worked.

- iPhone X+ compatibility

First, I’d like to start off by saying, this is an AMAZING game and I 100% recommend you get it! It’s filled with thrilling adventures and difficult choices and even a bit of romance! That being said, I want to replay the game, but recently my phone company gave us a great deal on the new iPhone 11. The only downside is I can’t seem to see the entire screen on the app! It would be awesome if you could add a feature in which you could shrink the screen size per say? I’m not quite sure how to word it, but basically get it so the exit buttons on the notebook are visible. I continuously have to restart the app after opening a text message! Other than that small hiccup, I love the game so much! It’s one of my favorites!

- Best Franchise ever!!!!!!!!

This game turned out to be better than the walking dead (telltale + sky bound games) I never thought I would play such a good video game franchise, I have all of the game on my Xbox, from life is strange all the way to life is strange 2, even the captain spirit game. I would recommend this game, but be careful because you will get attached. Btw many YouTuber a have played it, jacksepticeye, Coryxkenshin, many of them. Idk how video games evolve into such an amazing... I forgot the word... but you know what I mean! When I played life is strange the first time ever, I felt in love, the design, gameplay, the characters, everything. How do people do it? Btw game developers thank you and can you bring max back in life is strange 3 please? Thanks, and goodbye Arcadia bay.

- Great game, but issue restoring

I have had this game and it is fantastic! The graphics look amazing and the storyline is so creative and draws you immediately in. My only issue is that I had purchased all the episodes and then my phone suddenly stopped working. Once I received my new phone, I was unable to restore my purchases and every time I tried it read that I needed to try again, as it wasn't working. I'm not sure how to fix the issue but I've tried restarting the game and my phone and it still will not allow me to restore everything, which is extremely frustrating. If that issue is fixed, this game would receive a 5 star for sure! UPDATE: got it to work somehow but never mind this game is great still!

- Fun and quirky

I kinda like these kinds of games. I was a big fan of Indigo Prophecy and Heavy Rain. I also enjoyed games like Mass effect and, an old school game, FEAR Effect. So playing a game where my choice have consequences is appealing to me. So, this is up my alley. Now it is a bit slow and the acting is a bit stiff but it is rather fun to play, rewind and fast forward through out the game. I sometimes feel I can cheat myself into choosing what I want without real ramifications but it doesn’t really hinder the experience. Sound design excellent. The scores fit the tone of the game and the different scenes. The graphics are impressive considering I’m playing it on my iPhone X & IPad Pro. I do noticed some concessions had to be made to port to iOS (I saw the Xbox review and lighting a texture seemed sharper there). Love the cross-save. I was delighted to know that I can pick up my iPad and continue where I left off in my iPhone. I guess the only thing holding this back from a five is the acting. At least for me. It would’ve been fun to get an Apple TV port as well but I’m no developer and don’t know if the TVOS can handle the game.


I absolutely love this game. I am not going to lie, but I have played this on ps4 too but I had to check it out on phone which I think is a good game to have on your phone. It’s based on you choices which all add up towards the ending so be careful what you pick! You can also replay the game and pick different choices to also get a different outcome if you want. Personally, I love this series. I even love the second game which is Life is Strange Before The Storm which is also an app you can get as well on your phone!!! So heck! If you’re into this game you can get the second game as well so it’s like having two full games in one! Haha it’s totally worth it to me and maybe it might be for you too?

- I love the game so far but....

Love the game and everything about it so far. The thing holding me back is I cannot leave the journal to save my life omg. I just got the iphone 11 pro max and I thought it wasn’t updated for the phone yet. Well it is, but it doesn’t show the full tabs at the top of the journal only like half or a little bit at the end to know they’re there. Now I’m not sure if that’s how the game is originally because this is my first time playing it or if it’s supposed to show the full tabs. I tried googling it and it says that there’s a journal at the top right to go to your journal or leave your journal. I only see it to look into the journal but nothing is there for me to leave. I cant get off and try it again because I’ve tried and I cant pass it since I NEED to look into it. Thank you for reading.

- Loved it

Personally I love this game, I found y scrolling on the Xbox and fell in love with playing with it! Personally I don’t mind the characters cussing in the game. I think it adds more excitement and meaning to what they are trying to express(especially when max or another character is upset) I think so people are just to sensitive these days with it cursing..... BUT overall amazing game overall couple glitches of course but what games doesn’t. My only question when they made the second one why did they change characters????? I was pretty aggravated with that.... I thought there would be a better life with max and her best friend..... but it simply had you craving and wanting #2 but then boom new characters 😐


I finished the game a while back. I started the “Before the Storm” but wasn’t into it as I was with this one. The controls were slightly different and I didn’t really like them compared to this one. But I would just like to put in a request for another game or story like THIS ONE!! 😍 I love how it’s little clips here and there and there’s narrative. Like I got so upset at the end that it was over. I went straight to the App Store to see if there was another.. to my excitement, there was Before The Storm. But once I started playing it, it didn’t hook me like this one did. And it’s not because it was Max’s friend’s POV this time. I liked that part. But just was good to me. So, creaters, please please PLEASE make another one of these!!

- Bugs

Everything in the game is working fine but u can see little triangles everywhere like in the main menu and also when your beginning the game in the intro like the parts of buildings or something is a bit to the left or right basically its scattered around instead of it being how it’s supposed to and also to the guy who said their needs to be a turn on and off thing for the foul language button I’m pretty sure your gonna hear bad language where ever you go it’s call life better yet life is strange. Eventually you gonna hear those words but who cares it’s a game it’s not the end of the world plus if u don’t wanna hear them say it then don’t listen it’s simple as that

- One of the best games on ios

Beautifully made, the game is amazing even only to look at, you constantly feel like taking stills to seize a moment and save it. The story is well-thought too and rich with details, and the choices you make have drastic effect, like at the end of an episode you’ll be surprised to see how different things would go if you made different choices. Another great feature I’m a big fan of, is the soundtracks that make game even more astonishing and you feel completely drawn into the game and lose the track of time. A bit expensive tho in my opinion, it will cost a lot less if you purchase the whole season pass instead of buying episodes separately.

- Is not optimized for iPhone Xs Max

I purchased this game after hearing so many great reviews so I immediately bought all chapters which was a big mistake. I should have just played Chapter 1 (or as little of chapter 1 as I could) and then I would have known that I could not play this game any further. When you get to a point where you automatically reply to a text message or open up your journal, there is no way to exit out. The tabs and controls to exit out are completely out of reach and no adjustment of your screen can fix this. If not for this issue I wouldn’t have a problem because the parts that I were able to play showed immense promise and had me hooked but I’m very disappointed that the developers didn’t look further ahead and see if they had to update the game in preparation for the release of the new iPhones and see if at all if the gaming controls would be impacted by the newer version.

- Square Enix i need you to fix these bugs

im only giving this five stars because i love the game and have played it numerous times. until the latest update the game ran smoothly. but there are some awful bugs such as characters not doing certain actions thus not being able to trigger cutscenes and progress. i was stuck in the hallway during episode two and i was unable to trigger the next cutscene so i could save kate. warren wasnt doing his chemistry things, kate was in a continuous conversation with jefferson, and even after talking to nathan and victoria they still showed up as sitting on my table. square enix i love this game and i didnt pay for the season pass so you could slack on bug fixes. please fix it.

- Not suitable for iPhone X max

I really like the game at first but in chapter 2 after playing the game for less than 30 min overall I got stuck because the journal page(phone as well) got open automatically as part of story and then I couldn’t close the thing and continue playing! So frustrated I search to see if people see this before and I saw the whole page picture as it should be and figured out that in my phone ( iPhone XS Max) the pages are cut off so I couldn’t see the exit button and close that thing! I give them 1 star because I’m a software tester and I know that’s the result of poor testing practice and I saw the problem was reported in September as well and since then they didn’t fix it and they didn’t let users like me know that is not compatible with our phones! So now I have to delete the game since I’m stuck and can’t progress in the game such a shame for a good game.

- This is ridiculous

I have only played episode one and it’s great but then when I finished it... pple of the game prepare for insanity.. I have to pay for all the episodes except episode 1 that’s ridiculous can’t I just play at least two episodes there’s five of the episodes yet I can only play 1/5 episodes at least let me play the second one as well because I don’t wanna pay to play but at least playing two episodes is almost half of the whole thing but your just making us pay for 4 episodes which i think it is just wanting to make more money well I am just gonna delete this game if I can’t play it anymore cuz I love this game but it just wants me to pay for the whole game at least make it so we only have to pay for 3 episodes that would be awesome cuz I wanna see what episode 2 is like! Plz let us play more and pay less!!

- Absolutely phenomenal!

This is without a doubt the best mobile game I have ever played. The graphics are gorgeous, the storyline is incredibly rich, the characters are fully developed. I love that your choices actually matter in this game and affect what happens later on. I played through the first chapter in one sitting and then immediately bought the full game after I finished. The only issue I've had is that the controls can be a bit touchy at times, like when you're trying to make Max go to a certain spot or look at an item, but that doesn't take away from the gameplay at all. Highly recommend this game! Wonderful job, dev team.

- Gaming redefined🎠

Life Is Strange is an emotionally electrifying virtual experience. Although it is considered a choice-based narrative “game”, its intellectual complexity resembles an interactive human psychology simulation with a hint of fantasy elements. So there’s much more to it than you may initially assume. The actual depth of the story starts to unfold throughout chapter 3, building on the events of the preceding chapters. This is an exceptional masterpiece and an outstanding example of what the video game industry is capable to develop, if they only want to. The most notable thing about Life Is Strange is how it manages to reflect reality in an intriguing and mysterious way without substantially distorting it—think of it in terms of interactively experiencing a story a la Donnie Darko.

- Great game but MAJOR issues with compatibility

I first want to start off by saying that I think the idea of this game is brilliant and they were able to execute this idea with absolute grace ❤️, although I had purchased the FULL game before they released chapters 4 and 5 and I have a device that wasn’t compatible after the update. 😡😭 So I either want a complete refund or if they would update the game where older devices could play that would be great as well. But other then my device being (slightly) out of date making where I am unable to play, this game is absolutely amazing but I will still need to rate this game a 3. I am just irritated that I may have lost about $10 on something whereas I could have spent it on a different game. SO DEVELOPERS PLEASE DO UPDATE THE GAME WHERE OLDER DEVICES ARE COMPATIBLE AS WELL

- WOW I do not normally do this

I can confidently say that I’ve never written a good review about an app before. That being said this game was amazing. The graphics, the music, the characters and the illustrations it was beautiful. While you do have to pay for episode 2-5 it is so worth it because unlike games similar to this you have to pay or earn gems or jewels of some kind to make the choices you actually want to make. But not here once you pay for the rest of the episodes that’s it. You have absolutely free will in the game and whatever choice you make is free. I was 100% satisfied with this game and I recommend it to everyone!

- One of my favorite games

Why would I give this 2 stars if it’s in my top 5 games? I first played this on Xbox 360. I bought the full season. I absolutely loved it and when I upgraded to Xbox and bought a PS4, I knew it was a title I needed to keep so I bought it on both of those consoles as well. A short while later I discovered it here in the App Store and immediately hit “get”. So why so few stars? Well unfortunately, while it initially ran very well on mobile, (iPhone 6s Plus) when I upgraded my phone (to an iPhone Xs Max) running 12, it no longer works. The menu at the start is buggy. The sky is glitched and trees pop in and out. I decided to try it anyway. After all, I love this game and the gut wrenching story it tells. Sadly, I was never even able to leave the class room in the first episode. I was so looking forward to walking down the halls of Blackwell Academy with “To All Of You” by Syd Matters playing in my ears. But unfortunately the door of Mr Jefferson’s class room is just a big blacked-out rectangle that I cannot interact with. This is a great game and I highly recommended giving it a shot. I’d love to see it updated. I think everyone should play it. But unfortunately, right now, iOS is NOT the place to do it.

- Come on now, guys.

I owned this game for quite a while and had finished the first part of it several times. I really enjoyed the game other than the fact that it A. Had a price to move on (you don't see authors charging their readers to continue to the next chapter). B. Often wouldn't respond after tapping (it either wouldn't react to my touch or it would freeze and id have to restart everything). I did enjoy the game for the most part. The story was original and the graphics were as good as you could get with an iPhone. I don't know how good the second part is since I don't pay for my games to avoid having to cancel my card or the game ending up being awful. If you have a lot of patience and don't mind paying for games, this game is perfect for you.

- Best game ever!!

I am so happy the game producers decided to make a mobile version of the game! The game is definitely worth the money! I can hardly put my phone down when playing, hours can go by so fast it is so addictive. Although it does drain my battery, but the game has a lot going on so that’s alright. And I’ve read the reviews saying the game glitches and crashes, but it works fine for me, so it could just be the amount of storage on your phone since it does take a lot of power to play. I really hope Before the Storm makes its way to mobile too! Great game, I definitely recommend.. just make sure you have enough storage and the time.

- Fantastic

Im not one for story games usually but i fell in love. I fell in love with the characters. The story is fantastic. I play other games as well so id consider myself a gamer but gamer or not you will love this game if you love a good story. How it runs: I use an iphone 7 plus. It ran smoothly for the most part. The only issue I had was on my second play through the game glitched and would not let me complete a task. SORT OF SPOILER when i was in the diner in episode 2 i went to sit at the table. Chloes stuff was on the table but no chloe. I tried rewinding, closing the app , etc. the only thing that worked was restarting the whole episode. I didnt mind much but it was a bit frustrating.

- A complete winner!

This game is one of the best I’ve ever played. This story is completely yours to create. Every choice you make changes the story one way or another. It is an amazing storyline and you become attached to the characters. I’ve never played a game that lets me literally write the story with my choices the way this one does. I of course purchased episodes 2-5 and I don’t regret spending the money. I can’t say enough about this addictive and completely interactive game. Amazing graphics and the soundtrack is perfect for the story! Great job on this and I hope this will not be the end, but that the developers will make more episodes or do another winner like this!

- really fun

it’s actually super fun playing it the first time around and also fun to go back and choose new paths. It’s also very very fun just going back through episodes to find all the photo opportunities however i wish there was an option to skip thru conversations if you’ve already gone through them when you played the episode the first time, it takes so long to talk to people when i’m just looking to take photos and fill up the journal :(( besides that the game is so fun and all the graphics are beautiful it’s such a stunning game and i applaud all the creators and artists, definitely worth the money :))


I really liked this game. I played it all the time for a few days. But I have it a 3 star because there was no warning! I played this game as someone with PTSD. I got to chapter 4 and 5 and it paralyzed me. Nothing warned me about what I was going to read. This being a beautifully written story that you feel you become a part of, it out me back into a situation that I never wanted to experience again. I was sitting there, shaking and crying unable to move. I’m not saying this is a bad game, just that you should be warned about the types of things in it. If you can handle topics that can cause mental illness, I recommend this games completely. I love the graphics, movement and control you have over the story. It really is wonderfully made.

- Cant finish Episode 1 bc of huge bug in game

I've hardly been able to play this game, I'm still stuck in the bathroom unable to progress because every time I pick up the hammer to hit the fire alarm, the fire alarm doesn't ring like it's supposed to but the character dialogue still plays as if the alarm had sounded and the boy and girl run out of the bathroom while simultaneously the gunshot still rings out and the dialogue as if the boy had still shot the girl plays along with the boy screaming, "No, no, no, no, no!" So I am stuck in the bathroom with no way to progress. Was really looking forward to playing and purchasing the entire season, but since I can barely play episode 1, why bother? I also just updated the game to the most recent version. If there isn't a fix soon, I'll have to just delete and forget about it since it takes up so much space.

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- My episodes were deleted and episode 5 won’t stop crashing...

The first few episodes worked fine, but after that , all my episodes were deleted and I lost all progress! So I had to re download them ALL and start from the very start... after that, everything worked fine, but episode 5, after I had to sneak through everyone in the layered reality, the cut scene wouldn’t stop crashing, almost all of the time the game will crash after chloe takes a photo of you... it’s REALLY annoying and I always have to restart the whole cut scene Again and Again... I just hope they can fix that... P.s. I’m on an iPhone 6+

- Changed my life!

This game is the most spectacular game I’ve ever played. The experiences in this game, it felt like the character I was playing was ME. I’m a big fan of all Square Enid’s games, but Life is Strange is by far one of the greatest games to exist in my opinion. Life is Strange changed my life and changed my views on so many things. The game hits you emotionally because you relate to at least one of the character’s aspects. Each of the characters have a unique personality trait to themselves and they all have their wonderful style. I’ve played all Square Enix games on my PC, but Life is Strange is so good that I just had to play it on mobile as well. No matter how many times I replay this game, each time still tears me apart emotionally. Thank you to the developers of this game, it truly changed my life. If you were to release a Life is Strange 3, I would totally invest my money into it. I look forward to it!❤️

- Serious impact on my life

I didn’t originally play this game on iOS I played it for the first time on ps4 but this game genuinely changed my life. I have shed many tears on this amazing game with all the twists and turns and the impossible decisions (I even had to walk away from the game because the decisions were so tough) but I would recommend to every single person to play this game. There are some things I’ll watch or read that just impact my life and I will always remember and life is strange is one of them. I have been in love with this game for years and I will continue to love it, it will always hold a place in my heart. PLEASE PLAY THIS GAME I PROMISE YOU WON’T REGRET IT.

- Great start up but...

Chapter one was great, leaving me wanting more, so I purchased chapter 2, and waited painstakingly long for it to install, and after it did, I was keen as so I went to start on Ch. 2, only for the loading screen to show up for at least 3 minutes before the app crashed, happens every time I try to start Chapter 2. Not sure if it’s just my phone, but it’s rather annoying, pls somebody halp 🤙🏻

- LiS crashed on me

All my episodes worked great I love LiS but whenever I get to the alternate reality where it’s all messed up it was all glitchy and everyone was repeating their words a couple times and when I’m in the darkroom…again it got glitchier and it was difficult to play. After Chloe takes a picture of me the game would crash constantly and so I stopped playing for a while and started a new game then it didn’t it all again and won’t stop crashing. Please fix this problem because I would love to get to the end choice.

- My progress was wiped!

Waited for the latest eps and had deleted my previous eps for space while I waited - now after buying the rest of the season because 4 &5 finally got released I’ve downloaded ep4 and they say I haven’t finished the previous ep... then I downloaded ep 3 again and it said the same thing! I do not want to have to replay the entire game just to play ep 4 and 5!!!! Please fix the issue and restore my gameplay! If not you need to make it possible to start at ep 4 Please make it possible to start from any episode with random choices applied - I have purchased all episodes and lost my progress for 1-3 I won’t play them again just to get to ep 4 please can make this possible? Telltale games do this and it’s great!

- Does not support iPhone 11(/Pro)

The in-game journal does not work correctly on new iPhones - key buttons get cut off the screen preventing it being closed once opened. While the game looks very promising, it unfortunately cannot be completed in its current state. Needs an update before it can be recommended (and make sure not to buy any additional episodes before making sure the first one works fully). The support team said by email: “We are aware of this issue and the developers are currently working on an update to fix it. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee if or when an update will be released.”

- Doesn’t work properly on Xs Max

Fine game however on the newest iPhone XS there’s weird black artifacting glitch on the sky and also there’s no way to exit the journal other than to quit the entire game and reload. Otherwise would be 5 stars.

- The greatest game ever

It’s the greatest game I’ve ever played. I usually will skip to comment and don’t bother to spend $ in games often. But this one... geez. It’s so touching and even enlightening. I don’t think it’s just a game. It is much more than that. Just started Chapter 4 but I wish this game will never have to end so I won’t be missing playing it too much.

- Such a beautiful game

Highly recommend!! It really captures you and places you in another world and evokes a bunch of feelings. Everything from the graphics and music to the story line and characters is beautifully done. I truly loved this and the emotions it made me feel. I’m sure any person who played would enjoy this.

- SO worth it :)

The graphics are stunning and so cinematic, plot is engaging and mind boggling. I love the tiny details and freedom in this game. So far only played 2 episodes and have no problems/ glitches. I rarely purchase any games / I could’ve just watched gameplays but the personal experience I’ve gained makes it so worth it!

- I love this however

This is one of my favourite games I feel all the episodes are done really well however the choices the choices you make don’t really matter, you will always have the 2 ending choices, other than that great game

- Great game until episode 5

Up to the end of Episode 4 I was rating this game as a 5 but then the annoying maze in Episode 5 spoiled everything. I have been trying to get back to the lighthouse for weeks now and finally gave up, reading about the end of the game in walkthroughs. What could have been a brilliant game was totally spoiled by that last scene.

- Confused

I had this game on my iPod and it worked just fine but after a month or two it said that it was not compatible with my device. So i am very confused on how it worked before to not working at all!?!?

- help

im unable to play Life Is Strange on my iphone 5s.. when i open the application it tells me to double check the compatibility because it doesnt support my device, so i checked what the game is compatible with.. and it saids it works on my phone.. please help!!!

- Stop the crashing

This game is so dam awesome that I can’t stop playing it but there’s just one problem it crashes and every time I open it. It crashes every time please for all that is awesome please fix the crashing

- Best Adventure I have played on a mobile yet

Worth every cent. What a great game this is. Brilliant story, excellent graphics, good controls and hours of catching story to play. On the spot I could not list you anything to improve. Please keep the story running.

- Amazing game. Problems with iOS version

If there was a game to binge through, it’ll be Life is Strange. A beautifully portrayed relationship, character development, and how can you not love Chloe Price. The problems are directly related to the iPhone XS Max version, (They do not occur on my iPad Pro 10.5, or my iPhone 6+). Pixelated blurring throughout the game, and overscan means I sometimes cannot access menu buttons or play it. I hope this will be fixed in future updates, as I love this game so much that I own it on Steam, Mac and iOS.


On the Xs Max, the sky is always glitching, I personally can overlook that whilst playing. But, a major issue is that it is impossible to exit the journal!! This needs to be fixed ASAP. Otherwise I don’t know how good the game is as I am unable to play it so I have 3 stars, but that doesn’t reflect my opinion of the story as I have not experienced that yet.

- Problem..

When ever I try and play this app it goes to the “life is strange” screen and then goes to a black screen with a triangle with a line through it. I can’t play this app because it stays on that screen, please give me a heads up on what to do. Thanks x

- Help please

Hey I’m loving the game so far, but I’ve just found a small bug in ep. 5. When Max is travelling through weird messed up realities, she has to enter another number into a keypad. But it isn’t letting me select the keypad. Please help


Hi so I only just recently bought this game and I was so hyped to play it. I started playing it and found that the top of the screen was actually cut off. I would go to the journal and I couldn’t see any of the tabs up the top or the exit button so then I was stuck in there. I have an iphone xr so I’m very confused as to why this is happening. I spent money on this so I really don’t want it to just be a waste. Please help me with this?? - Brokey

- Sky buggy

I love this game, yet the sky is constantly having black spots appear. I’m on an iPhone 8 and not sure if it is buggy because it is a new system. Tried to buy the other episodes but it won’t unlock

- Another five stars for the developers!!

Still can’t believe you have release this wonderful game! Now I just hope you will release Life is Strange: Before the Storm on mobile devices.

- Problems

I really like this game, I saw so many game plays and I was so excited when I could play it but I couldn’t buy the episodes for some reason and I’ve tried everything, this was really disappointing but other then that episode 1 was really good and I enjoyed it

- Best story-based game

Although, please stop sending notifications even after we have finished the game. PSA: The prequel “Before the Storm” is available on the App Store, so try it out if you’ve completed this game.

- Can’t exit journal

Absolutely awesome game. I love it. But I cannot exit the journal. I think the size of my phone (iPhone 11) screen cuts off the button that I am guessing would exit it. I cannot continue the game without reading the messages and exiting the journal. Please fix this. Thanks

- Breathtaking; visually and emotionally.

This game is going to leave a permanent mark on me for the rest of my life. This game is an amazing take on telling a beautiful story. I smashed the game out in two days and was left bawling my eyes out at 3am in the morning at how it ended. This game takes choice narrative games to the next level. My only suggestions would be to have a lot of content warnings for the game as there are strong themes and it is quite full on.

- How

Ok I just got the game and it says to go to the lighthouse how do I get there it’s all blocked and you can’t even jump which is annoying I’ve literally just wasted my time looking everywhere for entrance and I’m kinda thinking of deleting this app the good thing is the graphics please tell me how to get there and I will give you 5 stars.

- Really confused

I have an iPhone 5s and it says that I am able to play the game with my phone and after I waiting over an hour for it to download it that said it was un- compatible with my phone. I Am really confused and annoyed! Please tell me why this has happened

- Won’t let me leave messages

It won’t let me go back after reading the texts from warren. The buttons aren’t on the screen, they’re cropped out. Fix please?

- I love it

Awww man...I don’t have enough money to get the next episode 😩. But I won’t complain too much as long as others get to enjoy this AWESOME SPECTACULAR BEAUTIFUL GAME. I won’t keep replaying too see what other choices do

- Sky Glitches.

Great game, but serious graphics glitches with the sky. Latest iPad Pro, latest iOS - this needs to be fixed.

- Interesting game but not compatible with iPhone XS max

The graphics wasn't coping with the storm at the beginning of the game, same when I went outside of the school, but the big problem was the journal. Can't use most of it or exit it.

- Best game I’ve played!

Loved the graphics, storyline, characters, choices and journey. Completely immersive and absolutely worth it. Hands down most enjoyable game worth every cent!

- I love this game but

Hi all, I’m playing on iPhone XS and don’t get me wrong I LOVE this game, but it seems once I open my texts or book there isn’t any way to close them? Like some buttons are missing or something. No idea how to fix but I’m now stuck because I can’t close the chat to continue and am forced to re do the same thing over and over ...

- Can’t get out of journal screen iPhone Xs Max

I’m just on chapter 1, but when I check my journal/phone I can’t get out of the screen on my iPhone Xs Max.

- The game...

The game keeps getting stuck every time I try to rewind time for the first time in the first chapter (it’s the part where I just accidentally break the camera and try to do as I’ve said above) please fix


I think this app should have free episodes because I was really addicted to this game and then when I finished the episode I had to pay!i was really annoyed!i feel like there shouldn’t be any causes of paying

- Moved me

Life is strange is the most beautiful and best game I’ve ever played. The only problem is that it has a lot of swearing. This game is the most beautiful game ever I STRONGLY recommend this.🖤🤍❤️

- Good but...really expensive!

I love life is strange! But I’m unable to get the episodes because they cost. I understand you probably need them to be bought but I really wish it wasn’t like that...oh well. Thanks for bringing this amazing game.

- Happy/Sad But hella good game

Played both life is strange and before the storm on ps4 both are amazing games with great story, would definately recommend this

- Great and fun game!

Love the storyline of this game, graphics are pretty good but the app kept crashing in the last scene; during the maze in episode 5.

- Bug with bucket

I think I would really love this game if I was able to actually interact with the paint bucket like I’m supposed to do to get rid of Victoria. I can’t even rewind to try again because it doesn’t have the spiral in the left corner like it is supposed to.

- Resolution?

Bits and pieces are cut off by display. Apparently my iPhone 11 isn’t sufficient enough for the game’s display dimensions, which means I cannot read half of what is in the journal and also cannot get out of the journal. I have to close and re-open the game to exit the journal, and then have to reply a scene again.

- App shuts down

I’m up to the part in the nightmare scenario where you’re tied to the chair and characters keep changing around you. Every time Chloe is taking a photo of Max the app shuts down on me.

- Ingame sky texture seems crack out

I re-download this game but still your ingame sky texture look dark. Fix it please.

- Make me want to cry and I squealed because I was so excited to play episode two

Love the game

- Update needed ASAP

The aspect ratio does not work on iphone 12 when you enter the phone and emails you can’t get out cause its cropped out pls update this its fully broken

- Great game, needs updating for newer devices

Can’t play this on the iPhone 10 cos you get stuck in the diary due to the aspect ratio of the screen cutting off the exit buttons

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- amazing

this game was really enjoyable, and it was worth the money I spent for a few hours of gameplay. I just wish there was more free reign

- “Sorry, but this game is incompatible with your device”

I downloaded the game but when I first opened it, it told me that my device was incompatible with the game. Now this is understandable because my device is practically an ancient mummy at this point but I checked the list and found that my device is compatible with the game, I’m also up to date on updates so I’m not sure what the problem is, although looking at some gameplay on YouTube the game seemed pretty intriguing. (Sorry for sounding like a mom)

- Not working anymore

I had this game before the update and it works perfectly! Now it says that it does not work with my device!? I paid for nothing -.- I had played the 3 first episode on my iPod 6, and now it doesn’t work!

- Excellent story

I absolutely loved this game. The first episode is free and is worth about 3-4 hours of gameplay and story. It’s 12$ for all the episodes and I think it’s totally worth it, I didn’t buy it but I watched gameplay online and it’s like a movie, but better. The story is touching and the puzzles are mostly simple (I got stuck once), but what really makes the story interesting are the decisions you make. There is also a mode where you can take photos in-game so you can take shots as memories. I watched gameplay of all episodes and I’d totally get this game if I could. Also, I forgot to mention, but the music of this game is great too. Zero ads, just a great game.

- One of my most favourite games

One of the best stories with an awesome setting and great colours and visuals

- ???

I got the game a few months ago it workd good then when i play it again it glitches and the door isn’t there in the beginning lol but other than that i love iitt!!!!! I also have it on ps4 I’m absolutely obsessed ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

- Stuck in journal. Unplayable atm. Please fix

iPhone 11. Can’t get out of the journal screen. Makes it unplayable at the moment please fix as I would like to play the game. Would be 5 stars if fixed.

- Stuck in Journal

Everytime I go to Journal, I cannot come back to main game. So I have to closed thw app forcely and come back to game and when the game makes me to have to see the phone or jornal, I will get stuck forever.. gosh... I will delete this app.

- Amazing but there’s a problem

I love the game but there’s one problem. Episode 5, nightmare scene, keeps crashing. The part where Max is in the dark room, seeing Chloe with all these different people, keeps crashing at the part where Chloe takes a picture of max. The next scene is supposed to go to a bathroom, but it won’t go further ahead, of just keeps crashing. I’m able to play it in collection mode, I just can’t continue past that point in the actual story mode. I’m going to try and delete it then do it but idk. If you guys lmk how to fix it then I’ll give it 5 stars.

- Game Freezes Constantley

The game itself is great story wise, however it freezes requiring you to close the app frequently. This happened on my iPhone 6 and is STILL happening on my iPhone XR. I purchased all the episodes and am very disappointed with the end result. Please provide a fix for this issue, as the game is unplayable this way.

- Picture is not right size

New iPhone XR game looks great graphically but doesn’t fit the screen correctly when in journal you are unable to press any of the buttons to go back to the home screen

- Trash

What a steaming pile of trash

- Fix it

How come I can’t close the damn notebook (there’s no close button or anything) and the game is much bigger then My screen it’s Crazy dumb you need to fix this so I can actually play the game on my phone without having to close to get out of the damn notebook lol it takes the fun out of the game, think game seems fun but I can pay or do anything if I can’t even get passed the first 20 mins of the game

- Frustrating as all hell!

The game itself has a great concept but it’s annoyingly frustrating when you’re looking for things and it doesn’t really give you a hint or a map of where to look and sometimes doesn’t tell you what you’re looking for... so I spend half my time running around only to find out that I’ve gone past the item a trillion times but never saw it cause it was either too high or too low or hidden under something that you are unable to move for a while. Also the controls are a nightmare as well! I try to run and I don’t know where I’m running to so I try to move the camera at the same time and that doesn’t help either. All that then leaves you running into things making it harder to find how to turn around and go another way without running into more... So basically I just spent $12 on a game that I really wanted to play, but can’t

- Problem wth iPhone 12 compatibility

I ended up having to play this game on my old iPhone 8 as the screen was far too zoomed in on my iPhone 12. I couldn’t exit out of certain windows or unpause as certain buttons were out of reach with the screen being zoomed in. But I enjoyed the game having played it on my old phone. Just wished it was compatible with the 12.

- Best game on iPhone

I loved the game I wish there is more part finished all parts waiting for the next

- I need help

Game isn’t letting me pick up the hammer so the girl just keeps on dying over and over and I can’t do anything because I can move the car but it’s not letting me pick up the hammer so if you could help that would be great

- Honestly

Honestly, I love this game truly. But I can’t play it, it says it’s “not compatible with my device” when it says on the thing it is, so please fix that

- Good but not great

Ive seen people play this game before I really liked it so I decided to download it but EVERY TIME i try to play episode 2 it CRASHES EVERY FREAKING TIME please fix this it be a waste of money just to spend for a game that crashes every time you wanna play it

- Help

I truly love the nostalgia of this game but apparently my device isn’t compatible even though in the description thing it says it is so please help or maybe make it compatible for more devices?

- Bug

Great game but my app keeps freezing when I try to continue playing episode 4. It crashes right after. Please fix this issue.

- Wish there were more games like this

Up till episode 5 I would say this game was good. Once I finished Episode 5, which by the way was the best one. I can say this game is great. Probably because it is also a consol game.

- Love it!

This game is so beautiful! The music and the cinematography is charming. The story it’s self is entertaining and unique. I loveeee the extra game play. There are things you can do but don’t need to do (like water your plants) and then you can compare your choices to other’s! Super fun!

- “Not compatible with your device”

Even though it’s listed as compatible. I’m on an iPad mini 3. Should be no issues. Please fix this so people can enjoy the game they love.

- Amazing

So far no problems or glitches. WORTH buying. Beautiful, I haven’t cried this hard for months. The first chapter is free and worth it as well, still about an hour or two of gameplay and it’s incredibly stunning. The graphics, the music, the story, the plot twists and turns. Please oh please play this if you haven’t.

- Question:

Ok, now I don’t know how to get Victoria out of the way. Can you tell me how?

- sucks

really does sucks

- amazing

i dont even know why thrre are bad reviews because it works perfectly fine and for the people that say it keeps crashing im pretty sure thats just your device

- Worked fine for me

Had a good experience playing this

- Not compatible

It sucks because I watched a video on this game and I really wanted to play it, so I went and I got it but it says that it’s not compatible with my device when I open up the game. So I checked at the list of compatible devices as it said too, and it says that my device is compatible. I know that another review said the same thing, so can you please fix it. 🙂

- Awesome game!!

I love it 😍! Can you please put a debit card option on there? My mom won’t pay for the episode 2 even thought it is 1.39$ ;/. Thanks! Awesome game 👏.

- Wow

I absolutely loved this game. I mean it’s literally like a movie but the story in itself is full of drama and mysteries and all that you can have to look for clues, outsmart some scenes and really try to retain some information that come up later in the game. At first it’s slow going then it starts to be really interesting and riveting. I totally recommend it was absolutely worth the price I can’t wait to see if there is a next.

- Must buy

Love it

- Fixed on iPhone 11

Can not exit the journal screen on iPhone 11. Made it 40 minutes or so into the game and then got forced into the journal screen and can’t progress any further. Please fix and will re-rate but for now it deserves a 1 star as it’s unplayable. EDIT: newest update fixed this bug, appreciate it and now paid for and enjoying the episodes!

- Ugh

Played the gage for an hour , and now it won’t let me open it: just keeps crashing please fix??!!

- AMAZING!!!!!

Such a great game! Amazing story line, graphics, characters, just everything. It’s also on PS4 but it’s cheaper on phones. My only complaints would be I WANT MORE!!!!!! Oh and the controls are a little finicky but that really doesn’t matter lol

- You need to get this game

I really enjoy this game and I just started. Figuring out things is fun and this game isn’t like episode or choices there’s more freedom here. And I like how there is a lot of choices and options so we don’t get bored.

- Don’t buy this

I just got this game, and I’ve been really enjoying it. But I got stuck when Chloe asks you what happens in the future. I put the right answers, as I looked them up online and it should progress from that point on, but Chloe keeps telling me “what are you waiting for?” Even after I gave her the right answers. So basically I paid 12 dollars just for 2/3rds of an episode. Fix the glitch or give me a refund.

- Argent

C'est beaucoup trop cher juste pour ça...

- Not Compatible

When I open the game is says it’s not compatible and it check the list. When I look on the list it says my iPad is compatible. So I don’t get why it doesn’t work kinda makes me upset.

- P e r f e c t

I grew up watching others play this game so now that I finally bought it, I can see why everyone loves this game to death. It’s not too dramatic but has a good plot that keep you wanting more, A lot of the choices I felt like didn’t matter actually had consequences in this game so that was nice and fun, I totally recommend this game tbh, fun, sad at the same time and just awesome!

- Great addictive game! Solid storyline!

Great music! Great graphics! New genre! Affordable! I enjoyed playing this game. Number one of its kind. It takes you into a movie-like story, which urges you to continue playing and at times, uses your adventurous brain to solve a problem. Honestly, I had to search for the cheats online to get it passed, as I was curious to see what happens next. Overall, my number one game!

- My game is getting laggy

This is my favorite game can u please fix the lagg in episode 3 to 5

- Awesome Story

Nice and quick review but it has to be the best story a casual gamer can experience since The Last Of Us... would totally recommend!!!!

- Pc version is amazing

Mobile lags but pc version has best graphics and no lag pc gamer forever!

- Lies

I checked if it was compatible with my IPhone,it said yes,I got it and it said “it’s not compatible”

- Game is great

But I don’t know why I can’t get past episode one I have tried multiple times but failed

- Great

In a few hours my phone start to be really hot and my battery goes down iPhone 6

- Crashing on startup iPhone 11

The game crashes on startup. Doesn’t even make it to the splash screens or main menu. On iPhone 11 and iOS 13.2.3

- Hi! From Viet Nam.

OMG i love this game so much i hope there will be more~~

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- please please make this compatible with the ipad mini 2

I’ve been playing this on my phone and it is awesome! it still has a few glitches, like the sky is glitchy but that’s all what i’ve seen so far. my phone is just a little screen so i tried downloading it with my ipad mini 2 but it won’t work! please make this awesome app compatible with the ipad mini 2! i’m sure you’d make some people’s days and mine! i know the ipad mini 2 is old, but it won’t hurt to add another device (like the ipad mini 2) compatible with this app :) its perfectly fine if you can’t have the ipad mini 2 compatible though, this is just a suggestion from me and probably some other people too.

- Love this game but only one free episode🙁

I love this game it’s very much like the games you pay for to play on your game console or gaming laptop. I thought it was extremely weird I didn’t have to pay for the first episode because the game is so good and detail organized. It also remembers your choices as well. I would say the joy stick in the game was a bit obnoxious trying to maneuver the character but it didn’t bother me as much. I wanted to play the next 3 or 4 episodes (btw episodes are long that’s a +) but it costs money to buy the episodes. Even though I love the game and think it’s phenomenal, I’m just not one to buy a game.

- Wow 😲

I think this game one of the best games I’ve played this year, the developers did an excellent job keeping the story feel real and rich with emotion. As for the game play, I played this on my iPad(2017 new iPad) and I have to say the graphics were pretty good (some polishing wouldn’t hurt) but I like the style. The controls are also pretty good, they're not distracting like the controls for most games. But I have one request,.... please make max walk faster! I had to play parts over again because I got to something way to slow. But over all this game is an almost-perfect work of emotional art!👍 Nice job square Enix! Another one to blow ‘em away! Sincerely, one of your biggest fans, Love you💕 Square Enix!

- I love it but

I love this game so much it’s so fun it’s my favorite game it’s really interesting as well but when I finished playing episode 1 I thought the others we’re free but they cost money and I don’t wanna pay money for one episode only because I will finish it soon then I’ll have to pay for the others and I don’t wanna pay I love this game but I don’t like it when you have to pay because it wastes money and it’s only for one episode so can you please change it for all the episodes being free I’d appreciate it and everyone else might if they don’t wanna pay either but in all this is my most favorite game ever!!

- Plz I am begging u

I love this game, it is the best, and I completed episode 1-3. I was literally in tears when u saw Chloe’s at the end of ep 3. I wanted to play ep 4-5, but it wasn’t there yet, so I offloaded the app and waited months for it. Finally the ep 4-5 r added, so I reinstall it and open it up. It said something like “you device is not supported”. I was thinking why isn’t it? I have an iPod Touch 6gen. And it worked. Now it doesn’t. I when’t and looked at version history and it says iPod Touch is not supported. Plz. Bring it back to iPod Touch I am begging u. I want to play again. Waiting so long only to find out I can’t play is making depressed. If u can let iPod touch be supported again plz THANK YOU ^.-

- Great Game

These sort of role play games are my favorite and so hard to find on mobile devices. Really well made and engaging, from graphics to storyline to music. Did I get freaked out playing the last chapter while alone late and night? Maybe haha, but I think that’s only a testament to the quality. Excited to see if they release any more of their games (besides before the storm which I plan to play next) onto mobile platforms. Would definitely recommend. Also, I know many people have complained of glitches so just to throw out there I didn’t have any issues playing on my iphone7

- Incredible!

Best game I’ve ever played on the phone. I’ve been glued to my phone for weeks once the rest of the stories were released. I can’t wait to play it through again, this storyline completely rocked my world and pulled so hard on my heartstrings. It almost felt too real the emotions that these characters go through, like the best book I’ve read, and I had control over how things went in it. Oh man, to picture a world where you can go back & change things... it’s a beautiful & dangerous thing, & the writers did a beyond incredible job exploring that possibility. I loved it, I loved it, I loved it!

- I love it but...

First off, this game was the BEST experience. Please, make this into a book, a tv series, movie, or something! I have never felt the emotions of a fake character ever in my whole 18 years of living. I was so upset when the game ended. I love how non cliche the game is. It shows reality. Bullying, young pregnancy, suicide, depression, manipulation, predators, etc. While this game IS lovely, it has also made a negative impact on me after and while playing. I’ve been having feelings of depression ever since and I’m not sure if that’s the just my connection to the characters or what, but if you are someone who suffers from depression or suicidal thoughts, do not bother playing this.

- Good game but...

You can tell they put a lot of work into the story of this game and I am very impressed and really want to get through the story however... the controls are horrible. As much as I like the story, I spend too much time trying to move the camera and my character around. It sort of reminds me of the dreams where you’re trying to punch something or someone and instead of giving a hard punch, your punches just come off so soft and weak. That’s how it feels. When I go to move my character she for some reason walks near or away from where I’m trying to move her. The camera is the most frustrating. Takes you 5 seconds for it to turn just 90 degrees. Then you want to move to the other side and it takes 10 seconds... it’s difficult

- Yes, it’s for teenage girls.

This game is about teenage girls and for teenage girls (and maybe gay boys who get wrapped up in the same kinds of things teenage girls do). Not a complaint - everybody has their thing. It’s just that some games/apps are targeted toward a very specific market segment, and if that fact is not addressed in the description or the reviews, a lot of people outside that market segment may waste their time downloading and trying out games/apps that are not intended to hold any appeal for them. This is that kind of game. If you’re not fascinated by your own emotions and other such stuff that seems important to a teenage girl, you probably won’t be fascinated by this game. And I agree with another reviewer’s comment: all the hair that never moves is creepily unrealistic.

- Wonderful

This game is definitely worth the money. There are a lot of glitches that people have encountered on the iOS release, and I had a few glitches too, but usually just pausing the game and selecting restart from checkpoint works. These glitches are not your fault. It’s the iphones. I’m pretty sure I saw a review that was one star saying it wasn’t compatible with their iPod touch and then sent a middle finger emoji. You’re getting a lot of hate that you don’t deserve, and this game is a masterpiece. Keep up the good work! I’m so excited for life is strange 2 to be released on IOS as well. Sincerely, a random person

- *Please* change it back so we can play without Internet connection

I used to play this game every day I love everything about it I am working on Disney cruise line and I used to play this game every day I love everything About it I will work so when that update came out I went I have an update but now this is the problem it require Internet connection I was really upset about that please change it back so I can’t play the game without Internet connection. It is very expensive even when using Wi-Fi 😞 if there is somewhere I can downgrade back or even make it so it doesn’t require Wi-Fi connection I want to play it on the go with out Internet connection, I’ll be extremely happy because I recommended This app to so many of my friends and also bought a season pass a week ago ,please fix it please 🙏🏾

- Absolutely amazing

If I could give this game more stars, i would. I’ve never in my life been so effected by a game, I absolutely fell in love with Max and Chloe. This game was honestly one of the best games I’ve ever played, because the connection was just so strong while it also had fun strategies along with a killer story line. LIS made me mad, it made me laugh and it also made me cry... quite hard haha. I recently heard the new LIS is not affiliated with Max or Chloe or any original characters, I will not be playing it unfortunately. Chloe and max just struck me, and there love for each other was pure passion. I will never forget this experience.

- Great storyline, lots of glitches

SPOILERS AHEAD I love this game and have played it almost all the way through. I really enjoy the variety of choices that the player is given and how the game really adapts to whatever choices you make. However, on the last chapter of the game, when Max is tied up in Jefferson’s dungeon in a nightmare, the game keeps crashing. I have tried restarting the app, restarting my phone, using a “junk cleaner” app, and everything else that I could think of. I have reloaded the game about ten times now, and every time it comes to the part in Jefferson’s basement, the game goes white and then crashes. I’m really tired of having to start the scene over and over only for it to crash every time.

- Best Game Ever

This game has literally changed my life! It made me an emotional wreck (in a good way)😂 But over all the gameplay is outstanding and it’s over all a 11/10 game❤️ Definitely recommend! Only problem is when you are downloading an episode you have to stay in the game and you can’t play other episodes... for example while I was downloading an episode I couldn’t exit the app which kinda sucked but in the end it didn’t take long and it was so worth the wait! Once again totally recommend if you love choose your own adventure stories! Hope this review helped :)

- Like my own lil world

What can I say about this game that other players haven’t already said? An amazing, telling story about life and love and the weirdly supernatural. You even find places where you can relax with Max and be in your own headspace. Which I find as a simple but wonderful feature to be at peace with. There is a glitch here or there, especially in the very beginning and so on in episodes. Especially camera angles and movement controls that seem like they need a hard reset. Even so, that hasn’t stoped me from loving it as a whole, but I hope that’s fixed at some point. Thanks to all the developers of this sweet retro grade game, a Maxine Caulfield masterpiece.

- Why this game is so good!!!

I have played this game and watched many people play this game and not one of them said they didn’t enjoy playing it! I love the music the style and feeling of being cozy and yet excited at the same time. Your able to get connected to the characters easier than most games which makes me want to play more! This game has choices and some times hidden things and I love that you can do that in these games. I’ll admit this game is not going to be for everyone but if you like decision making and choices and story’s then go ahead and click purchase!

- Absolutely Sensational

First of, I am not much a gamer, and I hardly ever spent a cent on my games. But honestly, I was completely won over by this masterpiece. The indie-style graphic, beautiful and serene by any standard, is well-connected to the themes of the game, and flawlessly captures a world with finest details and grace. The plot is ingenious and gripping. The degree of freedom is ever more enhanced by your control over time. Finally, every character is rich with its own personality, emotion, and history that the player slowly gets revealed too through interaction. Never have I been so touched and captivated by an iOS game. A truly epic game no doubt.

- Editor please read.

This game is wonderful, magnificent, amazing, this is the best game that I have on my phone. There is just one problem, on my phone(which is a 7) I am not able to access the phone at all, not my journal, not messages, not anything, and it seems as if the screen is zoomed in because I can’t see everything fully, it is too zoomed. I was only able to access the journal once, and it was in the very first scene in the classroom when the journal was on the table. And even then it was zoomed, if you understand what I mean. I am totally going to buy this game, I just wish I knew a way to access the journal. Thanks, and bye.

- One of the best games I have ever played.

I have never left a review for a game before. This is a fantastic exception. I bought the full season and I am about to continue episode 4. Already I know that I am going to be replaying this game again and again to see what story unfolds next. I have cried and laughed and grown more curious and aware of my own surroundings. Thank you to the game designers. Thank you to the story writers. Thank you to the original author of this game. This is one of the best games I have ever downloaded and thank you for everything you have done because goddammit it was worth it.

- Language!!!!

This is has great animation and a great story but what is it with the language? So many, there is not like one sentence that doesn’t have a curse word. What if a kid gets ahold of this game, I’ve heard some little kindergarteners say some stuff and this garbage is probably one reason why! Get rid of it. I would have continued this story but I stopped because of all this. I would given this a whopper of a 5 stars. But can all you makers cut it out. Just cause you think all of “this” is “cool”. But I hate it! I loved this story so much, but I had to stop. Sorry folks, I always wanted to write a book and I thought this would be a good story to look at, but I have changed my mind and the book I write it’ll have none of this stuff. I wish I could’ve finished it..........

- Good game...till it glitches

I love Square Enix, they have made some pretty great games and Life is Strange is no exception. I would love to see this game made into a full length game for a console or even as a series like The Wolf Among Us. The only con is the game glitches. I cannot continue due to the screen blacking out and the only thing I can do is close the app and hope for the best. It appears other people have this problem and well all you can do is trial and error to fix it. If they fix this issue then the rating will go up to five. It seems to be a file corruption but because it happens at different points for people, it is going to be a hard patch. Hope it gets fixed.... I really enjoy the game.

- Perfect game, amazing visuals, some things I don't like.

The game itself is amazing, the graphics, commentary, everything is very well done. The adult humor I almost makes the game feel more realistic, but there are a couple things I don't really like, like how you have to buy the rest of the seasons after the first one, some frame rate drops and sometimes the audio bugs out. Mostly the in-app purchase to complete the game, I know it is a amazing game and I would buy the rest of the seasons but $9.00 for it? maybe thats to much. But overall amazing game and I would recommend it to all of my friends.

- Frustrated!

I was very excited when I downloaded this because it’s listed as a free game! Unfortunately, you only get to play about 5 minutes of the game before you have to purchase the rest of the episode. I understand you have to make money off such a huge title game, but just make me buy the game from the get-go. I probably would’ve paid for it had it just been listed as a game you have to buy. But now that I feel I’ve been lied to, I have no interest in playing the game. I played through the first console version but now I apparently will not be playing through this version. Graphics are great for a mobile game, and the story seems interesting.

- Haven’t been able to enjoy because of bugs

I love this game and have played it on home consoles. Was super excited to learn it came to mobile a few months back. Bought the entire season. Had no notable issues going through the first episode. However I cannot for the life of me get episode 2 to not play the menu music when I enter the game. Whenever I boot it up, the music from the menus does not stop playing. It plays over the actual in game music and just turns everything into a mess. I’ve tried reinstalling the entire game but the issue still persists. I’m even playing on a new iPhone XS Max compared to my previous iPhone X that I had originally played on and the issue has come up on both devices. Disappointing to not be able to enjoy something you’re a big fan of.

- A bug with the journal

So I got the game a couple of weeks ago and played through it with no problems.. after the update when I started it again I noticed it wouldn’t let you read the Journal... even though Max’s dialogue is the same as if you had opened it. It also doesn’t appear in the corner of the screen anymore.. same thing happens with text messages... I miss reading Max’s thoughts, they helped me really get into her character other then that, this is one of my favorite Games I hope you guys can fix this bug. Keep up the great work!:)

- Let me know if something similar happened to you

Started the game and it’s a lot of fun. I was running to do something, so my phone locked while I was still on the game. When I came back to my phone my screen wasn’t working anymore or my power off button. I literally had to wait for my phone to eventually die and power back on. Idk I have a pretty nice phone and don’t think it’s anything technical on on it, considering I’ve never had these problems before. I can’t help but to think because I didn’t close out of the game and my phone just locked by itself it was some how stuck on the game controls still. Forgot to mention when I touched the screen I would feel it vibrate but nothing on the screen was happening. Idk man scared as hell to play the game again.

- loved the first episode, but...

So the first episode i played all the way through and really enjoyed, so i decided to purchase the season pass with the rest of them. the money was taken out of my account and it says in the app store that it’s been purchased. Yet when i open the app to play the other episodes, it still says “buy the season pass for 8.99!!” Even after trying to restoring the purchase more than once it is still telling me i have not bought it. i have looked online to find a solution to the problem, but nothing has worked. i really hope someone can fix this problem for me, or i’ll need to find a way to get my money back.

- Good game but... should I buy the whole thing?

So I played through episode 1 and I loved it! Only problem was the sky kept glitching and I saw these black kind of pixelated blocks in the sky. I had thought nothing of it. Then when I got to the part where Max and Chloe were in the car the sky went normal. I was like “okay... is it just happening to me or others?” So now I’m having trouble deciding weather to buy a season pass or just certain episodes. I’ve heard there’s something wrong with episode 4 so I might not get that one. I was actually really excited but now I’m not so sure anymore. ALTHOUGH it’s a great game, there are some minor issues I have. Maybe fix them? Thanks

- Such an amazing game!

I had first got this on my console and played it in one sitting because it just draws you in as soon as you start with the storm scene making you want to know more. So when I saw this in the App Store I had to get it. being able to play this game wherever and whenever I wanted was a huge plus for me because now I don’t have to wait till I get home to see how the story plays out. This game has made me feel so many emotions seeing as I can relate to some of the characters. *SPOILER ALERT* I would totally go back and destroy Arcadia bay just for Chloe again

- Out of this world

I don’t usually do reviews but I couldn’t not do one for this amazing game. I was always looking for a choice-based narrative game on the App Store but all the games I had previously downloaded were below my expectations or had a bad storyline. This, however, exceeded my expectations tenfold. Where to start? The graphics, the music, the complex characters, the evolving storyline that changed with the choices made in the game. It felt both natural and like a movie. I recommend to everyone wishing for a gripping choice-based game. I wish I could give this ten stars.

- It’s been great, however...

Playing this game on mobile is a bit different considering controls but that was expected (and it does come with multiple options at the beginning for a preferred control setting, which is wonderful), still the only issue I’ve found in-game is that the graphics that load in the sky, no matter what scene it may be, have a tendency to glitch out in odd triangular patterns as if the pixels are dying (they are not; it only occurs should I be facing the sky). Everything else works perfectly, and the sticker pack that downloads with it is super cute. I’m enjoying it lots.

- Fantastic game but needs IPhone 11 optimization

I switched from a 6s to an 11 recently. I love this game, but I don’t feel like I can play the mobile version any longer. I see that you updated the game a month ago, so I know you can still work on the game. Please change the aspect ratio on the iPhone 11 version. Right now, I can’t exit out of the journal menu after opening it. I want to be able to play the game without any restrictions. Any response, even a response saying you have no plan to change optimization, would be appreciated.

- Excellent, imaginative, and creative

I wasn’t too sure about this game when I first started but within 30 minutes I was sucked in. The stories are well written, contemporary it makes you feel as though you are really there. Really love the Max character and her relationship with Chloe. Only played in episode one so far but I’m going to get an iTunes card and buy the episode 2-5 season pass. Actually feels like you’re playing a movie and you can answer the question, what if I could redo my decisions. Great stuff five stars for you guys

- amazing !

the game is amazing itself . i love how the story was put together and it was just interesting . once i played the first episode .. i got so curious to what was gonna happen i went ahead and bought the whole thing . there’s just ONE little problem .. when i bought the whole game it was on my iphone 6 , i recently bought the 11 and about 1 inch of the screen is cut off at the top .. can y’all maybe make like a zoom out kinda ? or make it easier for iphone Xr and up phones you be able to see the full screen . thanks .

- Some pros and some cons

So some things that I love about it is the trailer. The trailer almost made me cry and I don’t even cry that much😂. So that pretty much caused me to get the app. Then I played and found out you have to pay after the 1st episode. Now... this is the thing I don’t like. Yes the game is worth paying for but some people don’t have the money including myself. If I had the money I would 100% buy it but at the same time I question if it’ll be worth it. So yeah aside from it costing money I do enjoy the game and it’s really fun👍😊😁 also Chloe is my favorite character 😂

- Amazing

Update: I finished the game yesterday. It was sooo good! Everything about it was so beautiful. The graphics, the plot, just everything! The game kept me on my toes and I couldn’t put my phone down. The controls were awkward at some times but the game was beautifully written and developed that I could overlook it. I hope there’s a sequel to this game T-T. I just loved it. ————————— I usually don’t go for games like these on my phone but I was like “What the heck. I’m going to try this game out.” I thought this game was free. As I was playing Chapter 1, I kept on thinking, “Wow. Everything about this game is soo amazing. I can’t believe it’s free.” And then I finished Chapter 1 and saw that I had to purchase the rest of the chapters T-T. TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. So I ended up paying for the season pass. I’M TOO EMOTIONALLY INVESTED IN THIS GAME TO NOT PAY FOR THE REST. So I’m on the toilet right now waiting for the rest of the chapters to download. I hope the rest of the game is good!

- Won’t let me buy season pass

I loved the first episode, i played he whole thing and i feel in love with the story and graphics. Sadly I tried buying the season pass and it wouldn’t let me, i tried on 2 different WiFi boxes because apparently I something was wrong with the signal, I even tried buying it off my data but nothing worked. Everything on my phone, including my card information is right so it’s something wrong with the game. I’m sad that I can’t continue the story but hopefully someone can fix it.

- And I’ve just Finished Chapter One

This game is beautifully animated, with a compelling storyline, great characters. I’m going to buy the season pass for the next episodes. This is rare for me, I rarely pay for apps. But this genre: with the focus on telling an immersive story as you play is amazing. The story and animation and well-developed characters make this as much art as it is a game. I hope Square Enix has plans to make more games like this (and I don’t know how the last chapter available ends, but if it makes sense, keep this story going) Well done! Five Stars Well Earned

- Amazing!

I just finished the 5th episode and this game kept me engaged the whole time! The puzzles were challenging but workable with some patience and thought. Now that it’s over I find myself wondering what it would have been like to have different choices throughout; so I may run through it again. I thought the character development was excellent- I really liked Max and Chloe all the way through. The plot twists surprised me and were really well done! I don’t know if there are other games like this one but I’m going to search for them!


Omg I just finished the game. It was totally worth the $8.99 🤗 i was so emotionally into it. Like watching a movie almost. I loved the music and the characters and the detail (the analog took a bit getting used to). the sound effects were amazing. And the humor was great. The Sarcasm was funny. Everything. It was cool cuz u saw the teens & adults exactly how u would see em in real life lol. And the fact that you could pretty much rewrite time and alter the game was awesome 👍🏼 I must admit I shed some tears during some parts. So intense! Haha I was definitely glued to this game! I recommend it for sure!!!

- Bugs Prevent this from being completely playable...

Really frustrating... I own this on consoles and love this game, but the iOS port is unplayable as currently implemented because graphic elements needed for the menu system are drawn off screen on my iPhone 11 Pro Max. The game is playable up to the point where Warren texts you, with no way to exit the menu system that pops up. Unfortunately there’s no way to adjust this either. The game was written for 16x9 screens, so if you have a 7+ or older phone, it’s probably fine, but it will not work on newer phones with taller aspect ratios. Hopefully SquareEnix fixes this. Glad I didn’t buy this before finishing Episode 1. Super disappointing as I truly love this game.

- Still in progress... just finished episode 3 though

I would buy this game if you’re into, say, the Butterfly Effect-esque video games where you can rewind the past to change the future... not saying anything else, about that. Although the game is quote-unquote “girly” and emotion based, it does deal with subject relative to our era and the time period we’re living in, such as bullying, pollution, and other environmental effects due to the human cause. Also, this is a choice based narrative, meaning it has multiple different outcomes so you can essentially play it over and over with different effects! All in all, the game feels so thought out, so beautiful written, and so artistic visually I feel like the $10 I spent for the whole series is worth it!!! I can’t wait to finish the series. I just love a good mind-blowing game with amazing graphics and a superb story-line. Good job, Square Enix! -A humble girl gamer.

- One thing yet understandable

I loved this game as soon as I started playing. I especially liked how you can see what would happen if you chose the other option while in a conversation just by tapping a button. The only thing that bothered me, yet I understand, is the prices for other episodes. Not many people are willing to use five dollars for an episode. I think that it would be better to at least make each episode a dollar like episode two. Other than that it’s a good game. <3

- Please consider this option

Ok so I just saw this video about saving both Arcadia and Chloe and I know that it would take a lot more time but some want to see where some of the characters lives go in the future and the video gave really good futures because it stuck with their story line and see the happy ending everyone in the game deserves I mean come on it will lead people to playing it again knowing there is another ending especially for people who have finished the game but of course it’s all up to you

- Consumed my days

Life is Strange is an absolutely amazing game. The graphics are stunning, the player experience is just so immersive. So impressive for a phone game..for any game really. I found myself getting scared, nervous, and anxious during the high stakes parts of the stories. It’s got everything anyone could want in a game: strategy, stories, instant gratification, realistic characters, beautiful graphics, abilities...I’m so glad I found this game! PLEASE make the sequel and prequel available for iPhone as well! I can’t wait to buy them!

- I want my time back

I was playing the first episode for and hour and thirty minutes and then I’m ready to go to the next but I have to pay for the rest when give me the game for free and give me the first episode and then make me pay for the rest it doesn’t make sense!!! It was good at first but this just got me mad I was so hooked and now I can’t even finish! If you guys could plz change this and make it for free I would love it I’m so hooked to it and see all these YouTubers do it and I want to play the rest and see what happens next!!! There’s my opinion and I hope you can think about my request to have the rest of the episodes free for everyone to play!!!!

- Not compatible with the new iPhones.

It hurts me to give this game 3 stars out of 5 but it’s for a very good reason. The game is beautiful and the story is amazing but I can’t play it as the game has a resolution issue on the iPhone XS Max which makes the game unplayable, you can’t exist the journal if you click on it and some graphical issues where the tress would randomly turn black which I really hope it gets fixed because I really wanna play this game again but I can’t buy the pass in its current state I recommend anyone with the older iPhone to download and at least try the game because it won’t disappoint.

- Mobile problems

I tried to love this game like so many other people do, but the issues on mobile make it infuriating. The issues (crashing randomly, etc.) were manageable, though annoying, until I finished episode 3. The app crashed and then wouldn’t let me play episode 4 or go back and replay 3. I tried every solution I could find online (though most apply to Steam or other platforms), only for the app to ultimately wipe out everything I’d done (even though my progress was supposedly saved on iCloud, I can’t access it). So now I would have to pay for and start the game all over after already paying for the whole game AND banking a dozen hours on it. What a waste of time and money.

- Ugh! Really?!

So about 2 days ago I finally got it. I was glancing at the reviews for a LONG time and decided I was gonna get the app to see for myself if the comments were true or a fad. So I deleted a lot of things and it finally loaded. So then I tapped on it and it showed the first screen. Then the screen turned black and a note popped up saying check the App Store it is not compatible. So I did and the AppStore said it is compatible. Ok I said I will delete the app and re get it. Same thing happened and I was furious. If it’s a problem w my iPad please tell me or is it your game? Can I please know I really want to play the game it seems great. So if that can happen please notify me ASAP.

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Danny Wayne Meyer Jr.

This is going to be a long strange trip for and others will be having the time of their life. You make the call.


@chaosgoddess27 Ok will and I played life is strange 2 and we stopped after one specific scene, and haven’t played in almost a year because of it.


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Life Is Strange iphone images
Life Is Strange iphone images
Life Is Strange iphone images
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The applications Life Is Strange was published in the category Games on 2017-12-14 and was developed by SQUARE ENIX [Developer ID: 300186801]. This application file size is 990.09 MB. Life Is Strange - Games app posted on 2020-10-15 current version is 2.0 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.squareenix.lis

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