FINALFANTASY XV POCKET EDITION [Games] App Description & Overview

Explore the world of the fifteenth FINAL FANTASY in the palm of your hand

FINAL FANTASY XV is now playable on your smartphone!

"Explore the world of FINAL FANTASY XV
with a cast of cute and cool characters! "

Now you can enjoy the FINAL FANTASY XV story across 10 exciting chapters

Tap to move, tap to talk, and tap to fight
Easy for anyone to pick up and play!

- Story -
The Tale of the Chosen King, Savior to the Star.

After years of fighting, the nations of Lucis and Niflheim at last agree to an armistice.

As a symbol of this promised peace, Noctis, crown prince of Lucis, is to wed the Lady Lunafreya of Tenebrae.

The prince sets forth for his wedding on the eve of the signing ceremony, sent off by his father, King Regis.
Unbeknownst to Noctis, however, the journey ahead is fraught with perils...

- Supported Devices -
iOS device with iOS 11.1 or later installed
iPhone6s (9th gen iphone) or later
iPad Pro
iPad (5th gen ipad) or later
iPad Air2 (2nd gen ipad air) or later
iPad mini4 (4th generation ipad mini) or later
Memory required: 5GB or greater (the high resolution version requires 8GB or greater)

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FINALFANTASY XV POCKET EDITION Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Minor bugs has been fixed.


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- It’s great but...please do this

To be honest I really love the game and I wanna keep playing it! The thing is though is why do you have to pay chapters to play the entire game? I hate to see that you have to buy a mobile version of the game to have fun . I mean like if you wanna get that good good cash at least think of something else that doesn’t mess up the game with buying chapters. It’s making the game feel like telltales way of things, buying chapters to get the full story of the game; why just keep it all in one package instead of buying parts of it one by one it starts to get annoying for us to pay. Have the chapters for free would get a crowd running in and play ,but if you want us to pay give us something on the mobile exclusively like special events throughout the game like that assassins creed event but you gotta pay like a dollar for a costume set or some weapons for each of the characters something like that would be good. If only you had the chapters free I would be happy but right now I don’t find this good at all. I love this game, I love the combat, I love the story but this is not a good way for us to enjoy it.

- Beautifully Done!!

I am amazed at how great this looks and feels! The graphics on the iPhone of course can never equal what is put out by a full size console but that being said this is stunningly translated and retains all the fun of the console version IMO. The shortcuts and adaptations make sense and the reconfigured controls for use on a touchscreen are ingenious. Some console fans who are offput by automatic attacks for battle sequences in iPhone games might hesitate to try it out but this game allows several additional moves to be made by long pressing or the use of screen tap cues which helps the player make choices and feel fully involved in battle. You are also still able to warp and warp-kill or switch weapons while battling. Fabulous, I cannot put it down!

- Pre download did not work

I was a part of the people who did the preorder for the game. I don’t know if I was not waiting long enough or what but the game never got past the loading screen. I really want to play the pocket edition of this final fantasy because I love and beat the original 15. I hope when it is finally out I can download it and play. Then I will give it that last star the game deserves. (EDIT) Finally got my version to work and it turns out it was the bad dream of the Game Center that plagued my iPhone. As soon as I turned that sync off for my entire phone the game booted up like it was suppose to. Love the new design of the characters and the lay out of the menu system. The battle system is going to take a little getting use to again but I can’t wait to see this one all the way to the end. A very good port and I agreeing with the community. Square might need to port this copy over to the switch for players who play on Nintendo products. It would be an awesome port.

- This is a great game

This is FFXV story, I definitely miss the amazing graphics and picture of the console version but it plays bueatifully and gives the story a chance to shine. I recently bought the pack of chapters and the gameplay is great, smooth and great story through chapter 2 but I am finding that only half of the words are being said, the lines from chapter one continue but the story through chapter two has no sound of the speaking characters and some of the banter across the maps isn’t heard or in at least one case in a different language even when the rest of the game and the bubble words are in English. I am not sure if it is from incomplete download or a more recent update because i see no other complaints but i would like to know if there is a fix and what to do about it. I love hearing their banter and the story voices. (Battle sounds i.e. grunts and sword clashes are fine, along with sounds to breaking boxes and such on map too.) Update: started chapter 3 and the story all has voices just chapter 2 seems to be without voices for the cutscenes and part of the map banter.

- Great story, well adapted for mobile

Story has always been at the heart of the FF series and this one delivers with a heartfelt story. I played with my 10 year old boy (he actually controlled 90% of the time) and his brothers (8 and 6) were enthralled watching along on AppleTV. I played FF I when it first came out as a teen, so it was truly awesome to have this moment 14 FF versions later watching my kids play! The graphics are mobile looking but provided a good experience with the occasional oohs and aahs during new towns and epic moments. Game play and battle mechanics felt simplistic vs my old school FF days. Initially I loved the speed and ease, but tbh, it got a bit repetitive. Luckily, it never bored the kids so they became the battle masters. Lastly, as a note to parents, there is some light swearing and the occasional skimpy outfit, but nothing worse than TV. As the plot and characters developed, it was great to see my kids engaged and actually take away some good character lessons.

- Good game

The art style is very good. The chibis are cute. Noctis and the chocobos are especially cute as chibis <3 Not gonna lie, the art was a major draw to this game for me. So a hearty bravo to the artists. The gameplay is solid. Battles were engaging but not too intense, and I didn’t feel like they were getting obnoxiously repetitive over time either. I also liked the top-down camera for battles as it made understanding and managing battles easy and fun. I thought the plot-line was interesting but sometimes difficult to understand. Though this may be a critique for ffxv proper (Pocket Edition is the only version of ffxv I’ve played). There were a handful of times when the game crashed on me, or when a glitch made me have to restart the app. (I’m playing on an iPhone XR, so I was a little surprised.) This happened maybe once every two chapters and the game autosaves frequently so I wasn’t extremely put-out by this. All in all, an enjoyable experience. 5/5.

- Still FULL of bugs:(

It is a great game. Absolutely cute and beautiful and fits mobile experience, but... i just wanted to replay it and: 1. Download all from the menu did not download ‘all’. Up to the point where some areas where rendered as a grey void with objects floating in space. Starting another chapter made game ‘remember’ about some assets. I bet other chapter will remind of other assets. Oh, if you’re on the road you’re pretty much doomed because this game has A LOT of content. 2. The game constantly forgets it’s all purchased. It would not be too much trouble, but game manages to add insult to injury: SAVE remembers if the game was purchased or not. So by the end of Chapter 1 I only saw a trailer for full version of the game. I’ve tried to move save via cloud to iPad - same stuff. The only option is to start new game again. And play through first chapter again. Which kills any desire to play at all, because I want to see chapter 2 after chapter 1, not play it again. 3. It still crashes a lot on top devices: iPhone 11 pro - check. iPad Pro 1 TB - check. Quite often the game just disappears and drops to home screen. Needless to say it DOES NOT SAVE when such crashes occur. Wanted to replay it and have some fun, but got two days of crashes, re-downloads, glitches, restarts, more downloads. I could play some game that works, you know guys? Thank you for stealing several hours of my life. How my money worked a bit better for you:(

- Lemme Get Something Straight

I love the Final Fantasy series, even when I was a kid. When I saw FFXV Pocket Edition on mobile, I was like, "Oh snap ok." It didn't catch my attention because I've played FFXV on the PS4. Then I saw this was free and it blows my mind even more. I played the game until I got to the point where I have to pay to play. FF devs, I love your games, but this is like playing the same arcade game over and over. Your games are too expensive and I now have to pay 20$ just to get to rest of the story. Yes, it was a nice demo but this doesn't attract players all to much. Of course 20$ is going to give someone lots of story but eventually it will end and people will just move on, or, they will get bored and just leave. Its almost like the FF franchise is just a DLC. This is purely a bias opinion. Ez

- I can play my favorite game anywhere!!! 😍

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m currently in love with Final Fantasy XV (almost finished my third new game plus file in the Royal Edition 😆) and now that I can play it on my phone, I can continue playing the game without even picking up a controller! There are a few sound bugs where the music doesn’t play (ex. During the Titan fight) and I would have to pull up the menu and bring it down again in order for the music to play. Also, some voice lines don’t play and Cor’s attacking lines are louder than the other members of the party. (I’ve only played up to Chapter 3 in the PE so far.) Other than these sound bugs, I have no problems with the game. Thank you for making such an awesome game! 😍

- Amazing Game but...

Honestly I love this game, it kept me from doing my homework for a good 4 days. It was filled with adventure and story. It involves a bit of skill and if you turn the settings all the way up, you get totally amazing graphics for a mobile game. Well you as long as you’re hooked up to the charger. The only thing I have totally against this game is that this game isn’t worth $20. Honestly I could buy a Pokémon game for around that price and play that for days on end and it would be worth it. I just wish either had more content for someone to play, like post game stuff or maybe more places to explore. But it only took me about 20ish hours to finish and $20 should get me more than that. Other than that 1 tidbit, it was an amazing game and I recommend getting it if you have the the money or if not wait until the day they lower the price.

- Outstanding game besides a few glitches

I am a Final Fantasy fanatic and I couldn’t get enough of XV for the PS4. After downloading this game, I am pleasantly shocked how well the creators implemented the game concept from console to mobile accessibility. I can’t put the game down and want to keep playing more. The only reason I’m giving it four stars right now is because the game keeps crashing 8 minutes in when I want to play. Luckily, the save feature takes me back to the exact spot I am or just right before. Additionally, the language keeps switching from English to Japanese or Chinese in the middle of dialogue. If these two problems were fixed with a new update, I would for sure give it five star rating!

- Keeps crashing

Playing this on iPhone XS Max. Keeps crashing after landing in Altissia. Just kicks me right out back to the iPhone home screen. Fortunately I backed up my progress on iCloud so that I could pick up from where I left on my iPad. I also experienced an issue with the first battle with Aranea Highwind. After depleting her health to zero, she simply did not die. Kept hacking away but nothing happened. Again I had to switch to the iPad to complete the battle and move on. Great game, loving it, but buggy on the iPhone. Hoping for an update to fix these issues. Update: Eventually played the whole game on my iPad Pro. Loved it. Will go back and play the the more complete PS4 version. 5 stars.

- Amazing game.

I love this, it’s simple and easy to play when I’m wanting to play on the go. The art style is wonderful; in ways feeling like a throw back to some of the more simplistic styles of FF games. As always with square (even back in the day) the visuals are stunning. My only issue with this game however, is that it can tend to in some places. Lack the feeling, in some of the emotional scenes of the original game. However, at some points though, I still feel the rage and heartache from the original. So all around I would love to give this five stars. Game play is great as well, and it seems to run smoothly for both my iPad and iPhone. Thank you Square Enix. -Life long Final Fantasy Fan.

- Can’t play 1st stage

I don’t know why I can’t play the game I have 9.9gb free space with iPhone 6. I deleted the cache thinking redownloading it would work but didn’t I was really hoping to play it since the pc version is cool I wanted to try pocket edition on phone but didn’t work I downloaded the game several times the cutscene plays perfectly then loads when there running in the loading process the game just shutdown automatically without my concern. I’ve offed all sync and still not working. The App Store said compatible but when opening the game it says it’s the phone isn’t compatible with the device it may not run properly. I was really looking forward to it.

- Amazing reimagining with some hiccups

I’m enjoying the Pocket Edition of FFXV very much, but even with the recent update there are still glaring audio and video issues present despite the fact I am running the game on the lowest settings, I am experiencing moderate lag during battles, the voices still switch to German upon victory at times, and after a while of playing the game it will suddenly crash. I’m not sure if’s it’s my device, but I am using a Wi-Fi only iPad Air 2 128GB. I’ve only purchased chapters 2 and 3 so far and the latest crash happened shortly after arriving in Lestallum and upgrading my party’s equipment. Otherwise this game is very well crafted and faithful to the console version.

- 100% must buy!!!

Long time final fantasy fan...and although I don’t have the hardware to play the original ffxv, I’ve watched a lot of “Let’s Play’s”...and I gotta say, this game really impressed. As someone who never had his hands on ffxv, this has been tremendous! And Might be biased, but would much rather play this version than the original. Square Enix never disappoints with each and every one of their mobile titles. It feels like a full fledged final fantasy game. Had I not known there was another version, I’d have thought that this was it, and it would be one of the best. Here’s hoping Squeenix will put up ffviii, one of my personal favorites!!!

- Amazing Experience!

This is a great way to experience FFXV’s story. The Pocket Edition has voice acting, music, and similar cutscenes to the console version. And I love it! The Pocket Edition does play linearly, but you can replay chapters over and over even if you haven’t beaten the game yet. That’s what I’m doing because I love grinding for levels... which would have been a nice option instead of having to replay linear story in order to get into more battles. But this has a decent mix since the main point to it is to tell the story and encourage console play. AND I LOVE that it is a premium game. I’ll buy any other premium FFXV mobile content they make.

- Awesome!

I absolutely loved it. It was super fun and gave me a lot of hours of gameplay. The ONLY reason why I gave it 4/5 stars is that it would glitch pretty often and close out (so I would have to start back at the title screen and load again). I am not overly annoyed by it though because I understand that it is amazing as a phone game. Oh, and it would sometimes switch languages too. I set it to English, but other languages would play occasionally. It threw me off, but I found this glitch in particular to be hilarious. Overall it is one of the best games (if not the best) I have ever played on my phone. Highly recommend. I wish I could give it 4.5/5 stars.

- disappointing

Auto attack make fights extremely dull and repetitive, and make boss fights infinitely less engaging since you don’t really need to pay attention to boss mechanics. The loss of open world hurts replayability, the lack of changing facial expressions really take me out of formerly very emotionally resonant scenes (c’mon Square, you did it with BD’s artstyle, I see no reason you couldn’t here), and you can’t even take pictures. This is an extremely bare bones game and not worth paying money for on mobile. If you want to play FFXV, you can get the full version for the same amount on PC, with more features, replayability, and just generally more things to do. TL;DR buy the pc or console version instead; this mobile version is about one tenth the content for more or less the same price.

- A really fun game but....

This game is a lot of fun and i would give it 5 stars if it didn’t have the infinite loading screen issue. I realized I’m not the only one having this problem, so hopefully an update will come soon that fixes this! Edit: So glad that they fixed the loading bug, however there’s now an issue where the game just completely crashes. It would also be nice if the game kept the screen awake. It’s annoying when I’m watching a cutscene and the screen goes dim or shuts off. Yes, I know I can change that on my phone’s settings, but I shouldn’t have to do that each time I play this game.


AMAZING!!!!!!!!! I’m not one who usually make reviews on any anything whether good or bad, but this game was point blank AWESOME! I personally enjoyed the original XV on the PS4 and enjoyed as well. So the fact that I can legit play it on my phone ANYWHERE! Is just freakin amazing. Maybe I might be asking a bit much of this, but I’m hoping their would be a online update or anything of hay caliber. Or have Prompto Personal story like it was for the PS4. If not that’s totally fine, I enjoy the game either way. Thanks for making such an awesome game, I’m actually surprised I love it as much as I do considering I never enjoyed pocket games until now.

- Great game but keeps crashing

Title says most of it. I’m actually playing this and the steam version on pc to see the similarities. This is a great mobile game and I enjoy it since it mainly concentrates more on the main story making it more linear than the pc version. Only problem I have is when game crashes mid fight or just walking around mid chapter. And when you reload, you lose progression only in that chapter, making me start a chapter all over. Currently on chapter 6 and stuck since it keeps crashing during battles. I have went through 8 attempts, running iPhone X and wi-fi is not an issue. Already tried reinstalling. Great game but I hope they fix and tweak some of the bugs.

- Refund if possible?

Well I bought pretty much all of the dlc at once and I do understand that I played maybe about 1 or 2 chapters a part of it, and it’s not that the game was bad I just really started to not play much at all because I’m so busy, and I wanted to ask if I could possibly get a refund? If not that’s ok but other than that the game was perfect to where I was, great story, just wasn’t able to keep playing especially due to storage, but keep up the great work, I understand that since I played a few dlc i can’t refund anymore (: ! But if so I would be really thankful, Joseph

- Serious

Look I was excited when I found out they were adding final fantasy to mobile but then when I downloaded it it wouldn’t load so I waited for this update and when I finished chapter 1 and I didn’t even know there was chapters I was frickin excited and happy I thought I was only my way to completing the game but then a page popped up saying to restore purchases and I didn’t know what that meant so when I clicked chapter 2 again it said I had to buy the 2nd chapter I got mad I don’t think you should do that plz take my advice at least put it to where you have to pay for 6-10 chapters and leave us with 1-5 chapter to complete plz take this into consideration

- Overpriced.

On the hole, it’s a good game. Pretty solid battle system. But why settle for somewhat shoddy graphics, constant crashing, a lack of open world, and seeing no emotion whatsoever during any cutscene, and have to pay $20 for it? Instead, why not just get the game with better graphics, less problems, and real genuine cutscenes on the ps4 for $8 at GameStop? It’s much better in the console version, and half the price. Here’s my recommendation: Square should go SEGA. Where you pay to get rid of ads, but the entire game is free. An ad after each battle and people would pay the same price as Gamestop values it to get rid of ads. Add advertisements and get rid of paying to play, and everybody will pay to get rid of them. Otherwise, this game is overpriced.

- Needs an analog stick that you can enable because auto battle is boring

I love the game and I loved the original 15 because of the combat but I am so use to having an analog stick to move and I get really bad hand cramps from reaching to the top of my screen or the other side of my screen with my left hand due to my use of analog sticks so please add one and add a few buttons to the screen that people can customize like the transparency of the buttons and how big they are. I hope you take my request into consideration and i hope I don’t bother you guys with this request too much

- All I can say is “eh”

I bought the preorder for this game for like $24 but it only included the first chapter and I had to purchase the rest of the chapters for another $20. For almost $50 this game is absolutely garbage I could’ve bought a real game with that money and I wish I could have a refund. Even with all the bug fixes I still encounter errors in which the character gets stuck in the terrain and I have to restart the entire chapter. Additionally the German voice acting will play randomly even though I have English turned on. The game is also pretty short and really doesn’t require a lot of skill or thought outside of tapping at the right times. At least the graphics are cute I guess.


THIS GAME IS AMAZING THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH I Been trying to find a final fantasy game and I found this one it’s so good But the thing is can you please make the graphics a little better so the phones can get a little feeling of console graphics and please try to make the game more active like you can make us look around and let us turn off auto battle mode and make the character and monster and everything look like the real game or similar not like ps2 video game graphics You might be saying that’s too expensive and too many gigabyte for everyone but let me tell you something Apple and Samsung are now making phones that are 64 gigabyte and up so please just do it And you guys would say what is this guy saying this will still cost use too much but the thing is lots of people will buy the 20$ and play and enjoy the game more then they do now. So please just look into it Make people without consoles happy But have phones users enjoy this game to the fullest -Thanks

- Great game

Just what the iPhone needed for an RPG: Entry to the final fantasy series actually accessible to the audience and it is enjoyable Great characters, the time you finish you will love ignis and his meals (aha! I have it!) And all the others and their banter really draws you into the game.. makes them feel more relatable and real. The meat of the game really lies in the dialogue. And the realness of the friendship you feel as you progress onward to the end. Well worth the 20$ price point. Is a good AAA title for sure. One flaw - the characters sometimes during battle or traveling together would randomly talk in German (I was playing the game with English settings on for voice) I'm not German, but I found it hilarious myself. Others would think it was a game breaker.. but meh. Loved it just the same. And it broke some of the seriousness of some of the situations I was in at the time when they happened. (which were few and far between.) Otherwise: get this game already!

- Great game, but crashes a lot

I’m really enjoying this version of the game. They really did a great job adapting it for mobile, and I like the look of the characters way better than the console super anime ones. It controls amazingly well on a phone and the combat system is something new and refreshing to the series for me. All that being said, it does crash an awful lot on my iPhone 8 Plus. At least once an hour. Thankfully auto save keeps most of my progress, but I’ve had to replay a lot of non-combat sessions which don’t trigger a save throughout them several times. Would be five stars without all the crashing.

- Edit for bug fix

Didn’t play the game due to the bug where you got stuck at the loading screen but seems they fixed it so I can resume. Finished chapter 1 and it’s pretty true to the PS4 game just in smaller form. Still on the fence on buying the whole package because it seems the game is super condensed as ch 1 ended fast as it’s just point A to point B, which makes sense on a mobile game. Otherwise I’d say it runs pretty close to the actual game and that it’s refreshing to see a game you can buy and not have to pay continually as in “f2p” games.

- Phenomenal game gets a great port to mobile

Just like the original game, both of these games are amazing. While I prefer the original FFXV, this port allows mobile players to get a free ticket to explore Noctis’ story, the world, and his trip with his friends. It removes some aspects of the original game, but it kept much of the original content that many people enjoyed, and surprisingly they kept the combat system! I’d recommend this to anyone and you’d have a great time playing besides the pre-download of the game (be patient, it’s worth it).

- Perfect on iPad, crash fest on iPhoneX

Loved this game on My iPad Pro, it ran perfectly and was a perfect port of the PlayStation4 version. Nice condensed easy to play version for on the go. They really get the balance right in this game. Sadly it runs terrible on the iPhone X, even with the graphics options turned way down. The phone gets so hot that it automatically turns the brightness way down. And it flat out crashes and quits more and more frequently as you progress. It would be a 5 star review otherwise, so I hope they get this sorted soon.

- Fun game, but...

I started and finished chapter 1, and now I’m into the game. I bought the other chapters because I want to see how the story plays out. So much fun on the iPad Pro.. although the random crashes are getting annoying. It’s the latest 2018 iPad Pro, so it seems that the game itself has some bugs yet to still be worked out. Once I see an update that fixes these crashes, I’ll update the review. Last note, luckily there’s auto save, so the crashes causes little re-work on the game play. Please fix!

- Not worth $20

I think because of the cost I felt compelled to wring this game dry. I beat it twice and unlocked all achievements within weeks. That said, for $20 it's quite lacking. I've played games for .99 with more replayability. Also this game is laughably easy. At no point did I ever feel at threat of wiping, probably because there are potions under ever rock and my party was wealthier than a communist dictator. The biggest boss fights are reduced to tapping the screen and nothing else. Literally tapping anywhere on the screen for minutes until the boss dies. wut. I'm holding onto the app in hopes of DLC, but I don't have much hope for anything capable of redeeming this game.

- ...Wow...

I love video games, especially rpg’s, however I rarely get to play them as much as I want to. One of the games that I have been wanting was Final Fantasy XV for a while now and while I would love to play though the actual game, this was good to. I found myself getting really attached to the characters and really loved the entire play though. I would highly recommend for those who haven’t experienced the game already and even if you have, give it a shot.

- Loved it

I just finished the game and honestly I’m speechless this game was so fun, so much good story content but also filled with extra stuff besides the graphics being built for a phone which I’m not against I actually love it, I just can’t believe this story is over. I want more and I don’t think there is anything else y’all can give ): maybe make more games like this, I bought the full 10 chapters because I knew it’d be worth it. Thank you guys for an awesome game!

- Great game, but buggy.

It’s a great game with all the melodramatic storytelling you love from Final Fantasy. The graphics reminded me a lot of FFVII, only a fair bit better. I really wanted to just love this game. The bugs in it made that rather hard. It’s still completely worth the money for what it is. Just hope they patch it up a bit for future gamers to enjoy. Some bugs I recall... 1. Random German audio in chapter two. 2. When a character leaves and rejoins your party in the same chapter that character can get stuck as an unmovable non-active character until the end of the chapter. The story says they rejoin, and their avatar stands still on the screen, but they don’t fight or gain experience from the level. 3. Audio distortions in one of the final battles. Every time you attack this character there is a loud unfitting audio response that drowns out all other audio.

- It great but a few bugs

I love the idea of playing ff15 on my iPad,but it tends to freeze and /or crash in the end of a boss battle. Also language tends to revert to Japanese from time to time but subtitles are still English. I’m disappointed we can’t do hunts except for the dog tag hunts. I understand the game had to be stripped down to be able to play on phone or tablet but I really enjoyed the hunts in consul game. But I’m only in chapter 2 at the boss fight that’s where it keeps crashing

- Very Buggy on iP8/iOS12

I love the FF franchise, but this app has issues. I’m playing on a fully updated iPhone 8. Game crashes randomly, textures and backgrounds fail to load at times, tap mechanic is buggy and timeline/cut scenes don’t always trigger or play properly. The mobile UI is basically ok, but some of the dash tap mechanics are cumbersome because of edge of screen detection. the icon triggers are so small its sometimes impossible to get tap detection in battles when enemies are out of view. Like most of the other qualities of the game, so 3 stars seems fair. Please fix these obvious and common bugs!

- This is a good mobile port of FFXV, BUUUUTTTTT

I like that you can now play Final Fantasy 15 on the go without the hassle of playing on PS4 and going nowhere. The PROBLEM, is I NOW have to pay $20 for the rest of the story! Honestly, I don’t get it; I don’t get why I have to shell out extra cash JUST so I can play the rest of the game. Seriously, y’all are NOT Telltale Games, because they did the same thing. It’s a great game, don’t get me wrong; having to shell out more dough just to play the rest of the game is just unacceptable, seriously.

- Pointless. SE you disappoint me.

Don’t. 5 mins of gameplay (excluding cut scenes) then BLOCKED by the lovely PAYWALL. Not the kind that limits your play, but COMPLETELY STOPS it. Wrapping up HOURS and HOURS of play on the Xbox vers of this, multiple play through, I thought what better than to sink my teeth into when I’m not feeling like taking on the bitter endless drones of magitek engines, than a little mobile version? Right? As someone who hasn’t found a FF game that majorly thrilled me since FFVII and FFIX, until this one, I am most majorly disappointed. Just. Don’t. I paid the normal dough for the XBox version with no problem. I’m NOT paying a THIRD (and only if I get all chapters at once, otherwise it’s more) of that price for a MOBILE game that the first “Chapter” doesn’t last a THIRD of the time in the Xbox vers did for the same gameplay. If the other chapters make up for it with more content/monsters/actual open world it MIGHT be worth it. But you’ve not shown that worth with chapter one- just so you can call it a “Free” game. Shame on you.

- Help ;^;

Hey Square, I’m glad I’m in this community; but I’ve been thinking about this for a while... I know it says my device is compatible, I have an IOS 11.1 on an IPhone 6, but as I open the game it says it isn’t working on my iPhone! And that kind of frustrates me... I WANT to enjoy this amazing game, but I can’t do that if it crashes every time I get to the prologue! :,3 I know that this may bug the game for others... but I don’t know what’s wrong! Hopefully I can play this game when you have time! :,D No rush! Have a good day!

- Potential: PLEASE update it’s been 5 months

Update: Will give full stars and re-download if updated with new content. Please add more content in which we can get into random battles and possibly use summons. Open world exploration. That would make this game perfect. This is an incredible game. I’ve finished the game and am very bummed that its over...I need more! Looks beautiful and runs quite smooth. However, I’m sure I’m speaking for most that it would be amazing if we had an option for post-game play. I’d really like to see a challenging dungeon with new bosses or area with random encounters so that we can have the opportunity to actually manually use summons. I know this is probably a lot to ask for and it would take up more space on the device but it would keep people coming back for more. Also, it would be nice to have an option to copy save files.

- Two stars until I can load my game

Edit: All is well after the update. Thank you! I can play my saved game again. I preordered this game because I loved it on PS4. Managed to play a few scenes and saved my game, synced it to the cloud as well. Now my game will not load, stays on loading screen. I tried to uninstall and reinstall the app but it still has the same issue. I don’t want to play until I know I can load my saved game.

- Game breaking Bug Lestallum

When leaving the hotel in the party’s first visit to lestallum to the car, the game crashes. Gets stuck. I have tried multiple times to leave the city but it gets stuck and I can’t play. I have put in several hours trying to leave quick enough before the game freezing bug happens. It’s frustrating. I am not opening menus or doing anything else aside from loading the game then making a beeline for the car. I never make it to the car and it seems I never will. I bought all the chapters, but seems I won’t be able to play through them until this issue is fixed.

- Great game!

I recently started playing this game on my friends Xbox and immediately fell in love. I don’t have an Xbox or play station to be able to buy and play the game, so I went ahead and bought this version so I could play the story on my own time. I love how closely it follows the actual game, but after I got to a certain point, it started crashing a lot and I’d have to play the same scene 3 or 4 times before I could get passed it. I hope this issue is resolved soon because this game deserves to be a 5 star game.

- Control awkward on iPhone X

Update: 1.0.3 reduces crashes but it is still rampant. Please QA your paid chapters. The crash rate is exponentially higher than the free chapter. Pretty well designed mobile incarnation. Kudos for supporting iPhone X resolution and high fps--although running at 60 fps burns batteries and heats up the phone like crazy. That said, it crashes fairly often, and the control is awkward for iPhone X because when you need to move downward, it's too easy to trigger the home swipe bar. The crashes combined with the inability to save ad-hoc makes for a pretty aggravating experience.

- Misleading

So chapter one down, 9 to go? One problem.....after chapter one you either pay $20 to buy the remaining chapters or you don’t play. Super awesome right? I thought this would be similar to FFBE where there are in app purchases, but that it would be a free to play game. The description is pretty misleading. I’m sure if you pay the $20 it would be a fun game. Honestly though? If I’m going to pay that much for a game I might as well pay a bit more and buy it to play for my Xbox instead of my phone.

- FFXV Mobile!!

A lot is missing in this version No fishing, no character outfit changes, can’t add anything to Regalia, and zero feel of an open world... it’s a boring version of FFXV basically and since I already own the console version there is no desire for me to play this scaled down hand holding version. Simply put it you own FFXV this is a waste of money. If you don’t and would like to see a sample of what XV is like you can pay 20$ to get a taste but even that it a waste of money. There is and was potential to make this good but they missed the target completely.

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- Good if you can get it to work

So what I see from a lot of reviews is this game is unplayable on some setups. I’m running an 8+ with the current iOS update and it works pretty well. It does still crash occasionally but usually straight after a boss fight when it’s just saved so minimal re-doing of tasks/boss fights. It goes to sleep during cut scenes if you don’t tap the screen from time to time but that’s just annoying. Otherwise the games pretty fun, it’s definitely a FF, I’m not quite finished yet but so far while it’s good it’s not $30 good, $20 max seems fair. If they sort the bugs and be reasonable with the price then definitely give it a go.

- Awesome

I love the game, I always wanted to play FF15 but never had time to get it but now I got this “YES” on mobile whaoo I can finally play, noctis hair look funny?? It just one spot of hair spike; if you could make his hair spike more from the back that while be good and also different combo like the PC/PS/xBox and DLC. We need a joystick mode and roam mode (when finish all chapters)and phantom blade maybe update that his in midair with sword everywhere like the PS4/3 + more weapon to use instead of three. Last but not least; can you make them Blink and open there mouth while moving/talking. That’s all.

- No direction

Really needs a joystick. I’d definitely consider paying for the full game if this was to happen. Tapping on the screen 50 times to run 30 meters got old real quick, and quite annoying to say the least. Plus yep, $30 is pretty pricey considering you can get the console version for that price now on special.

- 100% False advertising - I Cry Foul!

Massive fan of the final fantasy series, especially every rendition of XV, and was SUPER pumped about the pocket edition coming out. Was surely disappointed, as I’m sure a fair few of your customers are, that my iPhone meets every requirement, yet is not an iPhone 6s but the standard 6, and many problems arise. I am welcomed to a message saying that the game ‘may’ not work on my device yet App Store clearly states my phone is compatible. I can watch the cutscenes at the start, and can get to the main menu, yet as soon as it loads the game crashes EVERY time. I just wish Square Enix addresses this and optimises this for iPhone 6 as it is currently running iOS 11.2.6, but the fact that it’s an iPhone 6, not a 6s, stops it from getting any further than the loading screen. This is false advertising and I feel It is wrong that I, and many others, should upgrade our phones by a third of a generation just to play this game, which I am very passionate about. I would like to see this issue be fixed.

- A nice abridged alternative to the original

So I finally got into playing through Chapter 1 and picked up 2-10 with the sale price, so I’m currently mid-Chapter 2, definitely a lot of fun! Haven’t experienced any issues of crashes, etc, however I do get an intermittent bug, usually after combat, where certain voice lines seem to suddenly be voiced in German, with English subtitles.. Then it goes back to English. Aside from that minor thing, everything works great on both iPhone 7 Plus and iPad Air 2!

- You guys... Are the best!

I have just finished the game, like 5mins ago finished it. Honestly, I feel satisfied. It’s taken me a little over a 6weeks of effort and in my eyes was worth the $30 to get all the levels. It’s no PC / Console version, but then again I never expected nor wanted it to be. It is kind of linear, but the storyline’s rewarding. Control wise it’s a little interesting, you’ll need to learn that you can’t just brawl an enemy and expect to win. There is some strategy involved. Hint, prompto taking photos to get AP is a great thing to aim for. They’ll come in handy later in the game. I know the games been out for a while, but if you’re looking for a reason to get it, let this review be that reason.

- Worth every cents!

Perfectly adapted to mobile touch control. Same great story, though abridged. Just hope they could bring the DLCs to mobile in the future. Running on iPhone 7 with only minor bugs (Noctis sometime would stuck, but nothing a reload couldn’t fix).

- Fun but crashes often

This is a fun way to catch the story of Final Fantasy XV in a more casual way and in smaller chunks. Graphics and voice acting are great. However the game crashes about once per hour. The upside is that auto saves are frequent enough to avoid losing any significant progress when that happpens.

- Really good.

Played on iPad Pro 10.5. I really liked it. I had no issues performance wise.i would like the camera to be a little further back from the toons but it’s ok. It is just a mobile game so don’t be expecting the worlds best rpg.

- No iPhone 6 support

I was super keen to play this on lowest settings but even then it crashed before i could play. I understand its not designed for this phone but a lower settings patch or something would be awesome so we could play

- Doesn’t load new maps without internet ?

Why is it when you download all the maps and play as a new chapter starts it just sits on a infinite ♾ loading wheel if your on airplane mode . I thought you could play it offline ?!

- No thanks..

Yeah sorry square but no sale. FF15 is the worst game I’ve played in the franchise (and I’ve played and finished them all) and this mobile attempt is an even worse version of an already heavily over rated and honestly just a bad game. It pains me to say it square it really does..I grew up on final fantasy but unless you turn the franchise around and recapture the magic of the ps1 games it really will be the “final” one sooner rather than later.

- Crashes a lot

I’m sad that the I was really excited for this game but since I got an iPhone 6 it says it would work but after the loading screen it say it probably won’t work. I am only up to chapter one and it crash. It may work on other phones but iPhone 6 is also exceptional. I hope that this will update soon and improve its system. I really want to play this game so badly:( Pls pls pls fix this error

- App closing

I really like the game especially because the SD version remind me final fantasy 7but unfortunately in my IPhone X iOS 11.4.1 the game is closing for no reason :/ I hope the developers give some attention for new devices as well

- Something wrong

I can’t play it on my iPad for some reason it just takes me out of the game

- It works now!

After the recent update, you can now load from a save, if you'd been having trouble. Looks like the game is safe to play now. Fingers crossed.

- Good but crashes a lot

The game itself is great and enjoying it. However it crashes often and at one point it crashed and forced a reset... iPhone Xr IOS12.2

- Good...but..........

I really like this game like, really like it. But why I gave you 4 stars is because you have to PAY FOR ALL THE CHAPTERS! I really like this only I don’t want to pay to play a quality game. Thanks for your time!

- Getting MAD!!!

UR game is so annoying sorry not annoying I just hav to pay for chapters it’s not fair my mom won’t let me get the chapter the chapter I past is 1 I’m on chapter 2 now but I have to pay for it pls remove paying for chapters Just PLEASE I just love ur game It gets me sad tho of restoreing purchases wish I dont no how so remove it pls

- Sound bug

So whenever there are a lot of sound clips going at the same time, like during combat, they all start to skip and cut in and out, causing pain to the ears. It’s bad enough that I can’t keep playing. For such an expensive game, an issue like this is unforgivable.

- Only limited devices will run

Checked the website, even if the ios is greater than 11.0 but its not listed as the device required then the game will not work properly.

- No...

Sorry but $30? Yes that’s pocket money to me but when “The Witness” is $10 and a full fledge console game with hours and hours of gameplay, then as if I’d pay $30 for a limited FF15 game. If you priced it at $10 you would get at least three times the sales, yet common sense isn’t so common at Square Enix ...

- Good but..

Yeah it was good but after level 1 it wants you to pay over $30 AUD to play the whole game.

- Purchases

I love the game, but I can’t purchase anything to play, like chapter two or three.

- I love it

Amazing. I'm playing on computer and here. Best game. Can I give 1000 stars?😂❤️❤️

- Can’t play

It starts fine, plays prologue and downloads game but when it gets to the loading screen it randomly closes

- Amazing first chapter...but $31 for the rest

$31!!? For a mobile game, you’ve got to be kidding??😂

- Pricey

The console version isn’t that much more. I feel there’s better games to spend money on .

- Can’t start playing!

I can’t play the game it crashes before I even get into it! Please fix I am very annoyed >:( it just takes up space 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

- Horrible

When I was playing I could tell that the game was very rushed and trashy put more effort in it next time you update please

- Work

Can you guys like do you know that you have to pay to keep going can you make it free please?

- Great game with issues that need addressing

I’m really surprised they managed to port the console onto mobile I’m amazed at the effort put into bringing it across. Two biggest problems for me is the game itself crashing, I cannot proceed in the game cause it crashes in the same place over and over again so it’s unplayable for me at the moment. The battle system is pretty easy to get a hold of but it can get messy moving your fingers all over the screen, a joystick in the corner of the screen might make things easier.

- Why does the App Store say that it compatible with my device. But it’s not

I can’t load it at all and I really wanted to play the game. 😱😱😱😭😭😭😭

- Crash all time

i finished download the game i cant even start the first episode. The app keep quitting.

- It wouldnt download

The game is stuck on the download screen

- Not working

This app isn’t working

- Nothing

It’s a waste

- Good


- It’s okay

This game is okay. It’s pretty impressive how they managed to port final fantasy 15 into the mobile. However, there are a few problems. A big problem within the game is controls. The controls are pretty confusing and finicky, and every time I drag my character around my finger has to block the screen. Please make it so there is a joystick. Also, another problem is the price. I thought that this game would be like 8-10 bucks max, but 30 dollars? That is way too much for a mobile game. No one would be willing to spend that much. Also considering that each chapter is $3 and really short, I’m guessing you would have to pay a LOT if you had to spend it separately.

- Better than expected

After finishing the first chapter, I’m happy to say this was an enjoyable experience. After waiting and counting down the days till it’s release, I wasn’t let down! Controls are very easy to use, however I’d have liked the option to use a joystick control to move Noctis around as opposed to tapping and holding when moving from one place to another. The option to steer the car from side to side also seems a little pointless with a very limited and tight camera tilt that doesn’t give you much of an alternate angle. Plus side is the graphics are great, with clear voice acting, music and sounds from the original game. The game is quite linear but you still get an open feel in the areas you travel to. Above all, the game is quite simplified but they’ve done a fantastic job bringing this epic title into a compact portable version.

- Amazing

The game is amazing, and the first chapter was quite long for me, but sadly, I can’t buy the rest. I know it is a great game, and for those who are saying it isn’t compatible, a screen pops up and tells you to go to their website if you don’t know if your device is compatible or not. And downloading it didn’t even take 5 minutes, stop complaining! They managed to fit a console game into an app, $30 is a fair price for all the hard work they put into it.

- Proper Final Fantasy

It is by far my favourite game on mobile! It is incredible how it runs. While there have been reports that the game doesn’t run on apple iPhone 6s Plus, I have not had any issues at all! It has beautiful visuals, responsive controls, and voice acting straight from the full version of the game. Combat is fluid and overall, a great way to experience FF15 in an alternate way. Highly recommended for anyone to try and see for yourselves

- Crashes on iPhone X

Crashes pretty regularly. Also, occasionally the language switches to German after a battle momentarily. I also get random ‘restart the game?’ pop ups that you have to click ‘yes’ on as there’s no other option. It doesn’t restart the game though, which is good. Really enjoying the game though. Great art style and battle system is simple so far. Fix the bugs and it’ll be awesome.

- Game stuck on load screen

I’ve been playing the new FF 15 PE, and have been quite impressed with the gameplay and overall story line. I had to step away from my iPhone X ( brand new phone may I say) then came back half an hour later and my game won’t load!! I tried turning my phone off and back on, but the game is stuck on the loading screen!! Very disappointed as this seems like a very simple glitch that designers could have avoided! Any suggestions from anyone who has come across this issue, would be greatly appreciated

- Fantastic game, I really enjoyed it!

I was a bit skeptical when I saw that this graphic intensive game would support iPhone 6S but it worked flawlessly on my iPhone 6S, no save file corruption, I’m happy to pay $30 for such a fantastic game, well worth the money. (You can also change the graphic settings if you wish to do so in settings). I think with this kind of sophisticated game and imagine the hours they put in the programming behind, I can’t see why $30 is not reasonable, making a game like this is not easy guys. No save files corruptions for me, saved to iCloud perfectly, joystick support sounds great in the comments but I think it’s better with touch screen control. Well done Square Enix!

- Great (while working).

When I first loaded the app it worked flawlessly, and I really enjoyed the gameplay. Only problem now, is that I can’t load my saved game. It just stays on the “loading” screen. Edit: I started from scratch, and this time I’ve had no loading problems. I’m not a fan of the way the game saves. I’ve had it crash a few times towards the end of an area, and then I’ve had to restart the quests all over again. Surely there’s a way for progress to be saved more regularly, or even manually. Still enjoying the overall experience though... ...Well I was until the fight with Aranea. She keeps disappearing out of the fight arena... I’ve tried quitting and reloading, but the same thing keeps happening. Getting frustrated at this point.

- Great

Great game and then you finish chapter 1 you could at least give us 4 chapters to play before buying chapters now I feel obligated not to continue but would be very worth buying all chapters I actually love the way the game is play beside the moving controls other then that it’s great thanks square

- I want to love it...

Have been wanting to play this for so long and finally it’s arrived and ready to play on my new iPhone X. However, I keep getting crashes - this is causing me to lose progress and repeat the same story area multiple times. Just let it be smooth so I can delve into the story and enjoy the music/scenery - I really want to! Things that need to be patched: - crashing (as mentioned above). - prevent auto lock of display. - show transparent battery and time on top corner for longer sessions. - potential add support for controller or allow option for on screen joystick styled controls. I love SE and I know they will get all these things most likely solved in the coming months.

- controls issues, $30 for a mobile game

Dear developer I understand for having tap controls on mobile but you should have option for joystick and control over the camera. Until now I thought the price would be $8 to $10 max. But are crazy Square Enix. $30??. Charging for half the price of console game port. I hope no one buys it at this price.

- The game sure does look cool...

...but when I opened the app, it said my device (iPhone 6s) wasn't compatible, even though the App Store said it was? But I managed to get through to the prologue... And then the app would crash everytime I tried to get into the main story? A loading screen appears and then goes black, and then I'm back on my home screen. If my device isn't compatible, that's fine, but the app store is telling me it is compatible, so that isn't ok. Please look into this!

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- Eeeeeeh

I think the game is great other than two things. Every time I use warp strike there’s a great chance that the game will kick me out of the app. I feel like each chapter is kinda short. Other than that though, I think it’s a great game!

- App crashing

I am running IOS 11.2.5 and the game is crashing at loading. The game looks amazing and I would like to play. Please update it so it compatible with IOS 11.2.5. Thank you. I downloaded the new update that was supposed to fix the issue but it still crashing while loading.

- Don’t waste money.

Instead of wasting your money on this crashy garbage, buy the console or PC version. I have almost 24hrs of gameplay on FFXV PS4 and it’s been a thrilling emotional rollercoaster of an experience. The game controls beautifully on console and it looks stunning as well. If you’re concerned about money, just pick up a used copy from your local game store. It’ll bring you down about $15. Hope someone out there takes my advice. Enjoy.

- crash every chapter

the game is crash anytime, and you will lose the record.I have paid all the chapter, and then I just stuck at chapter 3. I play this chapter again and again, but it just crashed and can’t load the record, that means you cannot go further. Be careful, don’t pay any penny on this game.

- 🥴

Endless crashing on the most powerful device running iOS (iPad Pro 2018)

- 🤬

Paying $28 for an application that just crashes it's really not cool

- Encore un jeu ou il faut sortir le porte monnaie ...

Bien mais sans plus... Mis à part de vouloir se faire du cash, un coup de cœur pour vous ?... Pas pour moi.


Cannot believe that this game is still selling, stop this right now!!! It’s stealing people’s money!!! It crashes everywhere! Totally unplayable! Please give people refund!!

- Another premium priced game in the garbage

Square Enix, it is bad practice to charge premium price for games and not support them. 2 games now! The world ends with you and this one. Never buy again from square enix again!

- Crashes

I’m on an IPod with IOS 12.4.6 and I’ve bought all the chapters for the and the game keeps crashing, either fix the crashing or I want a refund from the chapters

- this game stole my money

It’s been a year or 2 since I bought the full game and I still didn’t get a refund or all 10 chapters unlocked after buying it the first time around. Replayed it to see if the issue’s been take care and still didnt get resolved.. it’d be nice if customer supports could acknowledge this but still never got a response

- Crashing and saving issues

Cool game. Chapter one was good so I paid the $28 for the full game but there are increasing crashes and the irregular game saves don't necessarily allow me to start where I left off. Cool game but need to workout the bugs. I'm on an iPhone 11pro fully updated. Thanks.

- Only chapter 1

You only get the first chapter then you have to pay and the game really isn't worth the money. Total waste of data delete once I hit the pay wall

- Warp strike constantly crashes the game

Like everyone else mentioned, if you tap warp strike it will randomly crash the game. Happens way too frequently, enough to be both annoying and crippling. Game isn’t enjoyable at all because of this. Complete shame this game hasn’t had any updates in a year when this is clearly an extremely common bug. Can’t imagine anyone paying full price for something this broken and lacking support

- Crashing

Every Chapter When I Warp Strike It Crashes Pls Fix👍🏻🙏🏻

- Phone other than 6s?

Please make this support iPhone 6 as well! It will crash after the intro cutscenes and you can’t get into the first chapter so if you could please make it support iPhone 6

- Crash

Le jeu crash avec le combat avec l’araignée,c’est cher payer pour un jeu qui plante souvent

- Audio not working

Audio is not working on the new iPhone 11 pro

- Doesn’t work on my phone

I have a iPhone 6s and iOS 12.It says it supports on my phone but when I started the app it didn’t work. I really wanted to play this game, if it doesn’t work for my phone maybe it should say or something

- Cannot delete iCloud app data for this game huge bug

Cannot delete iCloud app data, huge bug that’s yet been resolved!

- Crashes way to often

Crashes way to often to consider a purchase

- Unstable

Adorable but PLEASE FIX THE CRASHING! This game has stability issues. It crashed multiples times during my chapter 1 play through. I want to buy it as I love this game. But is the crashing worse in later chapters? The auto save feature is top notch thankfully!

- Chapter

I love the game but I hate that I have to pay for the rest of the chapters

- App crashes too frequently

I bought all the chapters and downloaded them to my device, but the app still crashes everytime during gameplay. It can get incredibly frustrating. For example, in the middle of a big boss fight, it crashed. Sometimes, the audio crashes, then is followed by the whole app after a few minutes. It’s a fun story and enjoyable gameplay, only if it would just run smoothly. I’m using an iPhone X with iOS 12.4 update.

- Game keep crashing

When ever I play it always loads and then kicks me out of the the game. I can’t wait to play please update the game.

- Crashing after each scene

I bought the first 3 chapters but not I’m completely stuck cause the game just keeps crashing. Thanks fully I didn’t buy all the chapters or I would be screwed. I’ll re-write my review when this is fixed and give me thoughts on the game then. Brutal for releasing this when it has these issues. Not happy!

- Game crashes a lot

The game crashes a lot and we loss our progress. Yes it is a pain. They should fix this because game is not cheap.

- Crashes a lot

Since there is no manually save, every time after it crashes have to go through the same thing again, it’s getting annoying

- Crashes ruin an otherwise great mobile ported game

I’ve really been enjoying this version of FFXV! I’ve heard negative things about the combat in the original game but this scaled down simplified version is actually perfect for touchscreen devices. I’m also just loving the choice to be able to switch between English and Japanese (and more!) voices at any time. Didn’t think they would do that for just a mobile game but I’m super glad it did. Now, the crashes. At first it was okay, it would crash occasionally when entering a battle or sometimes right before a cut scene - but you could reload the game and it would always work the second time and get past it just fine. I’m currently on chapter 4 and now suddenly the game *consistently* crashes whenever I try to do a warp strike. Super frustrating, since warp strikes are one of the main game mechanics, but whatever, I gave up on it and I continued anyways. But now I’ve reached a story sequence that *requires* a stealth warp strike and I don’t know what to do because I literally can’t move past it without the game crashing. This is super aggravating and I will be requesting a refund if I can’t figure something out eventually - I don’t have much hope in this issue being fixed considering the last update was 2 months ago.

- Constantly need to redownload everything

Bought the game. Immediately downloaded all chapters. Started playing, it keeps asking me to download the chapters invidually once I reach each new one. I spend 30 minutes downloading it on wifi at home. Turn the game off. Come back to it a few days later and it’s asking me to download the chapter again This is infuriating because I can never play when I want to (on the go) and have to go out of my way to start the game and play when I don’t want to (at home) Also the game’s a complete mess

- Keeps crashing

I like it, love the storyline But keeps crashing

- Being able to play chapters offline....

The game is ok but, it would be better if I could play other chapters without being connected to the internet. It sucks when I have the other chapter downloaded but not being able to play them until I’m connected to the internet again....

- Amazing but you need to pay to play chapter 2 and the others

But very cool game

- Visually outstanding ; yet disappointing

This game has a lot of great potential; I’ve been playing for a few hrs now. But there is two problems one very serious. If both were worked out would make this game much better over all. 1st fix the constant crashing. I have an iPhone XS Max and running 12.1.4 and it crashes at least every 15-20 mins. My second gripe is this game is lacking the ability to have me challenged. It’s quite easy to win and honestly leaves me disappointed hoping for more. If this game clams to be the best RPG on IOS . it only can really say that in its graphics and audio. As a final fantasy fan 15yrs or so . I’m sad to say this game has a lot of potential but is a mediocre game at best in this condition.

- Love The Game But...

I love the play through and the story, I think the characters should move their mouths when they talk and blink every so often as it is a little disturbing to look at. Also I wish you didn’t have to pay 30 dollars to continue, I do not have the funds sadly ;( I wish chapters 2-10 were free to continue on. Still love the game though

- Crashes all the time on iPad Pro

Was fun for 20 mins and then I gave up after repeated crashes because I can’t make any progress

- Worth it. BUT!

Amazing adaptation of an already incredible game. If your device can not handle this phone it’s simply because its lack of compatibility or possible software defects. Other than that, If you have a compatible device, you will enjoy this beautiful premium game. The one thing I hope they can update with is somehow incorporating a battle mode of some sort, it would be amazing to have that.

- Downloading?

This takes too long to download, and I can’t support the funds, I mean. I’d love to pay, but I cant, sad

- Crashing

Too many crashes and freeze ups to consider purchasing beyond the first free chapter. Am using latest iPad Pro , iOS 12.1.1. Pity :(

- Buying chapters

In the game it’s showing the price 13.99 to buy chapters 4-10, but when I click to pay the price jumps to 27.99, which one is it.

- Very bad

Total and complete waste of time. Maybe the full version is better. There were a few moments at the start where i thought I was playing a final fantasy... but it got worse and worse

- Great on iPad Pro 10.5

The interface is great on my iPad, but a bit too cramp on my iPhone. My iPad only crash very occasionally, and only when i have like 25 other apps open at the same time. The constant autos saving help a lot. It’s a pretty demanding app, I would recommend that you close other background apps when playing it. Especially if you are playing on older and less power iPads/phones. You can also turn down the graphic settings in the setting to prevent crashes. It would be nice if they have a higher graphic version specifically for iPad pros.

- Super crashy.

I managed to finish the game, but experienced probably 30-40 crashes. Really frustrating.

- Boooo

This is a cute game and fun to play however only the first chapter is free to play. Bunk!

- Not Compatible

I ran it on iPhone 5s and it just kept crashing. Could you please make it compatible on my device?

- Loved but expensive

I absolutely loved it but it’s 30 dollars and I think that’s a little to much but the game is absolutely amazing thank you for bringing my favorite game on mobile

- No joystick

There’s no joy stick option for this game as your fingers are always in the middle of the screen covering the path when your trying to go straight. Too much work to do for leisure play

- Stop making crapy game

Stop making ugly game like that and do a remake of secret of mana and chroni trigger and all other final fantasy game full screen for iPhone XS Max. I dont play since i sold my iphone 4.

- No please

I have an iPhone Xs Max but it glitches out every time it loads

- Big problem

It crashing is it possible to fix please

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- Decent

Just needs a few things changed like static controls for moving. it gets pretty annoying having floating controls for movement. A few crashes every now and then but nothing that prevents me from wanting to play more. and it rarely happens but sometimes chat bubbles will get cut off by the iPhone X notch. other than those issues it’s still a fun game that a person could play for awhile or for 10-15min.

- Amazing but some minor fixes needed

I am in love with this game. From the dialogue, storyline and even the fighting. The only problems with the gems is that it crashes after every battle even during, there are some audio problems when to much is going on. And the one thing I would like to see is the option to save whenever mostly because of the random crashes.

- Good but....

First off I love the final fantasy franchise and Final Fantasy XV wasn’t so great on console, but I really enjoy it on my phone. Cause I mean it’s on the go and seeing the story retold in chibi form is fun and interesting. The only reason I won’t give this game a 4 or 5 is because it constantly crashes each time a scene comes up and that’s really annoying specially since the whole game is $20. I hope this app gets a fix soon cause I would love to get my $20 worth experience and I know others would as well.

- Wanted to play it so badly!

I have fallen in love with the concept of portable FF15 but the second I opened the app I found a screen claiming the app was not compatible with my device and soon after I downloaded all extra data and such, I found that I couldn’t play the game. My device is an iPhone 6 which shouldn’t be too old to play it and I couldn’t imagine it being to difficult to activate compatibility with the phone and I feel many other iPhone 6 users would appreciate being able to play what looks to be such a great game. I would give an honest review if I could play it. Please fix the game!

- Great concept, bugs and save issue destroys it

I love the concept of this game- an abridged version of the full game that keeps the characters and story while simplifying combat. My wife played the full console edition, and I liked what I saw but couldn’t see myself committing to a 50+ hour game. The app crashes constantly on my iPad. I tried deleting the game and redownloading to see if it would address the issue as suggested by support and lost all my progress. Cloud saves are supported but only manually and save data is tied to app data. No way to chapter skip, either. Glad I didn’t purchase the full game.

- Top tier mobile experience

This is the most impressive distillation of a console game I’ve ever seen, and while it isn’t the true FFXV bc it lacks notably the open world it doesn’t skip a beat in terms of telling the main story perfectly. My only criticism is the game tends to crash a lot in later chapters even on top of line iPhones. I’m sure this will be addressed eventually. Easily worth $20

- Love it. Take more of my money.

Honestly this game was delightfully digestible yet lengthy enough for a casual gamer. I used to game a lot but my time is better spent on nobler pursuits. I loved how this game fit into spare time and pulled me in. Intuitive control system and battle. Premium content and unlock-ables were on par with any console. I would spend money again on a similar release and am hoping for more.

- Niiice

Great re-creation of FFXV. I have one complaint, unlocking via IAP rather than a single buy. This prevents family sharing, and really prevents the investment. I’d love to continue the game, and like all the other titles, I’d probably buy it and never finish it, letting my kids play later. Luckily, it has cloud saves. Which is generally my main dealbreaker when they are left out. Sticking to the other FF titles on mobile platforms though.

- 8/10

Excellent game for what it is. The only reason it doesn’t get a full 10/10 is because it crashed every now and then for me (iPhone 8 Plus) and there are a couple of bugs such as the characters speaking in different languages a couple of times but never in any important moment. Simple and worth the $20 if you just want to experience the story in the palm of your hands.

- Close

Love the game but you could add a ton of gameplay hours and fun with a few things. I’ve seen requested to give an open world area with random encounters... would be awesome to grind out those levels at the end instead of replaying chapters. Also they mentioned using summons manually.. YES. I think future updates should add in some more quests and make them hidden/hard to find. As of now you just play through and for the most part there isn’t much to find. Also, make Noctis weapons actually be worth switching, as of now there is little point of even using them. 3/5 for story, graphics and voice acting making it into handheld. Battle mechanics are pretty good for mobile as well. Over to Quick and little to no exploration/hidden items/quests take off 2 stars.

- This game SHOULD NOT be in the free section.

You get 1 star for the 1 chapter that you get to play before you have to buy the rest of the game. Seriously, chapter 1 takes roughly 20 minutes and then you’re SOL unless you want to buy the chapters one at a time or spend 20$ to buy them all. The game runs great on an iPad Pro, but even though it says it’s compatible with my iPhone 6+ the game didn’t want to run on it. In parts of chapter 1 the character controls are messed up. When you try to move around in some areas, the character just runs around in circles like he’s caught on something. Some of the dialogue is in a different language or there is no dialogue at all. Be up front with everyone and just put this game in the pay section because that’s where it needs to be. This game was deleted from my iPad once I finished my entire 20 minutes of what I thought was going to be an awesome ride.

- If you cannot buy games don’t get this.

I LOVED this game, plus I never played any other Final Fantasy games because they are all to buy. This game was lots of fun. I tried to get my little brother into it. Then I finished Chapter 1. Also, I am not allowed to buy anything on the internet. (I am 8 years old.) Then I deleted the game and I hated it. I just got so angry that a game I actually loved ( I hate a lot of games) made me buy the rest of it. Guess I better not get my hopes up all the time.

- Awesome, but.......

The game is great and all but seriously! Buying chapters?! Even when I download all the chapter which takes a long time, it still does nothing. I also don’t want to just play the 1st chapter over and over again cause I would love to move on. So I would like it if the chapters didn’t have to be bought.

- Great promise, poor transaction service

Loved playing through the first chapter. However, when trying to purchase additional chapters, I keep getting the same “Unable to connect to transaction server” message, even though I tried repeatedly to restore purchase, and uninstalled and reinstalled the program. I even tried replaying the first chapter, but still met with the same message. Reaching out to support, was told nothing could be done. Not sure what kind of answer that is, and frustrating that I can’t even buy the game even if I wanted to.

- Super fun and perfect for mobile, but

The game keeps crashing. I’m running in minimum settings with the iPhone XR and it has crashed 3 times in the last 20 minutes. This is frustrating because it makes me have to redo certain quests all over again because it doesn’t save often enough. That’s really annoying. Aside from that, I love this game.

- Great gameplay....with a crash!

Game plays great but the only issue I am having is the game has randomly crashed on my a number of times and I am only starting chapter 3. Easy and fun to play although a the crashes get a bit annoying. Still deserves the 5 stars for an app game. Just needs a solution for the crashing.

- Wonderful addition to the FFXV title

I have played FFXV on the PS4 two times and playing it on mobile is an absolute joy as well. The transition between graphics and gameplay is done masterfully and I couldn’t ask for a more fluid and easy to enjoy experience. This is a great way to jump into the Final Fantasy XV story without needing a console. I highly recommend!

- Beautiful, but too little for $20

Lifelong FF fan here; I appreciate the opportunity to experience the FFXV story on mobile, and am in awe of much of the game's objective beauty but having completed everything there is to do within 3 days is just too little for a $20 game. I've paid a third of the full price, and it's far less than a third of the game. Developers: please consider offering a discount for the full game for those who have purchased the pocket edition!

- Fun game, when it works..

Let me preface by saying the game is fantastic, and I have been enjoying playing it.. however, the issue I have is with the game crashing. This happens CONSTANTLY (iPhone 8, iOS current), and each time I have to re-load the game at a point earlier than when the game crashed. The game is fun yes but having to end up doing the same exact thing over and over makes the appeal far less than it should be.

- A true Final Fantasy mobile game

Played flawlessly on both iPhone 8 Plus and current gen iPad. Download everything before getting into a plane and you can play with no connection. If you travel, this is definitely a must have. I hope to see more Final Fantasy games do this.

- The best game , cried a lot.

The best game ever ......Super emotional I never cry on games , this is the first one I ever did and it was amazing , chapter 6 killed me and after that I cried a lot , but the ending scene was really good and made me happy and I was extremely disappointed because there should have been an alternate ending and that ending should have been a , **** is alive and is introduced not a lot times , they should introduce her even more

- “It’s finally over.” -King Noctis

For an app game, it’s 5/5 to me. I mean, there is a ton of really, really bad games on the app market. Compared to numerous PC or console RPG games though? This is utter trash, regardless of how the game looks; story = meh, gameplay = meh (it’s not Dark Souls that’s for sure), any form of depth = meh, costume design = hipster goth. It is very strange to rate an app 5/5 and rush to delete it right when it’s over.

- Boy I Enjoyed That!

I pay $10 or more for a Kindle book and finish it in a day or two. This lovely game cost the same. A sort of interactive graphic novel that kept me smiling for a week. Square Enix, good job, please make more! Btw, I have been playing computer/handheld games, particularly rpgs for over 40 years, I m not a newbie, n not easily pleased.

- Great game but somewhat barren

It’s a great game but flawed. The game is pretty short with nothing much to do apart from a few fetch quests. Really so much more could have been added such as hints etc and also a bit of fishing. I think square Enix just took the shortest route here. I don’t know I enjoy this game but really it could have been so much better for the price

- All story (riddled with plot holes) and no play

Don’t download this game if you expect the kind of challenge, flexibility, or rich story line that you’d typically expect from the final fantasy series. I tried to like it..I really did, but I was sorely and deeply let down, ESPECIALLY for $20. Outside of the sweet-for-iOS graphics and voiceovers, this game is a real flop with a shallow, hackneyed, attempt-at-being-deep storyline with training wheels on gameplay the whole way through. I know people seemed to really like the game, but the way I see it, this couldn’t hold a candle to games like 6, 7, 10 or 12.

- What’s Next?

This is a really good transfer from console to mobile, my only question is what’s next? Because of the upcoming release of Kingdom Hearts 3, I would love to see mobile versions of the first two games, if they kept the same game play but with a few fighting add-on’s I would love to make this happen!

- Broken

People that have problems with game being stuck on loading screen. Go turn off Game Center in settings. Worked immediately afterwards. Changed my 1 star to 5 star now that it works!! Too bad I had to figure it out myself. But I hope this helps some people!!

- Utterly disappointing

If you like $20 poorly animated movies where you tap the screen repeatedly then this is the game for you. Otherwise this is the most disappointing FF games I have played. PC and NPC development are essentially automatic. Item drops might as well be gold deposited directly to your bag as NOTHING is ever a weapon or exciting useful find. Characters wear no armor, only 1-3 trinkets to boost stats. Fights are basically automatic. You only control the main character by tapping or swiping what you want to attack with NPCs swinging away behind you. Every now and then an NPC can do a special action, but that's it. Summoning creatures like Shiva literally do not and can not happen except in scripted areas. I could keep going but may never stop. Sad I spent the time tapping through the 700 cut scenes and lame car conversation's. Don't waste your time on this expensive, lame-duck port.

- Can not download update

Hello, I am a big fan of the final fantasy franchise. Unfortunately once the game goes through it’s fort scene before the title screen it will not let me download the update. It keeps telling me that it can not connect to the server. It is very disappointing as this is one of the mobile games I have been dying to play. And even if I delete and redownload it does not work. Please do something about this so I myself and others who have also mentioned this to me can play this game. Thank you for your time !!!

- No MFI controller support

ugh, this game is dying for controller support. It’s nice to have touch controls when you don’t have your controller with you, but when I’m traveling, id like to kick back and just use the controller without taping the screen constantly. Touch controls are fine for games like candy crush, but not for most full game releases. I’m still patiently waiting for game devs to take the iPad a little more seriously as a platform. Would also be nice if the app store clearly indicated if mfi controllers were supported. Didn’t it used to?

- Why do I have to pay

This is a great game but I don’t understand why you have to pay for the rest of the chapters after the first one. if you have the money to spend you should definitely download it it’s really fun but Sense I have to pay I can’t continue play this game. And the first chapter leaves you on a cliff hanger. Overall it’s a great game and you should buy it if you have the money for the chapters

- Sometimes crashes and voice changes

I love the game so far but the frame rate causes the game to lag when I have multiple enemies on screen. I had the crash on me a few times and when I was playing the voices changed speaking a different language for some reason even though the setting is on English.

- Mini FFXV

A “Must Buy” for any Final Fantasy Fan or anyone looking for a great Mobile RPG. It captures the essence of FFXV for PS4 and made for a great game on your iPhone. Obviously the developers had to cut off some gameplay elements and story to fit the massive FFXV into a mobile game but they did a great job. The only reason why I did not rate this game 5* is that the game often crashes during play.

- Disappointed

Going through the App Store I saw this app I have the game on console so I was interested to try it. After downloading and opening the app it would not go past the loading page. On the actual store to download the app there was an option for apps support so I clicked it and followed the instructions and did everything on the list none of which were able to help me try to even start the game at all. Very unfortunate for a game editors choice on the main App Store for current games.

- Fantastic! But Crashes Often.

This is easily one of the best mobile games I’ve played. The only issue for me - and its extremely annoying - is that it crashes OFTEN. Typical, I will play for about 30 minutes at a time and the game will crash 3-4 times in that time-frame. Will definitely change this to a 5-star rating when the constant crashing stops.

- Great but some notes.....

The game was great but the cost to continue was UNREAL! I mean $20 to play a game that’s not as full as the real one?! It’s crazy but it was kind of worth it. But also the game was rated 9+ but....... most of the time they cursed. If the game says the B Bomb than it should be rated like M or at least T! But overall, a great game!

- Would Recommend

This game is amazing! I played on full specs and it still ran smoothly. The graphics are amazing for a mobile game. The game is massive. There are many weapons and upgrades. And it fully immersed me in its story. In fact I’ll even go as far as saying it’s the best mobile game I’ve played.

- I don’t know

I have iOS 11 but I can only watch the first two cutscenes before the game crashes. The new update didn’t help either. I have not been able to experience any gameplay whatsoever. I don’t want to put a star rating on this because I haven’t had a chance to actually play the game.

- Keeps crashing. No thanks.

This app looks like a lot of fun, and I’ve been a big fan of the FF series since way back in the day when I played FF2 on the SNES. Didn’t play the first one, but all of the others. But, like I said, this game looks like fun. Too bad it keeps crashing on a BRAND NEW iPad Pro 11. Crashes to desktop, no warning. It isn’t an overheating issue because I was no more than five minutes in to the game, so no time to get warm. No thanks; deleted.

- It’s… fine?

I haven’t played the console version yet but it makes my phone feel like it’s physically descending through the Earth’s entire atmosphere and tapping to continue spoken dialogue is super weird to me and uhhhhh there’s 3rd grade level typos in your patch notes… are you guys even trying?

- Great game. iPhone X overheating

Great game but it immediately causes slight overheating on my iPhone X which causes the display to dim. Continuous play gives me severe eye strain as a result. Display returns to normal within 10 minutes after closing game (this is not something I can fix in the settings, all display options and modifications are turned off)

- Fun but overpriced

I just finished playing and am now posting this after deleting FFXVPE because it has ZERO replay ability. Dont get me wrong the game was really fun. The controls didnt feel much, if any, different from its console predecessor (which had its own sorta "autobattle" feel to it). My feels were also activated during this beautiful tragedy of a story. But with the extreme linearity of the storyline i have no reason to keep a now $20 paperweight. So, not worth its weight in gold but i do not regret the enjoyable journey. Thanks for reading! :) *BONUS* Overall i was pretty impressed with the touch controls which got me thinking: these same mechanics would make for an awesome Kingdom Hearts title!

- IM one of the first

I was one of the first people to but Y this game and I can say bad game 5 bucks an episode who wants that that is too much money and the episode only like 30 minutes do not get this game whoever is reading this do not get this game I prefer Minecraft story mode T least they give deals like 9 dollars for 3 episodes that’s a good deal this game does not even offer that

- Can’t Purchase Chapter pack

I really love the game, after chapter one I wanted more. I want to buy the chapter pack 2-10 for $9.99 but I can’t but it every time I input my info it tells me my purchase can’t go through and to contact iTunes support. Help.

- Obsessed

This was my first time ever even hearing about a final fantasy game. It was amazing. It was everything you could ask for in a game. Great gameplay backed up with a good story. They should definitely bring the next game to mobile devices!

- Love it but it keeps crashing

I love love love this and have played it twice already but I wish it wouldn’t keep crashing. Sometimes it would crash 3-4 times in one chapter and it can get pretty frustrating. Besides that everything is great. Thanks for an awesome game with an awesome storyline.

- After update, still can’t get past loading screen

Hey devs! Would love to play this, but it hangs on the ‘Loading’ screen after the Square/Enix logo. iPhone 7, iOS 11.2.5. Update - I downloaded the patch that was supposed to help with this problem, but it still doesn’t get past the loading screen. Sat there for 10 minutes, gave up. No other apps open, restarted phone, reinstalled app, nothing. I’d love to pay you for this app - make it work and I will!

- Please look at this... again

So let’s begin, I saw the game updated to fix bugs and glitches but to my surprise it still crashes at loading screen so yes I am very disappointed and really would like to play the game. I will still wait until game is fixed but until then it’s a 3 star for me... sorry😅 Also if you say it works with my phone and it doesn’t that is very unfair for those who thought this app would work with their phone.

- Bad

First of all, it was very popular so I thought hey, I should buy this game! I checked the compatibility and it said, works on this I phone. When I got it though, it said sorry、this doesn’t work on your phone. Then it made me download so much it almost killed my I phone storage, and I couldn’t X out of it!!! I finally got to X out and delete it. I tried getting another app, but it said error. I tried others and it said error too...Don’t get it! You’ll regret it!!!

- Constantly crashing

I’d love to give this game 5 stars, but it crashes every 10 mins. Almost all reviews note this and the devs still haven’t fixed it. Still playable, but longer boss battles and bigger cities (i.e., less frequent auto saves) require replaying a number of times before making it all the way through. Without the crashes, this is the best RPG on mobile right now.

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FINALFANTASY XV POCKET EDITION iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.


FINALFANTASY XV POCKET EDITION (Version 1.0.7) Install & Download

The applications FINALFANTASY XV POCKET EDITION was published in the category Games on 2018-02-08 and was developed by SQUARE ENIX [Developer ID: 300186801]. This application file size is 693.59 MB. FINALFANTASY XV POCKET EDITION - Games app posted on 2020-09-16 current version is 1.0.7 and works well on IOS 11.1 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.square-enix.ARON

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