FINALFANTASY XV POCKET EDITION [Games] App Description & Overview

Explore the world of the fifteenth FINAL FANTASY in the palm of your hand

FINAL FANTASY XV is now playable on your smartphone!

"Explore the world of FINAL FANTASY XV
with a cast of cute and cool characters! "

Now you can enjoy the FINAL FANTASY XV story across 10 exciting chapters

Tap to move, tap to talk, and tap to fight
Easy for anyone to pick up and play!

- Story -
The Tale of the Chosen King, Savior to the Star.

After years of fighting, the nations of Lucis and Niflheim at last agree to an armistice.

As a symbol of this promised peace, Noctis, crown prince of Lucis, is to wed the Lady Lunafreya of Tenebrae.

The prince sets forth for his wedding on the eve of the signing ceremony, sent off by his father, King Regis.
Unbeknownst to Noctis, however, the journey ahead is fraught with perils...

- Supported Devices -
iOS device with iOS 11.1 or later installed
iPhone6s (9th gen iphone) or later
iPad Pro
iPad (5th gen ipad) or later
iPad Air2 (2nd gen ipad air) or later
iPad mini4 (4th generation ipad mini) or later
Memory required: 5GB or greater (the high resolution version requires 8GB or greater)

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FINALFANTASY XV POCKET EDITION Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Minor bugs has been fixed.


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- Good game but it needs to be free now

I think It’s cool it needs to be free

- ...

Doesn’t start at all it plays the fist cutscene then crashes

- This game is amazing!

I’m a huge fan of final fantasy games and have always wanted one on mobile the free games just aren’t that good. That all changed when I saw that this came out. ffxv is my second favorite next to ffvii and I’m so happy to finally get a free quality mobile port of the game. It runs super smoothly and the voice acting is still amazing. I’ve only ever experienced 2 crashes but my phone is a 6 so that’s understandable. Overall, I’d recommend this game not only to final fantasy fans but fans of any rpg at all

- Ffxv pocket edition

I’ve played this game for my iPhone 6+ before it supported it and square Enix said at the time they no longer supported it.

- Poor

Game crashes

- Won’t let me play

I have a iPhone 6s and it won’t work on my phone y’all need to fix it

- It’s a pretty good game

I like this game A LOT but I don’t think it should be 9+ because there is lots of swearing and 9 year olds shouldn’t be hearing that stuff but other than that, it’s pretty good!

- Love the story/game but....

This app crashes like crazy.

- Love the game

I am a huge final fantasy game guy I love the story but it’s stupid on how we have to pay to play the rest of the story it should be free huge downfall of this game.

- Final fantasy 15

I love this game. It’s my favorite actually. The only problem is, you have to pay to play the next chapter. It’s really annoying. Especially when you don’t make your own money because your younger.

- Fantastic Game

I love this game so far but it crashes every 15 minutes on my ipad pro 11 inch. Hope developers can fix soon.

- It poopy

This game cost to play it’s so poopy but a little fun

- crashes

no matter what settings you run it at itll crash every 40-60 seconds

- Crashing!!!

Hard to enjoy when it keeps crashing

- Great!!! Totally worth it

I love! Love love love this game! But.... I wish it was completely free. I have the real game but I like mobile Controls. But anyway out of the bad on with the new! Great game!

- Love the console version

I thought I'd like this butttttttt it constantly force closes after the games been out for a long time you still have to pay for the extra chapters instead of just letting your fans play u do a secondary cash grab on a game u can get got less than $5 on eBay😐

- Unplayable

The updates don’t happen behind the scenes (like EVERY OTHER APP). So you’re forced to keep refreshing your screen to keep updates from stalling out. I enjoyed the game when I first got it but then didn’t play for a few months. I’ve been unable to get back into the game because it won’t play without the updates but won’t update if I do t continuously touch my iPad screen to stop it from sleeping. Don’t waste your time.

- Boy I Enjoyed That!

I pay $10 or more for a Kindle book and finish it in a day or two. This lovely game cost the same. A sort of interactive graphic novel that kept me smiling for a week. Square Enix, good job, please make more! Btw, I have been playing computer/handheld games, particularly rpgs for over 40 years, I m not a newbie, n not easily pleased.

- Nice but it crashes a lot

I like the style of graphics. The gameplay is simplified and easy to digest the overall story on the go. I still prefer the full version on my Xbox One X but this is nice. I’d give it five stars if it didn’t crash so much on my iPhone 11 Pro Max.

- Lost save data

It’s fun and the graphics are great, but today I opened my app and found that I had lost almost maybe an hour or two of progress.

- Game

I love this game but to pay for the chapters I’ll just look for games that are free wow nobody said anything but to bad the game isn't free losing a lot of people this way,

- To many bugs for the story line to make up for

When I teleport the app shuts down and teleporting is a key part of the games system

- Buggy and crashes

Decent game if it were not so unstable.

- Great game!

I recently started playing this game on my friends Xbox and immediately fell in love. I don’t have an Xbox or play station to be able to buy and play the game, so I went ahead and bought this version so I could play the story on my own time. I love how closely it follows the actual game, but after I got to a certain point, it started crashing a lot and I’d have to play the same scene 3 or 4 times before I could get passed it. I hope this issue is resolved soon because this game deserves to be a 5 star game.


This game is the best!It has a goal and side quest I don’t know how the creator made this game but IT IS AWESOME!

- iPhone 11 Pro

Runs great. Looks great. Fun to play. Makes phone overheat after a couple hours of playing with highest graphic quality setting. As I play it though I’ll run it with lesser graphics. Wondering why this is.

- Bad

It has bad graphics and looks like you gave up on it. Original was better

- It’s okay

I hate the fact that you have to pay to keep playing further in the game that’s a load of crap. I thought it’s a free game to play but unfortunately it’s not. Fix it all

- Save file crashed

My save file went wrong after a couple of days not playing. Game freezed and crashed every time I tried to open it. Rolled back to the progress in ICloud but I would not continue to play it since the save system was not truth worthy

- Fun, but..

This game is not like most games I’ve played at least not most mobile phone games. The story is awesome, the graphics and controls are amazing and it’s just sooo fun! I just wish it was a bit cheaper. Because it might as well be a game on a game console.

- Good game

The art style is very good. The chibis are cute. Noctis and the chocobos are especially cute as chibis <3 Not gonna lie, the art was a major draw to this game for me. So a hearty bravo to the artists. The gameplay is solid. Battles were engaging but not too intense, and I didn’t feel like they were getting obnoxiously repetitive over time either. I also liked the top-down camera for battles as it made understanding and managing battles easy and fun. I thought the plot-line was interesting but sometimes difficult to understand. Though this may be a critique for ffxv proper (Pocket Edition is the only version of ffxv I’ve played). There were a handful of times when the game crashed on me, or when a glitch made me have to restart the app. (I’m playing on an iPhone XR, so I was a little surprised.) This happened maybe once every two chapters and the game autosaves frequently so I wasn’t extremely put-out by this. All in all, an enjoyable experience. 5/5.



- Ehhh

For select group people

- App crashes to the point of annoyance

Crashes so much that it makes me regret paying and playing!

- Can you download it all in one please

I hate this. Every chapter I have to download. If you could just download everything at once that would be great. I want to play on the go but if I finish the chapter with out WiFi I’m forced to wait until I have it.

- Can’t open

Great game but after I deleted and downloaded again I can’t open it I’m stuck in a blue screen even after 30 mins or more it still won’t do any thing. Please help me

- Not bad game but when you start it kick me out.

So I have a iPod touch I when you go loading it kick me out :( I hope you fix the bug please for I iPods users.

- Won’t work!

I have a new iPhone 11 and the app will not open.

- Needs analog stick

Great game needs analog to move better otherwise it’s a hand cramp when playing

- Controller support

Please add controller support! I will buy the whole game if you do!

- Game crashing issue

My game crashes everytime i get into a fight i can’t play the game properly if this keeps happening

- Patch This ASAP (yes, still)

Update 2/10/2019: I saw an update for the game and I’ve been generally avoiding it just because, and I’m still somehow disappointed with the game. So last year I quit because every time I got to the spider boss in Ch.2 the game would crash, well I finally got to beat it and move on....until the next Magitek boss a few minutes later and it crashed 3 times during the fight. This game is not worth the aggravation. At least the main XV title wasn’t this buggy but I’ve since moved on. Here’s hoping VII Remake won’t be nearly as terrible. 1/5 Do not waste your storage space on this game. Saps your battery like nothing else, and get’s extremely buggy. I’ve already lost my save, and I’ve now had to replay the same chapter twice due to how random the saves come. Just a few minutes ago I booted up and it said my last save was from September, clicked it and it force closed the program and erased my save...again... The battle controls are actually pretty decent considering, but when it’s done you’re back to tapping the screen to go anywhere. Should have used the controls added to VII where it’s a gamepad on the screen but opaque. The music and voices are just like the console/PC version, but even that gets buggy at times. On a number of occasions my party will say stuff in German with Noct responding in English, and the music will cut abruptly. It’s cute but don’t waste your money on this. 2/5 because the soundtrack and voice acting is good, but until they patch up this mess it’s not worth the $20 asking price for the remaining chapters. Just use the money for a used copy or something and save your phone’s battery and memory.

- Glitchy

The first chapter worked great. After I paid for all of the chapters, it started crashing on me and making me repeat several scenes and fights. It’s super frustrating. I’ll be happy to change my review to a 5 once this is fixed.

- One star

I give it a one star cause its not “compatible” with IPhone 6 Plus. Dissapointing.

- App crashes on IOS 13.1 about every 20 minutes

App keeps crashing

- A toddler would crash less if able to drive

DO not pay for the extra chapters. All the same bugs as reported by others cause crashes - it gets to the point where you can just expect to have to replay the chapter over. Even if you do chances are it will crash again. It’s sad too because the game is fun for what it is.

- Movement

I know this is to keep part of the legacy of final fantasy but could you Make an option to use an on screen thumb pad for movement. It would make it a lot easier to maneuver.

- Misleading

So chapter one down, 9 to go? One problem.....after chapter one you either pay $20 to buy the remaining chapters or you don’t play. Super awesome right? I thought this would be similar to FFBE where there are in app purchases, but that it would be a free to play game. The description is pretty misleading. I’m sure if you pay the $20 it would be a fun game. Honestly though? If I’m going to pay that much for a game I might as well pay a bit more and buy it to play for my Xbox instead of my phone.

- Overpriced.

On the hole, it’s a good game. Pretty solid battle system. But why settle for somewhat shoddy graphics, constant crashing, a lack of open world, and seeing no emotion whatsoever during any cutscene, and have to pay $20 for it? Instead, why not just get the game with better graphics, less problems, and real genuine cutscenes on the ps4 for $8 at GameStop? It’s much better in the console version, and half the price. Here’s my recommendation: Square should go SEGA. Where you pay to get rid of ads, but the entire game is free. An ad after each battle and people would pay the same price as Gamestop values it to get rid of ads. Add advertisements and get rid of paying to play, and everybody will pay to get rid of them. Otherwise, this game is overpriced.

- dont download it

..don’t do it guys! you have to pay 💰 in order to advance through chapters! that suxs big time! and thats not what final fantasy games are! this game should be removed from the app store! faking money milking devs

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- Warp strike constantly crashes the game

Like everyone else mentioned, if you tap warp strike it will randomly crash the game. Happens way too frequently, enough to be both annoying and crippling. Game isn’t enjoyable at all because of this. Complete shame this game hasn’t had any updates in a year when this is clearly an extremely common bug. Can’t imagine anyone paying full price for something this broken and lacking support

- Crashing

Every Chapter When I Warp Strike It Crashes Pls Fix👍🏻🙏🏻

- Eeeeeeh

I think the game is great other than two things. Every time I use warp strike there’s a great chance that the game will kick me out of the app. I feel like each chapter is kinda short. Other than that though, I think it’s a great game!

- Phone other than 6s?

Please make this support iPhone 6 as well! It will crash after the intro cutscenes and you can’t get into the first chapter so if you could please make it support iPhone 6

- Audio not working

Audio is not working on the new iPhone 11 pro

- Doesn’t work on my phone

I have a iPhone 6s and iOS 12.It says it supports on my phone but when I started the app it didn’t work. I really wanted to play this game, if it doesn’t work for my phone maybe it should say or something

- Cannot delete iCloud app data for this game huge bug

Cannot delete iCloud app data, huge bug that’s yet been resolved!

- Crashes way to often

Crashes way to often to consider a purchase

- Unstable

Adorable but PLEASE FIX THE CRASHING! This game has stability issues. It crashed multiples times during my chapter 1 play through. I want to buy it as I love this game. But is the crashing worse in later chapters? The auto save feature is top notch thankfully!

- Dommage

Le jeu est vraiment bon. Mais il plante trop souvent lors de phases de combats...

- I’m on iPad Pro 2o18

Add controller support please 🙏🙏🙏

- crash every chapter

the game is crash anytime, and you will lose the record.I have paid all the chapter, and then I just stuck at chapter 3. I play this chapter again and again, but it just crashed and can’t load the record, that means you cannot go further. Be careful, don’t pay any penny on this game.

- Crash

Le jeu crash avec le combat avec l’araignée,c’est cher payer pour un jeu qui plante souvent

- App crashes too frequently

I bought all the chapters and downloaded them to my device, but the app still crashes everytime during gameplay. It can get incredibly frustrating. For example, in the middle of a big boss fight, it crashed. Sometimes, the audio crashes, then is followed by the whole app after a few minutes. It’s a fun story and enjoyable gameplay, only if it would just run smoothly. I’m using an iPhone X with iOS 12.4 update.

- Game keep crashing

When ever I play it always loads and then kicks me out of the the game. I can’t wait to play please update the game.

- Crashing after each scene

I bought the first 3 chapters but not I’m completely stuck cause the game just keeps crashing. Thanks fully I didn’t buy all the chapters or I would be screwed. I’ll re-write my review when this is fixed and give me thoughts on the game then. Brutal for releasing this when it has these issues. Not happy!

- Game crashes a lot

The game crashes a lot and we loss our progress. Yes it is a pain. They should fix this because game is not cheap.

- Don’t waste money.

Instead of wasting your money on this crashy garbage, buy the console or PC version. I have almost 24hrs of gameplay on FFXV PS4 and it’s been a thrilling emotional rollercoaster of an experience. The game controls beautifully on console and it looks stunning as well. If you’re concerned about money, just pick up a used copy from your local game store. It’ll bring you down about $15. Hope someone out there takes my advice. Enjoy.

- Chapter

I love the game but I hate that I have to pay for the rest of the chapters

- 🥴

Endless crashing on the most powerful device running iOS (iPad Pro 2018)

- Crashes ruin an otherwise great mobile ported game

I’ve really been enjoying this version of FFXV! I’ve heard negative things about the combat in the original game but this scaled down simplified version is actually perfect for touchscreen devices. I’m also just loving the choice to be able to switch between English and Japanese (and more!) voices at any time. Didn’t think they would do that for just a mobile game but I’m super glad it did. Now, the crashes. At first it was okay, it would crash occasionally when entering a battle or sometimes right before a cut scene - but you could reload the game and it would always work the second time and get past it just fine. I’m currently on chapter 4 and now suddenly the game *consistently* crashes whenever I try to do a warp strike. Super frustrating, since warp strikes are one of the main game mechanics, but whatever, I gave up on it and I continued anyways. But now I’ve reached a story sequence that *requires* a stealth warp strike and I don’t know what to do because I literally can’t move past it without the game crashing. This is super aggravating and I will be requesting a refund if I can’t figure something out eventually - I don’t have much hope in this issue being fixed considering the last update was 2 months ago.

- Crashes a lot

Since there is no manually save, every time after it crashes have to go through the same thing again, it’s getting annoying

- Constantly need to redownload everything

Bought the game. Immediately downloaded all chapters. Started playing, it keeps asking me to download the chapters invidually once I reach each new one. I spend 30 minutes downloading it on wifi at home. Turn the game off. Come back to it a few days later and it’s asking me to download the chapter again This is infuriating because I can never play when I want to (on the go) and have to go out of my way to start the game and play when I don’t want to (at home) Also the game’s a complete mess

- Keeps crashing

I like it, love the storyline But keeps crashing

- Amazing but you need to pay to play chapter 2 and the others

But very cool game

- 😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤


- Visually outstanding ; yet disappointing

This game has a lot of great potential; I’ve been playing for a few hrs now. But there is two problems one very serious. If both were worked out would make this game much better over all. 1st fix the constant crashing. I have an iPhone XS Max and running 12.1.4 and it crashes at least every 15-20 mins. My second gripe is this game is lacking the ability to have me challenged. It’s quite easy to win and honestly leaves me disappointed hoping for more. If this game clams to be the best RPG on IOS . it only can really say that in its graphics and audio. As a final fantasy fan 15yrs or so . I’m sad to say this game has a lot of potential but is a mediocre game at best in this condition.

- Love The Game But...

I love the play through and the story, I think the characters should move their mouths when they talk and blink every so often as it is a little disturbing to look at. Also I wish you didn’t have to pay 30 dollars to continue, I do not have the funds sadly ;( I wish chapters 2-10 were free to continue on. Still love the game though

- Crashes all the time on iPad Pro

Was fun for 20 mins and then I gave up after repeated crashes because I can’t make any progress

- Worth it. BUT!

Amazing adaptation of an already incredible game. If your device can not handle this phone it’s simply because its lack of compatibility or possible software defects. Other than that, If you have a compatible device, you will enjoy this beautiful premium game. The one thing I hope they can update with is somehow incorporating a battle mode of some sort, it would be amazing to have that.

- Downloading?

This takes too long to download, and I can’t support the funds, I mean. I’d love to pay, but I cant, sad

- Crashing

Too many crashes and freeze ups to consider purchasing beyond the first free chapter. Am using latest iPad Pro , iOS 12.1.1. Pity :(

- Buying chapters

In the game it’s showing the price 13.99 to buy chapters 4-10, but when I click to pay the price jumps to 27.99, which one is it.

- this game just stole my money

I purchased an $15 apple store card to buy all 10 chapters and it took my money but I’m still only stuck with chapter 1! it’s saying I still have to buy chapter 2-10. what gives! Just stole my money!

- Very bad

Total and complete waste of time. Maybe the full version is better. There were a few moments at the start where i thought I was playing a final fantasy... but it got worse and worse

- Great on iPad Pro 10.5

The interface is great on my iPad, but a bit too cramp on my iPhone. My iPad only crash very occasionally, and only when i have like 25 other apps open at the same time. The constant autos saving help a lot. It’s a pretty demanding app, I would recommend that you close other background apps when playing it. Especially if you are playing on older and less power iPads/phones. You can also turn down the graphic settings in the setting to prevent crashes. It would be nice if they have a higher graphic version specifically for iPad pros.

- Super crashy.

I managed to finish the game, but experienced probably 30-40 crashes. Really frustrating.

- Boooo

This is a cute game and fun to play however only the first chapter is free to play. Bunk!

- Not Compatible

I ran it on iPhone 5s and it just kept crashing. Could you please make it compatible on my device?

- Loved but expensive

I absolutely loved it but it’s 30 dollars and I think that’s a little to much but the game is absolutely amazing thank you for bringing my favorite game on mobile

- No joystick

There’s no joy stick option for this game as your fingers are always in the middle of the screen covering the path when your trying to go straight. Too much work to do for leisure play

- Stop making crapy game

Stop making ugly game like that and do a remake of secret of mana and chroni trigger and all other final fantasy game full screen for iPhone XS Max. I dont play since i sold my iphone 4.

- No please

I have an iPhone Xs Max but it glitches out every time it loads

- Being able to play chapters offline....

The game is ok but, it would be better if I could play other chapters without being connected to the internet. It sucks when I have the other chapter downloaded but not being able to play them until I’m connected to the internet again....

- Big problem

It crashing is it possible to fix please

- Bait

Hate the bait to say it’s free until you play and then they tell you it’s 27.99 if you actually want the game. Shady

- Nice if did not crash all the time

Clicking on the screen, crash. Entering combat; crash. And so on. On iphone 8. Wayyyyyyyyy overpriced considering that problem.

- Not worth it

To unlock all of the chapters of the game, you must pay 27 dollars. You can buy the actual game for that amount and the royal edition for 10 dollars more.

- Please read this

I have a iPad Air and the game is always crashing when it’s loading the first level so I just hope they fix this but great music

- Game crash

This app game crash too often. Got into a fight and the game shut down.

- Awesome

I love the game, I always wanted to play FF15 but never had time to get it but now I got this “YES” on mobile whaoo I can finally play, noctis hair look funny?? It just one spot of hair spike; if you could make his hair spike more from the back that while be good and also different combo like the PC/PS/xBox and DLC. We need a joystick mode and roam mode (when finish all chapters)and phantom blade maybe update that his in midair with sword everywhere like the PS4/3 + more weapon to use instead of three. Last but not least; can you make them Blink and open there mouth while moving/talking. That’s all.

- Can’t start playing!

I can’t play the game it crashes before I even get into it! Please fix I am very annoyed >:( it just takes up space 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

- Good...but..........

I really like this game like, really like it. But why I gave you 4 stars is because you have to PAY FOR ALL THE CHAPTERS! I really like this only I don’t want to pay to play a quality game. Thanks for your time!

- Sound bug

So whenever there are a lot of sound clips going at the same time, like during combat, they all start to skip and cut in and out, causing pain to the ears. It’s bad enough that I can’t keep playing. For such an expensive game, an issue like this is unforgivable.

- Can’t play

It starts fine, plays prologue and downloads game but when it gets to the loading screen it randomly closes

- Pricey

The console version isn’t that much more. I feel there’s better games to spend money on .

- Good but crashes a lot

The game itself is great and enjoying it. However it crashes often and at one point it crashed and forced a reset... iPhone Xr IOS12.2

- Good but..

Yeah it was good but after level 1 it wants you to pay over $30 AUD to play the whole game.

- Doesn’t load new maps without internet ?

Why is it when you download all the maps and play as a new chapter starts it just sits on a infinite ♾ loading wheel if your on airplane mode . I thought you could play it offline ?!

- Purchases

I love the game, but I can’t purchase anything to play, like chapter two or three.

- Something wrong

I can’t play it on my iPad for some reason it just takes me out of the game

- Good


- Worth every cents!

Perfectly adapted to mobile touch control. Same great story, though abridged. Just hope they could bring the DLCs to mobile in the future. Running on iPhone 7 with only minor bugs (Noctis sometime would stuck, but nothing a reload couldn’t fix).

- Horrible

When I was playing I could tell that the game was very rushed and trashy put more effort in it next time you update please

- You guys... Are the best!

I have just finished the game, like 5mins ago finished it. Honestly, I feel satisfied. It’s taken me a little over a 6weeks of effort and in my eyes was worth the $30 to get all the levels. It’s no PC / Console version, but then again I never expected nor wanted it to be. It is kind of linear, but the storyline’s rewarding. Control wise it’s a little interesting, you’ll need to learn that you can’t just brawl an enemy and expect to win. There is some strategy involved. Hint, prompto taking photos to get AP is a great thing to aim for. They’ll come in handy later in the game. I know the games been out for a while, but if you’re looking for a reason to get it, let this review be that reason.

- Only limited devices will run

Checked the website, even if the ios is greater than 11.0 but its not listed as the device required then the game will not work properly.

- It wouldnt download

The game is stuck on the download screen

- Crashes a lot

I’m sad that the I was really excited for this game but since I got an iPhone 6 it says it would work but after the loading screen it say it probably won’t work. I am only up to chapter one and it crash. It may work on other phones but iPhone 6 is also exceptional. I hope that this will update soon and improve its system. I really want to play this game so badly:( Pls pls pls fix this error

- Nothing

It’s a waste

- App closing

I really like the game especially because the SD version remind me final fantasy 7but unfortunately in my IPhone X iOS 11.4.1 the game is closing for no reason :/ I hope the developers give some attention for new devices as well

- Not working

This app isn’t working

- Why does the App Store say that it compatible with my device. But it’s not

I can’t load it at all and I really wanted to play the game. 😱😱😱😭😭😭😭

- Really good.

Played on iPad Pro 10.5. I really liked it. I had no issues performance wise.i would like the camera to be a little further back from the toons but it’s ok. It is just a mobile game so don’t be expecting the worlds best rpg.

- No iPhone 6 support

I was super keen to play this on lowest settings but even then it crashed before i could play. I understand its not designed for this phone but a lower settings patch or something would be awesome so we could play

- Fun but crashes often

This is a fun way to catch the story of Final Fantasy XV in a more casual way and in smaller chunks. Graphics and voice acting are great. However the game crashes about once per hour. The upside is that auto saves are frequent enough to avoid losing any significant progress when that happpens.

- A nice abridged alternative to the original

So I finally got into playing through Chapter 1 and picked up 2-10 with the sale price, so I’m currently mid-Chapter 2, definitely a lot of fun! Haven’t experienced any issues of crashes, etc, however I do get an intermittent bug, usually after combat, where certain voice lines seem to suddenly be voiced in German, with English subtitles.. Then it goes back to English. Aside from that minor thing, everything works great on both iPhone 7 Plus and iPad Air 2!

- I love it

Amazing. I'm playing on computer and here. Best game. Can I give 1000 stars?😂❤️❤️

- Good if you can get it to work

So what I see from a lot of reviews is this game is unplayable on some setups. I’m running an 8+ with the current iOS update and it works pretty well. It does still crash occasionally but usually straight after a boss fight when it’s just saved so minimal re-doing of tasks/boss fights. It goes to sleep during cut scenes if you don’t tap the screen from time to time but that’s just annoying. Otherwise the games pretty fun, it’s definitely a FF, I’m not quite finished yet but so far while it’s good it’s not $30 good, $20 max seems fair. If they sort the bugs and be reasonable with the price then definitely give it a go.

- No thanks..

Yeah sorry square but no sale. FF15 is the worst game I’ve played in the franchise (and I’ve played and finished them all) and this mobile attempt is an even worse version of an already heavily over rated and honestly just a bad game. It pains me to say it square it really does..I grew up on final fantasy but unless you turn the franchise around and recapture the magic of the ps1 games it really will be the “final” one sooner rather than later.

- No...

Sorry but $30? Yes that’s pocket money to me but when “The Witness” is $10 and a full fledge console game with hours and hours of gameplay, then as if I’d pay $30 for a limited FF15 game. If you priced it at $10 you would get at least three times the sales, yet common sense isn’t so common at Square Enix ...

- 100% False advertising - I Cry Foul!

Massive fan of the final fantasy series, especially every rendition of XV, and was SUPER pumped about the pocket edition coming out. Was surely disappointed, as I’m sure a fair few of your customers are, that my iPhone meets every requirement, yet is not an iPhone 6s but the standard 6, and many problems arise. I am welcomed to a message saying that the game ‘may’ not work on my device yet App Store clearly states my phone is compatible. I can watch the cutscenes at the start, and can get to the main menu, yet as soon as it loads the game crashes EVERY time. I just wish Square Enix addresses this and optimises this for iPhone 6 as it is currently running iOS 11.2.6, but the fact that it’s an iPhone 6, not a 6s, stops it from getting any further than the loading screen. This is false advertising and I feel It is wrong that I, and many others, should upgrade our phones by a third of a generation just to play this game, which I am very passionate about. I would like to see this issue be fixed.

- Amazing first chapter...but $31 for the rest

$31!!? For a mobile game, you’ve got to be kidding??😂

- No direction

Really needs a joystick. I’d definitely consider paying for the full game if this was to happen. Tapping on the screen 50 times to run 30 meters got old real quick, and quite annoying to say the least. Plus yep, $30 is pretty pricey considering you can get the console version for that price now on special.

- It works now!

After the recent update, you can now load from a save, if you'd been having trouble. Looks like the game is safe to play now. Fingers crossed.

- Keeps Crashing

Was really enjoying this game, then it crashed and I tried reloading my save but it wouldn’t get past the loading screen. Please fix and I would gladly drop the $$ required to buy all the chapters. iPhone X

- Stuck on loading

Game is fun to play. But after the first play session, it just stuck on loading forever.

- I haven’t been able to log in for two days now

While I was enjoying the game, I never even got to finish the first chapter before the app crashed and now it won’t make it past the loading screen after I choose my save file. Please fix this as it looks like I’m not alone.

- Seems awesome but stuck on load screen

Game seems really cool. But after saving and coming back the game is now stuck on teh load screen. Would easily be a five star if not for this.

- Great

Great game and then you finish chapter 1 you could at least give us 4 chapters to play before buying chapters now I feel obligated not to continue but would be very worth buying all chapters I actually love the way the game is play beside the moving controls other then that it’s great thanks square

- Potential but stopped working

Has good potential. But doesn’t work. Won’t get off the loading screen.

- Great (while working).

When I first loaded the app it worked flawlessly, and I really enjoyed the gameplay. Only problem now, is that I can’t load my saved game. It just stays on the “loading” screen. Edit: I started from scratch, and this time I’ve had no loading problems. I’m not a fan of the way the game saves. I’ve had it crash a few times towards the end of an area, and then I’ve had to restart the quests all over again. Surely there’s a way for progress to be saved more regularly, or even manually. Still enjoying the overall experience though... ...Well I was until the fight with Aranea. She keeps disappearing out of the fight arena... I’ve tried quitting and reloading, but the same thing keeps happening. Getting frustrated at this point.

- Nooooo

So badly want to play it but it just keeps on crashing and will not let me even start. Saids it’s compatible with my phone yet can’t play. Hopefully some updates can fix this.

- Beware

It is free to download but after the first chapter you have to buy the rest. It should be disclosed before download. This, my friends, is called a bait & switch.

- Stuck on loading screen

Game won’t load iPad Pro 10.5 11.2.5

- Proper Final Fantasy

It is by far my favourite game on mobile! It is incredible how it runs. While there have been reports that the game doesn’t run on apple iPhone 6s Plus, I have not had any issues at all! It has beautiful visuals, responsive controls, and voice acting straight from the full version of the game. Combat is fluid and overall, a great way to experience FF15 in an alternate way. Highly recommended for anyone to try and see for yourselves

- I want to love it...

Have been wanting to play this for so long and finally it’s arrived and ready to play on my new iPhone X. However, I keep getting crashes - this is causing me to lose progress and repeat the same story area multiple times. Just let it be smooth so I can delve into the story and enjoy the music/scenery - I really want to! Things that need to be patched: - crashing (as mentioned above). - prevent auto lock of display. - show transparent battery and time on top corner for longer sessions. - potential add support for controller or allow option for on screen joystick styled controls. I love SE and I know they will get all these things most likely solved in the coming months.

- Amazing

The game is amazing, and the first chapter was quite long for me, but sadly, I can’t buy the rest. I know it is a great game, and for those who are saying it isn’t compatible, a screen pops up and tells you to go to their website if you don’t know if your device is compatible or not. And downloading it didn’t even take 5 minutes, stop complaining! They managed to fit a console game into an app, $30 is a fair price for all the hard work they put into it.

- Game stuck on load screen

I’ve been playing the new FF 15 PE, and have been quite impressed with the gameplay and overall story line. I had to step away from my iPhone X ( brand new phone may I say) then came back half an hour later and my game won’t load!! I tried turning my phone off and back on, but the game is stuck on the loading screen!! Very disappointed as this seems like a very simple glitch that designers could have avoided! Any suggestions from anyone who has come across this issue, would be greatly appreciated

- Crashes

iPhone 6s constantly crashes and unplayable for me sadly.

- Expensive

I liked the game. Should of made it free

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- Great Game But.....

I like this game but I’ll love this game if it stops crashing on me. I can’t make it further in the game because it keeps crashing on me. I paid for the extra chapters but can’t enjoy them plz fix this problem, once the problem is fixed I’ll give it 5 stars....


I was so excited for the game but......When I was going to chapter 2 it said buy chapter to or buy all chapters......I flipping went straight to the App Store to write a review! Come on people I hate buying chapter!!!

- Nice port, but the downloads... ugh...

So obnoxious that the HUGE download files can’t do so in the background. I have to look at my phone for this to download? Why? Downloads stop if your phone goes to sleep or if you switch apps. All of this is made worse by how slow the servers are.

- Keeps closing out of the game

I do enjoy this game but having it kick me out a lot and then start me up at my save point is getting very old.

- Request

This game was so good I couldn’t stop playing I wish they would make more like this I’m sooo sad that it ended I wanted to cry. Please make a new final fantasy game

- Hi

So I liked the game for the short amount that I played it but the thing is I can’t go past the first cutscene so please fix dat ok

- Why do I have to pay

This is a great game but I don’t understand why you have to pay for the rest of the chapters after the first one. if you have the money to spend you should definitely download it it’s really fun but Sense I have to pay I can’t continue play this game. And the first chapter leaves you on a cliff hanger. Overall it’s a great game and you should buy it if you have the money for the chapters

- Great start but

Loved the first part but I’d rather just buy the game outright than pay for bits & pieces. The stars would go to 5 if that were a option!

- Force closes xs max

Force closes I really want to play please fix

- Game Randomly Crashes - iPad Pro 2018 12.9

Hi Square Team, crashes consistently occurs making this game frustrating and intolerable to play on the latest iPad Pro. Please fix the crashes.

- Crashes constantly

On latest iPad, iOS 12.4 A digital joystick would work better for moving.

- Keeps crashing.

I’m on chapter six, and once I get all the cactus and treasures, it seems to crash, I don’t know if it’s because of th notifications I get when people text me. But I paid $20 to play all 20 chapters without it crashing, if it can’t be fixed, I would think a refund is in order.

- Please update the game to fix bug

I paid for 10 chapters and pretty much enjoy the game however it keeps dropping out of the game when i get to a certain area. Playing on iPhone xs max

- It’s amazing, but

It’s not free.

- Wish it had a virtual d-pad

The point and click is a pain in the butt as I don’t like have to tap all over the entire screen to move someone and I feel like I have less control. The designers should have at least given the option to have a d pad. The game lost 3 stars from me because of this. I’m a die hard Square:Enix fan and own every game. Please make an update if you want me to purchase more than 2 chapters. Highly disappointed.

- It costs money to play the levels

In order to play all the levels it costs a lot of money!

- Why does it have to cost money?

I really like the game but, the chapters cost money and I don’t have money. I wish it would be free and not paid.

- A Brief Candle

This game is a lot of fun. The action and UI are top notch for a mobile JRPG, and gameplay is smooth as butter. The game does feel like it’s on rails most of the time, but I can generally excuse that in a mobile title. However, as polished and enjoyable as this game is, I can’t justify spending the $20 asking price for 15-20 hours of content. Dragon Quest VIII was $15 eand there’s around 80-100 hours there. Final Fantasy may stand as a titan among JRPGs here in the west, but its price tag needs to reflect the content, not the title. Based on other Square Enix mobile releases, I’d value this one at $10. It’s a beautiful game that I can easily recommend for its gameplay, but not one that I can recommend you spend $20 on when there are so many other great options.

- Constantly Crashes on iPad Pro 11

This game constantly shuts down and even crashes the iPad about every 5 minutes into the game. I have done a clean wipe of the iPad and reinstalled the game and still does it. Please fix it, I would like to play the game I paid for.

- Fun game, but...

I started and finished chapter 1, and now I’m into the game. I bought the other chapters because I want to see how the story plays out. So much fun on the iPad Pro.. although the random crashes are getting annoying. It’s the latest 2018 iPad Pro, so it seems that the game itself has some bugs yet to still be worked out. Once I see an update that fixes these crashes, I’ll update the review. Last note, luckily there’s auto save, so the crashes causes little re-work on the game play. Please fix!

- Don’t pay for the chapters

You are basically paying 20 bucks for a games that is on a console/pc for 30 it’s not worth it it’s a games with medium graphics for 20 bucks vs a games with high graphics for 30

- Game keeps closing.

Game keeps closing as I play. Bug or something but it’s so annoying I can’t keep playing like this

- Annoying

It would be a great game if you did not need to Buy the next part!😡😡😡

- Oh come on!!

Every time I try to play the game it crashes oh come on I’m useing a mini ipad cuz I feel like it uses the iPhone just come on!!!

- Potential: PLEASE update it’s been 5 months

Update: Will give full stars and re-download if updated with new content. Please add more content in which we can get into random battles and possibly use summons. Open world exploration. That would make this game perfect. This is an incredible game. I’ve finished the game and am very bummed that its over...I need more! Looks beautiful and runs quite smooth. However, I’m sure I’m speaking for most that it would be amazing if we had an option for post-game play. I’d really like to see a challenging dungeon with new bosses or area with random encounters so that we can have the opportunity to actually manually use summons. I know this is probably a lot to ask for and it would take up more space on the device but it would keep people coming back for more. Also, it would be nice to have an option to copy save files.

- Pointless. SE you disappoint me.

Don’t. 5 mins of gameplay (excluding cut scenes) then BLOCKED by the lovely PAYWALL. Not the kind that limits your play, but COMPLETELY STOPS it. Wrapping up HOURS and HOURS of play on the Xbox vers of this, multiple play through, I thought what better than to sink my teeth into when I’m not feeling like taking on the bitter endless drones of magitek engines, than a little mobile version? Right? As someone who hasn’t found a FF game that majorly thrilled me since FFVII and FFIX, until this one, I am most majorly disappointed. Just. Don’t. I paid the normal dough for the XBox version with no problem. I’m NOT paying a THIRD (and only if I get all chapters at once, otherwise it’s more) of that price for a MOBILE game that the first “Chapter” doesn’t last a THIRD of the time in the Xbox vers did for the same gameplay. If the other chapters make up for it with more content/monsters/actual open world it MIGHT be worth it. But you’ve not shown that worth with chapter one- just so you can call it a “Free” game. Shame on you.

- Great game

Story and game play is great for casual gaming. Little disappointed by not getting a response from developer when I was having problems with the game crashing.

- Could Have Been a 5 Star But...

Chapter 1 of the game was great.I played through it in about 1-2 hours.But,I am disappointed that you have to pay for all the other chapters.I thought the game was a free to play.But you actually need to pay.I am requesting and suggesting that there should be free chapters until chapter 4 or 5.It makes the game more likable that way.Even though right now you have to pay through the chapters, it is a great game and I like the gameplay and controls.So please add the free chapters until chapter 4 or 5.

- Chapter purchase is greedy

First off, this is a great game. Go read real reviews if you care that much. My only problem is the price points on chapters in the game. If you just want to try one more chapter to see if you’ll like it, it’s 99 cents. If I pay that, it should come off the total price for the rest of the game being $18.99. That is not the case here. You still have to pay $20.

- Bummed

Game is fun and I thought there were just in app purchases. Had no idea that only chapter 1 is free. I already own FF15 so no need to buy this game. If it was F2P I would give it an easy 5.

- *click* Noice

Very good. Part of what I like about the windows edition is how beautiful it is, but this chibi style made up for that. Good game!

- Constant Crashing

At what point will the developers respond to the crashing issue? It’s almost criminal to continue to sell this game as it is unplayable on even the latest devices. It’s a shame because this is a great game when it works.



- Spectacular!

Best Final Fantasy game on iOS. I just wished they would make the base game full price and include the whole game instead of making it basically a “free trial.”

- Great except

The game is great but you have to pay for it when instead of having to pay for it you could have ads

- It’s great but...please do this

To be honest I really love the game and I wanna keep playing it! The thing is though is why do you have to pay chapters to play the entire game? I hate to see that you have to buy a mobile version of the game to have fun . I mean like if you wanna get that good good cash at least think of something else that doesn’t mess up the game with buying chapters. It’s making the game feel like telltales way of things, buying chapters to get the full story of the game; why just keep it all in one package instead of buying parts of it one by one it starts to get annoying for us to pay. Have the chapters for free would get a crowd running in and play ,but if you want us to pay give us something on the mobile exclusively like special events throughout the game like that assassins creed event but you gotta pay like a dollar for a costume set or some weapons for each of the characters something like that would be good. If only you had the chapters free I would be happy but right now I don’t find this good at all. I love this game, I love the combat, I love the story but this is not a good way for us to enjoy it.

- Crashes A LOT

It crashed about 10 times in chapter 3 and sent me back to the beginning of the chapter every time. Now I’m not sure if I care to keep paying for episodes of a game which is causing so much grief.

- Fantastic! But Crashes Often.

This is easily one of the best mobile games I’ve played. The only issue for me - and its extremely annoying - is that it crashes OFTEN. Typical, I will play for about 30 minutes at a time and the game will crash 3-4 times in that time-frame. Will definitely change this to a 5-star rating when the constant crashing stops.

- No sound?

Ive done everything from setting to lowest setting to restarting phone. Um sound? Where art thou?

- Great concept, bugs and save issue destroys it

I love the concept of this game- an abridged version of the full game that keeps the characters and story while simplifying combat. My wife played the full console edition, and I liked what I saw but couldn’t see myself committing to a 50+ hour game. The app crashes constantly on my iPad. I tried deleting the game and redownloading to see if it would address the issue as suggested by support and lost all my progress. Cloud saves are supported but only manually and save data is tied to app data. No way to chapter skip, either. Glad I didn’t purchase the full game.

- Crashes on iPhone XR

Crashing on iPhone XR. Seems like it would be great but currently unplayable

- Good adaptation, frustrating crashes

Playing on a 2018 iPad Pro, the game crashes every 15 minutes or so of gameplay. For something that’s well done, immersive, and makes me want to keep going, repaying from the last checkpoint so many times is supremely frustrating.

- So I have to pay for the other chapters?

I feel like I was ripped off thinking I was going to be playing this game for a while but you have to buy the other chapters why can’t it just be free this disappoints me about this game as much as I love the graphics and Uninstalling there’s no point in keeping it if I have to pay just to play a game

- Can’t even play

I bought the pack for 19.99 but I can’t even play the game because every time the game closes after 15-20 min of playing the game is there a way I can get my money back? Because for a game that cost $20 dollars i didn’t expect this problem as this was my first 20 purchase left me disappointed 😞 and kind of 😤 as I can’t even play this game and honestly it’s fun just can’t play it. Also making me redo mission as it shuts down without the save 😤 thx for helping me out if not is there a I can get my money back will be a 1 star for know not satisfied.

- Keeps charging me

I downloaded and deleted this game a few months ago. It redownloaded itself recently and charged me $5 for something I didn’t buy. I deleted it again and it charged me for some pack I also didn’t buy

- Great but some notes.....

The game was great but the cost to continue was UNREAL! I mean $20 to play a game that’s not as full as the real one?! It’s crazy but it was kind of worth it. But also the game was rated 9+ but....... most of the time they cursed. If the game says the B Bomb than it should be rated like M or at least T! But overall, a great game!

- IM one of the first

I was one of the first people to but Y this game and I can say bad game 5 bucks an episode who wants that that is too much money and the episode only like 30 minutes do not get this game whoever is reading this do not get this game I prefer Minecraft story mode T least they give deals like 9 dollars for 3 episodes that’s a good deal this game does not even offer that

- Fun but..

Fun game, but it crashes constantly on an iPhone XS. Once you complete Chapter One, about 30-60mins of play...they want $20 for the remaining chapters. Personally not worth $20. Square is notorious for overcharging for their games, nothing changed here.

- Why do you have to pay for the rest of the chapter

Do I have to pay for the rest of the chapters to play on

- Kicked out!

This is my first time writing a review to an app, and I have a pretty big complaint! Every time I try to get into the car so I can go with Ardyn I get kicked out! I used my money to buy ALL the chapters not just to get repeatedly kicked out. I feel scammed. Please fix this.

- Best game

I just wish it was free

- Endings. ((Spoilers to original game))

Beautiful. I haven’t played the mobile version yet again to confirm (I will very soon) but I believe that there are some significant differences (in terms of scenes) from the original game. Besides the photography, the mobile game does lack the little but beautiful things (like fishing or certain choices or being able to warp away from a battle or even choosing your last meal with your friends) which is sad and unsatisfactory. Other than that, it’s wonderful and captures the mainstream plot fittingly. ((Additive for the creators: The scene with the painter in Altissia was brilliant and hilarious. Well done.))

- Good game! But freezes TO MUCH

I love the game but I’ve had the game exit about 14 times and I’m only on chapter 3. It is very frustrating when you complete a short quest and nothing is saved. Playing on IPhone X

- Crash

App always crash!

- Bottom line : FF15 wasn’t a great game

Yea there are control issues maybe but as a port this is pretty damn good. The real problem is FF15 just wasn’t that great of a game to begin with. Octopath traveler looks awesome tho so Square def has some talented devs left.

- Needs MFI controls

I can’t stand these touch controls. Get with the times and make this game MFI enabled!

- Great game!

Great game. The mobile version is surprisingly good!

- Fun game to play. Really loved it.

Since they lasted updates I have been able to enjoy the game with no issues. Changed review to 5 stars. Thanks for the awesome game. Worth every penny I’m really enjoying the game but I have to save it manually after every scene or fight. If not it crashes and I have to start over again. This is a brand new iPhone 8. Please auto save more often or live sync it. Also fix the crashes. Lasted patch does fix issues with corrupt save games. I have lost hrs of gameplay Game is unplayable at present

- Allmost the same

Some things are your Different

- Keeps crashing

Good game but the app keeps crashing or glitching to the point you can’t play it on some occasions

- No sound?

Suddenly with this new update there is no sound.

- There’s a problem

The games language changing when the characters talk sometimes, a character will say the dialogue in German for example and when another character responds it’s in German too. But the next time someone say something it’ll be English again. Please fix this it is very annoying

- Fun for what it is

I’ve only finished the first chapter buuuuuut here’s how I feel so far: Games pretty decent overall, I’m still on the fence about opting in for chapters 2-10. I see a lot of people complaining about crashing but so far I’ve ran chapter 1 three times and experienced 0 crashes, running an iPhone 7+ I believe. I like the games cartoony vibe, like world of final fantasy style meets ff15 story, it’s cute. However I did notice and maybe this will change in later chapters that it’s extremely linear, the fights are limited, and items seem to be easy enough to get. Wondering how this will effect hunting down noctis’ other weapons (I forget what they’re called now). Will change my rating and add more later if I decide to buy into more chapters or just replay 15 on console or pc

- Not bad, needs work.

This game is pretty good, I’m using the iPhone 6s, In the game runs on high graphics at 60 FPS. But sometimes the talking is too fast and sometimes the talking is too slow When speaking to an NPC, also I don’t know why you can turn your vehicle left and right because I have not found a use for that and I am on chapter 2. Also I think the characters only have three fingers and that is weird.

- Problème

Dès que je télécharge le jeu, il n’arrête pas de planter. Pouvez-vous faire une version pour Apple. Ps:la musique,les voix des personnages et l’histoire sont très bien fait, pour ça, c’est 5 étoiles

- App crashes on initial loading screen

Running iOS 11.2.6 on iPhone 7Plus and it crashes on initial loading screen. Please fix.

- Chef d’oeuvre

The game is amazing, the characters, the gameplay and the story are very enjoyable! Excellent work on this game. Probably one of the best mobile game i’ve ever played.

- Ainda nem tenho o jogo ♥️

Eu quero muito jogar esse jogo pq eu ainda n tenho ele no pc... mas já to muito animado

- 😂🤣

Après le premier chapitre, faut payer ?!? 🤣😂😅 C’est n’importe quoi !

- It’s good but you have to pay

The game is I was going to give this five stars but you have to pay for more chapters which sucks so much for free game.

- Good but needs a few fixes

Game is a great way to speed through the full story of it’s console version. Though linear it is a good port for mobile. Gameplay is fun but easy to say the least. I ran through the whole game without needing more than 50 hp pots all the other kinds were useless. Had enough gil to buy every piece of gear but not enough ap to buy all skills. On the down side the audio is terrible mix is off in most scenes, ono’s are way too loud compared to sfx vo’s and music. And what could be worst than missing audio files or the few German takes in the english game.... poorly executed audio wise. In the end being fan of the series since ff1 it is still worth the 30$ but needs fixes on the audio. Oh and one last thing did I talk about the audio?

- Great game

I haven’t played the PS4 version of FF15 yet, but this game already got me hooked from the first chapter. As for the price for the remaining chapters, I believe it is well worth the investment. For the quality you get; whether it be gameplay, storyline, music or more, you won’t regret it. I’m enjoying it everytime I play.

- Too easy

Trop facile Too easy to get potions Bosses are not a challenge

- Review

This game is visually stunning compared to most other games on phones. The combat system is well thought out although relatively easy for experienced players. If you have never played a FF game, I suggest this or 7 is where u start. There is 10 chapters and you get to play the first free, the rest are available for around 30$ but I’d say it’s well worth the price, as this game includes everything the console versions have, apart from a few features like online play. This game takes leaps past all the mediocre rpg games on mobile and presents an amazing story and relatable characters. The game can have you driving on barren roads at one moment, but fighting monsters beyond belief the next. It’s a roller coaster which is well worth the time and money. If it runs on your device and you enjoy rpg games, this is a must have. Music:9/10 story:10/10 characters10/10 visuals:8/10 dialogue:10/10. Well done Enix!

- This game is awesome!

Despite few bugs here and there, they moved almost everything from console to the mobile plant form! Very nice!!

- App crashing

I am running IOS 11.2.5 and the game is crashing at loading. The game looks amazing and I would like to play. Please update it so it compatible with IOS 11.2.5. Thank you. I downloaded the new update that was supposed to fix the issue but it still crashing while loading.

- Good story, Buggy game

There were many crashes. There was one glitch where monsters keep re-spawning but I could not do damage to the boss and I was not taking any damage until I quit the game and restarted. I played the game in English but the audio was in German for a chapter. My expectations were a good story, an open world and the same number of chapters as the full game. I only got the story.

- There are positives and negatives

So, like so many others, I was looking forward to playing this game. I have an iPad Air 2, which is a couple years old now, but should have had no problem running the game. However, during both gameplay as well as cutscenes, there were a handful of times the app quit and closed out to my iPad home screen - all this in only Chapter 1 😳! I really like the FFXV storyline as a whole and was excited to be able to play the ported version. I am physically disabled and unable to sit for long periods of time, so playing on PC is not an option for me. The graphics aren’t the best, but at the same time it is what I expected. If they made the characters and surroundings more cinematic in appearance, it would have required more graphics resources than most tablets can handle. There is an option to improve the graphic quality, however, I only suggest doing that if you’re running the app on a tablet that can handle it. I have read many reviews here where others complain about their device(s) not being supported; this was the case for my daughter as well. She has the original iPad Air and though it did run the game, even after the device popped up to report her device was not supported, it quit many more times in Chapter 1 than mine did and we had the graphics settings down to the lowest settings. Due to the numerous app quits in my first chapter alone, I opted to not purchase the remaining chapters at this time. If I see an update available soon (indicating good app support and developers listening to the reports of frequent spontaneous quitting), then I will splurge for the nearly $30 and unlock the rest of the game. As far as gameplay goes, I wish there was a joystick or d-pad option for controlling the characters. I also wish there were buttons that abilities could be assigned to. The current configuration is not able to be changed or customised and it really forces you to play with one hand - making one hand super busy and the other idle. I found in order to respond to action prompts that had limited time for a response, I was having to remember what specific action caused that action to happen (tapping, long hold, long hold and slide, etc...). Binding these to a set of software buttons would’ve been *very* helpful with my response times - along with a d-pad or joystick on the opposite side so I didn’t have to move and control abilities with the same hand! For the HUD, I wish, as in normal FF style, we could see our whole party’s stat bars and know when abilities are ready, health is low, etc... and being able to tap on the status bar frame to take control of a character would be a much quicker way than trying to find someone in the far reaches of the screen (or off screen) who is ready for an ability to be used, (or maybe I just want to play that character). When having an encounter the screen limits the area you can move in. Too many times party members are offscreen or remaining foes are offscreen and not able to be targeted until I move in that direction (slowly at that). Even if I manage to warp strike to an empty area in the direction of an enemy, I often cannot make it to the foe before my fellow party members have already killed it. This limits the enjoyment of actually playing the game. I would prefer a turn based fight to live-action that I can only participate in on a limited basis. A side note: The in-app purchases to unlock chapters are not worded/labelled clearly. There’s a list to unlock specific chapters, and while I do understand they broke it up into smaller and more affordable pieces, I wish they would have called the $27 purchase (which seems to unlock all chapters) “unlock all chapters”. It was confusing to my teen daughter and I imagine she was not alone in that. The game states it is rated for ages 9+ but there are some characters who, even though graphics are reduced and cartoon-like, are so scantily dressed! In my opinion as a mum, I would not allow kids under 12 to play it *and only if* they have a basic understanding that even though game characters look like hookers, that doesn’t mean it is the proper way a person should dress. I mention this because there are parents who actually care about what their kids are exposed to. As far as violence goes, I’d say 9 year olds, who are not already negatively impacted by fighting games, would be just fine. The game focuses more on storyline than blood and gore. TL;DR: Great idea, many bugs, lacking in gameplay functionality, game quits too often, I’d encourage you to read the longer version. ;)

- Won’t load

I was really excited for this game to come out on mobile. But as I got it and I tried loading it up, the game just won’t load. I have an iPhone 7 Plus and it’s supposed to be supported.

- Merci

J’espère que vous allez sortir d’autres jeux comme celui la trop cool j’ai déjà fini le jeu j’ai trouvé sa le fun merci en espérant qu’il vas avoir d’autres jeux de ce genre

- Enjoyable but slightly buggy.

For some reason the voice over switches from English into German. Lucky there are subtitles

- If you like crashes and corrupted save games...

then this game is for you. I played a bit, but then found endless loading screens were all I'd get. Needs to be fixed ASAP.

- Serious bug in capital 10, no finish

Serious bug in capital 10, you can’t see the ending of the story.

- FF15 PE Great Job SquareEnix

This game is amazing. 💯💯💯 Buy this game if you are a fan of the series, and had not played the original like myself.

- Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition

This is, frankly, an amazing mobile game. The graphics are charming, and beautiful. The events that occur are almost 1:1 with the console release. Though, if you’re playing on a smartphone, be sure to bring an external battery if you are playing extended sessions away from a wall outlet. The one deal breaker for me, is the $28 price for all the chapters that are available. If it were a full PC/console game, I wouldn’t be complaining. Though, for a mobile game, it’s pushing the boundaries a bit. It’s also quite misleading, because you have to purchase it after the “play chapter one for FREE!”. Bottom line: if you are willing to pay the down $28 price, good for you; it’s amazing game that is worth experiencing if you haven’t, or have played the console game.

- File Loads

This game is beautiful, the mechanics and the idea behind it are amazing just one problem, file loads. I turned off the game on a file I was on and it wasn’t saving, so the next time I tried to open the file it would just sit there for minutes loading. But over all the game is great

- Fun Game but too expensive

I bought the 2nd and 3rd chapter after liking the first so much, but at $5.49 (CDN) for basically one hour of game play each chapter it’s not very reasonable. Yes it’s fun but it’s a $2.99/chapter game not $5.49.

- Sad for iPhone 5s

It’s sad when you wait 2 week for a epic game and when you finally get it you can’t run it and it’s not really free ;-;;;

- Stop.

Give it up. The game failed, so stop milking is corpse. Please.

- bug

bug bug bug fix it please i can’t load my save game it’s freezing after on screen loading

- Not for iPhone 6

Make it for iPhone 6 !

- Fun, but at what cost?

Being an 80s kid, I enjoy how the game plays on my iPhone X. When running down, the phone swipes up and I have restart the game. The English dialogue goes German from time to time. I like the game, but paying $28 is steep for a cell phone game.

- Nice game!

Don’t close the app right after the save.

- Good Game But...

I wish it would warn you about having to pay for all the chapters, I had downloaded it then was very disappointed to see that the rest of 2–10 you would have to pay for

- Great, a lot of fun.

It’s fun and I’m not a fan of this type of game but it’s easy and fun. A little expensive tho. :(

- Sucks

It’s not free! It’s not even compatible on apple! How does Apple even allow this. Just wow.

- ...

They make it look like free.

- Game doesn’t work

It would be better if I can play. Game is just stuck in loading and then the game quits itself eventually. Nice

- Awesome game but

Just change the tap for movement to virtual joystick honestly I’m a huge FFXV fan I That the game would be a little more fluid If you guys had a setting where u can control Noctis with a virtual joystick or tap but either Than that. just like the original installment just on iPhone Amazing Guys!!!🤘🏾😁

- Okay.

The game looks awesome but what is the problem with the whole it works on this device then says it doesn’t. When it says loading after the first two cutscenes it crashes. Please patch that up

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- Keeps crashing and doesn’t save!

Very disappointed after spending £13 on all the chapters, and can’t progress because it keeps crashing and I can’t manual save to save what small progress I’ve made. Promising game, but if you can’t make a game that is playable without crashing, it’s not worth anything. Money back please!

- Keeps crashing

Don’t get me wrong, the game is really enjoyable but it keeps crashing and kicking me off the game. Really destroys the game play when I keep returning to my iPad home screen.

- Be warned

Love it but be warned they give you a little bit before asking for money:(

- Asking for money to proceed playing

I was really exited to play FFXV, was enjoying until it asked me to buy chapters. 1st chapter you can play for free, the rest you have to buy to play, which I believe is total disgrace for company. Making game for free so it seems, you play a bit, get a little bit of taste and then they say you can’t play until you pay. Utter disgrace, cancel this nonsense, ask for money upfront so you won’t lure people in with your dirty tricks. I’m huge fan of all FF series and in general games of square enix, but when I see such greedy tactics, it kills my love for company. Completely disappointed, make me feel disgusted towards square enix and they’re future projects.

- Game is trash

Every time I download it I never get to play it just freezes

- Yet another money-spinner from the FFXV devs

I’ll start with the good points. This game is better designed than the main game. Less bugs overall, and Noctis isn’t falling through the map every 10 minutes. Combat is more fluid than the main game, and feels genuinely better to play. Now, the rest of it. I downloaded this expecting micro-transactions, and joy of joys, I was completely correct. Final Fantasy XV now has a reputation for micro-transactions, which isn’t a good rep to have. The game also crashed every time I completed a mission, which is tedious playing, and I quickly grew bored. As a quality of life change, I would request a camera move function for the overworld, because being stuck in a corner without much room to manoeuvre the characters is a little frustrating. Overall, it’s clear to anyone with eyes that this game is a desperate attempt from the development team to make their main game relevant again. I’ve long since stopped playing the main game, and this version isn’t the solution to making me pick it up again. I’m glad that it plays as well as it does, but the reputation is just too hard to ignore. I give this game an extra star for the effort that went into making it, but I can’t bring myself to award more than that.

- Too many crashes, iPad Pro 11

Can’t go 10 minutes without the app shutting down and losing progress, nothing else running, fully updated. Wanted to buy the game but no way that is happening currently.

- Worst game ever

U have to: 1. Wait a day for game to load 2. Pay to play 3. Getting past giant bird in Chapter 1 crashed like 62992929 times I’ll make a ripoff of u called Sanic bumm soopur udvintur from derp accent: sonic boom super adventure



- Not as good as console

The game’s alright. You get to play the prologue and chapter 1 for free (there are fifteen chapters( or at least there are in the console version)) but I don’t think that the whole game is worth £20 what with the graphics and everything else. The characters are very still and don’t move a whole lot and I just don’t think it’s as good as the console version, you might as well just get that because I can guarantee that’s good

- Epic game for mobile

Amazing game for the mobile platform. I loved the varied and beautifully rendered locations, the eclectic and evocative soundtrack, the engrossing cinematic cut-scenes, and most of all, the feeling of going on an epic quest with a group of loyal friends. I hope Square Enix brings out more games of this quality for mobile. I will be waiting.

- Pay to play

Don’t play unless you’ve got £20 to put into the game to play the other levels. The first levels draws you in then punches you in your face... good game but devs are very greedy!

- Not a final fantasy game

After playing final fantasy on PlayStation I was excited to have a game that would have the same community feel as the original games. However I was disappointed, the maps could be bigger, the graphics were underwhelming. This game does not deserve the title of a final fantasy game, nor do many of the other mobile final fantasy games.

- Highly recommended

A really good, fun mobile RPG experience. Sure, it's not the same as FFXV on PC, Xbox or PS4, but frankly that should go without saying. If you want to experience the full main storyline of FFXV on your mobile device in a platform-appropriate and enjoyable way, then this is what you're looking for.

- Much linear than the Console and PC

It’s much linear which I’m ok with, it’s good because some people want a game where you can explore and grind while others want a game where you can just experience the story. The first chapter is free while chapters 2-10 is £20 if you buy it all together, this is £30 less then when I bought it but I doubt there’s gonna episodes and a royal edition coming though.

- Not free

Not a free game! Chapter one is free will charge after that

- Ipa pro 11 inch

The game caused a reboot of the ipad and then my tablet had artifacts all over the screen rgb color like the 90's. playing a game with fear that it will break my ipad

- Lol no

£20 for the whole game? Lmfao I’d much rather by the console game thank you.

- Brilliant

This game actually got me back into final fantasy. I love the characters and the storyline. I played through this and then purchased it on PS4. I played for over 100 hours because there was just so much to do. I would recommend the PS4 version but on mobile it’s a nice way to get into it.

- Can’t play

I have this game for my PS4. Thought giving it a go on my phone would be good but don’t get past the new game option. Keeps saying there 95mb missing then stop downloading. Have tried reinstalling but still doesn’t work.

- Final fantasy xv pocket edition

Waste of money!! Beautiful looking, boring game play no freedom to wander! Enter area bash monsters move to next area..? None of the depth in proper role playing games! Can’t return to past areas. A game for people who mindlessly like tapping on screens no thinking required! Now just over a week finished game it got worse and worse! What a rip off should be free. Don’t buy don’t encourage their greed. Can’t believe how bad this game is!

- Advertised as a free game...nope

Really enjoyed playing the game but was very disappointed to learn that this ‘free’ game isn’t free just the first chapter. :( £14.99 for the rest of the chapters 👎🏼 most I would buy this for would be around £5.99-£8.99. Great game though just not a great price sorry

- Lacking adventure and excitement

I was excited to play FF for the first time since FFVII (which was a 10/10 game on PlayStation) and had high expectations for this. Unfortunately there’s no real sense of strategy or skill to combat and customising or levelling up doesn’t feel particularly rewarding - it’s just something that happens as you progress without much thought or effort. The maps are fairly small and limited, it doesn’t feel like there is much room for exploration and you end up simply following the story along a very linear path. It’s seems more like an interactive story than a true FF adventure. I don’t think I’ve really been challenged at any point along the way and didn’t feel emotionally connected to the game or the characters like I have with past FF releases.

- Doesn’t work properly

Every time I want to play it gives me the same message need to update download 500mb. Play for a bit. Put it down. Load it up again and it says I have to download the same update I just downloaded again...and again..and again. Rubbish

- Disappointing

I have this game on the PS4 and loved it so I was really happy when I heard there was a pocket version. Unfortunately the pocket version is not worth it at all. The game is very linear with very little exploration available. There is also a lack of side quests and the battle/fighting presents almost no challenge. The first chapter took very little time and effort to get through. It made me question if I should even bother with the rest of the game, especially when the whole game costs £20! The PS4 game is currently cheaper than that. I think I will stick with the full version.

- It’s just great

It helps me forget my depression :D

- It Crashes when u start to play!

I can’t play this game on my iPad Air. It crashes every time I press the star button to play. The App opens up and loads to whereas I have to press start to play and then BANG, it crashes. I’ve tried reinstalling it a few times and even tried after some updates but no different. Crashes every time. I’ve uninstalled it and am hoping in the future, that this issue will be resolved.

- Good but sometimes frustrating

This game was fun the trials you had to complete are fun though for me my character is hard to control and there is one part where you have to sneak past this beast I tried for an hour but nothing worked I deleted the game and started over but I still couldn’t sneak past if that was fixed it would be a great game

- Not worth the money

Waited until I complete the game before reviewing, honestly say it was a bit of a disappointment! Very easy to complete, not very challenging, not very long and generally wondering what Square are doing.

- It’s not fair☹️

It would have been perfect if I could play with it. I have an iPhone 6😠

- Not worth it.

It has massive potential but lack story, side missions and no challenge. The game is a total walkthrough with one direction and no need to level up and strengthen characters as even the bosses are not a challenge. For some reason you get ether when you can’t use magic??? Used potions a dozen times max. Might as well read a book... I hate books!

- Quite annoyed

I spent hours trying to download this game, I delete loads to get enough storage to play it, and when I do. The game cuts out!! This is disappointing

- Review

This game is bad even when you first try it it doesn’t work don’t get it it has bugs when it loads👎🏼 all you do is watch a video it’s like bad

- 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤥

It crashes when it loads

- Sigh

Getting fed up with games that won’t run on IPhone 6 Plus! Don’t doubt it’s a good game

- Saves time

If like me you don’t have the time to sink 100+ hours into a jrpg due to real life, this was perfect to experience the story of FFxv. The visual style really put me off at first but once used to it I invested into the characters. Sound is taken directly form PS4 version so it’s stellar! Playing on iPad (2018) max settings. Plenty of reasons to level up due to a big skill tree. They’re are side quests despite what people are saying they’re just not the side quests from retail game. It’s worth £20 cause you’ll be gripped to see what happens next


iPHONE X OPTIMISATION From what I’ve played, this is a fantastic mobile edition of expansive JRPG, but when playing on iPhone X the 'home bar' at the bottom of the screen is perpetually active and never fades into a grey non-active mode as it should. This is not only very distracting in terms of player immersion, but it also means it is frustratingly easy to inadvertently close the game. This simply requires a very small optimisation fix, which greys out the home bar, remedying the issue entirely. It’s a subtle change for sure, but makes a big improvement in terms of user experience. As such, I will not buy the £19.99 IAP to unlock the full game until this is addressed. For reference purposes, please see games such as Playdead’s Inside and Alto’s Odyssey from Team Alto to see precisely what I mean. Many thanks in advance!

- Iphone 6S not compatable

Crap. It wont even load. Crashes everytime. What a waste of time

- false advertisement

does not work on iphone 5s so why even say it does

- Would be AMAZING if it didn’t crash

I’m writing this in the hopes that they will update it so this works I got this game because I loved final fantasy XV for the PlayStation! I even bought the deluxe edition but the game doesn’t work for iPhone 6! It works for 6S but every time I load up the game it crashes. PLEASE FIX

- Incredible

It’s awesome how they manage to put this game on mobile, a few crashes now and there and it makes the iPhone X go really hot, but apart from that it’s really entertaining. Sometimes it get stuck in the loadings if you don’t have internet, and it doesn’t want you about it.


after being so disappointed by ffxv a new era I was sceptical but trust me this does not disappoint for true ff fans. I have never felt the need to write a review for an app but I felt I had to once I had completed this game...I wished it was longer 😢. Such a great mobile game for a great in game price-trust me it IS worth it, I’m a new mum and it’s made the insomnia of night feeds so much easier. The only downside of the game is I wish it didn’t end! But it’s a story so it needs an ending, please bring out more pocket editions!!!

- Sinfully dull

This is an extraordinarily boring game, with long, dreary cut scenes, repetitive action and uninspiring dialogue. The story makes little sense, and the voice acting by Ray Chase as Noctis is hammy, one-note and very irritating for its constant snuffles and gasps. Avoid.

- Exactly as real game!

Omg I love this game it is exactly the same as the real version I have on my Xbox one which I completed! The Music, the voices, cutscenes everything is so spot on. I really wanna keep on playing it but so sad the whole game is £20! That is way too much for a game on the phone. £10 is ok but now I have to uninstall the game before I get too hooked and sad. I wish I could have the whole game though it brings back great memories of what a truly amazing game this is. I love it!

- Game is brilliant but support is rubbish

The crisp game is very good , much enjoyed it as previous ones. Lovely that you can play it everywhere not always requiring network connection. Great graphics and storyline to fit with a pocket game. Unfortunately what ruins it all mid game a battle that I kill everyone but got stuck and can’t progress any further and can’t avoid, then good the worst generic support email as a response of specific email I send for help . So now although paid for all parts have only played 5 of them and the rest can’t do .

- Fix it now

Says it works on iPhone 6 tested not working closes out all the time

- Overpriced

£20 to unlock all chapters when you can buy the ps4 version which is obviously larger and better graphics for £15 go figure. Playing chapter 1 of this game did make me go and buy the ps4 version though so kudos if that was the plan

- Shallow and disappointing

I managed to make it through the first 4 chapters of this “game” but I can’t go on any more. Part of the magic for me of Final Fantasy has always been the free roaming and exploring. I was expecting some part of this to translate through into this XVIVIII version. But no, literally all you do is walk around one random village after another. The fights you could mostly just AFK for, they take very little skill, and your 3 friends do most of the work anyway. The characters are one-dimensional. The plot is terrible. And it’s hugely expensive. Save your money and look elsewhere.

- Liked it. Tried to buy it.

Unable to buy Chapter 2-10. Well okay then I won’t bother and I will delete it. Lost sale. And potentially quite a few others.

- Enjoyable but lacking in a number of places

Now the loading issue has been sorted I am back to playing the game and I am on Chapter 4 with my party all at level 20. It runs well accept that sometimes Ignis starts speaking in German when we are on ‘world maps’. The graphics are nice and the game seems well scaled-down for the iOS platform but I am missing a lot of the majesty of earlier incarnations of FF. The story is a bit jumpy it isn’t always clear why the story has suddenly taken the direction it has. So far there doesn’t appear to be any proper open world exploring so it is really important to explore every map really throughly to gain treasure, potions and experience. Driving and Chocobo riding are fully automated so the controls given I think are to keep you occupied through these boring ’cut scenes’. There are lots of shops to sell treasure and buy weapons but very limited chance to buy potions in the various towns and stops. Missions are quite easy because maps are small and for things like recipes you are told exactly where to find ingredients on the map. Battles are the biggest let down in this game. I am a huge fan of the original turn-based approach to battle, there was a lot of strategy to this. In this game as long as you can bash the screen and can hit the various action symbols and options to activate the abilities of your team mates quickly enough you can win battles. I am also a total magic ‘junkie’ in the games and it is a shame that you can only collect enough magic for one elemental attack per battle and that the type of magic you cast defaults to the last type of elemental magic you collected. In this game you are also visiting and collecting the power from the Archaean - I believe these are the summons for this game. Yet to have the ability to summon anything so here’s hoping soon!

- Fantastic game, I really enjoyed it!

I was a bit skeptical when I saw that this graphic intensive game would support iPhone 6S but it worked flawlessly on my iPhone 6S, no save file corruption, I’m happy to pay $30 for such a fantastic game, well worth the money. (You can also change the graphic settings if you wish to do so in settings). I think with this kind of sophisticated game and imagine the hours they put in the programming behind, I can’t see why $30 is not reasonable, making a game like this is not easy guys. No save files corruptions for me, saved to iCloud perfectly, joystick support sounds great in the comments but I think it’s better with touch screen control. Well done Square Enix!

- The game sure does look cool...

...but when I opened the app, it said my device (iPhone 6s) wasn't compatible, even though the App Store said it was? But I managed to get through to the prologue... And then the app would crash everytime I tried to get into the main story? A loading screen appears and then goes black, and then I'm back on my home screen. If my device isn't compatible, that's fine, but the app store is telling me it is compatible, so that isn't ok. Please look into this!

- Please fix so we can play too

Before it's say the device i'm using is compatible but when already downloaded the game it's say is not compatible, What a waste.

- Surprised

Hi there developers. I have played and finished the Xbox 1 version of the game. I am happily surprised how much hard work has gone into this little gem. I’m loving the story all over again. The only thing I would change is the camera options, giving more control in some areas for boss fights ect. Besides that m I’m a happy fan. Keep up the good work.

- Good game but...

Enjoyed the original and enjoy this new edition. One huge problem though, the game hasn’t seemed to load after the first time I played.

- Not compatible?

What is this Junk I’ve been waiting for a half decent rpg for mobile as I haven’t got a computer just to be let down saying my device isn’t compatible?

- Disappointed

Keeps crashing

- Great game with issues that need addressing

I’m really surprised they managed to port the console onto mobile I’m amazed at the effort put into bringing it across. Two biggest problems for me is the game itself crashing, I cannot proceed in the game cause it crashes in the same place over and over again so it’s unplayable for me at the moment. The battle system is pretty easy to get a hold of but it can get messy moving your fingers all over the screen, a joystick in the corner of the screen might make things easier.

- Don't bother

Wow,... u download two hours worth of data and then when u start the game it shuts down.... tried repeatedly and even deleted and reinstalled but does the same thing..... what's the worst is it makes u sit through all the cinematic and then drops out.....the cinematic lasts for ages,......cut to the chase plz....

- Expensive

The first chapter is free but after that it costs $31 to buy the other chapters. Otherwise, the game is fun and easy to play with good graphics.

- Rubbish - disappointed!

Froze the first three times I tried to start a game. Bye bye!

- A good start but greedy

I have bought this game on my PS4. It's about $75 and now for the mobile one I have to pay again. It would be great if we can get the chapters for free if we somehow get a discount code for those who paid for the game already.

- Cool but make mouths move

LIT. ITS AMAZING HOW U FIT A CONSOLE SIZED GAME INTO AN APP, but make the mouths moveeeee. Takes me out of the app when I get to first loading screen. That's the bad part.. Really bad part...

- Not Loading

Good gameplay but doesn’t load after a few missions. Up to delivering the dog tag and game stays stuck in loading screen (cannot load saved game).

- Bugs and cost

Cost 20 dollars with the ch1 for free, a very good game but 20 dollars maybe is too much for something that crashes frequently. Tested in a iPhone SE.

- Never played before this game but I’m hooked

I’m not much of a gamer but I thought I’d give this a chance and I was very happy with it. I really enjoy the game, the graphics and the storyline. Enjoyed so much I’m currently doing the 3rd chapter 😄

- Great. But price

It’s is an amazing game and I am extremely impressed. But it is 30 bucks, and that is the same price as the ps4 and Xbox version pre owned. I think the price should be lowered to about 15 dollars

- Stopped at loading page

We willing to pay for all chapters,some how in the mid of first chapter it stopped me at the loading screen,I dun know why. Please fix the bug,I did delete the game and reinstalled, same thing. Stopped me at the loading screen.

- It’s okay

This game is okay. It’s pretty impressive how they managed to port final fantasy 15 into the mobile. However, there are a few problems. A big problem within the game is controls. The controls are pretty confusing and finicky, and every time I drag my character around my finger has to block the screen. Please make it so there is a joystick. Also, another problem is the price. I thought that this game would be like 8-10 bucks max, but 30 dollars? That is way too much for a mobile game. No one would be willing to spend that much. Also considering that each chapter is $3 and really short, I’m guessing you would have to pay a LOT if you had to spend it separately.

- Great experience.

Honestly a great mobile jrpg. Very entertaining. Small bugs currently include battle voice acting switching to French randomly but other than that I’ve had a great time.

- iPhone 6+ not supported. Shame!

Major developer can’t support an iPhone6+, enjoy your 1 star rating for not doing your best.

- Lovely but crashy

Lovely graphics and gameplay but crashes often and save data becomes corrupted often. Until these problems are fixed I can't justify buying it. The save data corruption problem is the biggest issue and needs to be fixed asap.

- Give it a go

Have is good and smooth to play did make me wanna buy the FF15 game it self run into a small bug tho with trying to reload the game taking for ever and not loading but still a fun game

- Haven’t started playing

My mobile phone has a 30-second-auto-lock settings, the screen is automatically locked when I went the start movie and conversation.

- I can’t play ):

If you want to play this you will need ALOT of storage because I try’d to pay it but it just crashes every time I try and before I even get any gameplay!

- 😒

Look amazing game I love it so much I was so exited to play and was loving the game..... then the first chapter ended .....$30 for the rest of the game , not impressed

- Won’t work

Downloaded fine, watched the entire pre video story and then when it came time to download the rest of the content in the app it kept cancelling and starting over, after an hour I gave up.

- Great game but some bugs

Great game but some bugs like when I got off the game and then it wouldn’t let me play it again so then I downloaded it again but it didn’t save

- controls issues, $30 for a mobile game

Dear developer I understand for having tap controls on mobile but you should have option for joystick and control over the camera. Until now I thought the price would be $8 to $10 max. But are crazy Square Enix. $30??. Charging for half the price of console game port. I hope no one buys it at this price.

- Just wow!

The game goes above and beyond my expectations. Very different from the PS4 original; yet satisfyingly pretty similar. 5 stars in a heart-beat!

- Stuck load screen - iPhone X

Game worked fine, then crashed, now won’t get past loading. Manually restarting app, restarting phone, cleaning apps etc... doesn’t work. Game breaking bug, waste of download time.

- Awesome game. Keeps crashing

I love this game and I think it’s a piece of art. The only problem is that it crashes. Its not a bother but just letting u know. Have a nice day

- Great!

The familiar music reminds me of playing FFXV in PS4 last year, it’s exciting. Additionally, the different style also have lots of fun. I already purchased the whole chapters, and the price is acceptable

- Bug ????

Ahhh after i finished at Hammerhead and went to deliver the package to the inn, I stopped playing ( i closed the app )then opened it back up its not loading up my game after chapter select. Plz look into this plz, but over all great game.

- It is FF15 but something new

Nice work from all involved.

- No play

I love final fantasy but it won’t let me play on my iPhone 6s 😢

- Crashes on iPhone X

Crashes pretty regularly. Also, occasionally the language switches to German after a battle momentarily. I also get random ‘restart the game?’ pop ups that you have to click ‘yes’ on as there’s no other option. It doesn’t restart the game though, which is good. Really enjoying the game though. Great art style and battle system is simple so far. Fix the bugs and it’ll be awesome.

- Didn’t work the first time

Hopefully the 2nd time it’ll work :)

- Brilliant

It’s just as detailed as the real game and I love them both😍😍😍

- iPhone 6 not compatible

Whilst the store page says this works on my phone I get a message saying it’s not compatible when I open it. Game crashes when I try to start. If you have an iPhone 6 don’t bother. Shame as it looks great and I was really looking forward to it.

- It Crashes

So I got the new game and was super hyped for it and played through the intro but after the download and making of the new game, it instantly crashes and also in the beginning it says it’s not compatible with my device but in the App Store it is. Fix this

- Compatibility

Please update compatibility, as it runs the epilogue but crashes when i try start chapter 1.

- Sound cracking from time to time

One thing i’m noticing is that sometimes the sound cracks in the middle of playing. Not sure if it is happening to anyone else. Currently using iphone x

- Better than expected

After finishing the first chapter, I’m happy to say this was an enjoyable experience. After waiting and counting down the days till it’s release, I wasn’t let down! Controls are very easy to use, however I’d have liked the option to use a joystick control to move Noctis around as opposed to tapping and holding when moving from one place to another. The option to steer the car from side to side also seems a little pointless with a very limited and tight camera tilt that doesn’t give you much of an alternate angle. Plus side is the graphics are great, with clear voice acting, music and sounds from the original game. The game is quite linear but you still get an open feel in the areas you travel to. Above all, the game is quite simplified but they’ve done a fantastic job bringing this epic title into a compact portable version.

- It’s not working

It’s like it freezes on the loading page

- Sync files won't load

Great game, around 30mins in so far. But it's a bit buggy with synced files never loading. All you get is the boy band running on a loading treadmill

- Buggy

Playing one of the first missions, the night one where you have to defeat the red tusked thing, I went on the roof of a shed and now 2 of the characters aren’t moving away from the door.

- Good, however...

Great job at transitioning the game to mobile, however the game is presently crashing repeatedly at the cave after hammerhead at beginning of the game. Cannot progress.

- Waste of time

Total waste of time, after downloading 800 MB game and then 500 MB for some game files and it won’t actually play unless connected to the Internet. Then when on the internet it crashes half the time. I can’t even play the game yet cos it’s so glitch and I already HATE IT!!! Time to delete it Thanks for wasting my time!

- Can’t play.

When I first load the app I get a message that my device (iPhone6 Plus, with latest iOS installed) apparently isn’t compatible to run the game, and crashes when I try starting a New Game. Yet in the App Store, the info says my phone is compatible to run this app. So... what exactly is the problem? I can’t play it. I was intrigued to experience the gameplay of FFXV pocket.

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FINALFANTASY XV POCKET EDITION iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

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FINALFANTASY XV POCKET EDITION (Version 1.0.6) Install & Download

The applications FINALFANTASY XV POCKET EDITION was published in the category Games on 2018-02-08 and was developed by SQUARE ENIX [Developer ID: 300186801]. This application file size is 694.12 MB. FINALFANTASY XV POCKET EDITION - Games posted on 2019-01-28 current version is 1.0.6 and works well on IOS 11.1 and high versions.

FINALFANTASY XV POCKET EDITION Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence

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