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Google Photos [Photo & Video] App Description & Overview

Google Photos is a smarter home for all your photos and videos, made for the way you take photos today.

“The best photo product on Earth” – The Verge
“Google Photos is your new essential picture app” – Wired
“Upload the pictures, and let Google Photos do the rest” – The New York Times

• FREE UP SPACE: Never worry about running out of space on your phone again. Photos that are safely backed up can be removed from your device’s storage in just a tap.

• VISUAL SEARCH: Your photos are now searchable by the people, places and things in them—no tagging required.

• SMARTER SHARING: With smart sharing suggestions, giving your friends the photos you took of them is painless. And they can add their photos, too, so you’ll finally get the photos you’re actually in.

• MOVIES AND GIFS, MADE FOR YOU: Get automatically created movies, collages, GIFs, and more from your photos. Or easily create them yourself.

• ADVANCED EDITING: Transform photos with a tap. Use intuitive and powerful photo and video editing tools to apply content-aware filters, adjust lighting, and more.

• SMART AUTOMATIC ALBUMS: Tell better stories, without the work. Automatically get a new album with just your best shots after an event or trip, then invite others to add their photos.

• LIVE ALBUMS: Share your latest photos with Live Albums. Select the people and pets you want to see and Google Photos will automatically add photos of them as you take them, no manual updates needed.

• SHARED LIBRARIES: Share without sharing. Grant a trusted person access to all of your photos.

• REDISCOVER: Get collages of photos you took a year ago on this day – perfect for #tbt.

• GOOGLE LENS: Search what you see. This preview enables you to identify text and objects in your photos to learn more and take action.

• ON YOUR TV: View your photos and videos on your TV with Chromecast and Airplay support.

• FREE STORAGE: Every Google Account comes with 15 GB of free storage and you can choose to automatically back up all your photos and videos in High quality or Original quality. Your photos are safe, secure, and private to you. All photos and videos you back up in High quality before June 1, 2021 will not count toward your Google Account storage.

You can also upgrade storage for your Google Account, used for Original Quality photos and videos, Google Drive and Gmail by subscribing to Google One, an expanded storage plan. Subscriptions start at $1.99/month for 100 GB in the US. Pricing and availability can vary by region.

Storage subscriptions purchased in-app will be charged to your iTunes Account, and automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Subscriptions and auto-renewal may be managed by going to iTunes Account Settings after purchase.

Google Privacy Policy:
Google One Terms of Service:

Note: Face grouping is not available in all countries.

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Using GPS in the background can decrease battery life. Google Photos doesn't run GPS in the background unless you turn on optional features.

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Now, it's even faster to back up and sync your photos.

Google Photos Comments & Reviews

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- Hands down best app for keeping & sharing life's most memorable moments

Hands down, The best app for safe-keeping & family sharing of life's most memorable moments. Super easy to navigate all of the features like saving the all of the important details, like location, time & date, and captions of photos to share with others. As a busy, single mom of 2, this app is a lifesaver for me. I can share my children's milestones with family & friends with such ease so no matter how near or far they are, they can watch my babies as they grow. I have a closet full of craft & scrap book supplies that I have picked up here and there but with juggling my career and my 2 little girls, I feel I never get the chance to actually sit down, go through the pictures & videos, take a stroll down memory lane and bring all of my amazing Pinterest crafts to life. Google Photos has simplified the overwhelming fear of feeling like there's so many important details that I won't remember while scrapbooking my 2 girls. It simplified the task of going through and sorting my pics & videos I've backed up over the years and it's helped me to be able to organize and group memorable moments from their birth so that I can start to put these special books of their most memorable moments together.

- Stores my photos as long as they are not 4K

It’s a bit confusing but what they are storing for me is pretty adequate for my needs. It would be nice to know I was storing the original quality but I don’t need another monthly bill besides Google Drive. It’s awesome the way they rotate some of the photos for you or give you that option. I wish they would do more in terms of the facial recognition so that you can correctly date some of your photographs were the dates were stripped in the uploading process which for me was a bit of a hellish experience because it crashed while uploading. I got past all that and everything I own is in my Google library I just don’t have them sorted properly. I’m hoping this will be done automatically in the future using the facial recognition technology otherwise I have to spend years fixing my library. Another suggestion would be if they would show you your duplicates which are close to exact duplicates so that you can delete them on your own. Sometimes it appears to be refusing duplicates but it’s hard to tell exactly what Google is doing behind the scenes occasionally I’ll see a duplicate missing other times I find odd photos in my trash. It would be nice to know exactly what’s happening with them folders. Those are all my suggestions and why I don’t have five stars I appreciate the free storage in the meantime hoping I won’t have to go with higher quality photos in the future.

- No flexibility

Google photos is an all or nothing app. Either it backs up all your photos, every single one, or none at all. Sometimes I use a screen shot as a quick reference for a few minutes then delete it from my phone, but then it’s still in the google account. It’s extremely frustrating to go back delete them from google, especially because that too is difficult to do. There’s no easy way to scroll through and delete quickly. You either have to view them from a small thumbnail and hope you’re not deleting something important or take a long time looking at each one and having to click multiple times to delete 1 photo. I am trying to free up space on my phone so deleting photos is supposed to be the easy choice since I have them backed up to google. However it either gives me option to delete ALL of the photos off my phone or none at all. There are still plenty of pictures I would like to keep sorted in the folders I created on my phone for quick reference. I’ve heard the argument “well they’re still on your phone you just have to open google photos instead of your regular photos.” This is of no use if you are somewhere with spotty or no internet connection. The app is not user friendly, the interface is not clean, and the way it sorts photos is of no real use to me. There should be extensive settings where I can toggle on and off different combinations of options.

- Like a virus on my phone

I hate google photos. I was really excited to try it. I backed up all my photos from my phone to Google photos. Unfortunately I couldn’t scroll through my photos to see any of them. There’s apparently a glitch where when scrolling through photos the app forces you to scroll all the way back to the top so you can’t ever look through your photos. This continued even after I upgraded my phone and deleted and re installed the app. Nothing fixed it. Finally, I decided to take all my photos from google photos back on to my phone so I can upload them to iCloud instead. Of course when you try to do that often you don’t even get the option to even save photos to your device/phone! And when this happens you have to restart the app. And then when you finally do download images from google photos to your phone in the slowest way possible so the app doesn’t crash the photos are out of order and a complete disorganized mess of photos. Oh, and I’m now trying to delete photos from google photos and it is also deleting those photos from my iCloud even though I disabled syncing. So I’m STILL trying to figure out how to delete photos from google photos (and be done with google photos altogether). I’ve never even written a review for an app in my life but this app is terribly painful to use and even more painful to break up with. I regret ever using google photos. Hours of my life wasted trying to recover my own photos. Useless.

- Google Photos is the only way to go!

It’s the only way to go, if ya ask me! I know, ya ain’t asking, right? Okay, well that’s just fine, because I’m just-a-tellin! What I’m telling is that I love this App, because of so many things I won’t be able to list em all! Totally impossible! But I can share a few reasons why I love it so much! One is because of the option of assistant! When you choose this it gives you an option to save or dismiss the Apps, altered & filtered or maybe, brightened & cropped, or maybe, actually I can keep going but you get the Jist of what I’m sayin, right? You won’t believe the things assistant can do to your pics to make them look better or make them look like a work of art! You just won’t believe your eyes, or that you even took the pic in the first place once you see what all it can and will do! Lol woo-wee! I love this so much! Don’t waste your time with any other App out there claiming to do this or that! This one doesn’t have to claim anything, just open it up and Vola! Lol Art, Beauty, Imagination & I can keep going..... you already know! I’m going to stop here and let you see for yourself! The App speaks for itself! Plus I’ve spoken way to much as it is! Jeesh! Lol Y’all will have a blast and enjoy! I know y’all will! Lol Chow!

- Love

Love having all of my pictures in one places for the most part. I also love how smart it is and how the program can go through and recognize faces and group them together, if you name certain individuals. I’ve seen it work on pictures as young as baby photos to older pictures. Now that’s impressive! If it isn’t sure if this person “A” is the same as “B”, then it will ask, “Is ‘A’ the same person as ‘B’ or different? You choose and it moves on to the next picture. Very simple, yet effective. You can go through and label each person in each picture, even the blurring ones, so as to be sure that you remember everything. You can even edit and make changes to the picture once it has been added to Google Photos. Anytime you need the picture, all you have to do is to share it or save it on your device again to reuse. 💜❤️💞 It is truly magnificent! Oh, and the automatic lifelike pics that it makes for you are awesome. You can make little photo album with pictures that you choose or allow the app to do it for you, or just switch one or two pics out here and there. You can print from the app and add a frame. I could just go on and on. Love this app! 🥰

- Be careful what you upload and store!!

Although I love the unlimited storage and ease of album making, sharing, and management there are freaky unexplained things that happen to photos you know were in your collection but suddenly are no where to be found! I mean no where, not in the trash, archive, or backup places that you set any where. Case in point, I took a picture of the back and front of my business Credit card so that I could refer to my account numbers when I needed to while it was in the possession of an employee. I did so many times. When I looked for it today it had just vanished! I was not in the trash, archive, or back up places and I had not done anything with it since I last checked it. I don’t know if I was hacked, Google automatically removes such things, or maybe Google pulled for their own uses as per the Usage agreement we all sign without reading. That was not the first time something mysteriously disappeared from my photo collection yet is was the most vital. You will see that things tend to disappear for no reason and you will think you are going crazy and all Google will say is, “Check your archive, trash, and back up settings.” All these suggestions are no help when something totally disappears for no reason. BEWARE!!!

- Ok for folks that take social photos

First, most of my computers are Apple, and I take a lot of photos with my iPhone. This Google app/ system is ok for users that want to take snapshots to post on social media. As an Engineer and technical craftsman, I can’t discern if there is any way to use it for these purposes. My requirements are for technical photographs showing processes and assemblies mainly to send to publishers (and to publish on-line) illustrations for engineering uses. From what I can determine, is’s not too good for that, although I have never purchased a “For Dummies” book and learned the full capabilities of Google Photos. However, I vastly prefer it over the Apple Photo program that takes control of all content, holds them hostage, and deletes them if you don’t want to play by their rules and pay their fees. I actually purchased a Windows-10 laptop for my phone and camera downloads rather than struggle trying to convert and download my pictures to something a user completely “Apple” can use. I do store my social photos ( family, weddings, and vacations, etc.) on Google Photos, simply because they separate them by date and Google doesn’t mess with them further. And, you can download photos to a thumb drive and take them to a corner drugstore photo printer and gets prints for Granny, something impossible with anything Apple.

- I like it, BUT...

I like Google Photos, but I wish their was an option under the "EDIT" tab, where I could add text or be able to write on the actual photo and be able to pick different colors, fonts, size of fonts and also underline, bold or put the text in italics. Also, my email is also linked to my son's phone, since I don't want to set him up with his own email account, until he gets a little bit older, that means that the Google Photo app is also linked to his phone, since he takes photos too. It would be nice to have an option to put a password protection on the albums that photos of each person is under. For example, if the album is labeled "ME", I wouldn't want him clicking on the tab and see photos of his mother that he shouldn't be looking at and scar him for life. Lol! Also, it would even come in handy when parents let their children play on their phone and they stumble upon photos that their parents didn't want them to see. Since my son also takes photos, one other idea that I had would be that anytime he takes photos and Google Photos downloads them, that the photos would be categorized by the device it was downloaded from, but you would still be able to organize the photos into albums later. Thank you!

- 10/10 Recommend!

i got this app as a way to store photos and make albums, and it has not let me down. i can finally clear up space on my phone for other things while having all my photos in an easily accessible app. it’s very user-friendly. i love how it has gave recognition and makes mini albums for each person! also, you can make your own albums and share them by simply copying a link. google photos is linked to your gmail so you can access pictures and videos anywhere you’re signed in! another benefit is with imessage. you can easily attach photos that are not on your device just by clicking the google photos icon and selecting your images. another amazing feature is that the app recognizes pictures with a lot of writing. when syncing your camera roll to google photos, the app takes the pictures with writing/typing (like a report for school, old notes, etc.) and gives you an option to clear them from your phone, as you probably don’t need them anymore and they’re classified as junk. google photos is an amazing app. it gives you options to create new albums, prints, movies, collages, and animations. this app is a must-have!

- love it

this app is a LIFESAVER when it comes to phone storage. seriously. i chose to pay for original quality photos but even the free version has unlimited photos at a very good quality. the ONLY things i dislike: the actual photo grid is so uneven and eclectic, as opposed to Apple’s photo app which is always evenly spaced and easy to scroll through. i feel like on Google photos, they’re always enlarging some images bigger than others and the scrolling is not even and smooth. i begin to scroll and then suddenly it jumps down to two months ago. then i have to slooowly scroll back up and try and pinpoint the image i was looking for. it’s incredibly annoying. there’s also no option to control how many photos are displayed at once. i have thousands and thousands of photos, so often times on Apple’s photo app i’ll change my settings to allow four or five photos in one row at a time, which enables me to see more photos at once and find a specific image (needle in a haystack type deal) faster. on Google photos, you have the random enlarged images AND there’s only three in a row and no way to change it. it makes navigating my photos difficult. but for FREE?! can i really complain? i’m so grateful someone made this app!

- Wish All Assistants Were This Good!

I have really enjoyed Google photos, especially for the assistant feature. Every now and then I’ll get a notification that the assistant has created a little movie or collage from pictures I took 2, 3, even 5 years ago. It’s great because it usually creates something that you’d like to have but you just never get around to making. Seeing old pictures of a trip with family and friends, the family pet doing something quirky, or being reminded of a special occasion can make your day. Candidly, I’m not a huge fan of the fact that Google has become this massive company with their hands in everything, but for utility apps like this there just aren’t many companies out there who have the time, money and imaginative software developers to create an app like this that actually makes it on to the App Store. For that reason I commend them. Now, if I could just figure out how to block every single move I make and web page I visit from them, I might just stop getting harassed by advertisements for things that I just searched for an hour ago on a completely different device connected to a completely different network!

- Finally! Google, helping to create peace of mind when I run out of storage for my photos!

This is the app I’ve been searching for! When I bought my iPhone 8 Plus, I purchased it in such a hurry that I forgot to tell the sales associate I wanted the highest storage iPhone. It was fine for the time being but, I needed to have a backup plan whenever I do happen to run low on storage space. I’ve been stuck with limited to no space available on my phone just a few months after purchasing it. I thought about possibly paying an online company like Box to backup my iPhone but trust is a big issue for me and I couldn’t get myself to take the next step in subscribing to some online account I barely knew. With Google Photos, I can now have peace of mind that my photos and videos will always be in one place safe and sound! Nothing bums me out more than to be at a concert and get a message pop-up during a video recording that I am running out of storage space. Now I don’t have to worry! I also really appreciate how Google Photos makes it easy to use and recommends albums and animations to save specific memories and moments! Best app ever! Totally worth the wait! :)

- Easy storage, fun features

Google Photos is so easy to use! There are so many settings that you can decide on, like whether or not you want photos to automatically be backed up or wait until you are on Wi-Fi. Then, you can have the app on your phone so that you can easily delete the pictures on your phone storage and always see the pictures in the Google Photos app. I personally have turned off photo back up on iPhone, and just use Google Photos. You can access Google Photos from a PC too. And while you’re taking pictures and videos while going to events, Google Photos will make creative designs in the background. So it will give you memories and reminders of what you were doing this day last year or three years ago. And then sometimes it’ll create a movie or animation from the pictures and videos that you’ve taken. It gives you the option to save those or share them if you’d like. And, if it sees that you are using your phone storage when it has already backed up those particular photos, it will make suggestions on groups of photos you can delete/archive from your phone’s memory. Good job Google, as usual 🙂

- Excellent for photos, Videos are a STRUGGLE

I am upgrading my iPad and have a library of photos and videos on the iPad and synced with iCloud. Download the Google Photos app and give it permission to access your pictures and it takes over. Could not be easier. Be sure to manage your iCloud upload capabilities on your device first and decouple the device from iCloud. This is relevant, I believe, because it has taken a week to synch up ~300 videos from the iPad to Google Photos and in the meantime new pics (from all apple devises sharing the same Apple ID) get shared around to each other making the Google Photos install a bit less straightforward. This is the second Saturday I have been working on this and am now down to roughly 30 videos to get over to Google Photos. Almost done! Bugs I have encountered are minimal, but the count of pics/videos to transfer over is not a reliable number and the "upload in background" setting is not available to me so the app runs in the foreground. I had to upgrade storage size at Google -- for a fee -- because I wanted to keep original resolution and now I am curios about how Google Drive may be useful but don't know if Google Drive and Google Photos "play nice" with one another.

- I love google photos

This app really is both a major convenience, and a lifesaver. Whether you’re trying to combat the possibility that your phone might break and you want to salvage all of your photos, or an easy place to store and organize ALL of your photos, or just a way to save local space on your device, Google Photos is the perfect service for the job. I've taken thousands of photos as well and have still not needed to purchase any of the (cheap) extra storage offered by Google. The personalized photo recommendations, and suggested stylized photos are very well done, as well as the automatic grouping of albums by location (which you can turn off if you’d like your location of photos to remain unknown) , and ability to easily order photo books and photo prints in app. I can attest to the photo books looking good as well, as I have ordered one in the past. Can’t speak to the quality of the prints though, although I’m sure they're of a similar degree of quality. All in all, I have no complaints about Google Photos, and multiple praises of it. The fact that my honest review reads as an advertisement probably says a lot lol. Great app.

- Yes it rad! It’s better than face book for family photos and being able for all to use

It better than face book for family and the picture s are quality, I feel google is taking over the world but in a good way, I like the assistant and the effects I even like how they lay things out so I can explore and get better at my use of the systems. I use this and recommend it to everyone, yes I know it also tracking more and faster better with maps high pictures and how I use the google search, but I do admit google make so far everything better but ,invasive but so ar3 people This will make a market for phones cameras and other things we use may closed loop system for privacy, cloud for convenience, and we will see a market for towers and old laptops etc I think it’s cool, people need to learn and study it more so they understand what its purpose is and what it can do as in google ai photos computers tech, it amazing I just hope we do well with it and use it for all and communicate better and remember we need to collaborate with each other to make great photos like we have. It only invasive if the energy is negative . Thank you google 😊😉😎

- such a helpful and amazing app

google photos is absolutely amazing. since i downloaded the app a few years back, it’s saved my life numerous times. i have very low storage on my phone and so I can’t have so many pictures in my apple photos app, but thanks to google photos, I can take as many pics as I want (and trust me I take a ton!) and then back them up to the app, and it will transport the uploaded pics to recently deleted. I don’t have to go through all my pics and see which ones were uploaded, google does it for me and it’s very efficient and easy. i definitely recommend getting this app if you take a lot of pics like me and have low storage. or even if you don’t have low storage, google photos stores your pics for you so if you don’t want all your pics in your phone’s photos app, you should definitely get this app. super helpful and really amazing. separates pics for you into location, and video, and you can make photo albums and collages. you can also sort people by face which is incredibly incredibly useful. all in all, this app is just a lifesaver and if you know me, you always hear me advertise for it.

- Can’t get rid of unneeded photos even though there’s a delete option, not organized, uses my storage

I admit it’s good for keeping photos backed up but I have another issue. There is a delete option for pictures and videos. I’m able to delete them, go into my trash, and delete forever but when I close the app and go back in, they’re all back. I’ve restarted my phone, made sure the app was updated, look up it up and couldn’t find anything. Pretty much everything I could do, I did. Point is, I’m in desperate need of storage and deleting thousands of really, unneeded photos is probably the best way to go. I don’t have many apps, just a lot of photos. My photos automatically back up so I don’t have a chance to go through them before they’re saved to my email. The app isn’t organized and nor are my photos. I go in to find photos that I may need and can’t find them. I’m sitting for hours before I find anything. I take lots of photos. I do a lot of photography and am one of those people who loves taking photos instead of living in the moment. I’m contemplating on just deleting the app and going on to use something else. Plus, it’s really buggy and slow. It’s constantly asking to “make space” and delete the pictures in my photo library. When I say no, it just keeps popping up every 5 to 10 minutes. Apple users, honestly just use photo stream. It’s a waste.

- Best thing for my cloud storage

I can’t image I can live without Google Photos for I moved all my photo storage to it. If it’s gone so are my photos! Not only it is free with unlimited space, but also it is so user friendly. I love the way an album is created, pics can be dragged into it or added anytime, before or after it's made. I love it's powerful search function and face recognition which can track same person all the way to his life time. I love it's in-app-photo-scanner which has so many uses. I love it’s movie, animation, slides maker which give your ordinary pics a life instantly.I have so much fun playing around the app with my pics, video clips. It saves me so much money from not paying storage devices/services. It saves me so much time by using auto uploading and sync across devices. My photos are with me whenever I go. Uploading pics is super fast and reliable. Mostly it gives me a peace of mind knowing it’s here for safe storage needs which is priceless. I am so eternally grateful to have priceless gift among other things from Google. Thank you Google Photos for making the world better place for us people to remember!

- Great app

Google photos is terrific and they have certainly outdone Apple in the Photos app department. Sad that Apple can’t even make a better photos app than Google for their own devices. Google Photos has Apple Photos beaten in so many ways: 1) Google Photos shows camera info and even lets you edit the time of a photo. 2) Google Photos allows you to add descriptions to Photos. 3) Google Photos actually organizes your photos chronologically. Apple says they do in the Photos tab, but they don’t. They organize first by location than chronologically. It’s ugly. 4) Google Photos gives you a speed scroll up and down. 5) Google Photos allows for multi line album names. 6) Google Photos offers free photo storage (full resolution for Pixel owners) and (high resolution to everyone else). 7) Google Photos offers much nicer filters. 8) Google Photos has much better smart organization for their people, places and things Albums. Google Photos is everything that Apple Photos isn’t. It still isn’t perfect, but at least it respects that people can think for themselves and offers many features that Apple Photos should, but doesn’t.

- Amazing

I take a lot of pictures with my phone and with my SLR. I have a large extended family and lots of grandkids. I have 200,000 ++ digital photos dating back to my first digital camera in 2001. I have digital scans of old 35mm slides. All this has been sitting on my hard drive doing no one any good. I have uploaded each folder of photos on my hard drive onto GF. Each folder on my PC has become an album on GF. This resulted in the creation of hundreds of albums in GF. Once in GF, I then share each album with the appropriate people for that particular album. Google’s artificial intelligence (AI) is scary good. The facial recognition is awesome. It is able to recognize my brother at age 75 all the way down to age 8...automatically! Below age 8 GF needs my help sometimes. So finding all the photos of uncle Harry is a snap. Now all my kids have all the photos related to them on all their devices. All searchable by person, date, location, setting (beach, mountains, etc). They love it. I love it. All unlimited and free. I still keep my SLR RAW files on my PC, but I have now made all my photos accessible to family and friends. Simply amazing.

- Best App/Program on the web!!!

I was always worried about eventually losing pictures and have no memories of my life when photography went all digital. However, Google Photos solved that problem and it’s really astounding what it does for you automatically. I have a DSLR camera, and I was also worried that I would have to always take pictures from the phone or transfer them to my laptop, but no not only does Google give you unlimited storage, it automatically stores all the photos nicely organized albums from any device you own. Next they are hard at work putting together albums or special effects etc., something that would take you hours to complete if you even knew how! Honestly, I could do without many programs and apps, but the two of my favorite apps, Google Photos and Google Play Music are making me want to consider going with all Google products,laptop,cell phone,chrome cast etc. I have an I phone and while Google Photos keeps up with those photos, the I phone only has photos from when I started using the phone. Google photos keeps them safe and secure! Unbelievable App!

- Can NOT go Back to Life Before Google Photos

Seriously guys, I would hate to think of going back to life without google photos! Google Photos is one of those apps that you had no idea you needed in your life, but once you do, you can never go back to how you was doing things before🤩🤩🤩 I love having one place that can have confidence in knowing my photos are easily accessible from anywhere. Plus, being able to share photos of my grandson with my daughter and vice versa in the moment is priceless. My husband and I are always in two different places, but we are always working on the same projects and Google Photos has been a huge help in us being able to share photos, ideas, etc. that keeps our projects moving forward. Lastly, although I could keep going, but since this is only a review, I am attempting to keep as brief as possible 😂 Back to lastly, the organization, tips, and ease of ordering is tremendously helpful! I am a huge Google Fan across the board, as many of the applications has just made everyday tasks so much simpler, so just giving a shout out and a big Thank You😀🙌👍

- Organizes your visual life impeccably with little to no work on your part!

Google photos does a very good job of backing up unlimited amounts of photos and videos for free. It doesn’t end there! Google photos does a great job of recognizing faces places and objects on demand. Another great feature about this app is the fact that one can go on a trip and within a day or two of returning, google photos has prepared a photo album that you can edit, caption, and add to based on the geo tag of each photo. As if all of that wasn’t enough, google photos allows you to edit your photos and videos within the app, save them, and then share a single photo/video or groups of them with friends or family via a web link. This gives you total control of what others see. The fact that google photos is secured with your Gmail address and password, means that you can login to view your photos practically anywhere you have an Internet connection. Best photo and video software I have ever fact, everyone else is rushing to copy features already perfected here. Try it. You'll like it. Promise.

- Beyond brilliant

Google photos is probably the most useful app I have ever downloaded. Everything is easy and seamless. Being able to search people or animals by their faces is an amazing feature that I use often. I love that google photos creates albums, collages and movies on its own for me. Sharing photos is perfectly simple. I really like the archive feature, it’s relatively new. It allows you to put photos in a separate folder that you might not need such as screen shots or other photos you’d want to hide from your regular photos. Another feature I’ve been appreciative of lately is ‘rediscover this day,’ it allows you to see photos you took in this day during previous years. I love this app. I tell all my friends and family to download it. Nothing else even comes close to what it can do. If anything I’d make a couple suggestions although I’m satisfied with the app without them. 1 - make a secret archive folder that can only be accessed with a password. 2 - allow users to create a custom collage (put the photos in the place they want rather than the app organizing them for you)

- It was great up until the recent update.

I currently have an iPhone XR and I take pictures with it everyday. I use google photos to save all my photos about twice a week. It worked perfectly fine. I have thousandsssss of photos and videos online and Google Photos worked for me for over 1 year. It worked perfectly fine. Now my videos won’t upload. I’ve tried changing the setting on my camera to lower settings for storage. I thought that maybe the files were to large. But after countless to testing none of my videos have uploaded. I’ve even tried screen recordings and Live Photo’s. They don’t upload either. So then I thought it was my WiFi connection. It might be slow or something. So I tried it in my school campus’s WiFi which is really fast. I’ve tested it up to speed over 1 gb a sec. didn’t work. I’ve tried it with my LTE full bars unlimited thanks to Verizon and still nothing. I’ve tried my WiFi at home and disconnected every device from the WiFi and left my phone to upload for 2 hours. I then came back and nothing. My phone has 92 gb of video alone and a ton of photos. Idk what to do. This app WAS amazing and I promise you all it worked for me hundreds of times before but this update ruined it for me. I hope it’s a glitch or something and they fix it soon. I’m begging you guys google 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

- I love time is saves me in organizing my photos.

I have taken photographs all my life and have thousands of pictures. People often ask me for pictures of loved ones that are no longer with us or for special occasions like my Daughters sweet 16 birthday. On google I have all my cellphone pictures and special events. For birthdays I like to run a slide show of that person life. All I have to do is select that person and I have an album of every picture I have taken of them. I often need to search for an event but don’t remember what date it occurred. I do a quick search on google for people or places to find that event. I always have some cellphone pictures of the event where I can inspect that picture and get the information on when it was taken. I then search my computers hard drive for that file date to locate all my photos taken on that day. Future requests: My 35mm pictures are too many and large file sizes to upload all of them so I would love to be able to run googles face recognition on my computers hard drive and keep a low resolution copy of all my pictures in the cloud.

- Solid photo app

I’ve been using google photos for over two years now and it has been an innovative, reliable way to backup photos and videos. The search feature is magic. There’s no other way to describe it. I searched for “headset” and a picture from five years ago popped up with me in the front seat of a small airplane with a headset also somehow correctly recognizes people from birth to adulthood. I don’t know about you, but I look nothing like I did when I was two years old. There are a couple improvements I would suggest though. First, editing photos could be significantly more robust. It currently has all the basic editing features you would find in most default phone photo apps. Second, a more clear, innovative organization method would be very handy. As it stands, I have tens (maybe hundreds) of thousands of photos all arrayed in a vertical flow with the months/years denoted along the side. Perhaps the option to automatically organize/rearrange into (gasp) folders by year, event type (wedding, vacation, etc) or person and other categories. Just a thought.

- Features break over time + no support

I’ve used Google Photos since launch. It works fine at first but as the amount of metadata builds up, features start to break. First it was “sharing in progress; keep app open to finish” that would last for days at a time despite it appearing to complete immediately. Then one day it just stopped syncing edits, at all. Next it started failing to show new photos that had been downloaded locally and not yet uploaded. Around this time it also started uploading duplicates of things. At some point during all of this, assistant creations began failing to save. They would show up again every time I opened the app. Shortly after, it stopped showing new assistant suggestions and only the old “stuck” ones that I couldn’t clear or save. Somewhere along the way, it halved the number of photos it was tracking for backup from 3,000 to 1,500 without me deleting anything locally or freeing up space. Reinstalling the app fixes some but not all of these issues, and only for awhile. Buyer beware. You’ll get hooked by all the cool features and then it’ll start to fall over. Also, there is absolutely no support whatsoever, which is sad because I actually bought extra storage for the service. I’m a paying customer and there is literally no way to contact Google about any of my issues.

- Collages are easy; make them better

I'm preparing educational collages of many species of trees: full height, and closeups of leaves/needles, flowers/fruits or cones. Examples are larch, basswood, katsura. I choose the same 3 photos or 4 photos repeatedly in hopes of getting the specific arrangement I want. If there are 3 views, I want the full height of the tree to be the full height of the collage. Sometimes the app won't give me that. I wish I could see a set of diagrams. Suppose I select a diagram with 3 vacancies. I want you to label them first, second, third. The first photo I select goes in position #1, then #2, etc. If I want the biggest picture verticle on the left side, all I have to do is choose the right diagram, note the number in the tall box, and tap the tall tree when I get to that number. I think it's logical to name the biggest box #1. I'm not asking for ability to select the dimensions of the boxes; I like what you have now. I'm not asking for new diagrams; you already offer a full set with 2, 3, or 4 photos. If someone selects more than four photos, they should accept whatever arrangements the app currently offers. The permutations & combinations are too numerous.

- Great but VERY SLOW

I cannot think of a more useful app like this day to day. I have a 64GB iphone and my friends always flex on me because they have 256 GB or whatever. Now i flex on them because i have UNLIMITED STORAGE!!! I can truly say this app is a miracle worker, because otherwise, I would have to upload my photos to icloud where my ENTIRE family could see, but now there is this. The app is great but it is VERY slow. I have about 3000 photos to back up, and I expected it would take maybe 1-2 days. I even tried to not take anymore photos until it backed up fully so I don’t overload it or anything. Boy was I wrong, it has been 2 WEEKS!! AND I STILL HAVE 300 photos to back up. For some reason, the number keeps glitching, even though I’m not taking photos, the number sometimes keeps going up. One day I’m down to only a 150 photos to back up, a minute later, I have 291 photos to back up. I understand it may just me my slow phone, but this should be compatible with all users. I decided to upgrade just for this reason, and if it doesn’t work then, I will give it a 3 star rating, if it works, I will change my rating to a 5! Thanks Google!!!

- Easy to use, a life saver!

I am a PC/Windows user, with an iPhone, which means if I don’t use iCloud, and I backup my Apple/iTunes information onto a new iPhone, years of photos are automatically added to my new phone and can not be deleted. It’s driving me insane and I came up to 10k in photos! As a result I couldn’t use my phone at all or update. I wasn’t even able to delete my photos or back it up. Thanks to the Google Photo app, I was able to backup and delete 7k of photos off my iPhone. It’s been such a seamless experience. Every time I open Google Photo app, it backs up all the photos/most recent photos onto the app. There are organization features like archiving but the app essentially does all the hard work for you. It’s really amazing, like magic! In the end I was able to clear up phone storage space and update my phone. I can even access these photos via my gmail when I open Google Photos on the desktop. It makes creating digital photo collages an easy task when I have access to all my photos from mobile to desktop. I love this app!!!

- Great Over 50 App

Generation X and Baby Boomers have some say in this World of Technology! Typically we purchase the iPhone with less memory space available because let’s face it, “we’re not that techie”. What we fail to realize we’re going through that stage of life with the plastic pull-out wallet photo album our grandmothers use to whip out on everyone, strangers on public transit included. The only difference, our whip-out photo album is on our cell phones. Suddenly you realize with all those photos and videos of the family, and your memory capacity notifications have you wishing you had bought the phone with more memory! THANK YOU GOOGLE PHOTO APP! You have saved the day! I can store my plastic photo flip-out album now on my Google Photos and have memory to spare! The navigation on the app is so simple for all us “not so techie” 50+ people. The document archive is a great feature too. No more searching through photos for those paid bill screenshots. I also love the photo editing suggestions, considering I’m not a professional photographer. This App is a must for all 50+!

- Infinite room for pics

Everyone knows when you back your pictures up in iCloud it uses some of you allotted 5gigs in the process. I use Google Pics and the app is like magic. It just vacuums up my pictures and videos, saves them, all completely behind the scenes automatically. The one hook is you must store them at a SLIGHTLY less resolution for the back ups to not take space off your google drive cloud server. Personally I can not tell any difference and for my purpose Google Pics does everything I need to keep all my pictures safe. The App is free and I've been backing up my pictures does years with no problem. A one second down load and whatever picture you want will appear in your camera roll on your device. If you have lots of pictures that need backing up you can use up all your iCloud room and have to buy more space OR back them up using google's server and have all the space you need. You can back up in original form also it just counts against the 15 gigabytes of space Google gives you with your account.

- Serves it purpose

I ran out of space in my iCloud and had to find something to back up my photos. I use Google for most everything else so it made sense to use it for photos. I like that you can access the photos, along with all the other Google products, while logged into my google account. It automatically uploads pictures I’ve taken onto my phone and when I need to free up space on my phone I can choose that option in google photos. It’ll send all of the pictures uploaded to the deleted file on my phone. There are a lot of photo products out there that have an option to upload photos directly from Google Photos like Shutterfly or even choosing pictures to have printed at your local Walgreens. The only complaint is that I wish it didn’t take so long to load the pictures and when you first click on the photos, it’s a bit pixelated so it takes a while to clear up. Although, it does hold a lot of pictures for free so I’d rather it continue to be free than those complaints be corrected and pay a fee for faster/more storage.

- Just imagine how awesome Google Photos COULD be!

I drank the google kool-aid early on. Once I realized the connection between google photos and street view, or images in general, I realized the google tagging made some location easily identified. I learned this because of a scanned photo with no meta tags of my father and me in Trier, Germany. Sure - many people would have recognized the Porta Nigra in the background but I didn’t recall it. I learned it was in Trier because of Google’s automated location tagging. So... nifty, huh? It’s a technology that should be a little more clearly presented FOR CERTAIN. Regardless, i like it a lot. But I certainly understand the expectation to be explicitly asked in order to rightfully give permission for third party use. All that said - I realize the G-account agreement covers all these points and so there’s likely no legal recourse but that’s not what I’m seeking. I think the right thing to do is make this connection crystal clear when within the google photos environment. I’d sign up, provided the conditions were mutually beneficial. I think Google Photos is top notch!

- Does the work for me

My family and I started using Google photos as a way for us to share all the pictures we capture when we’re together and soon realized it’s a great way to share photos from when we’re apart as well. I love how easy it is to share photos and albums. Works really well with my iPhone and allows me to keep my storage space on my phone freed up for more photos! Another cool advantage to this photo sharing platform is the stylized photos and movies it randomly makes and suggests. I only wish I knew how to make a stylized photo or action photo on my own. Google photos allows you to save and search by faces and places. This includes even searching for your dog! It’s a little scary how it makes a movie of “They grow up so fast” which is a compilation of photos of my baby from infancy to toddlerhood - how does it know it’s the same kid? Incredible and freaky. In summary; I recommend Google photo to everyone that’s looking for an app to save and store photos. It’s incredibly simple to use and does the work for you.

- Most useful app I’ve ever used!

Google photos has never disappointed. I’m actually surprised and 100% impressed by how far back my storage goes, back from before I even realized my photos and videos were even being saved to this app. I sure had a hay day the day I realized a good majority of my childhood had been preserved, especially a huge amount of photos and videos I thought were gone forever! The sharing functions are flawless, the flexibility and personalization of photo editing and album creation is incredible, the resolution is amazing, and the fact that it has virtually unlimited storage of all my many, many (and I mean MANY) photos and videos that I just cannot part with (for obvious reasons!) is unbelievable. On top of that, I don’t have to pay a subscription fee to take full advantage of all these functionalities!! I seriously CANNOT express enough how absolutely perfect Google Photos is. Thank you, Google, for making the world a better place with apps like this one. I’m forever grateful and indebted to you.

- You get what you pay for, and this is free.

Save yourself now and have nothing to do with google photos. Seriously the worst and least user friendly app for photo sharing. It takes 10 min to upload a 1min video to the cloud on high speed internet. Ridiculous. Also it doesn’t separate your “uploaded photo/video” from the photo video it’s viewing off your actually phone so if you’re not careful you could accidentally delete photos thinking they’re on google cloud and they never actually uploaded. Lastly if you ever decide you want to delete google cloud and have no connection with it good luck because it is a long process to delete all your photos from the cloud and disconnect your photos from the account. It raised my blood pressure and ruined an entire day for me. No wonder it’s free. I’ll stick with Icloud. You get what you pay for at least. On icloud i could upload over 3K photos and videos before google cloud could finish uploading a couple of 60 second videos clips. This app is a joke. No idea how it has such high ratings. Maybe people only use it for uploading a few photos to share. If you have hundreds of photos to upload and share you could get them devolved and sent to the person in the Mail before google photos would finish.

- Amazing

If you just use the “High Quality” upload size setting, you literally get storage for unlimited amounts of photos. And by unlimited, I really mean unlimited. I currently have over 5000 photos in storage and I’m constantly adding more with 0 downsides. Plus, being able to access your photos (as well as being able to download them) from basically ANY device that can access the internet is a huge benefit! Couldn’t recommend this enough for anyone that either has a ton of photos and videos and just want a backup for all of them and/or have storage capacity issues on their devices due to the amount of photos stored on it. All you have to do is have a Google account (i.e. have a Gmail account), log in to Google Photos, download the photos to it, and after it’s done backing up all your photos, you can then delete them all from your device and still keep all those photos and videos as well as be able to access them from basically anywhere! Amazing app and cant recommend enough!

- Better than Apple Photos

I am wondering why I never utilized this app BEFORE now? I love that it connects photos from my iPad and my iPhone IMMEDIATELY... unlike Apple. In real-time photos from my iPad, iPhone and MAC are all uploaded seamlessly without me ever thinking about it. Apple products can be connected to WiFi and not operate any where near that efficiently. Not to mention the fact that I need to pay out-of-pocket for iCloud storage to protect my precious photos on their devices. For years I’ve panicked if my photos weren’t backed up, hoping nothing would happen to my device until I could afford to pay for my cloud fees again. Now I never have to worry about that ever since Google has tons of storage! Google has me covered for FREE too! & *IF* it can get any better, every time I open the app there are new stylized pics, collages, and animated photos that Google has created for me! It makes my job easier and preserves memories in ways I may have never thought twice about. I highly recommend this app, and I consider it a MUST HAVE.

- All my photos get backed up

It is awesome that I can backup every picture I've taken in the last 10 years worry free. Any pics I come across now I can just scan them and have a digital copy which over time will be a lot better than hard copies. I can also print pictures myself or have them done for a reasonable price on photo paper. I had a friend who asked me to store almost 1000 pictures for her that have been taken over a period of 40 years. At the time we lived in the same town now we're 700 miles apart. I uploaded them to Google and made a folder for her and shared it so now she has access to them 24/7. She also uploads new pictures to the folder as she gets access to them so she'll haves digital backups. She was so very grateful that I did this because she forgot that she asked me to store them for her 6 years ago and told me that she thought she lost them forever. If you're considering Google photos I would strongly recommend that you do so that your memories can be shared for generations.

- Fantastic way to liberate your iPhone

No room for the latest iOS update? You probably are like a certain friend of mine who takes pictures of everything and texts pics of every meal she eats when traveling to new places. Your photos are great, but they are hiding out in text AND photo storage. Why do you need them in both places? In fact, with this app you don’t need them on your phone at all! If you are cool with Google knowing almost everything about you, which it probably already does, then have no fear! This will solve your storage problem and make room for stuff you need on the phone. Set-up takes a while if you have multi-gigs of photos. Let it do its job and follow the Assistant’s guidance. Once done, install the latest iOS to see what you’ve been missing. One shortcoming I haven’t found an easy workaround for: if you are already in a text or mail and want to send an older picture, it’s not easy to browse through your photo library in Google from within the mail app.

- Surprised how good yet not generally known by others

This app pretty much does it all, as the best backup app I’ve found and it’s creative Assistant. I’ve yet to run out of backup space and I have a ton of photos and videos. I don’t know how or why that works so well, but why pay for online backup space if you can use Google Photos? The Assistant suggests ready-made albums, makes movies, creates stylized copies of some of your beat shots, and even brings back memories from years past to see again. About the only thing I don’t like is how fast it backs up your photos if you leave that feature turned on. So if you haven’t had time to delete some of the photos you don’t want to keep in your phone’s Photos folder, Google Photos will have already backed them up. Then it’s a little cumbersome to synchronize what you want to save. It also backs up your media on multiple devices, which is very handy because you can view all of those photos and videos in one place. This is definitely a sleeper 5-Star app!

- Great with caveats

The user experience in general is pretty straightforward and useful. Photos automatically get updated into google pictures and then they have a feature that helps delete photos on our phone. Great. I believe I could even teach my mom this, which is saying a lot. This is where they fall flat, all the suggestions with collages and animations cover the useful feature of cleaning up photos. It just confuses some users (for example, older adults) and makes them hesitant to press anything and turns them off from using it. Perhaps they should move that as an extra setting and not part of the mAjor automatic experience. Second, the shared album is separate from albums which also confuses older users. I think if they could clean up the “bells and whistles” they would reach a broader audience, but also if they have a broader audience current users would probably be more active since then they could really take advantage of shared photos. The logos without text can also be confusing for some users. So overall really great concept, but the user experience can be fine tuned to really be easy to use.

- Great app, but the update is annoying

I’ve been using google photos for almost 4 years now and I’ve loved it up until the most recent update. Ever since I updated it, it keeps freezing/crashing. In reading the other reviews, I’ve noticed that a lot of people are having the same problem. If you have an iPhone, this will help you with that issue. First, make sure that you did a recent back up on your Google Photos app. Now delete the google photos app. Once you’ve done that, look to see if there is a software update available for your iPhone. If there is, let it run all the way through and it will restart your phone all by itself. Once your phone turns back on, download the Google Photos app again and sign in. This should fix the issue of the Google Photos app crashing. If there isn’t a software update, then just remove the Google Photos app and re-download it. I was getting frustrated myself with it constantly crashing. So I know how everyone else must feel. I hope this is able to help someone out there. Have a blessed day!

- Great App

I just hope Google don’t hold my life in pictures as some kind of ransom, later on down the track. Google can be bought and sold right? Along with all my data. Putting faith in a company like this is a huge deal but they are not a country. They have no governing body that is connected to the people so... when you hand over your life in pictures, your facial details and all of your friends faces, places and times are essentially owned. There will be AI that will find patterns in people’s experiences gathered from this data that will be used to manipulate people in ways that we can’t imagine and probably won’t notice. And I know all this and yet the app makes it easier for me to enjoy the thousands of pictures that I’ve taken in my life. It uses algorithms to sort and make use out of all these captured moments. It’s really wonderful. So google you can have my pictures and data and the ability to manipulate me in some kind of emotional bliss, in exchange for this awesome service! Game-changer.

- Photo storage as it should be

I love this app for a couple reasons. 1) the Auto Awesome recommendations made my the assistant are brilliant. They take what is otherwise an ordinary picture and enhance it to be something much more special. They give life to pictures. No other service does this and for free. 2) the search capabilities. I have 10s of thousands of pictures and searching through them could be a nightmare until now. Google Photos categorizes your photos based on location and the subject of the photograph itself. It's accuracy in being able to detect the subject is rather uncanny. I can now search my pictures far easier than before. 3) I know I said only 2 reasons but this one is important too. Free! You can upload your pics for free! Enough said. Some improvements I would like to see would be an option to delete the originals once they have been successfully backed up. NB: I do not work for or am in anyway affiliated with google. Just a regular consumer of its products.

- So many issues

I'm very frustrated with this app because I downloaded it to help me with the storage issues on my phone, but it's giving me separate issues of its own! The app says "backup complete" at the top of the page, but many of my pictures still have the white arrows going in circular motion. When I access google photos on the desktop, those items do not show up. I spent hours looking it up in forums and trying to fix it based on all the recommendations in forums, but nothing is helping. Only when I manually select the items and click "back up" do the arrows disappear, and it is irrational for me to sit there for hours selecting the items one by one when the app is supposed to do this automatically! On top of that, the app does not back up my videos. I really wanted this app to be worth it and to work for me and I'm very disappointed that it's not. Now I have to seek another solution and waste even more time worrying about this. At this point I'm not even sure if I should trust this app or continue using it, and I would not recommend it to friends with the issues I've been having! Save your energy and don't get this app!! -To Google: if I am contacted and the issues are fixed then I will change the review ..

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- My new favourite app

My new favourite app. Really practical and convenient way to free up your iPhone storage and share pics with your loved ones. I have a photo album of my son that I share with his grandparents who live 3 hours away. They love how it keeps them up to date with what our family is doing. Only they can see the photos and they can add their own photos too. Google pics automatically organisers your photos into albums. You can also manually set it up so it recognisers people and places. We’ve set ours up to recognise when a picture has our dogs in it so it automatically loads into the dog album. I also love the assistance option that automatically fixes lighting in photos and creates videos and collages of your pics. It also reminders you each day of memories using pics from years prior. I love this app. Genuinely am telling others to use it.

- Why?

I seem to get a little #1 on the app icon everyday, as if to say I have a notification! But when I open the app there is no notification, seems google just want you to click on their app once a day for whatever reason??? If you open the app then immediately close it, it won’t hassle you again today, but tomorrow we go through it again. I try my best to support all google products only to find fault, on the 30 or so occasions I’ve had to deal with customer support with both a bug report and a FIX for them, half the time a patch is written that night with an update available the following morning, AWESOME!!! The other half of the time I felt 100% ignored. This 50% success rate of google actually listening to your legitimate complaint makes them the leaders of many industries, as most companies won’t change their product to suit you, they will give you a walk through on how to use their product but if you’re going to complain most companies will ignore you, not at Google! If your complaint sounds legitimate and can be fixed, Google will get straight onto it. This is a FIVE star product that only lets itself down by scamming you into clicking on it once a day by way of a fake notification that doesn’t exist when you get there. The reason for one star is, if you don’t get 5 you get 1, as I don’t read reviews rating 2, 3 or four stars & assume either do many people. That’s all folks ;)

- Almost perfect

I love this app, its easy to use and frees up valuable space on my iPhone. It’s amazing that we are given basically unlimited storage space, i was able to give up paying AU$10 a month for other cloud storage. My only complaint is how incredibly SLOW it is to upload your photo library initially. I had a little over 1000 pics on my phone and it’s been uploading almost constantly (I work from home so I can leave the app running day and night) and it’s been 4 days of uploading! I guess we can’t expect lightning fast speeds from a free program and once the initial upload is completed it should be quick and easy to keep on top of thereafter. I do have one request, I don’t like the idea of all my precious memories being in only ONE location. Imagine someone gets my password and just to be a jerk they delete all my pics! Could happen! So I bought a little 2TB external drive to make sure I have them stored somewhere else, it would be great if there was some way to easily copy the contents of my google photos account to the drive.

- A bit of getting used to ......

Its a good way, great infact, to store your photos to relieve your ever expanding icloud storage problem. Whereas icloud virtually does everything for you once you have taken your shot, Google is a little more hands-on. Its not a bad thing, just most of us have become lazy and have to learn it all over. However, once you get used to moving your way around it you'll find plenty of support and a fairly common sensical approach. There is an assistant who is there to gather your photos into groups - as it sees it, and im not sure this is altogether necessary, im pretty sure most of us know who our friends & family members are - the assistant puts them all into fancy collages and albums etc. Im still fairly new and so far the only action im having a bit of trouble with is the great ability to write some info under each photo, we do forget things and it will be good to be able to read abit about what was happening etc, but so far, although ive written info under several photos, i havent yet been able to see it, well its not in the camera roll daily thingo, mabe in an album it can be viewed. Ill find out soon anyway. Altogether, better than icloud, in fact ive turned icoud drive off, it has a terrific editingtool, and then when you think you have it perfect Google asks you if you would mind if they did one last modification and boom - then it really IS perfect !! Great app.

- Most powerful

Google Photos is an extraordinarily powerful suite of photographic applications. Several years ago when facial recognition was released, it was an object of admiration and wonder. Now, even though it has become so familiar, the range of recognition of people, animals, objects and places has become ever larger and more powerful, almost unbelievably so. In combination with some other apps, Lens, Scan and Snapseed for example, it provides an amazing array of uses for the camera which go far beyond the traditional portraiture and landscape subjects. Photos is a very powerful document manager, aide memoire, and information miner to give just a few uses. Photographic technique has become no less important, but the sheer volume of good to superb output is a great inducement to unlock all the capabilities that the Photos family offer.

- As of current build :

Brilliant in every single way but.....First of all the good. The initial set up and transfer of all my main photos and videos from IPhone to Google photos is flawless and fast. As a tip use wifi if your on a low budget data plan. In one sense the Google photos app works effortlessly and prompts a user to clean up and delete photos from your iOS device as it happens. As a result I've turned off iCloud for photos completely. In addition ive freed up an absolute ton of space on my iPhone 👍🏼 The bug I've got with Google photos is by today's standards loading a video to watch using Google photos is to slow. These days things are instant especially the iOS photos app platform. 20 seconds or at times up to a minute can seem like a lifetime especially if the person nexto you starts asking why is your Google photos app taking so long to load a video clip 😳

- Absolutely love the Assistant tab

Gonna say it right now, going into the app every now and then to see new photos just automatically being enhanced and cute collages being created is just... so fantastic. Honestly this app is literally perfect for organising your photos, videos, backing up, etc. I realise that more than 15GB of Google storage isn’t free and that’s the only downside to backing up. You’d have to download your photos to a physical hard drive every now and then for the sake of the online convenience if you aren’t willing to pay - but this is still fair enough and understandable since the base product is still free and always will be. It’s pretty cheap to upgrade from 15GB to 100GB - not free, but it’s affordable and the storage is enough for me to survive plenty of time with a wonderful convenience and no worries.

- Great but some improvement could make it better

1. Add a way to select and discard a face recognised by google from inside the photos. I have many recognised faces that are just random people on the background of my photos in busy places like Disney land. I have no way to discard the recommended face at the moment. 2. I wish I could see the size and resolution of photos and videos after upload to compare with the original if I wanted too. 3. Improve the upload feature so that it cumulatively adds data of a big file into the same image in the cloud rather than one big file as a whole. I have files up to 15GB and it takes a long time to reach 80% uploading and if computer shuts down or disconnect from the internet then it has to start all over again.

- So Easy!

I found out about Google photos when I was sent a link to a shared family history album. I was so impressed that I read up on it and started using for myself. I am not that tech savvy & if something gets too hard then I usually opt out and stop using. Not so with Google photos as it is so easy to use and it is a great way to manage your photos and back them up. It’s also a great way to share photos. In the case of the family history album that I mentioned earlier, the album contained about 300 old photos that were found under a bed. By sharing the album, each person could go into the album and add names and comments against the photos. Many of the subjects in the photos have since been identified.


Store all you photos, it’s sorts them for very quick easy viewing anytime, the assistant makes animations from bursts, panoramas, Face Recognition and sorting, shows memories etc without you asking it to and you can save if you like them, it’s all cloud based and very reasonable if you want store best quality. You can search by theme, date, person and you can even share specific photos with friends if you like without having to use up data by sending. Great thing is at any time I can view my memories from way back so they are not buried and forgotten in the millions of photos i have - and my whole family can view, access and upload their photos to it too. Awesome Application I love it!!

- Can’t export or delete photos from google photos without deleting it on your phone photo library.

I used to think like everyone how convenient this app was to take space out from my phone. But now it seems like when I delete photos from google photos it also deletes the photo straight on my phone library as well. It also uses up my Drive space which was why I had to delete them.. but it also automatically deletes photos on my phone when I do so?? I also can’t seem to export the photos from google to my phone without sharing to someone? It’s so not user friendly and it shows that Google wants to take control of your photos!? Which is also really frustrating about how it connects to your phone and I can’t seem to find a way to disconnect google photos from my phone entirely. Not just un-sync it. Entirely. It’s impossible. They still have the control to keep your photos. This app honestly does not deserve a 4.7 stars rating.

- Google Photos

Awesome app! It has saved so much storage on my devices! When I saw the advertisements I was sceptical 🤨 I thought it was too good to be true, but when I downloaded this app I was not disappointed! 😆 I also love 💖 the fact that you can make movies and collages with your photos! (I love the music for the meow movie 🍿😻😹) The only negatives I can possibly think of is that asides from text message, whenever you want to import an image using apps such as Clips and iMovie, you have to go into this app and save it to your camera roll. Also videos can take a while to load sometimes. These are some minor inconveniences but asides from that this app is awesome 😎📸 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Best in class, but still not good enough

This is the best photo management app, but it’s still missing some essential features. There is no “private” folder or image management, so screensavers can show photos you don’t want your family to see. Ouch. A passworded or locked option would be nice. Photo management for families is fiddily and should be an easy option for families already connected in google. There is no duplicate search function. The time/date management only changes the order of sorting, not the actual file (that backs up to the computer). It’s terrible if you have lots of scanned pics like me as it uses “scanned date”. The photo backup to computer is ok, but it needs to add some sort of folder structure. I have thousands of photos, and google just dumps them all into one folder which is slow if you have to wait for it to reorder or sort the folder. It would be useful if the computer backup was put into monthly or even yearly folders. And the biggest issue, terrible support. It’s either user forums, or some google chat saying “that feature isn’t available yet” Those as some gripes about an otherwise great program.

- Strongly recommended

This app was recommended to me when I was out of options of storing my photos off my iPod, about to go on holiday and was completely out of storage... though the photos take a decent amount of time to be backed up when you have large amounts, it is totally worth it. Not only do I now have all my photos safely stored away but I am also able to delete them from my device knowing that I can access them and expect them all to be there. My only recommendation to the app designer or software editor, is that you make all your photos accessible offline, this already may be done, though my iPod is sometimes a little tricky to deal with and only allowed me to see my recently viewed pics. Overall an amazing app!

- Grouping request

This app is great. Can I please request that sometimes the grouping does not work correctly. When a new person is created and they do not come up in the search they are added twice. Can you please add a merge function to add the two people if the same name is created twice. Can we also have in the new feature section for rotating that when a similar face is shown it only learns when you click on the persons profile to group the same person. Can we have this same person suggestion appear in the new section so that the click through can be carried out without having to click on each person. Thank you

- Makes life easier

I've been searching for a way to save my videos and photos without losing access to them on my phone, and this has been the most reliable and easy to use backup system ever! I can confidently delete everything once it's saved on google photos, and continue capturing memories everywhere I go. It's so easy to retrieve all of them at any time, and it doesn't cost me a thing. Way better than iCloud which would hold everything but not give me access to my own photos when I wanted to backup onto my pc. Google is always my most preferred option for everything.

- It was great until it didnt store 1 video that’s very important to me.

I was very upset it didn’t warn me that my videos weren’t backing up, so i ended up deleting my original photos in my iphone, google photos shold stop receiving videos and photos all together when it is NO LONGER backing up coz what’s the point???? I am very upset coz it let me edit a long video into a short one and i even make an album out of it beleiving it was backed up coz why can I edit if it’s NOT saved in google photos??? Is that the reason and purpose of tour App??? To back up files??? Yes i may or may have not turn on the “turn on back up” but I have a new fon and my settings must hve been new. My bottom line, i wouldve appreciated it if you tell me straight to face that the video I EDITED in your google photos ate not saved so you better save it somewhere..NO IM NOT UPGRADING IN YOUR UNTRSTWORTHY F#%^*APP!!!

- Great features but some failings

The assistant is a great idea and provides interesting stylised photos. The backup solution from my phone is great and better than iCloud backup. My only issue is the consistency and sync across apple photos and Google photos. When I edit or delete live photos in the native app, Google photos doesn't retroactively update which photos to sync or delete. This means I have to do manual cleanup in Google photos. I need to edit live photos in the native app because Google photos doesn't provide all the editing features that the native version does. Also, when I try to view live motion in the Google app there is always a delay and it feels clumsy. Fix the clumsy Ux and the double cleanup/sync work and you'll have 5 stars!

- Best Free Photo/Vid Storage

I love google photos. Was debating paying for cloud storage (I have all apple products) I really loved how apple formatted stuff (since I'm pretty basic with my understanding of all things tech) but my brother persuaded me to try google photos. The only downside is you need a really great wifi or internet connection to be able to upload your whole photo library. I've only managed to do that with my phone but the MAC photos kept crashing because of the bad wifi. (Bearing in mind I was in a third world country when I tried and tried to upload these) I'm back home in Australia and have yet to try uploading my whole photo library onto this app but fingers crossed it works.

- Good App but could be Great!

Excellent points raised by Bz3rkr, wholeheartedly agree with every single 1. Other than that excellent app especially for those who only use it as a freebie. I pay for 200GB and share it between my whole family of 5 (including 4 iPads, 2 iPods, 3 iPhones, 1 computer) so it definitely comes in handy! Update Apr 2020: Had to upgrade our 200GB storage to next tier which is 2TB, which just shows, we use this A LOT (especially now that the kids are getting older too, with one in second year high school, and another one will be next year)!! Still very happy customers 😃😃😃

- Fantastic App, love it !!!

This is such a great app and a beautiful way to capture, sort, view , save and share our memories. It is incredibly easy to use & find photos from any date. The app recognises peoples faces and groups them automatically once you have named that person, it’s then easy to search photos of that person from any date. The app also automatically creates albums, videos and collages that you can choose to save or not. I have enjoyed looking up all our old photos from 10 years ago! It’s great that it has unlimited space. Great app overall !!!

- Great App

I absolutely love google photos! The automatic creations that it creates is my favourite thing about this app. They way you can tweak all the settings to tailor it to your kind of data needs is great too. All different settings that can be changed and the choice to create more space on your device by deleting photos that have already been safely backed up is another top mark from me. I love anything that google creates. Google is my life! It has my life stored in its cloud and I love the security google provides. All in all, if you are not using google photos, you need to start. RIGHT NOW!

- Very Impressed

In a time when you to pay so much for back up services! I find this very impressive.. security well what is it anyway every server is hacked in some way and how do you know if you pay for back up you will still not have you photos looked at by other so you might as well increase the worlds photo banks for all history! A few years on I’m still very happy with Google Photos, it now means I have my life’s digital photos on hand at a moments call... just scroll back through time, or wait for memories of days past to pop up.. Thanks again Google

- Total Game Changer!

Google photos obliterates iCloud! (and that’s coming from a self-confessed Apple fanboy) It may seem nothing, but the ability to delete videos and photos from your device after uploading them to unlimited storage in the cloud is huge! Apple icloud won't let you do that, and so forces you to buy devices with more storage again and again! Apple's setup is quite sneaky actually and outdated! Google Photos has two storage settings: "High quality" and "Original quality". “High quality” setting allows for unlimited photo and video storage for photos up to 16 megapixels and videos up to 1080p resolution. “Original quality” setting gives you 15 GB free and then you pay from there. However 16 megapixels and 1080p HD video is pretty dam good - And it’s free and unlimited so Im stoked with that setting! Thanks so much Google for changing the game! Our family can now probably keep our phones and ipads for several years more!

- Great App, can be made much better

Great App but additional features would make this better than Apple. For example allow user to select which photo and videos (individually, or multiple selection) can be downsized and backed up to “high quality” so it doesn’t take up your google one storage plan. Provide a better memories feature that uses screen sizes better. Provide a better full screen interface. All photos are clustered to the left, it would be nice if albums, favourites are displayed better, all grouped without gaps, different view options. Improve the slideshow feature. Add widget to have photo of the day.

- It’s ok for free!

Free high quality unlimited storage! It is feature rich and excellent with searching features. I took one star off, because I hope one day google creates a stand alone photo app for my computer, rather than just an uploader for computer. And another star off because the use of my uploads in googles policy is not as wholesome for my liking (they explicitly explain that google scans your photos and combines it with other services likely to advertise to you). Videos take ages to buffer or play once uploaded. And uploading lots of stuff takes ages too, and doesn’t seem to remain uploading in the background if you leave the app. But for a cost free overall alternative, how can you not like the service, with apps for iPhone and iPad and is free.

- Google photos is a good app to store photos

Google photos is amazing for storing all my photos in one place and know that if my phone breaks and I don’t have a back up, I still have my photos of me and friends that can not be replaced. I find that google photos is fast and easy to access but one click of a bottom and you can see the photos that you have saved. Don’t let google photos run on you mobile data unless you have unlimited because it will use a lot of data to keep syncing your photos. I give the app 5/5 stars.

- Really really good, and would recommend

The app is really really conventional and helpful. When I go on hikes I feel much safer to take my phone and risk it breaking knowing that my photos are safe. I love the extras, like the animations. So cute! One thing that I think would help the app, is if founders were transferred onto the app. For example, with my phone it has the ability to recognise faces and put them into their own folders of other photos of themselves. It would be nice to keep my stuff organised when I transfer photos onto the app. All in all, brilliant app!!!


Has to be my all time favourite photo app, I now have photos from all the way back to 2005 thanks to Google photos. If it had not been for the many devices I have linked to my photo account with google I would’ve have access to all of these fabulous memories and I LOVE the new features where you are sent memories from 5,6,7,8 etc. years ago today, the hi lights of recent times and the fun little extras with the montages, collages and many other groovy bits that help me to see and remember things I haven’t recalled for years. THANKS GOOGLE!!! 😁👍🏻

- Better than iPhone Photos app.

This is the best photo app I’ve ever used, you get unlimited free online backup (the reduced file size barely changes the photos appearance), it also beats all other apps in the following; - Registers faces better than any other app, listing that persons face in a folder. - syncs up to the google cloud, so you can access it anywhere considering you use the correct account. - Has a more streamlined interface over Apple photos. - Photos automatically get backed up every time you open the google photos app.

- Awesome App - Google Pictures

I've given this app by Google 5 stars because it's one of the best apps that I've got and it's free. It frees up the memory even on my old SG4 phone and iPads as well. I use it a lot because I often have heaps of photos cluttering up my what memory I've got left but with "Google Pictures" It always works and is reliable for saving all my photos with or without edits, collages. As well as various guys, videos/movies that I've created etc. I highly recommend this app compared to so much rubbish out there and it's free! I just love it!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Lock?

I love this app, i normal don't do reviews but its amazing. It's cleared 90gb of photos on my photo/ipads and other devices. i recommend this for cleaning your device and clearing storage. even per say 2gb, a little goes a long way and i recommended getting this if you haven't. Free and useful. Locks. I reckon there should be a option to lock the full google apps or accounts. It would be cool and add more security to it as i lend my devices to people to use sometimes and i have important documents i need to keep safe. once i added my photo of my draft living resume and the photo got permantley deleted.

- Amazing

This app is way better than the stock iOS photos app. However. We NEED to be able to crop videos. With the addition of screen recording in iOS 12 I believe it is, we still have no way to crop videos aside from getting a third party application. In iOS 13, the stock photos app allows people to crop their videos, but lots of people who have an iPhone 6/6 plus and below, we can't get that and we kind of depend on this app. I love this app and prefer it over apple's photos app, so please add a feature where you can crop videos

- Works well

My photos have come to life with automatic facial recognition grouping photos of the same person and very easy to creat albums of particular events and destinations to share with others. It makes it easy to share photos with others too! Would be great when you are viewing all your photos if there was some icon overlay on the photo so you can see that it is in an album. There is no way of visually knowing if photos are already in an album when you are trying to sort them or know where you were up to in putting in an album.

- Does exactly what its supposed to do. Perfectly

This app is very useful for anyone who has a device low on storage with a ton of photos they need backed up. Extremely simple to set up, and gives you free, unlimited storage for high quality photos (but for original quality it will use google drive storage). When the photos have been backed up, it will use them to automatically created animations, stylised photos and more. It supports backing up live photos, and is essential for anyone who wants simple, free image backups

- Essential for backing up your photos

If you take photos with your phone, then you need this app. If you want your photos to be secure, to share them easily with others, to view them across devices, or many other things then you need this app. On top of its secure online backup, ease of sharing across your devices and with friends, it also lets you search in many amazing ways - by date, location, object, person, and so many things. It's a very clever app and an essential one too.

- Constant signing in. 😡

I originally gave Google 5 stars and was happy with the service, until... Now when I’m transferring photos and videos to the app from ‘photos’ (on my iPhone), I’m asked every 10 minutes to sign in with my Apple ID; it IS EVERY 10 MINUTES! I have screen shots to verify it. If my screen shuts down, I have to re enter it, too. I don’t have a problem with one sign in at the start, I’d even expect that. What happened to the app I gave 5 stars? This is just frustrating and pointless, why is it happening. No forums can help me, as the only one to ask the same question, has no answer (and that was a Google forum!).

- Great App

I’ve had Google photos for some 3 years now and I have no complaints! It stores all your photos unless you wish to delete them ... the app also suggests steps to take if you are getting a bit full, for eg archive. It also picks out photos that it thinks will be improved with a few tweaks and you can do this or just forget about it. You can run it the way you want or go with suggestions it makes ... this in my mind makes it a very useful app !whichever way you want to use it!

- Google photos

This is just the best ever photo storing device you take the picture with your phone and when you hit wifi it loads it straight onto google photos and your pictures are safe ‘ you can also drop them in off your pc after you have down loaded your Camera ‘ I down load my camera to my iPad and then off they go to google photos ‘ I do keep. Second copy of my valuable pictures on a hard drive just in case my account gets hacked

- Biggest mistake ever to use this app

Was trying to clear up space on my phone and was recommended this app for my photos. Transferred my photos over, even put quite a few of them into albums, favourite sections as well for easy access, then go back later on and all the albums I created had disappeared. Type in locations of where photos were taken and can’t find photos. The face recognition part will show faces of people in the crowd from photos which is pretty useless. Bought a new phone last week, same brand just newer model transferred all my apps over and now the only things that are on my new phone now are videos only. No photos, yet all my photos are still on my old phone.

- Awesome cloud storage

Since they added the account sharing feature instead of just albums google photos is our go to family app for photos and videos. Our family lives overseas and they always want to see what our little one is up to and now they can. My wife and I have our phones setup to automatically backup all photos/videos and now we both can see everything any time without saying “can you send that” all the time.

- Some bugs to sort out

Great app with a great AI assistant. Does exactly what it says. However, if you have a lot of photos and videos, the initial backup takes a long time. In all fairness my phone had 14GB of content to backup, but the initial backup quite literally took me months. A second (and quite frequent) problem occurs with this app too. The app dates photos, but a lot of photos of my son taken 3 years ago show up as being taken 6 years ago. It’s probably worth mentioning that my son is currently only 5. The app doesn’t let you amend or change these mistakes. Hopefully this will be fixed in an update

- Love it 😍

So easy to group photos and people then turn them into collages and videos. I did find some of the photos lost quality with the unlimited download but I am not a photographer and use my phone and Ipad to take pics. Love the syncing and sharing aspect made so easy. Be warned, it can take up to 24hrs for the people to come up in your group so you can name the for easy search. Just be patient, you cannot tag or name until google has done its thing in the background. Love it❤️

- Best managing thousands of images

About 6 months ago our everything-Apple family switched from using Photos and iCloud with paid storage to Google Photos with paid storage to manage our 35,000 image library. Google works perfectly, and its automated facial recognition of people and pets, its automatic suggestions for creative edits, and powerful search, are awesome. It’s a pain to make the shift but finding the photo you know exists in a large library is much easier with Google.

- Awesome but a tad slow when uploading.

A great way of saving and organising your photos. Love producing animations ++++ only criticism is how slow it is to upload off phone or computer especially if a large volume but I guess Google processes and organises them on the fly. Still, the number one app to install once you get a new phone. As it restores your previous photos and backs up your newest. —- I have since upgraded my rating from 4 stars to 5 stars. It’s just superb. We use it daily and it seems to be getting faster. It’s fantastic to share. eg my relatives in Singapore keep adding photos to an album we share and its nice to have a collection we can all look at from time to time. It’s great for study too. Any facts/ figures/ great explanative images we put together in a subject folder and we can look at it together when needed.

- Limitless!

This is a great app. When I learned this had limitless storage (very slight quality restriction) and I was about to have my first child, I knew this was going to be a necessary solution moving forward. Syncs from iPhoto seamlessly and lets you share photos easily (even more so if they are on gmail). It is web based and can therefore download photos onto my desktop or laptop as required. I think if you're not using this app, you're not reaching your full free storage potential.

- Needs faster upload speed

When I first used this, it took weeks to upload all my photos. Even though it is set to operate in the doesn’t!!! I have to have the app open and ion at all times for this to upload my photos. After being away and out of wifi range for a week or so, usually a few photos to upload at once, takes forever. I have been trying to upload for the last week, but soooooooooo slow, it isn’t funny. Yet internet speed is fine, so don’t know why. So I need to sit my phone, plugged in and always on to finally finish the uploads. Needs to do better, way better. Would be great app otherwise.

- Amazing

It’s the best photo app ever! I don’t even know how much storage I can use, but now after 5 years of use and backing up I still have storage. It automatically backs up all photos and videos on your phone. It also makes suggestions of which photos to automatically archive and edit. It’s super easy and it is a really easy way of sharing photos. Plus you can really easily chose to download the photos back onto your phone. So yeah, just download it. Trust me

- Very Good!

Deleted a while ago for not having many features, I decided to install Google Photos back. I really like now the new interface, the features and that I can upload all my library for free. Unfortunately I still not feel kind of ready to upload my library only on Google, I am not too sure of Live photo support. I will upload my photos with the free plan and use iCloud with a paid plan for now, time will tell me if I can trust Google for this ⏳

- Amazing

I LOVE google photos and I use it all the time. It’s so easy to use and really helps with my storage. It gives suggestions to modify photos, which you can decline but they always help me, and you can keep your photos and videos there with unlimited storage and delete them off of your phone. Plus I can now easily connect my photos from my iPhone to my laptop without the hastle of emailing a tonne of things. 10/10 definitely would recommend

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- High

Great for storing But 15 GB is to low for the high quality image cameras take now a day should have at least 50GB free

- Top

You have to get that It release the data of your phone but keep you see you photos as you want

- Awesome!!

One word: AWESOME!!

- Pretty good.

Just hope that the space for photos is unlimited. :v

- Génial

Belle option pour ceux qui n’ont plus de stockage dans leur cellulaire. J’adore.

- I’m crying

I downloaded google photos so save storage due to the fact that I have a lot of photos. Once it properly downloaded it deleted over 1000 of my photos and videos and I do not know how to get them back. I have a very personal video of a loved one who battled cancer and lost his voice and I had a video of him singing. That footage is now lost to this app. Please if you have anyway to help me contact me. Any help will be much appreciated!

- I enjoy goggle pictures !!

best program

- Incroyable

Avoir 15 ans de sa vie en photos qui te suit partout, juste WOW!

- Broken promise

Google betrayed every user by breaking the free unlimited photo storage. I’ve been using it since 2016 and if google goes ahead with its plan, I’m planing to ditch all google services.

- Excellent!

I downloaded it months ago to access an album someone shared, and now it has become my main photo app! I love the ease of use, all the editing options, and how seamless transitions are between different areas of the app. I love how clean, reliable, and organized the app is. I adore the assistant and always look forward to the creations assistant comes up with. They are always awesome!! I have recommended this app to many people.


Keep the app free!!! The only reason I picked google photos in the first place is because of the free unlimited photo backup. If this changes I’ll be gone. Lots of other options out there if I need to pay. I regret setting up my whole family on your “free photo backups”. They’ll be changing as well. Don’t ruin a good thing Google.

- Love it!

❤️ It!

- Très bon outils!

Très bon outils pour faciliter le stockage et le classement de photos!

- Google changed their policy

Google is changing their policy of storing the photo for free, I feel cheated

- Awesome app

Easy to use and keeps all picture up to date

- Unlimited high quality

I just learnt that google will not provide unlimited high quality pictures and videos to be uploaded starting mid next year. This was one of the best options that was provided and I’m very disappointed. Could you please tell me if all users have to pay after the new change and remove all the previous photos?

- Cast icon disappeared

Recent update no longer show cast icon. Connected to same wifi.

- Effortless

To Whom it May Concern, My 8 year old daughter Aviana recently passed away. I wanted to arrange a slideshow of pictures for her funeral service and was stopped dead in my tracks by how overwhelming of a task it would be. I was happy to see you had the option to “Celebrate a Loved One”. You had made a video of Aviana last year and it melted my heart to no words so I know you will do a wonderful job and thank you for making this easy for me. For the artistically inclined Google Photos saved the day. Yours truly, Anuli and Marc-Andre

- Amazing app. Never ending GPS usage.

GPS doesn't shut off... Ever.

- I’m really upset

So I’ve been using this for years and now they will be removing unlimited storage. This is really going to ruin the app for me and I have to find something else to use

- Photo access

I’m giving this 1 star because the app insists on getting full photo access even though in the privacy settings, the option of selected photos says it should work. There’s no way google needs full album access for me to view my friends shared photos. Please change this, Google

- Yet another app

That’s defying it’s own mission statement. They chose to say never run out of space again. Now there will no longer be free storage (beyond a pitiful amount). Well, guess what? You broke your own promise.

- Too much privacy invasion.

Switched to apple. More private and nicer to use.

- Google promises

Well this didn’t pan out, with them going to paid service. Not going to work long term

- Keep it free

We loved this app. It was one of unique services. Please keep it free like now. If it needs payment then there are lots of alternatives out there.


I started using google photos because it had unlimited storage for photos and videos. and now with this new policy it will no longer be the same. so what the hell am i supposed to do now.

- Abus de pouvoir

Sur fond d’enquêtes antitrust, voilà une parfaite démonstràtion d’attitude monopolistique et de comportement destructeur. Maintenant que la concurrence est illiminé, ont nous annonce que l’on devra payer. C’est clair que je vais payer, mais quelqu’un d’autre ça c’est certain.

- Go F$&@ yourself for this ap!

Download the app and accidentally clicked the back up option now I cannot delete my photos from my Google account without deleting them from my phone because Google permanently links them like heroes that your stuck with for life! Now my Google Drive account is full and I have no choice but to make a new email address or pay for more storage! really wish I never downloaded the stupid app! USELESS! TOTAL SCAM!

- Google removing unlimited photo uploads ?

Typical, first get users to upload to your platform then try to stick it to them to pay for more storage. I figured you give me free uploads and in exchange google can sniff through my emails 👎🏻

- Great app; you done messed up

If you’re getting rid of the unlimited cap; you’re gonna have a bad time 😕

- Awesome

I love google photos

- Violating Apple rules?

I can’t use this app because I refuse to give it acces to all my photos. I don’t believe an app should be able to demand access to ALL our photos in order to work, specially now that Apple has given us control to select which photos we’re willing to give access to. I pay to store some photos in their cloud and I can’t use this app to have have an easy access to it. Apple shouldn’t allow this to continue, even if it’s a Google app.

- Wants full access to photos

No way I grant access to all photos. And the app won’t work without it ... uninstall

- Over invasive

Requires more camera roll permissions than necessary. I just want to view existing albums without giving Google access to my entire camera roll. Other apps allow me to choose the level of access I wish to grant but not this one.

- Why do they need access to all photos

I never made it past the screen where they ask for access to photos, I tried to give them access to a select few photos but it would only allow me to use the program if I gave access to ALL my photos. I’m normally not super paranoid about privacy and that sort of thing but I really don’t understand why they need access to all my photos, not just the few I allow them to access🤔

- Select photos vs all photos.

I decide what you can access. Uninstalled.

- Doesn’t respect privacy.

The app no longer functions unless it has access to your entire camera roll.

- Bad google

Google has broken the app so that you can no longer access it unless you grant Google access to all of your photos so that they can scrape your data. I wanted to use the “Selected Photos” option to only upload certain photos to share with family, but now Google has made that impossible. Unless you consent to grant access to all your photos and associated meta data Google won’t let you open the app.

- Can’t use app without giving full photo access

I have lots of pictures in my google photos library that I want to see but Google 100% does not need access to my camera roll for this. I will uninstall and use the web browser before giving this permission.

- Being back back the automatic photo suggestions

Still good but I miss the automatic photos suggestions (colour pops, mini movies, enhancements etc)

- Génial!

Permet d’accumuler une grande quantité de photos, de les classer et de les archiver

- Love the app but..

Love the app, but since the new update I have a persistent notification badge on the app icon, and I can’t find any way to dismiss it ☹️

- I like it

Its very helpful but the app shows a have 1 notif but i cant find it 😆

- glitchy

when i try viewing old photos from years or months ago, it never lets me scroll down . once it scrolls down it resets to another time period in that year and its so annoying. please fix it.

- Make it Free! >:(

I don’t have enough space to even get the app! MAKE THE GAME FREE SO “IT” DOESN'T TAKE SPACE!

- Plus possible de caster avec ChromeCaste

J’utilise plusieurs produits Google YouTube et Google Play ont le bouton caster. Et sur Google Photos le bouton n’est plus affiché en haut d’écran Ou est passé le bouton

- Super application !!!

Simple et gratuit.

- Love the app

Easy and simple to use. Go ahead and enjoy even with Chromecast Ultra and watch on your tv big screen.

- Photos

Gets better by the day.only question I have —- I have taken photos of old family albums and loose prints to retain and discard old hard copies. Pre digital images end up being dated to the current snapshot date — anyway of cleaning this up? Maybe a box on the photos allowing a good guess?

- Chromecast not working

Button for chromecast is gone? Probably an ios issue but super annoying.

Libertex 📈

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- Brilliant!

Google did an outstanding job at making a service where you can back up as many photos as you want and share them with your friends and family. In fact, this is the best service I've seen to do the job! Even though the picture quality isn't what it originally was, the photos are still in high quality. You can use the backup & sync app on your computer to sync your whole Photos library to Google Photos, which I've done and works well. I saved a ton of space on my iPad by syncing everything to Google Photos via this app, so if you're running low on storage this is an app that can save you. The awesomeness doesn't stop there! You can comment on photos, add locations, and best of all - you can use keywords to search pictures in your whole library! So if you want to find pictures of your dog in your library, you just search "dog" and a bunch of dog pictures magically come up! No tagging is required! Of course it's not perfect, but I've tested it with different keywords and it's still well done. One more thing, you can easily tag images by faces. Just enter the person's name and it'll automatically associate all pictures with them! The face detection is really good, and still finds photos with the same face if a kid is maturing. This service is a masterpiece, and it's a safe place to store all your photos. They pictures are automatically marked private unless you share them, so you don't have to worry about privacy concerns. Google Photos is a must-have app.

- Really nice way to back up photos

I really love how much space I can free up on my phone by saving my photos to google photos. My only issue is sorting my photos. I have so much on my camera roll even after going through and deleting some that I don’t want anymore, but it’s a pain to go through all my photos just to find one picture. I try to use albums to sort them out, but what’s disappointing is that when I put a picture into an album, it doesn’t disappear from my camera roll. It’s like I have a duplicate. I was hoping that the albums would be a good way of organizing my camera roll and hopefully making the general size of my camera roll smaller, but trying to find everything for the albums is really hard. Also, just a small suggestion. Some of my albums are huge and it would be nice if I could create subsections. For example, if I had an album labeled “vacation” then maybe I could have subsections like “day 1” “day 2” or “location 1” “location 2”

- Review update 2019, don’t get rid of this app

I don't know what I would do with out this app! I have been using google photos for over 12 years. (That's on three children and 10+ bdays a year.) In the beginning I uploaded my photos that I wanted to keep. So I did miss a lot of photos not uploading when I lost a phone, but ever since they started automatically uploading photos from my phone, if (when) my phone went bad, I didn't have to worry because my memories were already in google photos! Even better, now that you can give google photos permission to delete already uploaded photos, my phone has tons of memory. Plus my pics quality are good enough, I have been able to get some of my photos printed onto 16x20 canvases too. I can say so much. But I'll end with forget iCloud or Dropbox, why would you use anything else while Google offers Google Photos and so much more with goodie Drive? Literally I love it, I depend on google way to much to help me keep storage of all my data.

- Love it. But one problem

I’ve been reading on a bunch of forums that so many people are having the same problem as what I’m having right now. It stopped backing up when it got to my videos. I’ve done EVERYTHING I’ve seen online to fix it. I’ve done everything that a google one personnel has told me to do. I even got my case sent to a higher management/tech person/people and I did what they asked me to do as well and nothing has worked. Out of the blue yesterday I realized that my videos are backing up maybe 5-10 a day. And I still have nearly 1500 videos left so that’s literally going to take me MONTHS to get these finished backing up and quite frankly, I’m over it. I need to get everything off of my phone so I can reset it and start over. And I refuse to lose these photos because they’re of my daughter growing up. So that is literally my only problem with this app. You guys need to fix the bug that causes the backup process to freeze. And apparently this has been happening for a year or so, maybe more. So please, PLEASE! Fix this problem!!!

- Absolutely Essential!

Auto back-ups provide peace of mind, but that is just the beginning of why google photos is awesome. The ability to quickly organize photos into albums and seconds makes finding photos later easy. Sharing photos with friends is also amazingly fast. The auto assistant often makes great animations and videos from my photos, but I also have the ability to make my own custom animations and videos and the tools are intuitive and simple to use. Ability to find photos by searching for both thing and people is also quite impressive. My wife and I are also able to sync up our photos into a common space so that after any event pictures can be found organized by date and time. I also love that I have access to every photo I have ever taken because I have uploaded all the photos to Google Photos. I recommend it to everyone I know because I love pictures and this is the best tool to Save, share, and edit quickly photos and videos.

- Please read this.. jkjk Unless 😏🌝

I’ve been using google photos for a long time now and it’s amazing. It has different categories to find specific photos quicker and also it has really helped with my IPhone storage, the app has helped me have more photos without taking up a lot of storage. I think this app is very useful and would definitely recommend to friends and family. As I stated before the storage is a big part of why I love this application very much, the storage is just ✨ c h e f ‘ s k i s s ✨. I like how the app sorts different people and pets into their own profiles so if you ever want to see every picture and video of a specific person you can just go into their profile. The app also does this cool thing where it makes Live Photo’s into animations or it will make a collage of different photos without you asking which is always a fun surprise. The app is just very immaculate and I am very passionate about it ✋😌. Did I mention the storage is 🤩👅❤️😫🤤🥴👹. Thank you, kamilah

- It’s been good

I have been a huge fan of Google since the first time I heard of them 16 years ago. But of late they have been a challenge to work with. I sent off for cards twice to verify my business on Google. The first one was invalid and the second one locked me out for some reason I can’t find in the rules they asked me to read. I even started making my website on Google instead of GoDaddy and they said I was locked out of that. Now they are changing how they store photos. I already pay for extra space 1 TB more and that won’t be enough now I think. Is it greed or just good business, I’m not sure. I prefer everything Google and they do get a lot of grief. They’re not a monopoly it’s a good business who gives a lot to us. I like Microsoft but it’s their own fault they can’t keep up with Google and Google for the most part are a top notch company I’m just a little frustrated with them at the moment. You used to be able to get phone support but I was unable to do so.

- A beautiful way to keep life in your pocket

I have used this app for 5 years to backup all of my photos and videos. It does so automatically, straight from your library, without ever getting in your way. The app has saved nearly every picture and video I’ve taken in that time. It just so happens that 5 years ago is around the time I met my wife. 4 years ago is when my first child was born. This means that every picture or video of my wife and my kids, all of the firsts and lasts and everything in between, they’re all here. There are so many beautiful memories here that I can hold onto forever because of this app. I love scrolling through the years and months and just watching life’s story. The app is designed in a way that makes this easy and puts a strong emphasis on your media, rather than clutter. It even helps you clear clutter such as unimportant screenshots, document images, and even blurry or duplicate photos, so that you can focus on the special things. The Assistant that is built into the app makes everything so convenient. It has created so many amazing movies, collages, and animations for me (without me even prompting it to) that perfectly capture the little wonders of life. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have all of the things Google Photos has captured for me. Half of the time I didn’t even know it was doing it, but I’m so grateful that it did. If you’re not already using it, you should start now. You’ll thank me in 5 years.

- Perfect

I love this app because it gives storage and it's way better than I thought, that's because you can also make movies, animations, and layouts instead of using other apps that have those seperately and use a lot of storage You can also make photobooks that you can draft and add captions to the photos yourself! Also the photobooks are shipped to you for not-bad prices!!! I think its really cool in the movies you make, there are sooooo manyyyy music choices seperated by genre of music which i love and when you send photos and movies and layouts and animations to your friends, it sends it with a cool link and using BARELY any storage on your messages and wayyy less storage than normal photos The videos play themselves which is nice (but sometimes it takes longer than expected to load the videos😬) Overall the app is really good and barely takes any storage except for the loading and the fact that it needs internet to play the videos, and I reallyyy recommend it🙃

- Slow and messing up original folders

I had the dream that when I first click on free up soace the google pic appwill start transfering all my pics, of course keeping my original organizing pic in existing folders. To my disdain l am trying to make this app since more than a week and so far only 350 out ofmyover 4000 pics were transfered, and all done under a hidden criteria of course. I am unable to find my pics. I do not lnow where and how are my pics now classified, why some older are not taken versus some newer amd so forth. I am not an IT specialist but l assume that if l am reading some directions l have a good capacity to follow those directions. In the user "non friendly" directions found on google help l read press free up space than remove. Second step/ remove never shows up on my poor Iphone 6. I unable to uograde the IOS due to low storage and this one is impossible to be done qoth google pic app. Too sad! I am offered 15 GB but lam unable to take advantage and use it! Help!

- Best memories in a movie!

I’m not one to write reviews...however this has been an amazing app which allows me to keep my valuable memories safe. I can store other items in my phone without losing videos or pics. I can change to a different phone or simply view to share with others, no matter where I am. It creates special albums and movies with the perfect title & music. It kindly reminds me about my “on this day” events..bringing me to tears at times. I can search by date or face recognition for specific memories. I simply love this app and am always recommending it to everyone. Absolutely free and absolutely great!!!!! Thank you so much google for touching my heart with all the amazing things you store and create for me. This morning I had a meltdown because of the movie you created “they grow up so fast”. Truly amazing...I literally cried...tears of joy. Being able to be transported to so many memories in such a short time it’s just the best feeling!!!!!! Thank you soooooooooo much again.

- Amazing

I have known google photos for awhile and recently PhotoScan. My hesitation to download it was totally relieved when my son visited me this holiday. Took old pictures with photoscan and send me back all of it. He send his album and now we have shared photoscan album. I'm over 70 year old and have old pictures colored and black and white. It's amazing to photo scan my wedding picture almost 50 years, old black and white. With the editing features, it transform it to a modern looking,clean brighter,pleasant looking,colored copy. I did 3 kinds of edited pics. For comparison. I'm very very amazed and delighted how google was able to do this. I'm very sure I'll be very proud to show this to all my friend in my forthcoming, 50th Wedding anniversary. Now l am looking for more antique picture to process nd it's keeping me busy. Thanks GOOGLE. AMAZING. 5 stars all the way. Improvements is continuous. Recently sending me reminders of things that happened a year ago. I'll try to order Album for my Anniversary pictures.

- Love this app!

My phone was running out of space. I was constantly having to delete pictures so I could take new ones of my kids. Thankfully, my SIL told me about this app. I was able to transfer my 4,000+ pictures to the app in about 24 hrs. It took so long because I had so many to transfer at one time. I had to keep going in to check and manually transfer some here and there. But it was worth it. Once they were all successfully transferred, I was able to delete the pictures off my phone. The used space on my from when we 16 GB to barely 9 GB!! Now I don’t have to worry at all about how many pictures/videos I have or if I need to delete some to be able capture priceless moments of my kids growing up. I love the album storage and face recognition. It’s easy to search for people and places. I also love that it makes little videos for me to share. And that I can access all my phones from the app or my computer. I recommend this app to everyone!

- The BEST storage app EVER

I love this app so much, they allow me to save EVERYTHING. I’ve had all my memories from my phone saved on my google photos from when my daughter was first born. I really appreciate having this app because your phone storage gets full really quick but being able to have my photos saved & still have storage is awesome! Being able to get to my photos/videos when I need them is also amazing. Also the facts that I can save my really long videos on here & reload them when I need them is such a blessing! & having it so fast & easily connected, this app is a life saver, I love how it shows you the memories, I love how it makes videos for you, & your loved ones. I love that it keeps track of locations, faces, & other important point of a photo/video. I love everything about this app am I am very grateful to have it. I don’t know what I would do without it! Thank y’all for giving us this amazing app to store all of our precious memories on.

- Fabulous and Fun

Photos are daunting. They accumulate and accumulate and take up storage. This App is worth every penny ( oh wait it’s free...hahaha!) Easy to use. Yes initial set up takes a bit of time, it’s like setting up your new phone for example. But you will not be disappointed. It automatically takes the photos from my phone ( I allowed it to do this) and now I have no storage issues. Love the “people, pet” thing it does where after the first few days it generates an individual face photo of almost everyone in your photos. You can then name them and when you click on that face photo ALL their photos appear. Amazing! It even recognized my 50 year old brother as an infant and put that photo under his section. It also comes up with these really cute collages and little videos of random photos. For example, a cute little video collage of our new little kitten set to music. You can save and voila’ you have a special keepsake to share. Good job Google!

- Bad changes

Up until this point, Google photos has been wonderful and I would highly recommend it to everybody. However they are making a change. I was sold on this app because it was free unlimited storage, however starting June 1 of 2021, they will be removing this feature so that you can only have 15 GB of storage. I feel betrayed. Everything I’ve heard so far leads me to believe that there will no longer even be a free option past the 15 GB, up till now you could upload in high-quality or the original quality, only the original quality photos would count towards to 15 GB. There is no third option, and everything I’ve heard up till now indicates that that will be the same. This in mind, no longer in good faith can I recommend this service. It is just better to buy iCloud storage, because this 15 GB is shared between Google photos and Google Drive. My drive is almost completely full already and I will not be able to back up photos as a result. I have trusted google with some of my oldest family photos for the past 5 years, however now I do not, this giant conglomeration has the funds to continue their old ways, but now just want more money.

- Easy to navigate, organize and sync with devices

This is a great app! I have Apple products so I expected it to have issues, but it’s been fine. It’s easy to navigate and organize, both were requirements for me to continue to use it. The app syncs easily across both my phone and computer, and if you edit or delete stuff on one device then the assistant will help you to make the same changes on another device with one click. My only complaint is that it says it will identify people and pets, then group their images together. It didn’t do that for me, completely anyways. It picked up my roommate and then one of my cats, but didn’t recognize my other cat or my dog. It’s not a big deal to me, you can mass select images and group them together so it just takes a little extra time. For Apple users, there is an app for the computer that says it works with this...don’t buy it! Google has a free app that does the same thing and actually works.

- Way better than iCloud/iPhone Photo storage

Many times it has happened to me that my iPhone has a problem and I go in to get it fixed, only to lose all of my data on my phone, my contacts and my photos. I have bought flash drives and downloaded my photos and videos onto them but I still manage to lose them because I am human and forget what I downloaded and when. I have tried printing all of them out, but some are videos and the cost is too much with the amount of pictures I take and try to print. I have done a bit of research to find the best of the best for photo storage and this seems to be up there on the list. So, I have high hopes for Google Photos. I downloaded the app yesterday on my phone, set it up to automatically backup my iPhone photos and I am working on connecting it to my Mac! And so far, the experience has already eased my mind and I can't believe how easy it is to use. Thank god for google technology!!

- Very good photo app

This is definitely the best free solution to organizing photos and better than most of the paid ones. It is easy and intuitive to use. It requires very little organizing on the part of the user as the automated organizing is excellent. Moving my photos from my full Dropbox account to this was easy, although it did require an actual computer and not a phone or tablet. There are just a couple of things I don’t like. When you sync from your phone to the app, you can’t select which photos to upload, it’s all or nothing. And if you delete a photo from the app it also deletes it from your phone, in other words you can’t have a photo on your phone and not in the app. Not a big deal really but occasionally there are pics you don’t really need to save, or they are blurry, etc. It does allow you to delete from your phone without deleting from the app, so you can free up space on your phone. And you never have to worry about losing your pictures again!

- Solved my space issue

Pictures probably take up the most space on our phones. But originally, our only other option is to download them to our computers every so often, or when we get the warning that our phone is almost out of space. But this app actually fixed that. -pictures I take on my phone are almost immediately uploaded to my Google photos account, so I can now completely delete from my phone any that I won’t need to get to right away. -space on Google photos is unlimited, and free! I’m guessing (I don’t know -just guessing) they’re selling them or something, because they only allow this deal if we upload full resolution pictures (nothing edited down in resolution). So don’t use this app if you take sensitive photos or anything you don’t want getting out to the public Downsides (why only 4 stars) 1) I wish I could organize them into folders. Sure, we can categorize them by tag or category (I think Google also creates a description for them to search by — for instance, if I upload a picture of my dog, but don’t tag him as a dog, I can still find it if I search for dogs), bit it’s not like the folders I have on my computer. It’s just not as easy to organize them. 2) sharing the pictures isn’t as easy as of they were on the phone. Instead, since they’re not actually on the phone, but on Google, I have to first download the picture to my phone, and only then can I share it. It would be nice if I could just do it through the app.

- Google backups

I lost 15 years that I can’t ever get back because I trusted google! My account got hacked and google refused to help me get my account back! I offered my ID, police reports, phone bills that showed my email address, everything I could think of! They would rather assist the hacker!!! I lost all my children’s photos, my dads voicemails (and he’s deceased) not to mention my identity because they hacked all of my financial accounts and ruined my credit. Honestly, I could care less about my credit, I could minimize those losses, I cannot recreate my children’s lives or bring my dad back from the dead!!! My entire Gdrive (income tax returns, credit card statements, notes, etc.) all my google photos, my emails, my contacts, my bank accounts, stock accounts, passwords, maps and map history... EVERYTHING!!! Then I had my account set to notify a contact and allow them to download everything upon a certain time of inactivity. The day comes when the notice arrives and I am so grateful, but guess what... IMMEDIATELY, the account is accessed to prevent me from obtaining anything!!! BE MINDFUL of what you TRUST google with! You may support them; however, they DO NOT support you!

- I enjoy it but would love to have...

I would like to see an option added where I can select photos I want to add to photo folder I’ve already created; and be able to search for the folder I want after hitting the plus sign...instead of having to scroll through them all to find the one I want. I have way to many folders to scroll and often miss the one I’m looking for. I know I can arrange them alphabetically or by last modified but they are not in either of those orders when your click the plus sign to add photos to a folder. It seems like they get put in order of recently accessed but I don’t always want those ones. A search option for the folder I want after selecting the photos I want to put in said folder would be helpful. Otherwise, I love google photos for due to space and ability to share pictures or whole albums with my family. I was paying for additional space on apple because I have well over 100k pictures. I love pictures. Thanks!

- Awe Great Google!

I’m a picture loving individual and that’s an understatement at best! I must own millions of photos! And I’ve probably over the years lost thousands I’ll never get back from having stored them on the hard drives of computers that died and took my photos with them to their graves! Precious memories I’ll never get back! So when my Son hooked me up with the Googles Photo App and walked me through it I’ve found it to be basically THE BEST way of storing and accessing my photos PLUS being able to automatically share ones I want to directly from the app itself! No more of this having to go into my photos and selecting the ones I want to share; then having to drag-n-drop them into another app or my email so I can send them! Also as I understand it, I no longer have the worry issue of “what if my computer crashes or just dies and I lose all my pictures—a-g-a-I-n!” Now with them being stored in Google Photos, I’ll always have them at the ready so I can get to them from any device anytime and anywhere I go! I have to say I’m loving this concept and I’m really enjoying this service! It’s truly unbelievable how much freedom from worrying and stress it has given me. And really; couldn’t We ALL use a little less worry and stress in our days? I know I could and thanks to the Google Photo App one less worry and stressor has been eliminated from my world! THANK YOU GOOGLE PHOTOS! Keep up the Great work!!!

- Google makes life easier, once again.

Automatic uploads, easily mass delete from IOS, archive with a simple press of a button, categorize photos and even separate them by recognized face and locations without lifting a finger. Into photo books, movies and other photo creations? Let the Google Assistant share her creations with you, or make your own. With a simple user interface that doesn’t even require the downtime of reading a manual, driven by many obviously complicated algorithms to appease the American way. Google... I’d say you’re outdoing yourself, but I wouldn’t want to give you a big head and you stop producing the apps that allow me to be a selective participant in so many tasks thrown my way on the daily. I still have, and upload, photos to Shutterfly - but only because it’s unlimited storage. Google wins with the AI and features that simplify the storage process and for giving me, yet another, cruise control button in life. 😁

- Surprisingly Hesitant With Change

I’ve never used Google Photos prior to this week, and now Verizon states I had to if I wanted to have easy access to all my devices photos once I activated my new phone and they weren’t just hanging out there in the, seemingly impossible to enter, iCloud storage. So far it’s been a refreshing change with and super easy to navigate thus far. The only thing I’ve come across as a flaw is, even though it states that the backup is complete and all photos have transferred successfully, sometimes when scrolling through my photos to choose one to view it will be crystal clear but when I click on it to view it solely it becomes extremely blurry. Why???? Besides that I only have 1 more thing that I find as a flaw, one that drives me crazy at that, and that’s the fact on some occasions it can take forever for some of my photos to pop up for viewing status!! I certainly don’t have time for that and in hopes that it fixes itself ASAP on that note!!

- So-far, one word: #FANTASTIC

I had been using the Shoebox app for many many years for trusting them NOT to allow any third-party to have access to my images since it was encrypted (hope you do too #TEAMGOOGLE ). They are shutting down and would have lost EVERYTHING if I did not switch over to another app — did my research & downloaded the Google photo app yesterday. I’m currently in the process of switching over over 9000+ images to Google, as I literally type this on my mobile, and everything is going smoothly. Here’s to hoping that when all is said and done google photo will not disappoint me in the future, since they are a company that I trust you 100%. Highly RECOMMENDED for anybody that wants to free up space on the phone, laptops, desktops, tablets, etc. If you are using any other type of photo saving app, switch over to Google. #TEAMGOOGLE and keep being the technology revolutionaries that you are! (*PS: Google, please don't let me down 🙃)

- Please Improve Video Player/Google Drive constantly fills up storage now.

To make it short: - please improve the video player by adding skip forward and skip back. The timeline is too small. I’ve updated my score, but I can’t give it a 5 until they improve the Video Player and add a “Double Tap to go back 10 seconds” feature. I also wish there was a way to separate the albums you made yourself from the albums Google helped you make. Ever since "Google Photos and Google Drive no longer sync", my 17 GB of storage keeps filling up and ruining my flow of things. Apparently this move was made to "stop confusion from customers". Ironically, I've never been this frustrated with Google in my 9 years of using its services. When I save a video to my PC, i want to see the Backup and Sync take the video to Google Photos, and ONLY google photos. I don't need Google Drive to handle my photos, but it seems like there's no way for my photos to get uploaded to GPhotos without going through GDrive first. No matter how much I read the new instructions and played around, there was no information to tell me how to stop the quota from maxing out everytime i delete a bunch of things to temporarily bring it down. I would love for Google team to respond to this review with direct instructions before i rate it back to five stars. Other concerns are that there is no "skip back" button so making it irritating to skip to a specific point in a really long video.

- Amazing so versatile

This app is like a personal assistant itself. It can tell you which screenshots and picture are useless at this point so you can go and archive them or delete them. It edits pictures you already have with filters making them so much better, sometimes. If you run out of space on your phone or iCloud well then you can just go ahead put it here on google photos and it will have there ready for you no matter how much space it takes up. After backing it up on google photos you can just delete any photos you don’t want from your phone, and with the assistant feature that does all the editing it can also tell you which photos you can delete because they’re either gibberish, screenshots of something useless, outdated, or they’re practically the same picture as another one, it will tell you. All the picture that are backed up in the app are moved to your google drive so they’ll be same and accessible from any place you can get to google.

- A great convinces.

I’m always taking pictures of things. Whether it be family, friends, nature, buildings, or art, I’m always taking photos. These photos would take up all my space and then i wouldn’t have storage for other photos, apps, and etc. I use to be able to transfer them to the computer but when I upgraded our computer wouldn’t take them anymore. I started having to email the photos to myself and then me an Apple associate told me about Google Photos and I live for it. There isn’t a maximum amount that you can put in. You can put in as many as you want. I have about 1,081 and I’ve had it for about 8 months. I’ve always been satisfied. All you have to do is download the app. Log into your gmail account. It will start to sync your photos. BUT before you go to delete from your camera roll make sure that they are all backed up. You will love it! My Mom and I both live for it and so will you!

- Google doesn’t seem to care about old bugs

Google tries to make everything automatic and easy.. until it doesn’t. Uploads get stuck, portrait photos seem to particularly struggle. I have photos on my phone right now that google photos refuses to upload. They were there I tried to share them and only half showed to everyone I shared with so I figure I’ll try to reshare. Nope. K I quit app and restart. Nope. K, I’ll sign out sign in and toggle sync. Nope. K, I’ll delete the pictures from the app. Google them forces you to delete them from your phone, but no problem I dig them out of my phones trash and I’ll just reupload and.. back up sync but there not there. K, I’ll repeat all of the above steps. Nope. K, I’ll duplicate the photos in Photos. Hey they there now I’ll just share them.. stuck uploading. K, I’ll just quit the app and.. photos are gone again. K, I’ll just manually add through Photos>select photos I want>square arrow up icon>Google Drive. Yes uploaded. Now to share.. stuck uploading. And photos are gone. There are forum posts a year old on this and google just can’t be bothered to fix it. K, I’ll just use apple’s iCloud.

- Disappointed about several aspects

Disappointed that the date for some photos, particularly old photos that I have scanned and subsequently updated the date using macOS photos, is not brought in as-is. It seems Google is relying on the EXIF dates rather than Apple’s metadata. Secondly, when I rotate a live photo, it will remove the motion. That’s ok, I thought; I will rotate in Apple Photos which preserves the motion. The problem is that the motion of said photo now appears incorrectly in Google Photos. Apparently when you rotate a Live Photo with Apple Photos, google only sees the image as rotated, not the video. This seems like a bug actually. The third aspect is that there is no way to scrub. I use the photo “bar” in Apple Photos to scrub quickly between different photos that are very similar. This allows me to detect which photo is the clearest, and to see other subtle differences. With Google Photos I can only swipe between photos. The animation that occurs when swiping causes me to lose context and I am unable to detect those subtle differences. Please add a scrub bar for fast scrolling with no animation like Apple Photos!

- Love/Hate & Hot/Cold

App is great with backing up photos, it creates animated-shorts, videos, and mini-movies I probably couldn't have or would have not taken the time to make myself (a LOT of pix of my daughter!! 😍). But It takes too long to backup photos, it feels as though I need to fool around in the app to babysit and ensure everything is uploaded. And though my pix are already in the app, it seems to take EVEN LONGER to gather a few pix and put them in an album! It shows an "uploading" bar forever, and my phone usually hibernates after 1 minute, and when I go back in the album NEVER GOT CREATED! UGH!! I had to finally create just my album cover with just one photo, grab a few at a time and babysit those while still in the app to ensure the album was created properly. Not sure if it's an Apple vs Google issue, but you guys need to get it together. The concept of the app is great, but the execution of its functionality is TERRIBLE!! 👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿

- Garbage

As one other reviewer said, this app lacks the necessary flexibility to be at all useful. I have thousands of photos on my devices. I do not want or need every last one of them backed up in this app but it doesn’t give one the option to pick and choose. And where is it putting them? Who has access to them? Unknown. Also beware this app will take the place of your in-device photo albums— a photo deleted in the app is actually deleted from your device, not just within the app itself. This may be something that can be configured in settings but it isn’t at all clear when navigating the app initially. For something that is supposed to be for storage and organizing photos, I do not like how it so easily manipulates the photos in their original location on my device without asking me. So now a bunch of my photos that I would have preferred to keep only on this device are uploaded somewhere in the ether— can’t delete them in the app without actually deleting them from my device too. This is garbage. I’ve deleted it and will not be re-installing, and hopefully my photos are sequestered wherever they have ended up.


Aside from just the search engine, Google is a big part of my everyday/digital life; I use it for most everything. My family has Fiber internet and cable, I use Docs for school...the list goes on. And the Photos app is just another one of the things they’ve done right. The automatic backup is great, although at first I was hesitant to enable it because I thought it would take too long to get to all of my photos (however I was proven wrong—it works like a charm as long as you have high internet speeds). Not only does it do the main things you need it to do, but more! It has helpful features such as being able to make albums, the way it automatically identifies certain people/pets, and one of the coolest: Assistant. The assistant tab is so fun because it takes groups of pictures and videos and makes gifs, short movies compilations, and more. I could honestly go on and on. Everything is so great about this app!

- Best way to not let photos take up storage

I’ve used google photos for quite a while now and I personally enjoy it. I’m the type of person that likes to record and to take of many things as a safe keeping or memories but that comes with a risk of running out of storage so using google photos is amazing. Every picture and video I take will automatically be put into there and I can clear out my camera roll with being sad or worried about losing at the pictures. It’s like an extra hard drive and it’s free! I also love going to concerts and I usually get so shocked that I forget the concert the night after so I gotta record a lot but it takes up space after so I upload them to google photos and tada I delete them on my camera roll and Im good to go! The only down side to it is that it looks like it bad quality in the apps but if you decide to save it back into your camera roll it’s much better

- Great but room for improvement

Enjoy the app but there’s def a few things that would make it so much better... 1. If I could easily edit automatically generated animations. Animations in my Opinion are the best part of the assistant feature. However I hate when it contains one or two photos that I don't like or just aren't a good fit. For example, it just made one and in half the pictures the person is in sunglasses and half without. Now I know I could go in and make my own (but really who has the time) but ifi could just go into that animation and adjust it- well that would be so much better! 2. Your location service is pretty off. Particularly when it puts together a movie it tells me everyone was done in the city I'm from- rather than where the photos were taken. 3. A little concerned about quality of photos saved. If I wanted to print them would they be a very high quality still? I've heard the app lowers the resolution. 4. Another animation comment. Annoyed that I couldn't easily edit from the generated animation I decided just once to try and search for those photos and recreate it. However to select those photos for an animation I had to judge of of the thumb nail and ended up again including one I didn't want. At the very least it would be nice to be able to see the full photos BEFORE turning it into an animation. But I'd still much prefer to manipulate an auto generated one. But other than that- I really like it 😊

- All around great app!

I've been using Google photos for several years. I can't think of one complaint I'd have about it, so I'll give you some of my favorite features- maybe I'll remember something negative by the time I'm done lol. To start, don't turn off personalized suggestions! I love that there's no work involved with it, the app automatically stylizes, makes a collage, creates an album or adds 'color pop' (highlights something/someone & dowses the rest of the pic black & white). Maybe there's more suggestions, but those are what comes to mind at the moment. Can you say, 'free unlimited photo storage'?!? That alone is a major plus, having iPhone & not wanting to pay for storage, this helps tremendously! Google goes a step farther & reminds you to clear your clutter- whether that entails deleting the photos from your device or archiving 'junk' photos from the app (screenshots of text & whatnot), the app makes it easy! I love that there even is an archive, more free cloud space for my nonsense! Sharing is easy, moreso if you're a Gmail account holder I suppose but easy nonetheless. You can also add Google photos to iMessage apps to make sharing through there just as easy as sending through your iPhone photos. Huh, well I guess I was wrong- I can't think of anything I don't like about this app! I could probably go on about what I like but I think this is plenty long enough.

- Awesome and a LIFEsaver!!

Not only does this app work great and creates super cute collages, animations, and mini-movies all by itself (which you can save or delete), but it is the ONLY solution I found to the fact that iCloud/iTunes simply stopped uploading my photos/videos from my iPod 5 (or wouldn’t let me access or download them to my PC), and no other cloud service I tried (like MS’s OneDrive) could “see” that I had over 5,000 items to upload—except Google Photos!!! It was relatively fast and absolutely painless to upload every single one of them to Google Photos, however. (I did happen to upgrade my device to an iPhone 8, which is how I found out the app, so I never tried it from the iPod, but it would likely work, though might have been slower.) In any case, I wanted to post this in case anyone else is desperately looking for the same solution—and to thank Google for providing it, and making a really fun app, too!

- Impressive with room to grow

Can’t really say enough great things abt. this app. It literally does everything I could ever think of wanting it do! (and new features are STILL being added all the time!) I probably sound like I’m a google employee... But I (pinky) promise, that I’m not! ..I’m .just another very thoroughly satisfied user of google photos. That being said, If I had to choose one annoyance... it would be with the facial recognition features. It does a great job with recognizing people in photos and then creating an album of that person. Included in the album, were videos of ‘recognized’ individuals. I question why there arent settings options for this feature though.... I also wish we could ‘train it’ to recognize more people by creating “People” folders manually. I also wish it was a little more ‘consistent’ with recognizing individuals (especially individuals that had been previously recognized) that appear in mUltiple VIDEOS as well as photos.

- Great free photo storage

If you’re one of those people always running out of memory space on your phone, or are tired of iCloud telling you to pay for more storage space and back up your photos then this is for you. I love the way it saves space on my phone yet has all my photos from the last six years only a touch away. I can access it from anywhere I can email, so transferring pictures between devices or family members is no big deal. The bonus to the free storage and easy accessibility is the random cute features they have. While some are cute, like the movies they compile for you with clips of your kids growing up, some are not very well designed. The photo book option is very basic and lame and the collages are very limited in design. However I don’t fault them for that- I use this as a storage and photo sharing space and in that regard I recommend for everyone! No brainer!

- Warning FREE UP SPACE freezes

I am disappointed because the google photo app didn’t work as expected. I chose google over icloud to backup all my pics and lost about 3k pics from Oct 2019 to today because the google Photos app kept freezing when about 3k photos were updated. I tried multiple times with no success so I deleted the pics from my phone directly since I already saw them uploaded in the photos app, I was just told by my rep that because of the sync function, my photos were deleted from the google photos app too. The free up space was not working. It worked to delete 50 or 200 or 150 pics at a time but froze to delete 3k+ pics. There must be a warning for people to avoid loosing their pics due to sync vs free up space not working and customers should be warned Not to Delete any pics from your phone as free up would freeze when trying to free up over 3k pics at a time. Bad combination. “Warning: Do not delete photos directly from your phone while sync is active even if you see the pics are in the photo app” because of the sync option, your pics will be deleted from the google photo app too. WARNING.

- Well below Google’s standards

Google Drive is a wonderful product, proving the missing features in Google Photos is intentional. Uploaded about 100 images as a test from my iPad. Attempted to delete them...but Photos does not allow users to remove photos in bulk. You must select each and every photo you want to delete. This reeks of “we have your data and won’t let go.” Took 700 photos on holiday? Good luck managing that later. App also does seem to allow any means of direct album organization. Organize by date automatically only. Did 4 or 5 very different things that day? Nope, all one album. You also may not select what photos sync and which do not (again, basic Google Drive functionality) so if you download images or graphics those are mixed in with your photos. Want to remove a photo from the cloud that doesn’t belong with your photos? Google will penalize you for daring by deleting it from your device automatically. This “you will use the product in only the very, very narrow use-case we want you to” is what we expect of Apple, not Google. Without user flexibility, not at all worth it, even for free.

- One of the best apps in the App Store

When I went to Apple and they told me that I was going to completely lose all of my pictures and videos because of a "complete swipe" they had to do on my phone, I thought I was seriously screwed. Since I have a 2 year old, you know my phone is filled with tons of pics and videos. Once I downloaded this app with my existing Gmail email address, I was able to save every single picture and video with this app, and it only took about 30 minutes to backup around 800 images/videos. I also love that it automatically downloads all of my photos from my phone's photo album without me having to manually press a button for my pics to sync.. It's amazing, and I'm so glad I found it. Best part about it - it's free... and I believe I have unlimited storage for all of my pictures and videos that need to be backed up from my phone or my computer. Thanks Google! 😊

- True As Advertised

I D/L this app for the sole purpose of minimizing my I-Phones overall speed & quality due to the *Apple Photos* app always being the #1, largest size of GB that becomes used & therefore drastically reduces my phones overall speed & function. However, since I have transferred of my photos through the Google photos application I have freed up nearly 1/2 of my current phone plans monthly data allowance/eligibility. I love this app for many reasons and other than allowing for an improved function, The app offers so many different and cool ideas which I've already took an advantage of :D... *On a side note, if you are downloading this app because your storage space is becoming too full you must delete all of your photos and videos through your Apple Photos Account, but I don't feel as if you're going to delete them forever! As that was my biggest fear, but it definitely is a must-have app.

- The best photo storage app

Google photos is the best and highest quality photo storage and photo organizer on the App Store. It automatically backs up your photos and stores them safely. I really love this app so much, thanks google for creating this, I also love This because you won’t need to worry about photo storage ever again because they’re safely stored in google photos. I have not had one backup problem and the app works as it should and flawlessly. I have backed up my photos and deleted all of them from apple photos and they’re still in google photos!!!!! 😁. No bugs, smooth experience, great search feature, a good set of features, and simple. The only thing I’d change is to make an in-app camera 📷. Otherwise this app is phenomenal and perfect. Thanks again google, forget apple photos with the icloud message “no more iCloud storage” because this app exists. Sorry cuz this review was a bit long.

- Saves me so much time and space- favorite app.

Google photos is my favorite app by far. I have photos on here that have been automatically downloaded to the app since 2012. It’s great because once they are downloaded to the app from my phone (which takes seconds) I can delete them off of my phone and save space! Google photos makes it so easy to look for pictures of my friends and it separated them by face and name- even my pets are separated. It also makes it easy to share them and text them to people on any format. Not to mention that it makes random movies and cool animation of photos you take which you can decide to keep or discard. It shows all the places that I’ve taken pictures around the world- there are so many features. Google photos is by far the best app on my phone. I’ve turned just about all of my friends and family on to the app and they all love it too!

- The of essential apps to have on your phone.

This app is one of the greatest apps on phone especially if your looking at a smartphone that cost way too much for that high memory space you want. You can literally download this app and have every photo and video you ever owned on this app since it lives in the cloud. Before you even go crazy about the cloud not being secured, google has top notch security to ensure your photos and videos are safe. I’ve had google photo for the past 10 years and I can tell you from experience it has let me down. The backups are fast and simple as long as you have connection. Finding, sharing, organizing photos and videos are simple and easy. You just need a google account or gmail to get started. I love this app and will continue to always use this app. It truly is a great app. Oh did I mention you can access this app on everything? Well done google!

- If you don’t have this app, what are you doing?

I am just so thankful that this app exists! How are they able to give us so much space? I take an obscene amount of photos and it’s truly a lifesaver. It’s easy to use and I like that it gives suggestions on how to clear the clutter and edit. The photo of the day feature is great for recalling fond memories...and for deleting those I’d rather forget. Its face recognition feature is really precise, which would be worrying if it weren’t so awesome. You can also do a keyword search and the results are pretty accurate. Album sharing/having collaborative albums is also great. I’ve yet to use the photo album ordering feature, but I’m glad it’s an option. The only thing is that I do wish they would switch back to the old layout, where the Assistant tab (instead of all my photos) is the homepage. It made more sense that way. Overall, a must have app!

- Great app, missing a couple simple features

Has many options I really like, face recognition, ability to automatically add new photos to albums, great tools to make collages, photo books & movies, easy to share with others and collaborate. It’s lacking in some of the more simple options like the ability to order my albums the way I’d like, be able to sort alphabetically, or by date. I have multiple albums and I spend too much time scrolling through my albums when manually adding photos, and you can’t make an album within an album which would be another simple feature. For Example to make an album titled Christmas, and then be able to have separate albums within, for each year and there isn’t. It’s simply like making sub-folders within a folder like you can do with files and documents. The inability to do simple sorting & filing of my pictures is frustrating because I like so many other features in the app.

- It still says full storage...

This app is cool It's trying to save your photos and stuff and it has some good reviews. But, it barely saves my photos, like when I think it's done saving everything, you know, I go ahead and delete some photos. But when I did that and went back. Some of the photos I deleted where gone in google photos. That i'm pretty sure were saved, but the thing is the loading takes forever to finish and I know I have a lot of photos but it doesn’t say that it's done loading or something before hand, so I can make sure that the photos stay in tacked in the app. Because that’s annoying. now I gotta try and uncover them nice app tho but, it needs a little bit of work also. I've heard this app doesn't even have that much gigabytes. (idk if this is 100% true sorry, but I wanted to add this here just in case) But yeah, this is all probably just me but, just wanted to put it out here I guess (Again. sorry this review makes no sense, this is my kinda my first actually review on here lol)

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Rob / FriqzCS 🇬🇷

@Easykill42 @Huawei try google drive, upload all photos there

Ian Yates

@secretGeek OneDrive for full fidelity Google photos at unlimited quantity (although that's leaving soon - it's so useful though that I'll probably end up paying them). I have Amazon prime so I plan on pushing them to that service too in the near future

tae’s bae

i hate google photos for reminding me about how happy i was a year ago 😭😭🤚🏼

Silvio Casagrande

Check my series of #myTop20 #GoogleMap #Photos from Actes Sud #15


@Jason_Simpson @AppleSupport Has she considered using photos through Google Photos on her phone? Then on her laptop or PC, she can open her browser and type in and save them that way. However, until June, there is also free high quality unlimited storage.


Not google photos reminding me I was ugly Smfh man

Tomi Rikhotso

@LungileMahlangu Next time sign in on Google images when I change phones I still have my photos backed up.

Borke Cro

Nickelback teams up with Google Photos to make a parody of their own song

Tomi Rikhotso

@flintonclinton1 I love Google images nothing on there deserves to be deleted I use it as my back up, I only delete photos on the phone, what I love about google images is that even if I lose a phone I’ll still have my photos.

Michael 💀BoneDaddy💀

I had to literally go through my Google Photos to find these cause these photos were taken on my iPhone during the time.

Joshua Byrd

@secretGeek Google Photos

◇ tobs of trouble

@EhiBelloO I’m deleting the irrelevant ones. I always have multiple duplicates, so I’m deleting most and saving the rest to my Google Photos

self proclaimed catboy

looking through my google photos <3 gonna commit some crimes <3


google photos woke up and chose violence w/ this “then and now” feature

Srinidhi Kulkarni

@aksomayaji How to add to this list, if someone wants to contribute ? (I have added few Fast Chargers on google maps, with photos)

Google Photos 5.22 Screenshots & Images

Google Photos iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Google Photos iphone images
Google Photos iphone images
Google Photos iphone images
Google Photos iphone images
Google Photos iphone images
Google Photos iphone images

Google Photos (Version 5.22) Install & Download

The applications Google Photos was published in the category Photo & Video on 2015-05-28 and was developed by Google LLC [Developer ID: 281956209]. This application file size is 186.11 MB. Google Photos - Photo & Video app posted on 2020-12-02 current version is 5.22 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID:

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