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The applications Hearthstone was published in the category Games on 2014-04-16 and was developed by Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.. The file size is 2.50 GB. The current version is 9.0.20374 and works well on 6.0 and high ios versions.

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Good job on this

Love it but  Good job on this  4 star

I love this app. It was one of my first apps and I have always enjoyed playing it. My main complaint is the size. I can't give one app 2.58 G. It's too large and I always end up deleting it then re downloading.


Garbage game  ajdmrm  1 star

Absolutely garbage game


Not given enough credit  emreldpony  5 star

I feel this game is one of the best games on the market and is highly underrated

Dicks boobs and crap

New cards!!!!  Dicks boobs and crap  1 star

Druid scarab beetle card has to be nerfed. A 2 cost card that gives the player a 1/5 taunt minion repeated to match the other players minions is ridiculous. Warrior has a similar card but only summons 1/1 taunt creatures. Make the playing field even.


Love the game  Ftmcoop  4 star

I have been a fan for years of both the card game and a player of the MMO even longer. The frozen throne xpac is great, but I didn't get any cards for defeating the bosses on the frozen throne solo quests. Which made me feel like I wasted the time and energy playing those levels.


New to this game and loving it!  thelastofadyingbreed  4 star

So I just picked this up last weekend or around that and I have to say I am thoroughly impressed it is very addictive and balanced for the most part online, the only downfall is the story missions which feel way to hard compared to a regular fight. All in all a very fun game.


Fun Unbalanced Card Game  Costaink  4 star

Great game, but the need for constant revenue by introduction of expansion sets, imbalances the game to the point of rendering all previous cards and game play useless.


Genre  Eranrez  4 star

It would be nice to see lady liadrin hero power icon female. When you use her hero power summon sliver hand recruit female. To add Arthas Menethil hero card death knight. It would be nice fit. Before, middle, then the Lich King. We only miss the middle.


Pay-to-win  JonTaylor07  1 star

The game is fun at first, but you will quickly be matched against players with a lot of money invested, you will have to buy cards with cash or play horribly imbalanced games.


The Best  Mentios  5 star

This's the best game forever.


It's good, but a little to p2w  ZippyMagician  3 star

Let's start with the positives. This is a great, fun game, that can entertain you for hours The thing I do not like about this game, and the reason it is 3 stars, is because it is a pay 2 win. Let's be honest here. If you don't pay money for this game, you will end up facing off against people who have crazy powerful decks with tons of legendarys. Since I don't spend money on games, I am at the disadvantage. Obviously, Blizzard is NEVER going to change this, but I am saying it for people who are considering to get the game. Prepare to spend money!

Davis Miller

Lag problem  Davis Miller  2 star

Every few games, the game will totally lag out, making it really hard to make a lot of moves. It basically disables your ability to use your hero power as well, which in my case caused me to miss lethal and lose a game.


Annoying  iTzBATMAN680  1 star

Why would you make hero cards if they're ALWAYS at the bottom of the deck? I played 30 games and not once did I draw my hero card even after drawing 20+ cards from my deck every game. Don't waste your time with this game. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Love it but.......  Tonik65  2 star

I love this game but when Im in the middle of battle the game closes on me, and when Im able to make it back the game wont let me play, I would love to give you 5 stars but cant I have lost too many games I shouldnt had lost, Please fix the game and I would love to give you 5 stars


So good  LoochaOverdose  5 star

Have had a ton of fun with the latest expansion

Izz Ozz

App not updating  Izz Ozz  1 star

Every time there is a new launch, iPad app is late and doesn't update


DO NOT GET THIS  Spiderdawg  1 star

This app is purely designed to get you to spend money on cards. Deck draws are ridiculous. You'll see your same cards at first draw over and over. Totally imbalanced gameplay for the casual user. As many others have said, it all seems all predetermined. Unless you literally want to spend hundreds of dollars crafting unbeatable cards and decks, DO NOT GET THIS APP. If I could give 0 stars I would.


Stuck on loading screen  AdamSavage  1 star

After I hit log in, it stays on the hearthstone doors and does not load anything.


Hearthstone  HalfWayWest  5 star

Love this game


Addictive game  Bigobadobrado  5 star

Hearthstone has a very impressive development team that while they may make mistakes, always updates their game with quality. Except for Patches, he was a mistake.

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