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Diablo Immortal™ is a brand-new mobile game from Blizzard Entertainment. A genre-defining action role playing game series set between the events of Diablo® II: Lord of Destruction® and Diablo III®.

Clash with armies of demons, collect epic loot, and gain unimaginable power.

Explore the dark realm of Sanctuary like never before, now a massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) where angels and demons wage an endless war over dominion of the mortal realm. Join forces with other players on an epic quest to collect the shattered fragments of the corrupted Worldstone and prevent the Lord of Terror’s return.

Fans of Diablo and new players alike will embark on new adventures across a vast open world RPG game.


Customize your character and gear! Diablo Immortal gives you unprecedented flexibility to be who you want to be in the vast MMORPG world of Sanctuary.
- Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Necromancer, Crusader, Monk, and Wizard: Choose from six highly iconic and customizable classes.
- Gain new abilities with each successful encounter and clash to become the most powerful player in the arena of war.
- Gear up with all-new set items and legendary weapons.
- Level up your favorite weapons so they can grow in power alongside you.


Peerless MMORPG gaming experience delivering the best PC mechanics into snappy, intuitive controls on your mobile device.
- Always feel at command. Whether you’re on a raid or fighting hordes of demons solo.
- Directional controls make it easy to move heroes around the world
- Activating a skill is as easy as holding a thumb down on a skill to aim, then release to unleash hell on your foes.
- Cross-platform and cross save - Experience role playing games online with your PC or Mobile


From the war-torn surroundings of Wortham to the grand city of Westmarch and the shadows of the Bilefen Jungle - Players have a vast world in front of them to explore.
- Your journey will take you through changing landscapes and ever evolving challenges.
- Experience a rich Diablo story packed with quests, bosses, and challenges the Diablo series has never seen, including raids in huge ever-changing dungeons.
- Diablo Immortal has something for everyone whether you enjoy fighting through endless dungeons or spending your time uncovering every corner of the world.


Players will have countless opportunities to meet and socialize with their fellow adventurers in the world of Sanctuary. Whether it's jumping into the arena of battle, embarking on a raid through the shadows of a dungeon, or upgrading gear - Diablo Immortal is here to support a rich MMORPG experience.

©2022 Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. and NetEase, Inc. All rights reserved. Diablo Immortal, Diablo, and Blizzard Entertainment are trademarks or registered trademarks of Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.

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Diablo Immortal Version 1.6.204 November 2022

Minor bug fixes and improvements..

Diablo Immortal Comments & Reviews 2022

- Just as awesome as Diablo for PC

Diablo is by far the best RPG game there is. I am constantly amazed by how much effort and creativity they put into this game. The stories, the many different side quests and visual effects and graphics make this the most enjoyable experience. I thoroughly enjoy Diablo Immortal and just love playing it on my iPad. I used to play Diablo III on PC but I see no downside of playing it on a mobile device. On the contrary, it’s more enjoyable. Don’t let all these negative reviews stir you away from this game and form your own opinion. Most who complain are those that have no patience to build a character from scratch or are those who are used to cheating their way through the game with hacks for unique drops etc. You can definitely play this game without spending any money, it just takes a bit longer. I would prefer a monthly subscription instead and I hope that’s something they are considering in the long run. Despite everything I know of no other game where everything is thought out so well and people are so passionate about it to give you the best gaming experience possible. I love how you can change the look of your characters, make them unique and your own. There are so many different things to do and all the locations and decorations are just gorgeous plus all the sounds give you the feeling you are in the game with your character. Best decision to make this available for mobile devices and I hope that will be considered for Diablo IV as well.

- Best Mobile Game I’ve played yet!

I gotta say I really love this game. I haven’t tried it yet on PC so I can’t speak for that aspect but for Mobile phones this game is phenomenal! It reminds me of playing WOW for the first time almost because there are so many players on doing stuff and that you can randomly meet and group up with. Fair warning I wouldn’t personally buy into the micro transactions bc some moron streamer tried to max a char in less than a month and wasted $25k like a moron in the process doing so. If you want to be completely maxed out on every single item and gem stupid fast and without it you won’t enjoy the game then definitely don’t play this. But if you loved Diablo 3 or others in the series and enjoy a good story and free to play Diablo style combat with just some amazing gear options and how you can swap gems and ranks of gear between items of the same slot without any cost instantly is fantastic. Extracting the legendary essence from awesome legendaries and then being able to reapply them over another legendary item’s skill of the same slot is amazing too…just gotta extract the legendary once and you can apply it as many times to new ones as you want. Honestly just amazing! I really love this game so far! I haven’t beaten the entire campaign just yet. Think I am at the last boss now but I’m like Paragon rank 8 already and it’s been a ton of fun!

- Finally a mobile game done right!!

*Update* End game is a little stagnant. You grind the same things over and over again which gets monotonous fast. I still enjoy the game and plan to give it a bit longer and see if they add anything that keeps me coming back for me… events, items to collect, crafting. Something besides grinding for a handful of gear. Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!! This game is amazing!! I would say it’s great for a mobile game but it’s just great for a game, period! I have tried every mmorpg on the App Store looking for something to fulfill my gaming addiction after moving to an area with no internet and being unable to play world of Warcraft. Except satellite so… like I said no internet and every game has been severely lacking until this one. This game has everything. Great graphics, great items, lots to keep me busy. I’m not very far into it so I’m hoping endgame isn’t a letdown and I’m still able to find things to keep me busy but I have a good feeling about it. Oh and idk whose bright idea it was to keep autoplay out of it but I love you!!! I could have cried from happiness when I realized autoplay wasn’t gonna take over and leave me fighting to turn it off every few minutes. I genuinely think autoplay is the worst feature in any game. I’ll definitely be paying for the extra items and doing my part to keep this game funded! If this is the start I look forward to seeing the future of this game!!

- Please Allow Character Server Swaps!!!!!

The hype is real. Diablo Immortal is absolutely amazing, it really has no right to be this good. Highly addictive gameplay, stunning graphics, runs as smoothly as it can possibly run, lovely class selections, massive campaign, HUGE clans, too many enemies, lots and lots of content to do, and much more loot to collect. However, yes, that big, HOWEVER. It’s almost game-breaking to me that once a character is created, you can’t swap servers. You see, Clans are server-specific. So all my friends and family that have a high-level character on other servers have to create a completely new character and start all over just to eventually join my clan on Risen Dead. This is such a stupid feature. I have dozens of close family and friends and all-around gaming buddies, and unfortunately, all of them are on different servers than I, and of course, they don’t want to drop everything and start over even this early into the game. So please Blizzard, please allow characters themselves to swap servers. If anything, only allow that swap to happen once a month, or once every quarter (three months), that way you can mitigate server swapping problems. This game’s best feature is the 100 member clan and the community therein, but that MASSIVE piece is lacking without the ability to server swap your character. ~ Kindest Regards

- Don’t see a problem

So many people complain about the p2w aspect, but I haven’t noticed that at all. I’m playing just like I have every other Diablo game. Why pay right away and not just play? Makes no sense when you’re playing for the first time. If you’re more concerned about getting the best gear immediately and not learning and growing then you’re not actually playing, you’re simply trying to get ahead. I haven’t spent any real money yet and I’m doing fine. I’ve had no issues with gameplay, servers, or anything anyone else has apparently had issues with. Although I will say that getting to Lvl 30 was a bit too easy, but overall I’m enjoying the game. It’s great to be able to have the game right in your hands. I haven’t even considered spending any actual money yet. If you’re needing to spend money already then personally I think you’re not prioritizing your materials properly. People will find any issue just to complain. I haven’t found any issues and have had no need to spend actual money because I’m not trying to get ahead. I’m playing casually, not competitively. We may be able to play with and around other people, but it’s not really a competition. Because it’s Blizzard they kinda combined WOW with Diablo and made it into a mobile game. I am thoroughly enjoying this game.

- Great GAME, HORRIBLE monetization.

Not much to say about the game. It’s Diablo. It plays like Diablo and has the same story style as Diablo. Quite fun. However, the monetization is straight up immoral. The whole crest thing is extremely sketchy. You can use normal or legendary crests to increase loot from random-gen dungeons. Normally you can only use three at once, right? Well, apparently, using more than three LEGENDARY crests gives you the option to add SEVEN MORE CRESTS. And you would never know this until you got ten crests and somehow never used them, because the game never tells you it does this. Also there are two different types of legendary crests. The game does not tell you this either, unless you read the fine print. Paid legendary crests give you legendary gems that are NOT bound to your character, meanwhile the normal crests you get from actually playing the game give you gems that are bound to your character, so in short you cannot sell legendary gems on the market unless you pay for the crests. There’s so much more going on, but I’m not putting all that into a review that won’t even be read or taken into account. So basically if you want to know more about the scummy crap going on behind the scenes, this guy called Josh Strife Hayes has made an analysis. TL;DR Diablo Immortal is a fun game with scummy loopholes to get around loot box laws and terrible monetizing with some severe FOMO subscription mechanics.

- Hello

This game is so great & fun you lv up kinda fast in the game & you don’t gotta spend money to have fun if you grind you can get everything that you need it takes time. I am happy we can play with a remote you can do a lot of things to lv up side mission other side mission the bar missions Dungeons rift can ya add more story to this game it would be nice another thing can ya put deferent mood in pvp would be great. Like regular team death match. Ones you get to lv60 the game gets even better more things to do you can play for hours & wont get bored at all. This game is not pay too win because nobody attacks you when you play outside the world and that’s a big plus everybody can get along no bullying other weaker players ya did a great job with that.. I think this is one of the best games to lv up fast when you grind you can spend money if you like… the only thing the prices is kinda expansive but you get alot off free good equipment & the battle pass is pretty good to spend the money on it. I have not had any problem just when my phone gets hot the game lags a little sometimes it don’t let me attack until a few seconds. The other great thing it do not attack by itself or is not auto play now that’s a big plus. Keep up the great work hopefully ya put more story moods to play thos was good.

- It’s a good game

Let me start with I love Diablo games and am haveing fun playing this one. There are critical review about the money you can spend in the game but in no way do you have to. I spent some already because I wanted some extra items and loot to help me level at the start but did I really need to no I didn’t. I buy plenty of PS5 games for 60+ and I don’t mind spending money on a game I like. This game is fun and you can play never spending any money and have fun. Does everyone need to have this idea that a company that wants to make money avoid actually making money because they don’t want to buy something. It’s tired out. I see way more games throw out 100’s of forced ads and crap in games this is a free game you can choose to play and enjoy with friends or by yourself in a Diablo style. If you want some little bonus perks of gems buy some or go hunting. Over all great game the only thing I wish is to change servers I didn’t realize I was locked in when I created my character it’s not a big deal but I would even pay for that option I don’t mind doing that. Play the game have a good time but don’t say it’s a bad game because they are offering micro transactions in a free game on a phone. Get the game you will enjoy it.

- Constant issues

With every single update there is an issue with battlegrounds, there is invisibility bugs they still haven’t addressed or fixed, each time they “say” they fix it, they don't and something else pops up. Peoples gladiator fatal proc now happens 3 times in a row. Demon hunters can shoot through walls, wizard beams are invisible, if you want to live through all that your going to have to spend a good 15k+ dollars. I think they need to outsource and pick a different company that will operate more efficiently. I would give this a 5/5 but the game keeps dying because they aren’t fixing anything just coming out with new quests that provide the most minuscule things. Even F2P players will have to constantly do daily’s for a good 6 months to get 1 thing good. Its a well made game but very selfish on the rewards for everyone, as long as you keep spending money the less they will fix things. This is how a lot of good games die within a year or so. Hope you can fix these issues with the right people that know their stuff. The new gem crafting will take f2p players multiple months to be able to craft 1 legendary 5 start gem and then it takes like 100 to get it to ranked 10. Just seems like they just want your money, you’d think they’d take care of their players by making 100 million dollars after 2 months of release date. Please fix this game or it will die within a year.

- Good Game, buuuuuttttttt…

This is a pretty fun game. It’s polished, nice to look at, and enjoyable to play. In short, it turned out to be significantly better than most Diablo fans thought it would be; however, we need to talk about the monetization lunacy. You’ve no doubt heard that fully-powering your character can cost up to $110,000. That’s absolutely true, and that’s absolutely insane. I would have thought that Activision-Blizzard has had enough bad press over the past couple of years, but apparently they decided that they wanted a metric crap-ton more bad press and wanted to anger/lose even more players. If that’s their goal then they’ve succeeded masterfully with Diablo Immortal. You know why it’s called ‘Immortal’? Because you would have to be immortal yourself to grind your way to a powerful character. It’s literally impossible to do within a normal lifespan. You can beat the game without spending a single red cent, but you can never be powerful enough to play the higher difficulty levels without spending thousands of real dollars. If they took out the monetization and just charged $20-$30 for Diablo Immortal I would happily buy it. The game is enjoyable enough to merit such a price tag. There is no game ever made or ever to be made that would be worth spending $110,000 on. Watch the video on YT called The Immoral Design of Diablo Immortal before you crack open your wallet; trust me, you’ll thank me later.

- Beautiful game, but I’m already bored.

I’ve loved the franchise since the start, always playing as a Necro (or similar squishy) on my first run through. But this game makes it almost too unrewarding to the skilled players. Without the Mana system, you can just hold down the Auto Attack button while standing back and eventually the enemies die. All abilities are on a cooldown which I feel are way too short, allowing you to spam everything without a single thought or strategy. Other games that combine cooldown and mana have done it well, why can’t blizzard do the same? If I spam and cooldown is up, but I’m out of mana, I should not be able to use that ability. Then we have the option to equip cosmetic on our characters which nullifies any customization that comes with using various items. Cosmetics for the sake of flexing to other players, but you don’t even know if you’re currently wielding a staff or a dagger. Because after all, the necro doesn’t even stab with the dagger, just summons projectiles and a ghostly scythe. Is your helmet really ugly? Slap a cosmetic on and no one will see it. (Lastly, game is super twitchy and crashes on a 5th gen iPad 2017, which is fair, it’s an old tablet. But it overheats my iPhone 12 Pro pretty quickly as well, and frame rates drop noticeably.) might update review after having played another class.

- Great game under the hood but…

I’ve been playing Diablo since the early Diablo 2 days. Loved the franchise, spent many hours on the game. Diablo Immortal is a great game under the hood but it is very heavily predatory when it comes to micro transactions. Now, I haven’t yet ran into a paywall myself. I am paragon 17 as of writing this review and have my Necromancer pretty geared. I have only bought the season pass and I most definitely do not intend to spend money on crest. Here’s the thing, if you just want to casually play and gear up your character, this games is just fine. If you are someone like me which don’t really care about pushing the leaderboards you can have a lot of fun without spending a penny. However, if you are a competitive player this is where the pay to win comes in. The game allows you to buy power with legendary gems which will significantly increase your progression in the leaderboard and make you stand out in PVP. To sum it up, this game is great when it comes to the gameplay and story. Probably one of the best mobile games you can play. However, the predatory micro transactions and ability to buy power is leaving a sour taste on peoples mouth. I wish this wasn’t the case since it overshadows the great game it is. I really enjoy this game and I wish Blizzard can address a lot of it’s p2w issues.

- Buyers Remorse

This game plays well as a mobile app. This is the reason for the high star rating. This game will take a few hours a day from you at very specific times of day if you are wanting to keep up with events and other players. For those who f2p this game provides loads of time for you to grind away in pve. For whales willing to spend thousands of dollars this game provides opportunities for you to destroy other players in pvp. (If xp wasnt tied to pvp I dont think I would have played my 3 games daily.) I’m more of a casual spender that put in $60 the first month. It wasn’t worth it imo. For the prices Blizzard charges you get very small and incremental increases in your combat rating. The monotony of the grind was very unrewarding. Like many players, I have been playing Diablo games since they first released the original. I am unimpressed by this iteration of the game. Blizzard has been on a path of being tone def to its player base for a very long time and it looks like the could care less about what they are doing as a business. I was hoping to rekindle my early years of playing Diablo but this wasn’t the case. I recommend checking out the game but also encourage players to pause before they spend their money. At this time I have uninstalled this game. Not sure that I will revisit it again.

- Nonsensical server data locking

When I created my first character I could understand the exclusive cosmetics approach, you redeem cosmetics on a character and they’re locked to that character. However, those characters are SERVER LOCKED, so if you redeem your one-time cosmetics on the wrong server like I did, they’re gone and so is your character name and progress. That also means if you want to play with friends, someone is starting all over on a different server. If you’re going to server lock progress and characters then cosmetics need to be ACCOUNT LOCKED instead of server locked so you can play with your skins on different servers. The in-game clock is also reliant on the server, rather than the system you’re playing on. How absurd is that? Path of exile was release in 2012 or 2013 and they allow you to move to a different server and it doesn’t affect your characters, names, or cosmetics. Why does a game released in 2022 differ from that? It’s sad that a game that had this much work put into it ended up this fundamentally flawed. I was excited to support the company by buying all of the necro cosmetic packs but I’m going to wait to see how this game ages. I’m not going to say I recommend the game until this gets fixed. I’m really getting disappointed with every new blizzard release being a flop. D2R has the same server problem that has yet to get fixed as far as I’m aware but I’m not about to get into that too.

- Very Impressed So Far

So far so good… very surprised to say that honestly as I was expecting the worst. I’ve been playing Diablo games for over 20 years and I’m really enjoying it despite any concerns I had. I’m about an hour in and the game just opened up a bit compared to the starting features. As much hate as Blizzard got for developing a mobile game, I really feel like they’ve nailed this one. It plays amazing, looks fantastic, and has an incredible amount of features without being overwhelming or difficult to manage. I usually am turned off my micro transactions but I might splurge a little bit on some of the items on offer! There’s plenty of fan service so far without being over the top and they really nailed the feel of a classic Diablo experience. My only complaint is that it just feels like a weak story, sort of a Diablo II/III greatest hits kind of thing. Not bad per se, but just not that original either. Although I’m still very early in the game and it looks like there’s going to be tons of new content to explore. All in all, good job to the dev team. They won this Diablo fan over!

- Solid Foundation Ruined by Greed

It’s unfortunate that Diablo Immortal has a horrible monetization system. The base gameplay is actually fun (it feels like a slightly worse variation of D3 when it comes to combat) but it lacks much of what makes a Diablo game good. The devs have installed soft/hard caps on many things in the game, which lock players from progressing in power. The only way to truly and continuously power up is by spending money. Some of the design decisions are also really bad. They also made all content in the game require parties but given how awful the CP system is (none of your stats matter other then getting bigger numbers overall) it’s hard to find parties. Everyone is running around at different CP levels and given how CP is the only thing that matters it makes partying up a chore. The player base is leaving and finding parties for content is getting harder. This game had a lot of potential (on launch I had it at 5 stars) but greed and systems that prevent players from increasing power without spending money have ruined it. They don’t update the game with new events (we have one event coming after over a month and half) and the battle pass is the same every month. I recommend playing something else with better dev management (more frequent updates and content drops) and a better system that doesn’t prevent you from powering up without spending money.

- Set Items Deserve Essence Extract and Inherit

I’m a day one player. I’m perfectly fine with whales and krakens buying thousands of dollars worth of Legendary crests to get max quality 5 star gems and then duking it out with each other to be the Immortal and nuking me in battlegrounds. I like the game and don’t aspire to be The Immortal. My most important piece of feedback is that I LOVE the Legendary essence extract and imbue system. I don’t know where or when my next upgrade is coming from, but I know that when (eventually after much grinding) I can use it and try out different builds for different things. But with green set items, I can’t do that and I hate it. You red pilled me with the legendary system. Do it for green set items please. Grinding Tomb of Fahir is tolerable about 15 times. After that, I want to be done for the week with Tomb of Fahir. But I feel like I have to keep doing Fahir because that is where my hands drop from. And when they finally drop after 50 runs, there is a very high chance the stats are too low to wear. And with how important getting Combat Rating up is, you basically must focus first on Combat rating instead of set bonus (doing half damage against monsters with 10 CR higher than you makes a 15% damage set buff meaningless if it’s combat rating is too low)

- Great until you get past the campaign then suddenly paywall

This game plays really well and the story is actually decent. However as you start getting further and further along, the more laden with mtx this game gets. In the beginning progress comes very quickly and gameplay feels very rewarding, but after you get to the end of the story, you start to notice the gameplay is less rewarding and progress not only slows to a crawl, but actually gets stopped. End game gear, especially upgrade items are gated behind real world currency (looking at you Dawning Echo, $100 bucks for an item required to “awaken” a single piece of gear). Not only that, but the amount of high end gear that drops is capped to a certain number per day, so you can’t manually grind it out either. It’s a shame because I think this game would be worth digging into and grinding out the gear, except they’ve made it so that you literally can’t unless it’s with your wallet/purse/trust fund. The gameplay is fun, but the cash grabs are very disheartening and it feels like a rug pull when you get to the point when you spent hours and a little bit of money only to realize that you eventually get to the point where you no longer can grow your character. Then when you decide to try out another character, you realize your battle pass, cosmetics, and all your other stuff purchased is bound to your first character instead of your account like you would expect.

- Love the game, hate the dumb issues

So I do love the game as it is really fun, however when I first started playing I couldn’t get into Westmarch because I didn’t have the resource packs downloaded that I needed. The packs wouldn’t download no matter what I did, and after extensive research online (lots of googling and YouTubing) I learned that I had to uninstall the game completely, restart my phone, reinstall the game, and start the game as a guest. Then, and only then, would I be allowed to fully download all of the resource packs to play the entire game, which ultimately didn’t take long. Then, I would log into my account to pull up my character, and then I would be able to play. But then today, August 3rd 2022, the game went through some sort of update (I think) and now it’s making me REDOWNLOAD all of the resource packs AGAIN!!! And I’m running into the same problem AGAIN!!! Now I have to uninstall the game completely, restart my phone, and now I’m writing this review while waiting for the game to download and download ALL OF THE RESOURCE PACKS AGAIN!!! Which, ultimately, will take a good amount of unnecessary time, again. This shouldn’t be an issue but for some reason it is, and so many others have had issues like this… again I love the game as it’s super cool and fun, but crap like this shouldn’t be happening.

- They could have made a lot of money but a lot wouldn’t have been enough

Blizzard's web site has a statement of their values. Under "Gameplay First", it says: "Everything we do at Blizzard Entertainment is based on the success of the gaming experiences we provide our players. The goal of each discipline within the company -- be it art, programming or customer support -- is to make our games as fun as possible for as many people as we can reach." Diablo Immortal is a violation of that mission statement. This is a game where they made gameplay juuuuust good enough that you could witness the genuinely enjoyable gameplay you could get if you pay them money, constantly. The guys throwing down tons of money are getting the "games as fun as possible" experience. The guys not throwing money are getting a "games just good enough" experience. And what a shame. This is a well crafted, beautiful, and enjoyable game except for the ridiculously excessive monetization. I bought X-Com 1 & 2, and Civilization 6 for my iPad, happily. They devs of those games didn't have anything on their agendas but "make it awesome." Blizzard could have done that. They could have charged us what they'd have charged for a full Diablo game. They could have said, "the opening is free but each subsequent chapter is a purchase" (like Space Marshalls does). But instead they said, "all those really terrible PTW games out there?... let's see if we can out-do every one of them."

- Monotonous/micro charge/GAMBLING

Ok. First off great game and play. The graphics are nice. Here is the problem with this game. Put $1K into it and cannot get a BSJ or Bile to drop and if you do it is only 2 stars. Then to level them it is ridiculous since you need money to run and get legendary gems. You need more of these impossible drop gems to rank them. Gems give resonance and make you stronger but people have put several thousand to be maybe mid tear players. Everything in this game is RNG. Let me clear that, everything in this game is a gamble. 100% gambling. With your money and time. Legendary items seldom drop and if they do you only get 2/1 stats. I ran for 1 week around 6-8 hours not one upgrade. Do not get me started on set items. 3 weeks of spamming a dungeon and everyone but me gets what I need. And if you do get it....it is not an upgrade. This is gambling. I recommend not even playing this game if you want to be a bit competitive. If you do just know you will have to fork over $1K to MAYBE get something you want. Getting the neck is a gamble. You cant share or give a gear drop to someone in your clan/guild that needs it. You cannot sell gems you don't need. You cannot place things in market at whatever price you want. They cap it. Also, if you want a well priced gem from auction, it is another gamble. Everyone waiting to buy at time, and it is RNG (i guess) who gets to buy it....for real. Blizzard you are crooks.

- Definition of Insanity (Amendment)

Have been spending the last several hours attempting to just download the game. Before the usual suggestions of turning it off and on come about I have done so numerous times. Not to mention clearing out storage and resetting my own internet, which is strong enough to download 3g on an ancient desktop in ten minutes time. Any suggestions I find online or from Blizzard do not work, so anything that can help would be appreciated. I am usually patient, but I’ve been waiting for this game since I’ve heard of it years ago. Now I’m willing to amend my rating if I can actually get to play the game. Until then, I will continue to leave one star reviews. It’s even worse because I cannot even report having this issue in their own hyperlink. I’m a huge fan of Diablo and have been waiting to try this game for years, so this hasn’t been the most fun I’ve had experiencing this fantastic game series. *** After finally downloading the game and the extras I am ready to say this is exactly what I would expect from a Diablo game. Minor changes in levels and skill usage, still plays great. Anyone having trouble with over heating can optimize your settings for your device. Looking forward to see how it grows as a game and community.

- Fun for a while, but hit the wall hard…

So, I love Diablo and despite the negative reviews I’d read, I really put my all into this game. Daily player from day-1, ran every daily quest, was putting in 5+ hours of play a day. Kept right at the server level cap +2-4 levels. Bought the first two battle-passes, and ground them out hard. Was running every raid whenever they were up, constantly farming dungeons, etc. Last week I realized that, simply by still being active in the game, I was my warband and dark clan leader. Literally, every person I had started playing with has quit. Then I really started paying attention to my gear drops and combat power and realized it had been over a week since I’d gotten a gear upgrade, and that was for a ~100pt CP increase. Putting in over 40 hours of play per week, and PAYING for the battlepass, I had simply stopped caring about gear drops. The only thing worth playing for was completing battlepass levels for the exp hit, which is really the only way to level up. Most of my gear was over 20 levels below my current because that’s how harsh the rng is…. just stopped having fun and so stopped playing. I’m not sure if the P2W is the problem, or if it’s something more fundamental, but there is something deeply unsatisfying about Immortal that I’ve never run into in a Diablo game before. I think I’ll go load up D2 again and brush off my 20yo characters there….

- Has potential but otherwise a bum

Let me start by saying what is good about this game. This game is just what you expect from any classic Diablo story line. It has great visuals and many different ways to play. It has a long story if you choose to pay attention to which last you almost until level 60. Which is the max level before you hit paragon levels. The skills for the characters and gear are somewhat balanced except for maybe the wizard which could be better. Hook up a controller, Play it on Pc, air Play it on your Tv, play it mobile, or however you see fit. Now onto the infamous pay wall. This has a pay to win concept. In order to get the gems you need to power your gear and stay competitive you would have to spend a ton of money just to reach potential. When you buy these legendary crest you have a 5% chance of getting a 5* gem. The odds are not in your favor. I’ve spent $40 and no luck at all. Another issue I have with the game is not being able to swap servers if desired. I absolutely refuse to waste time and money on 2 characters in which I can not move as I so please. It’s tough enough to build one toon to its max potential considering the pay to win concept. My friend and I wanted to play together when the game launched and I had to start over (before I spent $) because I couldn’t move servers.

- Great game but space issue concerns along with battery drain usage

Decent gameplay. Dislike the fact of the monetization. Am f2p an have made it to paragon 37 (Dae) on worldstone server without spending a dime. Will admit it was a rough grind to progress. Also some quest an later difficulties require ya to be in a group of 4 as a minimum. Got stuck a few times with contracts an so on because nobody was doing same thing or I had them to be party leader instead of myself otherwise it would say that other member don’t meet reqs. Also not sure if this is a mobile concern, but get kicked countless times from server in middle of things. Annoying. I’d like to see trade expand, least inside warband. Yet fear it will be exploited like we have seen prior with drop hacks from ole D1 an D2. May I also suggest bot detection?? Lot of afk farmers. With all the pop ups.. ya can see if they actively playing or not already just from interaction. If no interaction, devour with an elite😏 Would be nice to hear some feedback on reviews so we can feel like someone is listening to the ones that pay for the content an in game purchases 🤓 Also, the updates after maintenance is ridiculous. I have to basically spend 4hrs redownloading every single resource file again

- Good for a mobile game, PVP is for the rich.

When comparing this to D2 or D3 this game is a travesty that’s gonna get people to hold up on getting D4 just cause of the heavy P2P mechanics and grinding caps. You should not bother with PVP in this game at all unless you’re gonna dual wield credit cards. If you stick with PVE you won’t need to break the bank much but grind caps will make you annoyed with progression slowdowns. Seriously Blizz, you completely missed the point of Diablo series that allured fans UNFETTERED GRINDING! PVE you will still need to whip out a credit card cause really the only thing that progresses a character is upgrading legendary gems which are only procurable to purchasing legendary crests in the store. That one legendary gem drop a month ain’t gonna fly. Diablo series has never been good with pvp historically and it only gets worse with immortal cause it’s purely “he who blows out credit cards the most wins.” I’ve spent 200 bucks and it feels like I haven’t done jack to my character. Just like every other mobile game out there. I kid you not if you wanna complete, not only do you need to spend but spend big. Like “buying a car big.” Overall this game is one of the best in the mobile market but has done irreparable damage to the title with supplementing grinding with spending.

- Unethical and greedy developers

The game is great, looks absolutely beautiful. Game play is on point and is a looter paradise. Has everything you can expect from a Diablo game. BUT!!! Players beware, the game has a heavy pay to win aspect. You have to spend real money if you expect to become anything close to what you would become in D3 as far as power goes. The elder rifts only give viable loot if you provide legendary crests which are only obtained by spending money. Rare crests are obtained for free from daily rewards but only provide very trivial chances for upgrades. Challenge rifts only get harder with each increase in level but no significant increase in loot chance has been seen. Bounties are quick and easy and fun to do but only provide small amounts of gold on completion with a random blue or white item every so often. Beastiary has proven to be the best chance for legendary gear and battle pass xp but is extremely grindy and can only be done 3 times a day. Any money spent, and all time spent on one character is extremely exclusive to the character you have done it on. That means if you want to try a different character all the time and money spent is not carried over and you must buy everything again and spend more time to unlock features you already spent time to unlock. The disgusting amount of greed practiced in immortal is a horrible mess and blizzard should be ashamed of themselves.

- Fun but caveats

The game looks great, play style is familiar (it’s basically Diablo 3), and story progresses quickly at first. Typical mobile game pay to win psychological trickery everywhere, easing you in to it with FOMO tactics starting at $.99 and then gradually increasing to $2, then $3, $5, $10, $20, $50 etc. into perpetuity. None of that is required to advance, but you will hit a grind wall if you want to continue into paragon levels once the “story” mode is over. The boss mechanics, character advancement, and P2W style of gambling hundreds if not thousands of dollars at a time to get a single upgrade to gems that are integral to being able to advance into increasingly difficult content is all carbon copy lifted from Lost Ark, with maybe 20% of the actual content. It’s fun, but the predatory style of preying on those with mental disorders like OCD or gambling addictions should just stay away. If you want to support the dev team, buy the monthly battle pass or something. Don’t buy into anything else; the numbers are stacked against you in a way that you can easily spend $50,000 on a single character and still not have even the gems you’ll need for a single character, let alone the countless other time/money sinks for advancing your stats.

- Shiny objects can be dangerous!

If you are not familiar with any Diablo games you might say this game is awesome!? For the ignorant allow me to enlighten you to the fact, Diablo immortal has merely extracted the core mechanics of the game, primarily the legendary gems and ability to progress and put a FAT PRICE TAG on it! Even worse the average person could easily be bankrupted thinking they have a chance in the next gamble! And as it stands there is no pity system, both of which is unacceptable IMO. The game is targeting everyone from kids to adults, it should be noted the game says 17 and up. I bring up the last part because according to the laws of the United States you have to be ages 18-21 depending on the area to gamble with real money. They circumvent this by selling you or your child tokens to then gamble with… it’s ruining gaming for many, all I see is cash extraction from cash cows/steamers. Peasants are welcome to join as well! But make no mistake there will be no fruit worth your time sacrifice and enjoyment! stagnates very quickly, endless repetitive grinding with little to no reward. It’s a shame because alpha testers gave the game all check marks till the game was released with the heaviest monetization we have seen on the App Store. Should be no mystery as to why all games on the App Store share this model, the overlords expect these models or they don’t exist. Greed+Greed=garbage, gated, high barrier game play. Good Luck!

- Gems, Runes, Crests (not pay to win but)

Please… this game is great at its core but as far gems are concerned, you need to find a better balance within being able to buy progression. I genuinely believe that if people want skins and want to buy things that speed up there progression they will do it regardless. You do not need to make gems impossible to upgrade for free. I have an idea to make the game so so much better. Make high difficulty challenge rift (level 10 maybe 20) give you a guaranteed rare crest drop for completing. Change the odds of getting a legendary gem drop (elder rift) from 5% to 10%. Then instead of a monthly chance to buy a legendary crest with hilts, make it a weekly. This way people (all people) whether they are spending money or not can enjoy the game. Yes, it will still be grindy for free players, and it will still give people incentive to buy things. But it won’t be so overly guarded by lack of in game purchases. I really think this would make so many more players happy without taking out the monetization completely. Building your characters skill set is a critical part of diablos gameplay and the more players that like and RESPECT the game, the more they will be willing to give it real world money. SO many free games out there have proven this.

- Will destroy your device, will steal you money.

Precursor: your battery is rated for ‘X’ number of charge cycles. I have an iPhone 13 pro. This game consumed 60% of my battery in less than an hr. This means if I were to play 3 hrs a day, I would need to charge my phone 3 times a day on top of the normal everyday use of once every other day. This means I will be charging my phone 6 times more often. Which in turn means I will degrading my battery 6 times faster. so unless you plan on buying a new device every year, do not play this game on mobile. Edit: I played the game from release. I even put some money into the game, about $200 usd. But when I checked my bank account, they had charged me an extra $100 listing packs that I did not buy, nor did I receive. I put in a ticket for them to refund me. They told me that I need to go though apple as that’s who I made my purchases with. Apple was more than happy to refund me. Then my account get put into the negative and locked. My original support ticket is still open, so I ask why they locked my account. They tell me I charged back packs that I received. This is in the same ticket that they told me to do the refund in! I never received these packs. So I refunded everything. I don’t know if this issue was blizzards or netease, either way the game is not only predatory, but also actively trying to scam you.

- Absolute worst pvp experience

The way the pvp is set up is atrocious. Matchmaking allows entire teams to be one shotted. So you’re then stuck for 5 minutes just getting stepped on. The PvE content is just like every other mobile button smasher, it’s basically impossible to die except for on boss fights, where the boss can kill you in two hits. Otherwise, this is a step above an idle game in its difficulty. Crafting is a giant pain as mats are completely random so you need to run like 50 missions to make one item after you speak to 3 different vendors. The less tedious content is limited to parties. Spent over an hour trying to get a party for a dungeon that lasted only 4m27s. They really need to fix this issue. Chat is full of spam posts for third party websites selling in game currency, about 5 per minute. The game is very unclear about how to do certain things or what some things are. Took a week of light gaming to get to max rank. There wasn’t even enough missions for that. For 3 levels, I had one mission, reach level 60. There are some really cool features like legendary essences and timed leaderboards. Although, when your hardest dungeons are being cleared in 3 minutes, how difficult is the game? Why can I only do one action at a time? Stack on 100 gems to upgrade? Get ready to be annoyed!


I have a few things to say about this game. Okay so start over number one the game is absolutely amazing the storyline is crate, and the combat is completely underleaf fluid even with on screen but controls the game functions extremely extremely well and there are no hangups between the combat, storyline, on screen enemies and levels and morals rendered. Everything is completely and utterly seamless. However, there is a big flaw that I have found within the game. A lot of the assets are not download it as soon as you get the game and require you to basically delete almost everything on your phone before the assets themselves download. I have been having massive trouble with the assets downloading even after I’ve deleted over half of my heaviest abs and it’s still giving me trouble the essence will not download at all. I’ve gotten to the point where I can no longer progress within the game without downloading the assets. This is something that should be passed in an update quickly because although I absolutely love and adore this game I cannot play it is the assets are not download it and I have to clear out my entire phone memory storage to do so.

- Amazingly detailed and fun

This game is beautifully done. The graphics are fantastic and the depth of the campaign and number of available quests/challenges is incredible. That all being said, there are loads of bugs causing audio cut-outs, others that cause frequent disconnects/reconnects (including DURING raids, which is obviously a major problem), others that cause the character to be unmovable, and many others (too many to mention here). Then there’s the largest problem of all, which is that Blizzard has implemented caps for XP and Battle Points for each day/week which cause players to be unable to level beyond a point without taking MASSIVE penalties in XP gains, all while allowing what many of us call “whales” to spend upwards of $50,000 real money to obtain 5-star legendary gems for all of their gear, boosting their resonance beyond 3000 and making them effectively invulnerable to all attacks, especially due to the fact that because of the caps we can’t level to a point that would allow us to output enough damage to stand a chance against such players. Blizzard needs to get rid of the caps and figure out some way to nerf the “whales”, because nobody wants to PVP against them because there is no chance you can win.

- It’s fine but still a money grab

They put some ok work into this, but still can’t ignore that this is a money grab. The graphics are fine for an early 2000’s game but still can’t get over the in game purchases for what is delivered. Kinda awful graphics on the newest iPhone with a decent storyline. Would be an instant hit if they produced this for consoles and PC but it just comes off as a money pull with all the in game cosmetic and ‘play to win’ aspects. Can’t support such a well known company and producer with sub par graphics and execution that took years to make. Will probably play once through to the see the story line but not much more. I feel bad that I downloaded and supported the mobile money grab when the gameplay is so basic and elementary that you can basically click to win with basic attacks. I guess I might be an old Diablo fan, but still this can’t represent what the company is proud of after 30 years in business. Overall just a sad remake of the same tired story starting with the OG D.Cain. Was expecting something new and inventive with a mobile remake, but I might be missing something. Still confused how the rating are so high for a rendition of Diablo 3 with simpler controls and the same classes & abilities. At least give the fans a new perspective or class.

- If you’re a fan of the genre it’s the best game on the market

Been playing since launch and am very impressed. Game feels and plays like Diablo 3. Game has controller support and I haven’t come across any glitches or crashes…yet. Game is a beast to fully install for mobile,~10gb, but you can do it in chunks. Voice acting is well done and it uses the same cast from previous entries. There are transactions but I haven’t found this to be a distraction or a hurdle to gameplay. There isn’t any world energy or limit to how long you can play. If you want to play, just launch the app and play. Transactions are mainly limited to cosmetic items and some resources that give you a better chance to get high tier loot. As a game series that allows you to sink in 100s of hours of play time I don’t really see better rng as a big issue for me. This is the best mobile game I’ve ever played and respectfully replicates a pc/console experience. It’s still a mobile game so some features are missing and graphics could be better, but it doesn’t detract from the experience. 5 stars. Download it!!

- Great Game, but omg Blizzard really.

This game is honestly one of the most fun mobile games I’ve ever played, it feels like it could have been made for PC and I wouldn’t think it was a mobile game the gameplay is so good, but good god are the micro transactions in this game outrageous. It is so blatantly pay to win if you have seen any gaming news about it recently, that it outright gives people who pay money on this “free to play” game a better experience. One guy bought 10 legendary crests for the elder rifts, aka loot boxes, and only when you have 10 legendary crests does it tell you that you can throw in all 10 to get more really rare loot, the guy did it and got 6 MONTHS WORTH OF FREE TO PLAY LOOT. What in the actual **** Blizzard. It was only $22 to do this as well. This is not Diablo, this is not even gaming, it is straight gambling and is not fair for people who don’t have the money to spend to get good loot. Play Diablo 3, you get the same loot you pay for in this game by just guess what, actually playing the game. I’m tired of this being the mobile gaming experience and I hope you know you’re just fueling the fire when you spend money on this game. So just please, pleaaaase don’t spend money on this unfair bull crap if you play this game. Oh yeah the pc port is crap too so I recommend just playing it on your phone if you can.

- Extremely pay to win

As far as gameplay and graphics I feels and plays exactly as Diablo 3 does. My reasoning for the 1 star review though is the game is severely pay to win. Does mistake this as me being completely against micro transactions because I’m not. I’m an avid gacha gamer. However, my stance is that a player especially when it comes to game modes that involve other players is that the power of someone’s credit card shouldn’t be more powerful than a persons skill. That’s a terrible design if it was strictly a single player or even just a coop experience then sure go ham on the 5 stars. I gave the game a try and like I said it feels great to play but it has some of the scummiest monetization known to mobile. So I’ll hard pass. Again to clarify the crest you can get for free simply from play have terrible drop rates for legendary gems from what I can tell from my own play you cannot get above 2 stars with the ones provided from playing. The only way to get 5 stars is from the ones you purchase which is a significant power boost. To make it worse the paid crest also have a much higher chance to even get the lower star gems. According to Reddit the free crest have a 10% chance for 1 star and 2% chance at 2 stars while the paid version has a whopping 70% chance for a 1 star just for comparison.

- Great potential HORRIBLE CASH GRAB

After playing beyond campaign and attempting to gear up. It would appear the only way to get anywhere is to PAY. I’ve played a plethora of mobile games and the in App Purchases can get a little wild. But, this one is just horrendously bad. There is always two ways to get to the top. Grind or pay. Not this one. With loot caps and crafting caps this game does not make the cut in my opinion. I was so excited about this game. Now I understand why this game was Boo’d in Blizzcon when it was announced. It’s the microtransactions that kill a great game. I think most would like to see some fairness for the folks that do not have deep pockets to have a chance. Stop the greed. Aside from that the game is aesthetically pleasing and smooth gameplay, good story. Thanks for reading :) I hope the devs are listening/reading to peoples reviews. UPDATE: calling it quits after playing this game for a month and now season 2 is out. I can clearly see it is another South Korean/Chinese wannabe diabloesk game. Only this one is Diablo. No more will to want to play. It’s a game you can NEVER be powerful and will be at the bottom. Unless you spend a grip of $$$. It’s repetitive too. Same things same dailies same spamming moves. This game is just Blah with smooth graphics.

- Great Game Crippled by PTW Feel

Game is amazing until you hit level 60. After you finish the main story line it really becomes a PTW game. PvP combat is based off of your character stats, and if you have been paying for gems then you are way overpowered when compared to a FTP player. I am sick and tired of constantly getting one shot by insanely OP players. Even with all that though this game is really fun. I have not spent a penny on this game and I am still having a lot of fun. I just wish there was a little more balance in the PvP aspects. That would give players so much more to do. I have seen videos and read articles about people spending $5,000-$10,000 and not acquiring a single 5 star gem. In all honesty how can that happen? I don’t mind people spending $ to get an edge, but there still needs to be balance. If this game didn’t have PTW aspects it would be an 11/10 mobile game. There is so much potential to this game, but there needs to be balance and more access for the FTP players. I am not the only one that has this opinion, and I hope that Blizzard takes notes from their fans.

- Absolute Trash

This game is the most stupid game I’ve ever played. I will tell you why from two different perspective. First of all, for those people who want to play this game without spending much, you will most likely get mild to severe depression within two weeks. The game is free to everyone so why would you end of getting a depression? Because you will realize your character is going to be trash no matter how much time you spend in this game. Ironically that’s also why this game is also garbage for people who spend several thousand dollars. I spend more than 5k in this game but I only play this game less than an hour a day. There’s no much to play other than grinding for legendary or set items but you will only get 2-3 of these in 1 hour and most of them are trash (with trash stats and magic skill). So like I said, it doesnt matter how long you play this game. For both f2w or p2w players, they have to continuously spend ridiculous amount of money to get stronger. Unless you want to spend over half million that you can spend in this game, I don’t recommend playing this game. This is purely made for Chinese and the Blizzard don’t and won’t care what Americans think about this game. If you want to give it a shot, do not spend anything, just hit level 60 and quit.

- Don’t fall for this game

Initially I was a strong supporter of Diablo Immortal on release, and I have played somewhere around 30 hours total. I believed that anything in the game could be achieved without actually needing to spend money. This is because most reviewers only play a couple hours and the opinions they form about P2W in the game are false - you CAN play the game without spending a dime, but only up to a point… After playing for as long as I did, it occurred to me that you must spend money to progress in certain aspects of the game later on. However, these reasons are different from the false P2W claims day-one reviewers made. For example, leveling an item past level 10 requires a material only obtainable with real money through the shop. This is the real P2W, and so I renege my support. In hindsight, the game is a disgusting use of all the marketing tips and tricks that exist out there on how to take as much money as possible from people. Games like this should be banned everywhere for manipulating a person to make quick decisions (that are bad for them). I ask that you please don’t support this game or any like it - it’s honestly nothing special. If the P2W aspect didn’t exist, I would have probably quit soon anyway because it gets extremely repetitive in a boring way.

- If you liked Diablo 3 you’ll like this.

Pros - The game play is surprisingly addictive, specially if you’re coming from Diablo 3. There’s a decent amount of things to do that will keep you busy for awhile. I don’t PVP so I don’t feel the need to pay 1000s of dollars to upgrade gems, I just enjoy the game play and Diablo is the only series I’ve ever enjoyed the grind of. Cons - they definitely want you to throw as much money at them as possible. I’m all for throwing a few bucks at a free to play game and support the creators but this is pretty ridiculous. I’m assuming there will be a new season every month and they’ll want you to rebuy everything you may have bought to advance each season. If it was just the battle pass I wouldn’t bat an eye but it’s crazy how much and how often they want you to spend money. And on top of alllll of that your cosmetics you buy or earn are attached to one character. Usually seasons in Diablo require new characters and characters are stuck to specific servers. So what’s the point of even buying the battle pass? It’s a shame. If they don’t make rewards account wide then I see most of the player base running back to Diablo 3.

- Dollar Dollar Bills

I wanted to like this game. I actually enjoyed it initially and wanted to support it. I’ve loved Diablo forever. The initial story was pretty decent, even though it just felt like playing D3 with minor changes in a not so great port. When you get into the later levels and realize leveling is slowed down, caps on loot drops, every little thing designed to push you into spending $, and buying power is the only real power, especially if you want to PVP on top of misleading or hidden odds and feeling like nothing more than a scam you’ll be over thinking the repetitive story is decent. The voice acting was good, that’s about the only positive thing I have left to say. After 3 weeks of grinding like mad and spending too much money just to get nothing in return I decided I’d had enough and even requested refunds from apple knowing I’d never get to play again. But even with all the predatory manipulation and hidden scam tactics in Immortal feeding and creating gambling addiction - apple refused refunds as well saying none of my issues were viable complaints. I guess Blizzard gets to cash in just as planned, and after 4 months on iPhone I’m going back to Google/Android ASAP, I’ve never in my life had such an absurdly poor experience over a mobile app or support.

- Pay to progress

My original thoughts on this game was that it was fun and solid. Once I reached end game content progress halted. The system they set up is strictly paywall to progress forcing you to buy packs and currency to buy end game legendary gems. You get starter gems throughout but later realize the ones you need for builds to progress difficulty can only be purchased and the gems are random so it’s very much like playing a slot machine that is rigged. Players on the leaderboards have definitely spent a substantial amount to get the gear needed to be on them. Man people have done the math and it takes a large some of cash to get lucky enough to get the end game loot needed to progress. Even grinding becomes extremely slow and you need to run a single dungeon dozens of times to get a set piece which becomes obsolete a few paragon levels later. This is not a typical Diablo game in the sense end game is fun. The enemies scale with your level and does not leave you satisfied with the time you’ve spent on getting gear. This is definitely a cash grab and I now understand why it’s banned in some countries. I won’t be recommending this to anyone and have since stopped playing. I suggest Diablo fans wait until Diablo 4 is released and pass on this gambling simulator.

- Screw this game and it's predatory microtransactions

To be clear, I did not get far into this game, but early on I realized how boring it truly is and uninstalled. Gameplay is stale. You take Path of Exile and compare it to any recent Diablo game and it's easy to tell which developers are innovative and are enjoying their work. While this was expected to be mobile garbage, I did not expect this level of steaming pile of crap. And don't even get me started on the predatory microtransactions that permeate the experience. $110,000 to max out a SINGLE character!? ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND!? I urge the community to not put a single penny into this game. If you think for one second that Bobby and Blizz leadership aren't watching this game like a hawk to see how it does and then shoves in every possible microtransaction into Diablo 4 that they can get away with, then you need to reevaluate. Why Blizzard would release this trash heap after the media field day for their frat culture is beyond me. If you are someone who puts money into this game, and then turns around and ask what happened to the good games, you might want to take a look in the mirror. "But I just play for free." Don't even give them the satisfaction of play time. Time is our most valuable resource. Don't waste it here. AVOID THIS GAME LIKE THE PLAGUE!

- Seems fun till you hit a wall at endgame

So the game has a lot of content and is actually really fun to play. It will definitely keep you busy. Clan system, shadows, world bosses, etc are all fun. But for the bad part. It does have Pay 2 Win elements. Those can be avoided but you will face them when you attempt to climb or pvp. And now the worst part that not many talk about or get confused with p2w. You’ll literally go from 30-60 getting a lot of loot and big upgrades in gear with legendaries. Then, nothing. The game comes to a screeching halt. The gear dries up and disappears. You’ll keep yourself busy with minimal upgrades, shadow activities and the daily grinds. But that all equates to minimal improvement. That's where the whales and p2w players start to pop up even more. The joy of gathering gear just evaporated since you don’t get anymore. The whales and p2w will continue to spend to get legendary gems but that’s it. That’s you only real upgrades expect for the minimal keys/chests. So if you play, you’ll get hooked as a free to play player. You’ll have a lot to do and it’s addicting from mid to late game. But it’ll all come to a crashing halt and you’ll be bored or have to spend to progress. It’s a shame too cause at the core, the game is very fun and polished.

- Diablo lite: kicks you every 10 minutes

(So you don't shirk away from my negative review, just know I was pretty excited for this despite the poor reveal and reception at blizzcon) Diablo immortal is a fun game to play while takin a dump or laying in bed if you've got nothing better to do with your thumbs. The core gameplay has been stripped down quite a bit and the ui is kinda a mess, namely for the inability to hide the chat and the quest log being annoying to hide, oh yeah and for some reason theres a battlepass and microtransactions to boost pvp players, so if you were looking forward to that sorry. At least the controls are fairly nice but man, I just can't get over the fact that it's *always* online and you're gonna be booted from the servers *constantly* and this isn't just speaking from the perspective of my router is far away and I get a shoddy connection that makes me lag and rubber band (which is fairly frequent), I don't know if it's just a day one issue and blizzard doesn't have the server capacity which is honestly laughable considering the sheer size and net worth of the company. Just wait to go home and play diablo on literally any other platform, trust me, it'll be a more rewarding experience.

- Compromised player experience

DI is an unreasonable compromise. The ones who endure, do so willfully acknowledging an inability to be competitive in an online game with an emphasis towards PvP. The gem progression system was mental agony and a prison sentence knowing it was a process designed to take several years that the super rich (or stupid) accomplished in days of credit card swiping. While I honestly wasn’t opposed to spending money in video games up to my DI experience, it was obvious spending in DI was a thankless endeavor where $100, $1,000, or even $10,000 left you at the same progression wall, but maybe worse since the gem power needed was exponentially more the more a gem is progressed. I found I enjoyed the game play, but not the game. I quit within 10 days and while I did purchase the battle pass, couldn’t convince myself to complete all the rewards before uninstalling. The best thing DI did for me is make me aware of Diablo 2R and now I get to enjoy a game that isn’t created with the intent to compromise the players experience for monetary gains. Even cosmetics at this point are a slippery slope where the developers intentionally make anything free undesirable, while it’s certainly better to have a game monetized with only cosmetics, it’s still comprising the player experience.

- Just why?

Eh its pay to win no doubt, but also pay to complete. Don’t come into this game thinking you can finish end game content without paying. In order to min/max your character you need to pay and not just the price of a normal AAA title or the price of a dlc pack or even a couple hundreds, mote like tens of thousands of dollars. Not only that, but the amount of soft caps and hard caps placed on f2p players makes it impossible in every sense to grind it out. F2p players are almost completely locked out of the market place with their only option being to sell regular gems and an occasional legendary as they have no ways of getting the legendary crests that give sellable gems but only character bound gems. Pvp is completely unbalanced as you could end up on a team of f2p people against whales and stand no chance and it is dominated by wizard and demon hunter classes leaving no room for other classes to be competitive. The shadow war is a complete joke because all someone has to do while playing as an immortal is run around the arena and it is impossible to kill them. I was excited For this game because i figured blizzard a western company would not treat its fanbase like this, but i guess after years of legal trouble they really needed the cash.

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- 10/10 true to the Diablo name

Ignore the crybabies telling you that you should not play this game because it’s p2w when in reality, their expectations are along the lines of “waaaaaah I want everything in the game for free waaaaah”. Sure you won’t be the strongest in the game without opening up your wallet but is that really the whole point of the game? Everything including end game is completely playable without any paywalls. As a Diablo vet having played the first Diablo all the way till immortal, all I have to say is that my expectations were blown away. There is no doubt the game is p2w but the fact that you are not forced or coerced into micro transactions in this game speaks to the fact that blizzard has carefully taken into account the free players as well.

- BadSnow

Been playing the game for a while. Love the raid, not the story line, the PVE part is the best, grinding stuff all day and night and never get bored. Only one problem is, the game drains battery too fast. I am on new iPad mini 6, full charged battery can only last for 3 hours with default graphic settings. I have adjusted the setting down, the image quality becomes miserable immediately but the battery runs longer, say 5-6 hours. During which you cannot run Discord for the communication (in game chat is very odd and difficult to use we more rely on voice chat from third party app), I hope the developer can look into this problem. If they can put out Apple TV app version, it would be great. I have tried to use an old phone plug in and hook up to a TV so I can use controller to play, as the phone is plugged in, battery won’t be an issue and can enjoy the best graphic setting. Hopefully it looks great on TV with screen mirror function.

- It’s a real money trap

This game is a real trap. Although I have read a lot of negative feedback upfront, I thought I should give it a chance. Downloaded Diablo Immortal, started playing and it was fun. You progress, you get nice loot, it feels like a real diablo. The problem is, the higher you get the more blocks are thrown at you and you come very quickly to a point where you simply can’t progress anymore without paying. I reached that point at paragon level 35. The daily activities take you 30 minutes to an hour and afterwards there is simply nothing in the game to do anymore. Unless you want to pay a lot of money for better gems or play without progressing. Many activities that would be fun in theory like battlegrounds or vault runs are ruined because you don’t even have the slightest chance vs people who pay. Then there are also entire regions of the game full with farm bots from desperate f2p people who try to solve the problem by ridiculous afk farming. The game experience for a normal player is just awful at this point. It feels like work not like playing.

- I am loving this game but

I’m really enjoying this game and it’s been working fairly well on this phone even if it’s lagged and glitched and crashed here and there (not enough to really complain) though today all the additional files went weird. The app after I finally got all the additional files took up about 12 GBs but today all the files seemed to not be there after it wouldn’t load well around 5:30pmish. The app still took up over 12GBs but I was stuck in Ashwold unable to go to anywhere except the tutorial village. I deleted it and I am trying to redownload the app then files but I’m worried it’ll happen again. I hope you can look at this issue.

- Love the game

I understand peep complaints - as a single player-was always happy to bye a game outright - when I owned it and could play it when my internet is down . If you can’t play a game you paid for because you don’t have internet . You are just renting it . Fair enough if you like to play online as team player and can afford to bye upgrades . I ‘’ like many others don’t have the luxury of paying for extra upgrades . We don’t complain because we have the money but don’t want to spend it . WE are struggling to feed our families . Complaining about the people who complain , makes YOU know different .

- Needs more single player end game

Really enjoying DI and it’s a nice simplification of the Diablo 3 system they’ve made. Really like the new storyline and gameplay elements, but making pretty much all end game grinding about finding groups (At different hell levels) on a global mobile game feels distinctly limiting - especially when residing in Australia where game time is the middle of the night on the US hosted servers. Allowing players to play through dungeons on Hell+ solo and using the excellent scaling tech would make this a much better mobile game. That’s the only gripe though - otherwise it’s a great game!

- Lending to an awful combo

Lending to an awful combination of mmo-style time gating on progression and dailies, gacha-within-gacha gem progressions. To the toxic and ridiculous off prime numbered purchasing of premium currency (160 gems for a premium crest, min purchase 300 gems) you see in far too many mobile games. Coupled with the stock standard "battle passes" you see the games money grabbing. Then they also included a bs "boon" with basically daily rewards, then another one for levels. Every larger quest you complete harassed you for a random bundle of "280, 320, 500% value, one time offer purchase!". When did games stop being about creating art for people to play, creating something timeless for communities to rally with and come back to years later. It's all just 'viral' burn your pocket rubbish that you flick away when done. You may enjoy the initial level to 60, hell you may even get your paragons upward or 30. And if you do you will see the disgusting systems in place at endgame such as paragon level balancing. At level 35 paragon you are earning LESS experience because the remainder of a server is under leveled. First time I've seen trash like that before. Blizzard you have failed misserably here. Please learn from the plethora of mistakes for D4!

- No transparency about storage requirement

Those of us with low end devices like 32GB iPads were looking forward to DI, given the App Store showed a download of only 3.5GB. I understood there would be an additional “patch” after download but, imagine my disappointment when I discovered, close to launch, that would bring the total storage requirement to nearly 13GB. Still I cleared everything I possibly could from my device to find that elusive 13GB. Imagine my extreme disappointment then when, after initial download, it requested a FURTHER 2074MB on top of that 13GB. That is over 15GB. Totally impossible. There is nothing left to clear. Blizzard should have given some warning, some indication of this, so hopes were not dashed. We don’t all have the capacity to go out and buy the latest model device. Sometimes we have to make do. In my case .. not with DI.

- Great game but get boring real quick

Diablo immortal is a great game for mobile but it is a huge money grabber for blizzard. The micro transactions ruined the game. Everything that’s worth doing requires you to spend money to do well. I have put alot of money in but now after several months just don’t see the value. There are so many bugs that remain unresolved and new content is very very slow. The classes in pvp are totally unbalanced. Everyone is changing to barbarian because they are unstoppable but just a boring class to play. You are basically paying for a game that has endless grinding with little rewards. The upgrade drop rates for grinding is ridiculously low. You can run 100 dungeons and not get an upgrade. This game is good if you have nothing better to do but if you want a rewarding game, this isn’t it

- Don’t listen to the whiners

So many whiners jump in the game to leave a negative review. It’s a mobile game that is FREE to play.. so do you expect Blizzard to release a game and make no money for what costed them money to produce. I bet you love to be paid when you go to work yeah?Over entitles Wankers if you ask me. My brother and I play, we haven’t paid a cent for progression, already into paragons and haven’t found a need to pay for progression. I’ve bought cosmetics to support the game but haven’t needed to buy anything else. No hard hitting walls because we haven’t either. Yeah there is some grinding (as you would expect for F2P). It’s probably the best game you’ll find on the mobile too. I play on my IPhone 11 max and have no issues. Takes about 30 seconds from clicking it to being in the game. If people play on older or devices with limited storage…. Well no pity for you really. Download on PC if you can’t play on your phones.

- Absolutely Fantastic game!!!

There is so much to love about this game! The depth of story, the character development, the endless monsters and creatures to battle, the amazing graphics and gameplay and all for free... I haven't paid a cent and just enjoy grinding and having a fun time killing monsters. I love the fact it is not too difficult, otherwise, it would put me off as I am not a hard core gamer. I also play with a backbone one controller which makes it even more awesome. Thanks to the developers for making it controller compatible. It's just more fun!!!

- You won’t regret playing this game

Gameplay is so smooth and combat is feeling real and responsive. You can play for free to experience all the content of this game. It’s free to play and pay to win game for sure but you can choose your way. Don’t trust the crybabies about anything they complain as they don’t even play this game for 20 mins. It’s the best mobile ARPG game in 2022 in my opinion and you can play on PC or mobile devices. Come and enjoy this game and the new battle ground mode is coming soon.

- Paywalled to the extreme

The game is an incredible feat of design for a mobile platform, amazing art and wonderful continuation of the Diablo lore… but that’s where my praise ends at the moment. I’m totally accepting of a certain degree of micro transactions in games these days, they can actually be a cool addition to a game - but Blizzard made them so much more than an add-on to this game, they are virtually required to get anywhere in it. Insidious hidden loot caps etc make it painfully obvious how much of a honey trap this whole experience has been designed to be. It’s totally shameless and another stinking disappointment from a company that were the equivalent of “god” to my younger self 20 years ago.

- Pay to play

The concept of pay to win is if constant activity and effort can be comparable to the low activity pay to play players….. there’s no comparison here……. You can play 18hrs a day and be left in the dirt by someone who spends even as much as $50……. To start with…… the game is designed to make you pay in every way. Being an active player constantly farming still can’t hold a candle to those willing to spend even a modest amount. The difference between myself and my mate who started together 3 days ago is massive… he spent $100…….. but the difference is already to a point where I can’t quest with him any longer….. it’s to hard for me and easy for him.

- Do not download

How shot this app is. I love playing Diablo when I was younger but I can’t even create an account or contact support to play this game or log in under Facebook b cause it keeps asking for my date of birthed and when I verify for the “ladybug” picture it asks for my DOB again. If this is a bug from the beginning I can only imagine how buggy the game can be. Shame Blizzard… shame. Please contact me to fix as I have tried to leave a support enquiry.

- Good game - not quite fine tuned for mobile

Fun action rpg with a good story. Has the usual monetisation issues that many mobile games have, though it only severely limits play in PvP. PvE is perfectly viable without heavy monetary investment. Could be adjusted to make it more mobile and casual gamer friendly through simple quality of life changes, like being able to queue without running to the npc. New characters having to regrind the story is also a pain. While main character can change class, this is limited to once per week. Lack of variability with skills, while you can try different setups, the difference between the “optimised” skills and others is too huge. The dungeon player requirement on Hell II+ while ok now, will be problematic as player base drops. Since PvP is a core mechanic of the game, the issue of monetisation becomes more problematic, especially imbalance around classes (a class with in built immortality on short cd in objective based PvP… any competent dev could tell you that’s broken).

- Enjoying it

As a big fan for rpg and Diablo game, I’m not feel disappointed. Start playing immortal week after they launched, I had spend 2-3 hours on this game, still enjoying it. I know there are loads of people complaining abt this game, blah blah blah. But have you ever thought abt what’s RPG game? It’s all about grinding, if you get everything that easy, what’s the fun at the end? There isn’t a lot pvp in the game. If you want take a shot cut, there is surely a lot way you can put money in, as blizzard develop this massive game isn’t just for you to have fun. Please be realistic.

- Whole new level of pay to win

The P2W has been taken to a whole new level by this game. Now if you’re a free to play player, you will be heavily punished by this game. Every contents that you can access as a F2P have caps on it. Everything! You are capped on experience you can get, if you grind too hard, you are punished with reduced experience gained. You are capped on number of legendary items received per day, after that items dropping at extremely low rate. You are capped on number of material you can grind per week. So practically speaking, you are punished the harder the work you put in this game. This game is totally rigged. The Diablo brand has been destroyed by these greedy developers.

- So far this has been the best Diablo game

This game is amazing I feel like I should have paid for this game! There's so much. The voice acting is amazing, graphics and animation are spot on and crisp the control s on PC & phone are very user friendly and the story is actually pretty great I've heard people whinge about this game and maybe the end game isn't that good or something but so far, about 5 - 10 hours in this has been the best Diablo game I've played

- Don’t play this.

I played it til 60 and a few paragon levels. This game isn’t exciting, the story is boring, the loot is average, and the builds have nothing going for them. It’s all bland. The big problem is Diablo has always been about loot farming, and this game drops a few crumbs for you but slowly tries to entice you to spend a little money. Then when you’ve done that and feel you aren’t where you want to be, then there is always the option of spending more money. At this point you don’t want to quit because you’ve already spent money, so a little bit more won’t hurt. Repeat this process over and over and get nowhere. That’s the essence of Diablo Immoral

- Good game thank you for making it and crating this game for people to play and enjoy

Amazing game thanks for bringing it to iOS iPad and other things iPhone computer if you did I like the story line and who is your favourite character I like how you can costmize and you can pick in between a male and a female and put like paint on there faces really cool and change the colours of the pair and their hair they all have different abilities witch is really cool yeah it’s a really fun game

- First Impression.

This is based on first impressions so cant comment on what’s going to happen further along; But, i have to say . . . Well done Blizzard. You are diversifying and evolving ahead of the curve. This is the first full game I’ve played on mobile and its solid. Even if this game doesn’t end up being all we hope, I believe Blizzard broke down the wall for AAA developers to enter mobile platforms.

- Paywall to get to paragon levels

I was confused about people complaining about the game being pay to win until I hit level 60 and facing a boss pretty impossible to beat with my class. I would either need to play for 2 years if lucky with drops to get 5 star legendary gems to help bump up my stats, or pay to pass this paywall. Keep in mind, while stuck here I cannot level or get better gear, just keep trying to hope I time the boss fight perfectly or pay to progress. Pretty disappointing display of greed and I hope more people delete the bloated game files than give money in support of this project.


These manipulating micro transactions and deals that are more manipulating then ever such a huge cash grab for a mobile game and it’s not even the same as pc version, console games do not have this level of micro transactions and not mobile game is bigger then console games to claim they deserve to have the same amount of micro transactions it’s redundant we don’t play mobile games as much as console games I would rather waste my money on a console, and and to think most people pay $1800 for top of the line phones and for what to pay for these little mobile games in app transactions it’s ludicrous, theft, manipulation, evil, deceptive.😡😡😡

- Can’t link account

The ingame account linking website keeps taking to the KR version and the website is locked at the top of the app so I can’t change to the U.S version so it won’t let me link account because they are in different regions so I can’t even play please fix asap what a joke who the hell messed that one up

- Fun game ruined by microtransactions

This game is so much fun to play but it is so wrapped by forced microtransactions its disgusting. I love the diablo franchise but this is just not enjoyable when you get to late game and you’re basically forced to spend money in order to progress. I hope blizz fixes this or I can’t see this game remaining popular for long. You are also forced to play with other players once you get to higher tiers of dungeons which is so unenjoyable because sometimes you are waiting up to 15 mins for a party, why can’t we just solo dungeons?!

- Awesome game when it doesn’t crash.

This game has great graphics and gameplay but during the whole time I have had it, the game crashes all the time. Please fix this as soon as you can because anyone could be halfway through a battle when the game decides to crash if not they could have just loaded it and it still crashes whether there is an update or not.

- Super fun but be warned you’ll need to show credit card restraint.

There has been lots of flak directed to this game and on some points it’s completely warranted. If you can show financial restraint and if you team up with others online you’ll get a lot of pleasure from this game and good satisfying progress. But if you want to be king of the castle or king of the battle grounds and challenge rifts you’ll spend plenty not 50 or 100 bucks but hundreds and hundreds or thousands.

- The server connection is not responding and cannot be logged in now

The server connection is not responding and cannot be logged in now. I get this message since the second day I play and I tried everything I can to fix it, but it doesn’t work. I tried to restart my phone, reinstall the game, change internet connection, change server, login as guest customer, repair the client. I tried the above solutions a couple of times and none of them would work. I still have the server connection issue. I have to give 1 star for the poor performance

- One of the best games on mobile

It is definitely not a game for the ultra hardcore Diablo PC players. If you are a casual gamer and enjoyed Diablo on the console or occasionally on the PC then you will have fun with this game. I am not someone who cares about tweaking all my stats to get every possible point of damage out of my characters. Sometimes i pick my weapon or armour because I like the way it looks or the cool powers associated with it. I just like playing a fun game and levelling up my character as I play so I have not seen any reason to spend money on the game. there is a loud minority of Diablo purists that are upset about it being a mobile game but for most people the points they have are not going to effect them at all.

- Ultimate commuter game

I travel 1 hour every day by train and up until now iv sunk all my time into junk like RuneScape or MTG Online… finally I have a super polished, ready to play near AAA title at my fingertips. I personally spent approx 1000h hours on Diablo over the years on PC. I am so glad the game has been released and I can finally enjoy my between travel time!!

- Holy moly the storage needed good god

First of I’ll I’d like to start with saying I’m a massive fan of the Diablo franchise and have played the games religiously for the past 10 years and this game marries perfectly into the concepts and gameplay of the console bound games. The only issue that has presented itself is the inane amount of storage the game needs, nearly 10gb, without which the game cannot be played properly, which causes crashes when in the game and at the start up.

- Zwenson Haunting Legendary Gem

Hmmm. Where to start…this might be a little specific…but a major issue all the same…how many of you have upgraded this gem to a level where the Dragon unlocks???…probably not that many considering the enormous cost involved in getting it to that point… But those that have…will find the description misleading…they will find that the gem doesn’t summon a Dark Dragon at all… You want people to pay $’s and play…yep no problem it’s mobile gaming…BUT this game isn’t in beta dudes…and you are asking a lot here and simply not delivering…appalling.

- Go away traps .

After playing Diablo from 1993 and now I have to admit is not the same anymore. What you will play here is a trap bring you to an addictive pay to win. So yes the graphics and the gameplay are nice , but the finality will put you on a pass of paying to go further on your level… Diablo 4 seems to be the one close to the atmosphere off 1 & 2, you better to wait. If you play this game you agree on the all system based on addiction and buying system..

- Great Game, But Too Big

I don’t even have enough storage space for the in-game downloads. I uninstalled some apps I don’t even use anymore and whatever else to help get it to fit but it wasn’t enough. This game is great as I played the start of it, but it’s way too big for mobile because of all the download packs. I can’t even wear the pre-register costume on my character because I need to download cosmetics or something.

- World of Warcraft

Diablo game is actually made well good, I’m amazed with the graphics and content the game provides. Looking at the game makes me miss World of Warcraft a lot, be really nice if you please could bring World of Warcraft to App Store and I’ll be more than happy to pay subscription fee just to be able to play it again, thank you

- Amazing game and first review

Game is awesome, seriously and being the first review I feel like I’m obliged to be honest but the game is a straight up 10/10 yes it has a lot of micro transactions but that honestly be a benefit as it being a mobile game the people that can’t invest lots of time to the game can be on the same level as the sweat lord playing 24/7.

- Just like Diablo III

I didn’t want to like this, yet for some reason it just works on mobile. It’s a pretty standard affair of RPG action type Diablo style games… but what’s wrong with that huh? Just great fun! I highly recommend this game if you’ve ever enjoyed a Diablo title, or if you want to have a go at a well designed RPG action hack n’slash type game.

- Great

Editing review as there have been many patches since my last. Latest updates have restored my love for Blizzard and their games. Casual or going hard, you have just as much fun playing for free as you would purchasing. Sneaky purchases are handy, however, not needed. Great for everyone

- The best game for iOS

This is the best game I’ve ever played in my entire life. I am an ex RS3, WoW, Black Desert, & DBO player, and this game is my ultimate favourite now. I’m going to play this forever, and I hope Blizzard doesn’t release any new versions of Diablo and keep updating this and not more into pay to win but play to win. “The best game of all time”.

- 100k USD needed to play the game.

Well made fun game and a good time waster to play on the train to work but if you play it even semi-seriously then be ready to empty your bank account and be forced to login everyday to gain rewards YOU ALREADY PAID FOR and for the completely busted and unfair legendary gem system where to max them all out it cost over 100,000 USD……. Could have been a really fun phone game I would have actually enjoyed playing but unfortunately if I want to be even decent at the game I need to spend more money on this game than I do on food.

- Needs an update?

Great game. I’m enjoying it a lot. Biggest downfall at the moment that’s keeps me from playing it is the long wait for the game to check for updates. Not sure what is wrong but it seems to check for updates and then do the same update every time I log in. It doesn’t seem to do this if I play on my iPad

- This game is legendary

I played this game when it came out all those years ago and now playing this on my phone still lives up to what it was fantastic. Credit to everyone that has worked on this game thank you for giving us an awesome game 👍👍👍😎

- Joke

Do not play this “game”,do not let your children play this “game”. There are so many things wrong with this crash grab of an app, more or less a casino however instead of losing money and maybe making a little, you just lose money. This game has been designed to trick you into thinking you can play for free. The microtransaction on this game are as butcher from “the boys” would say “ f$&@ diabolical” Belgium and the Netherlands have both not allowed this game in their country due to the fact of how bad this game is.

- Best mobile game to date

By far the best mobile game to date. Beats playing PC games when you don’t have the time anymore. The next mobile game that would be even better would be WOW Mobile but who knows maybe it’s already in the making…

- Garbage Game

Playing or worse yet supporting this game financially will perpetuate the worst qualities and behaviour inherent in the modern game studio industry. Gameplay wise, this is exactly what you’d expect: a bare-bones Diablo 3, built for mobile, with all the negative connotations that implies. However, the reason they didn’t simply port Diablo 3 to mobile instead of making this, is because this game is designed from the ground up as a heavily monetised gambling machine. I have nothing against a free to play game with some modest monetisation to support development. This game however, is designed to seek out and exploit people who either have no spending limit, or who have poor impulse control. It is a slot machine using the Diablo name to get people in the door. Stay well away from this poison and warn your friends against playing it too.

- A fantastic immersive - can’t - stop - playing game

I would give it 10 stars if available. After 30 years of gaming, this may well be the most impressive mobile game I’ve ever seen. I’m writing this at 1 AM after promising myself to retire at 22:00. I don’t know how they do it, but I can’t put it away. And to the complainers who are inconvenienced by in app purchase ads for this FREE game: you obviously have no idea how much manpower and money goes into developing these games. On that note, I’m at level 58 and never felt the need to buy anything. Blizzard: you rock as always!

- Game storage

It was really fun but then even after I deleted nearly everything in storage game still couldn’t download and there was nothing wrong with my storage just too many files to download maybe get rid of the unnecessary ones otherwise the gameplay and exploration was cool

- P2W monetisation spoils the franchise

Having FMO P2W suggestive sell at every opportunity ruins what could be a great game. have played Diablo since i was 15 when D1 released, this version is the moment greed outweighs game. This game has a high probability of programming a teenager to have a slot machine type addiction dropping cash for buffs. not healthy. it is psychologically predatory in extracting cash. And Whyatt Chen is so excited about it. He does not understand or care the what diablo means to the player base, it shows in the way this monetisation has been implemented. The “Free to play” progress grinds to crawl after level 35 as the drop cash suggestions increase in frequency and cost. Blizzard is not what it used to be. Sad moment in time. Those who pay the 1000s of dollars playing this game endorse the cancer this kind of monitising is to gaming.

- Worst blizzard game of all time

Not only did I spend 1000s on this game I got ban for requesting a refund for being double charged it took 22 days to sort it out them admitting fault finally an after that i asked if there was anything they could to to catch me back up as I played from day 1 they said there noting they could do for me lol disgusting customer service with cost so much to play I have screenshots an emails of all this trash answers an long emails waiting terrible game an the dms r retards

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- Bussin

Dis shi decent asl yo on grave shorty

- Generic, but a battery slayer

It’s the same mobile ARPG you’ve played before. But it sure did a number on my battery. Not worth the huge size it requires.

- Pay 2 Win

Game is loaded with micro transactions where paying real world money gives a better chance at higher quality loot. Stick to the one time up front costs of Diablo 2 or 3 and you’ll have a more enjoyable less predatory experience.

- Mobile game

Don’t u guys have phones?

- Completely pay to to win

This honestly might be one of the worst play to wins I have ever seen. You take this long to release the game and this is the garbage you produce. Disgusting money grab. Don’t bother.

- Fake reviews, another pay to win game that damages the predecessors games reputation

Are these fake reviews? I find the amount of pay to win items in this game absolutely disgusting I uninstalled after 10minutes, it’s absolutely shameful you’re using diablos name for this gross game. If you want to “win” at this game it’s all about who has the most money to spend. While that is not uncommon for mobile games, it’s a degenerate habit blizzard has with all their new games. The fact that they announced this game is getting the same attention as d4 is also really disturbing. I was hyped for d4 but after this abomination launched my expectations skyrocketed - down to 0 I have given up on this company completely, they are a gigantic failure.

- Pay 2 Win

The level of pay 2 win in this game is sickening

- P2W

So they made this game an mmo just so they could bank on FOMO and all that. Game is blatantly pay to win and it’s disgusting.

- The most disgusting P2W marketing

If you even think about PvP or being ‘competitive’, forget it. It’s the worst of all : an RNG system behind a paywall. Blizzard should be ASHAMED.

- Pay2Win trash.

This game will lure u in for hours and then screw you so hard. ‘It hurts players who wanna get to end game behind pay walls and character caps you need to literally spend thousands and pray to the ring gods to have a chance.

- Pay to win, not worth your $ or time

I was the biggest Blizzard and more specifically Diablo fan for the longest time. I sincerely hope my government introduces new legislation that bans all gambling / loot box games in the coming years as they’re predatory and dangerous.

- This is the most P2W mobile game ever.

Someone did the math, to fully level your gear and character you’re looking at either 10 years of grinding or approx $100,000 in mtx. Don’t understand how this game is as highly reviewed as it is.

- Digusting Monetisation

I’m not entirely against pay to win games, but transforming rift into machine slot is not only a betrayal of Diablo DNA, but also a practice that is clearly something you’d find in a casino (price to enter + odds of winning dependent on chance + hope of gain with economic value). Clearly hope this type of agressive and predatory monetization get regulated at some point

- Pay to win garbage

Pay to win.

- Not support solo player

In order to do anything in hell and forward you need a team for everything. Unless you have 4 in real life friend who is playing it. It will take your few hours just to find a team for runs. Not worth it. Trash design.

- Predatory

First hits free eh? Tired of this type of development. Sad to see it in the Diablo franchise. 0/5 if possible.

- 100% pay to win

U cant complete as f2p and there are so many “grind walls” that any whale can get past instantly

- Shameful monetization

Doesn't take long for players to find out how much of a cash grab this game is. Don’t waste your money. This is unfortunate as the gameplay is decent.

- Overly exploitive micro-transactions

Do you guys not have credit cards?

- 110 000$

Monetization model is predatory, can’t believe that the gaming industry is going in that direction

- Pay to win

Game is riddled with micro transactions. Just make it a paid app and let us play the game unencumbered.

- Money grabbing gacha game

What a disappointing game. We all sorta expected it but the p2w features are insane. Game play was okay but this game's design screams of micro transactions and gatcha style mechanics similar to a lot of other similar games in the market. Yes Blizzard we do have phones. But this game won't be on it.

- Installed game did math uninstalled game

The fact that this game is designed to be able to take at least 50000 USD from you if you want to max out. And it’s not even on some shop window you navigate too, it’s thrown down your throat constantly how can a box be 800% value when it’s one of a kind? It’s not 800% value, it’s the value you decided to write down. This isn’t a game, it’s a credit card charging machine that targets vulnerable demographic groups. This game is made for people with gambling addictions, much like any other mobile pay to win. Please people, we need regulations for games like this, and the people that take advantage of others deserve nothing short of losing everything.

- Pay to win, free to lose

If you like spending countless amounts of money for progress in a game, this is your jam. Diablo immortal is a perfect example of exploitive tactics used to milk your wallet dry. Worst part is they will allow you to invest a few hours into the game to get you hooked. Then the exploits happen, you can’t progress til you have a battle pass or open a few loot boxes.

- Is this an out of season April fools joke?


- Disappointed

This game just totally destroyed Blizzard reputation for creating real good game for fun. This game is still good, but it really feel like a pay to win game. I hate to say that but Blizzard is dead.

- No difficulty

I'm level 41 and I've never fallen below half my hit points. This game is way too easy and simple, it's a far cry from Diablo 1 and Diablo 2. The only fun thing is creating monstrosities with the character customization at the start of the game. Really the worst Diablo I've ever played my life. this game does not deserve to be called a game, no difficulty, made for children.

- You guys don’t have phones?

Pay to win gameplay. Despicable money grab. Stop ruining our game franchises and injecting micro transactions into everything. My first 1star written review was removed. They are censoring bad reviews…

- Great Game Ruined By Pay-2-Win

Great mobile rendition of the Diablo series; with fantastic Diablo 3-like visuals and audio, great graphics, and lovable controls and mechanics. It is genuinely a great mobile version of Diablo with a strong feeling of multiplayer throughout. Now the bad stuff. This game is almost unplayable after the first act without paying for something. The Pay-wall is hidden behind intro quest lines that loop the player in for the first 10-15 hours. After that, it becomes very clear that if you want legendary gems or drops, you almost NEED to buy legendary Rifts. If not, enjoy getting one legendary drop a week (if you are lucky).

- 100% pay to win, to new heights

Good technical effort to make a top tier mobile game with Diablo… if you have the hardware for it (my ipad pro runs it smoothly 60fps @ ultra settings with a recent Xbox controller). Now that being said, the pay to win model has reached new heights with this game… at least 50k$ per character to max it through lootbox/gacha mechanics. Forget pvp unless you have infinitely deep pockets. I will not pay the devil to milk me… because I would feel stupid if I did. Don’t you?

- Pay to win garbage lol

I expected scummy monetization but they really went all out with it. Lol nice job blizzard.

- Pay to Win

As the title suggests. This is like the auction house fiasco all over again. I can’t say I’m surprised after what Activision/Blizzard has become in the past several years. Also, bugs.

- Good game but extremely PTW

90% feels like D3, which is great. But the pay to win system discussed me. You basically only can do h1 difficulty without paying. Soon others will do h2, h3, h4( for whales) no one will team up with you for h1 difficulty. Net Ease is a famous Chinese company that produces good quality games but so greedy that kills the game within 3 months by micro transactions.

- Pay to win

Cash grab from game devs not f2p, also there seems to be a lot of fake 5 star reviews for this game.

- Its a trap progression

Pay to win, period. Yw save your time and money for something else.

- Not bad but too much monetization

Monetization is completely over the top.

- Very buggy

The game bait and switches you by saying it’s only 3gb, then having another like 10gb of downloads in the game, that also don’t seem to be able to download in the background so you have to keep the app open. The sound also completely cut out for me and won’t come back even after repairing it. I’ve also seen many videos and reviews online that show this game is extremely pay to win.

- Feels good to play, but heavily pay to win

The game starts out great, but once you hit level 30, don’t expect to enjoy playing anymore. If you’re not paying to progress post level 30, then you’re just hindering yourself. This is a disgusting mobile adaptation that I expected from netease, but not Blizzard. I will never be playing this game again, and Blizzard will never get a dime from me again.

- It Costs $110,000 to Fully Gear-Up in Diablo Immortal

This is not a blizzard game. It’s a Netease game with a Diablo skin on it. It disgusts me that blizzard would stoop so low as to hire a firm known for making pay to win games to build a Diablo game for them. Not only is Diablo immortal pay to win, it’s one of the most expensive pay to win games I have ever seen. You will spend over 6 figures to max out your character. Let me repeat that, SIX FIGURES. This game shouldn’t be legal.

- Really blizzard??

Pay to win? I have no issues paying for a full price game, but this pay to win garbage needs to go. Likely not going to support Diablo 4 now either. Piss off blizzard, oh how the mighty have fallen.

- Disappointed

I was excited about the release because I grew up loving the original version of this game. Takes up too much storage and way too many additional things to download afterwards.

- Shame

It is a shame that Blizzard released that game in such a pay2win and pay2enjoy state. Could of been a awesome 29$ game.

- Fun game until you have to play to continue playing

The whole end game get system require you to spend thousands of dollars to continue pushing into higher difficulty. Blizzards turned into a cheap pay to win app maker

- What a waste.

This is the most disappointed I’ve ever been about the release of a new Diablo game.

- One of the most toxic, predatory games yet.

The beginning feels great. It’s meant to. Like a real full proper diablo game, just mobilized. But it’s more than that. It’s built together with a series of every possible disgusting variant of pressure imaginable to drain and wring out it’s player base of finances. For the record, I’m not opposed to some forms of financing. People need to be paid for their work somehow. But this system is deliberately constructed to prey on people with addictive personalities, with a series of vile practices some of which will actually have players potentially paying for things they will never recieve outright should life get in the way somehow. Blizzard should be ashamed of themselves. Instead they willfully misdirect and hide behind semantics to justify their soulless behaviour.

- Bofa

Bofa deez nuts!

- Great game but way to much P2W

The developers did an amazing job making this game work on a mobile device, graphics are good, story and voice acting are great, but once again predatory higher management had to make this game to milk and squeeze your pocket as much as they can, I understand F2P games needs to make money to break even and make profit, but $110K+ per character or 10 years? Can’t wait for Microsoft to take over Blizzard next year and hopefully bring it back to its glory days.

- Pay to win and kinda scammy

Lots of pay to win aspects. Takes you right to the store and shows you deals before you even get into the game fully. Buy something for 1.99$ and give you 60 orbs that does nothing. So buy it 3 more times to be able to use them… shouldn’t be shocked. It is blizzard!

- Pay 2 win

Too much pay to win. A lot of lag even though I have an iPhone 13 pro max with a gigabit internet connection.


I want to play this so bad. It looks great. It’s a good diablo game on the surface, but I can’t even try to excuse the convoluted, greed-driven, mess you’ve created here. This was built from the ground up for micro transactions. It’s so obvious it’s like you’re giving me the finger. I am personally offended by this game.

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Diablo Immortal 1.6.2 Screenshots & Images

Diablo Immortal iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Diablo Immortal iphone images
Diablo Immortal iphone images
Diablo Immortal iphone images
Diablo Immortal iphone images
Diablo Immortal iphone images
Diablo Immortal iphone images
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Diablo Immortal (Version 1.6.2) Install & Download

The applications Diablo Immortal was published in the category Games on 2022-06-01 and was developed by Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. [Developer ID: 306862900]. This application file size is 3.2 GB. Diablo Immortal - Games app posted on 2022-11-04 current version is 1.6.2 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.blizzard.diablo.immortal