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Mobile Mouse instantly transforms your iPad into a wireless remote and oversized multi-touch trackpad for your computer! Sit back and use this remote to surf the web, browse your photo library or control your music player from the comfort of your couch. Mobile Mouse is an essential part of any home theater PC and a presenter's best friend. Mobile Free Mouse uses an innovative application notification system to let the iPad know what program you are running at any time and show the appropriate keys for that program. This allows Mobile Mouse to provide a single screen remote for controlling ALL your media and web applications. Mobile Mouse is the only app to feature a full fledged dock, just like you'd find on your Mac! Mobile Free Mouse supports all the most popular web and media programs for the Mac and PC. New remote definitions are automatically downloaded daily to your computer, so you will always have the newest remotes as we create them.

Features (FREE Version):
- Trackpad (full screen vertical and landscape modes)
- Application notifications
- Remote keyboard
- On screen typing
- Password protection
- Custom sensitivity settings
- Foreign language keyboards
- Supports Bonjour or static IP
- No screen size limitation. Works with multiple monitors.
- Landscape keyboard (shake in landscape mode to show)
- Scroll pad
- Left and Right mouse buttons
- Multitouch gestures (scroll & right click)

There is also a PRO version which features:

- Tech support & Free updates
- Application switcher (works just like the dock in OS X)
- File Browser
- Advanced, programmable multitouch gestures, including all found in Lion
- Media Remote (w/vol up/down and eject buttons)
- Web Remote
- Numeric keyboard
- Modifier Keys
- Programmable hotkeys (can be set to run a program or keyboard combination)
- Sleep/Wake your computer
- And much, much, much more.

View our demo video and website to see all that Mobile Mouse can do for you.

- iOS 3.2+
- Mac OS X 10.6+ (Intel)
- Windows XP/Vista/7/8 (32/64bit)
- WIFI router (works best on a local area network or Ad hoc network)
- Mobile Mouse Server Software

** BEFORE YOU RUN THE SOFTWARE ** you will need to download the server application from :

** IMPORTANT ** IF YOU HAVE ANY PROBLEMS AT ALL, PLEASE CHECK THE TROUBLESHOOTING SECTION ON OUR SITE. We cannot provide technical support for the free version. If you are having problems, please take a look at our troubleshooting section on the website as well as the user forums, or consider purchasing the PRO version.

Visit our site for demos and setup instructions.

Provides remote control capabilities for programs like iTunes, VLC, Front Row, Windows Media Center, WinAmp, Firefox, Safari, boxee, PowerPoint, Keynote, and much more!

Mobile Mouse Remote (Free/iPad) App Description & Overview

The applications Mobile Mouse Remote (Free/iPad) was published in the category Utilities on 2012-07-04 and was developed by R.P.A. Tech. This application file size is 17.84 MB. Mobile Mouse Remote (Free/iPad) current version is 3.3.1 and works well on IOS 6.0 and high versions.

- New Icon
- Improved UI
- Bug fixes

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Mobile Mouse Remote (Free/iPad) Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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Play to relax   5 star

Pleased. Great app. Always works when I need it.

MarjieA1   3 star

Good App, not excellent. Free Version: Works only when you are logged in to an account. Does not work for User Account Control (UAC) pop ups (when your computer needs permissions). Mouse control is good, keyboard is good.

Damarche   1 star

Developer has a lot of nerve. No support for free version. I installed and host side app on laptop wouldn't launch. Short version of service response: buy the Pro version for actual support. Apple should ban all such apps where the bait and switch is so obvious. Avoid this scam app. Zero stars.

Dudadew   1 star

Thieves. I purchased the iPhone pro version. Now they want me purchase it again on my iPad. It's the same app so why should I have to purchase it again. This is stupid and greedy.

Ravens vs 49ers XLVII   5 star

Best app ever!!!!!!!!. If u haven't tried this u should it's unbelievable and it's free best app

Jason Randono   5 star

User. Awsome app

WraithNZ   3 star

Landscape. I use my iPad in a keyboard case most of the time. Initially I was seeing the same thing as some other reviewers; an ad for the Pro version and no way to proceed to the app itself. The buttons to download the Pro version or skip the ad is only visible in portrait orientation. I will update this review with my impressions of the app at a later date but I thought this might help some others out there.

SodiumPowered   1 star

App No Longer Functions. This app now appears to be solely an advertisement for the pro version. It does not do anything except show an ad, full screen. Even the basic trackpad functionality has been removed. Completely worthless.

bobackz   1 star

Ads. Why create an annoying app that keeps prompting for purchasing the pro

{AJ}   4 star

Needs Bluetooth integration.. App works pretty well; however, sometimes the trackpad runs slightly sluggish and having wifi on all the time can drain the iPad's battery. I believe these problems could both be solved by adding an option to connect via Bluetooth. Bluetooth drains the battery less and does not need to connect to a router, so response times would be a lot better.

Bl56431   5 star

I love it!. Works perfectly.

jack-a-roo<3   5 star

Great!!. Works perfect just the way I wanted it to!! Definitely recommended :)

CelloFingers   5 star

Responsive and USEFUL!!. Anyone who says its slow, or scrolling doesn't work well probably doesn't have a good wifi setup, or they are using it from too far away. I mainly use it in my bedroom to control my desktop from my bed, and have had no problems at all (except when you launch it or wake it, the pop up asking if you're ready to purchase the real one, its vertical only, and if you have your ipad oriented horizontally the buttons get cut off the screen...) All in all, it works almost as we'll as the $70 magic track pad, and the full version will get me a num pad to go next to my wireless keyboard?? I'm pretty much sold.

Person554322888998   1 star

Doesn't connect. I can't connect it to my laptop..

Tekithowyawant   5 star

Amazing!!!!. Awesome app! It does what it says! I'm blown away!

maymjs   5 star

Great app, till it was working.. Thank you for this great app. It was working just fine till today it's not getting connect to server. I'm using it on my iPad 3rd gen and MacBook Pro. Can someone help, suggestion or solution. Thank you.

Egotistical maniac   4 star

Amazing. Works just like I hoped it would and more. The second I get $2.99 I'm buying the pro version

Ray99095   5 star

Awesome!. I can control my computer from across the room on my iPad. This app is awesome, can't believe it's free. It replaced my $70 mouse/keyboard

Flyingduckcra   4 star

Fantastic app. I like it. It is very easy to use and quite responsive. I have the lite version on both ipad and ipod. I would buy the paid version if it would have been under 3 dollars.

heltemes   1 star

ANNOYING. This app would be great if not for the constant, random nagging popup for the pro version. It makes it impossible for me to use this app. That really doesn't make me want to upgrade. Uninstalled and I'll never recommend this to anyone.

chriscowdery   2 star

For free it's good, but the nags are overwhelming. The functionality is definitely there, and you can't beat the price, but the repetitive nag screen really gets to me. Also it doesn't support device orientation changes well - if you rotate your device during the nag screen it infuriatingly renders all buttons unusable. Doesn't look very well made... But it does get the job done. I will certainly give it that.

Lady Fate   4 star

For free, it's a great app!. I use this app for Netflix, as an extension so I don't have to keep getting up to use the mouse on my iMac after every show. For my purposes, it works incredibly well, and I especially like the pop-up keyboard feature for typing in searches and such. Yes, it's a little laggy, and the add to go Pro pops up every 5 min or so, but for a free app, it exceeds expectations! In the future, I would love to see a volume control integrated into the features. That seems to be what I have the hardest time with. But otherwise, I'd recommend this app for those of you looking to have control over your cursor from afar!

Hazard2906   1 star

Nags to upgrade every 5 minutes. The free version nags to upgrade about every 5 minutes. So basically, when using it as a trackpad, the trackpad breaks every five minutes until you push a button. Even more annoying, when in landscape mode, the button you have to push is off screen, and you have to rotate your iPad back to portrait mode to make the nag go away. Also, I wish you could lock the app in landscape mode. The app worked fine otherwise. I would be less annoyed if the developers had told me in advance that the program was going to time out every five minutes.

jpkennedy   5 star

Works great!. Works great!

m4lign4nt   5 star

Impressed.. Controlling my computer from my bed has always been a desire of mine. This app makes it remarkably easy. Note, you should install the client on your computer first. There aren't really instructions on how begin using the application, but it's not that difficult to figure out.

Advertorial    5 star

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Simple Cyber   1 star

This is not an app. This is just a series of screenshots of another app that may or may not work as advertised.

Things3sucks   2 star

I love this app but.... has basically turned itself into an ad for the paid Pro version.

Urdealer69   5 star

Really good!. This app lets me use my mouse while I'm sitting on my sofa. My computer is connected to my tv, so now I use Mobile Mouse and my Bluetooth keyboard. And there are many features that are really handy at times!

Auto body man   3 star

Good. Works great on windows Needs support for Linux 32 bit then I would buy pro version!

Advertorial    5 star

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PetrBlair   1 star

Frustrating. It does work, but it's usefulness is severely limited by its infrequent freezing (I'm using a 9.7 iPad Pro), and it's constant requests to upgrade to the full version. If i didn't find it so frustrating I might have upgraded!

swxxii   1 star

Doesn't work. Didn't work out of the box so I deleted it

Gyrish   1 star

Useless. Lite version does not do anything useful just show a picture to download go pro version.

Silly & Billy   5 star

Buy the Full Version; I guarantee it's worth it!!!. This app is a delight🌟! it has multiple ways of using the remote, connecting to your computer/laptop and even connects to my Samsung TV with ease! Very versatile (e.g. includes Apple and Microsoft keyboard letters, like the 'command' function for Mac♥️). I have the app on ALL of my devices, it is 100% worth the money and MORE than worth the 5 - 10 minutes to read the instructions and set it up. Gets one big ✔️ of approval ➕ 5 x collosal comets 🎇 surrounded 🌌 by shooting stars 🌠, epic💫. Enough said, you get the point: If you're reading the reviews you are proobably undecided on purchasing this app, I'm here to ensure you it's worth your money; I set-up my entire "library" of devices at the cost a mere meal at McDonalds✨ ⇒ putting it that way has also helped get a better perspective for me ⭐️.

Ian Van Schie   4 star

Good app. Good app

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