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What is noir - dark mode for safari app? Noir is a Safari extension that automatically adds a dark mode to every website you visit.

It makes browsing the web at night so much better. With Noir, you won’t be blinded by bright websites ever again.

And the results look great too. Noir generates a custom dark style for each website you visit, based on the colors that are used on a page. You won’t even notice this happening in the background – that’s how fast it is – but you’ll certainly appreciate the end result: a beautiful dark mode tailored for each website, where contrast is preserved and highlights still pop. And with over 20 built-in themes and the ability to create your own, you can customize the results exactly the way you want.

Noir works with any website you visit in Safari, automatically. By default, Noir is linked to your device’s Dark Mode, so websites will only go dark when you want them to. But you can easily customize this to your liking, even per website. Only want to use Noir on just a few specific websites? Sure thing! Disable Noir on some websites? No problem!

Built from the ground up for iOS 15 and iPadOS 15, the app feels right at home on your device. It supports the brand new Safari web extension feature, which means there’s no need to manually activate it every time you load a new page. The app also tightly integrates with system features such as Focus Filters and Shortcuts to fully integrate Noir in all your workflows. And your settings are automatically synced to all your devices using iCloud.

And just as importantly, Noir takes your privacy seriously: it doesn’t collect any of your browsing data. Period.

Noir is made by a solo iOS developer. It does not include any subscriptions or ads. Buy Noir once, use it forever.

• Found a website where Noir’s dark mode doesn’t look just right? Let me know by reporting it. The app will be frequently updated to address issues that are reported.

Privacy Policy:
• The Noir extension requires access to the websites you visit to analyze the existing style of the page and to override it with Noir's dark style.
• Noir never collects your browsing data. The only data Noir ‘collects’ are your settings, and those will never leave your device.
• You can read Noir’s full Privacy Policy at

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Noir - Dark Mode for Safari Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Noir - Dark Mode for Safari Version 2022.3.519 December 2022

Happy holidays! This update of Noir includes a performance improvements and website fixes based on the submitted reports. If you like Noir, please consider leaving a review in the App Store. It really helps a lot! Thanks, Jeffrey.

Noir - Dark Mode for Safari Version 2022.3.409 November 2022

This update includes a lot of fixes and improvements based on the website reports that have been submitted. Thanks for that, and all your other feedback, it really helps me improve Noir. Jeffrey.

Noir - Dark Mode for Safari Comments & Reviews 2023

- Yes, It's THAT Good.

Noir is an excellent app and a superb value. I am grateful for a smart and truly utilitarian extension app that finally invokes and creates an Auto-Dark mode intelligently in Safari. —— Noir is so good, in fact, that you may not always recognize what it's actually doing in the background. It just becomes completely natural that Safari isn't blinding you while browsing at night. —— The rare moments when Noir does not "work" it's still doing exactly what it supposed to be doing, but inadvertently competing with a websites' own Dark Mode, until adjusted or "Auto" Dark Mode is sometimes simply turned off for a particular site that may not need Noir’s attention. —— Love this app, right down to the Dark Mode choices: Dark, Black, Gray, Sepia and Dracula.

- Great on iOS but …

I purchased the Noir app for my iPhone and iPad immediately after Apple launched iOS 15 and I have been very happy with it. About a month ago, I bought my first Macbook . One of the first things I did while setting up my laptop was attempt to restore Noir to Safari from my iPhone/iPad to the Macbook. I figured it would be a simple process, especially because of Apple’s integration of iOS apps with the M1 Macs. Unfortunately, it quickly became obvious that if I wanted Noir on my Macbook, I would have to buy it again. I don’t have alot of money and It took me a year to save up for the Macbook so this was a disappointment. I have not purchased Noir for my Macbook yet and I probably won’t, simply because I can’t afford it nor can I justify the expense to myself. I already bought it. I’ll be looking into alternatives, but I am fairly sure that no other option will compare to Noir. Still, I can’t afford it. Just because I own a Macbook Air doesn’t mean I have cash to spare in order to buy something I already purchased. If this is not the appropriate place to bring this issue up, I’m sorry, I mean no harm.

- The best Dark Mode extension on both iOS and MacOS

After trying several extensions to enable dark mode, I read a suggestion online to give Noir a shot. After several months of use, I can confidently say that Noir is the best Dark mode extension on iOS. You have the open to set a default on what dark mode appearance you prefer, and you can choose to either pause the effect or turn it off on a page by page basis. You can also report a webpage not adjusting correctly to the devs and it tends to fix itself rather quickly. The best part about Noir is that your customization choices sync across iCloud. So when I discovered Noir on macOS, it was a no brainer to install because all of my preferences are automatically applied cross platform. It’s not a resource hog at all, and the interface in iOS and Mac are easy to access and change. I donated to the dev on top of payment just because this app is such a great design. I feel that this app is a must have utility app and I recommend it to everyone considering a dark mode extension that works perfectly with the added benefit of cross-platform functionality.

- Great Extension! Would love an Auto change feature around night shift

I really like this extension, and it’s super useful and very similar to extensions I use on my computer for the same purpose. However, one downside is that I would rather be able to have websites auto darken based on my phones Night Shift setting, as opposed to just Dark Mode. I tend to keep Dark Mode on all day for personal tastes, but still prefer websites to be their normal themes until it’s darker outside and the whites become flash bangs. Hoping the APIs allow reading Night Shift status, because that would make this even better! Developer responded with a good workaround for using Sunset/arise as a trigger and it works great! Thank you!!

- Noir is The Best BUT check iPhone settings

Marvelous app. Worthwhile. Has Muliple mode theme settings that applies various color combinations, can ignore website's own dark mode and enable Noir's own dark mode instead. But be aware of iPhone's settings Smart Invert and Classic Invert (Settings/Accessability/Display and Text Size/Smart Invert or Classic Invert). Enabling either settting may or may not interfere with Noir settings. Classic Invert completely reverses everything, makes page light and images dark. Completely overrides Noir. Smart Invert changes some but not all on the page. May not interfere with Noir, so test by enabling/disabling Smart Invert while switching different Noir themes while also switching Smart Invert on/off.

- Exactly how it should be

For as long as dark mode has been out, it’s been extremely frustrating to open up Safari and have it not be in dark mode. From using it for the purposes of customizing the look of your iPhone, to having “sensitive eyes”, to wanting to be sketchy and as secretive as possible - whichever the reason, this app has you covered. No broken websites, no blinded by the light randomly on websites as popular as Google. It’s funny that after all these years, all these updates, and yet ANOTHER version of iOS - it’s STILL a 3rd party application / safari extension we have to use to enable our God given right to view content in darkness 😂 Thank you Noir!

- I legit want to pay more for this app!!

I’ve tried my fair share of “dark mode” apps and userstyles and extensions across iOS and on the desktops with different browsers, and I’ve literally never seen a dark mode nailed to this degree. In particular, with most of these apps/CSS/extensions, they end up being either not working, extremely saturated, or make the content hard to read due to background and/or text colours, and not being able to “adapt” well enough to the different web pages. Not this app. It’s seriously saving my eyes every night and it’s because of this that I legit want to pay more for this app. It’s priceless.

- Was great at first…

I have no idea what happened, but when I installed this thing it was fantastic. After countless updates, where things got progressively worse and worse, I now have an extension that I have to turn off on 50% of pages. At best it just reverses all of the colors.. yeah the background turned black, but all of these dark images and backgrounds turned bright white. At worst it makes all of the lights dark, and leaves the darks dark. I get a black page with black text and images. Strangely, it does this across ALL of the devices I have it installed on, so I don’t think it is a settings or installation issue. Not sure what to do anymore. I have disabled it, because white is far less annoying than unreadable. Although white is pretty annoying, so I will try this again in a few months.

- Very Much Worth It!

At first I was hesitant to drop money on this app, especially since there aren’t enough ratings and reviews to display said ratings and reviews. Sure, $2.99 isn’t a lot, but I’m not really a fan of spending money on a mobile app unless it’s 100% worth every cent, and this app is just that! It works really well with every website I’ve tried it on thus far. Any websites I do run into that aren’t compatible can be reported in-app, and I’m sure the developer will make the necessary modifications to get this app working on that website. If you’re a night owl or you just like sitting in the dark, this app is a must.

- Glad I finally got this app

Ive been looking at noir off an on for about a year now, but always just kept putting it off as I didnt use safari enough on my iPhone to constitute buying it and it doesn’t work with my browser of choice. Then I got an iPad Pro for school and Ive found safari to be a better choice on it overall. Staying up late working on projects for school with dark mode on was always fine, until I’d tab over to safari for reference materials and be momentarily dazed by a massive white screen. Noir was an almost immediately relief on my exhausted eyes.

- It was amazing, ruined by updates!

Update, well it was working just fine but after several updates it no longer works correctly. The image darkener option always is on and does not turn off unless in the setting application. But it turns back on after each update. Also it does not work per website. Back to looking for an alternative again. Agh! Was such a good app when originally released… updated ruined it unfortunately. Original comments: I’ve tried other apps that attempt to do a dark mode. This one actually worked extremely well! I’ve tried all sorts of full page white sites and this extension was able to make them all dark but look extremely well! Bravo to this developer for making such a great app!

- Noir Works Great!

iOS 15.1, iPhone 12 Pro - Noir works flawlessly with every website I have visited. The websites all look great in dark mode and everything on the web page is readable. Noir works perfectly with the default settings and is so quick one might think Safari had a native dark mode enabled. I was not looking for this type of app, but when I discovered it I had to give it a try. I would highly recommend this app to anyone looking to add a dark mode to Safari. My thanks to the developer for a useful app that is simple to use and works well. Job well done!

- Smooth sailing.

Really well built app. Does everything it says it does perfectly. I bought this before the “all black” theme was available and it was worth it then. The developer seems to be very attentive to the app also. I know it’s a brand new app but there has been several micro updates since the launch (which I personally prefer) over waiting on updates that need fixing. If you are the kind of person that likes “stuff” to look better instead of worse in your life you’ll buy this. Also, no. I’m not a paid actor.

- Amazing 😎

I love this safari extension Works great. It can be customized so you can set different settings for different sites. I emailed Jeffery today for help and he got back to me and answered my question which really helped. I also asked if I can set this to have it enabled only during certain hours. So happy that it can be done. Jeffery the app developer said As for enabling Noir only during certain hours, that’s already possible, you need to set enabled to ‘auto’ and then change the ‘Auto Mode’ to ‘Custom Schedule’ on the Advanced Settings page in the Noir app.

- works well, controls well, and developer keeps up

Noir has worked nicely for me on an iPad Air 4, and Jeffrey has been very diligent in updating it to keep ahead of things websites may do. This is not an easy road, if are aware of just how much variation (and 'cleverness') websites have, and keep changing. I like how there's a nice keyboard control now to rapidly switch Noir off for site that isn't friendly to darkening, so you can read it -- and right back again after. Well worth the pricing, and makes nice for all the time spent reading, particularly with 'older eyes'...

- Definitely surprised

I was a little hesitant on purchasing without even a 1 day trial, my main concern was whether or not the colors would be inverted and not look natural. Well I was definitely surprised and glad I pulled the plug and made the purchase. Every site I’ve gone to so far looks naturally dark and think it was implemented perfectly. Definitely love the ability to change between say dark and a dark grey hue. If your on the fence don’t hesitate. It’s definitely worth the couple bucks you’re gonna spend.

- App is great! Can there be an option for removing transition effects?

Hey this app is super cool and helpful, and I fall in love with using it as soon as I purchased one. Great job! Meanwhile, can there be an option for removing transition effects when opening a new tab/website? I always experienced a fade-in(or fade out?) effect that part of the website gradually turns from common white color to dark. I know it can be out of aesthetic reason, but at least to me it always stuns my eyes and becomes annoying to some extent. An option to turn it on/off would be great. Again, many thanks for building the app!

- Utter Darkness

After the dev released an update to add pure black mode for OLED perfection, I had to leave a review. Despite this app being relatively new, as iOS Safari extensions has only recently been introduced, Noir is already one of my favorite utilities. It works better than most dark mode extensions for desktop, all while having a minimal feel and complete control over which websites it activates on. I think the price is extremely reasonable to support the developer’s work on this. Well done.

- Bright Flashes When sites Load

I purchased Noir and put it to use for several weeks of nighttime Safari browsing. I wanted to love Noir but I now use a different extension. Problem is, Noir allows a bright, all-screen, white flash fairly often, I believe whe n switching tabs or first loading a site. Its a dealbreaker for me. The issue has been reported by others in Reddit but dismissed by the app creator as ‘inevitable’. I’m not trying to be a jerk, just factual when I disagree. In the same Reddit thread, users mentioned that Nitefall and another extension work without flashing, so I tried Nitefall. It doesn’t flash and I haven’t used Noir since.

- awesome

just found out by reading the reviews that there is a true black mode now and i’m loving it !! was skeptical that this extension would work but I gave it a shot and i’m glad I did , it irritated me that the only thing that wasn’t in dark mode was safari and that problem is fixed ! haven’t experienced any bugs with this extension ! doesn’t bother me that google isn’t all dark seeing as tho I dont go to the google homepage and then look up what i need . job well done

- Absolutely amazing!

I keep my iPhone in dark mode 24/7 and before downloading Noir, I never noticed how annoying it was for none of my frequently visited websites to support any type of dark mode. This app has literally made my browsing experience so much better. And I love how the developer is working so quickly to fix issues and make updates. I can’t wait to see how Noir matures over time and what other amazing app ideas this developer may have!

- ^⌥N

As much as I might've wanted to tell you I was *better* than the Dark Mode phase, the truth is, the ability to darken a blinding web page with a single keyboard shortcut (`^⌥N`) has literally changed my browsing life. I have asked so much of this extension - dozens of custom themes, tens of thousands of domain preference entries - and it does stumble sometimes!... But its by far the best supported of the many hyped dark mode Safari Extensions on this marketplace, and its balance of control granularity is literally priceless.

- Game changer for safari

This is an incredible app, works seamlessly. I was waiting for the pure black mode and suggested it to the developer. They communicated immediately letting me know they had that idea in the pipeline and would be implemented soon. A day or two later I noticed the app had updated to implement it. Game changer. Every website loads in beautiful pure black mode which looks amazing on an OLED screen. Highly recommend this app makes every website look fantastic

- Updated review: it’s basically perfect now.

The developer of this app has quickly responded to feedback and feature requests, and now Noir is elegant, simple, and just as customizable as it should be. There’s a true black option now! And it lets you customize which mode applies by default, and which mode gets applied to specific websites. That’s just what’s needed to ensure every website is usable in dark mode. Thanks for making these improvements!

- Dark Mode Automatically!

I have been using Firefox on my iPhone because it has an actual dark mode, but I like Safari’s integration with iOS better. This extension is exactly what I have been looking for! It does it what it claims; it turns each page to dark mode automatically, and without any delay in loading the page. I am so glad I found this extension! Absolutely worth the price to finally have dark mode while surfing with Safari.

- Finally!!!

As a person who is legally blind I have been waiting for an app like this to come out. I can finally navigate the web through safari in a dark environment without constantly having to toggle the invert colors option on and off. I normally stick to the free apps but took a chance on this one and have no regrets. After more than a decade of using iPhones I finally have a solution to this problem and I am extremely grateful.

- Works, but Grammarly extension breaks it!

I went through and was installing several extensions at once and was very pleased with how well Noir works. The very next extension I installed after Noir was Grammarly and it immediately stopped letting me load the full websites with Noir. After disabling Grammarly, everything started working again. I don’t know if this was Grammarly just breaking Safari or if it was breaking Noir, just thought I’d mention if anyone is having issues troubleshooting. Great app! Cheers!

- So Far, Fantastic Experience! Helps save Battery Life!

So, for anyone with an iPhone 11 Pro or up, or anyone using the iPhone X, or XS/XS Max can benefit greatly from this by having it reduce all that white background that Safari or other sites will normally display, and put a dark background to it so that you can use Safari a bit longer, with improved screen-on time. I haven’t ran into any issues thus far. I’ll report back if anything weird happens!

- The best Dark Mode for Safari extension

Don't waste time trying all the inferior free apps, just buy this one. It is fantastic, and the developer has continued to tweak and improve it over time. And when a website doesn't render properly, you can easily disable just that website, or even change the theme for just that website, without having to disable the entire extension. An absolute must-have app for OLED iPhones.

- Superb

Wasn’t sure if I wanted to gamble the $3 on this but took a stab at it after seeing reviews. This is exactly what you’re looking for. The app offers a completely dark mode which is great for my OLED screen and battery. Also my eyes lol. It has a great tutorial on how to install and use the app/extension as well. If you’re on the fence about this rest assured it’s a completely safe purchase and you will not be disappointed. 10/10

- Hey great app that came at the right time

One thing I can definitely say is that this app came at the right time when Safari extensions were created. Miss compliments to dark mode offered by Apple and make the process very seamless, it is also very minimalistic and has minimal to nonexistent effect on performance and website loading. I would recommend this up as an essential extension for Safari as soon as you update to iOS 15.

- What happened

I'm not sure what happened in the last month or two but noir became more of a liability instead of an asset. It went from occasionally needed disabled on a web page to almost always needed to be disabled it's to the point where it's pretty useless everywhere from huge sites that get millions of hits a day to smaller ones with almost no traffic. I personally reported several sites months ago and they still don't work. I guess with iOS updates and websites updating constantly as time goes on noir was a bigger project than expected by the devs so we get what we get. If this still cost money then pass on noir.

- Works great! Developer listens!

Works phenomenally on every website I’ve texted it with so far! Originally, I didn’t like the almost solarized background color it used, and made a suggestion to use other colors as well, and in less than a week, the feature was added! I’ll always speak super well of a developer that listens and really cares about their app and users. Truly, well done, and thanks for the update! This is currently the best dark mode extension I’ve found. — Original review: Works phenomenally on every website I tested it with, but I am not a huge fan of the blue-ish, almost solarized color it changes the backgrounds to. Please add an option to change this (maybe dark gray, black, solarized, etc., or something closer to Apple’s base or elevated colors in the HIG).

- It’s a great feature

I am very happy to have come across this app. I’ve had it since the new IOS update and it has worked flawlessly. It doesn’t even register in my head that the app makes things go in dark mode. You can set it up to automatically use dark mode when your phone goes into dark mode. It’s terrific. I highly suggest at least trying this app out.

- Love/hate

Love this app it is a game changer and honestly apple should have adopted this long ago but of course they just steal ideas and business models off of smaller companies.. Only thing I dislike is the permissions.. I understand no data is stored or kept on the apps part but I still have a lot of trust issues.. no hard feelings. Again this app is great just be mindful of the permissions your giving away.

- Lowering because must purchase again for Mac

I went out on a whim and actually paid for an app. It’s wonderful and works, but I just think this should’ve been a feature that came with the iOS software. Edit: Once again, this app WORKS and works fantastically. But now I’ve gotten a Mac and paid for this app once. Now they want me to pay for it again for it to work on Mac. I will raise my rating if I’m somehow overlooking a setting. But I don’t see why I’d have to buy this twice to work on here and on my Mac

- Game Changer

As a 24/7 dark mode user this is one of the most useful things I’ve come across in a long time. Definite game changer when it comes to Safari browsing. It has been something I was hoping Apple would implement in Safari for a long time. Glad I came across Noir so I no longer have to wait. The extension works beautifully. Definitely worth the purchase.

- A must have extension!

Performs exactly as advertised. I am the type of person who keeps dark mode on all the time, and this extension is a godsend... in my opinion it adds much needed functionality to safari. Developer is friendly and responsive to emails, and while I have not yet experienced any issues with this app, I feel confident that any concerns would be addressed quickly.

- Worth the money

Usually with these extensions and add-ons, some of the pages look awkward when you change them to black. Since I need to have dark mode in my browser, I decided to take the plunge and pay for the extension. And it is worth every penny. Every site I frequent looks great in dark mode. Hats off to the devs that I can browse more comfortably at night.

- Great and Useful App!

Noir works well at applying a dark theme on most websites and those it doesn’t work well on are usually fixed by the creator(s) when reported within due time. For websites that it “breaks” you can easily toggle it off at any time in the extensions section of Safari, extremely useful tool that makes websites look slicker and easier on the eyes.

- Great extension with only a few missing things

I love this extension. It’s easy to use and works on a per website basis. I have one qualm: when dark mode is activated, for some websites the links don’t show differently. For example, the underline in links don’t show up. So any link in the web page just looks like regular text and I have to disable noir to be able to see where the links are. Apart from that great job!

- Great app and developer

Noir is the best extension on the App Store, and I can’t recommend it enough. Noir can help you save some battery and your eyesight. Features like dim images and a dark mode scheduler make the experience of this extension perfect. There are lots of themes to pick from and you can have custom preferences for each site you visit. Noir deserves to be app of the day! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Fantastic extension

Works really well, including some smarts that will not stomp over a site’s built-in dark mode if one is provided. While it is a “set it and forget it” kind of extension, you will definitely miss it the instant you use a device or browser where it’s not available. Speaking of which, I’d love a version supporting Safari on the Mac. :)

- Works well, when it works

It appears to struggle with a number of websites, and when it does struggle, it makes the site practically impossible to read. Faded text or missing graphics entirely. Apple Pay logos look like blank white cards, fandom has all the colors turned light grey on a white background. Most sites it’s fine, but the lack of a one touch quick toggle adds frustration, along with needing to give redirected to the app to write an issue.

- Very impressed!

This extension really does what it says it does. The only default Sarai option, to use reader on web pages, often strips pages of images and makes browsing more difficult. Other similar extensions didn’t work will for me. This one is like magic. It is fast and handles images very well. Great work!

- What Apple should've done from the start!

Works great and the developer is very responsive. Works as perfectly as it gets with very few issues. My favorite feature is the app doesn't mess with websites that already supports dark mode natively. If you want dark mode in Safari for all websites, I highly recommend this app.

- I posted a negative review cause i couldn't figure it out

So this is for balance. When i enabled it, i got spooked by the popup about it reading things i type in. So i clicked allow for one day to try it. But then it didn't work for some reason. When i picked allow, and allow for all websites it worked 👍🏻

- Finally I can browse at night

Like many of you, I am a fan of laying down in bed on my phone before bed to browse the internet. The problem is when googling something or any page that is super white it kills the eyes even with brightness all the way down. No longer have to worry about this 🙌🏽

- Lifesaver

Great addition to Safari. Like others have said it’s pretty much essential. Works on all websites for me in Safari without any issues on my iPad Pro. Use with Ghostery extension and you should have no issues browsing the internet with dark mode everywhere and with speed.

- Really cool app, but…

Maybe about half of the pages had problems loading or would constantly crash. Ultimately deleted the app after trying it for a few months. Maybe if I had a phone with greater processing power (I’m on an IPhone X). Love the idea of this app and really wish more websites offered a dark mode option. App is worth a try if you get tired of bright white sites, especially at night.

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- Great app - works so well

This works brilliantly with Safari, and immediately worked on most of the websites I had open in Safari at that moment. Sure, there are going to be a handful of misses on the auto setting, and that’s to be expected given there’s such a huge variety of web design out there. But it’s super easy to quickly tweak the settings of Noir to adjust that website, and it’s fine from there on in. And like a lot of people, I’d love to see this on Safari for Mac as well - that would be incredible! :) Hugely appreciate your privacy policy as well, and that you’re an indie developer. I hope you get to sell this to Apple or someone else and make a few million $$!

- Say no more to “MY EYES” at night!

Was quite disappointed when I moved from Samsung to iPhone that the native browser didn’t support night/dark mode when browsing at night. However, I heard about this app when iOS 15 launched and bought it Day 1 to test. Let me tell you this app is the closest thing to the night mode on the Samsung Browser or better! It just works. Really happy with this app as it makes all the white webpages into dark (you can customise it) and dims down bright pictures too. This makes it easier for the eyes when the website doesn’t support native dark mode. Awesome work Dev :)

- Awesome Safari extension

A must have app / extension if you are a dark mode fan. Exceeded all my expectations with how well it adjusts website colours to fit with dark mode and low light reading. It has worked brilliantly with every website I have visited. Colours of text, the background, etc. are all modified on the fly intelligently, reproducing ever website in a pleasing and easy to read dark mode. It can even dim image brightness too if you want that. All with no discernible impact on browsing speed. Can’t recommend this enough. Worth every penny. Buy now.

- This is the one

Yes, this is the one Safari extension you need if you’re looking to enable dark mode for all websites. My most used app besides Safari, is indeed an Safari extension. It just works every time and very easy to customise. Plus, the developer respects your privacy and doesn’t collect your search history and data. I couldn’t recommend this app for power users and everyday Safari surfers. My one wish was Shortcut support so I can program a Shortcut to change my Noir dark mode with my iPhone back tap.

- Brilliant

Got this app day one of iOS 15 this app regularly updated. . Very impressed with this app. This app was the first of its kind and now with other Dark Mode apps coming in I think this app should be at the top of the list! Wrote this review because I think there’s that deserves it’s place at the top for dark mode. I must admit I was a little dubious because it was the first app out of the box that I’m glad I took the risk and never regretted the purchase.

- Simply the best

Tried a few other dark mode extensions before this, but they were all hit and miss - often leaving half the website light. I decided to bite the bullet and get Noir and I have zero regrets. There is no substitute for the consistent quality of this app, and seeing how often the developer is updating it makes me confident it’ll only get better

- Fills a gaping hole in website design beautifully

As the internet is slow to catch on to supporting dark mode on devices this is a much appreciated app. As a web developer myself I know it’s a tricky thing to infer an appropriate colour palette from a light version, it’s hardly just inverting colours! So I appreciate the attention to detail and constant refinement the developer puts in.

- Great app definitely recommend!

Just want to say thank you for this awesome extension. I especially appreciate the fact that Noir will not be activated if the website has its own dark mode. I have used similar apps before, none of them has this feature. Do you have plans on making Noir available for Mac Safari?

- Frequent Updates

I did not want to leave a review earlier on because there were a few bugs, but I assure you multiple times a week large fixes and updates are coming and this extension has honestly grown to be always on for me without much issue! Thank you

- Pleasantly surprised

I felt when buying this app that it was a bit pricey for just a dark mode and thought I might not use it for long. I have to say I was very much wrong, it was a great purchase and will continue to use it. It is so great seeing the app have constant updates Great work!


Dark mode on entire page and not just headers which just makes the rest of the still white page even more blinding and bad for your eyes. Wish I’d had this ages ago - I would prolly still have 20/20 vision. Thank you!

- Amazing

Love this extension - it saves my eyes from being blinded at night. It adjusts the colours of pages far better than the competitors I’ve tried. Just wish there was a Mac version to go along with the iOS one!

- Works perfectly

Absolutely fantastic! I tried a couple of free ones and they were just not working and looked like rubbish. This feels like it’s part of iOS and it works really well. Love it!!

- Best dark mode I’ve used for light sensitivity

I have chronic migraines with severe light sensitivity and really struggle with white lights, can’t stand them. This is hands down the best dark mode I’ve used in the last decade and the only reason I switched to using safari as a browser. It works on more websites and has a nicer colour template which consistently feels better on the head. I don’t usually write reviews but thank you so much for making this app.

- A must to have

Works great across devices. Does everything it says. A must have

- It’s OK

The extension is OK, but only takes care of overall background, not the text colours or some title strip background colour. This is mostly apparent on iPad. If making it similar to Firefox’s night mode, then that would be great.

- Great app! Hopefully around for a while

Noir is solid! Works on the majority of websites I visit, plus that OLED mode is a great addition. Early stages so it’s acceptable that some pages need a tweak! Fingers crossed this app stays around and continues the update frequency.

- Wonderful, except for the extra icon

Loving this app so far, but I don’t love the extra icon in an already crowded tab bar. Wish I could move it to the menu.

- Does what it says

Excellent. Websites without dark mode get dark. Perfect for night-time reading.

- Lacks consistency.

Some sites darken others do not. The worst is when a site only partly works.

- Scam

This app doesn’t do what it says. Don’t waste your money.

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- Safari Dark Mode is Finally Here!

Props to the developer for making this feature available as soon as iOS 15 came out. I’ve been using a similar extension on my Mac and I’ve been waiting for something like this for a long time. Stoked that the developer doesn’t collect information, and a one-time-payment is honestly so much better than a subscription price model.

- Works well, wish it had an OLED mode

Surprising good extension app, and intelligently darkens websites. My only wish is to have a black option rather than only the dark grey background option.

- Great experience on Safari

I really appreciate that extension for a dark and neat Safari experience. I also like the detailed changelog for every (and frequent) update.

- The best Safari extension to date!

Amazing app! With plenty of settings and features to make sure you don't have to ever look at white mode again! 10/10 would buy 10 times over! Saves by battery life and eyes!! Thank you Noir!

- Good app!!!

Noir dark mode app is a new app that came out the same day of iOS 15 because it only works for iOS 15 due to the feature of Extensions and i have bought it and it works so good and it does the job done and easy to follow the Instructions!!

- Great Idea - Doesn't Work

Tried this out and it broke so many sites that I turned it off after browsing with it for an hour. Too many to bother reporting - was especially bad for ones that were already dark or partially dark. Heck, I requested a refund, and it caused text on the Apple page to double up in all the menus. Wish I could say better for it, but wasn't thrilled to find something I paid up front for functioned that badly.

- Not Great

When this app works, it’s great, which thankfully it does for major sites like Google/YouTube/Instagram/etc. But I recently had to switch it from on by default to manual per-site configuration since it makes a lot of sites unreadable or just look weird. Hope it gets better.

- The app is fine

The app seems to work fine but images especially in ads are photo negative which is just plain annoying.

- Finally!

Works great! Thank you!

- Great

I have been waiting for something like this for ages, works great so far! I like that it is integrated as a Safari extension.

- Good app

Definitely my favorite app. Just got it today and it’s been amazing on safari the dark mode on all the websites was great

- Best of the Lot

I don’t know what kind of black magic the developer did to make Noir’s colours so good. I keep thinking, “Wait, this site has a native dark mode?” only to realize that, no, Noir just perfectly matched the colour scheme of the site. Way better than everything else, totally worth your money. Buy it!

- Works really well

Been using Dark Reader on PC Firefox, but I find this app works much better. Much less unreadable websites with this addon

- Crashes websites on iPhone 14 Pro

This is a very good app, but websites definitely seem to crash more often when I have noir enabled. It’s a bit frustrating

- Obligatory app

Noir is an essential app. There’s not much to say.

- It makes Safari so easier on the eyes. Especially if you keep your phone in Dark Mode.

It respects your privacy. It makes the Safari experience amazing. It’s made by an indie developer (who finds time to constantly improve the app). Apps like these are the kind you download immediately when setting up a new iPhone. Five stars. Definitely worth paying for. ✌️

- Amazing!

I really do love the ease and simplicity of this app. Finally, dark mode for Safari on iOS AND Mac! It doesn’t get any better. Thank you for your hard work, Jeffrey.

- Some websites crash

This is a great app and it works for most websites but there is the odd website that will repeatedly crash until I disable this app on my iPhone 14 Pro Max, it can be quite annoying

- Just doesn’t work

Great concept but after using it over a a year and checking the large amount of sites that I reported where mostly text isn’t readable/visible, I decided to uninstall it. One common problem that I reported in the past and still not fixed, on first visit text is not visible, then if you reload or get out of safari then back to it, it works for that page. Also annoying switches from white to dark in many sites.

- Basic

Only works on very basic sites.

- This app is trash

I have to turn this app off in safari more than I can keep it on, cuz it makes things unreadable. I constantly get black text and black background. What use is this app if it cant do its sole basic function?

- Works Great!

Finally I can use whatever websites I want at night without getting my retinas seared! Set it and forget it.

- It just works

Kudos to the developer, it works like charm and it feels like its a native app

- Manners

Jeffrey feels like a friend! Thanks for all your care & hard work.

- Why no Universal Purchase?

An excellent app. But why is it not a universal purchase? I did not realize the macOS version would be a separate purchase. I wouldn’t have minded paying slightly more for a universal app, but making 2 separate apps for each OS seems unnecessary. Edit: Updating my review to 5 stars now after getting quick response from developer! Thanks.

- Crashing

It was a great app! But… after a while the automatic night mode (dark) caused my safari to crash and stop working!!! Please fix the bug as I cant use the extension anymore with our sacrificing safari

- Absolute game changer.

Considering how well this extension works, it’s really a shame Apple doesn’t allow in-app Safari windows to use extensions. When I’m using another app that has to open a webpage I need to open Safari itself to use Noir, which I do, almost every time, when I’m in dark mode.

- This is the one stop shop

Had Noir for iOS, and initially there wasn’t another option so I went with dark reader, but now that Mac version is out, I will gladly be purchasing. The whole dark experience with Noir feels flawless and refined. The developer is also super open to customer feedback and the updates have been amazing. My eyes thank you so much.

- Image dimming inconsistent

The image dimming is inconsistent. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

- Web page reloading

It’s good but does any experience web pages keep reloading?

- Awesome

Awesome extension and very well executed. Must have for people like me that enjoys dark mode!

- Overall satisfied, but needs improvement.

Some websites after darken, the colour looks just like applied an inverse, and make reading less comfortable.


Best app/extension!

- Works so well it feels like a part of iOS

iOS 15 has some awesome improvements, but allowing this app to be made is my favourite one by far. I tested some other similar extensions first, and they looked like what they are - just a tweak to the original website’s CSS. This one looks like the website was redesigned by a human to have a dark mode, even on webpages I expected it to butcher (lots of secondary colours and highlights). The privacy policy for this app is perfect, too, which is great to see in a normal app but absolutely necessary (imo) for one that can see and modify all your searches. I rarely buy apps, but in this case I don’t begrudge a couple dollars at all for such a nice quality of life improvement.

- Perfect app

Simple and works perfectly with iOS 15, don’t hesitate.

- I love Noir

I really do love Noir The app and extension saves my eyes when I’m on those websites that you haven’t adopted night mode On safari. And with this extension/app there’s finally a way around that!

- Great safari extension

Really nice app! One request: there’s a bit of a weird behaviour when clicking though Wikipedia links where the screen flashes bright white for a split second before reverting to dark mode. This is pretty jarring at night.

- Yes!

I'm so pumped that you added full black mode instead of dark only. This was worth every cent!

- Incredibly efficient

This app simply works, it won’t let you down. One of the best purchase I’ve made.

- Does what it says mostly

Works well. Had some serious issues with Wikipedia just not loading properly when this extension was enabled however Edit: My original review is above. I contacted the developer and since the latest update (on 2021-09-23) the issue has been resolved for me

- Great so far

Please add the ability to customize the dark mode (contrast) and turn on automatically from sunset to sunrise. Thanks for the great app

- Great app!

Does exactly what it says. The dark mode this app gives to safari looks stunning. Just wish there was a truly black option in the app. But overall love it

- It’s just okay

The rendering is not as good as Samsung browser dark mode. There is no equivalent feature on safari despite the promise of this app. Fonts are rendered in an inverted style and make websites quite garish

- Very unhappy

Disappointed!! Purchased this to help vision issues where I can see better in dark mode - hence why this was purchased. Read reviews and had high hopes. Turns out it will only load 25% of page and remainder is empty. Turn off app and webpages load properly. Such a waste of money and hopes!

- Like the idea but…

If It can get access to sensitive information from websites I visit as the popup warning states, That’s not cool. The developer should clarify that.

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Noir - Dark Mode for Safari 2022.3.5 Screenshots & Images

Noir - Dark Mode for Safari iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Noir - Dark Mode for Safari iphone images
Noir - Dark Mode for Safari iphone images
Noir - Dark Mode for Safari iphone images
Noir - Dark Mode for Safari iphone images
Noir - Dark Mode for Safari iphone images

Noir - Dark Mode for Safari (Version 2022.3.5) Install & Download

The applications Noir - Dark Mode for Safari was published in the category Utilities on 2021-09-20 and was developed by Jeffrey Kuiken [Developer ID: 1163503860]. This application file size is 8.02 MB. Noir - Dark Mode for Safari - Utilities app posted on 2022-12-19 current version is 2022.3.5 and works well on IOS 15.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: nl.jeffreykuiken.NoirApp