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What is acnh travel guide app? ACNH Travel Guide is the ultimate companion app for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It provides you with all the information you need while playing the game, and lets you track your progress as well.

The app is fully updated for the 2.0 update of the game!

This is the most complete companion app you will find. ACNH Travel Guide includes bugs, fish, DIY Recipes, furniture, clothing, fossils, sea creatures, flowers, villagers, wallpapers and floorings, art, songs, shells, tools, reactions, events, and even fruits. You can also use the app to keep a track of your daily tasks, turnip prices, and visitors. The app is very easy and fast to use, with no ads, no locked features, and no subscriptions.

The app is always updated with the newest items and updates of the game very shortly after an update comes out.

All information you'll ever need on your island adventure:
- Detailed information on fish, bugs and sea creatures, so you know exactly when they are available, for how much they sell, and much more
- Browse all DIY recipes, see what they sell for and the materials needed
- Check detailed info on entire catalog, including all furniture and clothing and all their variations
- See all the information on all the villagers in the game, including their personality, birthday, and best gifts for them
- Other items you find in the app include art, flowers, fruit, reactions, posters & photos, wallpapers & floors, Nook Miles islands, and more

Handy tools:
- Keep a list of daily tasks to make sure you never forget to talk to your favorite village, plant a money tree, and more
- Track your turnip prices and see them visualized on a graph
- See a full list of all flower colors, including information on how to get hybrid flower colors
- A lost item guide so you can easily bring those back to their rightful owner
- Share your Dream Address with other users of the app and easily generate a new Dream Address to visit

The Home tab, all the information you need at one place:
- Quick search through all items in the app
- Track and share your progress on the critters you've caught, the DIY Recipes you've unlocked, and all other items in the app
- Quickly see what's available to catch right now and this month, and which critters are new this month or will leave soon
- This week's visitors
- A graph of your current turnip prices throughout the week
- Upcoming events and villager birthdays
- The current zodiac sign (for when there's a meteor shower happening)

Fully customizable to your own needs and preferences:
- The names of all items can be shown in English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Dutch, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Russian.
- Keep track of multiple islands all in this one app, and easily switch between them
- Supports both Northern and Southern Hemisphere
- Supports changing the time in the app for time travelers

Supports all the iOS features you're looking for:
- This is a fully native app, that's fast and feels right at home on iOS
- Dark Mode is supported for all those nightly play sessions
- A lot of Home Screen Widgets, for your progress, currently available critters, random items, and more
- All your data is synced and backed up to iCloud
- All data is available offline, so you can use the app even while you're on the go
- The data in the app is updated regularly and downloaded automatically in the background
- Search for all items in the app right from your homescreen
- Export and share all lists as text, image, or CSV
- Support for accessibility features such as VoiceOver

Built with love by an Animal Crossing player just like you
- No ads, no locked features, no subscriptions. Pay once and use the full app forever, without any limitations.
- No (privacy-invading) data collection, and a privacy policy you'll actually understand

Every adventurer needs a Travel Guide, and this is just the one for all New Horizons players.

This is a third-party app and not affiliated with Nintendo Co. Ltd.

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ACNH Travel Guide Customer Service, Editor Notes:

ACNH Travel Guide Version 2022.1.224 February 2022

Thank you so much for using ACNH Travel Guide and for sharing your ideas, suggestions, and feedback with me! This is a smaller update, but it still includes a few nice additions to the app: - Turnip Predictions You can now see predicted Turnip prices and patterns right in the app. Easily see which patterns you're most likely to get, and what the prices in the remainder of the week may be. The app will now also automatically set your current price pattern. - Added a progress bar for Vacation Homes at the top of the Villagers list - Added support for pieces of clothing that have a second style - When you export your progress from the Home tab, your progress card settings are now taken into account - 2022.1.1: Various small fixes and improvements, such as Turnip Predictions not showing in rare circumstances and villagers incorrectly showing as awake while they are still asleep. - 2022.1.2: Some more small fixes and improvements. As always, if you like the app, please help spread the word by telling other AC players about it, or by leaving a review in the App Store. Your support is greatly appreciated! Thanks, Jeffrey.

ACNH Travel Guide Version 2021.5.119 December 2021

Thank you so much for using ACNH Travel Guide and for sharing your ideas, suggestions, and feedback with me! This update brings several new features: - Series & Sets The series and set that a piece of furniture belongs to are now listed on its detail page. And you can group items on their series and set as well. - Vacation Home Tracking You can keep track of the villagers for which you have designed a vacation home using a new toggle that can be enabled in the settings. - Progress Improvements Pick between counting each individual variation of an item or including each item only once. There are several other new features and improvements as well: - Interior Structure items, such as pillars and partition walls, are now included in the Wallpapers & Flooring section - You can now find the HHA themes of a piece of furniture on its details page... - ...and if an item gives an additional boost to your island rating, you can now see this as well - By default the Progress card will now count all your villagers instead of just the current ones - It's now possible to see a list of DIY Recipes that require a specific crop or piece of fruit - Tap and hold on a villager task on the Home tab to quickly go to that villagers details - 2021.5.1: Fixed some small issues here and there If you like the app, please help spread the word by telling other AC players about it, or by leaving a review in the App Store. Thank you! Jeffrey.

ACNH Travel Guide Version 2021.404 November 2021

Thank you for using ACNH Travel Guide! This is a big update of the app that adds support for everything that was added in the latest update of the game! It also includes some other new features and improvements. - New Items & Categories The app is fully ready for the 2.0 update. From Gyroids to cooking recipes, from crops to polishable furniture, and from ceiling decord to customizable fences, all the new things are there! - Island Ordinances Set the currently active ordinance of your island in the settings, and all relevant information in the app will be updated to reflect it. - Villager Schedules You can now find the hours during which a villager is awake on their details page. And an indicator on the 'Talk to Villager'-tasks will show you when villagers are asleep. There are several other new features and improvements as well: - Added new optional daily tasks for participating in group stretching and getting coffee - There are various new icons to select for custom tasks, including the icons of visitors and NPCs - The look of some screens and menus is updated to bring it in line with modern iOS design Whether you were still playing faithfully every day, or are just now getting back into the game, I hope you'll have fun with the update! If you like the app, please help spread the word by telling other AC players about it, or by leaving a review in the App Store. Thank you! Jeffrey.

ACNH Travel Guide Comments & Reviews 2022

- An absolute MUST HAVE for any ACNH player!!

This app is the best ACNH guide out there for just a couple of bucks. Being able to catalogue everything AC has to offer is such a blessing and its made so easy with the easy-to-use interface and ad-free app. By far the best thing about the app is that you can add a custom task to your daily reminders as a way to show if you’ve done that particular task. For me, since wood is so important, my custom task of breaking 5 flimsy axes is a daily thing for me; and with this app, I can have it as a custom daily task that I can check off. There is also references to other ACNH related content like a designer tool to help make custom designs instead of doing it in-game and passports access to meet other players online and establish new friendships; honestly the amount of things this app provides is absolutely incredible. The only thing I can offer as something to add would be to add a profile section where you can put your in-game name and island name and other personal add-ons such as a picture of your favorite villager or visitor etc... All in all, this is seriously one of the best apps I have had the pleasure of using. Even if you aren’t a hardcore AC fan, the amount of content for $3.99 is unbelievable and I am glad to have purchased it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Edit: What are the hearts used for? I know its a dumb question, but is it just for saying its “a favorite”? I would honestly love to know.

- Absolutely Stellar App

Really happy to see someone release a fully functioning and up-to-date app to support cataloging of items in ACNH. The checklists are easy to use and I love having the status bars that I can share out to social media. The free alternatives out there don’t hold up in comparison. Definitely worth the price of admission. I canceled my preorder of the printed guide because this app has everything that I need. Also really appreciate the embedded links to other companion apps like the turnip price tracker, island designer, etc. If I had to make any recommendations for improvement I might suggest a tab for a customizable daily task list for people to keep up with things like fossil hunting, tree shaking, rock hitting, and so on. Also, it doesn’t appear to support iCloud backup of data and it doesn’t work on an older iPad (gives an error about not having iOS 13). Any way to implement iCloud backup or a way to register an account to safeguard my data would be greatly appreciated. Looking forward to the seasonal updates as new items become available. UPDATE: Appreciate the prompt and direct response from the developer and within a day, the daily checklist and other quality of life features have already been added! Good to know that iCloud support is in the pipeline, too. I will continue to recommend this to everyone I know that plays ACNH. :)

- (Updated) The app is great for content but my progress got deleted

(I’m leaving my original review intact but now with the updated information/solution after reaching out to the app designer) Updated review: this app actually syncs to iCloud and I didn’t realize this and must’ve disabled it or something went awry when I last updated my phone. After resyncing to iCloud all of my missing data reappeared. If this happens to you, the app designer would like to look into the logs before you resync to make sure that was the issue because this can differ from device to device. After learning this info I’ve changed my review to 5 stars and I’m very happy with the app. I love this app because it stays updated constantly and gives a lot of information about each item/creature , but whenever the app last updated all of my saved info got deleted. I had almost all of the diys checked off and the museum collection checked off. So I have no idea what I’m missing anymore because that progress has been deleted. I had all of my cataloged items checked off to tell me what I was missing and now I have to go back through the thousands of items I’ve collected over time and recheck them off even knowing there’s a chance they could be deleted again. That’s truly going to take hours and that’s extremely frustrating.

- Seriously worth your money

This app has everything. It has every item in every color in every language. It will tell you the price of an item, and whether you can repurchase it from the nook stop. It has every flower and guides for how to get hybrids. It has the art with real and fake guides. You have tons of sorting options for every list, as well as a search and progress bar at the top of every list. You can customize your homepage, including a very customizable daily to-do list. You can see new bugs and fish near the beginning of the month, and which bugs and fish are leaving near the end of the month. It will tell you the next birthday and all good gifts for every villager. The event items seem to update within hours of launch. One of the best things? Time travel support. Easier than changing the time on your switch. Everything is super intuitive and easy on the eyes. I’ve never had this app crash. Its getting updated and better all the time. It’s ad-free. I ended up stuck back on May 7 until today trying to keep a villager from voiding (success) and now I have to rapidly time travel forward one day at a time to get to the present day. This app and its to-do lists and time travel support allows me to efficiently go one day at a time and know I’m not missing anything.

- Game Changer

My friend recommended this app and at first I was skeptical because could I not just find all this info online? But this app is so much more than just an encyclopedia of Animal Crossing knowledge. It helps me keep track of what fossils, fish, bugs, paintings, and sea creatures I have. It tells me how many creatures I have left to catch during the month before they disappear for the season, and pictures of both the real and fake versions of Redd’s art. If there’s anything you need to know about ACNH, this app has it. Even the fact that they updated it to have the newly added sea creatures right away shows how dedicated they are. I’m honestly in love with how customizable the tasks and everything are. It’s incredible. The only thing that might be able to be improved is the quality of the art in the art tab, but that’s such a minor thing that I’m not really mad at it. I love this and I’m going to recommend it to all of my ACNL friends. Thank you so much for making this. I truly appreciate it, having all of this info in one place just a tap away. Edit: I forgot to mention just how aesthetically pleasing this app is. As someone in the graphic design/Uxd field, it has a very user friendly layout and has colors that are easy on the eyes while still providing plenty of contrast. Keep up the amazing work!!

- An Absolute Gem!

If you have New Horizons, you need this app! The app is one of the best (if not the best!) AC:NH guides out there. Worth every penny. This has pretty much everything you need to ensure that you maximize every opportunity to improve your island and collect everything. I’m very much looking forward to how this app updates for future AC:NH updates as well. Most importantly for me, every UI element is smooth and looks extremely polished with a lot of thought and effort (and yay, even has a dark mode!). The customization within the app, such as creating your own daily tasks, is such a great tool to have (I’ve forgotten to check in at the Nook Stop all the time before I used this app). And even in the most recent update, keeping track of visitors and automatically integrating it into the daily tasks is wonderful. Keeping track of everything has never been easier with this. The one thing I really would like is to be able to see how my predicted turnip prices will be changing throughout the week within the app, and without having to go to the TurnipProphet website. (I believe the other AC:NH guide on the App Store at this time has this already, but I would absolutely love to see it in a polished and clean UI like this!) Big kudos and thanks to the developer!

- Worth the money!

If you like me I was super hesitant to purchase this app because there are several free apps out there. However I took a gamble and trust me it payed off in so many ways. This is one of the most well developed looking apps. Since I have had it they have added new features such as a daily task list that you can totally customize and they added villager lists! Truthfully as this app has expanded I have deleted almost all my other apps. I will also say my favorite feature is that you can look at what fish and insects are available at the current time and can sort so that it shows you which ones you have not gotten yet. If you do decide to get this app make sure you explore and play around with it! There are so many ways to customize your view if you take a few minutes. Also make sure you go to more in the and scroll to bottom because there are some awesome community resources listed! This app truly has almost everything! The only thing it currently does not have is a place where you can connect with others for turnip trading or other events. But honestly that is perfectly fine with me because this app has so much to offer!

- Love this app!

This app is well worth the money! I use it every time I play ACNH! The developer made checking off the things you’ve collected so simple and easy. You can even favorite items that you want to work towards getting or things that you like or that you may already have including furniture, clothes, villagers, diys, mystery islands, tools, all you can think of- check em off or fav them- nice and simple with some info to go along with each item. You can view critters and fish in a bunch of assorted ways, by month, what time they are available, etc. it’s very helpful! The fine details included are also extremely helpful and informative. It covers all basis. The one thing that would be cool to add would be a compatibility chart for the villagers but that’s just an idea. Even without it the app is perfection. And I loved reading past reviews and seeing so many suggestions from people being integrated into the app. I like the developers updates as well. Keeps you informed on what is going on and planned for what’s to come. It’s seems the developer has and is working hard on the app and I am very much appreciative. Beautiful app.

- Excellent, but a few suggestions

I absolutely love this app! It’s made it very easy for me to log what I’ve collected and what I still need! Being able to track everything as real time goes by just as it does in the game is very helpful! The addition of Southern Hemisphere use has made the app a lot better in my opinion, and is all it took for me to bump my rating up to 5 stars! (I’m in the north myself, but all should be included, of course). Over time I’ve been exploring the many functions of this app, and I must say, the continuous attention to detail and high levels of support are what I love to see! All of the resources, like the map creator, pattern maker, and town tune maker are very welcome, and very thoughtful! I also appreciate the ability to report any errors I come across. While the game is still new, and I still haven’t personally found any errors myself, it’s good to know the option is at least there in the event that I do. Overall, wonderful app, excited to see where it could go in the future! Easy to see why it’s #1 in References, and it’s well worth the $3!

- Just What I Was Looking For

I’ve only been using this app for about a day and a half now and WOW. I remember thinking to myself that I wish there were an app for my phone that helped me keep track of things like fossils and daily tasks and here it is! The interface is minimalistic and very nice to look at, especially in dark mode. It is also very easy to find everything I need, customize it if needed, and I love being able to see my completion rates for various collections and the ability to share them directly from the app. I also am extremely fond of the information screens for bugs and fish. Being able to see the different price rates, where the creature can be located and when, etc is so convenient and saves me time from having to open safari and have tons of tabs open. Seriously, I cannot gush enough about this app, and it was well worth the purchase. I usually never write reviews for apps, but this has definitely made my Animal Crossing experience even better than before. Thank you to the developer(s) for the amazing work on this app!!

- Amazing!!!

This app was almost exactly what I was looking for. You can easily see what creatures are available at the current time and compare selling prices between the shop and special NPCs. It also lets you mark your collection so you can quickly tell what your missing. A way to specifically keep track of donations would have been super cool, but it doesn’t hurt not having it. My only real complaint is that it really only tracks fish, bugs, fossils, and recipes. I was really, really, really hoping for it to cover all the items as well, but no luck. (Unless I’m just somehow missing it?) That’s what I was originally searching for an app for, but there aren’t any. I hate having to look up prices to see if I should sell or not, especially hot items. And it’s a pain to keep track of missing pieces of collections. The app does do a checklist of event items, which is much appreciated, but normal ones would be so helpful. Would you consider adding a full item checklist or price list in the future? Aside from that, it’s a wonderful app and is well worth the purchase.

- Best animal crossing app!

I love this app! It’s the best animal crossing app. I use it everyday, one of my favorite things is the daily tasks. I love lists and checking things off so having all the daily tasks laid out and checking them off is so satisfying, plus it helps me remember what I need to do. I really like that you can customize your daily tasks as well to have things such as water flowers, check shops, find furniture in trees, etc. Another thing I love about the app is keeping track of weekly visitors; Flick, C.J., Redd, Gulliver, Leaf, etc. It also notifies me up of upcoming events; bug off, fish tourney, villager birthdays. I love that it has a complete (and always updated list) of the bugs, fish, fossils, art, flowers, etc and that I can also check these off to keep track of what I’ve gotten. On top of having the full lists, it also tells you when the bug is in season, when it’s available, where it’s available and the selling prices. I could go on forever about all the amazing features of this app! I highly recommend downloading, you won’t regret it.

- Perfect ACNH Guide

I never leave reviews but I have to for this amazing app. I’ve always used a guide to keep track of my progress in every AC game, and it took me a while to decide which app I wanted to use for New Horizons since there were a few available. This is, without any doubt, everything I could ask for in a companion guide. Before the most recent update I thought to myself: the app is already great but what if it gained the ability to track items and clothing? Or how nice it would be to rearrange the order of the categories you track? Or, even though it’s minor, how much I would love to see icons of the actual villager next to their name instead of a (very cute!) generic icon— and this update has included all of that and more. I’m in awe. And while it might not matter to some, the interface of this app is beautifully designed which I appreciate because it makes my experience that much nicer. If you're looking for a New Horizons guide and you’re on the fence about this one— don’t be. You won’t be disappointed.

- An Amazingly Helpful App

The ACNH Travel Guide is an incredible app. The amount of time and effort put into the development of the app is astonishing. Although I looked forward to playing ACNH before purchasing the app, attempting to catalog everything was a nightmare! I started making excel sheets to track various items and creatures until I decided I needed/wanted something better. Enter the ACNH Travel Guide. As others have stated, for 3.99 the amount of content you receive is amazing. If the app consisted of the first screen alone I personally think it would be worth the price. The amount of information under the “More” tab continues to grow with what seems to be every update. You are given the ability to track so many aspects of the game including D.A.L Frequent Flyer Rewards, Mom’s Gifts, and every....single....item from ALL islands visitors. It’s crazy! Additionally, the community resources portion expands the apps usefulness. With categories such as CatalogScanner, Island Tune Creator, and Turnip Prophet, you are able to access useful tools that are not even a part of the app itself. Lastly, from what I have read and seen (personal opinion), the creator of the app is very helpful and communicative. They always address new updates within the app and are quick and attentive in regard to adding information into the app itself regarding numerous categories. Overall, this app is amazingly helpful. I am excited to see it’s continued development!

- Impressive customer service!

The app is great! It’s pretty intuitive to use, and I love how easy it is to customize daily tasks. What sets this app apart though... customer service! After buying the app, I was starting to go through and mark all the DIY’s I had and noticed 2 weren’t there. I sent an email through the app and had a fast response from Jeffrey. Not only did he help get the problem fixed, he took a little time to give me explanations of what he thought happened, let me know when to try resetting, and what to do if it wasn’t fixed (it was fixed with the first thing he did). This involved a couple email replies from each of us and he was very timely with his responses. I have to say this really impressed me! Conclusion: The app is intuitive and easy to use, has useful information, is laid out well, and is aesthetically pleasing. Add to that the best customer service I have ever had from an app, and you’ve got a winner!

- Just some questions

I just got animal crossing NH three days ago and I fell INLOVE with the game(I’m new to the franchise.) So I went to the App Store to see is anyone has made a decoy of animal crossing, yet found this app! I was curious how it was going to work, so I got it yesterday and looked around into it. It was an AMAZING guide in in showing how many other animals exist in the game, or the fact that their seasonable animals in the game! Also, there’s check marks on the side of every animal to tap on them saying you’ve captured it, and the first time I saw this app, I thought this app would automatically track progress but I can’t see how to pair them or anything. The question is, is here a way that this app can automatically track your progress without the person using it having to have their phone right next to them? I would love to hear an answer!!! I’m a noob to the game, sorry if this question sounds funny to all you amazing players in animal crossing NH.

- Small details and ease of use

The ACNH Travel Guide is definitely the way to go for completionist masters of Animal Crossing and newcomers to the series alike! It is very user-configurable and fairly easy to get around within the app considering how much information there is to store about everything available to the player in this game (including all of the variations in items) and how much changes monthly and hourly within the game. Having convenient lists of bugs and fish available to you at the instant you are playing is a big plus as well when you’re wondering at 9:01 pm why you can’t find that one last fish you’ve been trying to track down all day! Jeffrey, the developer, has also been very quick to make changes and additions that the users have asked for, so I applaud him for his quick work. He seems like a huge fan of the game with as much as he’s put into this app, but I really don’t know how he would ever find time to play with what he’s accomplished here!

- Update made the app slower & laggy

I want to say I’d give this app 5 stars if not for the recent update. I’ve been using the app since April and it’s been extremely useful for my cataloguing journey. However, I noticed that the last two updates have made the app slow down significantly. This is noticeable when you try to mark the item as catalogued, it used to be an instant click and now there’s almost a second delay. I think the sorting options are great, but I fear that some features added are too excessive and only slowing the app down. For example, I can’t see how the heart buttons are useful. Some further optimizations are needed, or maybe roll back some functions so that it runs smoothly, the app already has such amazing functionality that adding too much stuff will only clutter and make the app laggy.. quite sad to leave a review like this to such an amazing app. Also wanted to say thank you for all the great work you’ve done. I just want the app to be as smooth as it once was before. I’m currently using an iPhone XS so a pretty new model. Hope you can make this better, thanks.

- Worth paying for

I don’t normally get paid upfront apps, preferring “try before you buy”. However of the two that I saw on the App Store this one is the far more polished and feature complete. While I was telling a friend about the app I realized it would be awesome if there was a way to track the music albums. Before I could submit my suggestions there was the massive update that included this feature! Very active developer is always a good sign and the reason I paid to begin with. The sorting features have just what you might want, including the ability to sort by what you’ve marked off and not, letting you easily see what you still need to get. Inclusion of prices on the main list means it’s easy to tell if you want to toss something or not. The only feature I’m wanting to see now is a way to go through villagers and have multiple marker types: islander, camper (amiibo owned), and “wish list”. Being able to leave notes on each villager might be nice so you can keep track of where you saw villager and hope to make swap with friend. Also I second including a list of all NPC visitors. Today I had CJ and kept forgetting to focus on fishing. Maybe if you check that NPC they will then show up on “home page” like events, resetting at 5am if not manually. App is well worth the few bucks even if nothing else is updated, but since it will be it’s even more worth it. Kudos to the devs for making such a slick app so quickly.

- Best One Yet

This is by far the best app for the new Animal Crossing game that I’ve seen. I love being able to track the various bugs, fish, fossils, recipes, etc. It has helped me greatly in knowing what I have and what I still need! I also love that it provides me with which fish and bugs are available to be caught at the current time. The only thing that I wish it could do was also be able to track other items. Being able to resources, items, nook miles and reactions would just make this app all the better. However, not having those options does not hurt this app at all. It is still the best one I’ve come across. If you are looking for an Animal Crossing app for the new game this one is the best option! The new update really made things easier with furniture and clothing! Thanks so much for all the hard work! UPDATED REVIEW Since my last rating the app has seen several updates. It’s still the best app for ACNH and it’s continuing to improve. It’s added the things I wished I could track in the beginning as well as some things I didn’t know I wanted to track! For me I still wish I could track how many items I have for each resource without running back and forth to my house. Being able to see how many pieces of hardwood I have in storage or how many pink cosmos I have would benefit me as well as others. I have no complaints about this app. If you are still looking for a ACNH app this is all the further you need to go!

- Incredibly Helpful & Worth it

I bought this app back around the beginning of ACNH’s release since I’m a bit of a completionist who has difficulty in remembering what I do and don’t have. Since then, I’ve been using this app religiously each time I log into the game and it’s been immensely helpful with everything related to the game. From handy links to outside sources such as Turnip Prophet and Island Designers, sorting tools for bugs, fish, and sea creatures (including when they’re available), to letting me know upcoming events so I can prepare; this app has it all and consistently remains up-to-date. I don’t usually spend money on apps OR leave reviews, but this one has become invaluable to my enjoyment of the game and is partially the reason why I still haven’t been overwhelmed when I leave the game for a few months at a time. If the devs end up reading this: genuinely, thank you so much. I can’t recommend this app enough to ACNH players.

- Amazing Team Amazing App

This is truly a companion app for the game. Just as ACNH gives you room to be as completionist as you want, this app does the same. You can check off basically anything you have in the game: flowers, furniture, kk songs, the list goes on. They’re always adding more to the app, it’s amazing. I can tell that the dev team cares about the app and really plays it, as it’s a companion app made by the people for the people. I just wish that they had section in the app where I could tell them how much I love the app. Edit: Leaving Apple and this is the only app I’m horribly bummed about losing. There’s truly no comparison to how much this app lets you tailor your experience to your play-style. No other app that I’ve found displays the progress with circle graphs for completion nor has the ability to change the buttons around for the user to make it their own. The creator of this app has really made a fantastic companion app.

- Another amazing update!

This app has been putting the work in to drop consistent updates to suit the needs of users. I play AC as an avid collector. I want every KK slider song, fish, bug, fossil, furniture, clothing, and DIY recipe. This has a checklist where you can track all of it. There’s a smooth, easy to use, aesthetically pleasing user interface to navigate around. Now that I completed all my fossils, I can remove them from my homepage and focus on the next collection. It has a star marker for things you have and a heart marker for things you want. The search feature from the home page pulls from all the lists at once so you don’t even have to navigate between tabs if you’re checking off multiple things at once. I highly recommend this app. It’s way better than my notebook scribbles and disorganized spreadsheets that I was doing before. Now I can spend more time playing the game than planning it out.

- Best app hands down! 2021 update!!!

I’ve been using this app pretty much since I started playing AC I’ve just never had the time to leave a review! When I tell you this app has everything you will ever need, I mean it! The developer works very hard to keep everything updated and running perfectly! I’ve never had a problem out of this app! I had already entered my items before the catalog scanner got added. But I still used it to double check myself and of course I had missed a couple things! I will forever use this app and I always recommend it to everyone I know that plays! Don’t waist your time with other apps! Download this one now! (: Love this app still to this day! Just wanted to add a huge thank you and let you know you’re very appreciated for making and continuing to update this app!! Much love! Keep up the great work!! 👍

- Avid ACNH players, this is worth it!

This is a really solid app for ACNH players. It has all the basics done, and done very well. I can’t really think of a snag anywhere. It shows you everything you need from villager preferences to item variations. I love just the aesthetics of it paired with solid performance. Only a few things missing though. The turnip tracking is missing the previous trend the week prior, and to see any real prediction, you have to still go over to turnipio to see that (at least this keeps everything recorded for you so that makes it a ton easier to keep track). Also, I would love to see an iPad centric app, and maybe a macOS app for those using their Macs. The data sync works, as I’ve verified that between my iPhone and iPad (using the iPhone app, and it works in landscape so that is a huge plus of a workaround for now). Definitely recommended this highly, and worth every penny.

- Worth Every Penny!!!!

I used to check countless websites like IGN, Polygon, and the Fandom wiki for information about ACNH, especially things like recipes. But this is without a doubt the most comprehensive thing I have come across so far, and it’s so easy to use! Whereas other apps I have tried only have a section for fish and bugs, this is the only app I’ve found with catalogs of furniture, K.K. Slider Songs, clothing, and the ability to keep track of what you own and don’t own. The only thing is I feel like it would be nice if there was a daily to-do section. I have a list of chores I do every day like hit rocks and chop wood, and I feel like it would be cool if that could be included somehow. You can tell they really care about making the app good too! I emailed about what I thought was an issue (I was wrong) but the developer reached out to me and thanked me anyways. Keep up the great work, thanks for improving island life :)

- Best ACNH App!!! Worth the money!!!

This app just keeps getting better and better with every update. I usually don’t pay for apps but the free apps weren’t as good and the price point for this app is very reasonable. Whenever I play I have the app open so I can track everything I do and find. It’s so easy to use and very thorough. Like I mentioned the app gets better with every update. The new update today is awesome. I enjoyed the turnip calculator that was originally there but this new one is so nice. I like how you can store the turnip prices for the week and look back at older weeks. the turnip profit which gives an idea on what your turnip prices might look like for the week based on a couple of data points is very helpful. I like the daily checklist which is on the home screen for easy access. Everything about this app is great and I can’t wait for what they have to offer in more updates.

- This app is seriously excellent and feels surprisingly polished for a new release.

Seriously, I’m really impressed with this app. It’s very clearly made by a fan(s) of the game because it has just about every basic feature I would want in an app. And every time there’s an update, just about every feature makes me go “oh wow this is going to be useful”. Or before I fully explored this app fully I would think “I wonder if that app has [this] tool already”, and most of the time it did! The app is already an easy 5 stars, but I’d love to see some more features like a turnip price tracker. Even better if it includes some of the features that some of the turnip calculators online have like the one from elxris on github. An island planner would be really cool too, though probably time consuming to add at this level of polish. Anyway, well done. I’m genuinely excited to see what other features get added!

- Definitely worth a few bucks

Very comprehensive app, covers basically everything. Seems like all the game data is there, though sometimes you have to dig around for specific information. For instance, to find clothing matching Labelle’s theme (like cool, comfy, or goth) you have to type that into the clothing search bar. It would be kind of nice to have those advanced “quests” available easier. Or for instance, telling a real piece of art from a fake Redd one. It’s hard to see differences sometime. Some things that I really like are being able to make your own items in your to-do lists, finding out which gifts are best for specific villagers on their page, and recording all the museum donations (as long as you keep up with it). I have some weird aversion to spending a few bucks on apps I don’t know, even though it’s less than some coffee. But I’m really glad I bought this!

- Love a checklist - and this is that + so much more

Absolutely essential companion app for anyone playing ACNH. Keeps all your daily to-dos nice and organized, allowing for easy add/customization of tasks outside the default list. It’s nice that it integrates turnip price tracker and predictor. Indicates exactly where to get recipes/furniture items - down to the specific villager personality to source from or space in Nook’s Cranny where you can buy. And it’s constantly updating!! One thing I would love to see in an update soon is a feature to log which special characters have visited your island on which days during the week so it’s easier to see who you’ve had and who might show up. Maybe so you can also see when the last date certain characters like Celeste or Redd visited? It could also be helpful to have a notes section, maybe as part of the villager detail cards or something.

- Keeps getting better and better!

I’ve said before that I generally do not pay for game guides because the information is generally available for free, but the developer keeps proving over and over why this app is worth the cost of admission. A couple things that I would love to see: - a separate wishlist feature so I could keep track of things that I am wanting for individual projects. Or maybe just more colors of hearts? So like, I could use a red heart to mean I love the item, a blue one to mean I’m looking for items for my “school” a green one could mean I’m looking for “farm” items, etc. - the ability to have multiple profiles/islands. Our family is about to have two switches, so we’ll have an island in the northern hemisphere and another in the southern. It would be awesome if I could track both islands’ information separately without having to combine them.


I literally never leave app reviews but I felt this was a must. This app is hands down the best, and the fact that it’s constantly added to and improved upon makes it even so much more worth having. I was skeptical at first paying $2.99 but I’m blown away at the amount the developer put into it. Thank you for all the continuous hard work! I think it’s come down to a necessity at this point for anyone that does play ACNH regularly. My only suggestion would be... would it ever be possible to “share” our catalog with others? Like an upload option in the app maybe? I’d like to be able to have friends look through what I currently have if they’re in need of anything, and I’d like to be able to do the same. It’d just be a lot easier than us going back and forth if there was somewhere we could share and view each other’s!

- Worth the purchase!

I’m not one for buying apps, but this one is for sure worth it. It’s constantly updating to keep up with new information and overall experience. They added a checklist for the daily tasks that we all do on our islands anyway like talking with villagers and trying to remember if we hit all our rocks today. It auto clears every day so you don’t have to un-check anything. You can favorite which villagers you actually want to keep up with and the ones you want to ignore are removed. I’m constantly checking prices for new that I catch and it keeps track of things you’ve acquired already. One of the best features by far is the section about the art. It shows the difference between the real and fake pieces so you don’t waste bells unless you really want to. The app is beautiful and clean, I can not recommend it enough.

- Super helpful and definitely worth the money

I love my Switch and can play ACNH for hours on end, and I absolutely love this app. It is incredibly helpful for tracking your progress and item catalogue, and even tells you which events are coming up and who is likely to visit your island. The app is especially helpful for players like me who enjoy time traveling to collect special items or completing events as quickly as possible, and it lets you track which daily tasks to complete and modify them according to your preferences. I also love how you can see which fish/bugs/sea creatures are available by season and time of day, so you can maximize your time and collect them all. I highly recommend this for any ACNH player. You won’t regret spending the few bucks it costs to buy!

- WONDERFUL guide!!!

This is such a helpful and amazing app and is WORTH the money spent. I had something similar in my last years with New Leaf and was worried it was going to take a long time for someone to come out with one for New Horizons... thank goodness I was wrong! I love having a checklist for everything - bugs, fish and fossils of course, but also furniture, DIYs, and clothing. The daily to-do list is helpful, especially with talking to villagers. I use it when I have given my villagers their “gift” for the day. This app lets me know about current events going on and any DIYs or special items associated, villager birthdays coming up, bugs and fish that are available right now and leaving at month’s end.. plus so much more. I LOVE THIS APP! I always have it open when I’m playing. And the devs keep it updated and listen to their customers! Can’t ask for much more.

- This is the best! But it could be even better with some little things

I love this app so much but find myself switching between this app and notes alot. I think it would be amazing if there was a note feature on this app to allow users to wrote down tasks special to the specific day so they don’t forget. Some things like delivering presents for villagers, or getting medicine for villagers or even giving yourself goals that may not stick to the daily tasks to check off, that you want to achieve that day. I also think it would be awesome if you could track the game weather through the app like we can track turnip prices, so we know exactly what bugs and fish are available according to the weather. These are small personal things but I absolutely love this app!

- Good, but could use some features

Bottom Line: 4.25/5 Good app. What’s available is nice (fish, bugs, fossils, villagers, K.K. Songs, and DIY tracking), but it’s definitely lacking in some areas (no furniture or clothing). If the developer carries on with updates as they are, this app should be worth more than $3 in the future. I usually don’t buy apps and picked this one up on a whim hoping to be able to sort all the things I had catalogued so far. I was disappointed to find that both clothing and furniture were unavailable, but was pleasantly surprised by the other features and how clean the app is. I enjoy the sorting and how easy it is to update what items you have, along with the search function (which is a little hidden away). I’d really like to see clothing and furniture in the future (I understand this is a big undertaking), and already received my wish for K.K. Slider songs. I’d also love the progress bars on the front page (or the entire front page) to be modular. I’d love to see my exact number of DIY recipes or K.K. songs there’s once I finish something out like, say, fossils. I’d also love a way to track my Turnip prices for the week. I’ve also experienced zero crashes, which is awesome (iPhone 11 Pro). Hopefully it stays that way! All in all, a solid app. Just be aware of what you’re getting when you drop $3. Kudos to the creator!

- Best ACNH app

If you play Animal Crossing: New Horizons, this is the best app to have to go along with it. You can keep track of literally every move you make! It gives you info about every single item in the game, the buying and selling prices, the colors, and so much more! It also helps you navigate through the critterpedia so you know what bugs/fish you need, where they are located, and when you can catch them. Anytime you have a question about any item or creature or villager, just use this app. You can also customize your screen to what items in particular you are looking for and even a daily checklist. All in all, I help run a Facebook group with 60k+ people in it and my Twitter has 20k+ followers, and I have told everyone to use this app. Best 2.99 I have ever spent. Worth every penny!

- I love this app! I have a suggestion, though

This app is awesome! I can keep track of everything on here. I always keep it open whenever I play and I make sure to use it religiously. I can’t thank the developer enough for making such a great Animal Crossing app! I do have a suggestion, though. I would love to keep track of the villagers I’ve had in my game throughout the whole time I’ve played and see the numbers for the total. I was wondering if there’s a way to distinguish in the app to mark down which villagers you’ve had, but have moved away and are no longer on your island. As long as you have the checklist by their name, it will track them as “on the island.” It’s mostly just me being a data freak tbh, but I’d love to know what thoughts are had on the suggestion! Once again, amazing app! Definitely recommend it! :)

- Absolutely amazing. (And still updating!)

For all those people out there who say it’s incomplete or they didn't have all the information. Boo hoo! New Horizons is new its only been out for almost a month. And NH is ever changing its what this game is about. For all you expecting that this app would be done with the little amount of time the developers have to gather all this information ( without nintendo btw! They are non affiliated with them. ) honestly I'm very pleasantly suprized to see all this information to begin with! Not to mention, all the features are all nice! This is worth the $3 or so. Great job on this and id love to see maybe a discord channel that way all the patch note information is in one place and for the people that really enjoy this app can mention mistakes or issues and improvements all in one space for the developers. :)

- A must-have for any fan!

I purchased this app pretty early on. It was amazing then, and it’s even more so now. The app developer has kept pace with Nintendo’s many updates. The sheer amount of information that is available to track is astounding. Corrections and additions are prompt, quality of life updates are frequent enough without being overwhelming. Links to other popular resources (turnip calculator, island designer, etc.) are available. Since information in the app is dynamic to real time, you can time travel in the app to match any time traveling done in-game for those players who do so. There’s even a handy “reset app” button if a player decides to start their game completely fresh—no need to uncheck things one-by-one. Truly, this app is very much worth the price!

- Absolutely mind blown.

I don’t usually write reviews, but this developer deserves the praise. This app is INCREDIBLE. From the UI down to the info that’s packed inside; it literally feels like I have the nookphone in my iPhone. I love that you can track daily tasks, turnip prices (LOVE that it’s linked to turnip prophet, as that was the site I was using before downloading this), and all the info on every fish, bug, item, flowers, etc. I find myself opening the app constantly while I play, it truly is a “companion” app. I’m always hesitant to pay for apps, but this one is well worth it, I was so impressed that I even tipped the developer! I’ve told all my friends that play the game about this app and they’ve all downloaded it as well. Thank you so much for keeping everything up to date, this app is amazing! Every ACNH fan should download this 👌🏼😍

- Amazing App

Seriously this is worth so much more than the 4$. You can track so many different lists, and I love the fully customizable daily tasks. It’s really fun to share progress cards and see how far you’re getting in certain areas. It’s so well polished and easy to use, seriously the best app purchase. My suggestions would be a more dynamic search: being able to search by two different categories at once would be amazing. Sometimes I want to see a list that crosses both not-caught and rarity, for example. And while I’m sure this would be hard to implement, it would be nice to be able to record two towns. I only need one but I know of people with two switches and two games. But I totally understand why this wouldn’t be available!

- Been too long!

I’ve had this app since it came out and I CANNOT express how much of a big quality of life this is. From tracking turnips, to items and bugs and getting reminders of events in my calendars. Last but not least it’s constantly getting updated and the big bonus: no ads! However, I’ve GLADY donated to keep this app going for the developer gives for the initial $3.99 and only asking for tips; well deserved and I’ve donated more than once to make sure it keeps going. If you need a more recent review, here it is. He puts all of his updates on the page but I promise it’s worth it. I love that you can also view this app in Dark Mode because my eyes strain a lot but seriously, bravo on the app and thanks for all the hard work!

- Easiest and Convenient - By Far the Best

It’s the most put together app I’ve seen. I’ve been using a free app plus a website to keep track of my catalogues, and the notes app on my phone to keep track of everything else in game, checking off things as I go. Most of my cataloguing is a note in my phone needing to be transferred to the website (it’s time consuming and I’ve been too lazy). This app makes it so convenient to just check off as I go, to have a completely compiled list of everything for 100% completion. The only thing it is missing is a list of Nook Miles/Titles. I’d like to recommend adding this list. This addition would make the app the perfect guide for any Animal Crossing player wanting to keep track of anything and everything they’re doing in game. Well worth the $3.

- Oficially the perfect animal crossing companion app!

I used an app very similar to this one for new leaf so I could quickly check if an I already have an item in the shop in my catalog. I went looking for something similar almost as soon as the game launched and found this gem. The clothing and furniture catalog has just been added today but it is PERFECT. There color options to check off individually, there’s pictures for each one, I absolutely love it. The fish and bug trackers were already worth the $3, honestly, but the catalog tracker just makes this app a steal. It’s worth it! The clunky websites and spreadsheets I’ve been using until this update are immediately going on the trash lol. Thanks so much! What would be an awesome update, but probably pretty hard to do, is if there was a very simplistic marketplace function where you could request catalog or full trades of specific items, or just sell items and have people be able to search for items that are listed. But I don’t expect that because that would be pretty intense to implement and you’d probably need some serious server power. There are a lot of places for that already anyways. The app is wonderful as is! Thanks you so much for your hard work

- This is officially the perfect app

With this recent update this app has become the quintessential Animal Crossing New Horizons app. It has every checklist you could possibly need and the frequent updates based on user requests as well as the developer’s own ingenuity makes it what I would consider perfection. I’m not sure why you’d ever download a different app because even when the day comes where other apps have these features, this one is extremely pleasing to look at, customizable, and of course there’s something to say about it being the first app to include all these features. Love it so much. My only request is maybe a monthly calendar with known events. Thank you for making this, your work does not go unappreciated and I look forward to tipping you for your hard work!

- Handsdown Best ACNH Companion App

Updated Review: "Issue" was fixed after initially writing this review, just as expected because it is updated frequently. I still stand by "Handsdown Best ACNH Companion App" and still definitely worth the price. Also, I forgot to mention this in my initial review but just wanted to say I think it's really nice that you've included resources created by others as well (ex: town tune creator, island map designer, pattern designer, etc.), making them easily accessible to users. Only has minimal flaws, but it is being updated consistently so those can be forgiven quickly. It is definitely worth the price. Compared to other companion apps (that are free), this one has the best UI and is the least buggy/finicky. Love the additional information for furniture and clothing even though I don't need it, I know there are users who've asked and that's why they've been added. Kudos! Only "issue" that hasn't been fixed yet is for the flowers. It shows all colors/hybrids. It also tells you which flower combos make which hybrids, but they are cut off on some of them. For example, it probably is supposed to say "orange + orange" but it only says "orange +..." because it got cut off by space.

- Super Useful!!

I love using this to keep track of how close I am to filling my encyclopedia, seeing what fossils I’ve collected, and generally having a sense of my progress. It’s super comprehensive, and I feel like it has even more growing to do as time goes on! I would love if the app developed the villager feature more, so that you could have a villager wishlist separate from your list of current villagers. Also, with the ability to mark who’s currently living in your town, it would be awesome to have a compatibility chart to see how well the personalities of each villager match up to each other. I know some apps did this for New Leaf, but I haven’t seen one that does this for NH yet! It’s a really fun way to see how compatible your current and dream villagers are with each other.

- Best ACNH App Available!!

This app is a must for all ACNH players! It is extremely easy to use and very intuitive. You can easily track all facets of the game, including DIYs, achievements, fossils, fish, and so much more. It’s a handy tool to use when you are away from your console and need to check on something. There are also integrations with third party apps that enhance gameplay and help with weather predictions, flower breeding, and island design. The app is updated almost immediately with the latest information and data with each update. It is also customizable so it can cater to your gameplay and individual needs. I look forward to the future of the app as more features are added to the game!

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- Great ACNH tracking app!

I’ve had this app since about a week after release, and I love it! The app is constantly updated with any new in-game content as well as new app features. If you’re looking for an app that gives you information on which bugs and fish are available at any time of the day, or a checklist for your bug catching and fishing needs, this app has it all. Recently a K.K Slider album checklist feature has also been added, so if you’re looking to track that as well, this app’s for you! I do also have some reccommendations for the app, which mainly are for notifications to be added. It would be great to be notified on the day that a villager has a birthday, or the day before cherry blossom season ends, just as a heads up to tell us those things. It’d also be great if we could select which widgets we want on the home menu, as some of them I don’t ever use. As well as that, a furniture category could be added so we can wishlist which furniture we want using the heart button you can toggle. Overall, this is a great app that will allow you to track many aspects of the game such as bugs & fish. It also has extra features like progress bars and is also able to tell you when, for example, a villager birthday is coming up soon, or a event is on today all in the app, available as soon as you open it. I’d reccommend this for any New Horizons player!

- Best App on the Market!!

Gosh where to start! I’ve had this app from the moment it was available on the store, and to this day I literally can’t play without having it open, it’s truly the best resource in existence for animal crossing new horizons. As a catalogue completion fiend, the organisation aspects and being able to individually tick each colour variant is amazing, and the whole functionality of sharing lists of items I’m missing to my fellow players is incredibly helpful. Every time I have a thought of something that would be cool in the app, Jeffrey actually seems to read my mind and add it in the next update! Which is slightly creepy but also so incredibly refreshing to know that he is actively improving all aspects of the app. My only issue, which is incredibly minor, is that the app has been slightly slow in the last couple weeks since the Apple 15.0.2 System Update. I’m sure this will be fixed when the 2.0 update is added to the app, I have full faith in Jeffrey and his abilities! Looking forward to seeing future improvements and features :)

- Love this app! Use it daily!

I think this app is brilliantly designed and very relevant to the updates of the game. It is also super easy to use. The only thing I would say that it’s missing is a Wishlist feature. Currently you can only add a “heart” to items to mark them and differentiate them from the ones you have. I would love to be able to further divide those into separate lists to make sharing/asking for items more effective. Keep up the great work! Can’t wait for the next update! Definitely money well spent considering I was going to buy the book guide and the game has already updated past it.

- I am so happy, I tipped the developer!

I found this app when I heard that Twitch streamer GabSmolders was using an app to track her progress on ACNH. Of the two that exist on the App Store, I felt that this was the best of the two. So intuitive and easy to use. I love the thought and effort put into this, that information crosses over and integrate with each other really effectively. And it’s all updated for 2.0! Thank you so much for making this and if there could be extra to add, it would be to perhaps have a small tracker or guide for the HHP DLC (to track how many vacation homes/which villagers you’ve designed homes for)?

- One of the best ACNH apps available!

I downloaded this about a week ago and have been so impressed with how thorough and comprehensive the app is. It helps me remember all my daily tasks, track my recipes and furniture, and look up values and attributes of everything in the game. Plus it gets updates so regularly that I never feel like I’m missing out on functionality. My only addition I would love to see is to customise the home screen with your island name and some fun facts about it just to personalise it further. Otherwise, this is a fantastic app if you want to further enhance your ACNH experience!

- Must have for completion gamers

This guide is open the entire time I am playing ACNH. Whether by helping me stay on track with daily tasks or hitting me with that sweet dopamine every time I see a bar inch closer to completion - this app has been my guide and companion. Amazingly customisable and full of information to keep you busy. I literally missed my train stop on my way to work because I was engrossed in just the app when I first downloaded it. Best app I have ever purchased with real money and will never regret it.

- Overall great app

Overall, this is a great companion app for playing ACNH. I love how simple and user friendly the design of each screen is, how you can flip from one item to the next (which helps with cataloging), & how customizable the main screen is to align with your daily tasks in the game. The only thing holding me from dropping a free companion app that I’ve been using is 1) that there are no custom lists and 2) that you can’t see items in a photo view, list only. These two improvements would have me move 100% to this app over the other one. I hope that can happen!

- Scary good

This app is really so far beyond how good it needed to be. It tracks an enormous amount of in-game items and the dev stays on top of ongoing discoveries. One thing that really stands out to me is the design, this dev has nailed this 10/10. I have never seen any app, so perfectly use the standard OS views and still feel so unique. The presentation of data, so clear, uncluttered, focused on relevancy. It looks so obvious but you only need to try other apps and sites to realise the thought that went in to it. The dark mode colouring...just spot on. I know I’m raving but people, this app is just amazingly well done. If you’re tracking your AC collections, don’t even bother with anything else. Forget your spreadsheet, forget all those sites and wikis, just pay for this. There’s zero chance you’ll be disappointed and it keeps getting updates! Just buy it already!

- Great Tracking App!

I absolutely love this app, the simplicity and its easy to use, definitely worth it. The only thing that I’d really love and want to be able to track, is museum progress for the bugs, fish and sea creatures currently there is only the heart or caught option, would be fantastic if there was another option that had donated so that I know what ones I have donated to the museum. Other than that, really great app, thank you for creating this :)

- Wow

Great app for anyone who currently plays ACNH. I mainly use it to keep tracks of items I bought because I often forget and end up with doubles. Also helped me to find item prices quickly and discover things I didn’t know previously (i.e. I thought I could only get 1 furniture from tree per day until the app told me the otherwise.) I tried some other guide apps too but they’re not as good as this one. I noticed this developer have been constantly updating it with more features too which is nice. It would be nice to have notifications though, because I keep forgetting to purchase turnips on Sundays. I play the game rather casually, no time travel, no exchanges of items with strangers or Raymond, but I still find it very handy to have. For a price of a cup of coffee can definitely recommend this for anyone who plays the game!

- Adorable

The app is so sweet! My recommendations are, that there be a feature to enable/disable dark mode (I have my default set to dark mode, but would love to see the light colours on this app), as well as a function that allows app users to contribute to the information in the app or submit requests for things to be added (e.g. there’s a bug and a fish that are not currently included in the app that I have caught without time-travelling). Thanks for all your hard work!

- Great ACNH tracking app

I love this app, it lets me keep track of all the bugs, fish, fossils, paintings, characters, kk slider songs and more!! It’s super helpful when I need to know what bugs and fish to look out for before they disappear in the next month I would love to see a sort of daily task tracking feature added too. Like find all 4 fossils of the day, hit all 6 rocks, speak to all villagers, shake trees to get money + 2 furniture items, water all flowers etc

- Has everything you could need!

If you’re even semi-serious about cataloguing, visitors, fish, bugs, art, turnips, diys, dream addresses or just keeping track of absolutely anything in this game, then this app is worth EVERY PENNY! I’m always hesitant about buying apps like this, especially when theirs free versions of it, but I’ve tried them all and this is by far the best. Highly recommend!

- Fantastic!

Super happy with this app and have been recommending it to my friends! The design is really nice, it’s frequently updated and has been extremely useful for me. It’s already come so far from when I first brought it. Thank you so much for making this, my progress with catching bugs and fish and figuring out what I still need has been a million times easier.

- Looks great, but a couple more features would make it perfect

The design of this app is great, best looking AC app around, but I feel like it is missing a few features that would make it something I would use daily. A couple of feature requests: daily checklist (rocks, money tree etc.), stash calculator (calculate to total value of all the multiples of fish/bugs in inventory/storage including normal and flick/CJ value), Mystery Island Tour islands (including map and characteristics, eg. Big fish, money rock, scorpion).

- Best ACNH companion guide and tracker out there

I've tried the other ACNH apps and they pale in comparison to this one. It's the best out there. The search function is excellent. I don't play Animal Crossing without this app by my side. It's not free but if you play daily, it's worth every cent. Not affiliated with the developer nor am I paid to write this review. I'm just that happy with the app. Well done Jeffrey!

- effective, cute and uselful

This app is really well man, it feels like an official Nintendo app without all the glitches and communication issues! I really liked the different sections as well as the home screen function! My only ‘problem’ with the app is that it doesn’t provide a Southern Hemisphere option, but I’m hoping for that in a later update! Thanks for making this app!

- Excellent, worth the $

Love this app and how easy it is to customise it to my own experience. Family sharing is great. Improvements would be ability to edit within daily tasks rather than delete and create new e.g. to tweak the goal i set for myself - bells from trees, i set at 10 but there were 14 so i had to delete and recreate. Nothing major, but useful. LOVE LOVE LOVE this.

- Great App but would be better with Southern Hemisphere

Really great and simple app. Very similar to those developed for new leaf. My only gripe is that you can’t set it for your specific hemisphere so some available fish and bugs don’t align with the game. Would be great if we could get option to select southern or northern hemispheres in the future! Edit: App update and now supports Southern Hemisphere!! Yay. There could be more minor improvements but overall great app

- Awesome App

Great companion app to playing the game. I use it everyday. Done excellent further resources as links too. Would love to see a ‘whose visited today’ for the frequent in-game visitors, like CJ, etc. The developers consistently update as the game updates. If I could give 10 stars I would! Keep up the good work.

- Absolutely awesome!

I’ve had this app for about 2 months now and it’s absolutely amazing. I love being able to track all my fossils, fish and bugs and now even sea creatures. It’s also super handy having a guide on all the possible villagers without having to google them every time you come across one while island hopping. Can’t recommend this enough, all the updates are just great and haven’t had any issues at all (which is such a rare thing with any apps) I really can’t speak highly enough of it. It’s a must have for any animal crossing player who wants to keep track of EVERYTHING

- Recommend to all ACNH fans

Great app for tracking your progress through ACNH - I am a brand new player to the franchise and this has been invaluable. Always getting updated with new information as it becomes available, I would recommend this as an essential companion app for your play through.

- This is the ACNH app you’re looking for

Since Animal Crossing New Horizons was released & I’ve been trying out different apps. This is the one I’ve settled on. It has everything I need, looks professional, loads smoothly and is more intuitive than any of the others I tried. I’m very happy with it 👍

- Really good app

Great app for keeping track of what you’ve caught, can’t find anything though to say what hemisphere it’s set to? Can we have an option to choose northern or southern to make sure what bugs/fish are available is correct. Would love to see images in the fossils section too.

- It is your best friend

Honestly made keeping track of my DIYs and my critterpedia 100% easier, thank you so much! Highly recommend this for whatever part of ACNH keeps you playing, this app literally does everything when it comes to tracking

- Perfect app

hands down the best animal crossing app out there! the creators are always constantly updating the app and I love seeing new features being included like the daily task checklist and turnip calculator! the app is so streamlined throughout and really matches iPhone iOS. really worth paying for!

- Almost perfect!

The app developer really listens to feedback and that’s brilliant! One functionality that would be great is to be able to track villagers that have lived on the island but moved out. At the moment they would show up in the daily tasks if left ticked, and they aren’t always favourites that you want to give a ❤️ to.

- My favorite

Absolutely love this app! It has everything you could want and extremely user friendly. I’ve been recommending it to everyone. The creator is also so helpful with listening to feedback and continually updating. :) :)

- Great Game Companion

I’ve been using this app for awhile. It runs smoothly, when certain features were missing I emailed the developer and he responded very quickly. The update I requested was soon added shortly after. Fantastic app and companion to Animal Crossing New Horizons.

- Best ACNH App

I never write reviews, but had to for this one. I’ve tried all the AC apps and this is by far the best. The design is amazing, easy to use, with so many helpful sections. The customisation options are great, and there’s always new updates. Highly recommend!

- Omg! 😍😍

This app is literally the best app for ACNH! With the latest update, I honestly think it will replace the companion guide! You can mark off DIYs, furniture, fish.... everything I’ve come across in the game and I’ve wanted to mark off what I do and don’t have, this app let’s me do. Worth every cent 💙💙

- Comprehensive checklist guide

Recommend this one and is super comprehensive of all the items you can collect in the game. I’ve tried others in the App Store but I think it terms of the database and usability I prefer this one over others.

- Awesome work

I cannot give these developers any more praise, they are doing great work, and are constantly on top of adding new items and parts of the app purely to help our gaming experience. I would recommend this app to everybody

- Amazing!

100% worth the money I can keep track of my game so much better using this app! It also has an option where you can predestined your village before doing it in the actual game! Very happy

- The only ACNH resource you’ll need!

This guide has it all; it’s easy to use, looks great, and has so much information - with more being added all the time. I use this app daily and recommend it to all of my AC friends!

- Awesome

I’m in the Southern Hemisphere as well and would love to be able to see what bugs and fish are actually available. Still I’m loving this as it’s so much more user friendly than the games list. Just need some way to keep track of furniture and wall and floor coverings now.

- Great progress tracker!

Love this app, it really helps you keep track of your progress on ACNH and also provides a solid catalogue of all things you can collect. The whole look of the app is super cute and easy to navigate.

- Awesome app

Love the app! Really useful and it helped a lot. Wish we can have multiple profiles for those who have more than 1 account but it is useful indeed

- Thanks for Including Southern Hemisphere!

Excellent app. Well organised and thoughtful design. Would be cool to be able to change the date/time for people who time travel. Overall absolutely worth the money!

- Designed for Northern Hemisphere

I’m located in the Southern Hemisphere and noticed a number of discrepancies. Example, Tarantulas being currently found at the time of this review (March), when in fact it is Scorpions that I find. And no mention of Sharks being available yet I have caught 3 different types (Hanmerhead, Whale & Great White).

- Just got this app...

Just got this app and really enjoying all the features! Would love it the app could let us - hide collected items or caught critters - filter for uncaught or uncollected first/ascending (as I’m trying to complete my catalog and would be great to see what I’m missing first!)

- The only one I let companion for ACNH

The title says it all, from daily tasks, upcoming event reminders, animal time and location to the turnip calculator. This app is a must have for anyone playing ACNH! Totally worth the price!

- Well worth the money

Awesome app, well worth the money and is constantly updated. Easily able to catalogue what you have from everything in the game, DIY’s, Clothing, furniture, art, everything!

- Awesome app!

This app is great! The devs are regularly updating it with more features and info. It’s a great way to help keep track of what you have and want! Keep up the great work 😊

- Helpful and current

Finding this app very handy while playing ACNH. A great companion to make the game a more planned experience. LOVING the quick and fleshed out updates. Can tell the developers love this game as much as we do!

- Good...But

I live in the Southern Hemisphere; so it would Be nice to be able to see what’s available in my region, rather than just North. I can’t find an option to change it.


Best App ever!!! The creator has thought of everything! I could not fault this app, if you play animal crossing you NEED this app, download it right now.. you won’t regret it

- Amazing and really helpful

I love using this app every time I’m playing ACNH and it always helps. I love ticking off all the bugs, fish, cloths and items.

- App Crashing

i can’t open the app at all, it opens for thirty seconds then crashes. this needs to be fixed as it is an app you have to pay for and i haven’t been able to use it.

- Handy App

This app is really handy to keep on top of things from the ACNH game, as well as double checking prices of all the things, availability of creatures etc. I love this app, thank you

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- Worth the money

Was using the free ACNH guide and it was ok but this app truly hits on all the different levels of organization. It’s better compared to all the current ones available and worth the money.

- Great until the latest update!

This app was fantastic up until the update and now all my info and progress have been wiped ….

- I love this app so much!

As an avid animal crossing player this app is sooo useful, filled with details and easy to use! I love being organized and keeping track of everything I catch and my items! Also making sure I get my daily tasks done. If you’re the same this app is so worth it! I wish I could have had it in the pass with the old games, it’s so great!

- Great app!

Really pleased with this app. Beautiful interface, helpful info, and the developer is really on top of adding new features and implementing feedback. (Thank you!) If you’re deep into AC:NH, you need this app!

- Great app

EDIT: Changed my review to 5 stars! Thank you to the creators and developers of this app for always trying to make the app better! They listen to what the community has to say and puts everything into consideration. I had one suggestion and they made it true in the newest update! I know in the future they will always try to make the app better and I can’t wait for more updates :) Definitely worth the money if you are looking for an ACNH tracking app! This app is the best app to keep track of all your things in animal crossing. My only concern is that whenever I change my group preference to ‘caught’ its completely fine when I use the app. But, when I close the app then I load it back up, it automatically changes the preference back to default. I think its kind of annoying to keep changing my preference every time I go on the app and its tedious if I constantly have to change it for each category as well (bugs, fish, and fossil). Overall its an amazing app and I do not regret purchasing it at all, its only the concern that I hope gets changed in the future.

- Excellent!

I use this multiple times a day. It’s made my game play so much easier and enjoyable. Well done!

- One of the only apps I use everyday

This app is the best. I remember playing the GameCube game as a kid and having stacks of paper with scribbles and highlights. This does everything I want and more! The ONLY thing missing is having the new items when they are released but I know that Jeffrey can’t see the future and that is therefore, impossible. Been using this app since it came out and love seeing where it’s gotten to. Would rate 10 stars if I could.

- ❤️ BEST one for Animal Crossing and Affordable! ❤️

I rarely leave a review but this app really is the best for ACNZ.. I’m one of those people who always go like “why can’t they do a simple filter to do this or that blah blah blah”.. but this app really provides lots of information and flexibility to do things the way you want.. For example, you can filter what critters you have caught, what’s available for the month, what you can catch atm, or simply type a material and see what it is used for! (And wayyy more!) I want to thank Jeffrey and the team for going above and beyond.. and also really thankful that we got such awesome people for Animal Crossing!

- Happy Home Paradise

This app is incredible! I love almost everything about it😇 The one thing that would be nice is to have all the pictures of the items in the catalog like for furniture for example. Lastly, another thing; with the latest DLC update of Happy Home Paradise, an idea could be to have the map of the villagers you have on your resort on the app? It sounds a lot but just an idea! Again, amazing job!!!🤍

- Love

This app makes my life so much easier. It has everything to keep you organized so you can collect everything from the game. Definitely worth the money, I use it every day.

- Great App! But

The app is great but I do have one big issue with it which is a bit frustrating. Item icons, images and item version images sometimes don’t load. This makes you have to reload the app and go back to there you were and then some of them will be loaded but further down the page more item icons and images along with their item version images won’t be loaded. This issue also happens when using the search bar to find items.

- Must-have for ACNH fans

Frequent updates, lovely user interface. I always keep it open when I play.

- I loved it until the pictures vanished

All the pictures for items and villagers are gone so it makes it a lot harder to figure out which villagers I’ve spoken to throughout the day. What is going on?

- Except language, it is so good

It looks so good, and it have more complete functions than other free ACNH guide. While it already worth 5 stars, the app itself will be better if it can support other language (I mean the app language, not item language).

- Amazing app!

I’ve been using this app since launch day and it has really changed everything for me. I use it all the time to catalog all the items in my game and for the wealth of info it contains about events, villagers, etc. I just love it.

- Amazing

Best app I’ve ever used for any video game. The amount of work that is put into this thing is absolutely insane! I absolutely recommend this to anyone who owns ACNH 🧡

- Fantastic

I’ve tried a few AC apps and this one has been the best by far. Very easy to use and to track your stuff.

- Very Useful!

I like being able to have all my acnh data in one place and organized and this app does that perfectly! The only thing I would suggest would be to add the sanrio villagers! I have Étoille in my island and sadly she isn’t listed on the app. I like to check the villager info to see what gifts to give them, so I’d love more info on the sanrio villagers.

- Worth the money!

I’ve only just downloaded this app and am slowly inputting all my data, as the other one I was using was no longer being updated. I can tell you, this app is worth the price. Incredible features! One thing that is missing that I would love, is being able to check off at once, all items that are obtained by crafting/DIYs. Just to reflect in my numbers. As well as seeing a list of all items instead of broken down into categories, but even without these things - this app is a must have.

- Best app out there!

Truly the greatest app for tracking your Animal Crossing progress and information. I recommend it!

- Hands Down Best App and Best Developer

Absolutely loving this app alongside NH. Everything is very organized, I can keep track of bugs, fish, fossils, DIY projects, villagers and so much more. It also tells me events are happening, villager birthdays and what fish/bugs are currently available. And there is a search bar for everything instead of me having to scroll through to find something. The Developer seems to think of everything and is very quick with updates. As a huge Animal Crossing player I could not think of a single thing that could improve this app. They even have a setting for Southern Hemisphere. I always open this app when I play. Money very well spent, thank you!

- Unfortunate

Sadly it keeps crashing on me and I don’t buy apps and took a chance with this one :(

- Amazing

Always super helpful and it has a ton of great features.

- Fantastic app

This is an amazing app not only for catalogue enthusiasts, but I’d argue that this app is essential for use alongside the game. From features like daily tasks tracking, turnip tracking, island visitors, and more, this app seriously improves the quality of life of the base game. Best app of its kind and definitely worth the money!

- Everything I wanted and more

I was using a free app, but this goes far above and beyond. It’s amazing. The designer has thought of everything down to customizing your menus. I also love the style, the little palm tree in the app tille. Every detail. Im majorly nerding out about this. I no longer will have to be googling various things. It’s all right here with easy to find cross-referencing. Super impressed with the icons of my villagers popping up in the furniture profiles as good gifts for Please support the creator of this!!!

- Amazing buddy app to ACNH

I absolutely love this app. The layout is so pretty and matches ACNH perfectly. I was using a free app before (ACNH guide) but the interface was questionable at best. This is definitely worth the $5. The only thing I don’t like is that you can’t limit your critter list to uncaught items so you have to keep scrolling to see what you’re missing on the available now list. Otherwise it’s great! Hopefully it’s something the developer will consider to add in! 😊

- Best Animal Crossing NH app

Pretty good yo

- Best AC app you never knew you needed

Out of all of them, this one caters to all. Includes all the information needed for the serious collectors and trackers in the game. Creator is amazing at updating and replying. Thank you for this app ❤️

- Disappointed

I thought that we would be able to hook up to the game through the internet. There are plenty of free sites that can do exactly what this app does. Even catching all the bugs in Aug. you are missing The big bugs from golden stag to Goliath beetle. Would like to delete and get money back. Do not wish to give you big”tips”. Save your money folks.

- Fantastic app

The attention to detail and feature set are something that everyone in other gaming communities should be envious of!

- Well done!

Excellent app for keeping track of everything that is animal crossing new horizons! A suggestion though-could we track move in and out dates for our villagers please!

- Better than I couldve imagined

Sorts and filters so many ways. Has cool features I never knew I wanted! The ratings about it being worth the money are absolutely correct.

- What more could you need?

This app is beyond impressive and has every feature and Nook of the game.(pun intended) I’m new to playing and this has been incredibly helpful with everything from filling my museum to fishing and netting all of those creatures out there, tracking them and providing information on how much they’ll sell for and even where to buy them! I’m blown away. Thank you so much to the creators and to whoever may be reading this comment, this is 10x more worth it than the starbucks or subway you were going to probably buy this week anyways. No regrets :D

- WOW!

I am so grateful and amazed by this app. It is worth every penny and more! It keeps everything so organized and never lets you kiss an advent! I am amazed! Thank you so much for creating this app🪵🌳❤️

- Simply the best

This is hands down the best ACNH companion app there is. It started off a little barebones, but over the last year there has been plenty of updates. Literally every feature I could think of, and several I never even knew I wanted, has been added. Well worth the price.

- Keeps me organized

Highly recommend spending the money on this app, everything is kept up to date! Everything you need to keep yourself organized with your villagers, items and more.

- Love It!

I use this app almost every day. It's never gliched out on me. The updates are always on time with new item releases in the game, and it's just an overall easy to use app.

- Absolutely love this app

This helps me organize everything and it’s so easy to use!

- Must-have reference app!

I love this app, and I recommend it to all my friends who play ACNH. I don’t usually leave ratings but felt this app really stands out. I downloaded it shortly after it launched and it has continuously updated with content as new waves of DLC are rolled out. Props to the developer for this solid reference app! A suggestion for future updates: more widgets? Perhaps one for the Daily Tasks so I can check things off from my Home Screen. :)

- Best ACNH app there is!

We only started playing ACNH in December. We have tried several free and paid apps, but this one is by far the best. Easily customizable, quick to load search results, streamlined and overall just a great app. Would love to see a way to track what’s been donated to Blathers. Also - what exactly are the hearts for? Just personal tracking? Love this whole app! Highly recommend and well worth the price!

- Great, but...

I love the set up of this app and I love using it, but my problem with it is that there is not deep sea creatures section and its not included in the fish section so I can’t record my deep sea finds. Kinda upset that I spent almost 6 dollars and it’s not up to date to the game. I hope this gets updated or fixed cause I would love to use just this app permanently but otherwise I do have to use another app until this is resolved

- Very Thorough

I use this to catalogue everything with my main and it makes use of other apps to help predict things such as flowers, turnip prices and balloon placement. Bonus: the app is regularly updating.

- Help

I switched devices and all of my data is gone. Help!

- Great app!

I absolutely recommend it, it’s worth it and is very helpful when playing ACNH.

- Exactly what you’d want from a companion app

Even though - at present since the most recent update - the app keeps crashing. This is a wonderful app. It’s design compliments what you need to do on the app and really that’s a sign of good design! If you play ACNH you’ll love this companion app. Thanks for such a wonderful app.


I absolutely love this app - it is completely worth the money. Tracking collectables (flowers, songs, bugs, whatever!) and island visitors is so easy. I’d call it a necessity for all ACNH players.

- Worth the money!!!

Usually I don’t pay for apps but being a daily animal crossing player because of the pandemic, this app is perfect for me to track my progress. It’s customizable to your needs which is perfect for me because now I don’t buy turnips anymore and you can just take that out which is awesome. The design is very nice, it fits into the animal crossing aesthetic. It’s worth the 5 dollars even if you are an occasional player. It’s also compatible with the catalog scanner which makes adding what you have easier!

- Best way to keep track!

Love it! Easy and keeps everything organized without giving everything away.

- Very handy app

Everything you need for your best ACNH experience. Definitely recommended.

- Perfect app!!

Love it!!!!!! Best app for ACNH by far!!

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@horrorplayboy yeah there’s apps to track things. when the game was new i used acnh guide but then i moved on to the travel guide app and it’s amazing


the day i downloaded the acnh travel guide app was the day i became a changed woman


to acnh players: maybe youve already seen it maybe not but heres a guide on getting the villagers you want through the campsite. warning: youll have to time travel so sell your turnips and turn of your internet otherwise everyone is getting a notification when you reopen the game

ACNH Travel Guide 2022.1.2 Screenshots & Images

ACNH Travel Guide iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

ACNH Travel Guide iphone images
ACNH Travel Guide iphone images
ACNH Travel Guide iphone images
ACNH Travel Guide iphone images
ACNH Travel Guide iphone images
ACNH Travel Guide iphone images
ACNH Travel Guide iphone images
ACNH Travel Guide iphone images
ACNH Travel Guide iphone images
ACNH Travel Guide Reference application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

ACNH Travel Guide (Version 2022.1.2) Install & Download

The applications ACNH Travel Guide was published in the category Reference on 2020-03-21 and was developed by Jeffrey Kuiken [Developer ID: 1163503860]. This application file size is 26.43 MB. ACNH Travel Guide - Reference app posted on 2022-02-24 current version is 2022.1.2 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: nl.jeffreykuiken.ACNHTravelGuide