ACNH Travel Guide

ACNH Travel Guide [Reference] App Description & Overview

ACNH Travel Guide is the ultimate companion app for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It provides you with all the information you need while playing the game, and lets you track your progress as well.

This is the most complete companion app you will find. ACNH Travel Guide includes bugs, fish, DIY Recipes, furniture, clothing, fossils, flowers, villagers, wallpapers and floorings, art, songs, shells, tools, reactions, events, and even fruits. You can also use the app to keep a track of your daily tasks, turnip prices, and visitors. The app is very easy and fast to use, with no ads, no locked features, and no subscriptions.

- Detailed information on fish and bugs, so you know exactly when they are available, for how much they sell, and much more
- Browse all DIY recipes, see what they sell for and the materials needed
- Check detailed info on entire catalog, including all furniture and clothing and all their variations
- Keep a list of daily tasks to make sure you never forget to talk to your favorite villager or plant a money tree
- Track your turnip prices and see them visualized on a graph
- See a full list of all flower colors, including information on how to get hybrid flower colors
- Track your progress on the bugs and fish you've caught, the DIY Recipes you've unlocked, the fossils you've found, and more
- Quickly see what's available to catch right now and this month
- See all the information on all the villagers in the game, including their personality, birthday, and best gifts for them
- Quickly see the upcoming events and villager birthdays
- See all possible Nook Miles Islands and what sets them apart
- Quick search through all items, and optionally filter by just the items that are available right now
- The names of all items can be shown in English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Dutch, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Russian.
- Supports both Northern and Southern Hemisphere
- Supports changing the time in the app for time travelers
- Export and share all lists as text, image, or CSV
- All your data is synced and backed up to iCloud
- Dark Mode is supported for all those nightly play sessions
- All data is available offline, so you can use the app even while you're on the go
- The data in the app is updated regularly and downloaded automatically in the background
- Fully native app that's fast and feels right at home on iOS
- No ads, no locked features, no subscriptions. All features are always available

Every adventurer needs a Travel Guide, and this is just the one for all New Horizons players.

This is a third-party app and not affiliated with Nintendo Co. Ltd.

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ACNH Travel Guide Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Thank you all for sharing your ideas, suggestions, and feedback! This update brings several new features: - Visitor Tracker Keep track of visits by Redd, C.J., Label, and others. It integrates with your Daily Tasks as well, so you'll never forget to rescue Gulliver again! - iCloud support All your data is now stored on iCloud, so it's synced to all your devices and will still be there if you ever reinstall the app. - Best Gift Recipients In addition to the best gifts for a villager, you can now also see who of your villagers would like a clothing or furniture item the most. There are several other smaller improvements to the app as well: - Share lists as an image - Separate section for all posters, including non-villager posters too - It's now possible to collapse sections in lists... - ... and tap on a section header to narrow down on just that section - More compact layout of the items list on the More tab - Added the option to hide any card on the Home tab - Search for clothing by Label theme - Group wallpapers and flooring by interactivity - You can edit your own tasks after you created them - 2020.8.1, 2020.8.2, 2020.8.3: Sync improvements Many thanks to everyone who helped me test this update! If you are encountering any issues with data synchronization, please reach out to me using the button on the More tab, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible! If you like the app, please help spread the word by telling other AC players about it, or by leaving a rating in the App Store. Thanks! Jeffrey

ACNH Travel Guide Comments & Reviews

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- Best $2 ive ever spent, you wont regret it

Rather you're a light player or someone who has over 300 hours in the game, this guide has so much useful information that youll use daily. Just the feature that tells you which artwork is real and how to tell if its fake makes the whole thing worth it but this has the most factual information of any guide ive seen. Thank you for your time, stay safe and stay strong <3

- Great App!

I’m so glad I discover this app. I was going to pre-order the guide that’s on backorder, but I no longer need to. It allows you to customize everything and set it up how you want. The only thing I would like to see updated is being able to sort the fish and bugs into caught and location at the same time. Update: very fast reply from the developer! I would never have figured that out. Thanks so much!

- Great reference guide

Absolutely incredible guide. So much thought went into it and continues to be put into it. Well worth the money

- Love at first sight !

After hearing about this app, I had to check it out. I love it! So many amazing features! I love the mystery island maps and the sell prices for flick and the drop off box on critters and fish!! Only thing I wish the app had was a tracker for visitors like Label, Flick, Sarah, ect. I had an app that showed them all and I could click what day they came so I remember and try and figure out who might come next week!

- Perfect

Worth the few bucks for sure. Has pretty much everything I think I need and the developer seems to update pretty often with things I didn’t know I needed.

- Best companion app

I was surprised to see other apps in the App Store. Love all the improvements and effort the developer has put into this app.

- Must have

Love this app. Well designed, makes playing animal crossing even more fun.

- Thank you!

This is my absolute favorite ACNH app out there. Fully interactive and customizable, user interface is a breeze. Everything is easy to find. I love being able to customize this app for my needs.

- The single best resource for New Horizons

Animal Crossing is one of those franchises that looks super basic at surface level, but is actually INSANELY complex and there’s a lot to do. This app is the best resource out there to make sure you’ve collected everything. The fact that it gets regular updates with new functionality and all the information you need is amazing. The only thing I wish it had was iPad OS support (just because iOS apps on iPad are wonky).

- Just gets better and better

Every time you guys release an update this app improves so much. I love the task lists, visitor log and all the checklists for the items. I love being able to see what items are great for gifts and to use for Label. Some suggestions I have are: Please add events to the task list. With the wedding event being the whole month, I’m afraid I might forget to do it so it would be great to check it off. I would also like to be able to check whether or not I gave a villager a gift not just talked to them. So far this app is great and worth the $2.99

- I Usually Don’t Write Reviews

But this app is amazing! Before I was constantly Googling prices and seasons and other things and this helps immensely with everything you are trying to track in Animal Crossing. I spent $2 on this and it’s better than any strategy guide you could buy. Every other way to track which fish/bugs you need and the schedules seems horribly complicated compared to this app. I have one suggestion purely because I would LOVE this feature- It would be great if you could select which Visitor is there that day so you can have an idea of who will visit next. I think it could be tracked similarly to the way that I both “check off” Turnip Prices twice a day and also record the price. I also feel like I have had Saharah 3 times in the last 9 days and it would be nice to check back to the calendar and see if I’m right! UPDATE: This developer is amazing. This feature I mentioned has already been implemented. I’m sure he had it in development before, but this is literally a perfect companion app for the game. THANK YOU!!

- Amazing

My boyfriend found out about this app when it was in development through Something Awful forums and I was highly anticipating it. I purchased it right away and I absolutely love it! It keeps track of everything like turnips, bugs, fish, etc. It is super helpful. They also update it all the time adding more features. I really love this and recommend it.

- Bad forced update

I was very happy until the forced cloud update. I don’t use iCloud services, and the app gave me no choice to say I didn’t want the entire app to shut down for an unknown amount of time while it tries to prepare my data for iCloud upload... Two hours and I still can’t use it for a service I couldn’t opt out of. If this were a free app, I wouldn’t care. But I paid for this and can’t use it, with no end in site to the issue...

- Incredible Detail

This app is a beautiful, solid, one-stop shop for ACNH players. It contains all the helpful information you’ll need while playing and keeps you from having to open browser tabs for everything. The UI is polished and easy to navigate. Totally worth it.

- Very Helpful

Only been using it for days & it helped me a lot thru out the game. I recommend this app!! 💯

- Missing: Queen Alexandrea’s Birdwing Model

I went to check off having this model but it seems to not be listed :(

- Best app by far!

Edit June 1 2020: the dev continues to add dynamic yet unobtrusive support and updates to this app. I recommend this app to ALL my friends. Edit: not 2 days later they have added furniture. This app is officially perfect. Original review: This app is so close to perfect that I am giving it 5 stars - no furniture or clothing tracker yet but I am hopeful that it is coming! Menu layout is intuitive and easy to navigate. Dark mode looks gorgeous. Thank you!

- Great updates

With every update, this app keeps getting better. The daily todo checklist alone is worth it, but all of the item, creature, and furniture lists, too? And island guide, info on all your villagers, and info on visitors/holidays?! I use this guide every day.

- Thanks for listening!

Loving that you added the weekly npc visitors!! My most used app these days. I did notice the app was significantly laggier though. I have also restarted my phone just in case but the lag seems to still be there. Thanks again for listening.

- A must have for any collector!

Lots of great features and more are added with each update!

- The BEST companion app ACNH

I’ve been playing AC since 2002 and have all the official guides (except for NH as it hasn’t arrived yet) and this is SO much better!! Last update my wish came true of linking villagers with best items for them. Genius!

- Absolutely the best AC companion app

Has everything you need to obsessively track everything. It works flawlessly and is just really well done and professional looking. Great value here!

- An Absolute Gem!

If you have New Horizons, you need this app! The app is one of the best (if not the best!) AC:NH guides out there. Worth every penny. This has pretty much everything you need to ensure that you maximize every opportunity to improve your island and collect everything. I’m very much looking forward to how this app updates for future AC:NH updates as well. Most importantly for me, every UI element is smooth and looks extremely polished with a lot of thought and effort (and yay, even has a dark mode!). The customization within the app, such as creating your own daily tasks, is such a great tool to have (I’ve forgotten to check in at the Nook Stop all the time before I used this app). And even in the most recent update, keeping track of visitors and automatically integrating it into the daily tasks is wonderful. Keeping track of everything has never been easier with this. The one thing I really would like is to be able to see how my predicted turnip prices will be changing throughout the week within the app, and without having to go to the TurnipProphet website. (I believe the other AC:NH guide on the App Store at this time has this already, but I would absolutely love to see it in a polished and clean UI like this!) Big kudos and thanks to the developer!

- It just keeps getting better!!!!!

I love this app. The new best gift recipients update is perfect!!!! And the app overall is soooo helpful. Thank you!!!!

- Love this app! One suggestion

This app is easy to use. It’s also wonderful to keep track of everything! One suggestion is to have this app as an iPad version. It would be great to have things even easier to see on a bigger screen instead of a glorified iPhone app.

- really happy with this app

this app has everything you need to track your progress

- Just awesome.

Jeffrey has done such an amazing job with this app. It’s incredibly helpful and also fun to use. The UI is great, which I can imagine is incredibly difficult to nail down since ACNH is overflowing with content. I appreciate all of the updates and update summaries, and that Jeffrey seems to be dedicated to staying on top of user feedback. It always seems like as soon as I have a thought like, “I wish such-and-such was a feature on this app,” there’s a new update with exactly what I was hoping for. He’s helping to make this game even more enjoyable. Keep up the great work!

- Awesome App

A must have if you play ACNH! The layout is beautiful and the app is very handy for keeping track of everything from villagers to DIYs. You won’t regret buying this app!

- ACNH lovers need this, Thank you for this app!

This app is much needed, a great replacement for backordered guide books, possibly even an improvement given the great task and catalog features. If I could make a suggestion, I’d really love if the catalog functioned like the villager list, where you have an option to heart items you want as well as check the items and variations you have. Thanks again! Love the app!

- The perfect companion app!

Every update has been awesome and it works great!

- By far the best New Horizon’s companion guide

The title says it all, this is certainly the best companion guide for New Horizons, or even any past Animal Crossing game. It is lush with useful features and the developer frequently updates the app according to both changes to the game (like when Nintendo adds seasonal updates) and according to user requests. Very, very handy, and a must-have if you’re a fan of the series.

- It’s alright wouldn’t spend the bells :) free app is best

update!! I’ve been using this and the other free app simultaneously and they both have updated their apps but this one is way better now ! This app is now so worth it they have added so many more features to keep track of your island life living. Get this appppp :) Its great but the other free app is just the same but in my opinion better easier to navigate and see everything this one needs work for sure I thought it was going to be better since it’s 3$ but I honestly prefer the other free app than this paid one

- Worth the price.

It is nice to have all the information I want easily accessible in one place without having to find the correct webpage or image guide. Tracking what I have or have not is certainly helpful, and features like the daily task list are nice, too.

- This app is amazing!

I've rarely seen so much work put into an app that's a companion guide. Everything in this app is well thought out and executed even better. From lists, information, at a glance info and the fact that it's customizable is amazing. 5/5. I can see the developer listens to feature requests and implements them well.

- Incredible App with Fantastic Support

Not only is the app itself absolutely phenomenal, but the support from the developer is something else. I’ve emailed them bugs, feature requests, and other ideas and they are incredibly quick to reply. App updates are frequent and they’re constantly working on either adding features or improving the app. I use it every day and I don’t know how I’d be getting though Animal Crossing without it. Easily worth the money and happy to support this dev.

- Needs iPad Support

Please add iPad native resolution and this will be the best app of its kind.

- The absolute best companion app for ACNH!

it’s perfect in every single way!!!

- Great app!

This is an awesome app for tracking anything ACNH! From clothes to fish, this app has it all. I do have a suggestion for when you make another update. Maybe add a section where you can track whether you’ve donated or just caught a bug/fish! Thanks so much for this awesome app! :)

- Great companion app

I’ve tried a few of the ACNH companion app, but this is my favorite. Clean, easy to use, and lots of information.

- Awesome!!!

Soooo much info & so helpful!!

- Best One Out There!

When I had an issue with the app and reached out, I got a very quick response and he was very helpful. Overall, I think the app has a very clean design and so many nice features that help make the game easier like keeping up with collections for the museum and posters, photos. I’m a huge collector myself and this app has made everything a lot easier.

- Nice tracking app glad you made it

Lots of fun to use

- Best Companion App

Absolutely love having this app to keep track of everything I do in game and the information it has easily available when it comes to all the items in game. A suggestion of something that’d be cool to see (at some point) is a tracking of what Nook Miles we’ve completed / unlocked. Keep up the great work and thank you!

- Awesome app

This literally changed my gameplay! Worth $2.99!! Thank you for taking the time to develop this app

- Best App Guide for ACNH

Honestly I’ve tried a few of the guide apps out there and this one truly is the best. It’s so professionally done it almost looks like Nintendo’s official! Constantly updated, easy to use interface, and sleek design. Perfect!

- A must have for Animal Crossing players

One of the most helpful game companion apps I’ve ever used. The design is amazing and intuitive and each update adds more content. You will not be disappointed with your purchase!

- Great companion for ACNH

This is a great app. Worth every penny. You are not going to regret buying this one.

- Very useful

The app cant do everything, you need to go into i and update the information. It helps a lot when you are almost completing the musem.

- Best App!!

This app is a must have!! Helps you stay on track, informative, and easy to use! Everything you need all in one place!!

- Amazing!

I’ve had the app for some time now and there’s constant updates for the best user experience! Thank you, love it!

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- So informative

Worth the money! You can keep track of everything in your game.. EVERYTHING!! This is very well done and I'm loving it!

- The ultimate ACNH app

I bought this app due to the dev previewing it on Reddit. Since then it has grown to include so many useful features. I love that the dev is so hands on in implementing features and suggestions. Being able to rearrange the information shown is great, too (for example I don’t care about turnips so instead I use rhat space for more granular progress bars for all categories). It’s worth every penny.

- Fantastic App

If you love animal crossing like I do, this app really helps you keep your game and daily tasks straight! It’s very well designed and easy to use. It’s very visually appealing, and the developer is super nice and friendly too!

- Thank you for the updates and improvements

I’ve tried most of the ACNH apps and this is by far the most well designed and easiest to use. The developer is also frequently updating it and making huge improvements. Thank you so much for the app! :)

- Definitely worth it!

Love the daily tasks section, easy to customize so you don’t miss anything while you play! I also love event and birthday tracking, which is super handy. The visitor tracker is great, but it would be awesome to add a prediction element, ie. on Saturday/Sunday, a prediction of which random villagers might come by in the following week. Also cool would be a weather tracker/predictor, which exist online, but it would be cool to have one integrated directly into the app! The other integrations, the turnip prophet, island designer, etc. are great, it would be awesome to predict the weather in game as well!!

- Almost perfect

Developer very quick to update app. New features keep me locked into the app, I don’t need to search all over the web. One stop shop for all my animal crossing needs Didn’t give 5 stars, as I feel one the only things to make this better is have iPad support. I hope you considering supporting it

- Amazing app for tracking your Museum progress!

So I’ve been using the app for an entire week and I have to say that this app is a fantastic addition to my guidebook (that’ll hopefully be here soon). I’d love to see notifications being added in so that if it comes to a certain time that the app lets you know what you’ve forgotten to do from your list of tasks. The built in turnip tracker is super easy to use and makes the $4 worth it. 3D Touch or whatever it is after the iPhone 8, makes inputting turnip prices even easier. This is an incredible app to have when you begin your island adventure because after you’ve been playing since launch day and have donated a lot of the fish, bugs, and the fossils, it’s a little bit of a pain to go though and see what you’ve donated and haven’t. Hope this helps anyone who I unsure about buying the app, I waited 2 weeks before getting it but the reviews were all so positive and I just wanted to add to it. Thanks Jeffery for making the app.

- Amazing app for great game!

This app is fantastic! It’s constantly being updated to include more information and useful add ons. Worth the couple bucks I highly recommend it for game! The daily tasks add on was great, now I never miss anything!

- Needs images in export lists

This is a great app with a useful database and perfect functionality. I would love to be able to either export or display a grid of thumbnails of hearted or checked items for each category, so that I can easily share or screenshot for trading. Currently, share list function is very useful (although I would prefer it to not include the check or heart emoji - not sure if you can remove this), but a grid of thumbnails would be great.

- amazing

this app is amazing! the interface everythung!! if i could recommend one thing it would be to add a sections for when redd, flick, cj or gulliver comes (2 guaranteed each week) and then a section for like leif when he comes each week!

- Really impressed by the updated!

I bought this app as soon as it came out, and I really love all the amazing update since then! At first, I used it mostly to catalogue my bugs, fish and fossils, but now I can check for all the DIY recipes and possible colors for furniture. Clearly the devs worked really hard! Love the « daily tasks » check-list and turnip price graph. I recommend it to all you animal crossing lovers out there!

- Great app but..

EDIT: creators reply was helpful!! I didn’t know about the settings “heart” option, makes wish list possible and easy. Thank you! Great app, very clean and organized. BUT i was hoping there would be an option to have a wish list of DIY and furniture, etc. so that i can quickly look at my wish list instead of having to scroll through everything.

- Best AC app ever!

I’ve looked at many other ACNH guides but overall I think that this one is the best! Actually, a lot of the guide creators copy each other! My favorite part is the interface and how it looks like a classic Apple app. But overall, this is the best guide!

- Well worth the price !

Great app. I love that I can track my progress on just about everything in the game. It also has guides to selecting real art from redd and guides to fish/bugs which is super helpful. Overall great app and has more than enough for that I need.

- Amazing!

This app keeps getting better and better. It even connects to Turnip Profit! I have zero complaints. Every time I think I have a suggestion for additions I discover I just haven’t toggled the option on in the app. Love it!!!!

- Amazing app

Always updating to show what is new and adding new features all the time.

- I love it!

This app is so well organized and easy to use. The updates make improvements that are always awesome, and I find the entire thing fascinating. I think my favourite thing about it is the villager section. Definitely worth the money!

- Amazing

This app is awesome, and keeps getting better with every update! Totally worth it!

- Fantastic app

Absolutely love this app, sure there are a ton of free apps on the market, but for just a few bucks you get a really clean and organized app. I love the way it's structured and organized. But most importantly the developers actually listen to people and have made continuous adjustments and changes to the app providing more and more information and details. I tried a bunch of other guides already and honestly, this one is definitely the best out of the bunch!

- Amazing, Easy To Use App

Perfect companion for playing Animal Crossing! I usually don’t review apps but I just had to give my support for this! Keep it up! Maybe something you could add would be helpful tips and tricks :)

- Best Animal Crossing New Horizons companion app!

Compared to other apps and websites, this one has it all in one place. It’s complete and updated when there’s new content. It’s easy to use. Its system makes it easy to research an item and to mass catalog. The creator is quick to respond! Thank you for this really useful app!

- The best app

If you are playing New Horizons, you NEED this app! It helps you stay organized!

- Best ACNH App!

Really loving this app to help track everything in the game! Provides a great amount of info as well. ETA: This app just keeps getting better with every update! Asked for a turnip tracker and now there is one! ❤️❤️❤️ Hoping for a way to group certain items together next! (ex. Grouping items I want in my kitchen, items for my bedroom, etc.)

- I don’t care that I paid. I love the app.

I think the app is cleaner than the other free apps. I love the aspect of it all. I do wish I could do a search though. In all parts of the app. And the hearted items had a own tab or a wish list section.

- The best ACNH App!!!

I’ve downloaded many apps for Animal Crossing New Horizons and this is by far the best! It has everything you need and more! The app is always updating and staying relevant with the game. Developers are also will to help and answered questions and concerns. You don’t get that with many apps these days! Worth the money!!!!

- Amazing!

Better than anything I could’ve expected. It’s totally worth the money!

- Avid AC gamer, wish I had this for previous games

Absolutely flawless, love the newest updates to add a to-do list. I spent thousands of hours in all my animal crossing games and wish I had this app for each one. Really appreciate the detail, work, and ease of use put into this. Thanks!

- Love this app!

I love this app! No real recommendations, but I would LOVE if there was a villager compatibility calculator/function! Being able to see how well certain villagers will get along in a chart or something would be so nice when it comes to planning out your villagers ☺️ Great job on this app!

- Best ACNH Guide Out There

Picked this up on a whim. Developers have put so much work into this and continue to do so regularly. Only thing I’d like would be better search function, but it’s so well organized that it’s not a huge deal at this point.

- Can’t play without it

Seriously awesome app! Has everything you need fo keel track of stuff while playing New Horizons and it’s easy to use. This is your guide for pretty much EVERYTHING you need and it’s constantly updated and very well maintained. Cheers to the devs for this app!!

- Best ACNH app

Such a pretty and well thought out app! I’ve never paid for an app before but this one is so well worth the money! I use it daily for cataloging, crafting and the daily check list!

- Worth the money

I hesitated getting this app because obviously this information is readily available with a quick google search(for free). But since downloading this app, it has been updated multiple times, (adding plenty of new features each time) and I think it’s absolutely worth every penny! The creater clearly takes suggestions to heart because suggestions that I’ve seen here in other reviews, before I downloaded it, were added not even a week after I bought the app! If your hesitating like I was, don’t. This app is absolutely worth the money, sure you can find the info online for free. But not once have a found a place that has all of the information in one place and the ability to check things off. There’s only one suggestion that I’d love to see, and it’s the ability to track turnip prices. But honestly if it never comes to the app, I’d still 100% give it a 10/10.

- Best ACNH

Nothing else to be said, this is an amazing app it’s got areas for keeping track of your fish, bugs, fossils, art, furniture, wallpaper, flooring, rugs, diys, tools, villagers etc. Plus a daily checklist to make sure you’ve hit those 6 rocks, shook the trees, talked to all your villagers and stopped off at the ATM to get your daily miles. It’s the only app you need for ACNH.

- Amazing app!

Love this app! Would love to see a option to select which villages are currently in your town, but also be able to keep track of what villagers you have had move away & not have them show up on you daily tasks area!

- A must-have for the best AC experience

This is a polished app, considering how new ACNH is! I appreciate the simplicity and features that you have added; this makes it a pleasant experience. I appreciate the ability to track your progress. Keep up the good work!

- Aesthetically pleasing and ultra helpful

This app is so well thought out and put together. You can customize so much to suit how you play Animal Crossing, I get excited to check the app everyday. The updates that roll out are always 10/10. Worth the purchase and the tips!!

- I love this app so much

I downloaded this app around when animal crossing new horizons first came out and since then, the constant updates and amazing interface have made me super glad a bought it. One suggestion I would have though, is to add a villager wish list so you can track which villagers you are looking for.

- Great app

I love this app, it’s so useful to track all the fish and bugs that are available for me to catch! It’s beautifully designed too. My only minor complaint would be about the fish size, there doesn’t seem to be a difference between size 4 and 5 fishes, which are both labeled as « large ». I actually spent quite some time trying to catch a fish and I didn’t even have the right size, so if you could just adjust that it would be perfect!

- Best ACNH app I’ve seen!

The app is really good, nice layout and super helpful. The developer is super friendly, and open to new ideas. I recommend this app to everyone that has the game!

- So impressed!

definitely worth $4! has everything you could want as a companion app for new horizons!!! very happy :) the art guide/ full catalogue is amazing!

- Amazing

So many fan made apps are just crappy money grabs. But not this one, this app is fantastic. Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to make it, and update it!

- Awesome App

This is very handy for checking fish I’ve caught and sell prices for cj and flik love it!!!!🥰

- So. Darn. Helpful.

Love this app. I honestly open this app 50-100 times a day while I’m playing because I am constantly checking prices of fish and bugs. Everything is so well thought out and so convenient. Super cool that you can check off which villagers you have and that it notifies you when their birthday is coming up. The diy and furniture sections are also frequently visited and always helpful. If I had any constructive feedback it would be to add a little more info on the villagers i.e. their favourite songs, gift ideas, and maybe more about their personality ? Overall this app is amazing and worth every penny!

- Great app

Super great app. So much to catalog. I can’t be bothered with recipes, furniture and clothing but it’s awesome that it’s there. This app is a must if you play animal crossing. Great job

- Worth every penny!

At first I was a little put off by the UI and there were a few features that felt like they should of been there. Then to my surprise every update has been better than the last! The only thing I would suggest is being able to filter bugs and fish by month available. Thanks for the wonderful app!<3

- Amazing App

Not only is this app convenient, it’s beyond accurate and it’s updated so frequently. Truly such an awesome companion to the game.

- Excellent!

This app is an tremendous help when it comes to keeping track of what fossils are in my museum, seeing as multiple people play on my island! I love the fact that you can now track clothing, furniture, DIY, flowers, etc! Amazing app!

- It’s a need

This app is awesome. Love how it shows all the variations.

- Really well done!

As a fellow developer, this app is super impressive!! The UI is gorgeous with many nods to the game UI. It’s super easy to use; I’ve yet to find something that I would change. Definitely worth the price, not only for the features, but to support some really great work!!

- Useful app that needs improvements

It would be better to be able to see the art up-close. It would also be better to have a filter for the “Not Unlocked” items. There’s a filter for “Unlocked” but not for “Not Unlocked” items when the “Not Unlocked” items are the ones users need to have quick access to.

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- WOW !

I’ve been using apps since 2008 and this is probably one of the most useful and polished that I have come across ! It has everything that an Animal Crossing player needs and you can feel how much love has been put in it since the developer keeps adding things all the time to make it even better ! It is simply the essential companion to the game itself ! Thank you for making the game even better !

- Great app

I would like to see a place to keep track of signed villager photos that they give you. Also a list of villagers that you have already he’d on your island.

- Perfect ACNH Companion

Helps so much, never play without it close at hand.

- I don’t usually leave ratings...

This deserves it though! Great app and features keep coming it feels like daily.

- Complete Travel Guide

Not much to say but AMAZING! Everything (that I can think of) is in this app. Checklists for everything! Not just fish, bugs and fossils. Great daily checklist to remind you to do everything you need to. App even has maps of Nook Island Miles Islands. All in all - I am extremely satisfied. This app is well worthy of the $2.99 I paid for it! Thank you!

- The ultimate guide

This app amazing, it’s dirt cheap and without it I would be lost playing this game.

- The BEST Animal Crossing: NH App!

This app improves dramatically each update and is consistently cared for. I’ve tried the others but they can’t even compare and have ugly UI’s. I’ve put multiple people on this app and they’ve all loved it and use it near daily to stay up to date and track all the information they need. Save yourself the headache and get this amazing app for all of your Animal Crossing needs!

- The beat app for New Horizons

This app has everything I’ve been looking for. It’s very easy to use and has such a clean UI. It’s super helpful to stay on track! I love that it has an icon for every villager.

- Best app I’ve ever paid for.

Easily one of the best apps I’ve used for Animal Crossing. The developer is responsive, and works regularly to improve the app. I swear, every time I open the app there’s an update to the information I’m able to track. I love being able to keep track of my DIYs, see what my villagers like to receive as gifts, and change my date in the app to match my date in game (when I time travel). Thank you so much for all you do, and continue to do to make this app amazing!

- Best ACNH app out there!

I’ve tried a few different apps, but this one definitely has the cleanest presentation and best interface. One update I would love to see is the ability to make a furniture wishlist or to be able share furniture catalogs with friends

- Such a helpful app with so many features!

I was recommended this app by a friend and have not been disappointed by it from day 1! It has so many helpful features, helps you track pretty much everything in the game, and includes a lot of information that I was previously referring to other sites for. The developers are constantly updating with new features. I highly recommend this app!

- Surpasses all expectations

I actually can’t believe someone made an animal crossing app this good! It does literally everything I would want efficiently and looks really nice and clean too. I appreciate all the improvements added to turnip price tracking, I had a separate turnip calculator app before and now I do it all in one place! The ability to write in the number as you check off the task is a nice touch. They also added villager hobby information so I don’t need to pull up a separate google spreadsheet. This app is excellent!

- So comprehensive!

I’ve used other ACNH apps but this one is by far the BEST. It has so much information! It even tells you which villager personalities give out which DIYs. There’s all the color variations of all the furniture. AND there’s a comprehensive list of what gifts each villager would like! Amazing! Absolutely worth the $

- Great companion app for ACNH

Very detailed and very organized with information! Definitely worth the purchase if you’re a hardcore player.

- Invaluable

Truly a must have.

- Disappointed

I bought this app after hearing all the great reviews, but failed to mention it’s only designed for phone and not tablet. Looks very odd on my iPad.. and will still try and use it but just very disappointed in myself for not noticing earlier.. please add iPad support!!!

- Best app for animal crossing new horizons!!!

This app is so in-depth! The creators know what they are doing!!!

- Great app, only missing one thing

Awesome app. Well worth the money. I am super impressed by all the updates that have come out to this app in the time since it’s launched, I do wish that it had a weekly visitor tracker, I know that you will get one visitor a week from one catalogy (Saharah, kicks etc) and two visitors a week from the other catagory (gulliver, flick, Redd etc) so it would be nice to track!

- Excellent app for ACNH

Very thorough, able to track everything and is a lifesaver for not having to re-buy things and guess on it. I use this daily when playing animal crossing! Kept up to date with more features being added for events and handy tools like turnip prices! Love this app!

- Very Helpful! AMAZING— If you’re in the north

I’m in the Southern Hemisphere and this app is amazing and helpful. The ONLY complaint I really have... I have the wrong fish and bugs for my time of year, which doesn’t help my hunting at all. I adjust for south in the thing? Bugs never changed. Fish still the same. Otherwise 100% suggested!

- THE animal crossing app

Has just about everything you need. Only thing I would suggest, if at all possible, would be to make it easier to see gift suggestions for every villager. The Able store is randomized, so maybe we could search for a piece of clothing in the app, and underneath would be a list of the villagers who would like to receive it. Ideally, only the villagers you’ve marked as being on your island.

- Love a checklist - and this is that + so much more

Absolutely essential companion app for anyone playing ACNH. Keeps all your daily to-dos nice and organized, allowing for easy add/customization of tasks outside the default list. It’s nice that it integrates turnip price tracker and predictor. Indicates exactly where to get recipes/furniture items - down to the specific villager personality to source from or space in Nook’s Cranny where you can buy. And it’s constantly updating!! One thing I would love to see in an update soon is a feature to log which special characters have visited your island on which days during the week so it’s easier to see who you’ve had and who might show up. Maybe so you can also see when the last date certain characters like Celeste or Redd visited? It could also be helpful to have a notes section, maybe as part of the villager detail cards or something.

- ABSOLUTE necessity

Has everything you could want as an AC player! Would love an iPad version + ability to sync across devices.

- Great!

Well-designed app, very handy. Database of all items, fossils, flowers, villagers, fish, and creatures, etc. The daily checklist is its best feature, so I remember what to do every day.

- Well worth it the money

It took maybe ten minutes to check off all the fish and bugs I already have. From there it’s been easy to figure out what I need and where to find it!

- Exactly what I needed!

There are plenty of ways to track your progress in the game, personalize your experience, remember things you want to do in game, and event tracking! Probably my favorite app on my phone, I love the organization and attention to detail!

- Highly recommend!

This app has honestly been a lifesaver, especially on those days when I can’t do all of my AC tasks in one sitting! It helps me keep track of everything I need to do, and has a bunch of other tools for getting flower hybrids, finding which DIYs I still need, etc! I also love the recent update that lets you track your turnips prices throughout the week. In future updates, I’d love something similar to let you track which visitors (like Redd, Sahara, Celeste, etc) come to your island each day!

- Long time Animal Crossing Fan

This app is amazing! I’ve used apps for NL and this one takes the cake. Such a simple interface and helps me keep track of everything. I’m so happy this exists. Thank you and keep up the good work :D

- Makes keeping track so much easier

This is a great app. It makes keeping track of items so much easier. It is also helpful when trying to figure out what fish or bugs are available at what times. It is a time saver. I hard google for items at all.

- All ACNH players NEED this app!

This is such an amazing functional app to keep track of everything you have and do! From all the furniture, diy’s, clothes, bugs, fish, fossils, absolutely everything! You can view absolutely anything you can think of that the game has to offer, even all the villagers!

- I love this app!

This app makes it so easy to remember and keep track of all my daily tasks in the game! I use it every day and have since I got it! The only suggestion I could offer to maybe make it better is a Special Villager tracker. that way I know which ones are prioritized for that week.

- top tier

it truly is a great app, i love it

- Keeps getting better

It started out as a good resource. Wasn’t unhappy to have to buy. Now two months I and all the new features are great! Love that I no longer have to keep the turnip prophet as a link anymore and hope I don’t erase what I entered.

- Amazing app but I have suggestions

It’s a great app and I think it’s worth the money. The long I have it the better its getting with the updates. One thing I would want to see is the ability to make sharable wishlists that you can name and sort. If you could have that I think it would be the best animal crossing new horizons app out there.

- Fantastic app for any Animal Crossing NH fan

This app is great for players like me that love to keep track of daily activities, items, and DIYs we come across. This app has easily become a staple in my New Horizons experience! If I could add anything, it would be a Visitors tracker that would allow me to record which NPCs are visiting my island that day. Also, a grid where you can see your progress over time would be helpful. For ex, some days I don’t break all the rocks or dig all the fossils, so it would be interesting to see that in some kind of weekly/monthly graph or grid. Aside from that, this app is basically flawless.

- Must Have for Animal Crossing New Horizons

Anyone playing this game will find this app to be invaluable. From day one continuous improvements have been made and content added. It’s a fantastic companion for the game and makes gameplay easier to track and enjoy.

- So Helpful!

Wish I would have started with this app! Very satisfying. Feeds my trophy hunter needs! Wish they would include achievements in the game and add their own!

- The perfect companion app

Really is perfect in every way I can’t wait to fill everything in! Also Has so much info aggregated from multiple sources.

- Rockstar App

This developer has put in so much time and effort into making a super clean app!! I love that it’s constantly updating and adding great new features! I really love this app and use it multiple times a day to track my play time. I really appreciate the app and always look forward to the cool new features that are coming in. Thanks so much for it!!

- Great app

This is a great app to track all the things you can do and collect in animal crossing new horizons. Well done!

- ACNH Travel App if Fabulous!

I wish I would have purchased this when I first started. A month in and I am learning so much I did not know. This app is a godsend if playing this game!

- Very helpful!

This app is very resourceful and helpful. I’m a very pleased with it and happy I spent money to get it.

- Love It

It’s a very useful App! I’ve used it quite a Bit while playing ACNH, the only problem is that the paintings are very small on my iPhone so its a little hard to see the difference between genuine and fake paintings, other than that I really like it I hope more features are added in the future!

- A Must Have

In addition to all the praise typed out by other users, THANK YOU FOR MAKING THE APP EASY TO READ!! My weak eyes are grateful!

- Absolutely the best Animal crossing app

This is by far the best ACNH companion app. It has everything. And I have probably all the apps. The only thing missing that I found is there is no wrapping paper catalog option. I’m he other thing I would LOVE to see but isn’t necessary is having a past villagers area. Where you can put villagers who have lived on your island. Besides that, they have included every single thing I could think of that’s needed. Thank you for making an amazing app. Would definitely recommend paying the money to purchase this app if I didn’t already lol. 💗

- Def worth it

I love this app and all of the new features. It’s the only way to go!

- Awesome App!

This is so cool! I don’t have to Google a bunch of things anymore. All I have to do is find what I need in this one app. It also helps you remember to do (and keep track of) all your daily tasks. Definitely worth the $2.99!

- Great app! Highly recommend

I love this app so much! It has cut out all of my internet searching! This app has everything! I really like how they add to the app based on requests! I wish there was flower diagrams and traveler tracker with the most recent data mine.

- Amazing

This app has been genuinely helpful. I do not regret spending money on this app. It is well made, unlike many other apps similar to it and they creator/creators constantly are trying to make it better than it previously was. The creators also seem to listen to the criticism and suggestions to better the features. So, I would very much recommend this app to anyone who is playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons!!

- Very useful for ACNH players

This app is a must-buy for anyone playing Animal Crossing New Horizons! It lets you track so much easily, and with a great user interface. Could not recommend enough!

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- Very satisfying to use!!

Love ticking things off so this app is great

- ♥️🌱

Use it everyday, an absolute need if you play AC ♥️

- Great app. Awful update

Latest update has deleted ALL my saved info. Cannot be bothered to tap it all in again.

- Must have!

The daily task tracker has got to be one of the most useful feature of the app. I tended to forget to speak to the villagers 😂 Well done on this high quality app!

- Amazing

Whether you’re just starting out or downloaded this in the middle of your island journey, it’s a great resource to use to keep track of everything and make sure that you are on top of all the opportunities that is offered each month. With continuous updates and brilliant communication from the developer, this app is phenomenal. Honestly.

- Priceless!!

Such a helpful app to have to have alongside your Switch as you play! It would be super helpful to be able to search for an item (clothing etc) & see which animal would like it as a gift, but that aside, I absolutely love it! 🥳

- Perfect!

Genuinely cannot fault this app, it is everything I need readily available and is very thoughtfully put together, as seen in the overall app design and frequent updates. Great work!

- Fantastic app!

I’ve downloaded a few other ACNH apps and they weren’t as easy to use. This app is the best! Would there be any possibility for an iPad version and syncing across devices?

- Fantastic App

Includes absolutely everything you need to go with ACNH even down to the very fine detail. Also helps make sure that you have caught everything you can that is available and allows you to tick off your daily tasks to make sure you have not missed anything

- Amazing

A great edition to gameplay - well done and thanks :)

- An Essential Tool for ACNH

I’m an admin of a group on Facebook, and one of the members recommended this. It’s not difficult to see why. I was able to complete my fossil collection with its assistance. It keeps a track of who you’ve seen, the stalk market, have you checked your shops, scoured the beaches for the DIY in the bottle etc etc Even down to a reminder for birthdays, and the big events. A few people have seen me refer to it and asked after it, so I always sing it’s praises.

- The very best!

If you are looking for an ACNH app to help you with just about anything in the game, this app is the one you need! It’s customisable, it’s re-orderable and it’s just presented so bloody well. Works great and looks great!

- Great!

Must have for all AC players!

- LOVE this app!!!

this app is FANTASTIC, only thing i think is missing is it would be nice to see checklists for sets (like bunny day, ironwood, fruit ect.) and a posters category (so i can keep track of all my posters so far!!!)


I absolutely love this app, it's so easy to use and has lots of great features. Update (17/05/2020) I am thoroughly impressed with how engaged with users the developer is. They truly listen to what we have to say and really take out feedback into account and try and add all the suggestions we give, which helps to make the app better day by day. Another suggestion I just thought of, was that maybe you could work with the dodo airlines website ( to have a bit with our passports and stuff from there, to easily share with others, so people can see our friend codes and other details that thet provide. I'd like a section for all the posters, so we can see about collecting all of those too, sanrio, normal and framed, one that's it's own thing, but also syncs up with what's already added for each villager. Also I'd love to be able to sort the villagers by who we have, not just by the types of villagers you can have. I'd also love it, if when you clicked on the bit to take you to turnip exchange, it auto opens in safari and not in the weird in app safari browser

- A must have 🏝📝

A beautifully designed app which is a must have for any ACNH player. It’s always by my side when playing and really helps me to keep track of my progress and daily tasks. It’s helped me in so many ways, a recent example being that it tells me what gifts to give my villagers that they will love! This is so useful in helping villagers to stick around 🤓 It also shows what bugs or fish are available at that moment when you are playing... which birthdays are next... all sorts! Oh and a customisable home screen and app layout? Wow. I can choose what categories I want to follow heavily and see my collection progress in an easy to view progress bar! I can also change the categories I am most interested in each day if I choose. Honestly, this is the app to have, would definitely recommend! For a future update, I wondered if there is a way to check off the villagers you have simply seen? If you star/tick a villager it almost registers them as being on your island, and to ‘heart’ them isn’t quite right because they may not be on your wish list... to somehow mark as ‘seen’ would be useful in tracking all the villagers you’ve come across at some point, just not invited to your island or on your wish list! Then I can see which villager is totally new and never before seen 🤩 Thank you for considering this Jeffrey, and thank you for such an amazing app! 🙂🏝📝

- Great for tracking progress

UPDATE: This is now a five-star app, up from my previous four stars. The developer not only listens to feedback, he implements it with agility and quality. He added wish lists, groups, tons of additional features, and even a turnip price prediction tool! The performance and capability of this app is now top-notch. Don’t hesitate, but it ASAP! As a progress tracking tool this is perfect. It could use some extra features though, such as the ability to create and share wish lists, or a way to group items across all categories for design/planning purposes. It also doesn’t count items as “in catalog” if you don’t have all the variations, which is a little confusing. Devs keep it updated and the item information is very useful, especially “available now” for bugs and fish hunting. Top app. Looking forward to future updates.

- AC players get this APP!!

Oh my days this app is awesome! The fact that the developers keep updating and responding to feedback is great! Coming up with features I didn’t know I needed. I would like to make a suggestions. Could we have a sections to mark past villagers to our island? Thanks!

- Don’t know where I’d be without it!

I am obsessed with Animal Crossing! Without this app I’d be writing everything down to keep track. This is a quicker, simpler way to make sure you’ve spoken to your villagers and done your other tasks. Really nicely designed app :)

- Animal Crossing

I’ve never left a review on the App Store before but I couldn’t resist with this app. It’s amazing and has everything on it for your Animal Crossing needs. It’s so helpful and good for keeping track of things, definitely worth paying for. Thank you!

- Gets better and better

Downloaded this app a while ago and it was great but the developer comes out with frequent updates which each make it better and better!

- Amazing

This app is next level, I use it every time I play Animal Crossing, it’s got everything you could want to track and has helped me complete so many tasks!

- The best ACNH app out there.

Been playing for a month but was wondering if there was a way to complete clothing lists and furniture. A friend on Facebook told me about this app and I’ve not looked back. It amazing. Everything you didn’t know you needed to know in a ridiculously cheap app. Thanks creator :D will be tipping.

- Have been using this app everyday since I bought it!

Bought this app to help me track my progress on the game, and have used it everyday since! Definitely worth the money and it keeps updating with the latest information as well! Very worth it!

- Best animal crossing companion app

This is the best animal crossings app i have used so far and is worth every penny

- Really useful!

I’ve found this app really useful and think it’s great! Well worth buying.

- Superb little app that’s getting better all the time.

Makes playing the game and collecting everything way more fun.

- Fantastic Investment

I was sceptical at first about paying for an app like this, but it’s been a great investment. The creator is providing amazing updates very regularly and as it grows it just keeps getting better. A few reviews say it has incorrect information, but I can’t find anything incorrect now. It’s great when a developer takes this much pride in their work

- Love it!

I use this app everyday. I love being able to see my progression, what’s available right now and marking off daily tasks- the helpful resource links are great too!

- This app is a must have for any animal crossing player!!

‪This is BY FAR the best app I’ve ever downloaded, it keeps track of absolutely everything 😍‬

- Love this app!

This app is great has so many good features and is the perfect companion to the game. The only way it could be improved for me is the ability to ‘Wish List’ certain villagers or items :-)

- The perfect app

I have been playing the game since day 1 and this is the best app you could ever have in your game. It has an amazing design and every possible feature that can help your gameplay flow a lot easier!

- Great app, great dev

Incredibly well designed and clean app with everything in one place for Animal Crossing info. Always new features, now including a fully customisable daily task list. 11/10

- An incredible app

Honestly, this app just keeps giving, it has so much information already and so much customisation, but updates are released often with more! Things you didn’t even know you wanted! Thoroughly impressed - worth getting.

- Unbeatable

Since downloading this app I have watched it be consistently and frequently updated, and seen it evolve from an essential guide into the ultimate guide. Good job, dev. Good job.

- Great app, lots of updates

This app is easy to use and is updated regularly. Great job!

- Best app

Best animal crossing app ever

- Everything you need

Really helpful alongside the game :)

- Great app

I’m almost as obsessed with this app as I am the game...almost...

- Really great companion, with the money

This app is really well executed, clean and efficient. Has lots of information and the developer seems to be very engaged. Much better than similar apps. If you could see what your friends have, etc this app would be perfect. Maybe game centre integration could achieve this?

- Beautiful!

I am so in love with this app. It’s design, content, information and detail is amazing, and it’s literally everything I could ever want from a companion app for New Horizons. It is constantly being updated and new features are being added, along with being able to contact the creator of the app about any issues and getting a very quick response. Wonderful app. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

- Amazing app

I’m loving using this app totally worth the money! I love being able to easily see all my progress and I also love the new furniture feature as I can see all the furniture I’m missing. Would be amazing to be able to do wish lists for furniture, clothes and wallpapers you’re after and being able to share it with other people to see if any of your friends have them ☺️

- Brilliant app

I don’t usually buy apps but after seeing all the good reviews I downloaded it and I’m glad I did as it’s got everything I need when playing the game and I can keep better track now of all the bugs,fish as it is very detailed and updated on when they are around & where to catch them etc...well worth the price 👍🏻👌🏻

- Very Informative

As the game itself grows, so does this app! A must have for any Animal Crossing fanatic!

- So helpful

Can’t believe how amazing and helpful this app is. Totally worth the small amount of money. Big well done and thank you to the developer 👏🏻

- Brilliant app, could do with a couple more things

This app is amazing, and definitely worth the money! So simple to use, and it has a lot of really helpful collections for you to keep track of. The only thing I’d like to see added atm is being able to see everything you can make with a certain item (e.g. wasp nests) without having to look through every single recipe. I often find myself wondering whether I should save my slightly rarer materials in case I can make something good with them later, so this would be a really helpful addition! Other than that, this app is pretty much perfect. Thanks for making it! :)

- Beautiful UI, constantly updated

I’ve been using this since day one, and it’s just incredible to see the hard work put into it to keep it up to date and great looking. You’ll find everything you need in here, and never have to worry about waiting too long for New Horizon’s new content to be put into the app. Love it! 100% recommend!

- Amazing

The app is amazing! It has everything you could ask for to track your progress in New Horizons. Had a slight issues at one point and had to send an email got a reply super quick and very friendly. Definitely recommend!

- A list lovers dream

For a new player to ACNH this is super helpful! And I find it so satisfying to see things in a list and be able to tick them off! This is a great app

- Great app!

Amazing and very useful! I like checking what fishes and critters are around and where I should be looking for them!

@Sailor_Stephie what is travel guide in #ACNH ?

ACNH Travel Guide by Jeffrey Kuiken !! It's sooo helpful! 💯💜

The "travel guide" app on the apps store for animal crossing made it easier for me to figure out which DIYs i still…

#ACNH #AnimalCrossingNewHorizions do any of you guys use the the travel guide app? I have questions

@Jade_acnh9 Oui c’est l’application ACNH travel guide sur iOS

Any proponent of a frameworkized cross platform solution for apps should buy this app and see what a familiar to th…


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ACNH Travel Guide 2020.8.3 Screenshots & Images

ACNH Travel Guide iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

ACNH Travel Guide iphone images
ACNH Travel Guide iphone images
ACNH Travel Guide iphone images
ACNH Travel Guide iphone images
ACNH Travel Guide iphone images
ACNH Travel Guide iphone images
ACNH Travel Guide iphone images
ACNH Travel Guide iphone images
ACNH Travel Guide iphone images
ACNH Travel Guide Reference application ipad screenshots and images not ready...
ACNH Travel Guide Reference application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
ACNH Travel Guide Reference application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

ACNH Travel Guide (Version 2020.8.3) Install & Download

The applications ACNH Travel Guide was published in the category Reference on 2020-03-21 and was developed by Jeffrey Kuiken [Developer ID: 1163503860]. This application file size is 14.37 MB. ACNH Travel Guide - Reference posted on 2020-05-31 current version is 2020.8.3 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions.

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