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Animated Knots by Grog [Reference] App Description & Overview

What is animated knots by grog app? Learn to tie knots (195+ knots) the fun and easy way from the creators of the web's #1 knot tying site. Animated Knots by Grog is simply the best, most comprehensive teaching & reference app for climbers, boaters, sailors, fishermen, scouts, arborists, search & rescue, surgeons and medical students, paracord enthusiasts & hobbyists.

Over 195 Animated Knots tied step-by-step using rope, paracord or other material are organized by ACTIVITY CATEGORY & TYPE:

ACTIVITY CATEGORY - Arborist Knots (28), Boating & Sailing Knots (32), Climbing Knots (22), Fishing Knots (31), Decorative Knots (24), Household knots (24), Decorative knots (24), Horse & Farm knots (21), Scouting knots (31), Search and Rescue knots (22), Neckties (5) knots & Surgical ligatures (11).

TYPE - Basic knots (8), Bends (14), End loops (22), Hitches (35), Mats (4), Mid loops (11), Quick Release (10), Slide & Grip (13), Splices (15) & Stopper knots (10).

Watch knots tie themselves in simple step-by-step image animations, or click frame-by-frame (at your own speed) as you learn to tie each knot - using the NORMAL or MIRROR orientation (great for left-handers). When viewing a knot, simply tap INFO (top right) to get detailed descriptions about each knot's correct use, advantages & disadvantages, safety considerations, similar knots, alternatives, and other information.

SEARCH for knots, view the complete knot list & save your FAVORITES for quick access.

Better to know a knot and not need it, than need a knot and not know it.

Excerpts from previous version reviews:

"The Coolest Ever! Easy to understand and use, very informative with clear instructions on how to makes hundreds of knots step by step, divided by categories for easy navigation, truly inspiring and beautiful knots..."

"I would pay twice the amount for this app. I would give it ten stars if I could."

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How to contact Animated Knots by Grog (Grog LLC)?
Find this site the customer service details of Animated Knots by Grog. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

Animated Knots by Grog Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Animated Knots by Grog Version 9.014 November 2019

- New Category (Horse & Farm). - New/Updated knots - Supports Dark Mode for a great viewing experience especially in low-light environments. - A few minor updates & bug fixes. - In the MORE menu, app users can now write and submit a REVIEW without leaving the app..

Animated Knots by Grog Comments & Reviews 2022

- Incredibly helpful

This app is perfect to have at your fingertips when you’re doing any kind of manual work or play. I’ve learned a ton of knots with this app and it’s easy to pause or step through the animation to fully understand a knot, or to flip to a mirror image of a knot if your instinct is to go left rather than right. The categories are helpful, the info about each knot is indispensable, and it’s easy to add knots to your favorites section for quick reference. I got this so long ago I can’t remember if I paid for it, but if I did, it was worth every penny. As a bonus: tying my halter top bathing suits with alpine butterflies and sewing the ends down to the back has saved me hundreds of neckaches!

- The Best Knot App Period!!!

I’ve had this app for a number of years. This app deserves to be reviewed. I have been boating for over 20 years. The increase in skill, knowledge, and massive improvement in my knot tying cannot be understated. Now I know the boat is more secure and allows me to utilize the correct knot for the application. I also camp quite a bit and fish offshore. Again, the amount of help this app has lent me is practically invaluable. You will learn from easy to follow graphics as you practice knots in real time via slides. Additionally, the back ground information regarding a specific knot is absolutely amazing. You will know the pros and cons of various knots. i.e. various knot capabilities regarding speed, strength, water securing abilities, etc. You will even learn a little history on the knot if you want to nerd out. This app has always worked great for me. I hope the developers continue to keep this up to date and working as great as it has for me the last few years. Thanks Grog Knots!

- Great Isolation Project

Discovered this while creating elements for a backyard playground. The directions and animations are easy to follow, each knot’s information tab is very interesting and, as a solo mom, I appreciated the inclusion of a necktie group. My 10 year old son and I have been knotting our way through Covid-19 isolation; it’s been entertaining, challenging, and extremely useful - we’ve tied everything from placemats and keychains to a seat for a tree swing. After 6 weeks at home I’ve spotted the cat in a variety of harnesses and have memorized the handcuff knot (just in case 😉).

- Superb and Indispensable!

I have been using this app for a few years now and I can’t say enough about how awesome it is. If you think you might be interested in learning more about knots and knot tying; if you kinda like, like, love or can’t live without tying knots...well then this is for you! Not only do the Grogono’s offer a substantial multitude of knots to get you off and running, they provide excellent commentary on each. The animations illustrate perfectly how to execute the knots. This is really valuable as books, at times, fail miserably in this area-particularly for the more complicated knots. The value of this app is among the best out there. What a tremendous resource, what a tremendous accomplishment. Bravo fellas!! It took me a couple years to get around to writing a review for this app and I am more excited about it now than when I purchased it. Don’t hesitate. BUY THIS APP!

- Extremely handy, I keep using this app

This is one of my oldest apps I’ve purchased. I purchased this app back when I had an iPod Touch, and today, I still use it. The knots are extremely useful for everyday tying. The animations are clear and make it easy for a novice like me. I can’t recommend it enough. I also appreciate how it’s received updates to be compatible with the different iPhone screen sizes.

- Grog Knots

This app is a result of the very good book published for beginners and others. That book also had two pieces of rope used to practice. It was fun. The app has many more types of knots to tie and nicely shows the process visually. It also lets you back up, pause and skip forward should you miss a step. As a owner of the book, I recommend the app as a more complete manual.

- Amazing and requires no WiFi to use

Ever tried to tie a knot, reach for your phone to learn it (or get a few hints) and have “no service”? This app is a masterpiece of useful knowledge and knot tying skills available anytime and anywhere - as long as your phone is charged! Be present - sit down with your kids or grandkids and tie a few knots together - they will love it, learn something useful and remember the time spent with you forever.

- Top App I’ve Ever Purchased

I purchased Grog Knots about 8-10 years ago. I’m in the live event industry. Properly securing cable is extremely important. Grog Knots is indispensable. Open the app, lay the phone down and follow the step by step video/GIF instructions. Pause at any time, flip the orientation and read the explanation of each step. Using high contrast colored ropes on an uncluttered background helps to let you focus on the steps. The number of knots and their variations is impressive. There’s also a Glossary of terms in the About section so you can sound like you know what you’re talking about! Most of all I appreciate that there is no BS app gimmicks. This is a pure app. Thank you !

- Awesome App for Knots

One of the most useful apps I have on my smartphone. I use it for camping, scouting, boating and around the house. There are knots for everything and being able to see the step-by-step video examples makes you a pro. Plus there is useful background info on each knot’s purpose, advantage and disadvantage.

- Must have knot tying guide

I love this app... not only does it take you step by step through tying each knot, but also gives you the history, applications, and substitutes, making it much more interesting, educational, and useful than other knot tying apps. It’s amazing how often this app has helped me out.

- This App is GREAT!

I have had this app for over two years- I find it invaluable! I am able to re-learn long forgotten knots used in scouting and I use it for reference for countless practical applications. I taught my five year old how to tie an alpine butterfly with the app. I would recommend this to anyone looking to learn knots!

- An incredibly useful app

I’m new to sailing. I needed an a place to go and learn about knots. I stumbled upon this app and I can honestly say it is an incredibly useful app. No matter what your activity, a knowledge of knots is always advantageous. You will find yourself going back to this app time and time again.

- My go-to source for knots

This is such an excellent source of information that is well presented and easily followed. One requested feature I’d like to see would be the ability to set the animation to loop. It’s a bit challenging to press play again while pausing my knot. Thanks for a great app!

- Money Well Spent — So Many Knots!

Great categories, easy to find knots, steps are clear and the interface is intuitive. I love the flip option so you can tie the knot both ways. Great tips on rope safety. This developer went the extra mile and as a consumer, I feel I got my money’s worth.

- Well done!

This is the best $5 I've ever spent on an app. Very informative, great visual instructions, easy to navigate, and the option to see in-depth information if you choose. Overall it's very straightforward and useful. Thank you so much for making this app! I love it!!

- Useful

Basically an app version of the website, which is a good thing. It's got some interface upgrades that make it better on your phone, and it doesn't require a connection. Better to know a knot and not need it than it is to not know a knot period!

- When paying, you loose a great feature.

Hello. I really enjoy using the website and one of my favorite features is the ability to the timing of how fast or slow the slides move. I decided to buy and pay for the app merely for support, only to find out that the app does not have that speed rate feature. What a bummer. Yes, I know that I can just press the next button over and over again but that defeat the whole purpose of beating able to keep my hands on the rope as I learn. I would be great if this feature could be added to the App that cost money just as it is available on the website free of charge. Thank you.

- Updates are icing on the cake

Massive kudos to the developer of this app for consistently updating it over many many years. It’s super useful to start with, but the fact it has been regularly maintained and added to for the past 8 years is downright miraculous for a stand-alone app.

- One of my favorite apps

Being able to tie a variety of useful knots is a very handy skill. The step-by-step instructions and videos are far easier to understand than an illustration with a bunch of arrows (all due respect to Mr. Ashley). The background info on various knots is also very helpful.

- Excellent

It’s been many years since I was tested on knots and my recollection is a bit rusty. Not only does this have everything I need in the outdoors, it can also help with my full Windsor and bow ties on formal occasions. Animations are well done and the step-through feature is fantastic.

- Great for learning new knots or as a refresher.

Are use this app often. I have a section of one of my retired climbing ropes in the Family room and I’ll sit down while watching TV and learn a new knot and practice old ones. It’s fun , relaxing and very practical.

- Instructor

This app is amazing for the price! They even took the time to put all the info on each knot with references. If they could somehow include tinsel strength of each knot with a baseline rope (550 paracord) I don’t think anyone could say this is knot the best/most helpful app of it’s kind

- Best knot app

Clear, concise, well organized, great animations. Even someone who could never understand how knots work can learn the knots to meet your needs. Great additional info provided. I’ve been using it for years and amazingly they keep improving this app.

- Very helpful!

Incredible amount of detail and too many knots too count! Could spend hours just scrolling through reading them all.

- Great App

I purchased this app to learn fishing knots. Each knot type has its own video showing how the knots are done. I was surprised to see all the variety. My father was skilled at knot making. It is nice to see how specialty knots can be created.

- Perfect

Extensive, well designed, and laid out. Great directions and easy to follow steps that can be paused and cycled through at your pace. The pictures are very clear and well presented. This is the knot app you want.

- Great app

I had been enjoying the website version and then learned the app works when your devise is disconnected from the internet. I’m very pleased with the app. I highly recommend it if you are learning knot tying, like I am.

- Ready for ios Late 2019?

This program is indispensable to me, as my memory is fading and I need more and more reference just to tie my shoes! I want to know if it works with the new iOS before a “up“date.

- This is a must have app for everyone!

I’ve used this app so many times, from fishing to camping and around the house. So helpful! I just wish I could remember all of my favorites.

- Incomplete and a lesser value than the FREE website

Lot’s wrong with this app but I’ll pick just one: A HUGE gap in the app is no description of what a knot can/cannot be used for. People need to know not only for their info but for safety reasons. Honestly, it’s borderline negligent to not include this. Lot’s of other stuff to poke at, but mostly, this is somehow worse than the free website offering. Pure whackness.

- Top Knot App

Great quality at reasonable cost. Lots of knots. Functionality (steps through steps, swap L-R, and easy visuals) are all excellent. Also like once you purchase there are no more up sells.

- Indispensable

Every so often, comes along an app that is indispensable. This is one of those. I use it all the time to show guys where I work how to do correct knots for rigging.

- Great App

As a search & rescue instructor, I’ve found Grog Knots to be an excellent teaching tool and quick reference. The animation gets to the essence of knot tying and instruction. It seems they are constantly adding knots and conveniently overlapping categories.

- Amazing App

This is an awesome accessory to have available on your phone or tablet. For someone that can’t tie more than a granny knot it’s a must have learning tool.

- Perfect reference

Great way to review knots that I already knew, and learn new ones different situations. Also a good teaching tool for my son.

- Simple and useful but...

The knot selection is extensive and the animations/instructions are mostly good. The cleat hitch animation is too small, so details of overlapping are not discernible. Information about how and when to use each not is minimal.

- This is my go to training tool.

Years of Search and Rescue and this is still and great training tool.

- Amazing!!!!!!

I own several books on knots and love them but this is my go to for the learning process.

- Great info

Great app. Fully downloaded to you phone so an internet connections isn’t needed once it’s been downloaded. Tons of clear & concise info. here.

- Love it!

Great app, very well organized and clear diagrams. Definitely worth $5 if you do any kind of climbing/boating/etc.

- Top of the heap

Clear and concise; extremely user friendly. Assumes user is new to knots but not stupid. Worth every penny.

- That’s pretty nice

I love this app and all of the knots are really useful. I would just like a few knots like for making knife handles and/or bracelet making, like paracord.

- Super Helpful

I use this app all the time when I'm in a bind and can't remember got to tie a specific knot. They need to release a 64 bit version though to keep up with iOS.

- Essential

This is an essential app for the outdoorsman. I’ve had it for years and used many times.

- This is my Knot app

I’m no connoisseur of knots; I remember the ones I use. But this app sure is the bomb for those ones I tie rarely.

- The best! But why not Portrait view?

Grog’s explanations & visuals are no doubt the finest. But why no portrait orientation view? The standard view is too small for my eyes. Portrait orient works on the Free website but not the paid for version 🤔

- Weak on fishing knots

Pretty sure none of the app developers are fisherwoman which unfortunately is the reason I wanted the app😕. Good animation and not entirely useless but near zero attention to fishing knots. Doesn’t even mention braided line.

- Know your knots!

Best program out there! Worth every bit of its price!

- Perfect

Very easy to use and quick reference

- Very good and very useful

Its even offline so added bonus

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- Best knot collection

Fantastic animations and information about each knot. Everything is very easy to follow. I have been using Grog Knots for many years. It’s great to have them all at your fingertips through the app. Thanks Grog!

- Knot bad

Great step by step animations make it easy to learn.

- Fantastic

Awesome job, many thanks.

- It's about time!

I've been using your website for quite awhile and have been impatiently waiting for the release of this app! The other apps I've tried were OK but the actual step-by-step photo-quality animations make it so much easier to identify what goes where... and the range of knots and cross-references are brilliant. The info and usage of each knot and the rope care section are great bonuses! Well done Grog!

- Brilliant!

Just what I've been looking for. It's better than regular animation because you can pause at each step of the process. It lets you rehearse each stage and then, when you're confident that you've got it mastered, you can show off your macho knot tying abilities at the local service station. If you are as hopeless as I am at tying knots, this application is great.

- Awesome!

Really thorough app has a large range of rope tying methods, not everything but all the important/good ones, thanks for making this app Grog. it's worth the money. Absolute legend! PS: if you can't tie the knots in this app by following the instructions and pictures, please kindly remove yourself from the gene pool.

- worth every cent

Very usefull if you go fishing. The intructions are extremely easy to follow and i can tie any one of the hundreds of knots now. well worth it! a suggestion to the developer: Include a hangmans noose and a trapping section

- Love the website, love this app, Grog you rock!

I have loved Grog's website for ages. Now I am so glad that I can carry around Grog's great work when off-line too. Great work Grog!

- Perfect

Brilliant app. The animations are so clear. And a big range of line to hook knots for fishing which I've always had trouble understanding in books.

- Awesome app! Buy it!

Great app, nice that all info is onboard so that info is there when you need it (camping, fishing etc). Very thorough, great updates.

- Fantastic

Very easy to interpret. It would be interesting and valuable if the app included more methods of improvised harnesses for repelling e.t.c. Some of these have featured on Man vs Wild.

- Great app

Love this app, maybe add a few more climbing knots which are more commonly used but apart from that great work!

- Great app but...

One of the best apps for knots however it's overdue for an update. It's interface is stuck in the past and does not have any support for current iOS nor devices.

- Just Right

Thanks for a simple app that does all I needed

- Waste of money

This is terrible and way too expensive. It is not animated it is half a dozen (if even) photos in series for each knot, that is not an animation. Very misleading description. Get Knot Guide, much cheaper and better.

- Best knot app

This is by far the best knot, splicing, whipping info and easy to follow.

- Misleading

It maybe compatible with the ipad but for the money it should be made for ipad

- Spicing

Excellent system was able to do rope and wire combos with ease thanks guys. Nana Glen Dave

- Lovin it

Awesome app!! Def a keeper...just in case I need to save someone or tie someone lol

- Too much moolah

Good app.. Does what it says.. Then it hit me that I payed $5.99 for it for some stupid reason.

- Not useful for fishing

Good app but don't waste your money if looking for fishing knots

- mcn

Not animated, just a series of pictures. NOT worth the money at all.

- Fishing knots are lame!

Expensive app considering I only wanted it for the fishing knot side of things and even those knots are pretty basic and limited. There should be a hell of a lot more fishing knots listed eg doubles.

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- Great app

Large selection of knots. Very clear animation. Additional information provides history and technical details. This is the best knots app

- Exactly what I wanted!

Lots of knots, detailed tutorials, extensive write ups about each knot discussing strengths/weaknesses and suggestions of other similar knots. The option to favorite certain knots makes learning all the easier. A tad pricey but over time I’ve felt it was worth it.

- Excellent app for knot reference

Explains so many knots for every use. An essential app for anyone working with ropes.

- What a great app!!’n

I am very happy that I purchased this app. I also own the windows version on my desktop.

- Best knot app I’ve ever used!!

Super easy to use. And very informative!

- Great app

Design is a *little* dated, but this app has everything I was looking for. The content is great, and you have access to a glossary of terminology & safety information for each knot.

- Great resource

I’ve been using Grog’s website for years, and have learned many knots thanks to him.

- An excellent app.

Thorough and detailed info on each knot, including safety info and very clear guidance on tieing.

- Meh

Great content but needs a serious UX/UI revamp and an iPad compatibility.

- Great Utility

This is a wonderful app that is very well researched, written and illustrated. While I use the desktop app more often; the mobile app has come in handy when I forget how to tie that bend I just learned. If you are reading reviews of older versions; please take into account that many of the issues have been resolved (such as more info on uses/cautions). The price might dissuade some, but for a quality app from a small developer I feel it is totally justified; not to mention that the app actually teaches you something that you keep forever (not just another bird game ;).

- Well designed app

Despite being a little expensive, I'm very happy with the large number of knots, as well as the easy to follow directions. As an added bonus, the app has instructions for tying a variety of ties! Definitely a good purchase.

- Very good for beginners

I've been doing sailing for a about two years and wanted to learn more about knots especially when to use each knot. This app has all info available offline so you can practice while sailing or any time it is convenient for you.

- Best Knot App

The variety of knots and clarity of instruction are the best I've found yet in many apps. The ONLY knit app you need.

- Great app!

It's a great app, I noticed you had headlashings for shears, could you also put some up for Gyn?

- Good

Got the knot I needed initially through their website and it is very well explained. I decided it is worth to have them all on me at all times. It would be nice if knot description and usage got added on an future update

- Awesome!

I can't believe anyone would complain about paying $5 for all the work that went into this great app. Not only does it teach you in an incredibly clear way how to tie tons of useful knots, but also outlines their uses and pitfalls. This app and a piece of rope is a great evening's entertainment. Worth every penny and more!

- Great

Where's the "sledge knot"? Don't stop the updates.

- Not the greatest

For the price it's not worth it. It definitely tells you how to tie the knots but doesn't give any background to the knots or what they are used for. If it was updated with this info it would be excellent.

- Good

Could always be better

- Excellent app

Excellent app. Would have been 5 stars if there had been more knots tho. Covers all the basics very well.

- Excellent! Makes it easy to learn new knots!

Ability to visually follow clear, distraction-free, and sequenced photos of the knots being tied as well as synchronized textual descriptions is a real help. I like the fact you can replay the photo sequences at your own pace. This app also provides very useful background information each knot, including how/why it is used, advantages/disadvantages. Extensive list of knots that may be categorized by use, makes finding suitable knot a breeze. $5 may sound a little steep, but I think that this app is worth it. I've got a few knot-tying instructional books on my shelves now that are simply gathering dust!

- Awesomeee

This app is great!

- Not bad

Would have given the app a five but 2 things are wrong. 1. I found that the tying of the not was too quick to watch and should have moved slower. 2nd, there is no description as to what the knot is used for or why, and this would have been nice information to know. Especially when trying to choose a knot. Otherwise a very nice application

- Decent but not great

This is a good app, but expensive. You are better off getting the Columbia app (free) and the KnotGuide app (1.99) which have more knots (especially KnotGuide) and are just as easy to follow. I will give it to this app for having more explanation about each knot than those other two.

- My Mula!!!!!

I sorta regret buying it...c'mon its 4.99. I'm embarrasses to tell my mom that I spent 5.00 on an app about knots. It's great, but not 4.99 great. More like 1.99. Wish I hadn't wasted my money. 

- Awesome!

This app is really cool and easy to use. It gives you a picture by picture, step by step directions on how do it. At first the pictures come quickly so that you can watch the knot evolve. Then you can go at your own pace, frame by frame with the written directions under the picture. There are different categories with many knots in each. It's amazing what you can do with a piece of rope. Great for kids on the way to the lake and gives them something to do when you get there. Well worth the price of admission. The creators of this app really did their homework.

- Great~!

This app is very helpful and descriptive.

- More

Needs more description in the actual nots to be a full version app

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Animated Knots by Grog 9.0 Screenshots & Images

Animated Knots by Grog iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Animated Knots by Grog iphone images
Animated Knots by Grog iphone images
Animated Knots by Grog iphone images
Animated Knots by Grog iphone images
Animated Knots by Grog iphone images
Animated Knots by Grog iphone images
Animated Knots by Grog iphone images
Animated Knots by Grog iphone images
Animated Knots by Grog iphone images
Animated Knots by Grog iphone images
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Animated Knots by Grog (Version 9.0) Install & Download

The applications Animated Knots by Grog was published in the category Reference on 2010-06-25 and was developed by Grog LLC [Developer ID: 376302652]. This application file size is 42.84 MB. Animated Knots by Grog - Reference app posted on 2019-11-14 current version is 9.0 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.animatedknots.knots