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Life Application Study Bible App Description & Overview

What is life application study bible app? Today's #1-Selling Study Bible has been thoroughly updated and expanded in The Life Application Study Bible - 3rd Edition, offering fresh and relevant insights.

New features include: a refreshed interior design with a second color for visual clarity; meaningfully updated study notes and features; and the Christian Worker's Resource – a special supplement to enhance the reader's ministry effectiveness.

Study the stories and teachings of the Bible with study notes, overviews, vital statistics, outlines, and timelines. Grasp difficult concepts using in-text maps, charts, and diagrams. Discover how you can apply the Bible to your life today.

• Enhanced, updated, and with new content added throughout
• Refreshed design with a second color for visual clarity
• Now more than 10,000 Life Application® notes and features that help explain God’s Word and challenge you to apply its truth to your life today
• Over 100 Life Application® Bible character profiles
• Introductions and overviews for each book of the Bible
• A deeper understanding of God’s Word through vital statistics, overviews, and timelines
• Major themes outlined in short studies at the beginning of each book.
• More than 500 maps & charts
• Introductions and overviews for each book of the Bible
• Additional translations available for purchase via the in-app store
• Highlighting allows you to easily emphasize passages
• Copy-and-paste multiple verses quickly and easily
• Bookmark your favorite passages for quick future reference or make your own personal studies
• Powerful folder system allows you to organize notes and bookmarks
• Easily email notes to yourself, family and friends
• Share on Twitter and Facebook
• Optional red letter Words of Christ
• Adjustable font sizing
• Universal app optimized for iPhones and iPads. Buy once and use on both devices

"TYNDALE", "New Living Translation", "NLT", the New Living Translation logo, and "Life Application" are registered trademarks of Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. "Life App" and the Life App logo are trademarks of Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.

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App Name Life Application Study Bible
Category Reference
Updated 15 December 2019, Sunday
File Size 232.01 MB

Life Application Study Bible Comments & Reviews 2024

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Only Comes with NLT, not clear in description. I just downloaded the app and it has the NLT translation. I use NIV mostly but like to use other versions also. It said that other versions are available with in-app purchase but I thought the most common ones like NIV would be part of the initial purchase. It’s an addition $6 for NIV, $8 for ESV, $8 for New King James. Just wish I would have known this when I purchased the app.

Great for study. I purchased this biblical study application for the Life Application commentary, which I had as a bible, so I would always have it with me. It has proven very helpful to me understanding Gods word. The other study references that I purchased are icing on the cake. I can now read 2 translations side by side and even toggle more as desired. Highly recommend

I love this app!. I have been a hard copy Life Application Bible fan for years. I have come to enjoy the NLT version more and my vision has become more challenged over the years so I wanted a larger print, online, NLT Life App Bible. A different online version was not working and was very frustrating so on a whim I checked out the App Store and “Voila!” Perfect! Thank you (and God) so much for all the effort that went into making this available!!

I have used NLT with Life Application notes for years. The NLT bible with the Life Application notes has helped me to grow and walk with the Lord

This is amazing!. I love this app because not only can I carry it everywhere with me but I can find passage really fast and highlight passages too. Along with having daily devotional and verses makes this app the best in my opinion. Thanks so much for this app HOWEVER I only wish I had more colors for highlighting. There is only yellow, blue, pink and green. I wish we had light colors from a color wheel we can choose from or if not then if you could add light colors for red, violet, teal, orange and maybe even a light brown and light grey color. Thanks so much.

Spiritual Growth Needed?. We are called to stay in the Word and the Life Application Bible develops deeper understanding of the verses and how God’s Word shows believers to live our lives. Spiritual growth happens…guaranteed!

Awesome tool!. I love this app. Great tool to have readily available when I want to look at some good commentary.

Life application study Bible. I have used the print version of the LASB for 33 years. I have the original Parsons Technology computer version. It is very user friendly. Up until now none of the apps come close. At 76 years old I am not good with technology, but have conquered this app and can negotiate my way around just as easily as the Parsons app. While I still use the print version at home, it is so much easier to use the app at church.

Life Application App. This is such a great app. I have to admit that I had some problems at first but the 5-Star customer service was superb. They were very patient with me and explained everything to where I understood it. Now I can work this app like a pro. The contents of the app are just like the book but now you can have it conveniently on your phone. I am very satisfied with the app. It is well worth the money.

Everything you need. I can not begin to describe how much I love this app! It has everything at your finger tips. Easy interface. I don’t know what I did before this!!!

The Best Bible Application. This app is great and the best money I’ve spent on an app. Super convenient with so many options through different Bible versions and devotionals. It has everything you need and keeps getting better with updates. It has many cool features like notes, highlighting, bookmarks, audio and so much more. A lot of thought and time went into this app. Just buy it, you won’t regret it.

Portable. I would rather hold my Bible in my hand and feel the pages but when we travel It is much easier to read from my phone. I have not explored all it has to offer but I will.

Outstanding App!. I also have the hard copy Bible... Full of great illustrations & references. This app is so convenient in that, you can pull it out and read anytime and anywhere... Would recommend to everyone!!!

Best app purchase to date!. I have a KJV Life Application Study Bible but, I wanted something I could have on the go, etc and this is the ticket! I appreciate their hard work they put into this app because it flows smoothly for me.

Review. I’m running a ladies prayer group on zoom and this app enables me to cut and paste to google docs for viewing directly from the Bible on zoom. It’s very user friendly

Love it. I have always loved this bible. I have the actual book form nice to have this. That I can read my bible on the go.

Great app!. It’s wonderful to have a study Bible in app format and not to carry around a big book. God is amazing! Thank you to all those who made it happen...

Nice. I’m going to like this app after I learn my way around in it. Kind of a big learning curve, at least for me.

Awesomeness. I bought the hard copy over 15 years ago of the Life Study Application Bible. Even without all of the fancy commentary, the way the word comes to life with the audio version as I read along. This app has indeed been the Spirit of Life breathed upon me. Thanks to all who contributed to this app.

Works for what I need daily. It doesn’t allow you to highlight certain areas like profiles or commentaries and I haven’t tried to highlight bible verses yet so I’m not sure if it allows you to pull your highlights up in one area or not. I also purchased the app at full price then it went on sale for 50% off! 😳 I can never win! 🤪

Great Study Bible. I really like this app it has everything I want and need to study God’s Word by using my cell phone and iPad when traveling or when I am on my lunch break at work. It’s just like having my Bible book with me except it’s on my cell phone. It’s very easy to use. And I like that it has icons I can click and it explains the chapter or certain verses. And whole lot more extras that helps me study Gods Word. It’s very user friendly!🤓

Still learning how to use the app. I’m liking this new app purchase. I wish I would have known the version I selected first would be my primary version of reading. I like the fact that I can stream, purchase, and try other versions thus this is the remedy-unless someone tells me about something else. Using the concordance is my favorite feature, as I was just learning how to use one manually. The hard part is because I didn’t fully teach myself manual I can’t tell when I’m looking at the Greek, Hebrew or Aramaic? This morning while reading I’m hoping there’s a feature that shows me how to go to the next chapter in one click. There’s so much to see, from the study and home page, info, and commentary, I’ll have to write more later.

Opinion. I have not had this app Very long, but so far it has exceeded my expectations. I really like it and it's easy to use and gives me the information that I'm looking for quickly.

Finding God. This is the best app! Everrrrr I enjoy the layout and the interactive features being able to cross-reference soooo easy and having the maps and the people be detailed in there own separate boxes is amazing! They allow you to click on a box and it pops up with each character of the Bible history of life and purpose to the life of Jesus Christ....

Learning. I am not certain how to use this app, no instructions are given. I run into a lot of requests to purchase things, I do not get notifications. The Bible never opens to where I left off. Very disappointed in this app that I paid for. I recommend to just stick with the good old Bible app that started from You version. Easy to use, easy to make notes, highlight and review verses. Continues to improve and involves you with community.

Only one thing.... I have two copies of the Life Application study Bible (larger hardback & smaller softcover), because I love it so much. It really is an invaluable resource for understanding, learning, applying what you learn, and growing in your relationship with God. I would highly recommend it to everyone! I’ve even bought them for my new Christian friends, to help them learn to love reading the Bible as much as I do. I just got the app because I wanted to have it with me on my phone for times when I don’t have one of my physical Bibles with me. I really like it so far, and I’m sure I will learn more neat things and cool features on it that I haven’t discovered yet. There’s only one thing I would suggest, that I was a little bummed about: you can’t highlight on the notes. You can highlight the Bible text, but not the notes. There is so much good information in those notes, and I have highlights and markings all throughout the notes in my physical Bibles - and I really wish it was possible to highlight them on the app as well. Other than that, I still love it! Thank you all for making such a great resource for us! I appreciate all your hard work - it has made a real impact on my life!

Gentle Discipline. I have found that the Life Application Bible via iPad allows me to be portable and takes away the “excuse” of not reading the Word because of having to lug a paper Bible around; too easy to not read rather than to read. I like the commentary alongside the scripture as it helps me put things in perspective so as to be placed into use in my life.

Highly recommend. I own a hard cover Life Application Study Bible and in comparison this app is just as good. My only difficulty is using it to the fullest do to my lack of tech skills, but someone who is better with tech can easily navigate it. Anyone who doesn’t want to carry a book but wants a good bible app with the same benefits should get this.

Easy to read!. I love the convenience of having a Bible at my fingertips at all times!

What a Blessing!. This app is everything I always wanted for my Bible Study. I especially love being able to have the King James Version side by side with the Life Application Bible. I love having the footnotes right there. I can find any part if the Bible in seconds. Whoever designed this app is a genius! I love that I can take notes right there on the page. I love being able to save the notes and send them to others. This app has been a blessing to our Bible Study group. It is FABULOUS!!!

Why did I have to purchase twice?. They took my other copy and turned it to Tecarta Bible, not happy at all!

Love My Life Application Bible App!. I have owned the Life Application Letters book for years and always went to it for helping me understand various sections in the New Testament for general study or sermon preparation. So I decided to see if I could get the entire Bible version for my iPad and I have used it extensively ever since. It's pretty easy to navigate and I enjoy studying from it every week. Well worth the money!

Love this app!. This app is great! However the pics on the App Store have a dark background with various colored fonts in the sentences. I can't seem to figure out how to do that.

Review. I wish the offline audio we included, instead it cost more. There is no commentary for psalms? Which is why I bought it.

Gods Word on the go!. I have the actual life application bible and I love reading the real world explanations. It is great to have this on my phone and be able to get a breakdown without searching the internet. You won’t be disappointed. U yo oh can purchase different breakdowns as well.

Gods work is living and active. I just have to say this is the first app I purchased before I knew God this app has really helped me to understand God‘s word and I always go back to it although I have many books and love reading God‘s word in all translations I love the voice reading feature amazing all glory goes to God thank you lord for salvation in Jesus I love you God 🙏🏻🙌🏻🤍

Use this daily. I really love having this NLT Bible app on my iPad to study the Bible. The only thing I would request (and it’s a tiny thing) is that the book and chapter and search at the top center of the iPad be moved over to the left. Every time I try to change the book and chapter it clicks on the three iPad dots. Thanks!

Awesome resource. This app makes research and study very easy and that makes my time spent in God’s word very fruitful. I am blessed by every minute in this app

Good app. Very helpful to have this tight at hand on my phone. Have carried a Life Application Bible since 1985 but this gives another dimension when you don’t have your Bible close at hand

Everything at your fingertips. Notes page, highlighter, maps, reference, right there with a simple touch of an icon or search function. This is very easy to navigate for this 70+ senior 😊

Awesome Bible. I have been a Christian for awhile. I have been struggling in keeping up my Bible read due my lack of understanding on what the word is translated. Until I purchased this life Bible app Bible reading never seen so fun and more understandable.

I love the app. I do love the Bible and after buying the filament bible with the app I also got this one and I am using this one much more! Love the introduction and notes! Would highly recommend this one over the filament!

Great app but beware. This app is good when you learn/ know how to use it. However I didn't realize that I was buying only the NLT version and when I wanted to find another version it was this non stop sales pitch for numerous other add on Bible options at $20 extra (some more than that) and none of them offer a reading aloud option. You have to pay extra for that too! A little ridiculous for the price in my opinion.

Life Application Study Bible. I already have and have been using the Life Application Study Bible by Tyndale but having access to it on my phone is even better. Thank You!

Closer to God. This app answers a lot questions and I’m closer to God than I’ve ever been. I’m enjoying the time spent in it, even though it’s not a lot. I’ve started writing the book of Acts out in my own words to help me remember it. It really helps. God bless. LC Or in other words Elsie

Link in Notes Needs to Be Corrected. In the notes for Matthew 5:43-44, a link in the second paragraph needs to be corrected. The link is “140:9-11” after the word “and”. It is supposed to be Psalms 140:9-11, but it is not linked to Psalms.

Very useful. This is a powerful app. Very well designed and easy to use. The contents are handled well in this translation

Worth every penny!!!. I’m not new to Christianity but I’m new to studying the Bible. I would read it and feel like I’m still missing something. This Bible helps me to truly study and dig!

Awesome. This Bible is a great start for anyone who is wondering about their faith. The side passages help explain the Bible verses in order for you to put things into perspective. It draws the reader into what is currently going on around them. I’m a person that worries a lot, but reading this Bible on a daily bases takes care of that and I’m more conscious of our Lord always being with me.

Life Application Bible App. I love this app. Good study Bible. Love the fact that you can push a button on characters of the Bible and read about them and much much more!

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Much improved. I have been using this app for a number of years for my devotions. I was a bit reluctant to update it as I really liked it. However, the updated version is much improved. It is fast, easy to use and the added resources are really easy to buy and install. Great job!

Life Application Bible. It doesn’t get much better than this. This bible has great varied translations, excellent maps, charts & diagrams, personality profiles, introductions, concordance, and so much more to help you understand and share the Bible, all in one place. So easy to use! Would love an option to buy with all translations etc. included, instead of adding one at a time. And for automatic updates to include new stuff.

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Love this Bible. I have been using this book I love it and now I decided to download the app

Love it. The best bible app for spiritual growth. I have been using the physical bible and had to get the app.

Experience. Good book and well presented chapters and references, make reading fascinating.

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Best bible. My absolute favorite bible ever. I love the pictures and explanations of various verses. It’s very easy to understand. I like the Red letters when Our Lord speaks. It’s been a God sent!

Out dated. The manual is out dated, their support never answers. They have a chat feature for support that doesn’t work. Needs a sleep timer.

NLT Life Life Application Study Bible. I ❤️ the NLT Life Application Study Bible app!

Not happy. I purchased the audio Bible for the New Testament. The app is trying to charge me for each individual book of the New Testament. This is a great Bible unfortunately the way that the app is set up is not very professional, I’m extremely disappointed!!! Be careful if you purchase this application!!!

I am thankful. I read and study I a thankful

Highlighting. Great App! Use it every morning. Can you add highlighting capability in the study notes section please?

some nice recent enhancements. in my opinion, the best iOS and Android Bible app for English language study. Why? Very usable and intuitive. Great bookmarking and notes ability. Many translations and resources available for purchase—both commentaries and especially study Bibles. the recent change to allow 10 items on the Recent Items list is greatly appreciated. the new downloads ‘category’ might be useful to some users, but has a small downside that could be improved upon suggestions for improvement (not in any particular order): 1. perhaps a Bible dictionary tab could be added. initially this might just have a search area to find articles, later on it can be linked to the actual words of individual Bible translations. 2. upgrade to the Strong’s concordance to also allow for a simple listing of every usage of a particular word, but still keeping the ability to see usage by English word translation and Bible Book. due to the following recent update to the various Apps by Tecarta... the download ‘category’ now makes it a bit difficult, in some cases, to see if Tecarta has any new offerings in a particular category. Prior to this upgrade all a user needed to do was to expand the category (e.g., Study Bibles) and see what has yet to be purchased. now, the user needs to scroll through a list of both purchased and yet-to-be-purchased items in that category to see if any new resources have been added—this takes a bit more time and is a tad inconvenient. so, perhaps either or both of the following suggestions could be implemented ... 3. change the color of those resources that have not yet been purchased (this would include both older and recent new additions) to make it stand out from those that have been purchased and are either installed or purchase and yet to be installed. Better would be to use 3 colors for the ‘circle’ to the right of each resource—one color indicated purchased and installed, another color indicates purchased, but not installed, and the third color for all unpurchased resources in that category. 4. add a ‘Store’ category that would work like the categories worked previously, viz. they would only show unpurchased resources for each category of resource. many thanks for developing one my most frequently used Mobile apps. great job!

Treasures of resources. If you want love to study the Bible. This has it all. History, maps, relevance. Concordance...

Awesome resource. This app makes research and study very easy and that makes my time spent in God’s word very fruitful. I am blessed by every minute in this app

Love it on Android.... I have had this on Android for years. I’ve even purchased different books and Bibles through your app. I love that I can sync across platforms. However, one of the features (on Android) that sold me over the other apps was the ability to highlight or underline on a single word. I also liked that I could add comments in the margins on a heading. Yet on apple both of those features are missing, that’s disappointing.

Great Bible Study help!. Great Bible Study help!

Great Tool. I love this Bible app and it’s a great tool to enhance your biblical learning so you can grow in your faith. Apostle Dr. Scott McClenton Faith Inc Word Deliverance Ministries

Link in Notes Needs to Be Corrected. In the notes for Matthew 5:43-44, a link in the second paragraph needs to be corrected. The link is “140:9-11” after the word “and”. It is supposed to be Psalms 140:9-11, but it is not linked to Psalms.

Increased my comprehension of the Bible by 100%!. I’m finally getting the Bible’s stories in plain English . Thank you!!!

Great app.. Love the app and the insight it brings. The one negative is that it’s not very intuitive to navigate.

Don’t buy!. Don’t buy this you can get it for free with the tercata bible app. It works the same way as this app does but for free. The reason I bought this application is because I wanted the Spanish version. However, they make you pay an extra $20 and honestly I think that is unfair.

Fantastic. Love it . Great spiritual tool.

Necesito en idioma. Español también. Muy bueno para el estudio Pero necesito en Español también

Informative app. A lot of information on this app. Very happy I purchased this app.

Life Application Bibles. I have grown in Gods Word practically through the scholarly notes and charts in these study bibles. I recommend.

Awesome app. When pulling up references have the app display the Scripture to that reference.

Why did I have to purchase twice?. They took my other copy and turned it to Tecarta Bible, not happy at all!

Good app. Exactly what I expected!! Love it!!

A Powerful Tool. Life Bible is a powerful tool for Christians to grow in knowledge and wisdom of the word of God! I love it and recommend to everyone!

Awesome Tool. A must have tool for your Bible study! My favorite Bible study tool!

Best Bible. Best every Study Bible every printed...Thank You ❣️❣️❣️

Love this app!. I got the actual bible and then discovered this app. I have really been enjoying the NLT. This app is laid out so nicely and has a lot of great features. You can highlight, share, underline etc. it also has a verse of the day and a devotional. All for free! This has become the Bible app I recommend to all my friends. The Bible itself has some their nice features that you can’t get on here however.

Awesome tool!. I love this app. Great tool to have readily available when I want to look at some good commentary.

I've been looking. I have been looking for a Jesus centered Bible, this one is perfect. Thanks

Best Bible for a Pastor. I enjoy having the preachers commentary right along side the Bible

My Now Most Favorite Bible App. As a minister and student of God's Word, I love everything about this version.

Praise the Lord. This Bible this more than a God send it is especially during this time of the virus. We need the Lord and the scriptures and as many studies to help us.

Mrs. Theresa. Awesome and very informative Love it!

Nice. I’m going to like this app after I learn my way around in it. Kind of a big learning curve, at least for me.

Bible. Love this for bible study classes.....

Very helpful..... This Bible apps is very helpful and handy in my study of the Bible.

Awesome. Amazing Bible App I use it daily


App. The app is a great resource for studying scripture. The daily verses are good. Will be purchasing more of the online apps.

Love this Bible. I recommend this to everyone🙏🙏🙏

Susan. This app does not disappoint! Excellent!

Awesome. This app lets me take God’s word ev

Life Application Bible Review. I love the life application bible, it's gives informative facts to give illumination to every scripture. Easy to understand , it opens your mind to the things of God.

Life Application Bible App. I love this app. Good study Bible. Love the fact that you can push a button on characters of the Bible and read about them and much much more!

This app is great!. I love this life application

Review. I wish the offline audio we included, instead it cost more. There is no commentary for psalms? Which is why I bought it.

Great!. This app is awesome! To have the life application Bible in your phone is a blessing!

Not impressed. Granted I had the app a day. Just looking over the app, you have to pay extra for everything even the devotionals. Had I known, I probably would have stuck with the Bible and cross reference with free commentaries online.!

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Language English
Price $19.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 7.16.2
Play Store com.tecarta.JesusCentered
Compatibility iOS 9.3 or later

Life Application Study Bible (Versiyon 7.16.2) Install & Download

The application Life Application Study Bible was published in the category Reference on 18 June 2017, Sunday and was developed by Tecarta, Inc. [Developer ID: 301476755]. This program file size is 232.01 MB. This app has been rated by 3,818 users and has a rating of 4.9 out of 5. Life Application Study Bible - Reference app posted on 15 December 2019, Sunday current version is 7.16.2 and works well on iOS 9.3 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.tecarta.JesusCentered. Languages supported by the app:

EN ES Download & Install Now!
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Life Application Study Bible App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- updated verse linking - updated for 3rd Edition - bug fixes

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