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Knots 3D [Reference] App Description & Overview

Used by arborists, fishermen, firefighters, climbers, military and boy and girl scouts the world over, Knots 3D will quickly teach you how to tie even the most difficult knot!

- Included in Scouting Magazine's "The Best Scouting Apps of 2016" and "Ultimate List of Scouting Apps" (2014)
- Featured in iOS Today, GQ Magazine, Boating Magazine, Guy Harvey Magazine and many other well known print and online and media.

Product Features and Functions:
- 151 unique knots with new ones added frequently.
- Browse by category or search by name, common synonym or ABOK #.
- Landscape and portrait modes as well as fullscreen (Zoom in on a knot to see greater detail).
- Watch knots tie themselves and pause or adjust the speed of the animation at any time.
- Rotate knots in 360 degree, 3D views to study them from any angle with a swipe of a finger.
- Interact with the knot on screen by "scrubbing" over the knot to advance or rewind the animation.
- High res graphics with photo-realistic rope textures.
- Dark mode / Light Mode
- Completely self contained -- No internet required!
- Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch (Universal App)
- Fully localized in 21 different languages
- No advertisements. No in-app purchases. No subscriptions. Ever!

Choose from over 150 different knots and see how they're tied in incredible detail. Watch the knot draw itself or use your finger to tie and untie the knot. Its easy to see where the virtual rope goes in and out and around. (Something about a rabbit and a hole and a tree right? ) Zoom in on the knot to get a closer look or flip it around for another perspective. Use your finger to spin the knot and see how it looks from any angle in 3D!

Each 3D knot has detailed reference information including tying pointers, strength and reliability, structural info, and Ashley reference numbers (ABoK) and occasionally the history behind the knot.

The knots are arranged by both category (Boating, Climbing, Fishing, Scouting, etc) and type (Bend, Loop, Stopper, etc). If you find a knot you like or want to come back to later, add it to your Favorites list for quick reference.

The complete list of knots can be found on our website:

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Knots 3D Customer Service, Editor Notes:

v7.5.1 - minor updates and fixes to histories, synonyms and translations v7.5.0 - 7 new knots (152 total): Portuguese Bowline, Spanish Bowline, Becket Hitch, Becket Hitch (slipped), Pitzen Knot, Double Dragon Loop, Figure Nine Loop - Added Czech translation - Minor fixes/updates to descriptions, histories, synonyms and translations v7.x UI/UX Improvements including: - Dark/Light Mode - Search from main screen - Accessibility - Respect system setting for font size - Better text wrapping - RTL language improvements (Arabic and Hebrew) - Speed slider change starts animation if not already started - List does not reset when setting a favorite - Added continuous animation setting - Added swipe sensitivity setting - Option to show counts in tab bar We've been busy making the best knot app better! Many of the knot models have been upgraded with the following improvements: - 8, 16, and 24 strand rope with dozens of new photorealistic textures and patterns - More realistic metal rings, wood poles, carabiners, fish hooks, etc - Shadows! - Smoother animations If you like the changes, please leave us a review and let us know!

Knots 3D Comments & Reviews

- The best way to learn a new knot!

I’ve been fascinated with knots since I was a Cub Scout, some 60+ years ago. I still have my first Boy Scout Manual and the only hand notation, in the table of contents, is the word Knots. That’s first thing I wanted to learn, how to tie a good knot. Knots 3D is the first application I bought, when I got my first iPhone, many years ago. I can’t give you a date, but as I recall, it was around 2011 and there were only about 70 knots in the application, at that time. Now, there’s 126 and I expect that number will continue to slowly increase. I have a large, hard bound copy, of the Ashley Book of Knots and it is an excellent reference, but for most of my needs, for the last several years, Knots 3D has been my go to source for learning, and teaching others, how to tie a good knot. I absolutely love the 3D renderings, in Knots 3D and I consider it to be the very best way to learn a knot. I have gifted this app to many of my friends and family members and will continue to do so. So, if you want to learn how to tie a good knot, in my opinion this is the best source you’ll ever find. TinTexas

- I Can-Knot tell a lie, This is the best App for Knot-heads!

I really love this application. I've owned this since 2012 and they have done nothing but made it better. It really is the best application to learn about different knots and how to tie them. Because of the ability to slow down and speed up the actual building of the knot, even if you're not very fast at tying knots you can keep up with the example. It also has examples of knots that you really can use and you want to use. Sailors need to know this information and this is the best place to get it, also it you have ever tied down stuff in a trailer, you need it too! I have built almost every knot listed but there are a couple that I still can't tie but it's no fault of the app. 😊 When I first got this it had about forty knots, now there are over one-hundred and twenty. But don't take it from me, just take a look at the reviews for this application. I don't remember ever seeing a program with reviews like this, I mean this baby really rocks!

- THE Best Knotting App

I'm a macramè artist, and while I'm proficient with all the knots I "need" for this purpose, I'm also fascinated by all the practical and safety uses of knots. Despite being staunch that "I-will-not-pay-for-apps", the solid reviews and impressive preview images prompted me to take a chance and fork out the $1.99 for this one. After purchasing, I am far more impressed than I thought possible. The history, practical uses, alternate names, and especially the incredible interactive 3-D graphic animation make it totally worth every penny. I especially love that I can control the speed of the animation. Highly recommend, even to those with only a casual interest in knot tying (but is an incredible resource for the more serious ones as well.) Five thumbs up. 👍👍👍👍👍

- Great!

As a former Boy Scout, sailor and someone who has spent a lot of time thinking about how to teach people how to tie knots, this is a truly great tool for learning and teaching knots. You can see the knot from every angle. The animations are clear and the speed can be controlled. The color choices make the illustrations very clear. You can also view static images of the animations by moving your finger left and right across the image. I especially appreciate the accompanying history, uses, related knots and safety precautions. They are clear and concise. It’s a lot easier to learn to tie knots using this app than it is using Ashley’s Book of Knots. I have recommended it to my friends, family and anyone who expresses an interest in knot-tying.

- The Holy Grail of Knot-Tying References

Throughout my 40-year career as a full-time outdoor writer/photojournalist I have written, photographed and illustrated dozens of "how-to" magazine stories, feature sidebars and columns relevant to the tying and application of the great many specialized knots essential to fishing, boating, camping and more. My peers and I have wistfully imagined an app like this for decades. Now that it's a reality, it's all that we hoped it to be and more. The variable-speed animated illustrations portray a formerly challenging process with a clarity that is far above and beyond anything I and my friends in the outdoor press could ever have visualized. Five stars and an appreciative tip of the old fishing cap to those who conceptualized and created this innovative, easy-to-use game-changer of an app.

- Easiest knot app

Just download the app and go! Unlike other knot apps, this one is ready to use when you open it. Other app, you have individually download each knot which can be a pain (especially if your say, out in the woods and have no internet). All the knots are free, so you you don’t have to “upgrade to the pro version” to get the knot you need (I personally believe that all app that that do that should be obligated to call themselves the lite version). The animation is smooth and you can control the speed. Does it have as many knots as other apps? No. But it’s beautifully designed, works offline, easy to use and free.

- A must have app for knot enthusiasts and beginners alike

Firstly, I’d like to give credit to the developer, Dave. I emailed Dave with suggestions and a few questions that I had. His response was prompt, thorough, and informative. Now on to the app itself: The animations are superior to other apps. The allowance of viewing the knot tying process from fully invertible, 360 degree, full range-variable speed rotations including the ability to forward and reverse at will is top-notch! Great UI. The relative ease at which the end user is able to accomplish the above mentioned features are just a few reasons why I'm glad that I purchased this app.

- Best way to pass the time

I have started using this app to help phase out the compulsive social media need from my life. It’s such a great way to pass that same time, but instead learning every new knot you can possibly think of. I will now often sit for long stretches at a time with my section of paracord practicing, and it’s therapeutic like any craft would be. The UI is easy to navigate and the 3D diagrams make it completely painless to learn. A must for anyone interested in camping, boating, hunting, or just about anything that vaguely involves a cord or rope. If that matches you in any way don’t go without this app!

- Great app

I have books on tying knots but find this application to be better than any of them. The ability to rotate the view, so it’s more easily understood for us left-handers, plus speeding or slowing down the visuals, is fantastic. The ability to mark your favorites so you can come back to them it’s very nice.. I did not grow up learning to tie knots ( we didn’t learn that in my Brownie troop, LOL) so I really like the explanations for uses and other info for each knot. I have recently had the need to tie some knots for specific purposes, and this app showed me how. The price for such a terrific app is amazing.

- Awesome for reminding me at camp!!

This app is awesome! It doesn’t use phone data so knot info is always available on your phone, even out in the forest where there’s no signal. Knots are easy to find even if you don’t know the name. This app has never bothered me in any way...sometimes a good app can have a bothersome flaw. This app is awesome in every way!!! ———————— I do wish that there was a game feature to it. So if you have a group of people on a rainy day at camp, or even all alone, you can: Select a category of knots, all knots, or favorite knots; Each person has a piece of rope, a suitable object to tie around, a ring or carabiner, and a stick(toggle); Someone presses the ‘Start Game’ Button and a random knot from the selected list of knots appears on the screen - maybe there could be an option to include or exclude a picture of the finished knot; Everyone attempts to tie the random knot; Keep score however you want (I don’t expect a scoring system to be determined by the app designer); Have fun and learn knots!!!

- Excellent Utility!

Fire Dep’t instructor; Kayaking; two activities where right knots may be life saving & prevent injuries. Knowledge is critical! This app keeps my skills sharp, renewing & improving on the go! Presentation is key, Knots 3D has been a great resource I open often to review, learn, practice!! From newbies (probies) to experts this app is perfect! Fast program, great graphics - there’s no other apps approach Knots 3D. I have books, other apps but this one is on front page of my phone for ready and frequent access. And it has versions of popular knots no one else bothers to show but are often better applications.

- A knot for every purpose

I was a Boy Scout way back in the olden days, before the earth’s crust had fully cooled, like the early sixties. My patrol would always win the monkey bridge competition at the Camp-o-Ree and I thought I knew just about every knot that a boy (scout) could ever need. Maybe so, but there are a ton of knots here that I didn’t know. And the app not only shows how to tie them in simple steps, it tells what the knots are good for and why one might be better than another for a particular purpose. So this comes personally endorsed by the former patrol leader of the Pioneer patrol, Troop 542, Quivera Council, Boy Scouts of America.

- I love this app as much as I love camping 🏕🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

So, I’m a scout, and I’m struggling on knots and I’m trying to learn them easier, and my mom downloaded this app to help me on my knots. You can take rope with you on the go, and the app can help you teach them. One of my personal favorites is the Sheet Bend knot. Knots are very easy on this app because you can make the instructions faster or slower, you can make the knot upside down, and you can get a 360 degree view. I fell in love with this app so much I checked it out with my mom. If it wasn’t for this app, my life would be depressing, and miserable.

- Worth It

This app is severely undervalued - don’t tell them I said this, but I would’ve paid at least $5.00 for this. They couldn’t have done a better job building the app - it’s perfect. Keep in mind that there are hundreds of knots out there that aren’t included in this app (this app has about 126 knots at the time of this writing) but in their defense, it’d take years to build an app that included every knot in existence. All you military cats out there probably know how to tie a healthy portion of the knots they have in here, but if nothing else, this is a good refresher. If you’re a beginner with tying knots, this app will be the greatest teaching tool you’ll ever need. I’ve always been ridiculously lousy at tying I’ve had a couple people show me over and over how to tie certain knots, and I just couldn’t wrap my head around some of the techniques. With the 3D 360° views on each knot diagram, this will make you an expert in a matter of hours.

- Spectacular

This app has to be a he best out there. I was a boyscout 35 years ago. Some of these knots I had forgotten. I’ve refreshed and learned so many I’d never even heard of that are useful in everyday life applications. I carry rope in my truck. I choose rope and my knot capabilities now are superior and tough for whatever the application may be. Highly suggest getting this app even if it’s to just pass the time and learn some new rope tricks. I just can’t say enough good about this application. Wish I had this available 35 years ago. Thank you so much. Mike Reese

- Favorites keep disappearing

Great app but favorites keep disappearing. Really frustrating to spend so much time creating a favorites list of the knots I would actually need to then open it up in the field to find it empty. It has happened at least 6 times now over the course of the last 2 years or so. That makes the app pretty unreliable for any professional who wants to use the app as a quick reference in the field. It’s not a quick process to go through and find the right knot so the favorites is a really important part of the app that seems to lack any real reliability.

- Know Your Knots

Been using this one for years. It’s free and the animations are good. There’s about 150 knots and they are arranged into categories of use. It’s a good app that gets updated with new knots from time to time. They give a brief history of each knot and how it is commonly used. There are no ads and I wonder how they do this all for free. Anyway I thank the developers for an imminently useful knot primer. My only nit is that the iPhone version doesn’t update, so once a year I off load the app and reinstall. This gives me all the new knots.

- You should own this app

I struggled for years with the shame and inadequacy of not knowing how to tie proper knots. I found myself avoiding situations in which my sub par knotsmanship would be seen by others, and spent lots of money on bungie cords and ratchet tie downs to compensate. I never could learn from pictures and guides on the internet. This app has been a Godsend. I have been able to tie any knot I want with this and it even works with no service on your phone. The 3d models are awesome since you can see the knot at all stages from any angle.

- Very practical, useful app

I can’t overstate how handy it is to have over 120 different knots at my disposal, anytime. I’m always hauling crap that needs tying down, or working on some project where just the right knot makes everything easier. This app is far superior to any book, because you can zoom in, rotate, and see the knot actually being tied. I love it it’s worth more than they are charging. 95% of the App Store apps are actually useless for the real world. This is part of that 5% that is awesome.

- Efficient and effective

The animation runs at adjustable speeds, so fast-forwarding through the “easy” parts and then slowing it back down, and having the option to pause, really make it user-friendly. Every knot profile links to other knots that have similar uses and has expanded my knowledge base. The additional feature of being able to add favorites makes it easy to find what I’m working on come practice time. Definitely worth money spent!

- Excellent. Add random practice of the day.

Excellent. Please allow feature for random knot of the day to practice. Keep track of when last tried, to avoid repeating early – never give 2 different knots on same day, no matter how many times tried for the day. Have user judge as easy or hard. Keep stats of progress, time spent on each knot, and allow export in Excel format via email. Help users get better by focusing training on their weaknesses. Offer encouragement.

- If you're Knot an Idiot you would buy this app.

I thought I was knot going to get this app because of its 2 dollar price point but I was pleasantly surprised. Knot only does it show you how to tie each knot in 3D, it also gives you a description of what each knot can be used for. Knot only that but it also gives you preset categories that you can select from so you can make sure to get the ones you need and knot the ones you dont. I give it 5 Knots out of 5 Knots.

- Fantastic knots app

I bought this app because of my new interest in boating, and I thought learning some basic knots would be a good place to start. What a delight it was to find this app and see how perfectly it demonstrated the tying of so many helpful knots! The ability to slide a finger left over the knot image to untie the knot and right to retie it is fantastic. It’s a great way to really study a knot and commit it to memory. Not only is this a great knot app, it’s one of the best apps of any kind, period.

- 4.9 Stars

Ok, I'll round up. This app is fantastic. It does everything I could want in a knot app. Except... Now, maybe it's just me, but is there not an option to play the animation on loop? Having to stop and hit play every time is a bit of a hang up for me. Actually it's what keeps me from singing all its praises. I can't in good conscience dock a full star for that. Maybe it's there and I just can't find it. Want that last .1 star? It's yours for the option to loop.

- Nice 3D visual

Like the visual 3D to learn the different types of knots. do a 360 view, rotate and flip it round to learn your favorite ones. A big plus - you could get to the favorite knots too that you’ve hearted. Not sure how I missed but all your favorites are there in one place, make it easy to find them. Also you able to check out other related knots of your selections. Very helpful and sure come in handy.

- A Masterpiece

I learned the six basic knots in the Boy Scouts. Then many more from The Boy Scout Book of Knots. Then 3,000+ more from the Ashley Book of Knots. Okay, not all 3,000. And now, a quantum leap forward. What a marvelous piece of work. For those who have trouble figuring out Knots from a book, a Godsend. And, so very well done. At any price, buy this. Then, learn some Knots. Fun, and on occasion, the right knot may save your life. Or, at least, make things much, much better.

- Top-notch app for learning and quick reference

At the top level I like the comprehensive selection of knots, the ways to find them by application category or name or end-use, and the ability to save to favorites. For the knots themselves: the clear animations with speed control, the strengths and weaknesses of the knot, and the cross-reference to similar knots. I find myself using this app more often than I imagined.

- My go-to for knots

I have many knot books, including the Ashley Book of Knots, but this app is what I always go to. It has most every knot I need and the library is constantly expanding. The animations are simple, detailed, and easy to follow. One of the most important things for me about this app is that I can use it offline, so when I am out fishing or hunting with no signal, I still have my library of knots.

- Wonderful App But A minor Issue

Everything is prefect, the only bothering problem is you can’t step back a short time span when you watch knot fastening and should watch the video until its end and replay it again to rewatch the missed span. *** Oh, I got it how to step back by touching the video back and forth. I correct my asterisks to 5 star. 😊 Thank to its developers 🙏🙏🙏. It was tricky honestly 😉

- Excellent for scouts

WOW!!!! This is by far one of the best ways I have seen for teaching knots to my scouts. I really like the animated knot tying. You can speed it up, slow it down, flip it to the back view, flip it upside down, show the knot tying for right handed vs left handed, etc. The scouts can learn it for whatever view they prefer. The 360 view is awesome to make sure you tired and dressed the knot correctly.

- GasssMan 37

Without dispute, the best knot tying app ever made. The 3-D effect, accompanied by the ability to rotate the knot and see it from a 360 degree angle, combine with beautiful colors makes all knots appealing. Additionally, knots are well named and categories are clear. Also, the function and cross-over application of each knot is discussed. I recommend this app to everyone, beginner or expert, who desires a reference for teaching or review. Keep up the GREAT WORK !

- Great way to stay up on your knots...

I would like to have more control over the orientation of the knots so that I can position the knot the way I see it when I am tying it, but that is a minor quibble. This is still an excellent app for learning and remembering your knots and I do a quick review almost daily in preparation for upcoming fishing trips. I have submitted a knot that is not in the fishing repertoire, I hope it will be included in an update soon...

- Easily the best knot tying app in the App Store

I have had Knots 3-D for many years. Unlike most apps that tend to stagnate, Knots 3-D has continued to improve both in visualization technology and the number of knots it contains. I literally get excited when I see that there is an update in the App Store for this wonderful app. This is one app that I have no regret having purchased.

- Ultimate Knot App...!!!

This knot app is simply incredible. It has every knot I’ve wanted to use and many, many more. What I like: 1. The animated tying of each knot which can be viewed from the front AND the back. 2. The ability to speed up or slow down the animation. 3. The ability to view in full screen. 4. All knots are downloaded to your phone so that an internet connection is not needed to view. 5. The graphics are incredibly clear. 6. A history and typical usage is included with each knot. 7. Clear and intuitive interface. This is a must have app for hikers, campers, explorers, truckers, etc. Well done and thank you to the developer!

- Best Knot app out there!

I love this app. It is absolutely my go to app when I want to learn something new or refresh my memory or am looking for a knot to do something. If anyone ever asks me for a knot app there isn't another that I suggest first. Get it, you won't be disappointed. It's always getting new knots and new features, love it!

- Incredibly fun learning tool

As a Boy Scout teaching knots is hard and this app makes it the easiest thing in the world. It also has changed the way I secure things by showing me better knots. For instance I used to use a taut line hitch for rain fly stakes and now I use the adjustable grip hitch. And I used to use the clove hitch to start lashings and now I use the double constrictor.

- Great resource on the job (and countless other times)

I work in construction and use rope rigging fairly often, but not often enough to always remember the proper way to tie some of the knots I use. It’s great to be able to pull up this app for a quick refresher when I’m not sure. The app is also great for learning new knots and variations of knots. Awesome resource!

- Fantastic resource!!

Excellent resource! As a firefighter, I have often gone to this app to refresh and search out new knots that can be used for various situations. I’ve also submitted request for knots not in the library and have always received positive responses from the developer. Keep up the good work!!

- The Best app ever for Knot tying

This is the best and easiest way to learn your knots and what they are used for. I also like the warning disclaimers and suggestions for more secure options for the purpose. The only added feature I would like to see is a loop function on the animation so that one can visually absorb it while learning it. Please add that.

- I have trouble learning to tie knots from a book

This app makes it easy for me to learn any particular knot. Slowing down the animation really helps me learn the steps. A very well thought out app. The developers kept the end user in mind while designing the animations. Hey! I can now tie a Double fisherman and prison knots. For me, that alone is well with the price of admission.

- BEST knot app EVER!!!

I don't typically write reviews but this app is totally worth my time. If you can't tie a knot using this app then it's safe to say you probably want ever tie one. By far the BEST $2 I've ever spent on an app. I use this app mainly for the fishing knots but I'm certain I will get much more use from it for other things as well. Many Kudos to the maker of this one.

- Fantastic

This is a fantastic App. I am new to know tying and have bought 2 books on the subject. But this is by far the superior way to learn how to tie knots. Downloaded to your phone so it works as long as you have battery life. This is a essential app for anyone interested in outdoors survival hunting fishing and so much more 5 out of 5

- Learned knots I never were able to

This is not only 3D but allows you to play the action of the rope being tied step wise! Perfect for learning the more complicated knots I never understood using 2d drawings. The ability to rotate the knots as well as the extensive number of knots make this app better than any book!

- Dude.

I can’t imagine who the target market is for this app. But for a guy like me who one day just decided, I wanna learn some knots. This app is seriously legit. It does so much cool stuff! Support this app and go ahead and buy it. They clearly have someone brilliant behind this app’s design. They all deserve to stay employed. That is all :)

- Love this app

I fish, climb, and camp. This app the best I've seen and used. They have added more knots over the years and it's only gotten better. When you don't use a knot for a while you forget how it is tied. This app allows you to take your phone with you and review what you've forgotten or never learned. Love it.

- Top Notch App

I am a professional pilot, and amateur knot-trying enthusiast, and I must say, this app basically led to a new hobby for me, which has proven quite useful in my day-to-day life. Clear animations & commentary on knots from history to reliability to function - DEFINITELY WORTH THE MONEY! This one's the real deal in a sea of fake & crappy apps.

- Knot Believable!

It is hard to learn knots manually in a book, it is true. This allows a visual aspect with a load of knots, video image for knotting, and a favorites to keep all your favorite knots in here, or often used knots. It is engaging and enjoyable for the whole family! Usable easily navigated, to knot get this is knot possible! STOP READING GET THE APP.

- Amazing app. Could save your life!

This app could potentially save your life because you can learn knots for rescue and learn the right know for the job. The app makes it super easy to learn new knots and there are more knots than you could imagine. What more can you ask for?!

- Quick, easy, essential

I’ve had this app for years. I’ve been able to learn knots from the most basic to complex. It’s been a quick reference, providing a reminder when needed. The upgrades have been seamless.

- Great visualisation

App developer responded same day for suggested knot additions. Love the app and how it visualizes the knot being tied. Would love to see alternative ways to tie knots too. For example there are at least three ways to tie an alpine butterfly. Maybe show a few options? Either way I still love the app.

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- Continually improved

This program is excellent and just keeps getting better and I am talking about my experience of over 3 years. In my older reviews I discussed why I chose this app over all the other knot apps. Those reasons haven’t changed. The interface updates and the controls are excellent. So 5 stars even if you haven’t yet added the Gordian knot :)

- My GoTo first! - knot reference resource

How many times I’ve resorted to Knots 3D to recall my favourite fishing or load tying knots making that have slipped my mind due to lack of practice never ceases to amaze me. I especially like checking out new knots and rope tying sequences that “may” be of some use in some future situation and knowing that the Knot 3D app is available to guide me in the formative learning stages. I gave it 4 stars, it will get upgraded to 5 stars when the fishing PR Knot and Rizutto Knot are added. Keep up the great work and I look forward to the new developments to come.

- Great app!

This is a great app to learn about knots. Some of the animations (like scrolling through the list) seems a bit sluggish on my iPhone 8, but other than that I don't really have much of an issue with this app. Thanks for making it! Update: As someone who doesn't tie knots often, it would be useful if the knot description gave some real life examples of when a knot would be used.

- Awesome App for Scout Leaders

I regularly use this app to help with demonstrating different lashings to my scouts. Being able to see the movement of the rope without anyone’s hands in the way it makes the knot or lashing a lot easier to understand for the scouts.

- Great knots app

Really well done, lots of knots (121 atm) for boating, fishing, camping, rescue, climbing, even decorative as well as general purpose. Animated, rotatable and easy instructions as well as context of use. Easy to follow and replicate knots as such. As a feature, and I’m sure that would be very easy to implement by the developers, then I’d wish that there was a “continuous loop” option in the animation so the knot keeps playing over and over again. Right now the play button has to be repeatedly pressed, which is cumbersome if one is in the middle of a knot looking for the next step. That would make this app absolutely perfect. Kept up the great work.

- Great App!

Clear, concise, great variety, very useful. Perhaps I missed this, but would you consider a frame forward-backward possibilty to review stages of the knot, rather than having to start/pause again?

- Easy to follow

With the adjustable speed control you can slow any knot so it’s very easy to tie the knot yourself .The range of knots is listed so also easy to find what you want.

- Great start

I really enjoy this app to remind me on how to do some knots. Just waiting for more specific ones in the sailing section so I can recommend it under us boaties. 😉

- Best app for knots

Great app so easy to learn different types of knots. Just wondering could the developer add different types of splices other than the two you have.👍

- Neil

Second to none. Even an Old Salt, told me he’s seen nothing like it, & wished it was around when he was on the high seas. Brilliant app, easy to follow, great to have , even if you eat & sleep knots.

- Makes learning knots simple.

Downloaded this to learn a few new knots. So simple yet informative that it's found a permanent place on my phone. Keep up the good work guys.

- So good!

This app has all the knots you are likely to need in your given field of enquire. It is good for learning and refreshing your learning. It does help to have a rope with you, of course!

- Easy to use

This app is so easy to use and the customer service is fantastic. Have no hesitation in recommending to friends!!

- Simply brilliant

Wish we had iPads 50 years ago when I was in the navy....

- Great

Fantastic app. We use it to help teach knots to the scouts. Would also love to see a friendship knot also known as Chinese cross knot. Love the animations and the ease of use.

- Easy access to accurate techniques

Great and easy to follow instructions.

- Knots 3D

If you are looking for an app regarding knots this would be the best that you can download,I cannot fault it,great app.

- Love the app

It’s such an easy app. I love the simplicity on how to use it. I also love on the different angles of the knots.

- Very useful

I use it very regularly to try new and new variations of knots, building my 3 knot repertoire.

- Knots 3D

Great all round app with knots for every situation

- Wonderfully clear.

Excellent design. Would like to see it include more bends (and bends that are called knots [like the Reever]) and splices.

- Worth 5 stars

Excellent app, great help

- Missing alpine butterfly bend

Probably one of the most important bends and it’s missing!

- very handy

you never know when you need it. surprisingly it is very simple.

- A brilliant app

This is the best free app on the apps store.

- Great app

This is the best knot tying app - so easy to follow great illustrations-, great work

- Brilliant app

Love it.

- Kim


- And im in love

wow! Wow wee. I HAVE GOOSEBUMBS. I HAVE FALLEN Head over heels in love with knots again. I cant believe so many types of knots can be all stored into one easy to use app. This app is a must for any one ( man or woman) who is serious about knots. Also a great intro to anyone who is looking into taking up knoting for a hobby. Have all the classic and some OUTRagious knots. Knot on everyone.

- Brilliant but dangerous

The 'how to tie' each knot section is fantastic. The lack of warning about dangerous knots could kill. It would be better if warnings not to use were clearer and alternatives given. The bowline rarely has any place in climbing or abseiling - it has 3 potential mistied variants that look close enough to right. There are safer alternatives (generally a figure of 8 follow through)

- Excellent!

Excellent! Absolutely excellent! I love using knots but can never remember the best ones. Now I don't have to. With this app I can find the most appropriate knot for the situation every time, and with the variable speed animation I can follow along right on the spot. Fantastic! Now I can do every knot I ever wanted to, and then some :-)

- Knots3D

If you want the best look no further. To do justice to this app I would have to write an essay, just believe all that the good reviews say. What I like most about it is the ability to watch the knots being tied as fast or as slow as you want. I think the developers have thought of everything - colour schemes, groupings, favorites, clear graphics and full screen display I wish that this technology was available when I was growing up as everything is so clearly explained together with the history, terms and purpose of each knot. jhw00 21 Dec 2014

- Waynebow2

Right from the start the opening page is a stand out and this is an invitation to look further in to and explore the various knots. They are full of stunning colours and explanations on how to, and then there are the various uses explanations and the description's. This is an excellent App.

- A winner

This is a great App. I'm an avid fisherman and I'm also someone's husband so now and again I'm expected to perform the odd miracle. I've got all miracles covered in the household knot department thanks to this App. She who must be obeyed thinks I'm a Knot Whisperer and occasionally I get rewarded - thank you Knot Dudes - 5 stars is your reward!!

- Fantastic resource

Brilliant app, wish it was around when I was a scout some 20 years ago! One suggestion though: it would be even better if later updates also showed the knots fully tightened. Cheers!

- Simple and brilliant

How could you ask for more? Simple,straight forward and intricate at the same time. Absolutely brilliant and simple knot reference guide that is easy to follow and learn. 10 star rating, thank you

- Wonderful app

A fantastic app with a great feel to it. Illustrations to tie knots are at the highest standard for any app. Undoubtedly the best knot app available. Couple more knots in due course will turn this into a 5 star must have app. You also don't need the Internet to view knots, so it's great in remote areas! Great innovative app. Well done

- Ken T

Brilliant app 10/10. I'm going to advise this app to campers on a couple of Facebook camping pages I joined. Nothing worse than seeing a camper tie loads etc in undo able knots. Or worse, tie loads that may slip on the road.... Great app.... A good safety app too.

- Love this apt

This truly is the best and most understandable Apt for various knots , my wife and I do a lot of Kayak fishing where are are a long wAy off shore so when we have the need to change a style of knot we now go to this and it is so easy to follow

- Great selection of knots

What a fantastic app, great selection of knots put into logical categories, excellent functionality with ability to slow down, rotate. If yr interested in learning knots this is definitely the app to get. Suggestion to include splicing, eye splice & wire farm fencing knots

- Excellent Descriptions

The other knot apps I've tried don't have this detail. It's graphical interface is excellent & make it the best all round of the knots apps I've used for learning. I don't know why this is not a more popular app.

- Brilliant App!

Fantastic App. Description of knot uses and effectiveness. Video of tying procedure for each knot that can be slowed down to make learning much easier. We'll worth having. I learnt a lot very quickly.

- It's driving me knots

This has renewed my enthusiasm for this dying art form. I will have to keep a couple of practice ropes in the car with me so that I can play whenever I have some waiting time. Love it!

- Amazing App!

Its really cool how it teaches all of the knots and the it shows a 3D stop motion pitchure of how u do it and if u like the knot you can add it to your favourites where u can quickly look at it. Defentlly worth my money and 5 stars

- Great app

This app is very useful and practical. It is also very easy to use with 3d animated instructions. Everyone should have this app in their phone because it is very handy.

- Great offline reference for my frequently needed knots

As an infrequent tier of knots I find that I need a reference and refresher at hand. Knots 3D provides this. Using the Favouriting capability means the subset of essential knots that I need are quickly accessible.

- Better then the books

It makes it easy to pick up quickly.

- Very useful

Great app and easy to see how to do it (tie the knot). I would like to see a little more info about securing loads on trucks and trailers. Some of the knots seem suitable but I'm unsure. Well done.

- Cool animations

Great app - the animations are fantastic, especially being able to rotate them in 3D. Would be 5 stars if there were more knots, or more examples of how they're used, eg in boating it would be really helpful to see drawings of the knots in use.

- Love it

When you have something like this in 3D I must say it cannot get better than this. Well done guys!! 5 stars

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- Indispensable

Indispensable pour les adeptes de la pêche, du camping et de l'escalade

- Knots 3D

Was great to start with and just keeps getting better and better.

- Very handy reference guide

I don’t need to tie knots frequent enough to remember them and this app really helps the couple times a year when I need to fix things around the yard or going camping. It done if the few apps that I consistently, although infrequently, use through the many years I have downloaded it.

- Really good

Really cool guys! Love it. I know it’s a lot to ask for but do you think you could give more animations on the knots to objects just for the sake of me and other beginners?

- Superbe app

Plusieurs type de noeuds, très bien illustré avec un texte descriptif pour chacun. Superbe application qui m’a été utile plus d’une fois!

- best app ever

without this app l never would’ve met my husband. he was a cute coworker of mine and on time we went on a camping work retreat and l used this app to set up the bear hang. he was so impressed by my skills, we ended up talking into the night by the fire, things got hot and we ended the evening in his tent! we made sweet sweet love til the sun came out and have been together ever since! ☺️

- Knots 3D

Interested in knots? This is the best app I have seen for learning or refreshing your knots. Background on usage, origin and more. Regular updates are excellent. Thanks to the developers. Great work.

- Outstanding.

This App is absolutely the BEST. Thank You So Much.

- Does the thing

Pretty straight forward. Great app and comes in handy in a pitch

- Forced to rate app

I could not see my favourites unless I rated this app. Stupid way to get good ratings... Sorry, it’s even more stupid then I first thought. I can no longer see my favourites, it keeps asking to rate this stupid app.

- Knots 3D

Excellent app. Fun to try the different knots and easy to learn new ones. I’ve had this app for a long time already.

- tec_64

Great app. Very useful reference.

- App

Great app, helped a lot with knots

- Excellent!

Sep 2020: Still a fabulous app. 5 Stars all the way! Orig Review: Wonderful app with lots of thoughtful features.

- Good app but forcing me to review it takes away 2 stars!


- How can you knot buy this!?

Fantastic app. Loads of knots and good explanation of their uses, drawbacks etc. I wish you could also view the knots in “steps” instead or as well as a gif but it’s not a huge deal.

- Great App!!

Love it! Best knots app available

- Amazing App!!

An amazing app that only gets better as the years go by. FIVE (5) stars and two thumbs up!

- Indispensable

Très bonne application.

- Great COVID-19 busy work

I got this years ago and loved how it taught me loads of knots then. Since I’m stuck in on the C19 lockdown me and my bit of rope have hours of fun.

- Wow! Encore!!!

Très bon appli surtout très pratique pour apprendre et se remémorer les noeuds utilisés moins souvent. SVP, plus de noeuds de sauvetages tels que harnais complets avec jambes, tailles et bras. Merci!!!

- I’m always tied up with his app!

This app and I have spent so much time together, that we’re tying the knot!

- WoT’s knot to like?

This is a very good app, & has been a beneficial refresher tool for a not so young Sea Dog! J. M.

- Love it

I love this app. It is so handy as a reference and how to guide.

- Knots 3D

Une application à porter de tous. Avec les vidéos à vitesse variable ,chaque personne y trouve son rythme.

- Vraiment utile

La base de tout les noeuds ou presque,très bien illustré en 3D ,bravo au développeur✌🏻

- Knots Galore

Love this app. Everything about it is well done. Much appreciated… thank you!

- Indispensable pour la voile et autres

Animation 3d facile à comprendre. Bonne classification Tous les noeuds standards, leurs dérivés et d’autres, même décoratifs.

- Phenomenal

This application is nothing short of amazing. If the developer can produce something this sophisticated yet beautifully simple with respect to the UI, the possibilities of what else they could do on any other subject or project seems limitless. Genius.

- Extremely handy!

This is one of those apps that you won't use often, but when you do need it, it's by far the best app for learning to tie knots!

- WOW!!!

Better than YouTube videos. Great 3D. Makes it easy to follow.

- Love it

Very well organised in the app. Then really easy to follow each knot and love the way you can slow and stop the playback. Thanks very much for a great app.

- Easy to follow

Love how you can change the speed of the video. I recommend this app.

- And I thought I knew them all...

It has the knots very well covered with animated descriptions on how to tie them. Well done.

- Great app

I loce the app. How about adding Romanian among your languages?

- Fantastic

The best money I’ve spent in years Awesome app :))

- Knot heaven

A beautiful app that allows you to see knots from all angles. Allows you to see the knot being tied at different speeds. It also has a good description of the knot and its usage. You can favorite knots to make them faster to find in future. I have a couple of knot apps and I have to say this is the best one so far.

- Parfait

Une application parfaite pour apprendre à faire des noeuds: les noeuds sont triés par champ d'utilisation(camping,marins,etc.) de plus, les utilisations de chaque noeuds sont données, ainsi qu'une séquence d'images que l'on peut avancer et reculer à notre guise. L'application dispose aussi d'une section "favoris",où l'on peut sauvegarder les noeuds que l'on connait, qu'on veut apprendre, enfin vous décidez ce que vous en faites.

- Too knot!!!

Perfect for refreshing my knowledge and use of knots I use in the marine industry. Quick reference and 3D is perfect. A very good app for my needs.

- Vraiment utile et bien fait

Beaucoup de noeuds tres utiles. Modèle de démonstration autant pour gaucher que droitier

- Awesome!


- Very helpful!

Great app, complete, concise and a constant help to me.

- Learning to tie a knot

I love this app. This helped me practice tying the necessary knots required to pass my sailing course. I especially like the fact that you can speed up or slow down the demo.

- Great app

I review this app 5 stars because of its useful in many situation a good app you should have

- Love it

Diagrams are clear and easy to follow. Tons of knots, although I couldn't find the truckers hitch, even though it is referred to in other knots. Love the control I have on viewing the knots, including speed and viewing angle control. Thank you for this app!

- Froze my phone


- Fabulous all around

I really like the animations that teach you how to tie knots.. Also beautiful graphics.. I got this on a free promotion but I'd still pay for this App :D

- easy learning

Now I can tie knots without asking so called experienced arrogant big guys!

- Amazing update

Been a reference for years, great to see continued development. Everything you could want, animations illustrating tying, favourite knots.

- The only knot app you need from App Store

Good app to learn most common knots you need. Highly recommended.

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VTG 1970s Limited Collection Erwin Pearl Polished Gold Plated 3D Love Knots Catwalk Runway Statement Clip On Earrings, Bridal Prom Formal by Biju0327 via @Etsy

Raihan Azvelin

@mayournice Go knots 3d, unblockball, checkers, folding tiles, laseroverload.


3D space exists in a blackhole as spacetime is made out of string energy , which is hyperdense energy and gets affected by a blackholes super density of mass matter which is itself made out of string energy knots,while space is made out of satoms :{)

feliz navidamon 🎅

@jamesbarrettpa the knots you have to twist yourself into to somehow think this was all Nancy playing 3D chess is just astonishing

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 star review from Rodrigo B.

Knots 3D 7.5.1 Screenshots & Images

Knots 3D iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Knots 3D iphone images
Knots 3D iphone images
Knots 3D iphone images
Knots 3D iphone images
Knots 3D iphone images
Knots 3D iphone images
Knots 3D iphone images
Knots 3D iphone images
Knots 3D iphone images
Knots 3D iphone images

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The applications Knots 3D was published in the category Reference on 2011-09-10 and was developed by Nynix [Developer ID: 425939481]. This application file size is 196.96 MB. Knots 3D - Reference app posted on 2021-04-03 current version is 7.5.1 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.nynix.animatedknots3d