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What is merriam-webster dictionary app? Get America’s most useful and respected dictionary, optimized for your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. This is the best iOS app for English language reference, education, and vocabulary building.

And now we’ve added new word games! It’s never been more fun to learn new words and test your vocabulary for everyone from English learners to total word nerds. Hundreds of words to test your skills.

Offline access: You’ll have complete access to definitions whether or not you’re connected.


* Universal App
* New Vocabulary-Building Quizzes: fun, fast quizzes to learn new words or test your vocabulary
* Additional resources available with in-app purchases
* Voice Search: look up a word without having to spell it
* Word of the Day: learn a new word every day.
* Integrated Thesaurus: synonyms & antonyms are included with the dictionary
* Example Sentences: understand how a word is used in context
* Quick Definitions: perfect for on-the-go lookups
* Audio Pronunciations: voiced by real English speakers, not text-to-speech robots
* Favorite Words and Search History: Keep track of the words that are most important to you
* Favorite Word syncing through iCloud: Share your favorites between devices
* Apple Watch Extension: See Word of the Day, find watch-sized definitions with voice search, and keep track of your favorites from your watch

Fully featured and absolutely free, this app is supported by ads. You can remove ads for $2.99 per year with an in-app purchase charged to your iTunes account or $5.99 per year with additional resources. Prices vary by location. Your subscription will automatically renew unless cancelled at least 24 hours before the end of the subscription period. You can manage your subscription in your account settings.

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Merriam-Webster Dictionary Version 5.6.415 March 2022

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Merriam-Webster Dictionary Version 5.6.215 February 2022

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Merriam-Webster Dictionary Comments & Reviews 2022

- Love this app

I stumbled across the Word of the Day a few years ago, and was getting it in my email every morning. I word share it on social media every day. But then it stopped coming. Seriously, MW, what’s up with that? I checked my spam folder, I tried unsubscribing and then subscribing again, but nothing. It just would not send. (I know...this doesn’t really seem like a 5 star review, does it? Stay with me, it gets better. 😂) But finally it dawned on me that I was using the website a lot to look up words, either in the dictionary or the thesaurus, and that I should just look for the app. Hey, I’m 62 and a little slow with technology, OK? I love the app, and I use every day...usually several times a day. I look up meanings of unfamiliar words, of course. But I use the thesaurus a lot. When I am writing an email, or text, or posting on social media I frequently find myself searching my brain for a word that I know is perfect for the context, but my brain just can’t seem to grab onto. (Old and slow, remember?) I go to the thesaurus and start putting in words that are similar, but not quite what I’m looking for. Most of the time, I find the word I want. Occasionally I don’t, but I do find an acceptable substitute. I still check out the WOD, and share it on social media. And I am absolutely LOVING the way they subtly (and sometimes not so subtly) throw shade at the current President and administration. It’s a master class in shade throwing. 😎😂

- Great, and Helpful, App

I’m still in school, so something like a portable dictionary can be really handy. Though I don’t pay for the premium so I can’t look up everything(especially names) it’s still extremely helpful. Sometimes I hear this strange word on TV or see it in a novel I’m reading and wonder what it is. Sometimes I’m doing school and something asks for the exact definition of a word. Instead it trooping to my basement and flipping for ages through gigantic, long, make your eyes bleed pages, I turn to my phone charging behind me and switch on this app. I’m also a small time writer, so the thesaurus is REALLY helpful when looking for that just right word to fit your story and writing style. I also love the quizzes-they’re really unique and honestly do teach me words. It’s a little tempting slice of the Quissitive app. I can’t wait until next week’s comes out. This also very easy to navigate, and everything is clear and concise-so if your not sure you want to use some electronic confusing dictionary, never mind that. Webster is just a few clicks and you’re to your definitions, and one more easy to see button will lead you to the thesaurus. Making an account is easy too! Great app overall; It’s helped me a ton through school, writing, and my endeavors to increase my vocabulary. Thanks, Merriam Webster! No complaints here on my part.

- It’s the best for reading/writing!

I read books that often have unusual, or at least not in the common vernacular, words in them. I used to write them down and at the end of the day look them up in my physical dictionary or Encyclopedia set. Now I have one right in my pocket that is constantly being updated (my physical dictionary was from the early 1990s and encyclopedias given to me by my grandpa before he died when I was ten - I’m 30 now. New things are out there, new ideas, new ELEMENTS. And since I’m a writer, and I hate reusing a word too many times in an essay, paper, or story, the Thesaurus is a great and convenient tool that’s a nice little add on. Plus my family and I try to make up alternative definitions for the ‘Word of the Day’. Funniest or most outrageous wins. Try it! It awesome! Especially if you don’t know what the word means in the first place! Also, like me, if you are writing a story and need someone with the ranking of town mayor but in a tribal setting, the Thesaurus can actually give you the word you are looking for. I typed in ‘lord’ in the thesaurus and it gave me ‘nabob’ and ‘nawab’ two Urdu words for a local Muslim governor in the Mogul Empire (so like a mix between governor, lord, tax collector, and sheriff). If my story develops into neading a Muslim- type country, I can make sure the provinces have ‘nabobs’- cause now I know that word!

- Great addition to phone!

This has always been my number one dictionary to pick up first and the one I always referred to when expanding my vocabulary and to aid my understanding of the different meanings of a word based on the context it’s used in. I remember when I was a little kid I would just pick up a dictionary (especially Merriam-Webster), sit down, and start reading through it randomly learning new words. Now with this App on my phone I do like the idea of having a dictionary with me everywhere I go, that I can literally carry around with me in my pocket. Whenever I bring it up to check something I don’t even have to turn a single page to find the word I’m looking up. I guess I just appreciate the multitude of uses that technology brings us, the fact that I already appreciated the physical book itself before smartphones even existed and that I just like everyone else had to remember and or write down everyone’s landline number has something to do with it too. This App is definitely useful to have, and it has come in-handy for me on numerous occasions. So far for me it has been working smoothly, no glitches or anything. I absolutely recommend this app if your looking for a good reputable dictionary to have as a part of your phone’s abilities.

- Help me when I spell the word wrong

I purchased this app because I listen to a lot of history books on Audible. when listening to the books, I often hear words that I’ve never heard before in French phrases that don’t make any sense to me. A couple words of encounter for the first time in the past couple days are peripatetic and calumny, for example. Call me a fool, but I guessed the spelling wrong on both these words by one letter, and as a result, obtain no results in search. In contrast, a quick DuckDuckGo search automatically corrected my spelling error and presented the Merriam-Webster dictionary page directly from the search results as the first result. I just find myself in a situation, where if I have Internet access, it makes much more sense to just search it in a web browser, then rather than use the app. The only time this app is of any use to me as if I am caught completely without Internet access and I need to access something off-line. Otherwise, I end up trying to search it in the app, and then just going to Google it instead. i’ll give me the app to stars Soli book as it doesn’t have a spelling correction future or offer any suggested similar spellings. I think that people like me, who hear the word rather than see it, needs to know about this lack of a feature before they purchase. If Merriam-Webster wishes to add this feature in the future, or if it’s already there and I just don’t know how to use it, I’ll upgrade my rating to five stars.

- Best Word of the Day App + Fun Games

I used to read constantly in my youth and into my twenties but it’s so difficult to find ample time to physically crack open a book these days and read the amount of content that satisfies me, so I started listening to more audiobooks to keep up with my “reading” while performing menial tasks like washing dishes and cleaning floors/etc. But I have to admit my vocabulary unfortunately seems to be paying the price for this convenience! But the WOTD calendar and word games help to continue the expansion of my vocabulary, and while sometimes they are words I already know they are usually words that can be used in writing and sometimes even every day conversation, and it’s nice to be reminded of those fleeting words that aren’t quite seared into memory. There are so many WOTD calendars/apps that seem to think finding the most useless, nonsensical and out of date words in the English language is some great accomplishment, but it’s a waste of everyone’s time in my opinion. The point is to expand the vocabulary of words still in use, or words that at least have an interesting backstory... and Merriam Webster does just that in my opinion. Check out the games as well, fun and educational for all levels of proficiency!

- It can challenge me

I have an excellent vocabulary proven by many tests and games of this type. In one hour (while paying attention to the news) I played all three games and reached the top competency of all three as well as trying to score no mistakes in the least amount of time. I have had smart phones since they have been available and have resisted until now playing any without someone (my sister, usually) trying to talk me into it. The Mirriam Webster app games broke through my resistance. Even the “beyond difficulty” level is not impossibly difficult, but there are words and pictures (What is This?) and the True and False questions that I don’t know. That is where my fun comes from - learning something I hadn’t previously known. I also learned that some of the questions have rather nit-picky answers. Some of the questions require somewhat closer reading than I gave, sacrificing the closer reading for the sake of speedy answers. But, it is only a game played for my own amusement. I am not going to get my knickers in a twist if I am not perfect. Didn’t Watson prove superior to any human competitors? Isn’t that the point of AI? Scary, but true! Lizzibet

- Premium App vs Subscription?

Great dictionary app! However, Merriam does not make clear the difference between the Premium app (one time payment of $4.99) and the Original app with a yearly subscription ($2.99/year and $5.99/year). The premium app lists all of it’s features in the App Store, but the Original (free) app says you pay $2.99 for removal of ads and $5.99 for “additional features”. There is no information about this on there website either, so how is a consumer supposed to decide on which to purchase? Will the Premium app eventually be phased out for just the subscription model? I purchased the $5.99 subscription before I knew about the Premium app. I remember there being information on the features before purchase. But now that I’ve purchased it, the section with the features has disappeared. I wasn’t aware of a one time payment premium app, so now I want to compare and see if I’m getting my money’s worth. This information needs to be readily available and in plain sight. Can someone from Merriam please respond with this information? I email you but got and auto response saying “ Due to the volume of correspondence we receive, we unfortunately cannot personally respond to each message” and the generic info included in that email did not answer my question. Otherwise great app. Best dictionary for Americans.

- Simply the best!

I’m an unusual person who loves to read the dictionary for fun. I blame both my father who was an incredible wordsmith (and who made up games to encourage my sibs and me to expand and then use our new vocabularies) and my 4th grade teacher who taught us to love not only learning new vocabulary words but to look at how a word is put together (prefixes, suffixes, root words) and to become word detectives by looking for certain characteristics that would give away the national origin of the word. I’m also an avid reader who underlines any word I don’t know and then writes the definition in the margin of the page the word is on. Through the years I’ve tried using a variety of different dictionaries, but the one that I trust most is Merriam-Webster. It gives me the most complete information that I need about pronunciation(s), definitions, word origin (one of my favorite bits) plus synonyms, antonyms, and proper usage of the word. The games are great fun and keep me on my toes, so to speak, helping me sharpen my skills and add new words to my vocabulary. No other dictionary does so much and does it so well! Many thanks.

- Great app!!

A+ on the app. Easy search for dictionary and/or thesaurus, even offline! Also includes online audio pronunciation. Favorite words and view your recent searches. I especially enjoy the Word of the Day and the quizzes. It even gives a new weekly quiz each week. (Internet access necessary to receive Word of the Day and weekly quizzes, then they are available offline.) I never paid for anything and have never gotten ads. Like most apps it has bugs... particularly a problem with the search bar dropping down from the top of the screen. This is especially annoying when you're trying to play a quiz game and it covers the countdown time and score. It simply does this randomly. Hopefully they will fix this issue soon. Also there are no back arrows. If you're wondering how to go back... just swipe away from the left edge of the screen. The same method can be used for moving forward to a previous screen (after going back). Simply swipe away from the right side. Why are you waiting? Download now and enjoy!!

- Sigh... Well, I’m warming to it.

This is a review of Version 4.3. Used to love it, now I hate it. It’s really pretty, but the print is so small and dim I can’t read it. I never had any problems with the previous version. Now it’s worthless to me. Guess I’ll try to reload the old iPad-only app. Update (and up to three stars from two): Okay, I just discovered you can "pinch" to enlarge the font, but then it doesn’t fit the screen and you have to slide it back and forth to read little bits of the entry at a time. It would be much better if, when resizing, the text would wrap around to fit the visible dimensions of the screen. Update 2 (up to four stars): Okay, I’m warming up to it. Another reviewer mentioned that they wished you could "back-arrow" to return to the home screen. I’ll admit that annoyed me as well, but the developer's response (swipe from the left side of the screen) solved that problem for me. And I like how you can now go back several days in case you missed the "Word of the Day." Still hope they fix the font size issue though.

- Ads aren’t bad

This is a great dictionary/thesaurus app that is very easy and quick to use. I’ve seen several reviews complaining about ads, but they really aren’t that bad. There’s usually a little one across the bottom, but it isn’t distracting. Also if you search another word for the second time during when you have the app open, it might pull up a still ad, but you can click the x immediately and get back to the dictionary. That’s all the ads it has. Not bad, especially if you just look up one or two words every once in a while. P.S. when I first got this app I had a little trouble finding the thesaurus, as there’s no obvious button to switch to it. Here’s how you get to it: when you click the search bar, the option pops up to search dictionary or thesaurus right below it. (Obviously you shouldn’t have the same problem if you use the dictionary first, but if you try to look for the thesaurus first, that’s how you do it.)

- I can finally use a word in MY PERSONAL VOCABULARY

I love using this app...I always need a dictionary to look up descriptions...a small amount of big words are not used in MY dictionary due to my uncertainty of the correct use or meaning...there are of course many more uses of this app, but what I use it for, is to build my vocabulary...AND LEARN...every time I look up a word in this dictionary, I cant seem to do under 10 to where each word takes me...once the word is opened, you can tap on any number of other words in describing that such doing this, I am learning their description, their origins, their uses and their most amazing history in some cases...I love this app...the only reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 is because if u misspell the word in the end, you don’t get anymore options for the word your looking for and/or if you use the wrong vowel and can’t figure it out, it’s a bust...if the can find a way to give you options of different ways to spelling what u might be looking for, then you’d get 5 ⭐️!, BUT GREAT APPLICATION AND DICTIONARY...IVE ALWAYS LOVED WEBSTERS DICTIONARIES!...thank you AmyB

- Burtart1

Being bilingual is a privilege. However being able to speak Spanish and English, the two most frequently used languages in the world today can also be challenging. Especially when you have grown and live in multicultural society. Speaking or writing both languages correctly is very important if you want to have good and clear communication. A decade ago one would need time and plenty of space to accommodate books, notes and a couple of dictionaries on ones desk to read, write and check your spelling. Correct pronunciation was a challenge by itself. Merriam Webster simplified it all with this app. Especially when the iPhone has become my personal desk. I do a lot of reading, research and writing in social media. I also have public speaking engagements where correct and proper grammar is important. This app has helped me accomplish it all, allowing me to express myself clearly to the world.

- Frustrating

I don’t understand why there would be two versions of this app in the App Store, a paid and unpaid. When the unpaid version has TONS of words that can’t even be accessed without being prompted to buy the full version. In addition to that, every third word lookup seems to bring up an advertisement that cannot be exited out from. Just a never-ending pop up that you have to close and restart the app just to get out of. If this is the FREE version, than advertisements are necessary, I get that. But at least give me the option to close out of it after 15-20 seconds or something. Also, why put in words with definitions that are unavailable, unless you pay? Isn’t there a whole other app for that? If I’m limited to only a certain number of words, make that clear. Don’t go around teasing this whole array of words that aren’t even accessible to the free-using people that chose to install the app. I downloaded for the sake of convenience. Seemed like this would be a solid alternative to using google every time I needed quick access to a definition. I mean this is a DICTIONARY, right? Back to google it is.

- Lost its efficiency...

I still really love the app, it’s so useful for my writing, but since one of the recent updates you have to pay a yearly subscription to be able to see the definition for certain words, whereas before the update I could see the definition for those very same words without needing to pay, it’s a little disappointing that this app has went in the direction of payed subscriptions, I would have bought the payed version gladly if it were a one time payment, but not everyone is going to want to worry about a subscription, even if it is yearly. I know you have to make your money somehow, so I do understand, but I wish it were a one time payment instead of subscription...The reason I got this app is because I wanted an offline dictionary and it has worked very well, but if I can’t find the words in the app that I need then I probably will have to use google, which is beside the point. It’s a great app, I am just not one for subscriptions. (The games are really fun though.) (:

- Word of the day

Downloading the app right now with high hopes. Was looking for an app that will give me a word each day to learn. I’ve been searching through many app, but most of them had complains abt ads that would even give u the time to finish reading info abt a word. The apps’ excuse was that they needed ads to survive. Well, i guess it’s kinda true, but not for me. I am too impatient to go through that. I finally found this one. Being a big website and app, i am hoping i wouldn’t have to go through ads just to check out a “word of the day.” what convinced me was the review of user Cidaddict (if i remember correctly) mentioning emails abt “word of the day” and right below his review an update history mentioning the app now had word of the day as widget. Deal! I’m in! Let’s see how it goes. I would update if i have to give less stars. If I do not update my review, consider me deeply satisfied.

- Dictionary: great, Ads: TERRIBLE

I typically don’t mind viewing ads for the trade off of a free ad but the pop up ads here are extremely bothersome. They “pop up” and take over the entire screen and shouting at you in an outrageously loud voice asking you to complete an action or interact with the ad in some way all while displaying the false appearance of an X in the upper right corner making you think you can click out of the ad, but nooo you can’t, the X is fake and doesn’t work so your only option is to close the app and reopen it. Then promptly after reopening the app another similar ad pops up and you go thru the same ordeal. Like I said I don’t mind viewing ads, but these ads are just outrageous. They are so loud and since you’re not expecting it, they totally catch you off guard and startle the hell out of you. I realize the remedy to this is paying for a subscription, but honestly I find these ads so rude and in your face that I’m turned off by the entire app and am considering uninstalling it and going back to the old dictionary app I was using before.

- Great for learning!

First, it’s awesome for providing the spoken pronunciation of the word you are looking up. Very helpful if you’re only familiar with a certain word because you keep coming across it in your reading. I like that the definitions go into great detail about the origins of the words. Each entry also includes similar words so you really get a feel for a variety of words that also pertains to what you’re looking up. Second, the games are actually really fun and I’ve learned a ton of new vocabulary. It also helps build your knowledge base so you can more easily determine the definition of a word based on context when you are reading certain things. And it truly is fun to try to increase your personal best. If you repeat a level, the words change so you aren’t just memorizing things. Very useful little app. I learn new things every time I open it up.

- Took too long to find the word and showed least common definition

Searched for involute; it took about 45 seconds of a white screen with a loading bar to pull the word up and it showed the least technical usage not the formal usage which you would expect. I had been spoiled by successfully searching and finding definitions using a web browser which pops up the definition in the bar before you can even finish typing but I figured I’d download the dictionary just to have it and use it when offline etc, but I’d rather not delay my searching time by about 100x just to use the app especially when it didn’t even show the formal usage definition which by the way is “involved or intricate”. Ads are unappealing too. Every app these days has to sacrifice user experience to make an extra penny and it all unfortunate but I suppose in a world where you can put out basically any low level of product and still catch some users in the funnel; it’s worth it to the developers, as the pennies add up. You aren’t getting mine however, or any user who has respect for their experience .

- Yikes

Look. Like everyone I USED to read books. (Books are small, square things that hold paper ((paper is a man-made product of trees)) (((trees are them large stand up things with green things on em, they live outside))) with typing on the pages). But FF 20 years and my vocabulary is like max 10 words. So getting this app makes me see that a) Jesus Christ I need to read a real book again and b) my memory recollection still works. So this app for the vocabulary quiz is fan-bloody-tastic. When my internet is out (I’ve got like adult ADHD so I need to look at reddit or an app or a game) this is my new go-to app. I just keep trying to unlock the vocabulary quiz levels. It kind of makes me miss university and writing thesis papers lol omg that’s sad. But it’s also a mind game to try to use big words and confuse everyone so you can be like yeah I got a vocab wassup lol anyway 10/10

- Definitions That I Feel are Reliable and Precise

I like using this app to search for the definitions of words that are unfamiliar to me. In fact, the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary was recommended to my classmates and I by my eighth-grade English teacher as the most reliable online dictionary source (for her class), so I actually feel that I am receiving precise and accurate definitions for words that I find unfamiliar as opposed to “Googl(ling)” them elsewhere. When I discovered that the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary had an app, I was sold; now I can search for definitions even quicker than before via this app on my cellphone instead of my laptop. Between seeing “big words” in the books that I read and wanting to know if I am really using a word in the correct context, this app really comes in handy for me.

- They broke something

I have been using this app for years and always had the red title screen when I clicked it. After I looked up a word, I always would tap the back arrow to return to the initial screen. The back arrow is no longer there. I am disappointed and irritated. It changes the whole feel. Yes, there is a bar to go back to previously seen words, but I normally don't need to go back, as I have already seen that definition. Maybe they have a developer with a really poor memory. UPDATE: The developer responded that "You can still go back at anytime by swiping from the left side of the screen." My question is why they think that's good enough. There is no help in the app to tell you that. The FAQ on the m-w website doesn't mention it either. Do you expect your longtime users to read your minds? Just put it back, please. That made it obvious and intuitive, which are two important qualities in an app. MORE: Swiping from the left side worked a couple of times but is not working now.

- Pretty good

One of the features I like the most is the oral annunciation that is provided with each word. I prefer to hear the word’s annunciation rather than sounding it out and assuming I’m right. I also like the word of the day feature. I do wish there was a ‘back’ button feature. You can use the ‘recent’ selection in the drop down menu but it is limited in its capability. A simple back arrow that is available on each page would drastically improve the UI/UX. Also not all words are treated the same. Many words have more descriptions, better examples, history etc. Some of that I believe can be attributed to the word itself, but some words like “festinate” still have slim to no definitions, synonyms, antonyms, examples etc. Overall it is pretty good and I would recommend it.

- A Must-Have App

First, let’s face it, this is Miriam-Webster. The app is basically the electronic version of their hard cover books. So synonyms, antonyms and the like, are included. I sometimes will use it as a Thesaurus. What’s really cool is the audio pronunciation feature! This is really handy when you come upon a new word and don’t know how to pronounce it. I really like the way this dictionary app helps you quickly find the word you are searching for, especially if you aren’t sure how to spell it! As you type in each letter of the subject word, the auto fill feature starts to list possible words. You can select your word when it comes up on the list, or keep typing until your word comes up. It’s also a quick and easy way to learn how to spell!

- Good, but some ads can’t be closed

It’s a great source for many words and even meanings, however, some ads when they end and the X is available to close the ad, the X doesn’t work and I have to close and reset the ad and then search again. It does sometimes quit randomly as well. Although this is not a “serious” issue, it happens enough that I wanted to share this in my review. As an avid reader, I need to look up meanings, phrases, and the like and it becomes quite cumbersome to constantly close and restart the app again. Hoping that this review will be heeded by the developers and omitted soon. Its typically the ad with a dragon and the X is up by the time in the top right corner. There are a few tigers that also act this way, but the dragon seems to be the common culprit. It’s visible, but it doesn’t take action when pressed. I have tried multiple times, but it will not close.


This is an amazing app it works great and the word of the day is great I learn new words every day and the answers are imaginative and they use real references like in a book or a movie. Plus the user interface is really thought out. It’s really easy to maneuver. I find it difficult to exit the application, it is a very captivating app. A must get, every time a hear a word I do not recognize it’s very easy to look that same word up by voice or keypad very helpful. Much better than google or another online dictionary. With Merriam Webster it makes learning fun and with the thesaurus included it really is practical to have wether you’re a student that needs a pocket dictionary or a eager learner this app is for everyone! Thank you for such a great app Merriam Webster!

- Numerous great features

Top favorite features: Keeps a search history automatically. Looking up multiple words and forget the meaning of one, go to “recent”. There’s a list in the order they where originally searched. Favorites. Hit the heart icon and the word is saved for ease of retrieval. It will still be in the “recent” list, but if you look up a lot of words like I do, “favorites” becomes a time saver. Hit the speaker icon and the app will pronounce the word for you. Ton of features to explore. These are just my favorites. Almost forgot my version is free, but instead of jumping you to a commercial after you look up a few words, it has ad banners you can read or ingnore but don’t actually interrupt what you’re doing. Love it!

- Oma Brady

I’ve been using Merriam-Webster Dictionary for almost two decades, and I have to say that is the most useful tool I’ve had in my endeavor to learn English. I love the way this dictionary explains the definition of each word. Also, the sentences that are included as examples on how to use those words are very helpful. I love it! I use this dictionary all the time. I work as a English/Spanish Certified Court Interpreter so I hear new, sophisticated words on a daily basis. Whenever that happens, I access the app on my cell phone to look up the meaning of those words immediately. If I don’t have time to read it, then I save it and read it later. Merrim-Webster is a valuable, accessible, easy to use dictionary for me to increase my knowledge of the English language.

- Started as a tool for Scrabble, but find myself using it more and more

Per the heading, I thought this would be handy for scrabble, but otherwise didn’t anticipate much of a need for it. Then I discovered the speaker button found in the pronunciation section for each word. As a voracious reader, I’ve seriously been wishing for this all of my life. The phonetic symbols are useful, but there’s something reassuring about hearing the words spoken. And honestly, it was never worth the effort to look up the pronunciation of a word, since the pronunciation seemed obvious (classic pitfall). Today I clicked the word of the day feature for the first time, (helpfully archived if you’re in the mood to do some learning), and I was finally inspired to write a review. Many words may be familiar, but they also include plenty of unusual words that have fallen out of common usage. What I like the most is coming across the words that I understand, but which perhaps have a nuance or specificity that I had previously missed (looking up specificity after I finish this review). Even if you don’t think you’ll use this app much, you may be surprised. Very useful and highly recommended.

- Wonderful!

The search for words is fast and easy; the definitions straightforward. I’ve always kept a dictionary next to me when reading as guessing the meaning of unfamiliar words based on the context in which they appear could mean me misunderstanding the authors point. What a joy it is to cast aside my large and heavy printed edition and just keep my phone with this app next to me. It’s physically easier, it’s more comfortable (the dictionary on a sofa is inherently in the way), and it’s certainly much much faster to look things up this way. And, it’s rare when this app doesn’t contain the word I am looking for. I will always keep my printed dictionary for sentimental reasons, but in all reality, looking words up here makes so much more sense.

- Webster vs Merriam-Webster dictionary

Years ago I purchased the Webster’s 3rd international dictionary for my iPad and it was wonderful and the price was outrageous. It was about $79. But my wife has a masters in linguistics so it was well worth it. Then one day it was gone and an updated replacement was the much more limited Merriam-Webster dictionary. What a let down after having the really useful, and informative informative version. To add insult to injury, the company now wants me to pay a yearly fee to just get rid of the ads, and even more money to get a richer version of this new limited replacement. When you pay $79 for an app, the least they could do would be to give you one without ads when they replace the original with a watered down version. The new version is OK but I am forced back to using the hard backed book version when at home and I sure don’t lug it around with me so I’m stuck with the puny app version when away from home. What a disappointment.

- EeBee

Love love love this app, misspelling and grown people not knowing how to use verbally or written English drives me crazy. Therefore I drive people crazy. I’m Native America, knowing about our history and how our Native language was stolen makes me even more determined to speak and write English correctly. I will never understand the white man trying to assimilate us into their culture, making us learn their language yet they couldn’t even teach us how to speak and write it properly. I get so tired of hearing people make fun of us and how we talk. I’ve often wondered if we had to learn English because the invaders wasn’t smart enough to learn our language. Thank you so much for this wonderful app. I just wished more people used it. It is awesome!!!

- My concern about the dictionary/thesaurus

It’s a good dictionary because it has a thesaurus for you to use if you’re having trouble with something like a word, synonym, or an antonym you can look it up because I’m doing all my homework assignments from my English 3 class but otherwise I’m sure some of y’all got it to and knows what to do with it you know I’m in the 11th grade (junior) and the common sense vs. context clues will pop up into your brains. It will help you out with lots and lots of stuff they’ll fight to get all the help that you’ll be needed for and if y’all are struggling and teachers won’t tell you how or what to do with whatever you’re talking about there’s not going to be no fussing, wining, or complaining.

- Need More Time for Challenge Quizzes

I like the app and I love playing the weekly challenge games. However, I am considering not renewing my subscription because you guys are stingy with the challenge games and it is annoying. 10 seconds to read the question, think, analyze, and select the correct answer? The short time is especially noticeable since some of the questions are as long as a paragraph, in addition to the fact that we have to sometimes scroll down to see all four answer options because they’re so long. 10 seconds is not enough time. Give a time of at least 15 seconds time for each quiz question in every game. Remember, some users use these weekly challenges as an opportunity to further familiarize themselves with obscure words. Make the learning process and information retention a friendlier interaction, not tedious and undermining to users.

- Always room for improvement

I’ve always had a brand loyalty to Merriam Webster, I will admit, and can’t stand when people rely on the Google dictionary just given how inaccurate it can be. The MW dictionary app is a great tool to have, and its additional features and intuitiveness warrant five stars. Ads can be problematic at times. The exit boxes on the pop ups can be hard to hit. However, as someone who enjoys and at times is specifically looking for the etymology of words alongside their definitions, I’ve found the etymology section is often times lacking and for many words not even there. It would be great if that were improved and expanded; maybe collaboration with Etymonline is possible?

- A Genuinely Fantastic App

I'm incredibly cynical of any and all commercialism, and I virtually never review any products I purchase as such. I seldom feel passionate enough about what I buy to espouse any of my feelings, negative or positive, but this case is an exception. This app provides the definitive dictionary of American English in its entirety, offline, for free. The UI is simple, friendly, and effective. Ads are totally unobtrusive. It is indispensable for discussions with friends and colleagues, reading, and many other situations. I find myself using it almost every day. I feel compelled to pay to eliminate ads solely because of the quality of it. To make use of something so great for nothing just makes me feel too guilty.

- I am a convert!

I definitely used to be snobby about gadgetry for looking up words. “People can be so lazy! Like it’s SO HARD to open a dictionary..Give me a break!” Famous last words. When I was forced to buy a smart phone, I thought, “Well, MAYBE I’ll shell out a couple hundred bucks for the Oxford English Dictionary..” Again, snob much? Anyway, my son showed me the free MW app. (It’s always ‘the tech savvy kid’, right? AT FIRST I was furious because I would get stuck with ads or not find how to go back to opening page. Now that I’m getting more patient and practiced, my only problem with it is that I so distracted with antonyms, word history and all the other fun stuff now faster and easier to look up...Well, I lose precious time with novels just to wallow in my word obsession! HaHa! I guess there’s worse problems. AND I do realize that without the advertisers and their ads, I’d be buying that expensive OED! $!$! Many thanks to both MW and the ads that pay for my favorite new gizmo. I will now look up book will wait for another hour or two. 👌🏽📕📗📘📱🌚 All Night Long

- Useful and Educational

This app continues to be as convenient and (inherently) educational as always. It has been perfect when I needed to use it heavily: It has clear concise definitions and easy access to a plethora of tangents from the word you are currently looking at. It's database is vast and well-reknowned, and doubling as a thesaurus has been very helpful. Although, I must say, it hasn't had a few of the words I have looked up. However, the words I looked up were pretty niche and that's understandable to an extent. In casual use, (my primary use of it now) it's been perfect. I find what I'm looking for and learn stuff along the way. The word of the day is always a delightful nugget of knowledge, and I almost always find what I'm looking for fast.

- Always Handy!!

I create posts for business and personal use, and I love the ease of using this app! It is always handy, and I love that it goes in depth in definitions and also provides origins of the word. When I get stuck on a certain theme for a post I can always come back to the definition of the word I'm using and it helps to spur my mind into the creative process, especially when I am having to explain the similarities between two words / actions / thoughts that most people never connect. Even my kids will use this app when they need to while doing their homework. I love this at it will always be a keeper app on my phone!

- Minor bugs but otherwise lovely

I’ve used your app for years when apple came out with widgets I paid for premium version but as that one doesn’t have a widget?! I use the free version in my widget. However the widget word of the day doesn’t update to reflect the new word instead it continues to show the word from the day I created the large widget. It does bring me to the correct word if I click on it however. It would be greatly appreciated if this could be resolved, & if the paid version of this app could get a widget - you can put either on watch which is nice. Overall a fantastic app & greatly excited that it continues to stay with the times (the dictionary/thesaurus). Highly recommend!

- Bug- new update- ads

I love this app so much and I use it every day. However, after a recent update the ads don’t close after appearing on the screen two seconds after the app launches. The cross on the top right doesn’t close the pop up window. This makes it impossible to use the dictionary without restating it every couple of seconds when the add pops up. Another option works occasionally which is having to click on the add two or three times. It redirects you to Apple store and then to safari, and makes the phone freak out. I really hope this is a bug because if it’s not, then this new update makes the experience super inconvenient for someone who appreciates efficiency. Please bring back the way things were before :-(((

- WTH. No dark mode?

Something as simple as a dark mode feature makes all the difference. I read at night on my iPad and love to use the dark mode feature in the books app. The room stays quite dark and I can read just fine that way. But when I use split screen mode on my iPad to have the dictionary off to the side I am forced to deal with the bright white background that bothers my eyes and ruins the whole darn experience. Now the whole idea of reading in the dark goes out the window, unless I tediously switch back and forth between each app in full screen mode. ANNOYING!!! You should definitely fire your app UI team for not having the capacity to notice small VALUABLE things such as this. How, then, can they be trusted to guarantee that’s your app is being kept modernized and ahead of the competition? I digress.

- I LOVE IT! but.....

So I just got the app today (Feb 5th) on my iPad 5th Generation so far I love it. However there’s one thing that’s just bugging me. So as of writing this, I’m going to district spelling bee ( that is if first place is sick) and I’m studying words and I used this app but after one word (encephalitis) I had the ritenuto and when I searched it up in app, it didn’t show any results. So it’s all up to date ( cuz I just got it ) and so I went to the website and what happened just.... how do I put this into words.... I was just extremely confused because when I search it up on website the same way on app, it shows up. I was super confused. Other than that, my dad spent a whopping $257 on the desktop unabridged. So yeah.

- Amazing app

I am currently in school. For some classes, we are given vocabulary words to ding the definition to. I downloaded this app to make it easier to find the definition of words quickly. Turns out that this app is more than I expected. It not only gives me the best definition for words, but it also expands my vocabulary by having a word of the day. Another reason I like this app is because of how easy it is to use. If I do not know how to spell a word I can use the microphone on the app. All I have to do it say the word and it knows which word I want to know. This app is great for kids and adults alike. I highly recommend this app.

- Still a fan but...

I'm late mentioning it, but I love the latest Thesaurus subsection and of course the WOD's keep my wordporn-nympho entertained. I do not, however, like that I am unable to select the audio button to hear the pronunciation of a word from the Word of the Day section. My work around is, searching the word and pulling it up in the dictionary as normal. 😩....No and seriously look into that. I can deal with the pop up ad's but that seriously irks my nerve, every time because I'm more intrigued than not and when I am I just want the same features I have as if I knew to look it up as normal. Other than that, keep up the awesome work guys!

- No thesaurus

The preview on the listing shows a screen with a nice little bar at the top to get to the thesaurus. This is NOT present in the app as downloaded. Maybe that's one of the "additional features" you have to pay to access, but if so they should ADMIT that in the product listing, and they should not make the NAME of the app include the word "thesaurus"! I have been using this app for some time as a dictionary (and always frustrated by the ads that force me to close it after every single word looked up) but now that I know they are falsely claiming to be a thesaurus as well as a dictionary, I will be deleting it. It will be faster and easier to go to an online dictionary/thesaurus in Safari than to continue using this deceitful application.

- Well designed and organized resources with lots of extras if you’re a word nerd

I became interested in Merriam- Webster again (haven't really focused on their dictionaries since college) through Peter Sokolowki's Word of the Day. I now have an updated print collegiate dictionary and their app. What I love is that it balances the right amount of detail definition with the word's origins for practical daily use. I still love the OED when I want to dive in a bit more, but M-W is more my "every day carry" dictionary. The app adds easy clear access to a good thesaurus and some fun activities such as the aforementioned Word of the Day and word games. I highly recommend it.

- Absolutely essential

Word! I use the Merriam-Webster app several times a day when I encounter a word in my reading, writing or viewing I don’t understand or can’t spell. I love the fact that it will predict the word I am looking up while I am typing, especially when I am unsure of its spelling, because it flags similarly spelled words. Often these are the words I want. The definitions are concise, though I do not find it helpful when the word I am looking up is part of the definition. The flip function to access the thesaurus gives this app another layer of usefulness. I don’t know what I would do without the Merriam-Webster app. Words fail me.

- Great tool, bad advertisements

In some recent update, an advertisement window abruptly takes over the phone screen when attempting to use the dictionary for a second time. For example: I search for “anathema,” the app gives me a great list of defining words and examples. I then search for “ecclesiastical” only to be stopped by the same advertisement for mortgage rates. There is no way to exit the ad and there is no timer to wait for it to disappear on its own. One must exit the app entirely only to repeat the process again. This app is great but I am uninstalling until the developers learn to properly vet their advertisers and advertiser’s methods. It is ridiculous for one of the most popular and essential dictionaries/books/apps to make it this difficult just to learn words.

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- Love it

This is my favourite app. Informative, fun, easy to use with definitions of words; original meanings; quizzes of words both old and new plus a word of the day. I thought my vocabulary was quite good, but it is improving daily! As I love to read and find the English language fascinating, I can’t recommend this app highly enough.

- Same App, Pay Twice

I, like many other Merriam-Webster users, bought their Collegiate dictionary a while back for a purchase price of AUD$30. Now, with iOS 11, they stop support for that app and—weeks later—release a “brand new” dictionary requiring existing customers to pay again ... to remove ads. This is shameful behaviour. Imagine you buy an app and then it stopped working. The developer refuses to update it. The next day, the same company releases basically the same app, but wants you to pay again to use it. Absolutely shameful behaviour, and I’m surprised Apple would allow this.

- Neat.

My backpack was heavy, I had stuff to do and no more fun. I’ve used Merriam Webster dictionary for about a year and it’s been so helpful and a LIFE CHANGER it has helped me so many times and I highly recommend this app if you study often or don’t have a dictionary. Best free dictionary app so far :3

- Gr8!

Merriam Webster has all I could possibly have for increasing my knowledge in vocabulary! I use it almost any time when completing my English Homework! This is good enough that it was supposed to be used for my school! You can even use Merriam Webster’s own website. The only thing that I wish it didn’t have was ads!

- Dictionary review

This dictionary is helpful for searching the meaning of words, with contemporary explanation, and added information, often includes a reference of the history date and nationality of the origin of a word. Enlightening and helpful thanks!

- Well designed

Easy to find listings & layout. Great work. I would definitely recommend this app to anyone who is serious about checking correct spelling and usage with meaning choices.

- The Best Free Dictionary

I’ve tried some others, this is the best without a doubt, easy to understand, gives word examples in everyday speech with helpful sentences using the word in question. I would be lost without it, a necessary aid in my Bible study.

- Amazing 🤩

I love this app because it has an understandable meaning for words and explains it very well. I wouldn’t have done well in spelling if it weren’t for this! I highly recommend and suggest this app to anyone who’s looking for a dictionary app!

- The Best E-E Dictionary For ESL Learner

Provide you with easy-understanding definitions beside full definition as well as examples and synonyms, which helps a lot with choosing words for essay writing. This app have been helping me save a huge amount of time 😘👏

- Bugged or money-hungry?

My preferred dictionary app. Superior features to other dictionary apps such as an easy favourite system and all words are hyperlinked for easy flow of definitions. However!!! The app is pretty much useless when it takes you to the App Store every two seconds. It’s like it’s force clicking on the adds and opens up the App Store. So frustrating.

- Can’t go without

Great app, never has to buy a bulky dictionary & very handy too. Give the right spelling if one in doubt & also help to pronounce the words. Great to use.

- Excellent

I am really happy that you fixed the problem i was facing with this application. It is working very well now and is indeed a useful dictionary! Thanks 🙏

- Tutor

I’m getting so much of my tutoring homework done! I have my iPad right next to me, right at Merriam Webster, typing a ridiculously hard word. So thank u for such a lovely and interesting app.

- M W is the best of the best.

I love it. Very helpful and informative, the sounding of words is really amazing. M W is my favourite and is the number one dictionary of all times. I recommend it to all. Thank you M W.

- Best

This is the best ever dictionary I found will pay special thanks to person who recon this . Believe me only few people know about it. 😎😘👍🏻

- Love the word games

But I wish they’d change the words occasionally. I’ve seen them all and if I practice I can get so many of the How Good is your vocabulary sets of ten correct that they kick me out.

- You are fine so don’t ask again

Though I paid it.

- Awesome😍

This helped me find meanings faster for my homework.I love this it is so amazing I finished everything in just a few minutes!❤️😘💕🙂🤩

- My go to app when I want to find out the meaning of words.

Very helpful.

- Perfect!

As an app it's beautifully constructed, but as a dictionary in my pocket it's IMHO the best that I use. I appreciate that it addresses British English so well too.

- Saved Words...

Do not sync between devices, but they do show in the same list on the web version. Please address this flaw.

- Ganga

Pretty handy but many, many words do not appear in the thesaurus although they are rarely missed in the dictionary. Certainly a leaning towards US rather than UK but still useful.

- Amazing

It is an amazing and wonderful app but there are few things that I don't like.

- Very professional

No other useless “fancy” functions. Just dictionary! Very good tool.

- Really good

They have a lot of descriptive words some that I never knew.

- Pictures!!

This app is ok it is just that I think pics would make it even more better. It’s just that pics make it better

- Great app

I love this app but it takes a long time to load the word

- Good but it keeps crashing

The app is very useful and fun however it keeps crashing and that gets annoying.

- A wonderful dictionary

I always use this app for my bilingual study.

- Great App

Easy to use with many features--it's well used!

- Ads with sound.

I've been using the free version of this app for as long I can remember and it was great. I get why you guys show adverts for the free version and I have nothing against it, but recently I've been getting adverts with blasting sound everytime I open this app. Its infuriating.

- Great App

It is a great and very useful app which I have used so far for dictionary and thesaurus

- Primary -early High School - level dictionary

Frequently unable to define significant words! Very Limited scope or usefulness. However it is free, hence associated with adverts that slow you up when making a 2nd search.

- The best dictionary

This is the best dictionary for me. Paying attention to it, you will recieve any more.

- No audio pronunciation

Please fix the audio pronunciation problem. Never seems to work. Yes I have a strong internet connection.

- Fun and informative

Excellent dictionary and thesaurus. Also enjoyable to use.

- Not bad for a US reference

I use it when off line too! Even does pronunciation..

- Pay annually to remove ads! Not happy

This is a rip off having to pay to remove your ads annually. Besides your ads are mostly inappropriate for kids. I would like to give you a 'zero' star.

- Word games are fantastic

Word games are fantastic

- Purchase subscription twice but adds still appear

I purchased a subscription twice but adds still appear.

- Best

The best dictionary app I have ever used(I’ve used 7).

- Wonderful

Great as a dictionary, thesaurus and for increasing your vocabulary.

- Pronunciation speaker

Pronunciation speaker isn’t responsive , please fix that ASAP

- Great traveling dictionary!

What l find really great about this app is how it can be suitable for children above 5 years old!(that is if they know how to use it)

- Cool

Its really nice and easy to use thanks!

- One of the best!!!!!!!!

This is one of the bestttttttt dictionary apps I ever used. Like omg, o adore this app

- Splendid !

Best dictionary app - I use it everyday for fun - thanks Merriam Webster.

- Save my Bacon

Yes it saved Save my Bacon on several occasions JZ

- Waste

Don’t waste your time or money, google pretty much brings up any word you need to find the meaning of, deleted.

- Crash

This app is crashing on my iPad everytime , instantly and consistently, Please look into this . Thank you !

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- Best on the market, but you can do better.

My favorite dictionary with by far the best features; but for a paying user I believe you can push yourselves further. I have changed this to a 3-star in hopes of the team lending their attention to this message. I am paying for your application, I want features to turn off time wasters and distractions. This includes word of the day and all other added features.

- Annoying

Congratulations! You’ve reached the point where using your app is very annoying and has nothing to do with great experience.

- New update: can't close ads

I like this dictionary... The new update whenever ads pop up you can't close it though. I have to literally close the app and restart it every time I look up words. THIS IS SO FRUSTRATING, please fix.

- Paywall for a dictionary?


- Disappointing money grab

Ads were too much so we paid to have them removed, now they are “offering” a yearly subscription to “supercharge” the dictionary, which means they embraced the money grab style of other lousy vendors that lost us as customers. What a shameful practice to build revenue at the expense of loyal customers. Greed at the highest level! What’s the use of an app like this then? The dictionary is now limited and useless. Pointless to continue using it if they continue doing this.

- The new look is not good at all!

I really liked the old look please fix!!!

- Great tool

Handier and faster than searching a physical dictionary plus bonus mind games

- Nice easy to use Dictionary/Thesaurus

Easy to use Quick and concise Love it

- Lies

I already paid for this app and as soon as I try to look up any remotely complex word this app wants me to start paying monthly what I paid to use it in the first place. Not impressed but not surprised. Advertising money isn’t enough is it? Too bad, deleted.

- Ads get in the way

Pop-up full screen ads have a tiny X in the corner. Repeatedly tapping eventually gets rid of the ad sometimes. Other times I’ve had to close and reopen the app to get rid of the ad, only to have the same experience repeated. Too aggravating - I’m deleting the app.

- Great dictionary...

...but stop the ads, please🙄 Charge a flat fee, no subscription garbage and once again...I am there for the stop the ads.

- Bricked by ads

Provides ads in languages different than those selected in settings. Impossible to close properly unless you translate the terms in the ad.

- A very educational app

Really enjoy this app. Gives examples of how to use the word, it’s definition, it’s origin and synonyms and antonyms of the word. I use it a lot. It has actually helped to increase my vocabulary!

- Best dictionary for iPad by far

Thank god for this dictionary app. There would be no iPad Pro optimized app if it wasn’t for this. $7.99 is a very modest price for this high quality of an app I’m happy to pay that much for continued support of it. I love the examples feature too, really hope it continues to get expanded.The one thing that is very frustrating is this dictionary doesn’t have an offline mode. Keep up the good work devs!


It’s AMAZING 😔🤯🥰🥰🥰

- Freezes a lot

It keeps freezing and it’s so annoying so I deleted it.

- Great reading companion

Great app for reading older books

- Super

Thank You Very Much

- The dictionary

Love it

- Awesome app

Easy to navigate and have plenty of cool features like Word of the Day. I hope to see a flash card feature to review saved words or unfamiliar terms

- Word of the Day Widget doesn't update

Only downloaded this app for the word of the day widget for ios14. The concept and the idea is very cool, but the widget doesn't seem to update at all after the first day. If I click the widget it'll take me to the actual word of the day, but the widget itself doesn't update which is the purpose I downloaded the app for.

- It’s Handy

When we’re driving around and a word comes up in conversation that we’re not sure of we can check PDQ on your app.

- used to be a pretty good dictionary

used to be. now it seems to be missing a bunch of words - words that might reappear if i subscribe to the ‘new’ version. deleted.

- The best


- Cheap ads on a now cheaper dictionary

Ads😱 on a dictionary ⁉️Cheap ploy to ruin the experience of one of the best apps I have ever used. Now going to look for something better with no ads! Sucks‼️‼️

- The BEST

This IS the BEST DICTIONARY with a lot of great extras. THANKS

- One Twick

I wish when I typed in a work I could hit enter to select instead of touching the work on the iPad

- Good

Has all the words and is fun

- Works impeccably, EVERY time!

Simple and speedy access to the language, perfect!

- Nice app

This has everything words the meaning everything I like this app

- Awesome

This dictionary has everything about vocabulary from dictions to quizzes 🔥🔥

- Word Search

One of the best dictionaries ever. Stellar resource!

- Great it helped me a lot.

It really helped with my understanding of words

- Great

Easy to use!

- Review

The app doesn’t work the best on my phone

- Learned words!

This is a very good app. I learned new words too! I recommend this to schools. -4 grader age 9

- Ads make it unusable

I don’t mind discreet ads, but the latest full screen ads are nearly impossible to close, inhibiting even the most basic use. Extremely frustrating!

- Thanks !


- Love the games!

The word games are awesome! More audio features would be cool though...

- Helpful

I love this app. Convenient & helpful to translate words

- Very fun

I love

- Ads Persist on Paid Version

The attempt to sell another M-W product is continuous on the Paid Version. The following irritating ad pops up before a term can be entered: “Our Subscription Just Got Better!” So the claim that the ‘paid app’ will eliminate advertising is completely false!

- Word play

Fun little game to play and learn from Enjoy the historical aspect!

- Plain Greedy

I’m very disappointed, I understand u guys need money and that’s what the ads are for; but forcing me to get a subscription just to know the definition of a word is just low—it says its not in the dictionary, but a quick google search pops up a link to the merriam-Webster website with the definition.

- MW

It’s a dictionary, it does exactly what I need it to do.

- Good for learning

I find it easy to use , with good commonly used vocabulary. The pronunciation feature is outstanding for people learning the language. The only issue is finding the word if you don't know correct spelling. The system is particular and does not have allowance for mistakes. The word games are fun and interesting.

- helpful

like the examples, and specially sentences.

- Good but......😡😡😡

This app is a great dictionary but it keeps on crashing when I searching a word for its definition, fix this app😤😤😤

- 5 stars

Webster Dictionary is the most useful companion I have ever had. User friendly too. 5 stars most definitely.

- Great but there is a bug

Powerful and comprehensive dictionary! A must-have. However, sometimes when you swipe right to access previous pages, it crashes. I’m on iPhone 7 iOS 13.

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Neal Silvester

@SkinnerPm The Merriam-Webster dictionary definition of "courage" is


@ZackKopplin Definition of swagger (…) intransitive verb 1 : to conduct oneself in an arrogant or superciliously pompous manner especially : to walk with an air of overbearing self-confidence 2 : BOAST, BRAG


@SecPompeo Definition of swagger () intransitive verb 1 : to conduct oneself in an arrogant or superciliously pompous manner especially : to walk with an air of overbearing self-confidence 2 : BOAST, BRAG


@SecPompeo Pretty sure @MerriamWebster would disagree with you @SecPompeo the self-loathing demagogue coddling disaster!

QP 🇺🇸

@jaketapper @MerriamWebster You know they use the Merriam Webster Alternative Facts Dictionary

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@tabor97 @fanatelevision Based on merriam-webster dictionary, “destroyed” also simply mean “KILLED” Excluding the surrendered ones, the #TPLF colonels on the list are killed (ተደምስሰዋል) #Ethiopia

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@SecPompeo Marion Webster's definition of #SWAGGER -- you can't just make up definitions. "intransitive verb. 1 : to conduct oneself in an *arrogant or superciliously pompous manner* especially : to walk with an air of *overbearing* self-confidence. 2 : boast, brag."

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@ronnyswanswan Why don’t ya read this and get back to me where that definition of the word is

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Merriam-Webster's definition of "tenet"

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@SecPompeo Actual Merriam Webster dictionary definition of swagger: Definition of swagger (Entry 1 of 3) intransitive verb 1 : to conduct oneself in an arrogant or superciliously pompous manner especially : to walk with an air of overbearing self-confidence 2 : BOAST, BRAG


@SecPompeo That’s not the definition of swagger. What the hell are you talking about?


@dr_palmist1652 @Kizmiarz @mynameisjerm You couldn't research the definition of pandemic. Here is a starting point: When your done please show me where I insulted you?

英熟語うえ単/English Idioms ue-tan

press the point - to repeat an idea often in a way that is annoying to show that it is very important #うえ単

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Here’s why it should be the tag for the movement: “Scot-free definition is - completely free from obligation, harm, or penalty.” Merriam Webster Dictionary.

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Merriam-Webster Dictionary iphone images
Merriam-Webster Dictionary iphone images
Merriam-Webster Dictionary iphone images
Merriam-Webster Dictionary iphone images
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