Night Sky

Night Sky [Reference] App Description & Overview

Designed for iOS/iPadOS 14 and watchOS 7

Night Sky is a powerful AR personal planetarium.

Quickly identify stars, planets, constellations and satellites above by simply holding your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch to the Night Sky! This is all done magically. Whether you’re looking for a constellation or the International Space Station, let Night Sky direct you to it, then explore the object in AR!


+ NEW - BILLIONS OF STARS! (Premium Feature) - Space is vast, so Night Sky has been hyper charged in Night Sky 8 with over 1.7 BILLION STARS streamed from the cloud! With a new super deep zoom (greater than 10X before), prepare to delve deeper into space than you ever imagined!

+ NEW - STARLINK STRING FLYOVER NOTIFICATIONS - Get notified when a string of the recently launched Starlink satellites are about to flyover your current location!

+ NEW - NIGHT SKY WIDGET - Add the beautiful new Night Sky Widget new for iOS 14. Available in multiple sizes get relevant data to your location on satellite flyovers, conditions, and your favorite objects!

+ NEW - NIGHT SKY WATCH FACE - A new Watch face designed to bring all your Night Sky complications to your wrist in watchOS 7! Share it with others directly from Night Sky!

+ MAPS UI - A clean and familiar interface with Search features including Quick Find, intelligent Night Red Mode, Light Pollution indicator and easy to use menu, prepare to navigate Night Sky quicker than ever before!

+ AR PLANETARY PORTALS & AR GRAND ORRERY (Premium Features) - Step onto the surface of other planets by placing AR portals around your room! Or walk around the entire Solar System using the newly refreshed interactive Grand Orrery!

+ NIGHT SKY WATCH AR - Night Sky magically comes to life on Apple Watch, with Glass Constellations, Red Vision, and Night Sky Live Tours - all on your wrist!

+ NIGHT SKY MINDFULNESS (Premium Feature) - Stargazing is one of the most relaxing and calming natural connections you can make. Make that time count by adding Mindfulness Minutes to Apple Health, with quick access via the wind down shortcut in iOS 14.

+ ADLER PLANETARIUM AR EXPERIENCE - We’ve worked in collaboration with the Adler Planetarium in Chicago to bring a AR experience to visitors. Simply raise Night Sky to labelled objects to view immersive content, and interact with 3D models of some of the objects on display. Get a taste with the new Adler App Clip on iOS 14 when you arrive at the planetarium!

+ NIGHT SKY QUIZ - Test your knowledge of Night Sky with a new inbuilt quiz that supports ClassKit.

+ AR OBJECT EXPLORATION - Pull Planets, Stars and Constellations out of the sky and look at them in detailed AR!

+ NIGHT SKY SIRI SHORTCUTS - “Hey Siri, what star is that?”… just point your device to an object in the sky and let Siri tell you what it is.

+ NIGHT SKY TOURS (Premium Feature): Get a live sky tour or create your own sky tours for any location and time in the world!

+ MY SKY NOTIFICATIONS - Completely customize your notifications in Night Sky. Favorite any object from satellites to constellations, to be informed when that object is visible in your current location.


Optional Night Sky Premium is available for $4.99/month or $29.99/year (or equivalent currency). You can subscribe and pay through your iTunes account. Your subscription will automatically renew unless cancelled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. You can manage your subscriptions by entering the user settings in iTunes after the purchase. Auto-renew may also be turned off from here.
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Night Sky Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Thank you for using Night Sky! Version 8.4 contains the following changes: + Sky View enhancements - Moon coloring has been improved. + Earth View enhancements - actual satellite models displayed on Earth View. + Night Sky Tour enhancements - Tours now display alerts for weather events that affect stargazing. + Widget improvements. + Bug fixes and minor enhancements. If you enjoy using Night Sky a great review on the App Store is always appreciated! If we can be of any further assistance, please reach out to the team at who will be happy to help! Wishing all of our users worldwide Happy Holidays and Happy stargazing!

Night Sky Comments & Reviews

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- If you don’t have this app you’re missing out.

I would have never known the International Space Station orbits the Earth about 15 times per day. I now watch it orbit twice just about every night. On non-cloudy nights anyway. It’s amazing. It’s like a star shooting across the night sky and Night Sky alerts us a couple minutes in advance then shows us exactly where to look. My 6 yr. old daughter has changed from wanting to be a veterinarian to wanting to be a space station driver. ;-) Not sure if the main intention of this app is educational or to get kids dreaming of space travel but it does both very well. Only had it for a few days now so it will be fun to see what else it does. I imagine we have only scratched the surface. Definitely spend the $10 on the year membership. Jumping from planet to planet and seeing the sky and stars from their perspective is worth $100. We saw a planetarium show this week at the Tulsa Air and Space Museum. This app is like your own show. There is a ton of activity going on in the night sky. It’s so much more interesting and fun to see when you know what you’re looking at.

- Missing some things

I love this app but lately it’s not picking up everything. There is a bright object to the top left of the moon right now, in close relation visually, and it’s not registering on the app. I gave it the benefit of the doubt that the bodies showing up a little further out were it but none of them lined up with position in the sky in relation and visual proximity to the moon. The app used to be spot on. Second time in 2 months I’ve been disappointed with as many times using it. Last time it wouldn’t show me where the moon was at all when I was trying to brag about the app to friends. Next night: It was Mars. Why wouldn’t it be superimposed over one another and have something that says what it is? And when you try to zoom in to a local body you get visually flooded with our local cluster of galaxies (honestly, that’s annoying. I know it’s a combination of our galaxy with other galaxies mingled in, but help me learn from local bodies! At least give a staged zoom prompt where you can zoom to the inner planets, then the outer planets, then the galaxy, followed by the super clusters if you wanna take it deep lol. Also, this used to have a super easy to use function where you type in a local body and arrows guide you to its location in the sky. Why would you get rid of that?! 🤷‍♂️

- Honestly, worth it

I’ve been using Nightsky for a long little while now. I found it by going through Trial and Errors of trying to find the best app to look at the sky. I’ve sat i went though 5-6 apps before I was happy with my choice. It’s offers you so many features without even paying for it, as you would have to do for any other app. It’s crazy. Because it’s a free app that offers you AR experiences to blend with your night sky, real time constellations, stars, galaxies, Nebulas, satellites, and even major NASA things like, Hubble Telescope, International Space Station, Meteor Showers And so much more. It has tours of planets too. They also have media news updates everyday about anything going on in space like, The Mercury and Mars Conjunction and Major things that will be able to be seen with the Naked Eye. I’ve dragged this on for too long but, over all it’s the best app to use for everyone who likes Astronomy and for Astronomers. -Iyana

- Nice app but a little confusing to use

Update. I started using sky guide and it is must easier to use. If you just want an app to show you what is in the sky that is a good app. Night sky is too complicated. I think I like this app but it is a little confusing to use. First it doesn't seem to reflect the actual sky. For instance, when I point it at Ursa Major it doesn’t show it exactly where it is in the sky. So, I am never sure what I am looking at when I look at the actual sky. It is like it just shows a map of the sky and isn’t really showing me the actual sky. I tried to use the sky blending but I can’t figure out how it works. The tutorial is lacking. I would like to see more explanation of each feature in the help section. Also in the preferences, there is no explanation of what each option is. For example, what does it mean if I enable the “moon” preference? I saw in one of the reviews the developers said to use the compass align to fix the view of the sky. I tried that but how does it work? What does the + or - degrees mean? More explanation is needed. I want to just point it at the sky and see exactly what I am pointing at be reflected in the view. I have had this app for years but just picked it up again. The older version was much simpler and more accurate.

- Froze up in the field; little in the way of instructions

The app worked great at home but when I drove a few miles away to look for Neowise and there was no WiFi, I connected my iPad to my iPhone hotspot, which worked well for everything on the internet EXCEPT Night Sky, even when I connected my iPad to the USB port in my car. The app didn’t respond as I moved my iPad—I could spin the display in any direction so North could be South, e.g.—so essentially it was no help at all with locating anything. Given that the user is likely to enter areas with no WiFi, there should be some way of addressing this scenario. Which leads me to my other complaint. The tutorial is so bare boned it’s difficult to figure out how to use some features. I don’t mind exploring on my own; in fact it’s rather fun. But sometimes I’d discover how to do something and later couldn’t remember how I did it, and there’s no guide to help, so I’d have to figure it out all over again. There were a couple of features I couldn’t get at all, like the Siri voice command to find an object. So, overall, while the app offers great feature, it doesn’t provide a very good means of helping you use them. Disappointing.

- Amazing app

This app is incredible and it is very fun and educational! Every morning I leave for work before the sun rises and I see the same patterns of stars and constellations that I can recognize like any normal person. But then I started noticing the changes in stars as the seasons went by, so I became curious as to what stars were which, especially since some were so much brighter than others. Turns out I’ve been looking at Venus the whole time, and I never would have known this if not for this app. You can also tap on anything you see to learn more information, including satellites, Jupiter’s moons, far off nebula, etc. I even found the Hubble telescope way out there in the sky with the app! You can even locate the International Space Station with this app. Definitely worth 5 stars.

- Good to bad... to not so bad.

Edit: really surprised, pleasantly, by the developer response. Improvements came quickly, though more fine tuning is needed. I’m still very impressed by their passion to put out a quality product and customer service! Original review: Received an alert on my watch that the ISS would be flying over and offered to take me to it. I thought, why not... hazy, but might get lucky. So, the display on the watch showed a pretty high path (as opposed to those low on the horizon). So, keep checking my watch face arrow pointing up/down to pinpoint location. I grab my phone and open the app, met with a sales pitch 8 pages long! (Longer than most ISS passes). Find the end, close it and look for the ISS icon to appear where the arrows on the watch are pointing. Nothing. Turn to go back inside, and there it is much further north gliding across the sky NOT where the arrows/flight path were pointing! I didn’t even bother to check the app on the phone as it couldn’t even sync with it’s counterpart on the watch. Super frustrating!

- Great app, annoying “reminders”

I really love the app. I use it at least once a week. My one and only complaint is that the app asks me every time I start it up if I want to upgrade. No. I do not want to f’ing pay for the upgrade. *edit* What kind of response is that from the developer? I am well aware the paid services offered. My issue is that the app offers these paid services too often. I would love to turn the app on without having to decline the paid services. When I’m outside using it, I usually have my telescope with me. I’ll find what I want to look at with the app, then put my phone on my pocket. When I want to move on to a different object, I open phone, and am asked if I want to pay for an upgrade. Every single time. I understand you have to advertise the paid services but it is a bit much. It’s as if you did not read my initial review and did the exact thing that I have a problem with... advertise the paid services.

- Excellent changes; Great improvements

Hi! So I posted a review not too long about the entire app and with the update this app is the number 1 night sky app! So first off AR Sky Blending isn’t lagging anymore. It’s smooth and I can actually find the stars I want to see in the sky. Last review I said it was inaccurate, but now it’s pretty accurate. Next, I would like to tell just how much better this app is than the other night sky apps. So there’s an app called sky guide and sky guide costs $2.99 and it’s “The Best” night sky app. I decided to compare this app to that app. Holy. Night sky was better in every single way. It was easier to use, had more features, it showed the names, and had better detail. And I haven’t made any purchases on night sky. I could go on but I still have school work. I do have a couple of questions. How come Neptune is rotating so fast and spinning clockwise? If Neptune did actually rotate on its axis like that then this app should get 6 stars but it doesn’t. Second, what does the red/black button do? (The button that makes the app red and black) I have no clue what it’s suppose to be for. Overall massive improvements and I hope to give an even better review some time.

- Science teacher, Astronomy buff...

Clear, accurate, helpful!!! Good job “guys”... thanks for your efforts!!! So as SOON as I wrote the favorable review ... still true... the jerks in the sales department began FLOODING the app with ad after ad totally blocking my screen with obnoxious pressure to UPGRADE!!! Totally ruined my night and repeatedly angering me at the arrogant , rude way they tried to bully me into buying up ... which I would gladly done had they not been such manipulative jerks ... now I’m going to a different site and will justifiably badmouth their sales dept should anyone ask... very low class!! So then I got a lame, sarcastic, nerdy reply from a “site developer “ who chided me for being upset with the tricky , repeated ads , that rudely interrupted the site over and over while I tried to actually USE the site... Long story short it’s a good site but use while they hammer you with ads ... so either give the site free and allow users to CHOOSE to upgrade or stop acting like good guys and just charge folks upfront and honestly...... you lying jerks... ( sales guys ) 👍

- Has potential......

However, I downloaded it 4 times and I it was ok when I first opened it ( after the download), but then it kept crashing and freezing up. Even when I pick “Always” on the location settings( which I never do for any app), and turn the ISS and Iridium notifications off it still crashes and freezes. Does it want me to pick the premium thing? I don’t want to though!!! I don’t want to do the FREE trial!!!! That means I don’t want to do the premium thing if I don’t want to try the FREE trial!!!! I’m supposed to have a choice in this, right?!?! Developers, if you fix this, then I WILL give this a five star review. The one thing I haven’t tried is to “Use Night Sky Recommended” notifications settings. I might try that. If you have any other suggestions please share. Edit: I have now tried “Use Night Sky Recommended”. It froze up. I do need to update my phone, so I’ll try that. Second edit: Same circumstances as above, except my phone was updated.

- Can’t use the app after paying for it :( it was great while it lasted

I purchased the app a long time ago and haven’t been enjoying it since unfortunately after the recent updates I have not been able to log back on and when I hit the button that says restore purchases it just continues to load and does not allow me access. I sent an email to support and I am waiting to see if they can help me resolve my issue being that I have already paid for the app and have not been able to access it for sometime otherwise the app is fantastic I love it and while I was deployed in the army many of my battle buddies were fascinated with how accurate and informative it is others wound up buying the app themselves

- Good on my iPad

Nice app for my iPad. Good graphics. Most of all, I like its usefulness. As an amateur astronomer, I’d like to get the most out of least effort... I want to stargaze rather than play with the electronics. Setup makes that happen. I also like the notifications given before a noteworthy event occurs. Moving the iPad over the sky like a planetarium is sweet especially with an uncomplicated horizon. 2 criticisms. 1) I’d wish the app could overlay the equatorial and RA/Dec across the sky. The ecliptic is helpful but just not quite enough. 2) I’d like to be able to reduce/increase the number of stars, especially in lieu of light-pollution. The more obvious the target, the easier it is to match up map to sky. There’s a bit of a learning curve over my other device. Having said that, I really like this app and look forward to using it.

- They should really give more than 5 stars on this app

This is seriously the most amazing app you can ever download into your iPhone. I can’t believe how amazing it is to see space live, see the satellites moving, and gives information like what date it was launched, where it launched, and show descriptions of different stars and planets. It uses all AR, and it is amazing to see planets and satellites so closely and detailed. I am in love with how this app is made, and for sure deserves more than 5 stars. Developers: You have done such an outstanding amazing job with this app. Highly recommended for anyone who loves space and is into science; or just curious about live space. Love this app, and will always recommend people to have it in their iPhones.

- This. Is. Amazing.

I was simply wasting away at home, when a bored search led me to this app. Intrigued, I downloaded it. It seemed rather well-made, so I continued. I fiddled around with some things after swiping through the tutorial, and I was astonished. There are so many great features to this app that fascinated me, for example— the augmented reality, where the app mapped out the heavens across my bedroom ceiling. The stargazing aides, that help you find a nice, quiet park on the right day and with the right conditions. Or the notifications that can literally alert you when the International Space Station is flying over your head— or when a Uranian dawn breaks. There’s so much to this app, and if you have any interest in astronomy-or astrology- try this app out.

- Disappointing...

I went into this app thinking, “Hey, this looks really cool,” and I then saw all of its features and downloaded it. At first glance, this app was quite the spectacle. You could zoom in and see countless stars, view satellites, and view distant constellations. But then, I saw the first problem, it very poorly lined up with the actual night sky. In other terms, it was very inaccurate. I then became very interested in the premium, so I bought a yearly subscription. I was very excited to use the new features that were unlocked such as a AR solar system and an AR planetary portal. But then, I realized both of these features were poorly implemented. The portals glitched and the solar system was very glitchy as well. At the end of the day, I think this app desperately needs improvement in order to match the expectations you set for me in the preview. So please, developers, please try to implement the features promised better.

- Incredible

I wanted to be an astronomer when I was younger because learning about the stars and planets and other extraterrestrial bodies was always so fascinating. I have never looked up to the sky and seen something other than magnificent beauty, and with this app I can bring back my childish wonder and appreciation for learning. Being able to identify the seemingly insignificant dots in the dark sky brings a sense of joy I honestly can’t describe. I really love how much information you can find on each and every speck in the universe. Maybe there are flaws in this app just like any other creation, but I believe that I’ll be able to look past any that I come across due to the purity I’ve found in this money-making scheme. God bless

- Great App & great support!

I loved the app but did not love the “Glass Constellations” that kept blocking my view and for me it was a distraction for me personally. I looked in app but the options and menu choices are so many (a very detailed app with lots of options) I got lost and did not know how to disable these. This is where the great support came in. Quickly the developer replied to my question and showed me hoe to disable these in the preferences. If you have that same concern just follow their direction and go to preferences and there are 3 boxes or buttons you can tick off for glass constellations. I just ticked all 3 off so I can see the night sky clear and beautiful. This app is an awesome support for knowing what’s in space around us. Thank you!

- I love this app, but I have one problem...

I absolutely LOVE this star app. I like how you can tap on an object and look more closely at it. The only thing is, I don’t know if it’s my phone or the app, but I tapped on a space station and it went to my photos like it should, but then it went black and went off of the app. It happened like 5 times. Again, I don’t know if it’s just my phone or not though. But other than that I think that this app is really cool. I use it for my telescope to look at planets. Thanks for reading! If you have time, I would like it if you could tell me what’s going on, or if it’s just my phone. My phone is really old, so it could very well be my phone. Thanks for your time!

- Star walk 2

I very much like this app. But yesterday when I opened the app the fonts for text appeared so small that it’s usable. It can’t be read without a magnifying glass. I tried restarting iPad, relaunching the app. After deleting the app and relaunching it 5 times, it finally reset its text to the original size. It’s seems to me that it’s been updated as some things have changed, and this was an “update problem”. There are some prompts that appear on screen now that weren’t there previously that I don’t like but can live with. Overall I like the app. One thing i would change is, when you expand the screen to see smaller objects farther away, I would like the text to expand also to make it easier to read the text / names of objects.

- Light pollution

It seems to work alright,but I live outside of town an with the light pollution I cannot see that many stars. Well I can’t see the hundreds of stars they show.......I had written about how with the light pollution that I could not make out the stars that I could see compared with the Hundreds of stars that are shown on the screen. So I gave the APP 3 Stars but I was contacted by email by the company. I had no idea that if you place 2 fingers on the screen an swipe down all of the stars are removed,except for the ones that I can see. WOW what a difference! Thanks again for your email and help or I would have never been able to enjoy the night sky like I can now.

- 100% Paid App: Misleading!!

This app is 100% pay to enjoy. The “free” price tag on the store front I just that, a front. One you open the app you are forced to sign up for a monthly service of $1.99 per month before you can use it. Sure the first month is free but this is absolutely insane... Apple revolutionized the media works with the invention of the $0.99 song, the $0.99 download, and the former $0.99 movie rental. And now this app that hopes to secure a blind $20 per year for intermittent use! The most infuriating part of this experience has been that it’s in fact an Editor’s Pick. Sure the content is probably amazing and the functionality highlights everything Apple does well or at least wants us to appreciate/focus on. BUT the promise of consumer experience + value + entertainment should factor into these designations as well. If you’re not going to call this a paid app, you’re failing on the first promises are broken.

- Great app

So much fun. You get a lot of great ,real time stars in all directions. We went to a local observatory on a whim and my wife showed me this app. It is a fantastic guide to the other part of Mother Nature. We saw Jupiter and Saturn , along with the waxing moon through the telescopes and the app had us walking around in the dark filled with wonder, able to see with our naked eyes and identify cuz of the app. I literally love this app. The notifications give me relevant planet positions as they happen and keep me engaged in the heavens throughout my day, and that really makes the day better. Once you poke at it some you figure it out. It’s relatively intuitive as well as easy to understand instruction wise. Get the app.

- I love this app except...

I really love this app, especially the 3D models, but I have a problem- every once in awhile it crashes and I have to go back in. How do I fix that? I have iPad 7th generation. Thanks. Updated response: hi I have two other issues: 1. Can there be a button instead for the premium offer because whenever I zoom out really far to look at the galaxy it pops up, and it’s kind of annoying. 2. There’s this glitch or something where when I search for “Earth” in the search bar and click the button for the 3-d model, all I see is empty space. Could that be fixed? Over all, this is a great app! 😀

- Two things in the way

Two things are making this app too frustrating to use for me. Every time I open the app a huge add appears (for the Grand Orrery) that requires a long scroll to dismiss. That’s very frustrating. When the app finally opens, and I’m looking at a part of the sky that usually contains objects I’m interested in, the Milky Way, as represented in the app, makes seeing objects almost impossible. For some reason the way this app represents the Milky Way looks like an acid trip, Loaded with bright colors and a very complex. I haven’t been able to find anything in the preferences to turn this off, or to make it look more naturalistic. Strangely if I select “real sky representation“, it makes all the planets pin sized, but the Milky Way remains Day-Glo red and purple. This essentially makes it even harder to see objects against the app representation of the Milky Way.

- Performance issues | fixed

I have had this app before and enjoyed the quality. Downloading it again after updates from the app and iOS has made this app literally unusable; you cannot swipe or skip through the tutorial without the app crashing. I hope this gets fixed so that people can continue to enjoy the app. ——————— Update: Restarting my phone seemed to work! The app works amazing and i highly recommend it for anyone with interest in the stars. There are still occasional crashes but these seem to be issues more on the part of my device rather than the app.

- Awesome, but...

This app is awesome. It looks great and provides even more info than the Sky Guide app which I also have. But my main issue with this app is simply the fact that I can’t use it for 5 minutes without getting a full screen pop-up BEGGING me to pay monthly for the premium membership at least 10 times. It’s so annoying. I can understand the pop-up coming up once or twice when you first use the app, but for it to continuously pop up multiple times during use is so annoying, and makes the app somewhat annoying/difficult to use. You don’t need to pay money for any “premium” features, when the app pretty much already gives you what you want for free.

- Disappointed

I have used this app for many years and proclaimed all of the great things that initially made me love it. I primarily use it in the warmer weather in the Northeast. I am guessing an upgrade or three happened since I last used it. While I was with some friends at the beach the other night we caught when we debated was a planet. When I tried to resolve the debate via this app it was like something I’d never seen. The familiar functionality I once knew was gone. If I could go back to what I once purchased and had I would be there in a heartbeat. I see there are options to upgrade but I don’t even have a clue what I’ve lost. I guess I will look for something that functions like what I came to know and love. I enjoyed many years of using and enjoying the app which made me purchase it. The enhancements were great but like they say too much of a god thing.....

- I Cried!!!

I just downloaded this app because I saw the most brightest, beautiful star in the sky and I was curious to see if it was a planet. Sure enough, it was the planet Saturn, one of my favorite planets and it is in the constellation Sagittarius, which is my astrological sign. I swear this app made me cry and as long as I’ve had a phone with app capabilities, an app has never made me cry before. You can see live views of the night sky and you can even see what satellites and space junk are floating out there!! This app is so amazing I cannot put it into words. You just have to download it and see! A must if your are a space junkie like me!!!

- Great support

This is a great app for learning about the heavens and all the beautiful works that have been created. I like how its set up and laid out with different learning tools. The light pollution percentage is also nice to know. I dont have to drive more than an hour or so and I can be in a much darker area of the state for viewing the dimmer objects. I had a little bit of an issue with using the app but a very quick reply from the support team cleared everything up. This is a great app accompanied by a great support team and I recommend it to anyone who is even just a bit curious about wonderous night sky.

- Clunky bloatware avoid at all costs

No free option which is fine. Some things cost and there’s a trial. What could go wrong? Well let me tell you. Do you miss the early days of the internet when certain websites had pop up after pop up? Well good news have I got the app for you! Do you want an over abundance over information all at once rendering the point moot? Well good news have I got the app for you! The Screen is littered with graphics. Point it at a location it may be a planet it may be a star it may be part of a super cluster. How does the app determine what it is? By showing _everything_ all at once. In the same spot. It asks if you want to review the app. Heaven help you if you hit “remind me later” because later to this app means in 30 seconds. So the intrusive clutter has finally gotten to you and you want to cancel your subscription? Follow this guide: go to manage subscription cancel. A prompt will show up asking if you are sure. Click on manage then another prompt will say sorry to see you go renew subscription for .99 cents? Click manage. To save time you’re going to have to click manage on several more prompts before you can final get to the point where you can cancel. What a terrible app.

- About the whole night sky

Can’t see the constellations go to the app/play store and search up Night Sky This app is really useful for many of reasons. Going to our first reason you can see any constellations with this app even thought it’s foggy or cloudy or any other weather. Secondly if you have trouble looking at constellations like me just go to The app night sky and you will now know theses constellation in no time! I wouldn’t miss out if I were you! There are many more reasons but I would like you to check the app out first and then tell the community your opinions! Bye

- Buggy, zooms too quickly, more:

As the title stated if you pinch to zoom it goes way way too quickly and becomes uncontrollable and you lose whatever you’re trying to focus on. Also the search function doesn’t always work and as far as I can tell when you put in something that doesn’t give a result it doesn’t tell you “No results” it just shows nothing. I know that’s nitpicky but it’s also very counterintuitive. And finally it appears that not everything is cataloged in this app because i’ve been using it for the last few weeks to try and identify a star that I keep seeing in the sky and it can’t do it. Maybe you need the premium version to get everything because the free version certainly isn’t even worth downloading.

- I’ve had this app for years, big improvements. But..

I’ve had this since the days of IPhone 4 and it’s always been great. This latest version has a ton of improvements- better AR. A ton of new info, detailed moonscape, lot of cool features. Etc. However, the one thing that is driving me absolutely nuts now is I am constantly getting the pink full screen to “subscribe, free trial.” This just pops up all the time at random times as I’m touring the skies. I know this is the new trend with many apps, a way to make money - I get it. It just becomes a turn off when it keeps asking me 10-15 times as I browse through the interface.

- This is inaccurate...

Hold on a second, this app always had an AR feature. Except it used to come with the app purchase and didn't require a yearly subscription... I'll leave my original review below, which describes the quality of the AR feature before it required a subscription. Make your own judgement. Original review: The idea is amazing, but the auto-tracking feature is useless. At least it is on my iPhone 4. Even after calibrating my compass and locating an impeccable 3G signal this app struggles to pan an inch across the sky even while I spin myself around in circles. Slowly, quickly, portrait, landscape.. it doesn't matter. I wish there was a constellation search feature so I could use it as a nice looking constellation locater, but alas.. all I can use this for is a stripped down version of google sky.

- Help

I loaded the app and went into 'Space Travel' but can't get out. I slid the time marker all the way to 24:00 and tapped/slid every direction on the screen but I'm stuck. Not a very promising start. One star until I get a resolution.. Update: I found a way to escape 'Space Travel' besides shutting down my iPad which was the only way previously. Hidden behind the clock in the upper left corner of the screen is a set of icons I accidentally found that lets you get out. With that in mind and really really liking the tracking of space craft (ISS for example), I'm upping my rating to 5 ⭐️

- Not user friendly, basically ad for paid version

I like knowing what I’m looking at and the thought of being able to see the ISS was pretty cool. I live in a city, there are definitely not as many bodies that are visible as the app shows, would be nice to have a setting to adjust for light pollution since there is a map. The layout was not very intuitive, and the tutorial was long and difficult to understand as a novice to astronomy. I could have lived with those issues, but it seemed like pressing any option in any screen works trigger an ad for the paid version where selecting no thanks takes you to a different screen than where you cane from. Unless the paid version was intuitive and adjusted for any light condition, basically a different app, then I wouldn’t even consider buying.

- best star app I have see

unbiased review, real user. just get the full version and play with it until you get the hang of it. There are so many features. Revealing all that is layered in there feels like your finding new easter eggs all the time. An incredible app that a lot of work. It's clear a lot of thought was put into it. Completely puts that Astronomy 101 class I took in college 30 years ago to shame. Anyone one who gripes of wishes for more, well then step up and make your own app. Otherwise for the good of all just promote this one without whine.

- Rogue application

I just discovered, since the most recent update, Night Sky will fire up in its own in the background day or night, start playing its “stargazing music,” heat up your CPU, and munch your battery up like candy. All without your interaction. I thought my phone was possessed. It would start playing this kinda creepy music at any time. Sitting at work, trying to sleep, at the drive through, in the bathroom. It took killing my phone and reviewing the battery history to figure out what it was. Very nice feature! Does whatever it wants in the background and serves as a stand-in for a newborn baby. Want little sleep and a very expensive but otherwise dead hand-warmer? Install Night Sky. Better yet get your buddy to install it and get your popcorn ready for the eventual psychotic break.

- Not good at its most basic function.

All I want to do is know what star/planet I’m looking at in the sky. There’s literally one bright light, it’s probably Venus, but I’m not sure. I open up this app, point the phone at the sky and there’s a lion along with zillions of other stars and planets. There is no way to tie in what I’m seeing on screen to what is in the actual sky I’m seeing. If there is a way to get all the extraneous garbage off the screen and simply have the app identify the one visible point of light in the sky? Also, I’m pretty sure in paid $6 to support this app in 2012 and somehow lost premium. Now there are ads for premium everywhere. Too much content and not good at its original mission of identifying stars you see in the night sky.

- Useless in the city

All i want to do is figure out what that bright star is in my city sky. Unfortunately night sky shows every single star in the sky with no way to filter by magnitude. Every attempt to filter it's data actually expands it. Think you might see the star your want, so pinch to zoom? Night sky offers additional detail, immediately drowning what you wanted to pinpoint, in more than you could possibly see unaided and all visibly similar on the screen. AR overlay to maybe help identify? A hazy mess that has no hope of mapping to the actual image in the screen. It's like if you asked for directions to the bathroom in a museum and they handed you the blueprints to the building, all floors superimposed into the same sheet. Thanks?


Where do I even start? This app is so well made and really shows you what is in the sky! I don’t think that you’ll ever find such a good app quite like this. I have this project that we have to do in school and it envolves going outside and looking at the sky without all of the light pollution. And it is so hard to look at the sky with all the pollution that we have. So this app really helps! It makes my “looking at the sky” project so much easier and I would so recommend. I have told all my friends about this app and they love it!!! So worth it!!!

- Very confusing UI

I like this app for basic viewing put the user interface is very confusing if you are doing something non-trivial. For example tracking the international space station is very difficult. First you have to search by text for the station and the search function does not remember old searches or favorites. Then the search function may or may not create a location arrow and if it does the arrow disappears with no rhyme or reason. Finally the search subject is not magnified or highlighted in any significant way so it is hard to locate on the screen.

- Love this app!!!

I love this app! It has really enhanced my interest in what’s in my local night sky. Being able to use some filtering really helps me to narrow down what is available for view in my night sky. I still sometimes have a hard time looking at the image on the app and then finding some of those same objects in the sky, but maybe a ‘you are looking at this’ like feature will be available in a later version for some common night sky objects to help orient those of us who need it. 😊

- Where the?!

This app is CRAZY inaccurate as far as where you are located in relation to where you are supposed to be looking vs where you actually are. I got this app because my 5yo is curious about the night sky and the constellations within it, he first asked what that first very bright star in the sky was(Venus) but this app claimed it was some other star& in order to find Virgo I literally had to turn us 180degrees from where Venus actually is. I’m uninstalling this app and definitely requesting a refund. I can’t remember if they charged me, but they should have to pay for all the confusion and subsequent disinterest this app has resulted in subjecting my toddler to. Maybe this is an alien app and it’s accurate on the planet the developers hail from, all I know is it’s not relevant to where WE are.

- A MUST HAVE for astronomy lovers!! 🌍🌙🌌✨

Okay, so I am a HUGE space fan, and I love this app! I like all the cool features, like you can zoom in on the planets, find all the stars, and I also find the glass constellation effect pretty cool. This is a must have if you like stars, planets, astronauts, galaxies, or are even just bored and want to have something to do. So much fun, and I love how there’s also an information button on it so you can learn about the thing you clicked on. That’s all I have to say, and this is definitely going to be one of my favorite apps!

- Amazing App!

I really love this app! It helps me at night locate stars and planets so I do not have to look for them. The astrophotography section helps me with taking photos through my telescope! I have recently upgraded to premium and I am super satisfied with what was provided to me. Their is so much more to offer with premium for only $10 a year! Thats a steal! I do however have 1 problem. I am being constantly prompted to rate it for lovie awards. I have said no thanks, but it will not stop prompting me. Could any devs possibly help me with this?

- This app is amazing

This app has so many things to explore, discover, see and learn. One of the most amazing things are that you can see information and how you can see everything from different objects. It’s amazing! I just love it so much! And once again, It’s Amazing! Also thank you a lot for getting the idea of this app and making it. 😀 That’s why I knew I should have put 5 stars it’s just to good! Also special thanks to Javier for giving the inspiration of downloading it. And it was worth it. Thank you!🤩🤩🤩🤩

- Amazing!

Honestly I’m usually really skeptical about these apps because a lot of them are so frustrating to use. This one however was so easy to use and the layout is beautiful! My family and I decided to stargaze and we saw what we thought were just bigger stars than usual ones, but turned out to actually be Saturn and Jupiter, along with other planets. It was really amazing and informative and I had a lot of fun using it! Thanks for the amazing app, it’s definitely worth and it’s free! You can’t go wrong. 💖

- Stars Planets & ISS

Really love being able to know when the planets and ISS come up. We head out to see them in clear evenings. Not sure why my notifications are not sounding anymore even though they are still on. My notifications are all set to on. I tried turning a couple (the sun and ISS)off then back on but still not getting. I do get the notification telling the star gazing conditions for the day but not everyday. It worked great for the first few days then nothing. Any other suggestions?

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- It’s awesome

I remember having a stargazing app before but it wasn’t as good as this one. It’s good to look at the sky without having to go outside with all the mosquitos and even if it’s cloudy you don’t need to bother about mourning because there’s no stars out because you have this app. It’s great to know what constellations you are looking at or even if there is that one orange dot off in the distance you may realise that this isn’t just a orange dot but it’s Mars or a part of the Milky Way. It’s great to know what beauties of the world are above or below us. I also love the news because then I can look them up myself if I want more info because they are always interesting and fun to read. Another good thing about this app is the fact that if you click on a star, satellite, planet or moon it will will give you great info also with a better look at the object with the 3D imagery. As you can see this is a great app and I hope that you download it because it is out of this world. ;)

- One of a kind

I haven’t come across any other app Etc like it. It has so many features and so much information and the design of this app is perfect. it was the first app I re-downloaded after getting a new phone because of how incredible it is and how much I surprisingly use this app. You will not find another app like it or that could compare. Honestly do yourself a favour and download this app I promise you will not regret it, everyone I have shown it to has been in complete awe of it and asked for the name so they too could have it for themselves

- Impressive skywatch app

This is a great app especially for one that’s free. I read someone else’s review of it recommending it and downloaded it off of that and I was glad I did. It shows planets, stars, constellations, satellites etc in real time even when on airplane mode. Very handy just to point the phone in front of you and it shows what’s there. It shows the trajectory of satellites and the space station and you can just tap the satellite, planet etc and it brings up information on it..amazing! Totally recommend this app to everyone to have on their phone!

- Absolutely fantabulous

This is by far THE BEST educational app I’ve ever had, Pros: - it has amazing premium pack. - it does NOT force you to go premium by playing ad videos every time you touch the screen. - 1 month free trail premium - fully adjustable/customisable according to personal preferences. - ABILITY TO VIEW THE SKY FROM MOON. - real and semi animated sky options to choose. - even the full free version is fantastic with all of the features mentioned above. ——————- Cons: - the setting is a bit complicated Ps, setting complication might be because of my English knowledge as it’s my second language Overall I’m absolutely happy with this app, and really really hope that I could upgrade to premium but unfortunately I just can’t do it at the moment.

- Fantastic

I’ve only played around with this for a little while but I can instantly tell this is amazing, it really blew my mind about how small we are, just little unimportant life forms on a floating rock. We will never do anything important with our lives because if we die, if earth is destroyed it won’t matter nothing matters life is meaningless.

- One word AWESOME..!!!

All the geeks and astronomy bug bitten people out there this is the best app to checkout literally everything in our skies..whether it may be a planet a constellation, nebulae or say man made satellites nothing is hidden from night sky’s radar. And also the added camera/photography feature is awesome. Definitely 5 stars to this one.

- Absolutely amazing

There are many night sky navigation apps out there but this one is by far the best. The amount of features on it is outstanding and they aren’t blocked by a payed subscription. This app has helped me countless times with my stargazing and when the conditions are best. 5/5

- Stop with the ads already

I get it. You want us to pay for the subscription. Perhaps it unseemly to be too critical of a free app and I understand a certain level of promotion in any free app. But to have the subscription pop-up take over the app half a dozen times in the four minutes I was using it was quite ridiculous (including every time I opened it). Definitely won’t be upgrading and indeed will find another app to do what I was using this one for.

- Amazing

It’s awesome to have the ability to point your phone up at the sky and see all the constellations and I was surprised by how many constellations there actually where. By far one of my favorite apps ever

- Great app

It’s a great app with all these amazing features and information at the palm of your hand. I have one issue though, when I want to view planets or stars in AR mode, sometimes the app suddenly shuts off. Then I go back in and start all over again and the same thing happens. Is there a fix to it?

- Let down

Always wanted an app like this and thought this was it. It’s daytime though I’m still able to see the position of the constellations. Though when I pointed my phone at the sun it didn't show up. I scrolled around looking for it and it showed the sun in a different position. If the suns position is incorrect so is the rest of the app.

- App has become more sophisticated

App not as intuitive as it used to be, but then has become more powerful. I will spend some time learning it.

- Cannot purchase

Tried 8 times to purchase this app. Every time it says cannot purchase because I am not connected to the Internet. Tried wi-fi, 4G, force quit the app, restarted phone. Nothing worked. Every time the same message. Tried Safari and other apps that use the Internet and they all work fine. The problem is not on my end it is on their end. Complete waste of time. What a joke.

- Restore purchases broken?

I thought I had purchased this app a few years ago so I tried to restore purchases after I had to reset my phone, but it just sits on a loading icon and never does anything.

- Pls add a search bar

Can you guys add a Search Bar? So that if we need to find any moons, galaxies, satellites, planets and many other stuff we can find it with ease. Y’know, so we don’t have to look around for an hour to find what we are looking for.

- Not too bright

I thought the app was too complicated. My kids wanted to use it for a science project and the names of stars were no where what they thought they were. For instance we are in Melbourne and the kids wanted to find the Southern Cross but your app does not list it as this so we fiddle faddled trying to find it. I had to firstly find Orion and go from there. Yeah I guess you need to be a fully fledged astronomer to use it.

- Night Sky

This app now works well after another phone reboot! Thanks for giving me the tip to reboot. A wonderful app to use and the notifications of various events is very timely!

- Amazing! Using it for school studies and projects.

This is such an amazing app like, honestly! It’s so accurate that I’ve been getting A+’s for every space project yet! Again, outstanding detail xx

- Night Sky Pro no longer works

I purchased Night Sky Pro on my iPad an upgrade to this App and no longer works and no longer can I down load it. Not sure what’s going on. Can you help. This version is ok but I purchased the Pro and not longer works. It sounds as if I have done my money. Can you write un update for it please so it works. Thanks Joe It seems to have changed to a subscription but I purchased it before it did, why doesn’t my original version work

- Mind blowing ... app worth having

This app feeds into curiosity and connects with the real world... I mean vast space in which we all are. Thank you for making this app. And keep building on it.

- Fantastic

This is such an amazing app The whole family have now got it and we go out and watch for different nightly events Outstanding

- Fantastic !

There is simply no better way to get kids interested in the stars and constellations above ( and below ) us ! Keep up the great work !

- The Saucepan on your heads!

I bought Night Sky Pro, in good faith. It no longer works. Know it seems you want an annual fee for the app. No. I would like what I paid for please. How do you decide to just reclaim something that has been paid for? For shame. Whoever your bean counter is, I hope their car stops working and must pay an annual fee to look at sitting in their garage.

- This App is fantastic and ideal for beginner star gazers.

Wether Your an amateur or an expert, you should download this to your iPhone or iPad. Extremely accurate. 10/10in my personal opinion.

- This free app is worth so much more

I downloaded this app out of curiosity, and it has reignited my interest in astronomy. Thank you so much, and great work with the beautiful design.

- Perspective

Thanks for all your work on this app, let’s you see how small we are and appreciate what we have.

- Love it

So much info and my kids particularly love using it to identify bright objects in the sky. Minor quibble: it crashed when I tried to share an event on twitter.

- Amazing

Absolutely fantastic Night Sky app shows so so much and fairly easy to understand

- Ads

The app looks cool, with all the constellations and planets, but the app has constant purchasing advertisements for monthly trials. There is no button of an ‘x’ to close the ads and I am forced to close the app, refresh it and then go searching again for a previous find.

- Awesome

Great app and awesome to start convos with girls although I payed for the premium sometime ago it seems that with the latest update I have to re purchase it..

- Superb!

I first downloaded this in 2013 and it was a wonder even then. It has continued to improve and is a delight to use.

- The best app

My kids love to play and have fun and look at our solar system.........We love this app thank you for creating the app 🌖🌍

- Amazing <3

I love space! So I normally use this app :3 it’s still really good even without the premium! :o It’s good for indoors and out :D This is the best space app ever!!!

- Poor

It would be nice if you included an easy way to back out of other view modes. Not intuitive, and why put an (i) button next to stars if nothing happens when you tap it? Seems redundant. I had this app years ago and it seems it didn’t get better.

- The beauty of our solar system

I have only a few words. It is simply perfect. Mind blown!

- Notifications

I like this app. The issue is, I no longer get ISS notifications. Edit - deleted and reinstalled the app which rectified the issue.

- I would be seeing (no) stars without you!

Love the app! There’s so much learning about the planets, starts and galaxies. The UI/X is great too!

- Great app

It’s vey well set out, the drill down function is amazing. The information on the stars is details.

- Night sky rules!

Get the app night sky pls it is really fun and you can go outside and star gaze on your I pad.

- 3 second timer

Great App I love it...A 3 second timer on all astrophotography functions to reduce camera shake would be great!!!!

- I love night sky

I love night sky because all the planets are very bright and clear

- .

It is a really cool app. I like how you can go through a portal and see the stars and planets from another planet.

- Cardinal Compass points are back

Back to 5 stars, just got the revised update with cardinal compass point back on the horizon. Thanks for a top app.

- Coolest thing I’ve ever seen on my iPhone.

So easy to relax & lose yourself into the deep abyss of other-worldly ambience in this breathtaking app.

- Not very good

This is a confusing app that shows lots of stars, but is of little use. The interface is bizarre and although it seems to show you stars it is hard to understand what it’s really showing. Don’t bother with this one. Waste of space

- Thanks

It’s really good info but I think it should let you walk on the planet

- First good clear night.

Satellites, not one but two, hard to spot here

- Calibration issues

When you can see the moon or sun or Mars clearly in the sky and you point the app to them, the app doesnt identify any of them and they appear elsewhere in the sky. Keen to know why is it so and how can it be fixed.

- Review

This is by far the best of the best app’s in any category that I’ve ever came across. Love you’re work .

- How much I love night sky!

I just love the way that you added portals

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- Star gazing

So cool to see so many sculptures, satellites and planets! It's very beautiful!

- Great App

Never knew my way around the biggest parts of my own neighborhood. Now I have a roadmap and I’m finding my way around a little. Jupiter is a real thing now. My world is so much bigger. I now know what I’m looking at in a way I never saw before. Very cool. Very empowering. The kids love it so much too.

- It used to be a fine app

When I first purchased Night Sky, it worked really well, but since then, there are several "Premium" features and adverts for them. In addition, the app is clunky now and difficult to calibrate because I need to do so every time I use the app.

- Amazing

Astounded me

- NightSky

Excellent App that should be on the perquisite list in every school system in the country. A very creative learning tool that initiates interest in science and space and provides a platform for young learners to broaden their interests in these areas.

- Best but

It keeps saying preineuim

- Rip off alert

Do not buy this app, I payed for it around 5 years ago. It was a one time purchase. Now they started charging me 2.79 a month for it out of left field, not even sure how they are even doing this because I didn’t agree to anything. They should be sued.

- Scam app

Did not authorize being charged for this app. When i cancelled the subscription, i was charged anyway. Total scam.

- Crashes

Used to work, quite well and enjoyed it while it did. It crashes immediately after opening since upgrade. Tried deleting and re-installing, same result unfortunately

- Closing all the time on my iPad

Simply can’t use the app. Had the app as a sky reference. I can’t spot a comet or constellation and try to align that the app shuts off. Pointless.

- Hmmmm...

Excited to learn that there was an app available and once I downloaded it wanted money and now I am going to delete. Too complicated.

- Not what I was hopping for ☹️🙁

I really like to see the cosmos but when ever I touch something it makes it show me where you have to pay, and I just want to play not pay ok ☹️☹️☹️

- Too complicated.

Liked the old version. Place your iPad in the sky and everything is labeled. Now there is so much to decipher I would rather not use the app

- Used 9.7mb of cellular data in the background

Great app but in the last 5 days it’s used 9.7 mb of cellular data when I’ve not even opened the app. I’ve obviously turned the cellular access off for the app but why is it even doing that? I also do not agree with a monthly/annual subscription model for nothing extra, price gouging customers shows greed and lack of respect. You’d also be advised to read icandy privacy and data use policy, available below.

- Night Sky

I pretty cool

- Frustrated

I haven’t had this app downloaded to my device or utilized its functions in ages but still receive emails that I’m being charged for its services. How can I unsubscribe or be reimbursed (which I’m guessing isn’t going to happen)?

- Harassment

I got the « free trial » after 2 days I deleted the app but after a month it doesn’t stop sending me notifications to pay BUT I DONT USE IT AND I DONT HAVE IT!! Someone can do something for it thanksss

- Speechless

This app is amazing, I would’ve purchased night sky unlimited if I had a job

- One of the best apps around

Being a planetary scientist myself, I can vouch that this is one of the best iOS apps around for beginner and amateur stargazers! Good job developers and keep it going!👍🏻

- Make it free?

This app is so good, but I saw some interesting features and when I clicked, it was premium product and I had to pay to use it. Please make it free?

- Disappointing

It looks really nice until you try to use it. It jumps all over the place, and when I try to do a search for common stars it brings up nothing. Not impressed.

- App Freezing

This app is fun and informative but having issues with freezing up when in tutorials and programs, and also found that when supposed to be looking at stars in programs it is reverting to my camera and no the sky. More direction is needed as to how to show sky and not camera. Thanks but ha I guess fun, not sure about subscription until fixed. A

- Getting some Vitamin D

Best thing is you can point it at your feet and still see the Sun

- Other language

Need it with Arabic language

- Will always love this app

I have had this app for years and have not a single complaint. Yes it asks you to subscribe but you are not required to and even if you do, it is as simple as unsubscribing if you’re unhappy. This is not an issue for me. I will continue to use this wonderful app for free (as you can, with little issue) with my nephews and will continue loving to expose them to the universe in such a wonderfully detailed app. Thanks!

- Fantastic!

Helps me get nice sleep.

- Great application with minor bugs

I must say this application is great. The developers are adding support to the latest iOS with widget features, news and it has almost perfect accuracy of the celestial objects. They have some tutorials for astrophotography, stargazing and more. They have news, live coverage of some bodies, 3D visualisation of objects as well. However, one huge bug people encounters is the application crashes repeatedly at some point. But other than that, this app is good to be included in one of the great astronomy apps in store.

- Excellent,,

Très précis,,

- Space journey

An amazing piece of space set up to allow anyone who wants to learn what little we know about this massive frontier . Something to really enjoy.

- Subscription for an occasionally used app is bad

More and more functions locked behind a paywall. I’d be ok if the app is a buy-and-use basis, but no. You will have to pay every month. Star gazing for non-professionals is only once a month for even the luckiest people who has the best weather, and here in Toronto with more cloud than sense during Autumn, you’d have to be able to change weather for that kind of monthly money to make sense. Sorry.

- Review wow

Trippie af at the same time amazes me every time

- Already purchased the app

I already purchased a premium version of the app before they switched to the subscription style. Now I’m having problems using it. Please solve this! You made it to this point because we supported you financially and you’re now throwing us out of the app!

- Really good app

This app is really good for stargazing and anyone who wants to find a good time to stargaze. One issue though, when I try to load the app it kicks me out, could you fix this? Thanks you (:

- Payed app

As soon as you get this setup it wants you to pay for it. I don’t know if the settings work as the app showed me everything, including the stuff I turned off. Uninstalled..

- Not working

App keeps asking me to upgrade to premium...and doesn’t work otherwise...

- Was good.

I have reinstalled three times to no avail. Works on iPad but shuts down when attempting to open on iPhone.

- Free app

I thought this app was free but it has asked me to subscribe 👎🏼

- Amazing

Love the quality and the features

- I wish it was free

A lot of the cool parts are for premium users only

- I am amazed

I always download other star gazing apps, but none of them compare to this one. There is so much information and anything you want to know on the night sky. I really like how they have three models of the constellation so you can see the distances of each star in the constellation. The notification to get our amazing because they notify you of nights that have clear skies, and you can schedule the app to take you on a tour if you are going camping or somewhere that has less light pollution. I am a telescope owner and future space explorer and so I am very impressed with the layout and the functionality of this app.

- Totally cool...

Love exploring the night sky

- Great fun

Love this app

- Useless

Said geee and then want to charge

- It is great

It is so nice i love it

- Too cumbersome

Too much stuff, too busy and it still couldn’t find the moon. Pitiful.

- I can’t change settings sounds easy to use

Not easy to navigate

- The best stargazing app

This is the best stargazing app.

- Technical difficulty

It keeps on kicking me off during the quiz

- Opinion

You have made it far to complicated , cumbersome and over populated with too much information on one screen. It was easier and cleaner and more useful when you first started the app Frank

- Wonderful App...

Great app. However, it often shuts off when pressing AR. It’s almost as if the app gets overwhelmed.

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- Don’t leave home without it!!!

Night Sky is my all time 4STAR APP!!! It makes every vacation a magnificent journey at night!!! From Sequoia National Park to Sleeping Bear Dunes to our family cabin at Rough River in Kentucky, family, friends and all the little people in the family are fascinated and captivated by this unique app of the universe. Just tonight, getting ready for bed, I glanced out my window for a quick scan and suspected I saw Saturn.. I took my phone off the charger to confirm my prediction... Night Sky shows Saturn. ITS WONDERFUL MAGIC!!!! Thanks Night Sky!!! GOOD NIGHT... Pam Sheehan in LouisvilleKY USA

- Speechless

I am never at a loss for words but slap me naked and steal my clothes wait until you see this thing this is coming on a telephone imagine you’re up in your Gulf Stream 11 Your honey bunny is on your lap your pilot is looking straightahead ignoring you and you were saying to your friend yeah honey there’s a well let’s see there’s some Orion this is off the chain this is off the Hook you got to get this download this if they were 10 stores they get 10 stars I mean funny a five star rating for this thing we got a how

- Amazing, but also troublesome

The shear amount of information in this app is incredible. From rocket bodies to knowing exactly where the ISS is to little details about each planet. This app is great for that. The flip side, is due to the volume of stars, most of which cant be seen with the naked eye even on a clear night in the middle of nowhere, is that identifying the bright star you see in the sky is actually challenging. If there was a way to filter, or at least dim the options in the UI so that identifying the biggest/brightest stars in the sky easier, it would really help.

- Restore purchase

Hi! I absolutely love the app, big space nerd here and due to the light pollution in my area sky gazing isn’t always so easy & this app works wonders for the imagination. Anyway, I had purchased the yearly plan not too long ago before I had to hard reset my phone and wipe it. I installed the app again and attempted to restore my purchase but the app says “restore failed. please check your subscription.” I was wondering if there’s any way to fix this?? I desperately love all the premium features and would like to get them back. 5 stars once fixed- thank you.

- Pretty but useless

I really tried to like this app but it’s useless for finding anything in the night sky, even if you already know your way around the constellations like I do. All the labels are too small to read and nothing appears in the right location of the sky . But the worst thing is, I downloaded it to track the ISS but even if It does notify me that something is supposed to be visible, it doesn’t tell me where to look !!! The search function doesn’t work very well either Evan if you can figure out how to use it and the tutorial is just a sales pitch that doesn’t show you how to use the app at all. It just shows you the features.

- Great, but could be wonderful.

This app is great, besides the fact that every time I zoom out, the advertisement for the premium version opens, and I will not pay for the premium version, but I might be willing to later if you could zoom out without the advertisement opening, but this app is great, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in stars and similar things that also has patience or no problem with advertisements.

- Buggs.....? Need fixing.....

I tend to redownload this app often to look at the sky n stars and now for some reason it’s almost “freezing” and not “responding to touch” and then screen just goes black and I’m back at my home screen never had this issue ever before it was always the one that never seemed to have a “glitch..?” Or what u will call it....and one of my favs might keep for a few days to see if issues get resolved if not then ill redownload again in a few days or a week and see if issues is still happening plz fix one of my fav apps and now it’s not really enjoyable when it “freezes and backs out to home screen”!!! TIA!(thanks in advance)

- Tantalizingly Illuminating

Night Sky calls to the senses with captivating visuals and ethereal sounds. It appeals to the intellect of those seeking out information about the vast universe in which we live -- past, present, and future. Regardless of age, Night Sky has something to offer all participants interacting within the dazzling programming. This app is so complete in most ways, even in free version, that any additions or updates make for surprisingly wonderful gifts to users indeed. Kudos to the developers of Night Sky.

- I Love The Sky!

See I just have an infatuation with the sky. It’s pretty and to think that our own destruction is above us is so beautiful! The stars are very pretty and should be recognized more, as they terrify us and intrigue us. I’m not one of astrology or anything. I see absolutely no signs in the stars, I just look at them and their beauty and feel very lucky to be here sometimes. Thank you dearly from, An existential, nihilistic Gen Z person that thinks there’s no use in anything anymore and really appreciates this app.

- ✨ ⭐️ Simply amazing! 🌟 💫

This app is totally perfect for stargazers. Now that I have this app I do not need to drive 25 minutes to the observatory to look through a telescope. I would definitely recommend this app. When you press a star, planet, satellite, asteroid, or constellation, it gives you all the information on that object. The only reason why I would give it four and a half stars is because it has glitched a few times. Otherwise, DEFINITELY download this app.

- What went wrong? — Fixed

A year ago this app worked great. I didn’t use it for about eight months. When I tried to access it and the screen went black and the app closed I erased the app and downloaded the app today and get the same problem. The only difference is the app got to the tutorial before going black and closing. The only difference is I’m now running iPad 13.3. Loved the app before and I’d sure like it back. GOT IT back. Thank you! As suggested by iCandi apps I deleted the app and download it again. Previously I downloaded the app immediately after deleting it. This time I did a hard reboot before down loading the app and now it works. This app truly deserves the Editor’s Choice Award.

- Good App, But Crashes

So, I downloaded this today, and I love it so far. But their is a crashing problem, whenever I want to view the Adramoda Galaxy, it crashes. That’s it. Also, the NightSky premium, Should be a one time payment. I mean, really? This is a Star Viewing App, not a Uber App. I mean c’mon. And don’t give me one of your reviews that you use for EVERYONE ELSES REVIEW. It is getting annoying. That is all I have to say. Ok. This is after my other review. I saw how you can fix it, and I did and it…worked…I desktop love the app now, and I 100% suggest it. Happy stargazing!

- Love it!

This app is amazing! I quick downloaded it because there was a bright figure in the sky and I wanted to see which planet it was. It was one of the only ones that didn’t cost money, and you can look at almost anything! Love how the planets stand out, you can easily see the constellations, you can see the satellites, and you can click to see more info on things. The lovely star gazing music also is a nice touch. Definitely would recommend!

- Very Frustrating

I downloaded this app as a trial to see if I liked it enough to pay for the upgraded version. Isn’t that the purpose of a lot of free apps? This one was so obnoxious that I couldn’t even use it enough to get a feel for it. Every time you launch it, it tries to get you to upgrade. Every. Stinking. Time. And it’s not easy to dismiss the pop-up. There is a lot of scrolling before you finally get to a “No Thank You” link. If the constant upgrade solicitations aren’t enough, you will also be asked frequently to rate the app. Well, here is your rating and review. I look forward to the standard, canned response about the many ways to use the app for free. Why is this an Editors’ Choice?

- Great experience with the fa

I love this app, my family and I had become addicted to watch the stars almost every night, specially those clear nights were you able to see and identify the stars, we also love watch the ISS go by, you can actually identify with the crew up there, watching this glorious planet from up there, saying a little prayer for them, keep them safe,,I definitely recommend this app for all of those nature lovers out there.

- Inefficient unworkable app

In taking the live tour in app, one must need a tech degree to interact. Nothing should be this difficult. If one has to stand on their head while cocking their head just so, the technology just isn’t there yet or the app is failing. One should be able to move the app as they do when searching the sky vs having to hold the phone above with their head cocked all the way back. And one shouldn’t have to have an advanced PhD to work what should be simple. On the other hand, maybe the tour really just doesn’t deliver and my expectations as simple as they are, are too high for Night Sky. Most, on paper, seem to rate this app highly. I find it an extraordinary waste of time.

- Amazing!!! Detailed. A must have.

I downloaded this app so that I could find Saturn so my daughter and I would be able to view it through her telescope. This app alone has given me a desire to go buy a telescope and stargaze. The detail that it provides for each planet and constellation is amazing and being able to easily identify where those planets are located in the sky makes this app a must have. Thank you developers for making this stargazing app immersive.

- Amazing!! 🌌🔭

You won’t regret getting this app! It’s one of the best apps out there for people who are interested in Astrology. With this app, I have learned so many cool facts and stories about each star, satellite, constellation, etc.. Even if you don’t purchase the premium, you still get just as much as you would buying premium. I have great respect for the people who help run this app! Thank you for deepening my (as well as everyone who loves this app) love and passion for Astrology!

- review

When I first opened the app, it loaded very fast and went straight to the map of the sky. The map shows everything from planets to constellations to satellites and more. If you click on anything in the sky that's labeled, you can read a very in-depth information screen about whatever you've clicked on. You can also buy a premium subscription for $9.99/mo, but I don't think it's necessary for you to enjoy this app.

- Useful tool

When aligning my equatorial mount I have found some stars hard to pick out from the billions out there, and this app makes those 2/3 star alignments AFTER polar alignment much much easier. I just hold my phone up to the sky and find the star the mount wants and then with my finder and dual crosshair illuminating eyepiece I can fine tune those stars to my mount. Now one not need to know the night sky like an encyclopedic savant, my phone does, apparently.

- Thank you

Tank you for creating this app it’s fun and educational and fun to play around with it’s inspired me to become an astronaut or scientist love your work just matey cut the premium, I think people should have all those benefits or at least put the money towards charity and Mabel drop the prices. Thank you for hearing me out you don’t have to but I think it might improve how many people buy it, you don’t have to though but thanks🥰😅stay safe and happy😷😁

- Awesome, but...

First things first. This app is amazing! I love that you are able to see the universe around you just by aiming you phone. It was very helpful for when my family was looking for planets and constellations. Would highly recommend! However, when I try to use some of the features like AR sky bending, the app crashes. It has only worked a few short lives times. I kind of wanted to see how it worked and whatnot. But overall, this thing is amazing. Great job!

- Best App Avaiable, it has opened both my eyes as well as my mind

If you have ever wondered about what is “up there” as well as what is our place in “all of this” this app. helps to appreciate how small we really are in terms of the universe. More importantly Night Sky ads to the appreciation (thankfulness really) of “Our Earth”, and all it has provided for us. For some it is a spiritual journey due to the realization of how precious life is. How unusual life as we understand it is in the cosmos.

- Great for exploring

I'm really impressed with this app. It has many more objects included than other apps I've used, and the name of each one appears just by centering it on the screen. The additional information that's available on each one is well detailed, also. The app loads quickly and its compass appears pretty accurate. The graphics are quite impressive, as well. There's a lot to discover with this app!

- Best stargazing app!!!

Hi, this app is great for stargazing, and if you are worried that they are going to empty your wallet then stop worrying! Night sky is a wonderful app without the subscription, and you gat access to almost all of the features. If you want more then what the app delivers, then get the inexpensive subscription or just by the entire app for the price of 10 years of their wonderful subscription. I would highly recommend to everyone all ages!

- Wow...incredible amounts of content!

Beautifully designed app, with many regular updates! Solar flairs, space station fly-overs, planets, solar system. There’s a lot more here than a star chart, which is gorgeous. So many options! I instantly did the one year subscription. I want to support these guys. A lot of content to enjoy. Is there a tutorial? Did I miss a tutorial? Is there a way to have my city in the horizon view? Thanks for all your hard work!

- BIG downgrade!!

This version of Night Sky is an outrageous DOWNgrade of Night Sky Pro. This app makes finding a star more difficult because all the stars look EXACTLY the same!. If you still have the OLD version of Night Sky Pro (black ikon) KEEP it! The older version shows the brighter stars slightly larger than the dim stars. I NEVER use this version. In your response below, you failed to address my complaint that the stars in your new app are all exactly the same size, no matter their brightness which means you cannot chose a star YOU see in the sky. THEY ARE ALL THE SAME SIZE! I will continue to use Night Sky Pro whether you ever update it or not. Sorry... you lose!

- Wow c:

This app has honestly helped ignite a passion in me for astronomy. I recently moved to a location with a high elevation and less cloudy skies than where I used to live, and I can say the feeling of knowing with absolute certainty that you’re right about the constellations you’re looking at is unparalleled. Really grateful for this app and its usability as a free program. I’d upgrade if I had the money because I appreciate the developers that much. THIS SOUNDS LIKE A PAID FOR REVIEW ITS JUST A REALLY LOVELY APP DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND DOWNLOAD IT AAAA

- I love seeing all there is to see!!

I know this is an amazing app, I just wish I understood more of it! I know with time I will! Especially how to take the astro photos. It is a bit disconcerting how much JUNK is out there floatin’ around.....It looks like the streets after election days!! So many different government’s $$’s and trash! I can’t wait to be able to see the space station go over, missed it twice. Need to turn my alarm sounds on! Have fun if u try it. It’s a big earth and even bigger universe!!

- Information

Love this app. I think that The only thing I have negative To say about this app is when you get a notification for example for A meteor shower it’s simply just says meteor shower. It doesn’t tell you when where how long what direction to look or any of that Important information ,that i would love to be informed about to be able to see this meteor shower in the best possible way .I mean that’s cool and all but I would like some information instead of just meteor shower.

- A Flight of Fancy & Fact 💫💥✨

When I stumbled on this app, I immediately wanted to buy it for a friend,his passion is the cosmos. Frankly I expected a much higher price! LOL. I’m picky with apps- but I downloaded immediately- your app presentation page for the AppStore - hands down- The BEST! 🥂🍾 \ THE CONCEPT - Cleverly Inventive 💡! Here’s the funny part, I haven’t used it yet! I can hardly wait. I’ll be back with my review – I hope it’s not like the movie trailers were they show you the best part! LOL

- Love it!! But..

I got this app a few weeks ago, and It’s amazing!! I keep finding out new things about everyday! Yesterday, I found out that you can view other planet’s perspectives!! And today, I found out that you see the spacecraft slightly move, and that you can use your camera to find the constellations, and whatever else is on the viewing! But... You need to fix the camera a bit, it glitches a lot, and at night you can barely see what its saying!

- Keeps getting better and better

I have tried out and paid for at least four night sky apps, and this is hands down the best one. It's assessment of viewing conditions in my foggy San Francisco has been spot on, and it miraculously shows me only the stars that I can see, so it's easy to find out exactly which stars, planets, or satellites I'm seeing. I'm currently in the free trial of pro -- I plan to continue for a mere $8 per year.

- Amazing

Never in my life seen a better app then this it is so amazing and I recommend to anyone who is looking for a app like this because I love it it works amazing so amazing I don’t know what to say they have fixed all their things they have messed up on like the meteor showers it is amazing love it get it right away and right now it is amazing I LOVE IT I use it every day there is nothing bad I want to say about it because it is AMAZING LOVE IT GET RIGHT AWAY RIGHT NOW!!!!!!😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

- Fly over notices

The iss flew over last evening and I ran out to get a chance to see the light. Well I waited an so in. Then I took a look where it was with night sky search. It showed the iss had passed and was below the horizon after it passed. Now the time it took this happen once I got the alert was 15 seconds to get out in the driveway and the iss was gone . Not a very good alert I say. I won’t go for pocket money each month for a lower service. I like the rest of it ability.

- Night sky

I love the application and have subscribed to premium for a year ending 1/20. However my credit card in Apple ID expired and I can’t add a card because I have active renewal. Problem is I can’t remove the active subscription as no such option exists under it. I find dozens of others have this problem. The premium subscription has a problem of perpetuity and is blockinyfurthrr purchases

- That wasn’t an Airplane...

Next time you’re looking up at the sky looking for stars and you see what you think is just an airplane flying by, think twice. It may be the International Space Station! Set your app to notify you and it’ll let you know when the next visible ISS fly by is coming your way. If the sky and sun are right... you’ll see it as bright as a star moving through the sky. Amazing!!!

- Impossible to cancel prior to expiration date..

We have tried everything. They will now send a canned reply to my review as I keep reading the same response to others who could not cancel prior to trial period ending. Apple support keeps taking me back to the Night sky subscription where my only choice is to Pay!!!! Can not cancel!!!! I have written Night Sky support and expect a canned reply. If they stall past the free trial date expiration, I’ll automatically be charged on a monthly basis! Also, the iRobot doesn’t work for reaching out to their support. Three of us tried and tried but it would not send. How convenient. More stalling on their part!

- Innacurate, entertainment at best

The sun is in pisces right now. But the app is showing it in Aquarius. The moon is in cancer but the app is showing it in Gemini. So, I'm assuming that all the planets and major players in the solar system are a few degrees off from accurate. Also, the menu gets stuck open and will open randomly as I move my iPad around. Sky blending is completely useless as it crashes the app every time I try. The app will crash randomly after using it for longer than 5 minutes. I feel bad for people who paid for this app. It's really a disappointment.


This game is very amazing and has great graphics and AR ability! And the memberships are so cheap it’s amazing! (Especially for me because I want to work for NASA when I can get a job!) This game is my favorite app out of all of my 16 apps! I recommend this app to all space lovers!!! And thank you for working so hard on this app and please do not stop working on it because all this app can do is get better! Thank you for reading!!!😜🌌🌠

- Good stuff!

I first installed this app on my iPad Pro 12.9 inch that did not have cell network capabilities. I blamed this app when it did not work. I later learned that the absence of cell phone functionality means also the absence of GPS. So the fault was with my hardware. I then installed this app on my iPhone and it worked wonderfully. It’s a great app; my apologizes for any confusion that my erroneous review may have caused for prospective app users.

- Wondrous!

Extremely delightful and insightful, not to mention easy to navigate. Visually stimulating and convenient. I appreciate the work and effort the creators went through to ensuring they have so much information presented in such a beautiful manner. If you’ve ever looked at the sky and thought “I wonder what that star’s name is” or just were curious about our surroundings in space I highly recommend!

- 321

i’ve been using this app for a while now, probably about a year. to say that i ‘love’ it would be an understatement. it alerts me when there are meteor showers, comets and the ISS flying over my head. you can set the notifications personally and it notifies you for pretty much anything you can think of that has to do with the sky. it won’t, however, notify you when it’s raining.

- Nightsky enjoyment

The night sky app has truly outperformed my expectations for a phone app. I particularly want to mention that the astrophotography portion of this app is great for capturing awesome photos ; not only of the sky but in low light conditions with minimal difficulty managing the settings. My one criticism is when trying to get screen shots of celestial activities if aiming towards the sun the app creates a artificial glare effect if they can not eliminate please have a method to switch the glare effect off. There are numerous occasions where this effect of solar glare ruined my screen shot and made it more difficult to explain the information it the image to others. Thank you I am hoping for a work around or fix for that issue. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ELIMINATE THE SUN GLARE EFFECT PLEASE

- Great app, but.....

Love this app and I would purchase it, if there was an actual purchase price. I have no desire to subscribe on a monthly or yearly basis for anything. I will use the free version for now. If they decide to sell the app, rather than offer subscriptions, I would purchase it. Subscription based content like this is a really bad idea. I’m guessing they aren’t getting a lot of subscriptions compared to the amount of actual purchases they could get

- Once great; but v.7 ruined it

This was an amazing, perfect app, with the right level of detail, a responsive intuitive display, and great additional features when you needed them. Version 7 ruined it. Now there are so many stars shown that you can’t find anything, and there’s no control to turn down the magnitude of displayed content. If you zoom out far enough you can get down to something useable, barely, but then the display is too small for all but the largest constellations. I’m sad. I used this app all. The. Time. Now, I’ll have to find a replacement. :(

- Review comments

Would appreciate option for - Less pictures more stars w/just outlines. Could not find space station-satellite tracker of past original versions. Becoming too cluttered can't see stars for art work. Miss original clarity and music used to work simply and always show the sky army location in Eastern Washington Srate — certainly not the case now! Very disappointing!!!

- Force closing

I’m really enjoying the shots I’m getting, when I can take them. 3/4 times now I’ve had it close on opening. Update review: i am really enjoying using this app, the force closes have been few and far between my initial review. And I’ve gotten some great shots and learned a few stars to look for since using this app. Also thanks to the dev team for the reply, and acknowledging the issue. Continued support will get continued usage from me.

- What happened?

This app was an absolute favorite for years, but recently has gotten less and less accurate and more prone to crashes. It still has some good features, but I can no longer trust that pointing my phone in a direction will give me the relevant portion of the sky on my phone. Additionally, any sort of AR features such as sky blending are completely unusable as of now. I just hope they fix all this soon. I would still say it’s a fine app, just not as good as it used to be.

- Fantastic!

This is how good this app is...I haven’t even stepped outside to use it in my night sky yet!!!! I am just so struck by the beauty of this app experience. Not to mention the endless stream of facts, figures and bios of stars and planets! I have just been too fascinated to get to the next step! Kudos to the creators. You’ve really hit this one out of the park and right into the universe! I look forward to taking this app outside 😉

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RajNarayan RoyChoudhury (রাজনারায়ণ রায়চৌধুরী)

@ImAnuraagSharma Cities do be bad for night-sky photography 😔

Alessandro G. C

My last tweet of the year. The Night-sky on December 30 🌌. I mapped some key features visible in this wide field of view capture. Also included a close up of Mars (132M km) and Uranus (3B km). I hope you like these photographs and I wish you a happy new year!


We talked about; how you celebrate the new year? I'm in home, you said. I'm under the night-sky, I said. I never know you've been my home after that. But you are warm, the warmest place I ever had. Yes, you are.

thoughtfully catholic🇻🇦

To be grateful *for* a thing necessarily requires us to be grateful *to* a thing. Even if our gratefulness is for the night-sky and is directed to the universe the mere fact that we have made an act of gratitude means we are rapt out of our Self for the time of our gratefulness.


Here are some fun night-sky facts for early January.

Erbie (DMs open)

@MrRosentretter If by horny you mean wholesome horny then I'll just take him out on a nice stroll, come home, Cook up a nice meal, probably put something to watch on and then afterwards look up at the star filled night-sky and talk about little things that interest us

The New Yorker

Einstein had what might be called a night-sky theology, a sense of the awesomeness of the universe that even atheists and materialists feel when they gaze up at the Milky Way.

Reiji 🎄

Kairi: My chances to the trash? Are you crazy? Some call your writing rad, but to me it's straight up LAZY! My arc is barely starting, greatness awaits, you see? Meanwhile you've been downgraded to a night-sky WANNABEEEE!

Aylett Colston

@RhiFionn @WilsonsWorld The moonrise was amazing tonight in central NC! Alas, my iPhone doesn't take good night-sky pictures. I may get myself a real camera.

Jeff Schultz

This image was shot about this time of year in 2017 while I was leading a private photo tour for Aurora and night-sky photography. We started in Fairbanks for several nights, then down to Talkeetna and over to the Sheep Mountain area. This image was shot at 3 am.


i could look at the night-sky for hours

Eric Southard

@squorch They should wear night-sky patterned space camo, like a little kid’s pajamas

Kundan Kr.

Lonelines without art is like the night-sky without stars.

jenny minz

I want a night-sky/star projector for my ceiling so bad 😭

𝑔𝑒𝑜𝓇𝑔𝒾𝓃𝒶 𝓇𝑜𝓈𝑒 ✶

“Sing the rapturous love-song unto me! Burn to me perfumes! Wear to me jewels! Drink to me, for I love you! I love you! I am the blue-lidded daughter of Sunset; I am the naked brilliance of the voluptuous night-sky. To me! To me!” -The Book Of The Law

Night Sky 8.4 Screenshots & Images

Night Sky iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Night Sky iphone images
Night Sky iphone images
Night Sky iphone images
Night Sky iphone images
Night Sky iphone images
Night Sky iphone images
Night Sky iphone images
Night Sky iphone images
Night Sky iphone images
Night Sky iphone images

Night Sky (Version 8.4) Install & Download

The applications Night Sky was published in the category Reference on 2011-11-01 and was developed by iCandi Apps Ltd. [Developer ID: 305827577]. This application file size is 767.9 MB. Night Sky - Reference app posted on 2020-12-18 current version is 8.4 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.icandiapps.nightsky

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