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What is rhymezone app? Find the right word wherever you go. The official RhymeZone iOS app is a fast, powerful rhyming dictionary and thesaurus that you can use anywhere, even if you're not on the net. Quickly find rhymes, near rhymes, synonyms, antonyms, homophones, similar sounding words, words with the same consonant pattern, and other related words (generalizations, specializations, words appearing in the same context).

You get a database of way over 100,000 words and phrases right at your fingertips. Find rhymes without an internet connection, but if you are on the net when you use the app, it can connect you to RhymeZone.com for definitions and all the other great features you've come to love. Or you can look it up using your phone's dictionaries, or on our sister site, OneLook.com. You can even hear it pronounced with your device's built-in text-to-speech.

There's also a nifty "Poet Maker" feature, which lets you find words that match constraints on both rhyme and meaning at the same time. For example, suppose you want a word that rhymes with "cat" and means "heavy"; this feature will answer "fat" in no time. Or suppose you're looking for a rhyme of "curious" that means "invalid"; you'll get "spurious". You get the idea! This feature is experimental; registered users of the app will get free upgrades as they become available.

So whether you're looking to put on the finishing touches of a love poem, bust out the next rap lyric, or just seeking some clever wordplay for your English assignment, give the app a try!

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Find this site the customer service details of RhymeZone. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company. https://appsupports.co/493493802/rhymezone/contact

RhymeZone Customer Service, Editor Notes:

RhymeZone Version 2.614 July 2021

We've tweaked our Synonyms to include more results when online, and also make it easier to check out related words if the initial results don't appear to be suitable enough. Related to Meaning results can now also be ranked by "Relevance" when online..

RhymeZone Version 2.501 July 2021

We heard things got a little too dark for some of you, so we're giving you control of the lights and a few other settings: - always use Light mode - select a different default action when tapping a result - skip multi-word results - don't show rare words - show only one column of results.

RhymeZone Version 2.217 November 2017

This app has been updated by Apple to use the latest Apple signing certificate. You can clear your search history now! We also cleaned up the offline words a little bit, and made tweaks for the latest iOS & iPhones/iPads..

RhymeZone Comments & Reviews 2022

- My preference for rhyme reference

Update: i still love using this app but am writing with a feature request. Could you make it possible to select multiple words to copy and paste into my word processor, so I don’t have to bring possible words over one by one? Sometimes, it would be nice to work from a subset of all possible rhymes. Maybe there could be a “select” mode that I could activate and then touch on those words I want? Original and still valid review: I use this app and website all the time. It’s got rhymes, near rhymes and links to definitions. Gets the job done for me when I’m searching for that word that will make my song satisfactory or better.

- Super Portable Rhyming Dictionary

I cannot count the number of times that I have written poetry or a song and needed my rhyming dictionary, only to realize that I had forgotten to carry it along with me. In some ways, it was not convenient to carry along, so I left it at Home on purpose. However, this app is so portable and so useful that it goes with me everywhere. Sometimes I would have carried my rhyming dictionary with me, but deliberately left it at home because I knew I could depend on this app to help me when I needed it. Honestly, I still prefer my book, my big rhyming dictionary, but this app is sure handy whenever it is needed! I do use it often due to its availability and portability. Thank you, Rhyming Dictionary, very much!

- Paid for the app—Now it’s ALL ADS ALL THE TIME

I paid for this app and use it regularly. As of this morning, it is filled with advertisements. Both the top and bottom with flashing ads. If I paid for the program, why is the page plastered with ads? The developer has ruined this program. I will look for a similar program from a developer who has more integrity. Now all the ads are gone. I don’t know if they are coming back or not. If they stay gone, I will change my rating.

- Awesome

I love Rhyme Zone because they always have the perfect rhyme for my situation. Whether I’m writing a song, poem, or just curious to find out what other rhymes a certain word has, they’ve got me covered! I don’t use the poem tool that often, because there aren’t that many words in most of the results. When it does work it is great! They have a super easy to use app, made for any writer, reader, or creative person out there who is interested in improving their knowledge on the language they read and write!

- Too much scrolling

Whenever I write poetry, I always use the Rhymezone website. When I found that there was an official Rhymezone app, I purchased right away. Upon use, I was greatly disappointed as I had to scroll through many many pages just to see my choices. It was just annoying and tiresome. I stopped using the app and went back to just using the website. 3/5 RhymeZone app added another column. It's a great change! Now I use the app more than ever! 5/5

- Spoken Word poetry

I absolutely love this app. I use it a lot of the time when I’m writing new material but not always it’s a good thing to have especially when you are into writing! I use it to work on my Spoken Words. I also like the fact of t pulls up definitions of the word that I click on so I can find and use words that I want to you in a proper setting!

- it’s okay-ish

Sometimes the rhymes/near rhymes are the same or they’re just the word you submitted with another word in front of them (I know it’s called a compound word but it doesn’t really count). I had higher hopes considering I paid for it but it doesn’t crash or bug out too bad. I enjoy the work put into it but you could just use the site in your browser and be fine. I give 3 stars because there was some effort put into the design and implementation of the app and Apple app developing isn’t free. Use the site though 🤷🏾‍♂️

- Love this app

I’m a musician and rhyme zone has helped me take my writings to a whole other level. I’ve increased my writing productivity immensely and I couldn’t have done it without the help of rhyme zone. I’d recommend this to anyone who writes music, poetry, or children’s books.

- Waste of 3$

Do not buy this app, it is a major step down from the safari version. Whenever I would type a word in the near rhymes search bar it wouldn’t even show the full results for the word typed in, in fact every single different search bar you type something in it wouldn’t even show the full result, and then when you can’t find any results they have you go to the safari version and look there. That’s pretty stupid of them. Spend your money on something else other than this app, it’s not worth your time or money.

- Tiered results: great for songwriting

RhymeZone is my go-to app AND my go-to site for a quick rhyme, a synonym, or other word needs. I love that I can get the most common rhymes right off the app but when I need something less quotidian there is a link to the website that gives me more than I need!

- Poetry

When I get stuck writing a poem I turn to this program. It has served me faithfully through the composition of many tomes. Many times I have gotten stuck and turned her this for the way out. I recommend it highly. Signed the old songwriter.

- Look no further

You found the best rhyming dictionary. I am especially appreciative of the functionality that allows toggling from rhymes with either x number of letters or x number of syllables. Thank you very much.

- Support this Company 100%

I’ve used their site forever (because they’re awesome), and was wondering how to support them. Now I know: buy the app. I need them to never go out of business I rely on it so much! You will too. Best part is, no in-app scams like the others.

- A Great Help!!

I have used the rhyming dictionary many times looking for just the right words to rhyme when filling out Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary, and Valentines day Cards, and it had just what I needed and couldn’t think of on my own!!! THANKS!!!!

- Best Rhyme App/Site Out There

Been using this for 10 years. No other rhyming site or app comes close. Especially love the near-rhyme feature. I should legally list Rhyme Zone as co-writer on dozens of my songs. Thank you!

- Amazing app

Always works good & I enjoy the features would suggest coming off the cheap price to buy the app instead of staying using the web version

- Not the best app, but a great resource

I love this website and I am happy I did a little to support it by purchasing the app. Unfortunately I still prefer the website to the app, but whatever. Thanks for RhymeZone!

- Best rhyme app

Best app purchase ever. Has everything you need to write or rhyme And has a ton of useful tools and resources for writers of all kind. I buy a lot of apps and this is by far my favorite of all time on the entire App Store. Just fricken buy it trust me

- Great Tool

I find this App very helpful for brainstorming in writing lyrics. It's great for finding rhymes, near-rhymes, and the synonyms are also super helpful. A wonderful tool for songwriters & poets, or for any type of writing when you’re searching for the right word. Love it!!

- Use every day

I play several word games online and use this app every day! It seems to be the best out there. Thank you to the developers! Keep up the good work

- Great for the songwriter

When I’m working on a song and I’ve truly painted myself into a corner the first place I look for ideas is this app. I don’t always find the perfect word or phrase but it’s often helpful.

- The best tool to write poetry

English is my second language. But thanks to this resource I am able to write like a Pro. Thank you for taking the time to create such a wonderful tool for writers. Ed Crespo


The best $2.99 I ever spent! This little gem is jam packed full of everything you need for writing poetry, lyrics and what-nots:) I was blown away by the depths of its content! You must check it out, you won’t be disappointed:) Thank you developers!

- Must Have!

Every singer/songwriter must have this app downloaded on their device. This has saved me from countless writer's block moments! A crucial tool to have while composing!

- Fantastic app

I’ve used this app for years to help me write songs, poems, and creative writing papers. Easy to use, quick, and intuitive. Best rhyming app I have found... and it’s free!

- The app I’ve been waiting for

yo man I love this app brah no cap brah. It’s a dream come true brah I love the quickness man. FAST like nascar brah I be writing poetry and I didn’t know what rhymed with telescope man that’s a hard word to rhyme brah thank you. I love y’all man I’d pay 6DOLLARS for this app brah. Have a good day brah.

- Build that lexicon

I’ve been using the online version heavily and now that there’s an app it makes searching words quick and easy. Thanks!!!!!!!!

- Great!

This is the best rhyming dictionary I’ve ever used. It’s got synonym search too, so if you get stuck, the app can help find an alternative word that works.

- Much better the previous format

New, confusing format difficult to navigate and use, I'm giving it time.

- Honestly. Worth it

I write a lot of poetry, and using this app makes it so much easier to find rhyming words

- Big T from the b

40 years in the dessert I done been through it all Imma have the whole world bouncing like shaq against paul

- GreaT

I am a songwriter. Use It all the time for rhymes and sometimes just to trigger some thoughts or different ways of looking at things

- Incredibly Helpful

Thanks to the creators of this app. It’s very well-done. One feature: it lists synonyms according to syllables. Overall, first-rate.

- used for years, finally reviewed 😅

rhyme zone is always my first resource when applicable, next to just googling, and often i google rhyme zone, i think maybe i paid a couple bucks for the app one time? idk i don’t remember so i’ve obviously gotten my money’s worth because i use this app constantly and it’s money i barely remember

- So convenient!

Great for synonym hunting. They augment their solutions with access to the web which has a hundred other suggestions.

- Amazing app

Makes things simple. Type in a word and you plenty to choose from.

- Incredible

I swear buy this app it’s by far the best word app ever and i use it everyday it will change the way you use words it’s the new dictionary Richard dellacanonica jr

- Couldn’t write my musical without it!

Having lists of perfect and imperfect rhymes at my fingertips has made all the difference in my experience. —Steffi Rubin, Playwright and Lyricist, “My Other Mother”

- Incredible resource

This gives so much more than other standard apps that you might use for a thesaurus... along with great alternatives for rhyming, near rhymes, and stressed syllables. LOVE IT!!!

- Great!!!

What an awesome tool for song writing and poetry writing this app has been. Thank you to all who helped develops and sustain it.

- Love this app!!!

Been using this on a daily basis for several years. Thank you for the best rhyme app ever! Couldn't function without it. 😀

- Quick

If I have to think too long about how to navigate a program, or if the program is muddled with irrelevant clutter; then the emotion and inspiration gets lost, and something valuable has been stolen. So I really appreciate the clean simplicity of this provision which is a tool to my art.

- Worth every penny!!

Extremely helpful (but can get the same service online for free)

- Songwriters best tool.

I love this ap. It’s my go to essential for songwriting. It has everything I need, rhymes, synonyms, antonyms, definitions, etc.

- Rhyme words

Instead of needing internet, you should have EVERYTHING included in the database when you select a word. Etc overall pretty cool


If you can make the app exactly like the website I will rate five stars! I need thesaurus and all the rhymes etc. No more mobile version, please! You are near the best rhyming dictionary!


Exactly the right app for exactly the right purpose. I would pay good money for this app but still happy to enjoy it for free. Great job by the dev team.

- Great for creative writing

Great tool for coming up with clever names or jokes or just creative writing in general.

- Doesn’t include all possible rhymes

I’ve been using this app for awhile, and then just realized it’s not actually giving me all the possible rhymes per word. It’s actually missing basic ones. I just put in “time” and in the listed rhymes it did not include the words “mind” or “find”. Pretty lame in my opinion.

- Awesome tool

This app has helped me write numerous poems and songs. Would definitely recommend to anyone into poetry or songwriting.

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- Always there when I need it !

As a songwriter this is my go to app every time I’m stumped on a rhyme. The options it gives me, always makes the song better or help it go in a smarter direction lyrically. Love this app

- Love it

I use it a lot and it is great. Easy to use and well designed.

- Songwriting

Great for giving a choice of lyrics and literary devices

- Awesome app’!

Absolutely loving this app. Makes lyrical writing much easier.

- King David

I find this a very useful tool for lyrical poetry

- Awesome!!!

Use this app all the time, love it!!

- Perfect for what it is.

A neat little app, starts up quickly and gives your results as soon as you submit. Has impressive functionality: synonyms, near rhymes, homophones... You can also get a definition of any word that you encounter, and there's a facility for hearing a pronunciation (though I admit I've not tried that just yet). And yet it's also a very simple interface. All in all, if you're looking for a rhyming dictionary for your device, this should be your first and last port of call.

- A really helpful and much needed app, however...

Since it uses only a third of the screen why are we forced to use it only in landscape mode? I write spur of the moment humorous poems on my iPad and usually use it in its upright position as this is generally the best way for me to use Facebook, Safari and Notebook for toggling between ideas that inspire me. When I need a rhyme it's generally something I need on the spur of the moment and it breaks my flow when I open up your app only to realise I have to turn my iPad 45 degrees and then only to see one third of the screen being used. Seriously, having some flexibility with screen orientation would automatically make this a 5 star app.

- Rhymezone is the best! :) total worth it x100

I love you rhymezone!!!! I have always used this website for all my rhyming and synonym needs. I am a poet and as such sometimes I am stuck for a particular word in the middle of inspiration and it is the most annoying thing but type a similar word or the word that needs rhyming into rhymezone and select what you want it to do and voila!! Instant inspiration!! Thankyou so very much rhymezone, I dunno what I'd do without you!!!! Thankyou!! :)


I couldn't be happier with this app! I love writing songs and poems so when I'm out and about its good to know I can use it without having to use wifi or data! So handy when I can't think of the next line or a word to rhyme. If I could buy this app twice I would!!

- Great app for songwriting

Love this app. Use it every time I write lyrics. Haven't used any others so I can't really compare but it does everything I need, very logical and easy to use. I generally use 'near rhymes' which gives me the most diversity in rhyming options.

- Great app

I like writing songs and this app makes it easy. Rhyming and near rhyming words are arranged in increasing length. You can also look up synonyms, antonyms. It is fun to use.

- Rhymezone As a song writing tool.

This app is a useful songwriting friend however I really miss the Shakespeare referencing feature. I'm a legitimate Bard fan and I realise the applications are limited but they are also very expensive! Please re-instate it in the app. For true poets it was a gem feature...

- Best

I adore this app. With or without internet it is a great aid for writing. Especially poetry which seems to flow so much quicker with this very useful tool on hand A must have for any writer

- Very helpful

This app has helped me many times To find me lots of quirky rhymes. ...It didn't take me long to stew a rhyme for this App Store review

- Oh Rhyme Zone you are as they say, on iPhone & worth 5 Stars all day...

Top App!!!

- Useful little app

I find this app useful when I'm writing songs or poetry. It's easy to use and has a good list of rhymes, synonyms etc

- I'm liking it

It's good. That pretty much sums it up.

- Very basic

I was expecting a lot more from this app. Very very basic.

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- If poetry be the food of love, chow down.

The Roses are dead. The violets are too. Your App is well read. The rating is…5…too.

- Absolutely unnecessary App

Searched for a rhyme and this app displays a message saying “check online for more results”. Clicking on the message redirects you to your search result on their website. This app costs 3 dollars and is basically a redirect to their FREE online website. Makes no sense at all

- Great app

The magic at work begins this app is amazing

- Good but please update.

It’s not 2012 anymore. Thanks

- Very handy

This saves me having to go on the web. Very handy when I’m on the road. Great selection of choices.

- I love this app

It’s real good

- So useful

Every time I start a lyric writing session, i'm sure to eventually launch this app. Very handy!

- Helpful Tool

An excellent resource in any writer's toolbox.

- Ok but not good enough

One can find on line ones that have much better results. This one is ok for starting out.

- Update is great!

This update (v.2) is excellent: space is used much better than the older version and everything is simpler to use. Still wish I could vie definitions offline, but the much-improved layout makes this version my go-to rhyme dictionary.

- Very useful

Needs a UI refresh, but gets the job done. Some of the results are questionable. But it is still my go to app for finding synonyms and rhymes when writing.

- Dope app ,

It's worth it !

- My go to - every time I'm stuck

I've bought almost all the different rhyming apps available and I can honestly say this is by far the best one I've ever used. Beyond they simple rhyming words which most of us can usually find on our own there are other options like " Similar Sounds, Near Rhymes, Synonyms, Same Consonants, Related to Meaning, etc". You won't have to buy another Rhyming Dictionary app or need to if you purchase this one.

- Great!

Perfect app! I use it all the time. Wonderfully simply and great for poems, rhymes, raps and cheesy birthday cards!

- Great for poetry

Through this app, I have much more words at my disposal. In turn, I can use words with the perfect shade.

- Helpful

Great for rhymes in the go!

- Gets the job done

Poorly designed, but does what it promises. A little more effort to make it more user-friendly and less basic, and it would be more worth the price.

- RhymeZone

I found it good for a rhyming dictionary, but very overpriced, that part of it was unnecessary. It helped for school and accomplished what I needed, but was frustrating that it costed so much. Not my very favorite, but ok.

- Indispensable

Just great. Bottom line, if you write music or poetry get your near rhymes poppin'.

- Fantastic

It's great because its easy to use and there are many options so you can get as much inspiration out of a single word as possible. :) 👍🌟

- Good for hip hop

I write rhymes with it daily. I've learned new ways to flow words because of this app. Great for creative minds. No BS a must have!

- Awesome

This app is perfect for writing songs, poems, and raps. I am an aspiring rapper, and this app has made it so easy for me. Thank you.

- No stars

The description said add free but the app is a tiny strip on the left side of the screen with a giant add window on the right. This is false and misleading.

- Glad I bought it; time you got it

Really well put-together and thought-out app. I've been using it daily lately for song-writing inspiration and its organization just clicks with me.

- Better than the website

Love it! Smooth, simple, fast, reliable, and has just about everything I could ask for from an app like this.

- Def one handy app

I've spent about 20 minutes looking at rhyming apps and this one is outstanding! Helped me through a few english assignments requiring the rhyming in poems. So yeah.. Get it

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D.I.Yote Gaming (Writer | Streamer)

I'm not even an "IT MUST RHYME" style of poet, either. I have some that do, but most are just arranged in a way that's aesthetically and rhythmically pleasing to me. So it's not "fuck, I can't express it through RhymeZone" blockage, it's just "...I can't think of anything".


Maybe it’s the ingenuity—like, you definitely didn’t find that on RhymeZone.


he sounded like he used rhymezone

🌎⚡️⭐️ #DCR CEO

There are 2 rappers, ones that use rhymezone and those that lie


Take out and you’d eliminate the entire SoundCloud rapper industry

penelope is quackity



@OfficiallyMizu i tried to use rhymezone once and still failed LOL i'm doomed


@robgassermusic If we reveal our secret of we're doomed to be extinct Oops...

2 Y E R B Z

@dripwizard @Togman___ type beat

Loreley Weisel-Librizzi

@jaceaddax Big writer mood. I just have and bookmarked lol


I like to look up words, the exact definition, synonyms, antonyms, other words that rhyme with it. Like I always keep online thesaurus, online dictionary, & rhymezone tabs open

🍷💀Ѵдиilla💀🍷(allergic to bu...

Eminem uses to write most of his songs

I will get Xiao like my life depends on it.

writing Venti would be equivalent to having the Rhymezone website to always be open and click on

𝙳𝚊𝚟𝚒𝚍 𝚁𝚊𝚙𝚑𝚊𝚎𝚕 𝙸𝚜𝚛𝚊𝚎𝚕

@NicholasMaxami1 They're not so far from rhyming, nor perhaps close enough. Anyway, my assignment was merely to start a fight -- not necessarily to be right. But Rhymezone claims it has 7 rhyme words . . .

New Year's Mann-Baby

@Mobute I'm really not sure what would have happened to The Logical Song had RhymeZone existed in the 1970s. See also, the bridge to "Rosalita".

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RhymeZone iphone images
RhymeZone iphone images
RhymeZone iphone images
RhymeZone iphone images
RhymeZone iphone images
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The applications RhymeZone was published in the category Reference on 2012-01-22 and was developed by Datamuse Corporation [Developer ID: 493493805]. This application file size is 32.42 MB. RhymeZone - Reference app posted on 2021-07-14 current version is 2.6 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.rhymezone.RhymeZone