SCRABBLE Dictionary

SCRABBLE Dictionary [Reference] App Description & Overview

The perfect dictionary for playing SCRABBLE® – an enhanced version of the best-selling book The Official SCRABBLE® Players Dictionary, Fifth Edition.

The app includes ALL of the words that are eligible for recreational and school play – including thousands of words added from the Official Tournament and Club Word List, 2014 Edition.

Endorsed by the North American SCRABBLE® Players Association (NASPA), The Official SCRABBLE® Players Dictionary contains more than 150,000 playable two- to fifteen-letter words, and variant spellings for game players in Canada.

Additional Features:
* No advertisements
* Word Finder – a fun tool that lets you discover all the words that can be created from your tiles
* Voice Search
* Favorites
* Recent History – lets you keep track of the words you've looked up
* For iPad: Scrolling Index – lets you browse the entire dictionary
* For NASPA members: Tournament Mode including access to the full Tournament Word List

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SCRABBLE Dictionary Customer Service, Editor Notes:

2018 updated dictionary with new words!

SCRABBLE Dictionary Comments & Reviews

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- Good dictionary for word games, but...

It’s great for all the combos you find in Scrabble, Boggle and other word games. However, in the last month the hyperlink to the more obscure words stopped working (website not found). Needs to be fixed. Also, when it did work, their site seemed infected with the occasional redirect to pirate sites. Perhaps this is related to that.

- Perfect for checking words while playing Scrabble

This is the dictionary I use when I want to see if a word that has been played is indeed a word. I simply type it into the lookup bar and it tells me immediately if it’s a word or not. If it is, I can then easily go to it’s definition. Now that Merrimack Webster has put out a sixth edition I had to purchase the Kindle version. And it’s awful. It takes way too long to find a word. Please please please update this app soon. I paid $10 for the Kindle dictionary. I’d gladly pay you for the app which is so much more suited to my needs.

- UI/UX mistakes, lacking features

As a former tournament player and current club player, I have had a lot of experience with different dictionary and study apps. There are a number of notable user interface and/or user experience mistakes in this app. The biggest being the use of an alpha-ordered soft keyboard instead of the far more common and, now, far more natural QWERTY layout. At times, "back" goes a step, or more, further back than you'd expect. Missing features list is too long to totally list, but a few things: pattern search, common word lists, study features, and on and on...

- Excellent

The 'word finder' part of this app works well, and it takes maybe five minutes to get through its "unintuitive" learning curve. Perfect for Wordfeud, which I've been playing for several years. After getting Scrabble Players' Dictionary, I don't recall receiving a "PLEASE WRITE US A REVIEW" notice; this also is a plus.

- Good

I'm a tournament player and it's nice to have access to the tournament mode section where you can see all playable words. Request: I would love to see a section (one for filtered mode and another for tournament mode) where you can only see the 5,000 new words. This would make it much easier for study purposes. Great job with this!

- Scrabble Dictionary

Love the app. I only wish that the developer would update it so that I don't get a message saying the app slows down my phone. I find the app helpful for all kinds of words and use it when playing Scrabble and learning new words in books I am reading.

- App is not well maintained

I have been receiving messages from iOS for months about this app's incompatibility with the newer iOS and that it may cause problems with battery life, etc. No update available... Today I was prompted that the developers must update the app as it will be incompatible with future iOS versions. I assume that means it will not run at all. Glad I paid money for something I will not be able to use.

- Family Sharing

I recently got a Scrabble Dictionary app on my iPhone but not able to share it to my wife’s iPhone. That’s one reason I bought it. I read that there’s a Family Sharing, so why I am not able to do so? I emailed you but I was told I am not recognized. Trying to reach you seemed complicated.

- Poor Definitions; no updated vocabulary/data ctionary

Besides winning at Scrabble, I would like to improve my vocabulary. However, words are often defined by the same word you are asking about. This is particularly true when the word is a variation on another word and the original definition is never given. This is frustrating. Other times, definitions are simplistic and inane. Overall, I wish the “official” scrabble dictionary was a bit more comprehensive/sophisticated. I cannot load an updated Scrabble app on my iPad mini. I have three of them in n right now. The one I had lost the “best word” Character. I deleted that after four years and cannot reload it. No game has current word list. No viable help from EA. I’m sick about this software!

- Absolute garbage, total ripoff

For starters, the first time that I opened the app, a message appeared telling me that the developer must update it to prevent it from slowing down the entire iPhone. Then I went to use it. There are many many "words" that have absolutely no definitions whatever. As these are words that I had never heard before, I went to other dictionaries to find out what they mean - I couldn't locate them anywhere!

- Future updates??

I use this AP all the time playing Scrabble at home. However, I am concerned about messages I keep receiving from Apple regarding the impending IOS 11 update. This 32 bit APP will need to be updated to run on the new platform. Any word yet on an update???

- Missing all functionality of paper copy.

This app blows. $4.99 and you can’t even browse the dictionary! I was expecting to be able to read through the list of words like the paper copy of Scrabble dictionary and learn new words and their definitions. Also, it is missing the section of two letter words. You can only look up words with the search function.

- Very Useful

I use this app almost daily playing Word games. It is also very handy to have open when I play the game of Scrabble with others to verify spellings. An update would be great.

- Disappointed

I'm a little triggered by this app. I thought I was getting an ebook of sorts, of the scrabble dictionary, one I could peruse to learn new words. But you can only search for words, which is a little annoying. For a few dollars more I could have bought the scrabble dictionary for my kindle app. I wish I had done that.

- Need update for latest IOS update 10.3.1

I use this app everyday. Please update it as I got a message it won't work with current update to IOS. Please make it so it doesn't slow down my iPad and IPhone. Thank you

- Very poor dictionary component

This is more like a list of words without accurate or complete definitions. For $5 this was a rip-off. One would expect more from Miriam-Webster, so I am especially disillusioned. These folks have the information, so why not include thoughtful definitions of the words covered? The first two words I looked up had no definitions at all. Really unexpected and disappointing.

- Love this app - Please update for 64bit iOS

I use it regularly with my Scrabble meetup and would like continue to use it when iOS 11 is available. Please update to 64 bit if for no other reason than to make the warning go away.

- Please update for iOS 11

I'll miss this app if it stops working when I upgrade in a few days. And rating will go to 0 stars.

- Needs pronunciation and use in a sentence

I like the "word finder" ability, but for the obscure (2 letter) words wish you could hear pronunciation and see it used in a sentence. Also interesting to see which slang or colloquial words were included/ excluded

- Needs updating

There are number of words that you can use in Scrabble that are not showing up on the word finder. Very frustrating!

- Zarf app has better word hooks

I'm a scrabble aficionado from China. I like this app a lot, but I still think Zarf is more helpful in regard to word hooks. Hopefully, this paid dictionary will be able to upgrade soon.

- Love it, needs update

I use it all the time, but now getting message that it won't work with IOS 11😢

- Just wrong

I just bought this app, and tried to look up two unusual words played by the computer in the Scrabble app. In the playable word list in the game. Not found in the dictionary app. Looked them up *on the free Merriam-Webster web site,* and there they were! Not archaic. Not foreign. Not in the app. Legal. "Official" dictionary?!? I want my money back.

- See review titled "CHANGE"

Fix the annoying coverup of the space where you enter a word. It is a simple problem since in the older app it was not happening. Send out the bug fix or I will not buy or recommend this app to anyone.

- Update Needed!

It doesn’t keep what I’ve entered when I return from Scrabble Game as it had before. It’s now continually malfunctioning. I’m no longer a fan until they fix that with an update. I’ll cross my fingers that that’ll happen soon. Thank you.

- Updated for IOS 11. Hooray

Update: back to being a favorite app Old review: This used to be a well-used app, but it desperately needs to be updated

- No maintenance

Been getting messages since iOS 9 that the app can slow down my phone and needed updating. The publisher has done nothing. As of iOS 10 I removed it from my iPhone. I would hope that at some point, Apple will take this down to protect future buyers.

- Good to have the Scrabble Dic on phone

But the app didn't take opportunity to fix the flaws in the book version: if you look up a word you don't know, the definition given is often another single word you don't know. WITH NO LINK TO THE NEW WORD! Why!?

- Disappointed

I need to know words that end with a letter and no place for that. Why not?

- Change

Today while playing I would search for a word then when I wanted to erase the word and search for another it covered up where I normally push the X to erase the word then enter the new word I'm checking. VERY FRUSTRATING!

- Can it really be this bad?

I assumed other reviewers were just being picky. Wrong. Poorly designed, non-intuitive -- a total waste of money. Even common words are missing. Would definitely like my money back, but I guess that's not going to happen.

- Love this

I love this app, but Apple says it requires updating and will not be supported by the next version of iOS. I would hate to lose it.

- Not up to date!

The latest Scrabble Dictionary book edition is #6. This app is #5, so it is not current. Some words in the Scrabble Dictionary book are not found in the app.

- Lack of definitions

This dictionary has the words but is horrible at providing the meaning. For example, for kicks, I typed the word “pet”. All I found was that this is a verb, and I meant “to caress with the hand”. So is “pet” not an animal kept as a companion? I abhor this dictionary. What a rip-off!!!

- Please update this app

Please update this app so it will continue to work in IOS


I keep getting a constant message that the IOS VERSION WILL NOT SUPPORT AP. I really like this ap. Just please update asap. It's been three years!!!

- Please update

So that apple stops telling me that this is out of date.

- Needs to be updated for XS Models

This is a nice app but definitely needs to be updated for larger screen iPhones. App content looks unusually large like scaled up iPhone apps on an iPad.

- Great app! Easy to understand and use!

Great app! Easy to understand and use! David Lorea Farrington

- Letters disappear

I like the app. Easy to use. But now, every time I switch from this app to another, all the letters inout in are lost! I have to continuously re-enter. Very irritating and not worth the time any more.

- Bad display

Cannot use it with the bad display. Very uncomfortable. Deleted it already and I don’t know why I cannot have my refund. It’s waste of money, don’t recommend it.

- Good app

Fast and accurate + offline and it screws with Preston

- Great so far

So far I love it. It's exactly what I was looking for.

- Useless and frustrating

Non intuitive. No way to get help with login. Tournament mode exposes all words. No option to check just played word.

- So, so disappointed...

I thought this was a whole dictionary of scrabble words that I could look at and study but it’s more of a cheat. Wasted money.

- Flawed

Inefficient to use. Also, words often have no definition or information.

- Frustrating!!!!

Valid game words but not found in this dictionary!!!! Needs improvement!

- Not Update or Maintained

After Using This App Only One Time I Must Say That By No Means Is This An official Scrabble Dictionary App. It’s Not Updated With Recent Scrabble Word Updates, Plus It Can Not Recognize Commonly Used Scrabble Words Such As The One Below Being As Being An Official Word .... Sorry, I Don’t Like Trashing Apps But Come on Guys ! ( aa = Rough Cindery Lava )

- Absolutely worthless

Zero stars. I want my money back. This is the worst scrabble dictionary ever.

- Not all TWL words are included

Kleenex is good in TWL but not here

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- Official Scrabble Players dictionary

App no longer loads or is usable after the iOS 11 software update.

- Play with friends hangs on attempt to login

I'm constantly losing the games I play with my mother (friend) because scrabble UA doesn't understand "login" to Facebook. There is no login on ipad - facebook opens in another app automatically. So the scrabble program attempting to parse a login protocol doesn't work. Totally frustrating. Don't you test your protocols????

- Works great

App works fine on my iPhone 8+ with iOS 12.1.2 and it was helpful during a family game of scrabble

- Could use an update for usability

Every single word in this dictionary should be visible on the app... Bit of a cop out to give us a link to the dictionary website for the more uncommon words- i paid for this! I'd love an "acceptable"/"unacceptable" feature to searched words a la word checker. Think about how this app can be used best during a challenge, and please design it to match that need!

- Would have given it 4 more stars but

It has not been updated for IOS 11, and will simply stop working. The company seems to have abandonned us.

- Update this app!

Lots of functional problems. It has not been updated in nearly 21/2 years!

- dictionary scrabble

I don't know why but your dictionary doesn't take my words., bye, you needed a upgrade dictionary, please

- Update needed

December 2015 - new words accepted by game not included in Scrabble dictionary!

- Ending in ????

Dictionary is missing section, words that end in?????

- Needs to be updated with new words


- Annoyed

Still lots of bugs in this app. Sometimes it asks me over and over to log in when I've just logged in! Very frustrating!!! Some words are French yet some English words are not accepted. Makes me want to delete app and play a different game!

- Scrabble dictionary app.

Ok at best. Voice recognition poor, answers in word search should be in capitals as scrabble tiles are, would be nice if it had a 7 letter anagram feature instead of all words as an option.

- Great app

Very useful,love it!

- My feedback

I really only use this when I am not on line to use the scrabble word finder there the biggest issue is only 8 letters in word finder I would not recommend this app

- Form unite

Wish I hadn't bought it. Waste of money. Don't like the noise. Although not necessary for Scrabble, it's always nice to know what words mean. It helps to remember them so disappointed meanings not included.

- Not very useful

There are better free apps than this for scrabble. It only allows to put 8 tiles which is not sufficient most of the times while you are looking for a solution for your scrabble game.

- Where is 'AA'?

A rough, cindery lava.

- Sweet app!

Love it.

- Beautiful

The first reviewer is not familiar with the old and much loved Scrabble Dictionary. It's not intended to be a complete reference guide; it is a compendium of all words permitted in Scrabble. Unfortunately the Scrabble app has been so dumbed down and diluted that I'm not sure you'll find half of the words permitted on it in any dictionary, even its own eponymous dictionary.

- Dissapointing

Very disappointed in this dictionary. For $5 I thought it would have everything but it has limited definitions, I mean how do you learn a word if it doesn't tell you what it means? I typed in "fanga" and it gave me "noun - fanega", that's it, and you then have to type in "fanega" to find out what that means. It's only after you buy this that it tells you in its description it isn't a "full dictionary". So essentially they slap the word "Scrabble" on it and charge you a premium price. Their cheaper dictionary seems to have everything this one is missing.

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- Good but lacking

Limits you to your 7 tiles + 1 from which to build off on the board. This is limiting if you're attempting to use several board tiles to play a new word, eg _ a _ _ s _ . Along those lines, it would be great if you could specify where the existing letters are that you are trying to incorporate into your new word, like a crossword helper does. Otherwise, Very helpful while playing Words with Friends, especially for the novice whose mind goes blank when looking at scrambled letters :)

- Why no updates?!?

Good except it's ignored and never updated. Why???

- Not Good

I want to see pages. Just like in the real Scrabble dictionary.

- Useful for my work

Use it for homework

- Noe is a word

This is a word and this app say it is not! It means NEW.

- PATHETIC !! Ruins Iphone

Makes iPhone useless by slowing it down to stone age pace!

- Missing words, limited definitions, no word links

Update to review: I've downgraded to one star, because there are words MISSING from the dictionary. Not just four-letter words and ethnic slurs: try looking up "dashboard" or "somersault," which are both on the TWL. Original review: ------ I bought this dictionary because I want to be able to find definitions for all the words on the TWL list, as that helps me to remember new words that are played. It does have the words, but the definitions are minimal, without any etymology information, or even alternate meanings. As an example, look up "kine." This app defines it as "a type of television tube." Every other dictionary I checked also mentions the other definition, an archaic plural of cow, and usually lists that one first. Also, for words that are defined simply as alternate forms of another word, it would be handy to be able to click on that definition and jump straight to the other word, rather than having to type the definition itself in to find out what it means. For example, "obe" is defined simply as "obeah," which is just as obscure as the first version.

- This thing is great. Definitely worth the $

Not sure why so many people are hating on this app. It puts the whole OSPD in your phone with all the definitions. Plus it offers a Favorited list so you can flag cool words and remind yourself of them later. Really handy. But I don't use it to help me come up with plays so I can't speak to its value there. Anyway, it sure beats lugging the dictionary around every time you want to play.

- Can't put Favorites in alphabetical order?!

The Favorites feature would be great, EXCEPT for the fact that the words added to the Favorites list can't be displayed in alphabetical order! Can this please be added to the next version?

- I have no problems with it.

Everything seems to do what it is intended to do. I have not had any problems with it crashing, getting stuck or otherwise. It also has a great supply of words using any combination of letters in the alphabet. Good app, very convenient.

- Perfect

This app is perfect if you love to play Scrabble and if players challenge each other's words often. The price is much more reasonable than buying the physical dictionary from the store. I'm very happy with the app and all of its features.

- Too Bad

Some helpful elements such as listing words found as initial letters are spelled out. but annoying that often an commin or original spelling is given, but no definition. Also too many archaic or foreign words with few up-to-date words. It would be wonderful to offer a feature that provides words for pairs of letters found in the middle or end, such as "pita" for "it."

- Needs updated

I would have given this 4 stars a couple months ago, as it's easy to check words on the fly. It was missing a few words here and there, but it wasn't that bad overall. However, it's been over 2 months since the OSPD5 came out, so it's missing over 5,000 words now. Why does it take so long for an update to a paid app?

- Dissapointed

I own a 2005 Official Scrabble Dictionary (the book) and was happy to pay for the app, until I did and looked at it. What a letdown! Where are the Q without U words and the two letter words and the 2 to 5 letter words with no AEIOU vowels? Where are the 2 to 5 letter words with a high vowel count? Where are the 2 to 5 letter words with QJX or Z? Okay, so call me spoiled, but if I can have it in a book, why can't I have it on my iPad? Can I have my money back?

- Great tool

Finding it to be a nice item. I intend to use it as a dictionary and maybe as a tool for playing Scrabble. If you do not need a full dictionary, then it is a great tool. If you are a student, then it is a poor choice.

- Very misleading

This claims to be an enhanced version of the scrabble dictionary. I used the actual scrabble dictionary book for years and loved it. This "enhanced" version does not have many of the lists that were in the original version. For example, there are no lists of words using j, z, x, etc, only a list of words that start with those letters. Not very useful. I feel that I was totally mislead and that I wasted my money.

- A Must Have for all Scrabble Players

This app does what it promises! It is a wonderful Scrabble dictionary that just works. While I think the $4.99 price tag I paid is a bit inflated this app nevertheless is a wonderful tool!!!!

- Scrabble Dictionary doesn't synch with Scrabble game app

I bought the Scrabble Dictionary app specifically to look up words the Scrabble game app allows only to find I wasted $5 because the Scrabble Dictionary app doesn't even recognize many of the words - let alone their definitions - the Scrabble game allows! What a disappointment. Why don't the dictionary and the game match?

- Great app, horrible noise

I love everything about this app...except that noise when you select letters for Word Finder. And there doesn't seem to be a way to turn it off! Clack clack clack, ugh. I have to put my phone on silent just to use the dictionary.

- Pretty awesome

Works even better than expected. Only wish there was a way to turn off the sounds using the Word Finder. Other than that it's great.

- Many approved words missing

I bought this to look up definitions of words that are allowed in the actual Scrabble App but more than half the time they are not in this dictionary. Which means it must not list all the possible words when you use the word search feature.

- Decent app

Works good. Two big cons. Wordfinder Lacks ability to turn off noises. Wordfinder Keyboard lacks ability to change display to qwerty

- Liked the old version better

Supposedly you made this with better visual, but I do not like the keyboard screen. Harder to see visually. You put all of the options in the sidebar so now there is an extra key stroke to get to the word find. Please put the options back on the main page.

- Great App

Finally, after much waiting, a great dictionary for Scrabble. Great features and fully worth the price. This will pick up your game.

- Still Great

I depend on the Scrabble Dictionary in print, and this app has everything the book has and more (e.g. Word Finder is a fun addition.) A great resource at a great price.

- Awesome App

Too many criticisms. Dont know how much they are expecting, but its got pretty much everything youll need. One shouldnt be using the word fonder pr anythig anyway.

- The newest version stinks!

I loved using this app to check definitions on words I didn't know. Now it looks so amateur, so passé. It's hard on my eyes and is no longer easy to use. I'm very disappointed with the changes. Please go back to the older, better & more professional looking version.

- Poor update

Please change color of letters and background back to original black on brown/black on white. The white lettering on red background is blinding . I can understand adding new words but changing the view of the whole app was unnecessary ;( please change back or give us an option. Meconucon

- Too Kludgy to be Useful

Not a well designed or useful app. Does not offer words other apps do.

- Scrabble dictionary

The new up grade is poor. Colors on key board are poor but like the lay out. Like use of more letters. Don't like the use of More key strokes to Move around the program. Dictionary often brings up words that word will not take. Bring back the old app interface

- Censored dictionary useless for tournament play.

My family loves Scrabble and we frequently play it on the iPad. After paying $5 I was disappointed to discover this is a censored dictionary. Even words children use like "fart" are missing. That makes it relatively useless for tournament play or prep. I don't see this fact anywhere in the app description. Rather than continue to mislead shoppers, Merriam-Webster / Scrabble should update at least the description, or preferably, the app.

- Wordplayer

Found at least 2 words that I tried to use with "words with friends" and they were deemed "unacceptable" even thought they were in the dictionary!! Very frustrating!

- N/a

OK but for $5 could be much better. Prefer how to pronounce, favorites should sort by Alpha! Many words missing.

- Scrabble Dictionary is great!

Many useful features! One of my favorite apps!

- Excellent Source

Clean display and easy to use. I prefer a QWERTY keyboard and like to see definitions, but this is still worth the price.

- Nice idea; poor UI

It's a handy concept, that could eventually be a great app. But it is currently handicapped by a horrible UI in a few key places: 1. The "keyboard" on the word finder is in alphabetic order: not qwerty. 2. The found words are sorted in an odd mix of longest first and alphabetic, as opposed to something useful like by point value. 3. The whole UI is accented with annoying sounds that can't be turned off in app.

- Not designed for electronic media

They gave simply put a print version onto the iPad. No hyperlinks. So reference to one obscure word requires you to type in the reference and look it up rather than jump straight to it.

- Wa$te of money

The scrabble app has a 'teacher' function that shows your missed opportunities, but this scrabble dictionary does not contain many of the words suggested by the scrabble app. In other instances it uses a variation of a word to define itself. What a total waste!

- Awesome

Easy to use, and a great addition to my weekly scrabble games.

- Inconsistent with the Scrabble app.

For example, the Scrabble app accepts: Thig, seri, dogfox, towze, ozalid.... And many more. Yet, these words cannot be found on this dictionary app, nor on the non-Scrabble Mirriam Webster dictionary. Ironically, they can be found via google.

- Problem

Scrabble Dictionary has disappeared from my iPhone!! Help❗

- Don't buy it

You're better off using google. I find words on a daily basis that are not included in the dictionary. Yet I can find them in the regular Webster dictionary. Don't waste your money trusting the brand as I did

- RIDICULOUS…oops, not a word

So there are NO words in the English language longer than 8 letters? There are obscure words of small Asian nation currency values, and other words you will NEVER hear in a conversation…but GENTLEMAN does not exist because it is too hard for one mouthful.

- Scrabble dictionary

Does not give word list, too bad I paid for this. I will just buy a book in the store. Very disappointed.

- Don't waste your money

Dictionary woefully incomplete, word finder also incomplete. This app was not ready to be launch and should NOT bear the Scrabble name. You're better off using Google to search for dictionary definitions. What a disapointment.

- Not worth the money

Wish I had read the reviews before buying this app. Many words the 'computer opponent' uses are NOT in the dictionary. What use is this app if it doesn't match the game? What a ripoff!

- Very useful

Love this app. Use it at least once a week

- Great app

Great ap only wish they could intertwine with online scrabble.

- Need an update

I agree with the first two reviewers whole heartily. I feel I paid way too much for this app. If it was like the hardback book it would have been worth it.

- Don't buy this app.

I bought the ipad scrabble game and this dictionary. The computer inserted cobaea, gers and rizard during the game- so i looked up the words in this dictionary. None of them are listed. Total waste of money!

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Nicholas Peiffer

Yesterday I was playing Scrabble with my wife. I tried playing Grix thinking maybe she won't challenge it since it's used in Magic: The Gathering. Sadly, she challenged but we learned it has a very different meaning on Urban Dictionary. #MTG #WotC #MagicTheGathering #Grix #Grixis

Daniel Saylor

There was a guy who recently won scrabble in French without even speaking the language, he just memorized the dictionary, it's the same concept. You can learn sub-dominant to dominant to tonic but that won't teach you how to write a tune

Sharon Lundbergsmith

@JSCveritas And you won playing against a scrabble dictionary! Like, Wow!

SCRABBLE Dictionary 2.0.7 Screenshots & Images

SCRABBLE Dictionary iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

SCRABBLE Dictionary iphone images
SCRABBLE Dictionary iphone images

SCRABBLE Dictionary (Version 2.0.7) Install & Download

The applications SCRABBLE Dictionary was published in the category Reference on 2012-08-21 and was developed by Merriam-Webster, Inc. [Developer ID: 399452290]. This application file size is 53.86 MB. SCRABBLE Dictionary - Reference app posted on 2018-10-05 current version is 2.0.7 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.m-w.scrabble-premium

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