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Daily Readings App Description & Overview

What is daily readings app? The Daily Readings app offers an easy way to access the day's Scripture readings, saints, and fasting guidelines as prescribed by the Lectionary of the Greek Orthodox Church. Now there are even more features to enhance your experience:

* View the fasting guidelines, readings, and saints of the day.
* Time sensitive prayers on the main page help you pray throughout the day.
* Search for your favorite saint or feast any time during the year.
* Quickly look up movable feasts based on the date of Pascha.
* Lookup definitions of Orthodox words
* Read a selection of Orthodox Prayers.
* Live Services of parishes across the United States of America.

* Reminders to read the Epistle and Gospel for the day facilitate personal Bible reading.
* Viewing both the content and the app interface in your choice of English, Greek, or Arabic.
* Orientation changing.
* Font size and face options for readings.
* Easily share readings with friends and family!
* Swipe on the main page to go to the next date.
* Swipe between readings to go the next one.
* iPhone and iPad "reader" modes.

This app follows the typikon and lectionary of the Ecumenical Patriarchate.

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App Name Daily Readings
Category Reference
Updated 10 March 2019, Sunday
File Size 17.77 MB

Daily Readings Comments & Reviews 2024

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As most people said it’s great but could be better. I love the effort that into this app and greatly appreciate the daily readings, prayers and calendar, but it can be slow and clunky. I think one way around this would be an option to download the prayers, readings, and calendar for the month or maybe even the year.

Crashes immediately. I have loved this app for over 3 years, but suddenly it crashes when I try to open it. I deleted it and restarted my phone and reinstalled and it worked for a few days, but now it doesn’t matter what I try, it won’t open. Really frustrating and disappointing because it was a wonderful resource.

LOVE IT!. I LOVE the app! It's gotten me so much more into my faith. I feel it should be much more advertised though. Also when you swipe it gets a little annoying because sometimes I wanna go down. But instead it swipes... Also Saint Search doesn't work a few more bugs in glossary.

Latest version fixes glitch. There was a recent glitch that caused the Daily Readings app to crash, but it is now fixed in the latest version.

A great resource for the Orthodox on the go!. I always open this app for the daily gospel, whether in the car or on the way to church. Very convenient, with the fast day status and saint day readily available. The section with the prayers is also very useful. A must have for the tech savvy Orthodox person.

Help! The paid version won’t open. I have the lite version and that will open. I bought the paid version to check it out hoping to tell my friend in Assisted Living that he could watch services when he can’t get to church. App flashes on screen then closes. Won’t open at all. Please help!!

App crashed. I used app for years. Last two days I can’t open it. It crashes as soon as I try

Works great. iPhone 7+ iOS 13.0 no issues at all reading, accessing anything externally or with daily notifications. $.99 small price to pay for what it gives you. Peace to you.

Great app. I love that access to daily prayers are conveniently located on the same screen as the scriptures. It also only lists a few of the saints of the day, keeping me from getting overwhelmed. I only wish it had an old calendar setting.

Love the app. But stopped working with ios16.0.3

Fix please. App no longer works. Idk if it needs to be updated or repaired but I tried re installing it to no avail. If boots up normally but anytime I try to do something in the app it crashes. Great app, just needs to get fixed

Keeps crashing. Great app, but keeps crashing on iOS 17.2.1 The star rating reflects the crashing and will be updated when the app no longer crashes

Crashes. App was working for months, now crashes every time you try to open both on my IPhone and iPad, tried deleting and reinstalling to no avail. Please fix I love the app.

Crashing. Any chance we can get an update to address it crashing?

Complete Saints Bios. New to Orthodoxy and this app has been a stalwart blessing. However, many times I click on the celebrated saint and there is no bio, just a generic telling of how those in orthodox countries celebrate name days. Otherwise very good. Use it daily, several times a day. Thank you for this app!

Keeps crashing. This was wonderful for about a day but now crashes as I open it.

Not working. I was using the lite version. Then bought the app thinking that would solve the crashing issue. Have not been able to use it at all since Thursday night. Please resolve, this app is a vital part of my daily walk in Orthodoxy. Blessings!

Good but could be better. The only font size options are “large” (which is HUGE) and “small” (which is tiny). Both are very uncomfortable to read for me. A “medium” setting may be just right 😉

Lacking Speed. The content in this app is great, but it is unbelievably slow and clunky. Would be 5 stars if it ever gets updated!

Been waiting for this! Worth the wait! :). My husband and I are new to Orthodoxy. I've wanted the GoArch team to come out with a beautiful iPad app, as my iPad goes everywhere with me, making it easy to keep up with the lectionary readings. Very blessed to have this. One suggestion for a future update - perhaps consider including commentary from church fathers?

Crash on iOS 17.2.1. Crash on iOS 17.2.1

App no longer opens. I recently updated my phone to 17.2.1 and now the app won’t open.

App isn’t working. It was fine up until today. I deleted the app and activated it again and still the same problem.

Best App. This is the best app for Orthodox Christians on the new calendar (GOARCH, OCA), and I’ve downloaded a few. This comes out on top as my go-to app and the one I use the most. It has prayers, scripture readings, Saints of the day, and fasting and feast days. One thing I would suggest is to add automatic night or dark mode.

Amazing and Very Helpful App. Well worth the purchase! So many good resources. Very helpful to have as I navigate day to day life.

No longer opens. Was a great app. Now it no longer opens.

Great app but buggy. I love this app but I’m giving it one star because it continually crashes upon opening, making it useless

Incomparable Asset!. This App, along with the Daily Readings emails that I receive are wonderful. It is like having a Synaxarion, a service book, an Orthodox Encyclopedia, and a calendar all on the mobile device of your choice (iPhone and iPad for me). I start each day with my reading of the feast day or saints, followed by the Epistle, and finally the Gospel reading for the day. It is a blessing to have this with me on a daily basis.

Wonderful App Needs Some Minor Revision. This is a wonderful app which in the short time I’ve had it has already helped me on my spiritual journey. I would give 5 stars, however some references to God are not capitalized. For example in the Another Mealtime Prayer there is a “His” that was written as “his” in reference to God. I’ve only had this app a very short period of time so maybe that’s the only issue, but also maybe there are more instances of minor errors like that. Thank you for making this app!

Great for two reasons.. This paid app is a step in the right direction for the Archdiocese. First, because it is thoughtfully designed, simple and elegant, and is a big step up from the first app they released. Being able to quickly switch between English and Greek texts is a great tool (for ANY student of Scripture, not just Orthodox). As if that weren't enough as it is, to include a Saint search function and a moveable feast chart makes this a powerful pocket reference and devotional aide. Second, because it is a very easy way for iPhone users to help financially support the ministry of the Archdiocese. Many of us pay $.99 or more for mindless games on our phones. It was nice for the Archdiocese to originally provide this as a free app with the option to donate, but I think they should have asked the nominal $.99 fee from the beginning. I would gladly have paid more than that to have such a helpful app and to support the Internet ministry. (I hope you don't get any complaints for making this a paid app. Let's face it, if you can afford an iPhone/iPod and grumble about paying for an app like this, maybe your priorities are a little skewed :)) I hope all the current users of the free app move to this one. Keep up the great work! Also - great timing with the Pascha release! Χριστός ανέστη!

Unfortunate. Application stopped working after the first time I opened it. Now it freezes on the opening screen and then crashes.

Was Wonderful. This was our go to prayer app. But, as of two days ago, it simply stopped working and repeatedly crashes when attempting to open. I will be happy revise my review when it works again!

Won’t Open Any Longer. I have been using the paid app for a long time but now it will no longer open at all. I deleted the app and reinstalled it and it still will not open or function. I installed the military lite version of the app and at first it wouldn’t open either but today it is now functioning however the paid app of the regular version still doesn’t function at all.

Crashing. App keeps crashing over the last several days. Please fix as this is a great app.

Still not working. The app still crashes when I most needed It opens some times I love this app Please fix it

Please fix it!. App was working great! But my boyfriend nor I have been able to open the app for 3 days now. Please fix it!! Nobody can use your app right now!!!!!

Don’t buy or download app!!! Scam!!. Don’t buy this app! I paid for it and it still crashes!! It may be a scam.

Can’t open - great app!. As of today, I cannot open this app on iPhone 14 Pro Max, even after turning the phone off and on and troubleshooting. This is a fantastic app and I need it!! Please fix!

App not working.. Similar to the most recent reviews, neither the paid or free versions of this app are currently working. I’ve removed and reloaded them both with no success. I hope the problems are fixed by the beginning of Orthodox Lent next week...

Disappointed.. I have removed this app from my phone about three or four times, and every time I read download it, I cannot get it to open.

Stopped working? Is the app corrupted?. As of March 8, I also cannot open the app. I touch on the app, the title page comes up and then disappears. Sent an email to Support last night. I also deleted and reloaded, and same thing. This was a paid app and I really need it when I travel in 2 days!

Crashing. Unable to use app, only successfully opened once (first time I used it). Crashes every time I try to open it. Tried deleting and re-downloading several times without any improvement. Bummed I can’t use an app that I paid for...

Still crashing with iOS 17.2.1. Please fix the bug with this iOS

Prayers are off schedule. Can you guys fix where 3rd hour prayers prompt when it’s actually 6th hour?

Was great…. Lastest update crashes immediately on both of my iOS devices. Please fix.

Current Broken. Crashes on startup. Using iPhone 6s

Crashed & won’t open.. Crashed. Only used it once. Downloaded it a week ago & paid $1 for full version. Full version crashes & won’t open. Took my money then crashed. Nice.

Very appreciative of your efforts. While the app might not be incredibly fast and snappy or flawless, the mere effort to engage us with our tradition and the word of God is wholeheartedly appreciated! I just learned about the app from Dr. Jeannie Constantinou. Glory to God and God Bless you all, brothers and sisters! Let us know if there is anything we could help with.

Help. Life changing

Hasn’t opened in days. I really liked this app a lot, but for days it hasn’t opened at all it just crashes before it even starts. It’s too bad because it is a great app

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Very usefull. I have found this app very useful. It has helped me with daily preys by providing the readings for the day and knowing the daily fast days. Highly recommend for serious users.

Fr Kon. Very helpful, and easy to use. Thanks for your efforts, God bless: )

A MUST HAVE!!!. App works perfect. Content is even better. My kids enjoy praying with me every night. Can't recommend it enough.

Great app. Very useful

Review Orthodox Calendar. Received the calendar incomplete and no matter what I have tried cannot correct it. It does not show dates of Saints, feasts and other important ecclesiastical information.

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Wonderful but broken. I love this app and have come to depend on it every day! But now it doesn’t work at all. I’m very sad. Please fix!

Review. Great App! A must for every Orthodox Christian. Real easy to get information quickly

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Need To Add Prayer Of The Hours. This is a good app, but prayer of the hours would top things off nicely.

Can't access readings. Love the app but it won't let me access the Gospel reading. I can see it just below the Epistle, but it doesn't respond when I tap it.

Love this app.... The only improvement I'd suggest is announcing not only if today is a fast day, but if tomorrow is too. Meal planning isn't easy.

This has been an indispensable app for my daily readings. The iPad app is perfect!. Love the iPad version. Clean interface and intuitive

Doesn't work. Had the light version for a few days, liked it so decided to upgrade to full version. I can't open it, it just closes. Tried to delete and turn off phone for a few days to see if it would work but still doesn't. Not happy!

Good App. It's a helpful app, but the archaic language (doth, enlight'neth, thee, thou, etc.) is very distracting. Why do Orthodox people believe that 16th century language (which I'm sure isn't being used consistently or correctly) is somehow more prayerful or whatever than actual modern English? Other than this very annoying issue, it's an excellent app.

Keeps crashing. Hello developer. It crashes when I open it. I deleted and downloaded but not working

JV. Wonderful app! I use it everyday!

The feastday section is broken. If you try to read the details of a feastday the program freezes on my iPad 3gen

Great for prayer, potential for more. I would love to access the Bible and theological works through the app.

Excellent App. I use this app daily for my readings

Great app, but.... I would love to see a reminder option from the app, and also a share feature to share own of the stories of the saints with your friends. Great app :)

Good app. Needs changes.. The app is easy to use. But we need the story of the life of the saints of the day. Not just the statement about orthodox Christians celebrating their saints day on that particular day.

Love Daily Readings, BUT. Since your latest update, mine no longer works. Unfortunately, I think your latest update has resulted in a bug. :(

Review. Great resource!

Best app. I use it daily.. Very simple design makes it easy to see fasts and daily bible readings.

Great way to begin the day!. I love this program. I use it every morning!

What's happened?. There's no text under the headers. What's the problem?

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Language English
Price $0.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 1.6.7
Play Store org.goarch.dailyreadingspaid
Compatibility iOS 9.0 or later

Daily Readings (Versiyon 1.6.7) Install & Download

The application Daily Readings was published in the category Reference on 09 April 2012, Monday and was developed by Greek Orthodox Archdiocese Of America [Developer ID: 384687972]. This program file size is 17.77 MB. This app has been rated by 107 users and has a rating of 4.0 out of 5. Daily Readings - Reference app posted on 10 March 2019, Sunday current version is 1.6.7 and works well on iOS 9.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: org.goarch.dailyreadingspaid. Languages supported by the app:

EN Download & Install Now!
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