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Mobile Mouse instantly transforms your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch into a wireless trackpad, remote, keyboard, and MUCH more for your Mac or PC. Sit back and surf the web, browse your photo library or control your music player from the comfort of your couch. Mobile Mouse works as a fully functional muti-touch trackpad mouse, as well as an in-air mouse, allowing you to control your computer with the motion of your hand.

Mobile Mouse is the most advanced and feature rich remote/mouse app for iOS

- Wireless control over your entire computer
- Supports Bluetooth & USB with In-app purchase (OS X ONLY, please see requirements)
- Trackpad mouse (full screen vertical and landscape modes)
- In-air mouse controller (works with the motion of your hand)
- OS X style Dock (works just like the dock in OS X)
- Album artwork and track info for current playing song for iTunes and Spotify
- Apple Watch App (Media/Presentation control)
- Photo and text Sync. Send content from your computer directly to your iOS device. Call a phone number on your computer, push an address from your computer to your Maps app or even call an Uber.
- Supports encryption
- Today View Widget
- Remote file Browser
- Media Remote & Web Remote
- Presentation Remote with Pro option (Keynote/Powerpoint)
- Media pauses or mutes on incoming calls
- Numeric keyboard
- Volume controls
- Programmable hotkeys
- Multi-touch mouse gestures
- Sleep/Wake your computer
- Password protection
- Foreign language keyboards
- Pressure sensitive graphic Tablet for Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketchbook, Pixelmator, and more. (Supports Jot, JaJa, 53-Pencil stylus)
- And much, much, much, much more.

Apple Watch App
- Basic Presentation mode supports next/back with any presentation software
- Pro Presentation mode supports navigation, slide preview, slide numbers, presentation timer
- Basic media remote supports play and volume controls
- iTunes/Spotify remote supports album art and track info
- Application switcher lets you switch to any running app. Apps can be filtered to show all running apps, or jus the ones that have remotes

View our demo video and website to see all that Mobile Mouse can do for you.

- iOS 8.0+
- Mac OS X 10.7+ (Intel)
- Windows 7+ (32/64bit)
- WIFI router
- Mobile Mouse Server Software

you will need to download the server application from :


Visit our site for demos and setup instructions.

Provides remote control capabilities for programs like iTunes, Spotify, VLC, Quicktime, Front Row, Keynote, Powerpoint, Windows Media Center, WinAmp, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Kodi, Uber, Lyft, and many more

Mobile Mouse Remote App Description & Overview

The applications Mobile Mouse Remote was published in the category Utilities on 2008-09-15 and was developed by R.P.A. Tech. The file size is 45.33 MB. The current version is 3.5.0 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

- Added brightness, mission control, and launch pad buttons to the function keyboard (OS X only)
- Added support for encrypted communication to the server
- New, native Apple Watch app
- Added the ability to mask characters when typing. Ideal for entering passwords. (Just type the first letter, then tap the lock icon that appears, and continue to type)
- Fixed pro-presentation mode not always showing slides
- Added ability to hide album art
- Bug fixes


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Mobile Mouse Remote Reviews

Victor Braga

Solid app!  Victor Braga  5 star

I've been using this app for work since iOS 2 (or 3?) It's definitely been a very long time and this app has been solid and has never failed me. Definitely one of the top apps on my list.

Scooby Dooby Doo222

Amazing  Scooby Dooby Doo222  5 star

The paid version has an unbelievable amount of functionality, very impressive. Definitely worth $2


Where’s the Widget?  ThisIsSad9214  4 star

App works perfectly but the Today View widget is missing. Does the app not offer it anymore?

Kelly XPO

Wireless Connection Issue  Kelly XPO  3 star

Great app with great features, but keeping it connected is difficult. Constantly reconnecting every time I start it up.


Reliable.  Diordna  5 star

The important thing about this app is that it works consistently and doesn’t have any lag for the pointer when working over local Wi-Fi. I tried a couple of other options and they both had the mouse jumping all over the screen. This one doesn’t. The UI isn’t 100% my favorite, but it’s more than good enough.


Used to work better  mambabo  2 star

This is still the remote mouse app I use the most, but it's way less reliable than it used to be in terms of connecting and running smooth. It's also annoying how aggressively it locks files on your computer. Any app that is in your launcher can't be removed or updated because it's "in use" by the server app even if you never launched it. Also doesn’t support 3/4 finger gestures, and while zooming/scrolling works in theory, it goes 10-20x further than you want, then you try to go back and way overshoot, then you eventually walk back to the computer to use a real mouse.


Easy to use  Young_Lew  5 star

I’m sure there’s still a lot for me to learn about this app but so far it’s absolutely amazing. If you were ever worried about pulling the plug, this is your ease of mind. Changed my entire home entertainment experience! Great buy!


Buggy  AntonioValencia  3 star

Love the app, just a few quirks. -app suddenly quits when upgrading to “Pro-Version” while using power point presentation for PC. -Also when I copy from PC to IOS DEVICE I can only do it once. (I was able to copy Power Point slide turning it into photo) I wish I could send the error report? But no report happens when using IOS App suddenly Quits. Update: The “Copy” feature from PC to IOS DEVICE starts working after I copy a word and tradition to copying slides from Power Point. I just don’t understand why I can’t keep copying slides. I need to switch from word to slide to keep the copy feature working. I hope this helps tracking the bug.


App doesnt work with iPhone XS Max  BillH2019  1 star

That is simply not compatible with the iPhone ex S max, from a user interface point of you, user experience point of you, and technically. Money thrown down the drain


Doesnt work  Cafabrofon  1 star

I bought it based on all reviews. This seems like a great app if it worked. I have all the settings right, app finds my computer, it says connected when I click on it i move and move and move on the phone but nothing happens on the lap top. Wish I could have my money back


BLUETOOTH and USB does NOT work on PC WINDOWS  P/  1 star

Bought this app to connect it to my PC (not via wifi) no where in the documentation it states the app only support WINDOWS PC connection via WIFI. Want money back

Doesn’t work  1 star

Paid for app Paid for in app purchase doesn’t work with my iMac Lies


Mouse saver  FunkRiver  5 star

Really handy for when the rodent dies, no batteries etc. Simple, functional and intuitive to use app.


Keep disconnecting  Rat4jumper  1 star

Hello, I tried the free one before I bought pro. It seemed ok. But pro one keep disconnecting and re-connecting. It is weird.

Sad Henry

Refund ??  Sad Henry  1 star

It no longer works don’t know why :(


The number one remote app  cleanleaf  5 star

Simply put, don’t waste your time and money searching for other similar apps. The other apps do some things well but then other things not so well or not at all. Mouse pro does everything you need it to do on a Mac superbly and for a third of the price of other apps. It should cost more! Well done.

Shane Lucas

Awesome  Shane Lucas  5 star

Been using it for years in ipad and iPhone.. Works great..


No longer works, abandoned by developer, now just a scam  albyrw  1 star

App is garbage, used to work years ago but neither app nor client have been kept up to date. Only the developer’s website seems to have been updated. IP connection has NEVER worked reliably. Peer apparently does, but is a paid add on. Dev has abandoned the app. Five star reviews below obviously fake (no other apps reviewed by these users)


Awesome  KingdomKid4Eva  5 star

Works great with my MacBook. Does everything that was advertised. Simply great!

Gun Solano

Perfect  Gun Solano  5 star

On mac sierra it works perfect and it is so easy to set up, thanks for this.


No response from support.  Tmanhart  1 star

Sent three messages to support. No response. Bought the app to remote control the volume during keynote presentations, but the volume buttons control slide forward and back.


Absolutely great 👍👍  munkyrage  5 star

I downloaded the app just to try it out I really love it so easy to use. This by far is my favorite remote mouse for the Mac 💻👍👍


Impressive!  Angryskipbo  5 star

I love Mobile Mouse. I used the free version for a few years then a few months ago I chose to buy the Pro version. What an amazing app!


Works amazingly well  DTL765  5 star

Worked much better than I thought it would. If it integrates force touch, it would be perfect.


Wow!  JesusBenNazareth  5 star

Wow, this app is now so feature rich! I can hardly believe it includes so much for free! I managed to get it working without any paid features to control my Mac from my iPhone as long as they were connected to the same Wi-Fi network. ( Didn’t work if the devices were connected to different Wi-Fi networks that were connected to each other. ). I’ve only just started using it again after I first used it many many years ago.


Truly amazing  spex09  5 star

If you haven’t told anyone about this you are doing it wrong. Tell everyone let them know you outmatched and out smarted Apple at their own game.


This app works phenomenal  GrimeSociety  5 star

I was using the free remote mouse app before i found this one, remote mouse gave me nothing but problems and a bunch of adds. When i downloaded this pro app it’s worked like a charm. It hasn’t lagged once and works as well as my mouse on my computer 5 Stars from me!!


This app is solid and well thought out.  Zorgatronn  5 star

It is pretty clear that this developer has carefully thought out this app and has great coding competence. It feels very polished, works like a charm.


No punctuation on windows  NSADrone  1 star

Cannot make commas or apostrophes on Windows 10 with the most up to date server. Only good for letters.

Kurt Nobrain

Best Mac Remote App Available!  Kurt Nobrain  5 star

I have used Mobile Mouse Pro for over 5 years now and can easily state that it is THE BEST. In the first couple versions I had, I thought it was somewhat glitchy, soon enough I realized that if MMP wasn't working properly, it was because I had made a mistake. There are other apps out there that allow you to stream videos from your Mac to your iPhone, or to open applications on your Mac from your iPhone. That may be important for some people, but after spending something like $10 on that app, I was able to make it work one time. Mobile Mouse Pro is so easy to install and sync between phone and computer, plus the settings you are able to change make this app a truly personalized experience. It's sort of funny to read many of the negative reviews for Mobile Mouse, because I can tell precisely what their issue is, and it has nothing to do with the app! This app is one of the only apps that I have carried over from phone to phone since I got it. I've never gone without it. That's how good it is.


CRAP  Self-ire  1 star

Avoid. Waste of money.. Hinders everything and doesn't work as a mouse. Only a half baked pointer

Phill Melia

My most used app  Phill Melia  5 star

Absolutely love this app! Use it everyday and don't have to move to control my Mac from my hd TV! Love it

Egidijus Sidlauskas

Mobile mouse  Egidijus Sidlauskas  5 star

Great app recommend


Top App  Psychtrev  5 star

Gr8 server gr8 app....highly recommend!!!


Great app  Immortalsofar  4 star

Great, functional app. Only sometimes disconnects from server and can't reconnect without rebooting and redownloading app. Otherwise good app.


Work Flawlessly With My 2012 Mac Mini  Danzer101  4 star

This is a great app for people like me who use the Mac Mini as A HTPC. Good mouse control(After a very little getting used to)Great Trackpad too. Can jump to any open app or close them. Work with every app I use. Until this I used the apple remote,witch was ok. But I like this a lot better. Because I can control my whole Mac With it. Reason for 4 stars not 5. Is because it uses a lot of battery. But I just put my phone to sleep&when I wake it the app Immediately connects.

Enda Leahy

Fantastic - wish it worked with Bluetooth  Enda Leahy  4 star

Fantastically useful, i just wish it worked with Bluetooth and wasn't just limited to wifi. But of a pain when you're out and about trying to get both devices to connect. Beats workin with the numpad on the macbook though


Brilliant  AL V8  5 star

I use this app on my iPod Touch to control my Mac Mini, which functions as my living room media centre. It replaces my Apple wireless keyboard and Logitech Air mouse, and is the superior solution for me in terms of user friendliness and stability.


Windows 8 prob  DanHarn  3 star

Not working for me since I updated laptop to Windows 8.


Unreliable!  MeMyselfHereAndNow  1 star

Excellent app when it works! Unfortunately this is rarely and random.

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