Mobile Mouse Remote

Mobile Mouse Remote [Utilities] App Description & Overview

Mobile Mouse instantly transforms your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch into a wireless trackpad, remote, keyboard, and MUCH more for your Mac or PC. Sit back and surf the web, browse your photo library or control your music player from the comfort of your couch. Mobile Mouse works as a fully functional muti-touch trackpad mouse, as well as an in-air mouse, allowing you to control your computer with the motion of your hand.

Mobile Mouse is the most advanced and feature rich remote/mouse app for iOS

- Wireless control over your entire computer
- Supports Bluetooth & USB with In-app purchase (OS X ONLY, please see requirements)
- Trackpad mouse (full screen vertical and landscape modes)
- In-air mouse controller (works with the motion of your hand)
- OS X style Dock (works just like the dock in OS X)
- Album artwork and track info for current playing song for iTunes and Spotify
- Apple Watch App (Media/Presentation control)
- Photo and text Sync. Send content from your computer directly to your iOS device. Call a phone number on your computer, push an address from your computer to your Maps app or even call an Uber.
- Supports encryption
- Today View Widget
- Remote file Browser
- Media Remote & Web Remote
- Presentation Remote with Pro option (Keynote/Powerpoint)
- Media pauses or mutes on incoming calls
- Numeric keyboard
- Volume controls
- Programmable hotkeys
- Multi-touch mouse gestures
- Sleep/Wake your computer
- Password protection
- Foreign language keyboards
- Pressure sensitive graphic Tablet for Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketchbook, Pixelmator, and more. (Supports Jot, JaJa, 53-Pencil stylus)
- And much, much, much, much more.

Apple Watch App
- Basic Presentation mode supports next/back with any presentation software
- Pro Presentation mode supports navigation, slide preview, slide numbers, presentation timer
- Basic media remote supports play and volume controls
- iTunes/Spotify remote supports album art and track info
- Application switcher lets you switch to any running app. Apps can be filtered to show all running apps, or jus the ones that have remotes

View our demo video and website to see all that Mobile Mouse can do for you.

- iOS 8.0+
- Mac OS X 10.7+ (Intel)
- Windows 7+ (32/64bit)
- WIFI router
- Mobile Mouse Server Software

you will need to download the server application from :


Visit our site for demos and setup instructions.

Provides remote control capabilities for programs like iTunes, Spotify, VLC, Quicktime, Front Row, Keynote, Powerpoint, Windows Media Center, WinAmp, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Kodi, Uber, Lyft, and many more

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Mobile Mouse Remote Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Added brightness, mission control, and launch pad buttons to the function keyboard (OS X only) - Added support for encrypted communication to the server - New, native Apple Watch app - Added the ability to mask characters when typing. Ideal for entering passwords. (Just type the first letter, then tap the lock icon that appears, and continue to type) - Fixed pro-presentation mode not always showing slides - Added ability to hide album art - Bug fixes PLEASE UPDATE THE SERVER SOFTWARE

Mobile Mouse Remote Comments & Reviews

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- No Bluetooth for PC

I purchased this to connect to a PC with Bluetooth. After I pay the cost and download I find this is only available for MAC and only with an additional payment over and above my initial purchase of the app. Buy something else, this won’t work for you.

- Partially working.

I have the mac store app and the ios app, it will connect to the mac, but no functions are operational besides switching apps. I don’t want to give this app a bad review but its not working for me. It could be incompatible with the newest OSX. Why hasn’t this app been updated in a year, though the devs are still responding to reviews?

- Refund - do not buy!!!

The app is discontinued on Mac store, but still on App Store for IPhone and IPad.

- Doesn’t work at all

Doesn’t see my MacBook Pro and doesn’t even function at all. Why did I spend $2 and then .99 on top of it? Scam.

- Masoud Alavi

One of the crucial weaknesses of this app, what the providers must consider, is enhancing the app by providing the ability of Bluetooth connection for all devices’ types.

- Great app

Great app. Supports multi gestures which is what I was looking for. Both the WiFi and peer to peer mode have slight delay however using usb runs perfect. Would really love an option to turn the screen completely black to save battery on newer phones.

- This is mobile and desktop software done right!

Many people say that this is the best remote option available and I tend to agree! It is constantly being updated and I have used it since ~2014. So it has worked over Sierra, High Sierra, Mojave, and now Catalina.

- Worst app ever

Worst app ever

- Don’t waste your money

Works fine when you don’t leave the app but after leaving the app you have to reconnect might as well just buy a wireless mouse.

- Good app

I love this app and the support team if any thing goes wrong is great 🤟🏾

- Great app! Needs better iPhone X and up compatibility

Fantastic app to turn any smartphone I to a mouse and keyboard for media center controls or whatever. It doesn't scale well with the notch on my XS so I imagine it doesn't with any of the X and up devices. Please fix the UI for these phones that have the annoying notch. Thanks for the great product otherwise!

- Music Player no longer works with Apple Music and Catalina


- mobile mouse

this app is listed under my purcheses but i have never seen or heard about a mobile mouse or have any use for it - i could not email because your captica is broken, bad business.

- Not able to type in windows login password

I’ve been using the pro version for years and it works quite well. Recently I’m trying to set up the WOL on my laptop connecting to my TV and this app can wake it up without any problem, which is great! However, when the windows login page shows, I can’t use this app to type the password into the field. No matter what I key in from the app, there’s nothing in the password field. I have to pop up the lid and use the keyboard to type the login password. Any idea how I can fix this plz?

- Not a substitute for a Magic Mouse

all I wanted was to replicate the functionality of a Magic Trackpad, horizontal scrolling in particular. despite making substantial tweaks to the settings, this app is jerky and clicks while scrolling (even though tap to click is disabled) which is a huge problem given the task at hand. Sorry, can’t recommend it. DEVELOPER: Please just have a setting that replicates a Magic Trackpad!

- Bluetooth doesn’t work

Paid for the premium app and then extra for bluetooth features and bluetoth doesn’t work at all. No devices recognize the app. No way to turn Bluetooth on at all. No helpful online docs or guide. Complete waste of money.

- Love this but

It won’t always connect for some reason...

- Must pay.

I got it when it was all free. Then upgraded and lost all the pro stuff. Now have to buy it. Annoying. But what can you do?

- Don’t miss out!

This is an incredible app, it’s exactly what I was looking for!

- iOS App great, watch app terrible

Bought this app for the gyroscopic Apple Watch control feature, the watch app only endlessly says connecting, though 3 stars for the regular app.

- Amazing


- Terrible.

Don’t waste your money. I tried everything on their troubleshooting page. I tried connecting over the same WiFi network, same hotspot, and still got nothing. It just always comes back and says refused connection.

- Does not safely work on windows pcs. Waste of my money

There is no way to connect a pc (laptop) via peer to peer or Bluetooth. Windows is not excluded In it’s description of connection capabilities. Even if it did work. You will not low until after you waste $2.99 that it is another .99 to connect a apple computer via peer to peer or Bluetooth. Connect though a public WiFi is not an option. Never got a chance to use it as it was unsafe.

- No Bluetooth

I purchased this app because it promised a Bluetooth connection. But if your WiFi is disabled on your computer, the entire functionality of the app is disabled. No Bluetooth without WiFi? This makes this app no different from other free apps. Waste of money.

- Solid app!

I've been using this app for work since iOS 2 (or 3?) It's definitely been a very long time and this app has been solid and has never failed me. Definitely one of the top apps on my list.

- Amazing

The paid version has an unbelievable amount of functionality, very impressive. Definitely worth $2

- Where’s the Widget?

App works perfectly but the Today View widget is missing. Does the app not offer it anymore?

- Wireless Connection Issue

Great app with great features, but keeping it connected is difficult. Constantly reconnecting every time I start it up.

- Reliable.

The important thing about this app is that it works consistently and doesn’t have any lag for the pointer when working over local Wi-Fi. I tried a couple of other options and they both had the mouse jumping all over the screen. This one doesn’t. The UI isn’t 100% my favorite, but it’s more than good enough.

- Used to work better

This is still the remote mouse app I use the most, but it's way less reliable than it used to be in terms of connecting and running smooth. It's also annoying how aggressively it locks files on your computer. Any app that is in your launcher can't be removed or updated because it's "in use" by the server app even if you never launched it. Also doesn’t support 3/4 finger gestures, and while zooming/scrolling works in theory, it goes 10-20x further than you want, then you try to go back and way overshoot, then you eventually walk back to the computer to use a real mouse.

- Easy to use

I’m sure there’s still a lot for me to learn about this app but so far it’s absolutely amazing. If you were ever worried about pulling the plug, this is your ease of mind. Changed my entire home entertainment experience! Great buy!

- Buggy

Love the app, just a few quirks. -app suddenly quits when upgrading to “Pro-Version” while using power point presentation for PC. -Also when I copy from PC to IOS DEVICE I can only do it once. (I was able to copy Power Point slide turning it into photo) I wish I could send the error report? But no report happens when using IOS App suddenly Quits. Update: The “Copy” feature from PC to IOS DEVICE starts working after I copy a word and tradition to copying slides from Power Point. I just don’t understand why I can’t keep copying slides. I need to switch from word to slide to keep the copy feature working. I hope this helps tracking the bug.

- App doesnt work with iPhone XS Max

That is simply not compatible with the iPhone ex S max, from a user interface point of you, user experience point of you, and technically. Money thrown down the drain

- Doesnt work

I bought it based on all reviews. This seems like a great app if it worked. I have all the settings right, app finds my computer, it says connected when I click on it i move and move and move on the phone but nothing happens on the lap top. Wish I could have my money back

- Great


- Helping since 2008

Just redownloaded this app today and it's still working! I'm pleased.

- Really useful app

I’ve been using MousePro for a long time and it’s the best app I’ve used for the purpose. I can unhesitatingly recommend it!


Great app but can you please update the option to make a side scroll wheel instead of one small scroll in the bottom middle. Every time I try to scroll my hand falls off and I see no efficiency compared to the one available in the Lite Mobile Mouse version. I bought this app because it’s supposed to be better. Please make it that way!

- Not working for me

I buy it today and buy some thing to connect with one box and still not working keep ask for password for my Mac and my app in Mac not connect its like I loss 3 box

- Nope. Not worth the hassle.

Been messing with the app and program for a while now. It has worked once for about an hour or so and never again since. Checked all security settings, firewall, network, etc. and nothing seems to get it to function. Looks like developers got me again for a few bucks.

- Love it!

I’ve had and loved this app since around 2009. Just needed help using it under mojave so i could watch bandersnatch. Contacted them and got quick and efficient suppport. Very happy

- Perfect for Digital Kanban Boards!

I’m a project manager who leads a team of people using Scrum methodology and we employ a large screen for our daily stand up meetings. Mobile Mouse Pro has made running the software for my stand ups so much faster and easier! I’ve never had a single connection issue. They’ve done a great job!

- Not working anymore

Not sure if it is due to the latest Mac OS update or iPhone X update, but the mouse is not working correctly. The app shows that the mouse is connected but the cursor will not work. Please fix

- Superb since first released

The best since it first came out, just get the best.

- [Updated] Crashes on iPad!

That app has been fixed! Thanks for the response! If you are open to suggestions, please make the slides notes windows scalable.

- Disappoints!

Screen constantly goes blank while using this app, and only this app. Maddening.

- Furious; didn’t work!

Do not download this app. It doesn’t work whatsoever and it is just a waste of your own time.

- Disappointing

Make sure your phone never goes to lock screen or the iPhone app will disconnect from the server until you restart the application on your computer. Why is that a thing? Do you guys really expect people to disable auto-lock or constantly make sure your phone doesn’t auto-lock by clicking it? You’d think something basic like that would be fixed years ago.

- Windows 10 Connection inconsistent

IMO without substantial troubleshooting connectivity with a plain Windows 10 pc is spotty.

- Poor support and no response

I sent a request concerning an issue with connectivity concerning the software. Absolutely no response from this company. Poor customer service will get you nowhere. I would like my money back for this app that doesn’t work that this company doesn’t support! Look at other remote mouse apps. This company doesn’t care about its customers, it just wants their money. Pathetic

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- Joy of my life

handy for life, keep it up dudes

- Works great!

I don’t need to get up to change the Netflix!

- Paid for but no delivery

I bought the pro version of this app as well as the ability to use Bluetooth for peer to peer connections which is a little ridiculous but ive switched phones and the in app purchases are all gone I can’t find a way to restore them

- Junk

Do not buy this app! It does not work. A total scam.

- Support mouse on iPad Pro

Are you going to support iPad now that mouse controls have come to the iPad Pro. Can you run a mouse server on iPad Pro?

- Bit of a curve

Took a minute to figure out, but, it is doing more than expected. I find it works well but has trouble switching between com/lap.

- Frustration

Totally frustrated with this app.

- Awesome

I was having a few problems with it at first but now works perfect

- Good and bad

Works well when I load it up, well designed UI. However, after a few minutes or sometimes when I lock my phone, the app will be unable to connect back to the PC server even though it was connected a minute before!

- IPv6 update needed

Constantly cuts out with ipv6 addresses

- This app is a scam

It doesn’t work with wifi direct neither with USB, it asks you to pay an extra fee!! Want my money back

- Mouse pro

Best app I've ever used to run my computer from iPhone or iPad. 😊

- Egotistical

Abrutaratza, scroll damn you!

- Wish I could give it 0 stars

Worst app ever. Never connects or stays connected.

- Does not work. Very clumsy.

Very limited. constant popups. And does not function on windows with Bluetooth or usb. Do not waste your time or money.

- Meh

Doesn't work with my latest update with windows10 😞

- It works

I have my MacBook plugged into my tv and the mouse pro works perfect.

- Works great

This work great!!!!!

- Super

Nous aimerions avoir plus d'options par exemple pourquoi pas un clavier manuscrit Merci pour tous vos efforts Nos encouragements et plus.

- Great value.

Suggestion: fix the very choppy courser movement when Airplaying to a second screen.

- Zoom option

The zoom Option doesn't work the way it supposed to, it zoom into whole screen not content you want zoom into, emailed them twice but no response

- Great App

Probably the best app of its kind. Unfortunately, the companion program for the PC does not follow suit. It crashes, it just disconnects. Exiting and relaunching usually fixes the problem for a time, then it disconnects again, and another restart is required. Support hasn't responded to my issue in two weeks. Fix the broken companion program and I'll gladly give this five stars.

- Perfect!!

This app does exactly what I need it to do. Great job folks!

- Works great, highly recommended

This app was and is everything I was looking for in a phone based mouse.. you will not be disappointed !!!

- Crash all the time

Can't make it work 50% of the time

- Fantastic App

Zero problems with this app, been using it since my iphone4. It has carried over to every iPhone getting better and better with each update. Keep it up!

- Unhappy

Horrible waste of money and time. Just spent an hour on my iPhone and iMac, and the unhelpful website trying to get it to work. No luck. DO NOT waste yout time and money.

- Never works

For some reason I've had this for a couple years. It's probably worked twice. Even when everything is updated it can't find a connection. The "troubleshooting" is a page with useless info that hasn't changed for years. Don't download! Stupid me, I paid for the pro version which makes me hate this app that much more. Ripped off!

- Poor

I decided to give this another go. It is not worth it. Way to slow. Curser jumps around. It is barely useable. Just not worth it

- Great app

It does everything I need.

- Great

I've been using this app for a long time now. It's always just worked. Recently the app was not connecting anymore. I contacted their support team and they got back to me amazingly quick. Thanks to their suggestions I found out the default port I was using was already in use for something else, after changing it everything worked again. It was a great customer service experience. The app itself is easy to use and does exactly what you want: turns your phone into a trackpad. It also works great for both windows and OS X.

- Controls the laptop great.

We use this daily for controlling streamed content on our Windows based laptop, works great.

- Awesome app

Works as advertised. Highly recommend. Had some issues a few updates ago, but the new updates and additional features make up for it.

- Complete Fail

This app is terrible. I've had it on two seperate occasions (a year and a half ago and a week ago) and I was below medeocre at best the first time and far worst when I tried it a second time. This app takes away all convenience by making it extremely difficult to connect and troubleshoot EVER TIME. I recommend the app "Remote Mouse". It fulfulls the luxury you envisionned for phone/tablet wireless mouse apps.

- Fail

You just do not want to spend money to spend your time on a support faq that will just make you understand that your network is not set the way this app work when you cannot do anything about it. Thank you. Can I have my money back?

- Awsome app!

I've used this app from day one and i still use it... In the ephemeral world of apps that say's it all! This app is improved and tweaked on a regular basis without loosing the original purpose and essence of the app. Great job Guys, keep up the good work!

- Works Well

Watch all my downloaded movies comfortably from my couch? Absolutely! But it would be nice if the app recognized all of my swipe shortcuts for my MacBook.

- Free version will do.

Client is unusable in Windows 7, haven't tried it on Mac.

- Best one out there!

Always works. Great features. Love this app!

- Awesome app, invaluable

An absolutely awesome app for controlling a media center! Periodic connection issues, but once it gets connected, it rocks. Support actually answers their email if you run into problems. Highly recommended!

- Great App

I have been using this App since the beginning and love it. Well designed and it works flawlessly!

- Mr

Awesome !

- Works great

Awesome app. No need for wireless keyboard or mouse! Never any issues with crashing etc....worthy of the 5 stars

- Widget not working

App & widget stopped working on ios9. Was working perfectly till then.... Please fix!!

- Works occasionally

Sometimes this doesn't work at all, for seemingly no reason. Power cycling literally all my devices fixes it. Sometimes. Luckily I have wireless devices already and don't need to use this very often. It works well enough as an emergency back up plan if I need to control a pc from across the room. But I can see how the frequent problems might render this unusable for someone who needs it all the time.

- Doesn't work

Doesn't work and does not sync. Way of money for me.

- Works great

Worked great right away. Had some technical issue with it not reconnecting and they were quick to reply.

- Amazing!!!

Probably the best app of its kind

- Changes ip address

Why does it keep changing it's ip address everyday? It's so annoying that I have to open the app in my laptop everyday to see the new ip address and manually change it otherwise it won't let me conect. You should post this review not only the good ones. ;)

- A true sloth's dream come true

I can connect my laptop to my TV and use this app to control it from the comfort of my couch. What more can I say?

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- Very much useful

Like it

- The beat

One of the best app for keyboard and mouse.

- Awesome. Seriously.

Great app. Love the damn app. Just a freaking amazing app. Incredible app. Phat app. Straight G of an app. Just get the app even if you don't need it its that amazing of an app. It will blow your hair back. Straight back. Even your bum hairs will uncurl its that good.

- If it doesn’t work all the time, it doesn’t work.

I bought an Macbook Air and need a remote but, after installing this, the first time I tried it it cut out half way. If it’s not perfectly dependable, I’m not going to embarrass myself in front of 200 people. I present at a lot of universities and there’s some nonsense about having to type in the LAN address on your phone and computer and I can’t do that everywhere I go. I uninstalled it.

- Great App

Incredibly convenient and works like a dream.

- Great software!

I've been using the free version forever because it's that good. I only bought it to show my appreciation to the software maker for making my life better by creating this amazing little app! 5/5 and worth way more than what he's charging. Thank you thank you thank you :)))))))

- Love it

Good app

- Amazing app but...

Since the latest review whenever I want to dictate something, it gets typed twice on my MacBook Air running OS X 10.10.3! Please fix that!

- Love it

Experienced some problems with it in the past but since last two updates seems like working very smooth with no problem. Thank you

- Simply Amazing.

One of the greatest app I have ever purchased. It's clean, it's quick, it's useful, the widget is super handy, it does everything I need it to and then some. I love it.

- New bugs

This new version crashes every time I use the Command key.

- Love the app BUT copy/paste gone??

I love the app!!! Been using it for years as it makes physically reaching so much easier for me!!! However, copy and paste no longer work :( I hope it gets fixed soon!!! Thnx :)

- Copy, paste it working

I can't Ctrl + V or Ctrl + C with this version.

- What happened to the widget

The only problem I'm having is no connection with widget everything else working fine

- Not good!

So many bugs & connections problems. It used to be a great app but way too many problems now.

- Unreliable on minimal functions

I admit I had high hopes initially when I bought this app. But having tried to make it work for a couple years with minimal functions like volume and song forward or back in iTunes, I have given up. Disappointing app.

- One of the best remote control app ever!!!!


- Great when it works

This remote is really useful and I like it a lot, but I’ve had a lot of trouble getting it to even connect. Both the iPhone app and the Mac server app run on my computer, they just can’t see each other to connect. This effectively makes the app useless to me. I tried contacting support but received no response whatsoever.

- Best mouse/keyboard app I've tried

I use it to control my windows 7 media pc -- it's never let me down.

- Awesome app! But 1 strange bug...

Really great app works amazingly! but every time i connect it says "unable to connect" i click OK and it works fine. Just a weird thing really not that bad.

- Great

Great remote!

- Technicien audiovisuel

C'est une application très évolué qui s'adapte a chaque applications avec la possibilité de programmer des touches personnalisés. La version pro fonctionne particulièrement bien avec PowerPoint. On peut y lire nos commentaires et interagir avec des pointeurs et marqueurs. Je l'utilise principalement a la maison pour télécommander l'ordinateur-multimédia. Bravo à mobile mouse.

- Great app

Does what they say it does.

- Excellent

Does exactly what it's says on the tin painlessly, software to enhance your life, especially if you have a nettop box behind your tv and it's your main media access hub!

- App

Doesn't work it's crap

- Love it when it doesn't crash

Keeps crashing on both OSX 10.10.2 and iOS 8.1.2 love the app though; Quick, and smooth.

- Works solid

Just used it for a while this evening on Nov 10, 2014. Works great. And I just love it's gorgeous interface.

- Frequent crashes

Too many crashes with the new update

- Great app, but new update crashes

On both iOS 8 and 8.1 the app crashes. Once they sort it out I fully recommend it.

- Great app, but new update crashes

On both iOS 8 and 8.1 the app crashes. Once they sort it out I fully recommend it.

- Best app!

Works flawlessly on iOS 8.1 EXCEPT the Notification Center widget. It never connects. Fix that to regain 5 stars from me.

- Good app, but new features don't work @ all

Good app once you get the initial connection issues sorted out and configure everything properly. However, the new notification centre widget does not work AT ALL. despite the fact that everything works fine in the app itself, the widget consistently shows "Connecting" along with the spinning wheel. Even when I'm in the app, moving the mouse around with no lag whatsoever, as soon as I open notification centre the widget says "Connecting." This is super annoying to say the least.

- Latest update killed the app for 8.1

Your latest update has rendered the app useless on iOS 8.1. Immediate crashes upon open. Good job. And yes iv reinstalled and rebooted etc. it's the app

- Worked for awhile

It worked for a little while then stopped. Currently it does not work in a windows 7 environment. Yes my firewall setting are is a software issue.

- Great so far

but says compatible with iPad when they sell a different app for iPad. ?

- Who needs a mouse


- Numero un

Fonctionne très bien.

- Amazing app

Awesome awesome app

- Works as advertised!

Been using it for a while now on my HTPC on both the iPad 2 and iphone 5. Works like a charm.

- Powerful

Perfect no issues I like it and will recommend it.

- Only english and no admin password entry

When program asks an admin password -i.e. user account control - this app is totally helpless - no mouse, no keys. plug normal keyboard enter pass and keep enjoying few minutes until it freezes agin

- Sneaky mouse

A bit confusing at times, but overall a great app!

- Use it everyday

Great app, haven't unplugged my tv from my laptop in ages. No need can do everything from my phone! Thanks

- Xlnt

Works!! Well worth the full version.

- Super... Sauf, quand ça connecte pas!

Super... Sauf quand ça connecte pas!

- Wasted 1.99

I wasted 1.99 for my remote mouse when it said pcs also and it does not work on my PC

- Great app

Have had no problems with mobile mouse. Works well with my Dell and MacBook.

- Great app.

Works great. Simple and easy to use and never crashes.

- Best

Best App for my laziness :]

- Great except..

Works well in every way except scroll is WAY TOO FAST. And there's no way to slow it down. This oversight almost make the entire app unusable for me.

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- Complication feature for adding in watch face missing.

It would have been great. If there was scrolling feature using crown.

- Charging me for a feature I already had?

I'm complaining to Apple! I had a feature and now it's been removed and if I want it back I have to pay??????? Day light robbery!!!!! Stay away from this useless greedy developer! Charge us for new features not existing ones! Totally unacceptable!!!!!!

- Life Saver!!..

When your laptop mouse goes for a holiday in the Bahamas <;,)~....Life Saver!!...A++++

- WAS one of my favourite perhaps not

Sadly this developer seems to not be maintaining this app to work with the Mohave OS. Such a shame as this app has been great until now. Very disappointed. Have tried to report the fault On the RPA website but “robot check” box at the end on the contact form is broken so I can not make contact with them - I can only hope that they see this and take Action!

- Stopped working with Mac OS Mojave

Says connected but mouse will not move 🤷‍♂️

- Doesn’t work!

Installed software on my MacBook Pro and bought the additional peer to peer functionality for £1.99 to be able to connect via Bluetooth only. And guess what.... it doesn’t connect!!! Can only get it to work over WiFi. Needed it for a presentation for an interview (where I didn’t have access to the WiFi) and it completely failed. £3.99 wasted!

- Great app

Works perfectly

- Great little app

No idea why others are giving 1*. This works just fine. Incredibly useful little tool and cheaper than a coffee.

- Complete garbage so far

So far this has been beyond useless. Doesn’t work with Bluetooth only, over WiFi it’s impossible to control the mouse. Garbage, waste of money. I’ve contacted their support to see if they can help me. Will update this review if they give me a positive answer.

- Not working

After the last update is stop working.... is not finding my pc anymore

- Excellent functionality, obnoxious pricing structure

To unlock full remote connectivity functionality, a single in-app payment of £0.99 is required. It's obnoxious to offer a free version of the app and a paid version, where the paid version requires unspecified extra in-app payments to unlock full functionality. Why not have just one free app with a single in-app payment, or increase the price of the paid app such that it includes all functionality by default? At the least, the nature of the extra in-app payment should be explained to prospective buyers before they pay for the app. Of all the apps I've used for remote control (Logitech Touch Pro, another paid app which has since been removed from the store), this is functionally the best. The variety of ways to connect is excellent, setup is relatively smooth, the trackpad-like interaction is surprisingly intuitive & robust.

- Can’t adjust Brightness on mac

Please fix this. I’ve tried looking everywhere and I can’t adjust the brightness. Please add this feature

- Pretty darned good

Takes a little bit to get it set up, but grand once you do. Obviously you do have to switch off other connected computers, or you’ll find you’re controlling your partners. We find it great as a remote for apps like VLC and QuickTime when we’re watching a movie on a remote projector. Great that it adopts the functionality of your phones physical volume control as this feels very nice.

- Litness

This is actually a lit product. Ignore the bad reviews, this is litness this is life

- Rubbish

It won't to connect to anything but I can imagine it's rubbish anyway wouldn't recommend this unless it's free.

- Doesn't work as described

It doesn't work as a Bluetooth keyboard as described. Rip off

- T😎p

....used it all the time, a marvel!!!!! Highly recommend it and if it doesn't w😭rk it is 'cause u haven't turn on the wifi on ur phone as I did, 😳!!!!!!

- Fantastic app

I use it on both my Mac and Windows computers and it works wonderfully. Very happy with its wide-ranging functionality and also its look and feel – it's a delight to use.

- Do not buy

Do not buy it's pure Scam it will ask to pay more for extra functionality?? What's about Pro version isn't extra....

- Awesome app bad server!

On mac it works straight away, but the server for windows is rubbish. It's ridiculous that I need to restart the server every time I start mobile mouse app!!!!

- why?

server settings (not responding)...? many years together...goodbye 😪

- Great app, works perfectly

This is one of my most used apps. It's got everything I need to control my digital environment from my sofa!

- Good so far

New update is better seeing as the last one I had to manually input my IP address every time. The gestures are not all compatible such as the zoom/pinch feature. Nonetheless I am fine with it like this.

- Emperors New Clothes

All smoke and mirrors. Zero customer service. They 'plead' to be contacted first yet fail to respond in their own timeframes. Very disappointing.

- ?? How to use

Downloaded this in the hope it would let me control a PowerPoint presentation. After ten minutes I gave up. Instructions aren't clear and I'm not sure if it actually does work with just phone to laptop connectivity without a router. Would only recommend if you're not in a hurry!

- Has never connected

I have the pro version so I'm even more annoyed. Refuses to connect with my MacBook Air no matter where I am and what wifi BOTH my devices are using. Only works with a USB connection. You're screwed if you have an older MacBook (how dare I not upgrade!) because it only supports BLE. Dumb. Would be nice, if I ever did get it to work, 1 month and counting at trying, to have to option to have the buttons at the top of the screen, like every other mouse has. Ever heard of dominant design? So good app, crappy performance.

- Great app!

This app is wonderful, although its not getting the 5 star due to the fact the typing is a bit delayed on the phones screen and my spotify album always sits in the background of the app, but doesn't do anything upon touching it.

- Functionality (9/10) Connectivity (6/10)

Not a bad app at all. Does much more than I could ask from it. My only issue with the app is how it connects to my laptop. Over WiFi connection is a pain to get working if you haven't used the app in a while and at times the pointer on the laptop screen freezes and lags. Don't know if its because of my WiFi. I immediately downloaded the Pro version after this connection frustration but I cant seem to get peer to peer connection working. Really like the app but the connection issues has gone past the point of frustrating me on a few occasions

- Buy this one

If you need a mouse app just buy this. It's excellent, so many features have been using it for years!!!

- Great app


- Good and overall functional but...

The app is really good and works as a mouse as you would expect with some great features. The problem is with the widget, even when it is removed it still appears in my pull down menu which is really annoying.

- Incredible

First ever app I've felt the need to review. Does everything you want!!! And for free?!? They could easily charge for this and still be a bargain! :) highly recommend

- Amazing

Does the job perfectly

- Easy and great

Easy to set up and use! I think it's great! They keep updating it and making it better and better, which is feeding my laziness!

- MR E Ali

Outstanding app

- Excellent remote; poor payment set up

Extremely functional. If you've got the app on whilst watching something and receive a call it'll even mute your program/movie. I highly recommend it from that point of view. But I bought the peer to peer add on. Since then I've had to reset my iPhone and now I can't get the add on unless I pay again - no way to restore previous purchases.

- I love this app.

Love this app, couldn't live without it.

- Good app For Mac user

It does what it says !!! Easy to use

- Not for Windows PC

May be great for Macs, but despite claims it will not work bluetooth with a PC running Windows.

- Must have Mac Productivity App

I have been using this app for a long time now. I love the new pressure sensitive tablet aspect of the app that has been implemented for 3D Touch enabled devices. Great support too, I emailed the customer support email with suggestions for using Touch ID to authorise on the Mac. I spoke directly with the developer who had lots of time for my suggestion/discussion. Great work guys.

- Glitchy as hell

Bought the pro version after finally getting the free version to work, now it works 20% of the time, so frustrating, tried every sever fix and just keeps dropping out, apps should have a refund policy, it is faulty goods...

- Excellent

Very easy to set up and works beautifully

- Class

Awesome app increases ability to be lazy!

- Does what it says on the tin

I don't think I have to tell everyone who awesome this app is. Keep it up!

- Smart and accurate

Best wifi mouse I have used. 5 stars

- Only works 1 in 10 times

Cannot believe how bad this app is. It only connects to my PC 1 out of 10 times. Cannot believe I spent money buying this app.

- Love this app

Use it all the time to control my Mac mini connected to TV. Keeps on improving

- Rubbish

Have to pay extra for Bluetooth, refund me.

- Poor update, ugly and slow

Just updated after the server software finally got updated on the Mac App Store, but wish I hadn't. Reconnection is now much, much slower than it was before. The new icon is hideous, the previous one was plenty flat enough already and really shouldn't have been changed. The UI within the app has also taken a turn for the worse. Now the keyboard, function keys and remote views are all slightly different sizes, causing the trackpad and mouse button area to shift about as you switch between them. And the function keys are now as ugly as sin, not at all like the picture still being used to sell the app on the App Store, which still shows the far superior old layout and colour scheme. And another annoyance introduced in the latest update is a change to the way text is displayed on the remote custom buttons. Where before my custom button was clearly labeled as 'Context Menu' now it reads the decidedly less useful 'Con...enu'.

- Love This App

I really like this app. Mobile Mouse Pro gives me a much smoother mobile touch pad, plus I can launch my program's using my iPod. Great stuff. Great.

- Great Tool

Use app to control PC connected to TV. works great don't have to get off couch.

- Oh Yeah! Couch-tastic X

Sweet as a remote controlled nut.

- Not as good as it once was

This app is great when it works, but it only connects about half the time on launch. Often I have to force close the app and relaunch to get a connection to my PC (and sometimes multiple times). Very frustrating.

- Great app

Been using this app for years, always been good

- Love it

Is a great app .. It works even better than a mouse.. Can't go back now!!!

- Mobile mouse

Great app you it all the time defiantly with the money

- Bluetooth pair

Need to add a pair with Mac via Bluetooth, I will give 5 stars for that

- Awesome

Awesome app

- Hotkey tap sent twice & Crashes

Upgraded both the Mac server and iPhone App yesterday. Now whenever I press a Hotkey, or a key for one of the predefined apps like VLC, it registers twice - eg. if you hit Play/Pause it sends the button press twice, so it keeps playing or stays paused. This makes the app next to useless for a Media Centre. It has also started crashing, which has never happened before. To the devs: Regression testing - try it and you may not need to leave notes on iTunes asking people not to leave negative feedback.

- Crashes

Version 3 keeps on crashing on.... Last versions were spectacular. iOS 7 version just doesn't work atm. Until new bug fix is applied.... don't bother. When they are applied - get on it.

- Crashes

Version 3 keeps on crashing on.... Last versions were spectacular. iOS 7 version just doesn't work atm. Until new bug fix is applied.... don't bother. When they are applied - get on it.

- Absolutely the BEST ONE out there!

I've spent over $20 on lots of other remote apps. This is without a doubt the most feature filled value for money!!! MUST HAVE!!!

- The best

Perfect app to drive my HTPC. Thank you. Please fix the bug on iOS 7 as it doesn't keep the screen unlocked when you put the phone face down.

- Great but...

Please add a toggle to not have to hold in a button to move the mouse curser, and to lock it in you have to use 3 fingers in the small middle part which I can't do that well, please fix this

- Good


- Great 4/5!

Fantastic app. very reliable, simple format, easy to use. If only there were a mirrored display option it would be an exceptional app. Once you bring that feature out, I'll re-submit my review with 5 stars. Highly recommend! *cough*add a remote display*cough*

- Ghostz

Sweet works great

- Perfect Companion

Easy laid back couch surfing!!!!

- Good app when it works

Have problems connecting. Doesn't always find my Mac. Otherwise it would be a great app.

- Unreliable

Needs to be more stable & easier to use

- Excellent and reliable app.

Easy to use, reliable and stable app. Do recommend without hesitation.

- Easy to use app


- So fun

So much easier to use in bed then a keyboard and mouse. Works perfectly.

- It's great

Really good app. Worth paying a few bucks for the full version as the free one is a bit buggy (hence the 4 stars rather than 5)

- Awesome app

This app is awesome,I have a standard iPhone 4 and it works perfectly,I can control my comp whilst sitting back and relaxing:-)

- Useful

Works as described, and without issues.

- Excellent


- Improvements needed but is great overall

Fun and useful app, but the gestures for controlling the mac need to be revised. On the mac trackpad you swipe with four fingers to change the full screen app. This works on mobile mouse but the direction needs to be reversed to be the same as the trackpad

- Really useful!!

This is a very useful app! Can't live without it!

- Really Impressed!!!

This app works so well it doesn't behave like a cheap gimmick app but one of high quality A++++

- Mobile Mouse

Control my mac while it controls the TV. Excellent.

- Was perfect

It was perfect with the LITE version and downloaded the paid one. Now it refuses to connect to my mac, saying firewall preventing even I have already turned it off. Disappointing…Please fix it…I have already paid it and now unusable...

- Comes in handy, love it, but...

Nice app..the mouse part of it is fine..i love it...but remote controls need to be editable..i use VLC on my pc but the controls for it on MM are too simple and lacking basic functionality, I cant change or add commands..would be good if there was buttons that could be binded to program keyboard shortcuts too add or change remote functions..otherwise a nice app..thanks

- Dangerous

I've put on 5kg since buying this app. Beware.

- Great app

The best one of its kind, a lifesaver!

- Good app

Good app

- Awesome

Great backup app incase your mouse batteries go flat 😊

- Brilliant!

Use it on a HTPC and it does a great job.

- Best to buy

Good one

- Amazing

It is really worth every single cent of what I paid for it

- Excellent quality

Use it daily.

- Pure Gold!

Perfect if you're too lazy to get up from the couch

- Can't do without it now...!

Perfect for a media center remote / mouse / keyboard. Windows explorer feature is perfect! It can open and know the programs that are running and have the appropriate commands at hand. VERY smooth mouse, general feel and control. Good job. Easily worth the small asking price!

- Awesome

One of my top 'most useful' apps. No problems from the start. Recommend to anyone and everyone.

- Buggy update

This App has worked perfectly until this update. I am having the same problems as the last review, self deletes when you type. Hopefully the bugs are sorted soon because it has been a great app up until now!

- New update 👎

Having trouble with the latest update. The first letters of sentences I'm typing don't show up, and sometimes typing a letter deletes the letter before it or removes the space before it. Can't type passwords because it removes letters that come before if you need to type a number. Before this update I couldn't fault it though.

- Brilliant

Brilliant app that comes in very handy in a lot of situations.

- Very happy with iPhone app

Would buy again and recommend.

- Brilliant

This is wild, wild stuff. If both your Mac and your iPhone are on the same Wi-Fi network, you can remotely control your Mac in any way you need. With Airplay Mirroring, we can control our Mac downstairs and show it on the Apple TV upstairs. Very futuristic and sci-fi. Brilliant stuff

- Does what it claims

& does it well.

買って得したと思えたアプリその9「mobile mouse」 iPhoneがPCマウスになる!!

2.4G Mini USB Wireless Keyboard Touchpad Air Mouse Fly Mouse Remote Control for Android TV Box Laptop PC…

買って得したと思えたアプリその9「mobile mouse」 iPhoneがPCマウスになる!!

@Tengushee @DarkBlueMonkey @RetroResolution @GeezerD205 Ive been using Google Remote Desktop for years. Can even…

買って得したと思えたアプリその9「mobile mouse」 iPhoneがPCマウスになる!!

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Mobile Mouse Remote 3.5.0 Screenshots & Images

Mobile Mouse Remote iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Mobile Mouse Remote iphone images
Mobile Mouse Remote iphone images
Mobile Mouse Remote iphone images
Mobile Mouse Remote iphone images
Mobile Mouse Remote iphone images
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Mobile Mouse Remote (Version 3.5.0) Install & Download

The applications Mobile Mouse Remote was published in the category Utilities on 2019-02-11 and was developed by R.P.A. Tech [Developer ID: 289616512]. This application file size is 45.33 MB. Mobile Mouse Remote - Utilities posted on 2019-02-11 current version is 3.5.0 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions.

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