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What is alarm clock for me app? Wake up and go to sleep to your favorite music, never sleep through your alarm again, get your own collection of exclusive designer clocks, know weather conditions in your area, countdown to important events, cook or work out with a multifunctional timer, and light up the darkness with a powerful built-in flashlight!


* Choose from stylish designer themes for the clock: Ultrasonic, Digital (Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow), Wordy, ThinLine
* Create your own wake-up playlist with the best music
* Background alarm support: alarm will ring even if the app is not running
* Choose a way to stop the alarm: shake your device or solve a math problem
* Go to sleep to your favorite songs or white noise
* Check live weather conditions and temperature
* Change the screen brightness so that it doesn’t blind you after a good night’s sleep
* Shake your device or double tap on the screen to switch on the flashlight
* Convenient app settings. Get easy access to any option you need
* Widget: access the remaining time till the next alarm and live local weather conditions in Notification Center.

Alarm Clock for Me provides the functionality of 6 indispensable apps in 1:

- Wake up to your favorite music
- Shake your device or solve a math problem to turn off the alarm
- Set multiple alarms with different tunes
- Background alarm support: alarm will go off even if the app is not running!
- Easy access to the nearest alarm from the main screen
- Huge Snooze/Stop alarm buttons
- Add your notes to the alarm!
- Adjustable volume of Sounds/Music
- Vibrate / Fade in / Snooze options
- Shake-to-snooze when alarm goes off

- Exclusive designer clocks
- Vertical and horizontal modes
- 12 or 24 time format
- Show/Hide seconds
- Show/Hide day of the week
- Auto-Lock when plugged in ON/OFF
- Auto-Lock when on battery ON/OFF
- Customizable auto-lock time

-Use the shortcut on the main screen to go directly to the sleep timer settings
- Create your own playlist with your favorite songs
- Shuffle music ON/OFF
- Adjust the volume of Music/Sounds
- Go to sleep to white noise

- Check live weather conditions and temperature
- Automatic detection of your current location and weather conditions display in your area
- Weather conditions and temperature in any location you choose
- Temperature unit: Fahrenheit/Celsius
- Show Weather ON/OFF

- Never miss important events and special occasions. Count down to your vacation, anniversary, graduation and more

- No matter whether you are cooking or working out, multifunctional timer will always be at hand!

- Shake your device or double tap on the screen to switch on the flashlight

Beautiful. Reliable. Versatile. Get the alarm clock that you've been looking for!

For complete access to all Alarm Clock for Me features, you will need to allow access to the following:

*Notifications – otherwise, alarm will not ring;
*Location data to provide you with the weather forecast for your exact location;
*Media library so that you can set your own music as an alarm or a sleep timer sound;
*Camera to activate a powerful built-in flashlight;
*Photos to give you a possibility to set them as countdown pictures.

Privacy Policy:

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Alarm Clock for Me Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Alarm Clock for Me Version 3.526 April 2018

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon. Performance improvements you won't necessarily notice but definitely enhancing your experience with the app. Thank you for your continued support and comments submitted by email! Don't hesitate to share your impressions and feedback with us via

Alarm Clock for Me Comments & Reviews 2022

- I️ Love The Pay Version of This Alarm Clock! It is Well-Worth the Minuscule Investment!!!

I used the free version of this Alarm Clock for a while, but the ads drove me crazy, so I got the pay version just to end my exasperation with the pop-up ads. Little did I know, the pay version is, in an overly used word, AWESOME. It has so many great features, it has never once played some annoying noise instead of my Mozart when waking me up in the morning (like the free App used to do all of the time). It has all sorts of other features that I use and love (I will let you read about them rather than list them all here). To make a short review long, BUY THIS APP IF YOU USE AN ALARM APP!!! It is by far the best one that I have used, and after trying this one, I have no need to look further. It is a great deal at only $3.99. Seriously, get this App. ♥️

- 3:45AM

The app is usually awesome. I like the features and layout far more than other apps I’ve tried. Pretty much everything is adjustable and customizable, and there’s even a couple things that I never thought I might need in an alarm clock. But there’s been multiple times where I’ve woken up in the middle of the night, checked the time, and found that the app is either closed or appears to be closed. I don’t know if this is because of automatic updates, (because the app seems to shut down automatically but doesn’t reopen correctly), or because of ads (which are handled like a separate app, so the “disable screen lock” function gets deactivated), or because of requests for reviews (similar problem as with ads), but it’s unnerving now that I’ve been late for work once. The alarm is supposed to work, and usually does, even if the app is only open in the background, so I don’t know exactly what happens. But even if the phone just locks, the “fade in” option for the alarm gets disabled, and it is -loud-. So, so far, I’ve disabled automatic updates, paid for the app to get rid of ads, and currently I’m writing a review at 3:45AM. This app would be perfect if it didn’t find ways to shut itself down.

- Working Well but Some Volume Issues

I’m using this app with an iPad Air 4 and a Bluetooth speaker and it works well except setting the volume can be a bit finicky. Especially when using volume fade in or not between multiple alarms. When I preview the alarms it can be too loud or too soft. So I have to keep adjust the volume slider and previewing the alarm to see how loud or soft it’ll be. It’s strange because fade in will get to be too loud and no fade in will be too soft. And it’s not just the Bluetooth speaker because the same thing happens with the iPad Air’s speakers as well. But it’s really just a minor inconvenience. Once I’m happy with an alarm’s volume, I’ll just leave it alone.

- Absolutely love it

So I just went ahead and paid the 3.99 for this clock because I hate being interrupted by adds & it was well worth it! Has a lot of nice features very user friendly and no cutesy BS. If the developers are reading this there are only two things I wish they could add even though it doesn’t effect the rating. When the app is closed on the Home Screen it doesn’t show the correct time just a picture of the app. Also when I have my iPhone silenced when I go to bed so I’m not disturbed by calls or text messages the alarm is also silenced. Those are not deal breakers by any means though I still love the app and great job with it!!

- A nice step above the basic Alarm that comes with the iPhone

Well worth the $3.99+tax! I’m the type of sleeper who hits the snooze button multiple times and will usually sleep through multiple alarms, especially when they go into “whisper mode”. I tried to see how to get my iPhone not to do that, but could not. I was also a person who kept my iPhone face down by my pillow. There were two basic features with this app that made my sleeping through them that more difficult. 1. The ability to have the alarm turn off and on my flashlight, and; 2. The “Math” feature is a brilliant way to force you to wake up your brain without fully stressing it out. It requires you to solve a simple addition problem to turn off the alarm. I reccomend not using the Easy mode, but the Hard mode (two 3-digit numbers).

- The alarm app is nice

I liked the ease of use and it actually works! It just needs a few tweeks. 1) I wish the colors offered to change would also change everything on the screen. 2) The date font is a bit small and I would like it yeelow like I chose. 3) The amount of days to christmas is nice but prefer it below the date in bigger size. 4) I would love to see listed below the several alarms I set, the days its set and time of course + my description. Wake Up Stan or Take med x or personal appointments I make to the dentist or other things that are not related to my business or work life. 5) Maybe include reminers sent to iphone via whatsapp or email. 6) Sometimes I wake early and forget the alarm on the ipad and it begins sounging music but my ipad is locked, no one but me can turn it off. If not, it keeps insisting on snooze. If I could set this snooze option to 2 or 3 times, it would be enough to shut it off. Another option is remote turning it off from my iphone or desktop. I hope these suggestions are useful. . Stan

- Just what I need!

From turning off alarm unknowingly to snoozing 3,4,5 times to incorporating alarm into my dream and sleeping through it til the alarm “freezes” and sound turns off, I’ve done it all my entire life and continue doing so at 54 years of age. This app has the potential to be life changing! My only fear is there currently aren’t enough different obnoxious sounds for the app to work for me long term. The phone shake and math problem features are great. My only suggestion to the developer is to increase the size of the obnoxious sound library because when a sound becomes too familiar and no longer wakes me, the shake and math features become irrelevant. Thank you!

- Awesome app with major flaw

This app has many awesome features, one major flaw. I liked the looks and features of this app and purchased. It was after using it that I found out the app must be opened to work properly. I am a light sleeper and I don’t like waking to abrupt sounds. So I set the alarm, fade in and the lowest volume. I tested in the evening and it worked great. The next morning I was blasted out of bed. Long story short, if the app is open at night, phone plugged into to charge, then another app sends a notification. This app is sent to background and it is unable to recover it last state at the time of the alarm. The result is an alarm at default settings. If the developer corrects this, I would be willing to give 5 stars.

- Weather a two step operation, etc.

---I got the app, but to get the full app, I had to pay more money; this falls into the category of "bait and switch". Also, in this category is the promise of offering different styles of thematic read out; I only get a "digital" type readout with block numbers. Having the ability to change colors on the readout does not cut it nor does a selection of photographs which are offered. ---Unless I get a response from the app maker, my advice is "CAVEAT EMPTOR"!

- Almost perfect

Just one flaw that I’ve experienced so far: as far as I have discovered, you can only pick songs for your alarm music list one song at a time. It’d be nice to be able to select a genre, artist, or album, or even just to tick several songs at once from a songs listing. Otherwise: a fantastic alarm app in every respect, in my opinion. Like the vibrate & flash options for one I really cannot leave wake-up to chance. Fade-in music for day-to-day. Another minor blemish: $3.99 to remove ads is too much. Still, best alarm app of the many I’ve tried

- Disappointment but I still like the app

Just reading some of the comments, I was very excited to get the paid version. But as soon as the paid version loaded I was highly disappointed (Only because I was anticipating more from the comments I read) I feel like I paid $4.00 just to remove ads. I still love the app but it needs some more (Clock faces some more colors and a few more features) because literally only thing I see extra in the paid version is the music add on an No ads) But Thanks for the upgrade and keep up the good work!!!

- Issues with sounds

I like having the clock on. During the night when I wake up, I can see the time. I like most of the features. Being able to dim the clock is great. But, what I don't like are the sounds. For some reason, while this is running, if I get an email, or a text, or anything else, I get dings and pings. I have my phone set to a sleep mode from 9pm to 7am where the ONLY sounds I should get are calls from a few specific people (in case of emergency). As long as this clock runs, every middle of the night email I get sends a notification that wakes me. I hate it. If they can fix that issue, then I'd give this five stars. Until then, you get 2.

- Alarm still mutes itself

App starts with no volume, then you have to turn volume up and alarm activates with no sound. Alarm also doesn’t repeat the custom song anymore. I am on an iPod Touch 6 and do not have do not disturb on. The app was playing sound when an alarm activates before it was updated, Please update the app with a volume bar so that everyone can keep the volume of the app on. Original review : Alarm now muted itself before or after it plays once and no longer can hear it. It wasn’t do that before. I can’t seem to make it louder when the alarm show it’s still playing. This needs to be fixed ASAP

- Great Product at a fair price

Been using the free version for many years and always found it to be reliable. Got tired of the ads and decided to shell out $3.99 for the premium version. Works flawlessly and no more annoying obnoxious ads. As many software developers have gone to a subscription service, to which I do not embrace, it’s nice to pay once, and on once, for software.

- Great clock

It’s the best clock app I’ve used so far. It was hard to find an alarm clock I had an auto sleep function so that the hours alarm doesn’t ring for ever. It would be five stars for me if the increasing volume worked for me and more so, if the program didn’t have to be running in order to use your own music for the alarm. It would also be nice if you could tell it how long to ring before auto sleep. All in all, I think it’s a great clock program worth having.

- Face ID turns off the alarm-cannot snooze

Tech support has been useless. Was happy with app on my iPhone 8. Got the 11 pro and now if you look at the alarm Face ID turns it off. I would not mind if it snoozed the alarm. But it is now useless because snooze is not functional. If the screen is locked you are asked if you want to use Face ID and there is no way to tell it no and when you select ok it turns off the alarm with no snooze option. If the app is open and you look at it, it turns the alarm off and you cannot snooze. If it is running in the background sometimes you get a pop up with a snooze option. Other times it sends you to the app where Face ID turns off the alarm.

- Purchased app issue

One notable concern for me. I purchased needing new alarm. Tried free versions but w ads, couldn’t evaluate as too bright but interface looks good, clean. With purchase however, the menu bar remains “bright white” in areas of text (return arrow and app on left, status menu on right) in addition to the app switcher “bar” in middle bottom. Is there any way to turn those off as still too bright even if I turn screen brightness to “0” on slider in control panel. If this could be fixed, I’d revise my stars but can’t use for the moment and can’t seem to request a refund

- In Love

I have tried many Alarm apps. I have had your Alarm app installed for quite some time now, and I love it!! I have a suggestion for the people who want to turn off their phone ringer but still have the alarm ring. Instead of turning off the side button on your iPhone, go to the phone's utilities and silence phone from there, e.g. From 10pm to 7am, that should let the phone use the Alarm.

- Worst Alarm I've ever tried to use!

The clock\alarm is awful, somehow I have managed to get two installed on my phone. Contacting the App administrator is a joke, that mother$&@?!", doesn't take suggestions, prove helpful feedback, or make modifications to this App? I wish I could dump this App, but it may add another of these on my phone like the last time. This is Alarm Clock from Hell, and I paid for it and it's worst than the free version. If someone could help me with this App and not with empty promises I would just simply 😍. I am angry with reason...and seriously need help with this App, I've consulted the App Store trying to get help to remove this App, and it comes back double, instead of going away!

- Screen Time

Is there any way to change the apps category when hitting screen time? I keep the app running at night so this app totally kills my protective time. Reports I’m being productive while sleeping. Maybe Apple and you can work together to create a new category for alarm clock apps? Also, anyway to have the alarm associated to Apple Music radio? I like being able to attached a song, but would be nice to wake up to a radio station or news radio.

- Won’t play my music

After the most apple recent update, this defaults to the built-in tracks. I want listen to the music that I have set up with the alarms. Very disappointed. It happened with iPhone and iPad. I wrote the above review in June after an update, and it happened again! I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app, but it will not play the music I selected for my alarm. Will there be an update soon? I really hope so because I like this app, and paid for it.

- Awesome app but paid to remove ads but it still asking me to upgrade

Love the app but I paid to remove the ads and it still asks me to remove ads. I click on the upgrade button and it takes me back to the App Store and I click open there the ads are gone. It does this ever time I load it up.

- Alarm does not work when phone is silenced

The built in Apple alarm rings even if phone is silenced. This app does not. You must unsilence your phone if you want the alarm sound to work. Additionally the weather info is so small it is difficult to read. If not for these 2 issues I would have given it 5 stars. I have the fully paid version and iPhone 12 Pro Max. Developer response was irrelevant. If the silence switch is turned off the alarm WILL NOT WORK no matter if in the background or foreground.

- Good but pop ups are obtrusive even in paid version

Good app except when I turn off cellular data in settings please respect that. A bright white pop up in the middle of the night forcing me to open settings or turn cellular data back on is rude. If it’s off and you can’t get internet data, then do without until you can. Persistent notifications about leaving it running are annoying too. Tell me and give me the option to turn the notification off.

- This is great when ads don’t drive you crazy!

I’ve tried over and over to upgrade and just takes me to the App Store with the version I already have with the open button…no option to upgrade. Clicking upgrade in the app keeps taking me to this as well as when I go thru settings and click get full version no ads…I even went to the App Store and looked this alarm clock up, to find the ad free version and nothing but the one I have…guess I’m looking for another alarm clock…I’ve done all I can and I’m not doing ads anymore!

- Love This app

I find it very easy to set and really like being able to choose my Own wake up tunes! The large digital readout is easily seen w/o My glasses, so if I wake, then I'm able to just settle in and go back to sleep! It's too bad the Weather app isn't already included because I've already purchased that app and have a Free One that 10x's better with 3D Radar!

- Great so far

This is a solid alarm clock app. I do recommend getting the paid version before making any judgements. My only negative response to this app is that the alert for the alarm never seems to change no matter how many times I change a song or preset alert. Maybe I'm doing something wrong but I doubt it. If I can get that fixed I'll come back and add the fifth star without hesitation.

- Functional & Easy to Use

Nothing fancy, straight forward UI. Could be improved by adding a Siri function. Have been running it for years and it hasn't failed to wake me yet. Worth the penitence required for full functionality. Unless I missed this feature, would like to have weather outside displayed when I get up. If they could add that feature, the would have a home run. Rodger

- Alarm Clock

I wanted to put my old iPad to use, and I needed a good night stand clock. After checking thru the App Store, I settled on the paid (to avoid adds) version of this app .So far its been an excellent product. With a few simple app adjustments and iOS tweaks, my clock was ready to go. It does what it is supposed to do. It is very functional and easy to setup.

- It’s perfect!

This is exactly what I was searching for. I just wanted a good, basic bedside table clock and alarm and this is it. I tried many others that had weird bugs or a yearly subscription was required to get rid of the adds. For a straightforward 4 bucks, you get a great bedside clock and alarm. I couldn’t ask for anything more. Thank you!

- Good app

I noticed a review that was not favorable due to updates. I hope this is helpful too you. Try turning your phone completely off after you open the app then turn phone back on, a reboot. Sometimes it will clear up some of the small glitches. Otherwise I am satisfied so far.

- Occasionally freezes/crashes/hangs

I use this for work, meaning it had to be 100% reliable. Three times it has frozen just before my alarm is supposed to go off, says it’s 6:59:59 when it’s set for 7. I’m on latest iOS, app version, etc. I’ve started using second and third alarm apps as backup because there’s no point to an alarm app that doesn’t work 100% of the time. I like the features, but reliability is the baseline for an alarm, an this doesn’t have it. 3rd times not the charm, I’m switching.

- Would've been 5 stars b4 last update

I've used this app for the last, 3 years. It has always worked great but, before the last update it would play the alarm at the volume I have it set at, now there is NO volume. It has a warning the vol. is too low, and that silent mode is activated. Mind you it is turned up to the halfway point. I can listen to anything else and the volume is correct. Don't know why they have to mess up a good app by trying to "make it better". Fail.

- I still have ads playing after buying the upgrade.

I still have ads playing after buying the upgrade. That was my only reason for paying for an app. No more ad flashing in the night. Fix this.

- Violates its own rules

When you need to get up for work: MUST have sound on (so you can be woken up by texts and phone calls after you’ve gone to bed). MUST have app open (don’t forget, or it won’t go off!), MUST be the last app open before you close your phone (or, again, the alarm won’t go off!). When you want to sleep in: Will go off even if you have the app completely closed out of. This app is poorly designed and I wished it worked because I paid money for it.

- Favorite App but favorite feature no longer works

The “fade-in” alarm feature no longer works. Alarm stays at only one volume - I really liked the gradually increasing volume. I usually wake at first (lowest) setting, but was always assured that if for some reason I didn’t wake for that then it would gradually get louder until it woke me up... Please fix this feature! Will give 5 stars then!

- Alarm

If your phone goes to lock screen, as in overnight, the alarm does not sound. My sound is on and volume up, however, because the app is not technically "opened", the alarm. Good thing I have the standard iPhone clock alarm set on my other phone, otherwise, I wouldn't hear this one.

- What I need in an alarm clock app

I have only used this app for a couple weeks but am very happy with it. I need alarms on different days and it is easy and quick to use this app to do that. Very loud as well which is a bonus. I have not explored the extra features but am very satisfied thus far.

- The buzzer is too low

I liked using the clock on the iPhone before the most recent update messed with that. This app is annoying and will force me to buy an alarm clock again. Why did you mess w a good thing? PS - 4 days after the update, the clock on my iPhone began to work again. I noticed on an earlier update that all my phone functions worked reliably again only after as much as two weeks had passed. I guess this is just a hazard w updates.

- Horrible. Unreliable. Complete waste of $3.99.

Alarm activates but no sound even if you make certain your volume is turned on. To check . . . I set alarm for one minute; alarm went off with no sound. Sound was silent and manually adjusted so I could hear alarm. Although sound was adjusted about mid range on iPad home setting the sound was silent on this app. Trying to make certain sound is adjusted correctly in app cannot be done . . . when manually adjusting sound in app when setting alarm no volume indicator shows.

- I can not add my music

I just purchased this app, after using the free version for a few days. But my add music will not work. I also would like to see a better choice of alarm sounds. Especially since the add music button does not work. I bit frustrated right now. I do like the fact that I can have multiple alarms that can repeat any time I need them too. Please fix the add music button!!!

- Love app but since 14.2 upgrade doesn’t work

Love the app Have had for years. Since the 14.2 update today the app stopped working. It won’t open. Maybe because the app hasn’t been updated in 2 years? Please let me know if this issue will be fixed. Thanks

- Little Disappointed

Really like all the features and options. Not happy that I have to have the app open, phone plugged in, and my volume on(phone has to be out of silent mode) in order to use during the night. This would be perfect if I didn’t have to leave my phone unlocked through the night and hear all other notifications. Or am I missing something? How do I request a refund as I just bought it today?

- Great but...

I actually love this clock but I do have a couple wants if the developers could make it so! One: Somehow make it so whether the app is open or not, the alarm will go off with my chosen tune. Two: make it so when I have my phone set to do not disturb, it will still ring through just like my IPhone alarm. I know it might be very difficult to do but a girl can dream? 🤷‍♀️😇 Otherwise, I love this clock and the different color features. I love being able to use my own music. Thank you! I’d give it 5 stars for sure if you could fix those issues and make it the best!

- The pay version is one of my favorite apps

However, I do have one question. When I put my iPhone on “Do not disturb” the alarm does not go off to wake me up. Is there a setting that I can change so that middle-of-the night texts can be silenced.

- Doesn’t work. Waste of money

The app doesn’t work. It requires you ti keep the ohone in ringing mode -m if it is in silent mode alarm doesn’t work. So it might ring the alarm and you can wake up if you are not already by the kther notifications or calls. This is super frustrating. Also it doesn’t play the song from Apple music. It requires you to run the app through out the night. Most insane app that doesn’t make sense. Wonder how people rated it so high.

- Quite good, but..

Two problems: 1) sometimes it shows a black screen and doesn’t go anywhere. 2) very disappointing that it won’t work unless you set the silence mode to off. This is really a dealbreaker because I always leave my phone on silent mode, just vibrating when I receive messages. Besides, Apple’s Clock app works on silent mode, just as if it weren’t on silent mode.

- Pilot5974

Works well. I had a need for a louder alarm than what was available on my phone. This one fits the bill and with the programming capabilities I don’t need to think about my alarms all week, it’s already done.

- Robbed me

While the app works well, I paid $4 to have ads removed, only for the app to keep showing me ads and telling me to upgrade— of course when I go hit “upgrade” again, it just takes me here to the App Store and says to open the app where it takes me back to the add riddled app. It’s $4 of course, but it’s the ethics of it. Don’t say you can upgrade for $4 to remove ads and then have the same app with the same number of ads.

- Problem with app. Not happy.

I installed the purchased version on my phone and I used it for quite a while. Suddenly I started to get a notification that it was silenced . I tried to find the setting that would change it, but I couldn’t find it. Next day my alarm went off but I didn’t hear it. Tried to delete and reinstall. However, it wants me to pay again. I’m looking for another app. Not happy.

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- Transforms your Apple iOS Device into a Brilliant Alarm Clock

There is no other Alarm Clock for your Apple device that offers the same customisable versatility. Choose different interfaces that suit you. Every feature turns your Apple device into a believable alarm clock.

- Expensive for what it is

This is a good app, and support seems very prompt. However because I didn't want ads all night I bought it. I haven't tried any timers or alarms, but my main gripe is the brightness. Even at the dimmest setting it has a "designer" glow on the screen behind the numbers and is too bright for us it creates a glow in the room at night. Also while it can be used as a widget on IOS I can't set it as wallpaper so that it "automatically" comes on as a lockscreen when charging. I expected more for the money. Will be requesting a refund and buying a proper bedside clock with wireless charger.

- Phone on mute - alarm doesn’t work.

The app is great, love it. But I don’t like to be woken during the night by text message or email notifications and you can’t turn off ALL notifications with the click of one button, and the app won’t give an audible alarm if the phone is on mute. Kinda defeats the purpose doesn’t it. It would be a 5 star app if it would audibly alarm when the phone is on mute! I’m sure it can be done because Apple’s alarms work when the phone is on mute!

- Doesn’t do what is say it does

I paid $$ for this app so I could play my selection of music with the alarm each morning. It never ever works, just plays the app default alarm. Very disappointed and frustrating that I am unable to get a refund for something that doesn’t perform as advertised. The developers have since contacted me with advise of how to rectify my problem. I feel this is very good customer service and will try out their advise.

- Nagging

I used to love this app. And having notifications set to active is a necessity of using the app but now the app Nags me daily to set an alarm. I have since turned off notifications to stop the nagging and in turn that makes the app useless.

- Pricey?

Maybe a tad pricey for a basic alarm, but what it does it does well.

- Ehhhh could be better

Almost perfect but this app does not allow you to use ringtones you bought from iTunes as alarm even if you paid for full version which I find very unfortunate... it’s hard to find those 5star apps.

- Good Stuff

I like the cool soft colour and The simplicity of its overall display, design and user friendly,

- One Big Flaw

Great features and versatility with one huge flaw - it doesn’t override silent or night mode, which makes it totally unusable. If they can fix that, it would be perfect!

- Waste of money

Fade in doesn’t work. Also, I tried selecting my own music for the alarm. It works when I preview the alarm but uses the default alarm sound when it actually goes off.

- Everyday

I use this excellent app everyday,

- Needs an update ASAP

App is a good design but all features need to be able to be used when the app is closed!!!

- Purchased

I purchased this app to stop the ads I don’t mind the ads except I use this a a night clock and the ads are too bright white light The ads never stopped Every time I turn on I have to select purchase, Go to the App Store and select open. Then I get ad free for one night. It is like Groundhog Day I have emailed the company with no reply or any solution As free it is good Do not purchase

- Great app

Love it. Very easy to read.

- Bad App Does Not Work

This app costs $6 dollars which is not very much but still costs money and still did not work.

- Alarm clock

Is greatest clock.

- Stupid reminder to turn on sound

Can you please get rid of that stupid reminder to turn on your sound? It keeps popping up and stopping the alarm clock from working properly. If I had know about that unwelcome new feature I would never have upgraded from the old version. It makes the clock unreliable as once it pops up it turns the clock off.

- Not what I wanted!

Wanted music and all I get is a stupid sound!

- buggy

why do you keep changing this app? it was really, REALLY great but now the alarm time is too small to read and i get a message every day saying i have moved (i haven't) and do i want to change locations? AAARGH - also the large stop and snooze buttons at either end were awesome, now the 'stop' is TEENY - why, why, why?!!!!!!!

- Useless after update to V3

When this was updated on the 11 April it is now useless on my iPhone 6. I start the app and it starts but then just drops back to the home screen. The app is running in the background but as soon as I try to open it, crash!!! The update works fine on my iPad Pro. Prior to this update I would have given this app 4.5 stars because it was reliable as an alarm as well as a time piece to view during the night. I hope that somebody reads this and fixes it.

- Excellent alarm clock

Works just fine. Pros: choose the appearance of the clock face; choose your own music; adjust brightness of clock face. Cons: I can't figure how to turn off the overriding email notifications which light up the whole room at night and stay on until they are closed. Any ideas?

- Beautiful Apps - like it and well done!

This app provides simple but stunning options on its stream... Thank you!

- Update

This was a great app until the update. I go to turn off the alarm and the Red stop disappeared then I have to turn the phone off to stop it. Have tried to turn phone off altogether and restart it still does the same. If this keeps up until the weekend I'll then try an new alarm clock.

- Worth the Money

This App is fantastic, I don't know how many Alarm Clock Apps I've downloaded that have disappointed but not with this one. Great options, wide and varied. Buy it, you won't be disappointed.

- Was happy but not any more :(

When I first got this app the snooze button was separate and responded the first time when touched. Now it's a tiny little thing that you have to press half a dozen times and hope you don't turn the light on. Also the shake to snooze thing turns the alarm off- bit useless!!! Not happy and won't be using this app any more :( :(

- Alarm clock

Really is great haven't had any issues

- Alarm clock for me

Only alarm clock I use and I work night shift starting at 1:30am

- Revheadrobbie

I like the all the different features

- Great App!"

I only have a problem in setting music from my library.

- Alarm Clock

Really easy to use. Great soft light and easy to read.

- Date?

This app is great! The only thing I'd add is the date... I like to wake and check the date, not just what day (Mon - Fri) it is!

- Excellent

Use it all the time ,so easy and looks great

- Best clock app

This is the best alarm clock app I have ever tried and I have tried many of them!!!

- Clockwork

Great work with this app.. Easy on the eyes 👀 & user friendly.

- Trustworthy

I can truly rely on this excellent clock. I'm very grateful to the provider.

- Very good app👍

Nice gentle tunes gently wake you, not jolt you out of sleep.. I've used it every day, never let's me down.. Easy & effective

- Reliable and simple

+++++ nice, straightforward and works

- Great App!

Very useful, awesome, love it. What more could you want. Great use of imagination to choose your prefered colour for the alarm clock👌👍

- Wake up

Cool apps I wake with the beat every morning it's cool...

- Alarm clock

Great app easy to use

- Great app

Helps me get up in the morning

- Awesome app

Couldn't be without it

- Useful

Alarm is loud enough on my iPad

- Good app

Good app. Works well BUT you cannot change the date format😱

- Great Application!!!

Can't imagine sleeping without it...

- It's great.

It's great! I have their weather app as well. Superb.

- Alarm clock

Works great

- Terrible app

You have to remember to open the app when you go to sleep, and the phone can't be on silent. Waste of money

- White noise?

It could be my sleep deprived imagination, but didn't this have a selection of white noise? It was really handy working night shifts.

- Great

Fantastic easy to work with

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- Nice app but annoying pop up

Almost perfect but even the notification set to off, they pushing pop up proposing me to try others products about 1 of 3 time I open it. Soooo anoying !

- Payé pour rien

J'ai payé pour pas de pop up et il y a encore des publicités

- John L Beaulieu

It works wonderful for me I like everything about it. This is the second time that you asked me to read it, I like it very much Thank U.

- iPhone 14 pro max users need this

The new iPhones have the worst alarm sounds. I was waking up to percussive hammers and obnoxious noise. This app was the resolution for me. Very pleased with it. Now I can wake up to more calming and reasonable sounds.

- Alarm Clock for me

Beautiful excellent clock like display of time and the temperatures. It does the job. It good for me use it all the time! I’am deaf to use the alarm clock. But it very nice to see the clock time. Thank You! E.M.

- Alarm App

Purchased this App because Apple decided to change the alarm product on my phone. The new update was a flop as far as I'm concerned! This "gentle" wake up doesn't work for me! Purchased this App in hopes of a louder more appropriate "alarm". No help what so ever!! Had to go buy a cheap Alarm Clock because of this mess!!!

- Absolutely in LOVE!

I am absolutely in LOVE with this app. It took a total of 30 seconds if not less for me to upgrade. It is so worth the $5.49 for my peace of mind and sleep. I am worth that! You are worth that! Do it! I love it. I love that it is dimmed when my screen is dimmed. I love that I can shake my alarm to snooze it or turn it off! I love that I can choose my music although I don’t know what happened to the 5000 iTunes songs I have purchased over the years. They seem to have gone and now I need to join ITunes my music monthly to get whatever music I bought back, so I am limited to a few songs BUT that is NOT the apps fault but iTunes! I love that it has a rain sleep. I’m listening to one right now on YouTube- not the apps! I always fall askeep to ocean sounds and rain storms! I love the digital look! I love the alarm music fade in option! I love everything about this app! Thank you!! Thank you for allowing me to ease into my day and NOT jump start my heart so I’m starting my morning with nerves on edge and anxiety! God bless you!

- Alarm clock

A very good app to get up in the morning too…

- Great alarm clock. Simple and easy

Just exactly what I wa

- Rings true

Excellent app. Tremend

- Nice app need some improvement

I bought the premium edition Will like to be able to see the % of battery like the competitors Also will like to have to option to have the temperature of my region always on

- Alarm Fade In

I don’t trust this app any more. I bought it for the sound fade-in but, although I have that set up the sound comes on at whatever my volume is set to. In addition, yesterday it came on 17 minutes late and today, two minutes late. Finally, I had set it up to shake to stop: the result was that I couldn’t get the alarm to turn off at all. I finally solved the problem by removing the app from my iPhone, never to be seen again. On the good side, the developers have been pleasant to deal with. Sorry guys but three strikes you’re out.

- It’s fine as a basic alarm

Couldn’t use it as in order to have a song as an alarm the app needs to be open all night.

- Could use a bit of tweaking but pretty good

Not bad but... needs better themes and I don’t like the white bar under the time because it is too bright. Also I would like to be able to dim the clock a bit more. But I do like a lot of the functionality. I really like falling asleep to the sound of the rain and you can set you alarm clock to a schedule. I have to get up at two different times during my work week and on other alarms I would have to reset the clock for these time and have to remember every night to turn it on. But this one you can completely customize the schedule for when the alarm goes off for each day of the week and have it so it doesn’t go off on your days off. I don’t have to worry about it, set it and forget it. You can also turn on a feature that send you a reminder notification that suggests what time to go to bed at night based on what time you have the alarm set for the next morning so that you get a proper sleep. This may not sound like a big deal but if you’re a busy person it’s not bad have a reminder. I would’ve absolutely giving this app a five star if I could Demi Moore and I didn’t have the white bar under the time making it too bright. But don’t give me wrong it’s not super bright it’s just I would rather be a little bit dimmer that’s all but I think most people would be perfectly fine with it. You can get the free version but I think it was worth the five dollars and change to not have to put up with the stupid ads and this app in my opinion is absolutely worth the five dollars and change. Hope this helps, have a great day. Or should I say have a great sleep, this app actually reminds you to do

- Refund please

This app doesn’t have the basic, simple functionality of an alarm. I shouldn’t need to have the app open and on to be able to turn it off. I wish I could get a refund as this app does not do what it should.

- Volume issues and app has to be always on

I bought the app. Maybe I haven’t figured it out yet but you can’t have your phone on Do Not Disturb or the app doesn’t work and for someone who doesn’t like people calling in the middle of the night this won’t work for me. You also have to have the app on all night. You can dim the screen some, but doesn’t that risk screen burn in? This app is so promising with lots of great features, but....

- Refund please

I deleted your demo version. Thought this $5 one was a different app. If I have to leave the app open in order to use my music library, the app is useless to me. Dammit. Can’t anyone develop the same stock iPhone app but with added features? Apple is too stupid (they mustn’t use their own products) to let you set the volume of their alarms. They seemingly never considered that someone might want an alarm to ring at a different volume than their phone. Seriously, refund me please. Your app description said nothing about having to leave the app open to use my own music. I think your description actually said you could run the app in the background with no caveats.

- Bonne application

Tres facile a utiliser

- Timer doesn't work in iOS 14 during sleep, but alarm works.

I learned that as much as I prefer living in other os's, this is the only alarm in all my devices that 1. sounds nice, & 2. sounds even when devices sleep. So, got it. Free version os over-obnoxious, paid version would make more money priced at 2.99 or lower, obviously: ( making impulse buy ) .. LOTS more would buy it, but what the hell, their decision ( sales are *very* non-linear re price: $.99 is the price for a tune on itunes for a reason! most profit! ).

- Silly alarm

App seems nice and all, but it doesn’t wake me up lol. I only wake to see a notification of my alarm that was suppose to wake me up, hours later then when I open the notification it starts the alarm. Feel ripped off. I can’t be in the application all day. It should work in the background.

- Good app

Problem solved and ads removed.

- Would have given a 5 but...

The alarm clock is awesome. Simple and easy to use. Only thing I don’t like is that it takes forever to open.

- Paid for something that doesn’t work

Thumbs down for this app

- Bonne application mais...

Je n’arrive pas à ajuster le son de l’alarme. Celui-ci monte graduellement et devient rapidement trop fort. J’aimerais pouvoir l’ajuster. Merci!

- Alarme personnalisé musique

Déçu de ne pas pouvoir avoir mon choix de musique personnalisé lorsque mon iPad à l’écran fermer sous son étui. Je dois lasser mon application active donc je reviens en mon ancien système alarme. Argent dépenser pour rien

- Love it. Use it tons.

Love it. Use it tons.

- Needs more sound options

My only complaint is it has sucky sound options for alarm to wake up and not very many choices.

- Phone closed

When phone is closed alarm shuts off when phone opened.

- Fixed.

Now it’s working. Had to reboot phone. Thanks for the response.

- Adds

Went straight to paid version in order to have no adds. Yet there are adds everytime i turn off an alarm. And no free version is installed. Quite disapointed

- Old guy

I've had this app for a couple of months and have used it extensively. Functions well. Like the look. Well done.


I bought the radar, weather and alarm clock app. What a waste of money. They all don't work well. It won't work if I have my phone on vibrate so I have to listen to my phone ringing all night long. The Apple alarm clock is much better

- Love It

This is the only clock app, I use.. It does exactly what it's suppose to do. Love having different wake-up times. Better then having a real alarm clock..

- Works like a charm

It never fails and even reminds me if i forget to set it by 10:00 the night before ! Great

- Cant play itunes

It doesn't play music from the music i chose to play as the alarm goes on.

- Great


- Like it

Cheaper than buying a new alarm clock ...I also like that you can choose the colour and brightness of the display

- Simple et efficace

Simple et efficace

- Exactly what I was looking for!!!!

Keep up the good work!!

- I love the choices

I love that I can choose. Different time for different days

- Why so much?

It's only an alarm clock app. Not many features. So far it works fine, but sell it for $99cents or $1.99. There are other apps out there that do much more for FIVE DOLLARS PLUS.

- 🤘🏻

Great 👍🏼

- Wow

Wow très bon réveil matin , jamais été déçu et la version complète vaut la peine.

- Superbement bien faite !

On peut ajouter autant d'alarme que l'on veut. J'apprécie ! Dernière version très améliorée. Je recommande. L'option "shuffle" des pièces de musique est de retour 👍.

- Best alarm clock ever

It has never failed me

- A great app.

Works as it says it does.

- Réveil pour moi

Très utile, je ne peux m en passer

- Could use a tweekin'

All of the features are wonderful. I particularly like that the weather is updated on the home screen. Buying the upgrade to full version is highly recommended as it eliminates all of the pop up ads. The only change I would like to see in the next upgrade would be to eliminate the ambient "white" light on the screen; it causes the screen to illuminate too much light in the bedroom when trying to sleep. The only light it should show is the info.

- Arggggggg

This app use to be great. Recently there has been an update and now I can't turn the alarm off... I have to shut my phone for the alarm to stop... please refix my app so the alarm will shut off when I tap the SHUT OFF!!!! 😡😡😡

- Used to work very well

This used to be a great app but there was an update recently that results in the alarm not turning off even after you tap the "turn off" area. If you live with someone who doesn't get up as early as you, this can be very annoying. It also takes a good five minutes to turn the alarm off. Please fix this app so it is usable again.

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Alarm Clock for Me 3.5 Screenshots & Images

Alarm Clock for Me iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Alarm Clock for Me iphone images
Alarm Clock for Me iphone images
Alarm Clock for Me iphone images
Alarm Clock for Me iphone images
Alarm Clock for Me iphone images
Alarm Clock for Me Utilities application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Alarm Clock for Me (Version 3.5) Install & Download

The applications Alarm Clock for Me was published in the category Utilities on 2013-12-04 and was developed by Apalon Apps [Developer ID: 749046894]. This application file size is 80.26 MB. Alarm Clock for Me - Utilities app posted on 2018-04-26 current version is 3.5 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.apalonapps.alarmclock