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Aworded Crack is an addictive word game that has already exceeded 20 million downloads. Challenge your friends and enjoy yourself by making words!

You can play whenever you want and against whomever you want: It is an asynchronous, cross-platform, multi-player game. You can play against your friends or against random opponents. And there are unlimited simultaneous games!

Combine the letters in your rack with the ones in the board, and use the bonus squares to get more points. You can double and even triple the value of the letters you use or the words you make! Besides, if you manage to use all the letters on the rack in one same move, Aworded Crack will reward you with 40 extra points.

Aworded Crack has an intuitive and sophisticated interface, and has animations so you can revive your best moves.

You can play in 18 different languages: Spanish, American English, Catalan, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Russian,Galician, Basque, Brazilian Portuguese, British English, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Turkish and Greek.

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Aworded Crack (Apalabrados) App Description & Overview

The applications Aworded Crack (Apalabrados) was published in the category Games on 2011-10-02 and was developed by Etermax. The file size is 159.28 MB. The current version is 3.10.2 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

Bug fixes

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Aworded Crack (Apalabrados) Reviews


Good but the pairing is horrible  lcoandrade  3 star

I just downloaded the game and the players randomly picked to play with me have 999+ games played. The app is supposed to pick players with compatible experience, otherwise it can be a little frustrating.


Lightning game makes no sense  therobotishere23  1 star

Constantly skips my turn and says I passed when I didn’t. Can’t find any rules for this version. Also, it gives my opponent a constant 5 minutes and I only get 40 seconds most of the time!!! Very irritating.


Apalabrados  CLUIN  5 star

Mis mensajes ya no pasan y me urge enviarlos porque hay amigos q me esperan en valencia esta semana y no tengo otra forma de localizarlos .. son aleatorios Como arreglo esto ??? Gracias mil


Opinion  nataliaotano  4 star

Great game but too many adds


Unhappy. I had to delete the app when it froze. When I reloa  Doandl  3 star

ded it i am now unhappy to be deluged with ads!


If you’re a Scrabble fan, just don’t!  Chey70  1 star

The words this game lets people get away with are ridiculous! Wouldn’t fly in Scrabble!


Repetitive  wordsblase  3 star

Tired of bad letter draws and narrowness of options

Jungle sprinter

Aworded  Jungle sprinter  4 star

I have a lot of fun playing this game. One of the better word games out there!

claudio l m

Reglas  claudio l m  2 star

Es increíble la cantidad de palabras e interjecciones que no debería de permitir y aun así las acepta

jugadora de apa

Demasiada publicidad  jugadora de apa  3 star

Me gusta mucho pero la publicidad después de cada palabra es demasiado. Se pierde mucho tiempo.

Peter Mc1

Great game but the ads are bad  Peter Mc1  3 star

Game play is great but there is an ad between plays that are sometimes difficult to close. Occasionally even have to restart phone to close an ad.


Great  ValleyViewFran  5 star

Simple to use ... good options for play


Tile Randomiser Needs Work  Thisisbugger3  3 star

This would be a great game if they allowed the same words as Scrabble (why are the names of some countries not accepted?) and the tile replacement after your turn didn't give you the most ridiculous combination of letters........seriously what can you do with 4e's and 2a's???????

Peter the GREAT.

AWESOME AWORDED  Peter the GREAT.  2 star

Good game.


Words  Keenomf  4 star

Great game. Uses a few brain cells. Quick replies. Good fun.

Spastic fish

Words?  Spastic fish  1 star

So many non-English words in the English version really angers me... Fix that and it's a decent scrabble game


Cool  Gobsmakkd  4 star

Love this game - especially since I get to play whenever I have the time. A bit puzzled by some of the valid/invalid judgements in words - some are rejected which I know to be real, while others are accepted which are highly dubious (in my opinion). Still, its fun and I'd recommend it.

Kane the app natzi

Kane j  Kane the app natzi  5 star

Yeah it's a good game....refreshes quickly. I'm happy👍


Great word game!  Chez140  4 star

Prefer it to the new version of Scrabble!


Angry words  Trickywoo17  5 star

Love it! I live on the opposite side of the world to my brother and this is a great way to keep in touch everyday.


:)  pirus_24  4 star

Me gusta


Excelente  omarorozco21  5 star

Me encanta este juego


Crashes  franhirs  3 star

App is nicely designed and fun. But unfortunately it crashes randomly my iPhone 6S making it reboot each time.

Exelon West

Aworded  Exelon West  5 star

This is such a fun game. Been playing for 2 years now. Much more user friendly than Words With Friends :) Unfortunately this update causes massive amounts of crashes. Game closes when I go to take a turn repeatedly.


Bad bad  DebYo!  5 star

Last update is bad. Fix it

Cliente R

No support  Cliente R  1 star

If you win a game, the app declares you lost -- despite the obvious numerical score that is shown. Talk about the simplest and most basic bad coding. Laughable. The developers have no support -- only a FAQ. They obviously do not care.


Aworded crack  disapppintrd  1 star

Terrible game with the ad version. Constant interruptions. Now I can't get back onto the game because an ad blocks me.


Great!!!  Herch05  5 star

It just a great game

Slippery Pete

Get more points but lose anyway!  Slippery Pete  1 star

What kind of crap scrabble game allows a player to finish a game with more points and lose anyway?


Lo recomiendo  Dioseni  5 star

Me encanta este juego!!!!


Carmel boyle  Mainicin  5 star

Excellent reliable game

Rusty Redbo

Aworded  Rusty Redbo  5 star

Best game since Scrabble

Pauline brew

Rating  Pauline brew  5 star

I am totally addicted to a worded. I just love it

SOda Sweet

Great fun/challenge  SOda Sweet  5 star

Ability to challenge different opponents offers fun variations. Good game


Angry words  Magsbruno  4 star

Highly addictive and fun even when losing!

Ricardo Axe

Apalabrados  Ricardo Axe  4 star

Very good game ;) addictive


Excellent  Badasseb2  5 star

I love this game and the fact that I can compete with random people, good brain training!


EXCELENTE!!!  Hildriana  5 star

Amo este juego


Gh2  Bcn.13  5 star

Great game


Great game  celticshedevil  5 star

A rated game.....

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