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Trivia Crack App Description & Overview

The applications Trivia Crack was published in the category Games on 2013-10-26 and was developed by Etermax. The file size is 371.05 MB. The current version is 3.14.0 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

-Bug fixes
-User interface improvements

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Way too many adds  sharonmizz  1 star

The entire game is adds. It use to be a great app and now every question has an add after it. Horrible.

Patròn T.

Fix the ads  Patròn T.  2 star

There’s too many video ads that randomly pop up. A lot the questions have a timer and in the middle of a question an ad will pop up that takes 30 seconds and then once the ad is over it shows I ran out of time for the question.It’s annoying how there’s a limited amount of lives to use or we have to buy lives.I like the app because it gives me knowledge but all the problems don’t seem worth getting that knowledge from you guys.

Princess 65378543

Adds  Princess 65378543  1 star

Unbelievable amount of adds


Wrong name should be “Trivia Ad”  DIZNAY1  1 star

It didn’t use to be as bad. Now every click has a 6-30 second ad to follow. Deleting.


Such Fun Trivia  Thanks4985422  4 star

I’ve only come across one or two questions missing the correct answer. Lots of ads, but great fun!


Ad Interruption  lanilanay68  2 star

During the triviathon, the ads discontinue/make you lose the game. The developers really should take a look and adjust their algorithms accordingly. Getting kicked out of the game when you’re on a streak is severely inconvenient.


Used to be a good app  unbbc  1 star

It used to be a good app and I loved this game. Then they added all the ads. The questions are way too simple now. Can’t click a button without getting an ad.


Ads  Allison75  1 star

Too many ads my god they interrupt triviathons and everything is ads. Finished the round? CONGRATS, YOU GET SOME ADS! WANNA ANSWER THE QUESTIONS? TO BAD, YOU HAVE TO WATCH AN AD! WANT TO EXIST? WELL FRICK YOU WATCH AN AD! F*** THIS GAME IT CAN BURN IN HELL! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🔪🗡🧨💣🗡🔪🧨🔫🗡🔪💣🧨


Wrong spelling  Ish79  3 star

It’s not Tomy hawks it’s Tony hawks, just saying

Ur MOMomomom

Great but...  Ur MOMomomom  2 star

I really like the concept and it has potential to be a great trivia game. There are two glaring problems with this game however: 1. The inconsistency of the questions is ridiculous. Take a category like History. One question I was asked was who stopped slavery in the 1800’s. The correct answer was Abraham Lincoln. Besides the extreme simplification and inaccuracy of this question, the answer was rather easy to guess for an American. However I was asked how many boxes was the Statue of Liberty shipped over in? The answers ranged between 200-300. The difference in difficulty of these questions makes a trivia game way too luck-based. 2. There is a game mode where you battle in real-time answering trivia. The only problem is, you get ads that you are forced to watch while your time is ticking down. It’s like if in the middle of a basketball game, an ad started playing while the game was still going on. If this was fixed, then I would give this 4 stars and excuse the bad user-created questions.


Adds  Mrdobbins  1 star

Ok I’m playing triviathon and it’s not letting me exit the adds and it says I ran out of time fix this or I get angry and eat a lot

Ivan Itchynut

Ads  Ivan Itchynut  1 star

Way to many ads, terrible app


Love but...  fidgetdoge01  4 star

I absolutely love this game but one thing bugs me. Whenever I play triviathon I gat interrupted halfway through by an ad. And because the timer doesn’t stop for the ad by the time i get out of it it’s game over. Can someone fix this please!!??


Fantastic game  hollie166mil  4 star

A great game, challenging and great fun. Only downfall is that you have to have wifi connection and is hard if you are in outback Australia. Love the game tho and don’t think that there is much to change. You learn a lot in a challenging and fun way.


Almost Unplayable  Deeathhlyypoiisonous  2 star

There’s so many ads interrupting you while you’re trying to play that a lot of the time I just leave the app. Even ads pop up in the middle of playing a timed game. This makes you have to watch the 10 second ad and therefore loosing your game.


Crazy amount of ads  alex97.  2 star

The amount of advertisements is actually frustrating and disgusting. It ruins such a great game to the point where I had to delete the game. When you find yourself enjoying it, an ad pops up and just ruins the whole experience. So disappointing.

Bob Fr3sh

Load of poop  Bob Fr3sh  1 star

The ads during the trivathlon takes up the time so you cannot complete the question with out running out of time. I would recommend getting another app


Good game but the adds are annoying  Nevi04❤️  4 star

Great, fun and challenging game for kids and adults but the adds ruin it. There are so many! Other than that I recommend this game for teens as kids may not know the answer. 👍🏻 Other than the adds it is definitely a great game.


Do not get this app!!!  Sandritta81  1 star

I have always loved this game and played it for years. Due to glitches the game clicked onto in app purchases as I was exiting the app and pressing the home button. Inadvertently it caused an $80 in app purchase to be bought. I contacted Eteramax straight away and they won’t help. The App Store won’t help either. So I’m deleting forever. Don’t use it unless you want to spend a fortune on in app purchases!


Too many adds  2007elicia  2 star

Good game game but too many adds


The ads are out of control  Mo3422  1 star

Just like the title says. You are bombarded with ads after almost every click. It’s not worth it.


ADS!!!  MauiBabe96792  4 star

This is a great game to test your knowledge... highly addicting and fun to play. It would be more enjoyable if ads didn’t interrupt your game in the middle of triviathon... whenever an ad plays during the triviathon, you are losing time in the game which is causing you to lose. Then you would have to watch another dam ad to give you a second chance... like COME ON!!! 😤🤬


Fun game but...  sci_rules  2 star

ads are ruining the game. In addition, the last few times I’ve been given a “mission” or “treasure hunt” the time is only about 10 hours instead of a couple of days. Can’t complete a mission in that amount of time unless this game is the only thing you do all day. And even then you probably couldn’t complete the mission because ads would take up most of your time.


Triviathon + Ads = App Freeze  littlelady127  2 star

The apps are already annoying (the price we must pay for using the free app), but when playing triviathon, the ad that automatically pops up after question 4 makes you time out. This means after suffering through the ad, you're unable to actually play the game and/or make a selection, and have to watch ANOTHER ad to “keep going without losing your place”. Not cool.


Triviathon ads  Pwnyboy14  1 star

I get to 5 questions on triviathon and an ad pops up and it lasts long enough that I run out of time on my question. It’s a joke


Too many ads  Basketball4380  3 star

It’s a great game and has many good questions, but I could click one little thing and I have to watch and ad. I answer a question and an ad pops up. You watch ads more than you play the game


Too many adds  Jake41812  2 star

Too many adds


Ads are ridiculously long  A1shif  1 star

I used to love to play this game but the ads are so long that playing it is more about watching ads than an actual game. I now deleted it. I was willing to lose over 2,000 coins if that tells you how badly I am sick of the time it wastes. Even if you close it to do something else, you come back and have to go through a minute of ads to answer one question. 😡


Why so many ads?  abbydabygirl  3 star



Ads  Kitty91fu  1 star

Ads are playing during my turns and I end up losing that turn.


Good  Click13  4 star

I enjoy the game apart from the Sports, too much emphasis on USA sports. I find the Adverts annoying too.


Good game but crashes all the time  luisamcosta  2 star

App crashes all the time


Hard nooo  Daniel92513333  1 star

Disgustingly many ads, without paying you can only play 3 rounds or you are forced to watch a 30 seconds ad. Not cool


Terrible Game  PatrickRune  1 star

The questions in this are good but the little lives,horrible interface and getting constantly spammed by ads ruins it.


Pop-up heaven  Joooush  1 star

Too many’s adds and pop ups


Waaay too many ads  Skinnyt45  1 star

I loved this game but it was difficult at times to know what you were playing as game ads pop up constantly, deleted game as a result.

Rory Richardson

Good, Too Little Lives  Rory Richardson  4 star

I thoroughly enjoyed this game, alothough there are ads, they didn’t bother me too much. However, the lives was a very negative part in the game. Maybe if you had 20+ lives that would be good but in my opinion 3 is just too little. Hopefully you developers read this and take it into consideration for your next update.


Too many ads!  Georgopo  2 star

I enjoy this game, however here are way too many ads and pop-ups! I understand it's a free version, but other games do way better at this field.


Please remove "Second chance" option  sionnachy  3 star

I enjoy this game and I use it a lot when filling in time or relaxing. The layout is fun, the questions are good, and making up your own questions is fun. But the newest version has a highly annoying feature, whenever you get an answer wrong, a new screen pops up saying "you won a second chance" you then have the option to spend 10 coins and continue with the game you were on. This is such an unnecessary feature. And don't tell me I've "won" something, when you are in fact charging me for it. It's also quite easy to press "Go For It" on this screen by accident because your finger is on its way to press "continue" at the bottom of the previous screen, and the annoying new screen pops up at the last second. You then get charged 10 coins against your will. Please remove this in the next upgrade. Thanks


Great!!!!!😆😆😆😆😆😆  GJRySer  4 star

I love this game! It's so addictive! The questions are challenging but not too difficult even my younger siblings can join in sometimes! It gets the whole family involved. I LOVE IT!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️😆😆😆😆😝😝😝😝😝😝

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