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Have fun challenging your friends and enemies in the hottest trivia game!
Let our friendly spinner wheel, Willy, select which questions you’ll answer from six different categories. Be the first to get the six crowns to win, but watch out for the rematch!

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Trivia Crack App Description & Overview

The applications Trivia Crack was published in the category Games on 2013-10-26 and was developed by Etermax. The file size is 285.59 MB. The current version is 2.68 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

-Bug fixes
-User interface improvements

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May be done with this game now  Pamaloo  1 star

Absolutely ridiculous that you now have 23 hours to answer questions. Sometimes life gets in the way of games and this new change is unacceptable.


New questions  Luvmytoaster  3 star

WAY too many Harry Potter and Spongebob questions! Come on people, there’s a lot more shows, etc out there for the entertainment icon!! Please breathe some fresh life into ALL of the categories!


Awesome game  mahdndndndnxnsn  5 star

Awesome game but... a little too much ads


I don’t like it  Narm81  1 star

It’s not true what you said about the 24 hours and you lose your turn then you can play again after the opponent plays.The game goes straight to end of game and you have to start over.


Great game too many ads  CaptJuice0057  5 star

Fun game but not worth all the ads and interruptions, you’ll hate Jennifer Garner after watching her coppertone ad after every game When will advertisers realize this only makes us like their products less? Seriously, I now relate coppertone to sheer annoyance


Serous lack of decent questions!!  86thisgame  1 star

I don’t care about the ads. I only care about the actual game content. And in order to get rid of ridiculous questions, ridiculous answers, repeated questions, freebie “All of the Above” answers, wrong answers, poor spelling, poor grammar....and all that would be needed to make this an interesting game, actually worth while to play is to take the writing of, and rating of, and allowing of questions out of the players hands. They WANT THESE EASY QUESTIONS. THEY WANT TO GET THEM ALL RIGHT. THEY WANT TO WIN. THEY WANT TO BE HANDED THE CORRECT ANSWERS. That is not trivia. That is boring. Win, lose, or draw I love trivia. I don’t want to be handed the answers, or given questions a two year old can get, or submit.

Noel newman

Eh  Noel newman  2 star

It’s a fun game and you learn a lot of new things as you play. I like that you added the 24 hour limit, where if the opponent doesn’t respond in 24 hours, it’s automatically your turn again. However, I hate the change that you can’t get more than 3 pieces in the first round and that if you do, it automatically becomes your opponents turn. I think that needs to be changed. It’s a huge downer to be on a really good roll and then get cut off because you had too many pieces. The point of the game is to get the answers right and get the most pieces before your opponent. Definitely could use some improvement in that area.


To many ads!  audi.lizzy77  4 star

I love this game but you guys have to cut back on ads I’m playing triviathon and I get an ad after every time I play it!!


Love the game but please fix....  Bdj470  4 star

Love the game but wish the time for your opponent to play back was more consistent. Sometimes it’s 2 days to next turn and other times it’s 24 hours. Personally I prefer the 2 day turn around. Also do not mind the ads.


Good... but with many Christian ideals  Litcherr  4 star

A fun interactive game to play with friends. However gets very annoying when almost half of the history questions are about the Bible.


Great app, but ads are getting glitchy  MyNameIsDisappointedMary  2 star

When the ads get glitchy it really messes with gameplay because some of the ads just show a grey screen and others (youtube music specifically) you can’t hit the “x” in the corner, which forced you to quit the app and lose your second try when you chose to watch an ad for it. Please fix this! I love this app but this is really annoying!


WITH EACH UPDATE COMES BUGS  Daneygirl88  1 star

FIX THE BUGS IN THIS LATEST UPDATE! When you send an emoji in the chat it shows a question mark. ALSO when you watch a video to get a second spin it doesn’t show the just takes you back to the wheel and when you spin IT LANDS ON THE SAME EXACT THING..and then your stuck in that cycle until you exit the game and then your choice to watch a video is gone. ANNOYING!


Really enjoy the game!  Gage1233  3 star

I can sit and play this game here and there throughout my day and never get sick of it. It’s very addictive. My biggest annoyance with this game however is with the trivia rush part of the game. I have had an ongoing problem with the game freezing in the middle of a vs round that I spend my coins on. I have probably lost over 15,000 coins due to this problem. It will work fine then all of a sudden every vs round that I start to play, when revealing if our answers were right or not it just stops and nothing I do will make it work again. Big headache considering these vs rounds cost between 200 and 1200 coins and to get the game working again I have to restart the game entirely loosing those coins entirely. There has even been times where I will restart the game go back into trivia rush pay another 1200 coins and get through answering one question and it does it all over again. VERY FRUSTRATING!!

please fix this app producers

This app  please fix this app producers  2 star

So... I text on his app a lot to my friends and we had a fun time playing games and texting each other. Then recently it made it where when we put a emoji or ‘ it would turn it into a “?”. Idk if it is something with my phone or what but please app producers, fix this, please!


Love the game but new update has bugs  photogirl1995  4 star

The updated version causes messenger part will turn some words/letters into symbols. Not very happy at this point.


Good, but...  bibasik7  4 star

This is a good trivia game, but people’s ability to make their own questions screws it up. Sometimes, people make questions with no right answer. For example, “When will NASA do their mission to the sun” 1. 2017, 2. 2018, 3. 2019, 4. 2020. The answer should be never because YOU CAN’T LAND ON THE SUN! It’s a ball of gas, and it is too hot to go near. There needs to be someone making sure the questions are legit before letting them circle around on Trivia Crack.

hannah sanborn

Fun  hannah sanborn  4 star

This game is fun but when nobody plays u have nothing to do

slaughterville redneck

Freezes  slaughterville redneck  3 star

Game freezes during play, very annoying. Love the game


Love it  philipthedragon  5 star

This game is awesome in many ways. First off, the adds are will placed and spaced. I don’t have adds shoved in my face every time I answer, but they are still there. Secondly, it is beautifully designed. It’s easy to navigate and understand. I’ve always loved fun facts, and this game has always been my favorite for trivia.

joe blob!

I the wrong? To the one I can remember!  joe blob!  5 star

When we can get the one thing! When you


Wow  Detunji  5 star

Simply irresistible!


Miss  Ave!!!  5 star

Great! Keeps me occupied constantly!

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