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Have fun challenging your friends and enemies in the hottest trivia game!
Let our friendly spinner wheel, Willy, select which questions you’ll answer from six different categories. Be the first to get the six crowns to win, but watch out for the rematch!

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-Hundreds of thousands of exciting questions
-You can create your own questions in the Factory
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-Chat with your opponents
-Collectable card collection

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Trivia Crack App Description & Overview

The applications Trivia Crack was published in the category Games on 2013-10-26 and was developed by Etermax. The file size is 378.52 MB. The current version is 2.97.0 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

-Bug fixes
-User interface improvements

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Trivia Crack Reviews


Too many ads  82747473929  1 star

The game is not fun enough or interesting enough to warrant the level of ad bombardment you experience. There are so many of them that pop up randomly they actually mess with the game. The fee to remove the ads isn’t worth it if it stays over $0.99

Jane Bullock

Sunshine  Jane Bullock  5 star

Awesome game ! I still play everyday! It is crazy I have been playing since 2015! And even more amazing is I still play some of the same players I started with! Just keep the games going! Thanks for a great game!

The Mississippi Stud

Way too many ads  The Mississippi Stud  1 star

OMG! You spend more time watching ads than playing the game! Pitiful!

Rivera Marie

Trivia Crack  Rivera Marie  5 star

I love this game so much I totally recommend it Jayda


Amazing  Derpybird1128  5 star

It’s fun to go against my friends. Also, I love the mascots. I like that you can make questions and the question rating system is good, too. Can’t think of anything bad about the game!


Ads  Dawnstar😼😺😻  3 star

Yes, I understand you need to put ads on. But every time, I get the same ever-annoying 😡one. EVERY SINGLE TIME. The least you can do is vary your ads.


.  NikDM  1 star

too many ads

Infr3qu3nt R3vi3w3r

Over Monettized  Infr3qu3nt R3vi3w3r  3 star

I used to love Trivia Crack, but with all the ads, not so much any more. I particularly don’t like that you can watch adds for “power-ups” which are essentially cheats. Liked it much better when the playing field was level.


Ok  Adamcick  2 star

Alot of Ads, Glitches often, some questions worded poorly.

best moive ever

Great game!!!  best moive ever  5 star

It’s so funny and I love this game!!!!!!


Trivia crack  livalooloo  5 star

Oh my gosh this is the most amazing app I’ve ever played I love it you should totally get this app


App is constantly malfunctioning  Jenjee19  1 star

Every time a question is asked, the screen goes black and once I get back into the app, the question has timed out. Has happened 5 times now. Needs a new update!


Good game  GraceGrennell88  4 star

This game is very good but the ads are just soo annoying, it’s the same ad every time.There is also two sets of ads every time you die and in the middle of the quiz......The questions are very smart, but the ads are very annoying🤨

Yves 101010aus

Evie Eyles-Luck  Yves 101010aus  5 star

I really love this game. I have been playing non stop for 3 years and 3 months. I have made friends with people on here and we keep playing each other all the time. Great game. I have learned so much from playing. I was very happy when you started putting Australian questions on here because I play a lot of Americans and it really wasn’t a level playing field. Far too many American questions. Now I feel like we are equal. Good on you.


Not fun.  Benjamin_55  1 star

This game is decent overall, I have been playing for a while now and it was fine until whenever I played some games ads would pop up DURING the game and the games were time based so I would automatically lose. THIS IS WHY YOU SHOULD FIX IT!!!


Love it!!!  OrangeRose34  5 star

Hi I love you app it is completely addictive just one small problem the google adds I can’t get rid of I understand them being somewhere but it sits over my settings and gems and gold so when I run out I can’t tell nor can I buy any :( please help a girl out!!!


I like it but needs fixing  Ithrowtomatoesatbadthings  3 star

It’s a good game and all but some things are stupid and don’t need notifications like the piggy bank and also whenever I watch an ad to get another chance it shows me 2 ads and it doesn’t give me an extra chance so I watch 2 ads for nothing and it really annoys me. Please fix these annoying things because this game is good and I like it.


Good game  #WhatnicknamecanIuse  4 star

This is a really good game to play. Only problem is the countless advertisements and the fact that the company reaaaaalllly wants you to pay for those extra lives if you want to play a lot.

Charlie coco

Trivia Crack  Charlie coco  1 star

Love the game but way too many ads. It drives me crazy the amount of ads it has that I often don’t play. I think there is more ad time than playing time.


Dislike the new update  anova3  1 star

Get rid of the piggy bank. I will never spend that money. How am I now playing against non English speaking players????

Uhh, Artemis.

Fun but  Uhh, Artemis.  2 star

Does not reward lives for ads watched as it offers.


.  jgtryiop  1 star

too many ads


Too many ads!  Lirpa3sivad  1 star

Too many ads and pop ups. Not as clean and user friendly as original version.


Game is trash  Matt1111111113994927272  1 star

Game is absolute trash... ads every 10 seconds, many questions aren’t even true or factual, and the CHALLENGE OPTION IS SO STUPID MAKES NO SENSE FIX IT...


Nope  Honestreviews97  5 star

Watched multiple videos to earn hearts and didn’t earn any of them.


Problem that needs to be fixed!!  PrincessP21  1 star

I was in the middle of a game and I was being timed on the question and ads just kept popping in the middle of me playing causing me to loose and every time I watch an ad to get a free life it will not give me one after!!


Notifications  Polkadotscases  4 star

I love the game so much!! I am addicted, but my only problem is that they send you two notifications and that is not all necessary.


To many ads, not enough game time  Zaineee  1 star

I just wanted a simple play by myself kind of trivia game to keep my mind sharp. If that is what you are looking for this is not it. You have to play challenges and after each question there is an ad. I played for 15 minutes and deleted.


4 stars  peace✌🏽✌🏻  4 star

This game is overall good but there should be a math category and more people should play and stop leaving

Edita The Chat Gurl

Eh  Edita The Chat Gurl  2 star

It’s really laggy and it’s kind of annoying but It’s ok you did try your best on the game

Rory Richardson

Good, Too Little Lives  Rory Richardson  4 star

I thoroughly enjoyed this game, alothough there are ads, they didn’t bother me too much. However, the lives was a very negative part in the game. Maybe if you had 20+ lives that would be good but in my opinion 3 is just too little. Hopefully you developers read this and take it into consideration for your next update.


Too many ads!  Georgopo  2 star

I enjoy this game, however here are way too many ads and pop-ups! I understand it's a free version, but other games do way better at this field.


Please remove "Second chance" option  sionnachy  3 star

I enjoy this game and I use it a lot when filling in time or relaxing. The layout is fun, the questions are good, and making up your own questions is fun. But the newest version has a highly annoying feature, whenever you get an answer wrong, a new screen pops up saying "you won a second chance" you then have the option to spend 10 coins and continue with the game you were on. This is such an unnecessary feature. And don't tell me I've "won" something, when you are in fact charging me for it. It's also quite easy to press "Go For It" on this screen by accident because your finger is on its way to press "continue" at the bottom of the previous screen, and the annoying new screen pops up at the last second. You then get charged 10 coins against your will. Please remove this in the next upgrade. Thanks


Great!!!!!😆😆😆😆😆😆  GJRySer  4 star

I love this game! It's so addictive! The questions are challenging but not too difficult even my younger siblings can join in sometimes! It gets the whole family involved. I LOVE IT!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️😆😆😆😆😝😝😝😝😝😝


Fantastic game  TheGauntlet666  5 star

The River Wild was snubbed at the 67th Academy Awards ceremony, but not by this app. Great job. - The Gauntlet69


Amazing, one problem...  Satoumu  4 star

I love the app, it's colourful inviting and you learn a lot, whether it's important or not! When I got my Apple Watch, I couldn't find many apps that I could play in my spare time. Then I found this. I would love to upgrade to the pro version, wouldn't mind spending 2.99 but my problem is, there isn't a need to spend 3 bucks on getting rid of ads. I was hoping you could add a new game mode, character, something to make me want to pro version ir give me extra coins, maybe even lower the price of the app.


Brilliant game.  Venancherzz  4 star

Would rate 5 stars, but the ads that come up every five seconds make me want to shoot myself, so yeah.


Brilliant!!  Thelucypenny  4 star

Trivia crack is my second most used app on my iPod. It is so fun, competitive and fantastically amusing. The characters and layout of the game are so fun to play and win. One thing I think could improve the game would be something like a practice element where the player could casually practice and answer questions for the fun of it. In every single other element it is definitely one of my favorite apps.


Ads  Dennif  1 star

Ruined the free version with a lot of adds.

Galatasaray sk.

Too many ads  Galatasaray sk.  1 star

Between every question, 30 scnds of ads

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