Speedometer Free Speed Box

Speed Box Free is a free speedometer, odometer and compass for the iPhone. Track your speed and distance from your iPhone!

* MPH, KM/H and KNOTS display
* 3 Beautiful Speedometers
* Digital Speedometer
* Distance
* Set distance to arbitrary value by tapping it
* Portrait and Landscape Mode
* For iPhone AND iPad

In addition you can get more features with the "Pro Pack":
* 10 designs
* Map View
* Compass display
* Maximum speed, average speed and current altitude
* Track top speed
* Track altitude
* Change maximum speed of the analog speedometers
* Speed warning! Don't get caught speeding again!

You can now have the accuracy of our commercial products in this free application.
The application uses our long experience to calculate the speed as accurate as possible.

Switch between mph and km/h and select one of 3 beautiful analog or digital displays. Our application even supports rotating your device.

Speedometer Free Speed Box App Description & Overview

The applications Speedometer Free Speed Box was published in the category Navigation on 2009-03-27 and was developed by Hans Schneider. The file size is 7.31 MB. The current version is 7.0 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

* 3D Touch on iPhone 6s to reset data on app start
* Redone settings view
* Removed the annoying rating nag screen. It would be wonderful if you could give me a review on the AppStore though. Love hearing from you and it helps me A LOT! :) Thanks!
* Speed and altitude graph (Pro Pack feature)
* Average speed display (Pro Pack feature)
* Green digital display (Pro Pack feature)
* Vibrate on speed warning (Pro Pack feature)

Thanks to everyone who feels my little app is worth using! :) If you encounter any problems with the app or have suggestions, feel free to contact me!

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Speedometer Free Speed Box Reviews

Rider Rick

Great app  Rider Rick  5 star

Works great for me. Very accurate and easy to use. If you are curious if your speedometer is accurate or want to know how fast your train is traveling this works great.


Love it  LilGwalk  5 star

The only speedometer app I would recommend. Works like a charm. Am definitely going to buy the pro package as soon as I can!!

Beer can Johnson

Love it  Beer can Johnson  5 star

Lifted my truck recently and had no way of knowing how far off the speedometer was because of the bigger tires. This app has saved me from so many tickets..


Good  menayan  5 star

The app is really good!

Mahmudul Russel

It's working  Mahmudul Russel  5 star



Awesome and accurate  Jlsteph  5 star

I run 35s on my truck and i needed something to tell me my speed difference because im 3-7 mph faster than my speedometer is set, it keeps me going the legal limit.


Nice  Bo-ahmed98  5 star

Very good


Does what it says on the tin.  cwawak  5 star

Works great


Fantastic!  Evilspock_  5 star

Best app for GPS speed out there. I use it for moped building and tuning


Useless  A_KRMN  1 star

This app does not work at all! I'm on 3G or LTE all the time and the only message I see is "GPS accuracy too low". I'm yet to see a single speed reading.

Jim Shepard

Give what you show in the thumbnail  Jim Shepard  1 star

Shows the app can do many things. So you download it and then oh all the features you want cost five dollars.


Speedbox  Dktelle  5 star

Excellent! Accurate and very easy to use.

Im pulze

Impressive  Im pulze  5 star

The Fact That is So Accurate is So Impressive. Definitely Worth Getting

X gaming1967

Love this app  X gaming1967  5 star

It works great


Does what it says  Ladue102910  5 star

Was a good purchase Speed it shows matches what my speedometer shows I like the fact it keeps up with ur mileage also


Does what it should  Spinned  5 star

I have a classic car and the old speedo wanders and I know it's not accurate. This app works great! It does what I expect without ads (I bought the $3.99 upgrade).


Perfect  ravenbluesky  5 star

So, I was fidgeting in my car trying to figure out why my lighter wouldn't work when I discovered the lighter port wasn't connect. "Oh", I thought, "I'll just plug that wire back in and it'll work!" So I did, I turned the car on, tried to charge my phone, and I heard an electrical discharge inside the dash. Apparently I fried out the entire instrument cluster leaving me with no speedometer. Thankfully we live in the future and we can just download one on our phones now. This app works great, and is very accurate. I know because when I drive past those signs that show you your speed, it says the same thing the app does. Pretty cool stuff. Not sure how it happens, obviously some sort of witchcraft that the developer summoned in a seance. Now if only they made an app for my gas gauge.


Excellent For Sprinters­čśŐ  RunningRocky  5 star

I am constantly training to be faster in the 100 meter, but I train solo. I didn't have a way to track my speed until I got this incredible app. It is spot on. One day to test the app's accuracy, I brought a friend along to time me. With the time my friend gave me, I calculated my speed to be about 24 miles per hour and when running with this app, it said 24 mph. I was extremely impressed with the accuracy of the app.


Excellent  Mbeehonk  5 star

I use the free version of this all the time in my older car with a broken speedometer. This app has a easy-to-see display with large numbers. On a trip to Canada, the rental car only had mph on the speedometer, so we used this app to determine the correct km/h. Very useful. Highly recommend.


Does what it says on the tin  Nickanator8  5 star

This app does exactly what it says it will do. I downloaded it because my speedometer broke mid drive and I needed a way to not be speeding. This app did the trick and I enjoy using it. It is very basic and I would enjoy some other features just for the Nerd inside me but honestly there is nothing wrong with this app.

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