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Theodolite is a multi-function viewfinder that combines a compass, two-axis inclinometer, rangefinder, GPS, map, nav calculator, and geo-overlay photo/movie camera into one indispensable app. Theodolite was one of the very first augmented reality (AR) apps when it was released in 2009, and it’s been downloaded and used by millions of customers since then. Uses are endless, and the app is great for land measurements, outdoor sports, sightseeing, navigation, and finding your way around. Theodolite is a pro grade app and is used extensively by surveyors, geologists, architects, engineers, competitive sportsmen, first responders, military personnel, and search and rescue workers around the world.

Theodolite lets you take data-overlay photos and movies with 2X-8X zoom. Overlay geographical data, angle markings, date/time, author/company info, and project notes directly on photos and movies for later reference. The same data is written into the metadata record of images, making image files self-contained data records. Third-party apps can tap into Theodolite's advanced camera functions with a camera sharing feature.

View current position on the built-in map with optional offline Outdoors maps that include topo contours, roads, trails, landmarks, campgrounds, ski lifts, and more. Live map markers continually update distance/heading relative to the current location and also show wayfinding info in the main viewfinder. Draw polygons on the map to mark things like property boundaries and trails, and import/export polygon data via KML.

Share map markers and nav calculator points with other users of Theodolite via text messages or e-mail. This powerful capability opens up a wide range of collaborative uses including team land surveying, accident investigations, spotting wild fires, triangulation of landmarks, and advanced tactical observation and targeting. With an optional in-app purchase to enable team tracking, you can share location with up to 20 people on Theodolite's map.

Theodolite includes features for serious users like a reference angle mode, nav calculator, map marker import/export, manual and automatic data logging with CSV and KML export, clipboard integration, %grade display, mil compass readout, optical rangefinders (including a mil-based reticle, sniper-style stadiametric graphs, and a variable 4X-24X scope), and night filters to improve use in dark conditions.

Theodolite can provide location in military grid reference system (MGRS) coordinates, Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) coordinates, British/Irish National Grids, US National Grid, Maidenhead locator system, Map Grid of Australia, and six latitude/longitude formats. Optional US State Plane coordinates include SPCS27 and SPCS83 zones covering all US States. The optional Datum Pack adds over 230 geodetic datums to the app to improve position computation from GPS data, covering regions and countries on all continents around the world.

AR Layers include navigational aids like the sun, moon, and Polaris (North star), and the optional US Mountain Summits layer that shows over 70,000 US mountain summits in the viewfinder.

Theodolite has been shown in Apple Keynotes, featured on the App Store, and has been a #1 selling Navigation app in App Stores around the world. Since its introduction in 2009, Theodolite has defined augmented reality navigation. The app continually introduces new technologies, pushing the limits of iOS app development and taking advantage of new hardware capabilities.

Find out why Apple named Theodolite one of the most amazing apps available and showed it being used to explore the Great Wall of China. Where will you take it on your next adventure?

Note: Theodolite is an iPhone app -- see “Theodolite HD” for use on an iPad. And be sure to check out the all-new "Theodolite for Watch" and put Theodolite on your wrist!

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Theodolite Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Outdoors maps now use larger tiles for faster rendering and 3-4X reduction in tile usage. Offline maps now show a dashed line to indicate the boundary of the offline tile set at all zoom levels. Fix for App Store screenshots.

Theodolite Comments & Reviews

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- Great ap for construction and mapping

This is a great app, let me share an example; a small city i was employed at had just resurfaced most of the asphalt roads. I got a call from the boss about some truck leaking hydraulic fluid on our newly surfaced roadways. If you dont know hydraulic fluid is like a solvent for asphalt and creates holes and ultimately will lead to a failure in the road surface if the fluid leaks enough. It was not long before i picked up the trail of the culprit, a local garbage truck , caught up to the driver of the leaky truck and informed him he was leaking hydraulic fluid and made him turn off his hydraulic unit and go back to his shop and to inform his boss of the occurrence. It wasn’t long before his boss contacted me and argued with me about the extent of the damages. I provided a map of the trucks route and pictures with times, gps locations. Argument over, but the boss wanted to know how i recorded this stuff. Showed him the ap and i think ,he’s a customer too. I know all the guys on my engineering staff purchased this ap and use it to record all kinds of data, great ap

- Theodolite

This is my favorite app. I most recently used it to find a Forest fire that had gotten within 3.1 miles of us. I took photographs at various places in the burnt area and then plotted the location on a Quadrangle map. But my main use is to record the location of petroglyphs in remote ( and not so remote sites) in the far west of the U.S. And Canada. Of course in some places satellite connection cannot be made but most of the time it can be. Not only do I get the time and the longitude and latitude and elevation, but also the azimuth. This latter is important because by adding 180 degrees to the reading I can tell what direction the petroglyph is facing. By placing a measuring graphic near the subject the theodolite photo also displays the size of the petroglyph. The theodolite record is redundant because I usually take more photographs with a camera, which includes the time and sometimes the coordinates, but never the azimuth or elevation. This along with iPhone Notebook allows me to travel lighter and scramble in the rocks more safely.

- Excellent tool for navigation and documenting important places

This app is both fun and useful. If you ever need to show exactly where something is, or show that you did that job out in the back forty, this app will provide a photo which includes all the information you can possibly imagine- exact latitude and longitude, bearing, altitude, time, date, inclination in 3 dimensions. In principle someone else could very nearly stand in your exact footprints to see the scene, based on the photo. Another useful function is as a Sight Level. I put some bright tape on a tree or the side of the house at my eye level. Using this app I can move around and if I can see the tape I can tell within an inch or so my elevation relative to the tape. This helps with landscaping my yard, for example. So if you are a contractor, forester, or investigator, this would do a nice job for you. I use this app with Boy Scouts, not only for a handy compass bearing, but also for questions like, “If that tree were to fall, would it hit my tent?” (Hint: 45 degree vertical inclination). Or, “How side is that river?” (Classic map & compass exercise.) I cannot evaluate the accuracy of the measurements (apps are notorious for displaying way more accuracy than they really can achieve), but they seem good for my purposes. If you have a boat with good navcom, check the accuracy and let us know! I use it a lot and like it a great deal, and yes, it IS a great deal at this price!

- Fascinating application

Theodolite Pro is a fascinating application showcasing some of the abilities the iPhone is capable of. Whether playing around and curiously experimenting, or seriously putting your iPhone to work, it's surprising to find quite a few uses limited only by one's imagination. So far the application has worked flawlessly and been extremely accurate. Great job!! This app would be a great gift to a student learning geometry, or an outdoors person with a curious nature, or just someone who likes to experiment. I've seen lots of articles and apps about compasses , levels, protractors , and similar devices. None that I have read about or used can match Theodolite. Additionally, Theodolite is a well thought out app with a great user manual. I haven't had an issue or crash using Theodolite on a 3GS, 4S, and 6 Plus on their various IOS versions. This is one app that will stay on my device.

- UPDATED: NOT a Total Ripoff after all

Update on my complaint about in-app purchases back in January: wow, major kudos to HTR. I just got a personal response from a developer regarding my review - that's never happened to me before and shows that these guys really do read these reviews and respond to customers. They explained the in-app purchases and why they need to do it that way (no, they're not just hitting you for more money). I have to change my review from one to 5 stars. Customer service goes a long ways, especially personal responses. Obviously this app is awesome and does lots of cool things. I was frustrated about the in-app purchases that didn't seem clearly explained, but HTR got it right. Again, major kudos and you guys get 5 stars. Thanks for taking the time to explain. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

- Great app!

I’ve had this app for quite a while and love it. It has a lot of information all brought together in a handy way. I use while hiking using it and my USGS 7.5 minute topo maps (or the Topo Map app). It uses the iPhone camera, so I often take a couple of pictures with it to help orient me when I’m traveling or taking photos in unfamiliar territory. It’s a survey and navigation tool and has a lot of data on each picture, not designed to replace your camera. I have not had any issues with it, and it’s GPS and compass correlate well with the GPS and compass on the iPhone and the Topo Maps app.

- Perfect for Construction Tracking

I am an ITS and Tolling assessor representing the Colorado Department of Transportation and I use this app daily for tracking project progress. I am constantly taking photos of different job sites and don’t always have time to add them into PlanGrid that second. I used to have problems remembering where the photos were taken or even what they were taken for so to have the information imbedded into the photos is very helpful and very useful. Many of the other construction managers I work with now use Theodolite daily to track progress also. Thanks Theodolite!

- A beginner's view

Theodolite does a lot of stuff, more than I've had time to learn about so far. Currently I use it to photograph invasive plants, and can email the photo with coordinates to someone else, or to my own machine at work. One hitch--it worked for a while, but then I stopped receiving the emails. Turns out they were hung up in the iPhone mail outbox. Just select and resend. I look forward to learning about the other features as I get a chance. I haven't checked the coordinates against a handheld GPS yet, but it is accurate enough for my use.

- Review

Indispensable. Been using it for years, time to review it. We do storm water and erosion control and always always have it at hand, always showing it to people, best thing for site assessments, continually saves us from having to go back and measure something. Would you consider an option in Prefs to make the angle readouts announce when they are at zero? Especially the left/right tilt. Hard to see them in New Mexico sunlight sometimes. Or maybe an option to make it bigger when you need to. Thanks for the great app.

- The theodolite app

The theodolite app is a great tool for those that work and play in the great outdoors. If you are a game warden or in law enforcement this is a perfect work tool as well. I have used the theodolite app over the the last five years, for work and play. The app encodes all of the necessary info time LAT LONG and well as elevation and compass heading that the app was utilized at. This make it possible for another party to stand in the same location and recreate the same observation made. Theodolite will shoot still photos as well as video with encoded the info into the photograph.

- Amazing App for doing RF/Wireless Systems Engineering

I have been using this app since it came out and it's probably the best app I have on my iPhone to assist with RF Engineering. It allows you to document site locations and then export to a .KMZ file which is incredibly effective way to do surveys and map out locations . It also allows you to get approximate azimuth and horizontal alignment information so that when it's time to install the equipment you will have that information ready to go. I have never had any problems with it and it's with EVERY PENNY.

- Problem with IPhone Compass

I think the Theodolite app is very well designed. However, it relies on the compass in the iPhone 7 plus to be accurate. That's a big problem! All iPhone 7 plus phones have a worthless compass in them... I can't use the Theodolite app for anything real because all of the data that would need an accurate compass heading is wrong by incredible amounts. If you Google the compass issue on iPhone 7, you'll see everyone has pretty much the same issue and only Apple can fix it but they don't have much interest! So... Theodolite is good, maybe on other phones other than 7's... not useful on a 7 plus.

- A tool for avalanche forecasters and backcountry skiers/boarders.

Theodolite is a fantastic tool for avalanche professionals and all backcountry skiers and riders. For the professionals, take a photo of your pit to obtain and record location, altitude, aspect, date and time. Take a side view, tilting to the slope and you have the angle. This shortens the time required to obtain and record data, while increasing accuracy. For backcountry recreational users, use theodolite to determine aspect (some easy math required) and altitude. A side view shot and you have slope angle. Are you on plan for angle, aspect and elevation?

- Fantastic App great back country treking

Theodolite is so useful for mapping the locations of isolated Beaver ponds. Creeks and other back country fishing locations. Plus recording other locations like good camp grounds with photo's, and Being able to send a photo with location info is icing on the cake. If you have a cell connection this app could be a life saver, to be able to send out accurate coordinates with a photograph of your location. Will you get help just that much faster. This just scratches the surface of what you can do with Theodolite.

- Surveying my world

I’m not a professional in any field where this is in constant use, but it has always been the right tool to use in special situations. Whether hiking and wanting a numerically geographic record of the landscape or conducting walking tours in the city and wondering about whether a particular building had a tilt, I always relied on my trusty app to provide the data. With so much information in the screen, it provides a factual and entertaining record that is useful for a long time.

- Invaluable Tool

As a major electric utility serving over 15 million residential customers, we have been using Theodolite for several years when setting up helicopter lifts maintaining our infrastructure. Theodolite has proven to be extremely useful in measuring, imaging, geo-tagging and documenting our site plans all at once. This saves hours in the field and returns that time to lift plan development. In turn, that enables much greater productivity that enhances the return on investment for a dedicated aircraft fleet.


Unique survey/camera tool that records lat/long, strike/dip, elevation/distance, time/date and many other geo-data parameters: useful to geologists, foresters, ecologists, cartographers, search & rescue, etc. Internal mapper included and/or can export data to Google Earth etc. If you are lost or injured and need rescue, as long as you’re near enough to a cell tower to pick up your transmission, you can send precise location data to rescuers. You can even send them a satellite photo of where you’re at!

- This Will Change Your Outdoor Life Forever

This is the most awesome app ever conceived for outdoorsmen, hikers, bikers, hunters, relic & meteorite hunters, golfers and anyone who needs information about exact location (GPS), altitude/elevation, incline/dip & instant feedback plus (you get to add notes to your photos). I marvel at its features each time I use it. Kudos to its creators! It has more applications than I could ever use and I use a lot. Take the time to learn & it will change your outdoor life forever.

- Still pleased

Was really great, however the developer stopped updating Update:I apologize if I was hasty. Perhaps my issue is on my end. I have enjoyed this app for a long time, and always felt it was well worth the price. I especially appreciate that it works in remote areas. I always need it when I am far from service. I will see if I can address my issues from my platform. I should have done my homework beforehand.

- Good app needs more features

I use this app for the Telecommunications field because of the time stamp it includes in the pictures. I like the app but I do have a couple of suggestions. 1. We should be able to perform a reverse azimuth with the app. 2. We should be able to access both cameras. Sometimes pictures are taken in tight places and it requires me to look at the screen to ensure its in focus. 3. We should be able to move the timestamp in the picture itself, or when taking the picture it should move automatically when holding the phone vertically. 4. We should be able to use the existing buttons on the phone to take pictures. Sometimes Im over 200ft on a tower and it is often difficult to hold and take a picture with one hand while fearing dropping my phone. I believe these additions would be very beneficial. I do like the App and I do find it very useful.

- More than an app, its a pro tool

I have relied on this app when I require a precision tool for outdoor photography. Its got everything and more. I use this when Im hiking alone to record and send location updates to friends and family. They can enjoy the pictures and open the location in google earth and others to see EXACTLY when and where it was taken. Awesome for hike review as well. Well done Team!

- Absolutely the BEST!

The ability to have all this precise spatial and positional information overlaid on the cameras on my iPad Mini or iPhone is awesome. I use it to lay out foundations, navigate the old fashioned way with gps off, calculate distances using landmarks of known height, or the reverse, just for kicks. I have reviewed maybe half a dozen apps out of several hundred I have purchased. This one was certainly worth the time to heap praises upon it! Awesome app! Well done!

- Incompatible with Wireless Remotes

I like using Theodolite to document where I find geocaches. There are also instances when I’d like to take a photo from a tripod. The issue I have is that it does not trigger via Bluetooth remotes. When I try to use the shutter release on the remote, it tries to adjust the volume on the phone instead. When one considers the utility of precise position data available for Theodolite, using a remote trigger would be an added bonus. Thanks for a great product.

- Great tool for Deer Hunters!

Perfectly photograph, locate (GPS), and geographically ID, rubs and scrapes as well as other signs. Plot direction coming from and heading to in order to locate yourself between bedding and feeding grounds. This tool used with another available app allows you to completely survey, photo and catalog your favorite hunting spots and even have the measured land mass square footage calculated to help figure out the sizes of herds that area could support.

- Well designed multi functional app

Works well as a clinometer and useful for recording information on a photo relating to a specific place. I use it to map things like small infestations of invasive weeds on my ranch so I can come back later and deal with them. I don't need all of the capabilities and have tried several simpler apps, but keep coming back to Theodolite because it works better.

- Best app for being in the woods

I use this app for hiking, scouting and hunting. It keeps me from getting lost ... a lot :) It would be nice if one could geotag pictures to saved waypoints. Maybe one can and I just don’t know it’s available. A cool option would be access to older satellite pictures to see in the Fall/ winter , which trees are hardwoods and which are pines. That would aid hunters, hikers , wildlife photographers, bird watchers.

- Feature suggestion

Love this app. I use it exclusively for work in land surveying. I would love to see a feature that auto sorts pictures from the app into a designated folder in my phone. I am using it with an iPhone and the trouble is that google photos backs up all of my work photos along with personal ones. I can’t seem to find a way to keep them separate

- No updates

I agree I gave had no bugs to report. But how about innovation? Can you say that you shouldn’t provide new or expanded capability. When people pay for a licensed software they support development of innovation. Just to keep up with hardware and firmware updates and bug fixes is not being innovative. This must be the first perfect application that doesn't need updates to keep current with the iOS. No updates since 2015. One stars because I like the app but it needs to stay current with hardware and OS changes.

- Great App

Ooutstanding App well worth the money. You ‘ll need time to let it all sink. Getting it set up properly is the biggest challenge, but once set tracks your every step. It will provide more data than you might want but set it up for your personal needs. A little daunting at first in as much it’s capabilities are many. But you can use the tracker straight away . 5+ Stars

- Theodolite

While l can’t claim to have a good reason to use this app, I can imagine situations where it could be very valuable. Nevertheless I really love it and find reasons to play with it a lot. It is particularly fun when back packing or traveling. It tells me where I am and where I’m looking with absolute precision—every time. Everyone who enjoys technology gadgets that always work as expected, this is the app.

- Camera Doesn't Focus Well

I love this app and all. I am a surveyor and it's great for showing where and what way you are taking the photo. Especially with the datums and SPCS. BUT, the camera needs to be worked on a bit. It needs to focus for light. I wanted to use this for when I was locating manholes. Would have worked great, but the photo wouldn't adjust for the darkness of the hole. Yes, even with the flash. Please fix this. You will then receive my 5 star.

- Most Useful

I like everything, had an older version on my iPhone 6 that would not work on my newer iPhone X. Just downloaded this, loving it. ONE BIG PROBLEM, I cannot close this app, I’ve tried everything and I can’t close it! ***** Resolved !! If I am holding the phone horizontally then I can slide/close this app but it won’t close in a vertical phone position.

- Best waypoint mapping app. Worth every penny

Easy to use, just takes a few minutes playing with it to figure out the basics. Theodolite Gives me way more info then I know what to do with. I am using it to do a tree survey on my land to figure out where I want to build. Easy 2 clicks to view all my data on google earth. Can't wait use it on a trip.

- Great app

This is a great app. I’m sure it does lots more than I can figure out, but for what I wanted it for its great. The very best part is the customer service!! I’m not very tech savvy, but Craig walked my through everything I needed. Even after multiple requests on my part he was always there with a quick reply even on sundays. Get this app. You’ll like it

- Powerful, Amazing and Great Value

I use Theodolite once in a while but every time I open the app, even if it's just to show my kids something neat that only this app could render, I'm reminded about how good app developers and the iOS platform can combine to create what just a few years ago would have been only a fantasy. Great work! I love Theodolite.

- Perfect for my uses

I have no real use for this app it’s just a toy for me. That being said I initially got the app for the emergency situation where having a range finder and compass would be useful. So far I’ve not needed it for that purpose but if I should need it for such an occasion I feel my bases would be covered with the tools provided within.

- Generally good app

Although I have had this app several years I have to say I am a neophyte. I've only used it to record locations and elevations in my engineering work. The elevations are only as good as the iPhone allows but it provides a good tool for rough relative measurements in the field. I have read the users guide and the program has some powerful features I hope to try some day.

- A fabulous little theodolite app

Provides most of the functions that a $3k theodolite would provide, for a little bit cheaper than $3k. If you care about angles, levels and locations, you’ll love this app. The 2,4x zoom feature makes it particularly easy to align precisely with small targets. The GPS lat-longs are embedded in the logs for convenient review. It’s great!

- Great field tool

I use his tool in the context of field work for crisis resilience and also farm planning. From antenna angles in Haiti to field documentation on a farm, this app is my go-to to capture situational awareness metadata. The interface is simple and yet rich in options, and makes an easy chore of capturing or establishing headings, angles, etc. I use it as is or plugging in my Bad Elf external GPS for added precision and helping the iphone battery life. Heck I've even used it to level picture frames but it's not as exciting. Only thing I'd love to see added to the main screen is the HDOP and VDOP - the GPS precision. Very different to capture data with 2m error than 30m.

- Theodolite camera

Fantastic for all sorts of activities. Especially as image based way point log. Recently use it to capture the damage done by direct hit from a lightning strike on my house. The image proved without doubt when, where and what had the damage bad been done. And save your like on extreme backpacking adventures.

- In top 10 most used apps - love it

I set the text color to yellow so it would be readable with a bright cloudy sky. One snap with this data-rich app is super to support a field memo. I used this app to run a level line in about 60 foresights and backsights over an 1100 ft distance on a highway shoulder. A monopole is helpful for that use. Really use this one a lot.

- Almost perfect...4.5/5

The uber-geek in me really loves this app. The only shortcoming is documentation. The latest update to the FAQ went a LONG way toward fixing this, but a little more is needed. For example, a screenshot of the app with each component named and explained a little would have been nice (like the different reticles). In all, I really like it...not far from a 5.0 Update...Theodolite finally gets a 5. This app has really matured. The latest updates, especially the in-app purchases with geo-referenced peak names, adds great functionality. If you are an app developer, look to Theodolite for inspiration on developing a full-featured app,. OUTSTANDING!

- Crashes current iOS version.

I used to love this app, but twice now it has totally crashed my phone and rendered it unusable. It drains the battery in such a way that the phone acts as if it were totally dead. I started using it at a 75% charge and within 5 minutes my phone said it was out of battery and would not turn back on. Once I plugged my phone in it then said that the charge level was at 67%. Strange right? DO NOT PURCHASE THIS APP UNTIL THERE IS A UPDATE!! I will be looking for a replacement for this one as soon as I submit this review.

- Essential App for Location Scouting

Being a night sky photographer, I use Theodolite for scouting locations to photograph the Milky Way. Oftentimes I need to know the elevation of a feature as well as compass points. This app is essential. I love the capture screenshot feature. In one photo I have all pertinent data I need for future reference. Awesome tool!

- What all apps should be!!!!!!!!!

This is hands down the best app I have ever purchased. Always works flawlessly. Invaluable for working professionals especially in construction. Being able to take photos and have gps coordinates as well as typing notes that appear on said photos is a masterfull idea.

- Very Impressive

This is a fantastic app for Land Surveyors. It can replace your Suunto compass & clinometer. It is extremely refined & powerful, is great for logging reference ties, & even has State Plane now, available as an extra purchase. I even contacted the developer with a recommended improvement, and it was incorporated into the update. Too much to mention.

- Theodolite

Great program that exceeded my expectations! Works in very remote locations in the western U.S. including areas of forest cover, narrow canyons, and it even works while traveling in the plane! Photo feature with information overlay is easy and useful. App starts up, runs clean, and so far I haven’t had any issues.

- I teach gravel roads class

This app makes it easy to check there work and show students how to make there roads better It also makes an easy way to report back to people in the office what may have happened to a roadway after a recent report of damage Thank you

- Essential

This app is essential for providing an array of info that is critical to fully document a location of interest and what can be found there. I have used it to document locations that have been visited for field trips, guides, evidence, and many other applications. For me, as a geologist, scientist, teacher, guide, and explorer.

- An explorers tool

I use this to document unique locations I visit, or when doing a field analysis. Great for record keeping. As the app evolves it is a great example of the iPhone as a data recording location interface. I have a photo taken in Ecuador at 10,000 feet above sea level, lattitude zero, date 01. Awesome

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- An excellent tool

Provided of course that you make sure your phone compass is working correctly, with no steel nearby!. I made a crude support for my iPhone, and a laser distance measure to mount on the head of a Manfrotto tripod; a kind of very crude “total station” for a home driveway survey and drawings, but I neglected magnetic attraction between the phone and the laser, and the screws in my contraption. As a result all my bearings were useless! Not Theodolites fault of course! An excellent tool

- Spurious orientation measurements

I’m a relatively new user and I was working through validating and verifying the dip and azimuth data displayed. I used Apple’s Compass app and Field Move to check my measurements. I found that Theodolite was producing spurious values. What’s more, while checking these values I found that the other programs would start to produce spurious values after I initiated Theodolite and switched between them. I restarted the phone and Compass and Field Move were reliably showing correct readings. But as soon as Theodolite starts, the values become spurious. Additionally, when I lay my phone down, the tilt values jump around all over the place. The look and feel of the app is excellent, please address this critical issue and I would be more than happy to increase my rating! At the moment, it is unusable.

- Great

Almost perfect. It does everything it says it does very well. If only I had the option to create a 1 second interval track file within the app then I wouldn't have to keep swapping between Theodolite and a simple track logger when I was in the field collecting data.

- Excellent app

I have used Theodolite for work on several occasions. Each time, engineers are blown away with the info captured in photos - especially when dealing with identical equipment.... In my other life as a volunteer firefighter, Theodolite is useful as a mobile fire-spotting tower.

- Excellent tool

I use theodolite all the time on bush walks to record specific locations, check bearings and take general measurements. It's worth every cent. One of the highest quality and most useful tools for utilising the iphone's many physical interpretive devices.

- Great app

This is a great app. I’ve used it a number of times for jobs I’ve done. I’m no engineer, nor experienced in operating a theodolite but trial & error worked at first & then speaking with engineers helped. I still use the app for obstacles on or near aerodromes. It’s a ‘tick’ from me.

- The closest you’ll get to Luke’s view of Hoth

A little hard to figure out some of the functions, but they’re so useful when you’re curious about where smoke is coming from, how high that tower is, etc.

- Professional features and potential

Working with daily site surveys this tool with all its features is as invaluable as it is simple to use. Brilliant. Should be part of every tool kit.

- Theodo delight

I am an engineer of some senior years and I use this app every time I go to site. The records are accurate enough to use for reports designs and court documents. Muck lighter to carry than a total station.

- Theodolite Pro

Brilliant app which is extremely useful and is not a toy, very professional and never fails to impress. Use it often for site survey for radio communications and propagation modeling. Well done.

- Works well

Have used this app a number of times in my mineral exploration and works as it should No complaints

- Great app.

Excellent app. The screen shots look great in my Bushfire Threat Assessment reports. The pics have all the geographical info that I need. Elevations are sometimes questionable but overall very satisfied.

- Keeping stored notes

I love your app But I would like store a number of sites, which I could reuse, without loosing on add notes , can this be achieved Cheers Wayne

- App review

An absolutely bang on app, excellent performance and well worth the small amount to pay, carry on the great work

- Why do the cross hairs move?!?!

This is driving me insane - I take snapshots with this app, lining up the object in the crosshairs, but when I look back at these snapshots in the album, the crosshairs are nowhere near the object? Not at all centred on what was on screen.

- Theodolite

Great , easy to use , supplies more than enough info on the photos than I need .

- Great work tool

I use it for work on our fire management team

- Very useful app

The things you can do with it are fantastic.

- Review

Great App, awesome to take a photo and email with all location and directional info included.

- Complete and Accurate Information

One of the best/handy Apps for Astrophotographers/Photographers! Very Accurate! I use it to plan my Astrophotography. I use it to check location suitability for imaging ahead of time and it has never let me down! I would highly recommend it :) LRSM99

- Great terrain scoping companion

Plenty of things to say. The ability to capture an image with all the overlays if positional info is the icing on the cake.

- Great app

I use this app for photographing mushrooms. Great for anyone who needs location to be stored with the image.

- Great Idea

A great concept button a bit fiddly but you can only use what you have

- Review

Excellent product and value. Great for annotating photos with angle and slope information.

- Whew

Took me a while to wrap my head around the usefulness of this app but now I use it every couple of days. 👍

- Reliable App

This is an easy to use reliable app

- Great I use Theodolite on my steep farm for planning

I use Theodolite on my steep farm for planning roads and now building.

- Really powerful

I only use a fraction of the capability. A great integration of the phone capability, maths and domain knowledge.

- Surprisingly useful

Try it out!

- Recommended

Very powerful and useful tool

- Excellent

Highly recommended.

- Great app

This does exactly what I need it to do.

- HR Max

The best App works very well in grader, dozers, loaders, and on foot 10/10 Thank You 😎

- Latitude with photo

A great ap to put latitude, elevation and longitude on a photo

- Great app

Brilliant for fire service application

- Theodolite Review

Good app for construction photos. Would prefer if it was in SI format though.

- Altitude not accurate

If could try it before buy I wouldnt have had. Waste of money. Altitude doesnt include decimals and is not sensitive (made a trial with 2 meters difference and didnt move)

- This is really great app

Produces very good results. Great work!!

- superb

One of the best apps, it’s a joy to use.

- Great app

An excellent app. Works fantastic. Auto correction for magnetic to true north is a good useful feature.

- Great App

Great app, easy to use!

- Very Cool

Absolutely brilliant

- Superb

Theodolite is a superb app that just gets better with each update. It showcases the incredible electronics within today's smartphones such as inclinometer, digital compass, gyroscope, camera and multi-channel GPS, in a device that is always with you. A great App for explorers, geocachers, prospectors, hunters, surveyors, wildlife & landscape photographers, or anyone who loves the outdoors. After a recent 4WD accident (triple rollover) I used it to record photos with date, time, Lat/Long and bearing to assist with coordinating a pickup by paramedics. 5 Stars!

- Hi Tech

Love love... love it

- It does what it claims quite well, with a gotcha

Not sure about other reviews - an iPhone would help. I've tried this on a 3G and 3GS. The 3GS reacts a lot better. There is one gotcha (which I believe someone else whinged about). That is, if you take a shot by touching the camera icon, the overlay doesn't appear just a summery (I hate winter). If however, you press the sleep & whats-it buttons simultaneously, the overlay is captured. This latter 'feature' is not (... a feature) - try taking a shot in such a way while keeping the thing stable - no chance. You guys would have (and will get) 5 stars with the overlay thingy fixed - don't rely on the "press-two-buttons-stay-in-focus-keep-the-thing-stable-while-standing-on-one-foot" method. Use the camera icon. Thanks.

- Version 1.0 - Wow, cannot wait for the next version.

This is a must have app. Everything works great on a 3GS. I agree with previous posts, the app needs a "switch" to toggle between the current picture and a full screen grab. Personally, I'd like to be able to TAG the picture with a short label that embeds into the metadata, but that's just a wish, also would be extra great if the app would access the "My Location" details of the 3GS and GEOTAG the picture with the GPS/GPRS suburb/locality tag. So much potential, KILLER APP and with a few mods, will make the top 10 list for MUST HAVE APPS, currently number 22 on my list. Keep up the great work. LOVE IT. Bill For v2.0, how about a video version, with overlay - UBER COOL!

- Distance Measurer

I have created a spreadsheet based on trigonometry that uses 2 (upper and lower) elevation angles and the related upper and lower heights sighted on a target stave. The spreadsheet returns horizontal distance and change in level. By also logging the horizontal angle (bearing) it lists x,y,z coordinates of each point. I have been able to import the list into SketchUp and Revit to auto create contour plans etc.

- Very usefull app

We like to go four wheel driving when ever we get a chance and used this app on many of these occations. Its great to see the angles we drive at when doing the obsticals. However, it will be great if it can have a video record function... Great app. Thanks Thanks for adding video recording ,its absolutely awesome!

- Sheer brilliance!!

I'm a long haul pilot, and use this app to ascertain whether we'll clear clouds ahead or whether we should request climb early to get above them. Can think of a number of other uses as well. VERY clever use of the compass, camera and accellerometer of the iPhone. Highly recommended - easily Five Stars.

- IH

As a practicing consulting engineer I find it extremely helpful to have a 'theodolite in my pocket' at all times. Although necessarily of less accuracy than a full blown 'jigger', there are lots of occasions on which approximate readings and the ability to capture an image of a particular sighting are invaluable.

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- Excellent

Very accurate. The map feature is really cool. You can set it to turn in your direction. Unlike the Maps feature on iPhone where you have to constantly reset it so that it changes the map in the direction you’re moving. I got this app early in its development, and it’s always worked flawlessly. I would recommend it.

- UTM Coordinates

I shoot one of the control monument just to test the coordinates shown on the image and I got less than a couple meters from the published coordinates. My data was enable while using for this app.

- David Alsop

I use this app all the time for surveying and satellite locating and even for hiking. Thanks to the developers

- Super diggems

Amazing app

- Clint real nice guy Oilfeild consulting

I think it’s a brilliant tool it would be a nice option to see legal subdivision from the DLS program in Canada it’s the system we use in the oil field in Saskatchewan Alberta and a part of British Columbia

- Great!

Great app, I use it almost daily. Geo-tags photos professionally. Makes for good looking additions to your report (clients will be impressed).

- Boss

Excellent app, if I could learn all its features.

- Great app

Just need to figure out how to use it!

- great tool, but...

it has a major flaw- there is no option to download offline maps. With the capacity of modern smartphones, one can download the whole countries. WiFi or cell data are not readily available in the wilderness and this along significantly cuts the use of this app.

- Great app

Great app that provides the critical information that I need.

- Theodolite

Good tool. Rumpelstiltskin

- Great app

Great app but the UTM coordinations are backwards.

- Great quality

App is perfect for environmental surveys and geo referencing photos

- Most Useful App

This app replaces a compass and inclinometer for me. It means that when I go to a site, I only need to bring my iPhone, charged. In the past, I'd need a phone, camera, compass,pen, paper and inclinometer. Having a photographic record of slope angles is streets ahead.

- Theodolite

Great app. Far superior to other apps

- The program

Nice program

- Cannot turn Theodolite camera off

I currently bought the iPhone X’s Max and just happened to download the Theodolite camera app but for some reason I cannot exit the camera feature off the main screen. I have to turn the entire phone off and restart my iPhone Xs max to get back on my homepage. Currently the app does not allow you to swipe the camera function off the main page. This is definitely a bug that needs to be fixed as I cannot use this app until then.

- Fantastic app

As a Fire Chief, I use this app regularly to document scenes for investigative and evidentiary purposes. Have recommended this app to many other colleagues. Wouldn’t be without it.

- Simply Incredible

A must have tool for my engineering field work

- Problem has been resolved .

Now my camera won’t allow pictures to be sent to the phone. iOS has not been changed on my I Phone. Great up date!!!!

- tec_64


- Essential for work

This is a great tool to record progress on a project, the embedded information means you will never need to wonder ‘where & when’ was that. Quick and easy to enter notes about the photo. Love it!

- *****

Been using it for years. Excellent app!

- Not Universal

Had to re-purchase from iPad to iPhone. Not nice at this price but needed it for both.

- Great with a few small flaws but it could be the phone

I love this app. Is great for construction work and works great without cell service. One thing I noticed is if I am inside a vehicle sometimes the compass is off, I read this can be the case and I’m not sure if there’s a way to fix it in the app or if this is more an issue with the phone itself. The other thing I noticed is sometimes the screen will load with all the technical information but the view finder will just be completely black. I have to close and restart it a few times before it works again. I’ve also had this same issue with my phones regular camera so I’m not sure if it’s App related or phone related. Happens more often than not in the app though. If these end up being just problems with the phone itself I would 100% give this a 5 star rating. But otherwise it is a very useful app, especially when time stamps and GPS locations are a must! It is also by far the cleanest Geotagging photo app I’ve seen. All the information is up in the corner and doesn’t take away from the main focus of the photo.

- Great with a few small flaws but it could be the phone

I love this app. Is great for construction work and works great without cell service. One thing I noticed is if I am inside a vehicle sometimes the compass is off, I read this can be the case and I’m not sure if there’s a way to fix it in the app or if this is more an issue with the phone itself. The other thing I noticed is sometimes the screen will load with all the technical information but the view finder will just be completely black. I have to close and restart it a few times before it works again. I’ve also had this same issue with my phones regular camera so I’m not sure if it’s App related or phone related. Happens more often than not in the app though. If these end up being just problems with the phone itself I would 100% give this a 5 star rating. But otherwise it is a very useful app, especially when time stamps and GPS locations are a must! It is also by far the cleanest Geotagging photo app I’ve seen. All the information is up in the corner and doesn’t take away from the main focus of the photo.

- Excellent

I forgot I had this app. While thinning out my vast library of apps, I came across this gem again. Re-loaded it right away. It is a great app, showing exactly where you are, emailing anyone direct from the app. Full size photo or screen shots are great. Even take videos with all the data displayed. I'm glad it hasn't been left behind like so many other apps!

- Wow!

This is a great app. I use it for work almost every day. Bravo!

- Theodolite

I have been using this app to record and report serious road hazards for many years now. All the information you could need recorded plus proof in the picture. Very helpful quick and impossible to repute.

- Theodolite

Great tool, I use it for personally and professionally. I have recommended this product to many people.

- Very Handy

A very good and handy app. A bit more info about using the rangefinder, especially in military mode would be helpful for new users

- The Best app

Fantastic app. The most accurate I have use. All features in one app

- Very useful on the worksite!

I work in land surveying and the drafters in my office love the annotations overlaid on the photos I take!

- As advertised

The developers have provided a stable application. Simply, it works as advertised. I awarded only 4 stars to allow room for improvement.

- A really great navigation app.

There are no real flaws I can think of. It's a great app and I look forward to seeing what updates bring.

- Great!

Great app. Work well and is really usefull in my job.

- Theodolite

An amazing app. Wish it had been available when I was serving. Lots of great info in the display

- Great

Love this app Straightforward to use Great for fieldwork I use it every time I’m out works well and is reliable Saves carrying compass, gps, and camera in the field

- Great features but

But why does it switch my music output to iPhone (away from airplay...) when I use it !

- nice Spartan interface

Very useful program. Been using it for some time now, and it appears quite stable.

- Brilliant!

Amazing what you can get for $4 nowadays - I only regret I haven't had this for the past 40 years. I have the "Pro" version and it works SO WELL! Stand in the middle of a site, shoot a wonderfully informative picture, and e-mail it right on the spot. I couldn't be more impressed - I'd have bought a 'smart phone' for this app alone.

- Great app. Must have if you work in construction.

This app is great for layout of taking pictures of angles for reference. Well worth it.

- Excellent App

Super great app for a variety of uses. 10 stars.

- Outstanding

This is my favourite app. Works as advertised and provides value.

- Great tool for work

This is a very useful tool I use to document photos while land surveying in NE BC. It tells the office where the photo was taken, direction, slope and I can add a personal note. Thank you guys for this app. I love it.

- AScT

First Class app - unbelievable features The only suggestion, make sure your location service is on before taking a picture - a warning on the display would be nice.

- Theodolite App

Theodolite app is fully awesome, working in western Canada’s oil and gas industry I use this app daily, updates always work right away. Keep up the great work guy's!!!

- Theodolite

Wonderful app. Made it compulsory on the project for pictures

- Works great

Use it when I need it it is a great app

- Great Tool

Use it to document hiking destination

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The Happy Pontist

@YuriBocharov Theodolites and surveying levels had been invented well in advance of this time

Sandiway Golf Club Greens

@BriBri81472285 Extending the front to square it off, lazer grading it all and re turfing to finish. Love playing with the theodolite. Levels, square edges and straight lines....... cant beat it ? (for a tee top anyway)

Lone Wolf ☯️

@environH2O @rubythechargie @Layo_OG ? KK of the mountain? I dey sight you for theodolite.

Theodolite 8.2.2 Screenshots & Images

Theodolite iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Theodolite iphone images
Theodolite iphone images
Theodolite iphone images
Theodolite iphone images
Theodolite iphone images
Theodolite iphone images
Theodolite iphone images
Theodolite iphone images
Theodolite iphone images

Theodolite (Version 8.2.2) Install & Download

The applications Theodolite was published in the category Navigation on 2009-11-30 and was developed by Hunter Research and Technology, LLC [Developer ID: 286743884]. This application file size is 29.35 MB. Theodolite - Navigation app posted on 2020-07-20 current version is 8.2.2 and works well on IOS 11.4 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.hunter.theodolite

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