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What is monopoly app? Play Hasbro’s official Monopoly board game by yourself, with family and friends or players around the world. Play online or offline on your mobile or tablet. It’s the game you love with no ads!
It's the #1 Paid board game in over 100 countries - with 3 Million Downloads since launch.

"Monopoly on mobile includes cross-platform online multiplayer, which means you can open up a lobby, have your friends join your games, and all play together in perfect harmony. Beautiful, right?” Dave Aubrey - PocketGamer.

This is a fully immersive board game experience with amazing graphics and animations. The whole classic game is available with no ads, so you get the fun of the Monopoly board game without distractions. Invite your friends and family to game night with one of the app stores favourite top paid games.

One of the greatest board games
Play the Hasbro classic Monopoly game by yourself, with family and friends or players around the world on your mobile or tablet!

Full, ad-free game
Play the complete classic game with no pay-to-win or ad pop-ups. Roll the dice and risk it all to become the wealthiest landlord tycoon on the board!

House rules
Put the official Hasbro rule book down and play with your favourite house rules

Quick mode
Roll the dice, risk it all and get paid - finish the board game faster than ever

Single player
Play against our challenging AI - no need for family and friends

Offline multiplayer
Pass a single device between up to 4 players for an offline wifi-free experience

Online multiplayer
Distance doesn’t interrupt play when you connect with fans around the world or invite friends and family to a private game

The Complete Collection
Be the top landlord tycoon on new themed boards, exclusive to the mobile game. With 10 boards, no 2 games are the same! Risk it all in the L.A. Monstropolis alternate universe. Be spooked in Transylvania. See the future in New York 2121, or travel back in time to Victorian London, Historic Tokyo, Belle Époque era Paris and 1930s Atlantic City! Unlock new player pieces, properties and chance cards with each theme!

Choose your player mode
Play this classic Hasbro board game in a variety of online and offline player modes. Put your landlord skills to the test against our challenging AI opponents and be a property tycoon in single player mode. Compete with friends and family wherever you are in online multiplayer. Play WiFi-free when you pass & play one device around a group of players. The choice is yours as you buy up the board!

Select your rules
If you’re one of the many people who have never actually read the rules of Monopoly, you can still play the game exactly how you like! Play without auctions, add cash to Free Parking, or pay $400 for landing directly on GO! Choose to stick to the classic Hasbro rule book, get a fixed selection of the most popular house rules, or customise your rules to suit your own preferences!

Choose your piece
Choose from the modern and classic player pieces, including: scottie, cat, T-rex, rubber duck, the car, the top hat and the battleship!

Enter the board
Experience the thrill of bankrupting your family and friends and becoming the wealthiest landlord tycoon on the board! It’s just as you remember, plus fun animations and an AI banker who’s on everyone’s side!

Build your property empire
Roll the dice, take investment risks, bid for properties in auctions, make your way around the board and BUY real estate, COLLECT rent and BUILD hotels to become a property tycoon.

Play Marmalade Game Studio’s multiplayer games with friends and family wherever you are! Our online games with friends include Clue/Cluedo, The Game of Life, The Game of Life 2 and Battleship.

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Updated 25 March 2024, Monday
File Size 973.89 MB

MONOPOLY Comments & Reviews 2024

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Devs say not rigged. I say YES!. I have played enough games vs AI now to know that the game’s dice rolls are either not random at all and the events that transpire are a poorly written “random simulator” rather than an actual “random number generator” for dice. Stop trying to pull the wool over your customers’ eyes. There have been an immense amount of games where either me or one or more of the AI have an OVERABUNDANCE of luck. ESPECIALLY on easy. This doesn’t feel like raw game play at all, and if you don’t hog properties the AI will make the “perfect deals” and wind up with a monopoly within the first round or two. This is on EASY. I tried “Hard” difficulty and all it seemed to do was diminish my LUCK and not make dealing with AI more difficult. My chance cards were likely busts, I always landed on their properties while they literally would miss mine over multiple runs each round, and I always found myself in jail. You may as well get rid of the dice. I will be uninstalling this rip off as soon as I am done writing this P.S. don’t argue with your customers with passive aggressive comments like “I’m sorry that you feel the game is rigged, we promise it’s not”. When it clearly is depicting something that is clearly not actually happening. Shove it. Don’t bother replying. Tired of being ripped off.

The most epic game of monopoly every played. Hello, I’d like to start my review by saying I have waited sometime to write this because I wanted to give an honest review as well as some other things. So here it is me and two of my best mates play monopoly 5/7 nights a week and have been for quite some time I would say we have easily logged 250 hours of play. This evening like any other we embarked upon a monopoly sesh mind you with one AI on hard. It started out a bit slow as any game normally does, some interesting trades took place along the way but then this AI bankrupt myself and my one mate to leave my second mate solo against the AI. This bot battled for all bot kind for a grand total of a 2 1/2 hour round and over 15k earned for the bot that eventually won. What I found most interesting was we tested the bots strategy along the way and he intentionally stopped my second mate from building enough houses to bankrupt him. Which got the convo going as to some ideas we have to improve the game. But then we had the idea to come work for monopoly! We really think we could do some good and make the game appeal to a lot more people our age (18-25). So if you happen to be reading this we would love to talk further and expand upon some ideas we have If not totally understand. All around phenomenal game would recommend to anyone and everyone I recently moved out of state and it has kept me and my mates intouch and just couldn’t say better things about this game 10/10!

Program is great, online opponents ruin product.. The game as presented is excellent, graphics and game play are well done, and the improvement made since first introduced solved the technical glitches. I would give this 5 stars, but unfortunately the lack of a true chat interface or community makes self policing the games impossible. Online multi-player has become vertically impossible to play now, as immature opponents destroy the integrity of the game. They do this by not losing gracefully. Many of these players, when it becomes clear they are at a disadvantage will trade all their assets to another player well behind for $1, instead of just leaving the game and allowing AI to finish. Most recently it’s worse, as it’s now becoming common for players to land on an expensive property, but if they are not instantly bankrupt they are able to sell their assets for $1 to another opponent, and then no longer have assets available to pay the owner of the property they land on. These idiots and an unwillingness of players to Simply reject these offers has rendered your product virtually unplayable except as a stand alone against AI, or against specific friends through IP. If you are looking for an online experience against random opponents, this is no longer a viable option.

Great, but could use some bug squashing. It’s monopoly, just like you remembered in the classic board game, which is what I’ve wanted on iOS for a long time. After playing very frequently, I’ve been noticing some issues. 1. Dice rolls do not seem random. Quite frequently the computer rolls the perfect number to squeak by your hotels. It happens way too often. 2 when playing multiple computer opponents, if the first computer player on the list of players on the right side of the screen goes bankrupt, you can no longer purpose a deal with the other remaining opponent. It defaults to try to make a trade with the bankrupted player with no option to change it to the other player, so the only way to trade is to wait for the computer to strike a trade with you and then counter the trade. 3 when you get a card that says each player pays $10 for a birthday or whatever, the money never comes out of the players account. Maybe that’s because of the free parking rule. Not sure. 4 if you use up all of the houses so that there aren’t any more in reserve, and then sell a hotel, more houses Automatically appear. Seems odd. Being able to speed up the game instead of watching each and every animation would be appreciated.

Nice, but no thanks. The game itself is very nice. It’s monopoly. But the AI just ruins the whole experience for me. When you start off, if you get lucky, you might buy a couple properties in the first few laps around the board. The AI on the other hand will make extremely one-sided trades and eventually get color sets within 5 turns. But of course they still somehow have 1200 left even though they bought around 7 properties. Then they put hotels on the given set. That’s when everything goes downhill. Everybody somehow starts landing on those properties and the one AI starts taking off. Meanwhile, even if you have 10 properties, you’re lucky to get a color pair with a few houses on them because you had to trade to get it and the AI had to overprice the property they’re selling you. I have started about 30 games, but when I know I’m going to lose the game I quit just to save time. I’ve won 1 game out of the roughly 30 games. If you have average luck you’d win about 7 ish games. So the math isn’t mathing on that. I don’t really care if I win, I just want to have fun. It’s hard to have fun when the game is manipulated against you to get absolutely crushed every game. Also another thing I’ve seen is that there are a lot of issues when leaving the game and the incorrect housing will be there, people will have different amounts of money, or a move just won’t even register and I’ll be back where I was before. So some major problems there also.

AI Advantage is blatant an abhorrent. The AI advantage is abundantly obvious in this game. It begins from the start. The chances you’ll go first are low, I’m talking 1/30. Then you’ll land frequently on properties already purchased. To top that off when you go the chances you’ll roll a 4 are about 75% putting you on tax and paying out $200 before you really start. AI trade offers with other AI are never rejected so they’ll get a property set quickly. I’ve had it where AI has been around the board twice, I haven’t even made it once and AI has a property set and hotels. Dev’s have said they don’t give an unfair advantage to AI. I say, if your willing to pay the money for the game see for yourself in addition to several other comments with people having the same issue. You’ll get to the point where you can predict by round 2 which AI is going to win, then the game becomes about watching them land exactly where they need to. It’s so obvious you can be more accurate predicting where the “randomness” is going to place AI. Your chances if doing this correctly are better than your chances at winning. Oh, and this is on easy mode. For Dev’s to say that AI doesn’t have an unfair advantage is an insult, share your probability tables then. The game is a waste of money and time unless you enjoy frustration and watching AI get miss your property over and over while you will miraculously land on theirs over and over.

Predictable and unrealistic. The graphics are good, but you have to pay for the game to start and then that only opens the most basic game. If you want different boards or pieces you have to pay more. Not that big if a deal, but the computer players have logic of a 4 yr old and will trade things no one in their right mind would trade - even on hard setting. Also, the computer dice rolls are a joke and they constantly roll numbers that conveniently land just after your properties or at a safe spot inside of them (chance/community chest). I paid attention to 10 games with 3 other computer players and every game I had to pay for houses/hotels and the computer not once. Also, I’ve never landed on Boardwalk so much in a real game as I do when the computer has 4 houses on them. In fact, it isn’t until the computer has houses and then I can’t miss boardwalk. If the plan is to entice the user to spend more money, it has the opposite effect on me. I’d imagine I’ll be deleting this game and finding something else. Play at your own risk. I guarantee you will be as annoyed as I have been. Developers need to do a better job of trying to make this game more realistic

Gets stuck in Online Mode all the time!!!. First of all, the “dice” is a completely rigged bs. The chances for triple doubles are extremely high when you put it against the odds from doing some simple math. After the building phase, everybody just goes to jail most of the time. It’s almost impossible to play with conventional Monopoly techniques because of the rigged chances of the dice, and having to deal with random obnoxious bots online, even if you chose to play with real people. This game has too many bugs and too few features. Online Multiplayer never works, they’ve got tons of bots and it always freezes, forcing all players to force quit the game. The animation is also way too long and it’s been frustratingly improbable trying to play with others online. And the fact that the game is server-sided does not change the developers’ minds to at least rent a competent server, because from what I’ve witnessed throughout the last few months, the servers have been utter trash. And the monopoly Hasbro has over this game makes this distillation of laziness and greed the only game of its kind on App Store, leaving you no choices but to buy it if you want to play this 100-year-old board game. It’s just ridiculous. oh yeah btw, you can’t trade anymore given that the new version has this freaking bug that player just automatically rejects your offer. what a genius feature

People keep quitting. I was super excited to play this game because my boyfriend had installed it on his computer and I wanted to play with him. I bought it and started playing with other people but the issue I constantly run into is either when somebody is losing or about to go bankrupt they intentionally quit the game. Or I assume they quit the game because the game will just stop. They won’t roll, make a trade, or put houses down. The game is at a standstill and I have no idea why. There needs to be some sort of timer for everything so that way the game can keep moving or if someone doesn’t make any moves for a long period of time or purposely leaves the game they should go bankrupt and their properties should either get auctioned off or return back to the board for the other people to buy in the future. It’s super annoying having to leave a game because nobody is moving or being sore losers. I don’t have any interest in playing this game anymore because of this. It takes so long to even start getting to a place where you’re making money and getting people to land on your properties so going through all that just to quit because someone doesn’t want to play the game anymore is annoying. Wish I could get a refund.

Not worth it. Where to start.. I used to own this app before this redesign and the game used to be SO much better now it just feels like a cash grab thru all the micro transactions. I will admit I liked the idea of “multiplayer” because it’s always more fun playing against people than bots.. Except I quickly realized multiplayer is filled with bots. It’s very easy to tell when you’re playing with a bot based off their trades. They will easily let go of the last color property to complete someone else’s for an almost idiotic trade or before their turn ends they will send you a trade request at lightning speed. You have to play the game to understand how easily this will stand out. Moving onto actually playing the game as much as the devs say it’s random it’s absolutely not. I’ve owned an entire quadrant of the map before and somehow the entirety of the game no one manages to land on any property. It’s almost funny just watching how obvious it is to quite literally own from GO all the way to orange and people somehow magically always manage to dance around your hotels and land on community chest, chance, income tax, etc. Very frustrating and definitely has a rigged feel to it. Save yourself the time and frustration and don’t buy this game no redeeming qualities.

This game is fun, the AI ruins the games though.. I have sunk a good 50 hours into this or so. What becomes apparent is the multiplayer is often not multiplayer. The multiplayer is set up for people to rage quit, leave if they can’t stay etc. In reality, this is a good thing which is what makes the online multiplayer version fun, accessible, and less time consuming. The issue is the AI as others have pointed out is beyond idiotic. It will give away a set card to a player for awful trades. If a player has $1000 and is seeking the final piece of their property set, you should milk them or deadlock them until they pay an exorbitant fee because that property set is likely a strong win condition. The AI however will sell these sets for base prices often. This turns a 30 minute strategically close game into a easy win. It also ruins the entire correctly competitive way to play this game. Utilities and railroads should be ignored or bought at below auction price. Certain colors are better than others. None of this matters when a human leaves without your knowledge and their AI placement begins doing really dumb things to the detriment of the joy of the whole game.

Big time rigged. OK so let me start here. I had Parkplace boardwalk, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Pacific I had two houses on each of those properties on that whole side by trading early in the game no one else had owned a color group for 30 minutes. One person completely rejected all trades from another alleged person the entire game, even when it benefited him. So finally the person that ended up winning the game had a hotel on both Baltic and Mediterranean. The two alleged real humans never landed on my property, only myself, and the other person kept landing on the cheapest property to the point of having to raise money, and finally going bankrupt. Another thing is when you start out nine times out of 10. You are going to roll a seven and. It almost does not make sense to have any property on Boardwalk because the card is never picked. Now onto my next topic when people decide that they don’t want to play anymore, they stole the game they need to do something about. People who do that when they are sore losers please address these issues. I am not the only one that is complaining. Now onto my next complaint, I pay to have a certain iconic piece. occasions I ended up being the dog or the car what happened to the piece that I paid for monopoly. You owe me some money or we need to fix these issues.

programmatic “fun” isn’t fun. The algo running the others players is opaque. the game designers must believe that injecting drama and suspense into the game make for a better game experience. The dice rolls are not random. rolls and chance and community cards which should be random are instead used as tools to elongate the game. I am not simply complaining because i had a few games here and there where i had a run of bad rolls. it is very easy to beat algos and i can manage to steamroll to wins in all settings and player counts. it is just that the game is obviously tilted to manufacture glorious wins and painful losses with the apparent purpose of added entertainment value. but the fact is that there is strategy to Monopoly classic, and if a strategic player can win 100% of games easily due the implementation of ruthless tactics and strategies accounting for randomization then that is how the game should be played. It is not more fun to have it thrown in your face that you mortgaged one property on the board and all of the players land on that property six times in a row. If it could possibly be chalked up to a random bit of karma then it truly would be a moment of humor and levity, but with this algo it is predictable, thus not random. and this removes the fun of the gameplay. As a result I do not trust this producer and will not purchase other games from Hasbro.

The game is nice. Hello so I’d start off by saying what a fantastic game and it brings back so much memories the gameplay and the pieces overall the game is fun and gets you through some time if you need to kill there is a bit of problems I was hoping you could fix for your game starting Id say there’s a bug where after a players turn it dosent go ok to the next player it just kinda runs there with no one having turns it’s hard to chat with another person because of our limited words that’s a problem or a bug for most people if you could fix it please another idea id suggest is add currency such as if you win a game you get *5mt* monopoly tokens these can be used to buy pieces or dice or maps Id suggest the pieces cost *10mt* and up depending on the design maps could be *20mt* and dice could also be *10mt* that’s is all I hope this reaches you have a nice day and thank you for the game I’m so sorry another thing i was having questions if you and a friend don’t want to play with bots if we could join another party of two from other players online only options we get are ai or guest so if you could please would be amazing

Glitches Make it Impossible to Play a Game. Disclaimer: I only play the online multiplayer option in this game (which makes sense judging by the reviews talking about the rigged game playing with A.I.). With that being said, I’ve found you’re lucky to finish 1 out of 5 games with how this game randomly loses connection and stalls/discontinues the entire game. The first few times I thought maybe I had a bad Wi-Fi connection, but this is the only app that indicates any sort of “connection” issue. The game will be going smoothly, then when you hit the ‘end turn’ button, the game goes stagnant and the other players think you’re just choosing not to play. For a game that you pay for, at the very least there needs to be an option to close the app and rejoin the game you were previously in. We all know monopoly is a pretty lengthy game, and the last thing this game needs is a glitch that makes you have to quit or restart after playing for an extended amount of time. I see this problem has been ongoing for a couple of years now, so I’d hope the developers could figure out a solution sooner rather than later. Who wants to pay for a game that not only takes a decent amount of time to play, but also wastes the time you spend trying to play it? 🤔

Awesome game but a few suggestions!. I’ve been playing this mobile edition of Monopoly for quite some time and I figured I’d give my official review. I would like to start with a brief list of suggestions to make the game a little more enticing to potential players as well as current players! The maps currently playable are wonderful and creative (as I’ve got the season pass) but if you could try to bring some of the more up to date Monopoly boards that we see in stores such as the Rick and Morty board or the Monopoly Cheater Edition, that would really make the game pop. Adding a section for players to create more custom rules on their private games as well as allowing players to group up with friends and adding other random people from online rather than AIs. Some smaller suggestions would be to allow the players to click a button for random token/name selecting in AI games. Also, being able to look at properties on the board when it’s not your turn as well as a “free view” giving the ability to zoom in on the city and appreciate the architecture while other players are taking their turns. Aside from the occasional lags in the game during online play, I would still rate this game at a 10/10 and will continue to play!

Game breaks literally every game. So I have had monopoly for like two weeks now, and the first week I was just playing against A.I. And getting a feel for the game, but recently I’ve been playing multiplayer. Now multiplayer is fun and all especially when I’m winning cuz I’ll have a few thousand and a row of hotels that bankrupt two other players. But then it’s always fun to just flash my wealth around and buy properties from the last player just so that it’s harder for them, but every time I do this (or just if I trade properties for money in general when someone’s bankrupt) it gets me stuck on the keep property mortgaged page. So I click unmorggage. Then I click it again. Then five minutes later I’m still spam clicking the button and I have to leave to solve the problem. I’ve tried everything I could but it always does this. Monopoly’s a great game and all but honestly I’ll probably just delete the game because it’s just annoying and frustrating when I have a hotel on boardwalk, all the railroads, and like 10 other hotels, while the other player has two properties left unmortgaged, then they win because the lousy game crashes on me. So just make sure you can actually handle monopoly on your device because I’m assuming it has something to do with that. Don’t wanna waste 7 dollars for a game you can’t even play.

Face losing 90% on “easy” vs AI. My reviews seem to disappear so I’ll try one more time because this keeps happening in the game- maybe it needs approval first, but I’ve played years of monopoly including on computer like PlayStation. You should not have to fight to try and not be the first one bankrupt when on easy. It’s been a week now and I’m lucky if I win a game. It rolls me on tax cards back to back from the beginning of the game one game, but lands ai on all properties letting them get houses easily. Then another game I buy and trade to get basically all properties (except the blue ones this game I just finished) and bought every house and hotel to my limit, yet the ai player that lands on blue both times gets hotels right away and somehow goes through the whole board 2.5 times without landing on any of my houses properties and I say 2.5 because by then the computer lands me on both of his blue hotel properties in 2 turns bankrupting me of everything I owned which was pretty much all of the board. I win most of the time playing with our friends/ family and they don’t like trading at all, so that should give an idea of the difference. Good for friends bad computer experiences this week and I like relaxing before bed that’s why I play easy but this isn’t it.

I love it but.... First of all, I don’t usually leave a comment or any reviews but this one push my hand considering this is one of my favorite games. First, i wanna say that the game’s interface is very well designed. It’s like playing the actual game on another level. Second, i like how we have the option to play the QUICK mode since this game is naturally takes forever (which is nice somehow) to end. Third and on the bad side, i wish there is a way for an actual chat rather than the pre wording that is not even applicable for every scenario. EG, if trading cards, reasoning for trades or refuse etc. that would be like the actual game and that will add the excitement in playing. Also, themes, boards, and tokens are way expensive. Would be nice since the game itself is paid, features should be lesser the price and not higher than the actual game. Lastly, on that note i wish there is an option to add the player as a friend for future game. That will actually make the experience more real rather than it’s always random guest and while playing with random people, you can’t add any of those players per say. Overall nice game. Worth the money. But these improvements will make it more fun to play the game.

Too Random - Poor Board Game Design. The developers are regular assuring you that the game is not rigged or random, but that is the issue with the game. Board games in reality are fixed in many ways. For example, a deck of cards with a discard pile ensured that every card in the game will be played before a player can draw a second copy of any card. This also ensures equal odds of getting a card. This app takes the simpler approach of randomly generating the card on each draw. This means you may draw cards like “Speeding Fine” two or three times in a row, while never pulling “Advance To...” cards of any kind. The odds of card drawing seem to also favor the weaker cards. The developers assure that’s not true, but an easy way to restore faith would be to have the cards work with an actual deck and discard system instead of random generation upon each draw. To me, the purpose of this is to mimic the board game, if you wanted to change the fundamentals of the game then a different game mode would be nice. A “Randomized” mode could be fun along with the original two, but I would want the “Classic” mode to run like the classic board game. Otherwise, the game is functionally okay. Some cards do not work as intended, like cards that require paying between players, but most major bugs have been worked out. TL/DR The old app was much better

Monopoly - A Very Fun Game.. This game is my favorite game. I’ve liked the traditional board game ever since I was young. The board game is very fun to play with family and friends. I think that it’s very convenient to have a digital version of the board game on the App Store, that’s why I bought the game on the App Store with my money! For them to have finally make it easy for us to just enjoy the game without actually setting the game up with the traditional board game is pretty convenient. My aunt always says that I take up too much space setting up the traditional in-hand board game and always told us to play outside where the wind will then blow all the money away, and then we’d have to run to retrieve the money on the ground. Until, she suggested me to just buy the digital game on the App Store. Although I really like the digital version of the game, I still want my own, in-hand monopoly board game since the one I always use belongs to my uncle. Very great and convenient game. Though, I’d suggest the developers of the digital monopoly board game to add digital rewards in the game every time you win a match. I’d also want the developers to allow us to see our statistics that we and other users can view such as how many loses and wins we have in total. Maybe even have a statistics of how much rent we paid and earned. Overall, it’s a very entertaining game when it comes to playing with friends and family.

Extremely Fun. Ever since I downloaded this game I have been constantly playing it. This game takes the struggle out of someone having to be banker. A game dragging on for 10+hrs and people are always online playing. There were a few kinks with it in the beginning. But I am seeing that they are fixing it now. I am only giving it 4 stars because as of late a lot of the games I have been in the middle of playing will just not be able to resume. It will be someone else’s turn and they just never come out of their turn. I think their should be a time limit once they have handled they business. Otherwise you have to wait until they “end turn” & this creates problems in the game. My games were all lost and needed to be exited after this occurred and all that I worked for or played for was lost. This creates a waste of time. Which is pretty unfortunate but other than that this game is extremely fun. I purchased both the other boards the snow and the 1930’s board I love all of them. Wish the tokens were a bit cheaper and more options. Overall few bug fixes and this game is going to remain my favorite. I have been telling everyone about it so that they can join me in a game virtually!

Playable, but frustrating. Coughed up the $4 to pay for this game because me and my girlfriend love the board game irl. Have we had fun playing it? Of course. Have we had our fair share of experiences that are hindered by bugs/issues? Of course again. Most of the time when in the “play online with friends” mode, the game just randomly freezes. Nothing that any player can do does anything to get the game out of its funk, and we end up reluctantly having to close out and try again another time. This is something that can be expected from a free game, whatever. But for 4 actual dollars I would very much like a game that is well-polished and free of any game-breaking glitches. The dice rolling also leaves a little bit to be desired, I find myself getting an unrealistic amount of triple doubles like Lebron James and consequently always end up in jail. The AI also always seem to avoid landing on your hotel tiles and arrive on on juuuuust the right spot depending on the situation. One AI got all of the railroad tiles in one go around the board and I literally vomited all over my phone from anger. Again, if this was free I wouldn’t give a flying fudge but seeing that it cost me 4 of my hard earned dollars I would like a fix to the crashing at the very least.

Good game but has small issues.. I like this game. It is just like the old monopoly I used to play except way faster because the money was automatically transferred. I do have some complaints though. If you’re gonna make an app cost money, don’t have in-app purchases that cost more than the game itself. There is some small details that I am slightly concerned about. If you spam click a property you want to mortgage then you lose money until you can’t click it anymore. When you are paying someone money it will do the transfer animation with the monopoly dollars but it will do the same animation no matter how much money was given/lost. The dice. I am slightly annoyed when they land on a flat surface when it should be landing on top of the buildings. It would be cool if the dice Didn't land on the buildings as if they were drawn onto the board. If they landed on top of the buildings that would be cool. These are just minor issues that I would be fine if they didn’t change. Over all, this was a great game to play with my family and I highly recommend playing it because you can pay 15 dollars for the real version or 4 bucks for a virtual version that goes faster.

Nice Rendition, A Bit Cold. This is a slick, nice running monopoly game. I first saw it played on Twitch and said I have got to experience this. The graphics, animation and modeling are really fun. Based on old reviews, I think many issues from the past are solved. The network seems reliable and the rules and variations are pretty much on point. The AI players add a new dimension. They are annoying at worst and a wonderful addition for shrewd dealing humans, at best. The klunky repetitious and nonsensical “offers” they make are pretty bad. And the fact that they only assess deals based on value of the deeds and classifying them as “easy, medium, or hard” just improves their luck and reduces yours makes them pretty frustrating at times. But they’re fun to push around and like I said, they create a whole new dimension in game play. Imagine making a deal with a predictable robot to mess up your human opponent, etc. That said, the overall game feels cold and lonely. How do we know we are really playing against a human when we join Multiplayer online? What is our own record of wins and losses? What if we want to play against a particular player again? Marmalade and Hasbro are doing a pretty nice job getting all their games online. But these old parlor games deserve at least a minimal social component to keep people returning. Edging really close to four stars!

It’s functional but I expect more!. Why is this so limited. I play on the Nintendo switch and PlayStation and both offer different playing mode like free parking and snake eyes. Nintendo switch offers goal game modes like magnet and property improvements. There needs to be custom game mode option for online play, in game texting or more comment choses. One thing different that this game offers is that you can check property information particularly the number of times the property has been landed on, which I really like while the other two platforms don’t offer that. Though it is ridiculous that these options can only be viewed while it’s your turn. This information should be available at anytime! Lastly, my biggest complaint That at times in rages me is these games tend to be one-sided and the dice rolls hardly ever seen random where is the same person keeps skipping over the same properties over and over and over again. Those individuals also seem to dodge taxes nearly the entire game game. I’ve seen both sides of this because I’ve been on both sides of it where is I’m the one dodging the properties and the taxes and other people get devastated.

Been playing for 2 months…. I have been playing this game for just about two months now and I can honestly say that the frustration is outweighing the fun. Other people reporting that there is nothing random about the dice rolls are 100% correct, in my experience. I’ve played dozens of single player games since buying this and I notice the exact same patterns that others are reporting. I don’t mind losing a fair game, that’s part of the fun. I’m also not saying that the AI makes you lose every game. But it does feel like a good number of games you just see the AI sail past multiple blocks of properties you own, not just once but over and over. Only once you lose all your houses and are bordering on bankruptcy do they start landing on your property. This happens quite frequently. I have I’ve seen developer feedback back to this on other reviews and they say, we would never intentionally want the player to have a negative experience. I believe them, but I also wish they would take another look at the single player AI, algorithms. whatever you want to call it, because there is a balancing issue and it’s ruining the experience, at least for me. Again, nothing wrong with losing, it’s what makes winning fun. But when you’re losing to the same recurring patterns and it gets to a point where you can predict the AI rolls, that’s just not fun. I hope the developers read this and consider the feedback as I will continue playing the game in hopes that changes are made.

The Best!!!!. I absolutely love Monopoly! I finally bought this game! (And I’m so glad they finally put it back in the App Store) My brother and myself are always playing it on the board, but after so long one or the other of us gets sick of playing it with only 2 people because all you do is hand money back and forth. So now we can play to our hearts content!! I remember there being a Monopoly in the App Store awhile ago and I absolutely loved it, but our iPad crashed and I couldn’t find another one until now. There is one thing that I loved about the old one that this new one doesn’t have and that’s is: while you are playing you could look and see how much % chance this certain lot would be landed on and by whom. For example, when I’m trying to build a house I’d look and see if the cat coming down the road would land on either Baltic Ave or Boardwalk, and the one with the greater % I’d build the house on. (I hope that makes sense) Anyway that’s about the only thing I’d change! And by the way, I LOVE that you do not have to be connected to WiFi to play!! Keep it that way!!

Not for me. I loved Monopoly when I was a kid, but the way that they’ve done this game just kind of ruined it for me. First off you buy the game, but then pretty much 90% of the options are hidden behind a Pay wall. And they push it very overtly, giving you countdown timers for “discounts”. Want to change the name of your player, pay us money. You want to use a different board, pay us money. Don’t think of buying this game like you’re actually buying the game, it’s more like you’re paying the fee to enter the arcade to spend more money to play the games or have the full experience. I also noticed that this is not really a game of chance when you play it on this app. I’ve noticed my “luck” drastically changes depending on the status of the game. Such as last time I played it. After I had built some houses, I land on community chest and I get the card to pay for each house and hotel, then immediately land on chance and get the same card. Then land on chance yet again and get a go to jail card. I even went so far as to track all the dice rolls. There’s a known probability distribution for rolling two dice. I tracked hundreds of dice rolls and found that it does not follow a two dice roll probability distribution. The game will give you the dice roll that it wants to give you, it is not a normal dice roll. It will give you the chance and community chest cards it wants to give you, it is not random. It takes all the fun out of monopoly for me.

Decent game but has problems. Edit: Adding to this months later. Just played a game where I went around the board 6 times and didn’t land on a single color property that can be built on. Watched 2 AI’s set to medium acquire 2 FULL sets each within 2 passes around the board. 1 AI specifically had 2 oranges and not enough money to buy the 3rd, but landed on the single property it needed 3 times in a row before it finally had the money to buy it. Incredibly rigged and frustrating, the OPPOSITE of a game of chance. Worst 3$ I’ve ever spent, don’t waste your money. First off the game is noticeably rigged. (Surprise right). Any time I put the computer difficulty to Medium and above, 95% of the time I’m the last to roll and when I do half the time I land on 200$ tax my first roll. Second I wanted to see if it was possible to own all properties on the board, it is, but as soon as I got to that point I went to jail my next 10+ turns in a row whether it was from landing on chance, 3 doubles, or landing on the man himself. I kid you not I spent 15 minutes straight going to jail. The only thing difficulty should control is trading/managing properties, not taking the random aspect out of the game and rigging it against you. Can’t tell you how frustrating it is rolling last on 90% of games and getting screwed over on every chance and chest landing.

Too busy. Unlike traditional board games that you buy once and when taken care of will last your lifetime, you have to purchase electronic board games over and over again! I have purchased monopoly many times since 2005 for my computer and then iOS devices. I am repeatedly forced to purchase new versions through planned obsolescence by Hasbro changing who is licensed their game. In 2017, after upgrading my iOS software, my previous version stopped working. I again purchased the latest “official”version licensed by Hasbro—that time to EA. Like the previous versions, very little changed. With the most recent new iOS update, the EA version crashes only when you select play a new game. The version was the traditional board with traditional rules and specific optional rules that I liked. I once again purchased the “official” version (this version) to find something that is too busy and not traditional at all. Ironically, it has a photo that shows the traditional board, but that isn’t an option! None of the customizable optional rules reflects the choices of upping the starting dollar amount, setting a specific (higher) amount for free parking, etc., that allowed the game to progress at a faster speed. Extremely disappointed! I requested a refund and will try again in a few years when Hasbro licenses the game to someone else again under their planned obsolescence system.

Please update chat. I really love monopoly, and this mobile version is awesome! I’m able to play with my sisters who are on the other side of the country. I only have 2 issues with this game: It freezes sometimes and we aren’t able to finish it. I understand that apps can’t be perfect, but it feels like if I pay money for a game on the phone I would like it to work properly all the time. The second issue is the chat options. It’s cool that they have a chat, but I don’t like that there’s only set options for the chat and you can’t say what you want. I get it if it is to prevent foul language when playing multiplayer, but I think there should be a chat box where you can type what you want if you’re playing “online with friends”. If you’re playing with your friends then I want to be able to talk to them when playing not be limited to the set options. Can you please consider changing this, and looking into the game freezing? Thank you. Again, I love this game very much and I have a lot of fun playing it. I play it almost every day with my sisters. It would just be much better if those issues were addressed.

A Game that Should Be Great. This game should easily be 5 stars. It looks amazing, it’s got great visuals and animations, the controls and interface are fantastic, and it has great pacing. There’s just one big problem that makes it very frustrating to play. When you play against AI set to Medium or Hard difficulty, your rolls are sabotaged. I’m Easy mode, players all hit spaces with the same random likelihood and the AI players will just accept almost any trade you make them, making it easy to win. In Medium mode and higher, rather than making the AI more intelligent with their decisions, the game just makes your rolls extremely unlikely to be good, which is not a fun way to increase the difficulty at all. At the start of the game, you will almost always either hit a space that is owned or you will hit community chest. The AI players will often have 5-7 properties before you get the opportunity to buy even one, so there is almost no way to catch up, and the AIs will freely trade each other color sets constantly. Also, I hit Income Tax probably 5-6 times per game. Seriously, keep track of your games and you will realize you hit Income Tax at a much, much higher rate than any other space on the board. It’s a beautifully designed game that should be a blast to play, but the odds are clearly stacked against you which makes it not much fun, unfortunately.

SO MUCH FUN.....when it works.. I love monopoly and the app because it takes away the hassle of keeping up with board pieces and having someone act as the bank. However, it is far too common for a player to get disconnected or for the game to freeze, ultimately ruining the entire game and leading me to have wasted 2 hours of my time. Also, it is hard to differentiate when a player is simply not paying attention, forgets to roll, or forgets to end their turn so it would be EXTREMELY USEFUL to have a ******chat function****** or at least a button the players could use to notify other players when the game has come to a standstill. I really hope that the monopoly app creators will take these suggestions into account as I have recommended the app to many people and know they have experienced the same frustration as me. Also, it would be awesome if their was a way to pause the game (which I know may actually difficult due to connection issues). Additionally, the game disconnects when someone gets a phone call or even if low battery signal pops up on a players phone. Sometimes the bots will pick up and play for the disconnected user but other times the game is screwed. Regardless, I love how the game is customizable and has great layouts. Love this game, will definitely keep playing, but would profoundly appreciate some improvements given that the Monopoly brand has historically been held with such high regard.

Love this game!. EDIT: now that I’ve gotten a developer response informing me that they are working on giving the players options of which community chest cards they would like, I’m happy to give the game a full five stars! They have been working hard to please everyone with this game and including features like offline pass and play and fixing bugs left and right and I can only say that I really appreciate all the effort and love they give this game. Five stars well deserved. Original review: I love this game and I really want to give it five stars but my only gripe is that they changed the community chest cards. I get that a lot of people are offended at the old cards because everyone in society is so hypersensitive about everything these days and everyone likes to be a victim but it just shows that they are willing to compromise on the game to not offend people who get offended at virtually everything. I lost a bit of respect for the company but the game itself is still amazing. I’m just going to postpone my updating of the game for now.

This game is indeed a travesty. This is a false, absurd and distorted misrepresentation of a classic 120 year old American board game that was in reality stolen from and old, grey haired Quaker woman to begin with. The dice are loaded in favor of the AI, as the rolls are definitely not the product of a random number generator as the truly should be. I believe I can prove this beyond the shadow of a reasonable doubt by way of recorded motion screen capture of the “tip toe” pattern that emerges after the player develops any of his properties. The AI will simply not land on those properties for a minimum of 3 times around the board. If it were truly random, a bell curve representing landing on improved properties v not landing on improved properties would emerge, not the 100% in favor of the AI as this game clearly provides. Another aspect of the game cheating is its “deadening of the touchscreen area of a property you wish the mortgage or unmortgage”. Clicking or pressing the screen does nothing because that area of the screen has been rendered useless; unaffected by your touch. These are just a few of the featured frustrations this game offers. If you can move forward from these discrepancies the game is pretty cool and a good way to kill some time or take your mind off of something else even more negative that’s eating away at you. So, come on with the shenanigans Devs. Why you gotta be like this, huh?

Addictive but flawed. From a design perspective the game is very good. I like the customizability of the options like not having to do auctions or getting 400 if you land on Go itself. If you play single player mode against the machine, here is what you can expect. You will go around the board very slowly the first one or two times while the other three players jump ahead 7 to 11 spaces at a time buying up all the properties ahead of you. You will land on chance, community chest, free parking, every place except the properties that you want to buy. When you do eventually collect a color group and try to build houses or hotels there, expect other pieces to land on the space in the middle of your properties or land just beyond them. You have to wonder how random the dice rolls are. There are difficulty options, which is far as I can tell just affect how willing the other pieces are to make trades with you. When it’s not your turn, you can see them freely making deals with each other, but when it’s your turn, expect to have to pay 200 over face value to buy any property while they assemble groups right away. If you can’t get a group going right away and build on it, you will be wiped out quickly. You will find yourself mortgaging everything and selling your house off right away as the other pieces build quickly.

Please Beta test before releasing updates, Thanks!. I would of course give this game a better rating if there wasn’t a problem, but boy, was there a problem! I woke up this morning to play everybody’s favorite board game when I noticed that the interface had changed slightly. Apparently, there were some ‘improvements to the interface’. I didn’t think it was I big deal at first until I hit a brick wall. You see, I was trying to buy a house on States Avenue and with the ‘improvements to the interface’ they’d added, the stupid Buy Houses button completely covered up the property, so good luck putting a house on States Avenue! (or Virginia Avenue, for that matter!) These ‘Improvements’ make it very hard to see what I was doing at times, but make it impossible to do certain things to other times. This makes the game virtually unplayable at times, particularly making certain plays like trading or mortgaging property or buying/selling houses. I’ve been playing this game a lot recently and only noticed this problem today, which means it updated last night for me to enjoy these ‘improvements to the interface’ today. I’m playing on an iPad Pro 12.9 if that helps your designers fix the issue, but quite frankly it shouldn’t really matter. The software should’ve been tested more vigorously before release. Put simply, PLEASE FIX, THANKS!! Other than that, the game’s great!

Want more in-depth custom rules available. Fun but want more customization. The monopoly rule that when you go bankrupt, regardless of total debt owed, all assets go to the player to whom the debt is owed is totally ridiculous. If I owed $100 to a friend and couldn’t pay they wouldn’t get everything I own. The bank/collections would when they seized my home and assets lol. The player should get compensated for the debt fairly at atleastttt that value FIRST (lots of fun options here)…and then all properties can either go to auction for all or be returned to the bank and become available for purchase as you roll. Otherwise players that have been getting trounced all game can just get ridiculous freebies (properties, sets, etc) at the expense of the wealthy players who really did the “bankrupting.” Totally absurd. As an example, I just all but bankrupted 2 CPUs with my hard-fought-for sets and then in succession they both owed the 3rd CPU player less than $30 each on their next rolls and went bankrupt…and suddenly the worst player on the board just got 4 complete mortgaged sets and every other property on the board. Laughable. Maybe thats a Monopoly rule bc this game was made for teens? Regardless, never played that way as a kid bc it was a joke and ain’t playing that way now.

FLAWED!. There are some things you have to fix. First of all, the game treats the computers fairer than me, and me fairer than other people on Online with Friends. Second of all, we shouldn’t have to pay ANYTHING! Especially $40 on the season pass, they say save 74%, but in reality you may not save anything. Update Response: I bought the Explorer Pack, and I will admit it was fun to use, but it is just a main way of showing off sometimes and makes no changes, be glad I am not changes my rating to 1 star. Let me explain my problems in more detail. The AI is stupid. They hope for the best with their roll of the dice and often I have to quit the game just to make things fair, as in many other reviews, the AI is rigged. Problem #2. Monopoly is a simple board game, why do you have to PAY MONEY for a simple board game. Explain that in your response. Problem #3. I realized that Online with Friends gaming will sometimes freeze, or be out of order with the turns of other people. It will say it is one person’s turn, when really it is the next persons turn and sometimes vice versa. You are better than Bloxels, who deletes reviews. Thank you for your time and patience! Monopoly is one of the best board games created! Just please fix the bugs!

great game!. i only wish you could save multiple games and that some extra things got unlocked as you played instead of it all being for cash only... if you feel the game is rigged against you, (i mean it IS three on one!) play as two players as your own little acquistion corporation…. i simply rig it back in my favor by acting as my own bank… keeps it fun and stress free… 😊 when you start playing, buy whatever you can and buy up every auction until you interrupt every color block and rr and utility... just prevent them from getting any monopolies and you will win every time... always try to keep the $ close to even in both of your accounts... snatch up mortgaged properties when your enemies ae desparate... you know you're going to eventually win so you can relax and view all the money in play as yours, the computer players are just unwitting agents acquiring you more and more money the longer you play... every time they pass go, i collect $200 eventually! 😀. i milked a game for hours and when i got bored with it and quit (multiple save slots would have been nice here) i ended up with $68K...

Needs SERIOUS fixing.. There are a few things that keep this game from feeling like a genuine Monopoly experience for mobile. One of my biggest complaints is the fact that you cannot do something as little as pull down your notification screen a smidge without being forced to bear a 20 second+ dimmed out “Rejoining game...” screen. That’s ridiculous. Why should it take that long to get back in the game when I hardly even left? The connection errors/bugs are ridiculous and make it rare to get a solid game in. That’s unacceptable, really. What’s the point in playing a game that’s likely to crash because of bugs? Also, the lack of any form of communication between players is upsetting. Seriously, no chat box? No ability to use our microphones? You want to charge $4 for a board game and not let us speak to each other? They’re also charging $30 for a season pass that I believe features strictly cosmetics. 🙄 Marmalade, if you want our money at least give us a solid game. Another complaint I have is the only games rules we have to choose from are: Classic and Quick mode. It would be nice to have the options to change the rules/play custom games and whatnot. To the Monopoly fans, tread carefully because this game was clearly developed as a cash grab and not to give us the mobile Monopoly we would expect in 2020. The base gameplay is acceptable, but the flaws make the game close to unplayable.

Unfair Game Play (how is no one talking about this). Design is great. I like the colors and the modern feel of moving environments makes extended play time feel flowy and not stagnant. The peices are fine I just used to enjoy the Car actually driving and the Ship actually sailing so it’s like game is modernized in all the wrong places. Above all else the game play is so very unfair. It rolls you exactly what you don’t need EVERY TIME. I have still never won a game, it lands me on spaces that I can’t quite afford just to show me its updated mortgaging and trading system, you can successfully predict what every player will land on by determining what would be worse for you. I know it’s supposed to make for a “challenging” atmosphere but it’s so heavy handed and obvious. The only fun I have with this game is literally TRYING to lose and watching how ridiculously things play out. If you have big money and storage to but. it’s worth a chuckle but if you’re looking for a fun GAME (as opposed to an hour long march of death) then pass this over.

Annoying. I really regret purchasing this version of Monopoly. I enjoy the game and used to play it on my computer until Microsoft’s updates prevented it from running. This version totally favors the AI players. I’ve played about 20 games and have only once been able to purchase a railroad by landing on it and a couple times when the computer player put it up for auction. Only one time did I ever land on a utility to purchase, but I land on them constantly after the AI players own them. Almost every game one of the AI players will own 3 of the railroads. And once you trade for a color set and build the AI players will land on Community Chest, Chance or a railroad but stop landing on anything you’ve built a house on. A few games I’ve managed to trade for most of the properties on a side, yet as soon as I do I’ll land on everything EXCEPT what I own time after time around the board - something that is EXTREMELY unlikely in a truly random game. Also I’ve yet to be the first player…a few times I’ll tie for the roll of who starts but always lose on the 2nd roll. I’ve played this game as the physical board game and from a disc when it was playable on Microsoft enough to say with confidence that there is nothing random about this version of the game despite what the developers claim.

Great game that’s too glitchy to finish. The game is fantastic, just like the board game. But it comes with so many glitches that it literally becomes impossible to reach the end of a game. Just played 3 games with my friends online, and all 3 ended prematurely due to glitches or malfunctions. For starters, if your phone receives any notifications that pop up on screen, you run the risk of being disconnected from your online multiplayer Monopoly games. This includes pop-up notifications for texts, emails, phone calls, other apps, anything. And especially don’t think about quickly exiting the app for any reason, that’s a guaranteed disconnect. But even if you play the game without distractions, certain mechanics start to breakdown after enough time passes. You’ll draw Community Chest cards to pay $50 only for the debt to not be taken from your account. You’ll roll the dice only for them to disappear and your turn to never end, the token never moving and it being impossible to reroll the dice. You’ll make a trade offer, only for the game to freeze and be impossible to resume. My friends have so much fun playing on the app, but have only successfully completed a handful of games since the app’s release. Clearly, more troubleshooting and supporting updates are required before this app becomes more playable.

Playing against the CPU on hard. I don't typically review games, but I do enjoy playing Monopoly. And this app in particular is made very well with great graphics, user friendly, and stable play.. However I'm a little put off by the way the creators decided to make the computer play on the hardest setting. What I've noticed is that instead of having the computer play a more competitive and skillful game it seems like the creators just resort to rigging the dice and making it impossible to either land on property or for the cpu to conveniently never land on your property if you've built houses or hotels.. So instead of it being a fun and competitive game it's more of an automatic loss. I'm not complaining about losing to the cpu lol.. it's more so that it seems lazy to instead of allowing the dice to fall randomly like they would it real life.. it's sometimes painfully obvious where they next player is going to land based on if I have a property with houses on it.. I would hope that the team would take a look at this review and make adjustments not so that it's easier to win but so that the game Mimics more real life play but with more skillful players as opposed to just programming the dice to not land where it would be favorable for the user.

Non-utilitarian, unnecessary trade offers. The game’s port is great, both for those who want to play the game as it was meant to be played - according to the actual rules - and for those who just want to play using their house rules, as the more popular ones are all playable. Reasons for losing a star: Utility strategy is faulty, as you should never buy a utility at full price (can’t be upgraded, and the rent payouts are too low), but the AI (even at most difficult level) buys the utilities as if they were buildable properties. I have yet to find a Monopoly app that uses correct buying strategy. As with most other Monopoly apps, this one uses the “buy everything you land on” approach, which is okay, but not ideal. Search the Internet and read “The Monopoly Companion” book for the truly strategic ways to play this game. Second, the AI doesn’t know that it should stop offering the same trade over and over once you choose “Reject All” and the board situation hasn’t changed. Rejecting the same trade offer after every AI turn is tiresome, especially when there’s only one AI between you and victory, and you know you’re going to win. Just put up a screen that allows you to resign. You should know when you’ve been beaten. But since it’s a free app (don’t bother with the pay options), it’s a pleasant diversion.

Waste of time. Great game!! However, I bought this app so that I could play with my long distant friends, but we could never finish ANY game. The game has way too many bugs. It crashes and stop the game every time someone disconnect, which affects you and everyone else playing the same match. Getting disconnected is way too common, it happens when you get notification, when you click off the game for a split second, when you get a call, when you get a low battery warning, or poor wifi connection. The game can stop and crash at any point in the game. I wasted 2 hours playing a round just so it could crash mostly every single time. Out of the 35 games I’ve played, I only got through 7 of them. Mind you, I had to pay for this app. It’s ridiculous. DONT BUY THIS APP unless they start making changes and improvements to it. Also they do not have any type of communication system so you can’t talk to your opponents. That should be included in the game to communicate with your opponents, negotiate for trades, or just to simply remind your opponents to end the game. There are many more flaws that takes away the authentic feeling of playing the boardgame Monopoly. Once again, don’t waste your money and time on this app until they start making further improvements and changes to it.

Game Breaking Mechanics.. Hello, I have played several games of Monopoly on this app. So far, the games have all been 4 players with 3 AI all on easy mode. All my games just so happen to go the same way. At first, because the AI is on easy mode, I to great! I’m usually the first to get monopoly while the AI is rolling decent and realistic rolls. This positive trend follows into the middle game up until the endgame. During the endgame, their is a switch. With 2 players bankrupt, me having a thousand dollars minimum 2-4 monopolies all with a few houses and hotels. The other player is generally just as good. But, something changes. For some reason the AI just so happens to just the correct numbers to avoid my hotels/2-4 houses...for like 6 rotations to the board... they literally almost never land on my properties when there is only one AI left. Me in contrary, is landing on every single one of their and gets all the chance cards which make me pay more. The chance cards they land on gives them money no matter what in the endgame. You cannot tell me this game is rigged against the player. Sometimes AI’s came back several thousands of dollars and ended up winning. The game while fun, is against the human player. If not, explain my experiences. “Which happened consecutively”

Waste of Money. I should have trusted others reviews because they are spot on. My first game of this was with my family of four. It’s such a slow slog through rolls, animations and trade offers that we ended up quitting a few rounds in… and that was in quick mode. It would have take several hours to finish the game. Since it lost the interest of my family, I tried to play solo mode against the computer. Wow. Wrong move. In five games, I lost five times, being the first to bankrupt four of them. The random dice turn into your enemy. For one, I ended up being last to roll all but once, and the final time I was second last. That gives the computer the first chance to start and claim all the spaces. During my turns, I typically landed on their spaces or unclaimed ones. They continue to roll doubles and race around the board claiming spaces. When I finally get color combinations, the AI miraculously rolls numbers that land before mine or pass mine, netting no income. The inevitability to this game is eventually owing more in rent to AI with houses or hotels than you can afford, thus mortgaging your properties, until you go bankrupt. That happening four of five times to me is neither random dice nor fun gaming. What a joke. Game over. Deleted. Save your money.

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Major glitch needs to be fixed. Hi. I think this game is really awesome and I’m addicted. My experience though has brought me to a glitch. The major glitch is when someone owes you rent, but they go bankrupt and have to give you all their properties which are mortgages. If you unmortgage them but you don’t have the money to unmortgage them it will ask you that you need to mortgage one of your own properties to unmortgage the one given to you by the player who went bankrupt. After that happens you can: 1. no longer receive money from anyone ( if someone lands on your property and owes you rent they will give u money which you won’t receive). 2. Not be able to have a turn ( it will just keep skipping your turn going to the next player). 3. You won’t be able to win the game even if you have made everyone else go bankrupt. ( it will just make someone who is bankrupt have a turn.) Iknow explaining this might not make sense but it’s really annoying getting this glitch when you were just playing for an hour straight and not being able to win like come on. Overall I think the game is really fun just that needs to be fixed and then the game will be a 5 star game from me. Thanks

A game out of control. I just finished a game against a player call Noblekitty999. This character did not have to paid my $200 when landed on my station. She had no money to paid and ended up trying to sell properties. The green player Hustler297 decided to award this Noblekitty999 with their inheritance and left. However upon receiving the funds and properties Noblekitty999 was let off without paying the $200 fee on my station. That was a pivotal point in the game and the whole game changed with the extra $200 helped this player finally winning the whole thing as the game continued to refrain my player to do anything but roll the dice. I was not able to flip my properties out of mortgage nor build nor delete houses. I demand compensation from this. Also I was only awarded 120XP for coming second in this rigged game! I am super upset because I am a level 40 player who knows when the game is almost set. I was on track to win if the glitch was not there.

good game as long as it doesn’t glitch. i’ve had multiple games now that i’ve had to leave. one game a player A decided they would trade all their money and properties to player B resulting in them becoming bankrupt. but what that did was completely mess up the game and player B and player C were unable to mortgage/unmortgage, build/sell houses or trade. in fact when they would attempt to trade it would say player A is thinking about making a trade offer. after 10 minutes i gave up because the game was endless. i noticed someone else also left a similar review and it seems like the developers seemed to not pay it any attention. another case that’s happened multiple times is the game just freezing in a way where you can’t do anything, can’t see whose turn it is so your forced to just leave the game. usually i’d just move on but it’s quite annoying when you need to leave every second game. hope you guys don’t ignore posts like these and actually improve your game

Poor Experience. Organised a Christmas monopoly game with the Mobile version. Everybody joined and was working fine until someone received a phone call. They were kicked from the game and AI took over for that player. During a trade to raise money to pay rent, the trade happened and the rent wasn’t paid. Just before the end the game it froze and crashed and we lost the game. The cost $5.99 was not worth a game that doesn’t work correctly.

Problems. I really love this game especially now that you have made it possible to play in phone it’s even better, but there are some problems that I am facing, like our pieces are invisible idk if it’s the internet problem or the game, I think it’s game cuz other games runs smoothly with same internet and can you add free text like quick chat or emoji to know whether they are playing or not it would be more fun that way too, also can you add time limit like if the person doesn’t roll the dice in 1min they go to jail something like that so that other players don’t have to wait forever, if these are improved in the game I would love to give you 5 stars cuz it’s worth my money. Hope you update it soon.

Online option is rigged. First of all, the rules aren’t even the same as the traditional board game. When playing online the game is completely rigged and always tends to favour 1 player, once someone starts doing well no one else even has a chance. There’s no comebacks. Free parking gets you nothing. The game seems to run on an algorithm where the same properties are landed on at every go around the board. Once someone goes bankrupt the favoured player inherits their properties, it would be fairer if they received the money they’re owed and the properties are returned back to the bank, so other players can have a fair chance. Instead of one player owning 80% of the board.

Fix the game please (very rigged and algorithmed). I know monopoly is already raking in money so u guys probably don’t care much, but this app needs a lot of word, the AI is so bs. The harder the mode the more rigged it will be, i owned brown set, orange set, and red set. And the hard ai only had pink set and managed to make me my friend land on it while he didn’t land on a single on of mine, he then sent us to jail and made us both land on pink the second try which bankrupt my friend and gave the ai the dark blue set. I understand the AI is meant to be hard, but it should just make the AI make smarter decisions rather than make the entire game rigged. And can you guys please fix the dice. It isn’t random rolls at all, the game has a weird and annoying algorithm that tries to make the game longer than it should for no reason. Making poor players land of random jackpots and making rich players constantly get taxed, land on poor people property and etc. fix the game pleaseeeee

Simple thing but can annoy some. Hi. I had a game and did enjoy but found some things that annoyed. 1. The board is US. As an Australian I found it difficult to know where I am since I’ve grown up on the UK board which I thought was the classic board. Costs more to switch to the UK board than the whole game cost me. 2. Something as simple as changing my name can’t happen without signing into an account. Normally not an issue except with all the hacks going on in Australia and around the world, I’m trying to lower .. not raise my internet footprint. Should at least use my AppleID for my name. Otherwise it plays well and looks good.

Major Glitch, needs to fixed ASAP. OK I’m loving Monopoly, can wait to see what themes get released down the road, especially after how they rekindled my love for Cluedo. However, what’s frustrating me at the moment is the fact that even though I want to (was looking forward to playing the Snowdrop Valley Theme over The Christmas break, but couldn’t), I’m unable to purchase any In-App purchase due to there apparently being “No Internet Connection Detected”, even though I’m connected to my wireless at home. Please fix this ASAP. What is the point of having In-App Purchases when the game literally prohibits you from purchasing any of them by telling you that there’s “No Internet Connection Detected” even after you’ve just updated the app (which requires an internet connection)

Monopoly is the best. Monopoly is a game where you can challenge yourself and if you when you feel really good I normally like to play classic instead of timer I don’t know why just classic takes up more of your time and that kind of makes it better and right now I just won and I think it’s great and even though it costs a few dollars it pays off

Honest Review + Recommendation. I have had this game for a while now and it continues to be one that my family and I continue to come back to. The fact that you can play solo, with family members on one device, online with family/friends, or with random people is really good. Basic things such as the main characters, board and dice are all free but you to need to pay for fancier add ons. The one thing I would change is that when it comes to versing family and friends online, it would be appreciated if there was a way to leave and come back to a game instead of being disconnected completely if you have internet troubles, etc.. It would certainly make my family and I more motivated to play those games together knowing that we don’t have to sit down for a couple hours straight in order to finish the game.

Fun but needs a scoring system!. Love monopoly and love what you guys have done with this! My main qualm and problem that disengages me from playing more is the fact that there is no personal record of “won games” or “winning streak” or any point system at all. If you could create a point system that other players can click to check out your achievements and compare with their own, that would make the game SIGNIFICANTLY more fun and incite competition amongst online players! Please, please develop a record system that tracks our wins and losses!

Glitchy Expensive, Glitchy, Mess of an App. Horrifically built. Do not download.. *game is hyper, hyper expensive. You can literally buy a physical monopoly set for the cost of the season pass. Some micro transactions within the game are more costly than the entire original PC port of this game, which is ludicrous considering it’s already not particularly cheap for the base app. Typical hasbro. I wouldn’t mind so much if the app was made well and didn’t glitch consistantly. But.... *Playing on an iPhone XR, encounter a game breaking glitch in around 30-50% of online matches I play. Usually in the form of all the buttons on the left (mortgage, deal and property purchase buttons) completely disappearing for no reason and being impossible to make visible again, or the game simply freezing mid turn. I thought maybe this was a latency issue, but left it unattended to catch back up and it was still loading mindlessly 20 mins later. *Game completely disconnects and reconnects if you accidentally minimise the app, lock your phone or even slightly swipe back out to the app marquee. This leads to game crashes or further glitching around 40-50% of the time. *No in game chat. Monopoly isn’t a kids game. There’s no reason for WSOP to have curse-sensitive text chat available and not Monopoly. I maybe get where they’re coming from, but surely there’s a compromise. Even button chat options, or something Alike, would make the online play at least feel somewhat interactive.

Devs, please read this. I really love the game, I'm only giving it one star to get your attention, then I'll edit it to 5 stars On the next update, could you expand on the in-play messages? It really needs expanding, it's so frustrating the way it is, there is a real need to be able to communicate better with other players Could you add these? "Why?" For when someone who is near bankruptcy, and buys Park Lane, or just does something completely rediculous. "Why did you do that?" Would really come in handy "Maybe later" For when they want to trade a property, or make some form of deal, but you're not quite ready to do it. This would stop them getting angry, and not want to trade with you later, it would also let them know it's not completely out of the question, but there is a possibility Change "Hurry up!" To "Please Hurry" (No explanation needed here) Get rid of "hmmmmm" it's just gay, never used, and adds to more scrolling to find the message you want "Lol" this would be used heaps if you added it. Anyway, that's my two cents worth, let me know what you think

Monopoly review. Game is a fun game and is really high quality for six bux I mean it’s just Monopoly but unlike the board game version you can play solo just like normal monopoly you can play with friends or online for playing on your own you can make it harder for more experienced players or noobs that you know never played and you can choose custom rules e.g when you land on go you collect 400 or you don’t collect rent in jail there are many more options than that tho. There are different boards that are 3D yes 3D! With many 3D maps. The design is smart it’s cartoony but not to cartoony also having different pieces with tons of options to choose such as a T. rex or a cat many times of me playing it I’ve always had lots of fun building my monopoly in game. This game is a very well rounded game with great graphics epic mechanics all for only a cheap six bux may be different depending on the currency but still it’s great and fun peace out

Great but super frustrating.. Was having a blast playing with my friends last night until the issues started - it really puzzles me how this app struggles to bounce back if the host or other players connection dips. We had to restart our game after 30 minutes of play time followed by 1 hour and 30 minutes into the second game. Monopoly is already frustrating enough as it is let alone having to worry about the game freezing 3 quarters of the way through. I honestly feel like the theatrical features of this game should be toned down if they can’t master letting the average user get through a game.

Great games, serious issues. Love monopoly and it’s a shame that this app has such big problems. 1. 70% of the time on online mode, game gets half done, then gets stuck on one person rendering the game unplayable. Please fix. If someone quits, replace them with AI and let the other users know. 2. For a game with a reputation for taking so long, each movement and animation takes far longer than it should. These should be as quick as possible to facilitate fast playing. Nothing worse than a slow game. 3. No progress can be made or levels or challenges or any effort to make the game a little bit engaging. No matchmaking with similiar players. Has lots of potential but just poorly designed.

Pricey for what you get... Another glitch.... Rather expensive. The upfront payment only gets you a basic kit. Pay more in-game to get any extras. Gave it four stars because it looks promising, and I played it for a week or more before today’s problem. Was playing solitaire, into the serious part of the match, then suddenly I was unable to buy houses. I could sell the houses I had, but not buy them back. Tried restarting, played for a while to see if it would fix itself. Would like refund...

More than I expected!. This digital Monoploy is the best version I’ve seen, really a great game that makes it easy to play the Monoploy we all know and love to hate; either solo, with friends or online! Seriously worth the money, and although there are in game purchases, they aren’t really needed unless you want them. The App Store price gives you the full game that includes that which everyone has come to expect from the physical version and more. And if you’re like me and can’t convince others to play me at Monoploy every other day, then the solo mode is for you. The hard mode AI are great competitors, but don’t forget the online mode as well!

Great but frustrating.. Great game. Very frustrating. Some games play through till the end. Often times just freezes part way through regardless of internet connection. Also, when playing with friends, cannot pause play... if someone needs to leave the app for some reason, they cannot re-enter the game to play on. Also, when playing 3 players, once one player has become bankrupt, you cannot do any deals with the remaining player, it defaults the deal to the bankrupt player with no option to change and nothing can be done. Some work needs to be done.

"We've fixed it" but they haven't.. UPDATE 24-May: Once again the devs release an update to fix unreliable online play and it does nothing. Still unreliable, still frustrating, still ripped off. UPDATE 17-May: Tried it again and sure enough it just froze with no action on the AI player an hour into the game. This makes it 4 out of 4 games that have frozen. UPDATE 16-May: Latest update has made the game even more unreliable. We've played three games and every time it has frozen. Their infrastructure (by their own admission) wasn't sufficient and it's no better with this latest update. Developers - Forget the new features until you fix the game itself 🤦‍♂️ 1 - Randomly the game will stop and it's no one's turn. Can't get it to move to the next persons turn, so the game just stops. 2 - If I'm playing "Online with friends" and I dare to change to a different app, it disconnects the game and then there's a 50/50 chance the game will crash out (as above) or I'll be replaced with an AI bot. It's incredibly disappointing to be playing against friends and then to have a game destroyed by glitches.

Love it!. (1) - love the game, no complaints (2) - not 100% sure of fairness as i don’t always stay through the full round (3) - if i could change/add it would be … (1) I love the game it’s easy to understand, fun and fair, no complaints at all. I mostly use the game for single player and before buying read all complaints, they were mostly about multiplayer, only tried it a few times but seemed to work completely fine i have only had the game one day but already addicted and nothing wrong. (2) I did say the game was fair but if i’m honest i don’t completely know as if i’m even starting to lose i quit and re start so every game i play i win ahahahahaha but personally no complaints from me! (3) I love that you can customise the rules suited to your personal preference although if i could change anything i would recommend that the creators add a feature where you can disable buying properties unless you’ve been around the whole board and passed ‘Go’ at least once as in the past i usually play that way but it doesn’t bother me (i just think it would be cool to add that in as i know other people play that way sometimes not everyone but yeah)

Good but needs improvement. So far me and my partner love the game however quite recently the online multiplayer modes glitch and the whole game freezes , we end up waiting for it to come back just to end up quitting , ruining the momentum. Please try and fix this bug, it happens almost 2/5 games played Other than that it’s great, but definitely on the expensive side of things. Should be an option to talk to players aswel rather than the one word responses

Options and Profiles. This game is really great. I love a game of Monopoly to pass the time, but there needs to be more free options for boards and pieces. I understand you have to buy some and that’s fine, but all of them. It’s already a paid for game. I also feel like your profile should track how many games you win or lose, even against the computer. Would be more fun if you could track your progress and maybe what colour sets you then to buy more, or highest number of houses or hotels in a game. Highest earnings. It would be great to see it evolve

Disconnection Issues. This is a great game and is just like the physical monopoly, however disconnecting is a serious issue that impacts overall enjoyment significantly. As monopoly can often take 2 hours or more to complete a game, it is extremely frustrating when you experience internet issues, your phone goes to sleep as you get a glass of water, or even you open another app and it permanently disconnects you from your game you’re 90 minutes into. I haven’t completed a full game in days due to this very issue, having started over 4 games in that time. Incredibly frustrating, especially when you can see the game you were just playing but are unable to partake, which often happens if you have been disconnected for over 1 round, the game just fails to load you back in. If this issue was fixed or simply was more forgiving, it would improve overall enjoyment significantly. Other apps do a similar thing, it is possible.

Stuck on reconnect!!. The game is good and feels pretty much like the real thing, but if you get a notification or touch the home area on the screen, check your battery lever or ANYTHING, it disconnects you, which is very annoying, and you can’t return until the next turn. If you are in the middle of doing something and it disconnects, it doesn’t end the turn and the game is effectively stuck with no way of getting it back! Extremely annoying if you are playing with friends and well into a game. Really needs to be fixed.

Slick but has few bugs. The UI is excellent. Functionality fails at times when playing online mode, this occurs mostly when a player becomes bankrupt and the game stops functionally (though animations etc still move and you can access settings) or takes a very long time to transfer cash and properties. Sometimes moving focus to another app and then back to this one kicks it off again, but mostly it doesn’t. Game functionality suspension is experienced by other players as witnessed by other players using the canned texts (e.g. “Hello” etc).

Next turn. I have been playing this game since a lot of time as it’s fun to play with friends online but when it come to proper online players at start it’s really goes well but the frustrating part of the game is when some one in middle of game doesn’t end turn as they might forget or might have quit. For that there is no timer or any indication of the player wether they are still with us in the game or not. After playing for an hour and waiting for your turn for another half hour doesn’t give me any sort of fun winning the game bunch of times. So this timer or indicator for a player needs to fixed first priority of bugs. If this isn’t fixed then it ruins all the fun of lot more players of “MONOPOLY”.!

Few things are missing but still nice game!. It’s a nice game but there are few features missing which should be there. 1. PC AND HUMAN INDICATOR Indicator if the opponent is a pc or real person (In online games). If the person leave the game for example then you should see a pc Symbole or something like that. 2. REJOIN OPPORTUNITY The opportunity of rejoining a online game if the app was closed or lost the connection. For example that if you are at the main menu you get a message that if you want to rejoin the pending game. If you press “NO” then you can’t rejoin anymore. 3. TABEL OF RENT VALUES If you have the turn you can look up streets/cards and see how much rent the owner got from this street/card. Would be nice to have a opportunity to see a table of all cards of the game and how much rent they earned. Sort by rent value descending. 4. INSPECT CARDS AT ANY TIME That you can inspect cards at any time in the game even it’s not your turn. if in a later update this features got added to the game then I will give 5 stars rating. But all in one a very good game.

Being idle. After playing this game for about a week, i have noticed a very annoying issue with playing multiplayer because a lot of the time people are idle from the game for a while and we all have to wait which i find a huge issue. to resolve this i recommend if being idle for more that a minute you get kicked from the game. this then helps the game to carry on playing without 3 people having to wait for one person.

This game is soooooo good. It’s so fun when you beat the people that you’re playing against. The only bad thing is that you’ve got to buy the game and buy new boards and stuff to play on and there is store too. But you get to play against real people and you can play against computers too. Also, the FaceTime update isn’t actually here I was so excited for the FaceTime update just that it isn’t actually here but no I’m going to try to find it but I don’t think it exists. the cool thing is that you can also quick mode normal mode to take less time. Well that’s what I have to say about the game oh and there’s more modes like pass and play play with your friends so just that

Lack of effort made. This is seriously one of the most cash-grab money hungry gaming apps I’ve ever encountered. It is so obvious the people that created this monstrosity of an app did not care and made this just to make quick money. The app looks so pretty and colourful and gameplay mechanics seem unique but the Overall Gameplay is complete trash. So many times I have had to restart the app because it randomly freezes in an online mode. It often crashes when a player has yet to quit his turn and there are way too often moments where players are forced to wait long periods of time for no reason. When players have a complete set of land, the dice tends to favour land that is unowned and right next to the set. It is so obvious that the game wants to keep the mode going so it manipulates the dice in this way. No level system is implemented. Just randoms playing each other which is okay but for $5.99, i expect at such a price, to have more value and variety within it. Very disappointing. Yet to try versing my friends but after playing this, I don’t think I want to.

Good game but...... could be better. This is a good game but the UK board should be free as it is more popular worldwide than the US one. If I was to purchase the extra UK board and I create the game, the board should be UK for everyone, including my friends.... but for some reason this is not the case and everyone needs to buy the pack. It costs more than the game just to get the board for your own country.. Also when you play multiplayer and someone leaves they should get replaced with AI instead of freezing the game and wasting in some case over an hour of people’s time.

I love this game but.... It really needs to be improved. Playing on an iPhone 11 online w friends and in the middle of the game it just disconnects while connected to both wifi and mobile Data. Also disconnects when u check your battery in the middle of a game. For a paid game, you would expect a bit more of a sturdy game. Thinking of getting the season pass too but this kind of is the one main reason I got the game (playing with friends online) and the fact that I have never been able to finish a game with friends is quite annoying... PLS UPDATE AND FIX THIS MONOPOLY TEAM <3

Non-natural gameplay. If you play single player against three computer opponents, it becomes apparent very quickly that rolls are predetermined to ensure all the properties get bought/auctioned efficiently. It can keep the game flowing quite quickly, but this doesn’t seem fair and natural in the true spirit of the game. Also, you can suddenly snatch up the two blue properties, risk your money to put houses on them, and after three rounds, have no opponents land on those properties. This has happened multiple times and its like the game punishes you for putting all your chips in one basket when statistically it can work in your favour some of the time. Play the physical game with actual peers to experience a proper game. Play the app if you want to challenge yourself against all odds.

Nice graphics but game crashes and bad functionality. The decisions you make in Monopoly often depend on where everyone is located on the board, but the programmers make the pieces disappear at extremely important moments! There is no leaderboard or ranking of any kind so each game stands alone. There is no penalty for quitting or taking ages to have your turn so sometimes you will sit there for five minutes to go and make a cup of coffee and watch TV. Also, unless you’ve ignored all the other reviews, this game crashes. Constantly. The graphics will entice you, but they were clearly made by a different group of people. The logic of how this game is programmed is ridiculous. That’s the programmers - the same people responsible for the game crashing ALL the time.

Biased Dice and AI luck. Monopoly is primarily luck based, so it’s strange to see the same pattern in every game in the pass and play. The blue AI always has lots of money and no properties, the red AI always has lots of properties and no money. They trade completely un-strategic properties to give each other monopolys, for far less than they’re worth. Then even after I have hotels on green, yellow, pale blue and pink, somehow manage to only hit one of my properties every couple of laps of the board. Ive noticed this every game for the past week, 2 games per night, which is enough to make ‘bad luck’ seem implausible. If the AI was fixed, this would be a great game.

A good game until…. Love this game (playing solo). But it has major glitches when it comes to playing against people around the world. Find it especially happens towards the near end of the game where all spaces are taken (too much content I suppose?). I hand off to the next person with the ‘finished turn’ button and it freezes. There is no way to tell the next person and they get frustrated and we all have to quit the game. Such a waste of time. It’s definitly not my connection with 5G and full bars of wifi. In fact going in and out of the app helps (sometimes). Please fix this???

Not as advertised. Not happy Jan! Continually disconnects a player partway through an online game with friends (in my case family) rendering the whole game pointless as there is no way for the disconnected player (usually an upset child) to reconnect. In addition, I purchased the explorer pack so I could play on traditional UK board thinking that if I initiated the game that all players I invite would see the same board, but no - it appears they have to pay $8 each as well. I won’t post the words I really want to use....

Really good game but some flaws. Though it is a really fun and good game, there are stupid glitches that happen every time. 1. After I buy houses and click ‘end turn’, my game freezes and makes me impossible to end my turn which makes everyone mad. I also want an actual chat not just the words that you can only use to make a reason why you’re not ending your turn. 2. Chat is really annoying sometimes. I click on the speeches and absolutely nothing happens so I think they should fix that to.

Great! But...... Monopoly works great, it seems all of your consistent updates have made for a seamless game experience. BUT, there is one feature that I’d love, and that I was kind of expecting when I purchased the game - it would be especially useful during the current times of confinement. That feature is pass to play COMBINED WITH online multiplayer. My partner and I would love to be able to play together on my iPad, taking turns against two other friends over the net. This feature would be super and I imagine alot of people would appreciate it.

Rigged as hell. This WOULD have been fun and entertaining IF it wasn’t so obviously rigged. The dice rolls are not random, statistically improbable to the point of being ridiculous - this becomes even more transparent after you get a monopoly of any kind, your AI opponents almost always seem to get repeated miraculous rolls time and time and time and time again, you might get the odd one land but- what’s the point of playing when this is such as pervasive theme with nearly every game, don’t buy this game unless you want to lose, lose again and then keep losing because no one lands on your property- two thumbs down, game designers need to install a REAL random simulator. Or if you are going to rig the game, go and study play psychology before you write your program

WATCH OUT!!! DON’T BUY!!! complete Glitchy/Buggy game.. You will be lucky if you can every play through a game without it stalling mid game and you have to quit because of it. Came back a few month later to see if it was still buggy the game froze 3 times out of the 3 times I tried to play it. Needless to say complete garbage. This is also not random dice. Players tend to give all their assets and money to a player of their choosing after they lose hope and this screws up the game for the rest of the players trying to play. Save your frustration and mental health for something else!!!

My opinion and advice (read). Omg BEST GAME EVER and I also recommend you to play “pass and play” cause I owned the whole board and money with it it’s so cool. 1 minor issue the waiting a month to change your name is kind anoying but other wise it’s amazing! I think the maps should be free cause they look amazing, houses and hotels are just STUNNING. 🤩 I’m JUST WONDERING if you could update it so more then four people can play if that’s ok 👍🏻 with you Like maybe 5 or 6 but the game will prob go for hours then also make more game mode choice things if your allowed to but otherwise it’s a really fun game all these monopoly lovers should download its FREE NO SUBSCRIPTIONS YOU ALSO DO NOT HAVE TO PAY TO PLAY IT LIKE OTHER APPS! I Certainly recommend this game for people. FIVE STARS ✨ CONGRATS 🥳 hope you read this!

Just played - Monopoly was actually fast-paced!. So I didn’t expect to get all of the fun original Monopoly when I downloaded - it’s actually more fun in some ways as an app. All the tedious board game logistics, like setting out cards, flicking through paper money etc. was out of the way, which allowed us to play an INTENSE game. I never played a game with so many mortgaged properties and so many deals, it was subtle, tricky, full of twists and turns. You can blast a few rounds around the board effortlessly enjoying the clickety-clack of pieces moving. I’m not saying you can replace the nostalgia of a physical Monopoly board - what I’m saying is app version lets you play original or custom rules monopoly games so wicked fast it would be impossible to do by hand. Monopoly aficionados will feel like savants.

Bug need to be fixed. I think this problem need to be fixed urgently. It happens a lots of times already. The game always lag in the middle of game when I do a little bit complex action such as buying several houses or checking some cards. And I tried changing the wifi to data and it doesn’t recover. It says reconnecting, and when it finish reconnecting, there is still no button for me to end my turn. I can see the other people saying ’Hurry up’ but I just don’t have the red button to continue. If I close the game and reopen, I could not get back to the game I was on and needed to start a new one. Please fix this as soon as possible as this is affecting my game experience heavily and it feels terrible when I cannot continue on a good progress in the game.

Unable to complete games. I find it frustrating that whenever I’m playing with friends and decide to open a seperate app (to read a convo in instagram for example) briefly, I get kicked out of the game and am unable to rejoin the room, effectively wasting 1+ hour of my and my friends time on a game that wasn’t even close to finishing. So many rounds have been utterly wasted due to a family member suddenly calling one of us, etc. Overall this game would be so much more worth it if it didn’t forcefully disconnect you from a game just for tabbing out of the app for a split second.

Game is filled with broken glitches that ruin your game. Hi this is the second review I’ve written this one is short because it’s self explanatory. You need to play your own game for real sit down for an hour and play each mode especially play with friends because the game glitched out and I could not return back this is a serious issue because the game will disappear after and have no way back to return. Other glitches were someone will only own 1 railway station and they you have to pay $50 for the one station when we all know it’s $25, when your playing pass and play and your first player and every time you can not at all trade with the AI’s :/ like what this game is a really good time waster but you seriously need to sit down and uncover all the bugs for the game you so furiously rushed with no consideration for the people that HAVE TO PAY FOR THE GAME THAT IS BROKEN!!!!!! seriously please play your own game

More content needed. Edit: thank you for fixing the glitch I can now actually finish games without it freezing. What would make me give it 5 stars is if there was more content like adding other versions of monopoly like dogopoly, disney, stranger things, Star Wars etc. I really enjoy playing this game but what I hate is that I hardly ever get to finish a game which is really frustrating. When someone goes bankrupt the game freezes. Fix this issue and I’ll be more than happy to change my rating

Multiplayer. I feel like one of the main selling points for this game it’s the fact it offers multiplayer, online, with your friends. However be aware the game may decide to disconnect you from the game, for no apparent reason, at any time, and make the game void, even after 25-30 mins of the game. I genuinely like this game and I think it’s fun. But the fact that it it’s sporadic disconnection is seemingly constant (having played this as an online multiplayer for over a year), I wouldn’t buy it for multiplayer, online purposes. The fact it may cut out at any given moment does not make it worth it.

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Sure, it’s Monopoly, but…. As a paid app, this game advertises itself as a “premium experience”. It’s not lying when it says it doesn’t have ads, but I’d have way less issue with this game if there was any type of progression system that rewarded the player to keep playing. I was excited to boot the game up to see all these other Monopoly tokens and maps you could play on besides the default, but after playing many matches, I realized that absolutely NO content is provided to you by playing the game itself. You get one map. You get the default character tokens. All of the other content is visible on the screen for you to buy, so if you want another map, buy a $50 season pass or buy maps individually for $10. Want different tokens to move you around the board? Almost $3, each. There’s absolutely no reason to continue playing the game besides the fact it is Monopoly. And it is Monopoly, so, you get what you were basically expecting, but it sucks to be faced with a mountain of visible content, on a game that you PAID FOR, and have 0, absolutely NONE of it dolled out via gameplay or achievements. It’s a really basic tenant of game design that wasn’t followed here and it baffles me. I don’t even care if some of it was behind a paywall, but 100% of the content beyond what’s first available to the player? What the actual heck were you thinking? If you gave out a few more items via unlockables, that could actually incentivize players, because they might decide they want to unlock it all. But nope, zero sense of progression between Monopoly games. There isn’t even like, a leveling system to show how many games you’ve played over time. Another complaint I have is that the board is hard to see on iPhone, and I have pretty decent eyesight. A simplified view, or more accessible view, would help with the pass and play in the game.

Fun but buggy. Will rate 5 stars when the game gets fixed. Game keeps freezing and then you have to restart the whole game all over again.

Buggy multi, good solo. Just as other players experienced issues with multiplayer, dices show up on top of other players considering buying property, which which keeps me from rolling the dices and play my turn. If free games can make online multi work, then a $6 app like monopoly with almost everything in app being paid content can certainly do it. Good game overall, but $$ should imply better quality, we are not talking about a super complex game here.

Game freezes. This game has a lot of potential but there’s work that needs to be done. The biggest problem is that the game randomly freezes and does not resume. I have not been able to complete a game. Please take care of this issue as soon as possible. Chat mode is also pretty useless. It would be much better if players were able to actually communicate with each through the app.

Frustrating. Honestly, I’ve had a lot of fun on the app but more often than not, online multiplayer just freezes mid game. We don’t care about the chat function. Just fix the bugs, please! I’ve bought the app on two different devices!

Can’t trade in online mode. This app has always been very glitchy and I’ve often not been able to complete games due to it crashing. However very recently it’s been completely unusable due to the fact that no one can make trades in online mode. This needs to be fixed BADLY. Also - I suggest that there be a chat function where you can write custom messages. Would really help aid trading.

Should support more languages. The game is fine, but should support extra languages like Arabic.

Fun. Very fun except there are not enough hotels for all properties

Frustrating. The dice rolls are not random. It’s thousands to one that they could be so consistently awful.

The AI is unfair. How in the hell do you own everything except 5 locations, with properties on them and still lose? Not realistic at all!

bug. the turn doesn’t go to the next player sometimes in multiplayer mode. only way out is to quit the game.

Computer horrible in Monopoly. The computer makes moves and trades that no human would ever do. it seems to sabotage the game just to end quickly. The computer doesn’t understand leverage if I own a piece of every property they will only proposition horrible trades and they won’t take my trades. Halfway through the game the computer players will trade amongst themselves to give one of the computer players three properties. What human would do a trade where someone gets three properties and half the board isn’t even bought. Waste of money, done playing this junk game.

Multiplayer is a nightmare!. I haven't been able to finish a single multiplayer game. The graphics are good.

New update, new bug. Since the last update, some trade arn’t displayed to the player, or the are really fast then automatically refused. The game also keep freezing.

Do not purchase. Expect to go to jail all the time and never collect $200 by passing go. The game will constantly send you to jail to prevent you from earning income. When you do finally get past GO expect to land on income tax often erasing the $200. While this is happening no one will land on your properties,ever. Eventually the game let’s you pass go and start winning but for some reason draws each game out forever. Save your money and frustration. Do not purchase

The game appears to be rigged. Good graphics and smooth gameplay however when playing against the computer, after multiple games over months, it is very clear that the game is rigged for the computer to consistently avoid your property and for you to consistently land on theirs. Takes the fun out of it when it is supposed to be based on chance.

Pretty fun. Pretty fun game but there needs to be a better way for playing online. Players can hold up a game so bad that you just have to quit!

Don’t even bother. Ai coding is ridiculous. It’s always rigged against player one and it always seems to favour player 3… why? This game is completely garbage and please don’t waste your time buying it. The software coders need something unfortunate to happen to them… like playing their own sht game.

Ripped off. You took away my profile and gave me some random one and won’t let me change it back so I deleted and reloaded the app and same thing… your game sucks what a waste of money… I want my money back 😡😡😡😡

This game is bad. This game is bad I wish I never spent my money I want my money from it back but I can’t

Stupid bot game. Not having a playerbase is not reason enough to scam your players with bots

Number of player caped at 4. Make no sense that we cant be more than 4 in the game should be at least caped at 6. Maybe not in Multiplayer because player might leave but at least in custom game.

Love it. Great app I’ve been playing multiplayer games for about 2 weeks now. I noticed the other day some bugs that are coming up, for example when some players buy a property their colour card isn’t going under that property to indicate they own it. Also every once in a while the game just freezes and no one can do anything. But over looking the bugs it’s a great game

Enable a boot button. Hi Monopoly Team, with your next update please enable to kick a player out of the game. Some players don’t take there turn and the game just freezes it would be enhanced if after 10secs they would be booted and just have a bot continue in their spot. When someone doesn’t continue the game it’s frustrating as it’s all just wasted time and the game freezes. Please enable to boot these players. Thank you for your time as this is a great game!

The most frustrating game ever. A board game needs to have random dice rolls but this game does not. The is nothing more frustrating then have hotels on almost every property and still just watch the other plays go around and around the board never landing on you. Always the space before in between on chance or the space just after. Mean while you keep landing on the only property they have until all your houses are gone. The games winner is almost predetermined before the game even starts. There is nothing fair about this game what so ever and is more frustrating then fun. Save your money. This isn’t worth playing for free.

Poor decisions. This is a great game. However the best part about it is multiplayer unfortunately players make really really really bad decisions which can hand the game to another player very easily

Slow in between turns. This game is so much fun however during the game I think they add way too much time between turns, like say someone lands on a property or gets a chance card they display the card for an annoying amount of time please fix this!!

T’es cool mais faut débourser pour plus de fun. Vraiment cool a pas qu’il na pas de cadeau ou rien c toujours là même ville faut débourser si tu veut avoir plus de fun

Stops at trading.... This app is really bad. Waste of money.

Dropped the ball. The game is good when it’s works. Most of the time it freezes in the middle of the game. Online is the same. You pay $6 but you only get 1 board to play on and you have to pay for the rest. The big issue is when it freezes, online, with friends online, offline. This shouldn’t be happening for an app you pay so much for.

Unfortunate. Love this game, paid for theme pack and its pretty cool! Only issue is how long it takes between turns. When you land on a space, unowned or owned, go to an auction or get some chance and community chest cards they are displayed for an unnecessary amount of time. Also, with the newest update I have found the game glitching A LOT. I even screen recorded it, thats how bad it was. I couldn't get though 3 seconds without it glitching and having to swipe down to my control panel to reload the game. There are so many good things about this game, but the downfalls are starting to outweigh them. I hope these issues are addressed.

Super jeu. J’adore le jeu tel qu’il a été conçu! Vraiment cool de pouvoir à nouveau se servir de nos variantes d’enfance dans cette version......À quand le jeu Monopoly Deal???

New monopoly game!. What a sad rip off,take off the old game,and put this crap on! Very disappointed,big waste of Money for this Senior🤨

that’s not right you need to read this 👇🏻. what exactly we paying for man ??? I love the game but it’s not right that every time I want to play with a friend if the internet didn’t work for exactly 3 seconds the game frizz or not even the internet sometimes by itself start reconnecting and i’ll be waiting for few minutes and then exit the game I’m really mad you guys making money for bad software that’s not fair and i’m not interested anymore to play your game!! I need an explanation?!

Horrible, just horrible. How tf did I get the same community card 2 times in a row? How is it possible to get to jail 5 times out of 10 rounds? Hi is it possible that enemy didn’t land on any of my 2 streets on a single line for 7 rounds landing on the same 2 cells? I had a bug that didn’t allow me to build houses. The game is extremely stupid and does not worth a cent. How, just how did you manage to come up with such a logic?? Refund requested

Playing With Bots Sucks. Fun to play with humans, but with bots is like dumb. There seems to be unfair programming how the dice rolls, as if favouring the bots.

Awful. I Bought the App one Month ago , I tried to play with it , but unfortunately it wasn’t work ,it’s just come until the Loading… part ! I tried to uninstall and reinstall it more than 40 times , My iphone is 12 pro max , it doesn’t the iOS or the cellphone problem , I report that problem with the company, i sent so many emails to them , but they told me we didn’t have any same problem, so we don’t have any solution for this. I paid for it, I can’t play with it , and they don’t care at all ! It is unfair.

Fixed. The single one on one player that you play against the computer is totally fixed in this game why didn’t you just leave it with electronic arts hasbro you have ruined this game

Trading stopped working. Can no longer trade while playing online

Rolls. The dice are rigged

Monopoly App Sucks. Don’t waste your 5.50 on this app. As a matter of fact how do I get a refund. First off to play on line with friends you have to put in a code that is sent via another messaging app, not invited through monopoly. When you put the code in, 50% of the time it doesn’t work. Often the app doesn’t allow you back into the game if you leave for any reason. The game actually continues with the computer playing your turns if you step away for any reason. It’s monopoly, what’s the rush!! There should a way to chat with other players while watching play. Nope there isn’t!! So you can’t chirp or get chirped!! So many improvements needed!! A company like Hasbro has been around forever should be able to get it right!! Sorry, that’s my rant!!

Programming is a mess. Should have spent more time fixing bugs rather than 3D - every 7 or 8 games the game freezes (usually when someone goes out by trading away all their properties). It’s very frustrating to commit an hour or more then not be able to finish the game. Fix the bugs please!

Lots of bugs. I wonder if the multiplayer version of this games was tested properly. The amount of bugs is insanely high. 1. Sometimes a player exits the app while in its the players turn and that game hangs forever 2. Why can I see other players cash during a multiplayer game? 3. A player purchases a land and the players color code does not show under the land except you exit the app and return The list is endless.

Should be free. Really annoyed that I paid 6$ for this game and haven’t been able to finish 1 multiplayer game.

Shifty game. Do not purchase this game because it is poorly designed and it is just waste of your time and money

It's good but could be better. I do enjoy it, but it would be better if it kept track of your score, had some kind of leaderboard and also had some incentive to different milestones if you win, could include different counters or different monopoly board countries, It's pretty easy to get bored of playing after a few weeks when nothing changes without spending more money.

Current bug. You have a current bug that doesn’t allow some players to trade. It quickly rejects the offer before anyone can even see it. Please fix this glitch. Thanks!

Poor connection. If you disconnect for even 1 second 99% of the time you can’t join back.

BOYCOTT MONOPOLY. This game is rigged and needs to be taken off the App Store. Stop making games like this. I am very unhappy after spending what could’ve been two coffees at Tim Hortons :(

Bugs, but fun!. Echoing the other reviews, multiplayer is a mess whether you play online or not. Seems to be a bug after trading, the dice never show up again. Unsure how this runs in the background because play doesn’t seem to continue if I pull my control center menu up for a second to adjust brightness, change music etc. Hoping some updates will be released soon and that gameplay will improve! I’d also love to play the paid board once for free before purchasing, just a suggestion.

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I can’t believe I paid money for this app. This is probably one of the worse game apps I’ve ever downloaded, let alone played. The dice/computer COMPLETELY controls who controls the board, and thus who wins the game. This game is suppose to allow one’s ability to make good deals determine the player’s ability to monopolize the board. However, MOST of the games I’ve played the dice have been fixed to my disadvantage, and normally allows one or two players to have success. On average, I’m only able to by four, maybe five random properties a game, which doesn’t even allow me to make any trades at all with other opponents! In fact, in one of my most recent games I ONLY LANDED ON THREE UN-PURCHASED PROPERTIES THE ENTIRE GAME, AND WAS OUT OF THE GAME RATHER QUICKLY!!! And this has been consistent throughout most of the games I’ve played. This game, the disadvantage of the dice constantly working against you, have made this game EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING TO PLAY!! I don’t mind losing at all, but I DO mind the dice/computer dictating who’s allows to land on what properties, thus creating a disadvantage to some players. Fix this problem or refund me my money, and I’ll just get rid of the app!!!

AMAZING!. I’m hooked. I’ve had it 2 days and I’ve played over 10 games 💖 it is really awesome that they added custom things that you can change. Monopoly had always been my favorite game and I can never get people to play, but now I can play as much as I want! Only a few things I hope they change/fix. Sometimes as I’m about to win the app glitches and one piece is stuck on one space and I have no option but to quit the game I was about to win. Also I think the limited house/hotel thing is stupid. I know it’s realistic but the app should be a little more advanced and fix tedious things like that. In real life me and my brother bought an old game from the thrift store and added the houses hotels and money from the old one to the new one so we didn’t run out. There’s hardly a way to progress with the limited number. Another thing I’d like is more custom gameplay but that’s just a little thing the other two things are more pressing. But overall I love it, it makes me so happy!

I love this game but..... Fix your glitches! I get stuck on certain screens and get kicked off. It’s not my connection nor my internet because I’ve played live games like this a lot and have no issues. But I hate it when I’m winning and all of a sudden I get stuck on a screen and can’t do anything. At the very least allow us to leave a refresh or come right back or something to fix this issue. I always have no choice but to quit to menu! It’s very frustrating! You could allow like a 30 second window if a player doesn’t return and play. Also you should add a chat feature even if it’s preprogrammed with emojis or phrases or something it would be more fun if we could communicate. Time limit or limit the amount of offers/trades in one turn each person could get a maximum of 3 in each turn. This goes for the counter offers also if green tries to trade pink; pink can counter offer that counts as one offer each. They can counter back twice more each and then they either reject or take the trade, and their turn is over.

High potential, missed mark. At the onset I absolutely loved this game. After playing almost 20 single player matches I found some major flaws. The most annoying being the roll of the dice is not random. I understand that anything can happen in a dice roll but it seems the dice rolls are scripted. To prove this I played a single player match against one ai player on easy. I controlled all property and railroads from the go square to free parking, yes that includes the orange properties! The opposing side only had boardwalk and park place. We both had hotels on all monopolies owned. For a numbered point of reference that’s 13 out of 20 to one side while the ai had 2 out of 20 on the opposing side. I recorded 12 cycles and I landed 8 out of 12 cycles on either one of his two squares while the ai landed only 9 times on my 13 squares out of the 12 cycles. Almost every cycle I landed on his two properties and yet many times the ai only landed on a chance, just visiting, income tax, or community passing through unscathed on my side of the board. When the ai did land it was a surprise. I’ve played enough games to realize there is some scripting going on. Very disappointed!

Need to revamp the game!!!. I just recently purchased this app. I had owned it previously on an older phone model but couldn’t retrieve it so I purchased it again. Really sorry that I did! I play single player the majority of the time as I don’t have time to play multiplayer. I thought it would be like my older version. It is not! I have noticed in almost every game, if I reject an offer from one of the A.I. players that I am penalized by the game somehow. I either end up in jail, yet again, or the card I draw inevitable makes me pay somehow! I went to jail 7 times on one game! This doesn’t happen when playing Monopoly in real life! I drew the card to pay for my houses and hotels 4 times in one game! Again, wouldn’t happen in real life unless the game lasted for a really long time! I also noticed that if I get Boardwalk or Park Place that I am bombarded with offers from every single A.I. player in the game, every play! If I reject a trade early in the game, I rarely land on available property or I land on chance or owned properties and end up forced out of the game. I do hope someone looks into these complaints as they are distracting and make me not want to play the game at all!!!

Not At Random. Drives me ABSOLUTELY wackers! I’ve played this version several times. So I know what I’m talking about. Drives me NUTS! You’d think a throw of the dice would be completely random. Right? WRONG! This version actually favors certain random players. It’s happened to me more than just a couple of times. For instance: If I’m lucky enough to own all the properties between Mediterranean and Connecticut and have hotels on all the properties certain players will never land on any of those properties with hotels. Landing more frequently instead on the $200 tax area. Or skip the area entirely and land on Jail. Just visiting. Or on the railroad. But if a certain, randomly chosen, player has hotels on just the green properties then most players will land there assuring a fast end to the game. I’m really happy with everything else about this version of the game. That’s why I gave this version 2 stars. But this bug is big enough that I really have to go from 5 stars to only 2. And is going to cause me (and I’m sure others) to stop playing this game and NOT recommend it to others. 😞

Love, BUT. First of all I just wanna start by saying I love how you guys added monopoly I love!!!! The game play atleast 3 times a day especially if I’m on a winning streak I’ll play even more but when it comes to the online player section you guys have to do better for starter. Can you guys notify us when someone else has left the game it’s really difficult when you don’t know either to wait or leave especially if it’s a really good game going on and you’re waiting 30 mins to see if someone’s left the game or just haven’t been on their phone. Also would it be possible if someone were to leave the game could you guys maybe notify that and then put a CPU into the game and notifying that a CPU has been added so there’s no waited time to see if the game frozen it’s been plenty of times where the game is getting really good and suddenly it freezes it just breaks the point of online and makes me want to play with CPU instead cause it’s less time consuming not having to wait on either the game or other people. But overall the game is great just needs a few adjustments to tweak out -Jam

The game is sorta rigged. The game is great if you’re playing full of friends… if not, the game seems pretty rigged. After about 25 games or so, here’s what I’ve found: If you’re playing with AI, they’re idiots. First, you can exploit it by buying their property right after they’ve bought it for like $50-$100 more than what they bought it for. Another thing, is the AI seems completely rigged. They skip your properties unless they can afford it and will give them low rolls to keep them from your properties but then give them high rolls or lucky spots to avoid them. (There was a time the AI went around 3 times without landing on any of my properties with hotels but then I landed 4 rolls in a row with their hotels and houses to lose the game). The game also feels at time that things are predetermined. Every friend in a full game agrees that it feels predetermined. Some players are just lucky all game while others are constantly put in jail and others just skate by and touch nothing. It definitely doesn’t feel random and you’ll understand if you play. The positive: It’s really cool to have maps to play on and change things up. Although, you have to pay for them. So just have one friend by maps you want and then only have them start up the games. Overall: Disappointing if you play with any AIs and some games just feel completely non-random. It is a good app to play with friends though and hopefully your friends don’t abuse the dumb AI system.

TOO PREDICTABLE TOO GLITCH. The game is way too predictable, you can pretty much guess how the dice will land based off of how how much much money you have. I find it hard to believe that the dice roll is a true random, it almost feels like the games selects a winner before the game starts, and if you’re the lucky winner, everything plays in your favor. If you’re the loser of the game, you’ll find yourself landing on little to no properties, exhausting all of your money from constantly paying other players rent, paying money to the bank, and or paying to get out of jail for the 6th time (my exact experience) in a roll because you the dice “rolled” you directly to “goto jail” every time, or the community chest sent you to jail or you rolled double 3 times. And then the issue of the glitches, I was simply trying to add hotels to the brown property on the board, and made the mistake of moving the app on the screen just a little, no completely moving or closing the game just a slight shift, and I was completely kicked from the game, making it difficult rejoin the game to end my turn. There are many issues but it’s overall too problematic, I will be seeking Reimbursement.

it's fun and convenient, but needs some tweaks. i actually play this more than the physical board game. besides playing with ai, the other modes, (online multiplayer & online with friends), are addicting and exciting. however, i often run into a problem playing online. after trading with someone or buying houses, (normal monopoly play), i'll attempt to press the button to end my turn but then it doesn't show anymore and it gets stuck. i've tried multiple things to get it back to normal but it ultimately ends up not working and me leaving. it's so frustrating because the other players think i'm taking my time on purpose and i have no way to clearly tell them i'm stuck. something that could help with is an online chat feature. currently, there is a button that allows you to chat with the other players, but it's automated and really limited. words such as "Well Done!" or "Yikes!". i'm aware there's risks creating an online chat where anyone can say anything, but it would help a lot

Beautifully designed, but obviously rigged.. I love the way this game is designed, but it’s more than obvious that the AI is rigged or I just have terrible luck. After several games it becomes obvious that the AI constantly lands on properties to quickly get a color set as well as landing on chance or community chest that always seems to benefit them. Meanwhile I constantly land on income tax which wipes away the $200 I received from go. When I have a color set, the AI seems to always skip right over my hotels and houses and I can never seem to gain any money. On one game I played, I had both color sets on the most valuable side of the board and all three opposing players skipped my houses and hotels three times around the board. When I roll, it seems like I always end up on an opposing player hotel and I end up having to mortgage a ton of my properties and sell my houses and hotels worsening my chances of gaining any money. Heck the last game I played, I rolled two doubles and they both landed on opposing players hotels. Plus I landed in jail THREE TIMES in a row before I ever got to the go square. Call me a sore loser if you want but after reading the other reviews, I’m not the only one that’s seeing this.

Great game! One issue only. This game is awesome and I love that you can choose from different boards and many tokens. The only issue that I have come across is that when you purchase a theme bundle that has tokens included in the bundle, the tokens will not be unlocked unless you go and click on the “Restore Purchases” button in the settings menu. This extra step should not be necessary. The other reason I am writing this four stars is because of the AI players sometimes make a terrible trading deal, where one AI ends up with a full street and ready to build houses, where the other is still needing another street, so basically getting the short end of the stick. Dumb moves like that typically put one AI player way ahead of everybody else early in the game, and I would never make a move like that to help one player start building houses before I would be able to do so as well. Other than that, this is really one of the best, if not the best, board game in the App Store!

Its A Great Game .. BUT IT FREEZES ‼️‼️. Monopoly a game that many have played and a game many have either been really good at or failed terribly. BUT MY ONLY PROBLEM IS THAT IT FEEZEZES‼️‼️‼️I will be on the app playing for about 2 hours or so . Then out of nowhere it will stop working . Please PLEASE PLEASE FIX THIS . It's a fun game that is for the most part easy to understand. Its so much easier to play on the app because it counts your money for you and its so neat . Usually the board game there stuff everywhere 😂😂 But I liked it as a child . It's a great way to learn about money for kids. Also managing money and buying properties as well. As much as it's a fun game it is educational as well. I will say tempers can flare in this game as well especially if someone has tons of properties with houses and or hotels on it and others keep landing on them. A many arguments have come from this game. It's fun for all and good teaching game and well. Would recommend😊

10 STARS!!!!!!!! DOWNLOAD NOW!!!!!!!!!!. This game is amazing! It is so easy to use, and the 4 dollars that I paid for it was so worth it! This beats any other Monopoly app that I have used BY FAR. It lets you get all the same Monopoly experiences as the board game, such as auctions, but the game is way faster! Also, there are absolutely NO ads! It lets you customize the game rules, too! For example, you can change the number of houses you need to have on a property before you can buy a hotel. My favorite thing about this game is the hassle-free games! Just tap a few buttons, and BOOM! You’re playing Monopoly! There’s no organizing money, or dealing with cards, It’s just SO EASY!!!! I mean, if I could, I would give this game 10 STARS!!!!!! Another great thing about this game is that it saves your games! For example, if you start a game but then you run out of time, you can exit the game and when you open it back up your game is still there. DOWNLOAD THIS GAME NOW!!!!!!!!!

Weird New Age Monopoly. I like to listen to inspiring Music, Prog Rock they say, and the compositions are generally Long and Encompassing, Like Transatlantic. The Monopoly game enables me to enjoy the Music whilst I get into sleep zone. Apple just Killed the Monopoly Game I used to play with No warning when I updated to iOS 14.5, and it annoys me, they just have an auto script like: “Apps x,y, and z will just die after this install. Continue?” And maybe provide a credit based on usage when they Crush the work of developers. I am a Long time Mac user, and Apple Shareholder, but they now act like everything that always sucked about Microsoft . Oh, I recommend this Hasbro game, but I enjoyed the EA version also. If you don’t mind wasting time while expanding the Mind, I highly recommend this Game, it’s a bit more complex, and that is a good thing. Makes you have to think a bit, and read real fast as tiny scripts I barely see inform what’s happening for less than a second. Thanks for listening.

Heres the deal.. This game has so much potential, but with the current bugs its unplayable. I just played a game with my fiancé, where we both got into a online multiplayer lobby (why is there no option to bring friends into online multiplayer) so when we were playing im not sure what happened but it ended up freezing for her without ANY notice to me. On her phone it was frozen she had to close app, for me it seemed as if she was playing just fine. Before it froze she told me she landed on me as i wasnt paying attention but on my screen no one landed on me. Its 100% off sync on her phone i had $250 on my phone i had $77. Theres so many more bugs im sure u guys been told by now. And so many more things you guys can improve on. So heres what I did. I made a community ran subreddit for this game i’d love for some of you’re companies employees to join. Its r/monopolymobile we can easily get the subreddit to grow and i can get a list of complaints/bugs/suggestions/glitches sent from players to you guys as theres no direct way to get these sent so people know you guys are listening. Hope you see this and hope to see you in the reddit.

There are too many programming parameters set. I play easy mode against an ai opponent. The game is pre-programmed way too much eliminating any skill involved. They claim they don’t do that, but that is a lie or rather a half truth. They don’t pre-program you land on a specific space, such as Park Place, but they program it so that 8 out of every 10 games you won’t land on all the properties in a set (such all 3 of the blue set). The odds are better for landing in both utilities, but not by much. All of this means you have to purchase your final property to set from the ai at exorbitant rates. One wins by depleting the ai’s resources, while keeping ai from getting a complete set on which housing/hotels can be added to increase rent. If you manage to deplete ai’s resources too early in the game, it is pre-programmed so that your progress will be stifled by rolling lower numbers on the dice and by repeated being sent back to jail, while the ai is programmed to roll high numbered doubles allowing it to repeatedly pass go and collect $200. It makes for a very frustrating game. But, hey if that is your idea of fun, go for it!

Good game except for.........UPATE REVIEW. UPDATE - The issue with the buttons being too large and preventing some game actions has been resolved, the freeze problem has only gotten worse since the last update. 3 of 5 games today I was unable to complete due to game freeze. This is not something that is acceptable on a free game but should be corrected immediately on a paid app. While I enjoy the game, the fact that some many minutes and hours are wasted because games cannot be completed is totally unacceptable. PLEASE FIX. Really enjoy Monopoly and love the game. However reading the reviews, I find two issues that have popped up numerous times on other reviews that I am also experiencing also. Since the last update, I have had several games that just freeze and you are out of luck. What a waste of one, two hours plus, very frustrating. The other really big issue is if you purchase the color block of Virginia, St Charles and States, the Houses and Hotels tab covers Virginia and States and there is no way to add Houses and Hotels. These are the two main issues that I have run into that others have as well. Hopefully this will be resolved soon.

Feels unbalanced against CPU. Very observable patterns in how often the CPU will dodge your properties (regardless of the color) until you have to mortgage them. Almost all deals are very one-sided, as the CPU will offer you properties that don’t help you, while asking for what would give them complete color sets. Additionally, they will trade with each other so that they both benefit against you. All “chance” spaces seem anything but random, as you will consistently get bad pulls that can cost you the game, while the CPU will always get the lucky pulls. If you play this game, I would highly advise not playing single player, because the frustration outweighs the fun. They clearly put a lot of effort into the game for visual pleasure, which I appreciate. However I have to leave a negative review because of my experience. Either play online, with friends, or just play the actual board game to avoid the CPU’s unusually amazing “luck.” In short, what I want is a fair game, regardless of the outcome. I cannot honestly say that this game feels even slightly fair. Hopefully you have a better experience than I did.

Want to love but soooo glitchy. We’re in quarantine so we’re playing together in the house, separately. That said. First time we tried to play I went around the board 3 x (2nd player) before landing on a property. Meanwhile player one landing on great stuff. Player three some properties but lots of cards taking money. The chance or community chest before park place, number 3 landed on it 3x in 4 turns and was sent to st Charles. Second game number 3 landed on Baltic pl , which got hoteled early because number 1 got sets and $ every turn. Not kidding and then 2 & 3 landed on his properties most turns. Number 1 would skate past anything coating. Landed in Go to collect $400 almost ever time while number 3 landed on Baltic or the next square for income tax. I’m all for fun, but it’s not balanced. It takes the fun out of it because it’s not fair. And before you say it can happen. I’m 53 and not a poor sport, it doesn’t happen that ‘luckily’. We’re trying a different one of us in number 1 spot today. I’ll update later. Please please please fix this. It’s an awesome game otherwise.

Love it but serious issues. Love the game but there are serious issues. The game is a battery hog. It drains the battery so quickly. It freezes up which forces you to close it and open it again. The trades the A.I. players make are ridiculous and play after play they repeat over and over even if you silence them for that turn. Real players wouldn’t do half of this stuff Sometimes it appears that the dice roll is not random. Sometimes the chance or community chest cards can be the same thing on back to back draws. Who goes first, second, third is flawed because it depends upon how you are listed and who rolls the highest dice when playing against the A.I players. Not as much animation is needed which may help the battery drain or at least give an option to turn some of that off. So many things in each turn slow the whole game down and could be altered to keep it moving. Why not put the property cards displaying in the lower right rather than taking up the whole screen. Overall I enjoy the game but this one needs some work. I get tired of it draining my battery quickly.

Rigged. I cannot believe I paid money for a game that is so clearly rigged to make sure there is no possible way to win. It let me win my first game. But now, even if I manage to get hotels on all of the orange, red and yellow, the other pieces will skip right by every time and never land on them. But the game makes good and sure that I land on every house or hotel the opponents have, every time. It is absolutely ridiculous and BLATANT how nonrandom and unfair it actually is. I have only played the one player version against the computer, but it leaves me in a rage every single time. I paid money for a game that would be fun, not something that would only raise my stress level higher. Another issue is at the beginning of games, when it will give doubles to all of the other opponents and allow them to rack up property, while I will only land on luxury tax, community chest, and already purchased properties. There is no way to win if you cannot get any property. This happened three games in a row. I’m done with this. Enjoy my 4 bucks. I probably would have spent more if not for this ridiculous issue.

Fun, but disappointing!!!. Expect disappointing results in single player games against AI. You will get mostly low dice rolls while the AI’s will get high rolls and buy up all the property. Most of the time they will refuse to do trades with you unless you offer something ridiculous that could cost you the game. However, they will willingly make ridiculous trades with each other like a railroad for Park Place. The dice rolls are obviously not random as they are in favor of the AI. If you build houses they will conveniently miss all of your properties especially if they are low on funds. Meanwhile you will land on their properties with houses, get the cards that charge you for houses, or get the cards that charge you money. The AI get almost all of the cards that give you free money. I’m sure this is fun irl for a pass and play, but if you’re looking to play single player expect the game to be against you. It is possible to win against the AI, but it’s frustrating when you have to play against a three man team instead of three players. Stupid rigged on offline single player, don’t waste your time even thinking about downloading this scam.

Classic Monopoly, but….. Was really enjoying this app but have been playing for the past couple weeks and have noticed multiple times that the number of spaces moved does not always match the number of spaces rolled on the dice. For example, just now I was on the Community Chest just three spaces from Free Parking and rolled a 12, which is the highest roll possible, and my token was moved to Go To Jail, which is, in fact, 13 spaces from where I started. This ultimately does not allow me to pass Go to collect my $200 as well as, in this case, makes me repeat 2 sides of the board where my opponent has hotels, putting me at risk for bankruptcy. Not cool at all. This can really skew the game which makes me not want to play. I am an avid Monopoly player and I pretty much know in my head where I’ll end up when I roll the dice before the token even counts the spaces out. This is disgraceful and needs to be fixed. That said, I really like the board and the ease of the game and even the music…it’s all very cute, but this miscounting issue is ruining it for me. Pretty much done! Get this right, please!

Dice rolls are not random. I have been playing this game for a month, and now I can confirm that dice rolls are not fair. Same patterns. 1) 50% of the game — one player don’t get any cards with rent. “Rich”. I can suggest they are bots 2) If you are too powerful, your cards are skipped. Players can skip 7-8 times your cards(or other player), however often they have 6-7-8 moves(the most common by normal distribution. So, in fair dice rolls they would probably step on the rent few times. But players can skip that all the game 3) Game constructed to make you emotional. Again not fair dice roll 4) I can predict in 30% chance dice roll results. Again — patterns. Conclusion. I would not recommend the game. Monopoly is lack for 50%, logic and good communication - 50%. But in this game dice roll constructed to evoke emotions of a player. The most funny part that programmers claim on the website that dice roll is completely fair. I could record some games, make a statistic and prove my point easily. Want to end that lack work, but in the long distance as N increase, SE decrease. That’s how stat in all games works(for example poker) Can we go and sue the company? Because they claim that dice roll is 100% not random

Extremely biased. I was honestly really excited to play this game, because the interface is really nice and logistically it’s much easier than playing real monopoly (i.e. trying to count money, etc.). However after a few games it became extremely clear that the dice rolls aren’t truly randomized, and it’s almost like the game decides who will win before you even start. We would play the regular online mode until we got tired of the computers always landing on community chest/chance to avoid our properties but when we played the option to remove those spaces they would go to jail every roll instead! I could be the first person to build houses yet somehow they get avoided until I run out of money from always landing on the computers spaces instead. This game has so much potential but they need to rewrite the algorithm to generate actual random dice rolls and let the strategy of the players decide who wins versus skewed outcomes with however they have it written now. My boyfriend and I have only had the app less than a week (and combined paid $8) and we’re already sick of it. Extremely disappointed.

I really want to love this!!. Monopoly has always been a fav since I was old enough to understand. But I don’t usually spend any money on apps unless I know I’ll use it. Well, I played a few days straight while stuck at home for a bit at Christmas. The AI is ok but it was playing against other people I was looking forward to! I won the first two times and thought that I was gonna really love playing this. As I played more and more I noticed some frustrating things. I don’t have to win all the time and make enough mistakes to know why I’ve lost. But the inconsistency on the dice roll for all players is a predictable algorithm with no actual randomness. When I pay $4 I don’t except the world but I would have liked the opportunity to earn thru winning, other boards and pieces. No leaderboard or way to keep stats in this digital world was a surprise. I’m hoping for change as my thoughts seem to be repeated over and over again in the reviews. I’d love to be able to get my friends involved but most would be upset paying for something with some of the missing options. Thanks

Fun, but doesn’t feel random. I’ve been playing on hard for a few weeks, which I assumed were the AI’s not taking unfair trades and just overall making you really use your problem solving skills (looking several moves ahead like chess) in terms of buying and trading properties. I noticed that I would strive to get my pink and dark blue set every game, but nobody would land on them once I added houses and/or hotels. I noticed that they would skate right by and all of a sudden I keep going to jail when no player had been the entire game. After 30+ games, you start to notice trends. Today was kind of the breaking point for me when an AI owned Park Place and nobody owned Boardwalk. This was the beginning of the game and neither I nor the 3 AI’s had more than 2 or 3 properties and nobody was close to a set. I offered everything I had plus ONE THOUSAND dollars and the AI refused my trade. The next turn he rolled, landed on Boardwalk, completed the set, and put several houses on each. I’m pretty intelligent and am very good at recognizing patterns. Not saying it’s rigged, but adding this to the difficulty level makes the game incredibly frustrating and not fun to play.

Fun - but glitchy and missing some features. First, there is a glitch currently in the game where if you are in jail sometimes it doesn’t move to the next player. The next player then has to “reconnect” to the game in order to take their turn. If the player doesn’t know this or doesn’t know how to reconnect; the entire game is over. The game also will allow a player 20 seconds to make every move. A player can walk away or fall asleep and then you’re forced to wait over a minute every time it’s their turn. The game should have the computer play after the player times out twice in a row or something. But my BIGGEST complaint about this game is the inability to chat. Trying to make a complex trade or arrange a multiway trade? Forget it. Also, you can’t talk someone through the above mentioned time out issue. Monopoly requires the ability to communicate and in this game you cannot. While you can invite a friend to play or even multiple friends, you can’t take one friend and then join the global game queue. that’s kind of terrible. Lastly, it would be nice if there were a little more customization of the rules. A free parking and $400 for go option would be nice along with a global lobby to choose your game type. I really wish I could give this game five stars. It really is fun. And if there were a chat I would give the game 5 stars because that alone resolves the biggest gameplay issue there is.

The game doesn’t have A text feature and dices aren’t random. I wish the game allowed us to text or chat in game. I highly doubt the dice rolling is random. What are the chances of the dices rolling double so often for all players towards the end of the game? I highly believe that the dices aren’t truly random. I don’t mind losing but I hate the fact that the dices aren’t random. I’ve played this game enough to notice that the dices roll double twice to often towards the end of the game. I have also noticed that once a player has received the first set color, a player will soon land On the community chest by “chance” and receive the Community House Repair by “chance.” The community house repair card will truly randomly afterwards, it will always appear after the first set color is made. I want the dices to be truly random, not screwed to roll towards one direction based on the player’s performance. I payed for this app and I expect the dices to be truly random like with real dices. If you don’t take my word for it, observe how often the house repair card appears right after the first property set color is made. I wish I read the reviews before buying this app.

Missing a major ingredient. Please allow free parking mode in online play. It is not fun when there’s no way to make money other than monopolies. After everyone blew their wad on gathering up properties you need a way to make the money back other than passing go, or we’re just going to pass round and round the board looking for ways to build your money back up especially when no one wants to buy, sell, or trade and when there’s only one person on the board that has houses and you have no way to buy houses for your properties, passing go doesn’t cut it. Online play is the only way to play. I won’t ever play the computer because the AI is computerized in such a way that it never benefits you. Please allow free parking money making, this is the way most of us grew up playing anyway. Most people that play will tell you, that’s the best way to play. I’m tired of playing this game without it in online mode. I’m done playing until it’s implemented in online mode. 3 stars till then.

Addicting but missing something !. I love playing monopoly and play this app a lot! I’m very addicted to this monopoly game app! Worth the money! However it’s very frustrating when the game freezes in middle of the game and you literally have to exit the game and start a new one. The app should also offer different themes ! Like maybe properties, game pieces and a board of places around the world or different cultures. They only offer a winter theme and that’s it...and more importantly the app of monopoly should offer a way for you to communicate with other players while actually playing ! Maybe select phrases and emoji icons in order to keep the communication more controlled. It would also be nice to have worldwide competitions amongst all players and win some new game pieces or some type of cool game play feature..and it would allow players to have their own stats and see how many wins and losses and try to pass other players while playing! It’s honestly worth the money I just feel that the developers can push the game play and app features and designs further and more interactive !

Completely average; worth $1.99 not $4.99. First off, don’t even bother if you plan on only playing against the computer. You will stop playing after about 5 or 6 games and never come back. Besides that, you get pretty much what you would expect here - a standard version of Monopoly with the same flaws that virtually all board games adapted to digital have. Those flaws are dice rolls that are not as random as expected, computer opponents that can be easily manipulated, fewer personalization options than desired, and animations that slow down gameplay too much. This could be worth the price with more gameplay personalization options, the ability to disable game-slowing animation, and computer players that don’t sabotage the game with idiotic trades. My biggest pet peeve is that you can’t even change your auto-assigned player name without signing up for their game service. The only reason I give this a solid 2 stars despite these shortcomings is that it plays offline. It’s nice to have something besides simple puzzle games to play if Wi-Fi is down or the power is out. Still, this is WAY overpriced for what you get.

Flawed but fun. The single player game is fun for awhile, and certainly worth the initial investment, but the key to the longevity of the game is the multiplayer mode. This is fun, too, but you have to be prepared for some disappointment. Currently, there are bugs that prevent games from being finished, and these bugs can happen after you’ve played for 30 minutes or more. For example, if somebody owes money, and they try to make another deal to raise more money, this seems to stop the game. It seems to lose track of whose turn it is (and who is still owed money). Sometimes, if someone refuses all your deals for that turn, it ends your turn for some reason, but the End Turn button is still shown. Pressing End Turn at this point stops the game. If you are low on battery life and get a battery warning, it can disconnect you from the game. Also, players sometimes stop playing, and there’s no warning or way to resign without stopping the game for everyone. In spite of these flaws, it’s a fun game, but there’s room for improvement. Personally, I’m waiting for these issues to get addressed before investing more money in a Season Pass.

Everything It Should Be - Minus a Bit. This app is a great mobile implementation of the incredible board game we all love. It’s clean, easy to understand, and isn’t overwhelmingly riddled with issues. If you are searching for a casual way to play monopoly with friends on the couch, or across the country, this is it. It’s very easy to customize and there are expansion options that refresh the game in new and colorful ways. While a lot of this app is perfect, there are a couple of quality of life things that can be fixed/added. The biggest thing for me is that if you play a custom private game with friends, you cannot quit and come back to it later. As you know, Monopoly games can last a while and it’s a bummer you can’t come back after a day or so like you can in the Singleplayer mode. Also, while not extremely in your face, the in game purchases are relatively vague and don’t show you much of any visuals of what you’re getting. Overall, it’s great but needs some quality of life changes and UI tweaks. Love it. 4.2/5

The odds are stacked against you. I dont know why they do this, but they will rig the game in favor of the AI. It got to the point where I can accurately predict my rolls. If I own 80% of the board, they will only land on the other 20% and that happens 100% of the time. The computer makes trades amongst themselves that aren’t fair, they’re only helping each other get sets to knock you out of the game. If you have hotels, the AI WILL NOT LAND ON THEM. Only between your hotels. It’s laughable at how predictable it is. If a 6 will land you on their hotel, you will roll that 6. I had a property of every color in my last game to ensure no one can build, so what happens? Yup, I land on their railroads only. So what do I do? I buy one of their railroads for a ridiculous price. The next turn, the computer acquired a railroad from another computer to re up the price. I know what you are thinking, why wouldn’t they buy that railroad prior so that they had all 4? Nah, only when I take the railroad away are they ALL OF A SUDDEN interested. It’s insanity how much they fix the games in favor of the computer. I have no clue why, we’ve already paid for the game, but they do. It’s painfully obvious. You’re welcome for the money I spent.

FIX THE AI AND DICE ROLL ALGORITHMS. This app has some of the most horrible AI in any game I’ve ever played. Absolutely horrible. Anytime I add an AI in the game, whether I’m playing with other real players or just a lobby of computers, the AI is seemingly always rolling favorably. It’s obvious that the computer players cheat via the dice roll. There have been countless games that both me and my brothers have played where the AI player outlasts us because it gets favorable rolls. Even when a whole side of color schemes has been bought up and houses/hotels applied, they always seem to skip over those spaces until the game comes down to human player and AI. This is one of the most frustrating things I’ve ever encountered on a cell phone game because I’m an avid monopoly player and I’m well aware that the dice doesn’t favor anybody at anytime. The math or algorithm behind the dice roll needs to be addressed before I can enjoy this game. COMPLETE WASTE OF MONEY unless you have people around you and can play locally. Also the game has horrible issues with it disconnecting, and the AI makes you miss out on deals or rolls. Please fix because the premise of being able to play monopoly digitally is well needed.

Weighted Dice. Here’s my 2 scenarios 1: I had a the yellow and brown color set with hotels on each. Everyone went bankrupt except this guy named Budwiser and I, he owned the orange color set only with a few mortgaged properties. I go around the board and each time...I land on his orange then get sent to jail. I went around 4 times and each time I landed on his color sets. He goes around the board 6 time while I was in jail and only once landing on my brown color set... 2: I owned the brown color set once again, while I passed go I landed on income tax. Rolling again due to doubles, rolling I land on the chance. I prayed to not draw the advance to st Charles place but my prayers went unanswered. I drew the card and payed my rent from a hotel on st Charles. Having to mortgage everything. My next turn I really prayed to god to not roll a 2 or a 3 due to them having hotels...I roll a 2 and go bankrupt. My properties went untouched the whole game after putting houses down...I really am not the one to point fingers at rigged games but...when I see people rolling past a whole section of houses and landing on chance and free parking every time...I don’t have much of a choice to believe it’s something more than bad luck. A refund would be great but not likely due to the greed of corporations now a days

Fun game. When I was a little kid I loved to play monopoly now that I’m older I don’t have many people to play with. After time at found this app (monopoly), I was not sure I wanted to spend that amount on a Mobil game but after thinking I got it and it was worth it! This game has so many options you could play single player with robots or play with real people you can even have your own custom set of rules this game is never ending! If you get bored of the same bored you can get the season pass although it’s expensive I am planning on getting it because of the lots of options fore example with the pass you can get 5 bored and later when they come out 5 more borders plus they all have unique themes and everything and I counted and bye the end of the season you will be able to have over 40 characters. So, soon I hope I will be able to buy the season pass. Ps: the season pass also has an explore pass that changes the game boards up too 36 different languages, Thanks for reading.

Good start but a few suggestions. Overall the game is enjoyable, but a couple of annoying issues: the 3D city looks good but it’s not in 3D very often and when it is it’s usually obstructed by a game card, property purchase and so on. Would be nice to see the city in 3D more often during gameplay. The “your turn” banner obstructs the dice momentarily. The dice should never be obstructed. When adding houses to the purple properties, the add houses button extends over the purple properties making it difficult to add properties there. I find myself accidentally not buying a property because the buy or not buy buttons are too close together. Maybe a different layout for buying properties. For games against the computer it would be nice to limit the number of times the computer offers a trade. It gets to the point where it is offering trades on every dice roll which slows the game down. For the custom rule set, having an option to start the game with more money would be nice. The EA version of this game had a terrific animation for the game pieces. Would be nice to see the something similar here.

I LOVE IT… When it’s actually working... I just quit a game because it was on a standstill for 9 minutes. 9 minutes of just waiting for a game to continue. I’ve only had this app for about 3 months, I play it about twice a day & it’s happened about once every other day. Sometimes longer wait times than others. It’s can be very frustrating when you’re almost done with a game and they make you sit and wait for 10+ minutes before you can continue. Monopoly is already a long game so when this happens, you can expect one game to last about an hour or longer & there’s nothing you can do about it expect wait or quit and lose all that progress. They need to put some TLC into the game. The UNO app is way better quality than this one and UNO is free. You can tell that the Monopoly app hasn’t been updated in a while and if it has- they’re not very ambitious or creative with it like they are with the physical board games. I would suggest adding a chat room into games &/or better interactions, game progress, prizes, seasonal themes & levels!

Low Game Completion Rate / Great Potential. The game has great potential but there are too many issues to warrant paying $4 to play at the moment. However, I am confident that the game will continue to be hashed out in the coming months and eventually will fix the bugs and add more features. The amount of games that are completed before some kind of bug freezes up the game is very slim. This is unfortunate for a game that requires a decent time investment to complete. I also find myself wondering what happens when a player decides to quit. Is that why the game freezes? Are they replaced with an AI? If so, why doesn’t it tell me that I’m playing AI? Is the game freezing from and idle player? If so, can there be a boot timer? Are people rewarded for finishing games? Are people penalized for not finishing games? It would be great to have some kind of stat collection that keeps track of your wins and matches you up with similarly skilled players. There are a lot of features such as described above that can be found in the Settlers of Catan app that I think would be very beneficial to Monopoly.

Tons of fun, but a few bugs/tech issues. Amazing app - super addicting and great for both solo and group play. Customizable games so you can stay old school or play a more modern way. Option for faster games is super convenient. I do think it’s worth the money, but I wish there weren’t so many lags and tech issues. App often gets frozen at the start of a game and you’re forced to quit the app altogether because there aren’t any settings buttons available to just quit to menu. I’ve also been disconnected during games as well despite having uninterrupted, strong WiFi connection. You also can’t swipe across your screen to check the time or adjust brightness, etc because it’ll temporarily disconnect you. If the game isn’t able to reconnect you quickly enough, you get replaced by an AI and are booted from the game. Additionally, the animations when you purchase property, make trades, or even roll take way too long. Wish there was a way to tap through it to speed up the process. Other than those bugs/issues, great game.

Freezes up consistently!!!. NEW PROBLEM: the game consistently mis moves the pieces! I thought I was making the mistakes but nope every game it happens SEVERAL times. Roll a five & it will go 6 to land you on someone’s hotel...incredibly frustrating. The game is also very predictable. If you build properties the next roll the next player almost every time won't land on you. I like the game, however another issue is that it freezes up at crucial junctures of the game. Such as after a trade. You have no choice after several minutes to abandon the game. Very frustrating after vesting so much time into it. Also I just finished a game & I bankrupted every player then it announced the last bankrupted player as the “winner!”. Ticks you off especially after spending an hour with idiots that want to make the same trade every single turn! I almost quit several times but I hung in there and put up with it because the other normal player suffering through the BS like I was. The game definitely needs some improvements. I would give this 3-1/2 stars but it won’t let me. PLEASE FIX THE FREEZE UP PROBLEM! CONSTANT CONNECTION PROBLEMS TOO! I check my internet & it’s connected. And all my other devices are working.

Highly Necessary Additions Needed. Hi! I’d like to start off by saying .. this game is missing a lot! It felt very unsatisfying to win an online multiplayer game and not receive any sort of prize as a reward. The dissatisfaction alone was able to push me away from wanting to play the game totally. There is a dire need for some form of level-up system, coin transaction, and prizes. I’d like to believe that this app has not even scratched the surface of it’s potential to be incredibly fun, and highly social. The only customization is being able to select what you play as before a game and what map you use, but what about having your own profile and being able to search up other people? What about leaderboards to see other friends or leagues that you’re able to participate in? The menu is so bland, and it is so very clear that a lot more can be added to make it much more engaging and addictive. Personal daily challenges & achievements. And if it’s all done right and very cleanly, I might even consider the unthinkable: Paying for some of the maps and tokens. Because I would be THAT much engaged in it.

Pretty good. Overall, the app is quite good. I’ve been playing exclusively for the last couple weeks because I tend to be obsessive. However, there are a couple things that need addressed, if possible. The algorithms don’t seem very random. When I am down on money, I usually start landing on Chance & Community Chest an awful lot and each card I get is to owe money somehow—or I’ll land on one of the tax squares. And my opponents won’t land on any of my streets with houses or hotels, but I sure will land on theirs. It’s very hard to win against the computer, even when opponents are set to easy. Not that I want an easy win. But it would be nice to not always lose every single game. The first game I played, I’d set my opponents to medium. I was in jail more than I got to play, so my next game I took them all to easy. Less jail time but still seem to have the crappy end of the stick. Anyway, you should probably check that out.

Playability issues :(. This is a pretty cool imagining of Monopoly, but there are a few things really holding the game back. First, it’s freemium. This is obviously built on that annoying subscription model for premium services. And it’s not free in the first place. No, I don’t want to pay extra for a new board or player’s just software. Give me a break. Second, there are some pretty bad playability issues. One is initiating trades; the user interface makes it impossible to pick multiple things on the left half of the screen because the player boxes cover the properties. Another is that tapping anywhere near the bottom right when trying to select one of your own properties causes the game to think you tapped the “end turn” button, screwing up your turn. Another horrible gameplay thing is the fact that AI players constantly choose “auction” instead of buying properties outright, which is not at all like how people in real life play the game. Not only that, but the AI player that initiated the auction will bid all the way up to the original cost of the property...why on earth would anyone ever do that? Sloppy gameplay for sure. The older Monopoly game on the App Store, which I purchased long ago, was quite a bit better. This is obviously aimed at milking people for buying new playing boards and player pieces. Pretty gross cash grab. And the playability stuff should never have made it past QA.

Kind of disappointed. Disclaimer: I’ve only had the game for a day. But I got it because we’ve got young kids, and it didn’t make sense for us to have a board game out (especially a longer one like monopoly) since they would mess it up, and we don’t want to keep it out forever until the game ends. So I was hoping we would be able to play online against each other, even if one of us isn’t home. We CAN do that (play online with each other), but my big issue is that you have to have the app open from start to finish, or it’ll kick you out and there’s no way that I can see to get back into that game. We’ve started and been kicked out of three games already, because we can’t just sit there and play back and forth nonstop. So I’m giving it three stars, because I bought this app so we could play with no mess at our leisure, but that’s not quite how it is. Hopefully this will be something they fix in the future, but until then, I’m pretty disappointed.

So Addicting!. I’ve had this game for almost a week now and it’s taken up most of my free time. It is aesthetically pleasing, nostalgic, fun and I haven’t encountered any major issues. It has already proven worth the $5 purchase price. I do however a few suggestions for the game developers. The chat options make it difficult to really express yourself to the other players. And most of them make it hard to be friendly. I think a “good luck” option as well as a LOL or laughing emoji reaction could encourage more friendly gameplay. I’d like to be able to laugh at an extremely unlucky roll rather than curse in symbols. In addition to your quick game, I would also like an option to play longer more strategic games. I find it incredibly disappointing when one player gets a set too early and puts up enough houses to severely handicap the rest of the players still rolling for property.

Rigged. This game has the potential to be fun. I’ve placed the game on easy. EASY. Somehow I always land on tax, owe money, or go to jail within the first round. The AI? Go to go collect $200 or gain $100. The AIs instantly trade with each other to make color properties. Which isn’t an issue but it’s almost instant at this point. It’s on easy why is the AI getting dark blue properties which is statistically harder to land on consistently?! Why am I constantly landing on said blue property when it’s owned and has houses on it yet I can never seem to get it when it’s free?! Why is it I owned the light blue properties, got the yellow AND red and yet conveniently one AI goes to jail twice! One from a chance card the other was getting low doubles 3 times! The other AI goes around the board 4 times without once landing on my properties?! When it finally did oh it had 2k all saved up so was easily able to pay me. Yet I land on its green property multiple times and go bankrupt. This isn’t sour grapes, I thought hey I’m just unlucky, but the board is rigged. I’ve played countless times. There’s no way I should be losing this much on easy mode.

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Language English
Price $4.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 1.11.11
Play Store com.marmalade.monopoly
Compatibility iOS 12.0 or later

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The application MONOPOLY was published in the category Games on 04 December 2019, Wednesday and was developed by Marmalade Game Studio [Developer ID: 988365603]. This program file size is 973.89 MB. This app has been rated by 168,463 users and has a rating of 4.6 out of 5. MONOPOLY - Games app posted on 25 March 2024, Monday current version is 1.11.11 and works well on iOS 12.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.marmalade.monopoly. Languages supported by the app:

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