Monopoly [Games] App Description & Overview

Buy, sell and scheme your way to riches in MONOPOLY, the popular Hasbro board game and a timeless family classic enjoyed by over a billion people worldwide. The board game you know and love is available on mobile and tablets!

Experience the classic board game in a completely new way. MONOPOLY by Marmalade Game Studio on iOS brings the board to life with a beautiful animated 3D city and has been carefully designed for an effortless and interactive mobile experience the entire family will fall in love with.


ORIGINAL BOARD GAME - Play the Hasbro classic solo or with family and friends

PREMIUM EXPERIENCE - No pay-to-win, no ad pop-ups, in-app purchases not necessary to play the full board game

CROSS-PLATFORM PLAY - Connect and play together on tablet and mobile devices

PREMIUM EXPERIENCE - No pay-to-win, no ad pop-ups

HOUSE RULES - Play with the most common house rules

QUICK MODE - Finish the board game faster than ever

SINGLE-PLAYER - Play against our challenging AI

OFFLINE MULTIPLAYER - Play together and pass the phone between turns

ONLINE MULTIPLAYER - Play a MONOPOLY game with people all over the world or create a private multiplayer game with your friends and family

FREQUENT GAME UPDATES - Experience new themes, tokens and special events

Are you ready to bankrupt your opponents in a game of MONOPOLY? Make your way around the board and BUY properties, COLLECT rent and BUILD hotels to become a landlord tycoon, just like the original Hasbro family board game.

Challenge up to FOUR PLAYERS OFFLINE on one device!

Now you can play a MONOPOLY game anytime and anywhere! You can play solo or in multiplayer mode. Try multiplayer offline with up to four players on one device (no wifi required). Alternatively, invite family and friends all over the world to play in online multiplayer. When you are ready to roll the dice, you can host a private multiplayer lobby or share a public game with MONOPOLY fans online.


Worried a game of MONOPOLY will take too long? Use our new Quick Mode to complete a game as little as 20 minutes. You’ll spend less time in jail, build hotels sooner and end the game after the first player goes bankrupt. The richest player wins!


Do you receive M400 instead of M200 when you land directly on GO in your family? Create a custom game with your family's favourite house rules. Other house rules include the popular free parking cash, no rent in jail, only auctioning or only buying for properties.

FAMILY-FRIENDLY and safe to play with kids!

We have made sure our MONOPOLY game is safe for kids and easy to play for the whole family online or offline. Just like the original board game, everyone can play it! Since the game is ad-free, you won't risk bumping into inappropriate ads. Plus with the private online multiplayer, you don't have to share a game with strangers.

LOCAL EDITION BOARDS, with familiar places!

Our game includes the largest number of localised boards any digital MONOPOLY game has ever offered. Play with a board from select countries and unlock the ‘Explorer Pack’ to discover different cities!

Recreate family games night!

Challenge your family and friends to a classic game of MONOPOLY. Craft the smartest strategy. Make alliances. Build your real-estate empire and destroy your opponents.

Let’s play a MONOPOLY game!

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Monopoly Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Celebrate World Monopoly Day in style with the very first board, Atlantic City! We’ve added a brand-new theme inspired by the first Monopoly board ever, the lavish Atlantic City of the 1930s. Stroll down the famous Boardwalk and experience the dazzling seaside resort in its golden days. Hop around the classic board using vintage tokens inspired by those from the very first edition of Monopoly - Cannon, Handbag, Rocking Horse, and Lantern. Do you have the mettle to conquer Atlantic City?

Monopoly Comments & Reviews

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- Totally trash

The game have fake players and they always seem land on all the properties. I keep going to jail over and over and paying all these taxes while the other players seem to pass the by. I just feel like this game is totally rig and wants you to lose. I do recommend this game at all and Monopoly support team I would like to have my money back into store credit. For the record reviewers I played this game over and over it just get frustrating.

- Game

Great game

- Worth the $6 not the $30

The game is def. worth the $6 you get all your childhood memories back at the snap of a fingers, but theirs def some problems with the flow of the game. THE MOST IMPORTANT thing that needs to change/ have is a timer in between moves players could literally take as long as they would like fixing their mortgages or making trades and well that just makes the game too long espically since were playing on a app it needs to be more fast paced. The next thing that can improve the flow of the game is while waiting for your turn you can click and look at properties that way you can already have your move ready by the time it’s your turn. The game is great for six bucks but there’s to many things lagging behind to pay a whopping $29 dollars for the season pass.

- Paying customer

Hey I don’t think its fair that when someone don’t like how the game going or fall to sleep playing why the computer don’t kick them out we have to end the whole game and it freezes a lot

- Disappointing for being a paid app.

Too glitchy when playing with real people online. I tried three games with friends remotely- never got to finish one. Two crashes when we were trying to make a deal. The last one, I accidentally touched the bottom of the screen (to switch apps) and it just got stuck where it wouldn’t let me do anything and it was my turn. Apparently this has been an issue since the app was released so it’s frustrating that it hasn’t been addressed.

- Greatest game ever made.

I’m in tears crying over how many times I have beat my girlfriend at this game 10/10

- Monopoly reviee

If it had a. Bag it would be great but awesome game! Also would like to leave game without it glitching so much. Hutus truly fun!

- Loved it at first but...

I loved it at first but it most definitely has its flaws! My screen would freeze mid-game more than once.. and I would have to restart a whole new game.. besides that I really enjoyed it.

- Fun it With Major Flaws

Will not allow you to play with friends like it says.

- Hi

Love the game but hate how much it disconnects and we have to restart or leaving the app effects the game

- Great game with minor bugs

The gameplay is perfect. The only thing holding me back from 5 stars is the fact that i cant even check the time without is disconnecting me until the next turn. Even when I connected my airpods is gave me the same problem. If this was fixed the game would definitely deserve 5 stars!

- Disconnection issues

If I use my pull down menu to look at the time it disconnects me from the game and automatically replaces me with a bot or at random with just glitch so as you can imagine this makes trying to play a game with my girlfriend impossible. I paid a stupid amount of money for this game and for it to be doing these kind of things is infuriating.

- Bad

The game frizzes all the time messing up my game and leave me playing on my own. Don’t waste your money.

- Very entertaining

Way better the the other version on iOS. This one has allot of better options

- Amazing BUT

This game is wonderful but if it were to have a form of communication it would be way better

- Has potential

It’s missing some customization options like starting the game with $2000, $400 pass go bonus, no hotel/house limit. You can’t change your mind when building or mortgaging, a trade blocks the whole screen and you can’t see what you own. Sometimes it disconnects. It chooses a name for you rather than using your chosen name. Otherwise fun..

- I purchased this game twice

I bought it before and it wouldn’t port over when I upgraded phones. I felt I got ripped off!

- Lots of bugs, should be free

Many bugs in online multiplayer mode, my past 4 games have not been able to finish. Trying to get my money back. Lots of situations not accounted for on the development end, such as the game gets locked if a user looses connection while they are in the middle of selling properties, the ai does not take over as it normally does. Please fix.

- 4 Stars

I definitely feel like this exceeds standards!! It’s easy to maneuver and you can customize the rules. You have the option of playing online, with friends, or by yourself with the computer. There is also options to change the level of difficulty along with your character. There are other boards and game pieces you can buy but personally I prefer the original. I’ve had absolutely no problems with glitches, lags, or ads. If you are looking for a decent game of monopoly please buy! Also if you’re into solving mysteries, Hasbros game of clue is also a worthy mention!

- Game freezes A LOT

It would be a great game if it didn’t freeze like every other game. It freezes so much I’m starting to regret actually having to pay for it.

- Best game ever

Still the best board game. Wish it lasted longer so my opponents suffered more.

- Game cheats - rigged rolls

Like so many other games, this one has AI’s that cheat the only “random” part of the game. Just up it to medium and you’ll notice they conveniently land right between your properties with hotels about 90%+ part of the time, or they will go to jail when it’s most suitable for them. I had a monopoly of the entire board besides 3 states and lost because the medium CPU skipped every time and stayed in jail, then right after getting out of jail went directly back in. Meanwhile I land on their properties every time I roll. Don’t waste your money. Completely rigged.

- Frankie monopoly

I love the board game since I was a kid and with this corona virus it has been awesome playing with my friends

- A


- Always disconnects

It always disconnects or freezes. It is especially frustrating when you are deep into the game. For a paid app, I expected much better.

- Monopoly!

A very addictive game that takes hours to complete but is super fun I would recommend this game!!!!

- Ends game if you leave the app

They really expect you to play a 3 hour game (minimum) without leaving the app at all. Kinda ridiculous, waste of money.

- It’s fun when it wants to work

This is a good game and extremely fun. However one of the major issues is that it keep crashing! Like c’mon! It’s extremely annoying when my friends and I are in the middle of a game and it just stops working because it disconnects or freezes. It is very annoying because then we have to quit the game and everything we played for was a waste of time.

- Good game needs fixing

Game keeps freezing late in the game. After I spent hours playing

- Has all the elements, but somethings wrong

I love playing this game, but it feels like the dice rolls aren’t exactly ‘random’. For instance (and this could be just me) when I roll two doubles, I’m practically guaranteed to get a third. It just needs work!

- Fun but Buggy

I recently purchased this game and it’s has been a lot of fun! However, almost every multiplayer game without fail freezes part way through. The majority of the games I have played have randomly gotten stuck and the only way to fix it is to quit the game. This is SO frustrating, especially when you’re almost an hour into a game and it’s all for nothing. I rarely ever purchase games, so when I do decide to pay for a game I expect it to function properly.

- This Game is Awful

Terrible game. The roles are not at all random and the game favors computers. Awful.

- Great game

It’s lit needs a chat section , Ukraine like talking to friends

- Needs more

Would be cool to have a. Barroom , kicks u out and reboots if u text. Would be nice to be able to talk to the players. Good for killing time especially at this time

- Great game it kept lagging though

I love this game I won first try horrible bugs and lags though

- Glitches too much

Great way to play with friends but it disconnects for no reason at all.

- Glitches

$3.99, you would expect not to have to deal with many glitches. On multiple occasions today, the game has frozen and we were unable to finish a game. This is frustrating since my friends and I all paid to play this during the quarantine and are unable to enjoy it. Please fix glitches or at least change price. Other than that, we love monopoly.

- Fun game but buggy

I love the game but the online version freezes frequently, every other game. The game cannot be continued and the app has to be restarted. It usually seems to occur when I’m ahead. If they can fix those bugs it would be 5 stars.

- It is fun

It’s a fun game. I think $4 is a little steep because it can be repetitive. You begin to know all the computers moves. I’d say $1.99 is fair with the way this is set up. Just be prepared if you play the game with the computer you will become used to it.

- Shoc


- Freezes up time and time again

After spending hours building up properties and establishing yourself it will randomly freeze up... have had it happen on iPad and I phone. Very frustrating when You have so much time invested in a game.

- So many bugs makes it unplayable

Don’t get this for multiplayer purposes. It’s filled with bugs.

- Will update review when fixed.

I cannot stand when games intentionally set up situations for example when someone puts a lot of houses on one place you will definitely hit that place when you have money and when you don’t have money you will hit a chance place and it will give you money. This game is so set up I wish I didn’t waste my money. Do not buy this game unless you like set up fake games that don’t use actual random rolls on the dice.


This game would be great if it didn’t lag and freeze up 99% of the time. Never have I ever experienced such a horrible platform. Get it together!!

- Timed end to turn

Wow to have a feature where the end turn button expires after 10sec Otherwise a fun game!

- Kills time

Great game. I love how I can customize certain rules. Sometimes the app seems to favor the Ai

- Sheer Disappointment

What better to do than to play a game of monopoly with your friends during quarantine? Wrong! This app. is complete trash! We tried to play a full game of monopoly not once, not twice, but three times! The Hasbro app froze mid-game each time and we weren’t able to make any more moves. Not only did we waste our money $3.99 each, but we wasted our efforts and valuable time. Save yourself the stress and disappointment with this app. and bring your money elsewhere! I’d give this 0 stars if I could.

- Buggy and crashes. They substitute AI.

The game is buggy and lags. Also online multiplayer they put in fake AI opponents and the game becomes miserable and matches become an hour of repetitive nonsense.

- Needs a way to speed up turns

I don’t need to see the same animations beginning to end every single turn. When a property is bought, I don’t need it up on screen as long as it is, and there is no way to skip past that either. An option for faster animation, or animation skipping, would be an amazing add. Also needs a custom rule option — no buying property first orbit around the board. Add those two things and my 3-stars goes to 5-stars.

- Fantastic monopoly game!

Has 4 player online games to!

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- Connection

Hi , there are many problems with disconnecting and reconnecting while you are playing , for example if it’s your turn and your phone rings , the computer decides from your side and make a decision that you don’t want to do it . On the other hand , it’s more beter to have more players in one game at least 5a

- Fun but glitchy online

I enjoy this game however the online play has glitches such as rejoining at the start of my next turn when there is nothing wrong with my personal internet, very frustrating, game so far has froze a couple times, the game needs to be speed up while the player should have enough time during trades for example to understand and do what they want, but it should be with time limits to speed things up, as there are often long between player turns, I’m not always sure what for but thats one of them for example. I hope more updates to deal with these types of issues are on the way.

- Few game player

The problem is that the game has a limit of 4 player thats not enough !

- Great app for a classic game!

The app plays very well. Haven’t tried online yet but the Play and Pass mode functions well. I like that you can customize some rules, or play classic rules, or quick play rules. Some changes as income tax does not allow 10% option (good riddance, I say) and luxury tax is increased to $100. Worth the $5.49 purchase, and I may purchase the optional boards for other countries. I wish the Canada board was offered in English and French though.

- Dumb dumb AI

The AI will trade properties that complete set for one side but not the other. No one would make the trades they do. Had a lock with Parkplace and Boardwalk but the AIs started trading properties with each other that were grossly one sided. I think instead of intelligent AI, they made it even up the game by making foolish trades. Avoid if possible.

- Multiplayer Glitches

Great game and runs well but the glitches with multiplayer need to be fixed. Paid 5 dollars for a game that I can never finish with my friends because it glitches out and 2 hours of game play is wasted. I would like my money back please.

- Love the app for the most part

I hate that it’s so expensive to unlock the other characters and settings. You should at least be able to earn them by playing often or my a certain amount of wins. I already paid for this app once and the prices are ridiculous. I’m sure I’ll lose interest after awhile without the inventive to unlock the other items and that’s too bad for the developers.

- Freezing when playing with friends

This game keeps freezing, need a refund please

- LOVE IT!!!

This game is so fun! It keeps me entertained for ever! 10/10 recommended

- Online multiplayer freezes

Not worth $6 if it freezes every time you play online 👎🏼 fix the bugs

- Great game, Needs save

I love this game and I bought the season pass to help support the developers. I have a few requests. The first request is that multiplayer online games need an auto save option. I can’t say how many times i have accidentally tapped on the home bar on my iPhone and the games freezes. It gets very frustrating after putting in all that time into a match. Only other thing I would add is the ability to choose a players colour. Other issues include the chance and community chest cards not cycling through but being randomized and there should not be more than 2 get out of jail free cards.

- Rigged

This game is rigged

- The app is great but...

You have to pay for many of the things inside.

- 5/5 stars

I would rate this as an awesome game needs an undo button though

- Multiplayer does not work

Played with my boyfriend next to me. We both paid $5.49 cdn for this game each and the first time we played multiplayer it glitched near the end of our game it just froze and we couldn’t play anymore. We tried again another hour later and the same thing happened. This time after we initiated a trade and it froze. Read other reviews and seems like other people are having the same problems. Game was fun and worked great but once it froze we weren’t able to finish our game twice. Not going to attempt it again after reading other reviews. Don’t bother paying for this app if you plan on playing it multiplayer. It doesn’t work! Waste of money!

- Pauses and can’t finish game

game pauses and didn’t continue Also, your stats should save .... So you know your winnings and stuff

- Awful

I only bought it so I could play with my boyfriend who lives far away but the multiplayer doesn’t work so it was a waste of money

- Ok setup

The idea of the game is great! It has froze mid game which is super frustrating and it’s taking a few times to successfully get your friends in on a game... If they could make it mic'd up so you can talk amongst your friends / competitors it would be way better Plus exiting the game to text then come back in is kinda dumb too sometimes locks you out.

- Perfecto

I loved playing this game with my friends but then it got so boring we all got so done with this game. And now we don’t even want to even look at this game. Please put some more interesting versions with new rules to make it interesting for long time use...

- Great but could be enhanced

It’s a great update of the original app Here some suggestions : - be serious when you propose in-app purchases. It’s too expensive for different board and pawns.... - please please please make the original first board in black & white !!! - add friends zone where we can add our friends (Facebook or not) and a chat ! - add the possibility to create our own rules Thank you

- Online entre amis

Update à faire car beaucoup de bug entre amie

- Brutal

Doesn’t sit idle in the background. Should be free given the inability to run properly. TERRIBLE!

- Good, but could be better

I love this game, but they should definitely add new features such as -have an actual account that keeps stats, be able to show off to people -friend list system (where we can see if our friends are online and if so, challenge them) -some form of chat -be able to play with friends and other randoms at the same time

- Love it

Amazing game

- I finally get to beat my girlfriend at something

Fuck her

- Keeps crashing.

Will be about 30 min into the game just when it starts getting good and it freezes.

- Multiplayer doesn’t work

Online Multiplayer completely doesn’t work, that’s pretty much what I paid for , what a wast

- Way to talk/chat

It would be much easier and fun if you add a way to communicate with other, with online play!

- Plz fix the dice, plz make it less rigged

This game is fun and makes you think, great game in that aspect. But sometimes it feels like the the roll of the dice is not as random as it should be, it almost feels like the rolls are setting me up for failure. This game feels rigged.

- Multiplayer With Friends Glitches

This game constantly glitches when playing online. You can’t finish a game...

- Selling

It’s good game but there should be a option to sell property to other players or to bank.


When playing with friend it’s always reconnecting!!!! So annoying!!!

- Paid 6,99 in app to have Canada and there’s no difference

Hello, I paid 7$ in app purchase to have other options than USA... there’s NO DIFFERENCE... I choose China, UK or Canada NOTHING!!!! You stole from me

- Glitches

The game constantly glitches in the online mode. Haven’t been able to finish one online game because of it, which sucks since it is a paid app.

- Multiplayer needs to be fixed

Fix multiplayer

- Monopoly App Sucks

Don’t waste your 5.50 on this app. As a matter of fact how do I get a refund. First off to play on line with friends you have to put in a code that is sent via another messaging app, not invited through monopoly. When you put the code in, 50% of the time it doesn’t work. Often the app doesn’t allow you back into the game if you leave for any reason. The game actually continues with the computer playing your turns if you step away for any reason. It’s monopoly, what’s the rush!! There should a way to chat with other players while watching play. Nope there isn’t!! So you can’t chirp or get chirped!! So many improvements needed!! A company like Hasbro has been around forever should be able to get it right!! Sorry, that’s my rant!!

- Undo

Undo button would be helpful while still your turn. Sometimes finger slip 🤷🏻‍♀️

- Very cool for multiplayer on net, but crash sometime

Very cool for multiplayer on net, but crash sometime

- Too much animation

Fin game, app is great, I would love if there was a way to skip animation and bid in other increments.

- Glitch

While there's a counter offer the in-game timer can be drawn out seemigly forever. Thus the person who activated the counter offer can distract themselves in real life with the application still open to the point all other players quit. Meaning the one who created the in-game pause with the counter offer, wins the match due to forfit of all other player. Please update game and add a timer to everything. This tactic may be exploited causing possible deletion of the game & or download declines.

- Multiplayer gets stuck

It is an incredible game, good graphics and modes to interact with the game, offline mode, etc. But the online mode still has many bugs, it disconnects from the game and does not reconnect, it is a bad gaming experience when these things happen, For some days now they have been saying that they will repair the error but they do nothing

- Great! But....

I absolutely love this app. Feels like the real thing. I love that I can set custom rules. This would be a 5 star if the game would not crash 75% percent of the time when playing online. Very frustrating. But great job on the gaming experience. I don’t regret buying it. I just hope the crashing bug gets fixed.

- Fun

It was fun

- Gets stuck

Edit: recently haven’t finished a single game. Because it gets stuck. Gets stuck every time after like 20-30 minutes into the game. And not to mention there are mostly robots playing against you. And god forbid if you get a notification during a game it will just disconnect. Come on this is 2020.

- Multiplayer

I paid 6$ for this game and haven’t been able to finish 1 multiplayer game because is freez time . I need explanation!

- that’s not right you need to read this 👇🏻

what exactly we paying for man ??? I love the game but it’s not right that every time I want to play with a friend if the internet didn’t work for exactly 3 seconds the game frizz or not even the internet sometimes by itself start reconnecting and i’ll be waiting for few minutes and then exit the game I’m really mad you guys making money for bad software that’s not fair and i’m not interested anymore to play your game!! I need an explanation?!

- If only

Been waiting so long for a Monopoly app! Really like it so far. If the AI player didn’t nag you for a trade after every turn I’d have given this 5 stars.

- No longer works

It’s been a few weeks the app opens to a black screen. Can’t do anything with it. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it, and still I get a black screen. Very upset I paid money for this

- Has an problem when I play with people online

Help me

- App crash very often

Every time we play with freinds online the game crash and we have to restart from the beginning

- won’t even let me join a game

i am connected to my home wifi and have 4g and it says no connection then if i add the code once it’s connected it says it’s an invalid code. what a waste of $6. absolutely fuming

- Major disappointment

The game only ends when you quit because the game has stalled.

- Would love a “save game” button!

Please :)

- Really Frustrating App- Freezes A Lot!!

This is the LEAST user friendly app I’ve used in a long time. I don’t usually pay for apps, much less $5.99... Once you’re playing the game, if you have to jump out of the app (like to receive a call, txt someone back, turn on wifi, etc) it freezes the entire game, and everyone has to restart. Also, the game randomly freezes whenever it likes, and you lose the entire game. I’m yet to actually be able to finish one single game. 0 stars, I want my money back. Don’t waste your time.

- Yeah... play with friends.

Won’t even let you play with friends, tells you that you’re not connected to the internet, bit of a waste of time tbh.. don’t get me wrong it’s pretty fun, but when you can’t play with friends it’s just a big ol meh.

- Frustrating

Keep rejoining when playing with friends. Mostly happens when trading. Interrupts even when control centre pops up due to finger touching the screen’s edge. Never could finish a game with friends. Waste of money 😡

- Crashes

Crashes ALL the time and you can’t return. Waste of money.

- Game Freezes

Love the game but it keeps freezing! Played 3 games, 2 of which froze and we had to close the game and start again

- Very poor and very glitchy

Was unable to play with friends online after each spending 6 dollars. Take your money elsewhere.

- Major glitch

Major glitch causes game to crash when trying to play online with friends. VERY ANGRY THIS APP IS USELESS WOULD NOT RECOMMEND TO ANYONE

- Good but could be better

Downloaded this on the Australian App Store but they don’t have any Australian boards. Plays ok. I just thought that the Australian boards would be there as well. Pricey to buy all the different additional features

- Very high potential but needs fixing

Often when I’m in middle of playing online the game will freeze and not proceed. Hope this gets fixed as the general gameplay is really fun and maybe more achievements or online stats/rewards could boost online competitiveness.

- Crashes when playing online

I can never finish a game online because it always freezes during the game. Please fix this

- Next turn

I have been playing this game since a lot of time as it’s fun to play with friends online but when it come to proper online players at start it’s really goes well but the frustrating part of the game is when some one in middle of game doesn’t end turn as they might forget or might have quit. For that there is no timer or any indication of the player wether they are still with us in the game or not. After playing for an hour and waiting for your turn for another half hour doesn’t give me any sort of fun winning the game bunch of times. So this timer or indicator for a player needs to fixed first priority of bugs. If this isn’t fixed then it ruins all the fun of lot more players of “MONOPOLY”.!

- It’s Monopoly

It’s a great game, quite expensive if you want things like localised street names ($8 for different names) and if you want different boards it costs loads. Would be 5 stars if it wasn’t for the very high costs to get different names and boards. If you could level up and unlock these options it would be a 6 star game

- Please fix the crashing

Hi, i have tried 5 games in a row with my partner and all 5 games are crashed in the middle of the game. Like it will say waiting for other player but the other player cannot end turn. I spent money for this game with a believe that you guys would fix it. I saw a lot of comments having the aame problems but you guys never bother to hear customers The game is 5 stars but have to give 1 star cos of the constant crash

- Freezing

Game keeps freezing while playing online with friends

- No option for colour

Can’t choose colour i always end up having that ugly purple colour Please make an option for the colour thank you.

- So good

It is super fun you should play

- Glitch

Hardly finish one round without glitching. Wasted

- Whalan

The games good but you can never reconnect is you get a notification it just ruins the game and won’t load back end up frozen on screen

- Awesome game

Love love love it. Would highly recommended playing this game.

- Just like the real game!

This is a pretty accurate representation of the real monopoly board game. Very fun.. great time waster.

- It freezes half way through games!

It freezes half way between games only managed to finish one full game very frustrating! I feel like i wasted my money! This happens everytime when playing with friends online! Please fix the problem!!!

- Major glitches

It’s a good game when it works but there are some major glitches. It doesn’t save your game if you exit out of the app. Also will freeze frequently. Needs fixing ASAP.

- It’s ok

If you play with online players they take forever You also have to pay more if you want extra packages

- It is good

But, most players like to set their own rules when they are playing by themselves.

- Terrible.

On online if you even get a sing pop up the game will disconnect you for a few turns. Really annoying. One text, changing the volume, batter notification. Anything. What stupid idiots made this.

- Literal Garbage

Got this game to play with my friends. GUI doesn’t function properly and buttons don’t work, constant crashes, apple notifications cause you to quit the game and overall it is just unplayable. DO NOT BUY. I wouldn’t even get this game if it was free. A real shame to the monopoly name.

- Bad glitch so slow on signal

Please fix ASAP


go and download the free ones coz this game has so many glitches!!! It drives me insane If it accidentally disconnects for 3 seconds or you swipe to see the time on your phone you loose your whole game! And the screen freezes! Or if somone calls you same thing! worst monopoly I have played online yet!


Game keeps crashing while playing with online friends, needs a patch done ASAP please

- Crashes

Game really good but crashes a doesn’t seem to be crashing as much as before

- Garbage

You complete about one in five games .. others freeze or disconnect.. give me my money back

- Rigged

Sure this game is great in person but if you play the computer, it’s rigged. Whenever they land on chance they are gaining money, if you land on chance you’re losing.

- I’ve never had a complete online game.

Undoubtedly every single time I play online, it freezes and I have to quit the game. Every time!!!! So frustrating- and the worst part is I’m addicted to this game.

- More content needed

Edit: thank you for fixing the glitch I can now actually finish games without it freezing. What would make me give it 5 stars is if there was more content like adding other versions of monopoly like dogopoly, disney, stranger things, Star Wars etc. I really enjoy playing this game but what I hate is that I hardly ever get to finish a game which is really frustrating. When someone goes bankrupt the game freezes. Fix this issue and I’ll be more than happy to change my rating

- game is broken, unplayable

Don’t even waste your time on online multiplayer every single time i play it the game always freezes and just does nothing, i actually enjoy the game fix it.

- Online multiplayer hangs ALL THE TIME

Major issues since the last update. I have great reception on my phone plus high speed wifi but am endlessly getting “disconnected” or having the game hang forever ... just not worth playing anymore when you can’t finish a single game!

- Fix it already

How many people have to say it freezes for you to actually do something about it? smh that update didn’t help, trash.

- Disconnects sometimes on multiplayer

If I adjust my the brightness of my device, sometimes I lose the connection to the game and it is frustrating when you're already winning.

- Constant glitches

Can’t play a full game with friends. Constantly glitches through the games and we could be playing for an hour or more and have to quit and restart. Can’t believe I paid money for this.

- Glitchy as

Too glitchy for a game you’ve got to buy. Free season pass I reckon

- I want to choose my colour as I don’t like purple

My token gets automatically assigned purple and there does not seem to be a way to change this


This game would be awesome to play if you could ever get through an online with friends game without it crashing. You would think paying so much for it, it would actually work. Waste of money until they actually sort the software out so it doesn’t crash every single time.

- Come on.

When I’ve already paid for the game, why is it just constantly filled with in-your-face in app purchases. Greedy developer who just want money ruin the mobile gaming scene. Plus the fact that it’s full of game breaking glitches and very limited customisation, the fact that anyone has to even pay for this game in the first place is ridiculous. Make the game free, fix the bugs, reduce the in app purchases, and you’ve got yourself a somewhat decent game no thanks to the developers

- Doesn’t work

Legit been playing on stable Wifi with my friends for a week and we haven’t completed one single game! Please fix these crashing issues. Really annoying you cant rejoin the game and have to start over each time

- Online mode doesn’t work

Absolutely love monopoly but charging 5.99 for a game that you can’t complete due to glitches is beyond disappointing. Needs to be fixed asap. Playing for like 20 minutes only to be frozen out of the game regardless of the internet connection is seriously disappointing

- Online is TERRIBLE

Something as simple as swiping the notification shade down to check a message or battery percentage disconnects you instantly from the match. For a game where matches range from 1-3 hours, this is simply unacceptable. Completely ruins what is otherwise one of the finest versions of Monopoly I’ve played digitally.

- Freezes when you tab out

Great game except that when you play online with friends it freezes and kicks you out every time you switch apps (or even pull down the tab a little by accident) with no way of getting back to where you were. Super frustrating!

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- Strategic and interesting

My favorite game!

- Don’t Bother

Imagine watching a 2 hour movie that you are really into and it and it stops playing at the end and you don’t know what happens. That is what this game is. Don’t waste your time.

- Enjoying the game

Enjoying thebgamee

- Family Sharing enabled

Hello... Thanks for making this game available on iOS. My only problem is I have family sharing enabled for purchased apps and each of my family members, included in my plan, are being prompted to pay $3.99 to play the game. Pleas advise. Thank you.

- Technical Issues Galore

Garbage app. Anytime anything pops up, text, battery notification, etc. the game disconnects. I have played about 10 games and only completed 2 that successfully reconnected. Not to mention, if you ever leave the app you risk it not reconnecting. So plan to commit to a long game of monopoly and never respond to your texts and God help you if you get a phone call.

- Potential but...

Online play is pretty horrid, need to kick people out for slow play and sub in with computer. One person can just stall ruining the entire game; pretty obvious flaw

- So much to work on

The players losing can just hold the game forever by initiating trades. If you’re the first to hotels, it’s highly likely (actually a major majority) that players will miss your spots well beyond statistical probability- and you’ll land on all collection points, including competitors houses and properties.

- Great timekiller during the rona

4-way speaker phone call with friends and it’s killed 12hrs+ over two days.

- Multiplayer Didn’t work with friends

The app doesn’t work. Im going to ask apple for a refund. Unbelievable

- No playing with friends

Downloaded game only to play with friend and it continues to give us an error code. We confirmed room codes through screenshots.

- So close to great but falls short

The biggest problem with this game is when you play online it will freeze up. After an hour of play, deep into the game and it freezes. Start over. That’s inexcusable.

- Online with friends doesn’t work

The functionality to play online with friends doesn’t work. Not once. Horrible purchase.

- so fun

ik love this game

- Great game

Too many glitches...

- Can’t leave game

If you leave the game, you can’t get back in! Very frustrating

- Adjustment

The only the the only thing I would like to see is being able to put a set amount of our choice onto the “free parking” space

- Needs work

It’s a fun game to play except for the game constantly disconnecting different players and freezing throughout different actions. It really could use some work especially for an app that you pay for.

- Disconnect players

It always disconnect players!

- Amazing game

With this stay home situation, this is the best game you can play right now .......

- Social Distancing

We played with our daughter and granddaughter while on speaker. It gave us much needed family time! We’re going to link in another granddaughter who lives far away!

- fun game, missing features, waay overpriced

not only is 3.99$ too much for the base game but they charge you like five bucks for essential expansions (things that should have been included like o.g. monopoly pieces) and is straight up missing features like a “no trades” functionality and the “second pass” (can’t buy property until you’ve passed go) all in all. i already bought it, i’ll still pay for it but DEFINATELY would not recommend you buy it, actually, please don’t.

- New Pieces

I LOVE the game 💕, and it’s honestly been so fun to play with friends especially during right now and the pandemic. Although I’d love to see some more classic tokens such as the rabbit, hashtag, phone, bathtub, campfire, roller skate, bicycle, typewriter, turtle, tv, you get it. Otherwise everything is great despite the few minor bugs but i’m sure it’s being improved as I speak.

- Game failed with friend

I momentarily left a game playing remote with a friend to send a text but game was GONE when I came back. Lame. Solo mode worked fine but AI dice rolls really don't seem to be random.

- Monopoly

This app is horrible! Does not work! I’m trying to get my money back! Don’t buy!

- Monopoly with friends

For some reason The monopoly with friends option doesn’t work. Whenever I try to enter my friends party code, the app either says I do not have an internet connect or that the game doesn’t exist. Please help!

- Online Game Keeps Crashing on My Turn

Every time I play an online-with-friends game, the app crashes when it gets to my turn, forcing me to resign from the game and frustrating the other players. This does not happen immediately, but after several rounds, usually in the middle of the game. Extremely frustrating and not worth the money!

- Miss the old one

Miss how cute the tokens moved on the old one. Also the double starting cash and salary modes

- I need to tell you something :)

Hi I’m mansoor from Kuwait I know how to read English but some others cannot so can you please put for us people in the Middle east an arabic language to play it easy . I really love the game thank you so much ❤️.

- Developers should fix disconnect issues and allow extended pauses.

Game is pretty, but there is no way to pause a game or switch to a text or phone call without it disconnecting. Game room should stay active for some amount of time so users can take a break or take a call or send a text without hours of play being wasted. Hours of game play just to be disconnected for switching to a phone call and trying to switch back. This isn’t how online play is supposed to work. Fix the bugs. You’re wasting an opportunity of so many families staying home and looking for distractions during this increased period of social distancing and working from home.

- Needs improvement

I love monopoly, but this Version needs to allow you to start the game with all the properties pre dealt. I would also like to change the start and pass go money. I think it should use some of the features in the old monopoly app, which is no longer on the App Store I think.

- Good


- It’s in Finnish

The properties are in Finnish for me.

- Cannot complete a multiplayer game

So frustrating repeatedly investigating time in a game with my family, only for one of us to get disconnected and there is no way to sync back up. We are so done with this game until this flaw is fixed!

- Saving the game

This game is amazing and I love everything about it and all they did but I was playing with my family and my sister had to go to work and she had to leave so I am wishing and asking if maybe they could add a save feature to the game that only the game creator can do or something like that just so they can save it and play later

- Great game, but no sound. iPad Pro 11.

No sound, whatsoever.

- Game won’t let me join my friends

I think you guys need to update this game or give me my money back I wanted to play this game with my friends and it will not let me join them

- Too many in game purchases

Way too expensive in game but basic is fun

- Great!

Needs timer on online

- Stats

There are no stats and you can’t customize multiplayer games. There just not much gratification to winning. Game play is absolutely superb though.

- Freezes and unplayable

Literally freezes every time I’ve never been able to finish a game with friends and if you exit the app to text during a game good luck getting back into the game you were playing. Absolute horrible experience.

- Playing online with Friends

Every time I play a classic game online with friends. 40 mins into the game it’s glitches and can’t take the next persons turn. Really annoying we can’t finish one game after we both purchased this game. What a waste of money.

- One of the better monopoly games

* I hope the dice rolls are truly random, is feels shady at times, usually in favor of helping both you and the computer players rather than hurting. *We need to be able to turn off trades mid-game, if you have a property the computer wants they will ask every turn. *I like the short game, but it does not make sense that you can bankrupt a computer player and then instantly lose to another computer just because their net worth was more at that moment. *Tapping the screen during animations should skip them. Turning off would be nice too, especially for short games. *When making mortgage and housing decisions it would be useful to be able to see the other players positions on the board. *There is a bug that the cards that say pay or collect from another player, do not impact the other players. *Winning games should unlock some of the features that are asking for payment.

- Love it!

Have a luxury board and can never find anyone to enjoy a great game wit, this is awesome!

- Advice on making the gamely more enjoyable and real life

Great game but needs more interaction between players. Players should be able to talk and comment .

- Cosas por mejorar

La interacción entre los jugadores es Importante, deberíamos poder cominurnos durante la partida para darle dinámica al juego. Así no sentir juegos con la computadora.

- Best thing ever haha


- Doesn’t work. At. All.

I tried to play this with my family online during the quarantine. We kept getting kicked off the game and couldn’t for the life of us to get it to work. I’m trying to get my money back now. What a bummer.

- Crashes

So much potential my wife and I love playing this! Except everytime we get toward the end of a game the game will kick one of us and freeze up. We have never finished a game out of 3 tries. We spend over two hours to end in a crash. Worthless

- Typing in money

1. When I go to trade I don’t want to slide the money I should be able to just type in the amount 2. When I build houses it should be faster when I click on the property It is real small it’s hard to click on the right property 3. I should have the option to present 3 way trades not just limited to only two people Thank you James

- Buen juego

Lo probe y le gane al Sistema

- Buggy and misleading

The online play where you play with other players is clearly AI and not actually connecting you with other players. Game crashes often (50%+ of the games I start end up crashing) otherwise its just good old fashioned monopoly

- Games keep freezing

Why do games keep freezing ?? Thats terrible

- Junk

The multiplayer dosnt work haven’t finished a game yet keeps freezing I want my money back I payed for the multiplayer and it dosnt work

- Community chest

Why is it always negative effects? Wears the bonus pool that sits in the middle?

- Great game!

I especially love playing the custom mode.

- Bug in Online Mode

It will stops running EVERY TIME while playing online mode with friends! Too BAD experience!

- Multiplayer sucks

Every time game freeze hardly finish any game. Paid 6$ for crap even free games are much better then this. When you play with friends that means you know each other and shared the code what the point of adding boot playing game. We can wait for each other and know that any one can be busy and wait while he/she back. If i can get refund i will take it better then playing game for hour and then it freeze and start again. Please fix the issue asap otherwise losing lots of users.

- Crashes and game freezes often

Sometimes in a multiplayer game one player’s freezes, and it won’t refresh after pause, so nobody could continue the game! Please fix that! Also it’d be nice to have more people, or have more themes and languages available

- Multiplayer is trash

I want a refund. Out of 5 games only one multiplayer game worked till the end all others failed. This is a 6$ app... what are we paying for? Highly disappointed.

- Freezes all the time

It’s a fun game but almost every game it freezes and you got to quit and restart . Sucks

- Too many bugs

Multiplayer too many disconnects and when game is resumed its broken its fun until it breaks :(

- Many bugs

Very difficult to play a multiplayer game, it’s always freezing, a ton of bugs. I want my money back.

- Love it

Addicting. Needs to fix the glitches and there should be a chat or some other way to interact.

- Brilliant!

I’ve only played this single player and pass and play, both of which run perfectly and I haven’t found any issues with. I can only ask for 2 things: the addition of the speed die (I prefer this to the other speed mode options) and a mode which maybe skips some of the animations?

- GreAt game

Very fun and enjoyable game. Can play with others or your own family and friends😍


Didn’t buy this for crashed games bruh this was like 6 bucks to

- Love the game, hate the bugs

Game is great, just like the real game however in single player mode at the start the game after the line up has been determined, the game always seems to start with player 2 not player one

- Sucks

Doesn't work!!!

- Écran gelé!

J’adore ce jeu....mais la plupart du temps l’écran gèle définitivement....Quelles frustrations! Vraiment dommage!

- Do not recommend

Very glitchy especially when trying to play online multiplayer mode. As game gets into swing, the app starts to experience glitches as well even when playing against AI. Very unsatisfied and would like a refund.

- Monopoly

Great game! Good Graphics! I hope they add more themes and tokens.

- Garbage keeps bugging

Bought the game it keeps bugging one game out of 4 i have too quit, if i get a call i get instant disconnected... they really need too make this game free i cant beleve i paid for a game thats broken.. the free apps have better dev team then this. Shame

- Everyone else is right

The online multiplayer doesn’t work. First of all, there’s no chat function? That sucks. Then you can’t even switch apps without being disconnected. Even if you stay in the app the whole time, you will eventually be disconnected anyway. Waste of money and time. You should take the game off the App Store until it’s fixed, or at the very least make it free.

- Bugs

Game has a lot of bugs, and disconnects a lot when playing online.

- Brutal online

The online version is terrible. Constantly crashing, no support for players that lose connection. What a joke. I want my money back. Edit: I continued to give this game more chances because I love Monopoly. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT play multiplayer because there’s is about a 100% chance it will crash 30 minutes in and will not allow you to reconnect. I would like a response to this email and a refund of this purchase, please.

- The best

I love playing monopoly the game and to play it on the phone is the best

- Freezes every single game

Dont even try playing online. This game is never getting fixed

- Glitches

Unable to play online with friends without it glitching and losing all of our progress. Have played many games and have not yet been able to get through one whole game without it glitching out.

- Excellent but too many bug

Depuis que j’ai le jeu, je n’ai pas pu terminer une seul parti en ligne, complètement. A chaque fois un bug me fait figer sur l’echange, ou bien je ne vois plus les dé

- Need more custom rules

Need more customizable game rules

- Do not get it’s a waste of money.

I don’t know why people are reviewing it with 4 stars if the game freezes like every game. What’s the point of good looks and blah blah blah if you can’t actually play the game, was hoping for a fix update but seems it’s never coming. Just a waste of money don’t bother buying.

- Love the game

Game is great. Challenging but fun. I miss the voices from the old one. 😁

- Jeux parfait!


- Unable to finish a single game

Have gotten knot 11 games since I got this, haven’t gotten through more than 15 minutes in a single game. It keeps crashing for some reason or the other and I have all notifications off. Really tragic for an app you pay for! Needs to be looked at or you need to refund

- Review

Love it! Loses connection if you get a text or low battery warning

- Abysmal Multiplayer Connection

Three times in a row now, just when I am winning, the whole game freezes. I did not even swipe down the control panel, as that for sure halts the game. The connection sucks. The graphics are good though.

- Fix the problems everyone has been talking about since day one

I don’t have the faintest idea HOW this game has a 4 star rating unless it’s owners and friends writing the reviews. Also I can’t understand why anyone would give the game a 4star rating.. Then say it's great except for the fact it constantly crashes. Sure it would indeed be a great game IF IT WORKED IN ANYWAY ASIDE FROM PASS AND PLAY!! I just paid for the app.. Spent an hour trying to get it to work... I ended up having to find a work around and the moment my friend (via Internet) offered a sale that I turned down the whole tho g crashed!!! Basically, I paid for it and have spent so much time that I'm embarrassed trying to make it work... And it sure won't.. PLEASE FIX YOUR GAME OR REFUND ME!!!! HOW DID HASBORO GIVE YOU AUTHORITY AND YOU JUST DON'T CARE?

- Optimistic game

I I k Monopoly is a wonderful game . However it cuts out almost every game ; not sure its worth the money

- Odds in Computer favor

Please! Stop making the odds in the computer favor! The only time where computer player will land on my property is when it is mortgage And I’m the one who always land on their hotels Not fair!

- Glitches

Can never finish a game. It always glitches and I have to quit the game. Very disappointing. Game should be free.

- Sadly, it bugs a lot

It’s well made and fun, but it just lags every time at random moments, specially when you play multiplayer online. Whether on the wifi or not, i can almost never finish the game because of bugs.

- Bug toujours

On paye 5$ pour que le jeux bug 3/4 du temps le mode multi joueur ne marche tout simplement pas du au bug dans le jeu. Je ne recommande pas ce jeux

- Decent game but keeps freezing

Haven’t been able to finish one online game 4 of us downloaded it but game always freezes after hour or 2 in which is the WORST!



- wayyyy too many notifs

the amount of notifications i get from the app is INSANE. i last opened it like a week or 2 ago and i have 888 NOTIFICATIONS. whatever offers are available on the app, the notifications for them dont expire/stop showing up when the offer is over!!! useless!!!!

- Lots of fun but freezes all the time

As the title says lots of fun but freezes all the time. Of seven games I started I was only able to play on one for more than 5 minutes and then it froze an hour or so into the game. Wish I could just have my money back

- Freezes up

It’s a very fun game and I love playing it with my friends, but it can freeze up forcing you to quit and restart sometimes it happens at the start out mid or not at all but if you fix this it’s a 5 star

- Monopoly

Multiplayer games crash almost every time- save your money!

- Terrible

A lot of potential in this game but there are just way too many bugs and glitches. Fix the game and ill change my review.

- Too many bugs in online multiplayer

Worst application I have ever seen for a paid one. If you can’t hire good developers than stop selling a crappy product.

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- Unplayable

Game is good till someone never ends their turn after or mid trade. I was waiting 20 mins for someone to end their turn before quitting. Happens every game, I’ve had the game 3 days and I’ve not managed to finish a single game so far due to this! Will be asking for my money back!

- Coronavirus

Just what I needed whilst on lockdown avoiding death

- Games freezes

Like the game however not happy to pay £3.99 and it freeze on me. Every time I play against my friends and we get so close to the end (or so we think) the game freezes and nobody can have their turn. This is so frustrating when you have been playing for hours and then never get to find out who the winner is. It has done this 3 times for us and we all have good internet connection. It’s when someone clicks next turn, it doesn’t go onto the other persons turn, it just freezes. The animations were still working, it’s just froze the turns and nobody could roll the dice. Please fix this!!!!

- Tradition at its best

Timeless edition of this popular board game. Great gameplay if you remove the adverts

- Don’t purchase

Game closes when you come out of the app or lick your phone for any reason. Not able to finish a single game after three attempts.

- Incomplete

Doesn’t save if you click out of the app and freezes before you get chance to finish a game. Waste of money.

- Can’t finish a game without freezing

Bought this without reading the reviews. Attempted to play the game six times and didn’t complete one. I expect a refund and don’t recommend anyone to purchase this.

- Lee

90 minutes in and just froze. Good game but pointless buying it if you never know if you’ll actually get to finish a game or not 🙄

- Class

Brilliant game especially playing with your mates

- Freezing issue

The game just keeps freezing and I’ve read through the comments and seems as if it happens too a lot of other people, Especially for a game you have too pay for?, Please fix this?

- Great!

I think it’s great! Previous comments say it’s rigged, but I’m not so sure. Really enjoying it during isolation at home. Top marks.

- Classic Fun


- Ok

Really like the game and the concept, however, it is a little cheeky to ask for extra money for additional themes etc when the game is already paid. The only other thing which bugs me is the fact the dice does not appear to be independent from the game itself. I feel like the dice is fixed to make the game follow a certain pattern, for example, the AI will avoid your hotels for several rounds of the board or you could be sent to jail say 4 times in a row. If the dice was made truly random and independent from the game it would be perfect. I have not tried random multiplayer but have played with friends online and it works fine.

- Rubbish can’t play with friends

This game is so annoying you’ll be playing for 30 mins and the game will just freeze really annoying. WASTE OF MONEY

- Great app needs inter player sound though

Locked down with this corona virus nonsense great way to play in self isolation 👍🏻

- App Crash

Not worth the money as the app crashes nearly every game and there is no way to reconnect.

- Waste of money it doesn’t work!

I Purchased the game to play online with my friends and it keeps saying incorrect code entered for us all, or no internet connection when we all clearly have because we’re instant messaging each other and using other applications. Tried everything, sole purpose of buying the game was to play against each other so I’d like my money back please

- Review

Very fun and makes the game easier to play and understand, couple problems with connection when playing online with friends which causes the game to end, which can be annoying as the games can be very long and end abruptly half way through,

- Can’t play with friends

Bought this to play with friends, but system doesn’t work claiming the code entered is incorrect or that I have no internet. Same issue appearing for my friend also! Please give me my money back. Thanks.

- Frozen out!!

Just used for the first time and after an hour of playing remotely with family the game froze on my turn and couldn’t be restarted! I went back in 15 mins later and still the same, we couldn’t even restart the game if we wanted to!! Very disappointed as up to that point we were really enjoying it 🙁 any suggestions?

- Hopeless

Bought to play online with family while in lockdown but game randomly crashes and can’t get back into rejoin so not fit for purpose. Can’t even play with 2 people in same house 😡seriously unimpressed and want a refund

- Unfair

I have played this game over 20 times and I have only one once. The dice is completely unfair letting your opponents skip past your property and it makes you land on their most expensive property. As well as this there is only one board option in the game and you have to pay about 20 pounds to get the whole set. So to be fair when you purchase this game you are purchasing absolutely nothing.

- Rubbish - waste of money

Bought to play against my young son, who is not able to visit due to Covid-19 Fails to connect, when it does it disconnects and freezes. I have no issues with other online games. This is basic stuff and free games do not have these issues so what makes you think you can charge for this rubbish? Should be removed from App Store as a total waste a money.

- Can’t connect with friends

We can’t get the app to connect with friends to play remotely. Would be quite handy during lockdown, and was the reason we bought it. Can we get a refund?

- Freeze all the time ...

Unfortunately, the game freezing all the time me and my girlfriend buy it yesterday with the idea to spend a little bit time during the quarantine, but for now it’s waste of time from 10 games 8 the screen freeze and I feel a bit like we been scammed. You can’t upload game asking for 3,99£ + additional things to buy in if you like and to be absolutely unplayable.Game looks nice , interface, board and etc but is unplayable.

- Great game just need to sort out the crashing

1 in every 3 games crash which is annoying when you have paid for the app, other than that it’s a good game

- Awful

Freezes when someone quits the game. So the other players can’t finish the game. Roughly 60% chance the game will freeze

- Cant play online with friends

I got shegged by this game. The play online with friends option doesnt work, and I’m told on a pop up that this game can not be found. I want a refund.


The game does not work when you try and play with friends and that was the only reason i bought the game, until they fix it then i will not be playing again.

- Chat

Would be so much better if it had a chat facility!!why play with friends if you can’t chat? Might as well play the computer!

- Great! but could be better

The game is really fun to play with friends and family. It reminds me of the old version that’s since been removed from the AppStore. There are some aspects though which can be changed and some that make the whole experience very irritating. The old game had moving moving player models. For ex: The ship would sail, the cat would walk, the police car would drag the player to jail, etc. I feel like this added more personality to the game and would be greatly appreciated if it was added back. Instances when replying to a pop up sms or notification or something else such as checking the time or battery, the game switches your turn to an AI meaning you miss out until the next round. Instead of this I think the game should pause and wait for the player. Even when playing on newer borderless devices, the home bar at the bottom is very likely to be pressed. If touched by accident the turn is skipped, hence I believe the turn should be paused instead. But overall the game is very fun to play and the devs have done a great job.

- Unplayable

Trying to play this game during a nationwide lock down and it keeps freezing and wont let you back in the game! Every game i have played has frozen half way through! This is appalling for a game you are charged £3.99 for!!!

- Great game👍🏻

Great game, definitely worth the download. You will enjoy it until u okay with your girlfriend and u but a pink then she will hate u. It is funny for the first week. The game is now deleted because of the arguments it causes.

- Shit

Completely useless disconnects you every 10 seconds

- Unplayable with family and friends online

A number of us purchased the app hoping to be able to play remotely with each other. The code to ask others to join doesn’t work despite trying so many times!! Extremely poor and disappointing. And we have all spent money on this. Can we have a response ASAP please and resolution to this! Kishan

- Multiplayer

So what is up with multiplayer seems like connection issues are a disaster for it and my connection is fine it really needs patched and a time limit on players moves so they aren’t trying to negotiate for ours. I really want to play multiplayer and can’t finish a game because it just freezes and no one can take a turn it’s horrible please see to this immediately very disappointing purchasing this game for that reason.

- Fun game with friends online, but annoying!

Since buying this game, I have played online with my friends. And certain games take a while to progress. I find that each time a hotel is bought, the game freezes and nothing can be done, no matter how long we wait. Is there an update for this? Please fix this issue ASAP. Kind regards

- Enjoyable game with online play

The positives. Unable to cheat! Great graphics and sounds. Bring monopoly portable to the phone Main game works well and has custom rules allowed. The negatives Private Online games do not work as advertised. This makes it difficult to play friends. If this is fixed then I will move my rating to 5.

- Monopoly freezing issue

This should be a simple well rated app. However the constant freezing in the multiplayer mode ruins it. 6 of my family have paid £3.99 for this app and everyone of us fails to complete games consistently due to this freezing error. This is unacceptable for a paid app !

- Online games TERRIBLE

I love playing this game with friends online HOWEVER it is useless if you want to just play online with other players. I haven’t managed to get through a single game without someone leaving on their turn in such a way (such as in the middle of a trade) so that the next person can’t take their turn and we are essentially frozen. It makes it a complete waste of time playing because I can get 40 minutes into a game and be unable to complete it because it only counts down from 3 to give the next person a go if the person before left in the middle of their roll. This would be an easy to fix problem that the developers must be aware of. Please fix it because currently I am feeling very disappointed with my purchase. And won’t be recommending it to friends further.

- Rip off. Refund please.

Online with friends option DOES NOT WORK. It either cannot find the game, or says there is no internet connection. Useless rubbish, don’t waste your money. Refund please.

- Refund please

Downloaded this game to play with friends, game totally unplayable. Do not recommend wasting your money

- I want a refund

Bought this and I can’t even play online with friends won’t let me connect so I would like a refund please!

- Rigged game

CPU somehow passed me 3X 90% of the time they get a double and always land on the same colour set and get a full set even before I reach GO for the first time. Complete scam, you should be ashamed of yourselves... I’ll stick to the board game instead.

- Online crash

The best part of this game is playing against other people around the world. I’ve played 3 games and the game has crashed twice! If someone leaves because they can’t take the heat then just make all properties of that player open to buy again. Don’t just boot everyone out. Amateur game development! I paid £4. Get it fixed lads. Otherwise great game, very enjoyable. 1 star.

- Impossible to play with friends

The game itself is good but I have tried to create a game with my friends but we can’t access each other’s room..I have downloaded it to play with my mates in these period of quarantine but it seems impossible. Please fix

- Always freezes, so frustrating

This game always freezes mid game! You’ll be hours into a game and it’ll completely freeze. Not worth the money what a waste. Better off with the board game at least that’s reliable!

- Only 4 players


- The crash or freeze problem

Every time I play online I never gotten to finish a full game because it always freezes as if someone’s trying to make an offer but no one does it just freeze and waiting is pointless because I’ve waited for 5-8 minutes before and has gotten me nowhere it’s a big let down especially because I paid money for this app only to waste my time and have no satisfaction of wining online

- Online with friends not working..

Online with friends is not working.. Keep getting error message. I have tried and so have other users but no luck.. Can you please refund me?

- Keeps freezing mid game

Hi, I have the latest version of the app. In all but one game I’ve played, the game freezes on a players turn. The pieces disappear and nothing happens.

- Freeze

Game keep freezing while playing ‘Online with Friends’ and can’t continue from there. Only way to move ahead is to quit the game completely and start the new game. Nice game but glitches are pain is a..

- Excellent

I love playing monopoly and now I can play it when and where I like I love it

- Awful.... so frustrating

Online game freezes and you have no option but to quit. I have completed about 4 online games (generous estimate) but have had to abort many, many, games. It doesn’t seem as though there’s a turn time limit so maybe opponents are just ditching the game and leaving it hanging, who knows. All I know is I wish I hadn’t spent money on this awful, frustrating, deeply unsatisfying app. Spend your money elsewhere. My second review: I keep persisting with this game, but I am about to throw my phone out the window - you invest an hour in a game, get in a really good position and then it freezes you out. So very FRUSTRATING. Awful app, so many bugs.

- Rigged dice roll

Played this game a few times but the rigged statistically impossible games i keep having make the game boring and uncompetitive. Let alone the constant crashes when playing online

- Game always freezes

I have not finished one game as the game freezes every time

- Can’t ever finish a game

Seriously need to fix the glitch it could be such a good app. But it ruins it when it freezes every game

- Worst online gaming experience ever

Only 2 out of 10 online games work, either opponents have issues, or I have . The game has some bugs that prevent players from playing properly. And the wait time for other players to response when playing online is too long, sometimes they cant then the game is ruined , because it just freezes, nothing happens

- Crashes!!!

Has stopped working multiple time during online with friends games. After spending 40 minutes in a game it suddenly stops working. So frustrating!

- Board change

I think it’d be great if there was an option to play on a normal monopoly board rather than having all the buildings in the middle.

- Glitches often

You’d think for a paid app it would at least work how it’s supposed to... so many games are ruined because it stops functioning properly (cannot trade or mortgage properties) or it freezes and is stuck indefinitely. I’m just annoyed that I paid for this.

- Rigged as hell

This WOULD have been fun and entertaining IF it wasn’t so obviously rigged. The dice rolls are not random, statistically improbable to the point of being ridiculous - this becomes even more transparent after you get a monopoly of any kind, your AI opponents almost always seem to get repeated miraculous rolls time and time and time and time again, you might get the odd one land but- what’s the point of playing when this is such as pervasive theme with nearly every game, don’t buy this game unless you want to lose, lose again and then keep losing because no one lands on your property- two thumbs down, game designers need to install a REAL random simulator. Or if you are going to rig the game, go and study play psychology before you write your program

- Glitchy

Crappy online multiplayer

- Crash

I pay money I expect to have the game not crash when I’ve wasted 30min of my time on a game. Twice. Only got the game today

- Love it!

Love the digital version as much as the board game...less fights with the family.

- Filled with bugs

This game is great to play but often freezes mid game with friends or online. If one player leaves, they can’t re-enter the game. Not worth the purchase until bugs are fixed. Asking for REFUND

- glitches

way too many glitches !!!

- Great game, ridiculous IAP

Absolutely love this version of monopoly, has worked flawlessly for me so far. My only issue are the in-app purchases. $8 for a single board, or $47 for the VIP Pass?! And that’s at a “discount” of 78% off?! Also $8 for the “Explorer Pack” and it doesn’t even include Australia? Would love to give 5 stars but the devs are just money hungry when the game is already $6!

- Unable to complete games

I find it frustrating that whenever I’m playing with friends and decide to open a seperate app (to read a convo in instagram for example) briefly, I get kicked out of the game and am unable to rejoin the room, effectively wasting 1+ hour of my and my friends time on a game that wasn’t even close to finishing. So many rounds have been utterly wasted due to a family member suddenly calling one of us, etc. Overall this game would be so much more worth it if it didn’t forcefully disconnect you from a game just for tabbing out of the app for a split second.

- Terrible

We are waiting for answer.All the time online game finish on half all the time.I never finish game online mode.Really big connection problem.I gived money this game is not free.We are waiting for this.Good game but we cant play online mode.Do it please

- Lots of fun

Olive the multi player

- Way too many bugs

The game is good but way too many bugs. Please fix them. I didn’t pay 6$ to get a buggy game.

- Online Multiplayer

Online multiplayer is fun but with so many bugs! You spend so long waiting for other players and if they have left the game it stays idle. Fix this! Maybe a time limit. So annoying!

- freezes every game without fail.

Played 7 games. All 7 games have frozen around 50% way through the game. Read the reviews before buying hoping it would be okay but genuinely doesn’t work. Absolute waste of time and money.

- Game kept crashing

I bought this game to play online with my friend, and it kept on crashing. My internet and my friends internet is completely fine and on full bars, and yet, the game will disconnect us and take me back to the main menu. This has happened 3 times now, and I am very dissapointed and would like a full refund of the game!

- need chinese

need chinese

- Yeah monopoly

Great play now if you love monopoly!

- Nice graphics but game crashes and bad functionality

The decisions you make in Monopoly often depend on where everyone is located on the board, but the programmers make the pieces disappear at extremely important moments! There is no leaderboard or ranking of any kind so each game stands alone. There is no penalty for quitting or taking ages to have your turn so sometimes you will sit there for five minutes to go and make a cup of coffee and watch TV. Also, unless you’ve ignored all the other reviews, this game crashes. Constantly. The graphics will entice you, but they were clearly made by a different group of people. The logic of how this game is programmed is ridiculous. That’s the programmers - the same people responsible for the game crashing ALL the time.


The bug that kicks you out of the game if you accidentally swipe up from the bottom (home) or swipe down on the notifications / control panel , is so annoying. I’ll be 50mins deep into a game and it will kick me, while my family can continue to play, obviously the game states aren’t syncing up over devices or something along those lines. Please fix it. Applied for a refund from Apple, you all should too if you bought the game

- Great but annoying glitch needs to be fixed

This game is really good and it got me addicted but there is a major glitch that needs to be fixed. In the middle of alot of my online matches, the game's screen freezes in place and I have to leave. Please fix this. Amazing game though

- Broken Game

Since the most recent update, every time I pull down the control centre or swipe up to open another app I get disconnected from my current game with no way to rejoin. Even accidentally bumping the phone the wrong way and sliding the screen slightly in any direction causes disconnection. Every time I relaunch the app. This cost like $6, what a waste.

- Review

Love the game! Some feedback- it would be great if the app can be closed and opened throughout a game without disconnecting from the game and it would be great to be able to invite people in the phone contacts to a game instead of using the code.

- The game will disconnect you every time

Every game I’ve played resulted in me getting disconnected because I changed my brightness, or accidentally swiped out of the app, it won’t let me stay in the game no matter what, I haven’t finished a single game and I’ve owned it for a week now. Please fix this ASAP

- Needs fixing

50% of the time when playing a game it freezes it’s soannoying

- Ok but...

No issue playing, single, computer or friend on same wifi, however, game will kick host of game played with remote friends if call / text is received and cancels unreliable game.

- Would be 5 star if it wasn’t so buggy

Online multiplayer freezes occasionally, super annoying

- Glitchy

Everything’s usually quite good but I find a third of my games now I’ve had to just close the app because it freezes or won’t change the screen. But annoyed I’ve paid $6 for something that may or may not work in a game that can last potentially hours

- Major Glitch, needs to fixed ASAP

OK I’m loving Monopoly, can wait to see what themes get released down the road, especially after how they rekindled my love for Cluedo. However, what’s frustrating me at the moment is the fact that even though I want to (was looking forward to playing the Snowdrop Valley Theme over The Christmas break, but couldn’t), I’m unable to purchase any In-App purchase due to there apparently being “No Internet Connection Detected”, even though I’m connected to my wireless at home. Please fix this ASAP. What is the point of having In-App Purchases when the game literally prohibits you from purchasing any of them by telling you that there’s “No Internet Connection Detected” even after you’ve just updated the app (which requires an internet connection)

- I love this game but...

It really needs to be improved. Playing on an iPhone 11 online w friends and in the middle of the game it just disconnects while connected to both wifi and mobile Data. Also disconnects when u check your battery in the middle of a game. For a paid game, you would expect a bit more of a sturdy game. Thinking of getting the season pass too but this kind of is the one main reason I got the game (playing with friends online) and the fact that I have never been able to finish a game with friends is quite annoying... PLS UPDATE AND FIX THIS MONOPOLY TEAM <3

- Game is filled with broken glitches that ruin your game

Hi this is the second review I’ve written this one is short because it’s self explanatory. You need to play your own game for real sit down for an hour and play each mode especially play with friends because the game glitched out and I could not return back this is a serious issue because the game will disappear after and have no way back to return. Other glitches were someone will only own 1 railway station and they you have to pay $50 for the one station when we all know it’s $25, when your playing pass and play and your first player and every time you can not at all trade with the AI’s :/ like what this game is a really good time waster but you seriously need to sit down and uncover all the bugs for the game you so furiously rushed with no consideration for the people that HAVE TO PAY FOR THE GAME THAT IS BROKEN!!!!!! seriously please play your own game

- Not user friendly for long form play

It doesn’t seem possible to do an ongoing game with friends remotely? If you move away from the app or leave it during game play it boots you out of the game and you can’t get back in essentially ending the game. Would be a great game if you could close it off and receive notifications when a friend takes a turn. Doesn’t seem to have this feature 😔👎🏼

- Addictive 😂

I like that there is a quick version within the game because we all know how long Monopoly can be 😅


I have never been more frustrated with a game than this one, it is so rigged so that the bots that control the exra players in the single player mode always win, I play 4 games IN A ROW and my first roll I got a 4 every time which made me land on the $200 tax thing. The chance and community chest are ALWAYS bad, and the computer players NEVER lamd on any of my my properties, but I always seem to land on theirs, at least with real life monopoly there isnt a computer rigfing the game so that my roll is always bad.

- Freezes all the Time

Halfway through a game and it freezes on iPhone and ipad and these are the latest products would like my $7.99 back great game but it freezes fix it or pay me back

- Room for improvement

The game is your typical monopoly case yet it fails to incorporate certain elements that would make it a lot better. It needs a fast forward feature when versing the computer to avoid the slow and tedious games waiting for your turn to come along The ability to shake to roll instead of tap would make the player feel more involved in the game (even if it means nothing)

- Want my money back.

Always crashing playing online would NOT buy the game pretty much waste of money

- Annoying glitch

You’ll be playing with your friends and some computer people then all of a sudden someone’s will freeze and they will be playing a didn't game to you! Very annoying!! As it’s happened nearly every game!




Do not waste your money on the app the only provides you with the most basic of features. You have to pay for so much additional content. Game play and speed is also ridiculous. Major bugs through the game and crashes in a number of modes.

- Great game!

But there are so many game breaking glitches that definitely ruin the game. One includes where everything freezes and the game completely comes to a stop. On top of this, we’re paying 6 bucks just so we can have in game app purchases?! One of the benefits of being on mobile is that you can have all the tokens and maps. And they’re charging you for it?! That’s insane, I would rather pay 20 dollars for a mobile version of monopoly that encourages the mobile benefits instead of profiting off of them.

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Monopoly 1.1.0 Screenshots & Images

Monopoly iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Monopoly iphone images
Monopoly iphone images
Monopoly iphone images
Monopoly iphone images
Monopoly iphone images
Monopoly iphone images
Monopoly iphone images
Monopoly ipad images
Monopoly ipad images
Monopoly ipad images
Monopoly ipad images
Monopoly ipad images
Monopoly ipad images
Monopoly ipad images
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Monopoly (Version 1.1.0) Install & Download

The applications Monopoly was published in the category Games on 2019-12-04 and was developed by Marmalade Game Studio [Developer ID: 988365603]. This application file size is 376.09 MB. Monopoly - Games posted on 2020-03-12 current version is 1.1.0 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions.

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