Monopoly [Games] App Description & Overview

Roll the dice and buy, sell, build, and scheme your way to become a rich landlord in MONOPOLY, the Hasbro board game and family classic loved by over a billion people in cities and countries worldwide. One of the most classic board games you know and love is available on mobile and tablets and playable both offline and online!

Experience the classic board game in a completely new way. MONOPOLY by Marmalade Game Studio brings the board to life with a universe including a beautiful animated and designed 3D city board with hotels and houses.

Popular Features
- ONE OF THE GREATEST BOARD GAMES - Play the Hasbro classic by yourself or with the family and friends in your life on mobile or tablets!
- A PREMIUM EXPERIENCE - No pay-to-win, no ad pop-ups, no risk, approved by Hasbro
- HOUSE RULES - Play with the most common house rules
- QUICK MODE - Finish the Hasbro board game faster than ever
- SINGLE-PLAYER - Play against our challenging AI. No need for friends or family
- OFFLINE MULTIPLAYER - Play together and pass the phone between turns
- ONLINE MULTIPLAYER - Play MONOPOLY online with people all over the world from a different city or country or create private multiplayer games to play with your friends and family in life without any risk.

Are you ready to experience the thrill of bankrupting your family and friends in life and becoming a rich landlord in MONOPOLY, one of the most iconic board games of all time?
Roll the dice, take risk, make your way around the board and BUY real estate, COLLECT rent and BUILD hotels to become a landlord tycoon, just like the popular Hasbro family board game.

Don’t get bored and challenge up to FOUR PLAYERS on one mobile device in multiplayer!

Now you can play a game of MONOPOLY anytime and anywhere, in the city and at home, offline and online! You can play by yourself or with friends in multiplayer. Try this multiplayer with up to four players on one device. Alternatively, invite family and friends to play in online multiplayer and build your real estate empire to become a rich landlord and the king of the MONOPOLY universe. When you are ready to roll the dice, you can host a private multiplayer lobby or share public games with friends online from different cities.


Don’t worry about the risk of a game taking too long. Use the Quick Mode to complete it in one hour or less. You’ll spend less time in jail, build hotels sooner, become a successful landlord faster, and end the game after the first player is bankrupt; the richest player wins and becomes the MONOPOLY King.

Our MONOPOLY game includes like in real life all well-known, POPULAR HOUSE RULES

Do you receive M400 instead of M200 when you land directly on GO in your family or friends group? Create a custom game with your family's favourite house rules and become the MONOPOLY king in your family.

Our MONOPOLY game classic is FAMILY-FRIENDLY and risk free for kids

We have made sure our game is safe for kids, without any risk, and easy to play for the whole family online or offline in multiplayer. Like the original Hasbro board game, everyone can buy, sell, collect, build, and play! Since the game is ad-free, you won't risk bumping into inappropriate ads. And with private online multiplayer, you don't have to share a game with strangers and can simply play with your friends.


Our game includes the largest number of localised boards any of the digital MONOPOLY board games has ever offered. Play with a board from select countries and unlock the ‘Explorer Pack’ to discover different cities and its real estate! Roll the dice, take risk, BUY or SELL real estate, COLLECT rent and BUILD hotels as a landlord in cities and countries all around the world.

Let’s jump into the MONOPOLY Universe!

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Monopoly Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Hi Property Tycoons! We've made some improvements to the game: - We've made improvements to all multiplayer modes so online games run smoother. Thank you for playing and enjoy building a real estate empire!

Monopoly Comments & Reviews

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- I love it but...

First of all, I don’t usually leave a comment or any reviews but this one push my hand considering this is one of my favorite games. First, i wanna say that the game’s interface is very well designed. It’s like playing the actual game on another level. Second, i like how we have the option to play the QUICK mode since this game is naturally takes forever (which is nice somehow) to end. Third and on the bad side, i wish there is a way for an actual chat rather than the pre wording that is not even applicable for every scenario. EG, if trading cards, reasoning for trades or refuse etc. that would be like the actual game and that will add the excitement in playing. Also, themes, boards, and tokens are way expensive. Would be nice since the game itself is paid, features should be lesser the price and not higher than the actual game. Lastly, on that note i wish there is an option to add the player as a friend for future game. That will actually make the experience more real rather than it’s always random guest and while playing with random people, you can’t add any of those players per say. Overall nice game. Worth the money. But these improvements will make it more fun to play the game.

- Bs

Seems like the only people that win is the people that spend money on it. Bs not fair.

- LOVING IT...mostly

I really enjoy this game and so does my family. The only suggestion is that I wish players could return to a game even if they leave it. There is a major error with exiting and reentering games with friends and the code is problematic for wanting other people to join. It would be great if they also had an option that allowed us to play like it’s Monopoly Deal.

- In love

Love it


This is so fun to play with my family! I play it every night!

- Monopoly is made for more people

Please add more people. Also being able to exit and come back without getting kicked. Otherwise it’s the best thing my family has done for quarentine

- Freezes constantly

Needs a lot of work

- Multiplayer Connectivity problems

As many others have said, there are connectivity problems in online with friends. Slightest deviation away from app (respond to a text) you disconnect and the computer takes your turn, which can be game changing (not in a Good way).

- I loved this game

I hope that one day the game can connect with Facebook friends

- Shelter in place boredom killer

We play as a family quite often. Most of us are not in the same state. I would recommend you purchase, it’s worth it

- Great game when it works

This game is awesome when it doesn’t freeze and fail.

- Good game. Bad online.

The game itself is good and fun to play, but you can never finish an online game without it reconnecting and ending the game because someone can’t keep playing because they were kicked out.

- Needs improvement!

It would be nice if you could save your game history

- Good game especially in multiplayer mode.

Good game. Unfortunately I can’t buy the international board games add on due to the app saying I’m not connected to the internet (not true). Hopefully the developer will fix this soon.

- Muchos errores

Me gustaria jugar con mis amigos pero cuando les envio el codigo de sala dice que no es valido el codigo, igual lo hacen ellos a mi me sale codigo invalido arreglen eso que mi dinero no es robado!

- Monopoly Rules!

It’s awesome to see that there has been a video game for what normally would be a board game. The only downside is that you have to buy the different game boards.

- Glitchy, and dice not randomized

Game is really glitchy, players randomly get kicked off. Once a player loses connection it’s almost impossible to get the game going again. Haven’t been able to finish one game playing with four people. Also, there always seems to be one player who gets the bad rolls almost every time. Not completely random.

- Fun game, networking bugs ruin it

It’s a great version of Monopoly when it’s working the problem is the online multi player is so buggy it constantly freezes and stalls games. Ive been in the middle of dozens of fames only to have the board stop responding-VERY frustrating Bottom line: when/if the networking is fixed this would be one of the best ios games-till then, fun but frequently infuriating

- Game freezing all the time

When I almost win. The whole board was freezing, no motion on the next move. Waste of money

- Online problem

Online needs to improy, easily disconnects

- 10/10 very nice time

So güd

- Forced to buy twice.

I bought the digital version of monopoly years ago. Then they took it off the App Store and stopped supporting the app which eventually stopped working. Now they re released a new version. But I couldn’t access it with out paying for the new version. This seems unfair.

- No online feature

Can’t play online. What’s the point of purchasing the game!! Please fix ASAP!!!

- Fun to play but always glitches out in the middle

I have played this three times with three friends of mine. It’s really fun to play while it lasts, but ultimately is completely unsatisfying to play because you never can finish the game. So far we have not been able to get through a single game, with one player getting kicked off or frozen or disconnected at the height of the game. If you get kicked out of the game or are forced to log out because your player is frozen or the game won’t register a decision, you can’t log back in with the same game code. The developer needs to work out these glitches which make the game impossible to play to the end, especially considering that the game costs $4.

- An idea

It would be nice if they put more characters and boards. And the method of obtaining them is through letter envelopes 😁

- Monopoly

Awesome, quick play. Love it

- Buen juego

Divertidisimo y simple de jugar 👍

- Too many sore losers

The game is great, the true monopoly experience. However, there is no provision from the game developers to counter the sore losers in the game by means of reporting them, kicking them or at least imposing specific time limits in turns. It would seem rather obvious that something like that would be part of it. I am currently stuck in a game where the player is refusing to play for the past 30 minutes because they hit my property and they need to pay me big $$$.

- Terrible game as compared to the original in the App Store

Very disappointed with this version of Monopoly. I have been playing the original version that is very similar to the board game and love it. This version has too much useless video enhancements to suit me. I wish I could get a refund. Also it needs a large screen.

- Good but needs work

This game would really benefit from the ability to be able to chat with those that you’re playing against. If you’re worried about censorship, you could have a game selection based on age group, etc.

- No music

The app does not play music on my device. All other apps and games are working except this one

- Cool game

Cool game

- Cheats

The game cheats. I was playing with a computer and I landed on Community Chest 3 times and got the same card each time. The computer never landed on Community Chest so we could not have gone through all the cards. I got the same school tax of $50 each time I landed there. The cards never shuffled through and when the computer finally hit Community Chest he got a different card. The game also moves you more spaces than the dice say sometimes and when you roll a double out of jail without paying the 50 they let you roll again even though you are not suppose to roll again if you roll a double out of jail. Although it does not do that all the time, the game picks and chooses when they will let someone roll again after rolling a double out of jail. If it were not for these cheats I would have given the game 5 stars but the cheats make playing unfair.

- Rage Quitters no Timer

Good game but the amount of people who let the screen wait when losing and there is no timer in classic mode is really annoying. Winners are forced to quit. Fix this.

- Freezing is Unreal

My friends and I all purchased this app to be able to play together. I don’t get the inability to leave the game without being replaced by a computer. Even worse, say you accidentally leave (you touch a banner that comes down, swipe up or down)when buying houses or hotels.... the game FREEZES that player in limbo and the whole game is RUINED. We all know a game doesn’t just take 5 minutes so to lose over an hour of play is just plain ridiculous when you pay for the app. Also, why no in game chat?! If we can’t leave the app to text one another while playing then you need to have an alternative. This was a lot of let down for something you pay to use. If it was free...whatever. This really needs revamped. Are you at all working the the constant freezing issue that keeps destroying games?!

- Meh

Monopoly is a great game. So much fun and strategy. But this app takes no strategy. You can almost predict what the dice are going to roll. And the online multiplayer places you against CPU anyway. Could be a lot better of an app.

- Seems partial

I love the game, the graphics, functionality, etc. I love to play during downtime as a stress reliever. I play as a single player with two computer opponents set at medium difficulty. After a while I began to feel that I was landing on taxes and getting the building assessment card more than my share. So, not to be paranoid, I tracked it for all three players over 10 games. The result is that I am not paranoid, but the game is clearly partial to the computer players. Over 10 games I landed on taxes or was assessed for houses and hotels 30 times, while my opponents received it 19 & 21 times respectively. Here is the shocker; I got the Houses & Hotels assessment card seven times while my opponents only got it twice each over ten games! In one long game I got the card three times while neither of them ever got one. I still love the game, and win a majority of the time, but I have to wonder if the algorithm is favoring the computer players. Just saying.

- Needs chat features!

I really enjoy playing this game with friends online but there’s preselected chat messages and I wish you could chat freely. It’s also frustrating that the game is touchy and will kick you out if you slightly touch The top or bottom of the screen.

- So fun!!!

If you like the board game you’ll love this! No complaints!

- Obsessed!!!

We need new boards!!!!!!!

- Awesome

Great game with awesome graphics and challenging opponents

- Relatively Annoying

Dice rolls do not seem to be really randomized. AI always gets the exact number it needs to avoid your hotels/houses. Also whenever AI puts up hotels near you, next turn almost always lands on them. Make the dice rolls more randomized to make this actually enjoyable.

- Needs more than 4 players

Great game smooth interface. My friends and I have been playing this game competitively with each other faithfully while in quarantine. Definitely worth the few bucks for it. My only complaint is 4 players is the max. Please add the option to add more than 4 players. You can add up to eight players on the original game board but 6 would make this game perfect.

- Just wait...

The odds of what the ‘AI’ does is insane. You will hardly ever win regardless of what tactics you employ, the game is designed to analyze what it needs to shut you own. If you know anything about statistics, you’ll be driven crazy by how many times lightning strikes twice for the computer. Games that cheat to simulate difficulty should be illegal. Don’t waste your money or time, it would be more fun to play the tabletop version by yourself.

- Must buy and worth the $

Time killer for sure

- 𝕃𝕠𝕧𝕖 𝕥𝕙𝕚𝕤 𝕘𝕒𝕞𝕖

𝕄𝕠𝕟𝕠𝕡𝕠𝕝𝕪 𝕚𝕤 𝕤𝕠 𝕗𝕦𝕟 𝕒𝕟𝕕 𝕀 𝕔𝕒𝕟'𝕥 𝕤𝕥𝕠𝕡 𝕡𝕝𝕒𝕪𝕚𝕟𝕘 𝕓𝕖𝕔𝕒𝕦𝕤𝕖 𝕪𝕠𝕦 𝕔𝕒𝕟 𝕨𝕚𝕟 𝕒𝕟𝕕 𝕚𝕥 𝕠𝕟𝕝𝕪 𝕥𝕒𝕜𝕖𝕤 𝕒𝕓𝕠𝕦𝕥 𝕥𝕨𝕠 𝕙𝕠𝕦𝕣𝕤

- AI

The A.I are rigged. When ever they need money they always get it. The dice do not feel like it’s is random. There are times where I can predict what is going to happen.

- Playing

Online can be boring due to players giving up & giving away there money and property’s away for free 😣! Playing on hard on single player I have since crazy trades as well 😣😣! Overall I enjoy playing 4/5

- The worst game

Nothing random, 0 logic, works really bad! DO NOT DOWNLOAD

- Needs more stuff not behind a paywall

This is just a base game, which is fine, but all the good stuff costs more than the app itself. At that point you should just get the Switch or Steam versions for content. Also I wish it didn’t restart just about every time I got off for a sec to check something else, and losing the game I was on. Most of all it needs saved games for single/local play, so you can pick it up later and not be forced to finish in one sitting.

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- Like the game, hate the cheaters

I would like to request a few words to be added to the chat. Sometimes it hard to communicate with other players about simple things. Can you please add “Trade?” And “Please.” It would make a world of difference because people tend to assume negatively about words when they read them. Thank you, please keep up the good work. ******************************************* I HATE CHEATERS, please play your turn, and play fairly. ******************************************* This last update it causing issues. It froze on me for two games ******************************************* I have been experiencing some player who like to cheat by them withholding taking their turn and waiting for people to leave in order to win the game. My stars will go up once something improves. Add a feature that forces them to take there turn or skip their turn completely ******************************************** As the saying goes. This is a challenging game, I have always found that it has been whether on the app or the actual board game. I think it would be great to add a way to earn some form of currency to buy game pieces and boards.

- Monopoly

I love that I don’t have to play the board game, because I don’t have to call my friends to come to my house or if I could come to my friends houses to play the Monopoly board game. PS. I love the app Monopoly.

- It keeps crashing....

After all the updates they’ve given for this game it still continues to crash. Out of every 5 games you’re guaranteed to have the app frozen for at least three of those games. This is a money grab. Do not buy it. You will play for two hours and then suddenly it freezes. Waste of money!!!

- Hassle and buggy

This app is a hassle with friends. Computer took over for half a second for no reason and bought a property. Plus auction kept not letting bid.

- Stupid opponents

God awful trying to play with online people. They don’t roll dice or end their turn and the rest of us are stuck waiting. The chat feature is a joke, it has set phrases and none of them are useful apart from the swearing and the goodbye when I leave out of frustration.

- Need a turbo mode

Wish the game was faster

- Monopoly

The game works great and runs normally with the rules. There is rules to edit with other game mode opportunities which is also nice to change up the game play. ECHOING OTHER REVIEWS: the only issue is when it freezing due to touching the comtrol center for a second to switch brightness or music etc. Its very aggravating well knowing that monopoly can be a long game and possibly have a crash/freeze because you touched your control center by accident. Hope they can find it and fix it on future updates😎

- bad glitches

always pauses & freezes mid game. must fix up

- Great game except for other players taking 4ever

Highly addictive, great graphics etc but it’s tough devoting hours to a game only for another player to freeze/ delay the game and you get stuck waiting for eternity. There should be a either a time expiry or a way to skip a turn. I have been unable to complete a single multiplayer game because of this one issue

- Keeps crashing need to fix bugs

Please fix bugs. Especially with the reconnecting.

- Too many issues but it’s worth it.

The new update has to many bugs. Every time you do a trade or negotiate for too long the game freezes you cannot end your end turn. Please fix it. Community chest and chance need new options. There should be an extra hard level too choose for AI. Please fix the bugs online multiplayer crashes way too much.

- Game freezes all the time

How do you like playing half a game of Monopoly then having it freeze and you have to start over or play a different game??

- Crash in multiplayer mode

Multiplayer feature doesn’t work properly! It crashes amid the game!!! It’s unacceptable

- awesome

only thing i would fix is the disconnection from the game when leaving the app. maybe make it 2 minutes longer before booting out player

- 👎🏽

Disappointed as this is the first app I’ve ever paid for because I thought it’d be worth it. Was fun until about an hour into my game the dice decided not to show up and there was nothing I could do. Lost an hour of my life and an hour of progress.

- Multiplayer is ruined.

Multiplayer online and local pass to play crashes after trading rounds. Great game but this has rendered it useless playing with family. Please update and fix

- Buggy: freeze in the middle of the game on multiplayer mode


- Great game

Been a great time playing this!


Good game but rng gives me cancer

- Please fix bugs! Multiplayer with friends

Multiplayer mode is impossible to play after the last update. There is no way to make a trade if you are rejected on the first time. The server disconnected me and I could only watch my own game. Please fix it!

- Poor

Too buggy! Loss of paid features!

- Suggestion

I would like to make a suggestion - I think your computers need a better understanding of how valuable a full colour set is. For example: If I only trade my high value property like Park Place in exchange for a lower value property like St. Charles from the computer (but then I get that colour set, and the computer doesn't have boardwalk to complete its set) the computer doesnt really factor how devastating that can be once I start loading them up on affordable homes. A human would never make that kind of trade. What sort of benefit is it really to have an incomplete high value set? I see these trades sometimes online with multiplayer where a computer subs in for a human.

- Freezes during multiplayer

Continues to freeze during multiplayer games. Would be great otherwise

- Can not play on one ipad

I hope you can make a table mode like the original EA Monopoly HD, that we can all play on one device

- This game is so horrible

The game is absolute trash. Would not recommend at all

- Very sad

I love playing this game with my husband but for the last two days we haven’t been able to complete a game the option to end turn doesn’t come up

- Issues

There are still so many issues! even with the update thé game just hangs in multiplayer and it can be very frustrating for the user. Also, the chat options are limited in the messages being able to send. Either we should be able to send custom messages or there should be more options. It’s a well made game but is disappointing to see the bugs. Sometimes I think before playing to see if it’s worth it because leaving the game half way is worse than not playing.

- Still experiencing bugs on multiplayer with friends!

Monopoly is fun but countless time this PAID app ruins the fun. 7 out of 10 games the game just does not function after someone ends their turn and it just lags without starting the next players turn. This can be very frustrating after the game transitions into mid-endgame. The new patch didn’t fix it for us. We all try not to leave the app so nothing breaks but we still experience the same issues. Unacceptable for a paid application to play with friends!


The app would be worth the buy if it didn’t do a few things: the game gets stuck mid game once it glitches on ending a persons’ turn. When ever you leave the app the game disconnects you and replaces you with an Ai, but often times joining the game again in attempt to reconnect it glitches out and gets the game stuck. The recent update is cool to be able to send speech bubbles mid game but an option to text on the app would be ideal, also a system with levels that puts you with other players your level to prevent being put with noobs who trade terribly, being able to add friends and also fixing these excruciating bugs would make this a 5 star game. Much potential.

- It freezes in multiplayer

Its a good game, but you cannot play multiplayer as its freezes and disconnect middle of the game . I was expecting that the new update fix this multiplayer issue but it maid it worse. I suggest developers make some changes in multiplayer mode that if one player loose connection for any reason , he could connect to the same game with a same pass code they entered at the first place

- Crashes after recent update

Gameplay is fun but there have been frequent crashes in the game since the most recent update.

- Bugggg

Beaucoup de bug depuis la mise à jours ... Grrrr

- Frustrating

Honestly, I’ve had a lot of fun on the app but more often than not, online multiplayer just freezes mid game. We don’t care about the chat function. Just fix the bugs, please! I’ve bought the app on two different devices!


Live this game!!!! Totally worth the money!!! So much better than paying $50 on the Nintendo switch for the monopoly game. I just screen share it to my tv!!!! I recommend this so much ♡

- Fun but buggy

Will rate 5 stars when the game gets fixed. Game keeps freezing and then you have to restart the whole game all over again.

- The best game

I can’t stop playing it is so fun

- Je veux me faire rembourser

Je n’aime pas comment le jeu est fait et beaucoup de bogue sur mon téléphone!

- Stops at trading...

This app is really bad. Waste of money.

- Good game but...

This is a pretty good implementation of the basic single-player Monopoly game and is fun to play although the AI could be smarter at times. Haven’t tried the multiplayer yet. The in-app purchases are far too expensive and they feel like a cash grab for not much additional value. Would be better if the developer spent time fixing existing bugs.

- Couldn’t finish a single game

There’re some serious bugs for the game. It stops randomly. I count finish a single game. What a nightmare it has been.

- Great game!

We just started playing and are addicted!!

- Can't finish multiplayer

Is there any way to refund?

- Too much freezing

Online playing is really poor. Freezes a lot

- High

this game high is the best

- Wow

Great game to play

- Fun game but the amount of bugs makes me want a refund

Great game, animations are great and it’s the regular monopoly we’re used to. However, it seems that you CANNOT leave the game at all. Once you get a call, it’s game over. It says reconnecting and then remains stuck. So annoying.

- Fonctionne plus!

L'app ne load plus depuis la dernière mise à jour

- Cant see cities

They should increase the size of the board .. Or they should give an option to zoom in to see the names of the cities

- In need of new update!!

Game freezes to much and crashes

- Horrible

The single player is absolutely horrible. The dice always fall in the computer’s favour. You can call what will happen before it happens. Terribly frustrating and I would rate negative stars if I could. Booooooooooo!

- Extremely annoying glitches

Most games I play, never finish. Randomly the game will stop moving, no one will play their turn and it says it’s reconnecting on next turn, but never does. If you close app and go back in, it kicks you from game completely, no warning. It ruins the game that could be so good so much. I can’t believe I paid 6 bucks for a game that doesn’t even work. Only about 1 in 5 games do I actually get to finish, there is always terrible glitches like this.

- After update it’s always in the favour of the bots

So the game was really fun up until the last update, if your playing with bots the game ALWAYS goes in favour of the bots. They always end up gettin both park lane and Mayfair and then enviably bankrupting everyone else in the game. Extremely unfair it’s rigged to the max in favour of the bot.

- It’s ok

It’s a really good game it takes a lot of challenge I play the board game and it’s fun

- Not Random

After playing a handful of games it become quite clear the game was not random. There was only a certain amount of times a CPU could land on your property’s per board circuit and I have never seen more chance cards picked up in my life. Chance cards and community chest spots become safe places for CPU, landing on them 3-4 times a board circuit. Not as fun when not RNG.

- Doesn’t work

You can’t play with friends, and when your online the game will crash. Terrible. Would expect a refund.

- How to buy house or hotel on this game ???

Instructions on how to put house on your property when you own three ??

- "We've fixed it" but they haven't.

UPDATE 24-May: Once again the devs release an update to fix unreliable online play and it does nothing. Still unreliable, still frustrating, still ripped off. UPDATE 17-May: Tried it again and sure enough it just froze with no action on the AI player an hour into the game. This makes it 4 out of 4 games that have frozen. UPDATE 16-May: Latest update has made the game even more unreliable. We've played three games and every time it has frozen. Their infrastructure (by their own admission) wasn't sufficient and it's no better with this latest update. Developers - Forget the new features until you fix the game itself 🤦‍♂️ 1 - Randomly the game will stop and it's no one's turn. Can't get it to move to the next persons turn, so the game just stops. 2 - If I'm playing "Online with friends" and I dare to change to a different app, it disconnects the game and then there's a 50/50 chance the game will crash out (as above) or I'll be replaced with an AI bot. It's incredibly disappointing to be playing against friends and then to have a game destroyed by glitches.

- Very disappointing! 😤

This game (version 1.1.6) is plagued by major synchronization problems whereby the game is “stuck” when the end of one player’s turn is not recognized and the next player cannot throw the dice for their turn. The game has been this way for a number of versions and always leads to an awful experience for families playing remotely especially during the pandemic. Hasbro, this is doing damage to your brand.

- Freeze

Attempted to play an online game with a friend. Froze half way through. This has never happened to us before with previous versions. Now it’s the same as playing multiplayer with randoms, I have never been able to finish a game due in that mode due to freezing.

- Glitch

The game often freezes while playing. Very annoying had done that plenty of times and have to prematurely end the game

- Rip off

Can someone tell me how they charge $5 for the game but you never actually get to finish cause it freezes?????? OH PLAY WITH FRIENDS ONLINE..... for 15 minutes until it freezes. DO NOT BUY. RIP OFF.

- 9/10 needs snake eyes

The game Is dead perfect with slight bugs that barely effect gameplay, all its missing is the rules from monopoly plus like snake eyes. Otherwise a great game

- Multiplayer glitches!!

Multiplayer games always freeze and cut out- no way to resurrect

- Why can’t the online game save?

Played with a friend online and I got out of the game accidentally and it didn’t save at all I lost the whole game! So not cool can’t believe I paid for this!

- Multiplayer using code keeps freezing

Not worth the money for something that doesn’t work

- Utter garbage

This is without doubt the worst game you will waste your money on in your lifetime..., crashes or freezes when you’ve invested time constantly... countless complaints yet no solutions or compensation... just terrible

- Glitchy

Game freezes on someone’s turn about halfway through the game every time, can’t finish a game ever, terrible

- Great game! Add ons - not so much.

I bought the snowdrop valley theme to play and was very excited. I start to set up the game and select the new board and all was good... Until I went to change my character to the snowmobile. It said it was still locked. I went back to check if it was included in the theme pack and it was. Now I am majorly disappointed because I spent $11 on it just for the feature I was most excited about to be unavailable. I would either like this to be fixed or be given a refund - very disappointing.

- New Rule That some Aussies use

Could you add a new rule to custom rule Rule is you can not buy any thing till you pass go once

- Constant glitches

My partner and I both downloaded this game for abit of fun. Without fail around 10 Minutes into it the game will freeze on one of our turns and not let us connect again. To pay $6 each for an app that has crashed 4 games in a row is pathetic. Stay away until they fix this issue.

- Keep dropping out

7 out of 10 games drops out. Also you can easily stop playing when you don’t have money and you’re doing it online which could be annoying for others wants to continue. Needs a permanent rating/score system.

- 95% games freeze and crash

Don’t waste your money. We want to play and enjoy this game but it always crashes. The new version is worse than the old. Please fix it Monopoly app devs. I know you cam do it. Please fix the bugs so I can once again build hotels on Mayfair and Parklane and beat my friends then reclaim my crown of Monopoly Champion 2020.

- Game constantly freezes

This game is frustrating we try to play online with each other and 80% of the time we never get to finish the game because it freezes. It’s annoying considering we may have been playing for an hour or so. If this glitch was fixed it would potentially be fun to play.

- Crash nearly every game

Nothing worse than having a game that crashes half of the time. When you are already invested into the board and the game then having it completely crash is so frustrating. Uninstalling.

- Defies law of averages

I was $13000 up and yes I lost, comp missed all my properties which covered 2 full sides and I landed on each of the comps street every time. Cheat I say! 3 or 4 times fine but it went about 11 passes without once landing on me, meanwhile I was hemorrhage cash to it. So blatant it wasn’t funny, don’t waste your time n money unless you like being cheated

- Love Monopoly but the game is overpriced and buggy

I have loved Monopoly since I was a kid. Recently my friends and I have gone into lock down and we decided to all get monopoly so we could play together. Unfortunately this game is a complete cash grab and has lots of stability issues. All extra board types and themes need to be bought and most of the time are priced higher than the game itself. As for the stability issues my friends and I have only ever been able to complete one game together on online multiplayer, with the majority of games ending with the game freezing for one player and then not allowing play to resume, or the game automatically removing a friend from the game only to replace them permanently with a computer. For a paid app these issues are inexcusable and I recommend potential buyers be wary

- Love monopoly

Love playing monopoly online multiplayer game r fun

- Unplayable

Glitches are more common after the last update rendering the online games completely unplayable. Not worth the money.

- Computer-opoly

It’s a really good game. Just the computer seems to always land exactly where you t needs

- Update

You should have a level thing and trophies

- Glitchy Expensive, Glitchy, Mess of an App. Horrifically built. Do not download.

*game is hyper, hyper expensive. You can literally buy a physical monopoly set for the cost of the season pass. Some micro transactions within the game are more costly than the entire original PC port of this game, which is ludicrous considering it’s already not particularly cheap for the base app. Typical hasbro. I wouldn’t mind so much if the app was made well and didn’t glitch consistantly. But.... *Playing on an iPhone XR, encounter a game breaking glitch in around 30-50% of online matches I play. Usually in the form of all the buttons on the left (mortgage, deal and property purchase buttons) completely disappearing for no reason and being impossible to make visible again, or the game simply freezing mid turn. I thought maybe this was a latency issue, but left it unattended to catch back up and it was still loading mindlessly 20 mins later. *Game completely disconnects and reconnects if you accidentally minimise the app, lock your phone or even slightly swipe back out to the app marquee. This leads to game crashes or further glitching around 40-50% of the time. *No in game chat. Monopoly isn’t a kids game. There’s no reason for WSOP to have curse-sensitive text chat available and not Monopoly. I maybe get where they’re coming from, but surely there’s a compromise. Even button chat options, or something Alike, would make the online play at least feel somewhat interactive.

- Easy family game

We play it all together as a family. Game goes quickly. Kids love it.

- If take customer money develop well!!

Just stupid game balance Administration is brain so dumb Fucking return my money Stupid game Other stupid people so slow playing Are they sleeping???

- Fix bugs

Need to fix the reconnecting, It’s so annoying mid way through a game with friends, Fix it hasbro

- Review

Can be very slow and shut off when playing online

- Monopoly

Just enjoyed wooping my brothers ass best game ever

- Needs a game pause function

Manopoly games can drag out for days so they really need a pause function so when you go out of the app it doesn’t close the whole game.

- 3 times !

So I downloaded monopoly a week ago, I paid my $5 . I have played under 10 games of monopoly , and have had the game STOP COMPLETELY About 3 times , there is nothing more frustrating then playing for 20-30mins and to have the game stop!! Come on “monopoly “ we’re paying for it , so fix these annoying bugs. Other then that it’s a fun game !

- Good

This game is great but you should add the Australian version and I would never get off the game

- Communication

Would be better if you could communicate with players and be able to pause if all agree

- Horrible App Crashes on Startup

I can’t even get into the game. It crashes every time.


Game LOVES to freeze and ruin itself 3/4 of the way through. Ensuring COVID19 is an even more stressful time for everyone. $7 to purchase but a lifetime worth of stress, frustration and misery. Do not purchase this app until they fix the issues. Have never been soo disappointed in my life.

- Nice game

Freezes often

- Broken

Fun concept and I love the game but fixed the god damn dice, I’ve never seen something more broken


GLITCHY AS A MTHFR Every game was ruined by reconnecting all the time. Why does a game you have to pay for, not have a save button? Stupid and retarded

- Sometimes it glitches

It’s really good and worth $6 but sometimes (usually when the games really good) it will glitch and not let you rejoin the game! (It says rejoining game at the start of next turn and you wait and wait and wait and nothing happens) It’s happened like 4-5 times now and it’s really frustrating!

- Can’t play with friends

In both our games one of my fiends disconnected and couldn’t rejoin.

- Game glitches

Great game until it glitches , full of them, makes for a poor experience which is a shame because would be great without it Not worth paying for

- Invest so much time just to face a glitch

Good game, but a major glitch in the app, in time to time the game freezes and you need to start a new game.

- Game keeps hanging

Game keeps hanging up in the middle of the game. You can neither end it or play it.. needs fixing

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- Awesome

Monopoly is a amazing game to play and fun you can always play with friends or family and online it’s super fun and awesome.

- Best


- Very Glitchy

The single player modes will sometimes freeze, the multiplayer will also freeze several times and kick you out of the game or the code to share with a friend will not work. I expected a lot more from a $3.99 game, especially since we only get 1 map with it.

- When it works, it’s hilarious...

It usually doesn’t work and sometimes you get to the point of breaking a phone because of its lags!

- Stil have to purchase everything within the game

Paid $4 and only one city is open. Still have to pay for other cities smh.

- Chatting option needed🙂

Love this game🥰but there should be free hand chatting option.🤔😊😊

- Frequent Frustrating Frozen Games

This game was fast and good until it started glitching and freezing games in the middle of play until you finally have to abandon the game altogether after an hour of play. Why sink all that time and effort into a game just to get frozen and have othet players yell, “Hurry up!” until they finally realize it’s a ruined, wasted game and not you taking your time.

- Monopoly

The game is great. They should make it possible to leave the game and come back on Multiplayer

- It’s ok

It’s ok . But you cannot talk to your friends online. There is only so many words you can say ; takes the fun out .

- Freezing

The multiplayer with friends version is constantly messing up since the new update

- Freezes

It’s a fun game when it doesn’t freeze. It freezes a lot.

- Monopoly game board

Great app, never freezes. Expensive if you want to upgrade it. The only thing it could is a history column.

- Good

It’s slight wish we had a chat to type in when loaded in a game

- I love it


- The algorithms off nothing like playing the real game

The algorithms off tries to keep you in the game longer even on the verge of bankruptcy, forces trades, I’d like a real monopoly game with the probability of actual dice. Not worth it in my opinion.

- Chat

A chat where we can communicate with other players would make this perfect. Also allowing more than 4 players

- So, it must be a software glitch....

So here we are, four players. All players have houses and/or hotels. One player has much more cash than the others, one has much less cash but a lot of property and a few houses. The player with a little cash lands on my property and goes bankrupt. All of the players property is turned over to me and the houses are turned to cash and turned over to me. All of the sudden (no dice roll, no player movement), the player that has more cash than anyone else suddenly appears as the winner, even though I just received all of this property and cash. Please explain.

- Often unplayable

I enjoy the game and the new improvements but something that still happens and is simply unacceptable is it’s tendency to get stuck on a player. Their turn is up and it just sits...

- Excellent Way to Learn the Rules

I bought the board game the other day which is also fun. I didn’t quite understand how the mortgage rules worked until I did single player and played electronically. Now I know.

- Lo mejor

Un gran juego que nunca pasará de moda

- brianna

love this app so much fun. !!!!

- Needs another update.

For a game that you need to spend money on there are far too many issues. This game desperately needs another update. 1. There are community chest and chance cards that take effect on the player but if another player is involved it does nothing(pay $50 to all players). 2. There are instances where you can have players go bankrupt and have properties (with houses!) on the board and still get paid and come back to life! 3. Sometimes if a player owns a space it will not indicate ownership color like the rest of the spaces; making it appear to be available but when you land on it you pay someone. 4. Dont click on a players name when it is not your turn or the whole board may get stuck in a dark mode. 5. Sometimes players can stall out the game clock when another player is winning just to be mean and end the game (I guess it is equivalent to flipping the board like at home lol). 6. Computer players all have the same AI, you can offer them a specific amount of money per property to tell if they are AI, once you know which players are computer it is easier to win. 7. No option for free parking to pay out players (It was a personal favorite of mine). 8. No record of wins and losses or anything at that. 9. No type of friends list to add players that you enjoyed playing with (There are people that stall out the game timer). 10. Custom games should be vast with personal rules (There was a snes monopoly that had more options!). However they did just have an update that had some cool features that were needed. 1. In game chat 2. Different page layout for trade screen 3. The dice sort of go where you swipe them on screen 4. Game does not crash anymore Overall I gotta weigh in at 2 stars until they update this game.

- Fun !

Great game but lags alittle

- Amazing

Great graphics!

- I love this game but‼️

I love this game to the fullest the only problem I wish that can change is the message chat to say what we want and to notify the person who’s taking forever or skip them when they not responding.

- Fun, but AI needs work

I LOVE this game, but his edition is tedious at times. The AI will frequently land on various properties UNTIL you add houses and hotels. Even when you own most of the board, the AI manages to skip over the hotels and houses that you ow. It just makes the games last long. I don’t mind a little challenge, but this is a little ridiculous.

- Monopoly review

Who doesn’t love this iconic board game?! Items I think can be revised: - computer isn’t realistic when making trades. I can understand the difficulty level and the prices the want for a trade, but at least be consistent when CPU to CPU trades are happening. Example: $300 + deed to me but $50 + deed for a trade between CPUs. - what happened to the different tokens moving along the spaces in their own unique way? The cat used to walk and the ship used to be underway, the car drove, etc - are there going to be new board sets and tokens? Wish there was an option to see the board evolve as buildings were purchased.

- Super buggy!

I can only finish a game half of the time. The other half of the time it freezes up and I get kicked off. Very frustrating! Don’t waste you’re money here.

- Game Freezes Frequently

The game itself is well done, BUT - it freezes up a lot. This is especially annoying if you’re mid-game. Please fix this issue.

- Broken!!!!

It kicks me off while waiting for my friend to Put in his code. I complained (see below) and was promised an update. Well did that and still broken. Please refund my $$$ or fix the game. Paid the full price right away because I had years ago bought the game and it worked fine. This version is broken and only lets me play AI so don’t waist your money which btw is quite pricey compared to others apps It kicks me off

- Can't leave the game in multi-player

How ridiculous? This game takes at least an hour or more to play, but if you close the app or get a phone call or just go get a disconnects and the game is lost! So I'm playing with my daughter, for an hour, we run to thr store real quick for dinner and come back to our game disconnected. If you can't sit and play start to finish, it's useless to you... Fix this ridiculous concept!

- Love the game!

Very wellnmade, definatly reccomended!

- Please just fix the stability

I’ve only had the app about a month and I was happy to spend time playing against others online to pass the time. When I first got it, it seemed really smooth, but after some updates and for the last two weeks I haven’t been able to finish an entire game without a no response from one character and it being stuck on them forever until everyone just leaves and you have to start all over again. This is the kind of game that takes too long sometimes to have to worry about a game just never finishing because of something like that. Appreciate all the work, but the game just desperately needs stronger stability.

- Monopoly

🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩🧘🏿‍♀️ keeps

- Good but freezes

Good alternative especially during the current covid pandemic. But is there something you can do to fix the freezing that happens randomly and won't let you reconnect?? And you can't close app and rejoin the game even if you use the same code quickly

- Needs time-out function

Great game, BUT very annoying when multiplayer individual stops playing and game pauses indefinitely. Needs a time out function/alarm. Can be long, like 5 mins, given game, but not “never”.

- Why there was rejoinig issue, cant rejoin we were waiting too long, can’t excess

Why , need know past matches history


Two updates later and I still cannot get to play online at all. I’ve tried everything. My net is fully functioning and I still cannot get it online. Love the game but I can’t play with my family online. Please fix!!!

- Entertaining


- Love it

Best game ever!! 5 stars all the way. I just think you should, make it so you can cast it on the TV. If you consider buying it then BUY IT. So entertaining! Thanks for reading, bye!

- Amazing

I would recommend this to so many people if it wasn’t 6-7$ but still amazingly fun & you can do all the trades and free parking

- Favors AI

Unless I happen to be super unlucky, the easy mod AI make the optimal moves every time, I constantly am placed in situations where all but one spot is mortgaged. In 5 games, one would think the player might have a chance in winning.

- Don’t bother till it’s fixed &#@%*$-!

Imagine IRL playing for an hour and another player gets mad AND snatches the Board and runs away. Ruins the game for everyone. That’s what happens now 90% of the time! Out of the 12 + games of Monopoly I played here today we could only finish 2. It usually gets ruined when your winning and 1 or 2 are already bankrupted. They shouldn’t be capable of freezing the game just by quitting. It always happens on the losers’ turn. What can’t you fix this? Or make it so they are booted out automatically with 3 minutes of inactivity?

- Do not buy if you want to actually complete a game.

This is the most frustrating app I have ever purchased. You will play for x amount of time, then one of your friends, or you, will suffer a freeze-up or a disconnect. Then you can’t play. You can’t re-join a game once you get separated from it. The freezing completely freezes the game for everyone and you have to quit and restart a new game. My family tried this for 3 hours and played 6 games. WE NEVER GOT TO FINISH ONE. Don’t believe me? Go ahead. Spend your money. Tell me I’m wrong. Worthless and I want my money back.

- Really

Like... Nobody lands on my property for 30 mins straight after I place houses on them... I’m mad, 1 star till I win a game without the system cheating.

- Game won’t run after update

My game won’t run after update it just cancels out every time . If I delete it and reinstall the app I feel I will lose the game and money I paid for it

- Single player is great, online is iffy

updated 5/25 The update to include chat phrases is nice, if underwhelming. Since the online with friends option is with actual friends, I don't see why there isn't a true chat feature yet. The sad thing is that he update which gave us the minimal chat feature also messed up the feature that allows you to see how many times a property has been landed on/how much money it has brought in. - Playing online with friends is inconsistent. We could only start the game from one of our devices, and there is an utter lack of chatting capabilities. If you try to send a message in another app, it automatically advances play if the turn comes up. Not great, not necessary

- Good start but a few suggestions

Overall the game is enjoyable, but a couple of annoying issues: the 3D city looks good but it’s not in 3D very often and when it is it’s usually obstructed by a game card, property purchase and so on. Would be nice to see the city in 3D more often during gameplay. The “your turn” banner obstructs the dice momentarily. The dice should never be obstructed. When adding houses to the purple properties, the add houses button extends over the purple properties making it difficult to add properties there. I find myself accidentally not buying a property because the buy or not buy buttons are too close together. Maybe a different layout for buying properties. For games against the computer it would be nice to limit the number of times the computer offers a trade. It gets to the point where it is offering trades on every dice roll which slows the game down. For the custom rule set, having an option to start the game with more money would be nice. The EA version of this game had a terrific animation for the game pieces. Would be nice to see the something similar here.

- Great Game Crashes Often

I love playing but the game constantly freezes and you lose your turn or don’t get paid when someone lands on your property. Very frustrating.

- Fun game but...

It’s a lot of fun, graphics are good but you can’t play with more than 4 people. Our family of 6 was really excited to play this together but since we can’t I feel like we wasted our money. Allow for more players in private games and this is 5 stars for sure.

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- Tidy little play

Good game, can get very addictive, that’s a good thing I guess?...

- Not worth it!

I never leave reviews but just had to for this. The old monopoly app was 100x better. Quicker animations, speedier flow of game. This app is just focussed on in-app purchases, a broken dice that favours one player, a bug that causes the game to freeze when about to move to the next player. Played a 2hrs game for it to just freeze during it and meant all 4 players had to quit the game. A lot of work needs doing to this app, especially since it is a paid app. I hope devs take this in to account! Unhappy 😡


This game is so fun! The dice be a little strange but that’s fine! You can play against friends and family on online multiplayer OR play with people around the world. ALSO you can custom rules of your choice. Ok so the dice may be dodgy but it lightens up my lockdown days!

- Edited: AI is fixed, never land on your property

I really feel like this game needs more incentive. Like achievements, collecting diamonds or wins ect. Spend these diamonds and points on new pieces and new boards ect. There is no way I would pay for new boards or pieces. I don’t think anyone would if I am honest. So, incentives please. Otherwise can become boring after a few games. Edited part: the AI is fixed, they always seem to skip your property landing on community chest or chance and free parking. They make stupid swaps all the time. The game is too unfair. Unless fixed i won’t be playing again.

- Dull



They care more about making money over a game that actually works. I bought Cluedo, Battleship, Monopoly, and game of life and all of them RUN TERRIBLY. On top of this, most DLC for these games are £7+ The cluedo one is £30😂😂😂 these guys are robbing people, do not buy any more games, maybe then they will actually try to make a proper game rather than just steal from people.

- Fun to play with fa,ily 🥺😍❤️

Love the game great for myself and my children hours of fun thank you this is a great game to play when bored with ur family and ur luck changes easily I went from 23 to 5672 so it’s super fun I recommend it and I’m only 11 and I find it great 😂💝❤️

- Multiplayer is far too glitchy

The game and the concept is brilliant, I am disappointed however with the multiplayer functions. During one long game, it stopped letting us place houses even after we had all purchased sets, the game disconnects and gets stuck sometimes once an AI replaces a user. I’m my internet connection is perfect with 4G yet there is still too many issues with multiplayer. Too many games have been lost because of poor design. Disappointing.

- Wait Hours for an opponent

I love monopoly which is why I purchased it. However, the game is frustrating as you can wait more than an hour for someone to play at times. I fall asleep and wake up to see the person hasn’t played and the game has no default to kick or automatically play for such a person. It’s deflates my joy for purchasing it. I spend most games quitting to menu because of this. Wish it was not the case. Hopefully the developers can do something fair and fast, plus not so computerised in multiplayer. Dice is also notably rigged

- Don’t buy this app

Wow I’m blown away by how crap this game is, I’m so gutted that I even spent my money to buy the app ,I was considering to buy their full theme and everything thank god I didn’t It’s literally like flushing your money down the toilet , imagine how bad this game is that I deleted it eventually, it was fully on my nerve the freezing issue was the worst bit , playing for long time and all of a sudden game freezes on you and leave you with no option but to quit and start again I mean come on Hasbro is it really that hard to make improvements to the game ,what a shame , It is so obvious that all they care about is money , I bet whoever created this app have no clue what’s going on in the game what so ever Absolutely disgraceful

- Amazing game

Just like the real life board game. So fun to play and win against friends 😂

- Freezes

Very annoying that the game freezes especially when playing longer games

- Its alright

Getting a bit tired of the constant freezing where it will just time me out until the next round. Needs to be a talk bar so i can have a go at people for taking too long, and to be able to barter on trades

- Latest update

So even after updating AGAIN for the Third time it crashed again. My friend was kicked out so I started playing against the computer then I stared winning for it to crash again and kick me out. We used to play this all the time and paid £3.99 but now we won’t be playing it again. It just ruins our night

- Fadi 69

Best game ever

- Hehe

Defo worth the money

- Good

It’s good love the colours and the graphics. Sometimes doesn’t give you the right amount of money and few mistakes often making ‘the computer’ land on same spaces round after round. But for fiver or whatever it was worth it and a good time spending game! X

- Nitsua

Great game

- Always freezes

I’ve played loads of games with my friends and within an hour it always manages to freeze 😡

- Generally great fun but freezing frequently

The game has started freezing more and more since the latest update. Tends to happen when buying houses, transferring properties en masse and checking a particular property’s house price value etc. Very frustrating. Out of five games this weekend (yes I play a lot) it froze three times, ruining the games. Very frustrating. Fix the bugs please!!!

- Addictive

I never buy apps but this one was worth it x

- Where’s my money

3 houses on Mayfair, the mrs roles a 6, my hands start to sweat 1,2,3,4,5,6 BOOM MAYFAIR , GET YOUR PURSE OUT SWEETHEART. I was on the cusp of stealing a couple of grand off the mrs, laughing all the way to the bank, I was singing the well known ABBA hit “money money money” Then it froze. It freezes a lot !

- Game freezes on trading with AI.

Me and my wife played our first game and the game froze after I traded with the AI and could not be recovered. We were playing for nearly an hour and things were getting good for both of us. All I did was try to get a property off the AI, it came back with a counteroffer, I counteroffered that by raising my offer price, it counteroffered that and then almost instantly rejected it once the screen came up. That was it for the game, nothing I or my wife did could get the game working again. I think we will stick to the original version on the iPad we have had for years, dozens of games played and never a crash. It also has a save feature which this one does not. Such a bad way to make a game, obviously not bug tested properly, must have released it early to make a quick buck, which is far too common these days.

- Great Game but App Very Buggy

Love this game have played for hours and get great enjoyment out of it! However over the last few days the game will freeze on one player, no timer, no buttons work nothing. Just stuck with the music playing. Please fix this developers until it’s fixed game is basically unplayable as it will likely freeze at any moment!

- Great when it works

Me and my family really enjoy playing this game together, when it works it’s great. We use the ‘online with friend setting’ However, it regularly just freezes and there is nothing to do but abandon the game. This sometimes happens towards the end of an exciting game which is doubly frustrating. Of all the times our family of 4 have all started playing, easily half of the games have ended with freezing and having to abandon. So frustrating! I see there was an update recently so was hoping the issue would be fixed, but no - still freezing. Argh! Please fix Thanks Simon P.S. if one player accidentally logs off (say their phones runs out of power) there really should be a way of them logging back in when they are back online.

- Freezing Issue

This happens from time to time, after a few games the game decides to freeze while everything else is active. I’ve had this happen to me quite a few times and witnessed the same issue happen to my friends while playing together. The timer doesn’t help at all once it runs out it magically reappears never to run out again, even if I minimise the game hoping a bot replacement would atleast continue the game but never works. Its a big bug as the game is literally stuck even after the frozen player quiting the game. If it happens during the start its not a big problem until it freezes during a long lasting game which is just frustrating and annoying making it almost unplayable. I genuinely enjoy this game ignoring this issue while it is uncommon to happen it makes us players regret purchasing this game, it should run smoothly being a paid game.


You will never win this game it is actually impossible I’ve seen other reviews and it looks like nobody has won. The AI team up together by trading with you a card and then giving it to another AI so they have a full set. Every community chest and chance card you get most likely you will lose money but the AI majority of the time seem to gain. Also you will not seem to pass go without having to pay money from either a card or income tax or some AI that has put hotel on brown cards where he magically pulled money out of nowhere ANYWAY DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY I PLAYED THIS FOR 3 HOURS STRAIGHT ON “EASY” MODE AND DID NOT WIN A WASTE OF MY MONEY WHICH COULD HAVE BEEN SPENT ON DINNER IM HOMELESS AND THIS GAME HAS JUST KULLED ME but my mate James got my reboot card gotta love my mate James Bubba

- Same amount as fun as board game

Worth the money

- Great fun - works reliably

Updated Monopoly had been updated to fix all of the issues - it’s still relatively easy to disconnect and miss a go, but it doesn’t end the game. Thank you for addressing problems. Original Have tried to play this game on online multiplayer twice and both times it’s crashed without allowing the game to continue (a player gets disconnected in their go and the games over). Need to be fixed. If not recommend this game unless you want to play against the computer.

- Crashes 1hr in!!

Really disappointed with this game, 1 hr in and it crashes. Expect so much more for £3.99, which quite a lot for an app. Our evening was totally ruined by this game and my friends had to resort to an alternative. I would like to know who I can speak to about a REFUND!!

- Freezes and kicks you out

Absolutely frustrating constantly freezes this is so annoying after paying for the game!


In lockdown I have been unable to see my friends for 2 months. For the first time we have all had good internet connection and decided to have a fun game of monopoly over a zoom call! 2 HOURS IN!!! Our game freezes, unable to continue, and we’re having a great evening at the time! Such a shame a silly issue like this would ruin a huge reunion for us! Will he deleting the app and never buying a Hasbro game again! Hasbro - ruining reunions since 2020:(

- Feedback

Great game. A scoreboard or points system would be great if you win online games


Y’all got bugs like Rick Ross

- Online mode needs sorting

Nice app, nice graphics and gameplay. Let down by sensitivity of online mode, a blip in WiFi connection or receipt of a phone call and that’s over. It just will not reconnect you, so frustrating when you’re in the middle of a good game. *Update, thought it was my WiFi that was the problem, it isn’’s the game. Online multiplayer mode is unplayable as a result, very disappointed for a paid for app - I have played many free apps in online mode with no connection issues whatsoever.

- Loaded dice?

I can’t prove it with statistical analysis,but I’m fairly certain the game helps it’s AI players by giving them loads of doubles at the start, and keeping them in jail every other turn when the stakes are higher. There have been incidents that have made me convinced the game is rigged against fair odds, but for the life of me I can’t work out why the developers would think players would want that experience. Is it my imagination?

- Computer Bias

Every time i play against the computer they always get the roll they need - they always get the building they require - they never land on any of my buildings - I would have the whole side of one street and they would I always roll so they land on the chance card. Also when you change from easy to medium or hard be aware that you will constant roll And get change cards whilst the computer continuously lands on buildings and buys the street up really frustrating at the early stages WITHOUT QUESTION if you own the whole street and have houses and hotels the computer ALWAYS lands on the chance card


The game is filled with issues and connection drops randomly and the app crashes frequently as well. You can’t even reconnect to the game when you’re kicked out. No basic synchronisation of progress. For the amount of money Hasbro has made, they shouldn’t license it to some developers who do a mediocre job. Worst purchases ever!!!!!

- Monopoly

If I could have given it less stars I would have done. Never felt such poor value for my money. Pity because I’ve got really good version on other devices by other manufacturer, sadly now unavailable.

- Would be 5 stars if it was more reliable

For a game as successful as it is, I’m really disappointed that it is not very reliable with its online function. At random times in every game, it freezes. It’s more annoying when it’s in a trade deal (which you can’t do anything other than ‘reject it’) and then there’s a blank screen. I’ve tried coming out of it (whilst keeping it running in background) and then going back into the game, but the process explained above jeeps happening. Wish I spent my £3.99 on tinder!

- Sometimes freeze and crashing

Rated 3 star because the app keeps freezing then shutting down causing you to start the game all over aside from that lovely game when everything works smoothly.

- Great game, most issues seem fixed!

Monopoly I’ve been playing this for a few months during lockdown. I love it. Like others, I had massive issues a few months ago with this app, being stuck in the middle of online games with no way to continue (among other issues). Let me clear up a few things. The latest update has fixed most of the major issues affecting me previously. I’ve seen some very recent reviews with new issues, but they seem to misunderstand the app. For example, it is absolutely possible to play friends rather than AI/bots (or fake multiplayer). There are essentially a number of ways to play. Solo games against bots is one. Games against other real players online is another (this was suffering major connection issues until recently but has been very stable the past week or two). And games versus your own friends is another (which simply requires you or a friend to start an ‘Online with friends game’ - not an ‘Online multiplayer’ game - which gives the host a code to text to friends so up to three of them can join that specific game). Easy. And that’s the most fun way to play in my opinion. It’s been a real bonus in lockdown. A few suggestions for the developers: A reminder of who owns what when landing on a property would be really helpful (rather than relying on memory). At the moment, the game zooms into the property you’ve landed on and you can’t see the rest of the board, not even the other properties in the set. So you might not know if the others are owned or who owns them when choosing to buy or auction. Sometimes the Salary doesn’t register when passing go, although it does eventually register at the next time my money total is affected. This might have already been fixed. Keep up the great work and thanks for the recent fixes!

- Well...

Bloody good show if you ask me g


Game gets so predictable after a few plays. Dice is unfair. E.g. 1 player gets a set & the next players go you’re 100% likely to land on their card. You pay to get out of jail, but then you will roll 2/3 doubles NOT by chance. Game constantly freezes, you do a trade deal and then it freezes making you not being able to continue playing. It was great at first until it started getting predictable and totally rubbish quality!

- crashes all of the time

this game crashes when ever i play it, even when a notification pops on on your screen it takes ages to reconnect. if constantly kicks you out of the game. i want my money back.

- Good but needs work

Only leaving this review as the app crashed for the nth time during a multiplayer game. It would also be really nice to come away having “accomplished” something other than the temporary scores we see at the end of a good hour to two invested per play. A permanent global leaderboard would be great, or even a “career mode” that would allow players to keep their winnings to use as their base balance in their next game. All of that would go out the window if the app keeps crashing like this though. Love it otherwise and will continue to play!

- Make the Dice random for all, otherwise perfect :)

Seems that the dice picks favourites and isn’t random, especially with the CPU. Other than that I love this game.

- Still crashing.

The main issue with this game is the crashing/freezing during online games. It has improved but still not good enough freezes about 50% of the time. Also more flexibility for custom rules for online games would be good.

- After a few games it gets predictable

Love the board game and the app to be fair. Agree with some reviews that crashing is annoying, particularly whilst making trade offers. My main issue is after a few turns it gets predictable. Seems to take ages for someone to hit your property with houses on, they always hit the square in between or just go past it. Even with 3 tokens all pretty much lined up to hit yours, you can guarantee they will all miss. Also, beware of landing on Park Lane, as your next roll is 90% chance to be a 7 and land on income tax! Also very difficult in the 4-player mode to get property if you are the last to sort off from GO.

- Should be up to 6 players!

Good game but could be better by increasing number of players from 4 to 6. Please increase number of houses and hotels as well.

- Allow players rejoin games

Pls allow players rejoin existing games and also allow for chat function Also let players be able to start games with specific in-house rules and boards

- Good game

I enjoy this game especially the online with friends option but only when it works. A lot of times the game just freezes and we are never able to finish those games. Please kindly fix this bug. I also suggest that you introduce a ‘save game session’ feature to the app, to enable us save a running game and continue later. Overall it’s a nice game.


I bought this game solely to play with my friends who are far away at the moment and we have never finished a game together. It lags online then stops all together. Fix it!!!!

- Mohammed

This is my game .....I love the deals I make .... a reflection of my real life

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Pero still up kay nalingaw kos monopoly

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Monopoly 1.1.6 Screenshots & Images

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Monopoly ipad images
Monopoly ipad images
Monopoly ipad images
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Monopoly (Version 1.1.6) Install & Download

The applications Monopoly was published in the category Games on 2019-12-04 and was developed by Marmalade Game Studio [Developer ID: 988365603]. This application file size is 427.86 MB. Monopoly - Games posted on 2020-05-22 current version is 1.1.6 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions.

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