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Roll the dice and buy, sell, build, and scheme your way to become a rich landlord in MONOPOLY, the Hasbro board game and family classic loved by over a billion people in cities and countries worldwide. One of the most classic board games you know and love is available on mobile and tablets and playable both offline and online!

Experience the classic board game in a completely new way. MONOPOLY by Marmalade Game Studio brings the board to life with a universe including a beautiful animated and designed 3D city board with hotels and houses.

Popular Features
- ONE OF THE GREATEST BOARD GAMES - Play the Hasbro classic by yourself or with the family and friends in your life on mobile or tablets!
- A PREMIUM EXPERIENCE - No pay-to-win, no ad pop-ups, no risk, approved by Hasbro
- HOUSE RULES - Play with the most common house rules
- QUICK MODE - Finish the Hasbro board game faster than ever
- SINGLE-PLAYER - Play against our challenging AI. No need for friends or family
- OFFLINE MULTIPLAYER - Play together and pass the phone between turns
- ONLINE MULTIPLAYER - Play MONOPOLY online with people all over the world from a different city or country or create private multiplayer games to play with your friends and family in life without any risk.

Are you ready to experience the thrill of bankrupting your family and friends in life and becoming a rich landlord in MONOPOLY, one of the most iconic board games of all time?
Roll the dice, take risk, make your way around the board and BUY real estate, COLLECT rent and BUILD hotels to become a landlord tycoon, just like the popular Hasbro family board game.

Don’t get bored and challenge up to FOUR PLAYERS on one mobile device in multiplayer!

Now you can play a game of MONOPOLY anytime and anywhere, in the city and at home, offline and online! You can play by yourself or with friends in multiplayer. Try this multiplayer with up to four players on one device. Alternatively, invite family and friends to play in online multiplayer and build your real estate empire to become a rich landlord and the king of the MONOPOLY universe. When you are ready to roll the dice, you can host a private multiplayer lobby or share public games with friends online from different cities.


Don’t worry about the risk of a game taking too long. Use the Quick Mode to complete it in one hour or less. You’ll spend less time in jail, build hotels sooner, become a successful landlord faster, and end the game after the first player is bankrupt; the richest player wins and becomes the MONOPOLY King.

Our MONOPOLY game includes like in real life all well-known, POPULAR HOUSE RULES

Do you receive M400 instead of M200 when you land directly on GO in your family or friends group? Create a custom game with your family's favourite house rules and become the MONOPOLY king in your family.

Our MONOPOLY game classic is FAMILY-FRIENDLY and risk free for kids

We have made sure our game is safe for kids, without any risk, and easy to play for the whole family online or offline in multiplayer. Like the original Hasbro board game, everyone can buy, sell, collect, build, and play! Since the game is ad-free, you won't risk bumping into inappropriate ads. And with private online multiplayer, you don't have to share a game with strangers and can simply play with your friends.


Our game includes the largest number of localised boards any of the digital MONOPOLY board games has ever offered. Play with a board from select countries and unlock the ‘Explorer Pack’ to discover different cities and its real estate! Roll the dice, take risk, BUY or SELL real estate, COLLECT rent and BUILD hotels as a landlord in cities and countries all around the world.

Let’s jump into the MONOPOLY Universe!

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Monopoly Customer Service, Editor Notes:

You’re in for a frightfully good time! Get ready to buy, sell and scheme your way to riches in a city where monsters rule! In Monstropolis, creatures from your wildest nightmares live in a new, reimagined city. Prepare to be horrified by the cost of rent as you build your spooky empire! Will your opponents flee before your wealth, or sneak into the lead with a shock purchase? This Halloween, trick AND treat your family and friends with this whole new MONOPOLY theme!

Monopoly Comments & Reviews

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- The Best!!!!

I absolutely love Monopoly! I finally bought this game! (And I’m so glad they finally put it back in the App Store) My brother and myself are always playing it on the board, but after so long one or the other of us gets sick of playing it with only 2 people because all you do is hand money back and forth. So now we can play to our hearts content!! I remember there being a Monopoly in the App Store awhile ago and I absolutely loved it, but our iPad crashed and I couldn’t find another one until now. There is one thing that I loved about the old one that this new one doesn’t have and that’s is: while you are playing you could look and see how much % chance this certain lot would be landed on and by whom. For example, when I’m trying to build a house I’d look and see if the cat coming down the road would land on either Baltic Ave or Boardwalk, and the one with the greater % I’d build the house on. (I hope that makes sense) Anyway that’s about the only thing I’d change! And by the way, I LOVE that you do not have to be connected to WiFi to play!! Keep it that way!!

- SO MUCH FUN.....when it works.

I love monopoly and the app because it takes away the hassle of keeping up with board pieces and having someone act as the bank. However, it is far too common for a player to get disconnected or for the game to freeze, ultimately ruining the entire game and leading me to have wasted 2 hours of my time. Also, it is hard to differentiate when a player is simply not paying attention, forgets to roll, or forgets to end their turn so it would be EXTREMELY USEFUL to have a ******chat function****** or at least a button the players could use to notify other players when the game has come to a standstill. I really hope that the monopoly app creators will take these suggestions into account as I have recommended the app to many people and know they have experienced the same frustration as me. Also, it would be awesome if their was a way to pause the game (which I know may actually difficult due to connection issues). Additionally, the game disconnects when someone gets a phone call or even if low battery signal pops up on a players phone. Sometimes the bots will pick up and play for the disconnected user but other times the game is screwed. Regardless, I love how the game is customizable and has great layouts. Love this game, will definitely keep playing, but would profoundly appreciate some improvements given that the Monopoly brand has historically been held with such high regard.

- Nice Rendition, A Bit Cold

This is a slick, nice running monopoly game. I first saw it played on Twitch and said I have got to experience this. The graphics, animation and modeling are really fun. Based on old reviews, I think many issues from the past are solved. The network seems reliable and the rules and variations are pretty much on point. The AI players add a new dimension. They are annoying at worst and a wonderful addition for shrewd dealing humans, at best. The klunky repetitious and nonsensical “offers” they make are pretty bad. And the fact that they only assess deals based on value of the deeds and classifying them as “easy, medium, or hard” just improves their luck and reduces yours makes them pretty frustrating at times. But they’re fun to push around and like I said, they create a whole new dimension in game play. Imagine making a deal with a predictable robot to mess up your human opponent, etc. That said, the overall game feels cold and lonely. How do we know we are really playing against a human when we join Multiplayer online? What is our own record of wins and losses? What if we want to play against a particular player again? Marmalade and Hasbro are doing a pretty nice job getting all their games online. But these old parlor games deserve at least a minimal social component to keep people returning. Edging really close to four stars!

- Needs SERIOUS fixing.

There are a few things that keep this game from feeling like a genuine Monopoly experience for mobile. One of my biggest complaints is the fact that you cannot do something as little as pull down your notification screen a smidge without being forced to bear a 20 second+ dimmed out “Rejoining game...” screen. That’s ridiculous. Why should it take that long to get back in the game when I hardly even left? The connection errors/bugs are ridiculous and make it rare to get a solid game in. That’s unacceptable, really. What’s the point in playing a game that’s likely to crash because of bugs? Also, the lack of any form of communication between players is upsetting. Seriously, no chat box? No ability to use our microphones? You want to charge $4 for a board game and not let us speak to each other? They’re also charging $30 for a season pass that I believe features strictly cosmetics. 🙄 Marmalade, if you want our money at least give us a solid game. Another complaint I have is the only games rules we have to choose from are: Classic and Quick mode. It would be nice to have the options to change the rules/play custom games and whatnot. To the Monopoly fans, tread carefully because this game was clearly developed as a cash grab and not to give us the mobile Monopoly we would expect in 2020. The base gameplay is acceptable, but the flaws make the game close to unplayable.

- Rework the AI algorithm please!!

I was, and still am, a huge fan of the original iOS game which was discontinued last year. This new version is nowhere near as fun to play. Sure, it looks better, and there are more ways for you guys to make more $$ from it, but the new AI algorithm is simply a drag to play. With the old game, if I played 20 games, I could strategize and win about half of them. With this new version, I’ve won only once in 20 games! And that’s only because I refused to trade. The AI consistently ends up with more funds from giveaways and pays less taxes while the human pays more taxes and gets fewer random giveaways. Please rework the AI algorithm to make it a more enjoyable and better balanced game!! Reply to developer: I never accused the game of being “rigged.” As any programmer knows, there is no such thing as “random.” Programming any software takes human choice. My point was that the programming of the old version of Monopoly was more balanced than the present version, and as such, the present app needs to be reworked to be better balanced and more enjoyable to play. For version 1.3: the background (city) sounds are much too loud now! Can barely hear the sound of the board anymore. It’s the sound of the dice and playing pieces on the board that bring it alive for me. Please lower the city sounds back to where they were. (I play it without music.)

- Great, but could use some bug squashing

It’s monopoly, just like you remembered in the classic board game, which is what I’ve wanted on iOS for a long time. After playing very frequently, I’ve been noticing some issues. 1. Dice rolls do not seem random. Quite frequently the computer rolls the perfect number to squeak by your hotels. It happens way too often. 2 when playing multiple computer opponents, if the first computer player on the list of players on the right side of the screen goes bankrupt, you can no longer purpose a deal with the other remaining opponent. It defaults to try to make a trade with the bankrupted player with no option to change it to the other player, so the only way to trade is to wait for the computer to strike a trade with you and then counter the trade. 3 when you get a card that says each player pays $10 for a birthday or whatever, the money never comes out of the players account. Maybe that’s because of the free parking rule. Not sure. 4 if you use up all of the houses so that there aren’t any more in reserve, and then sell a hotel, more houses Automatically appear. Seems odd. Being able to speed up the game instead of watching each and every animation would be appreciated.

- Extremely Fun

Ever since I downloaded this game I have been constantly playing it. This game takes the struggle out of someone having to be banker. A game dragging on for 10+hrs and people are always online playing. There were a few kinks with it in the beginning. But I am seeing that they are fixing it now. I am only giving it 4 stars because as of late a lot of the games I have been in the middle of playing will just not be able to resume. It will be someone else’s turn and they just never come out of their turn. I think their should be a time limit once they have handled they business. Otherwise you have to wait until they “end turn” & this creates problems in the game. My games were all lost and needed to be exited after this occurred and all that I worked for or played for was lost. This creates a waste of time. Which is pretty unfortunate but other than that this game is extremely fun. I purchased both the other boards the snow and the 1930’s board I love all of them. Wish the tokens were a bit cheaper and more options. Overall few bug fixes and this game is going to remain my favorite. I have been telling everyone about it so that they can join me in a game virtually!

- Game breaks literally every game

So I have had monopoly for like two weeks now, and the first week I was just playing against A.I. And getting a feel for the game, but recently I’ve been playing multiplayer. Now multiplayer is fun and all especially when I’m winning cuz I’ll have a few thousand and a row of hotels that bankrupt two other players. But then it’s always fun to just flash my wealth around and buy properties from the last player just so that it’s harder for them, but every time I do this (or just if I trade properties for money in general when someone’s bankrupt) it gets me stuck on the keep property mortgaged page. So I click unmorggage. Then I click it again. Then five minutes later I’m still spam clicking the button and I have to leave to solve the problem. I’ve tried everything I could but it always does this. Monopoly’s a great game and all but honestly I’ll probably just delete the game because it’s just annoying and frustrating when I have a hotel on boardwalk, all the railroads, and like 10 other hotels, while the other player has two properties left unmortgaged, then they win because the lousy game crashes on me. So just make sure you can actually handle monopoly on your device because I’m assuming it has something to do with that. Don’t wanna waste 7 dollars for a game you can’t even play.

- I love it but...

First of all, I don’t usually leave a comment or any reviews but this one push my hand considering this is one of my favorite games. First, i wanna say that the game’s interface is very well designed. It’s like playing the actual game on another level. Second, i like how we have the option to play the QUICK mode since this game is naturally takes forever (which is nice somehow) to end. Third and on the bad side, i wish there is a way for an actual chat rather than the pre wording that is not even applicable for every scenario. EG, if trading cards, reasoning for trades or refuse etc. that would be like the actual game and that will add the excitement in playing. Also, themes, boards, and tokens are way expensive. Would be nice since the game itself is paid, features should be lesser the price and not higher than the actual game. Lastly, on that note i wish there is an option to add the player as a friend for future game. That will actually make the experience more real rather than it’s always random guest and while playing with random people, you can’t add any of those players per say. Overall nice game. Worth the money. But these improvements will make it more fun to play the game.

- Gets stuck in Online Mode all the time!!!

First of all, the “dice” is a completely rigged bs. The chances for triple doubles are extremely high when you put it against the odds from doing some simple math. After the building phase, everybody just goes to jail most of the time. It’s almost impossible to play with conventional Monopoly techniques because of the rigged chances of the dice, and having to deal with random obnoxious bots online, even if you chose to play with real people. This game has too many bugs and too few features. Online Multiplayer never works, they’ve got tons of bots and it always freezes, forcing all players to force quit the game. The animation is also way too long and it’s been frustratingly improbable trying to play with others online. And the fact that the game is server-sided does not change the developers’ minds to at least rent a competent server, because from what I’ve witnessed throughout the last few months, the servers have been utter trash. And the monopoly Hasbro has over this game makes this distillation of laziness and greed the only game of its kind on App Store, leaving you no choices but to buy it if you want to play this 100-year-old board game. It’s just ridiculous. oh yeah btw, you can’t trade anymore given that the new version has this freaking bug that player just automatically rejects your offer. what a genius feature

- Please Beta test before releasing updates, Thanks!

I would of course give this game a better rating if there wasn’t a problem, but boy, was there a problem! I woke up this morning to play everybody’s favorite board game when I noticed that the interface had changed slightly. Apparently, there were some ‘improvements to the interface’. I didn’t think it was I big deal at first until I hit a brick wall. You see, I was trying to buy a house on States Avenue and with the ‘improvements to the interface’ they’d added, the stupid Buy Houses button completely covered up the property, so good luck putting a house on States Avenue! (or Virginia Avenue, for that matter!) These ‘Improvements’ make it very hard to see what I was doing at times, but make it impossible to do certain things to other times. This makes the game virtually unplayable at times, particularly making certain plays like trading or mortgaging property or buying/selling houses. I’ve been playing this game a lot recently and only noticed this problem today, which means it updated last night for me to enjoy these ‘improvements to the interface’ today. I’m playing on an iPad Pro 12.9 if that helps your designers fix the issue, but quite frankly it shouldn’t really matter. The software should’ve been tested more vigorously before release. Put simply, PLEASE FIX, THANKS!! Other than that, the game’s great!

- Great game that’s too glitchy to finish

The game is fantastic, just like the board game. But it comes with so many glitches that it literally becomes impossible to reach the end of a game. Just played 3 games with my friends online, and all 3 ended prematurely due to glitches or malfunctions. For starters, if your phone receives any notifications that pop up on screen, you run the risk of being disconnected from your online multiplayer Monopoly games. This includes pop-up notifications for texts, emails, phone calls, other apps, anything. And especially don’t think about quickly exiting the app for any reason, that’s a guaranteed disconnect. But even if you play the game without distractions, certain mechanics start to breakdown after enough time passes. You’ll draw Community Chest cards to pay $50 only for the debt to not be taken from your account. You’ll roll the dice only for them to disappear and your turn to never end, the token never moving and it being impossible to reroll the dice. You’ll make a trade offer, only for the game to freeze and be impossible to resume. My friends have so much fun playing on the app, but have only successfully completed a handful of games since the app’s release. Clearly, more troubleshooting and supporting updates are required before this app becomes more playable.

- Waste of time

Great game!! However, I bought this app so that I could play with my long distant friends, but we could never finish ANY game. The game has way too many bugs. It crashes and stop the game every time someone disconnect, which affects you and everyone else playing the same match. Getting disconnected is way too common, it happens when you get notification, when you click off the game for a split second, when you get a call, when you get a low battery warning, or poor wifi connection. The game can stop and crash at any point in the game. I wasted 2 hours playing a round just so it could crash mostly every single time. Out of the 35 games I’ve played, I only got through 7 of them. Mind you, I had to pay for this app. It’s ridiculous. DONT BUY THIS APP unless they start making changes and improvements to it. Also they do not have any type of communication system so you can’t talk to your opponents. That should be included in the game to communicate with your opponents, negotiate for trades, or just to simply remind your opponents to end the game. There are many more flaws that takes away the authentic feeling of playing the boardgame Monopoly. Once again, don’t waste your money and time on this app until they start making further improvements and changes to it.

- People keep quitting

I was super excited to play this game because my boyfriend had installed it on his computer and I wanted to play with him. I bought it and started playing with other people but the issue I constantly run into is either when somebody is losing or about to go bankrupt they intentionally quit the game. Or I assume they quit the game because the game will just stop. They won’t roll, make a trade, or put houses down. The game is at a standstill and I have no idea why. There needs to be some sort of timer for everything so that way the game can keep moving or if someone doesn’t make any moves for a long period of time or purposely leaves the game they should go bankrupt and their properties should either get auctioned off or return back to the board for the other people to buy in the future. It’s super annoying having to leave a game because nobody is moving or being sore losers. I don’t have any interest in playing this game anymore because of this. It takes so long to even start getting to a place where you’re making money and getting people to land on your properties so going through all that just to quit because someone doesn’t want to play the game anymore is annoying. Wish I could get a refund.

- Good game but has small issues.

I like this game. It is just like the old monopoly I used to play except way faster because the money was automatically transferred. I do have some complaints though. If you’re gonna make an app cost money, don’t have in-app purchases that cost more than the game itself. There is some small details that I am slightly concerned about. If you spam click a property you want to mortgage then you lose money until you can’t click it anymore. When you are paying someone money it will do the transfer animation with the monopoly dollars but it will do the same animation no matter how much money was given/lost. The dice. I am slightly annoyed when they land on a flat surface when it should be landing on top of the buildings. It would be cool if the dice Didn't land on the buildings as if they were drawn onto the board. If they landed on top of the buildings that would be cool. These are just minor issues that I would be fine if they didn’t change. Over all, this was a great game to play with my family and I highly recommend playing it because you can pay 15 dollars for the real version or 4 bucks for a virtual version that goes faster.

- Game Breaking Mechanics.

Hello, I have played several games of Monopoly on this app. So far, the games have all been 4 players with 3 AI all on easy mode. All my games just so happen to go the same way. At first, because the AI is on easy mode, I to great! I’m usually the first to get monopoly while the AI is rolling decent and realistic rolls. This positive trend follows into the middle game up until the endgame. During the endgame, their is a switch. With 2 players bankrupt, me having a thousand dollars minimum 2-4 monopolies all with a few houses and hotels. The other player is generally just as good. But, something changes. For some reason the AI just so happens to just the correct numbers to avoid my hotels/2-4 houses...for like 6 rotations to the board... they literally almost never land on my properties when there is only one AI left. Me in contrary, is landing on every single one of their and gets all the chance cards which make me pay more. The chance cards they land on gives them money no matter what in the endgame. You cannot tell me this game is rigged against the player. Sometimes AI’s came back several thousands of dollars and ended up winning. The game while fun, is against the human player. If not, explain my experiences. “Which happened consecutively”

- Nice try

I wrote a review for this game a short time ago not long after I purchased it and I have the same opinion of the game with one significant note. It has become obvious that players are ‘favored’, not any specific players not that I’m aware of at least but it’s clear as day. If I can predict what will occur with an 88% accuracy I am either psychic or the games is rigged and I assure you I ain’t a fortune teller. Why do this you ask(ok I’m not sure if anybody is or will ask but....)if you’ve played monopoly before you know that it isn’t uncommon for a game to last several hours I’ve even had games last days when playing the original board game, so one way to shorten the possible length of a the game is to give a player an advantage such as granting dice rolls that are favorable both when the player rolls and when the other players roll. They land on his/her property and he/she doesn’t land on theirs and etc. I can think of at least 2-3 other adjustments that can be made to the game that would accomplish the same thing without giving advantage to any single player, and it is for that reason I’m downgrading my rating to 3 and 1/2 stars(isn’t an option for half stars otherwise my rating would reflect it)

- Unfair Game Play (how is no one talking about this)

Design is great. I like the colors and the modern feel of moving environments makes extended play time feel flowy and not stagnant. The peices are fine I just used to enjoy the Car actually driving and the Ship actually sailing so it’s like game is modernized in all the wrong places. Above all else the game play is so very unfair. It rolls you exactly what you don’t need EVERY TIME. I have still never won a game, it lands me on spaces that I can’t quite afford just to show me its updated mortgaging and trading system, you can successfully predict what every player will land on by determining what would be worse for you. I know it’s supposed to make for a “challenging” atmosphere but it’s so heavy handed and obvious. The only fun I have with this game is literally TRYING to lose and watching how ridiculously things play out. If you have big money and storage to but. it’s worth a chuckle but if you’re looking for a fun GAME (as opposed to an hour long march of death) then pass this over.

- Fun game; bizarre computer player interactions

I’ve been enjoying this game quite a bit. The animation is lovely, the load times are quick, and, of course, Monopoly is just fun to play. My only quibble is the programming of the computer players. As far as I can tell, the only differences between the easy and hard modes are the likelihood that the computer players will elect not to buy a property or make a bizarre trade. I find that the game is artificially difficult at times because the computer players frequently make unreasonable trades that savvy human players would never make. For example, Dog will make a trade with Penguin that gives Penguin an orange monopoly (at a time when Penguin has tons of money and can immediately build it up to four houses per property). In exchange, Dog got a second red property that Dog can’t do anything with (because I have the third red property). So Dog gives Penguin an almost insurmountable advantage early in the game for no obvious strategic reason. It seems like a minor gripe in the grand scheme of things, but similar scenarios happen fairly often, which makes the game less fun at times.

- Good start but a few suggestions

Overall the game is enjoyable, but a couple of annoying issues: the 3D city looks good but it’s not in 3D very often and when it is it’s usually obstructed by a game card, property purchase and so on. Would be nice to see the city in 3D more often during gameplay. The “your turn” banner obstructs the dice momentarily. The dice should never be obstructed. When adding houses to the purple properties, the add houses button extends over the purple properties making it difficult to add properties there. I find myself accidentally not buying a property because the buy or not buy buttons are too close together. Maybe a different layout for buying properties. For games against the computer it would be nice to limit the number of times the computer offers a trade. It gets to the point where it is offering trades on every dice roll which slows the game down. For the custom rule set, having an option to start the game with more money would be nice. The EA version of this game had a terrific animation for the game pieces. Would be nice to see the something similar here.

- Freezes up consistently!!!

NEW PROBLEM: the game consistently mis moves the pieces! I thought I was making the mistakes but nope every game it happens SEVERAL times. Roll a five & it will go 6 to land you on someone’s hotel...incredibly frustrating. The game is also very predictable. If you build properties the next roll the next player almost every time won't land on you. I like the game, however another issue is that it freezes up at crucial junctures of the game. Such as after a trade. You have no choice after several minutes to abandon the game. Very frustrating after vesting so much time into it. Also I just finished a game & I bankrupted every player then it announced the last bankrupted player as the “winner!”. Ticks you off especially after spending an hour with idiots that want to make the same trade every single turn! I almost quit several times but I hung in there and put up with it because the other normal player suffering through the BS like I was. The game definitely needs some improvements. I would give this 3-1/2 stars but it won’t let me. PLEASE FIX THE FREEZE UP PROBLEM! CONSTANT CONNECTION PROBLEMS TOO! I check my internet & it’s connected. And all my other devices are working.

- High potential, missed mark

At the onset I absolutely loved this game. After playing almost 20 single player matches I found some major flaws. The most annoying being the roll of the dice is not random. I understand that anything can happen in a dice roll but it seems the dice rolls are scripted. To prove this I played a single player match against one ai player on easy. I controlled all property and railroads from the go square to free parking, yes that includes the orange properties! The opposing side only had boardwalk and park place. We both had hotels on all monopolies owned. For a numbered point of reference that’s 13 out of 20 to one side while the ai had 2 out of 20 on the opposing side. I recorded 12 cycles and I landed 8 out of 12 cycles on either one of his two squares while the ai landed only 9 times on my 13 squares out of the 12 cycles. Almost every cycle I landed on his two properties and yet many times the ai only landed on a chance, just visiting, income tax, or community passing through unscathed on my side of the board. When the ai did land it was a surprise. I’ve played enough games to realize there is some scripting going on. Very disappointed!

- Flawed but fun

The single player game is fun for awhile, and certainly worth the initial investment, but the key to the longevity of the game is the multiplayer mode. This is fun, too, but you have to be prepared for some disappointment. Currently, there are bugs that prevent games from being finished, and these bugs can happen after you’ve played for 30 minutes or more. For example, if somebody owes money, and they try to make another deal to raise more money, this seems to stop the game. It seems to lose track of whose turn it is (and who is still owed money). Sometimes, if someone refuses all your deals for that turn, it ends your turn for some reason, but the End Turn button is still shown. Pressing End Turn at this point stops the game. If you are low on battery life and get a battery warning, it can disconnect you from the game. Also, players sometimes stop playing, and there’s no warning or way to resign without stopping the game for everyone. In spite of these flaws, it’s a fun game, but there’s room for improvement. Personally, I’m waiting for these issues to get addressed before investing more money in a Season Pass.

- Addicting but missing something !

I love playing monopoly and play this app a lot! I’m very addicted to this monopoly game app! Worth the money! However it’s very frustrating when the game freezes in middle of the game and you literally have to exit the game and start a new one. The app should also offer different themes ! Like maybe properties, game pieces and a board of places around the world or different cultures. They only offer a winter theme and that’s it...and more importantly the app of monopoly should offer a way for you to communicate with other players while actually playing ! Maybe select phrases and emoji icons in order to keep the communication more controlled. It would also be nice to have worldwide competitions amongst all players and win some new game pieces or some type of cool game play feature..and it would allow players to have their own stats and see how many wins and losses and try to pass other players while playing! It’s honestly worth the money I just feel that the developers can push the game play and app features and designs further and more interactive !

- Heres the deal.

This game has so much potential, but with the current bugs its unplayable. I just played a game with my fiancé, where we both got into a online multiplayer lobby (why is there no option to bring friends into online multiplayer) so when we were playing im not sure what happened but it ended up freezing for her without ANY notice to me. On her phone it was frozen she had to close app, for me it seemed as if she was playing just fine. Before it froze she told me she landed on me as i wasnt paying attention but on my screen no one landed on me. Its 100% off sync on her phone i had $250 on my phone i had $77. Theres so many more bugs im sure u guys been told by now. And so many more things you guys can improve on. So heres what I did. I made a community ran subreddit for this game i’d love for some of you’re companies employees to join. Its r/monopolymobile we can easily get the subreddit to grow and i can get a list of complaints/bugs/suggestions/glitches sent from players to you guys as theres no direct way to get these sent so people know you guys are listening. Hope you see this and hope to see you in the reddit.

- Highly Necessary Additions Needed

Hi! I’d like to start off by saying .. this game is missing a lot! It felt very unsatisfying to win an online multiplayer game and not receive any sort of prize as a reward. The dissatisfaction alone was able to push me away from wanting to play the game totally. There is a dire need for some form of level-up system, coin transaction, and prizes. I’d like to believe that this app has not even scratched the surface of it’s potential to be incredibly fun, and highly social. The only customization is being able to select what you play as before a game and what map you use, but what about having your own profile and being able to search up other people? What about leaderboards to see other friends or leagues that you’re able to participate in? The menu is so bland, and it is so very clear that a lot more can be added to make it much more engaging and addictive. Personal daily challenges & achievements. And if it’s all done right and very cleanly, I might even consider the unthinkable: Paying for some of the maps and tokens. Because I would be THAT much engaged in it.

- Love it but serious issues

Love the game but there are serious issues. The game is a battery hog. It drains the battery so quickly. It freezes up which forces you to close it and open it again. The trades the A.I. players make are ridiculous and play after play they repeat over and over even if you silence them for that turn. Real players wouldn’t do half of this stuff Sometimes it appears that the dice roll is not random. Sometimes the chance or community chest cards can be the same thing on back to back draws. Who goes first, second, third is flawed because it depends upon how you are listed and who rolls the highest dice when playing against the A.I players. Not as much animation is needed which may help the battery drain or at least give an option to turn some of that off. So many things in each turn slow the whole game down and could be altered to keep it moving. Why not put the property cards displaying in the lower right rather than taking up the whole screen. Overall I enjoy the game but this one needs some work. I get tired of it draining my battery quickly.

- Low Game Completion Rate / Great Potential

The game has great potential but there are too many issues to warrant paying $4 to play at the moment. However, I am confident that the game will continue to be hashed out in the coming months and eventually will fix the bugs and add more features. The amount of games that are completed before some kind of bug freezes up the game is very slim. This is unfortunate for a game that requires a decent time investment to complete. I also find myself wondering what happens when a player decides to quit. Is that why the game freezes? Are they replaced with an AI? If so, why doesn’t it tell me that I’m playing AI? Is the game freezing from and idle player? If so, can there be a boot timer? Are people rewarded for finishing games? Are people penalized for not finishing games? It would be great to have some kind of stat collection that keeps track of your wins and matches you up with similarly skilled players. There are a lot of features such as described above that can be found in the Settlers of Catan app that I think would be very beneficial to Monopoly.


I’m hooked. I’ve had it 2 days and I’ve played over 10 games 💖 it is really awesome that they added custom things that you can change. Monopoly had always been my favorite game and I can never get people to play, but now I can play as much as I want! Only a few things I hope they change/fix. Sometimes as I’m about to win the app glitches and one piece is stuck on one space and I have no option but to quit the game I was about to win. Also I think the limited house/hotel thing is stupid. I know it’s realistic but the app should be a little more advanced and fix tedious things like that. In real life me and my brother bought an old game from the thrift store and added the houses hotels and money from the old one to the new one so we didn’t run out. There’s hardly a way to progress with the limited number. Another thing I’d like is more custom gameplay but that’s just a little thing the other two things are more pressing. But overall I love it, it makes me so happy!

- Tons of fun, but a few bugs/tech issues

Amazing app - super addicting and great for both solo and group play. Customizable games so you can stay old school or play a more modern way. Option for faster games is super convenient. I do think it’s worth the money, but I wish there weren’t so many lags and tech issues. App often gets frozen at the start of a game and you’re forced to quit the app altogether because there aren’t any settings buttons available to just quit to menu. I’ve also been disconnected during games as well despite having uninterrupted, strong WiFi connection. You also can’t swipe across your screen to check the time or adjust brightness, etc because it’ll temporarily disconnect you. If the game isn’t able to reconnect you quickly enough, you get replaced by an AI and are booted from the game. Additionally, the animations when you purchase property, make trades, or even roll take way too long. Wish there was a way to tap through it to speed up the process. Other than those bugs/issues, great game.

- Updated Review

I nicked a star because they game against computer players is quite obviously not random. It really takes away from any element of skill you can use to apply to your game. It seems to predetermine who will win. Even when you try to mix up the levels your playing against. Be that you or another computer generated player. I addressed this privately with specifics before coming back and rewriting the review. And I’m probably being generous by giving the 4 instead of 3 stars. But you can own three sides of the board with houses and hotels and still lose again and again to a guy that owns only Baltic and Mediterranean when playing against computer generated can predict where player will land. You can predict that a 7 will be rolled 95% of the time they come out of jail, and jail is used constantly. An entire board of people shouldn’t be in jail that often. Bummer! The online portion is better when playing with actual people.

- One of the better monopoly games

** deleted game. The latest update seems less random with rolls and cards. After playing a day you can basically predict what will happen. :/ * Previously the dice rolls usually in favor of helping both you and the computer players rather than hurting, now they favor drama. *We need to be able to turn off trades mid-game, if you have a property the computer wants they will ask every turn. *I like the short game, but it does not make sense that you can bankrupt a computer player and then instantly lose to another computer just because their net worth was more at that moment. *Tapping the screen during animations should skip them. Turning off would be nice too, especially for short games. *When making mortgage and housing decisions it would be useful to be able to see the other players positions on the board. *There is a bug that the cards that say pay or collect from another player, do not impact the other players. *Winning games should unlock some of the features that are asking for payment. *The speedier computer rolls are appreciated, we still need to be able to tap and skip animations. *I’d also like a mode where the properties are distributed for a faster game. *The computer traded properties with the same judgment between person and computer. *Rather than rejecting trades, offer more counter offers. Stop requesting counter offers of ridiculous amounts like $1 when making offers.

- Good game except for.........UPATE REVIEW

UPDATE - The issue with the buttons being too large and preventing some game actions has been resolved, the freeze problem has only gotten worse since the last update. 3 of 5 games today I was unable to complete due to game freeze. This is not something that is acceptable on a free game but should be corrected immediately on a paid app. While I enjoy the game, the fact that some many minutes and hours are wasted because games cannot be completed is totally unacceptable. PLEASE FIX. Really enjoy Monopoly and love the game. However reading the reviews, I find two issues that have popped up numerous times on other reviews that I am also experiencing also. Since the last update, I have had several games that just freeze and you are out of luck. What a waste of one, two hours plus, very frustrating. The other really big issue is if you purchase the color block of Virginia, St Charles and States, the Houses and Hotels tab covers Virginia and States and there is no way to add Houses and Hotels. These are the two main issues that I have run into that others have as well. Hopefully this will be resolved soon.

- Developers! Stop saying we’re sorry to hear that you feel that way!

Developers stop saying that we are sorry to hear that you feel that way! And that the monopoly chance mechanics are statistically random! If that were the case, you wouldn’t have a bunch of people complaining about the way the game plays and cheats! Just fix the dang game! This is why you have a bunch of what you so call, rage quitters! Because they realize sometime in the beginning of the game, and sometime in the middle of the game, that this program has already pre-determined who the winner is! And I believe the predetermined winner is at the beginning of the game! It is so obvious the way the dice rolls, you can pretty much guess the outcome! No one is stupid, unless you’re five years old! We all know what’s going on, and please don’t play on it like we don’t! So once again, fix the game, or rather unfix the game! Either way, make it right, make it unbiased, make it impartial! NUFF SAID!!!

- Playability issues :(

This is a pretty cool imagining of Monopoly, but there are a few things really holding the game back. First, it’s freemium. This is obviously built on that annoying subscription model for premium services. And it’s not free in the first place. No, I don’t want to pay extra for a new board or player’s just software. Give me a break. Second, there are some pretty bad playability issues. One is initiating trades; the user interface makes it impossible to pick multiple things on the left half of the screen because the player boxes cover the properties. Another is that tapping anywhere near the bottom right when trying to select one of your own properties causes the game to think you tapped the “end turn” button, screwing up your turn. Another horrible gameplay thing is the fact that AI players constantly choose “auction” instead of buying properties outright, which is not at all like how people in real life play the game. Not only that, but the AI player that initiated the auction will bid all the way up to the original cost of the property...why on earth would anyone ever do that? Sloppy gameplay for sure. The older Monopoly game on the App Store, which I purchased long ago, was quite a bit better. This is obviously aimed at milking people for buying new playing boards and player pieces. Pretty gross cash grab. And the playability stuff should never have made it past QA.

- Game algorithms are rigged.

I’ve been playing this game for a few months and began to believe that the dice generator was rigged to keep the game progressing even against some pretty amazing odds. If a player gets too powerful too early the game will purposely miss that players monopolies to almost absurd amount. I had six hotels on one side of the board and all other three players missed me for three complete cycles around the board. Still I couldn’t prove this until my last online game where I was able to quickly dominate the left side of the board with three hotels and four houses on each property for the other monopoly. I had just built the four houses and “rolled the dice” I landed on community chest and was asset building repairs. This should have been impossible since there are only two repair cards one for chance and the other for community chest. The community chest repair card had come up earlier and I counted the amount of cards played. It was seven. Since there are only 16 cards in community chest it should not have come up again for at least 8 more cards. Game is entertaining but certainly not random. It’s rigged.

- I love this game but....

Fix your glitches! I get stuck on certain screens and get kicked off. It’s not my connection nor my internet because I’ve played live games like this a lot and have no issues. But I hate it when I’m winning and all of a sudden I get stuck on a screen and can’t do anything. At the very least allow us to leave a refresh or come right back or something to fix this issue. I always have no choice but to quit to menu! It’s very frustrating! You could allow like a 30 second window if a player doesn’t return and play. Also you should add a chat feature even if it’s preprogrammed with emojis or phrases or something it would be more fun if we could communicate. Time limit or limit the amount of offers/trades in one turn each person could get a maximum of 3 in each turn. This goes for the counter offers also if green tries to trade pink; pink can counter offer that counts as one offer each. They can counter back twice more each and then they either reject or take the trade, and their turn is over.

- 10 STARS!!!!!!!! DOWNLOAD NOW!!!!!!!!!!

This game is amazing! It is so easy to use, and the 4 dollars that I paid for it was so worth it! This beats any other Monopoly app that I have used BY FAR. It lets you get all the same Monopoly experiences as the board game, such as auctions, but the game is way faster! Also, there are absolutely NO ads! It lets you customize the game rules, too! For example, you can change the number of houses you need to have on a property before you can buy a hotel. My favorite thing about this game is the hassle-free games! Just tap a few buttons, and BOOM! You’re playing Monopoly! There’s no organizing money, or dealing with cards, It’s just SO EASY!!!! I mean, if I could, I would give this game 10 STARS!!!!!! Another great thing about this game is that it saves your games! For example, if you start a game but then you run out of time, you can exit the game and when you open it back up your game is still there. DOWNLOAD THIS GAME NOW!!!!!!!!!

- Love, BUT

First of all I just wanna start by saying I love how you guys added monopoly I love!!!! The game play atleast 3 times a day especially if I’m on a winning streak I’ll play even more but when it comes to the online player section you guys have to do better for starter. Can you guys notify us when someone else has left the game it’s really difficult when you don’t know either to wait or leave especially if it’s a really good game going on and you’re waiting 30 mins to see if someone’s left the game or just haven’t been on their phone. Also would it be possible if someone were to leave the game could you guys maybe notify that and then put a CPU into the game and notifying that a CPU has been added so there’s no waited time to see if the game frozen it’s been plenty of times where the game is getting really good and suddenly it freezes it just breaks the point of online and makes me want to play with CPU instead cause it’s less time consuming not having to wait on either the game or other people. But overall the game is great just needs a few adjustments to tweak out -Jam

- Great game! One issue only

This game is awesome and I love that you can choose from different boards and many tokens. The only issue that I have come across is that when you purchase a theme bundle that has tokens included in the bundle, the tokens will not be unlocked unless you go and click on the “Restore Purchases” button in the settings menu. This extra step should not be necessary. The other reason I am writing this four stars is because of the AI players sometimes make a terrible trading deal, where one AI ends up with a full street and ready to build houses, where the other is still needing another street, so basically getting the short end of the stick. Dumb moves like that typically put one AI player way ahead of everybody else early in the game, and I would never make a move like that to help one player start building houses before I would be able to do so as well. Other than that, this is really one of the best, if not the best, board game in the App Store!


The game is way too predictable, you can pretty much guess how the dice will land based off of how how much much money you have. I find it hard to believe that the dice roll is a true random, it almost feels like the games selects a winner before the game starts, and if you’re the lucky winner, everything plays in your favor. If you’re the loser of the game, you’ll find yourself landing on little to no properties, exhausting all of your money from constantly paying other players rent, paying money to the bank, and or paying to get out of jail for the 6th time (my exact experience) in a roll because you the dice “rolled” you directly to “goto jail” every time, or the community chest sent you to jail or you rolled double 3 times. And then the issue of the glitches, I was simply trying to add hotels to the brown property on the board, and made the mistake of moving the app on the screen just a little, no completely moving or closing the game just a slight shift, and I was completely kicked from the game, making it difficult rejoin the game to end my turn. There are many issues but it’s overall too problematic, I will be seeking Reimbursement.

- Its A Great Game .. BUT IT FREEZES ‼️‼️

Monopoly a game that many have played and a game many have either been really good at or failed terribly. BUT MY ONLY PROBLEM IS THAT IT FEEZEZES‼️‼️‼️I will be on the app playing for about 2 hours or so . Then out of nowhere it will stop working . Please PLEASE PLEASE FIX THIS . It's a fun game that is for the most part easy to understand. Its so much easier to play on the app because it counts your money for you and its so neat . Usually the board game there stuff everywhere 😂😂 But I liked it as a child . It's a great way to learn about money for kids. Also managing money and buying properties as well. As much as it's a fun game it is educational as well. I will say tempers can flare in this game as well especially if someone has tons of properties with houses and or hotels on it and others keep landing on them. A many arguments have come from this game. It's fun for all and good teaching game and well. Would recommend😊


This app has some of the most horrible AI in any game I’ve ever played. Absolutely horrible. Anytime I add an AI in the game, whether I’m playing with other real players or just a lobby of computers, the AI is seemingly always rolling favorably. It’s obvious that the computer players cheat via the dice roll. There have been countless games that both me and my brothers have played where the AI player outlasts us because it gets favorable rolls. Even when a whole side of color schemes has been bought up and houses/hotels applied, they always seem to skip over those spaces until the game comes down to human player and AI. This is one of the most frustrating things I’ve ever encountered on a cell phone game because I’m an avid monopoly player and I’m well aware that the dice doesn’t favor anybody at anytime. The math or algorithm behind the dice roll needs to be addressed before I can enjoy this game. COMPLETE WASTE OF MONEY unless you have people around you and can play locally. Also the game has horrible issues with it disconnecting, and the AI makes you miss out on deals or rolls. Please fix because the premise of being able to play monopoly digitally is well needed.

- Want to love but soooo glitchy

We’re in quarantine so we’re playing together in the house, separately. That said. First time we tried to play I went around the board 3 x (2nd player) before landing on a property. Meanwhile player one landing on great stuff. Player three some properties but lots of cards taking money. The chance or community chest before park place, number 3 landed on it 3x in 4 turns and was sent to st Charles. Second game number 3 landed on Baltic pl , which got hoteled early because number 1 got sets and $ every turn. Not kidding and then 2 & 3 landed on his properties most turns. Number 1 would skate past anything coating. Landed in Go to collect $400 almost ever time while number 3 landed on Baltic or the next square for income tax. I’m all for fun, but it’s not balanced. It takes the fun out of it because it’s not fair. And before you say it can happen. I’m 53 and not a poor sport, it doesn’t happen that ‘luckily’. We’re trying a different one of us in number 1 spot today. I’ll update later. Please please please fix this. It’s an awesome game otherwise.

- Horrible

First of all, they stopped updating the older version to force people to buy a newer, in my opinion, worse version. Second, the animations are so annoying! (Frankly, they were annoying in the old version, too) They are in the way so I can’t see the right side of the board. They are too long and they don’t get shorter when you play a quick game. Third, some of the options in the older version aren’t in the newer one like removing those animations, slight of hand, starting allowance, starting properties, etc. Fourth, it’s pretty obvious whose turn it is, so I don’t need an obnoxious banner across the screen before every freaking turn! Finally, the main reason I got this version was because I was hoping the trade AI would get better, but not really. It got slightly better when doing a human to computer trade, but the computer to computer trades are pathetic. It’s like they all gang up to get monopolies so the human can’t get one. I haven’t tried online, and I won’t because I can’t in good conscience ask someone to buy this garbage. If I could get a refund, I absolutely would. It’s already deleted and I will never install it again.

- Great game, however needs minor upgrades.

I love this game, and it’s very straight forward and to the point. It lots of fun and the pace of the game keeps it moving quite well. I have zero issues with connection or the game what so ever. My only critique would be to include small rewards for winning the game. I understand that in monopoly, the process of coming out on top and owning the entire board is satisfying enough by itself, however I feel that some reward or banner would be cool to include into the game. For instance, the load in screen could have small ribbons or stats or banner that shows that either this player has won quite a bit and will be a challenge or that they have accomplished certain challenges, such as winning multiple games in a row. Basically bragging rights for those who have managed to rack up many wins or have proved to strategic players. Other than that, this game is great and is a great way to pass the time or have fun with others!

- I can’t believe I paid money for this app

This is probably one of the worse game apps I’ve ever downloaded, let alone played. The dice/computer COMPLETELY controls who controls the board, and thus who wins the game. This game is suppose to allow one’s ability to make good deals determine the player’s ability to monopolize the board. However, MOST of the games I’ve played the dice have been fixed to my disadvantage, and normally allows one or two players to have success. On average, I’m only able to by four, maybe five random properties a game, which doesn’t even allow me to make any trades at all with other opponents! In fact, in one of my most recent games I ONLY LANDED ON THREE UN-PURCHASED PROPERTIES THE ENTIRE GAME, AND WAS OUT OF THE GAME RATHER QUICKLY!!! And this has been consistent throughout most of the games I’ve played. This game, the disadvantage of the dice constantly working against you, have made this game EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING TO PLAY!! I don’t mind losing at all, but I DO mind the dice/computer dictating who’s allows to land on what properties, thus creating a disadvantage to some players. Fix this problem or refund me my money, and I’ll just get rid of the app!!!

- Save your money until updates

Big Monopoly guy here so obviously I was excited when I saw this was releasing after being off the App Store for so long. But comon guys this cant be the product for a pay to play game (not including the other cosmetic things they want to charge you for in game.....6$ for an additional board common now). I’ve probably attempted 8-9 online multiplayer games and finished 2 of them. Typically I get about 15-25 minutes into the game (fairly invested) and then the game decides to start bugging out. Ie. All the pieces disappear as well as ur dice, make trade button, mortgage button and end turn button. Nothing comes back, no players move it’s done. Any who I give it 2 stars becuse at least the single player is fairly functional. But really for one included board design, and for the lack of in game features, no ability to pan around board no pinch and expand, Can’t leave app and renter. It’s just missing too much between servers and content for a game wanting 4$ off the bat... not to mention they advertised the pre order for over a month. Where’s the readiness?

- Horrible Game & Rigged

The game is completely rigged and it’s not fun to play. Literally all 5 times I have played this game I have dominated two complete sides of the board most with hotels and the AI somehow misses all of them. 23 times in one game, the dice rolled them from Chance to Community Chest to a property they owned. The moment I roll the dice I immediately land one something belonging to them. What’s worse is every time for the first 3-4 times in passing Go AFTER you build houses and/or hotels I immediately land on the Income Tax and my Passing Go money of $200m is gone. Don’t tell me this game plays fair because I’m not stupid, I’m not a liberal that can’t think for myself and I’m not a completely idiot that I can see the signs that the game is rigged. It’s not random. Don’t believe me? Go play the actual board game with someone in real life instead of this digital garbage and watch for yourself how much more truthful the board game dice are then this fixed digital dice algorithm is. Plain and simple the game is rigged and sets you up to fail so the AI can win. Quite frankly I want my money back. The gameplay is egregiously manipulative and unfair. It’s not fun at all!

- They don’t care

This game has the potential to be GREAT but for 3.99 it is not worth it right now. If I could go back in time I would definitely wait until further updates before purchasing. The online multiplayer is absolute trash!! The game freezes so much and makes it unplayable. I just want to sit back and relax and play the game monopoly that I used to enjoy as a child but instead I have to sit through a game and pray that it doesn’t freeze and glitch. Since the game released I finished 5/30 games via online multiplayer with other players. The people who made this game don’t care because if they did it wouldn’t be as buggy as it is now and they wouldn’t be charging 3.99 or it. It’s 2019 and about to be 2020 in a couple weeks! You would think in this day and age app developers could at least produce a quality product but I guess not. Only thing that matters is the money and they already got mine. DO NOT BE THE NEXT SUCKER. If you don’t plan on playing online I do recommend you get the app though. I would gladly delete this app and never download it again for my 3.99 back but I k ow that will never happen sadly. SMH

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- Major glitch needs to be fixed

Hi. I think this game is really awesome and I’m addicted. My experience though has brought me to a glitch. The major glitch is when someone owes you rent, but they go bankrupt and have to give you all their properties which are mortgages. If you unmortgage them but you don’t have the money to unmortgage them it will ask you that you need to mortgage one of your own properties to unmortgage the one given to you by the player who went bankrupt. After that happens you can: 1. no longer receive money from anyone ( if someone lands on your property and owes you rent they will give u money which you won’t receive). 2. Not be able to have a turn ( it will just keep skipping your turn going to the next player). 3. You won’t be able to win the game even if you have made everyone else go bankrupt. ( it will just make someone who is bankrupt have a turn.) Iknow explaining this might not make sense but it’s really annoying getting this glitch when you were just playing for an hour straight and not being able to win like come on. Overall I think the game is really fun just that needs to be fixed and then the game will be a 5 star game from me. Thanks

- Major Glitch, needs to fixed ASAP

OK I’m loving Monopoly, can wait to see what themes get released down the road, especially after how they rekindled my love for Cluedo. However, what’s frustrating me at the moment is the fact that even though I want to (was looking forward to playing the Snowdrop Valley Theme over The Christmas break, but couldn’t), I’m unable to purchase any In-App purchase due to there apparently being “No Internet Connection Detected”, even though I’m connected to my wireless at home. Please fix this ASAP. What is the point of having In-App Purchases when the game literally prohibits you from purchasing any of them by telling you that there’s “No Internet Connection Detected” even after you’ve just updated the app (which requires an internet connection)

- Monopoly review

Game is a fun game and is really high quality for six bux I mean it’s just Monopoly but unlike the board game version you can play solo just like normal monopoly you can play with friends or online for playing on your own you can make it harder for more experienced players or noobs that you know never played and you can choose custom rules e.g when you land on go you collect 400 or you don’t collect rent in jail there are many more options than that tho. There are different boards that are 3D yes 3D! With many 3D maps. The design is smart it’s cartoony but not to cartoony also having different pieces with tons of options to choose such as a T. rex or a cat many times of me playing it I’ve always had lots of fun building my monopoly in game. This game is a very well rounded game with great graphics epic mechanics all for only a cheap six bux may be different depending on the currency but still it’s great and fun peace out

- Glitchy Expensive, Glitchy, Mess of an App. Horrifically built. Do not download.

*game is hyper, hyper expensive. You can literally buy a physical monopoly set for the cost of the season pass. Some micro transactions within the game are more costly than the entire original PC port of this game, which is ludicrous considering it’s already not particularly cheap for the base app. Typical hasbro. I wouldn’t mind so much if the app was made well and didn’t glitch consistantly. But.... *Playing on an iPhone XR, encounter a game breaking glitch in around 30-50% of online matches I play. Usually in the form of all the buttons on the left (mortgage, deal and property purchase buttons) completely disappearing for no reason and being impossible to make visible again, or the game simply freezing mid turn. I thought maybe this was a latency issue, but left it unattended to catch back up and it was still loading mindlessly 20 mins later. *Game completely disconnects and reconnects if you accidentally minimise the app, lock your phone or even slightly swipe back out to the app marquee. This leads to game crashes or further glitching around 40-50% of the time. *No in game chat. Monopoly isn’t a kids game. There’s no reason for WSOP to have curse-sensitive text chat available and not Monopoly. I maybe get where they’re coming from, but surely there’s a compromise. Even button chat options, or something Alike, would make the online play at least feel somewhat interactive.

- Game is filled with broken glitches that ruin your game

Hi this is the second review I’ve written this one is short because it’s self explanatory. You need to play your own game for real sit down for an hour and play each mode especially play with friends because the game glitched out and I could not return back this is a serious issue because the game will disappear after and have no way back to return. Other glitches were someone will only own 1 railway station and they you have to pay $50 for the one station when we all know it’s $25, when your playing pass and play and your first player and every time you can not at all trade with the AI’s :/ like what this game is a really good time waster but you seriously need to sit down and uncover all the bugs for the game you so furiously rushed with no consideration for the people that HAVE TO PAY FOR THE GAME THAT IS BROKEN!!!!!! seriously please play your own game

- Few things are missing but still nice game!

It’s a nice game but there are few features missing which should be there. 1. PC AND HUMAN INDICATOR Indicator if the opponent is a pc or real person (In online games). If the person leave the game for example then you should see a pc Symbole or something like that. 2. REJOIN OPPORTUNITY The opportunity of rejoining a online game if the app was closed or lost the connection. For example that if you are at the main menu you get a message that if you want to rejoin the pending game. If you press “NO” then you can’t rejoin anymore. 3. TABEL OF RENT VALUES If you have the turn you can look up streets/cards and see how much rent the owner got from this street/card. Would be nice to have a opportunity to see a table of all cards of the game and how much rent they earned. Sort by rent value descending. 4. INSPECT CARDS AT ANY TIME That you can inspect cards at any time in the game even it’s not your turn. if in a later update this features got added to the game then I will give 5 stars rating. But all in one a very good game.

- Next turn

I have been playing this game since a lot of time as it’s fun to play with friends online but when it come to proper online players at start it’s really goes well but the frustrating part of the game is when some one in middle of game doesn’t end turn as they might forget or might have quit. For that there is no timer or any indication of the player wether they are still with us in the game or not. After playing for an hour and waiting for your turn for another half hour doesn’t give me any sort of fun winning the game bunch of times. So this timer or indicator for a player needs to fixed first priority of bugs. If this isn’t fixed then it ruins all the fun of lot more players of “MONOPOLY”.!

- Pricey for what you get... Another glitch...

Rather expensive. The upfront payment only gets you a basic kit. Pay more in-game to get any extras. Gave it four stars because it looks promising, and I played it for a week or more before today’s problem. Was playing solitaire, into the serious part of the match, then suddenly I was unable to buy houses. I could sell the houses I had, but not buy them back. Tried restarting, played for a while to see if it would fix itself. Would like refund...

- Rigged as hell

This WOULD have been fun and entertaining IF it wasn’t so obviously rigged. The dice rolls are not random, statistically improbable to the point of being ridiculous - this becomes even more transparent after you get a monopoly of any kind, your AI opponents almost always seem to get repeated miraculous rolls time and time and time and time again, you might get the odd one land but- what’s the point of playing when this is such as pervasive theme with nearly every game, don’t buy this game unless you want to lose, lose again and then keep losing because no one lands on your property- two thumbs down, game designers need to install a REAL random simulator. Or if you are going to rig the game, go and study play psychology before you write your program

- Nice graphics but game crashes and bad functionality

The decisions you make in Monopoly often depend on where everyone is located on the board, but the programmers make the pieces disappear at extremely important moments! There is no leaderboard or ranking of any kind so each game stands alone. There is no penalty for quitting or taking ages to have your turn so sometimes you will sit there for five minutes to go and make a cup of coffee and watch TV. Also, unless you’ve ignored all the other reviews, this game crashes. Constantly. The graphics will entice you, but they were clearly made by a different group of people. The logic of how this game is programmed is ridiculous. That’s the programmers - the same people responsible for the game crashing ALL the time.

- Great! But.....

Monopoly works great, it seems all of your consistent updates have made for a seamless game experience. BUT, there is one feature that I’d love, and that I was kind of expecting when I purchased the game - it would be especially useful during the current times of confinement. That feature is pass to play COMBINED WITH online multiplayer. My partner and I would love to be able to play together on my iPad, taking turns against two other friends over the net. This feature would be super and I imagine alot of people would appreciate it.

- Problems

I really love this game especially now that you have made it possible to play in phone it’s even better, but there are some problems that I am facing, like our pieces are invisible idk if it’s the internet problem or the game, I think it’s game cuz other games runs smoothly with same internet and can you add free text like quick chat or emoji to know whether they are playing or not it would be more fun that way too, also can you add time limit like if the person doesn’t roll the dice in 1min they go to jail something like that so that other players don’t have to wait forever, if these are improved in the game I would love to give you 5 stars cuz it’s worth my money. Hope you update it soon.

- "We've fixed it" but they haven't.

UPDATE 24-May: Once again the devs release an update to fix unreliable online play and it does nothing. Still unreliable, still frustrating, still ripped off. UPDATE 17-May: Tried it again and sure enough it just froze with no action on the AI player an hour into the game. This makes it 4 out of 4 games that have frozen. UPDATE 16-May: Latest update has made the game even more unreliable. We've played three games and every time it has frozen. Their infrastructure (by their own admission) wasn't sufficient and it's no better with this latest update. Developers - Forget the new features until you fix the game itself 🤦‍♂️ 1 - Randomly the game will stop and it's no one's turn. Can't get it to move to the next persons turn, so the game just stops. 2 - If I'm playing "Online with friends" and I dare to change to a different app, it disconnects the game and then there's a 50/50 chance the game will crash out (as above) or I'll be replaced with an AI bot. It's incredibly disappointing to be playing against friends and then to have a game destroyed by glitches.

- Great but frustrating.

Great game. Very frustrating. Some games play through till the end. Often times just freezes part way through regardless of internet connection. Also, when playing with friends, cannot pause play... if someone needs to leave the app for some reason, they cannot re-enter the game to play on. Also, when playing 3 players, once one player has become bankrupt, you cannot do any deals with the remaining player, it defaults the deal to the bankrupt player with no option to change and nothing can be done. Some work needs to be done.

- Lack of effort made

This is seriously one of the most cash-grab money hungry gaming apps I’ve ever encountered. It is so obvious the people that created this monstrosity of an app did not care and made this just to make quick money. The app looks so pretty and colourful and gameplay mechanics seem unique but the Overall Gameplay is complete trash. So many times I have had to restart the app because it randomly freezes in an online mode. It often crashes when a player has yet to quit his turn and there are way too often moments where players are forced to wait long periods of time for no reason. When players have a complete set of land, the dice tends to favour land that is unowned and right next to the set. It is so obvious that the game wants to keep the mode going so it manipulates the dice in this way. No level system is implemented. Just randoms playing each other which is okay but for $5.99, i expect at such a price, to have more value and variety within it. Very disappointing. Yet to try versing my friends but after playing this, I don’t think I want to.

- Unable to complete games

I find it frustrating that whenever I’m playing with friends and decide to open a seperate app (to read a convo in instagram for example) briefly, I get kicked out of the game and am unable to rejoin the room, effectively wasting 1+ hour of my and my friends time on a game that wasn’t even close to finishing. So many rounds have been utterly wasted due to a family member suddenly calling one of us, etc. Overall this game would be so much more worth it if it didn’t forcefully disconnect you from a game just for tabbing out of the app for a split second.

- Great games, serious issues

Love monopoly and it’s a shame that this app has such big problems. 1. 70% of the time on online mode, game gets half done, then gets stuck on one person rendering the game unplayable. Please fix. If someone quits, replace them with AI and let the other users know. 2. For a game with a reputation for taking so long, each movement and animation takes far longer than it should. These should be as quick as possible to facilitate fast playing. Nothing worse than a slow game. 3. No progress can be made or levels or challenges or any effort to make the game a little bit engaging. No matchmaking with similiar players. Has lots of potential but just poorly designed.

- Game is loaded with glitches

One of the worst apps of all time I’ve played when it comes to glitches. It will freeze mid-game with extreme regularity and everyone will be using the (very limited) speech options to vent their frustration, before having no choice but to leave the game. Literally just played an online game where a player went bankrupt and (about a dozen turns later) it was his/her turn again. Needless to say, the player couldn’t roll as his/her piece wasn’t on the board any more but what it did do was jam the game up and I had to leave. Seriously, how do you mess up the oldest board game on the planet? That’s what I want to know. Not like it’s a highly intricate, technical game. Guess it must be for the troglodytes Marmalade have programming it. Sack whoever you have and start hiring people who have a clue what they’re doing. Get it done. P.S. Your dice roll generator?? Programmed. Reads NOT RANDOM. I know numbers & averages and your dice roll generator is not even close to random. Get it fixed. You’ve been told. Now get to work you maggots. Bye.

- More content needed

Edit: thank you for fixing the glitch I can now actually finish games without it freezing. What would make me give it 5 stars is if there was more content like adding other versions of monopoly like dogopoly, disney, stranger things, Star Wars etc. I really enjoy playing this game but what I hate is that I hardly ever get to finish a game which is really frustrating. When someone goes bankrupt the game freezes. Fix this issue and I’ll be more than happy to change my rating

- Great but super frustrating.

Was having a blast playing with my friends last night until the issues started - it really puzzles me how this app struggles to bounce back if the host or other players connection dips. We had to restart our game after 30 minutes of play time followed by 1 hour and 30 minutes into the second game. Monopoly is already frustrating enough as it is let alone having to worry about the game freezing 3 quarters of the way through. I honestly feel like the theatrical features of this game should be toned down if they can’t master letting the average user get through a game.

- Good game but...... could be better

This is a good game but the UK board should be free as it is more popular worldwide than the US one. If I was to purchase the extra UK board and I create the game, the board should be UK for everyone, including my friends.... but for some reason this is not the case and everyone needs to buy the pack. It costs more than the game just to get the board for your own country.. Also when you play multiplayer and someone leaves they should get replaced with AI instead of freezing the game and wasting in some case over an hour of people’s time.

- Good but could be even better

Monopoly is about being victorious and let’s be honest, rubbing that victory in people faces. Now, maybe a chat is too dangerous. However at least a lol or some emoticons to show your arrogance and cockiness would be great. Also app glitches a little from time to time. Also, would be good if we could take on the Ludo format of having stats of wins, losses, pretty much a basic profile to show our achievements. ㅎㅎㅎ let’s go!!!!

- Stuck on reconnect!!

The game is good and feels pretty much like the real thing, but if you get a notification or touch the home area on the screen, check your battery lever or ANYTHING, it disconnects you, which is very annoying, and you can’t return until the next turn. If you are in the middle of doing something and it disconnects, it doesn’t end the turn and the game is effectively stuck with no way of getting it back! Extremely annoying if you are playing with friends and well into a game. Really needs to be fixed.

- Just played - Monopoly was actually fast-paced!

So I didn’t expect to get all of the fun original Monopoly when I downloaded - it’s actually more fun in some ways as an app. All the tedious board game logistics, like setting out cards, flicking through paper money etc. was out of the way, which allowed us to play an INTENSE game. I never played a game with so many mortgaged properties and so many deals, it was subtle, tricky, full of twists and turns. You can blast a few rounds around the board effortlessly enjoying the clickety-clack of pieces moving. I’m not saying you can replace the nostalgia of a physical Monopoly board - what I’m saying is app version lets you play original or custom rules monopoly games so wicked fast it would be impossible to do by hand. Monopoly aficionados will feel like savants.

- Biased Dice and AI luck

Monopoly is primarily luck based, so it’s strange to see the same pattern in every game in the pass and play. The blue AI always has lots of money and no properties, the red AI always has lots of properties and no money. They trade completely un-strategic properties to give each other monopolys, for far less than they’re worth. Then even after I have hotels on green, yellow, pale blue and pink, somehow manage to only hit one of my properties every couple of laps of the board. Ive noticed this every game for the past week, 2 games per night, which is enough to make ‘bad luck’ seem implausible. If the AI was fixed, this would be a great game.

- I love this game but...

It really needs to be improved. Playing on an iPhone 11 online w friends and in the middle of the game it just disconnects while connected to both wifi and mobile Data. Also disconnects when u check your battery in the middle of a game. For a paid game, you would expect a bit more of a sturdy game. Thinking of getting the season pass too but this kind of is the one main reason I got the game (playing with friends online) and the fact that I have never been able to finish a game with friends is quite annoying... PLS UPDATE AND FIX THIS MONOPOLY TEAM <3

- Pretty average

The multiplayer is pretty average, I would suggest creating lobbies instead of just randomly joining people, also the multiplayer games mostly fill with AI that attempt to act as other players but you can tell as soon as they do trades because they offer amounts not ending in 5 or 0. You should be able to speed up the game when playing with AI, such as a simple speed up button or be able to skip animations. The game overall plays like monopoly but yea, adding these would make the game much better.

- Addictive 😂 BUT has some glitches

I like that there is a quick version within the game because we all know how long Monopoly can be 😅 HOWEVER, there is a glitch within the system because sometimes the game freezes when i select “end turn”. I know it can’t be my internet connection because it works perfectly fine on other apps and devices.

- Should have an “are you sure?” Or “confirm” button

When choosing what to do with you properties, the game should contain a confirming button before the action is done. When I was looking at swapping a property with another player the mortgage button was accidentally hit and I touch one of my properties which automatically mortgaged it when i didn’t mean to hit it. I then un-mortgaged it, but it at first didn’t respond and then mortgage it self again. The game did this three times in a row. In turn lost $600. Not impressed.

- Fun fast Monopoly with people who actually want to play

I love Monopoly but it was always so difficult to get the friends/family to play. This app has solved my problem because with its multiplayer I can play with people all over who know how to play the game😁 It also removes all the hassle of setting up the board and distributing money, so it’s faster that the board game version.

- Not up to standard.

This game is full of game-breaking bugs and issues. I literally just played a game where no players could accept any trades at all — they were all immediately and automatically rejected. Imagine a game where you could not make any trades. It would not be able to end. And the game before that, there was a visual glitch that made the game very harder. In this game of Monopoly, each owned property has a coloured label to show who owns it. One property, the middle orange one, failed to even show its coloured label upon its purchase, so I couldn’t even see who owned it, or if it was even owned at all.

- Great game! Add ons - not so much.

I bought the snowdrop valley theme to play and was very excited. I start to set up the game and select the new board and all was good... Until I went to change my character to the snowmobile. It said it was still locked. I went back to check if it was included in the theme pack and it was. Now I am majorly disappointed because I spent $11 on it just for the feature I was most excited about to be unavailable. I would either like this to be fixed or be given a refund - very disappointing.

- 4 player glitch

Worked alright initially however when trying to play with 4 players the game crashes halfway through. Game freezes and doesn’t let the player end their turn - forcing everyone to restart. This is extremely frustrating as the game is advertised to accommodate 4 players however I am yet to complete a 4 player game without the app crashing. My friends have the same problem when playing with 4 players. Should not have paid $6 for a game that I can’t even play with my friends. Why can you just let me play with my friends 🥺👉👈

- Good game but too many bugs

Update Dec 22,2019: latest update to fix the issues downloaded. First game after that, the game hangs in two minutes. What a shame Hasbro, for not even getting an app right and making us spending money on a lemon! Great to play when it works. Fun for families. Freezes too often. Needs to be fixed. Has to should’ve waited to get a good version out instead of releasing the Beta(it appears to be a beta with the amount of bugs and glitches)

- Great game but....

This is a well built game, a joy to play and mirrors the authentic gameplay experience however... This game will randomly freeze often when you’ve progressed 80% of the way into the game. It’s an engrossing game and will have you hooked but will leave you high and dry and looking for closure when the app hangs. I often play multiplayer with friends

- Game freezes often

Really annoying - more times than not the game will freeze and I am forced to exit the app and unable able to continue to the game. Seems to happen often after someone attempts to make a trade. I tried to play twice today and both times when the game was starting to get interesting, a player tried to trade, trade was rejected and after that the game froze. Super frustrating and puts me often starting a game because there’s always a good chance I won’t be able to finish it. There are other issues like once I rolled a double to get out of jail and it said I didn’t roll a double? Weird. Another time I was unable to buy any houses on my properties despite having enough money and a full colour set. Big shame because I love the game but the freezing issue is very frustrating.

- New Update Glitching

Have had that game for about a week and everything ran smoothly playing online with a friend. Now the game has been updated, and now when a “reconnecting” appears in the middle of a trade, the game freezes and no one can move. We have had to restart two games today because of this. Before the update, if there was a reconnection for any reason AI would just take over. Please fix. This is very annoying.

- Too many bugs

Monopoly is obviously a great game, unfortunately this mobile game is awful. The game may stop at any time, making you wait for ages and than you realise it.. I noticed that: if you try to sell a mortgaged property, it will crash when it asking you if you want to unmortgage it or pay the fee for keeping it like this. It doesn’t give you any statistics about you passed games. The gameplay is good, I hope these problems will get fixed soon otherwise I better ask for a refund...

- Love this game ..... but

Really have enjoyed this game, however when it comes to playing online against friends it does not work! You cannot save a game and play in a turn about way - frustrating. And even if you decide that you will complete a game, it freezes!! What a pain! If this was fixed it would be 5-stars for sure and I would be getting more family and friends into playing it!

- Extremely annoying glitches

Most games I play, never finish. Randomly the game will stop moving, no one will play their turn and it says it’s reconnecting on next turn, but never does. If you close app and go back in, it kicks you from game completely, no warning. It ruins the game that could be so good so much. I can’t believe I paid 6 bucks for a game that doesn’t even work. Only about 1 in 5 games do I actually get to finish, there is always terrible glitches like this.

- Amazing game but with a lot of bugs

Amazing game, brings back the childhood with multiplayer version. With saying that, ton of bugs for a paid app, not sure how that passed through testing. When trading or doing something, if someone receives a message or call entire thing gets stuck and player either can’t end his turn or it gets stuck for all and you have to restart, very frustrating if that happens half hour into the game. I play with a fear of inevitable hang of the game. Still a lot of bugs and needs improvements, like you cannot reduce animations, would be nice to reduce or have options to some of the features. I’m sure new updates will fix these issues and my star rating will be more like a 4-5 then. Over all amazing experience. Super fun with family. Highly recommended

- Really Frustrating App- Freezes A Lot!!

This is the LEAST user friendly app I’ve used in a long time. I don’t usually pay for apps, much less $5.99... Once you’re playing the game, if you have to jump out of the app (like to receive a call, txt someone back, turn on wifi, etc) it freezes the entire game, and everyone has to restart. Also, the game randomly freezes whenever it likes, and you lose the entire game. I’m yet to actually be able to finish one single game. 0 stars, I want my money back. Don’t waste your time.

- Come on.

When I’ve already paid for the game, why is it just constantly filled with in-your-face in app purchases. Greedy developer who just want money ruin the mobile gaming scene. Plus the fact that it’s full of game breaking glitches and very limited customisation, the fact that anyone has to even pay for this game in the first place is ridiculous. Make the game free, fix the bugs, reduce the in app purchases, and you’ve got yourself a somewhat decent game no thanks to the developers

- Glitchy

Everything’s usually quite good but I find a third of my games now I’ve had to just close the app because it freezes or won’t change the screen. But annoyed I’ve paid $6 for something that may or may not work in a game that can last potentially hours

- Bla

I enjoy playing monopoly a lot, but there needs to be some improvements: 1. If I have a get out of jail free card, at my third attempt at a double (where I fail) the game should use my card as opposed to having to pay $50 2. The rules in monopoly say I can manage my properties whenever I want, however in the app I can only do it when it’s my turn. Doing it whenever I want would open up new strategies.

- Disappointed

First of all this game has many great qualities. It has so much potential and still one of the best games I’ve played. Fast, neat, colourful. But after paying a hefty $6 fee to play, it jamming and and freezing just as the game is coming to an end is awful. We played two games tonight and it froze unexpectedly both times. Very disappointing. Even more so when we realised only a max of 4 people can play in the multiplayer. Not sure we’ll be playing again.

- Connectivity issues

Great game, but as some others have also said, there are a heap of glitches. The one I experienced the most is connectivity - when playing with friends online, any interruption such as tabbing out of the app for one second causes the connection to be lost, even on a stable wifi connection and the game is lost. Also, no pause game function is available, so once you start a game, you have to finish it unless you decide to abandon it.

- Trade glitch!!!! 👎🏻

Tbh I like this game alot but the recent update was very disappointing! The trade happened so quick and the system rejected offers, before I could even have a look at what the opponents offered. I have both games in my pad and phone, and both showed the same issues. I tried to delete the game and downloaded it again but still I experienced this issue. Please fix this!! This is not a free game so I expected more than other game.

- Glitchy

Been playing online with friends which for the most part is good. However every now and then after pressing “end turn” the other player isn’t actually able to have their role and proceed. I have been on the phone with the person when this has happened. Would love for it to be fixed instead of it glitching our mid game!!

- Controls freeze mid game

Enjoyable but so far 3 out of 4 games I've been playing ended up with the controls freezing mid game when I end my turn. Meaning the others can't play because it hasn't processed ending my turn. Forcing me to close the app and leave the match after spending well over 30mins into a game. So frustrating. Please fix this otherwise this app is pretty much pointless and a refund should be given. Thank you

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- Bugs, but fun!

Echoing the other reviews, multiplayer is a mess whether you play online or not. Seems to be a bug after trading, the dice never show up again. Unsure how this runs in the background because play doesn’t seem to continue if I pull my control center menu up for a second to adjust brightness, change music etc. Hoping some updates will be released soon and that gameplay will improve! I’d also love to play the paid board once for free before purchasing, just a suggestion.

- Love it

Great app I’ve been playing multiplayer games for about 2 weeks now. I noticed the other day some bugs that are coming up, for example when some players buy a property their colour card isn’t going under that property to indicate they own it. Also every once in a while the game just freezes and no one can do anything. But over looking the bugs it’s a great game

- Should be free

Really annoyed that I paid 6$ for this game and haven’t been able to finish 1 multiplayer game.

- Monopoly App Sucks

Don’t waste your 5.50 on this app. As a matter of fact how do I get a refund. First off to play on line with friends you have to put in a code that is sent via another messaging app, not invited through monopoly. When you put the code in, 50% of the time it doesn’t work. Often the app doesn’t allow you back into the game if you leave for any reason. The game actually continues with the computer playing your turns if you step away for any reason. It’s monopoly, what’s the rush!! There should a way to chat with other players while watching play. Nope there isn’t!! So you can’t chirp or get chirped!! So many improvements needed!! A company like Hasbro has been around forever should be able to get it right!! Sorry, that’s my rant!!

- Multiplayer is a nightmare!

I haven't been able to finish a single multiplayer game. The graphics are good.

- Frustrating

Honestly, I’ve had a lot of fun on the app but more often than not, online multiplayer just freezes mid game. We don’t care about the chat function. Just fix the bugs, please! I’ve bought the app on two different devices!

- Fun but buggy

Will rate 5 stars when the game gets fixed. Game keeps freezing and then you have to restart the whole game all over again.

- Very good interface but wealth calculator is wrong

Game interface and game play are smooth. However, at the end of game, net wealth calculation is wrong. Net Wealth = property value (sticker price) PLUS cash on hand LESS amount owed to bank for mortgaged properties The present net wealth calculation has Net wealth= Rent received LESS rent paid. Seriously? That is the income formula and not wealth formula.

- Can’t trade in online mode

This app has always been very glitchy and I’ve often not been able to complete games due to it crashing. However very recently it’s been completely unusable due to the fact that no one can make trades in online mode. This needs to be fixed BADLY. Also - I suggest that there be a chat function where you can write custom messages. Would really help aid trading.

- Game freezes

This game has a lot of potential but there’s work that needs to be done. The biggest problem is that the game randomly freezes and does not resume. I have not been able to complete a game. Please take care of this issue as soon as possible. Chat mode is also pretty useless. It would be much better if players were able to actually communicate with each through the app.

- Trading stopped working

Can no longer trade while playing online

- New update, new bug

Since the last update, some trade arn’t displayed to the player, or the are really fast then automatically refused. The game also keep freezing.

- Current bug

You have a current bug that doesn’t allow some players to trade. It quickly rejects the offer before anyone can even see it. Please fix this glitch. Thanks!

- Stops at trading...

This app is really bad. Waste of money.

- Lots of bugs

I wonder if the multiplayer version of this games was tested properly. The amount of bugs is insanely high. 1. Sometimes a player exits the app while in its the players turn and that game hangs forever 2. Why can I see other players cash during a multiplayer game? 3. A player purchases a land and the players color code does not show under the land except you exit the app and return The list is endless.

- that’s not right you need to read this 👇🏻

what exactly we paying for man ??? I love the game but it’s not right that every time I want to play with a friend if the internet didn’t work for exactly 3 seconds the game frizz or not even the internet sometimes by itself start reconnecting and i’ll be waiting for few minutes and then exit the game I’m really mad you guys making money for bad software that’s not fair and i’m not interested anymore to play your game!! I need an explanation?!

- Bug

This game is great and the multiplayer has real people and not bots but there’s a bug where every game you play gets frozen and you never finish a game. I’ve seen comments from a year ago about this problem and Hasbro doesn’t seem to appreciate its customers. If your crazy about monopoly buy the game but you’ll only get half finished games. :(

- 🙃

Really fun but extra characters should be free

- Not like previous versions

I have one on my computer that is easier and more generous with slight of hand and 4 property starts

- Not cheap, fun game though

As expected, monopoly is monopoly, but you pay for EVERYTHING. I have better games on PS that offer you some items as you progress, not this. Everything is for purchase... a pion is 2,79$... a virtual pion... come on guys, your game is already expensive, make an effort here...

- Connection

My app keeps saying that it cant connect the internet while im still using the internet. Im not happy about this bug

- Pas de son ou musique de fond :/

Super jeu, manque d’ambiance car il n y a pas de son

- Don’t waste your money.

Unable to change the user color from purple. Unable to change perspective or view depth. Tap is unreliable and AI modes are easily circumvented using proper trade techniques. For a game one pay for, to not have access to all features and require even more money is a scam. Don’t waste your money.

- It’s okay

God damn can you guys at least give us a free board a every year or something or let us earn them for winning games why do we gotta pay for them...

- Bad dice algorithm...

So I have played this game a lot...I wanted to make sure I wasn’t just having bad luck...and in multiplayer vs bots mode it always and I mean ALWAYS favours the one point I owned almost every property on the board...except boardwalk and park place...for 2 full rounds the bot systems managed to avoid every single property I owned...then all 3 just happened to go to jail at the same time...meanwhile I happened to land on both boardwalk and park place... I know what your thinking oh he’s just a sore looser...I’m really not...I just find it frustrating how the dice aren’t actually random at all...the rate of which players hit chance and community chest is way way way too high to be produced by a randomized system...just like the amount of times the player hits the tax just past go...way too high to be actually random... I love monopoly as a game so naturally I was quite excited to find out I could play it on my phone...but after all these time and realizing that about the dice...I can’t help but feel cheated...

- bugs that are require to fix

Sometimes when player stands on the “go”. They got no salary. (Which should be 400 or 200 depend on the rules). It happened both to me and the AI player in the game. Sometime the salary will be credited in next round of dice ( But it should be get instantly after stand or pass the “go”) Overall, great game.


Sooo buggy, kicked out of games mid way through or stuck in “reconnecting” land; and all the while, you are never actually going to return to said game. Would enjoy being able to block any player i chose and mute them. If you are going to have dialogue within the gameplay then open the floor to ALL COMMENTARY not some little premeditated response options like there is now. Grow a pair at least. Two thumbs way down. This game is one hot ugly mess!

- Absolute SCAM

dont waste your money on these scammers. I dont even know how they are able to sell a game for $5.50 and get away with the game crashing every game. Im more than angry. Literally wasted hours of my life for a crash. This problem has been on going all year from reviews and they have still not fixed it. Clearly shows how much they care. Bunch of money hungry scammers.

- Can't play online on ipad

I cannot play online on my ipad for some reason. Do you know why? It works on my iphone.

- Gouloulou

Yeah win

- Faillite

Colis j'ai faites faillite

- Fix the bugs

Game has so many bugs!!!

- Can’t open

I loved the game it was so much fun but for whatever reason whenever I press to open it opens but it’s just a black screen.

- Won’t save already played games

The only problem I’m having is that if I start a game and get into it for an hour or 2 and get busy doing something else it won’t save the game even if I type in the game code on play with friends online

- Fun but needs some updates

Needs a time limit on rolling. Fun enough and replicates the board game well. Should also keep track of online multiplayer results.

- Please add a jazz or

Please add option for music jazz blues multiple tracks for ambient game , and make night time for the city day to night keep changing

- Fun game

It’s a fun game I give you that but 9.99 for a map 😂😂 that’s ridiculous and there is a bunch of bugs that need to be fixed on multiplayer and they should also bring 2 vs 2 for example me and my friend playing online with others instead of AI

- Fun to play

I enjoy this game

- Monopoly

The game is fast paced but similar to the original game

- Better animation

I feel this game could add a bit more animation, moving pieces that actually feel like their alive like a cartoon. Monopoly is a huge brand and is able to get more creative. Also I have purchased season package and still waiting on new season. Still like the game but again feels like there can be a bit more to it

- Please add a save feature for online friends

I love playing monopoly with my family, but sometimes we have to stop playing in the middle of the game it's kind of annoying to play every game without finishing it. Otherwise it's a really good app version of monopoly.

- Fix your game!!

It’s fun but getting sick of glitches mid game or toward the end where sometimes when it’s your turn, the dice won’t even show up even if you wait for a long time or when you go to End your turn it won’t end your turn so the 1 hour you just spent trying to crush your opponents all goes to waste! So you have to restart the game. Sick of it. Happens every second game lately. Shouldn’t be running into these issues when you’re paying $5.50 for the game. It’s been happening to all four of my buddies who have recently purchased it. Unreal.

- I want to see all my cards at once

Also thanks

- Monopoly

J’aimerais que ce soit comme l’original et qu’on ne soit pas obligé d’aller aux enchères à chaque fois mais qu’il y ait une bataille pour l’acheter

- Excellent jeu

Multijoueur fonctionne bien!

- Mid game freezing

There’s nothing like building up your board, getting some momentum then having to wait about 5 or ten minutes for someone to finish their turn before you realize the game board is stuck. It’s really annoying and monopoly isn’t a short game. Fix this soon because it happens way too often.

- Monopoly

Nice classic game but we pay for and we only get one map ☹️

- Multiplayer issue

It has a lot of issues in multiplayer mode, shuffling the dice and playing with robots when a player leave the games

- Not good

Someone won mid game? That messed me up online is jacked.

- Don’t buy!

They manipulated the dice so the dice always favors the AI. I just downloaded and played the game, I bought almost all the places on the map (except 3 places which were owned by AI) and had 5 hotels in a row and 10+ other house while the AI only have 3 hotels and no other places, guess who won? It’s ridiculous. The dice should be random or there is no point playing this game. I’ve never refunded a game in my entire life, but I’m going to refund this one. Also you need to pay over $50 for season pass and maps, it’s not worth it! Don’t buy it!

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- Classic

I have been playing this game since I was 10 years old. All the rules are correct. Thank you for not trying to fix or improve something that isn’t broken! However I do have one concern. During the game I had an opponent land on a chance and received the “Advance token to Boardwalk” card. Another person rolled and also landed on chance. Then I landed on chance and received the same card as the first guy “Advance token to Boardwalk”. Now when I was a young boy I was told you’re supposed to put your card in another pile and shuffle them when they are all used up. Or you can keep them in rotation and place the card at the bottom. You guys need to fix this. Also I recommend creating more free tokens the options are extremely minimal. Other than that the game is excellent, no glitches, no freezing up. They also have online multiplayer! Thank you!

- Online Multiplayer

This is a large issue, one that makes me feel like I shouldn’t have paid for the game. When you join “Online Multiplayer”, and you’re playing, you can leave the app and come back however long later, and the game would continue from where you left off. This is the first evidence of AI in an online supposed real person mode. The second bit of evidence is that the AI trades at very specific rates: when you’re paying cash for a property, they want double the property price. If you offer too much lower than double, they’ll permanently reject the offer. Closer to double, and they’ll counter for double. Third bit of evidence is when they offer you a trade, and you decline. If they offered money, they’ll make another offer increasing their offer by 10$. Decline again, they’ll increase by 10$ again. And so on. Another issue is that on Multiplayer with friends, if you accidentally leave the app, you’re instantly replaced with an AI and there’s no way for you to rejoin. This makes your phone unusable other than to play the game if you don’t want to erase all the progress you’ve just made on a match with a friend. Please look into this. TLDR: “Online Multiplayer” isn’t online multiplayer. There may be one or two “real” people in every game of 4, but never a full game of 4 real people. We have no way of knowing that right off the bat, this is a large issue. Please correct it as it’s falsely advertising a feature of this game.

- Online Gameplay Needs Improvements

I had purchased the old monopoly app, and was glad to see they built a new app with online multiplayer. That being said there have been many difficulties, which leads the online multiplayer to feel like an afterthought. I would say 3 out of 8 online games finished before running into app errors which caused the game to freeze up. Many improvements can be made to make this experience better. 1) A visible play timer for yourself and each opponent. This would help make sure games move along. If the player runs out the play timer - they are replaced by an AI. 2) Ability to restart the app and still pick up the game you were in the middle of. The game has many moving graphics which makes due for the freezing. I have no other option but to quit the game i already put 40+ minutes into. If a reasonable play timer is included, i can restart the app and reenter the game in time, when this freezing does occur. 3) An in-game chat - this is unfortunate that this already hasn’t been included. If i could communicate with the other players in any way I could get some perspective whether issues are occurring on their end. Plus its more fun then just playing in silence. 4) A place in the settings/pause menu to submit glitches/bugs issues. Best way to make your users feel heard! Please think about these issues and implementing some of the above solutions. Otherwise what did your users pay for.

- Please read before Buying

Note: this is a repost after two updates, after I’ve already put the same thing below months ago. They don’t listen. Don’t waste your money. “I love monopoly and I don’t mind paying for this game at all, and the graphics are great. However, every game I’ve played, I’ve never completed. Not even once. It freezes every time, to where it makes me wish I never bought the game. I hope this gets fixed very soon. I’d like to be able to actually complete a game like it’s supposed to be. And also, the dice are predetermined. I’ve mistakenly read the reviews of others here AFTER buying the game and everyone has the same problems. The dice favor a couple players in offline play. Then in the endgame, the AI has all the favor to win. It gains all the perfect dice rolls and I gain all the worst. By the way if you, the developer, respond to this don’t give me “the dice are random” because they’re clearly not when more than enough people have the same problem. Don’t give me that crap. Fix the game. It can be great, but it’s not. Please update and fix these problems many others have.”

- Freezes constantly

The game is great when it works. They’ve done an incredible job with the graphics and the user interface and it is truly amazing to play. Unfortunately, a lot of this is undercut by the fact that the games freeze so frequently that it’s barely worth it to ever begin playing at all. When the game freezes, you can’t do anything but abandon the game, which is especially frustrating when you’ve been playing that game for over an hour. There are a few other improvements I think could be made as well. I wish that you were allowed to restart the app and rejoin the game you were o playing, just like you are able to in the RISK app. This could possibly help with the freezing, but the way it is now, if you close the app you’ll never be able to get back into your game. I also wish that there was some kind of ranking system with different levels of players, again a feature that has been incorporated into the RISK app, but for whatever reason, not this game even though they’re both made by Hasbro.

- Not worth the pay

I love monopoly and was very excited when I saw that I could play against other people online. However, the app needs some serious updates. I feel like it’s wayyy behind other apps when it comes to technical issues and being able to connect more with the players you’re playing against. There needs to be some type of button you can click if you need out of the game that way if someone just up and leaves during the game it won’t affect the other players and leave us waiting online for that player to move. The button should automatically take them out of play. I quite honestly would like to be able to personally chat with each of the players but they only provide automatic phrases which becomes a little outdated. If I’m paying for this game I expect to be able to do everything I mentioned and even more. Maybe having some other themed boards that you DONT have to pay more money for or even some type of ranking status. You’re really not getting anything for your money.

- Not At Random

Drives me ABSOLUTELY wackers! I’ve played this version several times. So I know what I’m talking about. Drives me NUTS! You’d think a throw of the dice would be completely random. Right? WRONG! This version actually favors certain random players. It’s happened to me more than just a couple of times. For instance: If I’m lucky enough to own all the properties between Mediterranean and Connecticut and have hotels on all the properties certain players will never land on any of those properties with hotels. Landing more frequently instead on the $200 tax area. Or skip the area entirely and land on Jail. Just visiting. Or on the railroad. But if a certain, randomly chosen, player has hotels on just the green properties then most players will land there assuring a fast end to the game. I’m really happy with everything else about this version of the game. That’s why I gave this version 2 stars. But this bug is big enough that I really have to go from 5 stars to only 2. And is going to cause me (and I’m sure others) to stop playing this game and NOT recommend it to others. 😞


Multiplayer crashes almost every game and when you play single player the ai always wins. They never land on your property NEVER. Out of 10 games you will probably win 1 if your lucky. I had 6 color sets with houses/hotels on all of them with about 1200 dollars while the one ai I was playing had only 2 color sets with barely any houses and about 400. I landed on ai property twice each cycle for 3 cycles while the ai didn’t land on mine once. The ai will spend all its money each turn for houses and hotels and It is smart for the ai to spend all its money on houses and hotels because it’s a 90 percent you are going to land on them each cycle while they’ll skip right over yours. Ai always landed on chance community chest free parking start ect. Very very frustrating. I love monopoly but this game will aggravate you real fast. I tried to give this game many chances but will be uninstalling and finding another monopoly game. I would have thought they will fix the dice roll and make it random after some time and complaints but no, it is rigged like crazy for the cpu to win. They said the rolls are 100 percent random. BIG LIE.

- AI makes single player virtually unplayable

The game functions fine and I’ve never once had it crash. The graphics and software seemingly make for a fun little app. Those are the positives. The negatives? The programming algorithms make this game awful. You can’t help but feel as if all the rolls are pre-determined to help the computer players as much as possible. The AI players will also trade FREQUENTLY and with only each other. Forget ever getting a monopoly on your own through the roll of the dice. It will never happen! The games forces you to use a broken trading system that doesn’t value the freaking namesake of the game: MONOPOLIES. The computer will trade properties to the other AI player all willy-nilly. Absurd trades will be accepted. IF ONLY YOU COULD VETO THEM. Or just turn trading off at least. Institute some freaking rules for this please. No trades until every one has had 10 turns or something. It slows the game down so much when the computer constantly wants to offer you garbage for gold. You will lose and lose and lose if you download this trash. Just avoid it like the plague and save yourself the frustration.

- Boring version of a great board game.

Succinctly put, this isn’t worth paying money for. The animations are boring, the board graphics just loop the same train movement and sounds over and over, getting very monotonous after just a short time. There’s no cool movement animation like the classic computer versions of the game such as the car driving, the boat cutting through “water”, the animals walking, just regular moving of the pieces. There is a constant problem with reliable connection. Even when I am on my WiFi at home it has trouble staying connected and I’ve had multiple games just freeze and never come back. I’m on an iPhone XR and I’ve got gigabyte WiFi so it’s definitely the game servers. The cards drawn on community chest and chance are usually the same four cards over and over. Monopoly was one of my favorite board games growing up, but the only reason I’m keeping this app is because I was stupid enough to pay real money for it. Don’t waste your money, just google “play monopoly online free” and you’ll have a better experience.


So frustrating to play this game for an hour or two in online play only to have someone get “disconnected” (more likely rage quit) when they realize they’re probably not going to win. Monopoly is a merciless game. Sometimes it takes skill and other times it takes pure luck to win. I can’t even say how many times I’ve played this game when someone, who clearly just lost their advantage in the game by landing on someone else’s developed property, suddenly gets “disconnected” and the whole game is screwed for everyone else still playing. There’s a timer in the game that prompts you to do something by buzzing your phone if you fail to respond. In my opinion, that timer should be set to automatically take action on your part if you let it run out, regardless what your actual status is. Maybe that means auto-selling/mortgaging your properties. Maybe you go bankrupt. Maybe the game auto-rolls the dice for you. In any event, it’s completely unfair to the remaining players to indefinitely hold up the entire game because one player rage quit. Fix that issue and I give this game five stars all day!

- Glad to see it return

I still have an old version of the game, no longer a available but I still play it. This is like an upgraded version. I’ve never tried to play on line but I will. I like being able to play against the computer at different player levels, the old one had that too. I love that I can still customize but I feel like there are fewer options to customize. I don’t like all of the options but being able to play shortened games is an absolute plus. I wish I could still choose the money we start with The looks sharp and the tokens move quickly. I don’t like the ALL PROPERTY IS UP FOR AUCTION, even if I land on it everyone gets a shot at trying to out bid me. That should only occur if do not wish to. By the property. Overall I like it, I will play it, I will learn the other elements of the game and I will recommend it. Monopoly has helped through long lines, airport delays and sleepless nights. Thank you


My fix has finally arrived, I was fortunate enough to get one whole game without crashing, first day out I’m sure it’ll have its bugs! Besides that everything seemed as expected, just wish I could atleast play an AI can’t even get that as of now! Looking forward to the updates, let’s get this fixed! Also would love if we could chat! Please add that feature, this game is all about going back and forth hopefully with some progress! Ok so now I had to return to edit this review, I’ve gone from a 5 star rating to a 3 star, I know this is a bug but the fact that I was forced to mortgage everything without needing to is absurd! Changed the entire game for me. We should have the option of what we want to mortgage when going BROKE. Please and thank, let’s earn that 5 star guys!

- iPhone x and up have problems

I love the game but I can never get through a full game without It glitching. Whenever my finger touches the home swipe up bar on my iPhone XR it reconnects but wen it does this it could be my turn and it will skip my turn or sometimes when I’m making a deal before I can finish the deal I’ll touch the swipe up bar by accident trying to press one of the buttons that are so close to the bottom of my screen and it starts to reconnect and when it reconnects I’ll be stuck looking at the top of the monopoly board and it’s not froze but it’s also waiting on me to complete the deal but no buttons appear for me to press so I’m just sitting there looking at the board and nothing happens I’ve literally waited for 6 minutes once nothing happen. It’s weird and hard to explain. And it’s all because your buttons are so close to the home swipe bar I press it and when it reconnects I have problems with the game please do something to fix this plzz !!!!

- Could use improvement..

I downloaded this game and made three of my friends purchase it as well, specially during these rough times... Its a lot of fun but i just want to leave my feedback on some particular areas. My friends and I agreed that it would make it a lot of fun if there was some type of chat within the game, even if its just an emoji chat for when certain actions occur during the game. Also, there should be some sort of stats chart or perfomance chart at the end or during a persons overall experience. Winning is fun but being able to show it off is funner. Lastly, why make a new board and the metal figures so expensive? im sure some people might have purchased them but you guys could be making bigger profits if those prices were cheaper, perhaps 3 figures for a dollar... and expand the number of figures avail. Just a thought and a reflection of the opinion of my friends. Overall its a very fun game !

- Glitchy

I love this game when playing against the AI. However in online multiplayer mode, it is awful. Not sure if it is due to poor connections or someone’s game being interrupted by a phone call or notifications but sometimes other players just stop playing and the game freezes. Today I was in a game for over an hour when this happened. This is soooo very frustrating. It is a waste of everyone’s time. There should be a time limit. If the “End Turn” button isn’t pressed within 5 seconds it should automatically go to the next player. If there is a period with no action for 10 seconds the AI should take over for that turn. I’m sorry but this is the only way to make the online version playable. Once this gets fixed, I’ll change my review and my rating to 5 stars. ALSO, please make an “Extra hard” AI level. Not that I win every time but it would be nice to get a real challenge once in a while. Lol... Thanks for the great game! I’ve literally played hundreds of games in the last couple months!

- Game is broken

Online play is incredibly unreliable. I’ve managed to get through a single game out of about ten. The other nine games I had to quit because of game-breaking glitches. Players get randomly booted, and the game AI doesn’t take over if the player is booted during negotiations or when they have to mortgage properties to pay rent. Then the game just freezes. This problem is compounded by the fact that you can’t save and rejoin games – if you have to quit due to a glitch, that game is lost forever. Absolutely inexcusable. They said they were working on “stability improvements” back in December but it’s now April and the online modes are virtually unplayable. That’s the reason for my 1-star review. Here are other problems that I don’t view as game-breaking: (1) It’s not possible to save a game (see above); (2) There is no chat feature for playing online; (3) Even accidentally swiping down into my Notification Center quits the app, meaning you’re briefly replaced by the AI — this would be a more minor issue if the AI replacements didn’t cause online games to crash so often.

- Desperately Needs Improvement

There is no chance in this game while playing the computer. The AI had the 4 railroads and two properties. I owned everything else. I had houses and hotels on almost everything I owned. The AI requested the same trade to complete his set every turn. I rejected every time. This went on for an hour even though I had development on almost every single property. Yes, I owned everything and the game went on for an hour. No exaggeration. I went to jail every time I crossed the space. Otherwise, I landed on his rail road almost every time. Every one of his rolls either landed on a chance, a chest, his rail road, or one of his other 2 owned properties. The game refused to let me win unless I took his trade. The player should not be penalized for strategy. The game ended when he went to jail and couldn’t pay $50 to get out. You can’t even get through an online game without it freezing. That’s frustrating considering Monopoly takes a lot of time. I can think of 1,000 better ways to spend $4. If I could get a refund I would love that. It’s a shame because this is a great game.

- Fun but MANY multiplayer glitches

Our family bought this game for long-distance quarantine fun and it’s been overall really great. However, on several occasions someone will get replaced by an AI accidentally (like if you get a low battery notification) and the whole game gets frozen. There’s no way to move on, and no way for the person to continue/end their turn. We just had it happen after sinking at least an hour into a game and it’s infuriating because you can’t finish the game!! DEFINITELY needs a fix. Other suggestions: 1) if someone gets kicked out of a game (sometimes happens in addition to the above scenario), player should be able to rejoin the game. This means that the game number also needs to be saved somewhere (probably in settings) because you usually forget what it was once you’re an hour into a game. 2) a chat function between players would be fun! But get the basics cleaned up first before adding more thrills.

- Awesome game, bugs are terrible

I love this game. The issue starts when I... try to PLAY it. You can’t do something as little as pull down your notification screen to check your battery percentage without the CPU taking over for you for your turn. Oh- that reminds me- the same thing happens when you get a low battery notification. Real smart. This game- when it rarely works- is amazing. It’s like monopoly but you don’t have to deal with the board aspect and assigning a person to be the banker. However, after countless nights where it would just FREEZE up for no reason or one of the players couldn’t rejoin the game (they were kicked offline for checking their notifications), I’ve decided this app deserves a big ol’ 1 star. If you’re going to charge people for an app that doesn’t work- your company has serious issues. Maybe this is a bit of a conspiracy but maybe they’re doing this so people go out and buy the actual monopoly game? Just a thought. Next time hasbro makes an app, they should hire 21st century tech people to design it instead of boomers.

- Fantastic Graphics, but horrible backend work

Hasbro makes great games, but needs better developers for a mobile app. This classic game looks great on the mobile app. The graphics are well done and game flow is really great (love the Quick Game option) however much work needs to be done with your servers and backend work. Too many times during a game the app freezes and loses connection. When you go out of the app and back into after this happens, your game is gone, and for a game like Monopoly where you invest quite a bit of time playing just one game that really is upsetting. Please fix this immediately! Especially since you are charging your users $3.99 just to download the game. Most multiplayer games these days are free with in app purchases. You should consult with Zynga or hire some of their guys. One more tidbit of advice to keep players engaged, have a leaderboard and stats kept for each player. You can partner with plenty of companies who can do this for you if you don’t want to invest into it.

- Warning...

This game is really great in a lot of ways. Very clean visually, smooth gameplay and the AI is smart enough to give you a real challenge. However, this game has one major flaw that makes it entirely not worth buying until fixed. While playing single player mode offline, I’ve noticed roughly 1 in every 2 games, usually towards the end once all the properties have been bought, the AI will move and at the end of the turn it will just stop with the camera focused on the character leaving you unable to continue. Oddly, you can exit out, close the app, renter, hit resume game and the frozen character will go again. Unfortunately, after the character moves, once again, frozen. There you are, hopelessly frustrated, finally about to take down Cat, Dog and Ship. Nope, all you can do is start a new game and hope that one doesn’t freeze. Gave 4/5 cause other than that, it’s great.

- Old version

I had the old version of the game and loved it. The new version is cool but the background cars and traffic is a bit distracting but if I turn the volume just right it’s perfect so I’m okay with it. I liked in the old game the stats. I like now how u can stop deals when u had one offer and don’t want to sell a property that turn. I’m cool with no communication between players, or. Good game is cool whatever. Every time I play online with others the game ends or freezes. I haven’t completed one and got discouraged to do so so hopefully the new update reflects improvement to this. Otherwise I just won’t play online which is fine but it would be nice to play humans, as the computer is not a person. I love playing monopoly it’s my favorite game. I will be purchasing the 30$ infinity package so I can have everything. I don’t pay for games ever but Monopoly I will buy it all and not blink an eye.

- Doesn’t allow to finish the game ... after Season Pass

The game is nice, I loved Monopoly since I was a Kid. I bought the season pass as I really like monopoly. However as soon as I bought it the game hasn’t let me finish a game with the AI. I start playing with 3 AI, and every time there is only one left and it lands on my property and it has to sell or mortgage his properties to pay me, the game gets stuck. I mean the icon of the AI fades and disappears and the animations of his houses or hotels reducing just stops and it doesn’t continue. I also have the monopoly app from EA games, I tried searching for it on my iPhone, but it appears to have been taken away from the AppStore (I guess because now Marmalade Studios has the rights, luckily I still have it on my iPad). On the other hand, now that I have compared both studios, the animations were way better on the EA games app. However, the game looks much more beautiful with Marmalade studios, mostly because of the city that is in the middle. I would give this game 5 stars, but for some reason I am not able to finish the game. Before I bought the Season Pass everything was fine, I was able to complete the game, but after I bought it, the game gets stuck. And that is very upsetting. I hope the developers manage to fix this or at least let me know how can I fix it. I don’t know if this has happened to anybody else? Cheers and keep it up! Hope the next update makes everything better!

- Fun with a few flaws

I love monopoly for lots of reasons- so purchasing this was a no brained: I’ve just noticed a few flaws in it that I think other people may have also pointed out. I would love to be able to chat with other players when in the interactive mode. It would help with trades, etc. I also think there is a flaw with the computer mode vs human. I notice no matter how often I play it, the computer consistently misses my properties and lands on the chance cards or other options. Yes, they will land on my property if you give it enough time, but those computerized dice are rigged. The computer has the odds in its favor to land on go or free parking as well when you play in the money mode. It’s frustrating. Thanks for listening! Ok I literally just played a round of monopoly and it sent me to jail 5 times in a row before I finally reached go. What are the odds that would happen?! This game is completely rigged against the human player!!!

- Such a joke

The creators of this game should be ashamed of themselves. How is it that a random number generator always has me get a 10 for the first dice roll? Very odd right? Every game a 10 first roll with out fail. Also no matter how easy, medium, or hard the computer is set to the random community and chance cards 9 time out of 10 will allocate money to the simulations and a negative occurrence toward the human player. If your only plan is to play this with all human beings it might change equally to all for negative outcomes so at least it is evened out but everything in the app costs money for an app that costs money to begin with! If you want more than 5 monopoly game pieces then you have to pay 1.99 for each additional monopoly game piece ie. Cannon, snowman, chariot. While a couple pieces are not original all original pieces should be free and not Shanghai’d in there for $2 a piece to try and kidney shot peoples wallets for every tiny little thing. You could spend $50 in game easily to make it the full game it should be. That to me is outrageously greedy for an already paid app.

- Not recommended

While this is the best looking version of the game I’ve played, there’s too many annoyances ruining the fun. First off, they’re too greedy. Everything extra costs money, there is nothing you can win through playing the game. Secondly, you can’t rename the generic "Firstbanker" name with your own. They let you fill out a name box, but it always reverts to the generic name. Thirdly, you can’t choose your own color, they randomize it every game. This causes problems as you lose track of which player is which color after a lot of games. Fourthly, you can’t invite friends to a multiplayer game, so forget about your friends ever wanting to buy this game. Fifthly, as pointed out by other reviewers, this game always favors one of the AIs over you. Having played many games and kept track of cards drawn (I like figuring out how games like this cheat) it is clear that one AI will have all the "luck" while you keep losing money due to "bad luck." This game, while looking great, stinks of corporate/business managers oversite by people who don’t understand games at all.

- Doesn’t quite follow the actual game rules

In general it’s a great app, seems well made, and hasn’t crashed for me. It also looks very nice. However, it falls short of following the board game rules in theee ways: 1. If you need to mortgage something in the middle of a turn, the game picks properties, and there is no way you can pick other properties. 2. The classic rules allow you to initiate trades or buy houses/hotels at any time, even if it’s not your turn. 3. When playing in real life, you can hide your money so other players don’t know how much you have. This means they have no idea how close you are to bankruptcy, as well as other advantages. There could be a setting you press while playing that tells the game AI to ignore how much money you have when it’s deciding if it wants to offer you trades, or buy houses/hotels. And if the game AI wants to, it could not display its money on the screen, so you can’t see its either. Other that, good job.

- Freezes!

I love this game, but recently in this last game, I was playing custom rules, four players, two hard, one easy one me. Two were bankrupt and I got all of their property and fully populated them with houses and hotels. But every time this other player, who has three hotels, lands in a place where they have to pay me a thousand dollars or so,they collect all their money through mortgages and selling their hotels, but then the setting button disappears and they don’t give me the money. The bored is still moving, but I’m not getting paid. I’ve tried closing the game and it either lets them redo their move so I don’t get payed, or they stay there and keep going but I still don’t get payed. It wouldn’t have bankrupted them, but it would give me over 3000 dollars? Maybe that’s why? I don’t know. But it’s very annoying. Especially since I play this game to calm down!

- Seems partial

I love the game, the graphics, functionality, etc. I love to play during downtime as a stress reliever. I play as a single player with two computer opponents set at medium difficulty. After a while I began to feel that I was landing on taxes and getting the building assessment card more than my share. So, not to be paranoid, I tracked it for all three players over 10 games. The result is that I am not paranoid, but the game is clearly partial to the computer players. Over 10 games I landed on taxes or was assessed for houses and hotels 30 times, while my opponents received it 19 & 21 times respectively. Here is the shocker; I got the Houses & Hotels assessment card seven times while my opponents only got it twice each over ten games! In one long game I got the card three times while neither of them ever got one. I still love the game, and win a majority of the time, but I have to wonder if the algorithm is favoring the computer players. Just saying.

- Needs a few tweaks, badly

This game is perfect, however it’s just missing a few key components. I’ve seen lots of other reviews saying this and I 100% agree with them: there needs to be a chat log or some way of communicating with other players. There also needs to be a friends list where you can add someone if you like them, because as of now you just lose that person forever. There also needs to be (this is the feature I want the most) to be a statistics option where you can see how many wins and losses, minutes played etc. and lastly, there should be a clock on the top of the screen, because when you exit this app, maybe to check the time, it disconnects you from the game entirely. Other than that, it’s good to go, but even then it’s still very sad, knowing these things are missing. I hope the developers are working on this

- I have yet to finish a game.

It’s a nice spin on the original monopoly. However, every game I’ve played online with friends it has disconnected does not matter if all players are on WiFi or not. One or all of players in the game will get disconnected, eventually. If it is not getting disconnected, it glitches. As far as the actual game goes. There are pretty cool custom features. There is one feature that when someone runs out of money there is a suggestive box that recommends properties you should mortgage in order to gain enough money to purchase whatever you may need it for. I think they should add this same feature for the trading of properties because sometimes people make some ridiculous offers. It may just be the player or that people just don’t understand trading in general. Either way, it would be a good feature to add. As great as the game, it is not worth four dollars to never have finished a game. Do NOT waste your money.

- The Issue with Themes

As of now, the only available theme is the Winter Valley one so hopefully this gets changed with new themes or updated with the current one. (It is also an issue in regular but not as obvious). Currently there is no chance or community chest draw pile, it is a random number generator for the outcome. This makes it completely impossible to think you are safe from the General Repairs cards as they can just show up. As stated, this is exacerbated on the Winter theme because there are really around 5 variants of chance and community chest cards. I have literally drawn 3 General Repairs cards from chance IN A ROW with no other player landing on chance. This is incredibly lazy design on the part of Marmalade as it takes <10 minutes to design new card events with the same values as standard monopoly but with a winter theme. I hope this gets fixed soon, otherwise buying the winter theme was a waste of $6. Overall game is good, DO NOT BUY THEMES YET.

- I Love it , however ......

I love the game Monopoly and this app has basically taken my life over since quarantine however , there’s a few things you guys need to fix .. I hate the fact that if we view a text from the drop down screen it screws up the connection in the game . Just exiting for 1 sec ruins the experience it would be nice to just come back with out having to wait until your next turn to resume connection to the game. Another thing is if one player doesn’t end turn or loses connection I’m guessing the game freezes and ruins the whole game for everyone that is VERY annoying especially if the game was getting good or almost to the very end. I seen someone post a review saying to add a small chat so we can chat amongst other players I don’t know how I would feel about that because we don’t know each other personally but it could be good or bad. I guess we’ll have to give it a test run.

- Should be better

Some fun, but disappointing. It would be easy to have things like luxury tax (wrong amount) income tax (10% option) and Chance, Community Chest cards, & pay or collect from every player functions, all match the real game, but a lot of them don’t. While the dice rolls may not be “crooked”, they are certainly not random. Every time I start first against 3 AI players, my first roll is a 4. My next roll takes me to a property an AI player owns. It’s happened 6 straight times. Now, I just immediately quit any game I start first. Also, the AI players always land on more unowned properties than I do. After dozens of games, it’s obvious. Sometimes they have 4, 5, as many as 7 properties before I have 1. I have never had a game where I had the most opportunities to buy unowned properties, and only once had more than one of the AI players. I suspect that they need to change whatever they use to start the random number generator.

- Game just crashes all the time

App is all good until it randomly crashes. Especially frustrating when the game is reaching its final minutes. Either figure this out or create a system that prevents an hour+ of lost time from being entirely in vain. Very disappointed. Shame on you “Hasbro”. Shame on you. $5 for this joke of a system. Not to mention the even more time consuming and monotonous board game version that costs $30 and up retail. Also, bots have been playing in multiplayer games when it should (obviously) be an actual person. Its happened to me 4 times within the past 2 days. This is a huge issue that needs to be fixed. Automated trades and algorithmic moves made far to quick for any human being to do.(Literal microsecond trades and moves.) If this game were free it’d be a different story but a huge conglomerate such as “Hasbro” should be very willing and able to fix something like this. Get better coders and software engineers or make the game free, so people like me will be okay with these huge infrastructural downfalls. GG

- Would Like to Save My Games

I LOVE monopoly and love this app - the only downfall for me is the lack of the ability to save a game, especially when I’m playing a friend. Every time I go to play my sister (who lives in Australia and I live in Maryland, USA - time difference is 16 hours!) I have to start up a brand new game where we both have to be playing each other at the same time and that really difficult to do. If I leave for an hour and come back, the game is completely gone and I have to restart a whole new game with her. Suffice to say, we haven’t been playing much as it’s just such a hassle. I’d like to suggest an update with a save-the-game feature? Does anyone remember Monopoly: Here & Now?? Now THAT app worked right. Aside from that, I love everything about this app - and I love that I can customize the rules! I’ll give it a 5 out of 5 if you guys do that update!

- Game crashing

I know there are other reviews about this but this game has a serious issue with crashes. I agree with the other reviews that this game is super fun, and I like playing it...except that it crashes half the time (and that is not an exaggeration). I saw another review suggesting some way to alert other players when the game is stalling on their turn, which sounds like an awesome idea to me. It would also be WONDERFUL if I could enter the taskbar of my phone to change the music I am listening to or change the brightness on my phone without getting disconnected from the game. Also totally unrelated but once I was playing against AI players and one of them randomly got $3000 out of nowhere...which I know is impossible as part of the game because the most a player can gain from rent is $2000...not that Boardwalk was even owned at the point in my game when this happened. Weird bug, hasn’t happened since but is worth noting. Please fix the disconnection issue!!!

- NOT as Fun as it Should Be

There are quite a few changes they could make to increase the enjoyment factor. I have played quite a few games, all against AI opponents set to easy so I can only comment on that style. First, I have no doubt that the gameplay favors the AI players. I have played many versions of this game digitally and none were this bad. An update addressing this would really make playing more fun, no one wants to feel cheated by bad randomization. Second, game play is too slow. It isn’t bad for your turn but each AI turn takes way too long. There is no need to see all the gameplay, only the outcome is necessary. Including the option to skip all AI gameplay would greatly speed up the game. I don’t enjoy marathon games that take over an hour when all I am doing is playing AI opponents, 20 - 30 minutes is perfect. Third, there were quite a few reports of bugs. I haven’t experienced many but there is still no excuse to have a game just freeze in the middle, which has happened. Lastly, I would like to see options to increase starting cash and cash for passing go. The double bonus for landing on it helps but having the ability to add more cash into the game really helps to speed things up. I hope the developers take the time to read reviews and improve on what has been a fair to decent start.

- Good rendition of monopoly

The game is beautiful, smooth, gameplay is very enjoyable. You can do everything you want including custom options for gameplay like double money for landing on go, free parking rule.. ect. There are beautiful tiles with cool animations. The board is animated nicely I was hoping for more from the animated board. It’d be cool if the building didn’t pop up until you bought them or if you could visualize more a unique property that you are buying as you are buying it to make things more exciting. Playing dedicated online players is most enjoyable for me. I appreciate trading against humans rather than computers. I’d appreciate a 10 second time limit to end your turn when someone is idol and playing online players. Unfortunately when playing people online you have those games where you get stuck and someone doesn’t end their turn.

- Fun but also frustrating

Monopoly is one of my favorite board games. I like the special effects and overall efficiency. I also like that there’s no chance of the banker cheating ;). Very pleased with the update so that the “buy houses” option doesn’t block the board. I spent the first several days just playing against the computer. It’s pretty frustrating and feel like the game is kinda rigged against me when I play like that (even when I put them on easy mode), but I still keep coming back. Just started playing some online players and it’s got a different feel from the computer, for sure. I would like there to be an option to be able to chat with my fellow players. Finally, for anyone who’s concerned about in-app purchases, just know that they’re absolutely not necessary to play the game and enjoy every second of it.

- Needs Major Improvements

First, if someone leaves during the middle of a game the computer should pick up play so other players can finish their game OR everything should go to the bank so we know the player has left and the remaining players can continue. Second, there needs to be some sort of chat button even if it’s preset chats only (Hi, Bye, BRB etc.) Third, pricing is excessive for extras. Third, timers for play time need to be improved. Someone taking too long to build, roll, make a trade. Finally, their needs to be some sort of stats such as Games Played, Win/lLosses, Top Win amounts etc. Other than these changes it is the classic game we all know and love. However, I feel like with the price of the game and price for in-app purchases the above should of already been completed. Until these improvements are made - I can’t give it any higher than 3 stars. It’s an incomplete app in my opinion.

- Dice are rigged

Played a game where i have gone around the board 6 times and landed on the $100 Tax 3 times and landed on the $200 Tax 3 times. What are the odd of that??? Complete BS, and that has happened on more than one game. Give me the option to use real dice and ill put the numbers in or take a pick of the dice (just in single player mode). There are two cards, (collect $10 from each player and pay $50 to each player) that dont work correctly. The $10 card gives you the money but does not deduct from other players. The $50 card will deduct from your money but does not get distributed to the other players. Also bought the season pass on my apple account but does not pull up on my other devises. I don’t trust the computer dice at all. There have been way to many safe landings, I’ll own everything on two rows with houses and hotels and the other players constantly land on community chest and chance. But i will without fail, in a single run, land on two out of their three properties with hotels.

- Serviceable (Fun for $4)

Graphics are so so, but serviceable. (There are compression artifacts that look crappy on a 12.9” screen). The interface is pretty good and easy to understand. Nice custom options. The AI at medium was not very challenging. I’m hoping the hard AI is not as easy to exploit or tries to compensate by doing cheat trades with other AI players that wouldn’t reflect what a good human player would do, but that remains to be seen. The game seems worth $4 for the most part. Don’t think it’s worth spending more for themes and tokens though. Update: After playing a few more games (all AI on hard), I still have yet to lose. The AI is easily exploited to make bad trades, taking off another star from my original rating. Fun for a quick diversion but no challenge. Also, what’s the point of the nice city graphics when they don’t update to reflect houses and hotels? Totally not interested in their themes if it’s the same type of thing.

- I’ve only completed a few games... mostly because of freezing

I kind of miss the old animation of the pieces moving like their characters (ex: cat moves on board like a cat) and it needs some of that whimsy. But the biggest problem is the game freezing mid play with online mode. I’m glad there’s a decent online mode with this game now, but it freezes plus it’s hard to tell when a player is just taking too long or it’s frozen. I need something that says what the player is doing or something so I know. And I wish there was a way to get certain pieces or boards by racking up coins or something, because already paying for the game you shouldn’t have to pay for the rest. And it’s been over a month and these bugs still haven’t been fixed. There was a week where it was running smoothly but it’s doing it again. And I already sent a support request so this is ridiculous.

- Great potential, needs some work

I absolutely love Monopoly, and this app does a great job of bringing the game to mobile devices. It’s a lot of fun when it works, and I’m happy to finally be able to play the game on my phone. However, there is a plethora of bugs that make the game hard to play. The game may freeze and you have to start over, or certain gameplay aspects become unusable as the game progresses. I’m sure these will be fixed in time, but at the moment, it really hurts the experience. There is also the DLC for the app, which looks neat, but is too overpriced. I understand that the developers need money from making the game, but getting another board and some tokens is too expensive, especially considering the bugs. It’s not even a free game to start off with. I am aware it won’t happen, but a price drop would make my opinion of the game much better as well. Thank you for your time!

- The Great Game that needs some work 👍

I would recommend this game and it’s just like the real monopoly. There are better things to it though. In this game, you can actually see how much money you have without having to count and you spend way less time on each turn therefore it’s a faster version. I think that the game could be a bit better considering the fact that you have to pay to unlock new characters and boards. I think you should be able to get coins to buy new things and you could get the coins by winning games. Overall I would recommend this game because you don’t have to clean up, you can play with your cousins and friends when your not with them and it’s a lot less time than the real monopoly.

- Very fun, but needs a couple of things

I love monopoly, it’s probably my favorite game. This app is awesome. However, I think there are two things that would make it even better. #1 please more players to a game. Playing with an option for 6 is way more fun and it would be harder for one person to win. Which leads to the second point. #2 Please make the game more evenly matched. An example of what I mean is this: I played a short game once online and I literally landed on Baltic ave on my first roll and only landed on maybe one or two properties the rest of the game. Which gave me no chance to compete the rest of the game. That literally happens, every game. One player will be at a great disadvantage. This makes for one sided games. Not cool and not fun. Other than that, the gameplay is fun. I play very often despite the two glaring issues

- Game is not realistic

Now I’m not saying the game is bad. Monopoly in general is a fun game to play. But I would suggest playing the board game. Not this electronic crap. I don’t think the game is scripted. I just think it is very unrealistic. And even though I play multiplayer and win most of the time. My wins don’t feel very fruitful. They way I win is very crappy. I’ll roll numbers and skip everyone’s houses and hotels every single time. But when it comes to me. They 100% of the time always land on mine. It’s happened the other way around as well. The rolls don’t feel real. You can easily tell what number your gonna get even before you roll. Even the chance and community chest cards are SO PREDICTABLE. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve guest what I’m gonna get. I do believe this game has potential. But these devs need to make the game more realistic. This seems like a very rushed game. Until this gets fixed. I’ll be sure to let everyone know to hold off on the game until it actually gets good. (If it ever does get good).

- Great game but has ISSUES

This is a FANTASTIC game when it’s actually working. I just downloaded the app and have played 2 games with 4 other people in the same house connected over internet on different phones (both games failed after freezing). The first game glitched out when one player went bankrupt and left the game. This caused the game to freeze and nobody could do anything. The next game, everybody’s app froze up after a deal was made to make a sale of a mortgaged property to raise funds to buy a property which was just landed on. Then, the buyer of the mortgaged property was also out of capital and needed to raise funds to cancel the mortgage interest payment, then the game basically spazzed out and we lost another hour of time. I think this has a ton of potential but I’m disappointed that the seems to fail at complex moments and isn’t reliable enough when investing 1+ hour into a game. Would really appreciate these issues to be fixed so I can actually have a finished game at some point.

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Michael Lanagan

@MacroVoices @ErikSTownsend @PatrickCeresna @StephanieKelton Come on, everyone, even in Monopoly you get $200 just for passing Go! The game hasn't collapsed yet, has it?

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The applications Monopoly was published in the category Games on 2019-12-04 and was developed by Marmalade Game Studio [Developer ID: 988365603]. This application file size is 483.19 MB. Monopoly - Games app posted on 2020-10-12 current version is 1.3.1 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.marmalade.monopoly

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