Teslagrad [Games] App Description & Overview

In the Kingdom of Elektropia, a king rules with an iron fist, combating and destroying a sect of technological wizards who have a massive tower in the middle of the city named Teslagrad.

Teslagrad is a 2D puzzle-platformer with action elements where magnetism and other electromagnetic powers are the key to go throughout the game, and thereby discover the secrets kept in the long abandoned Tesla Tower. Embark on an adventure as a young boy armed with ancient Teslamancer technology. Forge your path through the Tesla Tower and overcome the huge variety of challenges and enigmas.

Released first on PC with over 1,6 million copies sold, we’re proud to share with you this experience carefully adapted for mobile devices.

Main Features:
● Hand-made graphics / Unique Art Style
● Innovative gameplay with different mechanics to unlock
● Visual storytelling! No texts, just the game and you
● Old-school boss fights!
● Support MFI controllers
● One time payment to download (Absolutely NO ads and NO in-app payments)

If you experience any issue with Teslagrad, please contact our customer support at playdigious@gmail.com and give us as much information as possible on your problem.

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Teslagrad Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Minor fixes

Teslagrad Comments & Reviews

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- Good game but!!!

I really like this game but I play it with a ps4 controller and doesn’t have change buttons option,if they ad this I’ll give it 5 stars for sure

- Pretty Good

Pretty good port, some areas are a little tougher to get through due to the controls. Noticed at least two areas that were made just a little easier to accommodate the mobile controls, which was appreciated. There is a bug when trying to obtain battery number 32. The screen turns completely black for a few seconds before returning you to the main screen. Other than that, fun game!

- Dear Developer(s) please read this

This was my most favorite game but when I triggered the secret ending I’m permanently stuck at the ending scene could you fix that? And I was wondering if you could make it so you can use the crown in game, Your biggest fan

- Loving the game

Loving the game so far. Just be prepared to die... like a lot lol. Definitely a game for the lovers of puzzles and trial and error but smooth controls and the art in the game definitely makes this worth the buy.

- Beautiful game with bad controls

This game was interesting at first but as I progressed it became more difficult to play, but by design but bu bad controls. Dying over and over again because you cannot get the character to properly move. The game takes precision timing and movements in order to play the game so it is not at all enjoyable. Not to mention a total lack of story line. I got this game in a bundle so I did not read the game info. I had no idea what was going on at all except as a baby he was taken to a house secretly and found a few years later and just starts running some great death gauntlet in his back yard.

- Plays pretty good but I’m using mifi controls

Game is a solid and precise experience. I think the menu interface needs a better curser for those using mifi controls though. Otherwise, it works.

- Great game, awful controls

I’m not sure if it’s just a bad port or what - I really want to like this game, and it’s excellent in some ways, but the controls are so bad that it’s almost completely unplayable at times. (Unfortunate because they did clearly put some thought into the controls for the iOS port - in some ways they’re the best of any metroidvania type that I’ve played on iOS - but in combination with the level design, they’re impossible.) If you’ve ever played a puzzle platformer then you’ve probably experienced the annoying issue of solving a puzzle but still not being able to get past it for ages because the controls are so unforgiving. If that’s your cup of tea, this is the game for you…


Going through the levels and getting new weapons as you explore through the game, it exciting and mysterious, also will have you jump if you play in the dark it headphones on. It exactly the type of adventure game I’m been looking for. Big fan of the art style too.

- Amazing Game but why does it crash?

I love the game. From the art, to the controls and atmosphere. But there are times where I am kicked off and when I try to open the app it just crashes. If I could get some sort of help, that would be great

- Very normal

Height price for normal game and low graphics this is what App store look like 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

- Bad control on mobile

Given the nature of mobile control, it is really hard to perform some of the precise moves required to beat some levels. This added difficulty creates a frustration that can not be overcome by practicing. Please improve the control scheme.

- Love the game

Great graphical style, fun puzzles and platforming - need more devs porting great games like this to iOS. And to anyone who says the controls are bad, you clearly need to just get better. The controls are extremely responsive and easy to use. I’ve played with both a controller AND touch screen and have been able to 100% the game twice. The controls aren’t the issue, just the ‘persons’ using them.

- Puzzles are fantastic

I really love the puzzle aspect without there being clues as to how to figure them out. It seems to be a bit slow with no coins or items to pickup other than the rare scroll things

- Don’t buy the game

The controls are really bad... no fun... a bad port

- 5 star

All I want to say is......amazing game from gameplay, graphics, controls and story. Definitely recommend to anyone

- Well done graphically but...

Controls stink. I’m towards the top of the tower where you have to float and zip through the electric fields and can’t get passed it after hundreds of tries. Tried turning the float pad off for my iPhone but when I go to options to do so, it won’t even change the Float Pad option to “No”. It’s stays on “Yes” not matter what I try.


I like how it’s challenging.The new places you find are awesome. I beat the first two bosses I took me a few tries to figure out how to beat them. Graphics look very good go doubt.

- This game is Great

This game is pretty awesome it’s got a great storyline and good gameplay I’d say this is definitely a game for those who enjoy puzzles and even those who don’t.

- Controls are really bad.

Couldn’t get past the first level while trying to leap to a ladder. Beautiful game so far. Hopefully they’ll fix the controls. It would be a shame for this game to go to waste.

- Fun game but it comes to a impasse

I like the game and I’m fine with the one hit kill with the boss fights. Adds a bit of skill to game. The controls are fine on the lower levels but they do get finicky as you progress higher. I’ve made it to the first red magnet ball level but can not progress. When you have to hit the omega box that’s at the end of the La-eg you can not swap to the guntlit in time before falling out of range. It is a fun game but some of the levels are not touch screen friendly. It may just be that level since I haven’t gotten passed it. Maybe a level redesign for that one in-particular for it to be touch screen controls friendly.

- Complex adventure, absorbing gameplay

Man, The production for this game was impecable; everything from the simple controls that give you such a wide range of skills, the clever map design, and the thoughtful puzzles. I can’t believe the level of complexity of this game. When I initially bought this game I thought it would be like other “adventure” games on the iPhone, you can pick them up and play for a few minutes while you wait in line, but this game is so engaging it makes you want to sit and play. The cleverness of this games mechanics makes every puzzle so different even though there really isn’t many obstructions. I am astounded by this game and hope there’s a sequel headed our way!

- just amazing

I was surprised at how cool and addictive is this game waiting to see what the developer do next good job guys

- Great but just one suggestion

This has been a great game and it’s the perfect difficulty with the puzzles and story line but just one thing, maybe after we collect all the scroll things and return home could you give us the crown so we can warp back in from the map or something then we can also use it to travel rooms instantly inside the tower, that would be great thanksssss.

- Gorgeous Puzzle Platformer

Plays well on the touch screen. Puzzles are just the right amount of challenge. Story and art are both charming. Apple TV and iCloud sync means you can play through the same game on all your devices. Multiple save slots are nice for sharing. Well worth the price.

- Hand drawn delight

Entrancing game with a great art style. Plenty of puzzling situations that will have you coming back for more.

- A truly great and beautiful game!

The game is beautiful and expensive. Of course you may not understand what to do at some points but I recommend taking the time to figure it out. It’s a wonderful experience.

- Internet

Each time i open the game it closes itself i need to connect to an internet each time to open the game ☹️

- Not bad

I didn’t know it was a port of a game with a controller but it’s difficulty gets increased quite high due only bc its really difficult to control things that might seem easy with a controller. However thats also what makes it a good game. Its a good challenging game that isn’t extremely difficult but just enough to keep challenging you. Especially when you get to bosses

- Clunky controls ruin an otherwise excellent game

In terms of level design, soundtrack, and style this game is one of the best. Unfortunately, the game is bogged down by the terrible control scheme that make it frustrating to play. There is only one set of control options and it really limits gameplay. A lot of the puzzles and boss fights require quick and precise directional input which can be difficult with the floating joystick implemented by the game. This frustration is only further heightened when level designs which utilize the far left side of the screen are covered by your thumb as you’re navigating leading to deaths. Switching between powers and magnetism is especially difficult as your progress and the puzzles get more complicated. Eventually, it got to the point where it felt like it was no longer about solving the puzzles rather than relying on sheer luck to advance. I can not recommend this game to anyone who would be playing on iOS.

- Teslagrad

Five stars!!

- Looks good buuut.....

Game looks really good but is tedious and not overly intuitive.

- Good game, controls could be better

See title

- Fun game, but iOS controls are awful

This game is a lot of fun. The puzzles are tough and the gameplay is fun and rewarding. All this is overshadowed by the terrible controls. Some console games should never come to the App Store.

- Don’t waste your money

The game starts off fun but the one hit kill mechanic is ridiculous. Also, the game becomes increasingly hard while the controls remain below par at best. I’ll likely delete this game as I am stuck on part of the game where the mechanics make it seemingly impossible. I really wanted to like this game, alas, the mechanics and controls are horrendous. Definitely not a fan. Edit. I’ve given up and deleted this game. Reduced my rating by one star as well. It’s really that terrible of a game because of its poor controls and mechanics. I’d like a refund.

- Great game x2

I own it on 2 systems after this purchase. Mobile is the best because I can play on the go with my Gamevice now.

- Dude, why so hard right off the bat

They said they made the first boss less difficult. The first draft must have been impossible! The thing breathes fire across 95% of the space you have to maneuver then you end up getting shocked by the electric barrier or barely licked by the fire ONCE and you start the boss all over. Game looks amazing and could be fun but if this first boss is so extremely frustrating, there’s not much to look forward to...

- Fantastic!

Great game, maybe the most enjoyable I have ever played on my phone. Wish it went on longer.

- trash can game

this game is absolute garbage and the controls are one of the worst i’ve ever used

- Great Potential

This game is really fun its just the poor controls.The controls are terrible because if trying to do the flight you have to start hovering and the use the boots to zoom by to get to the wall you need to get.In general though this game is just amazing.It has a great story,Great puzzles,and great graphics.This game has great potential its just the controls that need to be fixed.

- Teslagrad

Really great game. Map quite confusing but great game

- Great Game!

Latest Update added support for 2018 iPad Pro so my score went from 4 to 5 stars. Game is very challenging and unfortunately very hard for touchscreen controls, but in case you have a controller- experience is amazing and very balanced.

- Could be excellent game with better controls

This really seems like it could be great. It’s beautifully designed and really interesting... but with a platformer you need precise control and these controls can be very vague and unresponsive. I also wish there was someway to not have my fingers blocking part of the screen it just always feels like I’m missing something

- Teslagrad

I love this game. It’s very retro and old school. It’s a pain dying in one hit but it makes it very challenging and you have to think to figure where to go, what to do, and to defeat the bosses. Idk why people complain about the bosses. Yeah it takes patience but there’s ways to put maneuver all of them and beat them pretty quickly. The 4th boss was awesome and now I’m going through the tower collecting the scrolls so I can go into the vault at the bottom on the left.

- Great game, bad controls

Great game. Controls need work. A fixed left “thumb stick” would help a lot. Other than that it’s a good game. Hopefully they give more control options soon.

- So much potential...

This game lives up to a lot of expectations. The graphic and sound design are great, the story is interesting, and the idea of using magnetism is clever but easy to grasp. That being said, however, it really gets bogged down by the level design, especially with these controls. A great obstacle in a puzzle adventure game should be overcome with your wits, not by trying over and over until you finally pull off the one-in-a-million timing to land a jump. And again, don’t make players start boss fights this difficult from the start every time they get killed, or else make it take more than one hit to kill the player character too. Otherwise it’s just unfair.

- Add hints

Add hints

- Great game!

Difficult but fun. Stop complaining that it’s hard. It’s a game it’s supposed to be challenging.

- Collectables EVERYWHERE

I love puzzle adventure platform games, but the way you’ve strung out these little batteries for us to collect in order to unlock the true ending is mind numbing. And for some it is literally impossible to get. Like the battery that requires you to maneuver and electrical gauntlet in the main tower chamber even though your momentum is used up every time you use the dash boots. All in all, exquisite game, poorly thought out collectible placement.

- I love this game

I owned this on PS4 and Steam, and happily purchased again on mobile. I love this game. A lot. It’s original, fun, challenging, meaningful, and beautifully done.

- One hit death and poor control ruin the game

This seems like it has the potential to be a good game - the puzzles and game mechanics are quite clever. However, the touch controls are really bad (especially the floaty d-pad that has a huge central dead zone that requires a lot of finger movement on iPad to control) and the one hit death was bad design 30 years ago and it's still bad design now. In combination, these two factors combine to make for an obnoxious experience rather than a fun one. Adding in some kind of health system and fixing the awful dead zone on the dpad might result in a good game. I don't know, though, after the tenth time dying to the first boss because of poor the control scheme, I gave up.

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- Très bon

Très bon jeu, difficile mais très bon graphismes

- Excellent!!

If you enjoy puzzling your way through worlds overflowing with interesting scenery and packed with inventive obstacles, this one is for you! I haven’t won my way through to the conclusion yet, I believe I’m about halfway through. But already I can see that I will be revisiting this game in the not too distant future to play it over again from the start. It’s that much fun!

- Good work

Some levels are to hard but over all it’s quite fun.

- Nice graphics, boring environment

This game has lovely hand drawn characters which do look very good. But the whole background/environment is always the same. I feel like the whole game takes place in some dead machine, very gloomy surroundings that never change. Needs more variety so you feel like you actually progress to somewhere different. It just feels like I’m going nowhere.

- Frustrating gameplay

The graphics are very good. The problems are the controls. It's so frustrating to play the game because the character is hard to control. On top of this, some boss fights and some challenges are extremely hard to pass that it becomes iritating. I also wish I had a bit of explanation or voiceover for the story L.E. This game is unplayable. Controls are unusable and the levels become more and more extreme. It's not enjoyable, it's frustrating and bad for your health. DO MOT DOWNLOAD IT

- Hard

Level grand design first part is impossible

- Great concept and art

Controls could be improved. Trying to do something simple like hopping off a ledge to another below can be agonizing. It feels a bit “laggy” or “sticky”. All in all though, good game.

- Fine


- Awesome concept and puzzles. Sometimes finicky

Art, puzzles, vibe and concept of the game are spot on. I find the controls can be finicky, some puzzles rely on just repeating until you manage to get the timing and the controls just right which wasn’t very fun for me

- Artistic looking puzzle game

Liked its look and it’s fun but challenging puzzles.

- Tricky bits

Would have liked a few more at the start, but getting them now.

- Really neat

Classic side-scroller beautifully designed and drawn and tidy little game mechanics. Worth having.

- Awkward controls

Game is fantastic. Got it 2 days ago and could not stop. Artwork is breathtaking, puzzle mechanics are spot on and the story is fascinating. However I feel like the controls could be better. As the virtual track pad is placed wherever you put your finger, putting it against the side or bottom of the screen means you can’t move in that direction. I’m not saying it wasn’t a good idea, just that there are some kinks to iron out

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- Good but way too hard

Do you want a mix of mario brothers and dark souls? Do you want to play a game and throw your phone into a wall? Do you enjoy swearing loudly in frustration? Well then this game is for you. It is not however for me. Phones are expensive man.

- Really fun action puzzle game

This is a very well made game. The graphics and art look are great. The way you progress is nice and go at your own pace. While they don’t really tell you how to use the new powers. It’s pretty easy to figure out what to do and how to do it. Highly addicting and this is a must buy

- Simple play, great experience

This game is easy to pick up, fun to figure out, and delivers a nice experience not full of complexities or overloaded with too much going on to enjoy the game. Easy controls, and smooth character movement is one of the big plusses for me, along with the fun terrain and map.

- First Review

I waited for this game back when it was supposed to drop on the 16th of October or something. So excited to have it now! It’s awesome!

- Restore

Restorer to checkpoint causes the app to crash.

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- Electrifying

Teslagrad has been around for a while on numerous other platforms, which only proves that you’re looking at a game of merit even before its debut on iOS. The reality with any platformer however, is that they live or die by their control system. While Teslagrad has thrived on console pads, keyboards and mice, the question is how does precision jumping translate to the virtual joysticks on your phone? For the most part exceptionally well. There are a few moments, especially in the trickier sections where quick switches between the magnetic poles of your equipment - effectively ‘attract’ or ‘repulse’ - necessitates a forefinger creeping across the screen to support your thumbs, but beyond that the control accuracy remains impressive throughout. As mentioned, everything in the game is based around powers that either draw you towards things, or have you push them, or yourself, away. This always was an amazing take on a tried and tested formula, and here on iOS it’s no different. Each room offers you moments of abject perplexity as you stare at the red and blue platforms while figuring out how you can use your limited inventory to transverse the space. Revelation - the moment say when you use your magnetic cloak to hover off a floor with just enough momentum to elevate your character through a gap in the ceiling - pops in a satisfying and regular manner. The game really is chock full of ‘ah-ha’ moments. It also has an incredible sense of place. Gameplay is confined to an imposing tower, which is explored in much the same way as any Metrovania game, and you’ll find a definite aesthetic that creeps under your skin as you ascend. Move further up the tower and you encounter mechanical theatres that unlock the bleak narrative around your missing father and the tyrannical powers that now rule Teslagrad. And while we’re on the topic of tyrannical powers, it’s no surprise that these manifest themselves via some convoluted but engaging boss battles. These inevitably take several runs to complete, and while there might be a temptation to blame frustrations on the controls, perseverance does get you to the final showdown without too much gnashing of teeth. Overall, Teslagrad is up there with the likes of Heroki and Traps n Gemstones on mobile. A multilayered, well-executed and delightful platformer that re-energises one of the oldest game genres and brings it almost perfectly to a small screen near you.

- Good

It’s really good

- Amazing

The controls are the only issue I have with this game and I would like a customisation feature where you could tweak your controls to your fancy. Other than that this game is amazing and really fun. The story is different and fun and I think that this game has a lot of amazing features

- Outstanding game. Well done!!!

Worth every penny.

- Aggravating controls, it’s better on a console

I played this on console, great game. I can’t say the control system has been adequately adapted to smartphone. I find myself frustrated not with the puzzles or the boss fights, but how I keep losing because I couldn’t control the character. Marks down for that.

- Great game, tricky controls

The game is brilliant. The controls can become difficult on the tricky bits of the game. You’ll be swapping grip and cursing hitting the wrong spot on the screen before long. That said, it’s still worthwhile for the satisfaction of completing them.

- Worth the wait?

Sort of.... The game play is immersive the graphics outstanding The soundtrack spot on However..... The controls are painstakingly sensitive that doing a simple move like jumping over something (of which there is a lot of) I’m finding myself doing it over and over and over again, to the point I have to stop playing and try again when I’ve calmed down. Some of you are about to say I’m just a hater and probably just rubbish at platform games. This maybe true But I love platform games like this And am hoping it’s just clunky on my iPhone 7 because this game is lovely I really hope it’s just my iPhone 7

- A great platformer

Been playing this a lot. So far so good. Graphics look great and the controls are spot on. Looking forward to seeing the later levels. Well worth picking up

@oleivarrudi @TheTwosdayCoder Wait a second... Teslagrad... Tesla... Oh damn, this game is about Albert Einstein!

@oleivarrudi: another mockup i did while working on teslagrad (it's nikola tesla's birthday, so i'm going through the archives) https://…

@oleivarrudi: animation test from 2010, featuring proto-teslagrad kid

@oleivarrudi Teslagrad 3D would be pretty cool, those electromagnetic powers would translate nicely!

animation test from 2010, featuring proto-teslagrad kid

@oleivarrudi if these actually come out I'll replay Teslagrad

@oleivarrudi: how the first boss fight in teslagrad would have looked on gameboy #pixelart

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Teslagrad 1.9 Screenshots & Images

Teslagrad iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Teslagrad iphone images
Teslagrad iphone images
Teslagrad iphone images
Teslagrad iphone images
Teslagrad iphone images
Teslagrad iphone images
Teslagrad ipad images
Teslagrad ipad images
Teslagrad ipad images
Teslagrad ipad images
Teslagrad ipad images
Teslagrad ipad images
Teslagrad ipad images
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Teslagrad (Version 1.9) Install & Download

The applications Teslagrad was published in the category Games on 2018-11-08 and was developed by Playdigious [Developer ID: 1041387229]. This application file size is 700.06 MB. Teslagrad - Games posted on 2020-02-10 current version is 1.9 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions.

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