Chicken Jump - Crazy Traffic

Chicken Jump - Crazy Traffic [Games] App Description & Overview

Imagine a deadly racing game - where you are the pedestrian!

Chicken Jump is an easy to grab and funny party game set in a town like no other, in which residents celebrate by jumping over waves of wacky traffic. Avoid being crushed as long as you can by jumping at the right time and get the highest score in town to impress your friends!

SOLO MODE TO MASTER YOUR SKILLS : experience the jumping festival insanity alone if you dare! Progress and unlock new content peacefully, undisturbed by your giggling friends.

1-8 PLAYER MULTIPLAYER FUN : play with friends on the same screen or try to control as many players as you can by yourself.

EMBRACE CHAOS : smiles on faces guaranteed due to carefully designed physics-based-humour-engine AKA pure chaos.

MADDENINGLY SIMPLE : one-touch controls make the game very accessible. Get ready to jump, jump and jump again.

A PARTY GAME FOR EVERYONE : 8 hilarious arcade game modes such as high score and last man standing and many other mini-games to discover.

UNLOCK SPECIAL SKILLS AND ENVIRONMENTS : loads of unlockable character classes with different special abilities: police slows down traffic, scientists let you start at higher waves, aliens that alter the scenery and many more.

COLLECT CARDS TO INCREASE SKILLS : card mechanic, some classes’ abilities increase - the more characters you have from the same set, the better they become!

PLAYED BY MILLIONS AND COUNTING, ENDORSED BY THE GREATEST YOUTUBERS : 25M sessions launched on desktop and PewDiePie's big smile after being hit by a frenzied car can’t be wrong, Chicken Jump is pure jumping joy!

No internet connection required to push your jumping talent to the limit. Chicken Jump is your perfect friend on the go!


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If you experience any problem with Chicken Jump, please contact our customer support team at Don't forget to specify which device and operating system you are using.

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Chicken Jump - Crazy Traffic Customer Service, Editor Notes:

General bug fixes.

Chicken Jump - Crazy Traffic Comments & Reviews

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- It’s good

One of the better one click addicting type games. Except this one is good , they don’t completely cram ADvertisements up your you know what. Ketchapp does that. Can’t remember other big ones that used to be good but are unplayable because after dying every .9 seconds you have to watch an ad. I recommend this game I’m thinking about purchasing it without ads

- Fun But Buggy

I’ve played this on and off for several months now, and while the gameplay is fun and the collectibles challenging but accessible, I have been disappointed by the lack of updates to resolve persistent gameplay bugs. These include: 1) Settings changes are not maintained upon app close. So if you turned the sound off, you will need to keep doing so every time you load the app. 2) Playing an effect card simply doesn’t work. You either get no effect, or a randomly selected effect from another card. 3) Objectives often display incorrectly, sharing the same text for each objective and not displaying more than 3 if you have unlocked more. 4) Sometimes when you are struck, the menu options will not display and rounds will play out endlessly in slow motion. You can exit to the main menu, but it is not clear whether you receive credit for the results of the game. I’ve enjoyed my time with the game, but would still not recommend it to others unless the devs can clear some of these bugs that make otherwise fun gameplay frustrating.

- Instant Ads! Ultimate Greed! Total Garbage!

Do you like sitting through 30 second ads? Oh, your answer is no? Well, the devs apparently think that you absolutely LOVE ads. In fact, as soon as I start the game, I’m presented with a 30 second ad. Instead of, you know, actually letting me play the game for a moment, there’s an ad. Seriously? You guys are so greedy that you can’t even wait to shove ads in my face? I get that the game in funded by ads, but never before have I played a game that is so unbelievably greedy that they start playing ads BEFORE any gameplay even begins. What an absolute joke of a game. I can’t uninstall this garbage fast enough.

- Good game

I loved to play this game on the computer, so seeing a mobile version makes me love this game even more! The ads appear at the right times, so it isn’t a problem for me

- Awesome and addicting

This game is an endless arcade that is addicting and will have you playing and making that into the zone gaming face. Also the characters that are unlockable are amazing! I wish there would be another update to release new game modes and new characters.

- Just okay

The new update changed the keep playing cost from 30 to 50 coins but didn't feel like it made the game better. Most plays are still capped at wave 60 and assuming you don't get tricked by the alien car wave you make it to 80. The powers are decent but still don't feel like they work like the slowdown one. The pachinko drop changed from 1 hour wait to 5 to 6 and I assume keeps increasing as you earn new people.

- So Glad!

When I started this game it was glitchy or would abruptly quit. I was determined to see this game work and I am so glad I stayed the course for an updated version. This game is so fun and addictive! My daughter and me love playing this game. Keep up the great work y’all and thanks lots!

- Jump for joy

This game is so fun and it has many characters to unlock I reccomend plus the game is fun and simple but challenging at the same time u can also unlock mini games with XP by beating challenges 10/10 this game is awesome

- Super addictive!!!

The game is so addictive It’s great for playing something when your bored or when you have tons of frustration because like the category it was in “Its fun to fail”😂😂😂

- A strange game

I love this game I had deleted it a while back, but then re-downloaded the game to see all the new updates and changes. This game is so weird and I love how fast paced it is and the characters.

- Smooth game. Addicting

Developers have fixed a lot of the annoying bugs of the past and offer new content. Good job

- Looks good

I have not tried it yet I am downloading it but it looks super fun hope you make the game better and better than it is already

- Simple but fun

I like it... not really much to it, although the addition of power ups and the characters having different abilities is pretty cool. It's a cute easy game.

- Thank you creator for this app

this is one of the best app I ever seen before I love that this game is simple and fun to play the app is fun with multiplayer mode and more challenging levels

- Pretty good

Entertaining but a fast speed change early

- Fun game!

Scratches the crossy road itch. The UI is a little crazy but the gameplay is smooth. Too many adds if you don’t buy anythiing

- Ads

It’s fun, but just when I start to enjoy it, I have to watch a 30 second ad. Sometimes when I start the game I can’t even play before I am forced to watch an ad. Disappointed.

- Shows violent ads

Alright game. Responsive controls. I like chiptunes but this music gets a bit putrid. However, my biggest complaint are the ads. There are some very violent ads that play which doesn't make this game kid friendly at all.

- Fun games

One of those games that you just can’t stop playing!!

- Solid game

Great game. In app purchases totally to remove ads totally worth it. Lots good family fun. Thanks.

- Great

I really enjoy playing. Great time waster and I have to keep playing to get the goals lol

- Like it but....

It can be very nerve-wracking! Otherwise, it’s a good game.

- Best game ever

I love this game so much! ❤️💛💚💙💜 this is a game I've been looking for for a long time😁 thx for making it

- Ads ads ads everywhere!

Took would could be a fun time waster and completely ruined it with ads. Played one round and forced to watch a 30 sec ad. Another round, another ad. Closed the app and reopen - forced to watch and ad. UNINSTALLED.

- Time killer

The app is so fun and it’s a great time killer and the other game modes are fun too

- Add a skin that we can made and add a sigh in and make a new level

And add a map to make

- Really fun simple game

Wanting to collect them all

- Glitch in the system

I just got the game and my game glitched out and I’m on wave 160.

- Worst game I ever played

This game seemed so exiting when I downloaded it, but then I played and all you did was jump, play different modes, and characters. I’m a person with action and adventure so I say they should make it more fun.

- Great

A fun and great game to play and a challenge if you like challenge

- Not working after death

After loosing the game and choosing the red X it just keeps going. It counts every wave and jump even though the game is over. I did a screen record of it.

- Writing a review because I feel like it

I'm just writing this so it didn't say Write the Review! Anymore so yeah... it's fun, good time waster

- Abusive amount of ads

Had to watch an ad just to open up the game. Quick delete. Another trash free game that’s a rip off of the original road hopper.

- It is okay

You get ads every time you get ran over it also glitches it is a good game

- Ok but not that great

Lots of in app purchase and adds but a game to play for that 30 min road trip while your bored

- Very hard and simple

Great game

- Awesome game; addicting to get all the characters


- Cute, fun game!

Awesome replay value. 10/10

- In Game Death Bug

This game used to be at least 4 stars until it stopped registering deaths in game, and therefore stopped awarding XP. Fix this bug and it’s back to 5 stars.

- So far, it's a fun game

I like it!!

- This game

This game doo doo brother got the details like Minecraft brother DOO DOO

- Fun

It’s lots of fun and addicting

- Chickens birthday

Happy bday thank you for the free caracter.

- Great

Simple and fun

- Crssy jump

Cool game addictive and fun

- Adds

Fun game if you like 44 second adds...

- Good chicken

I like game

- Awesome

One of the best game I ever played😃😃😃😃😃😃😃🙄🌟⭐️🌟⭐️✨⚡️

- Love that

Love it’s sooo much

- Chicken jump


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- I've never played this game

Never ever ever

- Chicken jump

I love this game so much

- Wow

This game is just wow

- Seems promising especially with 4players mode.

Thanks for nice game, keep it up. Would prefer less pixelated.

- I love love love it

Love it

- This game

This game is really good about the characters and backgrounds. It's tricky too.

- 有趣

很好的游戏 非常有趣的创意 像素风也很微妙

- Idea seems fun...

...but hardly runs on my iPhone 6. Needs some love in optimisation.

- Hi


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- Type of game

Super fun

- Jump away

I didn’t like it at the first minute but after it’s really fun and never gets old

- Fun but...

Can’t find out how to play online

- Super fun game!

This app is great! I love the variety of characters and vehicles, keep it up, game devs!

- Amazing

I love this game soo much

- Don’t get so dumb

Not enough coin drops dumb characters won’t let me play on my other phone won’t let us do 1v1 only lets us play together on Apple TV what they got against Samsung.don’t buy trash game plz not your while these losers only rate 5 stars because they want stuff.They take too long to give us a coin drop.

- I’ve


- Solid

It's fun for the first while, but it can get quite repetitive

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The game is awesome I have had this app since this morning it is so much fun no bugs that I have seen I rate this game 4out of 5 because the one thing I don't like about it is the ads

- Best game ever

Love this game

- Yeah

Cured my diseases

- Great

It’s a great game.

- No chickens?

It’s an okay game. Makes me kind of sad that there are no chickens in it.

- Soups coolie yo

Super cool love the game fam

- Amazing

Amazing game

- Meh


- Good

Good game

- Lame

Another dumb game

- Is gud

Gud game

- Ads all play sound no matter what

The game it self is simple, yet entertaining. All you do is tap your screen to jump over different vehicles and try not to get hit. You can control up to 4 characters at a time, which is meant more for multiple people on 1 device. But 2 at a time for one person is pretty fun and more a challenge. All that aside, I can't recommend the game because every ad plays loud music or sound even when my volume is off. Fortunately I've only played a few times at home but if you were ever out in public or work or wherever that could be a pretty big issue.

- This game is simply amazing

Many games in this genre tend to get boring very fast. This game has many characters and levels to last you a very long time of fun gameplay. The ads are quite minimal as well, which is somewhat rare these days. Great developers and great game.

- Good


- Addictive

Trying to get characters are fun and Secret ones are hard

- Not bad

Can't put it down

- So Fun

Can't stop playing

- I'm a shopping cart


- Lovely

It's a very good game, and I am so addicted to it 👌

- Decent Game

Not A Bad Game At All. Good Way To Pass The Time.

- Fun

I find this game fun and addicting

- Fun

Easy to play and fun.

- Addictive!

That's all lol

- Awesome if your bored

It's vary fun

- Pretty fun!

High paced, fun game

- This is so much fun

Love it😍😍😍

- Great game

Addicted to this game

- Awesome

Super fun

- It's good

Love it

- Chicken jump

Good game

- Great


- copy

lol, you copied road hopper from vividgames! shame!

- Good


- edgy

memes lol 🅱️ℹ️🆖🅾️🅱️🅾️🆖🅾️

- Bad


- Врат


- Fun

Awesome time killler!

- Fun

Very fun!

- Bugs

I was playing chicken jump and then,I hit a car.then I became invisible.

- Pasta


- This is my dream game

When I first got this game,I thought it was going to be like normal crossy road.I was wrong.This game has changed my life forever.I like every single part of it.I love everything you did and everything in this game fills me with absolute joy.Thank you.

- Solid game

No complaints just more unlocks

- D


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Chicken Jump - Crazy Traffic 1.7 Screenshots & Images

Chicken Jump - Crazy Traffic iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Chicken Jump - Crazy Traffic iphone images
Chicken Jump - Crazy Traffic iphone images
Chicken Jump - Crazy Traffic iphone images
Chicken Jump - Crazy Traffic iphone images
Chicken Jump - Crazy Traffic iphone images

Chicken Jump - Crazy Traffic (Version 1.7) Install & Download

The applications Chicken Jump - Crazy Traffic was published in the category Games on 2017-08-30 and was developed by Playdigious [Developer ID: 1041387229]. This application file size is 206.37 MB. Chicken Jump - Crazy Traffic - Games app posted on 2020-09-15 current version is 1.7 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.firepunchd.chickenjump

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