Evoland [Games] App Description & Overview

Evoland is an action adventure game that takes you on a journey through the history of classic adventure and RPG gaming.

As you progress through the game, you unlock new technologies, gameplay systems and ever-improving graphics. From monochrome to full 3D graphics and from turn-based battles to real-time boss fights, Evoland makes you live the evolution of adventure gaming – all with plenty of humour and nods to moments from classic games.

- Play through the history of action-adventure video games
- Discover many evolutions, from old school 2D action/adventure to active time battles and full 3D action
- Revisit the starting area rendered in full 3D or explore the overworld with your own airship!
- And have fun with the dungeons, puzzles, a heap of secrets to uncover, and hundreds of achievements and stars to collect

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If you experience any problem with Evoland, please contact our customer support team at playdigious@gmail.com. Don't forget to specify which device and operating system you are using.

Supported languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Chinese, Korean, Japanese

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Evoland Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Celebrating the release of Evoland 2, with minor fixes and improving overall performance. Thank you for playing Evoland!

Evoland Comments & Reviews

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- A Solid Concept

I picked this game up because it was on sale and I had always wanted to give it a try. The concept of the game is very well thought out and executed, sending you through the world picking up chests that alter every aspect of the game from the visuals to the core gameplay mechanics, guiding you on a journey through RPG history. It was very enjoyable seeing all the little nods and also immediately picking up on the inspirations when the gameplay would change, giving me an idea of what might come next. However, the game is extremely short and could have brought a much broader and lengthier experience to bear. Just as I began to really enjoy the experience, the curtain closed and the credits rolled, leaving me wanting more. My rating of Evoland is a solid 4/5. While the game is fun and enjoyable, it is too short to really be able to enjoy the concept to its fullest. With Evoland 2 out now on IOS, I recommend foregoing this entry and jumping straight into it’s sequel, which appears to be a lengthier experience.

- Evolved My Perspective

Evoland II is a much fuller game. Evoland was more of a short technical experiment, which proved to generate a lot of interest. One of the most profound parts of both games is they help me see how a game's look and genre defines the experience. Evoland single handedly helped me realize I don't like the JRPG genre, although I appreciate qualities of some of the games that display it. It also helped me see I do appreciate modern graphics, although I am hooked on some charming classic games. Evoland is designed as a walk through the evolution of games, but it just might evolve how you look at them.


I have played games like The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy 7, Chrono Trigger and many other RPGs and this game is giving me some major nostalgia vibes. Even though it mirrors many games it stays fresh with this concept of finding better graphics on chest as loot to improve your game. The weird part about it is that even if it didn’t have that I could have easily played this game as a over the top 2D Zelda clone. Very well put put together. Money well spent and it just keeps getting better and better after every chest you find. It really shows you the power that we hold on our hands with these devices.

- A Retro RPG Masterpiece!

If you have ever cut every last blade of grass in Hyrule, learned every Moogle dance, raised every Mana Seed to level 8, changed clothes three times to give cider to an old man, or read every gravestone in Arcanum, this game is your crack. What starts with a brief blunder through monochrome 8-bit animation, grows with the progression of technology and storytelling as you earn “color” and “background music”, and later “monsters” and “side quests”... I think I’m at about 1994 now, and loving every second of it! Well worth the price of admission. Much less hassle than blowing on cartridges.

- RPG History

Evoland is more of a creative homage to the history of role-playing games than a game in its own right--and interpreting it as such is the key to maximum enjoyment. Everything's a bit shallow from the plot to the gameplay, but everything is also a reference. The one thing I truly wish it had though was controller support, because the touch screen controls are clunky and in a few places virtually unbearable. But again, the real merit of this product is as interactive history more so than as a game.

- Great with minor issues.

Evoland is overall a smart idea for a game. It is quite fun, and I’ve spent lots of time playing this game. Now there are issues. One, hit boxes in 3D zones are absurd. I got hit by a fireball I clearly wasn’t near. And occasionally, the game seems overly difficult and complicated. Sometimes I’ll get stuck in a certain part, and it seems crazy difficult to accomplish. Other than that, if you want a nice indie game or are thinking about getting Evoland II but are not sure, this is a great game to play!

- Best mobile game i have ever played!!!

This game is fantastic! I have only played for about a half hour but i had such a fun time so far! This game has definitely had a lot of effort put into it! Honestly i would gladly pay 10$ for this game! i don’t know how long this game is and that may or may not change my rating but so far so good. although i think you definitely could of stretched out the first 10 min and added some more monsters.

- Extremely Clever...At First

The game is extremely clever and witty for the first few hours, particularly as it moves from Gameboy to N64 graphics and riffs on Zelda and Diablo. With that said, once it settles into spoofing FFVII (the entire back half of the game), it really loses all creativity and becomes very generic. For how clever and fun the first 3 hours were, the back 3 hours are a complete chore, and it stops parodying/celebrating RPG tropes and instead just uses them as its main storytelling devices. Fun for a bit, but you might want to just stop playing once you feel the novelty wear off.

- Good enough.

The game is a good standalone rpg made for fans of all kinds of video games. It will take roughly 4-5 hours to finish a regular playthrough and roughly 7-8 to get 100% completion. It executes the gimmick shown in the trailer fairly well, but at a certain point it drops off and becomes a sort of open world rpg. While not exactly deep, for a five year old game on mobile, it's offers a nice, short story. It also does a good job homaging older titles if your into references. There's a couple flaws, of course. The most notable one, which may come from its inspiration, is how unnecessarily grindy it is. This will probably make a 100% completion take 3-4 hours longer but does not affect regular gameplay. I rated it 4/5 because of this and the final chapter. It's a very abrupt end and the final boss is more of an annoyance than a challenge.

- Should have had more

The game itself was truly amazing. The little history of gaming display was very well done. The gameplay was puzzling and that was perfect. I liked the different areas that changed the game. To Zelda. To FinalFantasy. To Diablo. To the others, it was amazing. Wished it could have definitely been longer and have had way more of a longer story too. Looking forward to maybe playing Evoland 2. Good cost for this game.

- I don’t usually write reviews.

This game is amazing. As someone who has played adventure games since the game Adventure on Atari 2600, the feeling of nostalgia I received from this game was incredible. It pays such a fun tribute to the different eras of adventure games in such a seamless fashion. My only complaint is that it isn’t longer, but it was worth the $0.99. I look forward to playing Evoland 2, and hope it is only an extension of this homage to old school games.

- Fun but

I like the game. Concept and all, but why can’t I switch between playing on iPhone and iPad? I started on my phone and now I would like to continue on my iPad but I can’t? I don’t want to start over.... it took too long to get where I’m at. Bummer.

- A trip down memory lane!

Game is fun and amazingly well put together. Some areas seem too short and others seems to be no point to except to introduce a different game style just to visit it. Game is real short but fun to play. Awesome throwbacks all the way through can’t wait to play Evoland 2. Which has great reviews and seems to be honest about being 20hrs worth of gameplay based on gamer reviews!

- Great game!! Nothing Wrong!!

This is a fabulous rpg. I also like how it’s sort of a timeline of the years of rpgs. It has a great plot and a whole lot of foreshadowing. It definitely is worth the $0.99. Also there’s lots of secrets and places you can visit after beating the game that you wouldn’t visit in a normal run. It will turn from pixelated, to not so pixelated, to almost like survival craft. It’s great. Press [get] to download it it’s great.

- Impressive Creativity

I was impressed with this game’s creativity at first, but was dismayed by how far apart save points are from each other. It’s an iOS game, not a console game, so consider your audience when adding save functions. Maybe the player picks up a auto/quick save treasure chest mid-game? My final time playing was when I got stuck with those weird wind tunnel booby traps in one of the dungeons. I kept dying and the nearest save point was too far to keep retrying.

- Throwback!

Absolutely loving it! I grow up with this type of games (FFVII is one of my fav) and seeing this wonderful smashup of genres into one is amazing! Every reference, every joke I’m savoring it! Kudos to all the team that made piece of art this possible. I don’t want it to end but I already bought Evoland 2 soooo can’t wait to play that one as well!!!!

- Absolutely fantastic!

I don’t write very many reviews, but I made an exception for this game! It is wonderfully nostalgic, while still presenting it in a new way. I loved seeing the cheeky references to my favorite classics! I highly recommend this game to anybody and everybody who enjoyed the classic games or just wants to play a great mobile adventure RPG!

- It’s A’ight

First I’ll start off by safe ALL mobile apps have a crappy interface for moving characters around on a touch screen. That said, the game was quite enjoyable— very enjoyable because it kept me in anticipation wondering “when am I going to learn a new skill? Who is going to join my party? When do I get to ride their version of a Chocobo?” But it disappointed when none of that happened. It is EXTREMELY short and I don’t think there was really a point to grinding and leveling up, especially since it doesn’t seem to matter with the fights where you control your character with the thumb stick. Let’s see how EVOLAND 2 is. I did enjoy this game, but it’s short short short.

- Zelda/Final Fantasy combined in a mobile app!

This is by far the greatest game I have ever played in my entire life of retro and indie gaming. It’s a great mix of 8/16 bit games as well as modern games and it has a very smooth and enjoyable gameplay experience. It’s almost like it’s familiar to me without ever playing it before!

- A fun trip through gaming history

This was an extremely enjoyable trip through RPG game history. The game captures the feel of games from decades ago and has some awesome humor, much of which involves inside jokes of classic games. It is tedious in a few spots, but overall a joy to play.

- Absolutely amazing.

There aren’t many words to describe this game, it’s simply amazing. The best mobile game I’ve ever played in my entire laugh. I would spend upwards of hundreds of dollars on sequels set in the same world as Evoland. Absolutely awesome. Such a new and creative way to showcase the history of many rpg’s. 👍🏻👍🏻

- Pointless

This game was a huge let down. While seeing the transition from the older style RPG of the 80’s and 90’s transform into the more fluid graphics of today was fun, the gameplay/story was horrificly short and weak. I reached the end after a day and a half of playing the game. I couldn’t believe it when the game credits started rolling. I kept expecting some last second switch from the developer and more of the game to unfold. What a waste of time and money. Skip this game entirely.

- Every so often...

I come across a game that is just kind of fun. This is one of those games! Endearing, and almost annoying with some of the tropes, but that is part of the charm of the early 8 bit games! A delightful romp through RPG history that is satisfying and fun.

- Just beat it.

Not gonna lie I actually started to tear up it's like my childhood unfolding but instead of watching it you play it out. This is a gem and anyone on the fence just do yourself a favor and get this. 10/10 for embodying the definition of nostalgia.

- Great, but feels like a demo

I had a great time with this game, but it felt too much like an experiment of concept rather than a full game. The story was so rushed it gotto the point where I only met 2 people and I couldn’t even remember their names. This game definitely is worth no more than $0.99, but it is a great concept and I look forward to playing the sequel.

- So so so fun

This game is pure joy - am amazingly smart and thoughtful homage to all of my favorite video games and a darn fun game in its own right. Definitely worth your time and money. This is one of the best games I have ever played on mobile or otherwise.

- The second game is better

The game was fine until I got to the mine part. The skeletons are complicated to kill and when I got to the boss fight and I died, I didn’t respawn in front of the boss door but at the save spot far far far far away from the boss room. Also the boss is difficult to get away from.

- It could be good

It could be good but how are you supposed to know where to go? You can’t have hints or anything. other then that it is okay but it’s sort of hard to know all the buttons and I can’t even figure out how to get into the over world. Maybe if you update it you could tell all the buttons or have a help menu or something.

- Truly a journey through a generation of games.

With elements of Final Fantasy, Legend of Zelda, Mario, Diablo, and more, Evoland takes you through any classic gamer’s nostalgic wonderland. Upgrading not only your character in the game but the game itself provides a wonderful sense of progression and achievement.

- All the homages

I’ve played maybe the first 45 minutes and the amount of classic RPGs that have been referenced is amazing. Well thought out and well put together

- Great concept but not enough.

Great idea and really fun to play, but it’s missing the heart of most of the games it reminds you of. It’s extremely short, far too easy, and plot is very shallow.

- I enjoyed every minute of this game

It was an awesome ride down memory lane. From Claud’s sword to a very funny loot system in a diablo-esque dungeon. I love it and I’ll support this studio as long as they keep bringing out games like this!

- FF and Zelda references

Read and reply! This game is awesome it has Zelda and final fantasy fighting mechanics, plus, double twin from FF VII, and I like that the third sword you get is the legendary sword, which is clearly the buster sword from FF VI, and the evolutions of gaming really come to life!

- Frustrating controls

It’s a minor frustration when fighting normal monsters, but incredibly frustrating on some boss fights when you know when to move and when to strike but you turn the wrong way or fail to swing your weapon because this game is not good with touch controls.

- Expected more

Although it takes a trip to the memory lane, the game itself was not too fun. Comparing it to retro city rampage was more fun and funny. You can’t just make an old game - you gotta add new twist to it. Anyways expecting more on Evoland 2. I bought it and will try it.

- Brilliant!!

This is the most entertaining game I’ve played in a long time. It might be nostalgia talking :) I would love to see a tvOS version with controller support. Thanks for this game, I’m off to play Evoland 2!

- Good use of time

Certainly worth every penny. I bought it because it looked fun but the game developers obviously had a fun time making it. Good game.

- A cute concept but the absolute worst gameplay

The game is charming enough at first but don’t let it fool you. It’s an absolute mess. This game seeks to emulate a couple of nostalgic gameplay styles and in doing so it ensured that both were so shallow that they fail to capture any of their inspirations magic. As you go through the game prepare yourself to groan, “Oh so we are doing that now?” As most of the story and unlockables are more reference then they are a homage. I really tried hard to like this game, but I’m assuming they hid all the enjoyable content and story behind an invisible passage in a dungeon I’d have to backtrack through one too many times to bother.

- Save your money

While the game starts off with some promise, it is like the developers got tired and gave up on building the storyline. After a couple hours of playing, and seeing the credits, all I could say was really? I paid a dollar for this? So disappointed

- Wonderfully Made

This game is very cool and creative, I especially like how it gets better and better. Definitely worth it.

- Creative

The humor in the evolution of games was great. Albeit short, I think the game was very creative. When I finish it (about to beat the final boss), I will play Evoland2.

- Great game. Wish it was longer

Brought me back to my roots on the games I loved growing up. Just fun. I wish it was longer.

- Just straight gaming gold

If you had an nes play this enough said!! Excellent controls great graphics hilarious story. This game was made with love for gaming by gamers!!

- Not to shabby

Very very good game. Definitely worth the money spent. Took about 4 hours to complete. Very well made and enjoyable.

- Best game I have ever played on iPhone

It is a super enjoyable story with some funny dialogue and amazing game play. Can’t recommend enough.

- Fix that New Game Button :)

A great and clever little game, but on a small screen, the New Game and Continue buttons are so close and so small that the most challenging aspect of the game is trying not to accidentally deleted all of your progress. A simple "Are you sure?" (with "No" being the default selection) could fix this. Only giving the game a 3 (it deserves higher) to get the dev's attention with this review. :) Thanks!

- Pretty good game!

I literarlly enjoyed this game for 1 hour straight. Good intro. Most of all, it feels like the game is being evolved by me, as a player. Love playing it.

- This was actually fun

Its a fun entry level rpg. I beat it in less than a day. For a dollar, it’s well worth it. Enjoy!

- Needs controller support

After playing E2, I got spoiled since it supports Apple TV and MFI controllers. I’d love at least controller support for the original game.

- A little broken

On my second play through I got somewhat far into the game, but once I got the mode 7 I went into the meadow. Saved, and then went back out because I didn’t grab a chest. Once I got it, my game crashed.

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- Enjoyable

While short, a great game from start to finish. Haven’t played anything with this concept before so it was really enjoyable. Like others pointed out, probably wouldn’t pay the full amount for it, but got it on sale and was definitely worth it. The game takes inspiration from a few great games which I’m sure you’ll notice as soon as you play it. At each point a new section is introduced you could pick which game straight away (assuming you’ve played them before) which was actually really cool. A bunch of good humour included. Fun all round! Finished the story at around 87% completion, will need to finish to 100%! One note: It’s currently not “optimised” for the iPhone X style screens but still playable for sure.

- Extremely worth money

It’s extremely great I like a game for Minecraft and terraria lovers it’s really interesting and is worth paying for

- Too short

Gameplay was awesome, love the changes. Only problem is the game was too easy and way to short, only took hours to complete. Wouldn’t pay full price for the game.

- Amazing!

Short game but you’ll have a lot of fun with it

- Beautiful, but too short (for me)

Storyline and graphics are amazing. The card game was also nice. I loved this game from the beginning to the end. I finished this game in 2 days, really sad because this game is great. The controls weren't bad, and I don't think it needs improvement. This is the best game I've ever played. I recommended everyone to get this game. Wish there were more versions/ more updates!

- Genuinely fun

A great game that once you pick up you find it very hard to put down. I wouldn't recommend buying it when you have two assignments you're meant to be writing the next day and your life is falling apart around you but I did that and still found it really great! I would say no regrets but I regret every decision I've ever made.

- In visible character

There's a glitch in the town where your female companion lives where when you try to leve the place by the medic the character becomes invisible and you can not get out

- Worth every penny

If you want a Nostalgia blast, this game is for you. It comes complete with references to 90s Final Fantasy and Dragon Ball. Short, challenging and fun. For any old school RPG players, this game is definitely worth a go.

- One of the best

Excellent game , love working my way through old to new graphics!!

- Great game!

I just got back into the game and forgot how good it was. Kinda pised off that they're not releasing part 2 on iPhone.

- Nostalgic

The game is good. Simple and fun but the controls are not great. If they fix that then it would be a brilliant game.

- I'm not sure how they charge 8.00$....

Great game, well made. Gameplay gets repetitive even with the changing formats, and it's barely a 1.5 hour game. Not sure why I had to pay the price.

- Nightmarish controls

This is a disappointing effort to revisit nostalgic gameplay. Controls are uneven and unresponsive. Surprised there is a charge for this app as you would expect better with free apps.

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- A Fun Journey Through Time

Manages to tip its hat to the past without being cheesy. Far from a gimmick, the devs have managed to make it an integral part of the gameplay. Fun game.

- Great Game

It's a great game! I will say that it might have been more fun (and got that 5th star) if the levels weren't so tedious and the extras so hard to find. Liked the card game in it, the end boss fight, and the first village best. I will also add that I bought it on the discount (cost 99c) so it seemed more than reasonable for that price.

- Needs controller support, second game is 5star

Get controller support for 5stars

- Amazing

Great game! A little short but definitely worth the $2. It’s like a mini Zelda.

- Great game

I found the whole premise to be very creative and interesting! Fun gameplay with a decent enough story, would reccomend.

- Main menu

It is a very great game and i love how it evolves over time but I don’t like how small the buttons are on the main menu. I was on the final boss and accidentally hit “new game” instead of “continue” because of how small they are.

- A bit boring and a bit awkward in controls

Sadly, the gameplay is boring and the controls are slow and awkward.

- Menu buttons

Fun game but make the buttons bigger or farther apart or both, I don't even have big fingers but I started a new game instead of continuing so many times and I got really far and had to restart. Extremely annoying

- Just started

And in 2 min I found that if you don’t pick up the chest that makes the camera follow you makes the game very glitchy and the camera ends up way out of the map and takes a wile to get to the character. Also I read an invisible sign...

- Value- short play time.

I don’t know if there is a “best in class” for this, but I’m totally impressed. Awesome little game for a buck. Huge value for a simple short game. Very basic in controls, story, and short playtime. Ended up finishing in one evening, but was really enjoyable. The retro progression was a very unique take. A bit derived, but they do quote the inspiration behind the different game “stages” of development. Game moves quick and keeps you sucked in! I’ll be buying number 2. Hope it’s longer for the higher price.

- Great nod to the classics of video games!

I played this game so much loved it! I ended up failing out of medical school but that’s OK. The game is so good it makes not being a doctor worth it!

- A retro gamers dream

This game brought back so many memories from childhood. The gameplay is such an awesome idea, and they design it well. The only downsides I saw were that the campaign is rather short (I finished in around 2 hours), and id like to see some sort of mini map. But other than those, its honestly a must buy game.

- Generic, shallow RPG that swaps anything interesting for pop culture references

It’s tiring to plod through enemy after enemy that are lifted from other games almost wholesale without any subtlety. I don’t think there’s a single character, enemy, location, item, or *anything* that isn’t so heavily borrowed from something else I wonder why they bothered to change the names at all. It’s frustrating especially when none of the references are any deeper than “HEY REMEMBER THIS GAME”, with very little of it feeling natural. The game mechanics suffer from this shallow nature as well, making the game a chore where you mash the same buttons over and over until the enemies die. All stats are hidden to you, making level-ups feel intangible, and there isn’t even an MP system. It’s about as basic as you can get without just including an auto-battle button. The adventure sections are slightly more fun, if only because it can actually be challenging to poke at skeletons and mages, but they also rely on too many mazes, hiding secrets behind “how-was-I-supposed-to-know-that” hidden walls, and puzzles that were much more fleshed-out in Oracle of Ages. It’s definitely not the worst game I’ve played, and I do think the graphics and music have their merits, but the bottom line is that there’s a wealth of better RPGs out there, all of them doing something that’s leagues ahead of this game. Still, I bought this game for a dollar, and it was a decently mindless time-waster for a few hours. You could do worse for a dollar, but maybe you’d be better off spending that money on a chocolate bar or something.

- Super

Loved the game in every aspect, challenging and fun, I JUST LOVE IT after finishing it at 100%, i restarted it right away, worth my spendings.

- Will at the very least bring a smile to your face

Any one who doesn’t give this game a 5 star is probably too young to understand what the game is trying to get at.

- It’s great!

I really enjoyed playing this little gem of a game but for people buying it just know that it is not a long game. I completed the game in one evening but with its current discount meaning I only spent $0.99 on the game made it totally worth it! I’ve just bought Evoland 2 and hope it is also this good PS: Be careful on the main menu, it’s quite easy to hit new game!

- Great!

Really creative and funny!

- Omg

I've never seen a game like this before, it's just so AMAZING, thank you so much for making this awesome gameplay!!!

- I love it

I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it and also One more thing I love it

- No mfi gamepad

Great game but no gamepad mfi support.

- Sucks

Starts out fun but quickly becomes VERY frustrating. Not worth the $3 bucks.

- Fantastic, but...

Beautiful concept to the game, half decent story line, only drawbacks are it is too short. For the 5 bucks I paid for this game I expected it to take me many hours to beat; you can probably beat this game in one sitting. Still, it's worth it to play it over again.

- Sucks

Poorly developed game. Bunch of amateurs must have made it in their moms basement.

- Boring repetitive play

Not much to it, plays off an interesting evolution aspect, but the novelty quickly wears off and you're stuck in a below average rpg.

- Incradible game!

This game have everything to be the best!! The most original game of all. Too short, please do something bigger and this game will creat a new gender of game:)!

- Great game!

It is perfect everything I would have wanted it is amazing to play the only complaint is the small amount of knowledge we get about the storyline of some characters and the fact that you can't save after the final boss to explore some more, but other than that absolutely great game!

- Nearly perfect triumph

Fantastic parade of and tribute to the adventure genre. Manages to rise above just using different eras (which would have been impressive enough) and actually does some clever things mixing them together. One complaint is the controls are a little loose which only becomes an issue towards the very end.

- Good but too short

Good game, well made. Evolution concept got boring real quick. And the game is just too short. Entire game felt like a sidequest for a bigger game.

- Crap bug all time

I love this game but just a crap because bug all time when you want to save

- Best App EVER!!!!

Thank you for this app now for iPhone !!!

- Wow

Very good! Buy this game

- Awesome Game!

The game keeps crashing when I get the HD background or try to play double twin. Please fix this. Other than that, awesome game!

- Great Game, Even For The Price

Evoland is perhaps one of my favourite purchases in recent memory, and I do not regret it in the slightest. Humorous, although relatively simple gameplay compared to a normal game of the genre(s). Of particular note is a refreshing spin on puzzles around the 3/4 mark (even if they aren't the toughest in the world, but that's normal for an RPG 😉). But bah, all this whining about how expensive this is really gets my goat for some reason. Even going back 5-10 years ago, you would easily pay more than double this amount for an often-terrible bargain-bin console game, and those often didn't provide the level of enjoyment I got from this game. Maybe the complainers should review console game prices over the years (the evolution of them, if you will 😉) before saying this is too expensive. All this to say, I hope Evoland 2 will eventually come to iOS... although given the sentiments in several of these reviews w.r.t. the first game's price, I can see why a mobile release doesn't appear to be planned. 😢

- Amazing but short

I was so sad when it ended. I honestly thought this couldn't be the end. I was having so much fun but it only last a couple hours.

- Fantastic

Very good game! The evolution of the graphic is so nice, the game is just enough hard and fun, worth it very much in my opinion

- Great game but it keeps crashing

This is a great game and I absolutely LOVE the evolving concept as you play, but the game started to crash when I enter into a new screen after 4 or 5 times. Please, please, please fix this bug and I will give it a 5* rating. I really want to finish it and see what upgrades I get.


I'm not sure if it is the constant references to other great games, funny captions when you unlock new items, or the amazing progression in graphics that makes this game awesome. One thing is certain though… THIS GAME IS WORTH THE MONEY AND IS ONE OF THE BEST RPG'S I HAVE EVER PLAYED!

- 💥💥🔥

Best game ever!

- nice concept but

way too boring... where's side quest? why is main story so damn boring ugh


I LOVE IT. Amazing fun game. But I'm stuck at the crystal guardian, i can defeat him but it crashes when it goes into 3D.

- Crash

Crash every time i enter in the save point at the start :( iphone 5c

- The best! Bring Evoland 2!

One of the best games on the app store. Please port Evoland 2 upon its release!

- I can't get it on my iPad!

I got it on my iPod but I can't download it onto my iPad! It says its compatible with the iPad

- Great game but...

Needs more save points! It can get very VERY hard. And i think that more save points will help, other then that its great! :)

- Great game, with a bug

The idea of this game is great. It's interesting to watch the game develop itself and become more appealing to the eyes and ears as you progress. I'd like to finish the game, but I've encountered a bug. After I gotten the 3D graphics, I try to go to my teammate's town. Once I go into the overworld view, there's a chest that's blocking the path. When I try to open it, my game crashes. Could this be fixed plz?

- Fun but has many glitches.

This game would be a lot of fun if it didn't have so many problems. The biggest of all being the touch pad movement control hardly works properly. Send out a patch for the bugs and it will get a better rating from me.

- Crashes A LOT

Great game definitely recommend it to IOS 7.0 users but it crashes way too much on any version below. I'm using IOS 6.0 and I want my money back since it's impossible to progress.

- Great, but crashes on older devices.

I absolutely loved this game so far, I love the concept of the evolution of gaming and I love the gameplay. Although there has been certain interactions that made my ipod 4th gen crash the app. Right now im at the point where a manual restart wont work. So to progress I need to play double twins, but it crashes upon loading it. All in all great game! But i would like more support for older devices.

- Good game. Way to short way way way to short

Good game awesome concept this could be a huge game! I like it a lot but way to short needs more more more! Not worth the cash its to short

- Great idea, slippery controls, horrible hit detection

This is one of those games that has a grata concept and a half decent execution. I really liked the evolution aspects and the graphics. I didn't like how rushed the game felt, the slippery controls that kill you and the weak hit detection (does my arrow need to strike a certain part?) what killed the game for me was when I fought a boss that had glowing hands. Your objective was to circle him and attack his hands as he tried to trap you. I would line up perfectly to hit Jim only to have my character turn tawau from the hand after my first strike. What the hell guys?

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- Great game, bad controls

Great innovative game, but controlling the character can be very frustrating at times . Should have used a simple static dpad

- Good game. Needs more save games

Played the game for a while and got to a dungeon part. Spent 30 minutes getting chests and killing monsters, died, and was sent back to the beginning.

- Real fun game, needs controller support

Not sure why and game like this would be out without the controller supported. This is a fun game which really dives into nostalgia as you acquire upgrades, but slacks as touch controls are atrocious.

- The Puzzles Are Tedious

The only reason this isn’t a 5 star review is the puzzles. They’re not really fun, just sort of there.

- The Elder Scrolls

Thank you for including the elder scrolls in this. 5/5 would reference again

- I miss my sidekick

Take your stars, just bring her back 😭 please?

- Good Concept Turned into Failure

This game has a solid concept but that’s it. Saying that this game is terrible is an understatement. If I could give it a 0.1/5 I would. The controls are terrible, the game is simple to a childlike degree, and the story and dialogue must have been written by the developers dog.

- Controller support?

Love the game, but really wish there was controller support like the sequel did

- Good but short game

Fun game but too short. Evoland 2 is wonderful, I hope Evoland 3 is coming.

- The Controls!!!!

The game was awesome and short but worth the price. It’s just the controls that made the game a bit difficult to play. Great game!!!

- Touch controls impediment

The touch controls on this are so hit and miss it makes the game a chore rather than a pleasant experience..

- Worth it

I'll definitely buy Evoland2.

- When you die it doesn’t help you out at alll!

This game has a very nice interface and everything, but why does it send you back all the to the beginning when you die

- It's ok.

Cute game. Fun concept of upgrades through gaming conventions. But this concept stops about half way through and plays like a normal RPG for the rest of the game. The main focus is on the evolving mechanics, so plot is lacking and is only introduce closer to the last hour or so. About 4-5 dungeons and then a final boss. Little to no replayability.

- It was fun until

Until you get to a point where you have to follow patterns exactly or they make you start from the beginning of the section It’s NOT fun

- Brilliant

This game is an amazing idea, it's a shame that it's not as popular.

- Clunky controls

stuck on lava part for 10 minutes because controls didn’t do what I wanted

- Fun Game

Card game is a scam but is good for a few hours of play.

- Sound not working at all on iPad

Tried reinstall and nothing

- Super awesome

This game is super fun and I really enjoy it, my only issue is the encounters happen WAYYYYYYYYYYYY too much! If I wanted to play Pokémon, I would do so.

- Good but short

It’s a good game but very short

- Short

To short of a game for the money.

- Evoland is good. Evoland 2 is better.

Great game for old-school gamers.

- Good game

Hit boxes are huge and the game got boring once i got about a 1/4 of the way through good concept

- Fun, short game

Fun homage to the evolution of game design.

- Cute, but that’s all.

It’s nothing new.

- Fun until I got an error...

I’m getting a “touch too close” error on my phone x. Error 1125

- No MFi controller support!

Recently claimed to be MFi capable, and it’s still not working. If they fix it then I’ll fix my review.

- Just missed the mark

I want to start by saying that I really loved this game. Just the premise alone was enough to keep me hooked for quite some time, and this game was what originally got me hooked on final fantasy. That being said, it ended up being somewhat of a letdown because it was so easy. The final fantasy sections were dull and uninvolved. The strongest weapon in the game is available for purchase 20 minutes in, every single battle is pathetically easy, there's no mp system or offensive spells, and to top it all off there's only one summon in the entire game (and you can only use it for the final battle) The 2 LoZ dungeons were short and kind of boring. The handful of puzzles took me a minute each tops and in general these levels were kind of pointless. My biggest gripe though is that the games one cool and unique mechanic (the ability to use crystals to travel back and forth in time) only showed up in one level. TLDR: if you enjoy final fantasy or legend of zelda, DON'T PLAY THIS GAME. You'll just end up disappointed. If you haven't played LoZ or FF, use this as a primer and then go play the real games.

- 👌🏿

Ah memeories **wipes tear off cheek**

- Why the Old Games No Longer Sell

Evoland has been deliberately designed by Shiro Games to be a romp through all of the bad graphics, bad sound effects, and bad game design of bygone days. It's kind of fun to unlock the incremental improvements to graphics and sound. Dealing with the inconvenience of outmoded game design that lacks basic features? That's not fun; that's sheer frustration. Even modern AAA titles have game design flaws, but games can be forgiven some flaws if the rest of the game is good enough. Some tedious grinding can be forgiven in a game with an excellent story or first-rate graphics, and a lackluster story can be forgiven in a game with excellent mechanics. Evoland never reaches the point where any of these elements becomes excellent or even decent. Instead, it has tedious grinding with a clunky interface, a threadbare story, no character development, inferior graphics, and sounds that had me playing on mute. And I found myself wondering why I am continuing to play this game when I cannot answer the question: "When is it going to get good?" The game added a character selection ability allowing me to choose between piloting with the male fighter or the female wizard who bounces around like a prepubescent cheerleader when a battle is won, but I only got one chance to make that switch. Then the game added an inventory screen with a whole bunch of useless, joke items, and when this got added, I lost the ability to swap between my three weapons: sword, bow, and bombs. So unlocking new features can actually diminish play rather than enrich it. Until I found maps on the Internet and unlocked the minimap, I kept getting lost because all the rooms and corridors and all the landscaping in an area look alike, resulting in lots of unintended backtracking and extra random encounters. There is no fast travel, so I must wander around and battle endlessly respawning monsters to find my way back to town in the hope of buying better gear, only to see that I've already bought it all. I have potions but no apparent way to use them except in the battles where they usually aren't needed, and I have two party members, but most of the time, I only have access to one of them. There are long series of battles and traps with no way to save as I go, so I have to keep battling through the same respawning enemies and maneuvering around the same traps simply to return to the place where I died so I can try again. The movement controls are unresponsive and difficult to use, and I have no access to potions or my other party member's skills during the most difficult battles, so I'm dying a lot. So here I am battling the same monsters at the same spawn points and pushing the same blocks into place and dodging the same traps. Again. And again. And Again. And AGAIN. AND AGAIN. AND AGAIN!!!!! All so I can get killed by the same trap or battle. Again. And again. And Again. And AGAIN. AND AGAIN. AND AGAIN!!!!! Unless, of course, I die on the way. I should have quit playing, because the game never did get good. If Playdigious wanted to begin with poor gameplay to show how far we have come, they should have had gameplay improvements unlock a little faster. I can wait longer for more elaborate NPC interactions than I can for basic save/reload functionality or for a map. And don't give me functionality only to snatch it away in the next area. As for the controls, here's some general advice for anyone who wants to put his game on a tablet: Don't use the virtual joysticks in the Unreal engine. Unreal may be fantastic for other platforms, but Unreal's virtual joysticks turn movement on a tablet into an exercise in frustration and rage. Make your players struggle with the monsters. Make your players struggle with the puzzles. Make your players struggle with timing in platforming. But you should never, Never, NEVER make your players struggle with the controls or the interface. When the monsters are difficult, your players will hate the monsters. When the movement controls are difficult, your players will hate YOU and your game. At the moment, I HATE Evoland and I HATE Shiro Games and Playdigious. Perhaps if I had played more of the lousy games that Shiro Games was mocking by including the worst of their design features into Evoland, I would find it funnier, but knowing that the Noria Mines had a name that was a play on the Mines of Moria from Lord of the Rings made it no less frustrating to be repeatedly killed there in a long series of battles and traps with no save points in between. A reference to being shot in the knee made me wish I was playing Skyrim instead of Evoland. So if that sort of thing is the main thing Evoland has to recommend it, I have to question how it garnered so many accolades and 5-star ratings. Shiro Games has a lot of gall poking fun at Skyrim considering that Skyrim is a lot older and still bests Evoland in every way. I paid $0.99 and feel cheated. Avoid.

- Meh

It's not terrible

- Short but VERY sweet!

Yes, the controls are finicky, but honestly, the experience was very worth putting up with slightly wonky controls. I primarily attribute that to the fact that touch controls will never be superior to buttons in most kinds of video games. I spent probably about a dozen hours on this game before finishing it. And I loved nearly every second. Those few annoying moments did prevent me from being completely blown away (the Noria Mines and Final Boss were the only parts I found unnecessarily frustrating), but I was very VERY impressed. This game is more an artistic and highly imaginative tribute to the history of RPG gaming. I loved that the aesthetics morphed constantly, as did the gameplay style. The art in this game is gorgeous and the concept incredibly creative. I felt continuously delighted by its humour, classic game references, and hidden secrets. The only thing I would like to be added is a list somewhere of what achievements can be earned. I finished with all stars, cards, Double Twin beaten, secret merchant visited and the credits said I had 98.7% completion. I'd love to find whatever trophy(s) I am missing. But overall, I absolutely LOVED the experience. Highly recommended to any diehard, old school RPG fan.


This game is possibly the best game I've ever played on my phone. My favorite game before I played this was a game called Mage Gauntlet. That game was seriously amazing and this game is a while new story of amazing. First it's 2D and over time it the graphics slowly become absolutely amazing. I have an issue with it though. (DONT READ THIS PART IF YOU HAVENT PLAYED IT!!) My issue is that it lags so so much during the part where your trying to find the dragon and all these monsters just come at you. And it is the laggiest thing ever. I'm on an iphone 4 so maybe it's just my phone can't handle it I don't know. But if you could fix the lag that would be amazing. But 9/10 because of the lag. But the story and how this game is is a 10/10! GET THIS GAME! ITS WORTH IT! And I beat the game and whole crap I need a part 2 haha that game was honestly the best game I've ever played haha!!!!! GET IT!!!

- Excellent melding of RPG elements

I beat this game in a single sitting. Took about 4 hours. I love the homages to everything from Zelda to Diablo, Final Fantasy, Mario, and even a few other nods like Blade Runner. Awesome concept for a game that was executed well. The Zelda elements got a little long winded, but the game really turned a corner with the Diablo portion right when I was starting to get a bit bored. Kudos and I can't wait to see what comes next from this team. Easily worth the 5 dollars. Also, I didn't experience any of the bugs the others were talking about, but did get one portion where my character disappeared off of the screen and one of the pre-rendered environments scrolled infinitely until there was nothing on the screen. It was very minor and didn't really cause any issues (just restarted and it was fine). Please support the developer.

- Great link to nostalgia

I guess it takes an intelligent person to appreciate a good game nowadays. Controls are just fine if you're smart, gameplay is unique and exciting, and Evoland is everything I'd expect from a $2 (on sale) game. Ignore all reviews given by complainers who think that they should get a free PS4 and 60 hours of magical gameplay to make their iPhone 3 feel modern. Not gonna happen. However, for the sequel, it would be a good idea to make musical loops a little longer and to export them as WAVs (converting to ogg vorbis if you need to save space). MP3s have a slight-and very annoying to us composers-stutter that makes loops pause before restarting. Do that and get some script proofreaders, and Evoland II will be golden!

- Missing the point

So the game started off with a LOT of promise - a game that developed through the ages as you progressed?! Amazing idea. Where it fails however, is in execution. 1. The game goes backwards at certain points, as you travel back and forth through generations. If the point of the game is to go forward through developmental history, going backwards for any reason was a design stumble, full stop. 2. Much more egregiously, FFVII and Link to the Past are the farthest forward you can travel? I was looking forward to tons of more modernizations, but the furthest we ever get is ps1 polygons and Link to the Past boss fights. With the clever exception of the Diablo area, this was completely disappointing. Play a game that came out in the last 15 years, dev team!!!

- Is it worth paying what they ask for?

It could be worth it in the future. The gameplay was unlike any other on the appstore I'll give them that. They combined a open-map rpg with multiple different eras of gameplay which was different. The only reason why I don't believe it's worth the money right now is because the gameplay is to short. I finished it in one day! It would be great if the makers could extend the game much more. until then I can only give it 4 stars and say it's not worth the buy

- 2130:Death of my interest

This game.... It seems pretty promising at the start. Game evolution as you go along? Cool! Unfortunately, once I reached the village, the game fell flat. I began to backtrack on a couple different tries of having the game on, getting less and less interested. The latest time that I turned it on, I continued the earlier backtracking and came upon a save point. I stepped on it,and... Error #2130 with a near completely black screen greeted me. I proceeded to reload an earlier save and tried it again. Same issue. I can't say that I expected this. The game seemed pretty decent, based on gameplay I'd seen. But a $4.99 game SHOULD. NOT. CRASH. And while I hope that this is just a few time thing, based on other reviews, it's not going away for a while. I want to say I'm disappointed, but... I lost interest.

- Wonderful!

This is one of the most amazing games I have played on my phone. I originally planned o get the October version but then I saw this. The graphics improve as you play and ends up becoming a beautiful looking game. The game is kinda of a mix between Zelda and final fantasy and even Mario and probably more that I haven't even played. The story was pretty good but I have only one complaint it was to short. I was so happy with this game but the fact that it was so short disappointed me. I would love to see an evoland 2 or whatever you would name a sequel to this. Absolutely wonderful.

- Good.

Intro long and complicated after that it gets better, later on battling gets super ANNOYING a long battle every second and running away from battle does nothing just another battle happens when you move for 5 seconds when the goal is to find a crystal in a huge cave so it's hard and annoying and a monster just has to touch you for your character to die, so you could just run to its behind and die and if you die you have to go to the intro screen and press countinue when instead you could just press restart please take in consideration of my complaints if it helps you decide better updates or if you want to buy the game for 6.00$ DOLLARS!!!

- Horrible controls, too low hp

Don't buy this is honesty the worst 5 dollarsi have ever spent don't buy u will regret it I really hate this game and wonder why I bought it it is also has very poor controls don't even go near the app if you are reading this just drop your phone and lock your self and your rom and never turn it on again and if u do just get off the pl seriously the app is so so so bad I don't even like it don't buy like I said get your face off the app I don't even like it at all 0 stars if I could!!!

- Crashes and bugs

This game did turn out to be a treasure although it's crashes came to be very annoying and can ruin your mood. There came some crashes here and there usually after I saved. This including the card game after I put down a card, but now a bug or "Error" had happened at the final boss and now I am unable to even enter the app. The screen goes black and leaves me simply listening to the title music play. I would appreciate it if you clever creators could fix this, as it would make this amazing adventure much more enjoyable. I hope this problem could be fixed soon, for I definitely want to finish the story.

- Great game

I saw Evoland out quite a while ago and was never interested. Looked like it wouldn't be that good. Well, I was wrong. It recently went on sale for 99 cents, so I figured I was bored and it wouldn't be a big loss if it was bad. I absolutely loved it. Couldn't put it down. What a great concept. I played each generation of these games. It did miss the very old ultima style. I just now finished it and wish they made the evoland 2 for iOS. If you haven't gotten this game yet, get it.

- Wandering and crashing, nothing more

It keeps crashing!! Now I've gotten to a point where I literally can't advance in the game bc it always crashes at one point on the map. It's after I find 3d and the girl tells me to help her village just to the south. Then when I go south and move my character to the chest, it always crashes before it loads what's inside (3d map, I think). I play from an iPod touch 4th gen. I can't go any further and the small part of the game that does work for me has zero replay value--mostly just wandering around. And i payed $5 for this?! I gave it two stars just because it's a good concept. Has potential, if it works...

- Good, but buggy, game

Card mini game crashes crashes constantly on iPad, as in every time - Depending where you land it, the airship may disappear when you enter a mine or dungeon, leaving you stranded when you exit. Since there is only auto-save this may be permanent! - While I loved the evolution of graphics/sound/interface/gameplay... Things can be awkward when switching between present and past. Inventory is static and different for modes and tense, and the mini-map, which would be useful everywhere, is only available in a certain mode. That said,very clever and well made.

- Fanboy labor of love

I absolutely love the time and effort that has clearly been put into this game. It's creative, original, and also doesn't take itself too seriously. While also peppering in some nice references to true originals. It's exciting to see what will unlock next. However the game crashes far too often and it can be quite frustrating. I didn't come across any until the pre-rendered city (laogai) particularly with the card game. I would love to send reports if it helps with the next update. Please fix these bugs ASAP and this game will easily be iOS gaming essential material (5 stars)

- Charming!

This game is great and loads of fun. It's not the longest but I must say I am all around impressed. As you pass through each time frame you'll find yourself mesmerized from the nostalgia and won't want to put it down until you find all of the collectables (and some of them sure are well hidden). You won't be disappointed and I know for sure I'll be snagging Evoland 2 on the PC since the iOS version doesn't seem like it'll happen. Awesome job devs!

- A Refreshing Game

I normally do not write reviews, but I must say that this game was a pleasant surprise. I was actually around to play every style of RPG that was in this game over the years and enjoyed every bit of this game. I was treated to about 35 years of RPGs in one game. I only wish this game was a bit longer. I look forward to any future games of this type. This game was unique and there would definitely be a market for this type of "RPG through the ages."

- Fun, but these controls.. Ugh

Moveable Joystick pad games don't work as responsive as you think they would. Always some corner or area on screen that interrupts you from a pitfall, enemy magic missle, or wandering enemies that have no AI to them except swarm you. Spent a good 10 hours on the game. Completed all the sidequests (heart bonus, star collector, card collection.) which you'd hope stretch the game at its $5 price point. It's cute. It's a parody of a parody. Little zelda, iso-bird view like diablo/ultima, the gameplay changes between 2d and 3d to make certain areas passable. One tap button for swing,place bomb, shoot arrow, fidget through that menu only when looking at backpack. Things kind of uncool: can only use potions or healing in battle. No auto fight (not necessary tho.), even selecting different targets require patience. The only big difficulty of this game is the end boss. I think the price is a tad high for its relatively short-fun-campy experience.

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Earned 1 PSN trophy (1 bronze) in Evoland

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Evoland (Version 1.6.3) Install & Download

The applications Evoland was published in the category Games on 2015-02-03 and was developed by Playdigious [Developer ID: 1041387229]. This application file size is 78.66 MB. Evoland - Games app posted on 2018-03-01 current version is 1.6.3 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.shirogames.evoland

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