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What is the almost gone app? Experience the intricate dioramas and connections of your life, and the ripples we all make, in this award-winning narrative puzzle game.

Poised between life and death, isolated and alone, you must unravel the poignant truths that led to your fate.
Dig beneath the beautifully rendered façades and interiors of an ordinary suburban lifestyle to discover a contemporary tale crafted by an award-winning author.

Piece together this compelling story by revealing objects and memories, and decipher these clues to reveal more of the story and its secrets.
From your own home to eerily deserted streets, beautiful apartment blocks to abandoned hospitals, you must search forensically for clues and the path forwards.
Each new revelation takes you that one step closer to understanding, and to the people and places that surrounded you, in your all too short life.

Why are you here?
Why are you trapped and alone?
Will you ever move on?

• Experience an emotional and immersive story written by award-winning author Joost Vandecasteele
• Explore every nook and cranny of each beautifully rendered diorama
• Play through five compelling chapters, with each revealing more secrets and twists that will lead you to the truth
• From an unassuming sitting room, to a tent in a forest, from a police car in a tree to an abandoned hospital, a hauntingly different suburbia is yours to discover
• Carefully optimized for mobile devices

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The Almost Gone Version 1.3.305 October 2020

Fixed a bug where the Deja Vu Achievement wasn't triggered when completing the game twice. Players who have, will now get the achievement when the game starts..

The Almost Gone Comments & Reviews 2022

- Amazing game about generational trauma*

I highly, highly recommend this game. *Just a heads up, there are spoilers at the end of this review. People who liked “Gone Home,” and “Forever Lost” will love it. I played on my iPad and was glued to the story and gameplay all weekend. I read the reviews before I bought it, and I thought there was far more game for my dollar than I expected. It’s a good, solid length. The story is dark, but as someone who loves the “Fran Bow,” series, a dark story is a plus. The ending, from my perspective, is very clear. The character tells us what’s happening throughout, especially at the beginning of each chapter. I, like many others, found navigation a bit of an issue, so that’s my one quibble. TLDR: Great game. Buy it. ******************spoilers below******************** The End: The character is dying. He keeps saying he’s not hungry or thirsty, he can’t even conceive of what that’s like. You’ll notice at the start of each chapter it tells you how long “before.” The last chapter in the tree house was only seconds before. I believe it means before the character dies. The game is called “The Almost Gone.” At the end of the game, the character is dead/gone. So the gameplay represents those few moments before death. The character, who seems pretty wounded/upset about his parents and his childhood, learns in those moments about what his own parents went through and maybe why they acted the way they did.

- Great Puzzle Game with Tiny Flaws

The Almost Gone is a great puzzle game with a dark and interesting story. The only things in the game that really bugged me were the absence of a minimap that shows the whole level, and a part of a specific puzzle in which the spot a certain item (laser pointer) is supposed to go isn’t obvious. The vast majority of the puzzles in the game make sense, and many are quite satisfying to solve. The visuals are pleasing to the eye and never distract from how puzzles need to be solved. The visuals also contribute to the intrigue of the story. I was startled by the sound effects at times, and they sometimes feel a bit jarring when the game often doesn’t have a lot of noise going on. To be fair I do get startled somewhat easily, and the sound effects also sometimes brought attention to parts of puzzles. Turning down the sound effect volume preemptively isn’t a bad idea if you’re startled easily like I am. Overall a worthwhile puzzle game that has a few issues that aren’t huge and can probably be fixed by updates.

- Great game 👍🏼👍🏼

I almost gave up during the first 10 minutes of playing due to the weird controls, but I’m glad I didn’t. It’s not very often that a game this good comes along. Once I got used to the controls and navigation, I really enjoyed playing. I like that it had a story, but no long boring dialogue. My only complaint is that the ending seemed a bit abrupt and I was left wondering about parts of the story.

- First impressions

I love the puzzles, they are very fun and engaging. The atmosphere and art is also quite nice. However, I’ve not been playing long and the narrator is already getting on my nerves. They read as quite whiny and immature, and it kind of detracts from my ability to identify with them. I understand where this characterization is coming from, but so far, the only personality trait that’s coming across for me. Yes, the home life is less than ideal. But, if this is to center around family and relationships, one would expect a fair balance of memories both positive and negative. All this to say, I do not like the writing or the narrator so far. I hope to change my mind as I continue to play!

- The UI is okay but that’s about it

Let’s start with something nice, the UI is decent. But that’s about it, and let me remind you this is not Monument Valley nice, just regular paid game decency. Here are the thoughts: I hated this game in 5 mins. The way the rooms turns and how the game doesn’t provide a full map and expects you to remember all the rooms is ridiculous. Very tedious to change from room to room, can’t jump on certain room. Annoyed. And by the way, the iPad version is even worse. I hope the developers actually played the game at least once before putting it on the market. Cuz I felt like I was playing a beta version on my iPad and a inconsiderately designed version on my iPhone.

- absolutely fantastic

this game is one of the coolest puzzle app games i have ever experienced. the gameplay is immaculate, the color palette is distinguished and takes the ambiance of each setting into term, and the puzzles aren’t impossible, but they’re challenging enough to feel an accomplishment when you solve them. and i haven’t even mentioned the storyline yet! the whole idea of a little girl looking into her past (and technically future) life, uncovering secrets about her parents, and later grandparents, through a click-to-clue format is so original, and such a cool concept. i 10/10 recommend this game to any person that likes puzzle game apps and relate to more mature topics. what an amazing gameplay.

- Incredible game

The storyline as well as the gameplay were incredibly immersive, and kept me hooked while I played. The visuals were gorgeous to look at, and the music was astounding as well. Absolutely play this game, it truly is one for the ages. In addition, while some puzzles were challenging, they all in all weren’t impossible to figure out.

- Well Done

App is among the tops of its category - an isomorphic search and click adventure game. Pros: 1. Story is immersive and well written. 2. Graphics are beautiful. 3. Puzzles are very well done, consistent, and all well thought-through. No walk-throughs or hints should be required, although I saw a walk-through was provided with the game. Cons: 1. Could be longer, at least I was hoping for more. 2. The sweet spot for the rotation of the rooms is small. Probably would do better as an icon below the appropriate corner. I kept moving to a new room when I intended to rotate them.

- Looks promising, but

The story here is clear enough if a bit one dimensional. The art is engaging. But the challenge of navigating each room to the next and remembering where things were was surprisingly annoying. It’s not how most people navigate a house and there is no sense or representation of what the overall structure is like. I get how that might be intentional to represent the psychology of the story, but it was too disconnected for me and I simply lost interest.

- Sad Escape Rooms

I really liked the graphical and audio presentation, and the puzzles in The Almost Gone. I think there’s probably a great story here, but it’s partially buried by the English localization being a bit awkward pretty often, and a vague ending. It also got a little too tedious to swipe through the rooms by the last couple chapters, I wish you could get where you wanted to go quicker.

- Could’ve Been So Much More

I’ll admit, this game is beautiful. The game design, the satisfying, immersive puzzles, and the emotive music are very well done. Then, there’s the narrative. There was SO MUCH potential for this to be a dark, complex, emotional, and moving story. BUT. The abrupt, ambiguous, and frankly disappointing ending left much to be desired. Which is a great shame, because this game had the makings to be one of the best I’ve ever played. But just like a film that has amazing, mind-blowing visual effects paired with a plot full of holes, loose ends, and an unsatisfying ending - all that potential goes to waste. I would still recommend playing it; just be prepared to have lots of unanswered questions when you’re finished.

- Great sound, great graphics, but...

not that difficult. It is a beautiful game with a really interesting story, but it didn’t require too much effort to complete. It was really fast and I feel like I wasted my money on the preorder. The developers obviously put a lot of time on the visual and auditory art in the game, and for that, I’m happy I paid for it. But, they really need to balance the challenge they offer with the artistry.

- Buggy as hell

Update I found out the game is playable ind vertical mode if you don‘t switch between horizontal and vertical during playing. Annoying still but bearable. If the game is awesome I‘ll come back and rate it 4-5*. Old review Sorry that I have to write such a harsh review but I never payed money for such a messed up game. On my iPhone 7 with latest iOS it is unplayable. The rooms are turned on their heads sometimes and with that the texts are upside down when you turn the phone, scaling is a mess in vertical mode, graphic is sometimes heavily pixeled etc. I have no idea why this happens on my phone but it is extremely annoying. Can‘t recommend the game in such a messy state...

- Lost progress after update......

I just finished chapter 2 and was really enjoying the game. But after updating to the newest version I am back in chapter 1 now.... Kinda annoying since I have to do it all over again...

- Price jump?

Why would you raise the price from 4$ to 7$ completely over priced 4$ is the perfect amount for the game so reduce it back to the original! Good game though

- Please Add More!!

This game was haunting and beautiful. The mechanics took a minute to get used to, but the score and sense of dread only deepened the mystery! I couldn’t put the game down! But unfortunately I completed the game in less than 5 hours. If you are planning on adding more “chapters” or stories which introduce more story tellers, PLEASE PLEASE DO.

- Going to cry

I LOVE this app- so I’ll just start by saying that! However it has reset my game twice and I got so far and have to start over 😭 I hope this is a glitch because I’m not proud to admit how many hours I spent to get so far and that sort of crushed my soul.

- Glitch?

The corner symbols which facilitate movement to adjoining rooms do not appear on the screen of my iPhone 11 Pro preventing movement. On the walkthrough these features are not missing.

- Well, Well Worth It!

Loved the challenge, loved the setting and the story. Took a bit of thinking here and there, but it all made sense. Very Good!

- Love it

I just got game and I can’t stop playing it. The puzzles and story just kept me so enthralled with everything about the game.

- Help!

I love this game! But in chapter 4 I went to the 5th floor a second time and now I’m stuck there!

- Can’t pick up the book

I am stuck in the Apartments. I can’t pick up the book, and I can’t find an email or way to get tech support. It’s a cool game, but it is hard to pick up items. I have the most recent iPhone, so I don’t know what the problem is.

- Story without end

Pretty, but somewhat painful to navigate using an iPad. I only expected a bit of different entertainment and that is what I got, but felt very disappointed with the ending.

- would love to be able to finish it

Really was enjoying this game but i quit to sleep, and now i can't start it up again. Submitted a ticket but haven't really heard anything in a while. I'd rate it higher if not for the game-breaking bug?

- Amazing

A great birthday present I got myself in preorder. I love the graphics and puzzles and hope more people find this gem!

- Beautiful

Beautiful UI and gameplay. Hope you make more!

- Unplayable on the 2020 SE

I'd love to play this but even with decent vision I literally can't read the words on the screen because they are microscopic. Maybe it'll be better on my iPad, but I just wanted to play it on my phone.

- Very unique

Just starting game and really like it.

- Game is fun...but

Game is fun in general....but it has such an abrupt ending. If the story outline does not work.. why it doesn’t have a happier atmosphere instead of the current mysterious music and sound. And agree with other reviews, wish it had a map to make switch between different scenes more smoothly. I would give it a 3.5 star rate if there was one.

- It’s an adequate game

The game had a nice atmosphere and challenge to it. Not the most satisfying to play. Finishing the game doesn’t have a satisfactory payoff. Game is not a waste of money nor is it money well spent

- Awesome!!😵

This is one of the best games I have ever played!!!

- Thank

On a top shelve with rusty lake series

- Amazing!

Before reading this, keep in mind I’ve only started today. So far, I love this game! Although the controls caught me off guard a bit, I soon got used to it and was able to continue playing! I love the graphics and story so far. The character seems to be female or feminine (clothes, a name may refer to them) so it might be better if they were a bit more gender-neutral so all genders could identify with them. One thing I noticed was that there wasn’t a map of the place. I always love those maps in games like this. It might be nice if it at least showed areas you’ve already explored, not just the rooms adjacent to the one you’re in. I wish I could review more about the story, but I feel as if it would give spoilers. And I’m only on chapter 5, so I can’t review the end. Anyways, I would rate this game 9/10! I would recommend you download it. But it would be nice if the devs would consider some of my suggestions. —— Update —— Wow! I finished in three days, and I loved it! The ending was a bit abrupt, yet I completely understand it. Well, maybe not completely, but I understood it enough. This was a wonderful story! I still would prefer it if there was a mini-map of the area/level. But other than that, this was amazing! Spoilers ahead for future downloaders. So, from what I understand, this story is told from Emily, whose parents were seen as “crazy” or as “psychopaths” by their own parents. Her father drew gruesome drawings and was confined in the basement of his apartment complex, and her mother was confined in the scale model of a hospital. It appears Emily goes into a treehouse that mimics her home a bit (and maybe is her home) and falls asleep/moves on This was a beautiful story and adventure.

- bad controls

the difference between a swipe that will turn the room and a swipe that will bring you to the next room is a matter of international secrecy i guess. didn’t get very far gave up out of frustration.

- Fun Game

Super fun Game.Only thing, wish the game was longer/ more acts. It took me the weekend to beat the game. For $3.99 I would have thought the game was longer. I’m hoping y’all come out with more acts/ diff stories. None the less, Fun game lots of potential.

- One Flaw So Far 🌹

Overall : This game is beautifully made. It masters the element of mystery and only gives hints in clues hidden in each and every room. But until you have the mechanics down and you can spot the small details needed to pass a level, you might need to read a walkthrough; I needed help for most of Act 2. 💫 My problem with the game : As unique as the game is, I usually have to run through all the rooms to find the ONE clue/riddle I’m looking for: there’s just too many rooms to keep track. It’s overwhelming. Act 1 was perfect. I knew where I was and where each lock and code was. The story was eerie and a bit humorous, and it explained most of the object and characteristics in the house. But Act 2 only makes sense when you pay close enough attention. I’m only half way through Act 4, so I don’t know how the rest of the game will go, but for the most part the game is a simple concept with complex— but fun — pieces and characters. 👒 - Slight spoiler warning ; Act 1, Act 3 - The plot : I don’t know who the narrator is. I assume it’s a teenage girl whom has felt trapped in by her family and peers. But from elevators to stars, I think the game presented too many loopholes and poured too much on the player. I was so focused on solving stuff that I forgot that there 𝑤𝑎𝑠 a story. Her parents were well discussed, but DID her parents get divorced? Why did the narrators mother keep the child if she was aware it’d break the family apart? What was in the bathroom? Why can we go back in time? I hope some answers will be revealed as I progress, but all I can do right now is speculate. 🍫 This game is gorgeous. The art, the sass-comments from our narrator, heck, even little things like how mysterious and scary the atmosphere is makes the game all the more enjoyable. If you like challenges, and aesthetic puzzles, try this game. 🌻

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- Bug is fixed!

Good game!

- Not worth the cost but fun enough

Ends really quickly and didn’t take long to work through. Don’t really understand the storyline

- Awesome

That was the best game I have ever played!

- telescope bug

no image of the sky , constellation , and tree house when using the telescope. pls fix the bug..

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- Can’t wait for more :)

beautiful story and graphics, lovee exploring and noticing all the small details that help you along the way

- Clumsy control

Very underwhelming game experience because the interface is poorly thought out. Puzzles are very straightforward and unoriginal: find code to unlock suitcase to find more codes and keys, etc, etc.

- Great game

Style, writing, all amazing. Just wish the ending was a bit more because I felt the strong emotion throughout the game and was ready to cry in the final act, but it was pretty ambiguous. I really appreciate the story and the subject matters you tackled.

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The applications The Almost Gone was published in the category Games on 2020-06-25 and was developed by Playdigious [Developer ID: 1041387229]. This application file size is 317.17 MB. The Almost Gone - Games app posted on 2020-10-05 current version is 1.3.3 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.playdigious.thealmostgone