Evoland 2

Evoland 2 [Games] App Description & Overview

What were your childhood games like?

Onboard on an epic adventure of more than 20 hours through video games history filled with a ton of funny classical games references.

From 2D RPG, through 3D vs fight to a shooter, a trading card game and more you’ll get your fill of jumping from a game genre to another, never bored.

“Evoland 2: A slight case of spacetime continuum disorder” is not only one game but many, backboned with a story that will make you travel through time, discovering different art styles and video gaming technology.

Released first on PC with 500.000 copies shipped, we’re proud to share with you this experience carefully adapted for mobile devices.

« It’s a mashup on a grand scale — and a successful one — bringing together many of the elements that make us love all those games individually. » - 9/10 GamesBeat

“Evoland 2 manages to seamlessly blend an incredible number of genres into a single, wonderful experience.”
4/5 – Hardcoregamer

Compatible with MFI controllers.

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Improve overall performance. Add more controllers support.

Evoland 2 Comments & Reviews

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- Wonderful game

This game is a vast improvement from the first. Evoland’s gameplay felt more like a gimmick. With the amount of times the game evolves from early on it felt like each section was fiery brief, especially the Final Fantasy combat in the beginning. It only lasted to grind money to get a new sword and then for 1 dungeon, then you don’t see it again for a while until the end. Evoland 2 has great gameplay with an amazing story that makes it feel like it’s own game beside just being OH remember this from the past! I’d honestly recommend this game to anyone who wants something to play on the phone for a long time. I’m only on my 11th hour and am probably only halfway through. I’ve also been seeing many complaints over the control layout, mainly during the mountain platforming. The controls are fine, it’s just challenging to do. Get Good.

- Fun RPG/adventure ruined by terrible required side-games.

This Zelda/Chrono Trigger-style game is fun and cute until you reach areas that are impassible without going into new style of gameplay. The Alpha Mountain platform-gameplay level is far too long and frustratingly difficult with the iPhone controls. Then, if you beat that and were hoping to get back to the RPG style-game you are out of luck! That is followed up by an unavoidable, jittery, boring bullet-hell style flying game that is also made nearly unplayable by buggy, bad controls. (The flying thing constantly jumps to the top of the screen!) This section goes on about 3 times longer than it needed to. Then you are forced into a bad street fighter clone that’s also twice as long as it should be, shallow, and frustratingly difficult only because of the controls. All this twee, jokey gaming variation feels like conceited arrogance on the part of the developers that they couldn’t let this be all be shorter and more spaced out, or even optional. (“Hey check out my flying game! Now you need to play my fighting game! I can also do platformers! Is there anything we can’t do!?”) Maybe this game is worth the sale price, if you have patience or a separate controller. The RPG side is fun though, with some very clever levels and funny jokes. Overall, be warned. Frustrating game play from half-baked bad design is so much worse than something that is n intentionally well designed challenge.

- Controls need work

If i had left this review before the 3D era this would have been a solid 5 stars. But after reaching Alpha mountain, I am so frustrated I am going to put this game aside. This game has you travel through time. Each jump in time changes the graphics style of the game. You play 8-bit graphics, 16-bit and 3D graphics. The game has an interesting storyline and has been enjoyable to play. A lot of similarities to Zelda. The controls have been fine for the tasks that you are required to do. But in Alpha Mountain that all changed. you need to jump from bouncing mushroom to mushroom and if you do not land on the next mushroom you die. A touch screen does not work well for this, I have spent 60 minutes of jump jump jump die, start over again. You need to jump really high and over multiple obstacles. I do not mind tasks like this that take some skill to complete, but when the reason for failure is not skill, but the poor responsiveness of the controls, it turns a fun game into pure frustration. These types of issues completely ruin a game. Yesterday I was looking forward to playing this game and seeing how the story ends. Today I have given up in frustration and am looking for a new game to play.

- Poor control and one level really kills flow

I like the premise of the game and the different mediums it runs through but have a big issue with the controls. I am at the point where I am in 3D land and need to hop over mushrooms. Sadly the developers didn’t consider why we don’t have instant kill platform levels anymore or at the very least ones without decent controls. If they gave you d pad to control the side scrolling parts like they do in other parts of the game it’d be fine, but the issue is there is run and super run speed with a hair of space in between rendering accurate platforming nes levels of difficult. Also, as well intended as the references are in the game it starts to get a little old when it feels like something you’d see in kingdom hearts. Sadly, a lot of these references won’t hold up with time and it can really kill the atmosphere of the game for pushing the 4th wall a bit too much. It almost comes off as a terrible meme and your second party member acting as the straight man is one of the few redeeming values so far.

- Annoying Glitch that needs to be Fixed

Overall the game is pretty great. Combat is similar to Zelda, characters are funny and quirky, and the music sounds great. However, it all starts to fall apart when the 16 bit era is unlocked. There is an annoying graphical error that occurs when moving up/down that causes black horizontal lines to appear and flash as you are moving. If you are moving left to right then white vertical lines appear, but they did not give me a headache the same way moving up/down the screen did. During this section there were a few annoying missions like moving the mammoths correctly or the sewer mission, but the graphical error does not appear to occur when the game transitions into 3D. I truly hope the Devs see this and fix this issue as it occurs for the first 1-3 hours of the game and it nearly made me uninstall it. The controls aren’t perfect either, but they were not awful to me anyway and certainly not as awful as the black line glitch. Once the issue is fixed I would be more than happy to change my score based on the incredible production value of this game and how it experiments with different genres of games.

- Stellar RPG, Crappy Controls

One of the best RPGs I’ve ever played. For me, this game is among the greats: Chrono Trigger, Legend of Zelda, etc. The Evoland 2 offers great storytelling and constantly switches up the format so you’re never bored. Beyond your standard RPG platforms (of essentially every variety) Evoland 2 has Final Fight, Street Fighter, Guitar Hero, and Bejeweled-style games, plus the ever present card battle mini-game. I’m the kind of player that usually needs a walkthrough to get through tougher parts of RPGs, but this one is pretty easy in terms of figuring out what the next step in the storyline is and solving puzzles. I was thoroughly entertained and sad when I beat it. The only drawback is the frustrating controls. You can’t turn around suddenly and attack, for example. And unless you hit the screen exactly where the “buttons” are, nothing happens; which really drives you crazy if you have big thumbs like me. If the developers fixed that problem, I don’t see how the game could get any better.

- Amazing game but has its glitches

So far I’m 10 hours into the game (aiming for the 100% completion), the graphics are nostalgic paired with the music. With great inside jokes and references to other games an amazing lore and also a secret lore for those who can decipher the rest. Amazing story compared to the last Evoland. However they’re are glitched for one in alpha mountain when I go 2D I’m not able to jump or that the jump button disappear. Next thing is during the campaign on demon island for some odd reason the game glitches to where I can’t make move my character thus soft-locking the game, and the only way to do this is restart the fight but the same glitch happens over again and again (really hope this could be fixed with a bug patch), another thing is sometimes the game also crashes not sure why though. Over all this is an amazing game and it’s worth the price however there’re are some bugs. Hopefully the devs fix this when the next patch comes out.

- Saving Issue

I was at the point where you enter the mine to find Reno and Plum conversing. I went through the whole mine and got to the boss fight with Plum. After dying multiple times, I quit the app only to find out that when I went back in, none of my progress had saved. This happened again after going through the mine and this time defeating Plum. My progress was lost. I had then continued to play for hours, getting very far and found that if I didn’t close the app upon locking my phone, the game would be alright. After getting two of the five Magi keys, the game crashed and when I opened it back up I was back in the mine. Everything that I had done was gone. I am very angry and want to continue the game but do not want to lose my progress. This game is very good and I love it a lot but if I can’t get anywhere without having to do it all over again, I don’t want to keep wasting my time. Please fix this! I want to beat this game and get all the cards and stars so bad, but sadly I can not. Please fix.

- Play It! (And Hopefully Be Ok With the Controls)

Hi...so I almost NEVER write these things because I’m lazy and apps don’t normally move me very much. However this app has it all - every genre I can think of outside of an FPS experience is what you will get with this app - a choice team of characters you can build up throughout the story, and a plot line and world that by the end you really CARE about. It’s rare that I care for a game, let alone an app; this game had me dodging work to continue playing it until the end, and I highly suggest it to most people out there - it’s truly worth your time, I promise. That being said, I got two main detractors from this otherwise pretty spotless game: 1. Controls can get pretty wonky and unresponsive at times when you need them to be at their best, which I think is what most people reviewing this app seem to get fed up with. I used default settings though and managed to get through the game relatively unscathed, although some parts I did have to work at a bit before I could progress. TIGHTER CONTROLS WOULD BE AMAZING. 2. Devs, GOD I love this game (even more than Evo I,) but for the love of all that is real the endings of these games stink, man! Give us something we want to see and feel like we earned not some loopy way to finish the experience (wink wink) I WANT A MORE RESOLVED ENDING FOR THE NEXT ONE PLEASE 4.5/5 one of the best apps I’ve ever seen or played

- So Far So Good

Update: As I’m playing I noticed a bug or issue. I am using a controller that’s supported if that matters. I’m seeing white lines that show on the screen and while moving will go away. New lines stay on screen, as I progress and move it disappears. They are thin and light lines. I’m updating my review since I played the game more. I wrote how the game didn’t seem to show all the words right on my iPhone X. I seen a update came and hopefully that fixed that beginning part. I played more and I am really enjoying it. Controls: I see some complaining about controls but so far I have zero issues with that. To be fair I haven’t played much with the touch screen though. I messed with it. But once I seen the controller I have works perfect with this game I never went back to touch screen. Having a controller with this game really takes it up a notch for me. Gameplay: I’m still in the early stages of this game so I’ll wait to say more. But I am enjoying it so far. I mainly wanted to update this review because of the one star I gave it with it being a new paid game and not being optimized (at least for me) on my iPhone X. I do hope it can we can start getting deeper games on these powerful computers we carry in our pocket. You combine a controller with some of these games and you really have something you don’t normally get on a smartphone.

- Best game on App Store

This is by far the best game on the App Store. You get a ton for your money, no IAP, and it has a full console quality to it. This game is brilliantly developed. For anyone who grew up with games in the 80s and 90s this is like an awesome walk down memory lane. Amazingly this covers about every genre and innovation from throughout that time period. The way that this game seamlessly weaves it all together is indeed impressive. I certainly understand where people are coming from on the controls, especially for the platformer aspects but you do get used to them. I’m not sure the deva really have anything to improve regarding the touch controls. If you want precision then get a Bluetooth game pad. All in all, bravo to the developers. Please keep bringing quality games without IAP like this. I’ll certainly be purchasing your next game.

- Astounding

I rarely take the time to write reviews on games, especially paid ones, but Evoland 2 was simply too good not to share. It’s easy to pick up, and although it can get repetitive and points, holds interest with new twists and gamestyles. The controls are a bit wonky, the story is well-made and the themes are complex. In the original Evoland, traveling through different gamestyles felt forced, but in Evoland 2, traveling between gamestyles is integral to the game. In addition, the game keeps true to it’s “20 hours of gameplay” statement, being very lengthy compared to most other games like it on the app store. All in all, it’s probably one of, if not the, best RPG’s on the app store. Aside from the strange control system, the only other downside to the game is the feeling of emptiness you get when it’s over.

- Controls need to be tweaked

It’s a incredible improvement over the first Evoland! This game actually knows what it wants to be and it’s enjoyable story fits perfectly with the journey through the evolution of video games. There are some technical hold ups however, for one guys, please fix the controls when playing through the polygon era. The control stick gets stuck a lot and the player can’t move also if you’re going to have a floating movement stick there should also be an option for a floating attack stick. One HUGE glitch that needs to be fixed quickly is when you’re playing and an incoming call interrupts your game, it shuts off all sound in the game when you finish the call and go back. Then you have to shut the game off and restart it for the sound to return. Otherwise, this is a very unique and amazing game that I will still recommend to my friends. Thank you for making this better!!! 🤘🏽

- It’s kinda fun but...

The game is cool, but for a game that I paid $8.00 for, you’d think the controls would actually... work? Constantly throughout the game, I’d press the attack or jump button and nothing would happen. It’s maddening. The direction button is no better. I’m well over halfway through the game at the time of writing this, and I was hoping as the game ‘evolved’ the controls would get better, but no luck, and I’m debating deleting the game now... but... $8... There’s also a weird glitch that occurs when you hit buttons incorrectly, or accidentally bring up your phone menu (which is easy to mistakenly do with the way the buttons are designed) and it will automatically load the game menu. It happens maybe twice a minute. And my thumbs are stick thin. I can’t imagine how infuriating all of this must be with big ‘ol Mickey Mouse thumbs. I want to give this 5 stars, but at times it’s so frustratingly unplayable, and it’s just the controls!! Everything else is pretty great!

- Magnificent but needs an update

Probably one of the best games I’ve played on a mobile device. There’s so much variety to Evoland 2, and it continues to surprise me even 17 hours in. And it’s not just the gameplay that’s captivating; the story is enjoyable leaves one craving for more. The soundtracks are well composed and provide a great ambiance to the game. However with the new iPad Pro come out, I was expecting an update for the game that would allow the game to utilise the curved edges of the screen (currently there is a black border around the whole game).It would be really nice if they fixed that. Also with the new iPad’s processing power and screen, perhaps the game could be updated to utilise the 120Hz and the game could run at 120fps. Otherwise the game is amazing and it will definitely be worth your money.

- 100% Recommend

I am super selective when it comes to phone games since I grew up playing console games. I am an avid RPG player and this game did not disappoint at all. I have logged 20 hours, which I rarely get to do with phone games. The concept is great. I also laughed out loud a few times because the references to other games caught me off-guard. I am about to beat the final boss and have collected all but two cards. I was going to wait until I finished everything before submitting my review, but I wanted to support the game now. It is worth the money. Solid gameplay, interesting story, good graphics - definitely recommend. I have played Evoland and Evoland II. I would play another one if it ever gets made!

- Snake Still Doesn’t Work

I love your game, the first was a joy to play and the second is living well up to my expectations, aside from one thing. The snake game, which the last update claims to have fixed, is seemingly impassable. I don’t know if it’s just my phone, but everyone I have sat the game in front of has had great difficulty getting the controls to operate during the mini game. I would really like to proceed with the story, but I’ve been stuck on the stupid snake game Turing test for a week, and I’m starting to wonder if I am human after all. The controls don’t work, fix it please. Edit - I got past it. Whether it was some time away and new eyes and thumbs on the challenge, or the update kicking in for me finally, I’m through the lab. Now I’m back to enjoying the story. Thanks for being such a fast-working and caring team.

- Please redo controls!

This game is wonderful, I want to start with that. Love all the little things thrown in that bring back memories of the early days of gaming. I started playing games on Atari but really started gaming on NES. The story so-far is nice, my only gripe is the controls. They are brutally horrendous. The movement circle really needs to stay put, as I have to take my finger off a lot any slight tap over there resets it’s position so I miss the button way to much, the attack button is so small I miss it frequently as well. As the game progresses much finer controls are needed to not rip out your hair redoing platform areas and puzzles. Please adjust the controls and this will be a very much more rewarding experience. Thanks for you time, keep up the good work! And the control adjustment......”wink wink”

- Love this game!!

This game was such a creative idea!! Not just the different graphic styles but also the different gaming styles. I love walking around and noticing the details that serve as tributes to various games (Zelda, chrono trigger, FF7, Professor Layton, Tomb Raider, Super Mario, Space Invader, Street Fighter, and many more). I love the puzzle part that was a tribute to Professor Layton! I downloaded this game on Apple TV and played with a controller. I had no problems with the controls. The game also allows you to choose a level of difficulty and I chose medium (“Good Old Arcade”). And the game is just challenging enough to be fun. It’s never too difficult for me to become frustrated. Totally worth the money!! EDIT: I’m still playing the game, and I noticed a bug. There was a mine cart missing in the second room after the Plum boss fight in mines in the present time period. I exited the mines and re-entered and the mine cart appeared. But this should not be happening... I’m crossing my fingers that this won’t happen when I’m deep in the mines...

- Starts out Fun then Fails

I love RPG and Adventure games. This game started off really fun with old-school rpg characteristics. Unfortunately that is only a very small part of this game. It devolves into a way more difficult (even on the easiest setting) platforming game that quickly becomes frustrating and arduous. I hate platform style games and the climb up the mountain became so frustrating and difficult that I quit the game and wish I hadn’t wasted my money. This could have been a really great Zelda-type game but is ruined by overly difficult platforming. I wish the developers had taken the good qualities of the rpg game they developed and omitted the terrible parts like the climb up the mountain. From reading the other reviews I see that I’m not the only one who feels this way. I think if they create a new rpg game and keep it a true rpg game they’d have a nice product.

- Inexcusably bad design choices

This game is frustrating. The story makes me want to continue but it is so littered with bad game design choices coupled with unresponsive controls. Numerous times I will be going against a timed segment only to be instantly killed regardless of the various methods I use to try to progress. I have literally said out loud “why on earth would you design a game like this?” at least 30 different times throughout my 6 hour play through. I really like the game but the gimmick segments can be extremely painful and infuriating. For a game with so much thought and love put into the writing it is really disappointing to be blocked from profession due to a poorly made gimmick or level design. The rooftop chase being particularly terrible and the glowing block “puzzle” coming close. The game requires really tight controls that just are not present making things like rhythm segments very difficult.

- Uniquely flawed

The good parts of this game are very good, but a lot of the experience, especially on mobile, is unpolished or outright bad. Controls are ok at best, but at their worst they are extremely frustrating to use. Some boss fights/mini games required for progression are so absurdly difficult (even more so because of the controls) that they just make you want to stop playing. The game also lacks direction at times, the lack of a quest log and sometimes unclear objectives have caused plenty of frustration and wasted time in my playthrough. In one instance I resorted to looking up a guide while attempting to solve an unsolvable puzzle because the dialogue failed to make clear that I needed to first travel across the map to pick up a required item. In another instance unclear objectives led to me aimlessly wandering the map until I found the storyline again because one missed dialogue box can mean you have absolutely no idea how you are supposed to continue. This game would greatly benefit from the inclusion of a quest log. I wish I could recommend this game. The storyline is intriguing and the gameplay is creative and unique. But due to its often unrelenting and unrewarding difficulty, which is caused by poor level and interface design, it isn’t worth the frustration.

- Wonderful game, ruined for me

The developers clearly put a ton of love into this game. It’s long and consistently innovative, with a cool story and no grinding. It’s a legit AAA experience. I was 14 hours in and had spent a weekend beating some extremely challenging dungeons, mini games, and bosses, and then in the morning my game had lost 7 hours of progress. (All that remained, weirdly, were my achievements.) I was crushed. Apparently they’ve fixed this problem now, but it’s too late for me. No matter what I do, my game loads at around the 7 hour mark. I don’t have the time or energy to replay all those hours. But if it’s truly fixed, I would still recommend this game to anyone who loves retro RPG/adventure games. I wish I could’ve seen it though to the end!

- Exceptional Tribute to Gaming

I am replaying this during quarantine - and am liking it so much I had to write a review. It’s really a love story to the games we grew up with- mini games in a variety of styles are woven throughout the main game. It feels like 100 games in one, with hours of layered gameplay, a great story with entertaining dialogue, and tons of Easter eggs. There are also many side tasks and quests, adding hours of gameplay. Yes, some of the controls are a little iffy during the mini game portions, especially the d-pad, but it just adds to the challenge. And again, is reminiscent of the games during that time. I’ve had a few issues with crashing, but there are enough save points that it has never been an issue. Highly recommended this for anyone who is a lover of nostalgic games, or is looking for a game to spend a lot of time with. I hope there are more! I played, and loved, the first evoland and this is an amazing addition to the series. A++++

- To good for the price

This is by far one of the best games I have every played on my phone and with 13 hours play time and it was the time of my life 13 hours of rushing though btw The game is a true masterpiece I can’t wait for a third and truth be told I would have paid easily dubble and still been happy absolutely wonderfull from memorys to game I will happily recommend this to everyone i know and any one who is playing this. When number 3 comes out idc how exensive number 3 will be imma get it

- Fun, but...

Well, it’s a good game! The story at first seemed pretty stupid to me, but it’s a tad interesting once you get into it later on... cuz the story doesn’t bring a whole lot of plot twists, (but still some) but stuff does happen different than how I expected it to. Anyway, I’m late into the game, but I’m stuck! I can’t find out what to do. And, I haven’t entered the app in a long while... I have given up on it. Why isn’t there some sort of feature to prevent little noobs like me for when they just CAN’T do it?! The point of a game is to enjoy it, but being stuck sure doesn’t seem enjoyable in these circumstances...

- Cannot save games on Apple TV.

After purchasing this game for our Apple TV 4, my kids and I played for about 30 - 40 minutes, saved two games, and then quit. When we opened the application the next day to continue our adventures, we saw that both games had been erased! As a test, we started up a new game, saved it, proceeded past the first checkpoint and then exited to the game menu. We saw that the saved game was present in the menu. Next we quit to the Apple TV home screen and immediately reopened the game. The saved file had again disappeared. I performed one more test later that evening, deliberately stepping on every glowing checkpoint/save game spot until reaching the arena challenges. Exiting to the game menu showed the saved file and allowed me to return to the story where I left off. However, quitting to the Apple TV home screen once again deleted the saved game. EL2 boasts 20 hours of gameplay, but I am sure that this does not mean playing for 20 consecutive hours. I e-mailed the developers and was told that they are currently working on a fix. However the last EL2 update was in Aug 2018, so this issue has persisted for 7 months.

- Amazing game with some slight control issues

A lot of people on these reviews are saying that the controls are just atrocious , but that’s simply not true. There is absolutely room for improvement when it comes to very quick and small moves you try to make not registering. But it is not game breaking. I haven’t beaten it yet, but can already say if you liked the first game , but wish there was just a little more to it including story, then you’ll love this game . If you didn’t play the first, but you really like the old school and new school styles of gameboy games and current 3ds, you can’t go wrong

- Great Zelda knockoff but...

Great game! But like many before me that I read before buying the game (hoping it would have been fixed before I bought but unfortunately not) are the complaints of the controls to which instead of making a joystick for the move you should do a D pad like most games for this type of game style does on mobile and it works much better, as well maybe think of making the action button bigger because I’ve had a few times of trying to hit it only to not be doing a thing and then suddenly dying.

- I would give this game a 5 star rating but.....

After 27 plus hours of gameplay I got stuck on the hidden island. No mater what I do I can’t fly or sail off of this island. When I looked it up on google to see if I was doing something wrong, I saw that they fixed the problem. I looked and there was an update so I downloaded it. The fix must have been for the computer version cause I’m still stuck on an island where all I got was a card so I’m irritated I even landed on the island. I really want to finish the game but starting from the beginning at this point is not going to happen. I msgd the developer and am just waiting for an email response that I thought I would have gotten by now because it was a couple hours ago.

- DON’T BUY. Worst iOS controls in a game.

The story and game are solid. Albeit, this game has copied almost every successful NES/SNES GAME EVER MADE. Plot is practically Crono Trigger with injections of Street Fighter, Bomberman, even a SHMUP(think 1942). Unfortunately, the controls are so absolutely poor the game becomes unenjoyable, practically refund worthy. Your character can barely move around the RPG map. Imagine trying to beat a shmup with barely the ability to go left or right. There are plenty of games on iOS with good controls. The devs seem to have imitated every other game they somehow couldn’t find a good controller to imitate. I’m sure the game is great on other platforms with a controller but on iOS the game is barely playable.

- Chronotrigger reborn

This game is amazing. Honestly, it’s extraordinary. So much love and thought and creativity went into it. Some reviews are criticizing the controls, and I will admit that they are less than perfect. Particularly in the airplane shoot-em-up section. That being said, I was able to beat everything in the game on the hardest difficulty (which is pretty hard, actually) so the controls don’t actually prevent you from winning. Story was so good the controls were rarely bat I focused on.

- Amazing

This is one of the best games in the App Store. Controls can be glitchy at times and some levels are slightly too long, but the richness, quality and length of the game easily makes up for it. I’m going on 30 hours of play and still haven’t completed the story and am discovering new things. If you have issues with the controls for certain gameplay styles try tweaking them in the settings. That worked for me.

- Buy it when it’s $0.99

This game has a lot of content and it took me 19 hours to complete. At its best you are able to choose from a variety of different types of games. However, you will eventually have to go through each of these types whether it’s bullet hell, turn-based strategy, or platformer. Some are done well, most are not. This extends to all elements of Evoland 2, including its story which could be really cheesy sometimes. However, I still liked this game, and it’s better than most iPhone games.

- Unusable controls ruin otherwise great game

Touch controls are buggy and often get stuck so I can’t move. The concept is fun and the level design generally interesting. I love the tributes to genres and gaming eras, but I’m going to have to stop now that I am in the 3D world with controls that keep screwing up. I was able to muddle through and now I at a small mini game of Pac-Man that has controls that I have to tap on like crazy to get them to do anything. Plus Pac-Man gets stuck on the walls when you push a direction too early. What a waste of all this effort to create this game, just to put in so little effort where it really counts.

- Love the game so far

Not even a fan of these types of games, but the nostalgia honestly sucked me in and I gave it a try. No regrets as of yet. I see some comments about some parts being really hard, so I hope it’s easier if using a controller like I do. I’d hate for that to ruin the game for me. It has 3 difficulty settings too, so you’d think picking the easier setting would help some people get past the harder parts.

- Snake Game pls Fix

In the lab, one needs to play the snake game to pass, however, the controls are extremely touchy and will not always make the snake move, making the game next to impossible to complete. As was the case for me at least. Please fix this ASAP, I really like the game and don’t want my adventure to be halted by a simple mal produced controller. The problem is that the outer half of the button on each direction does not work, so often times the snake will either do nothing or go in the wrong direction

- The frames are trash

This is an early review as i am still early in the game. For a game that is compatable for iphone 5s, i cannot fathom why i am in an early dungeon and my game slows to a crawlon my iphone 7 plus. To the point that i feel like i an trying to play crysis max graphics on a toaster from 2003. My frames cant be higher than 20 at any point in my gameplay and it infuriates me as i am trying my hardest to keep an open mind because i love games like this. I honestly cant see myself completing the game if i cant pass this dungeon because i die by traps because my game is too slow to properly react to my controls.

- Awesome game!

I don’t know what all the whining is about. I just finished the mushroom area in less than 30 min. Stop blaming Noob skills on the controls. The sections of this game are fun and challenging without being impossible. Don’t change a thing! This game is well worth the money! Filled with action, puzzles and every style of gaming there is! All with a GREAT plot story! I’m already looking forward to future sequels! Thanks and GREAT JOB!

- Fun game. Controls are annoying!

It’s a fun game that throws back to the 8 and 16 but era. Controls need a lot of improvement. Especially when you get to the 3D levels. The controls don’t retain your settings. I’ve requested a fixed joystick of a much larger diameter. When I go to the game it’s a tiny fixed circle. Almost impossible to get back to center. If the control settings actually worked it would be a better game. It’s frustrating to have to time things when it’s too easy to lose the controls.

- Good but frustrating

I love the game, but I’m stuck at one of the mini games (Pac-Man) because the controls aren’t responsive. It’s incredibly frustrating, I’ve tried so many times. Also as other people have said on the iPhone X some of the dialogue gets cut off, not a big deal for me but please fix the controls! Edit: The mini game controls are way better now! I love this game, one of the best I’ve ever played on my iPhone :) definitely would recommend to anyone.

- THE Blasphemous CONTROLS!!!

GOODNESS PPL! Now before purchasing this game I read about the reviews on the controller issues...but GOLLY!!! I’m up to the Rock-O-Meter boss and goodness ppl! WHY! Why hasn’t this problem been corrected yet? I mean, that’s all will complain about.. such a great game but yet turning me off to write a review like this. Normally I’ll give a review after I finish a game... but I’m almost at the point of finishing it... but not the game, but finishing giving this gave patients! The frustration of this game has me ready to delete it... I’ve been looking at the App Store for over a month.. and no updates to be found... guys! Great game but your killing us without an update.

- Punishing difficulty

I was really enjoying the story, including the obvious Chrono Trigger inspiration. But the platforming sections are incredibly frustrating, especially when I make a difficult jump only to fall later and lose my progress. I finally reached the rooftop chase, and there’s this one jump between two jets that I just can’t make after dozens of tries. This crosses the line from difficulty to punishment, and I refuse to continue. A shame, since 90% of the gameplay is great. I wish there were a way to skip the frustrating points and finish the story.

- Unique and Fun

I definitely recommend this game. It’s been very fun so far and when I complete it, I’ll give a more thorough review. PS: in the ghost part early in the game where you have to locate all 6 ghosts, there’s a bug where you don’t have the ability to jump while underground to find the last ghost and you have to press start then resume the game in order to gain your jump ability.

- What happened??

The first game was perfect and from the outside this one looks to be on the same page BUT somehow the controls got pushed to side during development because they don’t work this game is almost unplayable which makes me sad because I know it’s gonna be a great game. Unfortunately I will have to wait for an update to finish it because the frustration I get from the not working controls is gonna make me hate the game and I know this has giant potential. Please Fix Quickly!!!

- Wow what a hilarious and great game.

I've played the first Evoland and while the story wasnt really the man focus everything about the game was enjoyable. The system makes funny remarks like "you got a key (subtext) guess what it's used for" and you can find things in chest like better graphics or sound effects and what not. I'm not even finished with Evoland 2 but I just fought teenage mutant Ninja squirrels I think thats all I have to say.

- Was awesome, until the guitar hero segment...

I really appreciate the thought going into older games. Fantastic idea. But on mobile, the timing is so off on the guitar hero segment and your finger needs to be in the EXACT small spot to have it register. I’m seeeing reviews giving tips with joysticks and controllers etc but this game does not translate to mobile well. If it’s a guitar hero challenge, at the very least make the timing of the song match the button presses. I’ve gone through many rounds and the time I’ve pressed the button the first time doesn’t work the second time

- Great but controls need some work...

Bout using a controller which would probably help a lot, but the movement is a little rough with fast movements, and the attack button is stuck in the corner of your phone (as opposed to some similar games where you have a bit of extra space to push and the game will still register an attack). Instead it’s a very limited area that doesn’t feel comfortable to push.

- Great Game!

The controls are fine for the game. For people who do not know if they should get the game, they should. The controls are not bad at all, and the puzzles are fun. You can move around the walking/moving circle, and the attack button is in a good place. I enjoyed playing and beating the game. It was overall, really fun, and one of the best games I’ve ever played. It also has a good story to it.

- Great game - controls are terrible

I’m still giving this game 4 stars because it’s well done. And normally I can deal with weak controls but this game requires precise movement. And I don’t mind dying to difficulty but the amount of frustrating deaths due to the awful control of the main character is frustrating. The devs need to look at Cat Quest and Stranger Things to learn how to do it right. I’m loving the game but I might put it on hold till they deal with the issue.

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- Incredible game

I never think of myself as a gamer. Regarding gamers my knowledge of G-law is farcical, regarding non gamers I’m a filthy greasy eternal virgin of computer-game-stock berserk. I’ve missed a million references to other games, and I’ve latched on to a few as reactively as sodium cubes dropped into a cistern. This is an incredible game with a tad less sadism than Zelda games where the only way to know how to proceed is to sacrifice your kidneys on the black market under a full moon, and just enough save points and auto saves to prevent you from killing yourself after a horrendous boss battle when your phone dies. An incredible game that stands out from the market saturated with diluted pay to plays and pay to win. It’s lengthy, funny, interesting, with a few dark asides - like when the characters all pass out and when a male one assists another to stand up she ‘suggests’ he was about to take advantage of her. Because we all know Link would have needed some reprieve during his journeys to save the wayward princess. 5 celestial torches from me

- Excellent game

I really love this game , but since I updated it the card games don’t work anymore iPhone X . Can you please fix thanks

- the controls are really annoying

i really liked evoland but now i feel i paid decent money for a game i cant even play unless i fork out additional money for a third party controller when ive got a perfectly good ps4 one sitting right there. paid extra money for ipad pro so could use the apple pencil with it but the pencils good for sweet f.a in this case. Disappointed, would be impressed if you could consider support for peripherals. other than that and the price yeah its a good game

- I’ve had enough repeating

I want to like this game. I really do. I just feel like all I’m doing is trying to get through one frustrating stage after another and not really enjoying it at all. I keep thinking that after each stage a more open world enjoyable game will emerge but it doesn’t.

- Trash!

Unplayable into about 10 mins gameplay when my iPad gave out a warning ON MULTIPLE OCCASSION! deeming the app was unable to queue and only way to stop that way to close the app, WITHOUT SAVING, and therefore being unable to keep progress. The app keeps quitting randomly within 10 minutes on gaming and won’t allow me to save even before then

- Why!!!

First I’d like to point out this game is REALLLLLLLLY hard and long they need to make it easier for people anyone who is known to rage DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME.

- Stuck in the middle due to bug

It’s a good game and a lot of fun but after some hours of playing, I’m stuck in a mini game with no way out or back. All progress stalled and probably lost. Frustrating and disheartening. I don’t fancy repeating everything so I guess it’s shelved for now.

- This game doesn’t save!

Every time l play this game and save it, l come back the next day and all of my progress is gone. It is a good game though and l enjoyed it but fix this problem please.

- Found Lab

Found lab..... just had to click around some trees .... this game is frikken awesome

- Great game!

Great game! Lots of playtime and it never gets old!

- Disappointed

The moving control is extremely bad.

- Good gameplay

Definitely fun and im all for RPg game but Pro: Fun, enjoyable and fascinating art Con: no map, no direction where to go worst of all the virtual thumbstick is a hassle and bad. Need better virtual control Overall 6/10 not worth $9

- Great hilarious

It’s a really good and funny game

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- Epic game; Great port!!!

”MeAndMyStick”’s review is unbelievably idiotic... I purchased this game for my IPad pro and it’s full screen and works perfectly!!! The fact he/she openly admits that they can’t figure out how to obtain the sword (Hint: Talk to NPC’s and they tell you what to do and where to go to get it) should be embarrassing for that person! Why people give bad reviews on games that their brains aren’t powerful enough to comprehend is insulting to the developers!!! 🤬 This game is like playing through the history of video games!!! A nearly perfect game with perfect controller support!!! Amazing jobs Devs! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 ❤️❤️❤️

- The screen doesn’t fit

Its really a great game that gives tribute to all classic genre/gameplay style from past gen. Although, there seems to be a problem with the screen because it doesn’t fit at all. I’m using an Iphone 7 to play this game and the screen is the only issue I had so far. Its a shame that this game has this game has this problem but i hope that this get fixed soon. I won’t play this game as of yet because I feel that the problem will ruin my overall experience hahahaha. 🤣🤣🤣 Edit: Hey devs! Its been almost a week since the game came out and still no update or fix on the screen problem. I already sent an email to you guys regarding this problem and if there’s still no fix for this asap please... I want my money back. Edit: Screen problem fixed and I’m really enjoying the game! If this gets ported to consoles its definitely going to be one of my must buys!

- Great multi genre RPG

Great multi genre RPG with good soundtrack forget what reviewers say of unmemorable tunes each area generally has a unique tune. It’s not to difficult if you’ve ever played alundra on ps1 has many places to explore and secrets not so easy to find.

- This time the adventure lasts! Great story.

What a change from the first game and for the better. Thank you for making this happen And we are looking forward to the future from the present till it becomes the past and we are looking back at it from the future and playing Evoland 3 :).

- Nice!

Just one bug When you exit out of the game and open it back the music stops playing Other than that it’s a pretty good game so far

- Amazing

The first game was amazing, and this one was even better. It blends a whole bunch of video game genres into one with a ton of references.

- Screen fit issue

Unfortunately, I am seeing a similar issue to what the other reviewer mentioned. On my iPhone 6s, the losing screen fills the entire display, but after that, the game screen is only in the bottom left corner, although the on-screen buttons seem to be responsive for the positions they would be in if it filled the entire display. I’m hoping this will be patched soon, but it’s a bit disappointing after I just paid a decent amount of money (for an app), and it’s not really usable. For the record, I’m not using a controller, and I downloaded version 1.0.4.

- Great game.

A fun game to play. A nice variety of mechanics so it doesn't feel repetitive.

- lol

It is good and cool

- Sound doesn’t work

Downloaded the game. No sound. Reinstalled the game still no sounds. Playing on a new iPhone 10 XS max. Please fix

- Uncaught exception??

I was playing the game and an uncaught exception popped up right after I left the city?? Please fix this I really like the game. I’m playing on an iPhone SE 2 and it’s the newest iPhone so I didn’t think I’d have problems

- One of the legend

Very great rpg with rich content mixing different mini game plays, different graphic mode, hearthstone-like card collecting, shoot them up, mini puzzles, street fighter(the control a bit hard honesty) and most important it has a great storyline! Only complaint is the guitar hero mini game, can you make the control BIGGER? other than that, I’m just loving it and Keep up the good work,

- Absolutely amazing

Outside of a controller, the controls can be a bit frustrating during certain genres, but other then that this game is just so, so good, there really is no way to describe it, just that if you want a game that you will last you a long time and take you through many creative different forms of gameplay, this is the game for you

- Poor controls, boring combat.

Combat is not fun at all. Very frustrating movement controls with extremely basic combat.

- Great game

This was .99 cents? What a steal. Thank you to the developers.

- I found a glitch

Hey Devs I found a glitch at the part where you get the gravity apple and it’s when you leave to the main menu and join back and get stuck in the part you fall. Ps I hope you see this and the is a great game so far. Ps again can you add a feature where you can adjust the interaction button if you can I would appreciate. By Seth Muffin

- Really Fun Game

Please make a Evoland 3!!!

- Very hard to control using IPAD

Dont recommend it at all... Display is also very low quality...

- Great Game! But big Glitch!

Hi! Really enjoying the game so far, but I’m in the sylph forest and I’m in the future era, and there are these vines I’m supposed to go through, but the game won’t let me go through them even though I’ve used finas ability and cleared the vines it’s acting as if there is an invisible wall! And I can’t continue the game now!!

- Super fun!! but the controls.

The game is amazing! The only downside is that the controls aren’t that responsive sometimes and makes some parts of the game almost feel impossible. I feel like moving around should be more of a swipe in the direction and hold rather than the joystick.

- Great game

Very cool game. Love the concept and the art! The controls are horrendous.

- The control is annoying

Great game and all but the control, especially for the mini game really sucks. The pc version might be better but the control on the iPhone version gets so frustrating

- Worlds best game

So good. Plot is awesome. Never crashes. Should be worth $1000000

- Fun but needs bug fixes

While it improves on the first Evoland in most areas, Evoland 2 on iOS still has some issues. Where the original Evoland used the ever-changing nature of the game’s play and presentation as a gimmick, Evoland 2 tries to weave that into the narrative, and it works for the most part. The gameplay is now mostly ARPG style, with some 2D action bits thrown in, not unlike Link’s Awakening. The controls are a bit clunky, but they get the job done. The game isn’t currently optimized for the iPhone XS, as dialogue boxes are frequently obfuscated by the black part of the phone at the top of your screen. I’ve also experienced issues where the audio crashes in the game, and parts of the sound stop playing.

- i love this game.

im not exaggerating when i say this, but this is the best game i have played in my entire life so far. the references are cool, the humor is amazing, it puts up a decent challenge while still keeping you interested, and even has LORE. when im older, if they release a third, i dont know what i would do to get it. 10/10 would evoland 2 again. if you dont like this game, i hope the disiples throw you into the smug pit.

- Highly Recommended

One of the best games I’ve ever play in this platform. For players: If you’re fan of this genre, you’re not going to be disappointed at all. It has everything action, difficulty, comedy and strategy. It took like 30-ish hours to complete it. Works beautifully with game controller (Nimbus in my case). I played it on iPhone XS, iPad Pro (2018) and AppleTV and iCloud works nice. No In-App purchases. I can’t stress enough how great is to pay for a great game and not feeling scammed by pay-to-win games. Highly recommended. For Developers: Great job overall. I bought all your other games because of this game. Kudos for the game designer and the whole team that made this game possible. I reported bugs with iPhone XS and iPad Pro (2018). Please take care of them and this will improve the costumer satisfaction.

- Gg


- Fun, but always crashes

Am I the only one experiencing the game crashing? I keep getting an error message saying “uncaught exception” otherwise the game would be 5 stars. I can’t advance because I keep having to replay the same scene over and over.

- Fix the horrendous controls then it will be a good game

I cant continue to play because of the horrendous controls in the game. The controls in the game are the worst controls Ive ever experienced in any type of ios games so far. Overall contents are good. This will surely be at least 4 stars game if the controls become user friendly.


Hands down, one of the BEST games I have ever played! Brilliant story, amazing characters and great graphics! What more can ask for? Seriously give it a shot! You won’t regret it! ❤️👍

- Awesome Game!

Already have 12 hours in the game and have some more ahead of me! Definitely pick this one up!

- Amazing!

This game is great you get everything retro and more, but it keeps crashing right after Ceres kills the guardian... would be great to finish the game please fix!

- Fkin trash always crashes

Waste of money:) wish i could give it 0 star

- I love iiiit

Please make an evoland 3 I finish the 1 and 2 ! I really love this game !

- Glitch in haunted forest

I really like this game but now I’m stuck, cause I’m in the haunted forest trying to get the last ghost so I’m in the underground where it’s supposed to change to the side scroller but my screen doesn’t come up with the jump button, it has the joystick button and the attack button but no jump and you can’t get through it if you can’t jump, so can someone please tell me why it’s doing this, i sent a message to app support but haven’t seen a reply yet, please help!!!!

- Worst control ever!!!

The kind of game that need a joystick! I wasted my money on an unplayable game

- Awesome Game!

Love that you guys added fixed controls. Really helps!!

- Controls need work

It’s a fun game, but the controls are very poor. Moving around quickly (or at all sometimes) can be very aggravating. I have a hard time staying interested because of this problem. Shame really. It seems quite fun otherwise.

- Beautiful game

But the dialogs are unnecessarily long and boring. Every little sequence needs a back and forward banter. It’s gets annoying fast

- Fantastic and Beautiful piece of Art! 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

This game is positively a Gem. Epic plot line, great gameplay and characters that grow on you, A beautifully coded masterpiece. I only have two issues; 1) Fix the glitch that prevents me from flying off Lost Island in the War era after using the pier to go to world map, and 2) add a postgame plot line where you play the Giro events (We all know K and G are one and the same). This game deserves more awards than it has. Bravissimo! And finally, thanks for such a stunning, complex and fun game!

- Most fun I’ve ever had in an RPG

You had me at a troll on an elevator! Game mixes elements from every RPG in a way that doesn’t feel like a novelty act, it feels necessary for the story and works perfectly. The story and gameplay is hilarious and well written. I was engaged from the start and didn’t put this game down for a week. Had over 30 hours of gameplay which rivals any final fantasy or dragon quest game. I admit the controls need fixing on the iPad, certain side scrolling levels were frustrating but after some practice they aren’t as bad as some people make them out to be. I overlooked it because the game in its entirety was too addicting and fun to complain about. This is as good as any Game that costs over $60 on a console...for this price it’s a steal!

- This game is amazing! Get it... now!

Evoland 2 is honestly the best game I’ve played. It’s so nice to journey through time and be refreshed with all the good memories of my past. Play this game, you’ll love it!

- Love it!

Can’t stop playing. A humorous, puzzling, satisfying game with a deeper than expected storyline. Congrats and thanks for the experience !

- Sorry to bother you again

Hi it’s me again I don’t mean to keep hating on u. I love this game it funny and fun to play but now I can’t even get to the ladder on the pirates level

- Poor controls...

The controls are frustrating. Half the time, no matter how or where you move your thumb on the circle that’s supposed to make your character walk or go up and down a ladder, nothing happens. Or the jump button doesn’t work and then you die. And die. And die.

- Great game..but..

This is a great game, but I find the controls a little sticky or not as responsive on the screen, not sure if it’s just my thumb, finger? Timing some of those jumps are tough! Otherwise I’m usually excited to pick this up and continue on!!

- Controller issue

Great game, but having issues with the controller. Like a few others that I noticed I am having problems moving the character using the circle on my iPad. Either won’t respond or move. Not sure if the latest update was suppose to fix this but still not working.

- Love it!

Such a fun concept really enjoying the game!

- “Old” gamer treasure, fun retro game for youngs

This game brings back a lot of memories, without being a copy of anything! Thank you Warning bitful graphics :-D

- Super fun game!

Like 14 games in 1! Really enjoying it so far, nice work!

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- Pirate Base Progression Bug

Great game, but there is a particular bug that needs to be fixed. The ladder issue is settled, but the pathway leading up to it has an invisible wall when I get close to it after the screen transition. There’s a particular corner that traps me when I walk up+left; I can’t move at all after that. Please help, I’m unable to continue the game unless this is resolved.

- Just get it...

Update: Previous update has enlarged “game pad” on mini games in giros lab. Thanks devs, I was finally able to get out of there. Game is absolutely amazing. Best one of its kind. Actually has a good amount of content. Reaching demonia castle now with turn by turn gameplay, so fun. Love all the different styles. Anyway. Release an Evoland 3. I’ll give you 10 bucks any day, for another great title like this. 👍🏻

- Started out loving it but..

Game is great and a lot of fun. But, it gets waaay to hard if you aren’t a video game expert. Windy valley mountain has a few wide jumps with mushrooms you have to land on. If you miss or don’t time just right, you hit the crystal spikes, which AUTOMATICALLY kills you. I’ve played a lot of games of this type and never have I played something this hard. Several attempts later and I’m still on the same part of the level, and may give up at this point. Too bad..

- Addicting

Great game! Not many games that I love to sit back and play for hours like this one. I Love the nostalgia gaming styles, puzzles, graphics, and story line. However, When I don’t have my game controller attachment for my phone, it isn’t as enjoyable and can be a bit annoying trying to control my player. Anyway, great job on the game and I hope to see a Evoland 3 someday! :D

- Love it

There is a puzzle I’m stuck at. I love this game though. The story, character, gameplay everything is awesome. Edit: I am no longer stuck 30 seconds after posting that. I will mention a problem I do have. The attack button is too small. I find myself tapping away and then I realize I’m not even close to it and end up taking damage because I’m just standing there. Larger buttons perhaps? Touch screen is a bit. Well. Touchy. Also when I move around with the “joystick” there are a lot of hiccups where I move the wrong way, or sometimes don’t even move at all. Just some minor coding, the rest is great.

- Confused

I am a diehard Zelda lover and really love this game. Here is my issue: seems either I am missing something or it’s a glitch. I cannot go back and forth between Fina and Menos’ powers. If I need Menos’ downward power, I get stuck with Finas sideways power and vice versa. Help. If not for this, a five star review from me. Anyone have any thoughts to help me out here? Players? Developers? I am playing on an IPhone 7. No issues other than this. I am stuck in the haunted forest dungeon future with the fish and skeletons.

- Best iOS since Oceanhorn

This is a fantastic game with TONS of content, lots of humor (some clever, some groanworthy), a crazy bunch of minigames (with horrible controls, but playable anyway) spanning every genre imaginable, and a saving bug that took me five play hours back to the mines and lost all the progress, cards, and treasures I picked up in that time. Five stars EASILY if I didn’t have to keep starting from the cart puzzles and replaying everything every time I set my iPad down.

- Amazing game

I thoroughly enjoyed playing this game. At first I was worried it would be kind of one dimensional like Evoland was, but it’s definitely a complete game. The story was really engrossing and well written and the characters were really endearing. I also loved all the different mechanics and all the different variations of gameplay represented. If you like rpgs, definitely play this game!

- Awesome game, but needs better controls

I’ll go straight to the point. So far the game is quite dynamic, and makes you learn to adapt to different gameplays. However, the controls need some improvement - Too small for my fingers. Maybe it should allow us to adjust the size of the controls?

- Best game ever made

You must play this game, I couldn’t put it down until I was done, but now I’m kinda sad it’s over, I also wish that they had a post game arcade section where you could play all the different mini genre bits like the street fighter based section, it was super fun to play and I wish there was more

- Not nearly as much fun as the original

After loving the first game I was quite disappointed in this one. There are just too many spots where you have to fight the poor controls to get through platform levels before being able to advance further. I have made it through some difficult platformers before, but after hitting so many spots that required many, many tries fighting with bad controls I decided I would rather do something fun and I deleted the game.

- Surprisingly Legit!

I played the original evoland and thought it was good but was so short that it didnt feel like a fully fleshed out game. Evoland 2 takes the novelty of the rpg styles and history and actually fleshes out a full length game(16-20 hours depending on difficulty) that has a surprisingly great story and honors the rpg history as well while poking fun at a lot of pop culture gaming.

- Great game almost flawless

I rarely write reviews, and indeed this game is one of the few who deserves a 5 star review, won’t get into details just play it it’s awesome old game themed with a great story and LONG LONG LONG play time, usually games on iOS takes one evening to finish this one took couple of evenings totally worth your money guys just buy don’t hesitate

- The game is freaking amazing.

This is an amazing game. So many “inside” jokes and references to other games and movie series it’s crazy. I’m playing it on Apple TV with a separate controller and it’s great, but I can see how some parts of the game could be difficult on the phone. Also you should be a fan of old school game if to really enjoy this game.

- Uncaught expection

I love the game played hours and hours on pc , i recently jus bought this for iphone and it will randomly give me this error and will not allow to dismiss all or continue and makes me exit which i lose progress. I really hope this can be fixed.

- Great game, not-so-great controls

There’s a lot packed into this game! The mix of game styles (rpg, shooter, fighter, side-scrolling arcade, endless runner) really makes it exciting. However, the controls are a bit lacking, especially when in the manic fights such as the shooter and street fighter portions. It was so hard to execute a special move that I felt lucky when it happened. Tweak the controls and this would be a 5-Star game.

- Great game!

This game is definitely by far one of the greatest games I ever played! The story is so well written! I loved the first one and immediately bought this one shortly after playing the first. If your a gamer who is a fan of The Legend or Zelda, Final Fantasy, or any puzzle role playing games then this is definitely for you!

- Great Game

Fantastic game, it fixed the length issue of the first installment and expanded on the clever nods to retro media. The only thing I didn’t like was the new take on world evolution. I won’t spoil it for anyone, just buy it and find out. You know you’re going to, and it is completely worth the dollar.

- Great Throwback with control issues.

The game is great, but plagued with control issues. Specifically the right action button. I don’t understand why the left move button has a wider range of sensitivity, but the action button doesn’t. It’s too small and needs a bigger range of sensitivity. If I don’t hit the circle just right in combat, the character doesn’t do anything and is very frustrating.

- WOW! Long, deep, and intriguing!

This game is wwwwaaaaaayyyy worth more than 4 bucks! Hours and hours of (Zelda like) gaming! Better than any Zelda after Phantom hourglass. GET THIS! you won’t be sorry. It has some glitches, and it’s frustrating, but it’s well worth the time and effort. This is the best game I’ve played since Stranger Things.

- One of the Best!!!

I’m not done with this but it’s managed to realize multiple generations of gaming and multiple genres better than just about any game in the App Store. Kudos to the dev team. The game controls best with an MFi controller but the touch controls are as good as it gets. You want a hardcore game experience, don’t use a cell phone.

- Screen resolution iPhone 6

I would love to give this a 5 star right off the top. So far the only issue I’ve had is the resolution not fitting my entire screen appropriately. Please developer, apple support someone please contact me and help me resolve this. Been googling for 3 days and I can’t find any fixes.

- Best game ever

I put over 24 hours into this game and it was awesome but when I finally got 100 percent it seemed boring it’s a game you can kinda play once but one time was enough for the whole experience so if you like exploring, fun battles, and a few rage quit moments this game is for you

- I want to love this game.

I realize this is a mobile port, but even taking that into account, the controls are terrible. I have spent as much time fighting the controls as I have the bad guys. An option for larger buttons or a D-pad would be amazing. This game has a lot going for it, but it is so frustrating to lose to a boss over & over because the controls aren’t responsive enough.

- Everything

From story to controls to health. This game is so bad. Nothing like evoland 1. Where are all the incremental upgrades on different aspects of the game? Whenever i get a treasure chest i get a “star” or goop or something stupid. Also the health in this NEEDS to be increased. Because of the terrible controls, youll get hit by a fireball or something 5 times before your character turns to move all while youre holding right on the “joystick”. Waste of money. Thank god i pirated the first one so i only paid for one. Trash.

- Awesome game

U guys have done a amazing job in incorporating things from different games movies and eras good job! One suggestion is to make a better plus pad in Giros lab it’s very slow reacting even if u spam tap a direction. Besides that I would say this is the perfect phone rpg little game. Keep it up

- Will test your patience

First of, this game had an amazing start. The storyline was interesting enough for me to put 8 hours into this game. There are a lot of great surprises in this game. Sadly though, I’m putting this game down for good. I just don’t have the patience to play through this current level. 💣💣💣 ******SPOILER ALERT****** 💣💣💣 I wish there was a way to fast forward riding the carts in the mine. Make it skip able or something. Why am I going to sit through this? I don’t care enough about the story to progress through this lame part of the game. 1/5 stars for this level design. Everything else was 5 stars for me. No way am I going to backtrack and explore this terrible mine level.

- Please fix controls

The game itself is AMAZING. But once you get to sections that need you to select a direction fast, you’re out of luck. (Especially the Guitar Hero section) If your phone model isn’t bigger than a 6, the control pad won’t input because of how small it is compared to your fingers. (The CP I’m talking about is the + pad)

- Great story but horrible controls

Really wish I could continue this game. The snake game is unplayable. If you get to that point in the game just turn it off and save yourself the frustration. If they somehow fix the responsiveness so it reacts correctly I will continue. On the positive side everything up to that point is a ton of fun. There are a lot of nods to great games and the story has potential to be a classic.

- Great game and worth every penny

I loved the first Evoland and was wondering how it could get any better. Well they did it! Great story line ( and I hate story’s) that u will want to read. Great way of incorporating different styles of game. Glad to see this game come out and it’s well worth the money.

- Fun but controls sometimes difficult

The control locks don’t seem to work in then side / up down scrolling areas. This allows you to move the directional controls around apart of your screen and it sometimes has issues moving.

- Great game on IPad Pro , IPhone X has lines everywhere

Game play on iPhone X has digital lines all over screen every time I walk or move my player around . It’s almost like you are seeing what the coding is used to follow the character. On my iPad Pro the game does not have this issue . Other then that , this is a excellent game !

- Execellent Game!!

Love this game!!! Great story, excellent playability, every bit as good as the first one! Disregard trojmor’s review, the cutscene isn’t that long and either he’s trying to play it on a flip phone or doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about! If you like Legend of Zelda type games, this game is a must have!!

- This game is amazing

I love this game and want a third so badly. And all the people who complain about the different game types over and over: it’s literally in the description of the game. If you hate that kind of stuff so much, why buy it?

- Great continuation, but buggy

I loved the first Evoland, but never got around to playing the follow-up until recently. The controls are a bit laggy, and the game has crashed multiple times with an “Uncaught Exception” dialog. Clicking either “Continue” or “Dismiss all” does nothing, and “Exit” exits the game completely.

- Hybrid Game

This game literally combines Zelda, Final Fantasy, Metroid, Street Fighter, Galaga, Pac Man, Double Dragon, Dragonball & DBZ, Space Invaders, Pong, Snake, Bomberman, Super Mario and Kingdom Hearts ALL-IN-ONE. This is how you truly merge arcade/console classics together. I want to give the ultimate 5 Stars, but the controls should be the top priority for this game. Once the controls have been resolved, you’ll most DEFINITELY get 5 stars! Thanks guys!

- Excellent game in need of better controls.

I love this game except for the movement controls. I don’t wish I could fix the directional control to a set point instead of having it move relative to where I put my thumb down. I have more trouble facing my enemy than I should. That said this is a fun throwback to ARPGs past. If they add control options it would be a 5 star game.

- Great game

Just make the joystick dynamic and the game would be perfect. Also it would be nice to have an option to use the joystick on the arcade games because those are incredibly frustrating to control with the dpad. I imagine it all works great on computer so I’d say this is an alright of an amazing game.

- I accidentally bought this

I saw an ad on Facebook for this and ended up downloading it without realizing I was paying for it. Either way the game has been great so far. They do a great job with attaching you to the character.

- Great game but some flaws

It has been a great game so far and plays great with a controller. There is only one thing that irritates me from making this a 5 star is the constant crashing of the app. I am playing this on a iPad 11 in so it’s not that what I am playing on cannot handle it but far from it.

- Game crashes

I spent a long time trying to complete a particular part of the game. Only for it to crash without it even giving me a save point. I will more than likely not play this again, and will consider deleting it. I'm writing this review to warn anyone else who is wanting to purchase this game. It was fun up until that point, but the frustration of it crashing is not worth it. I would suggest to the developers to work on this issue.

- This game

Is amazing. Not nearly as hard and unplayable as the reviews said it was. Gameplay changes keep the game fresh throughout. Would definitely recommend to others

- Great game, not so great controls

Evolands 2 is an immensely fun and intriguing game....with one major caveat: the controls. Playing on an iPhone is a trial in patience and frustration; dodging is almost nonexistent, and I don’t know how many times I’ve hit the attack circle and nothing. It’s a bit of a dull area in what is otherwise a shining star in a mobile gaming universe filled with freemium trash.

- Amazing game

If you like Zelda, or iOS games like oceanhorn or goblin sword you’ll love this game. It is weirdly intricate sometimes (I had to use a guide to get through it). It has a lot of game play for a iOS game and it takes about 15-20 hours to beat! Enjoy!!!

- Alpha mountain bug can’t jump

Hey guys first I want to say that I absolutely love this game and the first one. But I have one problem... a few times I’ve run into a bug where there the jump button disappears. I can’t get past alpha mountain. Please fix this. Thank you. Can’t wait for the 3rd one.

- Literally made me want to throw my ipad

The controls on the platform levels are still so bad that I had to rage quit to avoid smashing my iPad into 1 million pieces. Been stuck at the same point with the mushrooms and crystals for two months. The only reason I don’t believe this game is out of spite. There’s no reason for this game they’re cheap these levels of ridiculous Battletoad difficulty.

- Good game, crummy controls

Fun game, the stationary action button is irritating and the move pad is a little too small. Most other games do these differently for the better. Controls are especially tough during the street fighter style fight and special moves aren’t clear.

- Controls are terrible. Crashed a lot.

I was having a good time with this game but I can’t find myself the will to finish it. The biggest issue are the controls. They are really bad. This lead to many unnecessary deaths and many frustrating moments. They are unresponsive and very slow to react. The next biggest issue is the crashes. I’m playing on an iPhone XS and I’m crashing multiples in an hour game session. I just crashes twice on the same battle in Demoria and the wizards and I just shut it off and have no intention to finish the fight or the game itself. The gameplay isn’t bad though. It’s actually a fun little game. They already got my dollar but don’t let them get yours. The game isn’t great.

- Great game if you can keep your cool

I love the game. I think the developers did a wonderful job. I only advise prospective buyers to beware the frustration that can come from the more difficult parts. Overall a great game.

- Good game that stumbles frequently

Love this game but it has long stretches that it steps away from its strong points to check boxes of different genres. I’m 8 hours in and have probably spent the last 3 hours waiting to get back to what this game excels at not sure at this point if I want to continue pushing through

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Earned 2 PSN trophies (2 bronze) in Evoland


@ashdog_ Play Evoland 1 or 2. Amazing games. I'm pretty sure they're on pc? Idk. I have them on my phone for when i'm bored and traveling. Amazing story btw

dual-wielding coffee cups

Evoland 1 & 2 are still one of the best Indie games ever created.

Evoland 2 1.5.0 Screenshots & Images

Evoland 2 iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Evoland 2 iphone images
Evoland 2 iphone images
Evoland 2 iphone images
Evoland 2 iphone images
Evoland 2 iphone images

Evoland 2 (Version 1.5.0) Install & Download

The applications Evoland 2 was published in the category Games on 2018-02-28 and was developed by Playdigious [Developer ID: 1041387229]. This application file size is 493.37 MB. Evoland 2 - Games app posted on 2020-01-27 current version is 1.5.0 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.playdigious.evoland2

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