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BE WARNED. This game has no tutorial - part of the challenge is figuring out how to play. It's hard, but keep trying, and you'll master it. Good luck!

In this infamous roguelike narrative card game, play as a seeker after unholy mysteries in a 1920s-themed setting of hidden gods and secret histories. Become a scholar of the unseen arts. Craft tools and summon spirits. Indoctrinate innocents. Seize your place as the herald of a new age.

Cultist Simulator was first released on PC and has more than 200,000 players all over the world. Now we’re bringing the cosmic mysteries of Cultist Simulator to mobile.

• Challenging roguelike gameplay - There is never only one history.
Cultist Simulator doesn’t hold your hand. Experiment, expire and transcend death with a story-driven legacy system. Over time you’ll learn enough to wrestle the game to its knees.

• Intense, immersive narrative – Combine cards to tell your own story.
A hefty novel’s worth of choice-based storytelling, from the creator of Fallen London and Sunless Sea. There are many paths through this game of ambition, appetite and abomination, and many ways your tale can end.

• A rich Lovecraftian world – Corrupt your friends and consume your enemies.
Search your dreams for sanity-twisting rituals. Translate grimoires and glean their lore. Penetrate the realm of the Hours and win a place in their service. Cultist Simulator brings the peripheral horror of Lovecraft’s tales to an entirely new setting.

Expand your knowledge with the DLCs: New Legacies, New Ascensions, New Mechanics...
• The Dancer - Join the Bacchanal
• The Priest - Knock, and Ye Shall Be Opened
• The Ghoul - Taste of the graveyard's fruit
• The Exile - Some there are who will not yield

If you run into a problem, please contact us at with as much information as possible on the issue.

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Cultist Simulator Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Cultist Simulator Version 1.927 April 2021

New languages added! Play Cultist Simulator in German and Japanese!.

Cultist Simulator Version 1.8.308 March 2021

- Fix save issue - Minor localization fix.

Cultist Simulator Version 1.8.218 November 2020

• New Exile DLC available! Some there are who will not yield. • New Forbidden Bundle available! Knowledge shall be yours..

Cultist Simulator Comments & Reviews 2022

- Patience rewards!

The high rating and reviews don’t lie - this is an intelligent, complex card game with a Lovecraft theme but without a lot of hand-holding and a bit of a learning curve that requires a lot of patience and experimentation (but with great context sensitive clues to help you along). If all of this sounds appealing, you will love this game. The atmosphere, music, graphics and writing are all some of the best you will find in an iOS game. There is horror, there is humor, there is dread, there is epiphany. The devs can’t get enough credit for building a deep and complex world for you to get sucked into. Just bring some patience, as you will need it to learn Cultist Simulator on its terms and avoid the wikis if you can. The key here is to be open to experimentation, to experiencing a lot of in-game deaths in typical rogue-like fashion, and to knowing that if you stick with it and read every clue the game has to offer, things will start to click, and when you do, you will have a wonderful trove of content to play - both in the included in-game characters and in the expansion pack characters, all with different goals and play styles. Kudos to the devs as nobody is out there making games like this.

- A very odd, delightful game of words and story

The clue’s in the name. You’re playing a cultist, but less of the chanting and murder aesthetic and more of the slightly maddened researcher uncovering the hidden truths behind the world... and learning to use them. The mythos is incredible and built from the ground up in a way that delights readers, but feels fresh and new and almost obsessive to learn more about due to how carefully it’s been constructed. Make no mistake that this is a card game and there is plate spinning involved, and a lot of trial and error. But it’s very cool that that kind of mirrors the experience of being a cultist - you don’t know what you’re doing, and you’re dying, and then, all of a sudden, there is the euphoria of a breakthrough. I’m a big fan. I would definitely recommend this game if you have good headphones and an overactive imagination. It’s words on a page and a sense of figuring out things as you place down your cards in different tiles and use reading comprehension and a very... odd sense of logic, to figure out what might just happen. You make the story happen in your mind, but this game provides the encouragement to make it something magical.

- Fascinating; addictive

To put it simply, if you like managing multiple nodes at the same time to survive (like in mini Metro), you will like this game. If you like finding secrets, exploring new paths, delving into mysteries... you will like this game. I haven’t been this hooked in a long, long time. I was apprehensive of the lack of tutorial warning, since the last game I tried warned of the same thing and I was too confused to understand and enjoy. For this game, the confusion is purposeful. The basics are obvious, so you can hop right in. Click and drag: that’s it. You click and drag the card to the square. There’s even a manual to explain (which made me wonder about the no-tutorial thing but whatever). What’s confusing is how to survive; how to balance the different elements so you don’t perish; and what elements unlock new things. And that’s the purpose of the game; to discover those things. Easy to learn, hard to master and all of that jazz. The mechanics fit brilliantly. You don’t grind for unlocks but you won’t go through any one play through where you haven’t discovered another cool thing to explore — and another way to die. But since you are constantly progressing, death is insignificant, not annoying. It’s a progression game done right. Not to mention, the atmosphere, sound effects, music, writing and style blend together seamlessly. In fact, the writing is lyrical and brilliant. No easy sentences or rough translation here. I have yet to encounter any bugs.

- Great game, and great port.

Extremely great game, whether you’re looking to pass the time or delve into lovecraftianesque lore. No tutorial, and little explanation past the initial actions (which is an intentional feature, not an overlooked flaw). Some bugs, but none that are game breaking. A bit of grinding in the mid to late game, though if at any point you slip up you could end up in jail, or find yourself wasting away from despair or going insane. Almost exactly the same as the computer version. My main complaint is that the table is noticeably smaller, leaving much less room for the dozens and hundreds of cards one can collect during a play through. I’ve been able to make it more manageable by reducing the grid snap size to 1/2, but it’s still frustrating at times. I haven’t gotten far enough to see if they have the apostle legacies or the dancer dlc, but the base game is still very much worth the price.

- iCloud sync deleted ALL my progress

Yea...I still love this game, though. Finally beat it and mastering it. One of my favs for sure. Edit: like one of the other reviewers has said, you aren’t able to do the ‘Temptation: Change’ aka ‘The Dancer’ storyline/playthrough even though there are hints in the cards when you talk to the specific person and also ‘The Dancer’ achievements are shown as available in Game Center. I have contacted the devs who said they will get back to me (much appreciate for quick response) and they think the dlc wasn’t added to iOS...again, weird since the conversation texts are in the game and the achievements are too: but it refuses to let you speak to a certain person at the club. Hopefully devs will fix/add this ASAP! If anyone else is having this issue be sure to request as well so we can continue our crazy cult fun!

- Solitaire with a side of mysticism

Cultist simulator is a frantic pursuit of eldritch power in a dystopian state. You can win a minor victory without ever dipping more than a toe into the dreaming world of the Mansus. You don’t have to sacrifice life to become an immortal. Cultist simulator is interesting because if you fail, you have only yourself to blame. The game consists of using cards you draw with “actions” that consume them. The results have an element of randomness, but if you carefully observe the possible results of your actions the randomness is highly controllable. Each of the “game over” threats have a “three strikes, you’re out” rule to them. If you get a strike, you can avoid generating more if you pay attention, and focus on generating a card to clear the threat. You will lose because you will get wrapped up in figuring out the next step in becoming more powerful, and miss a failure condition generating out of control. This game is about keeping managed control as you delve deeper into a richly written world of otherworldly knowledge. It feels great, and let’s you empathize with what it’s like to descend further into questionable choices as you pursue power. Play it. It’s worth the cost. You can win a minor victory without ever becoming a magical demigod. But where is the fun in that?

- A creative and confusing game

I rate this 5 stars because it’s a fun game and it’s so cool to learn I don’t suggest learning by using wiki or other things getting help from a freind is fine don’t let them tell you too much tho but this game is definitely confusing but for ones that have a bit of patience and are interested in a unique experience each time this is the game for you this isn’t a fast paced game or anything like that please do not be wavered to buy this great game by some of the bad reviews if you think you would like it you most likely will most of the people that didn’t probably didn’t take the time to understand this game so I implore you to also buy this game if it looks of something that fits your interest or if it doesn’t you can always try something new 🤷‍♂️

- Can You Really Understand?

When your shadow's eyes look back at you with the light of stars, you will begin to comprehend this game. Victory means you must surrender to the control exerted by the entities in the inner space of your ipad compelling you to slide your finger just so, apply pressure there, and then timing everything just wrong so that you may fall into their victory. Learning curve is intentional. Do not look up on the internet how to play, where is the fun in that? Just keep trying different things. Also, I paused every time anything happened. Big button is there for a reason; otherwise you cannot read what is going on. If you are trying for something completely mindless, do not like discovering your own way, and find experimentaionnirritating, then the game is not for you,

- A truly special game

I do not usually write reviews but I have to say, this is just great. Great atmosphere and world, and the puzzle presented is just my kind of thing. Two things I will say though, if you like clear rules this is not the game for you as all the fun is figuring out how to play and advance, and I would like it if at some point you guys (aimed at the developers) would add in an option to restart the... I don’t know “level” or the next step after you win the first game or whatever you like to call it as it gets old going through the same motions to get to the next part again and again. Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m missing something because I can see literally no other mistakes. May the great mother embrace you developers.

- Good port, def worth the price; needs tweaks

I really enjoy this game and I love that it’s on a more portable platform. The game itself is challenging & puts my multitasking to the test (which, for someone with ADHD like me, is wonderful). There are a few things that keep me from giving all five stars: • sometimes sickness or despair drag cards off to the side, out of my view, no matter how many times I move them back into my playing field. When they reappear, they go out of my view. I wish that it would stay in my field of view (ideal) or (if it can’t) at least maybe do a small pulsing glow on the edge of the screen to remind me like “hey this is here btw” • no DLC characters — I wish we could have the DLC Characters of Dancer, Priest, and Ghoul. Steam does them as separate purchases, so this listing could do that too. Heck, even the same price as the steam listing. We already got the base game on iOS for much cheaper than we would on Steam.

- Goodbye, Time. Hello, Hours.

It’s easy to see why we’re chasing the Hours in this game because I’ve lost a countless number of them flipping, turning, and waiting on cards. A fantastic game; do yourself a favor and stay away from the wiki for a while. It really is rewarding to figure things out yourself. NOTE RE: EXILE UPDATE: The Exile update appears to have changed/patched gameplay (depending on your perspective, I guess) such that you can NO LONGER hold a hard in your “hand” away from a magnet. I wasn’t expecting that change, and I’m not sure that I’m a huge fan. It seems like the PC version kept an option to leave that “feature” on when it patched it out, but as of now, the iOS version doesn’t. Just something I wish I’d known before I updated.

- Amazing Game, Great Port

april 15. purchased a new, bigger table from oriflamme's. it's easier to plan my next moves. the bureau was on my case, he said. something about indiscretion. looking for a man asking around for a table to perfectly arrange his mysteries unceasing, complaining of an awful stench from luminous fluids mixing together. it's true. they fell into each other. it's a smell you can't get out of your eyes for days. well, try to find me now: everything's neat and organized, all my inventory is in order. i know exactly where and how to strike back. i reach towards my papers, reach into the granary of truth, reach under the skin of the world... everything is laid out perfectly on this table. order prevails. the maid does, too.

- Addictive Frustration

Imagine being blindfolded in a large, dark room with a bunch of randomly placed furniture and told you have 60 seconds to get across without bumping into anything. If you bump into something, you fail. And if you don’t make it across, the game ends. If that doesn’t sound like a fun game to you, this app isn’t for you. While it’s interesting to learn by trial and error what works and what doesn’t, it gets terribly frustrating the number of ways you can die, and how quickly. You are constantly trying to put out multiple slow, creeping fires while at the same time trying to figure out what the whole point of the game is. Not exactly fun, but the frustration of wanting to solve this incredibly intricate moving puzzle is pretty addictive. Wish they had a free version as I likely wouldn’t have paid for it.

- Potential... but boring grinding

I don’t understand the glowing reviews. Have played for 8 hours and haven’t died yet nor have I beaten the game. The beginning was interesting as I was discovering a lot of new things. However the past few hours I’ve just been grinding to upgrade everything and it’s getting really boring. Maybe I’m just playing the game wrong... but I encountered a scenario I was clearly unprepared for so I decided I better slow down on the exploration a bit to actually recruit followers and level up skills. I guess I’m probably ready for the next challenge now that I’ve spent a few more hours grinding my upgrades but the problem is you never know if you will encounter something difficult that you should have prepared more for. And at this point I would just quit if I died and lost my last 8 hours of progress... But other people seem to be dying all the time and having fun with it. I don’t know. Seems like it would be a huge slog to rebuild my cult. tldr; the exploration is where this game shines, but once you understand how certain systems work there is a lot of repetition in the progression of recruiting, leveling up skills/lore etc. I wish I could bypass the busywork and just focus on exploring new things.

- I jumped into this game with high hopes but was disappointed

Where to start... I downloaded this being very intrigued by the premise to be disappointed. Let me start by saying that the writing is excellent as is the art, but the gameplay left me very disappointed. For one thing you face 3 main challenges throughout the span of the game (maybe more I haven’t gotten very far), dread, visions, and investigators. The problem is you never face anything other than these three and you only become very slightly better at countering them. Another problem is the difficulty, there is no way to change the level of difficulty meaning if you are bad at the game you can either use trial and error until the game becomes boring and repetitive or look up online guides and drain the fun out of it. It’s almost impossible to progress without outside help due to the lack of instruction. Overall a disappointment on my part

- What An Incredible Game

Now I’ve never been one for playing card-based games, nor writing reviews, but here I have found myself writing this after playing this particular game for hours, waiting on edge for every next move I make. You start the game a bit lost, figuring out just how to play along the way, discovering the detailed and enthralling lore behind it and just how to rise in a new and mysterious world. In short, I love this game. It’s captivating and insanely full of compelling storylines. The more you okay, the more you discover, and the more you realize you haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of the depth this game offers. 10/10, would eternally recommend!

- Keep Waiting for the “There” There

I’ve played this over and over, after waiting for its release, and I’m pretty much done. It looks like a deep strategy game with an interesting narrative, but all it boils down to is desperately placing cards wherever it will let you, hoping something reveals itself. Aside from the meh quality of the gameplay, there are some design flaws that make it worse. For one thing, cards and destinations (or whatever you call the places you put the cards) often spawn offscreen with no indication that anything has happened. For another, while you need money, it stops flowing after a couple of turns. So, you still go to work, but you no longer get paid. Then you get sick and cannot do anything about it... They should have called it “Live, Die, Repeat,” but then people might confuse it with the far more exciting atom Cruise movie.

- An Instant Cult Classic

Been playing for a long time and am glad to see they are finally releasing the DLCs on mobile! I’m loving them so far and for the price they are more than worth it. If you haven’t played it it’s a very unique time and resource management card game with very interesting flavor text and lore based around managing different kinds of cults and gaining magical knowledge and power. If you think any of that sounds cool, check. It. Out. P.s. I wish Weather Factory a speedy release of Book Of Hours (new game in development based in the same universe) and would like to remind them they have fans on mobile that can’t wait to get their hands on it.

- Impossibly odd, utterly enjoyable

I was dubious about a digital card game; but a friend insisted I try it, and I’m very glad they did. This game is beautiful; this game is frustrating. This game is terrifying, sad, quixotic, mirthful, and ultimately, mesmerizing. You don’t just play this game, you explore it. And although feeling out the rules might seem like a devilish proposition at first, you quickly realize that the act of discovery is a vital part of this game’s magic. You delve into the rules like your character delves into the occult, pulling you right along with them and playing with your expectations and emotions in ways you didn’t think possible. I can’t recommend this game enoug.

- A Masterpiece

Whether desires are innocent and pure, mysterious and dark, or points between, find the means to fund your dreams and keep your health, for the life one travels may be long… or short. Everything matters, yet nothing is foretold. To learn is to make choices and glean from those outcomes what may aid in your adventure. This game is more an experience— ever-changing through each play through. It weaves the complications of life’s choices and consequences in a very mature manner, though never really making the adventurer feel like a failure. The writing is brilliant, the art wonderful, the music helps set the noir atmosphere. It’s all a fascinating ride!

- Perfect Marriage of Theme with Gameplay

There are many things to love about this game, but I want to call out its perfect ludo-narrative harmony. After a few hours of slowly building complexity, no step too intimidating or too sudden, you’ll zoom out and realize you’ve assembled the cards which represent your cult and your knowledge of the occult into a crazy conspiracy board of patterns which only make sense to you. Nothing feels out of place in this game.

- Great game, pain in the AS$ moving system

The game is great, with many challenging and well thought ideas however, moving cards is an annoyance. For example, I have 83 funds, I accidentally split the pile by mistake. No worries, I’ll just move the pile back. I wish it was that simple but every time I do it the pile just splits up again. If there was a way were you could just hold down on a card and it’ll take ALL copies of that said card for you to freely distribute and move them around, I’d give this game a 5 star.

- Read a lot of books. Maybe shed your skin.

A “card” game where you build a group of followers and maybe send them towards really horrible fates. The gameplay and music is oddly calming, like a still library unbothered by the sound of nails scratching on the other side of the mirror. The writing is beautiful, and is a truer homage to weird 1920s fantasy than a lot of the “Lovecraftian” games out there where you shoot at a giant squid or something.

- Wasted potential

I bought this game because I loved the writing and world-building of Fallen London, but I’m very disappointed. The interface, music, and writing are wonderful, but due to timers constantly draining your health and money (and causing sickness or other maladies), playing this game is a rushed, stressful experience. You don’t have time to read carefully, think about the story, or explore different possibilities. I would love to linger in this world and learn more about its characters and secrets, but the game design prevents that. I don’t recommend this game at all. I’m sorely disappointed and regret purchasing it.

- Great Game, Sound doesn’t work

I love this game, I played it a lot before on PC so I bought it release day on the App Store. However, the sound isn’t working for me in game. Other reviews haven’t mentioned this so I thought it was my problem. However I tried restarting my phone, restarting the app, nothing helped. I am using an IPhoneXs if it helps. I would rate this 5 stars if the sound works. [Edit] The sounds works now

- Wow

I have been searching for a game to scratch the occult itch that I’ve have for far too long and this game nailed it. No tutorial but an amazing community of people willing to help and point you In The right way. The mysterious nature tagged with the multiple endings and explore on your own and risk takings that you have to do, this game is amazing and you can bet I’ll be buying any and all dlc for this game to dabble in the occult mysteries

- Difficult at first, but great game

The game is very hard at first. You aren’t taught what resources do what, you don’t know how cards will interact, you will probably starve. Don’t worry about winning at first, you won’t even get close. Focus on learning what cards do what. Also don’t assume there’s only a single option for something or you’ll probably overlook alternative options and get stuck.

- Great game...requires patience!

With no tutorial and no clue what to do, your first character (or 3) will quickly succumb to...something. But new characters will build on the deeds of previous characters, and once you start to figure out the mechanics, there’s a cool game hidden underneath. There are still concepts I haven’t figured out yet, but piecing together the mechanics is part of the game itself, and successes feel earned.

- All the one star reviews are whiny babies

I wondered why this great game wasn’t at five stars, then I saw why. All of these one star reviews were people who have never played a game that isn't handholding and action packed. The game makes it very clear in the store page that it is A: a card based game B: a game that you have to experiment with to learn it. These reviews are unfair. It is a wonderful game.

- If Dark Souls and Lovecraft’s Library Had A Baby

It’s hard. Merciless. You will go mad, starve to death, or simply waste away. You might get eaten because you agreed to a deal you didn’t understand. But you’ll learn. Oh, you’ll learn, and as you do, you will progress. Each iteration of curious aspirant will probe deeper and deeper beneath the skin of the world, past hoary sinew and esoteric flesh, into the heart of What is True.

- Excellent on Mobile

I did not enjoy playing this game on pc. But as an app, I find it much more fitting. Excellent all around. The one negative I have is that when cards are taken for a tile, sometimes other cards fill their location. This is just an annoyance when it comes to keeping things organized.

- Beautiful, Mysterious, Thoughtful

It is best to go into this game without reading any walkthroughs. The sense of mystery and exploration will pay dividends. Be patient, and see how far down the rabbit hole you can go. The only negative I see is that the developer has not made any of the wonderful DLC from the PC version available, nor do I know if they have intentions of releasing it.

- Brilliant, challenging, bizarre

Really excellent mobile port of a groundbreaking game. If you already know the game, I’ll say it plays beautifully on the phone and frankly feels like it belongs there better than PC. If you don’t know the game - woof. It’s an addictive phone puzzler, a brutally difficult resource management sim, and a masterwork of interactive fiction. The thing is practically it’s own genre.

- Great Game!

I love this game, and I’m happy I bought it. My only complaint is that even at its’ largest, the text still is a bit too small to comfortably read. Other than that (minor) issue, I’ve been completely satisfied. 9/10 personally, but if you can read smaller text it’s definitely a 10!

- This game!

Ok, this is not a scathingly bad review, nor is it one where I say “buy this now!” This game has a high learning curve. Played first time for a few hours before I died. Then again once I kinda knew what was going on. This game doesn’t hold your hand, and is difficult to master. But it is fun once you learn it. Look into some non spoiler reviews to see if it’s your kind of game. So far, I like it. Worth a few bucks if you like the genre.

- Incredibly fun though hard to get into

This game is incredibly fun! The varitety or options and paths you can stumble upon is mind boggling. Though I’ve had a great time with this game I have to say getting into it took some time. Their really isn’t much of a tutorial o how to play and everything is very confusing. Lots of different factors and mechanics that aren’t really explained at all.

- Solid unique card/clicker game

Pretty critical information: the main mechanic in this game is waiting, and learning through random trial. If that sounds okay, and the theme interest you, definitely get this game. Its a fantastic mobile game and a great timesink when youre at the airport or on A long train ride. As engaging as any of the actual HP Lovecraft stories.

- An awesome game!

This game offers hours of engagement, and really makes you feel like you’re building a cult from the ground up to become a figure of unearthly power. My only gripes are that in the later game, caves can really slow you down, and there are some glitches with Sulochana. For instance, the game says I should be able to use her to gain entrance to the club, but it never starts.

- Favorite game

I usually don’t even receive games but this one is definite worth it. I’ve played through 20 times and still haven’t won but each time I lose I simply groan a bit before smiling and pressing new game. Without a doubt the best game I have on my phone and truly the best game I’ve ever played

- This game is phenomenal

I bought this game because I played it endlessly on pc. Much like sunless sea this game works really well on handheld devices. Although because the scale this game can get with your table full of cards in later more major victory paths I’d recommend playing this on iPad or pausing a lot to read each card.

- Indoctrinated

Such a clever game. Been at this for a year, and I’m still discovering hidden wrinkles that I didn’t see before. Takes a while to master, but the power you’ll wield over the game as an adept makes all those trials and tribulations pay off. Can’t wait for Book of Hours.

- Cool concept but very complicated

I generally think I’m a pretty intelligent person but this game made me doubt that. I wanted to love it. The concept is very cool, but after hours of experimenting and two games lost, I find myself generally frustrated, confused, and not able to make a lot of progress. I wanted to enjoy the “discovery” part of playing this but I may have to seek out a guide to see if I can mine some more fun from it.

- Temptation: change?

I’ve been trying for a while to get temptation change by taking sulochana as entry to the club, but the button is grayed out every time. Am I missing something or is something wrong? Would appreciate help. Besides that the game is absolutely fantastic

- Amazing experience

This is a great game - for any platform. I’d pay for a large expansion including new professions, etc. I know there’s still much more to explore and I’m still getting the hang of it, but I can tell this game is worth it. The style, the writing, the immersion and unique play mechanic... I want more. This is excellent.

- All the fun of the occult at your finger tips

I was already a huge fan of the game on the PC release and I’m in awe that they’ve been able to make the whole show portable. It feels like the surface area you get to work with is a bit more restricted, but it’s still an amazing, fully fleshed out game.

- Own the game on PC too!

I have over 80 hours played on PC and the depth and intrigue of this game cannot be overstated. I paid $30 for this on PC (on sale) so the value is insane. The only drawback is how hard it is to play on an iPhone screen instead of an ipad

- What a game!

You know when you get a new video game and you skip the tutorial to figure out how to play on your own? This is the card version of that. Fun and inventive game, with the reward in exploring all your options. Do recommend.

- Just Not For Me

I just played this game for like two hours and I’m so confused about what’s going on. I know that’s a main component of this game, and they warn you of this way in advance, but I really can’t seem to get the handle of it, and I can only handle disorder and misunderstanding in my gaming for so long. I’m just not getting it fast enough for my tastes. This isn’t a bad game, it’s just not for me.

- Very good game

This is a very good game technically it has never crashed unlike any other games I’ve played and I like the idea of this game a lot and really enjoy it. Although I have a question where did you get the idea for this?

- Not for me

I can see how this would appeal to some, but to me being a cultist is apparently really tedious and confusing. There is some logic to the things you can do, but be prepared to try a lot of seemingly random combinations of things to figure out what works. If “try a lot of seemingly random combinations” sounds like exciting exploration to you, go for it.

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- Ideal platform for a strong game

Cultist Simulator has been reviewed to death everywhere else, and if you want to know what it is you can find that anywhere. What’s important here is that the mobile release is full-featured, fully functional, and feels like it was always the way it was meant to be played. The timer-based nature of the game makes it eminently suitable for short sessions, while the relative obscurity of even the most basic gameplay suits well when you have your phone and time to use. Text size is hard to optimise but even on the smallest iPhone available it was not a serious problem for me.

- I have my fire, my books, my clock, my window on the world where they do other things.

This game was always going to port well to tablets, but there has been a couple of extra quality of life improvements that make the transition just a little easier. Cultist Simulator, honestly, is a lot more suited to relaxing on a sofa or in a bed (as you would with a book) than it is to a cramped computer desk, and this might end up being my preferred platform in the future.

- Man this is weird and very interesting

I’d recommend giving this game a try if you want a very different experience. The whole idea of experimenting with cards is great really like it

- Polished

It is (as warned) very hard to understand, as everything’s so obscure. I wish opening a square ritual thing would highlight which cards can go there. I find myself opening a square and trying to start a complex ritual by just briefly holding each card I have to see if it highlights a slot... most of my game is doing this because all the concepts are so abstract.

- Isn’t that so true to the PC version

I love Cultist Simulator, honestly. But a few changes here and there bumped me out a lot. Such cases are you can't go and explore Fleeting Reminiscent. It might be a bug, who knows.

- Pretty good.

It's a god, fun puzzle game that made me feel one with the occult.

- Great game but sound doesn’t work

This is a great game but sound has never worked in the IOS version. I cant believe this still hasn’t been fixed

- Fantastic

Utterly fantastic.

- Give it a try

A unique but potentially confusing game.

- 机制问题

游戏机制有问题啊。 1:保存形同虚设,再开还是退出界面。 2:我正在用的卡就能被吸铁吸走。我调查有什么意义?刚出嫌疑牌就去调查,不到20秒就被吸走。就是要我重开的意思。 3:到后期满桌都是卡,冷却结束后不能自动归位很麻烦。 4:有时候感觉游戏是故意要你命3000,又不能SL,牌时间又短,只能从头开始。刚开始还有动力,现在只觉得杀时间也不会获得快乐。

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- Great game

And also, not every pc ported games are supported continuously like this game. Great game ported by great company

- Really weird but great

I wanted to try this for a while and it doesn’t disappoint. Gameplay is not for everyone so read and look at a video before buying. BUT if this is your type of game it does it insanely good. The writing needed to be good enough to keep the time and resource management parts interesting and they went leaps and bounds further than they needed to. All in all if you like older browser style time management games mixed with point and click adventure mentalities all wrapped in a card based rouge like than you will love this game

- A bit dense, but ok

As much as it’s initial charm has been delightful to steep myself into, I can’t help but find myself starving or getting murdered before a great deal of the “cult” stuff begins. I’ve dove into about 20 games now, experimented to my hearts content, but haven’t managed to achieve proper cult status nor found a successful ending. That aside, the music, sfx, art style, and concept are all fantastic. But the countdown gameplay makes it difficult to revel in the delightful storytelling delivered through text. It seems a bit hindered this way. At the price it is, it’s easy to recommend. But the gameplay itself is so conflicted in its design and comes with a learning curve Im certain very few have overcome. I think it’s interesting, but demands far more than just your interest to keep playing (which I think very few people will afford it).

- Masterful. Evocative. Unforgiving.

This game does not reveal its secrets to all. But to the worthy, the Mansus gives generously. Do not mistake the Mansus’ generosity for kindness.

- More like this please!

What a cool, mysterious, intriguing game! I must admit I was frustrated at first not knowing what was going on but thats part of the beauty of it, the writing is so interesting and you do slowly start understanding how the game works. Like a great mystery novel that keeps you guessing all the way through, Cultist Simulator is one of the best games on the app store and 1000000 bonus points to the devs for not ruining it in a ‘pay to play’ way. Classic stuff, keep the dlc coming and please make more games like this!

- Amazing game!!!

It is hard. It won’t hold your hand. But discovering everything is SOOOO rewarding. This is a gem. You can’t compare this to anything. It really is a beast of it’s own. I just can’t put it down!

- Unable to load game

The game is really amazing, but after a few weeks of playing, the game would not open properly. Now whenever it loads, it remains a black screen with background music where the home screen of the game once was. I have deleted and redownloaded the game a few times, but the problem still persists. I do not know what to do and would greatly appreciate this bug getting fixed or being instructed how to on my end.

- I LOVE this game, BUT....

It is SO difficult to get health. Like, I can’t even count on 1 hand how many times I’ve died from having no health, and I’ve only been playing this game for a few hours. Please do something about that lol

- Title

How do I play

- Great Port

Plays 99% as similar as the PC version!I would recommend!

- Interface poorly implemented

Stuff gets spread out all over the table, it becomes a mess quickly. I want to play a cards game, not a manage your card table game!

- You can eat people, or get a job as a clerk

Also you can starve to death on the streets or go insane and die or go to jail or get transfigured and ascend into some kind of demented quasi-Lovecraftian godhood. It’s also kind of like Solitaire if Solitaire had a zillion weird cards with little timers on them and some of the cards were called things like Moth or Reason or The Policeman Locked In Your Cupboard.

- Great game

Amazing port of a really great game. Have been waiting for this game for a long time

- Impossible

This game is impossible. There’s no instruction. It’s confusing, stressful, and boring.

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WhisperWalrus on Twitch!

Fucked around and got back into Cultist Simulator. God, I love the writing in this game. Wonder if I will finally win it this time!

Colonel Garen, of the Glorious 22th (Penal) Legion

@FreshSorcerer @ThunderPsyker @OculusImperia @K_Iragana_A @KalamityKas @StoryTimeNost @WibDoesTweets @SnipeTheSorrow Ahhh...The Boss, I still remembering her at this day And also I am very interested in playing cultist simulator What's your experience so far?

Real Vergil Hours

@GetGianni are we finally making cultist simulator memes? i'll be the first mfin hanger-on to join

Gabby Hon

Finished The Room 4: Old Sins; now on my 5th or 6th attempt at Cultist Simulator. This time, the priest.

Freyr Fossegrim 🔞🥑🇵🇱ᛉ

Cultist simulator tells me to figure out stuff myself but i'm a brainlet

Effervescence: LIVE

@whirleYAY Papers, Please is really good, if a little short. Cultist Simulator is fun if you’re okay with being somewhat clueless. Slay the Spire is a solid deck builder that’s fairly forgiving since the latest patch. How much time do you have to game?


I reviewed CULTIST SIMULATOR: INTIATE EDITION for the Nintendo Switch. It's a deeply flawed and utterly engrossing game that ultimately won me over with its subtle, bizarre storytelling.


CULTIST SIMULATOR: A Nintendo Switch Review

Borja Martin de Zavala

@LootBndt Genre I dont know but it would be a mix between Cultist simulator, Oxenfree and Broforce. Weird that is...

Weather Factory

happy #RandomActsOfKindnessDay! tell us something nice you did for someone recently in the comments, and we'll pick a winner to get an ultra-rare copy of cultist simulator: perpetual edition, unlocking all this ♥


Cultist Simulator: Definitive Edition (Switch) – recenzja gry

Actu Nintendo Switch

Cultist Simulator: Initiate Edition (Nintendo Switch) - Le test - - Nintendo-Town #NintendoSwitch #Switch

Miles Wilburn

@mertfinney Cultist simulator is a card game :) it’s pretty awesome!

Mert Finney

The “simulator” games on the eShop crack me up every time. Like obviously farming simulator games exist but then there’s goat simulator.. and tonight I’ve stumbled upon cultist simulator 😅


I did it. I beat cultist simulator without a cult

Cultist Simulator 1.9 Screenshots & Images

Cultist Simulator iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Cultist Simulator iphone images
Cultist Simulator iphone images
Cultist Simulator iphone images
Cultist Simulator iphone images
Cultist Simulator iphone images
Cultist Simulator iphone images
Cultist Simulator iphone images
Cultist Simulator iphone images
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Cultist Simulator (Version 1.9) Install & Download

The applications Cultist Simulator was published in the category Games on 2019-04-02 and was developed by Playdigious [Developer ID: 1041387229]. This application file size is 370.49 MB. Cultist Simulator - Games app posted on 2021-04-27 current version is 1.9 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.playdigious.cultist