Dead Cells

Dead Cells [Games] App Description & Overview

Death is not the end.

Play as a failed alchemic experiment and explore the sprawling, ever-changing castle to find out what happened on this gloomy island…!
That is, assuming you’re able to fight your way past its keepers.

Dead Cells is a roguevania action platformer that will require you to master frantic 2D combat with a wide variety of weapons and skills against merciless minions and boss.

Kill. Die. Learn. Repeat.

First available on PC and consoles, the indie hit Dead Cells is now slaying foes on mobile!

Main Features
• Roguevania: The progressive exploration of an interconnected world, with the replayability of a rogue-lite and the adrenaline pumping threat of permadeath

• Frantic and Dynamic 2D Action: Learn your enemies’ patterns to stay alive, or prepare to be sent back to your cell before you can say “baguette”

• Nonlinear Progression: Unlock new levels with every death, opt for the path that suits your current build, your playstyle or just your mood.
Surely, the ramparts can’t be as bad the sewers, right?

• Play at your own pace: Will you explore every nook and cranny of the castle, or rush to the end?

The Legacy Update is now available!
• Enjoy New Difficulty, New Biomes, New Enemies, New Bosses, New Weapons, New Skills, New Mutations...

Carefully redesigned for mobile with a revamped interface
• Two game modes available: Original & Auto-Hit

• Custom controls & More touch controls options available: Change the buttons’ position and size to your liking, swipe to dodge…

• MFi external controller support

• Pay once to get the full Dead Cells experience! No ads, no F2P mechanics!

If you run into a problem, please contact us at with as much information as possible on the issue.

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Dead Cells Customer Service, Editor Notes:

This patch includes the following fixes : - The PS4 DualShock controller touchpad will no longer cause crashes - Flint can now be used with auto-hit - Better support of cyrillic within in-game interfaces - Fixed item’s description layout when using a controller - Better support of gamepad disconnection - Improved app stability Known issues : - iOS 14 has introduced a new bug in Game Center achievements. If you get boss runes related achievements unlocked over and over, this is normal. It will eventually be fixed in the iOS update. - There are a few minimap issues remaining, including disappearing minimap background and biome’s color bleeding through the map. These issues are mostly graphical and are often fixed by reloading the game or changing level. Please note that the Explorer’s rune may be one of the triggers. We are working on it.

Dead Cells Comments & Reviews

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- Such an awesome game never get bored

I like dead cells. I’ve played on Switch and I just had to buy a mobile one too. The game structure is designed so that you never get enough of it because you can never be strong enough with max hp. Every time you die, you start over with 100 hp lol. I personally think those games that let you master and hit max hp always get me bored out since it gives a feeling that I’ve already hit the top. This game doesn’t let you feel that way and is always challenging to survive. But it’s definitely doable. I’m not really that good at controls in general but I’m totally okay with playing this game. Plus, so far I’ve been perfectly fine with the controls on mobile version of this game. It’s totally worth the money and time. It’s very well designed, balanced, reasonable difficulty, and there are many surprises and loots that are hidden and many many possibilities of new paths in the game. To be able to play such well developed game at this price is a bargain! One thing that disappointed me is that while I was able to play with different languages on Switch, I could not play the mobile version with different language setting. I wish they’d add this feature if possible. Other than that, no problem with the game!

- Beautiful, just beautiful

At first I was skeptical, as I thought the game was originally intended for PC, so I thought it was off bounds for me, or that it would be a cheap rework with in app payments. But yet, I find it sitting there in the recommendation section, and I just had to try it. For those wondering, it’s a one time payment. You pay once for the game, and you get the game. Plain and simple, the way games should be sold. I just want the developer to know, if you put in an optional donation function, I don’t doubt people will thank you and your team for your flexibility! Random generation for new life’s is incredible, I truly feel as if I’m trapped in repeat, but yet it never gets old. First time was expectingly clumsy. I stumbled along, and got killed by spikes. I got re... globulated? And I found a fire Molotov like throwable. I was doing pretty well! Then I found an amulet that made it so when you did your down smashing attack the ground you landed on gets engulfed in flames. I was cruising along, but then my lack of skill is what got me killed. I’ve found that restarting with the default weapons, I’ve improved. I’m taking less and less damage each run, and it feels really good to know that’s me, and not some boost.

- I wish I was better at this game.

Great game, well worth the price, addictive. Not unbearably hard, actually pretty easy to get into but I feel that it’s going to probably be hard to master. It is challenging but fair. Every time I lose I know it’s my own inadequacies at playing the game and I want to hop right back in for another run. The way the game is designed makes it very easy to do so: you are expected to die a lot and the game doesn’t punish you for doing so. Every run is a blank slate and at least partially randomized each time. That said there are some things that carry over across multiple runs and you sort of unlock more and more of those so between that and your own growing skill you get the sense that you’re getting a bit further each time. Controls can be a bit awkward given the small size of the screen. I think though that that is equal parts the inherent downside of the platform (small touch screens) and a mix of both my own unfamiliarity with the controls and me not quite deciding yet what the best configuration is for me (you can move around the control icons).

- Awesome Game

I really enjoy dead cells and find it really fun and addicting. Although I sometimes get angry when I die and lose all my progress it really isn’t that bad. In response to all the people getting angry and giving bad reviews because you restart every time you die. I mean did you even read the app’s description? I would think you would actually spend some time researching a game before just getting it and being mad because you didn’t do any research on the game before hand. You’re supposed to die and restart that’s how the game works. Although I do admit when you’re finally at the hand of the king with 1 boss cell and realize that there isn’t any healing station and you’ve spent all your potions in the last area it does get quite frustrating when you die and have to start over again. But the game’s about skill if you’re good at the game you can get through the areas easily and get to the point where you died with better loot and items. Overall I really enjoyed Dead Cells.

- Save is useless controls are sloppy

This is a great game to pass time with unfortunately it did not translate well into iOS. Many times the controls are unresponsive especially when transitioning from one space to another. Also there has to be something done about the chains that let u climb up and down. It’s like climbing a rope made of duct tape. Also you may have to try many times when you jump down from a platform because the down motion sticks and it gets frustrating because there’s a lot of platforms in this game. Also I’m not sure what the point of the save option is. If you die you basically have to start all the way back at the prisoners quarters. I was at clock tower and died Extremely frustrating and definitely not worth the time to technically start from scratch. I would like to give this game 5 stars but if you make it unplayable by asking us to start over then the best I can offer is 2 stars. It’s like grinding for hours only to find out that when you die you lose all your loot. Not sure why we can’t save by level. Contemplating wether I will play again or possibly delete. Has the potential to be a great game if the developers could fix some common sense details of the game

- Not a fan of Roguelikes

I was enjoying Dead Cells, but then I hit the “Roguelike” wall of having to play the same level over and over. If I bought this on my PS4, I probably would have given up on it. But since it was on my phone, I gave it another shot on my commute. Eventually, the Metroidvania elements kicked in - unlocking different weapons and finding different areas - and the game became more interesting. Even the aspect of not being able to choose your initial weapon keeps the game interesting. So often, I’m like “Ugh, I didn’t get what I wanted” only to find that the weapon I got has some pretty cool features. Another evil feature is the cursed treasure boxes. I avoided them at first. Why would I risk an insta-kill and have to start over just to get some random weapons/money? But now it’s all about the odds - do the weapons I have give me a better chance of not being hit before I can kill ten enemies? So even though I’m not the strongest gamer, I’m having fun doing the same thing over and over.

- Best game ever

Maybe I’m biased, but this game is amazing, I played it on my consoles, but when I found out that this game was on mobile, I got so excited. If you played this game on the console, the mobile version can be a little eh, especially if you aren’t used to playing with a touch screen (yet its still fun to play, still worth the money) BUUUUUUUUUUT if you are upgraded to ios 13, just connect your controller to your device. Easy and simple. If you have an ipad, it’s even better. SO MUCH BETTER. Especially on the 12in. This game is 10/10, never boring, and challenging. Also if your devices are connected to the same account, you can shift your progress on your devices. For example, I’ll play a little on my phone, and if I want to go on my ipad, it saves where I quit. (This game saves your progress, but if you die, you start completely over, but if you quit during a game, it saves where you left over. Just to make things clear) For new people to this game, this game is DEFINITELY worth the money, you got to have a little patience. AND It’s a one down payment. You don’t have to pay anything extra in the game. This game isn’t something you’ll blow through in a day, it’s an actual good lengthy game. I rage quit a bit in games, but I can actually enjoy this one, this has progression. If I could, I could play this game for hours. This my addiction. I hope you can give this game a chance, it’s an amazing game, and the artwork is beautiful. This game deserves more love.

- Perfectly optimized. Super replayable.

I first started playing Dead Cells on the PS4, but lost track of it due to larger first party games taking up my playtime (Not because of anything Dead Cells did wrong.) so when I saw it was released for mobile, I snatched it up, and let me tell you...I don’t regret buying this game twice one bit. I think this game was meant to be mobile from the get-go. Once I moved the controls around so it would be more comfortable for my particular play style (a very nice addition) everything was so smooth. I’ve never encountered a single glitch, hang-up, or lag issue with this game. It plays perfectly. As far as the game itself goes, I think I’ll be playing for a very long time. The difficulty is punishing at first, especially if you’re new to this style of game, but it progresses in a way that you feel you’re getting just a little bit better every time, especially as you unlock the ever-important runes and Boss Cells. I HIGHLY recommend picking this one up.

- A blend of Metroid and Dark Souls

This is the game you’re looking for. Eventhough its just came out on mobile and a few dlc’s behind the console/pc versions. Its still a must have. I was writing almost a novel review of the game but then I accidentally closed out the app so I’ll just keep it shorter as possible and straight to the point. The art of the game is fantastic, especially with a retro style. Its great. For first timers, don't get frustrated. Keep calm, die, learn and adapt. It’ll get better...for a start. There’s tons of weapons, skills and abilities to unlock. How you combine them is what will make you progress. Aside from the awespiring elements of the game, it’ll leave you questions of why you’re in this cycle of deaths. Although the game just came out, so I’m patiently waiting so I can get the Hand of the King skin. Other than that, it’s a worthy buy not just for the mobile but also for your favorite console as well. Goodluck! Cheers to the developers! I patiently wait for the update.

- Should have picked this up sooner

I’m an avid PC gamer, and this has been on my Steam wishlist since its release. I was always waiting for a sale on it and it just was never the right time for me. I managed to afford an iPad and it blew my mind that it was available on the platform. I figured “Hey, I’ve wanted this for so long, time to scoop it. It can’t be that bad.” I’m using a wireless Xbox One controller to play this and, dude, this stuff is dope! The pace and mechanics all lend themselves to get the most out of your play styles. A rock solid gameplay loop keeps me rolling after death. Getting those lucky drops or rare finds feel real good. And the world building through strange encounters and interactions keeps progress interesting outside of progress’ sake. I should have bought this game sooner on Steam; and I probably will rebuy it there just to keep it all kosher. Though, this version plays well and is great. Legitimately, the best argument for “mobile gaming” I’ve come across.

- This is by far one of the best ports of a game to iOS! PLAY IT!

I heard about this game quite a while ago and instantly the visual style appealed to me greatly. What I saw was a game that was so full of potential that I wanted to play it. Alas at that time I couldn’t because I have no computer, which is why I was so unbelievably excited when I heard that this game was being ported to iOS. I’m barely an hour into the game and I’m already enjoying it very much. The difficulty is very much like my experience with dark souls, it’s there but when you get the hang of it you can go pretty far. I also absolutely love the way you keep your runes and other upgrades, it makes it so much more enjoyable than having to restart with absolutely nothing like some games I’ve played. Overall I’d say that this is without a doubt one of the best iOS ports I’ve ever seen, I cannot wait to see what this developer has in store for this game and others.

- Great fun, worth the buy

I originally bought this on PC and have played many hours thoroughly enjoying the experience. When I saw the mobile iteration I didn’t hesitate to pick it up. The control scheme takes a little practice, but you do have some options to customize your button setup and some other options like proximity attack and swipe to dodge which makes playing on mobile a bit more manageable. One of the key draws of the game is its fluid gameplay and combinational approach to your weapons/equipment/perks to get through each of the levels. The more you play the more weapons/items/perks you unlock creating new approaches to each of the games challenges. The game runs smoothly on my iPhone XR, and I have yet to experience any issues with crashes or bugs. With dead cells, what you see is what you get and if you’re considering picking it up it is worth every cent they are asking for it.

- Dead Cells, A Real Videogame.

This is a perfect uncompromised port of an incredible game for mobile with an ACTUALLY GREAT control scheme for touchscreen play and full support for a Xbox or PS4 controller through bluetooth. The game supports offline play and airplane mode so you can play no matter where you are. Dead Cells is a single player game for those who like a challenge or just enjoy an old school arcade-like experience that you can revisit endlessly. It is a rouge-like 2D game with a heavy emphasis on Exploration, Combat, and Platforming. For the uninitiated this is a true videogame in every sense. You actually have full control of your character, you choose what direction to move and when to attack, jump, dodge, and heal. As you progress you'll pick up and exchange a variety of weapons and items. And should you dig deeper into the game you'll find it is filled with secrets and story to uncover, and I kid you not there is a ton to explore and experience thanks to the Procedurally Generated aspects such as level layouts, item placement, and enemy spawns (each of these elements can change each time you die or start a level). I give Dead Cells five stars because it delivers in all departments from gameplay, design, artstyle, to soundtrack. Needless to say, If you're looking for a true videogame experience on mobile with NO ads and NO micro-transactions, look no further than Dead Cells.

- Best game EVER!!

I’m 42 yrs old been playing games on every system back to the Intellivision till now. I have currently in rotation for gaming, Xbox One, PS3, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Game Cube,the New 3ds XL and PS Vita and of course I have an Asus ROG. I was on the fence for along time about this game and the price, but now I NEVER THOUGHT that I would enjoy a game so much I can honestly say this game is definitely worth every penny I think if someone let me play this game before I purchased it I could see myself paying AAA money for this game. I have this game on my Xbox One and my Switch but now that I can have it on my IPad AND I can use one of my Xbox One controls with it thanks to iOS 13. If you have never played this game I’ll tell you now it’s pretty frustrating in the beginning but once you catch on and learn the moves this is by far one of my top 5 games of all time. Sorry for the rant just can’t give the game enough praise.

- I didn’t play Dead Cells on PC or Console

I’m definitely going to now, of course, $30 price tag or not. The fact that I can get this a game of this level of quality on mobile is a testament to the fact that phones really are mobile gaming consoles. The degree of polish Dead Cells Mobile possesses is absurd. The animations are fluid and gorgeous, a range of different visual effects to stun you (and your enemies lolololol), cute little character animations like a shrug or a head tilt with some flavorful commentary add personality to the game that so many others lack. The music and sound effects are both great, fitting the mood of the levels and the weapons/spells that make them. The difficulty and learning curve are up there, but not ridiculous at all and learnable even for those not well versed in this genre. The persistent unlockable system works well and feels fair. Overall, Dead Cells Mobile feels like the full package!

- Great. Better on PS4.

Love this game. It has its sense of progression despite how easily you can die, and getting a killer combo of weapons and support feels so satisfying when used correctly. With that said, what kills this port for me are its controls. The D-pad isn’t static and loves to register downward movements, making jumping onto vines/chains/etc. a hassle at times. Quick movements, especially for some bosses, are much more difficult since dragging your finger on the screen isn’t as smooth as with a controller. Also, there seems to be a glitch with the audio. It’ll commonly register the first 1-2 seconds of the sound of the metal platform moving, and loop it on repeat. It’s so loud that it superimposes the background music. Only way to get rid of it is to manually quit the game from the title screen. Even if you progress to the next level, it’ll still loop.

- Best Game on Mobile - Hands Down!!

The first time I heard about this game getting ported to iOS I was in disbelief - it is hands down one of my favorite games on console/pc and now my THE FAVORITE game on mobile/iPad. Worth every penny of the asking price. Playdigious have done a phenomenal job bringing this over to mobile where I can’t tell the difference between playing it on console/pc vs my phone/iPad. The only (very minor) critique I have is that touch controls can be a bit finicky at times but that is easily addressed by the inclusion of controller support. The auto hit control scheme is quite serviceable too for times when I’m on the go and can’t use a controller. I’ve already sunk hours into this game on my phone/iPad and I can’t recommend it enough - if you like playing games on your phone/tablet, do yourselves a favor and download this one.

- Absolutely outstanding!

Just get this game! If this genre interests you at all, this is an absolute must have! The game having controller support makes it everything you’d want from a platformer. It’s rougelike, which I normally am not a huge fan of, however, with the perm upgrades and blueprints available, it really takes away from the sting of total loss and gives you a definite sense of progression. The weapons are fun and creative, sort of reminds me of terraria with all of the different, crazy and, entertaining archetypes. You can push for speed runs to upgrade your equipment or slow it down and farm areas out to try and get more blueprints/gold/etc. Pick your play style and go for it. (Seriously tho, this game has me toting my xbox controller around so I can play it during my downtime while I’m on the road, freaking buy it)

- My new favorite mobile game!

Dead Cells is the mobile game I’ve been waiting years for. Gameplay has always been fast paced and engaging with a good degree of challenge. The combat design and vibrant art style pair beautifully and lend themselves perfectly to the comically macabre world of Dead Cells. Weapon and skill variety provide countless ways to engage a myriad of enemy types. Shifting area layouts and tons of-upgrade unlocks make every round feel like time well spent. I’ve loved this game since the first hour but since the addition of external controller support playing Dead Cells on a DualShock 4 has elevated my enjoyment to new levels. Even if you don’t have the luxury of a proper controller this game is a must have for any RogueVania fan and all those longing for a truly well crafted 2D action platformer. Absolutely worth the buy. I cannot recommend Dead Cells enough

- On the Phone Now!?

I about crem-de-la-pooched my pants seeing this full port for phones! This game......this *%#%>! Beautiful game!!! The flow of movement and combat should from now on be the template for any other action game. This is a game you will play, die, “Hmmm so that was cool but weird.....whoa wait what’s this new thing...” and repeat so many times. Almost every time you play you will open a new area or unlock an ability that connects you to the next tier of levels. The gameplay flow is so addicting. Easily one of those games where you say “ok I’m going to bed after this level......after this level......ok after I die......ok after this first level again just to get a little jump on next time I play....etc....until the next thing you know it’s been 5 hours and you’re still saying “one more level”. I love this game!

- Definitely worth 8 bucks, all it needs is pvp.

This game is so sick, it’s 8 bucks and pretty difficult at first, but you get the hang of it and once you do you feel like a beast. The game is long and has lots of secrets so it makes your 8 bucks worthwhile. One thing I wish they would add is pvp, it would be a lot of fun give the players something to do after they complete the campaign. Some things would have to be nerfed or taken out in pvp,(primarily freezing) but I think it’s possible. Weapons would be earned through play, as a reward from winning a fight or by some currency used to by weaponry in a shop. 10 out of 10 game, probably my favorite game on my phone. The graphics may be pixelated but are still awesome and smooth. Such a fire game. Developer: are you gonna add the “rise of giant” expansion?

- BEST GAME for the phone!!

I was worried about buying this because people complained about the controls and I have a relatively small phone. However, once you okay for a while you get used to the controls so it really isn’t an issue especially because you can customize the control locations and how big the buttons are. My only issue is that every so often the audio will bug out and loop or simply not play. It doesn’t happen every run just here and there and I’m sure it’ll be fixed soon but for now it’s a little annoying considering how amazing the soundtrack is for the game and the sound design for the powers and attacks are perfect. This is one of the few pay to play games I will ever get. I highly recommend it. Best game I’ve ever played on mobile

- Totally amazing, Just like on Steam.

This honestly came out way better than I expected it to be, it actually exceeded my expectations by a long shot. Maybe a cool thought would be to add a co-op mode or an online multiplayer mode if you’re done with the story.(I have no idea what you guys have in mind, this is the first time coming back to this game in about a year.) But it would be nice to play with my friends and defeat the dungeon bosses together as a team, in fact it would be pretty cool to see different players with various weapons and skills working together, especially with the art style being as wonderful as it is already. But it’s just a thought that I would absolutely love if it would be possible. BIG thumbs up to making this work of art mobile compatible!

- How do I buy the skeleton dlc. And another thing

I’ve been playing this game for a month or two now on my iPad my dad owns it on his ps4 and I noticed that the skeleton was gone for him and mine wasn’t the I figured out it was a dlc but I can’t find out how to get it from the apple store if anyone can answer my question I would be very grateful. I had originally pre-ordered this game during the summer time.I had waited for a few months the they changed the release date.I waited a while longer then the day came by and I didn’t get it.I had spent 7 or so dollars so I was a little angry but I had no way of contacting them to say anything about so I just moved on and now I bought it again.I know I probably won’t get any compensation for it but I just wanted them to know.

- BEST metrovania, game of its time, and it’s mobile 👀

This is the PERFECT vania game, greater then blasphemous, and even more fluent then castlevania. The exploring of the world reminds me so much of that feeling that Metroid gave me, and the set up is just smart when it comes to skill tree and items and how the game works! I’m been craving a game like this for a few months now, almost purchased bloodstain because I wanted a castlevania like game. But I got blasphemous, and enjoyed it, though it’s slow pacing to the skills and how punishing the game is, made me lose interest into going deeper however this ? MOBILE GAME? Is addicting when it comes to lure and wanting more from it! I HOPE THERE IS A PART 2 with A BIGGER WORLD TO GAIN ALL THAT THIS GAME me! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾very refreshing game, I say it’s game of the year for mobile gaming.

- I can’t believe these controls work

I mainly play Dead Cells on PS4, and, as it’s one of my favorite games of all time, I was curious to see how the iOS version held up. I just beat the first difficulty level and I’m blown away by what are easily the best touch controls I’ve ever experienced. They’re still a bit twitchy at times due to the speed of the game and the nature of touch controls in general, but they get the job done incredibly well and blow away the efforts of all of their peers. The fact that such a fast and precise pc/console game is playable on my phone at all, and a joy to play at that, is a miracle. This is 100% Dead Cells, not a watered down “Dead Cells Mobile” like you might expect from lesser devs. Buy with confidence, buy on every platform. Long live the King.

- Touch screen functions are great but can use one thing:

Love the game on all platforms and know adapting to mobile can be tricky. This game has everything from the resolution and attention to detail to the game mechanics down from the other platforms and handles very well speed-wise even with a Bluetooth controller which I thankfully had. But for people who don’t have a controller or don’t want to bring it with them on their daily commute; can we have the character’s slide option be FULL screen rather than just the right side of the screen? The game runs SO smoothly with the slide function not being a button to push but rather the sliding of the screen and I think to have the slide option take over the whole screen would complete the touch screen character control function 100%.

- Definitely Worth Your Money

When I got this game I actually didn’t expect this much out of it, but playing it now it’s an amazing game. I would relate this to like Neon Dungeon and am surprised it’s not worth more money. It’s a really fun side scroller with interesting combat mechanics and lots a differences from other combat side scrollers. It’s design well and feels like a side scroller Dark Souls, one that’s not Hollow Knight. I’d say it’s 9.5 out of 10 because their is no tutorial but you get used to the game mechanics easily and after a while will learn a lot about the game. I also love the secrets and stuff which encourages players to look around and check every corner. It also looks beautiful and has and amazing atmosphere. 10/10 game besides no tutorial.

- Truly incredible

This game starts you off in a dungeon with a new character, a bunch of controls to figure out, a weapon/armor system to test out, and a plot waiting to be discovered. As you start off you take a couple of hits and inevitably die pretty early on, but you see that not only did you lose all you’re progress, you see that your in a different dungeon all together. It’s twists like these that have made this game an absolute joy to learn the different mechanics. So many surprises and hidden strategies to be found in every level. The game’s graphics are also beautiful 5/5 would recommend the price on this game is pricey but I would still consider a huge deal for a game that I would even considered underpriced.

- iPhone 8!!

😮 😯 😲 omg!! this game is superb in every way. Haven’t played on console or steam but, having it on iOS is a real treat to have with the same precise experience as on PC and consoles. First by saying the controls are buttery smooth, buttery responsive without any delays on touch responses. The graphics of course is phenomenal, expressing how beautiful the pixel art is amazing...and the progression of the non linear dungeons are top notch!!! I recommend to buy this!!!! Hmmm, even tho hyper light drifter has more downloads and ratings....from my experience, dead cells should get more downloads and ratings 🤔😁!!! Just because it is more fluid, fast paced, better action of hack and slash, and even better graphics!!! Honestly a 5 star game!!!👍🏾

- Unique and refreshing game.

This game doesn’t feel like a bunch of recycled parts that end up being like 10 other games. The play style is great having to choose between tactics, brutality, or survival. The first time I had to start the game over I thought it would be frustrating but it makes you want to play again and again since each time you come back to life is a different experience. The game is rewarding and even if you get 45 minutes in and have to start over, the loot system makes it possible to start over with better weapons in the beginning to make you feel like all your hard work wasn’t for nothing. Love this game!

- Great game on PC, good game on mobile

I loved the PC version of Dead cells, and played it since the Beta. One of the best things about Dead cells is how smooth it controls. Whenever I’m playing Dead Cells, it just feels like I’m seamlessly connected to the character because there’s literally 0 control frustration. On a phone screen, it’s definitely more difficult to control, and I find my character doing things I didn’t intend quite often. When I die, I frequently think, “I would have survived that if my character hadn’t down smashed when I wanted to jump” or something similar. I also find that I accidentally use my second jump almost instantly after my initial jump. Some of my control frustrations are probably just inherent on a touch screen, and I’m already looking into an MFi controller solely to play this game. I expect that Motion Twin will carefully adjust the controls as they did with all the other versions as updates roll out though. That said, Dead Cells is currently my favorite game on mobile, I feel that the quick pace of the game fits well with the mobile philosophy, and I can make one run and fee satisfied during the day.

- Awesome game to pick up and play until you die

I have this game on Xbox through “game pass”, I bought the game on the Switch to play while on the go, and now on iOS to play when having the switch out is impossible (work) LoL. The game plays the same on all devices. The game play is very fluid, don’t be discouraged if you die (is in the name of the game). As you play the boards change up a little and the enemies get harder and harder. But you unlock more items to make it a little easier. If you want the same game that’s available everywhere else but for $8 here it’s a no brainer. Oh and controllers work with this game. Which is a huge plus for me cause I hate touch screen games.

- Best Platform or Metroidvania game ever.

This is classic hard gameplay, with satisfying controls. The port to iOS is smooth. The combat is better than any Castlevania, including Symphony of the Night. Story is as interesting as Super Metroid for SNES. Replay-ability is high do to randomized dungeons. The game is unforgiving but every time you die you feel like it’s your fault. After a few areas you get into a flow-state and are ripping through enemies faster than you can think or you can take your time and plan out each attack. I haven’t beaten it yet but I’ve spent many hours on the PC version and everything translates. Having a game like this with the portability of mobile devices is pretty amazing.

- Having a Blast

This is my new favorite mobile game, no question. All I gotta say is once you really learn the controls and how the game works, that’s when everything starts running smoothly as you hack and slash your way through, using all your gadgets you’ve acquired along the way. I saw one person in the reviews complain about Dead Cells’ death mechanic, but it is literally the core of the game from my understanding. You go through a run with your blueprints and knowledge, die, then use what you’ve learned and acquired go get farther in the next run. 10/10 best mobile game I’ve ever bought. I’ve even half tempted to buy it on Steam or Xbox so I can truly appreciate this game.

- This is the perfect mobile game.

Shout out to the developers for making this mobile port of the game PERFECT. I’ve been wanting to play this game on pc and once I seen it was coming out on mobile I decided to wait and hoped it would turn out to be done well on the mobile version. They nailed it he controls are some of he best I’ve used and it runs absolutely great. No pay to win just a small fee for a limitless amount of time you could spend playing this game. Great job guys if there is any dlc I would happily support you guys with a few extra dollars. Also. I don’t play mobile games ever this is the first mobile game I’ve ever spent money on.

- Dead Cells FTW

First off, this game is amazing. The gameplay works flawlessly on mobile; have yet to try it on a different system, but I’m not reviewing those versions of the game so yeah. The ability to place where each button stays on the screen is perfect. The difficulty stays the same depending on if you adjust it after your first successful run. Weapons and equipment change constantly making the game extremely addicting. I easily sink 2-3 hours a day playing. AND they constantly update the game with free patches and dlc. Totally worth the price, I would recommend to anyone who’s a fan of both side scrollers and difficult games!

- Absolutely phenomenal game

From the first time you enter the game and meet your charmingly sarcastic and brutal character, you realize this game will be a one of a kind experience. The never ending change of the levels keeps you exploring always search for the right way that may or may not lead you straight into a secret room or along-the-route shop. Meanwhile the relentless enemies and environmental obstacles provide a challenge that keeps you on your toes while enticing you to try harder. The numerous weapons and equipments that can be found and unlocked provides an amazing amount of combinations to help you push your way just a little bit further than your previous blunder. And the secrets laid within the game will satisfy those who love and crave exploring the full map and game. The story is intriguing and mysterious as you try to understand who and what you are and why you are here through the many rooms and characters you meet. Every playthrough is different and unique. So sit back, stuggle a little, and enjoy an amazingly brutal experience.

- Amazing and more to look forward to!

This is amazing, truly, dead cells is a fun roguevania right in your pocket! I can’t describe how great this game is, I was a little skeptical on the controls but they did it, they actually managed to create intuitive touch controls for this fast paced action game. The button layout is created in such a way, where it doesn’t get in the way of the action. Which is something I was worried about. Alas, those fears have been absolved, and the near endless amount of play through s keeps me coming back for more. I can’t wait for the Rise of Giants update, that is planned for the future! Ty devs for bringing this game to iOS it was truly worth the wait!

- Wowza!

This game is really great. To Devs: Possible fixes/ideas they could do: - transparency settings for buttons and joystick - change position and sizing of joystick (maybe add a D-pad) - audio bug - keeps replaying sound of boss attack even though I'm on different level (have to back out app because noise gets annoying) I don't really write reviews but this game made me want to tell people about so the devs would port the updated version. Please Playdigious! I'd pay for the DLC and update. I don't own a console or gaming PC so I'll just wait for this. Please update!! I'd love more content!!! _________________________________________________ And you, yea you random person scrolling reviews to see if this game is worth it. This game is definitely worth it! $9 for a $25 dollar game! Even though it's a port of an earlier version still. A game of this caliber for that price?!?! It does need some practice though so some of those reviews complaining just need to "Get Gud." I hope this review sways some people to give this game a shot! Thank you for reading!

- Amazing game!!!

What can I say about Dead Cells that hasn’t already been said. Awesome experience playing on my iPad with a controller. Just as good as playing on my TV but wherever I want. Can’t speak for the touch screen controls as I have only really played with a controller, but I did check them out briefly and the seemed serviceable. This is a game that really needs to be played with a controller, so much quick twitch responses that I’m sure the touch screen would frustrate eventually, especially when trying to rack up kills without getting hit for the special doors or for cursed chests. But I digress...get this game!!! $10 is more than worth it!

- Awesome mobile game

This game is awesome, my friend had me play it on ps4 and I loved it. I started school again recently and this game is a great time consumer, however it’s fun in general. Long trip coming up or boring school? This game is great. If you are looking to play this game for real I would say buy it on console or computer. I mean if you don’t have a console/computer to play on or don’t want to spend about $20 on the game then this is perfect. I was surprised at how well it controls on the phone, well optimized. In conclusion, this game is great on mobile, even better on console/computer though but that’s a given.

- One of the best mobile games I’ve ever played

At first, the game seems tedious and redundant, but that’s only because I didn’t really understand it. The first bit of the game is rough, and it’s very strategic. Whether sprinting through the levels avoiding death to get the time bonus, or taking your time stacking gold and upgrades to become stronger, and all in between, it doesn’t get old. At first I though $9 was ridiculous for a mobile game, especially because at first glance it appears to have minimal playability. I often look at gaming like I should get an hour out of something for ever dollar I play. I could see this game entering my full rotation, and putting in over a hundred hours over the course of the next year. If you like fast paced games you can pick up at any time, this is your game! If you like games that progress slowly but surely, this is your game! This game is both casual and extremely intense at times, and I think it should be in everyone’s collection!

- Hands down best platform adventure game

If Super Ghouls and Ghosts hooked up with Prince of Persia and then someone mixed in a sprinkle of Another World along with a bit of Monkey Island humor you might get something like this. The pace of unlocking weapons and buffs that you keep for subsequent runs is spot on. Finding secrets and gaining new skills through runes, combined with semi-changing levels each time keeps it fresh. Knowing I need to gain a skill to access a certain area motivates me to explore. Speed running the first two levels to gain bonuses is always good for a quick fix session too. I love changing the weapon modifiers to get killer combos.

- Great Game, but overshadowed by the Console and PC version

Dead Cells is a great mobile game. With tons of weapons, mutations, and strategies, players have nearly unlimited ways to approach monsters and bosses. The game was adapted from the PC and Console version to a mobile game, and the developers did a great job with it. My only complaint is that while the PC Dead Cells has been updated adding new biomes, skins, and gameplay; the mobile version hasn’t seen much change from the day it was released. It would be great to keep the game updated to the PC and Console versions. Other than that, great game, would 100% buy again.

- An Excellent In-Game Adventure

At first my eyes was caught with the fancy yet seems easy gameplay of this game and was super excited to play this game. Yet it turned out to be a very hard game that requires many hours of learning your own mistakes, but the experience thrilling mixed with a little of rage. I would totally recommend this game to every gamer that thrills with the try hard experience. Although it haven’t quite caught up with the latest update on Pc, it still brings a much pleasure time and I do hope for the developer to give out the updates as soon as possible for all the gamers to enjoy.

- Exceptional game

I love the concept of having the game RIGHT IN YOUR POKET. Also the game could use a different button layout, but other than that, ITS AMAZING. I originally played this game on switch and NOTHING had changed I love that about the game. The concept didn’t change the bosses; still the same and many other things. One last thing. The thing about the button layout. That needs to change a bit slightly and maybe make it controller compatible, but that’s my only concern. SHOUT OUT TO: Greatking101 on twitch for liking this. Also HUGE thanks to the producers to make this iOS compatible!

- First review in 6+ years of iOS

Honestly, I wouldn’t of left a review unless it asked me too, but this game fully deserves all the recognition. I’ve played every game you can think of and constantly install and uninstall with the exception of a few games, like this one. Every week I browse the App Store in hopes of a new find and am extremely grateful to have come across Dead Cells. This game has everything you could ever want and is worth every penny. I highly recommend Dead Cells to any type of gamer out there, if I could rate this higher than 5 stars I would, 10/10.

- Love it, just One thing bugs me

When using a MiFi controller, the threshold for Down on a joystick is too large. I’ll be intending to go forward in the air and jump but I’ll instead zoom downward for a ground smash because my joystick was just downward enough for the game to think I wanted to go down. I play this on iPad, iPhone and Apple TV and it’s the same problem. I also have this on my Nintendo Switch and I’ve never had that issue. All that being said, I’m totally addicted to the game and every platform I’ve played it on was more then worth what I paid for it.

- Needs an update for iPhone 11 Pro

I’ve only begun playing this game and have begun to enjoy Dead Cells for the uniqueness and fun of the game, however, the game needs some fixes. The background of the game doesn’t extend to the edge of the larger iPhone screens that have notch design, which causes unsightly solid bars on the sides in the background to appear on some levels that have background and foreground graphics. The other issue is the sound. Sometimes the sound glitches and replays repetitively after an animation completed, and won’t stop replaying until the game is exited. Please fix it. I would appreciated it if you do, and thank you.

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- What a game. Easily one of the top best games in App Store.

Well done to the devs in porting a good console port to mobile platforms successfully. Usually when this happens the controls for the port suffer, but not Deadcells. Very addicting experience without any in app purchases nonsense. Beautiful art, sound and game design at display. I don’t think it can get better than this, gaming on mobile. You should buy it if you haven’t already. It’s a bargain compared to console prices as well. And you can use a console controller to play it as well.

- Amazing game with flawed controls

Have over 200 hours on the Steam version and I LOVE this game, easily game of the decade for me. I don’t usually enjoy a rouge likes but as this one does have a consistent sense of progression through deaths it feels less disappointing to die as you know you achieved something every run you do, while there are only a few levels the game is aimed at repeating content while improving your skills and finding different ways to play with a large variety of weapons and traps to make for an enjoyable experience. The touch controls aren’t great but with auto attack they get the job done on the lower difficulties, it is hard to click some of your abilities on a smaller iPhone 11 so I don’t want to imagine how it would be on the iPhone 11 Pro (non-max) or smaller devices. I would highly recommend a gamepad for any of the higher difficulties. There’s no real way I can think of for the developers to improve the controls, it’s more so that the game was never built with touch in mind but they’ve tried to make it work at the very least. For whatever reason the game is locked at 30 FOS by default which made me refund the first time I purchased, but after someone let me know I could uncap the framerate I purchased it again and it’s a much more enjoyable experience.

- Honest Review

Dead cells is a great game on iOS but AU$14 is a decent amount for a game on your iPhone, iPad, Laptop etc. but even though considering that price I would highly recommend getting it. I was sceptical about getting it at first but I was glad I did buy it. I wouldn’t recommend it if you aren’t play with a controller I played it with my PS4 controller at first and it was great but then I tried it without one and it was rather challenging. But Dead Souls is a great game and I haven’t had any issues with it since I bought it.

- Game is great

The only problem I have is one that I knew buy it, that mobile interface makes the game difficult to play. I knew that I could get around this issue if I pair my ps4 controller to my phone. The game is really enjoyable with a controller. Another plus is that it does not need internet connection to play like some other games. Another great plus is that it is not as intensive as other games marking my phone overheat and causing my phone to dim to save itself.

- Innovative

I don’t have to say it because it’s been said before This critically acclaimed game has gone and got me addicted, and I ain’t even mad! The graphics are incredible and lends a sense of mystery and intrigue that drives this platformer! It’s amazing narrative is uncovered in tidbits, so that to really PLAY the game will take you ages: it will keep you occupied for days on end. The sound design really helps to build this grim fantasy world and it is well worth whatever you pay

- Honestly the best game on iOS

This game has made it so far being a Xbox hit (which I have) now to being a iOS game with amazing graphic quality and the fun and enjoyment of a dungeon crawler on a whole other level. So far I found no bugs, no crashes and the only problem is slightly the controls just might take time to get use to. Thank for making this game and putting it on our phones and iPads.

- Best Metroidvania on iOS!

This is as good as it gets! Combat is fluid, art design is fantastic, and dialog is witty. A bargain compared to the prices available on major consoles (I.e. Nintendo Switch) as well. It’s refreshing to play a solid game that doesn’t include microtransactions. There is also now an option to play at 60fps, even on older devices such as an iPhone 7. Looking forward to seeing more from this developer!

- Amazing!

It’s a great game, and I was ecstatic when they ported it to mobile. This might not make much sense considering it’s $40 on pc, but this game would be better if it was under $10 instead of $14. Regardless, the gameplay is amazing after you get used to the dodge button. Would highly recommend if you’ve got the money!

- Awesome game!

It’s a really fun game! Nuff said but really it has tonnes of playability! It challenges you to get all the boss stem cells and beat all the difficulty’s! It’s honestly awesome. One thing to improve the game would be adding in the rise of the giant dlc. Apart from that it’s a great game and I would love it to get updated more regularly like the computer version!

- Bug Report

Dead Cells is one of my favourite games of all time, and the whole game has this aesthetic that actually makes me feel like a dead prisoner who is being possessed by a certain green slime. HOWEVER, there is one bug on iOS that renders some parts of the map completely inaccessible by any means. This bug is the double jump bug, and has been annoying me ever since I started playing this game on iOS. This bug makes your character use the double jump feature a just a few frames after you jump, and as far as I know, there is no way you can avoid this. If a developer is reading this, then I would like to sincerely ask you to please fix this bug. Sincerely, An angry man on the internet

- Needs better control options

Needs options for a fixed directional pad you can resize, resizing buttons in general is needed since the attack buttons are tiny, also getting the dlc the console and pc versions have is also needed Its just much much harder to play on a mobile device because of the wonky controls, other apps have much more customizable controls that help deal with having to to do complicated combat on a touch screen

- The shield

Used to be easy to use now it is very hard because you need to hold the button longer to be able to parry instead of just tapping pls bring back the tap to parry for the shield but rest is perfect

- Good game, hard to control

You’ll have to rely on an ‘auto-attack’ method of control when using the touch-screen to be competitive. He game still feels balanced around having very responsive controls and that makes it pretty frustrating to lose due to an off-centre digit.

- Made my commute less boring

Great game. A frequent problem with mobile ports is poorly ported controls, this game is a great example of why this is not always the case. If you’re looking for a more involved mobile game, buy dead cells.

- Bug stops it from being 4 stars

Had this game on my PC and loved it so I bought it for my iPad Pro. Runs great except for the fact that sound DOES NOT WORK when playing from regular iPad speakers. Sounds does work however when my headphones are connected. This is a great game and with IPadOS 13 dualshock 4 controller support it is amazing.

- Finally...

The Rise of the Giant DLC is now here... All we need left is custom mode and the Bad Seed DLC. They also fixed the GC achievements last update (achievements were incorrectly shown as hidden despite completing it). However, I’m still frustrated that I have to redo all of them again just to complete it.

- Seems great so far

The controls are as good as they can be for a touch device, even better with a controller, gameplay is simple however very enjoyable, I highly recommend

- Idk what to put as the title

I can’t put the game down, I have it on my laptop as well and it can get anymore enjoyable. The story and gameplay is amazing and I can’t wait for all the possible changes to come.

- Fantastic - just want to listen to podcasts while I play!

Excellent, beautifully crafted game. I’m just knocking one star off because it’s currently not possible to listen to your own music or podcasts while playing. If that changes it’ll be five stars for sure!

- This game is a Must Buy

If you have the money get this game, the graphics are brilliant, it runs as smooth as butter and the cryptic story is captivating. If you have some spare money put it towards this game as you will not be disappointed 👌👍

- Beautifully brutal

Designed really well from both a gameplay and aesthetic style. Even pale who don’t like rogue like will enjoy this. Touch controls also implemented well!

- Games awesome

I really enjoy the game it’s amazing I just want to know when customisation is going to be added because I am at 2bc and just want to mess around with the weapons of my choice


I played this game for like 20 seconds and I was hooked. The game works super smooth and it has awesome graphics. It has awesome action gameplay and permanent upgrades. This is an awesome game, and if you pay, you WILL NOT be disappointed.

- Brilliant

It’s a great game. Despite the semi repetitive levels, the sheer amount of weapons, magic, abilities and support gear you can collect and utilise makes sure the game never feels dull. It is a brilliant little game with amusing bits of lore hidden away.

- The Best iOS Game

So good! I wanted Dead Cells on Switch or PC or anything but never bit the bullet. Now that it's out on iOS for 1/2 the price I bought it and regret not getting it sooner! 10/10 difficult but fun.

- report a bug

Great game after all! But I would like to report a bug. The mutation: recover % of health after a parry, this doesn’t work at all. Can you please fix it?

- Worth every cent

Without a doubt the best mobile game I’ve played in a long time. It’s that good I’ve actually taken time to praise it. No ads or micro transaction spam!

- Great game

Maybe ability to move where heal button is would be great, quite hard to access in the middle of a fight on iPad.

- One of the best gaming experiences on iOS

This was one of the best MetroidVania games on PC and the consoles. Nuff said. Oh, the controls? Amazing for a phone screen. The combat, animations, movement, art and everything like that- f’ing amazing. Runs super smooth too!

- One more go...

5 stars if the developers kept this game updated to the latest patch and DLC. Nonetheless a must buy if you are itchy for that pick up and put down game on the go. Deep, repeatable and satisfying progression. Great graphics and adaptation to iOS

- Just awesome

Have it on all iOS systems and Xbox. Cannot get past just how good the game is. Keep doing what you are doing because it’s working.

- Pad control

Need improvement on the touch control. Sometime mistouch on other abilities. Overall, the game is addictive.

- God its so good

Honestly the trailer doesnt do it enough justice. I have spent (emphasis on the fact that its not wasted time) sooo much time on this wonderful game. Great graphics, great action, and amazing story.

- Fun, addicting premium title. Worth the money.

Game is well worth the money, one of the more premium games available on IOS

- Bigger button please

The game is great as is was. I had both NS and iOS version. But the control on iOS is a bit awkward, I constantly miss the button and cause mistakes.

- Must have

And it’s much cheaper than on any other platforms!

- Great Port

It’s a really great port, but the controls are a bit wonky. It would be great if it’s more customizable because I think that the controls settings feels restricted at the moment

- Need help or needs to be fixed

Does anyone have a fix for being able to play music while using this app? I can’t seem to make it happen so at the moment it’s a waste of 13 dollars if I can’t do two things at once

- Masterpiece

AAbsolutely amazing from the interaction to the action it's feel like you're playing pc game on your phone

- The game I always go back too

Very easy controls, good looking game and plays really smooth.

- Amazing game

I haven’t stopped play since I installed it would recommend

- Best fighter hands down! Now on iOS

Though as nails, masterful controls even on touch screen, excellent game. Fight . Die . Repeat

- Great

This game is so much fun every time you die it’s a new experience love it keep up with the great work

- Awesome game

Although I would like some more customisation in the controls for example increasing the size of the joystick. The gameplay is addictive and very rewarding

- Best game ever

The game design is amazing I have been playing for 5 days now and it has been the best

- Such a good game

Played this game since pc release and havent stopped playing since. Absolutely love it

- Upgrade

needs a little bit more to it an upgrade


When will updates arrive for the iOS version?

- Good as

Wish there were custom controls

- Amazing game and well worth your money

Loads of variety and replayability. No microtransactions, just a (challenging) good time.

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- Beautiful game

(Before I write my review, if anyone reads this and has issues with the frame rate, go to the gameplay options and remove the 30 FPS limit) First of all, this game is beautiful. I have never seen anything quite like it, the particles when you break door or the blood splatter look gorgeously barbaric and messy. The gameplay is something to behold too, the combat is really immersive and learning each enemy’s attack patterns proves to be quite challenging Overall, incredible game. The price tag really is scary when you look at it, but you won’t regret your purchase.

- Huge fan

I’m biased as I love this game from pc

- My cell can never die!

Hi 😉 I recently rented this for switch. I loved it but mobile had a better price point. I was sceptical concerning controls on the phone but I was pleasantly surprised. There are even button size and placement editing tools. When I die it’s not due to controls, it’s usually a new enemy or I’m just moving so fast I make a error in judgement. I absolutely live for roguelike games. I have a busy life at the drop of a dime. So rogue likes are great as you can pause them or just kill yourself and play again later with all your unlocks/permanent upgrades. It’s really the evolution of classic arcade. The only change is your more concerned with saying BEHOLD MY JARS ARE FULL! rather than comparing high scores. The graphics are also something to behold as they are the richest pixels I’ve ever seen in a retro style game. I never tire of seeing my blob of disgusting cells come down from the pipe... sound effects are quite deep and disgusting as well. Plenty of weapons and gadgets to play with! And just a hint pick the survival scroll ASAP! Most mobile games are this oddly life draining entity that you may feel addicted to.. but when your phone dies you are relieved that your free from the star ratings, free from training and waiting, free from the grind. Dead cells is not that game. When you are new to it your runs will be short. As you get better you will have these long adventures that you must plan for. And choose your favourite equipment to dispatch challenging and unique enemies. It’s doesn’t steal your soul it gives you life! From this day forward my cell will never die again! For I must fill my jars! And play DEAD CELLS! 💀🦠 nailed it



- Apple TV Gamer..

It’s pretty awesome but if you could make it a little more smoother/clear/HD on the "Apple TV 4K" that be awesome too. But other than that its worth the price tag 👍

- Amazing

It is a great game, finished it thou in one day 😅😅😅

- 辣鸡骗子 Garbage Cheating Game

之前还显示支持中文,买了之后中文被你吃了? It has shown that will support Chinese language, but when I purchased that, you deleted that! Did you just eat that? Was that delicious? That was totally a cheating! I would give 0.1 star if I can do so:(

- amazing

great game with endless fun


Dude... This game needs to go back yo testing. Stuck in the ossuary after a fabulous run. It turns out there’s a known bug (see Reddit) that makes it so that a random wall blocks any progression if you don’t have a triple jump or something like that. I mean that bug is known since January 2019, almost a year ago!!! This is kiddie stuff, amateur bugs and for this, that game deserves 1/5. What else is there ahead to further aggravate the player???

- Overrated

I loved the Souls games, I wasted $12.00 here tho. Do. Not. Likey!!

- RamzoBorzo

This game is amazing

- Five Star Game 👍👌

Super fun isn’t getting stale, touch controls actually work pretty decent too. Got it on sale, but honestly this is worth full price. Get this game

- It’s a great game!! But where do I get the bad seed dlc

Yeah I really want bad seed dlc best dlc ever

- This game is fun and addicting

I’ve played through these levels and I love that when you beat the final boss you get the option to increase the difficulty, making you stick with the game till the end and that it changes, I like the art style as well, I’ve always been a fan of pixelated games, so yea it’s a good game

- Great game but lacking updates

Needs to be on par with the PC/Console release. The updates are far behind. Other than that the combat is fun and it runs great. The controls take some getting used to, but once you are comfortable with them, the game is really engaging.

- Awesome!

This is a perfect game!!!! However it could be beyond perfect with continuous updates or mega-DLCs :) the only downside to paying again for DLCs would be if there wasn’t enough content per dollar extra.

- Yes

Worth the money. Tight controls. Lots of fun and variety.

- New Legacy Update Awesome

Awesome new update that includes the Giant finally (I think)

- Really good game

Fun and addictive!

- Best iOS game

Really good iOS game

- Go buy it

Stop reading this review. If you have a controller, you need this game! It’s a rogue-like metroidvainia

- Amazing game.

So much fun. Challenging but smooth enough to beat on your phone.

- Great game

This game is so fun, although it is challenging

- Amazing

Do you like Castlevania you’ll love this. Highly Suggest using a controller

- Good game, feels like a game boy.

The only thing I want in the game is a easy mode with unlimited respawns. I’d like to get further than 10 minutes for once lol The story/characters are great but it’s tough to experience the whole game...

- Latest update messed up Game Center

This game is amazing, but the lates updated messed up Gane Center. Specifically, the Game Center notifications appear without text (only the rectangle shape of the notification appears with the Game Center icon). This happens both on my iPhone and iPad after update. Therefore, if get an achievement in the game I cannot see it, and I’m not sure if doesn’t even appear in the achievements section of Game Center. Please fix 😕. (iOS 13 and iOS 14)

- Does this game work with the Apple controller?

I do not like the on screen controls im wonder if I get the controller if it will work with this game?

- Absolutely garbage

The mechanics of the game are horrible you can spam the dodge button 100 times and it still won’t work, fix your controls dumbasses

- Absolutely amazing


- Very nice game

Extremely fun but very challenging and that’s where the fun lies

- Too little storage i have 2gb

I have 2gb and it says i dont have enough storage i just got this phone too

- Amazing game

Haven’t played a game this much in a long time! My Xbox game pass expired so I couldn’t play it anymore but I found it on the AppStore ! And to my luck my Xbox controller is compatible. Couldn’t be any happier!

- It’s pretty good


- Aaron Prince

Best way to describe this game is dark souls meets super Mario with random world generator. Hands down best mobile rpg game. 10/10

- Hours and hours of fun...👍

It’s a funtastic game...I was hesitant to buy it first because of it’s no checkpoints playstyle and people saying its hard, but now I absolutely love it, it’s unique but fun. Also, i found a sound issue, whenever i get near Ramparts, music starts to cut and starts playing again, this keeps on repeating. I hope it gets fixed. Regardless, five ⭐️s from me.

- Great game!

Nice replay ability

- Meilleur jeux de combats au monde

J’aime c’est tout

- Sick game

Pretty sick, but I hope I can have better control

- Great game

The only suggestion I would make would be to have an option to make the joystick bigger

- Nice game!

Really fun and addictive

- 做了中文砍掉,中文版卖给国内当特供

正经事不做,学骚操作 Disappointing

- So fluid

Incredibly fluid and great replay value

- How to make the game display in Chinese?

It says in the description that the game support Chinese, I want to know how can I change my game language to Chinese, will update to 5 stars if someone answer my question.

- Excellent

Very challenging. Many different features keep it engaging for a long a time. Works great on the iphone.

- Complaint

Grat game but sometime the audio lags and there is no sounds except for a glitched sound repeating over and over

- Amazing.

Rich in gameplay, story, character, mystery, art...I’ve had to put my life on hold to play this game.

- Omg !!

Mechant bon jeu

- Doesn’t support Nimbus+ controller

As specified in the title, this game says it has controller support yet for some reason my MFI Nimbus+ controller which is brand and was released to market only a few months ago works with all of my other iOS games except for dead cells :(. I heard that perhaps the name of the controller on the Bluetooth device lost could be a reason but still, it comes up as Nimbus+. Idk, this game is too bothersome to play with a touch screen and if there perhaps could be an update with support for Nimbus+ I would just jump for joy. Spent way too much money on the damn to not even be able to use it :(.

- Amazing

One of the best platforms out there for iOS.

- No update whatsoever

They basically abandoned this phone version of DeadCell. No content update period. Nada. If you want to pay for beta like Deadcell, go ahead.

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- Greatest Rogue-like on iOS

Dead Cells has possibly the tightest, most responsive and satisfying gameplay I’ve ever played in a 2D action game. The art is beautiful and not overly pixilated, which many games get wrong. The runs feel unique and thoughtful due to the variety of weapons,upgrades, and items. The game allow you to make unique and efficient builds for each run. The only downside to me is that since the game is originally a PC/Console game, the port has to make use of touch controls which are not ideal, but connecting a controller has never been easier and is worth it!

- Shield bug

I like the game, I was pretty excited to start playing it, but within 30 minutes of me playing it I have already found a pretty terrible bug. The starter shield will sometimes just start to always ready itself and it just completely halts the game. In order to fix it you need to exit and reenter the game from the loading screen. It’s kinda disheartening to find this big of a bug in a game you paid $8 for. But aside from that, I think that it’s a pretty good game. The controls are a little difficult at first but you can change them to your needs. I would say that the game is a good game to have, but wait for a little bit so they can fix the shield bug.

- Amazing

This game is amazing. I first bought it on the switch after watching a trailer for it. Loved it immediately it is now one of my favorite games of all time. When they said they were coming out with a mobile port I knew it would be good and it did not disappoint. They have ported this thing over beautifully and the touch controls work great. It really is fine with touch controls if you’re worried about that trust me it’s just fine. Totally worth the 8 bucks or whatever it cost believe me it’s a full fledged game no crap no IAP just pure platforming zombie smashing awesomeness!

- Best MetroidRogueVania

I really can’t say enough great things about this game. It’s repetitive in the sense that you die a lot and play through the same level set but the gameplay is challenging and addictive and I love the assortment of weapons that makes each run through the game feel unique and almost like a different game at times. You can play with a whip and shield on one run where it feels like castlevania and on the next hiyabusa boots and gauntlet and it will feel like a brawler. If you don’t mind a good challenge, don’t even second guess it, it’s rewarding and addictive.

- I’m speechless

This game is phenomenal. There’s a bit of charm to it in its dark setting. The sense of progression you get from this game is unparalleled. You never feel as though you were cheated by dying. You need to die to progress in some areas anyways. This game is a fair one and a fun one at that. There’s so much to do in this game and despite its price being a bit high for something on the App Store You won’t find a better game for this cheap. You cannot go wrong with this game as its rewarding and any challenge it poses is easily defeated by skillful play 👍👍👍

- A+ game; frame pacing issues on iPad Pro

This is the best Metroidvania I’ve ever played. It’s incredibly fair and beautiful and balanced. I’d recommend another version of it to anyone. My only issue relates to frame pacing on the iPad Pro 11-inch. The 30fps lock mode creates a very weird timing issue that others have complained about online. Fortunately there’s an uncapped mode too, which is quite inconsistent (and sometimes stutters) but at least runs better overall. The game is uglier and harder to play as a result. This may or may not be a problem for the standard 60fps iPads, but it’s an odd problem for a machine as powerful as this one.

- Phenomenal, but one small glitch

This game is absolutely amazing. Its hard and takes time to get better, but its a super fun journey. Even better, the touch controls are really polished, which I know is a hard thing to get right. My only complaint is that frequently, when i attack or use my shield, especially if its in the top right slot, then swipe right to dodge to the right, my character will dodge to the left. That’s super frustrating, and had gotten me killed more than a few times. Besides that though, this game is a must try!

- Deadcells is fantastic except......

I love this game!!! I own it on 4 different platforms. The IOS version is great, it works on iPad iPhone & appleTV. The game is awesome with incredible replay value. My only concerns are the game is a little too intense to REALLY experience everything it has toffee using a touch screen and there seems to be no D-pad support in this version when using a controller. The left analog stick is used to control your character and while still fun this game requires such precise movement I wish I had the option to use D-pad instead of the analog stick. Other than that this game is worth the money. 👍🏽👍🏽

- One request

I don’t have much to complain about because this game is 😉 the one thing(actually 2) that I have a problem with are the settings. Please add a setting that turns off the blood because I feel a little weird when I see blood splatter along the wall, I’m just one of those people, the other thing is that can you add the control stick when you can change the button size so it can be bigger, that is just a picky request so if it is not done I will understand. Please keep up the great work👍🏾

- Good game weird controls

I really enjoy this game but my one thing that I would make me give it five stars would have to be better implemented controls. The dash feels kind of awkward to use, and for people with iPhone X and above the control for movement is at a weird part of the screen. Though it does give the ability to move it, it moves every time your finger moves which is really annoying in fast pace situations. I would suggest making it so we can move it and have it be stationary afterwards. Overall, fix this and find a better dash mechanic and it would be 5 stars :D

- B.F. Skinner and John Watson would be proud ....

The game ”shapes” the player’s actions and to some extent the game is shaped as well. Use of variable ratio/variable reward schedules and various forms of positive and negative reinforcement e.g. coins, weapons, special gems, encourage or increase gaming activity; and specifically the negative reinforcement of returning to the beginning albeit a “different beginning”, with added degrees of difficulty as one “ advances” makes it appear like progress versus punishment for failure. But I will say “the punishment” aspect of game to the player has a way of supporting the emergence of aggression and fear, which I believe can potentially be emotionally harmful to the unsuspecting player that takes this reinforced “aggression” out on real life.

- Please fix auto-hit

I love this game and I think it’s best played on mobile (despite touch screen controls), which makes auto-hit a necessity for this game when played without a controller. But it’s so frustrating that the auto-hit engages before you’re within range of an enemy, and often gets you stuck in a battle with now way to jump or dodge away. Jump and dodge should always override the auto-hit. I shouldn’t get stuck surrounded by enemies. Other than that I totally love this game. I actually should just get one of those mobile dock controllers I guess to play with auto-hit off.


Game is amazing, been playing it forever on my xbox and its so great to play it now on my phone. Its not some cheap port either, this is the real deal full Dead Cells. No greedy microtransactions, no freemium pay-to-win, just a genuine full game packed with content and a bit of love. Touch controls do take some getting used to, but you get to remap them as you see fit, or just use a controller since it actually has proper support for them! I'm legitimately struggling to find a flaw with the game, nothing comes to mind really other than "I WANT MORE STUFF!"

- Amazing game made by amazing people

Found this game on Xbox gamepass, played it for free and still loving it. Just had a baby and we’re staying in the hospital, so I was looking for something to pass the time while mommy and baby sleep, and found out this is available on my phone! Check out the reddit if you want to see how awesome the devs are, that’s the final straw that caused me to buy this game guilt free. Perfect game for both “those 10 minutes in between things” or spending hours dying over and over exploring the different areas.

- A game so nice I bought it twice

So I played this on PS4 when it first came out and got excited when I saw it was coming for mobile. For the most part it translated well but suffers from the usual port issues (i.e. touch controls). The game is fun like the original ,touch controls are for the most part responsive, the difficulty is just right. It’s definitely a learning game you find what works for you and you find a good flow, which is funny because on cause I was a twin sword/bow now I’m a sword/shield. Anyway 4/5 for now we’ll see where the updates take it to help with touch responsiveness.

- Not quite sure.

Have played the switch and PC version, all amazing and entertaining, but I personally believe a mobile game takes away from the true experience of Dead Cells. I legitimately only bought it because I want to support the developers, but after getting frustrated with the controls, I realized it was a mistake. If you want to support them like I did, spend your money on any of the other console versions. This game, though it runs smoothly for mobile (impressive!) it still fails to live to the standards set by its PC counterpart. Overall, amazingly done, anyway.

- Amazing

I like old school style games a lot, so I thought I would try this one out. I thought, “yea I’ll play this one for 15 minutes.” 5 hours later I had unlocked about 7 percent of the gear in the game, and I wasn’t bored for 1 minute of it. It’s phenomenal. You spend cells to get permanent item unlocks and weapons to power you up each run. This game is genius. It will satisfy you for months and months of play. I LOVE IT. If I could give it 6 stars I would. You’ll get used to the controls quickly. Worth EVERY penny.

- Only for masochists

Controls don’t work great on iPad. This is a very unforgiving game, and I often find myself doing things I didn’t intend. Also, after the first level of difficulty the enemies REALLY don’t scale well for a few stages. You’ll go from being able to take 4-5 hits before going down to 1-2. Meanwhile the enemy that you could previously take down in 3 hits suddenly takes 6. This problem doesn’t resolve until around stage 4 or 5, where suddenly it gets easy again. (Until of course the final boss fight which is ridiculous and stupidly hard.) Would only recommend to a masochist. Hope the developers read this and make some positive changes.

- Touch controls ruin the experience

No matter how much they went out of their way to let the player customize the controls, touch controls are still not appropriate for fast reaction gameplay. I’m gonna get a WiFi controller just for this and maybe change my review once I play it as it was intended. It’s disappointing that it’s one of those story-less games like Dark Souls where the lore is hidden through vague dialogue. It gives the player little motivation to move forward when the main reasoning for fighting and getting through these stages is just because there’s nothing else to do.

- Please Fix

I really enjoy this game. It’s really fun. There is one thing I have to complain about. I defeated the hand of the king but before I could do anything else his bomb blew me up even though he was dead. I’m okay with this because it’s just how the game is, but I was not able to pick up the asymmetrical lance so now I can never get it. The only way I could is if I started the game from scratch and I’ve already put so many hours into the game. Please fix this. Maybe make it if you did not pick up the lance it will still drop on the next kill. Thank you.

- It’s worth it… if it’s your style

It is very good but it’s like a real geometry dash there are no saves but it can be very addictive and fun I feel like there should be a save like after you get past the prison or any other level but you can only die once then be respawned each level and the game is also very confusing sometimes but also this is my opinion but I feel there should be a bigger variety of weapons and other such tactic or other types of weapons it would make the players want to explore the game more instead of trying to do a speed run but I have not explored the game that much myself

- Good But...

The game is very good and lets you pass time really easily but I hate how every time you die you have to start all over and I think there should be one checkpoint every three rooms I guess. I’m saying this because I got this game and made it to my first boss and almost beat him but he killed me right as I was almost done. But overall the game is very fun I think there should be a coop area where two players can beat the story together that would make this game really popular in my opinion. And this is why I think this is a four star. Devs. Please reply.

- Amazing, fun, and slightly addicting.

I have played this game using the Switch. It is absolutely awesome. It is difficult using the phone controls, but they designed it so that it is not impossible. With my controller, I play the original way. If you don’t have a controller, I highly recommend choosing the other option when you first start a new game. I also found that my gameplay in general improved after playing on just my phone. Worth every penny I paid. And then some.

- Love it. One problem.

Love this game for the Switch and I think it’s almost as good on the iPhone. One big problem, though: when you exit out of the game the app frequently resets, resetting your progress and making you restart levels. Imagine you’re in the middle of a great run and you have to put the game down for a minute. You switch apps or lock your phone and come back a few minutes later to find you’ve been reset back to the beginning of the level. Super frustrating. Easy five stars if that wasn’t an issue.

- Hard but good

Dead Cells is basically Dark Souls meets Castlevania and that’s a really good thing. Aside from touch controls being unresponsive at times, the game works surprisingly well for mobile. The only gripe I have is that this is not the current version of the game you’d find on PC or consoles. There are a lot of items, enemies and weapons missing from this port of the game. Hopefully that all gets added in a later update because they’re sorely missing. Overall a great game. With an update to include the missing content this game would easily be a full 5 stars.

- Controller support but not working

I have to say, I love this game on PC and on Xbox One. I would rate this game 5 stars but at this point I cannot as the developer states with iOS13 the game supports my ps4 or xbox one controller. When I updated to the latest iOS and synced my PS4 controller, nothing identifies it within the game being connected, the options under controller do not show any options for a synced controller, and it does not work. I have tested the controller on all other Apple Arcade games and it works just fine. Just not with Dead Cells as stated on the page before purchase. If this gets fixed, or the developer reaches out to me to solve the problem, I will rate this game 5 stars as it deserves that when you can experience it with a controller.

- Controls

This is a great game, no doubt about it. The only issue I have is the controls. There are so many times where I want to drop down and the input forces me to jump then drop for a ground slam at the same height I was. There needs to be higher control optimization, but honestly there’s just some spots with spikes that are straight torture since you can get one shotted on curse with spikes. I don’t really mind the monsters but the spikes are just the worst thing in the world in games that want to go faster. Re update: honestly the more I play the more frustrated I am with the controls with dodging the wrong way and jumping up when trying to drop down. To be honest having a set dpad would help along with having a drop button.

- Great Game! Jump Issues

It’s extremely impressive to see such a great game on iOS. I own multiple versions of this game on other systems, so the iOS port was a no-brainer. I do have some mild issues with the touch screen jump controls. The height achieved when jumping seems random to me. Double jump responsiveness is also sketchy at best. I have the same issue on both my iPhone XS Max and my iPad Pro. I know this can’t be an intentional mechanic because, again, I own the game on other platforms and have never had this issue. I’d give it 5 stars were it not for this issue.

- Maybe the perfect game?

I’ve spent countless hours in this game on pc, and now it’s on mobile? Now, the screen is a little clunkier than a controller, so for the first few hours you’ll click the wrong button a lot, but after that, it plays just as smoothly, and looks just as good, as it does on pc. This game has infinite replay value. Every run plays out differently than every other run. The perfect game for passing the time. Personally I love playing it while listening to podcasts.

- Definitely one of the few real worthy games

I am a HUGE fan of old school classics like Castlevania: Symphony of of the Night.. and so when I discovered Dead Cells in the App Store, I practically broke an arm patting myself on the back for buying it. Gameplay is quick, fun, harsh, and satisfying. Quick wits, quicker reflexes, and a cool head are vital... and the enormous amount of skills & weapons to unlock are just sprinkles on the top of this epic game sundae for nerds like me. Trust me, if you have reservations after buying this, it’s probably because you shouldn’t be playing games in the first place. Enjoy 😉

- This is what games should be like

Pay once no adds no micro transactions replay ability , this is how games should be. Been playing since alpha when they were just adding levels such a great game well worth the price . If you like castlevania and rogue lite games this is the game for you. I would recommend a controller to play. Also make sure to turn off the 30 fps lock it uses a tad more battery life but the gameplay is a lot smoother at 60 fps. Played on IPad Pro second Gen..

- the first iOS game that didn’t leave me missing a console

Incredible gameplay, excellent balancing, tons of variety for different play styles, visceral as hell, humor, the continuous unlocking of areas and abilities is very well paced. The touch controls are as good as it can be, and that is to say very good indeed - not having the feedback of buttons and a pad don’t hinder the game nearly as much as you might expect. Special shout out to the migrating d-pad area in case your hand moves! Be sure to embrace the dash to flank enemies!

- Button Input

UPDATE: The shield issue has been fixed. The only issue that remains that I encounter is on touchscreen where one tap registers as 2 which can mess up attacks and platforming. It very often causes instant double jump or double attack. I will once again update with a proper review when patch based on the game and how it functions as a port. This is a great game for sure but it’s held back by input issues. Every one input seems to come as two (jump, shield, and attack). I will update this review once fixed and I get some decent gameplay in. Just know I loved the original pc release. A true favorite of mine.

- Played 5 hours straight the first time

I bought this game with little knowledge of what it was about just because I wanted to use my xbox controller on my iPhone with iOS 13 and let me tell you - it is amazing. Such a strong concept for a game with excellent execution, especially for a mobile port. Definitely worth the $8 and highly recommend to play with a controller if possible. Never been more excited to be the passenger in a long car ride now that I have this game to grind on the go 😎

- Tremendous Game!

I have never written a review for any game before and have been playing IOS games since the iPhone 4. This is by far the best game, I’ve ever played on IOS. I am having so much fun playing it, it’s hard to put down. I had heard this game was awesome and it lived up to the hype. Some people are saying you need a control to play this game, but I play with the touchscreen and have been doing well. This is a hard game, no doubt, but super fun. I would definitely recommend this game to any person.

- It’s annoyingly fun 😂

It’s fun as hell but stressful as hell when you think it’s a good idea to fall down when you have 2 health and die because you stun yourself from fall damage and enemies kill you for saying hi and bye it’s just one of those games you can play stop play and stop and it doesn’t get boring because it changes everytime and you might find your next favorite weapon every other time it’s unique and would recommend for anyone that likes a challenging beat em up

- Insanely breath taking

When I had my iPhone 7 Plus, even though it ate my battery like a hungry squirrel, I played it constantly. Cracked screen and all. upgrading to the iPhone 11 made lots of sense and I don’t exactly breeze through each level, but I love this game. Yes, the controls will take time to get used to. And if my thumbs are dry or oily there is no way to play this game without issues. But the controller support saves the day so I can’t complain. Play this game if you can. It’s a treasure

- Very good game!

This game is amazing. I’ve been looking for a good mobile game to play for a while now and then one friend recommended it. The price is completely worth it. The graphics and animations are very well executed and the gameplay is addicting and solid mechanics. The way you progress is also thoughtful and makes you think before you act. The way you can spend cells to get permanent upgrades is also great and gives you something to work towards.

- Ehh. Idk. Random weapons make this game monotonous

It’s somewhat enjoyable when I get the weapons I like, and great that I can unlock great weapons, but the dice roll on which weapon I get every single death-really doesn’t make me want to play this game. If I don’t find weapons I want or like on a specific life it makes that life a drudge since I have to just hope I don’t die long enough to get used to a new weapon. Why am I forced to learn a new strategy Every single life. I Also I’ve had to turn the music off, and ambience off. Everything but the sound effects cut in and out envy 3 seconds. Glad I bought this on sale for 3.99$ I be mad if I paid 8$ for this

- Love the gameplay!

My brother Walker has this game on his laptop and I always watched him play it. I got the game on mobile and started play this game. I love how when you die you start all the way at the beginning and you have to beat the game in one go. This game has a lot of detail to it and I love the auto hit game mode and the normal one. I like all the places and all of the enemies. This game should get all five stars!!! I love this app so much it will always be the best mobile monster fighting game!!!

- Amazing, yet difficult

Might I say, this game is amazing! It looks beautiful, and although at first I didn’t understand the controls very much, I soon got experienced enough to enjoy the game. It is fun, and for me everything I get such as a power up and etc. fills me with literal joy. Nevertheless the game is difficult, and whenever you “die” you loose all if not most of your progress. Yet that soon becomes natural to you as the gamer and although difficult, Dead Cells is amazing!

- V Stars

One of the best mobile games available right now, worth more than it’s price. A Metroidvania to the caliber is breathtaking and shows how far mobile gaming has come! This concept plays out so well especially for mobile games, repetition and with a overall progression system that doesn’t feel cheated. The game plays with your mind giving you many A or B choices and remapping areas making it different and challenging every-time. Highly recommend!

- Wonderful game!But Chinese version please!

I purchased the game when the price was dropped. After spending several days and nights playing this game, I thought me in the past who did not buy it just because there was not a discount was stupid... It’s definitely worth the money. But when will there be a traditional or simplified Chinese version? I don’t want to play it again on other platforms just for better understanding the story.

- Great game, O.K. port

I’m gonna open this by saying I love this game, but it isn’t the ideal way to play it. There are some bugs which I’m sure will be patched out, and of course the constraint that come with playing on a price of glass (also the cropping for some of the loading screens is off). if you have the ability to play it on console, then spend the seven extra bucks there, it’s worth your money. But it is fair to say that it’s pretty great that I can play dead cells while taking a dump. 4/5 Also the shields are completely broken right now!

- The game is awesome but just some minor complaints

I would say the game is work just fine and it is a lot of fun with it. If the game developers would read this comment I would ask politely if you can make the size of the stationary pad adjustable or respectively bigger.I understand everyone’s finger are different but that little space for the pad would cause some funny controls in some moments. overall of the game is awesome definitely worth the money.

- Ahh Dead Cells

This game at first was pretty confusing considering I didn’t play on console but knew the game was good from some friends so I pre ordered it and man I’m not gonna regret this purchase you can do so many things that I will most likely be entertained for a while for this simple 8 dollar game. I love the art style in a way it is like a better pixel art kind of graphic and it runs really well no internet or anything I would definitely recommend buying this game.

- Great game

It’s got a rough start, but it’s a very fun game all around. Feels like it’s got a lot to go. I’m still terrible but I haven’t wanted to put it down so far. Only problems are related to the way the dude controls 1. It just randomly wont let me move every once in a while 2. Its not compatible with the apple keyboard it would completely change how it controls and stops all problems i think :) Thanks for making a great game, Caleb

- Less of a game, more of an addiction

It’s just too good. I use a controller, and it plays very close to the steam version. This game... I have no words for how good this game is. If you watch a preview and think “huh I might like this game” then it’s for you, period. Hands down the most tuned combat with the most varied and unique weapons of any game of its type. I would gladly pay 60 bucks for this game, hell I would pay 100 and I’ll still feel like I stole something.

- Worthy Port of a Phenomenal Game

When I first purchased this title, I was frankly bummed; the frame rate and default controls were disappointing. Then I noticed the 30 FPS lock was on, and not only are controls fully customizable, there is an auto-attack feature for melee weapons. Game changer! Last night I beat the HOTK and am getting ready for my first Boss Cell run. Hats off to the devs for a stellar mobile port. Love this game on Switch and having a blast playing on the go.

- Needs updates!

Love this game. Have played it since it’s release on Xbox. However I haven’t owned a console for some years. Was so excited to get this on the iPad! However, I hate that there is no information on releasing updates for the mobile version. I keep searching hoping to hear some news, updates or timeframe on when they will be released. I’m anxiously waiting and hope they catch up as iOS is my only way of playing. Please give us an update!!!

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Dead Cells 1.6.2 Screenshots & Images

Dead Cells iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Dead Cells iphone images
Dead Cells iphone images
Dead Cells iphone images
Dead Cells iphone images
Dead Cells iphone images
Dead Cells iphone images

Dead Cells (Version 1.6.2) Install & Download

The applications Dead Cells was published in the category Games on 2019-07-17 and was developed by Playdigious [Developer ID: 1041387229]. This application file size is 753.52 MB. Dead Cells - Games app posted on 2020-11-16 current version is 1.6.2 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.playdigious.deadcells

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