Dead Cells

Dead Cells [Games] App Description & Overview

Death is not the end.

Play as a failed alchemic experiment and explore the sprawling, ever-changing castle to find out what happened on this gloomy island…!
That is, assuming you’re able to fight your way past its keepers.

Dead Cells is a roguevania action platformer that will require you to master frantic 2D combat with a wide variety of weapons and skills against merciless minions and boss.

Kill. Die. Learn. Repeat.

First available on PC and consoles, the indie hit Dead Cells is now slaying foes on mobile!

Main Features
• Roguevania: The progressive exploration of an interconnected world, with the replayability of a rogue-lite and the adrenaline pumping threat of permadeath

• Frantic and Dynamic 2D Action: Learn your enemies’ patterns to stay alive, or prepare to be sent back to your cell before you can say “baguette”

• Nonlinear Progression: Unlock new levels with every death, opt for the path that suits your current build, your playstyle or just your mood.
Surely, the ramparts can’t be as bad the sewers, right?

• Play at your own pace: Will you explore every nook and cranny of the castle, or rush to the end?

Carefully redesigned for mobile with a revamped interface
• Two game modes available: Original & Auto-Hit

• Custom controls & More touch controls options available: Change the buttons’ position and size to your liking, swipe to dodge…

• MFi external controller support

• Pay once to get the full Dead Cells experience! No ads, no F2P mechanics!

If you run into a problem, please contact us at with as much information as possible on the issue.

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Dead Cells Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Fixed compatibility issues with cloud saves from tvOS

Dead Cells Comments & Reviews

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- Best Indie Game ever

I enjoy this game so much that I own it for multiple systems.

- Well worth the $8

This game is awesome. I love rogue-likes, and this is definitely one of the best. I appreciate that I can use my Steelseries controller to play. The control scheme is intuitive which keeps me playing. I love the pixel art and the smooth animation. I’m a fan of Playdigious games but this one is on my top spot.

- deadcells


- Dark souls in your pocket

Great game! Doesn’t get old. Metroidvania at its finest.

- 没有中文,垃圾

垃圾,居然没有中文。 Bili哔哩垃圾代理商,垃圾游戏审核。

- Best game in the phone

Bought this game and it’s nothing but fun but the thing that bugs me is that you can’t hear music while playing

- Great Game!

So far so good! Been hunting a mobile game for awhile to escape from my girlfriend and this seems to be scratching that itch.

- Amazing

I first played this in xbox one and loved the game, once I saw It on mobile I was a little sceptical on running it on my iPhone 5s due to doubt it would run well. Yet I got it and it runs perfectly. Smooth as Xbox version. Great rouge like dungeon crawler and give the controls a chance, difficult at first but it gets easier.

- Awesome

This game is very simple to pick up but very hard to master. Highly recommend it.

- I like it

It’s dark souls lite


Dead Cells is a near perfect “MetroidVania” game. Unfortunately, it lags MONTHS behind the console/PC version in terms of updates and DLC. If the original game were completely stand-alone, it would be a five star experience for sure. But knowing my PS4 version is so far ahead of this version in updates makes me much less interested in playing the iOS version. I will definitely be updating my review when and if those updates finally hit the Apple platform!

- Great game

Just had a baby and I’ve been stuck in a hospital for 3 days, worth every cent.

- Fun cells

Easy to learn, love to bring out my anger whilst I’m destroying monsters. I’ve already suggested this to others, love the art style and the controls work really well.

- Worth it

Great game in all, the design, the story, the characters, the weapons, and the bosses just make it consuming to play and it’s absolutely worth the price if your into rogue games.

- Great game but hard controls

Awesome game. Worth the cost.

- 최고의 게임~!!

출퇴근 왔다갔다 하면서 하기에 최고네요~^^

- Please update dead cell

I watched a youtube game called Veedotme playing the deadcell game in version 1. 6 so please update the game so we can experience the game in the latest way.

- Very fun game

Would be cool to add the ability to use an Xbox controller to play the game.

- Sound issues

So the issue here is I can’t play music from my phone while I play the game which is annoying. I understand your suppose t get the full affect of the game but honestly I don’t need to play with sound to enjoy it and I’d like my music to play while I play it. It’s honestly the reason I don’t even play it but since I bought it I don’t want to uninstall it. Now I do like the game very much so that’s why I’m here maybe there’s a solution somehow I don’t know about.

- Needs Controller Support

I mean, it’s Dead Cells, it’s a great game. I own it on Steam, Switch, and iOS. The wonky flaw with the iOS version is a lack for controller support. I’ve tried a few controllers including my favorite which is the N30 Pro 2 from 8BitDo and none of them work. The controls on iOS are a bit difficult for me on an iPhone 11 Pro. Please add some controller support!!!

- 垃圾


- Swipe Dodge Glitching

I’m on ios on a iphone 11 and it is infuriating swiping to dodge and it occasionally going the opposite direction. It really ruins the flow of the game and makes me want to rage quit and uninstall. This game is amazing but please fix this bug.

- Only for masochists

Controls don’t work great on iPad. This is a very unforgiving game, and I often find myself doing things I didn’t intend. Also, after the first level of difficulty the enemies REALLY don’t scale well for a few stages. You’ll go from being able to take 4-5 hits before going down to 1-2. Meanwhile the enemy that you could previously take down in 3 hits suddenly takes 6. This problem doesn’t resolve until around stage 4 or 5, where suddenly it gets easy again. (Until of course the final boss fight which is ridiculous and stupidly hard.) Would only recommend to a masochist. Hope the developers read this and make some positive changes.

- Tough but A lot of Reply Value

Worth the money, I’ve never done a review for a game but I couldn’t help but give one for this game. Fun and challenging. Castlevania vibes all around the game mechanics are a bit tricky but one you get the hang of it. It’s smooth sailing from there. The different options of skills and weapons make it run unique and worth the trouble of trying again.

- Wireless Xbox and PS4 controller

It would be nice if you could add the D-Pad control option for wireless Bluetooth connected controllers

- Great game

It’s got a rough start, but it’s a very fun game all around. Feels like it’s got a lot to go. I’m still terrible but I haven’t wanted to put it down so far. Only problems are related to the way the dude controls 1. It just randomly wont let me move every once in a while 2. Its not compatible with the apple keyboard it would completely change how it controls and stops all problems i think :) Thanks for making a great game, Caleb

- This game is awesome

It’s so fun and addictive and I just want to play for hours

- Yea yea great game

Take your 5 stars and go home. Stayed up all night beating it, so addictive

- Always wanted to give Dead Cells a shot

Am not disappointed, absolutely worth buying. I’ll likely get it on steam too just to see the differences but I have to say it feels fantastic on mobile. Smooth AF!

- 你咋还不更新啊


- Have it on steam and love it.

Amazing game, have 100+ hours on steam, just bought on phone to show more support. Not a huge fan of the phone controls but they get the job done and the game runs very well.

- Update

Can we have the 1.2 update please

- Love it

It’s lit makes me feel like a ninja and a knight at the same time the combat is so smooth It’s worth it

- Shocking

It’s quite the game not what I expected control wise in my opinion it’s an amazing game worth the price.

- Great


- very good

it is very fun i like it very much,good job

- Great Game

Absolutely love it! Always a variety of items and chances to gain more loot and story!

- Hard at first but a lot of fun

It was a bit hard to get ahold of the controls at first but I’ve been progressing pretty well and been having a ton of fun

- It’s taking time away from my family...

That’s how addicting it is.

- Great Game !!!!!!!!!

Amazing and addictive

- Dead Cells

Man it’s great on console and even more difficult on mobile. The challenge is the best part though.

- this is really a wonderful game

Though this is my first time playing,I enjoy a lot.And I really want to play with the giant.I want 1.2 update!please!!

- Fun and great

Honestly I love this game a lot. I already got the 2nd boss cell but I’m seeing that nothing much changed. So I’m here just waiting for an update to drop that bring this mobile version up to date because I just love playing this game.

- Worthy of the hype

Top quality game

- Best Action Game on iOS

This game is a rush. I never get tired of it. It wants to kill me, but I love fighting back. I have to mention that I use a PS4 controller to play. I can’t comment on the touch controls. But it’s flawless in my experience. When I’m not totally absorbed in the intense action and my own determination to battle onward, I’m blown away by the attention to detail in the pixel art and atmospheric effects. It strikes an incredible balance between challenge and fun, and freshness and familiarity in each play through.

- Just wow

Absolutely glorious It’s great! The controls are great. The graphics look great. The combat is great. The progression is great. Everything is great!

- Please update the game!

And allow Game Center to save progress after uninstall the game

- Great game


- Great

I’ve play this game a lot and it’s a little grinding but still very fun.

- Should have picked this up sooner

I’m an avid PC gamer, and this has been on my Steam wishlist since its release. I was always waiting for a sale on it and it just was never the right time for me. I managed to afford an iPad and it blew my mind that it was available on the platform. I figured “Hey, I’ve wanted this for so long, time to scoop it. It can’t be that bad.” I’m using a wireless Xbox One controller to play this and, dude, this stuff is dope! The pace and mechanics all lend themselves to get the most out of your play styles. A rock solid gameplay loop keeps me rolling after death. Getting those lucky drops or rare finds feel real good. And the world building through strange encounters and interactions keeps progress interesting outside of progress’ sake. I should have bought this game sooner on Steam; and I probably will rebuy it there just to keep it all kosher. Though, this version plays well and is great. Legitimately, the best argument for “mobile gaming” I’ve come across.

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- Fantastic

As the title implicates, this game is fantastic and very addictive. It’s really well designed for a phone game. Just one more request from the devs is to add different modes like arena mode to keep it going thanks!

- Great!

Even on a small phone, game works perfectly!!!

- Excellent rogue-lite

What a fabulous game. It is very fair with its challenging gameplay.

- Ok

As it stands, this game is only ok. I hear it's the DLC that makes it great, but as none if that is available for this version, it makes me wonder if I made the right purchase...



- Really good game

Fun and addictive!

- Dlc?

Mobile version lacks so many things from pc. When is it coming?

- Must have mobile game

An absolute blast to play with tons of replayability. It’s as is binding of Isaac and hollow knight had a kid.

- Amazing!!!

This game is the best one I have played. The graphics are amazing and the gameplay is stunning. The plot is immersive and curious. But, don’t be afraid of the price tag, it is worth it! Buy this, and you will not have to buy another game for a while, why? Because you will be so immersed in this one! If you are doubting about buying the game because of the permadeath, don’t, the game is done so masterfully that you don’t rage when you die. You just view it as an opportunity to get more coins in an easier area. And if you take a break. In 10 minutes you will be coming back for more. Also, if really like the game you might do a little research on the it. Warning: the game is many updates behind the console and PC versions. So some of the stuff on those websites may be way ahead of date. But most of thestuff on runes and most of the map is not, same with the weapons and gear So, this game is worth it, the gameplay is tight but works surprisingly well, and the graphics are a work of art unto themselves. Note to developers: When is The Rise Of The Giant DLC coming out?

- No save and no continue?!


- Great Game

This is my favourite game it is really fun

- Love this game

Hell ya

- just awesome

it really is!

- Great Game

I have bought this game on everything it’s a available on. I absolutely love it. However; I would love to see it’s DLC on here as well. It is just the base game, and none of the updates. Please add them.

- Great Combat But...

So the combat/art/weapons and more is great. I bluetooth my PS4 controller works great. The annoyance is the death..rinse..repeat system. If your into that great but if you don’t want to start at the start after every single death and go again.. prob look at other games of this caliber.

- Motion Twin are a bunch of liars and cash grabbers.

You claimed in the description I was getting the *full* Dead Cells experience. So naturally, since I saw how much my friends on PC were enjoying it and you specifically said it was the full version, I’d probably buy it. After all, being able to customize my experience and keep weapons I didn’t like out of runs I didn’t want them in seemed like a wonderful idea, and something I wished all roguelikes with unlockable weapons had, because goddamn do I hate some weapons, and didn’t want to be punished for unlocking the wrong things. I mean look at r/Archero, their entire subreddit is about how much they hate unlockables. But lo and behold! I pay for the full Dead Cells experience, and what do I get? Well I know it sure as hell ain’t the full Dead Cells experience! Didn’t have the feature I specifically bothered getting it for, hasn’t been kept up to date with the PC version at all. So I go check out what Motion Twin’s been doing on YouTube, and lo and behold, their most recent video is about a DLC. A total cash grab. They’re just the type to keep releasing paid content instead of updates.

- :(

I accidentally bought this and can’t get a refund

- My cell can never die!

Hi 😉 I recently rented this for switch. I loved it but mobile had a better price point. I was sceptical concerning controls on the phone but I was pleasantly surprised. There are even button size and placement editing tools. When I die it’s not due to controls, it’s usually a new enemy or I’m just moving so fast I make a error in judgement. I absolutely live for roguelike games. I have a busy life at the drop of a dime. So rogue likes are great as you can pause them or just kill yourself and play again later with all your unlocks/permanent upgrades. It’s really the evolution of classic arcade. The only change is your more concerned with saying BEHOLD MY JARS ARE FULL! rather than comparing high scores. The graphics are also something to behold as they are the richest pixels I’ve ever seen in a retro style game. I never tire of seeing my blob of disgusting cells come down from the pipe... sound effects are quite deep and disgusting as well. Plenty of weapons and gadgets to play with! And just a hint pick the survival scroll ASAP! Most mobile games are this oddly life draining entity that you may feel addicted to.. but when your phone dies you are relieved that your free from the star ratings, free from training and waiting, free from the grind. Dead cells is not that game. When you are new to it your runs will be short. As you get better you will have these long adventures that you must plan for. And choose your favourite equipment to dispatch challenging and unique enemies. It’s doesn’t steal your soul it gives you life! From this day forward my cell will never die again! For I must fill my jars! And play DEAD CELLS! 💀🦠 nailed it

- Best game on IOS

Worth buying

- Overrated

I loved the Souls games, I wasted $12.00 here tho. Do. Not. Likey!!

- Amazing play this 24/7

About time we start getting wonderful games instead of micro transaction broken games good work guys!

- Incredibly enjoyable

Super fun, fast-paced action. Hard but rewarding. 10/10.

- Missing something

Great game, the movement and combat are great. The bosses are challenging but easily beaten if you know how to dodge. The controls are a little off but its a mobile game so it’s expected. I like the pixelated graphics, it makes the game feel unique. But whats the point? Its an endless dungeon that changes every time you die. The characters you meet don’t do much or say anything memorable, and they feel bland. I don’t see much of an objective in it? You die and completely restart the WHOLE GAME. You make one dumb mistake with low health and thats it, time to restart. The game description above gives more context to whats going on than the game itself, at least in the first six hours of playing. I hate to rate it 3/5 but its missing something and I just don’t know what. It doesn’t feel right. I stopped playing after about the fifth time dying. I had the game down after the first and got really far in, two hours into the dungeon, and then I died again and again. The game is based on replay ability, but I don’t see any here. But overall beautiful game, you guys keep making good content. I’m just not a fan of dungeon crawler and making runs games

- Dead cells

So hard hate it when I die but it’s a really good game like 10 dollars might be wasted but I’m only on ramparts so yeah

- Just buy it

Best purchase I have made in a long long while. Just buy it folks! It’s challenging and every run is always different! So damn good

- So awesomely amazing!!!

I usually never write reviews, but I have to praise this game. The graphics are incredible, and it’s controls are easy to learn. Overall, 15/10.

- Super cool!

I love it!

- Dead cells

I love it

- Great Game

Every run adds something new. Fun to try out new weapons.

- The best game I’ve ever played

The price might scare you, but after playing this game I can tell you that it is worth every single penny.

- 😱😱😱🤤


- Great game

Good game

- Great Game

Unreal fun

- Excellent

Bla bla

- Great game

Amazing. Each play through is as fun as the last.

- This Game is AMAZING

Hello if you are reading this I will first give you a piece of Advice BUY IT BUT YOU MIGHT GET BORED SFTER CAUSE YOU SEE SAME THINGS AND GET BORING BUT IF LOTS OF FUN!!! BUY IT!

- Amazing.

Simply amazing.

- Great game

Extremely fun multiplayer would be amazing maybe be put in a map and you have to find ur weapons

- Good


- Great game

Highly recommended, especially good with a controller.

- Good but hard

This game had potential. But then I discovered the bosses. Literally no time to act. The bosses just keep hammering you with powerful AI timing. Since when did gaming become so frustrating? Harder and harder until a couple of gifted nerds only are able to keep up. Most of the times the controls freeze or are late, so you get hit on purpose. Your skills don’t activate until after you get hit. Gaming is now disappointing and this is a good example of it. Bad framerate on ipad pro 11. Game is designed to hurt you even if you do everything right.

- Modern Classic

What else is there to say that hasn’t been said already? The game is seamless, intuitive, engaging, and fun. You can play it over and over without obtaining the curse of tiresome repetition. Truly wonderful gameplay. Thank you!

- Awesome

Really good game

- Best game on the App Store

Hard though

- Fantastic

The game looks beautiful and it’s fun as hell!

- 👍

One of the best games I have ever found and if not the best for on the road game play and just a game that will give you hours of fun battles strategy and more. Love the game

- 100/10

Best Game Ever on mobile, not ported but specifically made for mobile devices and the charm behind how challenging but not as repetitive, Try also adding cross platform multiplayer if possible Worth the money you won’t regret the purchase, On my top 3 list of games!

- Best port I’ve played in awhile

The only games I will buy on this store are pc ports, I also already own dead cells on pc and am immense fan of the game. That being said this is probably the best port I’ve played on mobile. I was very hesitate to pick this title up just due to it being a heavy rogue-like and I was concerned the touch controls would result in unwarranted deaths and warranted frustration, but to my surprise the team has done an incredible job handling touch controls and control adjustability it almost arguably plays better then on pc in certain elements. Bravo to the team! Also to my knowledge this was a ground up build and not technically a port so truly hats off to the people behind this release. 10/10 if you like rogue likes or even just metriodvania-esc action side scrollers defiantly pick this one up. The ultimate pick up and play time killer!

- Excellent!

Great game with so much replay. PC, Switch and now iOS for me. Excited for “Rise of the Giant” Content when we get it.

- Dpad control please

Having an option to play with a Dpad control would be perfect.

- Best games ever

The game design is amazing I have been playing for 4 hours now and it was the best 3 hours of my life

- It’s the best

It is the best at the start was very overweight but when I got an understanding I loved it

- Good game - fix it so we can play our own music

What the title says

- Amazing game with flawed controls

Have over 200 hours on the Steam version and I LOVE this game, easily game of the decade for me. I don’t usually enjoy a rouge likes but as this one does have a consistent sense of progression through deaths it feels less disappointing to die as you know you achieved something every run you do, while there are only a few levels the game is aimed at repeating content while improving your skills and finding different ways to play with a large variety of weapons and traps to make for an enjoyable experience. The touch controls aren’t great but with auto attack they get the job done on the lower difficulties, it is hard to click some of your abilities on a smaller iPhone 11 so I don’t want to imagine how it would be on the iPhone 11 Pro (non-max) or smaller devices. I would highly recommend a gamepad for any of the higher difficulties. There’s no real way I can think of for the developers to improve the controls, it’s more so that the game was never built with touch in mind but they’ve tried to make it work at the very least. For whatever reason the game is locked at 30 FOS by default which made me refund the first time I purchased, but after someone let me know I could uncap the framerate I purchased it again and it’s a much more enjoyable experience.

- Hey Guys

Hey, this is a great game overall but I’m wondering if mobile will have any future updates like 1.2 Rise of the Giant

- Innovative

I don’t have to say it because it’s been said before This critically acclaimed game has gone and got me addicted, and I ain’t even mad! The graphics are incredible and lends a sense of mystery and intrigue that drives this platformer! It’s amazing narrative is uncovered in tidbits, so that to really PLAY the game will take you ages: it will keep you occupied for days on end. The sound design really helps to build this grim fantasy world and it is well worth whatever you pay

- This is epic


- One more go...

5 stars if the developers kept this game updated to the latest patch and DLC. Nonetheless a must buy if you are itchy for that pick up and put down game on the go. Deep, repeatable and satisfying progression. Great graphics and adaptation to iOS

- Where is giant and bad seed as well as custom game

I bought this game $14 got a stem cell figured out I need to get it on console to have a good save also can there also be cross compatible saves with Xbox and PS4

- Absolutely Wonderful Game

Fantastic gameplay so far, no lags no issue. Just trying to get the 5th Stem Cell, but looks like that is a DLC. Need the DLC :-) Will there be any DLCs?

- We need DLC!!!

The bad seed is coming out 11 February. Please add all the DLCs then! (Then I’ll consider it being a 5 star rating)

- Let me listen to music while I play

Oh no doubt the games real nice but bro... can’t run Spotify tunes while I’m slaying like yooooo... just wanna listen to break up tunes dedicated to a girl that doesn’t exist while I play late at night😂😭😭 But professionally, nice work on the game and port👏

- Game is great

The only problem I have is one that I knew buy it, that mobile interface makes the game difficult to play. I knew that I could get around this issue if I pair my ps4 controller to my phone. The game is really enjoyable with a controller. Another plus is that it does not need internet connection to play like some other games. Another great plus is that it is not as intensive as other games marking my phone overheat and causing my phone to dim to save itself.

- 敲棒的


- Honest Review

Dead cells is a great game on iOS but AU$14 is a decent amount for a game on your iPhone, iPad, Laptop etc. but even though considering that price I would highly recommend getting it. I was sceptical about getting it at first but I was glad I did buy it. I wouldn’t recommend it if you aren’t play with a controller I played it with my PS4 controller at first and it was great but then I tried it without one and it was rather challenging. But Dead Souls is a great game and I haven’t had any issues with it since I bought it.

- Game for Hardcore Gamer

Just imagine Dark Soul but it is faster gameplay, less heath and enemy are strong as hell

- Amazing!

It’s a great game, and I was ecstatic when they ported it to mobile. This might not make much sense considering it’s $40 on pc, but this game would be better if it was under $10 instead of $14. Regardless, the gameplay is amazing after you get used to the dodge button. Would highly recommend if you’ve got the money!

- Upgrade

needs a little bit more to it an upgrade

- Best fighter hands down! Now on iOS

Though as nails, masterful controls even on touch screen, excellent game. Fight . Die . Repeat

- Amazing game and well worth your money

Loads of variety and replayability. No microtransactions, just a (challenging) good time.

- Beautifully brutal

Designed really well from both a gameplay and aesthetic style. Even pale who don’t like rogue like will enjoy this. Touch controls also implemented well!

- Fun, addicting premium title. Worth the money.

Game is well worth the money, one of the more premium games available on IOS

- Dead Cells, great rogue-like

Great rogue-like

- Amazing game

I haven’t stopped play since I installed it would recommend

- no custom mode

this game is 5 star game play with controller, but i didn’t find the custom game mode Npc in third plot

- Best Metroidvania on iOS!

This is as good as it gets! Combat is fluid, art design is fantastic, and dialog is witty. A bargain compared to the prices available on major consoles (I.e. Nintendo Switch) as well. It’s refreshing to play a solid game that doesn’t include microtransactions. There is also now an option to play at 60fps, even on older devices such as an iPhone 7. Looking forward to seeing more from this developer!

- Bug Report

Dead Cells is one of my favourite games of all time, and the whole game has this aesthetic that actually makes me feel like a dead prisoner who is being possessed by a certain green slime. HOWEVER, there is one bug on iOS that renders some parts of the map completely inaccessible by any means. This bug is the double jump bug, and has been annoying me ever since I started playing this game on iOS. This bug makes your character use the double jump feature a just a few frames after you jump, and as far as I know, there is no way you can avoid this. If a developer is reading this, then I would like to sincerely ask you to please fix this bug. Sincerely, An angry man on the internet

- Best iOS game for me.

A proper console like game on your iOS device. The rarest gem in the App Store.

- What a game. Easily one of the top best games in App Store.

Well done to the devs in porting a good console port to mobile platforms successfully. Usually when this happens the controls for the port suffer, but not Deadcells. Very addicting experience without any in app purchases nonsense. Beautiful art, sound and game design at display. I don’t think it can get better than this, gaming on mobile. You should buy it if you haven’t already. It’s a bargain compared to console prices as well. And you can use a console controller to play it as well.

- Must have

And it’s much cheaper than on any other platforms!

- Incredible

So so so so fun.

- The only game you’ll ever need!

A must have for anyone who loves 2D side-scrolling adventure games.

- Too good

Good but controls are not the best

- Good game.

Good game.


I played this game for like 20 seconds and I was hooked. The game works super smooth and it has awesome graphics. It has awesome action gameplay and permanent upgrades. This is an awesome game, and if you pay, you WILL NOT be disappointed.

- So amazing I bought it on IOS and PS4

Crazy fun game, feels so fluid and visceral to fight.

- Awesome

Makes me play this all day, sleepless But its hard to control in touchscreen(compared with PC)

- Worth every cent

Without a doubt the best mobile game I’ve played in a long time. It’s that good I’ve actually taken time to praise it. No ads or micro transaction spam!

- Bug stops it from being 4 stars

Had this game on my PC and loved it so I bought it for my iPad Pro. Runs great except for the fact that sound DOES NOT WORK when playing from regular iPad speakers. Sounds does work however when my headphones are connected. This is a great game and with IPadOS 13 dualshock 4 controller support it is amazing.

- Yo


- Needs update similar to PC

Rating reflects the desperate need for the update required to make this game as good as PC. Problem with Map Generation in iPad version. I own this game on PC and it plays perfectly fine. Issue: Certain regions of the map can ONLY be progressed IF you either have Spider Rune or have a necklace with triple/quad jump that allows you to access the next region of the map. Working Solution: Restart game, lose progress and Items because random map generated region that is ONLY accessible if you have the aforementioned solutions and there is NO branch to another map area permitting continuation of the game. This has happened in three runs and unfortunately lost significant progress, particularly on a clean save file. Problem 2: Items haven’t been updated due to different version on iPad versus PC/Console version. Issue: Frozen Grenades are considered Brutality and Tactics when it should be Survival/Tactics. The game is fantastic. Lots of variety and replay value. However, Deadcells on iPad needs the update and fixes. I would highly recommend this game to any and all fans of Rogue likes and Metrovania games. However, to newcomers unfamiliar with where certain runes and specific abilities are needed to unlock other regions, it will be frustrating for them to know for example that it’s not due to poor game design that they can’t access certain regions, but because the random map generation is flawed as it doesn’t take into consideration that you don’t have a spider rune to progress through say Forgotten Sepulcher, or navigating through the Sewers to pass into Ancient Sewers, but need a Spider rune which can only be acquired after killing Conjunctivitis and progressing to the next biome/map.

- One of the best gaming experiences on iOS

This was one of the best MetroidVania games on PC and the consoles. Nuff said. Oh, the controls? Amazing for a phone screen. The combat, animations, movement, art and everything like that- f’ing amazing. Runs super smooth too!

- Fantastic - just want to listen to podcasts while I play!

Excellent, beautifully crafted game. I’m just knocking one star off because it’s currently not possible to listen to your own music or podcasts while playing. If that changes it’ll be five stars for sure!

- nice


- Great

This game is so much fun every time you die it’s a new experience love it keep up with the great work

- Made my commute less boring

Great game. A frequent problem with mobile ports is poorly ported controls, this game is a great example of why this is not always the case. If you’re looking for a more involved mobile game, buy dead cells.

- Best iOS game

Funny and difficult, yet not hard enough that you rage quit.

- Review

Nice content and music But it is not easy to play

- Masterpiece

AAbsolutely amazing from the interaction to the action it's feel like you're playing pc game on your phone

- Great game

Love the fluidity of combat and the subtle humour :) good job

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- 好游戏



as the title say.

- Great fun

I spend way too much time playing this game. But I’m okay with that.

- It’s a good computer game and a good mobile game

It’s very well integrated with out graphical or gameplay cuts

- great game

Great port. Use a cintrollrr

- Great game


- Worth Every Penny

Gorgeous art style, charming soundtrack, surprisingly responsive controls, fluid animations and gameplay, infinitely replayable if you’re in the mood — this game is worth it. I never experienced any bugs, but read other reviews to see any potential problems you might have. Other than that, I don’t see any reason to pass this one up. I do like it more on console, but that’s just my preference.

- A blend of Metroid and Dark Souls

This is the game you’re looking for. Eventhough its just came out on mobile and a few dlc’s behind the console/pc versions. Its still a must have. I was writing almost a novel review of the game but then I accidentally closed out the app so I’ll just keep it shorter as possible and straight to the point. The art of the game is fantastic, especially with a retro style. Its great. For first timers, don't get frustrated. Keep calm, die, learn and adapt. It’ll get better...for a start. There’s tons of weapons, skills and abilities to unlock. How you combine them is what will make you progress. Aside from the awespiring elements of the game, it’ll leave you questions of why you’re in this cycle of deaths. Although the game just came out, so I’m patiently waiting so I can get the Hand of the King skin. Other than that, it’s a worthy buy not just for the mobile but also for your favorite console as well. Goodluck! Cheers to the developers! I patiently wait for the update.

- Great game, no updates

Where are the patches on switch and PC?

- Dead cells

Very awesome game

- We need Chinese!!!

我是一名中国玩家,游戏做的不错,很好玩!可以给五星好评,但是,游戏里之前介绍说有简体中文,现在在哪?请开发者给我个回答!我改成日语还可以猜中一些,最好出中文或繁体中文! 游戏现在被bilibili代理了,难道开发商者就因为这个才删除中文?我希望在ios中国服上架的时候,美服能出中文! 我也是付了7.99美元才买到的!!! 最后还是给个二星给开发者!

- Please update to the same version as on PC!

Cave, Giant, 5 cells!

- Fantastic port!

One of the best indie games around, ported to IOS!

- Dead cell

It’s great the combat is amazing and it gives you a lot of ways to kill your foe please add more story to the game developers

- Could be better...

If only I had a bigger screen, hmm...

- شوكت تنزل الdlc و الupdates الباقيه

this is on of my favourite games in the mobile but there is no dlc and updated in it not like the pc version so i hope you add all of the dlc and updates sooner

- Sick

I was kinda falling away from Mobile rogue likes, but this game pulled me right back in. There’s so many mechanics that you wouldn’t really expect from a mobile game; it’s kind of amazing. I’m pretty sure this is on other platforms (don’t wipe me on that), but they did a really good job of moving it to mobile. This is my first review, but this game really deserves it.

- Love it

Best game ever

- Great game, phone controls aren’t bad

I love this game. And the mobile version isn’t too bad.

- Please Fix

I really enjoy this game. It’s really fun. There is one thing I have to complain about. I defeated the hand of the king but before I could do anything else his bomb blew me up even though he was dead. I’m okay with this because it’s just how the game is, but I was not able to pick up the asymmetrical lance so now I can never get it. The only way I could is if I started the game from scratch and I’ve already put so many hours into the game. Please fix this. Maybe make it if you did not pick up the lance it will still drop on the next kill. Thank you.

- Addictive, Fast Paced and a ton of Fun

As far as a mobile port goes, this one is top notch. Touch controls take a second to to get use to. But if you have a controller, this game is smooth.

- Awesome Game

Played this on PC, I really like the feel on mobile.

- I never write reviews

But this game slaps 🔥

- Officially my favorite game🔥🔥🔥

Tons of fun right off the bat

- The BEST game I’ve ever bought mobile.

There is no question about it from the moment I opened this app that it is a phenomenal game. I cannot believe how amazing the controls are and how smooth everything is. It looks amazing and I love the concept and the weapons and perks and skills there is just so much left to figure out. I constantly play this game; I actually find it very hard to put it down. I was hesitant to buy it especially at the price. But I would go as far as to say it’s worth $15.00. I absolutely have no regrets. Even as a “live, learn, kill, die, and repeat” type of game, if always changes. The maps change, the gear and monsters layout change. Usually I’d get frustrated about the dying aspect, especially when you slip up and do something sloppy and you lose it all and go back to 100hp and no perks, I still go right back at it. Because that’s how phenomenal it really is. The ONLY thing I’d change is if I could play my music while playing the game. But that’s honestly it. I love the game and will never regret the purchase. Thank you so much for bringing this to mobile. Great time consumer☺️

- Update soon!!!

I've been four cells for a month. Update the giant. I'm going to hit five cells!

- Really bad gameplay

This game is okay but missing other stuff the ps4 xbox have all the dlc the mobile version is really bad

- Amazing but needs updates

I’d very much love to see custom skins, the custom mode and even the DLC’s come to mobile. This game is fun and great to play and very challenging when you try to play it on a higher difficulty (for me at least still at 1 BC 😭). It’s a great game and if you add the options that consoles or pc has it’d make it much more enjoyable. Is there anything like this in the works?

- Good

Good good good

- The best

This is the best game I’ve played, thank you for making this fun and hard at the same time.

- Unique game

Difficult but I like how the level changes every time you die. Fun game play and fantastic graphics.

- I love this game

I own this game on Ps4 and PC already and the SECOND I saw it on the play store i knew i had to buy it. Who wouldn’t wanna play Dead Cells on the go? The controls could be better but there’s only so much you can do with a touchscreen. I’ll just get a mounted gamepad. Though I’d like the option to play with a fixed directional pad.

- Kk


- Get this game!

Amazing rouge like.

- Addicting

When’s the dlc coming out???

- Good game

Is very fun but boring when you lose and have to start over

- Amazing game

I love this game to the point were i own it on all the platforms i can have it on The game is definitely more difficult if you dont have a controller or keyboard to play but i like having the ability to play it on the go its a must have if your lookin for short bursts of dungeon crawling and crazy unique weapons to beat up bosses and enemies with interesting fights and art style

- great time passer

add giant killer dlc gg no re 17/23

- Gorgeous and intriguing

There should be more games like this. The game mechanics plus the comical relief to your well earned progress keeps you wanting to come back for more!

- Great game can wait for more updates

I bought this game a little while ago and it’s so fun I love the enemies the bosses and the levels I just wish there was more to play I can’t wait for more updates to this amazing game and I wish to see more games like this

- Sooooo goooodd!!!

This game has hours of content, runs great, looks great, and feels super good to control.

- It’s a top tier game

One of the best games I’ve played

- It’s worth it… if it’s your style

It is very good but it’s like a real geometry dash there are no saves but it can be very addictive and fun I feel like there should be a save like after you get past the prison or any other level but you can only die once then be respawned each level and the game is also very confusing sometimes but also this is my opinion but I feel there should be a bigger variety of weapons and other such tactic or other types of weapons it would make the players want to explore the game more instead of trying to do a speed run but I have not explored the game that much myself

- Please add more stuff

There is a lot of stuff on other platforms not available here. Please add the stuff.

- Frustrating controls on mobile

The game is really solid and it’s almost perfect but man is this game too unforgiving for how clunky the mobile controls are. Slightly missing the dodge or jump buttons can mean instant death in certain situations, particularly the boss fights. They should really make those buttons larger or be more generous with health items to compensate for controls being so sloppy. I imagine playing on an iPad or with a phone controller makes this less of an issue but on your phone don’t expect to progress far.

- Brilliant Game except for one major issue

This is a brilliant game but I have one huuuuge gripe with the game. Developers, please make it so we can use a directional pad to move instead of a stick so we can be much more precise in our movements. I'm having a hard time at the game for this one reason. If you could add this it would be suuuper appreciated

- Best $9 you'll spend

Fantastic game, fantastic graphics you will not regret this

- Very good game

Graphics are great, and the game work fantastically. My only problem is that the controls are a bit weird. Its easy to get used to though.

- Outstanding Game!

I will admit that I was skeptical to purchase the game at first. But I’m very happy that I did. The gameplay is addictive and the animation is spot on. The more you play the better the game gets.

- Absolutely amazing

Breathtaking, absolutely breathtaking. This game is so much fun and never gets old because you are always finding blueprints and new strategies and new weapons. I suggest you waste no time and buy this game

- Recommend

Excellent game. Very fun to play.

- amazing

This game is so unbelievably good to be fair I did play it on my computer, but still my screen time this week on dead cells is 12 hours and 57 minutes, it’s Wednesday and i'm still a student

- Great

I don’t think I need to explain...

- Music

Games sick but can’t play your own music while playing game. Playing Spotify stops when you enter the game. Playing google music it stops when you enter game. Ain’t no body want to listen to that music when I have a library of music I love on my phone. I specifically purchased this game on my phone as opposed to my Xbox for free with game pass. Please advise.

- Doesn’t work well on my phone but apple wouldn’t refund :(

It’s slow but I couldn’t get a refund. Consider avoiding this game if you have an older phone.

- Le meilleur jeu

Bravo les bordelais!!! (Et les croissants)

- Great


- Amazing

High replay value, tons of weapons and very smooth game play

- It's incredibly annoying.

The physics, controls and gameplay in general is really good, but every damn time you die you reset to the begenning. I despise this feature so much that it drove me to quit the game. Call me short-fused, but anybody would get mad every time they die, they lose everything and all the cells they invested. I hate it

- Great port but one complaint

I was and have been unable to access my primary save file instead of (continue) showing up all that appears is new game switch save and options please fix this I don’t feel like having to collect all those runes again

- Great with a controller

Only like playing it with a controller but it’s great


Beauty of a game! I love the challenge and the map changes, I love how now matter what happens your always kept on your toes with this game, one false move could mean disaster for you and your build, and there's no save points! You die you start over so it really teaches you to be patient and careful with your moves and choices, only problem I have now is I've beaten the game a few dozen times and there is no DLC content, and that giant door that's supposed to be busted open remains closed, please!! Add the DLC to the mobile game, I would love and very much appreciate the addition to an already epic game! I genuinely hope you keep up with the updates and patches, I hope to see more of this game in the future! - signed Bronson

- Very good

This game is very well made however I would like to have custom mode on mobile as well, this would make it less tedious to play the game.

- Good game

It is a good game but can you add custom game, like you have on console

- Best game ever

Not really much else to say it’s a really good game

- Fun Game

The art style is amazing and the gameplay is a lot of fun. The controls are a little iffy on the phone but once you memorize where everything is then it’s a lot of fun.

- Crazily good for a solo game

If there were some sort of multiplayer mode it would be even better

- Best game on mobile

Already have this game on xbox one and switch but having it on my phone is amazing. I love how they simplified the controls which was my biggest concern going into this port, I like how you can set it to auto attack enemies. And I really like how smooth everything runs. There was a brief instance of a audio bug in the game but I deleted and reinstalled and now it works perfectly. This is an example of a IOS port done correctly and I have no regrets for making this purchase. Awesome job on this game guys you guys deserve the high reviews.

- best arcade game on ios

Nothing else to say

- Dead cell

This game is so fun and awesome I cant stop playing it, it’s just that good. I just just my phone can last longer so I can play it more

- Time destroying game

This game is so good you’ll buy it for multiple platforms. Play with caution though, once you start playing time is slapped away like your gatoraid on a 110° day. Using a controller makes it 100% better Developers: please add a analog stick ~ D-pad switch option for the character movement.

- So good

So good. I love games like this. This is fantastic and everything that could be expected

- Best game for mobile

It has incredible graphics and controls and is never repetitive even though you replay levels every time you die because there is always different options

- Love it!

Excellent port! This truly one of my favourite games! I own it on 3 platforms now, PC, SWITCH and now on my iPad and I get to use my favourite controller! Thank you for this excellent game! And for the price it’s an absolute steal!

- Beautiful game

(Before I write my review, if anyone reads this and has issues with the frame rate, go to the gameplay options and remove the 30 FPS limit) First of all, this game is beautiful. I have never seen anything quite like it, the particles when you break door or the blood splatter look gorgeously barbaric and messy. The gameplay is something to behold too, the combat is really immersive and learning each enemy’s attack patterns proves to be quite challenging Overall, incredible game. The price tag really is scary when you look at it, but you won’t regret your purchase.

- Funny and coooool

Cool game

- 10/10

A simply good game that doesn’t need internet connection, endless gameplay, fluid animation and combat. These days it’s almost impossible to find in AppStore.

- 10/10 Action Rpg

Amazing game, it is not fair to summarize this game in comparisons because it is unique and stands alone as a champion of it’s genre but I would say it is like a mix of Super Metroid, Dark Souls and Hollow Knight. The gameplay loop is addictive and fun, there are rpg elements where the more you play and discover the better you get and the more damage you do. I would recommend this game on iOS because the controls are fine, tho I have beat Sonic the Hedgehog games on iOS and have no problem with touch controls.

- Amazing Game

This game is definitely worth its price. Great gameplay and graphics. It’s also quite challenging. (p.s. You can also play with a controller; if you don’t want to, or can’t, you might want to customize your controls)

- Amazing Game With Small iCloud Bug

This was my first time trying out this game and I absolutely love it. I own multiple Apple devices and enjoy playing games on my iPhone on the go and iPad when I’m at home. One bug occurred today that completely wiped my progress. I was playing on my iPhone and closed the game by swiping to the home screen. I opened the game on my iPad and played for about 30 minutes, making descent progress. I finished playing and closed the iPad game by closing it with the in game function. After a bit, I opened the app on my iPhone and it was still at where I left off when I closed the game the last time I was on the iPhone. I restarted the game because I thought the save file was updated and I wanted to proceed from the update progress, but it ended up still being the old save file. I panicked and opened the game on my iPad and the old save file was already synced over. I figured that I would need to fully exit the game every time. Other than that, the game is amazing, thank you!

- Great game

Confusing at first on the gameplay as this is the first time I have played it. Need to have persistence. You die a lot and have to replay similar sections over and over again until you upgrade your guy or just get better at the game. Controls r confusing but plays well for on a phone.

- Very good

Diverse selection of weapons, amazing combat, beautiful graphic and sound design, everything you could want in a game.

- One Word:


- Any Chinese Plz!

Can you support any Chinese language in the game please, like other visions of dead cells game. Thanks a lot.


Dude... This game needs to go back yo testing. Stuck in the ossuary after a fabulous run. It turns out there’s a known bug (see Reddit) that makes it so that a random wall blocks any progression if you don’t have a triple jump or something like that. I mean that bug is known since January 2019, almost a year ago!!! This is kiddie stuff, amateur bugs and for this, that game deserves 1/5. What else is there ahead to further aggravate the player???

- Error fixed, amazing game


- Absolutely amazing worth every penny

Amazingly smooth game play worth the money for a game that is so amazing

- 辣鸡骗子 Garbage Cheating Game

之前还显示支持中文,买了之后中文被你吃了? It has shown that will support Chinese language, but when I purchased that, you deleted that! Did you just eat that? Was that delicious? That was totally a cheating! I would give 0.1 star if I can do so:(

- Exceptional Side Action!!

Definitely! A worthwhile purchase on a Premium Game. Factor-in The amount of time likely to be playing and the price for the lag-free, nag-free, ad-free experience seems highly worthwhile. A cool concept and a unique narrative. Graphics are excellent, the animations are gorgeous and not overwhelming to the eyes. Controls seem fairly robust, with a level of customization that will make it easier for most players. Enemies & monsters, have unique and interesting abilities that make the game fun and challenging. Each level is procedurally generated, so there’s no maps to learn or remember. By design, one should expect to fail and die a lot during the first few attempts, so don’t be easily discouraged. Certainly don’t expect to survive a Boss Monster on your first encounter with one. But, by collecting and spending soul orbs, each permadeath reset will see the character beginning again with more and more stacked bonuses as you purchase the upgrades. Superb platformer with real flavour! Enjoy the game, don’t be impatient, have fun every step of the way!!

- Perfect game

This game is absolutely amazing

- This game is amazing

Love it

- interesting game

interesting game with incredible good weapon system

- why the fk my version is in Japanese help

whywhywhywhywhy i redownloaded for 4times

- Dead cells

Real good

- Great game

So far I’m enjoying this game so much. Special kudos to the teleport system designer

- Challenging but fun

Very hard but a lot of fun, basically it’s dark souls as a platformer. Constantly requires you to adapt because its forever changing and you don’t hold on to all of your items upon death. The characters personality, although seemingly quiet, has moments of a comedic tone to it which takes away from the seriousness and darkness of the games story. Definitely worth playing.

- Cloud save please

Can you guys maybe add the feature to save your process on a account and be able to transfer your process to other devices?

- Need Chinese language

Pls pls pls pls

- Too hard

Not fun

- NeoSK2

Amazing game

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- Pretty good!


- Brilliant

Amazing rouge like

- It’s too much!

It will get you so hooked that u will regret it. Best game ever, the detail, the control, the atmosphere, it all adds up to an incredible engaging experience. And frankly, the game is also quite beautiful.

- Very good

Best graphics and gameplay ive ever seen on mobile

- Skins

Very good game but wondering if there are skins like in pc version?


Highly addictive game with brilliant graphics, don’t normally play platform games but this game is very different. The touch screen controls are really good. Not yet mastered the time challenges but want to complete the game first. Gonna keep this one on my phone for years, it’s gonna take me years to complete. 👍

- Bad seeds expansion?

Brilliants game- one of the best platformers on phone. However I have heard of the bad seeds expansion being added on the PS. Plz update this to the iphone.

- Insanity

This is the best game Ever I even have to in my PC on steam highly recommend it and for me there are no problems THIS IS MY KINDA GAME

- Amazing game

Addictive, challenging a brilliant game to occupy you in your free time! But will then the mobile version of this game get the same updates as have been released on console

- Expand

I think for what it is, it’s great. But there’s something missing and preventing this game something more complete. It would be nice to have a permanent upgrade.

- Good game but please adjust the auto hit

Pls allow me to listen to music while playing the game It seems like i ve done the first full run but then because the auto hit mode spams hitting i can t jump and dodge properly... the other mode is worse cos i m mot used to touch the blade whenever i want to hit...

- Excellent game

Buy it

- 6/5

Best platformer you’ll ever see

- Brilliant

Amazing port very well optimised for iOS!

- Come on

Daddy wants the giant/cavern dlc

- Best game ever

Hook up the Xbox controller and just play

- Loved it on pc and Xbox and loved it here.

Probably the best game you can buy to pass the time or chill around with, I use a controller with my phone as man I just can’t get good with the touchscreen, but it’s an easy game worth buying, and challenging. Best game 👍


This is such a brilliant game, unbelievable amount of work into creating it all. I wish we were given 3 lives at each level like Super Mario....but i suppose there’s fun in just playing it again and again. Frustrating dying though lol

- Lovely game

This game is a great mixture of a metroidvania style game and rogue. Great combat, graphics and sound. There's an odd story happening underneath the game too. The world resets after each death. You do power up your abilities and weapons between sessions and I suspect you'll be able to take shortcuts as you power up more. The thing that prevents me from giving this a 5 star review is the controls. It's not that they're bad for an iPhone game but the precision of the game makes me wish for a controller. I find the game easier to control on an iPhone than an iPad as the screen area my fingers have to cover is smaller. I think I'll end up buying this game on Steam so I can use my old XBox 360 controller with it. Apparently if you have a wireless XBox One controller you can hook it up to your phone and play that way but I haven't tried this.

- £8.99 well spent

Literally it’s fun and class brill for the price.

- Patriot

Espectacular GAME.It have a frenzy and fast pace gameplay

- Honestly the best game ever

I wanted to try a new game out and this popped up on my phone. Been playing it all the time, never getting bored due to the expansive game ahead! Only thing I’m looking for are new updates on the game, the same ones as on pc and console.

- Best game on mobile

This has to be my favorite game on mobile the controls (for a mobile game) are great and it feels just like the steam version it is just a bit harder because it does still have mobile controls

- Absolutely phenomenal

Quite simply this is the best game I ever played on the iPad, controller support really makes this game and the frenetic pace and one more game play is addicting. So glad I bought this on my iPad and not my PS4 as I can now play this anywhere I have my devices. Well done Motion Twin you have excelled yourselves.

- Amazing

If there was a 10star I’d give it. People complain about controls when you can adjust controls in the settings. Doesn’t take much common sense. Gameplay is amazing. Only annoying thing is finding out the game mechanics which is really just trial and error. There’s a reason for interacting with things but idk how to other than trial and error. Other than amazing game

- Death

The game is great but when you die you lose all of your progress but otherwise a great game

- Incredible!

It hook me in the first second! So good

- Definitely a challenge

Love the game, very gripping and deserves the commitment.

- Brilliant game

This game is great for me even tho it took me a while for me to get used to the controls I got it quickly it’s a really fun and challenging. Since I got the game on Xbox the only issue I have for this mobile game is custom mode as the game punishes players for experimenting with new items and I think it’s vital for new players to study and create their class but other all the game is great. I think one more the corrupted prison should be in this as well as the giant and the mini bosses before you encounter the boss, this game is amazing and its addicting to play.

- Awesome

Awesome but stop nagging me to rate

- Very cool but where is update?

So I love the game a lot and started playing it like crazy even though I went to get some tips on YT and it said that there were 1.2 and 1.4 versions out of the game on pc.So I’m just wanting for the next updates to come out as soon as possible but other than that love the game!

- Great game

Thanks all dead cells stuff

- Dead Cells is an incredible game. However...

Normally, I would rate this very highly, however, the game is currently lacking 1 vital feature. Custom mode. On other versions of dead cells this allows you to select what kinds of items and other things you want to get, which means you can unlock all the items without fear. Now, this isn't too important for the first 3 difficulty modes, but on the highest one? Without custom mode you are punished for experimenting and unlocking new items, and that is crippling late game. This is a shame as unlocking and trying out all of the weapons is one of the best parts of the game. Please fix this, the game is wonderful otherwise.

- Really good

Really good game. I wasn’t expecting that.

- Brilliant but no updates like on N switch

Game is awesome but will it ever going to be on par with consoles/pc ver? I get that it’s not easy but we’re so behind now I’m starting to doubt it will ever get it. Can you at least add custom mode? Any reason  tv don’t have 60fps option when 4+ years old 6s got it.

- Best mobile game I’ve playsd

Great game! controls are hard to master on touch screen, but compared to all the other games I’ve played on my phone it does a great job. Would love the option so space out the right hand inputs some more.

- Gg


- Good game but saving issues

The game is great, really well made, slick production with satisfying progression. Sadly I have had issues with saving, twice now I have opened the app and not had the ability to continue my game, instead only having the option to start a new game, losing all of my progress, which is very frustrating. Please fix this. Otherwise it’s definitely a 5 star game!

- Great rouge lite

I love this game so much. Please please please can we get some of the updates the other formats have got.

- Outstanding

Great conversion from pc, controls work and the game as a whole is one of the best on mobile.

- Perfect Port

Particularly with a controller, it feels exactly like the PC game. Fantastic fluid combat.

- Awesome roguelike platformer

If you like rougelike as a genre, don’t give this a miss. Great fun factor as levels change slightly as you die and start again with a slow unlock system that is pretty clever.

- Brilliant

Super addictive

- Incredible Value

Having a game of this depth and quality for less than a tenner is unbelievable.

- Addictive

Good game to kill a lot of time

- awesome

Great to kill any amount of time. A beautiful game made even more epic with a ds4 in my hands. Responsive and easy controls. Absolute beast of a game!

- Great looking annoying controls

Would get a five but for the annoyingly unresponsive controls.

- One off payment endlessly annoyingly fun

One off payment endlessly annoyingly fun

- With a controller - amazing

My iPad is just a Dead Cells machine.

- Nearly

Perfect apart from controls and Spotify compatibility

- Very goood game

Is very good game. Played it on pc now on iOS. Very fun

- Awesome game

Although I would like some more customisation in the controls for example increasing the size of the joystick. The gameplay is addictive and very rewarding

- Idk what to put as the title

I can’t put the game down, I have it on my laptop as well and it can get anymore enjoyable. The story and gameplay is amazing and I can’t wait for all the possible changes to come.

- Such a good game

Played this game since pc release and havent stopped playing since. Absolutely love it

- Bigger button please

The game is great as is was. I had both NS and iOS version. But the control on iOS is a bit awkward, I constantly miss the button and cause mistakes.

- It’s good

But how can I change languages?

- Amazing game

Buy this you won’t regret it

- This game is a Must Buy

If you have the money get this game, the graphics are brilliant, it runs as smooth as butter and the cryptic story is captivating. If you have some spare money put it towards this game as you will not be disappointed 👌👍

- The Best iOS Game

So good! I wanted Dead Cells on Switch or PC or anything but never bit the bullet. Now that it's out on iOS for 1/2 the price I bought it and regret not getting it sooner! 10/10 difficult but fun.

- Great Port

It’s a really great port, but the controls are a bit wonky. It would be great if it’s more customizable because I think that the controls settings feels restricted at the moment

- The game I always go back too

Very easy controls, good looking game and plays really smooth.

- Love this app

Awesome game I love it and can’t stop playing

- Great game

Maybe ability to move where heal button is would be great, quite hard to access in the middle of a fight on iPad.

- Need help or needs to be fixed

Does anyone have a fix for being able to play music while using this app? I can’t seem to make it happen so at the moment it’s a waste of 13 dollars if I can’t do two things at once

- Good as

Wish there were custom controls

- Honestly the best game on iOS

This game has made it so far being a Xbox hit (which I have) now to being a iOS game with amazing graphic quality and the fun and enjoyment of a dungeon crawler on a whole other level. So far I found no bugs, no crashes and the only problem is slightly the controls just might take time to get use to. Thank for making this game and putting it on our phones and iPads.

@PuniPuniMaster Dead Cells めっちゃおもろいで\\\\٩( 'ω' )و ////

PlayStation 4からブロードキャストを始めました! #PS4live (Dead Cells) live at

自分のsteamのウィッシュリスト14件中7件が横スクアクションになってしまった(*´ω`*) Dead Cells面白そうすぎて情報入れずにセール正座待機してる🤤

@yakuro_arts Dead Cells.

Dead Cells - The only dead cells around here are mine

@MinxLea Baby feet... had the dead skins cells shedding but it’s a great product

lmao if you think i'm gonna "be united" with someone who's tweeted in support of a politician who wants me & my kin…

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Dead Cells 1.06 Screenshots & Images

Dead Cells iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Dead Cells iphone images
Dead Cells iphone images
Dead Cells iphone images
Dead Cells iphone images
Dead Cells iphone images
Dead Cells ipad images
Dead Cells ipad images
Dead Cells ipad images
Dead Cells ipad images
Dead Cells ipad images
Dead Cells ipad images
Dead Cells Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Dead Cells Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Dead Cells (Version 1.06) Install & Download

The applications Dead Cells was published in the category Games on 2019-07-17 and was developed by Playdigious [Developer ID: 1041387229]. This application file size is 632.75 MB. Dead Cells - Games posted on 2019-10-03 current version is 1.06 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions.

Dead Cells Advisories: Frequent/Intense Cartoon or Fantasy Violence
Infrequent/Mild Profanity or Crude Humor

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