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Clue is the classic mystery game - A grand mansion… a dastardly murder… a gathering of suspicious characters.
Now you can play the beloved Hasbro family board game on the go.
WHO, with WHAT weapon and WHERE? Download the official app and crack the case!

Join Miss Scarlett, Colonel Mustard, Mrs Peacock, Mr Green, Dr Orchid and Professor Plum on a night of murder and mystery in Tudor Mansion.

Mr Boddy has been murdered! But who did it? With what weapon? In which room?

Roll the dice to move around the mansion and ask questions: “I suggest it was Miss Scarlett, with the Rope, in the Study!”

Use the innovative logic-assisted virtual Clue Sheet to take notes and eliminate red herrings.

Make brilliant deductions and solve the crime first!

Clue: The Classic Mystery Game App Description & Overview

The applications Clue: The Classic Mystery Game was published in the category Games on 2017-01-09 and was developed by Marmalade Game Studio. The file size is 822.89 MB. The current version is 2.2.5 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

The Fair Play Update!
The hint system has been reworked to remove any elements of pay-to-win, and level the playing field.

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Clue: The Classic Mystery Game Reviews


Fun Game, but kinda slow  DrTJM  4 star

I'm really enjoying the game, but I'd give it 5 stars if the developers would include an option to speed the gameplay up. Other than that, it's a great escape.


Perfect  gumkojima  5 star

Been waiting for this one since the first iPhone. Would like to see multiplayer. Would like to be able to advance animation between rooms and/or turn it off completely. UPDATE 8/7: Would like to be able to set opening title / loading screen to whichever board theme was last used. Understand these are used to advertise latest available theme, but... UPDATE 8/14: The banner announcing player’s turn should extend across screen on iPad the way it does on iPhone. For aesthetic reason, I suggest removing the question mark next to the accusation warning on the end-turn popup.


Worth the purchase!  Jessiep1975  4 star

Great game loads of characters and boards now. Would love to see chat interaction that is pre selected so game doesn’t slow down. Being able to win some characters would be great. Goals like you see in battleship would make it much more interesting. Would love to keep track of wins and losses. Would love the time delays between turns to be a bit quicker. having to hit done when it’s not your turn I don’t think is quite necessary. But great start great game well worth the purchase.


No pause mode  Mcferguson  4 star

Wish there was a way to pause a game. As it is, you have to finish a game or lose all progress.


Clue is awesome  Catfishreed  5 star

Awesome game


Love it  😃👌☺️  5 star

I love this game. At first i was a little confused but once I understood it it was so fun.

TX Design

Boring adaptation  TX Design  2 star

The previous iPhone version of clue was much better. This a stale adaptation of the board game. Bring the original version back.


Fun But...  NateLate  2 star

It is a fun game but you buy it expecting to get everything every map and characters. But I went in the game and I had one map and only a couple characters. Should be free if you are going to do that. So now if I want to buy maps or characters it costs 35.99 😡😡😤. Makes no sense at all. Just make it free. But still it is a crazy that you spend 35.99 on a board game like who comes up with this.

Ploegy Red raider

Frustrating!  Ploegy Red raider  1 star

I play often with my friend on multiplayer. Since the last update, we have to play on easy just to have a chance in a 6 person game against the AI. While we are actually playing the game, the AI is guessing the right answer consistently in the second and third rounds, even on easy, especially on hard. There is no way it actually knows the answer that early in the game. I even played three consecutive games where I only had one guess each! Seriously?! You need to dial back the AI's "luck meter" on their guesses a lot!! AI needs to be based on skill too, not just luck. It seriously seems like as soon as one of us gets two of the three murder cards figured out, the AI's luck is turned way up and we don't have a prayer for having another turn to figure out the last one.


Its so fun and keeps you entertained!!!!  MaddieWheat  5 star

I love this game!!!! It keeps you entertained as well as being fun in general!!! Definitely worth my money!!! I recommend downloading!

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