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NOTE: Remastered version from the PC version. A device with at least 2 GB of RAM is required for this game to run properly.

Welcome to your new summer job at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, where kids and parents alike come for entertainment and food as far as the eye can see! The main attraction is Freddy Fazbear, of course; and his two friends. They are animatronic robots, programmed to please the crowds! The robots' behavior has become somewhat unpredictable at night however, and it was much cheaper to hire you as a security guard than to find a repairman.

From your small office you must watch the security cameras carefully. You have a very limited amount of electricity that you're allowed to use per night (corporate budget cuts, you know). That means when you run out of power for the night- no more security doors and no more lights! If something isn't right- namely if Freddybear or his friends aren't in their proper places, you must find them on the monitors and protect yourself if needed!

Can you survive five nights at Freddy's?

"For all the simplicity of the game’s controls and premise, Five Nights at Freddy‘s is frightening. It’s a fantastic example of how cleverness in design and subtlety can be used to make an experience terrifying. Simple still images and proper character design steal the show in this game, and show that Scott Cawthon knows quite a lot about the secret fears people feel when looking at creepy dolls and toys. It’s elegant in how it sows fear, and is a must-own for anyone who likes scary games." -Joel Couture

NOTE: Game entirely in English.


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Five Nights at Freddy's Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Options screen - Improved audio support - Various fixes and improvements

Five Nights at Freddy's Comments & Reviews

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- Amazing!

I remember playing as a little kid and getting pretty scared by when the animatronics jump scared me but the FNAF series is the BEST horror game series ever no matter what. Here are some tips on each night to help anyone new out. Night 1- Pretty easy, only Bonnie and Chica move on this night but mainly watch out for Bonnie. Night 2- Bonnie gets a little more aggressive and appears at your door often and Chica appears quite a bit, also you now have to watch out for Foxy! Check pirates cove every once in a while to make sure Foxy isn’t leaving, but when he does, check the hall to see him coming and close the left door quickly! Night 3- Bonnie and Chica are both now a BIG threat, and Freddy finally moves on this night but isn’t that big of a threat, also Foxy is more aggressive so check frequently on Pirates Cove. Night 4- Same thing but way harder, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy are all very aggressive and even Freddy is a big threat so watch for his glowing eyes in each camera to know where he is. Night 5- Every single one of them are very aggressive so I wish you luck and make sure not to waste power and use the light more often to see if they are standing at your door or check the cams because Freddy won’t stand at your door so when he is close, close the door, also, Foxy is a lot quicker now so watch out! Anyways, I love this game and rated it a 5 stars!


I love the concept of the game! It’s fun and simple! Though I can’t get past night four, 😂! The second I heard about Five Nights at Freddy I couldn’t stop thinking about it! So I bought it- and I don’t regret it like I do with most games that cost cash! Not going to lie Foxy scares me- and keeps jump scarring me which is why I’m stuck on day four but it’s not a glitch it’s just the gameplay! This isn’t laggy at all! At least for me. I love this community, though I don’t want to be an animatronic- this game is so good! 😂 When will the kitchen camera be fixed! Also where do Chica’s cupcake, Bonnie’s guitar, and Freddy’s microphone go when they start walking? Just a question! I love the gameplay and concept so much!!!! I can’t believe some people don’t like this game! Although people do have other opinions- I’m sad that there won’t be more Five Nights at Freddy games though. :c Although I understand being on a one-man team is hard! Just making a game alone is hard- and doing it by yourself- DANG that’s hard!! But maybe you really are making a game- but nobody will know until it’s out- I highly doubt it though. :c Still sad but I understand! Anyways keep up the good work and is the movie out? If it isn’t I know the script will be good! Especially because all your games are good! Well have a good day! - A human that likes FNAF but can’t beat day four uwu

- There’s a reason Scott had the door and camera buttons originally bigger

As my title says, there is a very clear reason the door and camera buttons were a lot bigger in the original mobile port. I have been playing the mobile port of Fnaf 1 since it came out. I beat 4/20 mode when I was around 10. The way I was even close to being able to do this was because I could actually click the door buttons and have them respond properly every time. I beat night 6 before that because I could very easily switch cameras between Foxy and Freddy to keep them from moving. In your new mobile port while even though you’ve made the game much better looking and make it run just like the original computer versions, you’ve failed on one aspect which has made the game almost unplayable for me. The door and camera buttons. In making the door buttons as they were on computer, the hit box for them is abysmal and on 4/20 mode when I’m trying to shut the doors I almost always have to restart because they didn’t respond quick enough. Same thing with the lights except having troubles turning them off is what costs me my run. On the cameras similarly I had loads of trouble on night 6 because I had a hard time clicking the now smaller buttons to switch between the Show stage and Pirates cove. As a long time Fnaf fan I ask you to please increase the hit boxes of the buttons or just outright make them bigger as this is game breaking for me. Thanks!

- Love this game

I have been into Five Nights at Freddy’s for a long time, and to this day I’m into it. I still occasionally open my phone up and start a new game on this. I played this before it was updated, and even without all the remastering of the cameras and the sound effects and everything, I still would have fun with this game. In terms of essential apps to get, all of the Five Nights at Freddy’s games are up there. There is one problem that I don’t like about the game, and this is complaint is coming off of what I did. This is a very very VERY stupid complaint, if it even is a complaint, but I am probably one of the few people to buy the plushies on the desk. There is nothing wrong with the plushies on the desk, but I don’t like how I can’t take them off the desk without deleting the app. There’s nothing wrong with the plushies, I like them, but sometimes it gets annoying just having them there, I feel like I’d rather just have the old office back, or have the choice to pick which plushie I want on the desk. If by any small chance the developer is looking at this small complaint, please don’t take this the wrong way, as if I’m saying the plushies are bad, because I’m not, I never said the plushies were bad, I was just asking if there could be any option to take certain plushies off the table. Everything else is spot on.

- Honestly it’s AMAZING

On the 1st night they will start attacking at 3AM And just wait till then to start checking the cameras ( just to save some power ) , and then Bonnie will strike 1st and then he will start just standing near the hallway near you and just wait for you to come out and he will start singing and then Chica will come at 4 and then she will start to stand in the dining area and wait and then she will move and I would advise you to close your doors at that moment of time because Bonnie will start hanging on your door and then check on Freddy. And on the 2nd night same thing but it will start to get a little harder, so 1st the old security guard will congratulate you for making it past the 1st night and then he will tell you to make sure the animatronics are in the right place and although it probably isn’t an emergency but I would advise you to close your doors so you can listen to him clearly. And then, once he’s done talking go check on the security camera’s and I want you to figure this part out on your own. And there is a couple bugs for mobile users Bonnie will stay still and he won’t move and he just stays there ;>; so he doesn’t attack and it causes us to win the game like i know he doesn’t move the hallway until 4 but he literally doesn’t move the whole game-

- This game is SUPER FUN!!!!!! Thank

Hey! Thanks for reading my review ! Anyways! This game is SUPPPPPPPPEERRRRRRRR fun!!! I love this game! So while reading the reviews o noticed that a lot of people were stuck on night four..I’m sorry if this offends anyone but my night four was REALLY easy.. like only Bonnie and Chica were the only animatronics that were moving and Foxy didn’t come for me even once..but I did see something when I was looking at the backstage or the room with broken animatronics I saw a figure and I couldn’t really make it out it was right in front of the camera and it was pretty cool idk who or what it was but I do know it was a animatronic and it only appeared on night 4..I never seen this happen on any game plays and stuff like that..or maybe I did I don’t really remember I think it was the broken version of Bonnie I forgot the name ( If it even have one ) I also saw two eyes in the dining room it was two white eyes and the next time I check on the dining room it was GONE! I don’t know what that was but it seemed pretty cool too. I don’t really know what I saw before in the back stage and it was only on night four and I pretty sure it was the last time I saw it.. Anyways this game was super fun!! I really give props to Scott !! He is an amazing game creator!! I totally recommend this game!!

- Hello, Hello hello?

Hello, hello hello? Uh, Hello and welcome to Freddy Fazbear Pizza’s. Uh... I really like it... The uh.. animatronics are pretty dangerous, especially on the fifth night, y’know? Heh, uh.. anyways, I want to say how much I like this... I uh.. grew up with this, it’s got a special place in my uh... heart. Little tips before you work here: Bonnie will be in the left door, and uh.. you gotta look fast... you gotta uh... listen for the footsteps.. make sure to shut the door. Same thing for Chica, but uh... she is in the right door. Foxy then... he’ll be.. in pirates cove.. of course! He’s sadly broken a little... so he may malfunction... just look at pirates cove time to time... but Foxy sometimes runs.... on the left door of course... uh, close that door. And then Freddy, he will... activate pretty late, and walks pretty slow. The thing is, you can’t see him in the door, and he’s in the right door. Each time he moves, he laughs... that’s... uhh... pretty important. Just look for Freddy from time to time. Uh.. and then there’s gøłdęñ....................................................øpęñ çãm...........................And that should be it... Alright! That should help you on the nights... make sure to keep some power also..... that’s pretty important. Alright! You should get a job a Freddy’s! You won’t regret it! Alright... talk to you later!

- Excellent game, but MAJOR bug

I absolutely love this game. I love how the series has gone up and above with not only its method of story telling, but how it’s really in touch with the fan base and has delivered a great game after each one in the series. You could tell that I got really excited when I saw almost all of the games on the App Store lol. However I wouldn’t necessarily recommend the Apps to play the games rather than the computer. These games are meant for FNAF fans who are not at a computer at the given moment, and while that’s a good concept the mechanics make it hard to play as well as the game consisting of a lot of bugs. In Night 4 when defending against Foxy (where you check the cameras and when you see him running all the way to the door), the battery goes down 10%-15% in less than a second, making the 4th night nearly impossible. Idk if this is just me but I reinstalled the app and it always happens on night 4 and nowhere else, so if Scott could fix his game then that would be greatly appreciated. But yes, great game.

- I love this game!!!!

When I first was introduced to Five Nights at Freddy’s, my mom didn’t want us to get nightmares, so she banned us from it. Until one summer morning when I mowed the lawn and managed to scrape up enough money to buy the first game! And since it was my money, my mom couldn’t say anything about it, but after all; I am proud that I got the games! It’s the best series I’ve ever played! I love this series so very much and I just can’t believe it all started with some people commenting on Scott Cawthon’s games before all this, they’ve got games, books, theories, lore, a fandom, ect. And to this day, it remains on my old phone, waiting for me to FINALLY finish the fifth night...I’m terrible at this game! One minute they’re all on the stage, and faster than you can say, ‘Freddy Fazbear’ they’re at your door! 😂 this is honestly my favorite game and I hope that more people can come around to playing it sometime! It’s worth the money in the end! But I personally prefer FNaF 3...I dunno! Sorry for making such a long review!

- Wow🤯

Amazing and cool but I can’t get past night 2 because Bonnie gets to my door and stays there until I run out of power!!!!! Then it’s waaaaaaahhh my phone goes flying but one time I ran out of power then what do you know 6am!!!!!anyways it reminds me of a time when me and my good friend Orville were siting on a park bench feeding the birds and it occurred to me that it was winter and during winter the sun goes down and the birds freeze up and then fall to the ground and then wait there until the sun comes up and they unfreeze and then fly off so I says to Orville I says don’t feed them when they’re frozen so he says what do you mean and at the time I didn’t realize that it was a miss understanding so I say to him I say don’t feed them when there not in the right condition and so he closed his fist and then threw it and I says to him I says why did you throw the seeds of the birds can’t ear them!!!!!! And so he said later on that he did not know what else to do with the seeds.

- Great game but... THE POWER

This game was my childhood game in 1st and second grade and I just recently re installed it and I’m in 6th grade now and me and my best friend downloaded it and since we have never beat the game before we both bought the survival kits for 5 dollars and all the plushies for 3 dollars cuz they were cute and since we could not get past night 2 we bought everything and then we won and beat the game witch was thrilling cuz my 2 childhood years of playing this game but I never beat it cuz my little brother restarted it when i was on night 5 it’s crazy that I re installed it 3 years later and all I had to do was spent 5 dollars to win and to me this game is now probably the biggest pay to win game of all time maybe and the POWER LIKE COME ON THE POWER USED TO RUN OUT NORMAL SPEED BUT NOW IT JUST GOES SUPER SAYAN SONIC FLASH SPEED AND ITS IMPOSSIBLE TO BEAT!!! so this is what I rated it a 4 star and the fact that all I get for winning is a note that says your fired and then 3 stars and 2 more captions on my home screen is just really sad. But it’s cool cuz you get the CUSTOM NIGHT!!!

- The Next Generation of horror! Love it!

This is the best game I’ve played since 2014! The merchandise! The fan games! The sequels! And the hidden lore that these games hold! Nothing is more scarier then being in a pizzeria at night where the animatronics don’t become playful anymore…… Trying to aggressively stuff you in a fazbear suit! I love each game equally for its Mechanics, Locations, And characters! In my well respected opinion,”Five Nights at Freddys” Is one of the Biggest horror franchises I’ve ever seen! I mean the Vr game “Help Wanted” Blew me away! Because it showed what would happened if this were in real life! —————————————————————————————— PS. I was wondering if your working on Ultimate Custom Night for mobile for now? However there are going to be 2 problems in the making 1.Nightmarione:Fnaf UCN is made for a computer mouse rather then the finger So in this game nightmariones mechanic will be a joke… 2.The Power generator/Silent Ventilation/Heater/Power AC/Global music box/All OFF:These buttons are only best suited on key boards but maybe you can put small icon buttons at the top of the screen to match each one. Also What if you made fnaf ucn compatible with bluetooth keyboards? Btw I love the new remastered update! I was always bothered the Mobile lacked some major stuff even removing it! This was such a surprise! I Would love to see what you do next with Scott Cawthon!

- Five Nights at Freddy’s is a Mark of the New Era of Horror!

Wow, Scott! I’m totally blown away by this game! It’s a nightmare, but at the same time a wonderland in terms of horror! FNaF is very unique and a great start for a horror newbie like me! The whole game is terrifying, as every decision you make affects your fate, and not to mention those jumpscares that will blow your socks off! However, there are some cons, or at least stuff missing that the PC had. They’re little things, but they could be fixed a bit. For one thing (and I’m sure a lot of people noticed this), when you raise the monitor, no animation happens. It just cuts straight into it, which makes it feel like I’m INSIDE the monitor, but it’s not that big. Also, the jumpscares. Unlike the PC version of FNaF, the mobile version’s jumpscares are only 2 frames, while the PC’s was many. Again, little things, but they could be taken into consideration. But other than those tiny details, this game is totally the bomb, Scott! I wish you luck on future FNaF games!

- 😐

Hello Hello! Will you make it far? This game is great I love it so far( considering I’m on night 3) but it’s hard to keep your power I was at 8% power before the clock finally chimed 6:00 A.M. tho why dose foxy show up before Freddy? My friends are good at this game so I asked them for a few tips and they helped! Like the keep your camera on foxy( it worked when I found out he was now apart of the game) small tip make sure to check the four cameras close to the doors to see who a potential threat is. I really hope that this game gets more and more popular for I AM BRINGING IT BACK. I also suggest that you get this game. Now from the jump scares I seen foxy is the least scary he just pops in like “ Hi I’m here!” Bonnie and Chica are equal the just chomp there jobs. And listening to the phone guy I didn’t but still made it to night three but Liston to him that’s all I have to say I hope us FNaF geeks roil the world and good luck!

- Good game but very hard

I have played every game in the series (not including ultimate custom night) and i realize one thing.............THIS ONE IS WAY HARDER THEn THE OTHERS, why exactly cuz 1. I hate the power, it makes the game more based on rng making it almost impossible to beat nights like the 4th night, 2. Freddy is some straight BS, he is the many reasons why i died every time trying to beat night 4 and 5, 3. I hate foxy in this game, he is the reason i nearly died to bonnie since i cant keep track of the rest of the animatronics in the building since i had to only keep the camera’s on him, 4. Finally, I HATE BONNIE, this maybe different for everyone else’s opinion or experience but bonnie was sticking himself to the left door cuz he would almost NEVER LEAVE THE DOOR, while this game is a classic fnaf game and the best out of them all, those & problems make me play other games instead of playing this.

- Clearing up some bad things.

The power jolting down is a bug with no fix. You have to remember this was made for pc, and it is cross made, they had to change it while keeping it similar. It’s only normal. For those with “no sound,” some games require the ringer to be on to hear, like this one. If you have a black screen make sure your device is supported in the description, then uninstall and reinstall. For those who think it’s too scary, it’s a fricking horror game. If the game won’t open, leave a review explaining, not something as dumb as “The creator still my money I want money he only want my money”. That’s a literal review, also this game is normally made for those above 12 years old. As yes, it is scary and I see a lot of people who act and spell like 7 year olds in the reviews. You can always contact Apple to get your money back. Hope this helps.

- Great game,way to hard

I love this game,I made it to night 7 in 4 hours, but it is so hard after the update, it takes forever to turn and in that time someone can kill you, the animatronics move way to fast and the sound cues are unreliable, ex:Freddy is supposed to laugh every time he moves, and he can only teleport to cameras around him,ex: if he's on the stage he has to go to show area, but on later nights, he can teleport anywhere and only laughs once or twice, also if you look at Freddy on the cam he can't move, but if you don't look at foxy he will move, which makes them hard to handle at a time, Chica has great mechanics because she's slow and has to do a specific pattern of stage, main area, bathroom,kitchen,bathroom,hallway corner,office,so she's easy to handle Bonnie can teleport anywhere so he's really annoying, also you run out of power way to fast, other than that it's a lot of fun so I recommend it to anyone one

- This game is revolutionary!

I have been a fan of Five Nights at Freddy’s since the second game and still remain to this day. This game has forever changed my life and how I view and play games. For example, FNaF trains your muscle memory and reflexes which have assisted me with games like Geometry Dash. So much so, in fact, that I beat Fingerdash (Insanely hard) pretty quick. I highly recommend getting all of the FNaF games on every possible platform for the full experience. I have played every single game (except for the FNaF 4 Halloween Edition which only has one cannon edition, Nightmare Balloon Boy) and I love the, all. I have beaten Night 5 on FNaF 1 and 2 and am almost done with it on the third game. I am certain that you should get this game. I wouldn’t get the in-app purchases just so it’s challenging, but you do what you want. Enjoy this game everyone! Congratulations to Scott Cawthon too!

- Tips for Nights 1,2, and 3

Here are some tips for nights 1, 2, and 3 Night 1: Bonnie and Chica are the only ones that are moving so check those cameras and close doors. Night 2: Chica and Bonnie start to move a little faster and Foxy the pirate fox will go attack you if Bonnie isn’t in the hall so close the left door when he is in the hall. Night 3: Chica is gonna be the fasted and start moving on 12 AM, and Bonnie is slow so you can see him on the cameras going slow. Foxy and Freddy is middle-speeded Characters and Freddy is gonna move side-to-side so close the left door if you see him in the right hall corner. That is all the tips, and I’m on night 3 and if you need help just use these tips I gave you. Be carful. And also look in the stage camera ‘cause you don’t know if I’m right or not

- There is a reason this is the game of the decade.

This is a amazing game! The first night you get to feel like your in a horror game. This game uses a unique way to creep you out,by placing in you in an office you can’t leave,and have no protection over than doors that have limited amounts of uses before you run out of power and... the main mechanic of the game is the camera. The main threat is the animatronics , they get closer and try to enter your office. The camera allows you to know there location at all times , but try not to stay long on the camera or it will use all your power. The animatronics will stop in the door way , and then attack you. To prevent this you have to shut the doors until they leave. Each animatronic has its own mechanic. The cast are:Bonnie,chica,foxy,and Freddy. So have fun and save power,and stay safe unless...


I love the game but I got to night five and took a break from it, NOW IM TO SCARED GO PLAY IT!!! I’m going to play here in a second and try not to die but here are a few tips, 1. Don’t forget to check pirate cove, you need it to see if Foxy is gone because he runs down the hallway, 2. Bonnie is fast, don’t forget to check the left door frequently (often) 3. of you hear banging someone is in the kitchen 4. Freddy only really attacks on night five from what I know and probably of night 6 other than that he is pretty calm 5. If you see Golden Freddy look at the cameras for a little bit and he will leave 7. Don’t run out of power, the cameras and the doors use up power and it gets lower as you go along 8. Sometimes there are mini games just move around and do parkour 9. Have fun! Don’t forget it is just a game so none of it is real!

- Scott u never fail to impress me

Scott when I played all your games it gave me many ideas for fnaf 6 like why not make a mashup of all your games my mind is just bubbling with ideas but anyway Scott u are a once in a life time person that comes around bringing joy to people like me Scott u are a special person that I personally think deserves a lot more fame because you are a amazing every time I play one of your game not just the fnaf series I am always in awe anyway Scott you are a very great person and Scott p.s any people hating on you or your game just ignore them and take advice from the people who like your games and who give you suggestions From one of your adoring fans and if ur also a fan god bless u and have a wonderful day or night😁

- It’s sooo fun but It’s hard

It’s soooooooo fun thank you whoever made this game but it’s is sooooooooooooooooo hard I can’t beat the 2 night kinder be an up do you for it to be easier I broke my old iPad because I got so mad please I will be so happy if you do I will pray for you i’ll pray the rosary three times every day and also don’t play that game at night time I got nightmares from it and plus every time Bonnie scares me my phone flies out of my hand in the fall I play the game at night time and body scare me I was sitting on the top of the bunkbed and My phone when flying off my bed and I fell off my bunkbed I didin’t hurt because I have a carpet in my bedroom and it was sooooo scary because I fell off my bed and every time Bonnie scares me I start to shake and then my nerves go through my legs and reach my feet and my feet hurts the most because Bonnie scared me and the nurse came from my heart down into my feet

- 10% drainage?

I’ve beat all of the games One through four so I decided to put them on my phone to play but I do not remember in the first game ever on six night that when you had a door shut and you turn on the light it would drain 10% of your power making it almost impossible to beat it would be 3 AM and I would have at least 58% power and all of a sudden it would be at 30% this is not make any sense it makes the game almost annoying when I run out of power it just becomes 5 AM and I get extremely frustrated I have tried waiting to see how long it would take until foxy will try to come to my room so I can time it and not have to waste any extra power because Freddy on the six night laughs at least five times before he gets to the corner on the right hall I don’t know what to do if I beat it I will be extremely happy.


This series is literally my favorite games!!! I love in this one that there's actually doors lol. But this is soo scary but fun! I am stuck on night one. But don't get me wrong. Every time at 2 am, there is the Freddy poster as him splitting his head in half. Then, the cameras go blank. Is this a glitch or is night 1 practically impossible! Anyway, great game, perfect for me, but plz make sister location on mobile. EDIT: Well, I got to night 4, but I accidentally pressed new game. I got super mad and I'm on night 2 now. Plz make an option so that when you want a new game and you press it, it asks something like "are you sure?" Anyway, even though I lost all of my progress, this game is still my favorite 😆👌 ANOTHER EDIT: So I'm playing fnaf and when I turn, it goes really slow. Plz fix. But still fun and stuff!

- Good

I don't know what I was thinking Leaving my child behind Now I suffer the curse Knowing now I am blind With all this anger, guilt and sadness Coming to haunt me forever I can't wait for the cliff at the end of the river Is this revenge I am seeking Or seeking someone to avenge me Stuck in my own paradox I wanna set myself free Maybe I should chase and find Before they'll try to stop it It won't be long before I'll become a puppet It's been so long Since I last have seen my son Lost to this monster To the man behind the slaughter Since you've been gone I've been singing this stupid song So I could ponder The sanity of your mother I wish I lived in the present With the gift of my past mistakes But the future keeps luring in like a pack of snakes Your sweet little eyes Your little smile, is all I remember Those fuzzy memories mess with my temper Justification is killing me But killing isn't justified What happened to my son, I'm terrified It lingers in my mind And the thought keeps on getting bigger I'm sorry my sweet baby I wish I've been there It's been so long Since I last have seen my son Lost to this monster To the man behind the slaughter Since you've been gone I've been singing this stupid song So I could ponder The sanity of your mother

- Tips!

Ok so on nights 1 and 2 wait until you here the footsteps then close the left door, don’t do anything else. but if you raise the camera this strategy will not work. Night 3 ok so Foxy will more of a threat this time, so you need check on him every 5-10 seconds and remember to check the hall lights. For Freddy wait for the 5 laughs then he will be at you right door. You need to keep the camera on him too. Night 4 is the same as night 3 just the animatronics are more active. Night 5 ok this is the hardest night before nightmare but the same strategy should work. I don’t have a strategy for night 6 yet, I’ll try to make one soon. Here is an Easter egg. Type in 1 9 8 7 in the custom night animatronic settings and you’ll get a nice Golden Freddy jump scare. Hope this helps.

- Amazing, if you don’t think so, you are trash

I HATE THAT SO MANY PEOPLE HATE THIS GAME BECAUSE THEY CANNOT BEAT THE FIRST FREAKING NIGHT, if y’all don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything! Because Scott is the best game maker EVER!! I have plushies, posters, and action figures of this game ♥️ Scott, thank you for this amazing experience, it’s been amazing playing your games and if someone calls you trash, tell them that they can’t make a internet popular game! Love you Scott, you have really given me a ride. This game really has cheered me up and energized me to make many friends, before I was very anti-social because I was really quiet, but this game has made me talk more. I find people that like fnaf too and we become friends. Don’t give up! Make more games for all you fans, because they all, including me, love your work

- Great game, but Night 4 could be made easier.

As it says in the title, Night 4 could use a bit of a fix. The animatronics seem to be as active as Night 6 for PC on Night 4 for mobile. Maybe it’s just me, but I find myself either running out of power or failing to shut a door. Bonnie isn’t much of a problem on Night 4 as some other animatronics. Chica manages to somehow stay at the door for a really long time, and the office sensitivity seems to be a little low for a mobile port of the game. Maybe add an Options menu where you can change the sensitivity of turning in the office, as well as the volume of the jumpscares and the footsteps. That might be a fix for a few problems. Other than that, this is a great game! I would recommend this game to others.


So I stay up late late til like 7a.m and I like scary games to keep me entertained and I haven’t played in a year which I regret but I adore all of the games I still don’t have fnaf 6 but I’m getting it in august but back to the point I don’t know if this is normal but I played this earlier at 3:00 a:m and I just got off and I keep getting the Freddy and golden Freddy screen saying it’s me! And it scared me as soon as I saw it and then it kept scaring me but I love this game I get if you don’t like scary things but the game’s history of William and all the deaths is terrifying but amazing they are really thought through and I just love this game (funny story) its a year after it came out and I’m five so 2015 and I’ve been watching videos of gameplays since it came out cause I loved scary things!


This game is so much fun and hard I love the challange even though I can’t get past night 2 it’s still fun me and my cousin we can’t stop making skins of fnaf charters for mincraft and I just love it and plsss make a fnaf 7 soon (I don’t know if fnaf custom night is fnaf 7 if it is plss fnaf 8 ) ps all I watch on you tube is mostly fnaf) THIS IS BEST GAME EVER :3 I love this. Fnaf it’s really the best thing ever I went to Michigan and they knew fnaf there to and to be honest don’t stop making fnaf and keep using your imagination you are the best (Jordan’s my cousins name I just want to say becuse she’ll be so happy to know that Scott cawton the person who littrly makes fnaf and everything we love now knows she exisist one of her b day presents cus her birthdays today and my name is Natalie I like to know that too ) DONT STOP FNAF #love Bonnie

- The best horror game series EVER

I LOVE THIS SERIES ITS SO FUN!!!!!!! Just there is one thing about it, Golden Freddy seems to not be as rare, I’m not saying that he is not rare, he is rare, but I got him on my third day, then some other time that I forgot when it was, and then some time when I was playing night six, I mean, obviously I use my secret weapon against him (that’s the cameras) but yeah, the graphics are better and FNaF I hate to say this, is not scary, well at least UCN is not (I don’t get startled by jumpscares that come out of nowhere in UCN) but yeah, it did scare me when I put 1/9/8/7 in custom night! The reason why I did that was because one of the screenshots is 1/9/8/7 in custom night OH NO I JUST SPOILED THE SECRET, can you forgive me? So I could imagine I’m boring the readers of this review so that means I’m ending it here!

- I found a bug. So devs please read ! ! !

So a few days ago I encountered a glitch about what night I’m on. I was on night 4 and I completed is several time but it didn’t take to to night five, so I found a way to fix it just delete the app and re-download it. You may have to replay all your progress but it feels night to actually be able to complete the goal of five nights at Freddy’s . Besides that bug I find it an awesome game. Ps. I downloaded the second game and that was pretty amazing also. MUST READ BEFORE LEAVING!! uhm.. I just exited the game after completing night 5 to take a quick break and I cannot believe it but it sent me to night 4... AGAIN! I still gotta admit this as a fun game it’s just so annoying.. Now I don’t know what to do.

- Awesome But hard!

Scott, this is a amazing game even though I have only made it to night 2 I still love this game! But it is pretty hard if you ask me! And if you wanna know why is because it took so long to actually make it to night 2 it was still also very hard getting past night one! And when I was almost going to make it to night three Foxy jump scared me! That was really annoying cause I already had to deal with Bonnie who was right at my door! But still this game is amazing and I begged my mom and step-dad to get it for me and all the other Fnaf games! Of course I only got this game but my step-dad said if I make it past all the nights I can get the second game!! 😋😁 so ya hopefully I can make it past all the nights!!!!

- Some tips for nights 1&2

Night 1- pretty simple. Bonnie is most active, he moves around a lot. Wait until phone guys call is almost done, that's when the anamotronics start getting active. Be sure to check on foxy, there is a chance he may get you. Keep track of your power too. One strategy is to make 6am coincide with the power outage so you beat the night before Freddy can get you. Night 2- Chica is a bit more active tonight, as are Bonnie and foxy. Now, the animatronics will start moving during phone guys call, so keep that in mind. Freddy won't do much unless the power goes out. Foxy can easily slip out of pirates cove if you don't check the camera Night 3- I haven't beat this night at the time of this review, but chica is definitely the most active. If you hear clanging pots and pans, she is just in the kitchen, don't worry. Bonnie is definitely less aggressive, but he did jumpscare me before. Foxy can be a problem, but check pirates cove and the curtain will hardly open. Freddy is active tonight, but he isn't very aggressive, so he isn't the worst of your problems. That's all I have! Fnaf is a great game, and you should definitely download it!

- Freddy’s latest update to mobile is NEARLY PERFECT!!!!

Oh my god this update is SO much better than it’s first release! It has; Better Jumpscare Animations, Smoother Frame Rate, Adds Back Some Missing Sound Effects, And so much more!!! It even has a new Main Menu Theme for some reason but I’m not complaining!!!!! The ONLY problem I have with this update but it’s only a slight nit pick: Whenever you flip the monitor it doesn’t feel as instantaneous as the original mobile release but I digress, This new update is nearly flawless! Five Stars is really underselling it so I give this game my official score of 9.5 out of 10. I really hope this carries over to the rest of the series as well as a port of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator! Please?!?!?

- Awesome but two things

I have been playing all ur FNAF games and their just wonderful. When I was little my parents never let me play this game. But now it’s the great opportunity. But two things i wanna add 1) So u know how u added cheat mode in some devices? Well I’m playing on Apple. And if ur a player and ur reading this u might have cheat mode or not. But for me there isn’t. On my Samsung I have cheat mode on their but I had to REPAY because it got deleted. And on my Apple there was no cheat mode so and u PLZ put cheat mode on Apple. 2) You know how u made FNAF 6? Well I’m on IPAD and I ALWAYS wanted to play on IPAD but it doesn’t have it. So can u PLZ add it on Mobile. Sorry if this was long but plz read and add these two things I want.

- Night 6 is impossible

So I got this game as my first fnaf game because my friends had fnaf 2 and wanted to do custom night challenges but I accidentally got fnaf 1 and now there all jealous but enough talking let’s get to the point. So this is my favorite game ( I have multiple ) and no mater what I can’t beat night 6. I found a strategy were you only look at Freddy and foxy and count Freddy’s laughs and check your door “blind spots” but but my door won’t shut and if I look at my camera Bonnie gets me and on computer I did this and I made it but mobile it doesn’t work and I’m a master at this game beating the first five nights in a little over a hour but a want to know if it is possible to beat night 6 on mobile

- Best horror game franchise

Honestly, when I was deciding to buy this game or not, the main thing I was looking for was how well the controls are. I can say first hand that the controls work great, you just hold down the side of the screen u want you want to go towards. Also I love how the mobile version of the game has the Freddy poster Easter egg where u can tap his nose. When I bought a this game I went to go see the unlocks menu, and u can buy unlimited power and make it so the time goes faster for $4. If your considering getting the game, don’t buy the unlimited power pack, it’s a waste of money, if you have trouble on nights just keep going and try new strategies. Have fun surviving your nights everyone!

- FNAF fan lover

Honestly the best horror game I’ve ever played. Bonnie is definitely the most active and most likely from my experiences and he will jump scare you the most out of any animatronic and of course, Freddy be never comes to kill me. I recommend that you use unlimited power so you can learn their techniques and favorite hiding spots, then redo the game without any mods. Night 6 is probably the hardest night, because Golden Freddy is the most active, and will kill you within 3 minutes if you aren’t smart to counteract his moves. Also, I have a glitch. When Bonnie leaves the stage, the West Hall Corner gets blocked off and never comes back on. Is this part of the game or a glitch. Just wondering. Good luck, and thanks Scott!!! 🐻🐰🐤🦊

- I’ve never been more terrified in my life

This game is literally the death of me. I played it when it first came out in 2014 and I had nightmares for weeks. I decided to re download and give it try I mean I was 7 at the time what can be so scary about this game? Oh boy I was wrong on the first night all of them (besides Freddy) starting roaming around. It was terrible!!! FOXY LITERALLY RAN DOWN THE HALL AND I WAS PETRIFIED. Bonnie wasn’t an issue at all. But Chica, oh Mr. Duck duck kept coming at me all night. So much that the power ran out. I thought I was gonna die but it turned to 6 AM!!! yay!? But sadly I lost my progress because I’m assuming I didn’t save it. But again it’s an amazing game and it was a part of my childhood I love it no matter what!!!

- Five nights at Freddy’s series

This game was instant dash of fun I loved being scared after i played this I would not go to Chuck E. Cheese for almost a year I am gonna be sad when this ends I make good fan games with amazing graphics I make them becuse of Scott I thank you for encouraging me to make games like this your amazing and I know your gonna stop making them but please make as much more to your hearts content and i love you Scott(sorry if I made it awkward lol)your games made me want to make five nights at Freddy’s games and I love this game never stop 😍😍 here’s a night one tip just sit there and do nothing unless u pull up the camera they can’t hurt you this only works on night one becuse foxy does not move

- Very simple concept executed brilliantly

I think a lot of people will agree with me when I say that the FNaF series has kind of been driven into the ground after the years (not to say the games aren’t good), but the original is something very VERY special. An extremely simple game that is very effective at giving you the heebie jeebies in just the right ways. Granted a lot of people complain that the jump scares are cheap, but in the FNaF games it serves as a sense of punishment for letting your guard down, as opposed to appearing out of nowhere for no reason other than to get a cheap scream out of you. I could go on and on about this game but i’ll simply end here by saying this game is very good and very well done.

- Hi

Scott I haven’t played this one yet because it’s struggling to download as I’m writing this but I’ve seen people play it before and it looked really fun and my bday just passed so I used 3 of 220 dollars to get it but I have all your other games and there all awesome games and I love them and right when I finish this I’m going to give them all 5 stars and your games are amazing ignore the haters be with the people who like your games and 2 more things the reason I don’t often play the 4th one is because of the jump scares I cant get used to them but finally keep up the good work and have a nice rest of your day to all you supporters and especially you Scott you are amazing.

- I liked this game but the controls wot work on night 5

I’ve recently became a fan of five nights at Freddy, when I discovered it about a year ago after watching Mark play it. I decided I wanted to play all the games for my self. I got threw all 4 nights what out a problem. Not that I’m on night for I’ve noticed that when ever i can’t find a character on my cameras I go to check my door lights, over 90 percent of the time they won’t turn on and when they do and I see one out side the door I am unable to close it. This only really happens when Cheka is out side of my right door but the left door does it as well. This has resulted in my failing at night 5 at least 4 times. I know this game came out a while ago but still.

- Funny Glitch (Competitive Jumpscare)

If you get jumpscared by Bonnie or chica pull up your camera thing and keep doing it and you survive. It comes down so you have keep putting backup edit There is a glitch which I like to call insane mode on the first night when they start at your door 🙂that glitch might not work every time or it has been fixed but it’s really funny Helpful tip There is a glitch where on night 4 if you look at foxy your battery goes down a lot, avoid this glitch by listening for running feet, that’s what I do and I made it to night 7, Just you don’t have look at the cam or close the door when he’s almost out


Now, first i wanna get outta the way that I LOVE THIS GAME so you know I’m not a hater,so now I can talk about why I’m upset. This game is really crazy and it takes so long JUST for the night to end cuz every hour is 14 minutes long,and THEN you have the fact that if you exit the game for 5 minutes the whole game restarts which REAlLY UPSET ME JUST KNOW BECAUSE; I was crazy close to finishing the night but I had to check on something else & when I came back it was at the warning screen! And I worked ALOT trying to get this close! It took 20 minutes just to survive through 4 am and I lost EVERYTHING!!!! I suggest you check this out and PLEASE fix it!c(It’s really upseting and no one ever really get’s their comment read which is frustrating)

- How the spring lock tripping works

“And if you accidentally trigger those spring locks, two things will happen: first, all the locks will snap right into you, making deep cuts all over your body, and a split second later all the animatronic parts they’ve been holding back, all the shark steel and hard plastic, will instantly be driven into your body. You will die, but it will be slow. You’ll feel your organs punctured, the suit will grow wet with your blood, and you will know your dying for long, long, minutes. You’ll try to scream, but you will be unable to. Your vocal cords will be severed, and your lungs will fill with your own blood until you drown in it.” - from The Silver Eyes!


This following comment show you how to summon most Easter eggs (secrets) in the game. This is the way to summon all heads and endoskeleton looking at you in backstage, Bonnie's face in the backstage, Golden Freddy poster , Freddy ripping off his head , Freddy leering from the stage , crying children and Its ME on the wall (all on IOS). Step 1: go to custom night and set all AI's to 0 Step 2: choose a room which has the Easter egg Step 3: keep flipping the monitor , you will see the Easter egg multiple times. Step 4: if you want to keep it press home and power button at the same time on iPhone or IPad to take a picture.

- BEST GAME (this is a experience of mine)

So I found a awesome hack for the game..... HOW TO DO IT U ASK! (This is how I beat night 3 & 2) put cam on pirate cove, next put down cams and check both doors, then keep checking pirates cove and focus on checking doors too...... THEN u set to go (here’s the story) so I was playing night 3 and I did the same thing and made it to 5 A.M then..... THEN (power goes ded) IMA DIE then THANK THE LORDS 6 A.M!!!!! XD it saved my life this is no bug just pure luck. But THX FOR MAKING THE GAME SCOTT I’m a big fan of fnaf u have so many fan games My cousin showed me this game when I was around 4 years old...... by a song -^-........... and to this day I still love it I’m currently lovin the game’s

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- Updated review :)

Hey Scott, if you’re reading this, I just wanna say thanks so much for making the FNaF series! I’ve finally got FNaF 3 and already on Night 3, and it’s harder than I thought! But off topic for this rating, I’ll talk more about FNaF 1. The new update is great, I love how there’s a Options button and it can fit full screen on iPad. Also I’m able to move the screen a lot faster now jus by tapping, my power drains a little more slowly, etc., making me really confident that I’ll be able to pass 4/20 mode really soon. Just a quick question, I sometimes miss the easier nights and want to restart just for fun, but will I lose my progress (I’m on iPad so I’m not so sure) if I restart? As in lose Night 6 and 7? Thanks again for the new update and I’m hoping to earn the third star soon. :) —GlorytheRainwing

- 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

This is literally the best game I have ever played in my LIFE. It is also very scary. I have a “cool” suggestion for the game. First of, your fourth closest novel is great Scott Cawthon. Can you actually change the game a little bit? I suggest that maybe you can instead browse the Freddy Fazebare pizzeria and to make sure you don’t die while you explore. You can make the power run out 3x faster each time. And you could try to power the generator and it would be hard since Freddy and Cheeka etc... would be chasing you. Oh you could add a flashlight that could run out of battery and you would not be able to charge your flashlight. Make the time go slower than usual, that would really make players freak out. You are a legend Scott Cawthon. Please respond! Your Sincerely, William Preston Miller.


Before, Fnaf mobile wasn’t that good/scary. It had a allot of glitches and bad graphics. Now that you finally brought your attention to the game, You have released a updated and much better version. The jumpscares aren’t just 2 photos played over again, it is just like the P.C Version, the way you turn in the office is outstanding, and the brightness in the office and on cameras are amazing. I really like the cheats that you have added, although I can’t really say the same for the plushies. I think that it would have been better if they actually did something, like freddy plush could give you more power etc.

- This game is awesome, and so is the rest of the series

This game has been going for a while, and I’m not surprised it has gotten this popular. Because with so many horror fans out there, this game needed to make more, so, we end up with FNAF 2. Then 3. on. And even FNAF 1 still holds many secrets that are yet to discover, just like every other game, It still holds, like, 29 secrets. The biggest secret, the mystery no one has unraveled yet, is what lurks at the heart of Freddy Fazbear’s? This game is awesome, und I play it, I watch it, and I love it as my favourite horror game. I’m oiled literally re-write this for the other games because I would say the same about them all. But I’m too lazy. :)

- I love this scary game series!

I have been a fan of five nights at Freddy’s for AGES so I’m glad to finally get my hands on one of the official games. I only just opened the game, hoping to get a scare or two. (Which I did) but... for some reason, foxy was active on night one! Which, I don’t have that big of a problem about, but it just confused me. Foxy was always introduced in night 2 of the game... so, seeing him on NIGHT ONE was.... odd. Is this a thing now? Was I unaware that foxy comes night one on here? It’s still great, and it make the game ALOT scarier... I just think I need a bit of an explanation. But overall GREAT GAME!


Hey Scott LOVE the game but one problem...I can't get past night 5. Foxy and Freddy are my main problems. Foxy sneaks up on me when I least expect it and Freddy, just when I was about to complete the night, and I was like, "YASSSS!", Freddy jumpscared me out of NOWHERE! Can you please make it a bit easier? I NEED THIS!!!!!! From No.1 fan, SillyJellyShark124. 😀😖😵😰 P.S. This game is so FREAKING scary when I saw Bonnie for the first time at my door, I totally FREAKED. Why add that sound effect? WHY??? This morning I got so many jumpscares I yelled at a BIRD CALL! O! M! G!

- Still awesome...but buggy?

FNAF is one of my all time faveourite games, and the new update has made it even better. There is, however, some things I want to address. 1. The Office P.o.V = While the defintion is better than the previous update, the guard (us) takes a longer time looking from side to side instead of the quick movements before. While this does make it feel more real, it does hinder the player while checking the doors. 2. Foxy = I'm up to Night 6 on this game and while Foxy's run has always been annoying, now he's downright unbearable. When he runs in this version, his knock drains 15% of my power. I am barely making it to 2am and he's dwindling my power to 45%. I don't know if these two items are bugs I'm experiencing, or if this is just something that came with the update. But Scott if you see this; please restrain Foxy just a little. The way it is now: you've made the game unbeatable.

- So much fun!

It is one of the best horror games I have ever played. This game has such a interesting and big backstory that you just want to find out more about ( if you also like the backstory, I suggest buying the other games; it continues off of this and some even say are pre games ). The theories you can conduct in this game are unreal. I love how it is also beatable on all nights and even the higher nights. Anyone who loves a good horror game will love all the parts in this game.

- Stupid game

Now just to clear things up I do not hate fnaf I hate the developers. Just a you know they have been porting fnaf 1,2 and 6 onto mobile and sure they have the copyright laws but come on!? If you look at games by Scott it only says fnaf 3 4 and 5 a.k.a sister location on it!? So that means these people are either illegally porting these games to mobile or they are doing it for the money! And everyone is stupid enough to think that the person(s) who realised this was Scott. I chatted with him on his web page and said that he didn’t give copyright permission. So this developer is copyrighting. And until I get a response, my rating stays at one. If I could I would give it -5 stars. Stupid devs

- Best game ever

This game is the best game I had played in my life I loved the unlocks and the jumpscare on the custom night if you want 1 9 8 7 Thanks for this game and don’t mind them 1 star reviews there trying to scam you to get their money back there is noting wrong with your game it is a 100% success great job the other Fnaf are good to and Bonnie gave you nightmares so I slam the door in his face so I hope you like my payback for Bonnie :D ok keep up the great work up bye bye

- Good but a few things 😱😱😱😱

1 foxy glitch’s thru the doorway into the office and runs around in circles for some reason 2 Freddy can appear in your office and open the doors and kill you 3 Chica also glitch’s and can go thru the poster same with foxy some times and that annoys me allot 4 bonnie can appear and stun you at the camera in backstage And disabled the camera so Freddy got thru and killed me so can you fix it? That would be great 👍🏻

- Awesome!

This is a great game! The suspense really adds to the pure creepiness of this horror game. But please scale down the difficulty because Bonnie and Chica just stand at the door for what seems like 10 million years slowly draining my power away. Also i’m on night three and Foxy has done absolutely nothing yet! Please fix that! Anyway the game is just awesome and has started up an entire fanbase of fnaf lovers. Keep up the good work!

- Thank you so much scott for creating such a good game

Dear scott if you’re reading this i just wanna say well done this game has formed my childhood so thank you i love every single game you’ve made from FNAF 1 to Fnaf AR 😁 in all of these games i have seen no flaws. and this story line is amazing i don’t know how you even got the idea 😂 but i love it. This game has touched my heart the FNAF 6 ending makes me cry every time 💓💓 so thank you *sorry for a late review*

- The game...

Hello Clickteam LLC and Scott Cawthon. Five Nights at Freddy's has been around for Five Years. This is the 5th Year of Freddy's and I am hoping for you guys to make something super cool that you can also get on Mobile. Say, Ultimate Custom Night for a start. Make that on mobile and for free and you're in business. Just, no ads. Now, Five Nights at Freddy's has been around in my Childhood, I like that. Like, kids can wake up in the future and just say: "What is that game Five Nights at Freddy's you guys keep talking about?" And without them from saying that, make. more. FNaF games. And add them to mobile so kids without a computer or Steam can have the experience on the GO! Eh, this is basically all the time I have. See you guys soon!

- Overhyped

When this game first came out, it was massive. Everybody played it, horror fan or not. This is a relatively good port (which cannot be said for the other games, though). But this game is severely overhyped by its terrible fanbase. I mean, it has some good mechanics for sure, but really? One of the best horror games of all time? I'm guessing you people have never played games like Resident Evil 4, Silent Hill 2, etc. I mean come on! Tattletail is better than this game in my opinion. Not to mention that the game is extremely tedious and short. FNaF is yet another overhyped horror game.

- Amazing!🐤🐻🐰🦊

It’s the best game ever except I’ve had a bit of glitching with the doors and I know they can not let you close them if you had opened it whilst someone’s there but you know. Besides that it’s the best game ever! I absolutely love horror games and this fit perfectly but could you lower the price it took convincing from my mum to just get the first one. Thanks for making it!

- Still love and fnaf and always will, why make the remaster harder tho

I have attempted night 5 many times implementing every main strategy but I constantly get my doors jammed by Chica or Bonnie at times even as early as 1am and evening though I check both lights every 5 seconds, this is frustrating to me as I feel like you guys made this happen much more often to urge people to buy your unnecessary cheats. Thanks for the great remasters tho, can’t wait for ucn and really hope you pull it off

- Awesome dude

I think this game is the bast game I've played in a while. I just got it yesterday and I'm already at night 6 (I'm having a lot of trouble though). I love the fact it's so hard to complete. I just don't like how you can't close the door and turn on the light sometimes. I know it snot a glitch I just think that's a bit annoying :(. Great job!

- Awesome, but bugs

Love this game and it's series but this particular game seems to have some minor glitches. Whenever i get on, the whole thing flips upside down. My IPad is fairly newish, so is this just me? And when trying to turn, the screen stops three-quarters across, so I have to remember to double-tap every time i turn. If u ignore these bugs, the actual game play is really cool! I love the twisting story behind it! Great job, Scott!

- This games hard but good

It took like 5 times to beat night 2 but was still a good game even know I raged the game gets better new characters will come the levels and graphics are great I will be sad when I finished the game because it’s a good game and will always be in my list of the best games I’ve ever played um also I beated night 2 but it says I haven’t

- It’s okay, just scary

I have been playing it. I have just been a chicken and never been scared in my life. I’m trying to do my best and play as good as I can and get up to the morning time. 6:00? I always try every day but I always be a chicken and keep my doors closed and check the cameras and then it goes out. That is the part that scares me, jump scares 😥

- Still play it M8

Scott it’s 2017 and M8 I just downloaded it again for the memories and fun I had with cuzens. I remember when the first told me when I was in grade 3 in 2014. They showed me gmod gameplay they said the original was scary but I wanted to c it for my self. Ever since then I’ve collected merchandise and still play the games. Scott u acutely change my life. Thanks...

- Knocked down to 4 stars this is why

Well this game is going down the wrong path. There is something wrong with the game yes it may be a good mix of exhilarating and scary but that's not all that shapes five nights and Freddy's. Night 5 the power is absolutely a no go. This night is so buggy on iPad witch is completely unfair to iPad users fix it or lose it because I'm going to be honest the game will drop. Thanks by Yours truly 🌹🌹🌹


I was thinking, what if the old animatronics survived, it would mean the world to me.. the lore is starting to upset me.. the lore above fnaf 4 is getting badder and badder, the best lore was fnaf 1 to 3.. fnaf 4 was good too. But after that, I’m very disappointed. If my dreams came to life.. I’d cry so hard that I’d actually convince my mother to give you guys thousands... it’d mean the world Scott.. thank you.

- I love this

This game makes me happy and excited its a really cool game usually Bonnie comes out first he always beats me it’s really fun I think chica comes out Second then usually when I play this game Freddy comes out last it’s so on beatable I just can’t do it I’m on night 1 it’s just so unbeatable it’s all because of Bonnie but I love the new update so cool

- Five nights At Freddy’s is awesome

There has been a few glitches, but it is still fun, as you can see the star rating, I suggest this game. I also love the characters, I think it is Freddy, Bonnie, ducky and foxy. I’ve also heard of number 2 and maybe I’ll get it. Anyway, I suggest this game a lot. It is probably one of my favourite games.

- Some noise can't be heard and need to be fixed in the IOS version

Hey Scott, I was just wondering if you could update fnaf 1 because I'm the PC version you can hear the circus music and Freddy' jingle when he is in the kitchen. However you can't hear it in the IOS version. So could you please update this? 😊

- Best horror game

Good backstory, is both terrifying and fun, but a multiplayer mode would be epic. I have two ideas for multiplayer modes for you guys(maybe make them a seperate game?). 1. Co-op mode. There should be 3 players, 5 normal doors, 3 vent doors, and lots of rooms as well as a way to explore and move around inside the office instead of just turning around

- Absolutely outstanding

Fnaf 1 is the best and the original but to be honest fnaf 4 is the scariest by far, I haven’t yet downloaded fnaf 3, 5 (sister location) or 6 but I looked at the games and reviews and they all look outstanding as well, so, thank you to Scott and the dev’s. You really are legends in the horror community

- Annoying doors

Night 3 - 6 is pretty hard when this outrageously big bug happens... I don’t know if this is a bug but when I press the door buttons it makes this annoying (unable to close door) sound! I’ve been not happy with these doors and they are really getting in my nerves. If you can please get rid of it Scot, I would be very over the moon and instead rate the game 5 Stars.


This is the best game I've ever played in my life! I am a huge FNaF fan and I only found out about this game last year and I know like a million things about it! Especially on the PC version. Also this is the best FNaF game in the series. And the best game in the galaxy!! Thanks for the amazing and spooky series Scott!

- After completing all the games a year ago

Now knowing the story makes more sense when replaying and just beating the 6th night is good enough to unlock custom games. I love the series and story with it keep up the great work. This game is worth the money... if u like jump scares.😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱🤗😱😱😱😱😱

- Display problems

I really like the new update except for some reason my screen display has black bars vertical of the game this is quite frustrating because I would like a display setting to fit other devices like mine . Also my device is the Apple iPad 6th Generation

- Pls make foxy not run

Night 1 and 2 are good but when foxy comes to quick and you can’t to it in time so can you make him not run quick pls bc I can’t close the door is he’s run he is too quick so make him not run quick

- Hey clickteam

Awesome remake of the first game but i feel that bonnie stays at your door too long other than chica and the others. I lost power to him staying at my door for a long amount of time chica however just comes and goes in normal times.

- I like the remaster

But my problem is when I’m playing on the iPad it gets annoying because there are 2 black bars at the bottom and the Top, could you please fix this

- Even on mobile this is great

This game is a classic. And the mobile version is just as good. I have had this game for a year now and I have had no issues with it totally recommend buying!


I never win I’m only on night 2 and I can’t get past it.😭😢🤣😂😅😆I can’t get past night 2 it’s sad and funny I love this game full star rating to bad the backstory is so dark any way this game is so good I’m gonna get all of dem da so cool . It’s so cool I can’t speak. Any way. it’s me! club.

- A greaaat game but!

Good game but why would you add a survival kit? In the original game there was NO survival kit. Then people can just BEAT it! Honestly it’s a waste of a purchase. Other than that it’s great game. Now if you will excuse me, I’m going to see security breach teasers and complete night 5 on this game. Good day and keep the work up.

- Worst game ever

This is by far the worst game i have ever played. There is nothing to do you just sit there and wait. Wait for what, wait for Freddy to turn up. How is a waiting game so popular is beyond me. Worst of all, there was no sample play so I had to fork out the cash, which i thought worth a punt as it seems so popular. Big mistake, had a few go’s clicking everywhere and nothing. Got through to 2nd night from doing, thats right, nothing.....

- Dear Scott Cawthon.

I love the Franchise and the lore. (My favourite Animatronic is foxy thanks for creating Foxy!) I’m stuck on Night 6 as Freddy is my main Problem. Most people could agree but can you make it so the power doesn’t go out as fast for IOS?

- Best game in existence

I’ve wanted to play this game since I was little and now I see it as an amazing game to get to play it my self! Why does the game let you get three stars with unlimited power, fast nights and radar?

- Please fix this glitch!

Scott please fix a glitch when Freddy jump scares you even though both doors are closed. Other than that the games amazing, I recommend it to a horror fan or not

- Right door and light disappear?

Sometimes the right door and light buttons disappear. I don’t know how this happens, but it would be cool if this bug were to be fixed. Overall, very good game.

- Love this game!!!

I remember when I first saw this game back in 2015 and I still love it!! And also I actually think this is harder then the 2nd one and it’s really fun I’m just really glad that I made it to the custom night!!!!.

- Can you make it a little bit more easier? And can you put more of the robots 🤖?

Can you make it a little bit more easier? And can you put more of the robots 🤖?pls?

- Congrats

For making the greatest game in the universe plus my friends only say its bad because it’s scary but I think when you play it a lot it gets less scary but dat don’t matter because it so epic

- Good but..

Hi This game is really good I loved it but it was almost impossible to beat night 1 Bonnie would show up and I could not close the door and foxy was too active for night one but other then that it’s pretty good!

- Bugs

Man, I remember when I could actually finish the game without many problems. Come back, and suddenly I get to night 2 with 17% at 5 am, only to have Chika come to my door and then Bonnie to the other door at 14% and instantly run out of power after closing the door on Bonnie at 14% power!

- Disappointment chips

I have always loved the fnaf games and was so excited to have them on my iPad but for this one I’m quite disappointed it’s slow moving to the doors and it’s over all buggy. I’d love to be rating this 5 stars but until they make it faster I won’t.

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- Le meilleur jeu d'horreur sur iPhone

Je trouve que la survie de se jeu est incroyable!!!

- Très bon jeu

J’adore le jeu, sauf que l’écran ne se tourne pas des deux sens, donc ça me dérange un peu.

- There’s a bug that should be fixed

We can make a bug with Foxy and we can pass the night so easily with this. Maybe make that the others animatronics kills you without checking the camera. Ex: when we can’t close the door, making Freddy jumpscare you in 2 seconds after?? I’m sorry if i’m not clear. I’m trying to talk my best in english.


Thx Scott soooo much I love the whole series of these games ( especially fnaf 1 and Sister_Location) I love soo much how you made this to scare you when you least expect and the jump scares are amazing ( with clickteamfusion👍)



- Umm...

Why do I feel like there's something more to this update other then "updated compatibility",why would Scott get back to the old game and change things...

- Jefff

This game is so good but at the same time scary😀

- Is this supposed to happen

Some times when I try I close the door or turn on the light the dose not work?

- Hailey☠️

I can't finish the last level my power went out on 5Am because Freddy killed me pls fix


Your latest update sucks in that it is not full screen any more and the movement is really really slow previous version was better! Please fix it so it is full screen and movement isn't slow. Trying to go left to right is VERY hard!

- Very good

This is a good game all around but it's very hard to keep the power. Maybe you could make the power decrease slower.

- ❤️👁👄👁❤️

I love all the games, but in this one when I’m at night5 I always get jumpscared at 4 or 3am I can’t make it to 5am.... I still love the game I added it to my favourite thing with my favourite apps :)

- So damn expensive

So so expensive this app is so so damn expensive make it free please coffin why is it $12 that’s all I make a year I am a janitor and I still bought the game for my son named Cody And he throws his iPad at the wall because And I scream at him Make it free

- Good game

I love fnaf but the first night is to easy and the second is like impossible but it’s still vary fun and we're is golden Freddy like he needs to be some were still it’s a good game

- Help

I don’t really play this game as much as I lost interest it’s still a good game I just don’t play it is there anyway I can refund the money

- Thx Man

It’s funny how this little thing starting a big thing

- Report a bug

Hi Scott the left side is glitched and can you fix it or put options to make it not curcel

- One thing you need to do

Can you make an update where you can se multiple animatronics on the same camera? That way you know that Bonnie, Chica and Freddy are in the dining room at the same time.

- Fnaf fan

This is my favourite fnaf game and can’t wait to see the new fnaf sicurity breach game

- hey scott

please make time go faster every hour in the game should be 1 minute and 20 seconds i would like that.

- Great game


- Big good

Much wow such amaze.

- Fix the problem

Whenever I look at the camera and put down the camera it crashes the game sooo ya might wanna fix that

- Bonnie sucks

Bonnie stays ther for 100 s

- I love it

I love this game it’s really good really scary to Scott keep up the good work

- I love it so much

I don’t care about updates! It’s an awesome game in my opinion!!

- My Opinion!

This Game Is Awesome!

- good game but audio isn’t really working

i decided to revisit the fnaf games, but while i was playing it the only sounds i could hear were from the security cameras. i couldn’t hear anything else, like the sound of closing doors, the phone calls, and any sound effects in general. hope this could get fixed, or if i could get told how to change it would be nice :) fun game anyways though!!

- Great but...

I love it but now I'm scared of darkness other then that I recommend it just make the power last longer. Oh and watch out for GOLDEN FREDDY

- Give the it the game centre

So we can save are progress if we delete the app

- The same fun game it’s always been, just with micro transactions for some reason.

FNAF is still the exact same game (thank goodness). This is great, but clickteam has decided to add micro transactions for some reason. The only things these add are either cosmetic (why), or ruin the game (cheats). Scott, please don’t let your games be ruined by micro transactions.

- Old is gold.

The gameplay is good, and it feels well made in general. The first game is probably the best game, cause it’s the one that started it all. I love the game,but there’s one thing that annoys me. The resized screen. Please change it so it takes up the whole screen.



- Scott

Please make more FNAF games

- Amazing game

I’m downloading it and I will do it. I know that because I have read everything there is to fnaf

- Fine but...

Please add a Freddy mask but great for the price and make the nights faster please

- Jayden

So for naff one I have a few complains about it first why do I have to pay for some sheets I don’t like it just please make that three seconds the plane I have with that is you should make it three Wormald why Scott just why why why why

- Can you make fnaf world


- Great game, but...

Ever since the update, the scariest monster in the game was the microtransactions. I don't want to spend money on cheats in a game I already paid for. This is the same for the other fnaf mobile games

- Langue

Salut J’aimerais comprendre en français

- Amazing game

This game is amazing and a little challenging but fun

- Awesome game scot

I love this game it is the best horror game I have ever played pls make another one scot. Also pls make another update. And can u pls make another game. I love your games🙂

- Best game ever

Best game ever Scott ❤️

- The bug

I was playing five nights at Freddy’s and foxy was running down the hall and the power was at five and it went all the way down to when he came down the hallway

- Bug found

Freddy can go through my door even when there collided and I can’t do anything to stop him. Next if it’s not Freddy who kills me it’s golden Freddy EVERY TIME! He comes into the office every hour in night four and I can’t get rid of him when I flip up the monitor

- This is good

I always was Scott’s fan Scott make security breach on mobile anyway this is a good game good mechanics and story.

- Fun game but

this game is good but I want the kitchen cam are are you were able to see the. Kitchen camera

- One of the best scary games ever created

This game is the best ever since it came out and I played it I fell in love and to this day it holds a special place in my heart


Add a overnight mode where you are locked in the pizzaria and need to find 3 keys and escape, but you need to find 4 levers to activate freddy, bonnie, chica, and foxy (besides golden freddy) when you escape you find a knife and you unlock purple guy mode where you have to kill all children without the parents seeing you and find a golden fredy suit before killing them and after that and you unlock death modd where you have to find the backroom and find a springbonnie suit and hide in it and die and after that you get to start the nights


In Night 1 I Started and The Animatronics Never Moved Until 4 AM The All The Animatronics (Expect Golden Freddy) Freddy Was Looking at Bonnie and Chica Moved Foxy Was Starting To Peak Outside Of His Cove But I Survived YAY. But Can You Fix The Bugs On Off Power Freddy My Brother Just Started Ran Out Of Power and He Just Got Jumpscared.

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- Phew Easter eggs found

I love the game but there are some Easter eggs in the hall were chica goes the rule sign turns into a newspaper about the missing kids in the other hall were Bonnie goes its rare to see freddy on the poster pull himself apart sometimes when foxy leaves it says it’s me on the sign there are two more it’s me one in the hall were chica goes and when a anamtronic sees golden freddy makes his noises and shows other anamatronics appear and says it’s me and there’s two more Easter eggs I found it’s rare to see powered down Bonnie when you first open the game and the final Easter egg is the dead child on the hall chica goes too and that’s all the ones I found plus there are easters eggs on all fnaf games

- Please Read

To developers and new people wondering if you should get the game, heres my opinion: The game is scary and creepy to play but it’s also fun in a way. The game is beatable I got all 3 stars in case anyone thinks it’s impossible to play. Also if you can’t close the door and you hear a clicking it’s not bugged it means the animatronic got in. I have only found 2 bugs in the game, 1st: When I look to the right and get killed by Foxy he doesn’t show up on my left not sure if it’s just me or the game 2nd: The light and door button panel sometimes disappears but I can still press the buttons. Hope this review is helpful to anyone have a nice day :).

- Great game, but the update broke the game

I love the whole fnaf series and was excited when I had money to buy it for my iPad! I would usually play it when there is no wifi. LOL! But the new update to add the in app purchases of plushy and cheats broke the game for me. I was on night 4 and I then I updated it. When I tried to start the night I could not see the office. I could only see the time, power bar, and the button to pull the camera up. The camera is broken to. I cant see anything, the cameras are just static. My dad told me to delete it and re download it. But it didn't work. Now I have lost all my progress! Can you maybe do one more bug fix update, or at least look into it? Thanks!

- Love but...

I love this game! It’s been one of my favorite games ever sense it came out. But ever sense the update the animatronics move way too fast. Chicas the only easy character to Handel because she says in one area (Kitchen/Bathroom) But The rest can basically go anywhere... Bonnie can be at any place at any time. Foxy only moves when the cameras on him so if I go to check the lights he can just randomly jumpscare you without having a chance to lock the door, and Freddy is suppose to laugh every time he moves (ex. 5 times) But he can just laugh once and already be outside your door. This is the only problem I have with it but other then this I would 100% recommend playing if you haven’t already.

- Very fun game but it’s just too hard

This game is great my brother somehow made it to night 8 in fnaf 2 anyways I can’t get past night five because of freddy he takes away too much power away And every time he goes away he comes back in like 30 seconds and I have to use so much power beacuse of this I almost never make it to 5am and when foxy bangs on the door it takes up to much power well not the first time but after. Also sometimes when I turn on the light I see a animatronic but I try to close the door and it won’t close this happens rarely maybe just make the power like 125% or 115% and I could actully best it I’ve been playing every since 1:00pm and I stoped trying to best night 5 at 9:00pm and have not beaten it otherwise this game is great.

- Great Game But Needs Fixing

So clickteam remastered fnaf mobile which is great but here’s one problem with it... Why is the survival kit 4.99 I feel like you guys are money hungry make it 2.99 please because I paid 2.99 for the game already I don’t wanna spend 5 dollars just for cheats but whatever please if your reading this either cheapen the price of it or add something new to the game because the survival kit will get boring of just doing 6th night and custom night add something else like (this will sound reall blizzar) but a multiplayer? As dumb as it sounds it would be a neat feature for pc and mobile Verison to keep the game more replay able and fun

- Impossible

I like the game and everything but night 4 seems impossible now and the reason why I say that is because you always run out of power at 4 or 5 am I was only listening to footsteps and used the door Like 5 times and the only camera I would look at is foxys camera and I used the door lights a little bit and I still fail I dont understand how I use the doors for like 5 seconds to block out foxy and to block out Bonnie I also sometimes use it for Freddy I only go on the camera like 5 times to save as much power as I can but no matter what I always loose power at 4 am I’ve done this about 20 times and I only got to 5 am one time the rest of the times I got 4 am to be honest this new update made the game way harder

- PLZ nerf night 6 down a little bit!

I’ve been playing FNaF ever sense it came out in 2014 and I still can’t beat night 6, now it’s got to the point where I’ve just given up. So Scott can you please nerf the AI’s difficulty level down just a tad bit so it becomes a bit more easy when golden Freddy comes without warning. And also, a funny story, when I was 6 I was playing FNaF and I was on the fifth night and I was at the barber shop waiting for my mom to get done, and my cousin was there too. So I beat the fifth night and right as I do my cousin asks if she could try so I let her, and the first thing she does is reset my ENTIRE game,😑........... I was mad.

- Five Night’s At Freddy’s

GET READY TO HERE THE BACKSTORY OF FNAF This Is How It All Started A Man Named...PURPLE GUY Lured 5 Or 6 Children Into A Backroom And He Murdered Them All Of Course That Was After The Bite Of 87 But They Were Lured Idk The Kids Names But The One With The Foxy Mask Started The Bite Of 87 And His Soul Was In Foxy The Rest Bonnie Mask Freddy Mask Chica Mask They’re Soul’s We’re In The Real Animatronics! Btw FNAF 4 Song Explains The FNAF 4 Story And One Day... Purple Guy Saw All 6 Soul’s(Soul Number 6 Is Puppet)And They Haunted Him He Found A Place To Hide It Was In Springbonnie!But Then The Springlocks Charged Into His Skin Like A Bull It Was Crazy! 30 Year’s Later Fazbear’s Fright Was Opened Then It Was Burned Down Then The Phantom’s We’re Born That’s All I Know About The Backstory Thanks Scott For Giving Us A Good Scare :D

- Chuck E. Cheese RIP OFF

Here are some strategies for each night. Night 1: It first starts off with Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy. Bonnie can come to your once. Foxy can come to your door quite a bit. Night 2: Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy are more aggressive. Bonnie can come to your door often. Foxy is getting quicker. And Chica can appear quite a bit. Night 3: Freddy now moves on this night but he’s not a big of a threat. Chica moves first. And Bonnie and Chica are now HUGE threats. Night 4: Foxy is even more active and Bonnie and Chica will be HUGER threats when you them twitch on Camera 2B and Camera 4B. And Freddy is now a HUGE threat. So watch for glowing eyes on each camera. Night 5: Chica is a very huge threat. Foxy is a Super Ultra Mega Huge Big Quicker. So check on him frequently. Freddy is now a bigger threat. The door won’t work on him. He can break down doors. Just look at him on the cameras. If you want to check Pirate Cove just switch to Cam 1C then switch back to Cam 4B. Night 6: All of the animatronics are the HUGEST threats. Night 7 is a custom night before the game ends.

- Fnaf one is easy it’s AWESOME and some tips

Fnaf Bonnie tips for the fast Hurry Hurry! Users: when you see Bonnie down the hall don’t close your door quickly wait until he is at your door shine your light if you see him with light shut door quickly okay Foxy tip for users and Freddy tips: foxy he’s running down the hall ready to attack only shut your door when he runs don’t close it when he’s peeking out Something else about foxy he only runs down the hall when you look at that hallway cam Freddy tips: Freddy is fast like speed he is a runner he takes a different attack pattern he likes to attack you in the dark don’t drain your pattern if he is at your door/about to attack don’t wait for long he will attack without you seeing him at your door with the light! Close it quickly! I did not make chica one because: she is mostly the same way as Bonnie golden Freddy tips: if you see him in your office it’s rarely that you will beat him flip your camera up that sometimes work if you don’t do it in time your really dead I hope you got good tips from me enjoy playing fnaf1 now :>

- Power drains fast

FNaF is a good game and even started the series but the re-release on mobile is kinda good but bad at the same time for one the power runs down really fast for no reason like at the start of the night my power can run down to 90% without doing anything and closing doors and shining lights takes up 5% of my power and can barely complete a night due to my power supply draining fast and the animatronics standing in one place to make me drain my power more faster maybe if this was fixed I wouldn’t have such if a hard time completing this game but above all that it resembles the same game on pc but please fix the power supply so it wouldn’t go down so fast

- 2.0.1 is amazing! But one major problem only

Thank you for bringing the superior version of FNaF! I never played any version except this so this will be a new first experience for me and I’m gonna re beat the game again to understand the pain that markiplier went through lol... thank you! I only have one problem with this update... turning the lights off after turning them on takes more time and putting the camera down takes more time compared to the actual PC version therefore resulting in much more power consumption and making me now unable to beat 4/20 mode due to power outages that I’m not used to getting on PC Can we at least increase the amount of power you have if the camera is going to be slower?

- Survival Pack Glitch

When I got survival pack and turned everything on the pack on and played night 6 the screen was black except the spot where you click the camera system, the time, the map of where the animatronics were, and the power bar. All the cameras were like staticky like the kitchen camera but since I had the volume on I could hear the lights and close the doors. After awhile the Bonnie head started showing up on the screen where his eyes are white specks with black surrounding them from which I am guessing from having the doors closed too long.( this review is updated and sorry creators I couldn't get to your link and please fix this game) Also when I turned the pack it was also what I described above.

- Night 3

I’ve never really heard about this game so I just got it like 3 weeks ago as a dare. I passed night 1 with 15 attempts and with minor shocks here or there. It took me about 2 weeks to pass Night 2 and until someone gave me a tip I couldn’t beat it. Now in the third night, the power is running out really fast, even when I’m not using any other power except from my phone. So I don’t really get how am I supposed to beat it. Another thing is I don’t know if it’s supposed to be this way but sometimes when the animatronics aren’t on the cameras, they aren’t outside my doors either? So they are nowhere to be seen. So how do I hide from something I can’t even find. The game gives me very minor shocks occasionally so it isn’t a big deal.

- The PC update made the game even better!

Hey Scott, if you’re reading this, pls note that your games are awesome! I hope this series never dies, and it’s just the right amount of horror! Anyway you made my day when this update came out. I came home after a super stressful day and went to play Five Nights At Freddy’s, then I had to update the game and when I did. I was so happy when I read that a Version of the PC one is on mobiles! I don’t have a computer and I was jumping for joy! I love your games Scott, and can pls can you make night 6 easier I try and try I don’t want to pay for any more stuff so pls make night 6 easier. ❤️❤️❤️

- Amazing game but I also want all of the fnaf games on mobile to be upgraded to pc version

I love this game so much and the update is amazing I’ve been playing it on my iPad and I like how it was switched to the pc version but can we pls get all of the fnafs on mobile to be upgraded/updated to the pc version on iPad, iPhone and other as well that would be amazing! Anyway keep up the good work and I hope in the future to see fnaf 2, fnaf 3, fnaf 4, and sister location on mobile to be also updated . Thanks so much for making fnaf mobile better and I hope to see the other one updated to the pc version too.

- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome

This game is fantastic. There is only one thing....there are only 7 levels. Now you can click new game to do it again, but I'd rather have actual new levels and more levels. Parents out there with a kid who wants this game, I recommend for age 9 and up. The game is basically where you are thrown into an office, you can look around, open and close doors, turn on and off lights in the hall, and look at the security camera to see where the animatronics are. There are jump scares that are not scary. There is just one will get your adrenaline running fast.

- A tip for those who haven’t played!

A lot of people have mentioned that there is a glitch/bug where 10% power is taken when foxy comes to the door on night 4. This isn’t a bug. Foxy is VERY active on night her. His mechanics are as such, first time reaching your door he takes 1%. Second time at the door he takes 6%. Third time at the door he takes 11%. That means, you really have to watch pirates cove so he doesn’t come rob your power. Remember, swiper no swiping! As for my review, I absolutely love this game. I’m not into scary games but after watching CoryxKenshin, DashieGames, and Markiplier play this, I have to give it a shot.

- New update increases difficulty a ton

So, with this new update turning to check doors is slower which means Nights 4,5,6,7 have gotten A LOT more difficult since let's say you see Chica you use to be able to check for Bonnie then check the light to see if she's there now you got to check Bonnie and shut the door before checking, just because you probably won't have enough time to react if you try and check the light since you're slowed down in your way there. (I've beaten 4/20 mode multiple times on multiple devices and this new update makes that mode a lot more difficult)

- Best game in YEARS but... needs new speed turn update

Hey hey um Scott ever since the update I haven’t been able to turn fast and during the update I noticed that in the mobile version you can actually click the nose. Also in Sister Location I wrote a review I hope you can check that one out but pls fix the bug also how do you summon Golden freddy and for a tip watch some YouTubers play horror games and copy some designs like five nights before Freddy’s 2 you can copy the tutorial but I mean like only some or you’d just be taking the game Sincerely a extremely big horror loving fan ^

- Too much fun!

I still play this game constantly. It’s been around since I was in fourth grade. I daydream all the time and I miss the times when this game was new. I played the second one and the fourth. I deleted the fourth because Bonnie nearly gave me a heart attack and I couldn’t stand how tense I felt, and the second one I will always keep because I like the challenge and I want to beat night 3 which is so hard. If I could I would get the third one, but I have like 0.06 on my ipad now. So I would have to wait. Bonnie and foxy are my favorite. Spring trap too. And Funtime foxy. So happy these games exist.

- Tips for fnaf

It’s a great game I love the game I am at night 4 and it is hard but I will tell you about night 1 to 3 so night one all is well but still check the camera because Bonnie and Chica are still coming night two is hard Bonnie is more active and chica is a little slower foxy will come if you do not look at him. Night 3 is harder chica is most active and Bonnie comes a 3 A clock still the same with foxy he will come if you do not look at him then Freddy will come at 4 o’clock but Freddy is the the slowest. That is all so far I will update this soon and thank you Scott for make cool games.🐻🐤🐰🦊

- Fanf 1

Five nights at Freddy’s 1 is really good. If you like to get the chills this game is right for you. You have to survive the 5 nights and you will beat the game. The first round is really easy but once you are in the 2 night things start to change right away. The animatronics start to move faster and will try to get into your office quicker you have to make sure you don't let that happen by using your cameras and closing the doors. Be careful because you have limited power. Just remember have fun and buy this game next time you come here.

- Buttons and Movement Need Fixing

I honestly could care less about the in-app purchases, but the gameplay was slightly spiked between updates and remaster. It’s much harder to transition left and right to the doors for mobile. (This would be fine on PC, but I only got 2 thumbs.) Also, when doing lights and doors (mainly lights), you have to click to the side of the button, not the button itself, to have consistent results. Maybe it’s just me. But if you could at least increase movement speed, that’d be great. Other than that, this is still the legendary game I played back in the day! Keep up the great work!

- Great, but....

Don’t get me wrong, I love this game! But the reason I’m writing this review is because when you get to nights 4,5, and six it becomes the same thing over and over again. You check the animatronics, then check foxy, then check the doors. And you end up doing that over and over again until you win or run out of power. And on nights 4, 5, and 6 it’s just pure luck that can get you past the night. This is why my favorite fnaf games are sister location and fnaf VR help wanted. So I hope that clickteam or Scott see this because I think you should change this with the upcoming game security breach.

- Legit the best horror game ever

Ok look, this game has never died ever since day 1 when the first game came out. People automatically loved this game, and so did I. Scott cawthon has put a lot of effort in these games and now look at them, a VR game, toys, cushions, haunted houses, decorations, and more. There even coming out with a AR game, it will be kind of like Pokémon go in a way because it has the same game stile. Anyways, fnaf is the iconic horror game that has stood out so far to the point where millions know this game franchise. Thank you Scott, and we will be thrilled by your games until the day you pass away

- It’s ok

So I just finished night 1 and I ran out of power and right before Freddy killed me I won so this game is full of twists and turns literally it was hard to figure out how to move my screen fast and Bonnie stayed at the door for so fricken long it scared me I thought I would run out of power oh also Scott can you make a new game and HOPEFULLY there’s not scary jumpscares oh and now that I’ve watched a vid w/ all Jumpscares I’m not afraid of Funtime Foxys Jumpscare I would more Prefer Bonnet and Puppet in UCN because Bonnet just kills you if you don’t boop her nose in time LITERALLY after she gets like an arm left on screen and Puppet because LITERALLY about 2 or 3 seconds after u forget to do the music box. P.S I’m in third grade-Cruze boi

- 9+ Amazing game! Would recommend!

This game is not as bad as people make it out to be, I have five of the installments in this series and know a lot about it. Parents on the internet say it’s ‘connected to the devil’ or ‘influences self harm or negative thoughts.’ All I can say to that is it’s the parents fault. Unless your kid is allowed to buy whatever he/she wants without permission, you should have looked over the game. Just glancing at it in the App Store any normal person could recognize that it’s a horror game. But other than that, I heavily recommend this to anyone 9+.

- Amazing game, huge glitch

So I got this game a few weeks ago. And don’t get me wrong, it is really fun. The way the jumpscares are set up and the look of the game really is amazing. However, I ran into a huge glitch of night two and up. The left door and light will inconsistently refuse to close. The controls on the door will just freeze up. By the time I got to night four this huge glitch was not inconsistent. It was CONSTANT. EVERY SINGLE GAME. The controls would freeze up and I would most irritating thing is that it only happens when an animatronic is directly outside your door!!! This could be such a good game. It is such a good idea. But the way this game was made was just so, so poor.

- When your power goes out why does Freddy not finish his song?

I love playing this game but when it’s 5am and its ready to be 6am i usually lose power but why does not Freddy finish his song? He sings his death song but he only sings for 1 Second. Also My and me and my cousins love this game but on night 2 it’s really hard in my opinion. I think for future gamers night 2 should be easier. But everything else is good. I all always loved fnaf. Btw if you’re reading this and you’re ready to play the game Chica is probably the scariest jump scare in the whole game and Bonnie. Thank you Scott cowthon for making a wonderful game that brings joy to people. Thank you for reading this.

- Amazing, but could be Outstanding!!!

After the well needed update, the game is actually a lot better in my opinion. I would not really change anything about it. However, I think that a Foxy plushie should have been added as well because he deserves some love and attention too. Finally, as for any complaints, It would be awesome if you guys could make it so that the game actually fits the screen of larger and more recent phones. That way there would not be any black bars on the sides. Also, the touch sensitivity and the rotation of the camera is a little bit slow and laggy.

- Great, but heres my opinion

Five nights at Freddys was one of THE best horror games to be released to the app store. Then, fnaf 2 came out, which was another success. Fnaf 3 came out, I immediatly got it, but it went outside of what fnaf was, only one animatronic, multiple jump scares, but once Springtrap was there, you had almost no way of preventing being killed. Fnaf 4 was okay, but i stopped playing after the second night just because I wasn't interested. Scott, you are amazing. You always think of something new, but I feel now you went outside of the games original, fun and scary idea. That's personally what I think.

- Epic Game But weird bug after update...

love this game! Sooo much fun to play and spooky as heck! I do have one qualm though with the latest update. I just updated the app and now when I try to look left or right to check the doors there is some mad lag. With the older version you could just tap the screen left or right and it would immediate pan to that side, now I have to keep tapping left or right and it pans spastically. I also agree that being able to flip the device to either side would be a welcome addition to the game. Please at least fix this panning bug so it pans in a smooth manner.

- One of the best horror games

Alright. This is, undoubtedly, one of THE BEST horror games, as you can see in my title. I beat the game after buying the survival kit. If you have beat the game and want to play custom night, here is an EASTER EGG!! So if you put the ai level for Freddy at 1, Bonnie at 9, Chica at 8, and Foxy at 7, you will instantly get the Golden Freddy jumpscare, without looking at the poster in the West Hall. Overall, that is an awesome jumpscare easter egg. Another easter egg is when Freddy looks at the camera onstage, the animatronic heads and the endoskeleton look at the backstage camera too! Thats all the easter eggs i have seen. Cya.

- Amazing game

This game was amazing. I past night five at the last second. Scott you are amazing. This game was(and still is)one of the best games I have ever played. One thing though.I caught a rare scene of Bonnie staring right at the camera but he moved before I could take a picture of it. Could you make it so a rare scene with an animatronic stays on the screen longer before it moves. Also to all the people who say volume won’t work, maybe your phone is o silent because I have an iPhone 11 and sound works when the phone isn’t on silent

- Five nights at Freddy’s is the best horror game franchise!

My favorite horror game is five nights at Freddy’s. Not just this game but it’s the whole game. I really like the concept of this game and I think the idea is just the best! So I have defeated this game and I wonder wye is there 6 nights? I know that the custom night is just a bonus night but still it’s kinda strange. I mean there was a theory where there was 5 nights 5 games! But that theory was gone when there was a 6 game but know I wonder 6 nights 6 games! Well anyways I like this game and keep making fun five nights at Freddy’s games!👍🏻

- Heh... Here's an idea.

Make a "FNaF 6" as a troll. Make it free, just make it the demo of FNaF 1, but with comical voice-overs and hilarious camera and jump scare scenes, like in all those how-to-make-FNaF-not-scary videos... And on Night 1, make the phone call a compilation of all the times phone guy says "Hello? Hello, hello-" throughout all the FNaF franchise. And at the very end of the call make a long, drawn-out silence, and then just make him say "Uh, Goodnight!" ... My sister made it through night 4 when I couldn't... I'm so ashamed of myself... Then she made it past night 5... Freddy didn't kill her once...

- This game is awesome, but one problem..

I love this game and I always have played it on and off for many years. I barely have any issues with it, except for one. I don’t like how two animatronics can be in one location at the same time, and you can see only one of them, so you can’t tell where the other one is. I get attacked by Freddy on night five because Chica is at the corner of the door, and so is Freddy, so I can’t tell where Freddy is. It makes it quite unfun since it’s a hard win when you can’t tell where the other one is. That’s just my opinion. Thanks for reading!

- Incredible

I was a wimp around anything FNaF, until one day, I bought it. Instantly, I became OBSESSED with this franchise, and recently bought all the other games (and plan to buy more in the future). It’s honestly very well made! I am impressed at what independent creators can do. It’s quick, and makes you think very quick. I ADORE the rare screens, like Golden Freddy (who I ❤️), the newspaper, the “It’s Me” sign, the paperpals. It makes the game exciting! The lore of this series is INSANELY AWESOME! I have become a FNaF theorist. Purple Guy (William Alton) may be my favorite character (it’s weird I know). The only con is that the animatronics are AGGRESSIVE in this game, much more that the PC. This makes Night 6 the biggest pain, and I only beat it when my power was drained. 4/20 mode is near IMPOSSIBLE due to this. It’s near impossible to beat. If I could change one thing, it’d be to make them go a little easier. All in all, 10/10. I applaud you, Scott.

- You're in for a treat

I got this game a little bit ago and I loved it from the start. I was kind of scared at first but I got used to it. If you have the iTunes money for it, then i suggest you should buy it! Although the game is really easy, 4/20 mode (AKA Challenge mode) on the other hand I cannot beat at ALL. Literally the first 30 seconds, Freddy is at your hall corner. Other than that, easy and fun! Great game! Ps for those of you who this this game is too scary, FNAF world is coming out! It's not a horror game but instead an action fighting game! So stay tuned in 2016!

- Fast power level

Ok so I’m playing the game I start up night 1 and the phone guy calls and up until 3 am the power level is already at 50% and I’m not using the doors what so ever and I complete night 1. Night 2 on the other hand the power level was draining fast I barely used the doors so I say it’s a problem and nights 3 and 4 are impossible to beat with the power level draining fast and I rage quit like 2 or 3 times by the lack of the power level and then I just stopped right around night 5 because it’s impossible for me to win if my power level is draining fast so please fix this problem and when it’s fix I’ll finish playing the game and enjoy it please Scott fix this now

- I love this game!

I LOVE this game! It’s a scary and fun game! I got it about 4 days ago maybe bc I didn’t have money when it came out :> and this is the game if you wanna get spooked! The quality is really good, no lag, and the details! I also like that the power runs out and you can do anything bc you can turn off the fan so it’s more of a challenge. I was playing and Bonnie jamed the door and I knew I was gonna get jumped scared so my brother did it lol. plus I was playing with my friend and chica got me and I got scared xD! Thanks for reading this if you did!

- Why did it send me to level 1 when i was at level 2 is this a glitch

Hi. Why is it sending me to level 1 when i am at 2 now i cannot beat 1 and this is very frustrating that this has happend i and not pleased that it sent me back a level down tho i put much effort in to so much i keep losing Battery but im using 1 bar i love this game i like to switch the light off on off fast to check but i have to wait 2 secound to turn it off i absolutly love the game but i need a offer that succeeds my quality please make a way for people to go back and forth or something

- There is more than you think. (Spoiler Alert!!)

Five Nights at Freddy’s has lore. Lore beyond imagination. SPOILER ALERT! Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy aren’t the only ones there, because, somewhere, lurking in the shadows is the vengeful spirit, Golden Freddy. That’s not all! The animatronics are POSSESED. Possesed by the souls of dead children who think you are their killer. But you are actually the son of the killer. And when Golden Freddy was a child, I knew his name. His name... was advjcggccfncbvg.*. *We are not allowed to say Golden Freddy’s name, it is too spoilerey. We can tell you to go watch Game Theory. He’lol have answers.

- Please read Scott and team I have important feedback and things you might need to fix

I like the update but you know how you tap the camera buttons to switch from Camera to Camera I know you’re trying to make it like the PC version but can you at least make the camera bundle little bit bigger so I can actually tap them. And what’s the deal with the letter box, (The black lines on the top and bottom of the screen) A little bit smaller. Regardless I love five nights at Freddy‘s so I’m rating 5 stars.

- Best strategy game ever

This game takes a lot of patience and time to beat. after just beating 4/20 mode literally 5 minutes ago I feel GREAT just a heads up though I watched a comparison for pc and mobile and they said that mobile is harder than pc, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. I beat 4/20 mode on like my 45th try but honestly to be done trying and trying over and over again it’s worth it also if you get angry,stressed,or impatient easily don’t bother buying this game and if you do buy this game Good Luck!

- Night five is hard... 😒 but the game is awesome!

The game was scary and awesome but when I got to night five, I tried like .... 9 times and couldn’t beat the night. Freddy confuses me when he’s at the right door, I watch youtubers keep the door open on night five and Freddy doesn’t attack. Also when you lose power Freddy attack’s fast so you don’t have time to get to 6:00. I don’t like that. The game is hard to play on iPad unlike youtuber play on keybord and mouse. The game is very very great. I give 5 star rating....... 👌 neck yourself :0

- terrifying at first, and great!

I’ve always been in love with this game ever since I was younger, but I never played the game and just watched everyone else play it and drew it and watched all the theories because I was too scared. Now I’m older and gave it a go and I was like “this is ridiculous it’s just a game” and it was scary at first but the more I play it the less it scares me. It’s not very hard if you know what you’re doing, and the jump scares are predictable the more you know when they’re coming. I look forward to playing the rest of the franchise and checking it all out.

- This game is so fun!

This game is amazing, I’m gonna give you some tips. The animatronics start moving at 2:00 A.M. and Bonnie is the first disturbing animatronic that moves. You have to be careful for Freddy because once you hear the Fnaf song plays, Freddy is next to your office door, it’s on the left door. And that’s technically all I got but if you ask me, I’m just a kid who’s 8 and my fingers get hurt and I hope this information helped you. :) Don’t forget to listen to the person who calls you and that gives you tips.🐻🐰🐤🦊

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★ So in short, this au is an au where Vio never met Ryi or any other characters from outside of the five nights at freddy's franchise. So the rotting and such has a different cause, and the mask thing was actually before the rotting due to being involved with/in the cult.

Five Nights at Freddy's 2.0.2 Screenshots & Images

Five Nights at Freddy's iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Five Nights at Freddy's iphone images
Five Nights at Freddy's iphone images
Five Nights at Freddy's iphone images
Five Nights at Freddy's iphone images
Five Nights at Freddy's iphone images
Five Nights at Freddy's iphone images
Five Nights at Freddy's iphone images
Five Nights at Freddy's iphone images
Five Nights at Freddy's ipad images
Five Nights at Freddy's ipad images
Five Nights at Freddy's ipad images
Five Nights at Freddy's ipad images
Five Nights at Freddy's ipad images
Five Nights at Freddy's ipad images
Five Nights at Freddy's ipad images
Five Nights at Freddy's ipad images
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The applications Five Nights at Freddy's was published in the category Games on 2014-09-11 and was developed by Clickteam, LLC [Developer ID: 1438432084]. This application file size is 110.12 MB. Five Nights at Freddy's - Games posted on 2020-08-04 current version is 2.0.2 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.scottgames.fivenights

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